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Government Jammuand Kashmir of General Admlnietration Department (Monitoring Section) Civil Secretariat, Srinagar/Jammu

Subject:- Procedure for payment of cash compensation in appointmentin GovernmentService.

lieu of


GOVERNMENT ORDER NO:-893-GAD 2008 OF D A T E D:- 04-07 - 2008

In pursuance sub-rule(3) Rule 3 notified vide SRO 199 dated of of 04.07.2008, followingprocedure prescribed cashcompensation lieu of is for in in appointment the Government respect the beneficiary in of underSRO-43 of 1994:(i) A lump sum amountof Rs. 5.00 lacs would be payableto the beneficiary of the affected family through the Deputy Commissionerof the concerned District in lieu of appointment in the governmentserviceunder the schemein respectof the family member who dies in militancy related incidents.This amount shall be inclusive of the ex-gratiarelief of Rs. 1.00lac admissibleto NOKs of the civilian killed in militancy related incidents as per the provisions of the Government order No:723-GR(GAD)of 1990dt. 10.07.1990; The beneficiaryshall be determinedin terms of the provisions of the aforesaidRules; The amount shall be depositedin the nearestbranch of the Jammuand Kashmir Bankltd; in a Fixed Deposit Account for a period of threeyearsin the nameof the beneficiary; A Saving Bank Account shall also be openedin the name of the beneficiary in the said branch of the Jammuand Kashmir Bank. The amountof interestaccruedon the abovesum would be credited directly by the bank to the beneficiary's Saving Account on a monthly/quarterlybasis as per the option of the beneficiary to ensure regular flow of minimum income for sustenance the family having no other means; of

(ii) (iii)



of The principal amountshall,at the end of the lock-in-period directlyto the SavingBankAccount be threeyears, transfened of the beneficiary.

of By orderof the Government JammuandKashmir.

sd/Yousuf) (Sufi Mohammad to SpecialSecretary Government AdministrationDepartment General .07.2008 Dated:-04

No:-GAD lMtglllV 63I 2007 Copyto the:l. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. '1. 8. 9. 10. IL 12. 13. 14, 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29.

J&K, Srinagar AdvocateGeneral, Commissioners. All Financial of DirectorGeneral PoliceJ&K, Srinagar. New J&K Commissioner, Government, Delhi. Resident Principal to All PrincipalSecretaries Government to Secretary H.E. the Governor. to PrincipalSemetary Hon'ble Chief Minister/Principal Vigilance, J&K, Srinagar. Commissioner, Agency Reconstruction Offrcer,Economic Chief Executive AllCommissioner/SecretariestoGovernment. IMPA, Jammu. DirectorGeneral, Tribunal. J&K Special Chairman, New J&K Commissioner, Government, Delhi' Resident DivisionalCommissioner,Jammu/l(ashmir. J&K High Court'Jammu' to Secretary ChiefJustice, J&K High Court,Srinagar/Jammu. General, Regisffar, of Executive StatePSUs/Autonomous Directors/Chief AlfHeads of Departments/lvlanaging Bodies. J&K Srinagar. Information, Director All DeputyCommissioners' and Archives Archeolory& Museums. Director, J&KLegislativeAssembly/Council. Secretary, Commission' J&K PublicService Secretary, Board. Selection Services Secretary, to PrincipalPrivateSecretary Chief Secretary. Ministersof State' to Privatl Secretaries all Hon'bleCabinetMinisters/Hon'ble in for Jammu/Srinagar Publication the next issueof Press, Government GeneralManager, Gazetted. Government GAD. to PrivateSecretary Commissioner/Secretary, GAD. Website, lncharge orderfileGovernment Monday Retum file.

to DeputySecretary Govemment Department Administration General

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FaxNo. 0194-2473664 (S) (l 0t9t-254s702 )

Govemmentof Jammu and Kashmir GeneralAdminlstration Department (Monitoring Section) CivilSecretariat, Srinagar/Jammu


Srinagar, al*lgly, 2008 the

SRO 199 .- In exercise the powersconferredby the provisoto section of 124 of the Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir, the Governor is pleasedto make amendments Jammuand Kashmir Compassionate in AppointmentRule, 1994, under:as In rule 3 of the aforesaid Rules,after sub-rule(2) the following shall be insertedas sub-rule(3): "Notwithstanding the provisions of the rules contained herein for compassionate appointrnent,the family members of the civilians killed in militancy relatedaction as specifiedin clause(iii) of rule 2 shall be entitledto a cash compensationin lieu of appoinfinentin govemment seryice of an amountspecifiedby the govemmentwhich shall be payablein their favour in a mannerto be notified by the government. Provided that if any one among the family membersof the deceased civilian fulfills the eligibility criteria prescribed under the aforesaidRules for appointmentinto the governmentservice or acquiressuch eligibility within one year from the date of deathof the deceased penion,then they shall have the option eitherto choose govemment the serviceor the cashcompensation." By order of the Governor.

sd/(BasharatAhmad Dhar)IAS Commissioner/Secretary Government to GeneralAdministration Department Dated:-04 .07.2008

No:-GAD/IvIIg/IW / 2007 63

Copyto the:L 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. I l. 12. 13.

Advocate General, J&K, Srinagar All Financial Commissioners. DirectorGeneral Police of J&K, Srinagar. Resident Principal Commissioner, Governm'ent, Delhi. J&K New All Principal Secretaries Government to Principal Secretary Hon'bleChiefMinister/Principal to Secretary H.E.theGovernor. to Commissioner, Vigilance, J&K, Srfnagar. ChiefExecutive Officer,Economic Reconstruction Agency. AllCommissioner/SecretariestoGovernment. DiroctorGeneral, IMPA, Jammu. Chairman, J&K Special Tribunal. Resident Commissioner, Govemmenl J&K New Delhi. DivisionalCommissioner.Jammu/Ifushmir.

14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29.

J&K High Court,Jammu' to Secretary Chief Justice, J&K High Court,Srinagar/Jammu. General, Registrar, Executiveof StatePSUs/Autonomous Directors/Chief of Atl Heads DepartmentsilVlanaging Bodies. DirectorInformation,J&K Srinagar. All DeputyCommissioners. & and Archives Archeology Museums. Director, Secretary,J&KLegislativeAssembly/Council. Commission. J&K PublicService Secretary, Board. Selection Services Secretary, to PrincipalPrivateSecretary Chief Secretary' Ministersof State. Ministers/Hon'ble to PrivateSecretaries all Hon'ble Cabinet of in for Jammu/Srinagar Publication the nextissue Press, Manager, Government General Gazetted. Government GAD. to PrivateSecretary Commissioner/Secretary, Website, GAD. Incharge orderfile. Government Monday Return file.

to DeputySecretary Govemment Department Administration General


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