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Business Intelligence and Bank Management Solutions

Maximizing performance and profits requires accessible, accurate, and timely decision-support and business intelligence information. Jack Henry Banking's business intelligence and bank management solutions leverage the processes, technology, and expertise required to compile, report, and analyze enterprise-wide business information including customer, product, and market data.

Jack Henry Banking

jhaKnow ­ Business intelligence and analysis platform

jhaKnow is a fully integrated, Web-based platform that transforms raw, enterprise-wide data into the business intelligence bankers need to make more informed, timelier, and more profitable business decisions. This sophisticated platform generates role-specific information and tailors output for each individual. jhaKnow supports bank executives, product managers, and frontline users with the specific business information they need in a variety of formats including user-friendly, user-defined dashboards. Significant amounts of data are converted into manageable tasks appropriate for users with diverse technical skills, and data trends and deviations are automatically identified. jhaKnow strictly enforces bank-defined data access restrictions and generates an array of standard reports that empower users with immediate decision-support information and sophisticated data analysis, mapping, and validation capabilities. jhaKnow also incorporates the Microsoft® Report Builder application which enables users of any skill level to easily create custom, ad hoc reports.

SilverLake System®

Cognos 8 BITM ­ Web-based business intelligence and enterprise reporting solution

Cognos 8 BI seamlessly supports banks' business intelligence and dynamic reporting requirements, and significantly decreases the time and costs historically required to generate and distribute enterprise-wide decision-support information and reports. This first-of-its-kind solution supports numerous output formats and the creation, distribution, and modification of a broad range of business reports, ad hoc queries, and high-quality production documents including statements and invoices. Cognos 8 BI's advanced distribution capabilities accommodate multiple destinations and allow specific report sections to be distributed to select recipients. This system's intuitive design, browser-based user interface, and drag-and-drop operation enable non-technical and novice personnel to immediately generate meaningful business data and reports.

SilverLake System® CIF 20/20® Core Director®

Smart GL ­ General ledger reconciliation and compliance solution

Smart GL is the general ledger reconciliation and compliance solution designed exclusively for Jack Henry Banking's SilverLake System®. Smart GL's base solution integrates two distinct modules. The Significant Account Monitoring module assists banks with identifying, managing, and reporting at-risk GL transactions by allowing them to create and enforce tailored rules. The Fed Account Reconciliation module automates the matching of GL transactions with appropriate offset Fed transactions. Smart GL's base functionality includes GL settlement features that provide automatic identification, research, and clearing of operational risk exceptions in loan, CD, and DDA transactions and the associated GL entries. This automated solution not only streamlines the review of exception transactions, but also provides a Web-based case management process that greatly reduces the staff hours associated with internal controls, Sarbanes-Oxley, and other regulatory mandates.

SilverLake System®

Synapsys® ­ Sales force automation and marketing solution

Synapsys is a comprehensive solution that supports the client relationship management (CRM), service, sales force automation, and marketing strategies of high-performing banks. This innovative system's broad functionality places the power of information and efficient client interaction workflow at the fingertips of sales associates, calling officers, lenders, and support staff. Synapsys was exclusively designed to support banks' unique sales environments and to easily assimilate into day-to-day operations. This solution provides the information needed to assess customer relationships and accurately work with the customer to grow relationships profitably. Synapsys also encompasses a Marketing Manager module which provides banks with a sophisticated marketing query tool for database research and campaign development.

SilverLake System® CIF 20/20® Core Director®

Margin Maximizer Suite * ­ Loan and deposit pricing solution

The Margin Maximizer Suite is a sophisticated loan and deposit pricing solution that enables banks to develop dynamic strategies that maximize income and generate a higher return on investment. This innovative solution leverages a customized three-tiered approach to support each bank's distinct requirements. · Consultativesessionsareconductedtovalidateandenhanceexistingpricingstrategiesanddevelopnewpricingstrategiesthat canbeeasilyandimmediatelyimplemented. · Sophisticatedpricingsoftwareenablesbankerstofullyunderstandloananddepositprofitabilityandsupportsthedesignofhighly competitivepricingalternativesthatareattractivetoborrowersandmoreprofitableforbanks. · Aprovenfinancialmanagementprocessguidestheimplementationoflong-termpricingstrategiesthatgeneratemoreprofitable customerrelationshipsandbalancecompetition,growthobjectives,riskmanagement,andprofitability.

SilverLake System® CIF 20/20® Core Director®

Relationship Profitability Management (RPM) * ­ Enterprise-wide profitability solution

Relationship Profitability Management (RPM) enables banks to generate and manage profitability information in a totally integrated and fully automated operating environment. This Web-enabled, open, customizable system compiles enterprise-wide data, produces accurate customer profiles, and generates complete product, customer, and organizational profitability information. This enterprise-wide profitability information is used to build a relational data warehouse to support marketing and sales, product development and management, strategic planning, business intelligence, customer relationship management, pricing, "what-if" simulations, and performance tracking. Each bank's established method for determining customer and product profitability is mirrored which enables RPM to provide accurate transfer-priced, risk-adjusted, capital-allocated profitability data. Immediate access to accurate and timely profitability information enables banks to increase revenues, contain costs, and improve profits by enhancing their competitive position and managing their business more effectively.

SilverLake System® CIF 20/20® Core Director®

PROFITability® ­ Organizational and product profitability system *

PROFITability is a cost accounting and analysis system that automates the analysis of organization and product profitability. Accurate organizational profitability is generated by branch, department, or region, and enables banks to review allocated expenses and generate accurate adjusted earnings for each organization. Product profitability compares individual products with a post-allocated perspective. PROFITability identifies hidden profit potential and enables compensation for branch managers and key personnel to be based on actual performance.

SilverLake System® CIF 20/20® Core Director®

PROFITstar® ALM/Budgeting * ­ Asset/liability management and budgeting system

PROFITstar ALM/Budgeting provides front-line bank managers with complete control over the entire budgeting process. This intuitive solution fully documents all budget assumptions, supports ongoing budget forecasting, allows line-by-line capital expenditure approvals, and performs the complex modeling to shock balance sheets and income statements with multiple interest rate scenarios. PROFITstar ALM/Budgeting automatically tracks "what-if" scenarios using strategic monitors that create supporting audit trails and analyzes market risk in response to dynamic regulatory requirements. This solution automatically determines the accurate value for FAS107 reporting and generates detailed, summary, and variance budget reports.

SilverLake System® CIF 20/20® Core Director®

PROFITstar® Budget * ­ Budgeting, forecasting, and financial reporting system

PROFITstar Budget is an ideal solution for banks in need of a comprehensive--yet flexible--budgeting, forecasting, and financial reporting system that integrates with any core operating system. This solution offers top-down and bottomup budgeting. Whether budgeting is done on consolidated financials or at the branch/cost center level and rolled up, PROFITstar Budget provides the tools to get the budget done quickly and accurately.

SilverLake System® CIF 20/20® Core Director®

Regulatory Reporting Solutions ­ Electronic FDIC reporting systems

Jack Henry Banking provides a suite of systems that automates the generation of a variety of regulatory reports and enables electronic submission. · CallReportPro­Automatedcallreportgeneration · BranchDepositReporting­AutomatedSummaryofDepositsreportgeneration · FedFilePro­AutomatedFRY-9SP,FRY-11,andFRY-11Sreportgeneration · Y-9ProductFamily­AutomatedY-9C,Y-9LP,Y-11,Y-11S,andY-9SPreportgeneration · AnnualDisclosureStatementOnline­AutomatedAnnualDisclosureStatementandLobbyNoticegeneration

SilverLake System® CIF 20/20® Core Director®

TimeTrack Payroll SystemTM ­ Payroll processing and management solution

The TimeTrack Payroll System supports every aspect of payroll accounting and third-party or in-house payroll processing. This parameter-driven system supports tax withholdings based on prescribed tax tables, tax tables plus employeespecified dollar amounts, or flat percentages of taxable gross pay. TimeTrack Payroll System supports electronic deposits, expense account processing, and the processing requirements of 401(k) employee contributions and employer matches, S-125 plans, ESOP, SEP pension, or other profit sharing plans. This solution also ensures that quarterly and annual reports are generated and that banks are compliant with related federal and state requirements.

SilverLake System® CIF 20/20®

TimeTrack Time and Attendance ­ Automated time and attendance tracking solution

TimeTrack Time and Attendance automatically records time and attendance information when a bank employee logs on to an IBM® PowerTM (formerly IBM System iTM) network terminal. This comprehensive system automatically tracks used and accrued vacation, sick leave, and personal time. This solution provides online, on-demand supervisory inquiries and reports and allows employees to review their time and attendance information from any terminal.

SilverLake System® CIF 20/20®

TimeTrack Human Resources ­ Human resource information tracking and reporting solution

TimeTrack Human Resources supports the tracking and reporting of HR information throughout the entire employment cycle. This intuitive system tracks information on prospective bank employees including details of the application and interview processes and drug test results. Prospective employee data is automatically imported into the TimeTrack Payroll System when candidates are hired. This solution also maintains and tracks all information and documentation related to employee performance reviews, transfers, continuing education, tuition reimbursements, and COBRA. TimeTrack Human Resources also streamlines year-end reporting by providing access to complete earnings, benefits, and dependent information.

SilverLake System® CIF 20/20® Core Director®

Enhanced Account Analysis ­ Account ROI assessment solution

Enhanced Account Analysis expands the functionality provided by the SilverLake System with the automated capabilities to accurately determine account ROI by calculating the cost of maintaining accounts and the earnings derived from them. This parameter-driven system accommodates distinct account types, bank-defined service charge routines, and account-specific instructions. This extremely flexible account ROI assessment solution supports 999 bank-defined fees for each account type, five rate tiers for positive or negative average collected account balances, and five rate tiers for investment funds.

SilverLake System®

* Provided by Jack Henry & Associates' ProfitStars® division

Demand Account Reclassification ­ Deposit reporting solution

Demand Account Reclassification enables banks to reduce the total amount of customer deposits the FDIC requires to be on reserve by reclassifying deposit account balances as money market or time account funds. Bank-defined parameters control minimum account balances or the minimum percentage for reclassification, and the required general ledger entries are automatically generated. Reducing the required reserve amounts generates additional income opportunities by making more funds available for lending and investment purposes.

SilverLake System® CIF 20/20®

Loan Collateral Tracking ­ Collateral management solution

Loan Collateral Tracking maintains all collateral value information and collateral exceptions and tracks stock values and other types of collateral used for bank-defined lending programs. This collateral management solution can accommodate up to 999 collateral items for each loan, and up to 999 documents for each collateral item. An array of standard reports is available including primary collateral type, collateral maintenance, expirations, exceptions, trial balance, under margin, CUSIP lists and updates, document types, items updated, collateral on closed loans, and new items/documents/CUSIP reports.

CIF 20/20®

Enhanced Loan Collections ­ Tracking and management solution for problem accounts

Enhanced Loan Collections expands the functionality provided by the SilverLake System with the capabilities to automatically track accounts that warrant special attention. This tracking and management solution for problem accounts maintains complete collection files for past due, charged-off and non-accrual loans, suspect accounts, and deposit accounts with negative balances. This system assigns accounts to collection officers and the system tracks the specific actions taken including all customer contact and responses and each officer's performance. Professional customer correspondence can be generated using more than 900 archived letters with each letter having more than 30 variable fields embedded in the text. Accounts that achieve the desired outcome are automatically removed from collection files.

SilverLake System®

Investor Servicing ­ Administrative solution for loan sales

Investor Servicing automates the process of selling loans to investors such as Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the Federal Home Loan Bank, SBA Colson, and private investors and administers every stage of the process, including offering, remittance, reporting, and reconciliation. This system supports partial or complete loan sales, multiple investors, bankdefined payment schedules, delinquency tracking, complete reporting of loan-level information for loans sold for cash or mortgage-backed securities, and automatic downloads of the remittance information required by the reporting agency. Custodial accounts, including bank-defined fields for escrow balances and tax and insurance amounts, can be established for the reconciliation of funds that are held for serviced loans.

SilverLake System® CIF 20/20® Core Director®

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