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SEWLUTIONS for your NOTION needs!


Catalogue #17 Fall 2008 CANADIAN SEWLUTIONS For Your NOTION Needs! 1.800.811.6611

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Machine Appliqué for the Terrified Quilter By Sharon Pederson Wait `til you see all the different ways you can appliqué by machine! Discover how to get the look of fine hand appliqué, or a fresh, funky look with the precision and ease of machine sewing. Learn Sharon's smart techniques and then get ready to play. Find all you need to overcome any machine appliqué fears. Try invisible machine appliqué, blanket-stitch appliqué, satin stitch appliqué and more . #TPP911 $27.95 Fall CreativFestival Booth 147 October 17 - 19, 2008 New Date! Metro Toronto Convention Centre South Building 1.800.291.2030 Spring CreativFestival Booth 323 April 24 - 26, 2009 International Centre 6900 Airport Road Mississauga ON 1.800.291.2030 We look forward to meeting you at the shows again this year and hearing from you either by phone or email.


Victoria's Quilts Canada The quilts are hand made and donated to cancer patients and cancer treatment facilities within Canada. If you know of someone whom you would like to receive a quilt, or would like to become involved. 613.843.9212

What's New


Fly Topstitching Guides® We've been looking for these for ages and decided to create our own solution. This acrylic template set is cut with precisely the right curve for any fly front you need to stitch. To use simply select the appropriate width you wish to topstitch, place the marked centre line of the template on the centre line of your project. Draw the stitching line with your favourite marking tool and you are ready to stitch. Includes 3/4'', 1'', 1 ¼'' and 1½'' wide guides. Suitable for both mens and womens projects, concealed button closures, decorative top stitching and more! Made in Canada. Available October 2008. #FFTS $15.95

Ricky Tims' Rhapsody Quilts By Ricky Tims Rhapsody Quilts are medallionstyle quilts with graceful, curved designs in a reversed and mirrored arrangement. Ricky shows you how to work with your quilt's basic "skeleton," then enhance your design themes with original appliqué or lush quilting. You'll take away all the techniques you need to start making your own beautiful quilt rhapsodies. #CT10572 $27.95 Feathers & Urns: Design Companion Vol. 1 to Ricky Tims' Rhapsody Quilts This companion volume to Ricky Tims' Rhapsody Quilts contains a complete, full size, freezer paper pattern for the new Rhapsody quilt, Viva Violetta, plus 8 bonus pattern ideas and 21 of Ricky's appliqué designs: feathers, urns, scrolls, flowers and leaves. For complete instructions on making a Rhapsody quilt, see Ricky Tims' Rhapsody Quilts. #CT10574 $19.95 Baskets & Flowers: Design Companion Vol. 2 to Ricky Tims' Rhapsody Quilts Make your own one-of-a-kind Rhapsody quilt from a never-before-published, full size Rhapsody quilt pattern by Ricky Tims. The second companion volume to Ricky Tims' Rhapsody Quilts contains a complete freezer paper pattern for the brand new Rhapsody quilt, Heidenröslein, plus 8 bonus pattern ideas and a collection of Ricky's appliqué patterns. For complete instructions on making a Rhapsody quilt, see Ricky Tims' Rhapsody Quilts. #CT10620 $19.95

One-Block Wonders encore! By Maxine Rosenthal & Joy Pelzmann You'll love everything that's new in this exciting sequel from the best selling authors of One-Block Wonders: stunning new quilts, new visual effects and ways to add even more colour to your quilts with multiple fabrics. You'll still love the whirling, dramatic designs, the simple straight-line piecing and the dramatic large scale prints that make One-Block Wonders a fabric lover's favourite. 6 quilt projects, plus over a dozen gallery quilts and techniques for creating endless one-block variations. Create dramatic new design effects: hollow cubes, cubes sliced open and blocks tumbling into the borders. The authors teach you to choose the right fabrics, with photos showing the original fabrics and the finished quilt. Still no Y-seams! All piecing is easy straight lines. #CT10579 $24.95

Mistyfuse - Ultraviolet In accelerated aging studies, exposure to UV rays have been shown to cause fusibles to tan (darken). Especially on light colours, sheers or other light weight fabrics and surface use, tanning may read as a colour shift or dark spots. But now there's Mistyfuse Ultraviolet! Mistyfuse Ultraviolet is specially formulated with an effective retardant to protect against the tanning effect of UV rays without sacrificing any of the inherent Mistyfuse qualities you expect and trust. Mistyfuse Ultraviolet is white and fuses clear. 20"x 2.5 yards per package. #EA007 $9.95 StrataVarious Quilts: 9 Fabulous Strip Quilts from Fat Quarters By Barbara Persing & Mary Hoover What's the secret to making an easy quilt masterpiece? Create "strata," or panels of various width fabric strips sewn together and then use them to piece beautiful blocks. Even beginners will have no trouble cutting and sewing perfect blocks into striking designs. The gallery highlights a variety of design possibilities. #CT10610 $21.95


Essential Tools

Fabric Folding Pen Wherever you draw a line with this unique, solution filled pen, the fabric will become pliable and easy to fold. Perfect for pockets, plackets, reverse appliqué stained glass, origami quilting or any other project where a precise crease would be helpful. #CN-4053 $12.60 Clover® Ball Point Awl The very fine ball point tip of this awl is perfect for helping turn collars and small points without damaging fabrics. The ball tip is also nice to use when turning the leading on stained glass projects and can be used to pierce small holes for trapunto quilts. Includes a protective cover. # CN-876 $11.55 Clover®"Hera"TM Marker for Appliqué & Sewing This version of the "Hera"TM Marker is great for reverse appliqué, creasing and marking patchwork and appliqué placements. The thin long end is perfect for tucking stray threads into their proper position. #CN-4002 $6.30 Clover® "Hera"TM Marker Just press the marker along the pattern lines. The "Hera"TM marker makes a light impression on the fabric which can later be steamed away. No chalk is used so the fabric stays clean. Made of durable molded plastic, 5" long. #CN-490 $6.05

A - Clover® Tapered Tailor's Awl Perfect for punching holes in leather and fabrics. Also ideal by the sewing machine for guiding fabric near the needle. #CN-486 $8.15 B - Clover® Straight Tailor's Awl Used to pierce small holes in fabric or at the sewing machine. #CN-485 $5.25 C - Clover® Buttonhole Cutter 12mm wide, fine chisel shaped edge is perfect for opening buttonholes, creating openings in leather and suede type fabrics, weaving and other decorative effects. Use over wood and pound gently. #CN-484 $9.45

D - Clover® Seam Ripper #CN-482 $4.20 E - Clover®Blunt Edge Tracing Wheel Will not tear the paper pattern sheets nor the carbon paper as the wheel does not have sharp edges. #CN-481 $6.05 F- Clover® Serrated Edge Tracing Wheel Used for tracing dotted markings directly onto the fabric. #CN-480 $6.05 G - Clover® Double Tracing Wheel #CN-487 $11.00 #CN-509 Premier $4.70

Loop Pressing Bars Use these heat resistant pressing bars to press seams when making custom bias fabric strips. The loop in the top of the bias bar allows you to pull cording through to create 3 dimensional loops. Five bars are included, 1/4", 5/16'', 1/2", 9/16" & 11/16". #CN-4052 $7.89

Clover® Easy Loop Turner Use the convenient clip on the end of the loop to easily turn fabric tubes right side out. Also great for feeding piping or cording through the centre, or threading elastic through a waistband or tube. Two loop turners included. #CN-472 $5.75

Clover® Stuffing Tool The stick tip of the stuffing tool is angled and slightly wider to facilitate stuffing in small areas of trapunto quilts and doll projects. A protective cover is included with the stuffing tool. #CN-879 $7.10

Wide Bodkin/ Weaving Tool Great for braiding wide tape such as bias tapes, loops and ribbons. Excellent for weaving or meshwork. #CN-4051 $6.80


Essential Notions

The Posture PleaserTM Ergonomic Posture Aid By Body RiteTM Designed as a counter balance when sitting to reduce back pain. Read instructions before using. #BR3 $51.90

Clover® Bias Tape Makers Make your own bias binding to match any project. Simply insert the bias strip in one end of the tape maker and pull it out the other as you iron. The edges are always even. Use 1/4" size for appliqué and stained glass quilts, 1/2" for crafts and belt loops, 3/4" for narrow quilt bindings, 1" for garments and wider bindings and the 2" for blanket bindings. #BT025 1/4" (6 mm) $6.80 #BT050 1/2'' (12 mm) $7.10 #BT075 3/4'' (18 mm) $7.35 #BT100 1'' (25 mm) $7.90 #BT200 2'' (50 mm) $13.15

Clover® Premier Seam Ripper #CN-502 $3.40 Clover® Premier Tapered Awl #CN-505 $5.25

Snag Repair Tool Just insert the point into the center of the snag from the wrong side and draw the snag through. Use on knits, wovens, upholstery, needlepoint and embroidery, 3" long. #C59 $2.00 Fray CheckTM Liquid Seam Sealant Place a drop of Fray CheckTM on the end of serged stitches, let it dry and clip off the excess thread tail. Ideal for securing threads on seams, hems and collars. Washable and dry cleanable. 3/4 fl. oz. (22.5 ml.). #D674 $3.65

Multi-Purpose Point & Tube Turner Ideal for turning collar points, tubes and spaghetti straps. #WA100 $17.40

Clover® Pocket Curve Template Perfectly matching pockets are easy with the Pocket Curve Template. The metal plate has four different curves. Just choose the curve you want and wrap the seam allowance around the curve, then slide the clip in place and press! #CN-461 $6.05

Expandable Metal Gauge Mark buttonholes, pleats and tucks easily. Measures space evenly from 3/8'' to 3 3/8''. Expands to 24''. To use the gauge, expand it to it's fullest length then bring back to the spacing desired. For greatest accuracy, double check w ith a tape measure. #1478G $20.80

Bamboo Point Turner and Creaser The pointed end is perfect for gently pushing out the corners of collars, while the rounded edge can be used to open seams. #C3150 Bamboo $5.20 #C88 Molded Plastic $2.60 Ezy Pull Bodkin Ideal for inserting lace, ribbon and elastic. Special teeth grip the elastic so it does not get lost in the casing. #D706 $1.20

Elastic Guides No more twisted elastic. Thread the elastic into the guide and insert into the casing. Includes three sizes; ¼'', ½'', & ¾''. #EG-100 $2.50 #D611759 #D611886

Dritz Skirt Hem Marker The chalk hem marker makes it easy for you to mark your own hems straight to the floor. Chalk $38.00 Chalk Refill $4.50


Clover® Marking Tools

Water Soluble Chacopen with Eraser The markings will disappear through washing with water. Also includes a convenient eraser. The Water Soluble Chacopen with Eraser is available in both pink and blue. $5.25 each A - #CN-5012 Pink B - #CN-5013 Blue Clover® Water Soluble Chacopen with EraserThe markings from these water soluble markers can be easily removed with a spritz of water or with the Eraser Pen shown below. Always test on a scrap first. Clover® Water Soluble Markers are available in two weights. $5.25 each C - #CN-516 Thick D - #CN-515 Fine

Clover® Iron-On Transfer Pencils Transfer your designs permanently with these Hot Iron Transfer Pencils. For best results use on natural fabrics. Complete instructions included. $3.40 each #CN5004 Red #CN5005 Blue Clover® Water Soluble Pencils Ideal for precise markings, these soft water soluble pencils allow you to draw a fine line on fabrics. Always test before marking on your projects. Markings may not be removable if ironed. Apply water to remove. Available in 3 colours or as an assorted package. #CN-Q5000 White $3.95 #CN-Q5001 Blue $3.95 #CN-Q5002 Pink $3.95 #CN-Q5003 Assorted $8.15 Clover® Pen Style Chaco Liner The Pen Style Chaco Liner features a tapered tip for marking closer to the ruler. The powdered ink will erase when patted lightly, or washed. Always test on a scrap of fabric first. Available in White, Yellow, Pink and Blue. $9.45 each #CN-4710 Blue #CN-4711 Pink #CN-4712 White #CN-4713 Yellow Refills $5.00 each #CN-4720 Blue #CN-4721 Pink #CN-4722 White #CN-4723 Yellow

Clover® Fine White Marking Pen Just draw or trace your desired marking onto the fabric and wait a few seconds. A very fine white line will appear before your eyes! This unique pen is perfect for working with darker fabrics. The fine roller tip has the feel of a standard ballpoint pen when in use. The markings will disappear when sprayed with water or a steam iron. Always test on a scrap of fabric first. #CN-517 $7.05

Clover® Mechanical Pencils This fine 0.7 mm line can be easily removed with the Clover® Eraser, #CN-Q5021 shown on page 5, washing the fabric or with the built in eraser. Always test the marking and removal on a scrap of fabric. These marks cannot be removed if they are ironed over or dry cleaned before removal. Clover® Mechanical Pencils are available in silver, yellow and pink. $9.20 each #CN-5015 Silver #CN-5015 Yellow #CN-5016 Pink Refills $5.75 each #CN-5017 Silver #CN-5018 Yellow #CN-5019 Pink

Clover® Chaco Liner Draws fine lines smoothly and fits between stencil grooves easily. The screw on cap makes the Clover® Chaco Liner easy to refill. Available in 4 colours. $7.35 each #CN-469B Blue #CN-469P Pink #CN-469W White #CN-469Y Yellow Chaco-Liner Refills $3.95 each #CN-470B Blue #CN-470P Pink #CN-470W White #CN-470Y Yellow

Clover® Eraser Pen Recommended to erase markings made by the Clover® water soluble pens shown on this page. Always test first. #CN-518 $5.25

Pencil Fabric Eraser Use this stick type eraser to remove lines from your quilt top or garment. #CN-5022 $7.05

Clover® Quilting Pencils These pencils draw a fine line without smudging. For best results, use the Clover® Fabric Eraser, #CN-Q5021 shown on page 5 to remove the markings. $3.70 each #CN-Q5006 Silver #CN-Q5007 Yellow


Clover® Marking Tools

Clover® Triangle Chalk Accurate lines are easy with these chalk markers. Use them for all your sewing or quilting needs. $2.35 each #CN-432B Blue #CN-432R Red #CN-432W White #CN-432Y Yellow

Pencil Sharpener Designed to work with "Clover Quilt Pencils", Water Soluble Pencils and other pencils that are designed for markings on fabrics. #CN-4003 $9.30 Clover® Tracer Pen This ingenious pen is ideal for tracing detailed appliqué, embroidery, sewing and quilting designs onto your fabric. The plastic end of the Clover® Tracer Pen is designed for bold lines, while the ball-point steel tip (without ink) is ideal for tracing fine smooth lines without damaging the design or tracing paper. Use with Clover® Chacopy Tracing Paper below. #CN-435 $5.75 Clover® Chacopy Tracing Paper Five 10" x 12" sheets of tracing paper in one handy package! The markings will wash away when you are finished. One sheet of red, blue, yellow, white and green are included in the package. #CN-434 $4.45 Dressmaker's Tracing Paper Transfer markings easily to the wrong side of your garment. Package includes five 6 1/2'' x 19 1/2'' sheets. Colours include white, red, blue and yellow. #T330 $2.25

Saral Transfer Paper A reusable, waxfree, carbonless paper. The marks erase, sponge off or wash out. Includes one 8 1/2'' x 12 1/2'' sheet of each of red, yellow, graphite, white and blue. #STP400 $7.45 Clover® Mesh Transfer Canvas Use this reusable 16" x 12" mesh canvas to transfer quilting, sewing and craft designs to patterns. Just trace the design on the mesh canvas with a pencil (use mat side) or chalk marker. Position the Mesh Transfer Canvas on the project and retrace. The design will appear in the form of dotted lines. #CN-474 $9.70 Dritz Wax Free Tracing Paper These marks remove easily with a fabric eraser, brush or water. Includes one 5'' x 19'' sheet each of red, white, yellow, orange and blue. #D634-66 $3.00

Clover ® Chacopel FineTM Pencils 3 pencil set (white, yellow and blue/pink) comes with a storage case and pencil sharpener. #CN-418 $7.10 Clover® Fabric Eraser Erases light quilt pencil markings on fabrics. Please note the Fabric Eraser does not remove markings set by an iron. #CN5021 $4.45

Clover® Chaco Liner Slim This slim, compact chalk liner is a great little marking tool to take to class with you. The fine point chalk wheel marks the fabric exactly where you need it. The Clover® Chaco Liner Slim is refillable and available in four colours, Blue, Yellow, White and Red. $4.70 each #CN-510B Blue #CN-510Y Yellow #CN-510R Red #CN-510W White Refills $2.90 each #CN-511B Blue #CN-511R Red

#CN-511Y Yellow #CN-511W White www. j o a n n e s cr e at i venot ions. c om

Fabric Eraser Non-smudge eraser, lightly removes marks from fabrics. Ideal for sewing, quilting and craft projects. #T588 $1.65

One Step Transfer Pen Transfers designs in one step directly from the pattern to the fabric. No ironing or rubbing needed. Marks remove easily with water. Excellent for marking quilting and embroidery designs or appliqué placement. #EZ881103 $7.50

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Marking Tools

SULKY® Iron On Transfer Pens Sulky® Iron On Transfer Pens are ideal for transferring your patterns and designs to wood, fabrics or stabilizers. Simply trace or draw your design onto plain paper, then iron your design onto the desired surface with a hot dry iron. Available in 8 colours. $5.50 each #ITP25 Yellow #ITP16 Brown #ITP03 Black #ITP22 Green #ITP26 Purple #ITP23 Orange #ITP06 Red #ITP27 Blue White SULKY® Iron on Transfer Pen Just like the pens above but for use on dark fabrics. #ITP02 $7.50 Pigma Micron Permanent Pen Sets Waterproof, fade proof pens that do not smear or bleed when dry are ideal for signing quilts, drawing faces, or personalizing your heirloom treasures. Best suited to 100% cotton or cotton blends. Available in 2 sizes. Set includes one black, red, blue, brown, green and purple. $33.99 each #30063 Fine Point Size .01 #30065 Regular Point Size .05 Pigma Micron Permanent Pens $3.55 each #PMP103 Size 01 Black #PMP112 Size 01 Brown #PMP503 Size 05 Black

Purple Disappearing Ink Marking Pen Use for all types of projects. Marks are air and water soluble and usually disappear within 72 hours. Do not iron over marks or launder before completely removing the mark with plain water. Always test on a scrap first. #D3083 $4.40 Grey Erasable Quilting Pencil For marking lines, appliqués and tracing around templates. Remove marks with an eraser. #D3090 $2.95 Yellow & Silver Marking Pencils Strong, non-smearing lead sharpens finer and lasts longer. Mark lightly and remove with an eraser. $1.95 each #D3075 Yellow #D3076 Silver Washout Pencils Ideal for marking fabrics. Erases with a drop of cold water. Available in 3 colours. $1.50 each #QN046R Red #QN046W White #QN046B Blue Water Soluble Marking Pencils Use the white pencil on dark fabrics and the blue on lighter fabrics. Remove markings with a damp cloth. #D3079 White $1.60 #D3077 Blue $2.65 Also Available: Pattern Ease 46" wide pattern tracing material. #3100-W $2.55/yard

Fine Line Permanent Fabric Pen Use this permanent pen to sign friendship blocks, labels or to add dimension to an appliqué. Test first. #D3087 $4.95 Black Template Marking Pencil Use this pencil to draw on plastic when designing your own templates. Marks can easily be removed with a damp cloth. Not recommended for fabric. #D3080 $1.95 Quilter's Soapstone Fabric Marker Safe for marking all fabrics, the soapstone can easily be seen on all fabrics. Use the sharpener in the top of the marker to maintain the point. #D3305 $13.50 Graphite Marking Pencil Use for marking quilting lines and marking appliqués. Mark the fabric lightly and remove with a fabric eraser or water. #D3081 $4.75 #D3082 Refills 2/pack $3.25

Fine Point Disappearing Markers Extra fine point allows you to draw a very thin line. Available in water soluble, (Blue) and air soluble, (Purple). #Q3086 Air $4.75 #Q3085 Water $4.40

Red Dot Tracer 45'' x 1 yard package of pattern tracing cloth. #H5160 $5.20 Ezy-Glide Colourless stainless lubricant for zippers. #EG-3 $1.65

Sewist's Fix It Tape Use Sewist's Fix-it Tape for pattern alterations; it won't melt or peel when you press your pattern. Even works well on lingerie to hold laces in place for sewing. Remove just before stitching. Perfect as a ½" top stitching guide. Package contains two ½" x 10 yd. rolls. #SFT2 $3.50


Tapes & Pattern Supplies

Pattern Storage Boxes These Pattern Storage boxes are great for neatening up your patterns and storing them for easy access. 7" wide x 9" high x 12" deep. #PB100 $4.85

Seams Great® Ideal for finishing the edge of fabrics without adding bulk. Lightly stretch the Seams Great® to determine the direction in which it curls. Place the raw edge in the curl. Stitch close to the edge of the Seams Great® with a straight stitch or zig zag, gently pulling as you sew. Do not use a hot iron. Use flat as a light weight casing for elastic or drawstrings. Available in white or natural, 12 yard roll. #SG-09 5/8'' White $4.70 #SG-25 5/8'' Natural $4.70

Wash Away Wonder Tape Double sided ¼" transparent tape that can be stitched through without gumming up the sewing machine needle. Perfect for placing pockets, zippers and other embellishments because it washes away the first time you launder the garment, 1/4" x 360". #C7 $4.80 RESQ TAPETM Double-sided 3/4'' adhesive tape. Use RESQ TAPETM to instantly hem pants or skirts, keep low necklines in place, prevent straps from showing or shoulder pads from slipping. Use in your sewing room, or keep in your car for quick repairs, 180'' roll. #SG214 $4.50

Pattern Paper Use to trace multi-sized patterns, cut slippery fabrics or "fabric stacks". Simply place the paper on the table first, then lay out your fabric on top to prevent bottom layers from shifting, 21'' x 225' roll. #PP-300 $13.90 Roll-A-PatternTM Trace patterns quickly and easily with Roll-A-PatternTM. The black marker glides smoothly over your tracing paper or Swedish Tracing Paper. NOTE: Cannot be used on fabric. #RP100 $12.20 #RPM100 Refill $3.30

Straight TapeTM Straight TapeTM gives a professional look to all your top stitching. Just place the 1'' wide tape with 1/4'' increments where you want to stitch and stitch on the desired marking. Will not gum up the needle. Use for zippers, collars, pockets, even machine quilting, 108" roll. #STA-7007 $6.50

Stay Tape This 1/2'' wide, no-fray, lightweight tape stabilizes seams without adding bulk. 10 yard roll. #STP2 $4.55

Swedish Tracing Paper This anti-static, non-woven tracing material is ideal for tracing multi-sized patterns! Sew your pattern together and check the fit before you cut your fabric. Use with Roll-APattern, shown above, or a regular pencil, 31" x 10 yd. roll. #STP6 $13.90

Clover® Double Faced Tape This double-sided tape from Clover® is great for holding hems, trims and appliqués in place while you stitch. Do not stitch through the tape or use it on very fine fabrics. Available in 2 widths to suit most applications. $5.50 each #CN-4029 6mm x 20m #CN-4030 12mm x 7m

Basting Tape 1/8'' wide double sided tape. Ideal for basting zippers, hems, trims, etc., before stitching. 200'' roll. #T645 $2.40



Buttonhole Space TapeTM Make all your buttonholes the same size and place them exactly where you want them. Simply place the Space TapeTM where you need the holes. Space TapeTM has markings for vertical and horizontal buttonholes up to 1'' long. Also works as an extra stabilizer. Use Space TapeTM for snaps too! #SPT-400 $6.15

Spring Action Curved Scissors The curved blade allows you to slip right under the presser foot to clip threads when you are embroidering. Easy to use, just squeeze the large end and the scissors will clip the threads. Ideal for larger hands. #121C $19.50

Curved Scissors Use these "Duck Billed" scissors to grade seams without snipping the seam allowance underneath and trimming appliqué fabrics close to the base fabric. #ICEA $19.55

Double Curved Embroidery Scissors The unique curved handle and curved tip of these scissors make them ideal for snipping threads when embroidering or trimming embroidery work close to the edge. #IEC $19.90

Loop Turner Great for turning narrow bias strips used for buttonhole loops, shoulder straps, etc. #T383 $2.95 Magnistitch® Magnistitch® fits onto your sewing machine or serger and magnifies your work for you. Extra feet are available so you can move your Magnistitch® between your sewing machine and serger. #MGH Magnistitch® $17.45 #EF Extra Foot $3.99

Precision Tweezers The perfect tweezers for shaping laces, working silk ribbons or any other fine needlework. Comes with a convenient holder to hang around your neck. #PT2 $10.90 The Weekend Shirt A comfy shirt with shirtail hem, patch pockets and sleeves in 2 lengths, short or 3/4. Finished length: 26". Sizes 4-22 included. #FTV015 $14.00

Seam Rippers Used for removing unwanted stitches. #T349 Large $2.48 #T315 Small $1.40

Drawstring Threader Great for replacing or adding drawstrings to hoods, bags and totes, activewear and loungewear. Easy to use. Two size eyes will hold most drawstrings. #D235 $1.95

4'' Needlecraft Scissors These tiny needlecraft scissors are perfect for any close embroidery, thread snipping, trimming the fuzz out of buttonholes and snipping right to the tip of stitching. The blades are stainless steel and rustproof and have ultra sharp points. #OM2064 $17.95 Pressure Sensitive Tape Measure This 48"/122 cm stick on tape measure can be easily applied to any clean surface. The tape is made of durable Tyvek. It will not tear, stretch or shrink and can even be moved to another clean surface. #C11 $3.95

Jean-A-Ma-JigTM End the frustration of broken needles and skipped stitches when sewing over seams on jeans. Jean-A-Ma-JigTM lets you sew easily over thick flat felled seams. #JIG-100 $4.95


Japanese Tailoring with Judy Barlup

Japanese Tailoring is a system of unique construction techniques used in the ready-to-wear clothing industry in Japan. This technique combines the fine detailing of traditional tailoring with the speed and ease of contemporary tailoring to produce a quality garment. Judy Barlup has adapted this system for use by professionals and home sewers in constructing men's and women's coats and jackets. Characteristics of Japanese Tailoring Include: *Fusible interfacings replace hair canvas. *Fusible stabilizing tape applied to the roll line. *Shape is built into the garment by pressing. *Seam allowances of the neck edges and the edges of the collar and facings are adjusted on the pattern to save time, increase accuracy and ensure that the enclosed seams of the collar and lapel are not visible from the "public-side." *The seam reverses its direction at the breakpoint. *The edges of the collar and facing are flat and sharp. *There is no bulk in the notch area where the collar joins the garment. *The corners of the collar and lapel turn under and are symmetrical. *Accommodates "turn of cloth" for heavy fabric. *The ends of the welt pocket are mitered to eliminate bulk and to conceal the seams. *An easy sleeve vent allows the sleeve to be lengthened or shortened if necessary. *Extra ease is built into the lining. *Minimum hand stitching. Judy presents the detailed steps in a logical and sequential way for maximum learning. Both intermediate and advanced sewists will learn new skills and how to tailor more efficiently, leading to more satisfying results in their sewing endeavors. These techniques can be applied to many other sewing projects. This 2 hours, 40 minute DVD is an excellent resource for every sewists' library. Japanese Tailoring Instruction Manual This 50 page, spiral bound booklet follows the step-by-step instructions found on the video or DVD with some additional tips. The Japanese Tailoring Instruction Manual has minimal illustrations and should to be used with the DVD. Includes the illustrated booklets Mitered Welt Pocket, Mitered Vent and Front Facing Finish and Piped Lining Accent booklets. #JBJTDVD DVD $59.95 #JBJTB Manual $25.95 Chanel Chain This chain, also known as jacket chain or chain weight is commonly used in Chanel Jackets. The chain is hand sewn to the hem just below where it meets the lining. To stitch, sew every other link across the top and then the alternate links along the bottom. Sold by the yard, gold only. Protective eye covering is strongly advised when cutting the chain to size. #CHAIN $9.95/yard Washable Glue Strong waterproof adhesive. Washable, dry cleanable. Excellent for mending, bonding, appliqués, trims and lace. Also bonds styrofoam and other non fabric materials, 37 ml. bottle. #T314 $4.40 Glue Stick Water soluble basting adhesive. Use for basting hems, zippers, trims, etc. #D3144 $2.60


Bias Cut Silk Charmuese Eliminate the tedious task of cutting your own bias! Bias Cut Silk is perfect for quilt edgings, seam finishes, garment edge finishes, piping, buttonholes, large roses, ornamentation and much more. A versatile bias because either the shiny or dull side can be utilized. Couture designers find these precut bias rolls invaluable. 5 yard rolls are available in both 1 3/4'' and 1 1/4'' widths. Natural coloured silk bias can be easily dyed to suit your project. #BS21R 1 3/4'' wide $15.90 #BS26R 1 1/4'' wide $13.90

Fusible Roll Line Tape This straight grain fusible tape is perfect for stabilizing the roll line on jackets, necklines and shoulder seams. Use the bias tape to stabilize armholes and crotch curves. The 100% cotton, 3/8" wide x 22 yard roll is available in black and white. Regular Weight #5620 Bias Black #5601 Straight Black Super Fine Weight #2544B Bias Black #2542B Straight Black $11.99 each #5606 Bias White #5605 Straight White $14.60 each #2544W Bias White #2542W Straight White

Machine Tools

Fray AwayTM Use on serger thread tails to lock stitches or on the back of buttonholes. Just place a thin bead of Fray AwayTM on the back of the buttonhole before you open it, let it dry and cut the buttonhole open. Fray AwayTM seals the stitches and keeps the buttonhole looking neat. 22.5 ml. bottle. #T311 $4.10

Sew Perfect GaugeTM Simply place the red gauge with 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4" markings under the raised presser foot and lower the needle into the desired seam width hole. Peel off the backing of the adhesive guide, place it up against the gauge and press it onto your sewing machine. Remove the gauge and start sewing. #C3094 $3.95 Ladybug Thread Cutter This whimsical thread cutter has a sticky back tape on the underside so you can position it on your sewing machine or serger where you think the cutter should be. Safe for use on computerized machines. #ANLC $5.98

Magic Wand® Removes stains from all washable fabrics. Works on blood, grease, chocolate, tomato, grass, rust, perspiration and more. Nontoxic, biodegradable, 2.5 oz. stick. #MW-100 $6.95

Direct a Seam Makes sure your seams are facing the direction you want them to go! Eliminate top or bottom seams from turning in the wrong direction before you sew over them. Saves time: No more ripping and re-sewing of seams. Unique shape allows for easy handling. #HP0089 $4.99

6" Overlock Tweezer Use for threading sergers and picking up small items. #T269 $6.60 Lint Brush Keep your sewing machine and serger clean. #T325 $1.65 Screw Driver Set Handy to have near the sewing machine or serger. 2 piece set with plastic handles, one small, one large. #T310 $1.50

Amazing NotionsTM Needle Threader Just place the thread horizontally across the front of the needle threader. Slide the threader down the front of the needle, when it reaches the eye a gentle push will slip the thread in. 2 per package. #AANT $10.50

Mini Vacuum Attachment Special adapter attaches to the end of your vacuum cleaner so you can use it's full power to clean your sewing machine, serger, or other electronic equipment. Includes adapter, oval and round brushes, crevice tool, straight and curved extensions. #MVA200 $13.95

Bobbin Bay Organize and store up to 42 bobbins including pre-wound and long arm bobbins. Just insert the bobbin deeply into the soft foam to store it securely and keep the threads at bay. The soft flexible 8 1/2" x 11" foam can easily be cut to custom fit any storage area. #BB42 $8.55


Bobbin Tunnel Plastic clip lets bobbins slide in and out easily, but they are held snugly so they won't fall out. Holds 50 plastic or metal bobbins, 7 1/2" long. Won't hold Singer® Touch `n Sew® bobbins. #BT-60 $3.95

Schmetz Machine Needles

Twin Needle For pin tucking, parallel rows of top stitching, hems on knits and gathering over cord. Note: Please check the maximum zig-zag width on your machine before ordering a Twin Needle. The width of the needle should not exceed your maximum zig-zag width. 1.6 mm/70 means there is a 1.6 mm space between needles. 70 is the needle size. 1 needle/pkg. #TW-16 1.6 mm/70 $3.70 #TW-17 1.6 mm/80 $3.70 #TW-20 2.0 mm/80 $3.70 #TW-25 2.5 mm/80 $3.70 #TW-30 3.0 mm/90 $3.70 #TW-45 4.0 mm/80 $3.70 #TW-40 4.0 mm/90 $3.70 #TW-50 4.0 mm/100 $3.70 #TW-60 6.0 mm/100 $4.50 Stretch Twin Needle 1 needle/pkg. #TWS-25 2.5 mm/75 #TWS-40 4.0 mm/75 $5.60

Universal Needles $2.80 each Used for sewing most woven fabrics. 5 needles/pkg. #U60-5 #U70-5 #U80-5 #U90-5 #U100-5 #U110-5 #UA-5 Size 60 Silks Size 70 Lightweights Size 80 Mediumweights Size 90 Medium Heavyweights Size 100 Heavyweights Size 110 Upholstery Mix 70 - 90

Metalfil Needles These specially designed embroidery needles have an elongated eye to prevent metallic threads from stripping. The specialized scarf reduces skipped stitches. 5 needles/pkg., size 80. #MET $5.60 Quilting Needles $4.58 For use on multiple layers such as quilts or ski wear. #QA-5 3 Size 75 & 2 Size 90 #Q75-5 5 needles Size 75 #Q90-5 5 needles Size 90 Bulk Quilting Needles $74.00 100 same size needles per box. #QB75-100 100 needles Size 75 #QB90-100 100 needles Size 90 Embroidery Needles $4.58 Recommended for use with decorative machine embroidery threads. #EA-5 3 Size 75 & 2 Size 90 #E75-5 5 needles Size 75 #E90-5 5 needles Size 90 Bulk Embroidery Needles $74.00 100 same size needles per box. #EB75-100 100 needles Size 75 #EB90-100 100 needles Size 90 Hemstitch/Wing $3.30 The special `wings' on these needles create holes in the fabric that resemble entredeux trim. 1 needle/pkg. #HW-16 Size 100 #HW-18 Size 120 Triple Needle Three size 80 needles on a cross-bar mounted to a single shaft. 1 needle/pkg. #TRN-30 3.0mm/80 $6.20 Twin Hemstitch Wing Needle Used for hemstitching and other decorative techniques where a "hole" is desired. One needle is regular, the other is a wing needle. 1 needle/pkg. #HTW-16 $7.20

Bulk Universal Needles $52.00 100 same size needles per box. Available in 3 sizes. #UB70 Size 70 #UB80 Size 80 #UB90 Size 90 Stretch Needles $4.58 Ideal for sewing knits, or any fabric where skipped stitches is a problem. 5 needles/ pkg. #ST-75 Size 75 #ST-90 Size 90 Denim Needles $3.96 Ideal for sewing denim, canvas and other tightly woven fabrics. 5 needles/pkg. #D-70 Size 70 #D-80 Size 80 #D-90 Size 90 #D-100 Size 100 #D-110 Size 110 Leather Needles $4.58 For use on leather and vinyl type fabrics. 5 needles/pkg. #LN-70 Size 70 #LN-80 Size 80 #LN-90 Size 90 #LN-100 Size 100 #LN-110 Size 110 Topstitching Needles $5.90 This extra sharp needle has an extra large eye and a large groove to accommodate larger threads. 5 needles/pkg. #130N-80 Size 80 #130N-90 Size 90 #130N-100 Size 100

Embroidery Twin Needle $5.60 Used for twin needle stitching with heavier threads, metallic threads and rayon embroidery threads. 1 needle/pkg. #ETW-20 2.0 mm/75 #ETW-30 3.0 mm/75 Twin Denim Needle 1 needle/pkg. #DTW-40 4.0mm/100 $5.60

Metallica Twin Needle $5.60 Use for twin needle stitching with rayon decorative threads or metallic threads to prevent shredding or breakage of threads. 1 needle/pkg. #TW-MET 2.5mm/80 Microtex Needles $3.96 For use on fine silk type fabrics, for heirloom sewing and micro fibres like Ultra Suede®. 5 needles/pkg. #M-60 Size 60 #M-70 Size 70 #M-80 Size 80 #M-90 Size 90 Ball Point Needles $3.10 5 needles/pkg. #BP70 Size 70 #BP80 Size 80 #BP90 Size 90 #BP100 Size 100 #BPA Assorted


The Diamond Extension Table

Scissor SpotTM Pin PlaceTM The 1¼" diameter magnetic Scissor SpotTMPin PlaceTM attaches to your sewing machine easily with a suction cup, allowing you to store your scissors or pins exactly where you need them. Safe for computerized machines. #BFSSPP $4.95 NeedleHolsterTM End your constant search for the right size needle. The Colonial NeedleHolsterTM is a clear plastic rack that mounts to the front of your machine with a self-adhesive strip. Small plastic fingers inside the NeedleHolster grab and hold the machine needle container securely right in front of your eyes for quick draw and easy change of needles. Includes a package of machine needles. #QNSM800 $4.20 Bobbin Box Clear plastic box, holds 20 bobbins. #809NS $4.40

The Diamond Extension Table This quality, Canadian made extension table is so convenient you will wonder how you ever managed without it! Not only is it great for quilting and free motion stitching, but, it is also ideal when stitching complicated pockets, topstitching large runs or creating any detailed embellishment. Made of 3/8" clear cast acrylic, this very stable, solid work area will easily double as a light table. The edges of The Diamond are rounded on all sides to eliminate snagging and allow your projects to flow smoothly over the top. The legs are permanently bonded to the table from the bottom, providing a smooth work surface on top. They are fitted with height adjustable feet and clear vinyl no-slip pads. Each table is custom cut for your sewing machine to guarantee an accurate fit around the free arm and includes a 16'' (40cm) Static Cling Ruler that can be applied to the under surface of your table for quick reference. Please allow 4-6 weeks delivery. #DIAMOND 18" x 24" $190.00 #DIAMONDPLUS 24" x 24" $230.00 The Diamond-E Quilting/Extension Table with free arm cut to fit your machine with the embroidery unit in place. #DIAMOND-E 24" x 24" $230.00

NeedleThreader The Colonial NeedleThreader is the only threader you will ever need. Two sizes of sturdy wire threaders nested in a single handle. #QNSMT1 $2.75


Fasturn® Tube Sets The ultimate tube turner! Fasturn® is the easiest way to turn bias tubes quickly and easily. You can even stuff your tube with filler while turning. What a time saver! Set includes 6 turning rods 1/8'', 3/16'', 1/4'', 1/2'', 11/32'' and 3/4'', instructions included. #F-1 $39.95

Individual Fasturn® Tubes Includes turning tube, hook and instructions. $9.99 each #FTS-1D 1/8" Tube No. 1 #FTS-2D 3/16" Tube No. 2 #FTS-4D 11/32" Tube No. 4

Favourite Things Patterns

The Pea N e w! Coat A semi-fitted, Double breasted jacket that is simple and flattering. It has a notched collar, princess seams, side seam pockets, cuff and back tabs. Finished Length: 30" Sizes 4-22 . included in each pattern. #FTV013 $14.00

w! The Bohemian Skirt Easy peasant skirt with elasticized waist for comfort. The skirt can fit on the waist or below the waist (low-rise) depending on how you adjust the elastic. Make frayed or finished versions. Finished Length 30" . Sizes 4-22 are included in this pattern. #FTV026 $14.00 New!

Prairie Girl A simple semi-fitted dress or tunic top with nostalgic farm girl feel. Comfortable, with a flattering fit. Both the dress and top tie in the back and have 2 options for the sleeves: short set-in sleeves or ruffled cap sleeves. Wear with a purchased camisole or optional dickie. Slip is optional for the dress. Dress: 44" (47" with slip) Top: 28" Sizes 4-22 are included in . this pattern. #FTV028 $14.00 The complete line of Favourite Things Patterns is available on our web site with pattern envelope information


Mandarin Jacket Princess seam, semi-fitted mandarin collar jacket with optional tailored version that has buttoned front flap, pocket flaps and back slits with button details. The ruffled version is made without the collar, has front ties and a frayed-edge gathered ruffle around all the edges. Read my comments about the Mandarin jacket on our Blog #FTV029 $14.00 Baby Stuff 6 adorable patterns in one, for infant sizes from newborn to 1 yr. (3 sizes: 0-3 mos., 3-6 mos-, 6-12 mos.) Included are: receiving blanket, hat, shoes, jacket, pants & bib. The jacket is reversible and includes 2 collar options. #FTL001 $14.00 The Little Jammies Fun & comfy pajamas for children in 8 sizes, choose from long or short sleeved top. Low rise pants with elastic in the back waist and tie closure in the front in three lengths: boxers, cropped or full length. As well as a camisole to wear alone or under the top! #FTL005 $14.00

Ballet Slippers Darling, comfortable, slippers for home or dress. Basic ballet flats are trimmed with tiny bows. Mary Jane straps, crisscross straps or ankle ribbons are optional. Lovely for brides and bridesmaids. 10 sizes are included in the pattern from infants to adults. #FT079 $14.00 Little Smarty Pants Fun and comfortable pull-on pants with a great fit in 2 different lengths. Capri length pants are simple to sew and Bermuda length shorts have details such as front pockets, tabs or belt loops on waistband and patch pockets on the back. Includes sizes 1-4 & 5-14. #FTL008 $14.00



The Little Vintage Jumper A small version of our pattern the vintage jumper, (shown on our website) in toddler and childrens' sizes. Includes sizes 1 -4 & 5-12. #FTL002 $14.00

The Lunch Bag Don't throw away another brown paper bag! This simple design made out of cotton fabric is durable and sure to keep your lunch well protected. It is generously sized with a pocket on each side for cutlery and your cell phone or iPod. Its' soft handle makes transporting easy and stores flat or roles up. Best of all, this lunch bag can be made out of 4 fat quarters, should leave you some change for a few groceries! #FT077 $14.00


Measuring Tools

Sewing & Knitting Gauge 6'', 15 cm gauge, ideal for measuring test squares, seam allowances, buttonholes, etc. #T324 $1.10 3 in 1 Gauge 5'' metal ruler with point. Use as a sewing gauge, buttonhole spacer or point turner. #T244 $1.20 Anywhere Ruler This amazing ruler is flexible and can be used practically anywhere! Attached to a sewing machine or work table, The Anywhere Ruler is a handy tool for quick checking of button or string size, seam position, etc., while you are sewing. #QN7005 $6.60

Multi Purpose Dressmaker Guide Handy 6'' ruler has markings for scallops on one side. The other side has notched markings for buttonholes, tucks, etc. Also has markings for triangles, circles and squares. #T295 $2.20 Buttonhole Spacer & Sizer Ideal for measuring and marking buttons and buttonholes. Sliding arm allows you to measure exact position of the buttonhole from the edge of the fabric and the length of the hole at the same time! #T571 $1.90

Tape Measure Metal tipped 60" tape measure, inches and centimetres. #T457 $1.60 3/4'' Extra Wide Tape Measure Metal tipped 60" tape measure, inches and centimetres. #T350 $1.50 120" Tape Measure Great for measuring anything large, inches on one side and centimetres on the other. #D3097 $2.45 Flip-It Tape Measure Measure yardage for any project easily! Front side measures 144 inches, when you reach the end, Flip It to continue to 288 inches. Includes yardage increments up to 8 yards, allowing you to measure the exact length in inches as well as by the yard. Too many applications to list! #C350 $1.96

Metric French Curve A must have tool for altering patterns and re-shaping seam lines. #MFC $15.10

Dritz® Ezy Hem Gauge Use for straight or curved hems and all turned edges. The combination of right angles and curved corners make it the ideal tool for shaping waistbands, pockets, hems and more! Anodized metal. Markings on both sides including metric measurements. #D617 $13.95 Curve Square A most useful ruler. Includes hip, armhole and neckline curves, buttonhole guides, seam allowance slots, french curve and straight ruler. #T506 $10.00


Quilt & Sew Ruler 2" X 18" graphed ruler with inches marked in 16ths. Centering scale with holes every 1/2" for making circles. Ideal for drafting, pattern alterations, quilting, sewing and craft projects. #D3300 $5.50 #T601 Metal Edge $7.15

Trolley Needle This unique tool simply slips on your finger for use at the sewing machine to feed lace, gathers and pleats evenly. Use the Trolley Needle on your left hand to smooth and sculpt silk ribbon, wool and floss. Simply squeeze the finger clip for a custom fit. #TN2 $7.50 Sewing Gauge Metal seam gauge with markings from 1/8'' to 1 3/4". Ideal for use at the sewing machine or iron. #SG-600 $1.95

Clover Shiro Tape Measure 60'' fiberglass retractable tape measure. #CN-806 $7.10

Elastics & Interfacings

Bias Wigan This 3'' wide, bias cut, woven, fusible interfacing is commonly used in hems of jackets . Available in Black & White. #BCW+ Colour $1.35 yard

Buttonhole Elastic 3/4" wide white elastic with a buttonhole every 1". Thread the elastic into the waistband and attach it to one end. Sew a button on the other side of the opening. Adjust the tightness of the waistband by pulling up or releasing the elastic. #BE $1.50 /metre

A- Grip Elastic Sew this 1" wide elastic to the inside of your waistbands to hold your shirt and blouses in place. Grip Elastic is available in black only. #510 $1.50/metre B- 1" Ribbed Non-Roll Elastic #5130 $2.80/metre

Drawcord Elastic Ideal for sport waistbands, the drawcord can be drawn up after the elastic is applied. 1 1/4" wide elastic, available in white only. #DE2 $1.80/metre.

Ban Roll Elastic The monofilament threads in this revolutionary elastic make it indestructible and very stretchable. This lightweight, non-roll elastic is easy to stitch through and perfect for making waistbands that "grow". Ban Roll elastic is available in 5 yard packages. #BRE34 3/4" $6.20 #BRE1 1'' $7.00 #BRE114 1 1/4" $8.50 #BRE2 2" $12.00 Clear Elastic The perfect elastic for any action wear, gathering over and serging over! Also use it to prevent gaping necklines and stabilize shoulder seams in knit fabrics. 100% polyurethane. Each package is 5 yards. #CE14 1/4" $2.25 #CE38 3/8" $3.25 #CE12 1/2" $3.75 The Travel Skirt This unique skirt by Kathryn Brenne pleats up neatly onto its' own self belt. The skirt is fitted at the waist and gently skims the hips. Perfect for light to medium weight fabrics. Not suitable for stripes or plaids. Sized from Small Large. Simply add more panels for larger waists. #KBTS $12.00

C- Chlorine Resistant Elastic Perfect for use in swimwear. #CTE580 3/8" $ .95/metre #CTE582 1/4" $ .70/metre #CTE583 1/2" $1.20/metre D- 3/8" White Bra Elastic #512 $1.10/metre E- 1/2" Lingerie Elastic Great for sewing most intimate apparel. Available in white, black or tan. #511 + Colour $.70/metre Stylemaker® 601 Lightweight & 602 Mediumweight Interfacing These pre-shrunk weft interfacings are wonderful for light to medium weight projects. #601 $5.95/metre #602 $5.95/metre Sewer's Dream Interfacing This ultra fine, pre-shrunk, fusible, knit interfacing really is a dream! Sewer's Dream is ideal for lighter weight fabrics where you need stability but don't want it to show. #SDI $7.95/metre TimtexTM Stabilizer Timtex is a stiff, but bendable stabilizer, about 1/8 inch thick. Stitchable and washable, designed for ball cap brims but usable anywhere you would like to use cardboard. Available by the yard in both 13'' and 22'' widths. #TLTIM13 13'' wide $7.45/yard #TLTIM22 22'' wide $12.85/yard


1" Fold Over Elastic Plus This premium quality, heavier weight, 1" Fold Over Elastic, is available in 7 colours. Use the Fold Over Elastic to finish off fleece projects and heavier fabrics. To apply simply fold the elastic in half and sew it to the raw edge using a zig-zag or 3-step zig-zag. Just pull slightly on the elastic to gather when necessary. #PFOE1 + Colour # $3.50/metre 13 Brown 16 Dark Blue 21 White 27 Ecru 66 Beige 47 Red 793 Green

Sew Through Sport Elastic The unbraided rows in this elastic allow you to sew right through the elastic to achieve the same look as ready to wear! #SE97 1 1/4'' $1.50/yard #SE98 1 1/2'' $1.70/yard

www. j o a n n e s cr eat ivenot ions. c om

John James Hand Needles

Platinum Tapestry/Cross Stitch $4.05 2/package #JP198-24 Size 24 #JP198-26 Size 26 Twin Pointed Quick Stitch Needles Perfect for use with a hands free frame. Keep one hand above and one below the frame. Stitch straight up and down through the fabric without turning the needle. 3 needles per package. $2.95 each #JJ698DE-28 Size 28 NeedlePackTM Organize your machine needles. The NeedlePackTM has six handy pockets for storing up to twelve 5 packs of needles. Use the large head pin included to help you keep track of which needle is in your machine. All this folds up into a convenient small pack with a snap closure for handy storage and portability! #QNSN500 $18.00 Hand NeedlePack® The Hand NeedlePack is a must for every stitcher with more than one needle for hand sewing, quilting, embroidery, or other handwork. This indispensable caddy helps sort, label and store all hand needles. Folds to a compact 4 ½" x 5 ¾". Perfect for sewand-go classes and traveling projects. #QNSN600 $16.75

Beading Needles $2.05 6/package #JJ105-10/13 Size 10/13 Asst. Short Ball Point Beading/Embroidery Needles $2.05 #JJ107-12B Size 12 4/package Short Beading/Embroidery Needles 6/package $2.05 #JJ107-12 Size 12 Curved Beading Needle #JJ31 2/package $2.05

Premier Twin Pointed Stab Stitch Needles $2.95 3/package #JJ620DE-10 Size 10 Assorted Silk Ribbon Needles 25 assorted needles including: Beading: one long and one Regular Size 10 Chenille: Sizes 13, 18, 24 & 26 Tapestry: Sizes 24 & 26 Embroidery: Sizes 7&9 Darners: Size 7 Milliners: Size 7 Sharps: Size 7 Betweens: Size 10 #JJ47010 $6.95 Trapunto Needles #JJ60800 Assorted Sizes $3.60

Chenille Needles $2.05 6/package #JJ188-20 Size 20 #JJ188-18/24 Size 18-24 Asst. Embroidery/Crewel Needles $1.65 16/package #JJ135-3/9 Size 3/9 Asst. #JJ135-5/10 Size 5/10 Asst. Quilting/Betweens Needles $2.00 #JJ120-12 Size 12 12/package Big Eye Quilting Needles $2.25 #JJ125-10 Size 10 20/package #JJ125-11 Size 11 12/package Platinum Quilting/Betweens Needles 2/package $4.05 #JP120-10 Size 10 Sharps/Appliqué Needles $1.65 #JJ110-9 Size 9 20/package #JJ110-10 Size 10 20/package Gold Eye Petite Tapestry Needles 3/package $3.30 #JG199-22 Size 22 #JG199-24 Size 24 #JG199-28 Size 28

The Needle Nest Purse size magnetic Needle Nest holds your needles in place for easy selection. Includes 2 size 8 sharps. #C52 $4.50 Sew WanderfulTM Magnetic Pin Holder Pick up stray pins quickly with this handy magnet. Attaches easily to a belt, or thread a ribbon through the hole in the handle and wear it around your neck. Also great for picking up stray paper clips or other metal objects. #QR-MW $6.15


Pins & Accessories

IBC Super Fine Silk Pins 1 1/4" sharp, super fine pins, .50mm steel shaft and 500 pins/box. #5004 $5.25 Super Fine Sharp Silk Pins 1 1/4" long, .50mm nickel-plated steel shaft, 250 pins/box. #D110 $3.70 Pleating Pins 1" long, .55mm thick nickel-plated steel shaft, 400 pins/box. #D28 $2.69

Clover® Fork Pins Two pins in one! These fine, 0.56mm pins will quickly stabilize fine fabrics when pinning. Clover® Fork Pins are also great for stabilizing hems and details at the ironing board. The bent root of the pins make them easy to insert and remove. 35 pins per package, locking container included. #CN-240 $9.95

Tomato Novelty Pin Cushion The emery filled strawberry attached to the tomato helps keep your pins and needles sharp and clean. Mutli coloured tomato is ideal for sorting multiple pin styles. #FP7872 $8.79 Strawberry Novelty Pin Cushion filled with Emery This emery filled strawberry is ideal for keeping pins and hand needles sharp and clean. #FP7873 $6.79 Clover Extra Long Pins These 48mm long pins are ideal for pinning through extra thick projects. The pin heads are heat resistant. Available in 2 thicknesses, 100 pins per box. #CN2508 Regular $9.98 #CN2509 Extra Fine $11.80 Clover® Glass Head Appliqué Pins These ¾'' pins are great for small appliqué work. 150 pins per case. #CN-231 $7.10 Clover® Petit Cut These tiny needle threaders are great when threading very fine quilting needles. The convenient thread cutter on the opposite side makes them essential when hand sewing. Two per package. #CN-478 $4.20

Clover® Flowerhead Pins Great for everyday sewing, serging or quilting. The large flat flower head top is easy to see and remove. #CN-2506 100/box .70mm shaft $12.10 #CN-2505 20/pack .55mm shaft $3.95 #CN-2510 20/pack .45mm shaft $4.99 Glass Colour Head Pins Perfect for use at the ironing board! Glass colour head pins will not melt when heat is applied, 40 pins per wheel, 1 3/8" long, .6 mm nickel-plated steel shaft. #D60 $2.00 Plastic Head Pins 1 1/6" long, .6 mm shaft, stainless steel, plastic head pins, 175 pins/package. #D39 $2.69 Glasshead Fine Pins 1 1/2 " long, .5 mm nickel plated steel shaft pins with white glass head, 250 pins/box. #D61 $7.50 Grabbit® Magnetic Pincushion If you prefer a magnetic pincushion this is the one to try. #GB $10.95 Tomato Pin Cushion with Strawberry Emery Traditional pin cushion comes with emery filled strawberry pouch. Use the pouch to clean and sharpen your needles and pins. #T245 $1.75 #Q3012 Extra Large $2.75

#249D #T266

Metal Plastic

Needle Threader For hand and sewing machines, 3/card. $1.25 $1.38


Hand Needles & Accessories

Clover® Quilt Dome This handy dome needle case is the perfect way to store up to 10 threaded needles for use when traveling or just to save time! Complete instructions are included. #CN-625 $9.98 Clover® Quilt Needle Threader The ultra fine wire makes this the perfect needle threader for fine needles. The black back plate provides protection for the wire and easy visibility. Can also be worn as a pendant. #CN-466 $7.60 Antique Needle Sharpener & Polisher Polishes and sharpens needles and pins! #CN-4508 $12.05 Antique Ring Finger Pin Cushion Adjustable and stylish antique style Ring Finger Pin Cushion. #CN-4507 $13.15 Thread Cutter Pendant Use this handy pendant to cut thread in any of the notches around the edge. Thread the top with ribbon and wear it around your neck. $7.60 each #CN-454 Silver #CN-455 Gold

Desk Needle Threader Use this neat desk threader to quickly thread oval eyed hand needles. Available in pastel colours. #CN-4055 $15.70 Clover® Gold Eye Quilting Needles Super fine quilting needles, 15 needles/ package. $2.90 each #CN-496/9 Size 9 #CN-496/10 Size 10 #CN-496/12 Size 12 Clover ® Gold Eye Appliqué Needles These Gold Eye needles are great for your hand appliqué and delicate stitching on finer fabrics. $2.90 each #CN-497/9 Size 9 #CN-497/10 Size 10 #CN-497/12 Size 12 Clover® Beading Needles Super fine beading needles from Clover®! Package includes two size 10 needles, 54.6 mm long and two size 13 needles, 48.5 mm long. #CN-233 $2.10 Clover® Gold Eye Chenille Needles These Gold Eye chenille needles are great for silk ribbon embroidery and cross stitching. Six needles per package. $2.10 each #CN-234/18 Size 18 #CN-234/20 Size 20 #CN-234/22 Size 22 #CN-234/24 Size 24 Clover® Gold Eye Embroidery Needles Assorted package of sixteen needles ranging from size 3 to 9. #CN-235 $2.10 Clover® Gold Eye Sharps Needles Twenty size 10 fine sharp needles for fine hand sewing. #CN-237/10 $2.10

Clover® Cording Needle Set The sturdy needle threader is perfect for Trapunto quilting and lacing small projects. Use the 5" long, Gold Eye needle for weaving cording into long straight areas. The 2" Gold Eye needle is ideal for smaller areas and the 1" blunt point needle is designed for curves. #CN-877 $9.95 Clover® Gold Eye Milliners Needles This assorted package of 16 milliners needles range from size 3 to 9. #CN-236 $2.10 Clover® Gold Eye Tapestry Needles Six needles per package. $2.10 each #CN-238/24 Size 24 #CN-238 Assorted Sizes 18 to 22

Hemostat Available in 2 sizes, these hemostats are great not only for pulling threads through needles but they come in handy for those tough little pulling and holding jobs around the house. #H355 3 ½" long $5.95 #H525 5 ¼" long $6.95 Beeswax With Holder Use beeswax on your thread before sewing buttons to strengthen the thread. #T205 $1.50 Thread Cutter Ring You will always have a thread cutter handy when you wear this unique thread cutter ring. #CN-456 $6.60

Clover® Double Needle Threader Always have the right sized needle threader on hand. One end has a large eye needle threader for larger needles, while the other is sized for regular sewing needles and machine needles. #CN-462 Clover® $4.48 #CN-503 Premier $3.42



Long Sashico Needles The sharp tip of the needle enables a smooth insertion into fabric. 3 needles/ package. #CN-2009 $4.20 Hawaiian Quilting Needles Gold eye needles for appliqué, quilting and basting. A set of 4 needles commonly used for Hawaiian quilting, 2 of each size. #CN-2011 $6.05 Huck Embroidery Needles The tip is round and curved so cloth can be easily scooped. #CN-2012 $3.40 Clover® Gold Eye Yarn Darners This assorted package includes six needles; two size 18 and one each of sizes 14, 15, 16 & 17. #CN-239 $2.40 Clover® Double Eye Needles For handwork with 2 colours. Thread each eye with your two thread colour choices for smooth stitching. Use for ribbon embroidery, Sashiko, European embroidery, basic embroidery work and quilting. Use the sharp tip for closely woven cloth and the blunt point for open fabrics. Three needles per package including one size 18, one size 15 and one size 12. $6.05 each #CN-241 Sharp Tip #CN-242 Blunt Tip

Replacement Snaps All come with their own tool or they can be applied with the Vario Pliers shown on this page. Sport & Camping Snaps 15 mm nickel dome and stud, heavy duty. 10 sets/pkg. #390201 $9.20 Eyelets 4.0 mm available in brass or nickel. 20 sets/pkg. #542400 Nickel $5.50 #542401 Brass $5.50 Anorak Snaps 15 mm, medium weight snaps. 10 sets/pkg. #390302 Black $8.40 #390301 Nickel $8.40 Jersey Snaps 10 mm nickel snaps with an open top. 10 sets/pkg. #390107 $4.90 Pearl Jersey Snaps 12 mm pearl white snaps. 6 sets/pkg. #390117 $5.60 Decorative Anorak Snaps Rustproof Anorak snaps. 6 sets/pkg. Wheel Design in Antique Brass #390521 17 mm $8.30 #390355 20 mm $9.90 Periphery Design in Antique Silver #390522 17 mm $9.10 #390509 20 mm $9.99

Vario Plus Snap Kit High quality pliers with precision engineered tooling, attaches snaps and eyelets perfectly every time! Pliers have a nonslip plastic handle. Includes tools for cutting the fabric before attaching the snaps and an assortment of: SPORT AND CAMPING SNAPS - Heavy duty 5/8" (15 mm) nickel snaps with a longer post for canvas weight fabrics like bags, tents and outdoor wear. Not recommended for knits and other stretchy fabrics, 10 sets. EYELETS - 3/16'' (4 mm) eyelets with gilt and nickel finishes. Ideal for belts, drawstrings and laced enclosures. Also used to embellish shirts, bags and craft projects. ANORAK SNAPS - Medium weight 5/8'' (15 mm) snaps, available in nickel and black. Suitable for jackets and sportswear in light to medium weight fabrics. Not recommended for use on knits or other stretchy fabrics, 10 nickel sets, 10 black sets. JERSEY SNAPS - 7/16'' (10 mm) snaps include a ring prong with socket and a stud with ring prong. Use on toddler's and children's wear as well as blouses and skirts, 10 sets. #VPSKT2 $79.95 Needle Inserter The opening firmly holds the needle in place while you tighten the screw. The lint brush is handy for cleaning lint from your sewing machine or serger. #SNI $3.95

Prym Vario Pliers Use the Vario pliers with any of the snaps listed here for a quick, lasting application. #390900 $34.99

BobbinSaverTM This convenient BobbinSaverTM holds up to 20 plastic or metal bobbins neatly, eliminating tangles. Available in 3 colours. $6.95 each #BBS B10 Blue #BBS L10 Lavender #BBS R10 Red


Machine Embroidery Tools

Mettler® PolySheen Thread Collection This amazing package includes 24 spools of Mettler® PolySheen Polyester Embroidery thread, one spool each of Gold, Silver and Variegated metallic thread and white Mettler® Heirloom 2 ply cotton shown on page 44. Also included is a conversion chart from Sulky® & Madeira® to Mettler PolySheen®. Colours included are listed below. #MPSP $99.50 3761 Winter Sky 3641 Wedgewood 3323 Delft 4515 Spruce 5422 Swiss Ivy 5531 Pear Green 5650 Spring Frost 630 Buttercup 1102 Pumpkin 1902 Pointsettia 1912 Winterberry Red 2123 Bordeaux 0020 Black 1346 Cinnamon 0853 Pecan 1140 Meringue 0670 Cream 2171 Chiffon 2560 Azalea Pink 2520 Garden Rose 2650 Impatient Purple 2810 Orchid 0142 Sterling 0015 White Pellon Wonder Under Paper backed fusible webbing fuses fabric to fabric, cardboard, wood or any other porous surface. Wonder Under is pliable, stitchable, washable and dry cleanable. Available in regular and heavyweight. 17" wide. #PL805 $3.10/yard #PL725 $4.90/yard Misty Fuse Use paper-less Mistyfuse for all weights of fabric from velvets and cottons to delicate tulles & organzas. It's a dream to work with. It handles well, is incredibly sheer, doesn't add bulk to your fused piece and bonds firmly once cooled. Each package comes with simple instructions for easy fusing with no waste. I prefer to fuse it to the back of the fabric I intend to use and then cut the appliqué out. Use with the Teflon Pressing sheet on page 28. Package contains 20'' x 90'' sheet. $9.60 each #EA001 White #EA002 Black 20

Perfect Placement Kit Use the 15 templates in this kit to place designs on ready-made embroidery blanks such as linens, towels and wearables. The 20 page guide book illustrates how to use each template, recommends stabilizers and gives helpful embroidery tips. You also get 45 adhesive Target Stickers with cross-hairs for hoop alignment and a mini translucent ruler that fits inside a 4" x 4" hoop. #7726A $58.90 Cone Thread Stand Allows you to use cone thread with your sewing machine. Simply place the stand behind the machine, pass the thread through the hook and thread normally through your sewing machine. #27449P $6.85

The Sewing Revolution The Sewing Revolution® is a 13'' circular ruler made of high quality clear acrylic. From the centre point, there are circles that graduate out at 1/4'' intervals. The Sewing Revolution® is divided into equal segments, either 5 and 7 or 6 and 8, allowing you to divide, mark and perfectly position embroidery and appliqué in a circle. The Sewing Revolution can be used for getting perfect positioning for embroidery, for marking arcs, circles and angles and for creating your own templates and quilting designs. It also helps you to reposition your designs with minimal marking. $49.90 each #7328A Sewing Revolution 5/7 #7310A Sewing Revolution 6/8 Fine Fuse Recommended for soft, light fabrics or when a soft fusible appliqué effect is desired. Made of strong nylon with a smooth surface, Fine Fuse can be used to draw on before or after it is fused to your fabric. For best results use with our Teflon Pressing Sheet on page 28. Package contains one 16" x 36" piece. #FF3616 $3.90 Aquabond This paper-backed adhesive, wash-away stabilizer has all the soft, stable qualities of other wash-away stabilizers with the added bonus of a paper-backed adhesive. Use Aquabond to embroider small items like collars, cuffs and pockets that do not fit in a hoop, or to avoid hoop marks on fabric. Hoop, then score and peel away paper to expose the adhesive. Affix fabric on the adhesive, smooth out and embroider. When finished, simply cut away excess and wash the remainder away. Aquabond leaves no residue. Package contains one 4" x 36"piece. #QR2425 14" x 36" $9.99

Solvron Hot Water Soluble Fabric Solvron fabric is easily dissolved in hot water. Solvron is a filament fabric made of Polyvinyl Alcohol (P.V.A.), is nontoxic and will not tear. 44'' x 36''. #2459 $14.99

Spring Embroidery Hoops Slim plastic hoops fit easily under the presser foot. #T531 3 1/2" Hoop $3.50 #T532 5'' Hoop $3.95 #T533 7'' Hoop $5.50


Silk Thread From Clover® 100% silk thread, perfect for hand and machine appliqué, stained glass and many other decorative applications. Silk thread is also ideal for tailor tacking and marking delicate fabrics such as velvets and silks as the thread will not leave a mark when it is removed. 50 weight thread, available on 100 metre spools in 72 colours. #CST + Colour # $5.00 401 White 078 Roseate 402 Black 081 Caper 403 Winter White 084 Churchill Green 005 Lilac 093 Deep Navy 009 French Navy 095 Seaweed 010 Cherry 096 Chartreuse 011 Cranberry 098 Medium Jade 014 Light Pink 101 Spearmint 019 Light Brown 107 Colonial Blue 021 Steel 109 Medium Blue 023 Light Yellow 115 Steel Blue 026 French Blue 116 Nutmeg 027 Light Blue 117 Dark Brown 029 Goldenrod 118 Holly Green 030 Medium Pink 120 Lead 034 Mint Green 121 Rosewood 035 Emerald 129 Grape 036 Ice Pink 130 Dark Purple 037 Blush 132 Blue Ice 038 Aubergine 133 Pale Blue 039 Taupe 134 Lavender 041 Linen 137 Pale Jade 042 Egg Shell 138 Jade Blue 043 Beige 139 Dark Jade 046 Light Jade 143 Magenta 048 Salmon 145 Canary 051 Blue Grey 146 Light Kelly 052 Light Aqua 149 Flesh 053 Amethyst 151 Turquoise 055 Clay 152 Deep Aqua 056 Evergreen 153 Light Spruce 057 Purple 154 Cedar 061 Shrimp 155 Red 064 Maroon 157 Plum 074 Deep Gold 160 Orange 075 Light Gold 205 Grey

Thread Rack A sewing room essential! The Thread Rack displays your thread for easy visibility and quick access. Stand your Thread Rack upright on your table, mount it on the wall, or lay it flat in a drawer. Available in two sizes. #JT-672 60 spools table only $23.50 (15 3/4"w x 13 1/4"h) #JT-675 120 spools table only $39.50 (15 3/4"w x 26"h) YLI Wonder Monofilament Thread Super fine lightweight monofilament thread is ideal for machine quilting, beading or even in the lower looper when serging rolled hems. Also great top and bottom for true blind hems. $3.99 each #MT-CL Clear #MT-SM Smoke YLI Lingerie/ Bobbin Thread Extra fine nylon thread with a twist! The braided thread has that extra stretch that pulls the top thread down when pintucking to give the tucks a more defined look. It is slightly finer than regular sewing thread which makes it ideal for use in the bobbin when sewing appliqués or machine embroidery. Available in two colours on 1200 yard cones. $3.99 each #LT-100 White #LT-200 Black

Reinforced Plastic Use the reinforced plastic in your embroidery hoop as a base when you are working with sticky backed stabilizers. To use, hoop the reinforced plastic and cut a window larger than the area you will be embroidering. Apply the sticky stabilizer to the wrong side of the plastic and position your fabric over the sticky area. Embroider, remove the stitched design and patch the hole with another piece of sticky stabilizer. Now available in a large 36'' x 36'' piece. #RFP $6.90

Slimline Storage BoxTM The Slimline Storage BoxTM easily holds up to 104 Mettler size spools and weighs only 4 lbs. full. The spools are easily accessible with the exclusive lifting tab and they won't fall out when you transport your threads to class. The Slimline Storage BoxTM will stand by your machine when partially opened or it can be hung on a wall. #866 holds up to 64 large spools or a combination of large and small spools. #885 $39.50 #886 $49.90

Sulky® KK2000TM Temporary Spray Adhesive Temporary spray adhesive for applying appliqués, basting quilt tops, trial hem fittings and more. #KK2000 $23.95


Sulky® Stabilizers

Totally Stable® Iron On Stabilizer Simply iron Totally Stable to the wrong side of the fabric. Stitch your design and tear it off when you are finished. Totally stable is reusable up to 7 times. White #661-01 20" x 36" $3.50 #661-08 8" x 12 yds. $15.96 #661-12 12" x 12 yds. $19.90 #661-25 20" x 25 yds. $78.00 Black #662-01B #662-08B #662-12B #662-25B Heat-AwayTM Brush Off Stabilizer Heat sensitive stabilizer degenerates with a hot iron. Use as a base to create fabrics like Battenberg lace designs and more. The muslin like fabric will turn brown when heat is applied, then simply brush away with a toothbrush. #840-01 15 ½'' x 22" sheet $6.70 Tear EasyTM This soft lightweight stabilizer is easily removed without disturbing the stitches. Simply use one, two or more layers of Tear EasyTM then remove layer by layer! White #751-01 20" x 36" $4.00 #751-08 8" x 12 yds. $17.96 #751-12 12" x 12 yds. $20.90 #751-25 22 ½" x 25 yds. $85.00 Black #752-01B 20" x 36" $4.30 #752-08B 8" x 12 yds. $20.96 #752-12B 12" x 12 yds. $25.96 #752-25B 22½" x 25 yds. $86.00 StickyTM Self Adhesive Tear-Away Use StickyTM in your embroidery hoop to eliminate hooping marks on delicate or crushable fabrics. Perfect for stabilizing small areas like pockets, cuffs and collars without basting. #551-01 22" x 36" $10.50 #551-08 7 ½" x 6 yds. $22.96 20" x 36" 8" x 12 yds. 12" x 12 yds. 20" x 25 yds. $4.30 $21.50 $23.96 $86.50

Sulky® Cut - Away Soft `n SheerTM Use stretch resistant Cut-Away Soft `n SheerTM permanent stabilizer under embroidery designs, appliqués and monograms on lightweight knits and wovens to eliminate sagging not only during the stitching process, but during washings and wearing. White #235-01 20" x 36" $3.78 #235-08 8" x 11 yds. $15.96 #235-12 12" x 11 yds. $21.96 Black #236-01B 20" x 36" #236-08B 8" x 11 yds. #236-12B 12" x 11 yds. Sulky® Cut - Away PlusTM #275-01 20" x 36" #275-08 7" x 9 yds. $4.40 $18.96 $25.00 $4.80 $15.96

Sulky® Super SolvyTM Heavier Super SolvyTM is perfect for lace work, thread sketching, cut work, 3-D appliqué and more! #405-01 20" x 36" $6.40 #405-08 8" x 9 yds. $22.96 SolvyTM Water Soluble Stabilizer Lightweight water soluble stabilizer can be used in layers for appliqués, monograms, cutwork, or as a topper for general machine embroidery and buttonholes. To remove, simply submerge in water. #486-01 20" x 36" $3.95 #486-08 8" x 9 yds. $14.96 #486-12 12" x 9½ yds. $21.96 Ultra SolvyTM Ultra SolvyTM is a firm water-soluble stabilizer. Trace your designs onto the Ultra and place it on top of your fabric for free motion embroidery or quilting. Ultra can be used as a stabilizer on the top of lofty fabrics. Spritz a fine mist of water on the Ultra and it becomes tacky. Press your fabric into the damp area to eliminate pinning or sprays. #408-01 20" x 36" $8.00 #408-08 8" x 8 yds. $30.00 #408-12 12" x 8 yds. $40.00 Sulky® StiffyTM Crisp, medium weight, dense tear away stabilizer. Use for satin stitching, monograms, appliqués and embroidery. Firm enough to prevent tunneling, stitch and fabric distortion. Use one, two or three layers and tear away when complete. #216-01 20" x 36" $3.96 #216-08 8" x 11 yds. $15.98

Paper SolvyTM Water soluble paper stabilizer that can be used in your ink jet or bubble jet printer to transfer paper piecing diagrams, quilt top patterns, buttonhole or topstitching details and more. Remove large pieces and the rest will dissolve in water. Includes twelve 8 ½" x 11" sheets. #PAPERSOLVY $12.00 Fuse'n Stitch Ideal for projects that need extra stiffness and retained support. Iron in place wherever a permanent interfacing might be used. Perfect for continuous hoop embroidery, tote bags, lamp shades, purses, bookcovers, scrapbooking,wallhangings, etc. #663-01 24'' x 36'' $8.90 #663-08 8'' x 8 yds. $27.90 #663-16 16'' x 8 yds. $45.00 Fabri-SolvyTM This unique product has the firmness and feel of fabric thus allowing a multitude of possible applications. You will fall in love with its non-woven strength and quality for computer embroidery, cut-work, lace making and appliqué. It has the firmness of fabric but it washes away, placing no stress on your beautiful thread work. #407-01 20'' x 36'' $6.00 #407-08 8'' x 9 yds. $19.90 #407-16 16'' x 9 yds. $33.90


Sandra Betzina DVD's

A Favourite Pair Warm, comfy slippers to fit the whole family... from baby to grandpa. Ten sizes are included in this quick and easy pattern. Sew them in felt or flannel - instructions are included for felt trim. #FT037 $14.00 Sole Comfort Comfy to wear and easy to make slippers! Ten sizes are included in this pattern. Lovely in cottons, flannels, polar fleece or wool and for a warmer option line the slippers with furry felt. Finish with buttons bows or fun, fuzzy knitted trim! #FT064 $14.00 The Little Hooded Jacket A small version of our pattern the hooded jacket (#FTV020) in toddler and children's sizes. Eight Sizes: 1 - 4 & 5-12. #FTL004 $14.00

Pant Fitting Pointers Sandra discusses flattering pant lengths for different styles and how to raise or lower the front waistline to accomodate figure variations. Also discussed are pattern alterations for the seat, thigh, abdomen, waist, hip, bow and knock knees. 40 minutes. #PSDVD2 $25.95 Pillows with Punch Learn how to make patterns for odd shaped pillows and the secrets of making fringe. Sandra also discusses piping applications with unbulky joints and boxed corners. #PSDVD3 $25.95 Copy Ready To Wear Sandra along with her patternmaker for the Today's Fit line of vogue patterns, reveal an amazing techniqe to copy ready to wear clothing without taking it apart. Once you've seen how to copy a structured jacket, you will move on to a pair of pants. 88 minutes. #PSDVD4 $25.95 Anatomy Of A Jacket Sandra starts by exposing the insides of 8 designer ready to wear jackets. Sandra then discusses and demonstrates: Interfacings, which to use, when & where, Prefered Linings, Working with Sleeve Ease, How to install Sleeve Heads and Shoulder Pads, How to make Fringe, Applying Fold Over Braid, Attach a Lining and Weighting a Hem. 1 hour, 58 minutes. #PSDVD5 $25.95

Pocket Particulars Sandra shows you how to master 6 different types of pocket applications offering wonderful tips and insights along the way. Pockets taught are: Pockets with a Flap, Invisibly Stitched Lined Patch Pocket, Welt Pockets, with and without a zipper, Inseam Pocket, Jean Pockets and Trouser Pockets with and without a Pant Front Stay. 1 hour, 37 minutes. #PSDVD6 $25.95 Linings A-Z Sandra along with Co-presenter Ron Collins discuss all possible lining options including sleeveless top, dress & vest, clean finish facings, full and partial linings, underlinings and pant linings. 1 hour, 23 minutes. #PSDVD7 $25.95 Designer Seam & Hem Finishes Sandra and Ron teach you the correct seam finishes and hem finishes for a wide variety of fabrics from silks to fleeces, boiled wool,stretch fabrics and more. Conquer any fabric in a flawless hem, including shirt tail, mitered and bias cut. 1 hour, 35 minutes. #PSDVD8 $25.95 Jeans Couture Sandra and Ron discuss all the required elements of great jeans and jean jackets. Right from preparing the fabric and choosing the correct notions through to seamingPockets,an amazing flyfront zipper, along with a button and snap variations are also covered. Learn how to deal with bulky collar seams, belt loops, hem reinforcements and rivets. The final section on distressing fabric will give you that extra designer edge. 1 hour, 36 minutes. #PSDVD9 $25.95

Nighty Night Lovely nighty or camisole and low rise short set with thin straps and empire waist that is elasticized for easy slip on fit. The shorts have an elastic waist with optional drawstring. Ruffled fabric or purchased trim is optional as well. Finished Length: Nighty: 26" Camisole: 18" , , Shorts: 13". #FTV033 $14.00


Pink Fig and more.........

The New! StripWork Skirt The possibilities are endless with this skirt. The pattern calls for 5 different fabrics to make up the strips and with all the great fabric out there you could come up with hundreds of different combinations! This skirt features a drop waist, full gathered skirt and an elastic waistband for a comfortable fit. Includes sizes 6 months to 7 years. #PFP005 $10.00 The Embellished Book: A guide to embellishing jeans and t-shirts This 20 page, full colour pattern booklet has detailed instructions and photographs on how to make embellished jeans and t-shirts and variations. It also has instructions on how to print words or images from your computer for embellishing t-shirts to match your fabrics. Even ideas on how to make the most out of your child's "hole in the knee" and "too short" jeans. #PFPBK001 $19.99 Little Lounge Around A warm and comfortable robe with pockets, attached belt and shawl collar or shorter hooded version. Make it single layer with or without facings or fully lined. Includes childs sizes XS - XL. #FTL011 $14.00 Lounge Around A warm and comfortable robe with pockets, attached belt and shawl collar or shorter hooded version. Make it single layer with or without facings or fully lined. Finished Length: Shawl collared Robe: 46", Hooded Robe: 40". #FTV035 $14.00 The Lydia Dress Perfect for spring and summer. This dress features a shirred bodice, tiered skirt and cute apron. Easy to follow, detailed instructions and photographs. It even teaches you how to shir! Includes sizes 6 months to 7 years. #PFP007 $10.00 24

Little Nighty Night Darling nighty or camisole and low rise short set with thin straps and empire waist that is elasticized for easy slip on fit. The shorts have an elastic waist with optional drawstring. Ruffled fabric or purchased trim is optional as well. #FTL009 $14.00 Little Sleep Well Cute and comfy, pajamas are just right for relaxation. The low rise pants have an elastic waistband and optional drawstring. Pajama top may be hemmed with regular or deep hem and short or 3/4 length sleeves. Finish with buttons or ties with snap closure. #FTL010 $14.00 More Retro Aprons Includes patterns and instructions for 4 different aprons. 2 of the designs offer unique variations for 6 different looks. Why not wear an apron while sewing or quilting. Apron pockets are a great place to keep essential tools & small gadgets handy... and help keep lint & threads off your clothes. #TMB167 $15.00 Little Retro Aprons For Kids (4-12) Do you remember learning how to cook when you were a child? I know I was fascinated by the recipes, rolling pin and measuring spoons. Being thrilled at the thought that I could cook "just like my mother"! Pattern book includes child sizes 4 - 12 plus one apron pattern for 18" doll. Full-size pattern pullouts are included. #TMD166 $15.00

The Girly Skirt This pattern is simple and fast. You can finish it in about an hour. Perfect for spring and summer with a t-shirt or tank top and in fall and winter with long sleeves and tights. Includes sizes 6 months to 7 years. #PFP004 $10.00

Backpacks Backpacks are the perfect "hands free" tote. The small backpack is just the right size for everyday use. The large backpack is perfect to take shopping -- just right for stowing treasures and keeping your hands free while searching for even more treasures. Each of the backpacks has a cell phone pocket as well as a roomy pocket stitched into the lining. There are lots of directions and diagrams to take you step-by-step through the construction. Small backpack is approximately: 10" x 12" x 4" Large backpack is . approximately: 13" x 16 1/2" x 5 3/4". #TMD165 $15.00

Scissors & Shears

Gingher® Knife Edge Thread Clippers 4 1/2" spring action, knife edge blades snip threads easily. #G-TNKE $29.50

Gingher® 5'' Quilter's Scissors 5" knife edge scissors with a leather sheath are perfect for trimming corners, grading bulky areas or trimming quilt batting. #G-5C $32.90 Gingher® 5" Sewing Scissors These fine, knife edge blades are perfect for delicate trimming. Leather sheath included. #G-5 $32.90

Clauss 9" Titanium Ultraflex Shear Clauss tools are engineered for the demands of continuous daily use. Made of titanium bonded cutlery grade steel, these precision razor knife edge shears are trough hardened to hold an edge. Ergonomic ultraflex nylon comfort bows with adjustable tension. #CLA18080 $17.99

Gingher® Sharpening Stone Knife edge sharpening stone complete with leather sheath. See our web site for complete details of proper use of the Sharpening Stone. #G-S $10.99

Gingher® 6'' Double Curved Embroidery Scissors Perfect for trimming threads under the machine. The double curve allows you to reach over the hoop and under the needle and presser foot. #G-6DC $41.90

Gingher® Knife Edge Shears Gingher® scissors are among the finest available. Made with jewel like perfection, honed to knife edge sharpness that cuts 8 layers of fabric right to the point. #G-8 8" $39.90 #G-8L 8" Left Handed $39.50 #G-10 10" Tailor Shear $53.90 #G-10L 10" Left Tailor Shear $53.96 Gingher® 8" Micro Serrated Dressmaker's Shears Used for cutting multiple layers of fabric, the serration ground on one edge makes it easier to cut slippery, sheer or filmy fabrics without slipping. #G-8Z $39.50

Clauss 8" Titanium ExtremEdge Shear The perfect shear for cutting multiple layers of fabric. Use the hex key to adjust the tension depending on the type of material you need to cut. This shear features titanium bonded blades that will resist corrosion and adhesives and will stay sharper, longer. An industrial strength shear with comfortable ergonomic handles. Also available in 9" size. #CLA18091 8'' $15.99 #CLA18078 9" $17.99

Clauss Titanium All Purpose Snips These oversized titanium bonded blades are perfect for rag quilting! Cuts 8 layers of denim to the tip! #CLA18039 $12.99 Clauss 6" Titanium Ultraflex Snips 6" titanium bonded blades with precision razor knife edges. Ergonomic ultraflex nylon comfort bows and adjustable tension. #CLA18084 $9.99

Gingher® Appliqué Scissors Ideal for use when trimming in small areas, grading collars or facings. The special beak/ paddle shaped blade of the appliqué scissor protects and fans away the bottom layer of fabric allowing for a precise, controlled cut close to the stitching. #G-6R $35.90 Check our web site for the complete line of Gingher Gift Sets currently available.

Gingher® 6'' Embroidery Scissors The curved handle makes it easy for you to snip the thread and not the needlework. #G-6M $35.90


Serger Supplies

Spool Caps Eliminate the frustration of thread catching on the cut of the spool. 1 spool cap per package. #546894 $2.30 Zipper Nipper Finally the right tool to remove zipper teeth when shortening and repairing zippers. Spring action with comfortable padded handles makes this a breeze. #TECP-4 $6.99 Coned Thread Holders Helps to stabilize the cone while stitching. Fits all machines. #546893 $1.50 Thread Cushions Back by popular demand, these cushions are great onyour serger to help eliminate the spools from jumping around. 5/pkg. #TC $5.90 Maxi-LockTM Serger Thread A great serger thread for virtually all fabrics, even lightweights. 100% polyester, colourfast thread, 3000 yard cones, 20 colours. #ML + Colour # $6.05 each Dusty Blue 98 Purple 6163 Dark Grey 232 Eggshell 8188 Steel Grey 321 Fuchsia 8065 32601 Pearl 1036 Blue 315 Royal Blue 13195 Forest Green 2145 Salmon 13447 Burgundy 23339 Navy 2235 Red White 3295 Brown 001 Black 4665 Turquoise 002 5005 Christmas 43299 Teal Green Green Candlelight Metallic Yarn Soft 8-ply thread feeds easily through your serger upper and lower loopers. Ideal for adding a designer touch to your rolled edges, good for flatlocking and more! Available in 20 colours, 75 yard spools. #CM + Colour # $4.99 each 20 Melon 01 Gold 21 Copper 03 Red 24 Deep Pink 07 Black 26 Purple 08 Emerald 28 Yellow 10 Silver 29 Pink 11 Rainbow 30 Midnight 12 Lavender 14 Medium Blue 31 Gold/Silver 40 Royal Blue 15 Seafoam 41 Copper/ 16 Light Blue Lavender/Silver

Thread Palette A must for thread blending! The palette holds up to 5 thread spools for easy feeding into the serger loopers or your sewing machine. The decorative possibilities are endless. Instructions included. #C180 $10.96

Neez-ezTM The tilt of the Neez-ezTM holds the presser foot comfortably while the non-slip surface prevents it from sliding around as you sew. Also included is a 12'' x 12'' slip guard to place under the Neez-ezTM. #NE2 $35.95

Jumbo Cone Thread Rack Longer spindles and wider spacing on this hardwood thread rack allow for easy cone thread storage. #JT-678 66 cones wall only $52.90 (15 3/4"w x 27 1/4"h) #JT-677 33 cones wall only $24.95 (15 3/4"w x 14 1/2"h) Serger Nets Use on each cone to prevent tangles. Great for nylon and decorative threads, 4/pkg. #T188 $1.75 Double Eye Needles Use to hide serger tails in the seam when finishing. Two needles per package. #DEN $3.90


Serger Threads

Pearl Crown Rayon Thread For decorative serging, use in the upper and/or lower loopers! Try it in the bobbin on a conventional sewing machine for special effects. Available in 44 solid colours and 5 variegated multi-colours, 100 yard spools. #PC + Colour # $4.60 each 103 Peach 319 Drab Green 116 Ruby Red 334 Sea Green 123 Green 378 Peacock Blue 135 Brown 203 Shocking Pink 399 Desert Tan 401 Natural 208 Aqua 432 Silver 215 Royal Blue 434 Grey 221 Pink 474 Taupe 222 Bright Pink 483 Lt. Fuchsia 225 Wine 500 White 229 Roseate 521 Light Blue 241 Cranberry 522 Navy 245 Burgundy 539 Evergreen 263 Amethyst 600 Black 275 Emerald 665 Chicory 276 Alfalfa 704 Light Brown 282 Lilac 771 Honey 285 Plum 772 Gold 286 Purple 800 Red 299 Yellow 811 Old Rose 300 Canary 835 Light Magenta 310 Chestnut 899 Mint Green Pearl Crown Variegated Rayon Thread $6.60 each #PCV50 Baby Pastels #PCV60 Bright Pastels #PCV70 Blue/Pink/Yellow #PCV80 Dark Primaries #PCV98 Primary & Brights Metallic Woolly Nylon Ideal combination of woolly nylon thread and shiny metallic thread make this an elegant thread to use for those special items, 500 metre cones. #MW + Colour # $9.95 each 303 Pinks 305 White/Gold 307 White/Silver 309 Gold/Black 310 Black/Silver 312 Red/Gold 315 Blue/Blue 316 Green 340 Blk/Rainbow WRA Wht/Rainbow

YLI Woolly Nylon Soft stretchy thread ideal for swimwear, active wear, lingerie or any seams that need to stretch. Woolly nylon is also great for rolled hems. The un-spun thread fills out to give better coverage after it is sewn. Use in the loopers of your serger. 1000 metre cones. #WN + Colour # $6.95 each WHT White BLK Black 297 Pink 233 Off White 317 Pale Yellow 283 Red 527 Green 126 Pale Blue 139 Navy 134 Blue Variegated Woolly Nylon Add an attractive decorative touch to rolled hems on napkins, ruffles and more. 1000 metre cones. #WNVA + Colour # $9.95 each 050 Yellow/ Pink/Blue 098 Primary 100 Christmas 101 Grn/Pink/Wht 102 4 Pinks 103 4 Blues 104 Red/Black/Grey 105 Red/Wht/Blue 106 4 Purples YLI Woolly Nylon Extra Three times as heavy as woolly nylon. Woolly nylon extra creates a loftier, bulkier finish with more coverage. Ideal for baby items, children's wear, bath and swim wear. 300 metre cones. #WNX + Colour # $6.95 each 01 White 02 Black 126 Lt. Blue 134 Royal 139 Navy 233 Ivory 283 Red 297 Pink 317 Yellow 527 Green Invisible Zipper Roller Foot This wonderful invisible zipper foot comes with adapters to fit most sewing machines. The hinged roller foot allows you to sew easily over the fabric and zipper making this task quick and easy. Includes instructions. #UZF2 $3.40

Designer 6 Rayon Thread High gloss thread looks beautiful when serged on collars and lapels, as a decorative finish on napkins, tablecloths, around necklines, hems and cuffs. Use as a couching yarn or as a topstitching thread with a Metalfil needle on page 11. Available in 30 colours, 150 yard spools. #D + Colour # $4.55 each 30 Grass Green 103 Peach 335 Green 104 Pale Rose 385 Light Brown 113 Pink 144 Golden Yellow 401 Ivory 156 Silvery White 415 Lagoon Blue 438 Grey 164 Baby Blue 500 White 187 Cinnamon 203 Shocking Pink 523 Medium Blue 600 Black 205 Fuchsia 668 Royal Blue 234 Brown 681 Olive Green 282 Lilac 716 Pale Yellow 285 Plum 300 Canary Yellow 800 Red 305 Creamy Beige 904 Aqua 905 Teal 320 Forest Green Jean Stitch Thread This 30 weight polyester thread can be used for topstitching or creatively in your sewing machine and serger. 200 yard spools, available in 21 solid colours and 4 variegated colours. #JS + Colour # $4.95 Blk Black Wht White 1 Hot Pink 2 Red 3 Cranberry 4 Brown 5 Green 6 Navy 7 Blue Jean Gold 8 Topaz Gold 9 Royal Blue 10 Light Blue 11 Purple 12 Lavender 13 Sea Foam 14 Beige 15 Soft Green 16 Soft Yellow 17 Burnt Orange 18 Soft Pink 23 Off White Variegated Jean Stitch Thread $6.95 OVA Primary 2VA Pastels 3VA Earth Tones 4VA Jewel Tones


Pressing Supplies

Polder Double Sided Ironing Board Ideal in small areas, the Table Top Ironing Board has a large, padded, 12" x 32" ironing surface with 100% cotton cover. #PDSIB $69.95 This Item is Freight Intensive. A Shipping surcharge will be added to your order. Please call or email for details.

Go Board This lightweight compact ironing board is great for tabletop ironing. It folds in half to allow for easy storage or traveling capability. Includes iron holder and folding legs. Perfect for sewing classes, RV's and other small areas. 12"W x 32"L (16" folded length). Available in Pink or Green. $39.95 #GOBG Green #GOBP Pink

The Iron MavenTM What's the "secret" to getting a clean, crisp finish to your garments? Dry pressurized steam is the secret. Professionals know the value of using dry, pressurized steam when ironing. This gets the steam into the fabric faster so your ironing time is cut in half. Steam is used to soften the fibers, and the weight of the iron presses the fabric. The electronic CSSTM (Continuous Steam System) technology means you'll never have to worry about running out of steam in the middle of ironing again. Simply refill the built-in water tank when the water level is low (or the low water light indicates it's time) and away you go. Yes! you can fill it on the fly! The Iron MavenTM uses regular tap water, features heavy duty aluminum sole plate and the stainless steel tank holds almost 3 cups of water. Most importantly, The Iron MavenTM features an automatic shut off for the boiler. This is the most impressive steam generator I've seen and used. #J490A $399.00 This Item is Freight Intensive. A Shipping surcharge will be added to your order. Please call or email for details. Non-Stick Teflon®/ Appliqué Pressing Sheets Prevents the ironing board from "gumming up" when using double sided fusibles and Interfacings. Simply place the items to be fused between the pressing sheet and press. Fusibles peel right off the pressing sheet yet bond to the fabric. Transparent, reusable and temperature safe. Not recommended for presses. Includes instructions. #2429 11 ½" x 18" $5.90 #2431 18'' x 20'' $9.90 Professional Grade Pressing Sheet #2430 11½" x 18" $8.90

The Digital Velocity Iron Enjoy professional ironing quality and speed with the simplicity of a traditional iron. The V95 `s internal steam generator produces more continuous steam than conventional irons. The advantage is a professional finish when pressing seams open, top pressing, pressing quilt seams and more. The V95's soleplate has an exclusive design with steam holes concentrated at the tip, just like industrial irons. This prepares fabric with a constant and abundant outflow of steam for quicker ironing. The digital control system with LCD display allows for easier, more accurate and safer regulation of the iron functions. Auto Shut Off, Anti-Scale System which allows you to change the filters (available below). The V95 weighs 4 pounds and is Auto Shut Off. #V95 $139.00 This Item is Freight Intensive. A Shipping surcharge will be added to your order. Please call or email for details. #VFILTER Pkg. of 2 Filters $19.90 Rajah Pressing Cloth The special chemicals in this press cloth react with heat and steam of your iron to set sharp creases and pleats. Just place the cloth over your fabric, "stamped side" up. Lightly dampen with a sponge or spray and apply the iron at the correct heat setting for your fabric. #SV10995 $10.50 Silicone Iron Rest Pad Use this heat resistant iron rest practically anywhere. The Silicone Iron Rest Pad eliminates reaching from one end of the board to the other. 6" x 10¼". #SIRP $11.50

Ham Holder Holds your pressing ham securely in every usable position, while freeing both hands. Great for pressing darts and other shapes. #0859 $22.90 Read Joanne's Blog


Pressing Supplies

YLI Thread FuseTM This polyester thread is coated with a fusible fiber that forms a temporary bond when heated with an iron. Use in the loopers of your serger or the bobbin of your sewing machine. Thread FuseTM is great for positioning pockets, appliqués or to prevent bias from rippling on quilts and blouses, 150 yard mini cone. #TF $4.99

Cheese Block A cheese block allows you to press flat, sharp edges. Our cheese block is 1 ¾'' deep x 17" wide x 12'' high. Custom made from maple, the cheese block is the ultimate pressing tool. #CHEESEBLOCK $80.00 This Item is Freight Intensive. A Shipping surcharge will be added to your order. Please call or email for details. Cord Minder Just clamp the Cord Minder to your ironing board and feed your iron cord through the opening to keep your iron's cord out of your way. The heavy duty clamp opens to 1 1/2" to fit most ironing boards. #CM27 $11.90

Rowenta Sole Plate Cleaning Kit This specially formulated cream can be used on all types of sole plates to remove the excess build up caused by starch, detergents, burned on synthetics, fusibles, interfacings and trims. #ZD100 $24.90 PressitTM Steam Pressing Cloth Absorbs 10 times its weight in liquid. Remarkable viscose fabric wrings nearly dry. The PressitTM Steam Pressing Cloth is ideal for steaming pleats and creases in pants, 13" x 20". #BFPR $3.95

Point Presser & Pounding Block Dual purpose pressing tool has straight points to open collars. Use the pounding block on the bottom to flatten seams and sharpen creases. #PPPB $32.90 Tailors Clapper The clapper is perfect for flattening seams and construction details. For professional pressing results, use on the Cheeseblock. #TC01 $18.00

Dritz® Iron-OffTM Hot Iron Cleaner Removes starch, fusible webs and detergents from your iron sole plate. 1oz (28g) tube. #D575 $5.30

Dritz Tailors Ham #D562 $13.00

Iron Clean These sheets truly are the easiest way to clean your iron. Just heat your iron for 1 minute and slide it over the disposable iron clean sheet until the sole plate is clean. Iron clean removes fusibles and sticky residue. 10 sheets per package. #5003 $5.10

16'' Seam Stick A hardwood seam stick is ideal for pressing seams open without leaving an imprint. The seam stick is also great for pressing open seams in tubes like sleeves or pant legs. #SS16 $16.10 Press Mitt Use to press difficult sleeve areas, darts and any other small contour. #PMK $13.90

Tailor ® Board 12 different pressing positions allow for custom pressing of collars, lapels, inside and outside corners. Eliminate fabric creases and stretching. Some assembly required. Pad set also available. #JT500 $44.90 Pad Set The complete pad set provides the properly shaped and padded surfaces for all your pressing needs. #JT430 $26.50 29

Pressing Supplies

Polder® Iron Rest Make the most of your ironing board! The Iron Rest provides a safe spot for your iron and fits onto any board. Easily turned to accommodate left or right handed sewers. #90636 $19.90 Iron Cord Holder Fits all standard ironing boards and attaches easily with an adjustable clamp. The 15" metal/molded plastic holder bends for easy maneuverability. Folds flat for storage. #CH-100 $12.45

Cotton Duck Ironing Board Cover & 20 oz. Ironing Board Pad This pre-shrunk, 100% heavy duty cotton duck ironing board cover is super absorbant and durable. Fits standard 54" ironing boards. The ¼" thick, 20 oz. pad is mildew and moisture resistant. #GH-6P $30.60 #GH-PAD1 $27.00

Quilter's Square `N Press A 10" x 16" gridded pressing surface affords accurate squaring while the cushioned construction prevents crushing of raised detail. The Teflon® coated backing protects your work surface. Not just for quilters this makes a great portable pressing surface, folds up into almost nothing for travel. #JT715 $15.25

BlockItTM Table Top Cover The 20'' x 59'', 100 % cotton cover is marked with fractional units for easy measuring while you press. The table top cover can easily be converted to an ironing board cover. #BIT $38.90 Pad For Table Top Cover (Not Shown) 30" x 57" pad fits under the tabletop cover above. #PAD4 $35.90

Fons & Porter Portable Ironing Pad Portable Ironing Pad size 30" W x 16" L is handy to use at home, in class or when traveling. Bag cover protects Ironing Pad. Two-sided surface - one side non-stick, reverse cotton twill. Fold and Go design. #FP7791 $24.99 Pressing Sheet by Fons & Porter Non Stick and heat resistant. Use with a dry iron. Set heat according to fusible product's instructions. Sheet can be used to protect pressing or work surface, or over a project to prevent any fusible from getting on the iron. Heat will penetrate pressing sheet. Use only on an ironing board or protected work surface. Do not use on a cutting mat or any other heat sensitive surfaces. #FP7792 $18.79

Quilter's Tote with Pressing Station Store all your quilting tools and projects in one convenient place. Nine transparent pockets store all your notions and patterns. Cushioned pocket for cutting mat and long rulers. Built-in pressing station with handy 1" grid for pressing and squaring. Expanded interior for storage of work-in-progress or finished quilts. Made of durable cotton duck. #JT601 $57.90

Little Wooden Iron The "original" wooden iron that is used to press fabric on the seams instead of using your fingers. Used by Eleanor Burns and Georgia Bonesteel for appliqué and quilting. Available in both left and right handed. $4.95 each #LWIR Right Handed #LWIL Left Handed

Treated Press Cloth Use this 11'' x 29'' press cloth on all fabrics to prevent scorching and shine. #T630 $5.00 30

Quilters' Tools

Ergonomic Tools from Dritz® The ergonomic design of these tools make them easier to handle. The rounded handle design fits comfortably in your hand, lessening the stress on those with arthritis or carpal tunnel. Bright purple handle makes them easy to locate. A - Ergonomic Awl #D5102 $4.96 B - Ergonomic Tracing Wheel #D5103 $ 4.96 C - Large Ergonomic Seam Ripper #D5101 $5.96 D - Small Ergonomic Seam Ripper #D5100 $4.96

Little Genie Magic Bobbin Washers These slick, space age washers eliminate the backlash in the bobbin when changing directions at high speed. Backlash creates "birds nests"in free motion quilting and embroidery. Just drop a Little Genie in the bobbin case and replace bobbin. Fits longarm and domestic machines. Designed by author, teacher and award winning quilter Sharon Schamber. #LAP002 $9.95 Supreme Slider The original pure Teflon® top slides with zero friction and now has a new self sticking under side. The Supreme SliderTM "clings" and is easy to remove. Just three easy steps to successful machine quilting! Attach the free motion foot. Lower the feed dogs. Position the Supreme SliderTM on sewing bed with the needle centered in the prepunched hole. Fits any machine and can be trimmed with scissors. Includes free quilting designs. Noted authors and quilting teachers Diane Gaudynski and Joanie Zeier Poole give it "thumbs up!" #LAP001 $27.95

Water Soluble Fabric Glue Marker by Fons & Porter Narrow glue marker allows for a more precise application. Blue air-soluble ink shows where glue has been applied. Colour fades as glue dries. Any remaining glue washes out. Soak lace or similar product to completely remove glue if necessary. NOTE - Always test glue on a swatch of fabric to be sure that it can be removed satisfactorily before using on your project. #FP7766 $7.69 Water Soluble Glue Marker Refill #FP7776 $4.40 Magic Mirrors for Quilters 6" x 6" By Marti Michell An innovative way to preview design concepts. Helps establish how your ideas work before extensive cutting. #MM8941 $13.00

Curved Blade Seam Ripper Remove stitching quickly and easily. Has a large soft grip handle with thumb hold. Includes a protective cover. #D640 $3.99

Lickity Grip Lickity Grip® licks your fingers so you don't have to! It conditions fingers for better grip and control. Improves accuracy and reduces hand fatigue. Great for beaders too! Press and swirl fingertips in a circular motion across Lickity Grip® and rub fingers together until dry. Lickity Grip® is acid free, hypoallergenic, stainless and greaseless. It contains no perfumes or dyes. Pat LaPierre endorses this "very cool" product. #LAP003 $6.00

Easy Edge Appliqué Tool Keep glue off your fingers! Take the hassle out of using your glue stick for appliqué. Turn your edges with ease, even when turning corners or curves. The soft 45° angled end is 1/4" diameter. Use as a guide for 1/4"allowance. The soft tip helps grip fabric and allows you to turn & press down your edge evenly and accurately and it won't easily stick to fabric glue. The Easy Edge Appliqué Tool makes turning edges simple & enjoyable. #HP0088 $5.50

Quilter's FabricCalc Take pride and satisfaction in a finished quilt that starts with accurate dimensions, design and layout. Use the Quilter's FabriCalc to convert your ideas into usable dimensions - Yards, Inches or Metric measurements. It's easy to do the math with a few simple keystrokes. It all adds up with faster solutions to just about every quilting task. Calculations are built-in for Blocks, Squares, Diagonals, ½ and ¼ Square Triangles, Diamonds and much more. Free Instructional DVD/Video Included. #CALIND8400 $49.99


Quilters' Tools

Quilter's Preview Paper Audition your quilting design before you quilt your quilt. Quilter's Preview Paper is a design tool to help quilters find the perfect design for their quilt. Choose your design, then make a stencil by perforating the paper with an unthreaded needle. Mark your project with a Quilt Pounce and quilt. Can also use for appliqué placement. Full instructions for use included. 20" X 25' (41.66 sq. ft.). #QT2025C $10.00 ThreadSecure Never fumble for your top & bobbin threads again! Put those thread tails in their place before cutting. No more one handed starts, have both hands free to hold those sewing projects. #HP0090 $3.25 Crayola Fabric Crayons Here is a great idea when younger family members visit. Simply draw/colour and transfer to fabric with your iron. Best suited to synthetics and poly/cotton blends. #D686 $6.96 Quitlers' Pencil Tin By Fons & Porter Store your pencils and small quilting notions in this tin that tells everyone you are quilter. Includes a removable tray for additional organization. #FP7785 $8.80

Handy Tape Self-adhesive measuring tape is removable and reusable. Place directly on fabric, beadwork, curved and odd-shaped objects for accurate measuring. Fits standard tape dispensers - total of 25 feet in 12 inch sections. #COSM60419 $4.40

Brass Basting Pins Use safety pins to baste quilts quickly and easily. Pins will not slip out. When working with high-loft batting, use larger size safety pins. Rust resistant. #D3023 Size 1 50/pkg. $3.96 #D3024 Size 2 35/pkg. $3.90 Curved Nickel Plated Brass Safety Pins Nickel-Plated Steel. Size 1. 300 per /pkg. #D3032 $9.95 Brass Curved Basting Pins Rustproof pins have just the right angle for easy, comfortable insertion. Super fine point makes them ideal for quilt basting. #3030 Size 1, 100/pkg. #3031 Size 2, 75/pkg. $6.75 $8.50

Needle Sharpener This state-of-the-art diamond sharpening stone will create a sharp needle point with just a few turns of the spindle. Ideal for extending the life of your pins and hand needles. #USA002 $9.95 Hand Needle Cases Ready to decorate, these wooden needle cases are great for storing your hand needles when travelling. 2 per package. #C25 $3.25

Grip Covers Perfect for use with both curved and straight safety pins, these covers make it easy to find and pick up safety pins when basting your quilt. Fits both size 1 and 2 safety pins, 200 per package. #PJ108 $9.95

Magnet Pin Caddy Gathers and stores pins safely, eliminating the need for a pin cushion. Allows for easy pick up and secures pins in one direction! Designed with a groove for easy pick up. Cover included for safe and easy storage. Available in 3 colours. $16.75 each #CN4102 Purple #CN4103 Green #CN4104 Pink

Kwik Klip Kwik KlipTM ends sore fingers, reduces basting time and ends bunching. Using Kwik KlipTM, safety pins close effortlessly, preventing broken nails, stuck fingers (blood on quilts) and the familiar painful indentations in fingers caused by closing hundreds of safety pins. Perfect for children as their fingers are never near the safety pin point. Kwik Klips'TM unique handle design helps those with arthritic hands to baste without pain. Kwik KlipTM removes safety pins faster and easier. #PJ101 $6.50


Quilters' Paper & Templates

Carol Doak's Foundation Paper Discover easy paper piecing with Carol Doak's Foundation Paper! You can use it in most printers or copy machines. It won't shrink, curl or turn brittle, holds up beautifully during stitching and tears away easily when you're done. What makes Carol Doak's Foundation Paper different? It's lightweight so it won't create bulk when you join sections. It's absorbent so there is less ink transfer where you don't want it and it's non-coated so the fabric won't slip on it. 100 sheets per package. #CT10985 $8.50

Golden Threads Quilting Paper Extra fine vellum eliminates marking your quilt top. Just trace your design onto the vellum and secure to your quilt top with pins or a spray adhesive. The vellum will help to stabilize your quilt while stitching and will tear away easily when done. Available in three widths, on 20 yard rolls. #GTQP12 12'' $7.50 #GTQP18 18'' $10.95 #GTQP24 24'' $12.95 Bella Bella Quilts By Norah McMeeking Bring Renaissance Italy home with paper pieced mosaics. All the quilt designs in this book are based on beautiful mosaics of the Italian Renaissance. Familiar quilting shapes in new combinations and settings yield exquisite, intricate-looking designs. Includes 8 stunning quilt projects in a variety of sizes, or create your own variations. Full sized paper piecing patterns for most quilts are included. #CT10410 $26.95 Bella Bella Quilts Paper Foundations Use as a companion to the foundations and templates found in the book, Bella Bella Quilts. Includes foundations for Chianti Classico, Venice Rose, Carnevale and Cosmati Rings I or Cosmati Rings II. 8 sheets, 28" x 40" foundation paper. #CT10987 $11.95

Pineapple Stars: Sparkling Quilts, Perfectly Pieced By Sharon Rexroad Q: What do you get when you cross a Lone Star with a Pineapple? A: A knockout Pineapple Star Quilt! You will love peicing these dazzling pineapple stars. These large, dynamic stars that combine solids and prints are easily paper pieced so all the diamonds are perfect. The technique is extremely flexible allowing you to make any project in six sizes. Workbook style guides you from easy paper pieced construction through to designing your own project. Large areas are perfect for show off quilting! #CT10373 $27.95 Pineapple Stars Paper Piecing Patterns Designed for use with Sharon Rexroad's Pineapple Stars. These full size, accurate patterns are ready to use ensuring perfect piecing! All the paper foundations you need to create a Pineapple Star in each of 3 different sizes. Each sheet contains miniature, medium and large star point patterns. Use either 4 or 5 rounds of diamonds, 6 sizes possible! One package creates Younger than Springtime, Springtime Glow, Oriental Diamond, Ribbons and Lace, Butterflies in My Pineapple or Hothouse Flowers. Two packages creates School Spirit. Four packages creates Shake, Rattle and Roll or New Day Dawning. #CT10986 $9.95 Direct A Seam Eliminate top or bottom seams from turning in the wrong direction before you sew over them. No more ripping and re-sewing of seams. Unique shape allows for easy handling. #HP0089 $4.99

Heavy Duty Template Plastic For appliqué, patchwork or quilt templates. Extra durable for repeated use. Transluscent for tracing patterns and positioning on fabric. Cut with scissors, rotary knife or craft knife. 12" x 18". #Q3115 $3.99/sheet No-Melt Mylar Template Plastic Ideal for making appliqué templates. Seam allowances can be pressed over template edges without damaging plastic or iron. Cut with scissors, rotary knife or craft knife. 12" x 18". #D3117 $5.00 each Gridded Template Plastic For making appliqué patchwork or quilt templates. 12" x 18". #D3118 $3.99 each Read Joanne's Blog


Skillbuilders for Machine Quilting

Skillbuilders for Machine Quilting Enhance your machine quilting skills, accuracy and confidence by stitching these two 35'' x 44'' cotton panels with printed designs. The Skillbuilder Companion guidebook is packed with clear photographs and step-by-step instructions for quillting tje Skillbuilder practice fabrics. #SKBSET12 $32.90 The Skillbuilder Mastery CD -ROM Size and print new designs in the *Skillbuilder Mastery* and Skillbuilder 3 practice panel, Skillbuilder 1 & 2 and more. Includes a picture gallery of all three Skillbuilders, three sampler quilts and a feathered baby quilt. Includes a conversion calculator for enlarging and reducing patterns. User friendly, self contained and requires no additional software to run. #RAG508 $15.00 96" wide Bamboo/Cotton Batting Bamboo is praised as the "New Textile of the 21st Century". This 50/50 ecofriendly bamboo and 50% organic cotton blend is great for both hand and machine quilting with stitches up to 8" apart. Naturally anti-mircobial, less than 5% shrinkage, no chemicals incliding bleach. A lightweight scrim is added to one side to discourage fiber migration. Sold by the yard. #BC096 $12.70/yard 34

Skillbuilder 3 Mastery Fabric Panel & Workbook The Skillbuilder 3 practice fabric panel offers colour panel patterns with blocks, triangles and borders printed with 46 different designs. The companion Skillbuilder Mastery book spills all the secrets many quilting experts have taken years to learn by trial and error. As a resource, it contains templates and continuous line designs for the essential square, triangle, star and octagon shapes. #SKBSET3 $23.90

96" Wide Soy/ Cotton Blend Batting This 50/50 soy protein fibre and organic cotton blend is soft & smooth with the feel of Cashmere. Naturally anti-mircobial with less than 5% shrinkage, it's suitable for both hand and machine quilting with stitches up to 8" apart. A lightweight scrim is added to one side to discourage fibre migration. Sold by the yard. #SC96 $16.99/yard Quilt Savy: Gaudynski's Machine Quilting Guidebook By Diane Gaudynski Distinguished quilter Diane Gaudynski serves up a practical approach to quilting by machine. Based on her popular machine quilting series in American Quilter magazine, this book gives readers the ins and outs of creating a design that instantly improves accuracy and fluidity of line. Diane debunks six common myths about machine quilting. Holding nothing back, she includes techniques for several charming unmarked free hand, free motion designs including a detailed description of echo quilting and echo-quilted feathers. #AQS6898 $21.96 Guide to Machine Quilting By Diane Gaudynski Those who have struggled with machine quilting will be relieved and delighted with the author's step-bystep tour of the world of machine quilting. Includes detailed information fabric selection and preparation, batting, backing basting, marking, thread, quilting sequence, walking foot and free-motion quilting and finishing and washing the quilt. Practice your skills on three charming quilt patterns: Trip Around the World wall quilt, Log Cabin Revisited and Sixteen Baskets of Mud. #AQS6070 $24.95

JawsTM Eliminate the frustration of quilt clips sliding off while hand or machine quilting. The unique design of JawsTM holds the quilt roll securely while you stitch. Made of Lexan® for strength, durability and twistability. The 2 sizes included can be easily moved as the quilt roll gets larger on one side and smaller on the other. Includes 4 clips, 2 large and 2 small. Note: 8 clips per quilt are recommended. #J1 $5.99 Quilter's Bicycle Clips These chrome coated clips have a smooth finish to prevent them from snagging on the quilt top, backing or batting. 2 clips per package. #C123 $3.50


Watch for 100% Bamboo Batting available later this Fall!

Quilters' Threads

Heirloom Thread By Mettler® This is the thread I always recommend when I'm teaching. It's perfect for piecing quilting cottons. Paired with the Clover Silk Thread on page 21 as the bobbin thread when machine quilting you will have fewer tension issues. 100% mercerized cotton, 60 weight, 2 ply thread on 200 metre spools. #HT + Colour # 002 White 003 Black 498 Med. Blue 502 Pale Yellow 512 Beige 534 Copper 536 Lt. Green 554 Mint Green 561 Lt. Mint Grn 575 Lavender 610 Baby Pink 645 Pale Peach 647 Light Pink 669 Lt. Grn/Blue 703 Off White 711 Brown 714 725 739 749 781 787 790 792 800 802 805 893 911 962 959 $2.80 each Forest Green Lt. Grey Red Pale Gr/Blue Lt. Taupe Lt. Blue Royal Blue Navy Blue Salmon Peach Deep Pink Leaf Green Brt. Yellow Blue Purple

Mettler® Silk Finish Cotton Thread 100% long staple cotton thread from. Made from Egyptian cotton, this 50 weight, 3 ply thread is mercerized, shrink resistant and safe to iron. Mettler Silk Finish Cotton Thread is available on 150m/164 yard spools in 19 basic colours. #MET105 + Colour # $2.70 001 Beige 002 White 003 Black 502 Pale Yellow 525 Taupe 558 Navy Blue 600 Red 620 Bone 642 Dark Grey 646 Pale Pink 658 Lt. Brown 711 Med. Brown 713 Med. Grey 725 Pale Grey 745 Dk. Brown 810 Cream 821 Poppy Red 887 Winter White 916 Royal Blue

YLI Wash AwayTM Basting Thread A water soluble basting thread. Eliminate the task of removing basting. Ideal for quilting, appliqué, trapunto, heirloom lace shaping and marking difficult fabrics. Can be used by hand or machine, 100 yard spools. #WA-001 $4.25 YLI Glow Bug Thread Light up the night with Glow Bug glow in the dark embroidery thread from YLI! You can turn an ordinary design or project into one that will have everyone talking. Glow Bug is charged when it is exposed to any light source and will glow for hours in the dark. Great for embroidery, cross stitching, knitting or just about anything you can imagine. 80 metre spool. #YLI20701001 $5.25 YLI Basting & Bobbin Thread This 100% gassed and mercerized cotton is very soft and with 800 yards on each spool it is extremely economical. It has no stretch, making it a wonderful bobbin thread. YLI Basting and Bobbin Thread is available in both white and natural. $4.25 each #YLI21108NAT Natural #YLI21108WHT White YLI Brilliance Brilliance is a metallic like luminous (glow in the dark) thread that is a lot of fun to work with. Brilliance is a Tex 40, so a 90/14 topstitch is the proper needle selection. It is not heat sensitive so it is dryer safe. 100 metre snap spools. #YLI207OM + Colour # $5.00 each 001 Peach 002 Blue 003 Green 004 Bright Green 005 Yellow 006 White

YLI "Colours" Quilting Thread Add that extra finishing touch to your quilt with this variegated quilting thread. This 100% cotton, long staple, 3 ply, 30 weight thread is available in 10 colour schemes. Each spool holds 200 yards of thread. #YLI233-01 + Colour # $5.00 each 001 Brt. Primaries 002 Violets 003 Reds 004 Greens 005 Dark Blues 006 Light Blues 007 Beiges 008 Brt. Pastels 009 Christmas Variegated 010 Red, White & Blue Solid Colours #YLI233-01NAT #YLI233-01WHT $5.00 each Natural White

YLI Quilting Thread The unique glazed finish of this 100% cotton quilting thread allows it to pass through the fabric easily when quilting by hand or machine. All 26 colours are available in 2 sizes. Both sizes come on wooden spools. #Y12 + Colour # 1200 yards $8.00 #Y40 + Colour # 400 yards $4.00 01 Natural 02 Ecru 03 Light Brown 04 Rust 05 Brown 06 Yellow 07 Gold 08 Mint Green 09 Spring Green 10 Green 11 Grey 12 Robin Blue 13 Blue 14 Grey Blue 15 Dark Blue 16 Light Pink 17 Peach 18 Rose 19 Coral 20 Mauve 21 Red 22 Cabernet 23 Purple 24 Teal BLK Black Wht White


Quilters' Threads

YLI Machine Quilting Thread YLI's machine quilting thread is made from the finest long staple cotton found in the world. Although this mercerized quilting thread is made expressly for the machine, hand quilters love it as well. Soft and smooth with almost no fuzz or lint, it is a pleasure to work with. This 40/3 ply long staple Peruvian mercerized cotton is available in 25 solid colours and 48 variegated shades. The 450 metre spool is designed for use on sewing machines, while the 2500 metre cone (available on request) is designed for use on long arm quilting machines. YLI Select YLI Select is an extra long staple cotton thread. This 40 wt. 2 ply, 100% cotton thread is ideal for piecing, appliqué and background quilting. Hand stitchers will love it because of the ease with which it pulls through fabric. Machine sewers will delight with the way each stitch blends with the fabric and with the lack of fuzz and lint left in their machines. YLI Select Thread is available in either 200 or 1000 Yard Spools in 26 rich colours. #YLI222-05 + Colour # 1000 yard Spools $6.99 #YLI222-02 + Colour # 200 yard Spools $2.00 01 Natural 02 Ecru 03 Light Brown 04 Rust 05 Brown 06 Yellow 07 Gold 08 Mint Green 09 Spring Green 10 Green 11 Grey 12 Robin Blue 13 Blue 14 Grey Blue 15 Dark Blue 16 Light Pink 17 Peach 18 Rose 19 Coral 20 Mauve 21 Red 22 Cabernet 23 Purple 24 Teal BLK Black Wht White

Variegated Colours #244-50V + Colour # 01V Red, White, Blue 03V Madras 05V White To Black 07V Teals 09V Purples 11V Primaries 13V Earth 15V Vineyard 17V Dusk 19V Harvest 21V Sunrise 23V Foliage 25V Royalty 71V Rio De Janeiro 73V Maui Sunset 75V California Poppy 77V Alaskan Twilight 79V Havana Market 81V Pyramids of Giza 83V Café Romano 85V Nordic Fjord 87V Morrocan Spice 89V Beijing Red Square 91V Great Barrier Reef Solid Colours #244-50 + Colour # WHT White 01 Natural 003 Light Brown 011 Grey 015 Dark Blue 022 Cabernet 024 Teal 026 Mustard 028 Light Blues 030 Dark Grey 032 Pink 034 Lavender 036 Rust

$5.00 02V Cream To Brown 04V Mango 06V Sticks & Stones 08V Green to Tan 10V Pastels 12V Jewel 14V Festival 16V Sand 18V Sea Mist 20V Plum 22V Sunset 24V Forest 70V Red Hat Club 72V Sunny Provence 74V Paris Boutique 76V Kyoto Garden 78V Mediterranean 80V Danube Blues 82V Notre Dame 84V Amazon Rainforest 86V African Kente 88V Aspen Gold 90V Napa Valley Wine 92V London Drizzle $5.00 BLK 002 010 014 021 023 025 027 029 031 033 035

Black Ecru Green Grey Blue Red Purple Celery Lemon Taupe Kelly Green Magenta Orange

From McKenna Ryan and Pine Needles Studio #244PNM + Colour # 450 metre Variegated $5.00 each M01 Juniper M02 M03 Meadow M04 M05 Fawn M06 M07 Lupin M08 Solid Colours M51 Aster M53 Harvest M55 Roe M57 Huckleberry M59 Lichen M52 M54 M56 M58 M60

Firewood Brooke Grizzly Birch Goldenrod Sprout Spruce Cornflower Glacier


Quilters' Tools

Best Press Clear Starch This clear, crisp starch with a lovely scent makes ironing more enjoyable. It's in a non-aerosol can, so it's environmentally friendly and you can see how much is left, too. There's no flaking, clogging, or white residue on dark fabrics. A special stain shield protects fabrics and the product helps resist wrinkles. Best of all, it's more effective than any starch you've ever used. Available in a 473ml spray bottle in 4 scents. $7.99 each #M60031 Lavender Fields #M60032 Citrus Grove #M60333 Caribbean Beach #M60060 Cherry Blossom Lavender Fields Linen Water Mist An old European custom is to use scented water in a steam iron in order to impart a soothing and romantic fragrance to bed linens. A few years ago American specialty stores introduced scented water for as much as $18 a bottle. It flew off the shelves. Now we're offering high quality scented water at an affordable price. 1 litre. #M60030 $7.99

The Uber Light This is my favourite light! I have one by my sewing machine and one on my drawing table. Why? Well, to quote the manufacturer "With proven halogen technology, Über Light provides up to 40% more cool-bright light (the kind of light that is easy on the eyes) while generating up to 70% less heat. " Simply assemble the base and clamp it where you need it. #UBER $79.99 This Item is Freight Intensive. A Shipping surcharge will be added to your order. Please call or email for details.

The Gypsy Gripper Sometimes it can be a real challenge to hold your ruler while cutting fabric. The Gypsy Gripper has a comfortable grip handle and two large round suction cups with handy lock & release levers. Just press the suction cups to any plastic ruler with a smooth solid surface and then flip the levers to lock The Gypsy Gripper in place. Now you can move the ruler quickly and easily hold it on the exact position with gentle downward pressure. When you need to switch to another ruler, just flip the locking levers to release The Gypsy Gripper. The Gypsy Gripper weighs just eight ounces, the overall size is about 3-1/2" wide by 11-3/8" long by 3-1/8" high (sitting on its cups). #GQGG $19.95

Bendable Bright Light This little light packs a lot of illumination in one tiny piece. The unit is an energy efficient LED with 100,000 hours of light. The Bendable Bright Light is attached to your sewing machine or serger with 2 sided stickies. (Extra mounting surfaces will be available so you can move the light from one machine to another.) This allows you to position the light where it suits you and your machine the best. Includes an 8 foot power cord and six removable adhesive clips to hold the wire out of the way. #DWLED01 $49.95

The Sewing Edge Sew faster, easier and keep your precision! These vinyl strips replace masking tape and moleskin with a repositionable stop that doesn't leave sticky residue. The thickness creates an edge that guides the fabric in front of the foot. Sew with confidence and consistency, easily. #SE003 $4.95

The Little Gripper Made especially for those handy little acrylic templates and small rulers. The single suction cup will fit on almost any template shape that is at least 2-1/4" wide. A simple locking lever secures The Little Gripper in place, just flip it up to apply suction. Flip it down again to release the suction, so you can move The Little Gripper to the next template you need. #GQLG $6.50

5'' x 7'' Olfa Rotary Mat This tiny rotary mat is really handy at your machine for quick trims. It's perfect as a sub cutting mat when you are working with Marti Michell's templates. #O57 $5.00

Take Along Thread Tin Tangle free thread holder organizes up to four small spools of thread or three large spools. Ideal for classes or travel. Magnetic top for needle storage. #FP7839 $16.50 37

Fons & Porter Rulers

Fons & Porter Chalk Markers Use these chalk markers to mark fine lines for stitching, appliqué placement or quilting. Refills are sold separately. Always test first. $8.29 each #FP7770 Beige #FP7887 Blue #FP7888 Red #FP7889 Gold Fons & Porter Chalk Marker Refill For use with Fons & Porter Chalk Markers above. $3.29 each #FP7771 Beige #FP7772 Blue #FP7772 Red #FP7774 Gold Chalk Marker Refill Assortment Package includes all four colours of Chalk Marker Refills for the Fons & Porter Chalk Markers. #FP7790 $9.79

Fons & Porter Binding Tool Use this tool to help you get smooth mitered joins when you finish off the binding edges. Includes markings for bindings 1 3/4'', 2'', 2 1/4'' & 2 1/2'' wide. Includes clear illustrated instructions. #FPR7892 $8.80 New


Fons & Porter Diamond Ruler Designed by Liz Porter to cut precise 60° diamonds. All the directions for cutting 1" to 6" diamonds are distinctly printed on this clear acrylic ruler. Also includes an instruction sheet with detailed photography. #FPR7890 $19.50 Fons & Porter Hexagon Ruler Designed by Liz Porter to cut hexagons and half-hexagons fast and easy. No-mathematical skills are required! Cut 1" to 6" hexagons and 1" to 3" half-hexagons following the clear concise instructions printed directly on the ruler. Each ruler also includes an instruction sheet with detailed photography . #FP7891 $18.99

8'' x 14'' Basic Rotary Cutting Ruler This ruler is a handy size for many rotary cutting tasks. The 14 `` length of this ruler makes it long enough to cut across fabric folded in fourths but short enough to be easy to transport to workshops. The length is great for sub cutting strips into squares or other shapes without having to clear everything else off your cutting table. The 8`` width makes it easy to cut wider strips and borders. The yellow 1/4 inch grid lets you quickly see that you have the ruler placed correctly for subcut and makes it easier to find the correct 1/8 inch markings. #FPR784 $24.49

Fons & Porter Chalk Pencils These chalk pencils are designed for use on washable fabrics. Use them to mark seam allowances for hand piecing, quilting lines and placement lines for appliqué. Sharpen carefully with a hand held pencil sharpener. Package includes four pencils, one each of blue, gold, white and grey. #FP7880 $14.29


Easy Diagonal Sets Ruler With this ruler, cutting side setting triangles and corner setting triangles for diagonally set quilts is a snap. All the math is done for you. Simply cut a fabric strip, then cut the side and corner setting triangles from the strip. The Easy Diagonal Sets Ruler is designed to cut setting triangles for blocks that finish 3 to 12 inch square. #FPR7842 $21.99 Also Available: All About Fons & Porter Rulers This informative CD Rom is PC compatible and offers additional instruction on the Fons & Porter Rulers . #FP7841 $8.79

Iron On Transfer Pencils Use these pencils to draw or trace your design. Simply turn the paper over and transfer the markings to fabric with a hot iron. These markings must be covered by stitching. Package includes 2 pencils. #FP7799 $6.79


Quilter's Water Soluble Markers These black and white marking pencils are acid free and non-toxic. Use on 100% cotton fabric. Test first. Package includes 1 black and 1 white pencil. #FP7885 $6.75 38

Fons & Porter Pyramid Ruler Cutting equilateral triangles is easy using the Pyramid Ruler designed by Liz Porter. Clear concise directions for cutting 1" to 6" pyramids are printed directly on the ruler. Also includes an instruction sheet with detailed photography #FP7894 $17.99

Retractable Tool Leash Partner with the Quilters' Tool Necklace. Holds lightweight tools and scissors. #FP7825 $5.79

Fons & Porter Tools

Flying Geese Ruler Take the guess work out of cutting the triangles for Flying Geese units in finished sizes from 1 x 2 inch to 4 X 8 inch with this handy ruler that does the math for you. Both the large "goose" triangle and the smaller "sky" triangles are cut from the same width strips. #FPR7846 $14.29 Unique Pin Cushions By Fons & Porter Use the divided sections to keep your pins and needles organized. The perfect gift for a quilter. $8.79 each A - #FP7874 Dresden Plate B - #FP7871 Schoolhouse Novelty C - #FP7870 Flower Novelty D - Magnetic Heart Pin Cushion This magnetic pin cushion is divided down the centre so you can easily store 2 different styles of pin in one place. Includes 10 flat flower head pins and 10 glass head pins. #FP7712 $6.79 F - Heart Wrist Pin Cushion Wear your heart on your sleeve and always know where your pins are. #FP7738 $8.79 G - Ergonomic Seam Ripper Ergonomically designed soft cushioned seam ripper that is designed to fit the hand perfectly. Easy to hold. #FP7782 $5.79 H - Quilter's Retractable 120'' Tape Measure Dual marked tape measure with large, clear markings from 1/8 inch for quick and easy measuring. Yardage markings on reverse for easy fabric measuring and calculations. Polyester reinforced to minimize stretching. Use Swivel Hook to connect with Retractable Tool Leash #FP7825 or Quilters' Tool Necklace #FP7883. #FP7780 $16.49 I - Magnetic Heart Pins & Needles This magnetic pin cushion features a small separate area for storing your favourite hand needles. Includes 15 standard glass head pins and 5 hand quilting needles. #FP7711 $6.79 Stilll looking for more selection? Quilter's Tool Necklace Keeps tools with you while you move from sewing machine to iron to cutting table. Partner with the Retractable Tool Leash. #FP7883 $3.29

Half and Quarter Ruler Use this ruler to take the math out of cutting half square and quarter square triangles. It lets you cut both types of triangles from strips, rather than by cutting squares diagonally into triangles. Because you use strips of even inch or half inch widths, you can cut squares from the same strips that you used for triangles. NOTE-Cutting guide marks on the ruler are for finished size triangles. #FPR7843 $14.29 Triangle Trimmers Handy 2 piece set of tools for trimming tips off triangles for more accurate patchwork. Easy to understand directions printed on trimmers. May be used with any size fabric triangle. Non-slip back helps keep tools from slipping while using. Set includes one blue and one pink trimmer. You will use the blue one most often. Arrows on the trimmers indicate the usual grain line. Trimmers are not templates but rather guides for trimming the tips of triangles. Always align the long edge of the trimmer with the long edge of the fabric triangle. #FPR7847 $8.79

Fons & Porter Klutz Glove New cut resistant glove helps protect your non-cutting hand when you rotary cut. (Wear it on your hand that holds the ruler.) Available in 3 sizes. $26.99 #FP7857 Small #FP7858 Medium #FP7859 Large


Quilters' Tools

Quilter's Directional Arrow Pins Use these unique directional arrow pins to designate pressing directions for seam allowances, to keep track of specific borders for sides tops and bottoms or to mark the direction units need to be sewn together. The flat arrow shaped heads are marked either Left, Right, Up or Down. The Assortment includes 45 of each pin in a divided tin. Each direction is also available on its' own. 100 pins per tin. #FP7706 Assorted $21.99 #FP7709 Up $14.29 #FP7707 Down $14.29 #FP7708 Right $14.29 #FP7710 Left $14.29

Quilter's Variety Pin Pack This Variety Pin pack in it's own decorative, divided tin includes: 50 Flat Head Pins, 100 Size 1 Basting Safety Pins, 45 1 3/8'' Red Crystal Glass Head Pins and 45 1 3/8'' Blue Crystal Glass Head Pins. #FP7717 $24.49

Quilter's Cut `N Press III Convenient, portable two-sided cutting and pressing surface. Unique, hard surface cutting mat extends rotary blade life. Perfect for home or class use. 18" x 24" cutting area, 16" x 24" pressing surface. #JT724 $54.00 This Item is Freight Intensive. A Shipping surcharge will be added to your order. Please call or email for details.

45mm Rotary Cutter By Fons & Porter The soft cushion handle on this rotary cutter is convenient for both left and right handers. Features an easy to change blade replacement system. #FP7861 $18.79 Replacement Blades 3 pack of 45mm blades for #FP7861 above. #FP7862 $6.79 Quilter's Cut n' Press Two tools in one. One side is the June Tailor® rotary cutting mat with the exclusive handle, outside rules and marked angle and bias lines. The other side is a cushioned gridded pressing surface with 1" grid lines, bias and angle lines, circle markings and bold centre lines. Available in 2 sizes. #JT-720 12" x 14" $24.00 #JT-722 12`' x 18" $36.40

Crystal Glass Head Pins Sharp .50mm nickel plated steel pins are available in both 1 3/8" and 1 7/8'' lengths. Fine, extra long pins with heat resistant glass heads. Both sizes are available in 4 colours: Blue, Red, Clear and Gold. Choose 200 same colour pins in their own tin for organization or an Assortment of same size pins. 1 3/8'' Crystal Glass Head Pins $17.49 200 same colour in their own tin. #FP7702 Red #FP7713 Blue #FP7715 Gold #FP7716 Clear 1 7/8'' Crystal Glass Head Pins 21.99 200 same colour in their own tin. #FP7701 Blue #FP7714 Red #FP7794 Clear #FP7796 Gold Assorted Crystal Glass Head Pins 45 of each of the 4 colours in their own divided tin. #FP7795 1 3/8'' $20.99 #FP7797 1 7/8'' $24.49 40

Quilt Angel Gloves Wear gloves when handling your quilts to keep oils on your hands from soiling the fabric. Gloves are machine washable, 100% cotton, 2 pair per package. $7.29 each #FP7851 Small #FP7852 Medium #FP7853 Large Machine Quilting Grip Gloves Finger and palm grips hold fabric securely. Reduce tension in neck and hands. Machine washable, 100% cotton. $3.99 #FP7854 Small #FP7855 Medium #FP7856 Large

Quilt ClipsTM Ideal for controlling the bulk of a quilt while at the sewing machine. Simply roll the lengthwise sides of the quilt toward the center and hold in place with clips. #QC-100 $5.90

Felting Tools

Foldaway Portable Cut & Press Station This portable cutting and pressing station is perfect for classes, retreats and even as an extra work surface at home. The 12" x 18" pressing station and 12" x 18" cutting station are side-by-side for added convenience. The Foldaway, folds in half and includes convenient handles for transport. Also available, the 7" x 7" MiniFoldaway and the Tote Size 8 ¾'' x 11 ¾''. The gridded mat and pressing area are held closed with a hook & loop closure. #OM2103 12" x 18" $41.99 #OM2104 Mini 7'' x 7'' $18.89 #OM2105 8 ¾'' x 11 ¾'' $27.29

Clover® Needle Felting Tool Needle Felting is becoming the hottest new trend. This handy felting tool with 5 barbed needles is ideal for felting fabrics together. Includes 5 fine weight needles for use on most weights of fabrics. Simply place the fabric or yarn to be felted on top and start felting. The fibers will become interlaced, attaching the motif to the fabric. Use raw wool, yarn and tightly woven fabrics as you top appliqué. Use tightly woven fabrics for your base. You will love the Clover felting tool. The "spring action" design allows for a protective covering to prevent accidents with the barbed needles. For best results use with either of the Felting Needle mats listed below. Heavyweight replacement needles are also available. #CN8900 Felting Tool $17.35 #CN8910 Small Mat $10.48 #CN8911 Large Mat $18.38 #CN8905 Fine Rep. Needles $7.88 #CN8906 Heavy Rep.Needles $8.10

Quilter's Travel Case This professional case, designed for the traveling quilter, will hold unfinished quilt blocks up to 12 ½". The multi-pocketed lid interior will keep all your notions organized. The parachute clips keep everything in place in the lower part of the case. The dimensions of the Quilter's Travel Case measure 13½" x 14" x 2" deep with a zippered closure. #OMQTC $39.99

Natural Wool Roving Felt This 20 gram package of solid colour wool roving is great for use with the Clover Felting Needle Tool. $3.50 each #CN7920 #CN7921 #CN7922 #CN7923 #CN7924 #CN7925 #CN7926 #CN7927 #CN7928 #CN7929 #CN7930 #CN7931 #CN7932 #CN7933 #CN7934 #CN7935 #CN7936 #CN7937 #CN7938 #CN7939 White Lime Green Moss Green Blue Teal Violet Pink Red Orange Gold Rust Brown Black Ash Oatmeal Caramel Chocolate Mint Light Yellow Light Blue

Designer Details Layering Templates Have you every wished you had just one more shape in your template stash? The Designer Details Layering Templates includes 10 different templates, each in 3 sizes so you can create limitless combinations of patterns. Use these templates to design your own layered appliqués, quilt top designs, outlines for beadwork, felting and more. #JT406 $19.99

5 Golden Sunflowers This new fusible quilt from Nancy Murty will brighten the area above any sideboard. Finished size 37'' x 20''. #BCA1060 $6.50

Quilter's Indented Thimble The deep ridge around the top stops the needle from slipping while you quilt. $1.20 each #Q3060 X-Small #Q3061 Small #Q3062 Medium #Q3063 Large


Marti Michell Books & Rulers

2½" Stripper Templates Jelly Rolls and other 2½" fabric strip sets are quite the rage. Use Set B template set to cut squares, rectangles, half square triangles and Flying Geese units from Jelly Rolls and fat quarters. But what about more unique shapes? The new 2½" Stripper templates are the answer. Cut these shapes from the precut strips with virtually no waste: Hexagon, 60° Diamond, 45° Diamond, Equilateral Triangles, 60° Conehead and the small triangle that matches the hexagon for another I Spy size. #MM8059 $14.00



My Favourite Log Cabin Rulers By Marti Michell If you want ease, efficiency and accuracy when cutting Log Cabin strips, look no further! Discover how much more quickly and accurately blocks can be sewn by first cutting to the exact length. The Log Cabin Rulers are marked with both a letter and the actual length in inches for each strip,so there's no distraction, no confusion and no unnecessary information. Finished strip widths are 2:1 on all three rulers, so you can cut strips from both sides to make off-centre Log Cabin blocks. Each ruler comes with instructions for cutting strips the correct width and chain piecing blocks. Use Log Cabin Ruler #MM8037 to make Log Cabin blocks up to 13½" square. Use Log Cabin Ruler #MM8038 to make Log Cabin blocks up to 14" square. #MM8058 $14.00 5/8'' & 1 1/4'' finished strip widths. #MM8037 $14.00 3/4'' & 1 1/2''" finished strip widths. #MM8038 $15.00 1" & 2" finished strip widths. Log Cabin ABCs By Marti Michell This book includes tips and tricks, detailed instructions for cutting with the Log Cabin Rulers, full-size patterns and how to's for making 14 quilts in a variety of Log Cabin styles, including Courthouse Steps and Off Center Log Cabin. #MM8043 $20.00 Six is for Hexagons By Marti Michell Uses template sets G & H and the Hexagon ruler on the right. #MM8966 $16.00 Additional templates on page 44. 42

w! Scrappy Bears Path The Scrappy Bears Path incorporates straight and curved seams, triangles, circles, symmetry and asymmetry all in one block. You can easily use 7 or 8 fabrics in one block. Each finished block is 19'' before the border. Recommended templates are Sets B and the the Large Drunkards Path. #MM8048 $8.00

Large Drunkards Path Use with The Scrappy Bears Path pattern above and to simply create 6'', 6 1/2'' & 7'' units. Instructions include six variations and two quilt patterns. #MM8024 $18.00




Fat Quarter Log Cabin Quilt In this charming scrap quilt, only the centre square and four other fabrics appear in each block. Finished quilt is 84'' square, each block is 13'' square. #MM8042 $8.00 Scrappy Sedona Star This is the perfect pattern for using up those fabrics you aren't quite sure about. The 32 page instructions shows you 14 different variations with either 9'' (Sets A & C) or 12'' (Sets B & D) finished blocks. #MM8016 $12.00 Other Marti Michell Templates Available #MM8954 Set L 7 Patch Block Set #MM8955 Set M 5 Patch Block Set #MM8956 Set N Mini Geometrics #MM8958 Set O Sm. Feathered Star #MM8959 Set P Lg. Feathered Star #MM8020 Set Q 2 ½'' Basic #MM8019 Set R 5'' Peaky & Spike #MM8964 Dresden Plate Mini #MM8965 Dresden Plate Regular

Storm at Sea Multi-Sized Diamond Template This is the "diamond" and "skinny" triangle set that many quilters have asked for. Based on 2", 3" and 4" finished size rectangle units shown above, this set fits with the squares and triangles in Sets A and B to make the Storm at Sea block. Cut three sizes of the diamonds and triangles needed for the rectangular units in Storm at Sea blocks and many other block designs too. Instructions include basic how-to's and guidelines for bed size quilts. #MM8065 $15.00

! My Favourite Hexagon Ruler Cut 2" to 4 1/2"hexagons from strips, or fussy cut the largest size. (Remember, Marti measures hexagons by the length of the finished side!) The 4 1/2" hexagon is approximately 7 1/4 inches across from one flat side to the other. This new tool is perfect for displaying large prints, machine embroidery and quilting. The hexagon shape is so much more interesting than a square. Use with Volume 6, Six is for Hexagons on the left. #MM8060 $18.00


$20.00 $20.00 $15.00 $18.00 $22.00 $14.00 $16.00 $16.00 $20.00

Marti Michell Books & Rulers

Kaleidoscope ABC's By Marti Michell Kaleidoscope ABCs includes basic information on using the Kaleido-Rulers and 14+ step-bystep patterns for new quilts, including Ramblin' Rose with Guacamole and Extra Salsa on the Side. Includes over a dozen quilts in an idea gallery and a design grid to photocopy. The appendix includes a diamond border you can add to any quilt, suggestions on planning a Kaleidoscope quilt, using a design wall, sewing ¼" seam allowances, adding a flap border and making mitered borders. 80 pages. #MM8094 $20.00 Kaleido-Rulers There are two different triangles needed for a Kaleidoscope block. Both triangles are on these rulers with cutting instructions and correct grainline orientation. The small ruler produces 2'' x 8'' blocks. The large ruler 6" x 16'' blocks. They are an excellent companion to the Kaleidoscope ABC's above. #MM8641 Small $12.00 #MM8642 Large $17.00

Not So Giant Dahlia Template Set By Marti Michell 9 acrylic templates for rotary cutting a 36" diameter Giant Dahlia. Includes a 16 page instruction booklet for making a 50" square wallhanging with pieced border. #MM8034 $36.99 My Favourite Squaring Up Ruler, 6 1/2 inches Gridded using the same symbols as our large rulers, but also with a shadow that follows every inch mark, turns a corner and connections, making it easy to see squares. There is one 45° diagonal line to help square up half square triangle units. The last ¼" inch is great for checking the seam allowance. #MM8973 $11.00 My Favourite Ruler, 3" x 18" All of My Favourite Rulers feature unique symbols to make each line distinctive and create as much open area as possible to maximize seeing the edge of the fabric. Same great purple markings as our other My Favourite Rulers, minus the additional inch marks in the interior. #MM8972 $14.00 My Favourite Ruler, 6" x 24" Useful angles, visually strong verticals, horizontal marks every 1/8-inch, clean 1/4-inch around perimeter. Same great markings as other My Favourite Rulers. #MM8971 $20.00 Diagonal Set Triangle Rulers One multi-size ruler offers a no-math solution for cutting both the corner triangles and the larger setting triangles. Features the same corner concept as our templates. Available in two sizes, they are small enough to handle and large enough to get the job done right. #MM8967 Small $13.00 #MM8968 Large $20.00

My Favourite Mitering Ruler, 8" x 24" Features our special engineered "no dog ears" corner. Perfect for cutting 45° diamonds and mitered corners on quilt borders. Also perfect for mitered sashings and blocks like Attic Windows. Can be used the same way you use a 6'' x 24'' ruler too. Purple verticals marked every 1/8" to make cutting strips easier. Different 1/8", 1/4" and 1/2" lines for easier positioning; heavier lines every 1/2" for easier counting. #MM8002 $24.00 4" My Favourite Mitering Ruler Perfect for mitered frames on blocks, Attic Windows, cutting narrow mitered borders and many of the usual tasks you use a regular ruler for. #MM8018 $16.00 60° Triangle Rulers Use these equilateral triangle rulers for cutting triangles measured on a finished side! The small ruler works perfectly with our hexagon family of templates (Sets G, H and N). The large ruler for cutting 3" 9"triangles. #MM8962 Small $13.00 #MM8963 Large $17.00

Windng Ways Templates The Winding Ways block is Kaleidoscope's fraternal twin. It's the same arrangement and same number of pieces. The dog ears have been left on these quilting templates so you can use them to line up the ends of the curved pieces perfectly! This block is easier to sew than it looks. Each template set includes step-by-step instructions for piecing the block and a variety of ideas for using blocks in quilts. #MM8052 6'' Template $17.00 #MM8974 8½'' Template $18.00 #MM8053 11 `` Template $22.00

Flying Geese Ruler Now you can cut both triangles for Flying Geese units in 5 sizes! 2½" x 5", 3" x 6", 3½"x 7", 4" x 8" and 4½" x 9". Instructions come with the ruler. Just cut strips according to the widths marked on the ruler and align the ruler on the strips using the appropriate horizontal or vertical line to cut triangles. Nip the points using the ruler's special engineered corners for perfect sewing alignment. The ruler is also marked with Perfect Patchwork Template equivalents. Use the Flying Geese Ruler to cut large 9+9 (Set B), 2+2 (Set A) and 94+94 (Set Q) triangles, too! #MM8022 $13.00 43

Marti Michell Templates

Marti Michell Templates Set A - The 3" (7.6cm) Square Basic Set The templates in Set A are based on a 3" (7.6cm) finished square and its' most common component parts. Every template has its' own permanent identifying number. The collection of patchwork blocks featured in Volume 1 is keyed numerically for use with the corresponding Perfect Patchwork Templates. #MM8251 $17.00 Set B - The 4" (10cm) Square Basic Set The templates in Set B are based on a 4" (10cm) finished square and its most common component parts. Every template has its' own permanent identifying number. The collection of patchwork blocks featured in Volume 1 is keyed numerically for use with the corresponding Perfect Patchwork Templates. #MM8252 $21.00 Set C - The 3" (7.6cm) Square Bonus Set Template Set C includes bonus shapes that complement Set A. So if you own Sets A and C, you will love Volume 2 of the Encyclopedia of Patchwork Blocks, with approximately 80 block designs in over 200 block sizes from which to choose. #MM8253 $21.00 Set D - The 4" (10cm) Square Bonus Set Template Set D includes bonus shapes that complement Set B. So, if you own Sets B and D, you will love Volume 2 of the Encyclopedia of Patchwork Blocks, with approximately 80 block designs in over 200 block sizes from which to choose. #MM8254 $22.00 Set E - 12" (30.5 cm) 8-Pointed Star Set Lovers of eight pointed star quilt blocks love using Set E to make a variety of perfect 6" and 12" blocks based on a 45° diamond. Like other diamonds in the Perfect Patchwork Template System, the diamonds in Set E feature marking holes for dot-to-dot sewing. #MM8255 $23.00 Set F - Sunburst Block 10 " (26.7 cm) Set F is our first design specific template set. You can use it to make a 10 1/2" pieced Sunburst to appliqué to a 12" (finished) square. The 60° diamond can also be used for baby blocks and Six Pointed Star patterns. #MM8344 $13.00 Set G-Small Hexagons Plus 9 pieces for cutting 11 shapes. Based on 1'' and 2'' hexagons, measured on a side, plus companion shapes. Sets G and H instruction sheets both include many classic 60° patchwork designs and steps for using the templates as rulers for rotary cutting perfect strip widths. #MM8950 $25.00 Set H-Large Hexagon Plus 3 pieces for cutting 11 shapes. Based on 1 1/2" and 3" hexagons, plus companion shapes. Set G and Set H instruction sheets both include many classic 60° angle patchwork designs and steps for using the templates as rulers for rotary cutting perfect strip widths. #MM8951 $20.00 Set J-The Small House Set 6 pieces for cutting 10 shapes. Makes a 6" finished block. Sets J and K are used for making 6" and 12" Schoolhouse blocks, respectively. The large set includes two chimney options. Both sets include many variations. #MM8952 $19.00 Set K-The Large House Set 7 pieces for cutting 11 shapes. Makes a 12'' finished block. Also variations. Sets J and K are used for making 6" and 12" Schoolhouse blocks, respectively. The large set includes two chimney options. Both sets include many variations. #MM8953 $24.00 Double Wedding Ring Set Based on a 12" square this set includes 7 pieces for rotary cutting: center, solid arc, 3 pcs. for pieced arc, large and small melon shapes. Use this versatile template set to make the traditional Double Wedding Ring with pieced or solid rings and other patterns such as Robbing Peter to Pay Paul, Lafayette Orange Peel and Improved Nine Patch (also known as Glorified Nine Patch). Step-by-step basic instructions for making the block and setting the quilt, plus yardage for various quilt sizes and bonus paper pattern for foundation piecing the Pickle Dish pattern (also known as Indian Wedding Ring). #MM8017 $38.00

Encyclopedia of Patchwork Blocks Volume 1 By Marti Michell The Encyclopedia of Patchwork Blocks, Volume 1 offers 69 blocks that you can make with either template set A or B. Combine strip techniques with perfect patchwork templates and cut by the numbers! #MM8342 $10.00 Encyclopedia of Patchwork Blocks Volume 2 If you own Sets A and C, or Sets B and D, you will love Volume 2 of the Encyclopedia of Patchwork Blocks, with approximately 80 block designs in over 200 block sizes from which to choose. #MM8343 $10.00 The Encyclopedia of Patchwork Blocks, Volume 3 For use with Template Set E or paper patterns included. 55 block designs in up to 3 sizes. 118 block possibilities from 4 to 36 inches. Includes a variety of 12'' designs in the Eight Pointed Star family and blocks with 4 or 9 diamonds in a diamond. Instructions for precision dot-to-dot sewing and lessons on bias stems, working with grainline, squaring-up, using stripes and strips, previewing fabrics with mirrors and super sets for Eight Pointed Stars and diamond borders. 48 pages. #MM8345 $10.00 The Encyclopedia of Patchwork Blocks, Volume 4 Blocks made with Perfect Patchwork Template Sets L and M have a uniquely interesting mix-and-match relationship, due to the uneven number of units in the designs (either 7 x 7 for Set L or 5 x 5 for Set M). Volume 4 features more blocks and more quilt ideas than any of the first three volumes and all of it is still packed into 48 pages. #MM8346 $10.00 Volume 6 is shown on page 42. Marti Skipped Volume 5.


Quilters' DVD's


! Diana McClun & Laura Nownes Teach You Beginning Quiltmaking Take a private class on the basics of quiltmaking from two world renowned teachers in the 75 minute DVD. Learn everything you need to get started making beautiful quilts whenever and wherever it's convenient for you. Extras include a studio tour, interview and quilt gallery. New! #CT10583 $20.95

Jan Krentz Teaches You to Make Lone Star Quilts An in depth lesson on one of Jan's signature techniques. Includes lots of close-ups to make it easy to see and learn. It's also great as an instant refresher course that can be watched over and over, anywhere, any time. A detailed list of the supplies and tools you'll need, exercises and success tips to improve your skills at any level make this the perfect supplement to the detailed cutting charts, diagrams and instructions in the authors' books. Extras include a personal viewing of some of the authors' favourite quilts Available September 08. #CT10677 $20.95 Lone Star Quilts & Beyond Step-byStep Projects and Inspirations By Jan Krentz Expert teacher Jan Krentz shows you how to use today's techniques to simplify this intricate design. 6 colourful projects you'll want to get started on right away! Rotary cutting saves you time, while imaginative additions such as appliqué and "designer diamonds" give these Lone Stars a fresh, updated look. Jan teaches you everything you'll need to know to make the Lone Star quilt of your dreams, from fabric choices to finishing touches. A gallery of eye catching Lone Star quilts to inspire your creativity. #CT10248 $24.95

Sally Collins Teaches You Precision Piecing The 75 minute DVD teaches you tons of tricks to bring your accuracy up in every aspect of making the quilt blocks. Extras include a studio tour, interview and quilt gallery. #CT10578 $20.95 Mastering Precision Piecing: 7 Spectacular Quilts with Techniques for Success By Sally Collins The must have book to take your quilting to the expert level. Sally shows you how to bring accuracy to every step: pinning, cutting, sewing and pressing. Seven pieced projects range from a miniature quilt to a large wallhanging. The projects use intermediate to advanced skills; two include appliqué. You will learn to create the perfect 1/4" seam, sew straight and chain piece for efficiency. Includes hundreds of illustrations and photos for clear direction. #CT10473 $29.95 Ann Fahl Teaches You Colouring with Thread Learn how to say it with thread. This 75 minute DVD will show you how to create fabulous free motion embroidery without drawing, templates, or stencils on any sewing machine with feed dog drop. You will also learn all about threads, needles and stabilizers, so you're successful every time. Extras include a studio tour, interview and quilt gallery. #CT10580 $20.95 Colouring With Thread: A NoDrawing Approach to Free-Motion Embroidery By Ann Fahl #CT10403 $24.95

Carol Doak Teaches You to Paper Piece DVD Work at your own pace with the At Home With the Experts DVD Series. Learn from your favourite paper piecing master in this 90 minute DVD! Carol shows you every step, with helpful close-ups. Includes tips on supplies, tools and tricks for success. Use these skills on all your paper piecing projects. Also includes a studio tour and interview. #CT10521 $20.95 Mary Stori Teaches You Beading on Fabric Work at your own pace with the At Home With the Experts DVD Series. This 90 minute DVD is just like a private lesson! Mary shows you exactly how to make dozens of beading stitches. Includes lots of tips, hints and secrets to success. You will be inspired to liven up wearables, quilts and décor with beaded accents! Also includes a studio tour. #CT10500 $20.95 Joyce Becker Teaches You Landscape Quilting DVD Learn everything you need to know for gorgeous landscape quilts in this 90 minute DVD. Share Joyce's best ideas when and where it's convenient for you. Joyce shares techniques and embellishments anyone can do, even beginners, from working with paints, free motion quilting and more. Also includes a studio tour and interview. #CT10520 $19.95

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Quilters' DVD's

Katie Pasquini Masopust Teaches You Simple Steps to Dynamic Art Quilts Katie takes you through the process of choosing an inspirational photo, cropping, tracing, enlarging, making templates, using spray starch to turn under the edges, invisible appliqué and freemotion quilting. This 75 minute DVD also includes a studio tour, interview and quilt gallery. #CT10582 $20.95 Laura Wasilowski Teaches You to Create Fused Art Quilts An in-depth lesson on the authors' signature techniques, with lots of close-ups to make it easy to see and learn. The perfect supplement to the detailed cutting charts, diagrams and instructions in the authors' books. 75 minute DVD. #CT10664 $20.95 Judith Baker Montano Teaches You Crazy Quilting An in-depth lesson on the authors' signature techniques, with lots of close-ups to make it easy to see and learn. The perfect supplement to the detailed cutting charts, diagrams and instructions in the authors' books. 75 minute DVD. Available November `08 #CT106766 $20.95 Jane Dávila & Elin Waterston Teach You Art Quilting Basics An in-depth lesson on the authors' signature techniques, with lots of close-ups to make it easy to see and learn. Offers exercises and success tips to improve your skills at any level. #CT106784 $20.95

Lynn Koolish Teaches You Printing on Fabric This 60 minute DVD covers the world of ink jet printing on Fabric. Learn the basics of printing on fabrics with information on choosing printers and detailed tips about the kinds of fabrics to print on. Learn how to create your own unique images on fabrics and using generic software. #CT20103 $20.95 Ricky Tims Presents Grand Finale: Fine Machine Quilting and Finishing Techniques This amazing 122 minute DVD is full of fantastic tips, techniques and ideas. Grande Finale is just the inspiration you need once you have completed the quilt top and are ready to start the actual quilting. You will be searching for a quilt top to get started on once you start watching this DVD! The topics include: Innovative marking techinques inclunding how to use Ricky's Stable Stuff: How to Create Your Own Designs: Machine Trapunto: Bobbin Quilting: Bobbin Trapunto: and Two Heirloom Binding Techniques done completely by machine. #RTDVD2 $25.00 Ricky Tims' Stable Stuff® Poly Once you have watched Ricky Tims Grand Finale DVD you will be anxious to try this neat stabilizer. The package includes 50 8.5'' x 11'' sheets of Tear Away or not Stabilizer, sized perfectly for use in your ink jet or laser printer. Ricky uses this to mark his quilting design on the wrong side of the quilt You can leave it in or tear it away. Stable Stuff® becomes a fine, soft layer of polyester fibers inside your project when it is wet or washed. Stable Stuff® is also great for appliqué, machine embroidery, foundation piecing and machine trapunto. #RTSS $13.50

Sew Precise Sew FastTM Machine Binding DVD By Suzanne Michelle Hyland Piece by Machine. Appliqué by Machine. Quilt by Machine. Now, Bind by Machine! Suzanne believed there had to be a way to apply a beautiful machine binding. This innovative technique features lumpless seams and perfectly mitered corners. Binding stitches are nearly invisible on the front and topstitched on the back with remarkable accurary and ease. Bind a queen quilt in just 2 to 3 hours. Includes almost 1 hour of fascinating instruction. #QTT0908P2 $19.95 8 Page Booklet Also Available. #QTT0908P1 $10.00 Ricky Tims' Extra Wide Freezer Paper The 42" x 42" single sheet of large, readyto-use freezer paper is more than twice as wide as standard freezer paper rolls. No cutting or taping needed to fit a full width of quilting fabric. Softer and more flexible than other brands, lies flat and reusable. Perfect for piecing, appliqué, or any freezerpaper technique. #CT20095 $ 9.95 Beautifully Embellished Landscapes By Joyce R. Becker You won't believe the realistic effects you can achieve in your next landscape quilt! Techniques include paints, markers, stamps, photo printing and artwork, threadwork and lace, sheer overlays and Angelina fibers and more. Learn how to create realistic special effects for water, reflections, skies, snow, gardens and buildings. Also includes great ideas for landscape inspired gifts . Over 200 photos and illustrations for inspiration, plus 8 complete projects. #CT10466 $26.95


Laundry Basket Quilts

Jolene Star Pattern includes instructions for a table topper 24'' x 28'' and full sized quilt. The optional templates make the cutting a breeze. #LBQJSP Pattern $8.00 #LBQJST Template $9.00

Shooting Star If you are looking for your next "WOW" quilt this is the pattern for you. The quilt is created using appliqué star blocks with a 3 dimensional "glow". 62'' x 62'' finished. Reproducable templates are included with the pattern. Precut acrylic templates are available. #LBQSSP Pattern $11.99 #LBQSST Template $8.00

Cat and Butterfly 16'' x 21'' raw edge fusible appliqué pattern. #LBQCB $9.95

Spring Surprise 18'' x 14'' fusible, raw edge appliqué. #LBQSS $9.95

Lollipops This 62'' x 62'' finished quilt features detailed "photo enhanced" instructions. Paper template provided or use the precut acrylic template available separately. #LBQLP Pattern $9.95 #LBQLT Template $4.95

Crystal Ball I believe the pun is intended, but there's lots of room for inspiration. Photo enhanced instructions and a paper template are included for this 62'' x 62'' quilt. Precut acrylic template also available. #LBQCBP Pattern $10.99 #LBQCBT Template $12.99

Poppies 20'' x 24'' fusible, raw edge appliqué. #LBQP $9.75 Sewing Cat Pattern 25'' x 16 " raw edge appliqué pattern. Looks just like my own work area. #LBQSC $10.00 Puppy Love 21'' x 17'' fusible, raw edge appliqué. #LBQPL $9.95


Elisa's Backporch

Spooling Around This pattern uses the 8" Rainbow Template (sold separately) to create these giant spools. Quilt as shown measures 48" x 64" but can be made larger by adding borders. #EBD502 $10.00 Many Paths All Around This quilt is designed as a Block of the Month and uses the 4" Drunkards Path Template. Each of the 12 blocks is written on a separate sheet of paper so you can do one block at a time. The finishing directions are included for the quilt as shown. Each block uses approximately 1/3 yard of two different colours and finishes at 14". #EBD702 $14.00 8" Rainbow Template This four piece acrylic template set is used to create the Spooling Around pattern above. Easily cut out your pieces using a rotary cutter and quick piecing. The curve on these templates is so gentle it is as easy as straight piecing. Try sewing strips together and then using the templates to cut out your pieces for more variation. Free pattern for Tropical is included. #EBD02 $21.95 3 ½" Small Paths Template Set Acrylic template makes a 3 ½" finished block. Easily cut your pieces using a small rotary cutter. Four of these blocks sewn together make a 7" finished block. A perfect addition to the 7" template set. This template is used along with the 7" template to make the Circle Dance quilt pattern which is included with the 7" template. #EBD01 $10.95 48

7" Crazy Curves Template Set Easily cut out your fabric using a rotary cutter. Pieces are easily sewn together. Seams press flat in either direction. Make a traditional drunkards path block or turn your blocks to go wild. Sew strips together or use striped fabric to make your blocks say WOW! Many ideas are available in the Crazy Curves book. The Circle Dance pattern included with this template uses the 7" template and the 3½" template. Made from 20 fat quarters, why not try this with the Batiks shown on our web site. #EBD04 $14.95 Crazy Curves By Elisa Wilson One easy pattern with so many ideas and variations you'll never get bored. The block has been around but these styles are fresh and exciting. Your quilts will have the look of being complex but not. Colour pictures of 14 quilts to motivate and inspire you. Easily adjust to make a baby quilt or king size. All fabric types & styles, quickly cut out pieces with optional 7" and 3 ½"acrylic templates shown on this page. #EBD03 $21.95 4" Drunkard's Path Template This template set makes a 4" finished sized block. Four of these blocks sewn together make an 8" block. A perfect addition to the 8" Rainbow Block set. Drunken Rainbow quilt pattern is included with this template. #EBD05 $11.99 Fuzzy Flannel Curves Make your curves in a ragged edge quilt with the 7" template which is sold separately. Quilt measures 56" square but can easily be made larger or smaller. Pattern uses fat quarters. #EBD801 $8.00

The Melon BlockA Fresh look at a Classic Favourite By Elisa Wilson This book is based on the Melon Block Template. Shows you step-by-step how to use the placement lines to give you even more creative options. This template is fun to use because you can make such a variety of quilts and its easy! Examples from the book include Bending Bows, Confetti Poppers, Good & Fruity, Ocean Swirls and Wedding Bells. 96 full colour pages. Melon Template sold separately. #EBD09 $29.95 Melon Block Template By Elisa Wilson Three piece acrylic template set that makes an 8" block. Simple curved piecing using only two pins. Use your rotary cutter to cut the pieces. Add a corner piece for more variety. This multi colour quilt pattern is included with the template. #EBD07 $27.55 Serenity Circles Do you see circles or squares? A very fun quilt to look at as your eyes move across the quilt picking up the different patterns. This quilt uses the 7" Crazy Curves template (sold separately). This quilt is easier than it looks because strips of fabric are sewn together first and then cut out with the template. Check out our Batiks on line. #EBD603 $8.00 Illusions A simple block repeated. Choose five colours. The placement of colour makes the blocks stand out or recede into the background. It only looks complicated and gives the illusion of multiple blocks. #EBD202 $8.00

OmnigripTM Rulers

Non-Slip Finger Stick Rub the finger stick on your palm and finger tips for surface control of fabric while machine sewing or quilting to prevent your fingers or palms from sliding. #CN-4050 $8.65 Machingers® Gloves designed for machine quilters. The soft flexible fingertips grip with superior comfort and support. The breathable fabric retains your skin's natural moisture. Excellent for machine piecing and quilting. $8.40 each #MACXS Extra Small #MACSM Small/Medium #MACML Medium/Large #MACXL Extra Large Needle Pullers Grips stubborn needles and pulls them through heavy fabrics easily, 2/pkg. #D3052 $1.65

Marking Ruler Trio by Omnigrid Use these rulers to quickly and accurately perform a variety of marking tasks. The centre line is exactly ¼'' from both sides of the ruler. This provides a perfect reference for marking and checking ¼'' seam allowances, adding ¼'' and marking quilting lines. Includes one 12'', one 6'' and one 4'' ruler. Each ruler is ½'' wide. #OMR1264S $18.15

Omnigrip® Rulers This neon collection of rulers from Omnigrid with a special patent pending backing to help grip the fabric while you cut, is available in 14 sizes. #OMRN125 12 ½" x 12½" $22.05 #OMRN65 6 ½" x 6 ½" $12.60 #OMRN35 3 ½" x 3 ½" $6.10 #OMRN14 4" x 14" $14.40 #OMRN12 6" x 12" $14.40 #OMRN8524 8 ½" x 24" $25.20 #OMRN24 6" x 24" $20.99 #OMRN8512 8 ½" x 12" $16.60 #OMRN85 8 ½" x 8 ½" $15.45 #OMRN205 20 ½" x 20 ½" $44.45 #OMRN2518 2½ x 18 $15.45 #OMRN28 2 x 8 $9.90 #OMRN55 5 ½" x 5 ½" $11.55

fast2fuseTM Interfacing- Double Sided Fusible Stiffener fast2fuseTM Interfacing is easy to mark, cut and fuse and it won't stretch or tear! Two layers of fusible plus interfacing in one product. At 28" wide, fast2fuseTM allows you to make more projects per yard. Gives flexible, firm support to all your projects including: fabric bowls, boxes, tote bags, purses, backpacks, hats and caps, costumes and accessories. Machine wash, tumble dry. #CT20000 Regular $11.90/yd #CT200002 Heavy $12.90/yd Corner Cut 60 This neon green ruler allows you to trim 60°points to match your ¼" seam allowance including scant ¼", exact ¼" and ample ¼" . #AATTC002 $7.95

Calibrated Flex-A-Shape Designing Curve Dual marked 18''/46 cm flexible curve can be used for designing quilt patterns, appliqués, pattern making, sewing and more. #D863Q $16.00

Omnigrid Hanging Ruler Organizer Free up your table space by storing rulers and notions with this great organizer. The back pocket holds an 18'' x 24'' cutting mat and your large rulers. The outer pockets store all other sizes of rulers and notions. A purchased standard yardstick is required to thread through the back sleeve of the organizer. Screws, plastic anchors and screw caps are included. #OGHRO $44.05 Qtools TM Cutting Edge These neat, reusable vinyl strips stick to the bottom of the ruler at the desired marking and provide a lip that helps you to cut repeated strips accurately. When your have finished the project, simply store the strips until you need them again. Package includes six 3/8" x 9" reusable cutting edge strips. #AA001 $5.95 49

All-in-One RulerTM Cut all commonly used quiltmaking shapes with the All-In-One Ruler. No need for a scatter of specialty rulers, this one does it all. Cut half and quarter square triangles from strips. Use as a bias-square ruler to square up bias units. Trim points easily with the built-in point trimmer. Cut 45°diamonds with ease. Includes fully illustrated instructions and a free pattern! #TPPTK1 $19.95 S t i l l L o o ki n g fo r More S elec t ion. . . . . . .

Clearview Triangles

Machine Quilting In Sections By Marti Michell You can machine quilt in sections on your own sewing machine! No extra equipment to buy! No additional space required! You can finish more quilts without the expense, or delay, of sending them out. Just divide your quilts into smaller sections so they are easy to manage and easy to assemble. This 72 page book will show you six ways to assemble quilted sections and three ways to add borders to quilted centers. Includes twelve examples of common quilt styles suitable for Low-Carb quilting: medallion, diagonal set, strippy, et cetera. Also includes four step-by-step patterns featuring Low-Carb quilting techniques. #MM8025 $20.00

Artist's Colour Wheel Now you can take the guesswork out of choosing contrasting and complimentary colours for any project! Simply dial in the primary colour at the top of the wheel and the complimentary and colour harmonies are revealed in the open windows below. Large 9½'' size for easy viewing. #CWL2 $9.95 Clearview Triangles Clearview Triangles are made of 1/8" thick clear acrylic. Use to produce any pattern based on 30°, 60°, or 120° angles. All triangles are ruled in black every 1/8". The 12" triangle insures accuracy for larger cuts. The 8" triangle tool is big enough for most cutting jobs, yet not awkward for smaller pieces. The 6" size is comfortable in the hand and easy to work with. #CVCT2 12'' $19.95 #CVCT3 8'' $15.95 #CVCT1 6'' $12.95 Super 60/120° Ruler The Super 60 is the most versatile Clearview Triangle. It is a complete 30°, 60°, 120° rotary cutting tool. Use this for all equilateral triangles and traditional patterns. #CVSR20 $18.95 60° Diamond Guide For use with the Super 60 Clearview Triangle Tool, this Static-Cling® label fits on the bottom of the Super 60 Ruler allowing you to view, center and rotary cut two sizes of 60° diamonds and even a hexagon. Includes complete instructions for the Northern Lights quilt pattern and cutting instructions for a medium-sized hexagon. Use this great tool for the quilts in Sara Nephew's book, Serendipity Quilts. #CVDG27 $6.75

Serendipity Quilts By Sara Nephew Stacked repeats combined with Sara's six pointed star designs produce rich, detailed works of art and lively, fun to make projects. 50 wedge-based block designs to choose from, plus 10+ quilt layouts in all sizes, from queen to one star wall hanging. All rotary cut and machine pieced. Uses Sara's Super 60 Ruler and the Diamond guide for fussy cut diamonds. Soft cover, 112 pages. #CVB29 $27.95 Glow-Line® Tape Use this transparent fluorescent tape for highlighting line and shapes on your ruler that you are repeatedly cutting. This low tack, ¼" wide tape will not leave a residue on the bottom of your ruler. One pink, orange and yellow 21 yard roll of Glow-Line® tape is included in the package. #OG2102 $4.45

Olfa Rotating Rotary Mats Simply cut, rotate and cut again for quick, effortless results. Use the Olfa Rotating Mat for cutting squares, triangles, diamonds, circles, any shape which would ordinarily require you to turn your project or your body around. The Rotating Mat's smooth rotating action simplifies your piecework when making multiple cuts, saving time and effort for you. Eliminates the need to turn your body, or work your way around a project. Simply rotate your work on the Rotating Mat to keep your cutting angle directly in front of you at all times. The convenient 12" square size is perfect for taking to class. The 17'' is perfect for your home work station. #RMS-12 $49.90 #RMS-17 $84.99

Dual Stencil Cutter Now there is an easy way to cut your own stencils! The razor sharp blades on this double bladed cutter are perfectly spaced for stencil cutting. Blade cover included. #SC-1 Dual Stencil Cutter $6.69 #SC-1RB 5 Replacement Blades $5.25 Chenille & Appliqué Scissors By Fons & Porter The bent stainless steel blades of these scissors make cutting appliqués on a flat surface much easier. When creating chenille, simply slip the lower blade between the bottom two layers of fabric with the upper blade above the top fabric. Cut through all layers except the bottom layer. #FP7828 $33.49



Judy Martin's Shapemaker 45 The S45 is unlike any triangular tool on the market. Now you can easily rotary cut your favourite shapes -octagons, trapezoids, prisms, bow ties, house shapes and much more. You'll cut shapes faster, with fewer strokes and no fabric waste. That will save you time, fabric & money! #CG530 $12.50 InvisiGripTM This clear non slip material will prevent your rulers, templates and mats from slipping when rotary cutting. 12½" x 1 yard. #OM2101 $6.85 Marking Pencil Removal Phosphate free solution is designed to safely remove marking pencil marks from all types of projects. Works on berol, Verithin, EZ pencils, general pencils and graphite leads. Simply spray the solution on the mark and allow it to sit for 15 seconds. Wipe with a clean soft cloth and again with a clean damp cloth. 8 oz. bottle. #MPR $7.90

Phillips Fiber Arts Cut a Round Tool Now you can cut a perfect circle everytime. Just fold your fabric in half,and half again. Place the Cut A Round tool onto the folded square, aligning the folded edge with the fold line marked on the tool. Hold your rotary cutter erect, cut slowly and deliberately. Complete instructions are included for cutting and stitching a framed circle and variations. Available in 3 sizes: #PFACARSM 2"- 8" Circles $17.49 #PFACAR 6" - 19" Circles $32.49 #PFACARLG 19" - 30" Circles $32.49 Temporary Spray Adhesive Use ATP 505® to apply stabilizers and appliqués to your quilting and embroidery projects. #ATP505 250 ml $18.80 #ATP505L 500 ml $32.00

Stack-n-WhackTM Circle Buddies Designed to help you make perfect fan bases and circles with crisp smooth edges. Includes 2", 2 ½", 3" and 3 ½" circles, designed to finish most fan and other wedge design projects. Complete instructions and Spyglass pattern are included with the template. #BSR11 $6.00 Stack-n-WhackTM 18° Fan Ruler Use the 18° fan ruler to cut five blade fans. #BSR18 $10.00 Stack-n-WhackTM 15° Fan Ruler Use this ruler to cut 15° wedges for 6 blade fans. #BR15 $10.00


Dual Pencil Sharpener Ideal for sharpening quilter's marking pencils. Also works on crayons. #T609 $3.60


Stack-nWhackipedia Whether you are new to quilting, a veteran quilter ready to try something new, or the `Stackn-Whack Queen' of your guild, this one's for you! Bethany returns with 10 years of Stack-n-Whack® under her belt, ready to share innovative designs and updated methods for her fabulous technique. Try one of a dozen projects for full size quilts using a wide variety of shapes, from simple squares and triangles to diamonds and wedges. With the basics down, you ll be ready to try your hand at your own original design. Charts for calculating yardage are provided and other handy references are included. #AQS7772 $26.95

Clearly Perfect Angles This template easily "clings" to acrylic sewing tables. Always in position and ready to sew accurate 45 degree angles. All without paper, pencils or pins! Colour coded for easy use. Save time and money! 1/4" and 5/8" seam guides. Available Mid Fall 08 #NLSCPA $11.00

Stack-n-WhackTM 45° Triangle Cutting Ruler Companion ruler for the Magic Stack-nWhackTM Quilts book. Includes cutting charts for 5", 6", 8", 9", 10" & 12" block sizes. #BSR45 $16.00


Hobbs Batting

Lite Steam-ASeam 2 This double stick, light fusible web sticks temporarily on both sides when applied. The fusible web will bond permanently when ironed. Made especially for sheer and lightweight fabrics. Use Lite Steam-A-Seam2 to apply delicate trims and lace with ease or create softer and more supple hems, seams and appliqués. #SAS5409 ¼" x 40 yds. $5.25 #SAS5410 ½" x 20 yds. $5.25 #SAS5417 5 sheets, 9" x 12" $5.50 #SAS5415 12" x 1 yard $5.25 #SAS5425 18" x 1 yard $7.75 Steam-A-Seam 2® Steam-A-Seam 2® has a pressure sensitive coating on both sides so you can position your entire appliqué. Your design is completely repositionable until fused. Edges can be left unfinished or sewn without gumming the machine needle. Machine wash and dry at low heat or dry clean. Available in 5 sizes. #5517 5 sheets, 9" x 12" $5.50 #5509 ¼" x 40 yards $5.25 #5510 ½ " x 20 yards $5.25 #5515 12 " x 1 yard $5.25 #5525 18'' x 1 yard $7.75 Retayne Retayne is used to set dyes in fabrics. Ideal for use with photo transfers and fabrics that you think will fade with washing. Available in 2 sizes. $3.10 $7.50

Hobbs Heirloom® Organic Cotton Batting Available both with and without scrim, Heirloom® Organic Cotton Batting is 100% cotton batting grown organically without chemicals. Heirloom® Organic Cotton Batting can be quilted up to 4" apart and is perfect for hand quilting. Heirloom® Organic with scrim can be quilted up to 10" apart for machine quilting and crafts. Both battings are extremely clean and will shrink up to 3 - 5%. Heirloom Organic 100% Cotton Batting #HBOR45 45" x 60" Crib $11.25 #HBOR90 90" x 108" Queen $31.25 Heirloom Organic 100% Cotton Batting with Scrim #HBORS36 36" x 45" Craft $6.90 #HBORS90 90" x 108" Queen $33.95 Heirloom® Bleached Cotton 100% bleached, needle punched cotton. This batting can be quilted either by hand or machine up to 6" apart and is machine washable. Allow for 3 - 5% shrinkage. #HBHB45 45" x 60" Crib $14.45 #HBHB90 90" x 108" Queen $31.62 #HBHB120 120" x 108" King $45.50 ORVUS® Quilt Soap Recommended when caring for delicate and precious quilts! This concentrated soap contains no phosphorus and is biodegradable. 8 oz. jar. #QR-QS $8.30

Cloud-Loft Polyester Batting Hobbs unique resin bonding technique produces an unusually uniform resin bonded polyester batting that minimizes fiber migration. Cloud loft is a high loft batting at about 5/8" thick. This product is nonallergenic, washable and can be quilted by hand or machine up to 4-6" apart. #HBCF45 45" x 60" Crib $9.10 Heirloom Premium Dark 80/20 Quilt Batting Heirloom Premium Dark Cotton blend is 80% cotton & 20% polyester, is lightly needle punched and lightly resin bonded. Heirloom Dark Premium Cotton can be quilted by hand or machine up to 4" apart. Products are washable with shrinkage of 3-5%. #HBDKHL90 90" x 108" Queen $30.50 #HBDKHL120 120" x 120" King $48.05 Foolproof Machine Quilting By Mary Mashuta Create beautiful machine quilting with your home sewing machine-no free motion required! Design and stitch beautiful machine quilting the easy way, with the walking foot on your home sewing machine. Learn to combine the right needles, threads and batting to create exactly the look you want. Add style to your machine quilting with heavyweight threads and your machine's built in decorative stitches. Use paper folding and cutting to create your own simple quilting motifs and border designs. Learn to adapt commercial templates and stencils into quilting motifs. #CT10618 $20.95 Bodacious Appliqué a la Carte Bold and beautiful, these appliqué designs leap right off the quilts! Here's a unique menu of simple appliqué patterns, ideas and techniques. A banquet of 10 complete small projects and a dozen a la carte patterns allow you to pick and choose from a variety of subjects and moods. #AQS7769 $26.95

#R4 #R16

4 oz. 16 oz.

Synthrapol Synthrapol is used to suspend and carry excess dye from fiber. It will remove any unfixed or unreacted dye and prevent it from re-depositing onto other areas of the fabric. Synthrapol is recommended as pre-wash to remove excess dye, sizing dirt and oils from fabrics before construction. Available in 2 sizes. #S4 4 oz. $3.10 #S16 16 oz. $7.10

Yardstick Compass Adjustable aluminum holders attach to yardstick, metre stick, or the 1'' x 12½'' Omnigrid® ruler. Use for drawing circles, quilt designs and more! #OMC $9.25



ThimblePackTM Now you can keep your ThimblePad®, UnderThimbleTM and replacement adhesives all in one place. Includes the ThimbleCaseTM, ThimblePad®, UnderThimbleTM and replacement adhesives, there's even room for extra needles. #TP100 $13.70 UltraThimbleTM This is simply the ultimate thimble for any hand stitching. The UltraThimbleTM is a stainless steel fingertip shield with precision cut dimples for great needle control. Attach one to your upper pushing finger (or thumb) and another to your under deflecting finger with the enclosed reusable adhesive dots. #QNSM700 Ultra Thimble $5.36 #UTR 8 Replacement $2.26 Adhesives NeedleGrip-It Flexible Self-Adhesive Dots The NeedleGrip-It self adhesive dots are designed for easy needle handling. Use on one or more fingers and thumb to grip and control needles for quicker stitching. Helps reduce aches and pains of repetitive motion. #QNSM60319 $4.55 Thimble-It® No more sore fingers! The Thimble-It is great for needle work, cross stitch and quilting. Prevents sore fingers and feels natural. #QNSM60229 $4.55 Open Sided Thimble Excellent metal thimble for people with long fingernails. $11.55 each #CN-6017 Small #CN-6018 Medium

Tuscany Collection Silk Quilt Battings 90% Silk & 10% Fine Polyester. Tuscany Silk can be quilted up to 3½" apart. It breathes naturally and is washable. Drapeable, Tuscany Silk shrinks approximately 5%. #HBTS45 45" x 60" Crib $20.60 #HBTS60 60" x 60" Throw $25.50 #HBTS72 72" x 96" Twin $43.50 #HBTS81 81" x 96" Full $45.90 #HBTS96 96" x 108" Queen $62.30


The Second Skin ThimbleTM The Second Skin ThimbleTM fits like a second skin while you quilt. The leather breathes and moves easily with your fingers. $9.95

ThimblePad® Tough adhesive thimble is strong enough to protect your fingers throughout your quilting and crafting projects. The special adhesive pad holds the ThimblePad® in place to prevent slipping. #TP 5.35 UnderThimbleTM Protection for the quilter's underhand! The UnderThimbleTM is a stainless steel deflector that will protect your underhand. Simply apply the adhesive pad to the inside of the UnderThimbleTM wait 5 minutes and you are ready to quilt. Use with the ThimblePadTM on your needle pushing finger for maximum comfort. Eight replacement adhesives are included and sold separately. #UT UnderThimbleTM $5.35 #UTR 8 Replacement $2.26 Adhesives Quilter's Leather Thimble Soft deerskin thimble fits most fingers. Side vents permit air circulation. #LT-125 $3.40 Coin Thimble Soft leather finger thimble has as special coin metal dimpled disc inserted at the fingertip for protection. #CN6014 $12.80

Tuscany Collection Washable Wool Quilt Batting Quilts magnificently by hand or machine. Tuscan Washable Wool can be quilted up to 3`` apart. Washable and breathes naturally. 100% Wool, Tuscany Washable Wool shrinks approximately 3-5%. #HBTW45 45" x 60" Crib $16.10 #HBTW60 60" x 60" Throw $19.60 #HBTW81 81" x 96" Full $41.20 #HBTW96 96" x 108" Queen $49.50 Rainbow Colour Selector This unique purse sized colour wheel provides an opening to place your fabric, paint chip or paper in with the colours. Select the most appealing colour range from the wide selection of hues and shades included. #DQ3169 $9.95 Adjustable Finger Guard Wear on the underhand to reduce sore fingers when quilting. #D3306 $1.50


Quick Bias

Clover® Quick Bias ¼" wide bias is great for stained glass, Celtic appliqué, quilting and pin weaving projects. The ¼" wide, pre-folded, fusible bias tape shapes easily around curves. Simply fuse the tape in position and stitch. ¼" Clover® Quick Bias is available in 29 colours. #QBBL Black 10 metre roll $16.80 Colours 5 metre rolls $8.40 #QBLD Lead #QBMBL Med.Blue #QBGRN Green #QBNVY Navy #QBIV Ivory #QBDBW Dark Brown #QBDGRN Dark Green #QBBB Baby Blue #QBBPK Baby Pink #QBYEL Yellow #QBRED Red #QBHGRN Hunter Grn. Metallic Colours 10 metre rolls $18.90 #700/GOLD Gold #700/SILVER Silver #700/LAME Black Lamé #700/COP Copper #700/XGRN Xmas Green #700/XRED Xmas Red Variegated #700/0777 #700/BGY #700/ETB #700/TPB 10 metre rolls $18.90 Rainbow Blue, Green,Yellow Earth Tones Teal, Blue, Purples $18.90

Clover® Fusible Bias Tape Makers Make your own fusible bias tape. Slide the Clover® fusible web though the top side of the tape maker, guide your precut bias strips through the tape maker as usual. Use a pin to anchor the two pieces and press! When you are ready to apply the bias to your project, remove the paper backing and press. Use the Clover® Mini Iron as the small shoe allows you to press a small amount of fusible web to the bias at a time and is more accurate. Use the Clover® 5 mm wide fusing tape with the 6mm (1/4") and 9mm (3/8") tape makers and the Clover® 10mm wide fusing tape with the 12mm (1/2"),18mm (3/4") and 25mm (1") tape makers. #CN-4011 6mm (1/4") $7.88 #CN-4012 9mm (3/8") $8.14 #CN-4013 12mm (1/2") $8.40 #CN-4014 18mm (3/4") $8.40 #CN-4015 25mm (1") $8.70 Clover Fusible Web This ultra fine fusible web is designed for use with the Clover® Fusible Bias Tape Makers above. Available in both 5mm and 10mm widths. #CN-4031 5mm $3.70 #CN-4032 10mm $3.95

Mini Iron IITM "The Adaptor Set" The Mini Iron IITM has five special interchangeable tips that can be used for quilting, sewing and crafting. Tips include a larger iron shoe, ball tip, slim line tip and hot knife adaptor. The regular iron shoe is included on the iron. Use these different tips for for doll making, stenciling, paper crafting, hard to reach corners and all your innovative ideas. #CN9101 Complete Set $62.92 #CN9100 Iron with Basic Shoe $36.70 #CN9108 Cooling Tote $11.50 #CN9103 Large Tip $8.35 #CN9104 Ball Tip $7.30 #CN9105 Slim Line $7.30 #CN9106 Hot Knife $7.30 #CN9107 Hot Knife Refills $7.30 The Adaptor Cooling Stand Holds the Mini Iron IITM and all of its' accessories while you work. Iron and accessories not included. #CN9109 $12.55 1/8" Clover® Mini Bias Perfect for projects originally designed as machine appliqué stained glass! Available in 11 colours. #CN730 + Colour # 5 metre roll $7.90 #1155 Dark Brown #1157 Dark Green #1158 Hunter Green #1166 Ivory #1125 Lead #1195 Navy #1115 Red Specialty 1/8" Clover® Mini Bias 10 metre rolls #CN730-1128 Black $14.70 #CN730-GOLD Gold $17.90 #CN730-SILV Silver $17.90 #CN730-0777 Rainbow $17.90

Marble 10 metre rolls #750/1115 Red #750/1128 Black #750/1155 Brown #750/1158 Hunter Green #750/1178 Green #750/1195 Navy

Binding Hem Clips Holds quilt tops, battings and bindings in place while you stitch. 1¾'' clips are rustproof nickelplated steel, 30/pkg. #BHC4 $5.99

Clover® Design Sheets Place the reusable 11.5" x16" Quick Bias Design sheet over your pattern and follow the pattern while you press the bias into shape. When the shaped Quick Bias has completely cooled, gently remove it from the design sheet and position it on your project. One final press in place and your Bias design is ready to stitch in place. #CN4040 $7.15


Square in a Square

MagEye's TM This hands free magnifier gives you a clear view of your sewing, quilting, embroidery, reading or any other detailed handwork. The cushioned headband, that fits all head sizes, supports the visor and easily swings away when not in use. Comes with 2 acrylic interchangeable lenses for the 2 1/2 X and 4 X magnification. #MAGEYES $37.45 #MAG5 5 X Magnification Lens $25.90 #MAG7 7 X Magnification Lens $25.90

Quilter's Bias Press Bars Make your own bias tubes for Celtic bias, appliqué, stained glass or craft projects. Turn the tubes right side out if necessary with your favourite tube turner and use the bias bars to press and centre the seam on the wrong side. 12" long bars made of flexible heat resistant nylon. Set includes one 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" press bars. #C165 $7.95

Square In A Square® Ruler This technique ruler and instructions will show you how to adapt thousands of complex patterns to strip piecing. Easy flying geese, half square triangles and miniatures. Accurate points for 60°, 90° and 120°. Easy rotary cutting instructions make this perfect for quilters of any skill level. #QYSNSR5 $19.95 Advancing On II With The Square In A Square® Technique By Jodi Barrows A total of 29 quilt designs, 91 block sizes and 5 additional sewing ideas are all put together in this action packed Ten Year Celebration of the Square in a Square technique. Many of these quilts have been featured in numerous quilt magazines and publications over the years. #QYSNSB15 $29.95 Leaving Riverton Pattern Book #QYSNSB14 $29.95 Moving on with Diamonds #QYSNSB17 $29.95 Liz's Mercantile #QYSNSB16 $22.95

Rag Scissors By Fons & Porter Rag Scissors are the perfect shape for clipping rag quilts as they are designed for cutting through multiple layers of fabric. #FP7827 $27.99 Celtic Pieced Illusions By Karen Combs Karen has translated knot work into pieced patterns. She found she can create many Celtic designs with two, three, or more blocks, so the possibilities are unlimited. Famous for her use of colour and colour illusion, the author shows how to use colour, texture and value to add excitement to Celtic quilts. #AQS7014 $24.95

The Ultimate Marking Pencil For Quilters & Crafters This mechanical pencil draws washable lines that are fine enough to fit through stencil openings. Available in black only or 3 pencil set of red, blue and yellow. #UMP01 Black w. refills .5mm $5.60 #UMP01R 12 black refills .5mm $2.95 #UMP02 Black w. refills .7mm $5.95 #UMP02R 12 black refills .7mm $3.20 #UMP03 Colour set w. refills $12.99 #UMP03R Colour refills $5.00 The Ruby BeholderTM A value finder and window template in one. The window end of the template has a 1 ½" opening, for previewing fabric designs. The outer edge of the opening is ¼" so your seam allowance is added. Use the solid area to see the light and dark values of your chosen fabrics. #RB3 $7.95 Brass Curved Basting Pins Rustproof pins have just the right angle for easy, comfortable insertion. Super fine point makes them ideal for quilt basting. #3030 Size 1, 100/pkg. #3031 Size 2, 75/pkg. $6.75 $8.50

Thread Heaven This acid free, non-toxic thread conditioner stops fraying and reduces tangling without leaving any residue. #TH $3.90

The Angler 2TM Make snowballs, diagonal corners and ends, flying geese, triangle-squares and mitered corners in half the time with The AnglerTM. Fits all sewing machines and can be easily installed, removed and reinstalled in a few minutes with masking tape. Includes stepby-step instructions. #A3 $5.98


Photo Transfer

Photo Fun Print Your Own Fabric for Quilts & Crafts By Hewlett-Packard Company, Edited By Cyndy Lyle Rymer Learn how to capture images, create your own printed fabrics, make custom quilt labels and take full advantage of today's technology. 12 quilt and accessory projects are designed to take advantage of your photos and graphics on any brand of printer and scanner. Stepby-step instructions will guide you through the process. Soft cover, full colour, 64 pages. #CT10381 $17.95 Washable Colourfast Printer Fabric Sheets Ideal for ink jet printers. Just prepare your artwork on your computer and print. Once the ink has dried rinse the fabric gently in cold water and lay flat to dry. Your art is ready to be stitched into your next project. Package contains three 8 ½" x 11" white sheets and instructions. #JT-900 $12.99 Printed Treasures Fabric Sheets Sew-On Printable Fabric Sheets work with any inkjet printer or inkjet copier and are colourfast and washable. Personalize quilts and sewing projects with your favourite photos and patterns. Paper-like print quality on cotton fabric sheets. Retains image clarity and colour after washing. Soft and pliable for easy sewing. 200 thread count, pima cotton. #PT001 5 sheets $17.99 #PT112 12 sheets $39.99 #PT150 50 sheets $162.50

Olfa® Rotary Point Cutter Perfect for cutting out large sections of reverse appliqué stained glass! The unique curved blade reduces drag when cutting. Simply unscrew the blade to reverse it when it becomes dull or retract it for safety. #OLFATECH-2 $13.70 #TEB-1 Replacement Blade $9.45 More Photo Fun New Ideas for Printing on Fabric for Quilts & Crafts By Cyndi Lyle Rymer, Lynn Koolish & the Hewlett-Packard team. Use easy-tolearn photo effects to jazz up our quilts and crafts! Step-by-step recipes are included for creating interesting effects on fabric using your digital camera, scanner and computer. Make unique fabrics by using 3-D objects, painted effects and more. #CT10418 $19.95 Easy PieceTM Foundation Paper Semi-transparent foundation paper makes positioning fabric patches a snap! Use in any photocopier or printer without jamming. Twenty-five, 8½" x 11" sheets and a free pattern. #EPFP $5.99 Quilter's Slip'N Grips Prevent slippage when marking and using rotary cutters! Fabric grips are 3/8'' sandpaper tabs with peel-off protective paper. Just mount on rulers and templates and they stay put, 32 grips/pkg. #D3141 $2.95 Stitch `n Pitch Paper Piecing Paper This 8" wide, 221' roll of lightweight paper is perfect for paper piecing projects. Remove completely when your project is completed. #SNPP $8.75

Add-An-Eighth, Add-A-Quarter & Add-Three-Eighths Rulers These rulers are perfect for paper piecing. Each ruler has a specially designed lip which allows you to trim your seam allowances perfectly with a rotary cutter, making positioning of your next fabric patch a snap. Use the Add-A-Quarter Ruler for full sized projects. The Add-An-Eighth is ideal for miniatures and smaller details on larger projects. #AE 6" Add-An-Eighth $6.50 #AQT6 6'' Add-A-Quarter $6.50 #AQT12 12" Add-A-Quarter $9.50 #AQT38 12" Add-Three-Eighths $9.50 #CMA Add Enough $5.00

Freezer Paper 18" wide white freezer paper is perfect for appliqué, stained glass projects and more. 15.3 metre roll. #QFP $8.50

Kwik-Trace"TM Pattern Tracer The comfortable "Sure-Grip" holder holds the 2 pencils ¼" apart for accurate tracing and enlarging of patterns, calligraphy designs and craft projects. Uses standard pencils, 2 included. #QR-6789 $4.95 12 Days of Christmas The 12 Days of Christmas embodies this spirit of giving to those you truly love. Enjoy and share the spirit of these delightful and easy projects. #ATH536 $18.00


Piecemakers Needles

Piecemakers® Hand Needles These quality needles were designed with the hand stitcher in mind. The eyes of these needles are clean so they won't fray thread. They are sharp. They glide through fabric like a knife through butter. Strong and sturdy so they won't break easily. Some even claim they are easier to thread! Quilting/ Betweens #PQ-8 Size 8 #PQ-9 Size 9 #PQ-10 Size 10 #PQ-12 Size 12 Embroidery #PEA 5/10 Asst. #PE7 Size 7 #PE8 Size 8 $1.85 each 20/pkg. 20/pkg. 20/pkg. 15/pkg. $1.85 each 16/pkg. 16/pkg. 16/pkg.

Quilter's Tacking Gun Kit Tack your quilts for hand or machine quilting quickly and easily with this super fine point tacking gun! Kit includes 1,000 3/8'' quilt tacks. #TG Tacking Gun Kit $58.90 #TGB1500 1500 Barbs $15.95 #TGB1700 4000 Barbs $30.95 #TGN Extra Needle $7.50

Quilter's Stencil Transfer Pad Quickly transfers quilt stencil designs to your quilt. Position the stencil on the quilt and stamp the chalk filled pad over the stencil. The markings are transferred to your quilt top. Package includes one stencil pad and one 14 oz. package of chalk. Choose either white or blue chalk. #QSTP4B Blue Chalk $12.90 #QSTP4W White Chalk $12.90 10 oz. Chalk Pad Refills #CHK8W White #CHK8B Blue $5.50 $5.50

Chenille $1.85 each #PNCA 18/22 Asst. 6/pkg. #PNC-20 Size 20 6/pkg. #PNC-22 Size 22 6/pkg. Doll Making #PND-3 Size 3 1/2" 3/pkg. $2.10 #PND-5 Size 5 1/8" 2/pkg. $2.70 #PND-7 Size 7 " 2/pkg. $3.40 Beading #PNBA 10/13 Asst. 4/pkg. $1.70 Darners/Doll Sculpting #PNDD Size 7 10/pkg. $1.85 Sharps #PNS-A Tapestry #PMT-22 #PMT-24 #PMT-26 #PMT-28 5/10 Asst. 20/pkg. $1.85

Quilt-FuseTM Quilt-FuseTM is a sheer lightweight fusible interfacing designed to simplify Watercolour and Bargello quilt construction. The generous 48" wide backing is large enough to accommodate most projects and it is light enough to manage easily at the sewing machine. Available in 1", 1 ½" and 2" grids. Just cut your squares or strips to match the grid you are using and place them on the preprinted grid. When you are satisfied with the design press them in place and stitch following the instructions. #HQF15 1 1/2" Grid $6.00/yd. #JT-710 1" Grid 45" x 72" $11.80 Instant Bargello By Susan Kisro Inspired by the style but intimidated by the methods for making beautiful Bargello quilts? With this ingenious technique, you can transform theme fabrics like nature prints and animal motifs into beautiful "instant" Bargello-style designs. Create six fast, fun quilts to show off your favourite fabrics with minimal effort. Just strip, cut, stagger and sew for one-of-akind results every time. #TPP931 $14.95

Quilter's Stencil Transfer Pad with Miracle Chalk As above but with white 2.5 oz Miracle Chalk. Markings remove with an iron. Always test with batting before marking your quilt top. #7116A $15.95


Size 22 Size 24 Size 26 Size 28

6/pkg. 6/pkg. 6/pkg. 6/pkg.

$1.85 $1.85 $1.85 $2.05

Stipples Made EasyTM Easily create stippled machine quilting in three designs without marking your quilt top. Just position the pattern onto your quilt. Using free motion quilting, stitch through the paper following the printed pattern. Tear the paper away when finished. 26 ` roll, 9¼" wide stipple pattern backed with adhesive strips. Instructions included. Shown top to bottom. $14.95each #QME-301 Large #QME-302 Small


Q SnapTM

The Setting Triangle By Lynn Graves Do you love quilts that are set on point, but get frustrated with the math? Just use the Setting Triangle ruler. Simply find the size of your unfinished block down the side and follow the line to the center to see the size of strip you need to cut. Complete instructions are included. #SETL $19.95

Clover® Rotary Cutters Available in both 45mm and 28mm sizes, the Clover rotary cutter is ideally suited to both the left and right handed user. #CN7503 18mm $12.60 #CN7501 28mm $13.65 #CN7500 45mm $17.35 #CN7502 60mm $29.40 Clover® Replacement Blades For use with Clover® Rotary cutters above. #CN7513 18mm blade 5/ pack $15.25 #CN7514 28mm blade 2/ pack $7.60 #CN7515 28mm blade 5/ pack $15.25 #CN7508 45mm blade 1/ pack $7.50 #CN7509 45mm blade 5/ pack $27.30 #CN7510 60mm blade 1/ pack $10.75 #CN7511 60mm blade 5/ pack $49.35 Clover® Rotary Cutter Lights These unique lights fit on on your Clover® Rotary Cutters. Batteries included. #CN3952 28mm $8.35 #CN3951 45mm $8.35 #CN3950 60mm $8.35 #CN3953 Batteries $3.20

Q SnapTM Lap Frames The lightweight sturdy Q SnapTM Frame is perfect for all your hand quilting needs. The ribbed inner surface of the clamp holds tension adjustments securely. Simply turn the clamp outward to tighten, inward to loosen. Compact for easy storage. #QS606 6" x 6" $11.40 #QS808 8" x 8" $12.90 #QS1111 11" x 11" $14.30 #QS1117 11" x 17" $15.56 #QS1717 17" x 17'' $16.90 Q SnapTM Half Frames Easily combine the half frame arms with the full frame arms to build an 8" x 11", 8" x 17" or 11" x 17" frame. 2 arms and elbow joints per package. #QSH8 8" $6.50 #QSH11 11" $8.15 #QSH17 17" $9.30 Q SnapTM Floor Frame 28" x 39" x 31 1/2" floor frame gives you over 1,092 square inches of quilting surface. It's also great for holding the quilt in place while you baste! Quick to assemble without tools. #QS2839 $97.80 Q SnapTM Floor Frame Extension Extend the floor frame from 28" x 39" to 28" x 78"! #QSFE $62.46 Q Tilt 2 The Q Tilt 2 allows you to customize your Q SnapTM floor frame to a comfortable angle. Available late Fall. Call for details. Replacement Clamps #QSRF-LC Floor Frame Long #QSRF-SC Floor Frame Short #QSSF-N17 17 " New Style 14 ½" long #QSSF-N11 11" New Style 8 ½" long #QSSF-O17 17 " Old Style 13 ½" long #QSSF-O11 11" Old Style 7" long #QSSF-CL08 8" Clamp 5 ½" long $8.00 $8.00 $4.00 $4.00 $4.00 $4.00 $4.00

Deluxe Ruler Handle Simply press the suction cups of the handle to the ruler or template. The handle holds securely and makes cutting and marking a breeze. #D879Q $4.95

Clover® Slash Cutter The Clover Slash Cutter comes with both the short and long guides. Use the shorter guide to cut up to the tip of chevrons, circles and curves. Use the longer guide when cutting straight runs. Uses Clover® 28mm replacement blades shown below. #CN-499 $16.55 Ultimate Point Trimmer This clear acrylic guide is perfect for trimming points off of triangles and other angles to ¼". Ideal for use with any 45º angle including triangles, trapezoids, diamonds and parallelograms. Includes instructions. #CG540 $7.50 58

Clover® Rotary Cutter Case A colourful, safe and protective place to store your Clover® Rotary Cutters. #CN7531 18mm & 28mm $9.98 #CN7532 45mm $11.05 #CN7533 60mm $12.10

Easy Circle-CutTM Ruler Unique and innovative tool by Sharon Hultgren helps you to rotary cut circles from 2" to 10" (finished size). Great for Drunkard's Path Designs, Pieced Circle Blocks & Yo-Yos. #EZ8823749 $20.00

Quilt In A Day


Bias SquareTM Ruler Easily cut and sew bias square units with this innovative ruler! Ideal for use on quilts that contain squares made of two contrasting fabrics. The short sides of the triangles are on the straight grain while the long sides are on the bias. Available in 4 sizes with 1/8'' markings on the imperial rulers. Includes explicit instructions and time saving tips. #BS6 6" Bias Square $9.95 #BS8 8" Bias Square $12.95 #BS4 4" Bias Square $8.95 #BS20 20 cm Metric $12.95

Flying Geese Rulers These rulers are designed to make Flying Geese patches in two sizes. The small ruler makes geese patches 1½" x 3" and 3" x 6". The large ruler makes 2" x 4" and 4" x 8" patches. The larger geese patch is printed in teal and the smaller patch in red on both rulers. Made of sturdy clear acrylic. Use with blocks found in the Pioneer Sampler, Bears In the Woods Quilt and Stars Across America and Northern Star books, all by Eleanor Burns. #EB2006 Small $7.30 #EB2007 Large $9.40 Rulers From Quilt In a Day® Easy to use rulers have double sight lines for both dark and light fabrics. The ¼" and 1/8" markings every 2 inches let you cut accurately without distorting your view while the ¼" lengths are perfect for seam allowances. Ruler has 45° and 60° angles for bias. #EB2002 Six By Twelve $13.15 #EB2003 Six By Twenty Four $16.75 #EB2014 4" x 14" $13.15 #EB2001 6" x 6" $8.35 #EB2004 12 ½" x 12 ½" $15.70 #EB2005 16 " x 16" $22.00 #EB2012 9 ½" x 9 ½" $14.65 Triangle Square Up Ruler From Quilt in a Day® Make perfect half triangle squares and quarter triangle squares in sizes up to 6 ½". The Triangle Square Up Ruler is designed for use with many of Eleanor Burns' books including Bears In The Woods and Town Square Sampler. #EB2010 $12.10

w! Mini Ruler Set Mini Ruler Set contains 2 Mini Flying Geese Rulers and a 2½" Fussy Cut Ruler. Mini Geese One is designed to make Flying Geese patches in two different finished sizes: 2" x 4" and 1" x 2". Mini Geese Two is also designed to make two different finished sizes: 1½" x 3" and ¾ " x 1½". A fussy cut is a selected image, such as a flower, centered on your patch. With a Fussy Cut Ruler, you can cut the identical image repeatedly with ease. #EB2020 $13.95

Victory Quilts Along with strip piecing, Eleanor teaches her techniques for squaring up triangle pieced squares, appliqué, flying geese patches, Y seams and much more. Make a Sampler Quilt "set on point" or straight set. Each method is clearly explained and has step-by-step illustrations in full colour. Ribbon and swag borders are explained in detail and add unique interest to the quilt projects. Same block repeat patterns are included in addition to a tablerunner. #EB1078 $27.95


ScrapmasterTM Now there is a easy way to use up those odd shaped scraps from your quilting and wearable art projects! The ScrapmasterTM lets you quickly cut half square triangles in an assortment of sizes from those odd shaped pieces and the edges of triangles left over after cutting bias squares. Includes clear instructions. #SSCR $11.95 Mary Sue's Triangle Ruler This multi-angle ruler lets you cut "Wing" and "Kaleidoscope" triangles quickly and accurately to create exciting blocks and quilts with unusual angles. Use the ruler with any project that requires triangles. Full instructions included. #TPPTRI $12.95 The Triangle/ Kaleidoscope Ruler From Quilt In A Day® Perfect for Kaleidoscope Triangles. Easy to use ruler has double sight lines for both dark and light fabrics. Use the centerline for accurate cutting, ¼" markings along the sides are perfect for seam allowances. #EB2009 $13.15

Rotary Mat Smoother Easily remove fabric fibers embedded in your rotary mat without damaging the grid markings. #5711 $18.95 Lint Magnet Keep your work area free of thread, lint and dust or batting with the Lint Magnet. Just a quick sweep of the hand and your area is clean. Perfect for use after cleaning your mat with the Rotary Mat Smoother. #5712 $3.98


Rotary Cutters & Mats

Omnigrid ® Rulers Omnigrid® rulers are precision laser cut to .0005''. The double sight lines in contrasting black and yellow make these rulers easy to use on both light and dark fabrics. Cut any size geometric shape without templates. Designed for both left and right-handed use. Heavy duty, clear acrylic plastic. #OG25G 2½" x 2½" $4.40 #OGR-018 3'' x 18'' Gridded $14.40 #OGR-106 6'' x 6'' Gridded $9.96 #ORG6A 6'' x 6'' Angle $9.96 #OGR-125 6'' x 12'' $13.25 #OGR-124 6'' x 24'' $19.95 #OGR6524 6 ½'' x 24'' $20.99 #OGR-112 12 ½'' x 12 ½'' $20.99 #OGR-001 1'' X 6'' $3.45 #OGR-012 1" x 12 ½'' $5.95 #OGR-015 15'' x 15'' $24.70 #OGR-104 4" x 4" $6.60 #OGR45G 4½" x4½" $7.15 #OGR65G 6½" x 6½" $11.05 #OMR95 9 ½'' x 9 ½'' $14.40 #OMR96 6" Right Triangle $13.29 #OMR96L 8" Right Triangle $16.60

Olfa Rotary Cutting Mats Self healing mat that can be used on both sides. 1" grid markings with bias lines. Available in three sizes. #RM-CG 12'' x 18'' $21.95 #RM-SG 18'' x 24'' $38.90 #RM-MG 24'' x 36'' $71.90

Magic Tiles Quilt Pattern By Kathleen Bissett Follow Canadian quilter Kathleen Bissett's instructions to create your own Magic Tiles quilt complete with "grout". Twelve 14" squares will produce approximately a 44" x 58" quilt before adding the borders. #KB01 $9.99

Olfa® Deluxe Rotary Cutters The unique locking system of these ergonomic cutters allows you to lock the blade open or closed. By squeezing the handle you can extend the unlocked blade and cut your piece. When you release the handle the blade automatically retracts to it's resting position. No more fear of small hands. Uses regular Olfa® replacement blades. #RTY-1DX 28mm $28.98 #RTY-2DX 45mm $29.90 #RTY-3DX 60mm $51.50 Olfa Replacement Blades These blades fit both the standard and Deluxe Olfa Rotary Cutters. #RB18-2 18mm 2/pack $8.69 #RB28-1 28mm 2/pack $9.46 #RB28-5 28mm 5/pack $22.22 #RB45-1 45mm 1/pack $9.45 #RB45-5 45mm 7/pack $52.50 #RB45-10 45mm 10/pack $75.40 #RB60-1 60mm 1/pack $13.15 #RB60-5 60mm 5/pack $60.90 #PIB45-1 45mm Pinking $11.49 1/pack #WAB45-1 45mm Wave $11.49 1/pack #SCB45-1 45mm Scallop $11.49 1/pack

Tango Tiles By Kathleen Bissett Starting with sixteen or more tile fabrics and the addition of grout (sound familiar?) and accent dots, Tango Tiles blocks are produced. Many fabric combinations will work well. 16 different batik-type fabrics, black grout and numerous solid fabrics for the accent dots within each block. #KB03 $9.99 Star Dance: A Modular Coffee Table Quilt By Kathleen Bissett Are your beds and walls covered with quilts? Do you need a new surface for display? Why not a coffee table? This modular stained glass quilt design is comprised of six equilateral triangles. Rotating the modules changes the design. The finished hexagonal quilt measures approximately 15" x 17". These small modular pieces work particularly well with solids, hand dyed and batik type fabrics. #KB04 $9.99 Garden Delight Pattern By Kathleen Bissett Canadian quilter Kathleen Bissett's pattern includes complete instructions and fabric requirements for a twin, queen and king size bed quilt. #KB02 $9.99

Dual Rotary Blade Smoothers Restores dull rotary blades to razor sharpness! Recycle your blades with a smoother that's fast, safe and effective. Secure the blade in the protective holder. Use the coarse side to sharpen and smooth out nicks. Use the fine side to hone the blade. Available in 3 sizes. Smoothers #5728 28mm $17.95 #5790 45mm $17.95 #5760 60mm $17.95 Replacement Discs #5728R 28mm #5792R 45mm #5760R 60mm 60 $5.99 $5.99 $5.99

Quilt Storage

Fons & Porter ¼"Seam Markers This is the next generation of ruler for marking ½ and ¼ square triangles. Simply place the solid centre line in the middle of the fabric and mark your stitching lines on the outer edges of the ruler. Instructions for two patchwork blocks included. #FPR7845 $13.90


Diamond Cut Ruler - A Girl's Best Friend Perfect 60° diamonds every time. Cut 1" to 6" diamonds in ¼" increments without measuring. Use with your rotary cutter and cutting mat. #JT799 $18.00 Fons & Porter Storage Solutions Each of these boxes is made of light weight durable material. Their one piece design lets you assemble them in a flash! Stack boxes on top of each other for an attractive way to store unfinished projects and fabrics. Each box folds flat when not in use. A - Quilter's Fat Quarter Box Perfect for storing your fat quarters. 6" X 12" X 6''. #FP7878 $17.49 B - Quilter's Block Box Easy to assemble and disassemble with attached hook and loop tape. Size 13" X 13" X 2". #FP7880 $18.79 C - Quilter's Jumbo Fat Quarter Box This 12'' X 12'' X 6'' box is perfect for storing your fat quarters. Use more than one to sort your fabrics by colour groupings. #FP7879 $20.99 Shape Cut Pro Use the Shape Cut Pro with any rotary cutter and rotary cutting mat. Large 20" x 23" grid to accomodate full width of fabrics. 2½" slots increments to cut strips for "Jelly Rolls" Cut 5" strips, rotate ruler 90 . degrees and sub-cut, for 5" charm squares. #JT777 $60.00 Quiltastic Curves By Tammy Kelly Conquer your curved piecing fears forever! With just a few template shapes, you can create any of these curvaceous quilts. Just follow along step-by-step and take your next quilting journey around the bend. Choose from a dozen curvy quilt projects, from small wall hangings to bed quilts. Find fabric selection tips to help you choose and use strong, fresh colours in traditional designs. #TPP878 $26.95 On-Point Quilts By Retta Warehime Give classic blocks a new twist a 45° twist, that is! Popular author Retta Warehime gives favourite quilt blocks a fresh look with exciting on-point designs. Discover her ideas for creating stunning quilts, just by turning blocks on point. Ten diagonally set quilt patterns spotlight Retta's warm, homey style. Discover how to calculate sizes for setting triangles and corners, all without tricky sewing or messy math. Try pieced setting triangles and sashing to achieve an even more complex look. Simply stack, slice, shuffle and sew. Play with straight, curvy, or funky cut angles for surprising results in each block. #TPP895 $21.95 Read Joanne's Blog


Dresden Express 16 Use with your rotary cutter and rotary cutting mat to create fast and easy Dresden Plates.22° angles to create a full circle. Finish blades with a rounded or pointed top. #JT790 $13.50 Dresden Express 12 Use with your rotary cutter and rotary cutting mat to create fast and easy Dresden Plates. 30° angles to create a full circle. Finish blades with a rounded or pointed top. #JT791 $15.50 Creative Classics: 250 Playful Contiuous-Line Quilting Designs By Laura Lee Fritz Rev up your hand or machine quilting with 250 playful new continuous line variations on 5 favourite quilting motifs. #CT10615 $21.95


New Books

Sawtooth - New Quilts from an Old Favourite By AQS Here's the newest edition of this collectible contest series! Once again, quilters from all over rise to the annual challenge of creating an original interpretation of a classic block. In this year's contest, sponsored by the Museum of the American Quilter's Society in Paducah, Kentucky, the Sawtooth block takes center stage. Stunning design, superb visual impact and originality are the hallmarks of these contest quilts. The book features the contest semifinalists and winners. Each quilter shares her inspiration and design process. Original drawings, design decisions, in-process photographs and background stories described in the quilters' own words enliven this perennial favourite. #AQS7615 $26.95 Debbie Mumm's Colors from Nature Nature gives us endless beauty to enjoy and to use as inspiration and that is what this book is about. Debbie Mumm looked at some of the beautiful colours that nature gives us and used these as an inspiration to create 50 quilt, craft and decorating projects. Projects include quilts, table runners, placemats, banners, a tote bag and pillows, plus coordinating accessories to craft. #LSA4540 $19.95 Rolling Along Easy Quilts from 2½" Strips By Nancy J. Martin Grab a bundle of the latest fabric goodies,Jelly Rolls! and join designer Nancy J. Martin for a batch of quilted treats. Jelly Rolls are made up of assorted 2½" strips, all rolled up and ready to go. Discover Nancy's special tips for making the most of these creative cuts. #TPP925 $24.95

Stunning AnglePlay Quilts By Margaret J. Miller Step out of the ordinary and into a whole new world of piecing possibilities with quilts made from half rectangle triangles. Margaret's AnglePlayTM method makes them a breeze to cut and piece. You'll create quilts with a sense of life, movement and elegant curves, even though all the piecing is in easy straight lines. 42 dazzling blocks with easy-to-use cutting charts, piecing illustrations and full size template patterns. 6 eye catching quilts with complete patterns and instructions. #CT10561 $20.95 Also Available: Margaret Millers Angle Play Templates $29.90 each #MQT202 AnglePlay Set 1 #MQT203 AnglePlay Set 2 #MQT204 AnglePlay Set 3 #MQT205 AnglePlay Set 4 Thread Painting Made Easy By Terry White More and more quilters are using thread to add texture and excitement to their quilts as colours, types and styles of threads abound! Here is everything you need to know to get started. This longtime quilter shares all the tips and tricks she has gleaned from years of experimentation with free motion machine stitching with threads. Here is a complete guide to the tools, supplies and stitches you will need. Sewing machine setup, needles, thread, fabric and stabilizers all are covered. The author's Get set up and GO! attitude will have quilters jumping into the wonderful world of machine thread painting. Her encouraging, right there beside you style will give quilters all the confidence they need. #AQS7603 $26.95

Photo-Fabric Play Give someone you love the best gift of all, good memories. These 13 easy projects include a scrapbook quilt with photos of favourite people, a wallhanging that displays a child's artwork, a word and picture quilt for beginning readers, a growth chart, scrapbook pages, a scrapbook clock and other clever ways to display photos and treasured objects. #CT10626 $16.95 Piecing with Pixels Who ever thought your camera and computer could be your most valuable quilting tools? Going far beyond the concept of simply transferring photos to fabric, the authors show you how to transform your favourite photos into dazzling quilts. Learn how to `piece' traditional blocks and original `appliqué' designs using Adobe® Photoshop® Elements software to create, modify, embellish and print the designs directly onto fabric. The intriguing digital projects include easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. It is fun and efficient to copy, resize and reprint your blocks to create larger or smaller quilts, table runners, pillows, or note cards. You'll love using common images in uncommon ways, creating fabrics for your own wonderfully unique quilts. Collectively, this talented California team has been quilting for nearly 50 years. Both are enthusiastic teachers. Gudny is a PC expert who also teaches painting on fabric. Sandra is a Macintosh expert who has been teaching how to print images onto fabric and incorporate them into quilts. Together they teach workshops on their digital-quilting technique. Available October `08 #AQS7775 $26.95


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AnglePlay Templates. . . . . . . . 62 Angler. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55 Aquabond. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 ATP505. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51 Awls. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2, 3 Bamboo Batting. . . . . . . . .. . . . . 34 Basting Tape . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Batting. . . . . . . . . . . . . 34, 52, 53 Beeswax . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Bendable Light . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .37 Best Press Starch. . . . . . . . . . . 37 Bias Cut Silk Charmuese. . . . . . 9 Bias Press Bars. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55 Bias Tape Makers. . . . . . . . . . . 3 Blade Smoothers. . . . . . . . . . . 60 Bodkin. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2, 3 Buttonhole Cutters. . . . . . . . . 2, 7 Chanel Chain. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 ClearView Rulers . . . . . . . .. . . . 50 Clover® Mini Iron. . . . . . . . . . . . . 54 Clover® Rotary Cutters. . . . . . . . . 58 Crayola Fabric Crayons. . . . . . . 32 Curved Basting Pins . . . . . . . . . .55 Diamond Cut Ruler . . . . . . . . . . .61 Diamond Extension Table. . . . 12 Digital Velocity Iron. . . . . . . . . .28 Direct-a-Seam. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 Double Faced Tape . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Drawstring Threader. . . . .. . . . 23 Dresden Express. . . . . . . . . . . . . 61 Easy Cut Circle Ruler . . . . . . . . .58 Easy Edge Applique Tool. . . . . 31 Elastic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15 Elastic Guides .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3 Eleanor Burns . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 59 Elisa's Back Porch . . . . . . . . . . . . 48 Embroidery Aids . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Embroidery Hoops . . . . . . . . . . .20 Ergonomic Tools . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 Ezy Glide . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5 Fabric Folding Pen . . . . .. . . . . . . 2 Fast2fuse . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49 Fasturn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Felting Tool . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41 Fine Fuse . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20 Fly Topstitching Guides® . . . . 1 Fons & Porter Marking . . . . . . . 38 Fons & Porter Rulers. . . . . 39, 40

Foundation Paper. . . . . . . . . . . . 33 Fray Away . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Fray Check . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Freezer Paper . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56 French Curve . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14 Fusible Bias Tape Makers . . . . 54 Glow Line Tape . . . . . . . . . . . . . .50 Glue . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9, 31 Grip Covers. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 Gypsy Gripper . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 Ham Holder. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Hand Needles: Clover . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18 John James. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Piecemakers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .57 Hem Marker. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Hemostat . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Hera Markers. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Hobbs Battings. . . . . . . . . . . 52, 53 Interfacing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15 InvisiGrip . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .51 Iron Clean. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 Irons. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .28, 54 Japanese Tailoring . . . . . . . . . . . .9 Jaws. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 Jean a Ma Jig . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8 Klutz Gloves. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39 Kwik Klip. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 Laundry Basket Quilts . . . . . . . 47 Lickity Grip . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 Linen Wash. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 Little Genie. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 Little Wooden Iron . . . . .. . . . . . 30 Long Board. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Loop Turners . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2,3,7 Machine Accessories . 10,12,19 Machine Needles. . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 MagEyes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55 Magic Mirrors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .31 Magic Wand . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10 Magnet Pin Caddy . . . . . . . . . . 32 Marking Pencil Removal . . . . . 51 Marking Tools . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 - 6 Marti Michell . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 44 Mat Smoother . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .59 Measuring Tools . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Mini Vacuum . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10 Misty Fuse . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1, 20

Mylar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 Needle Accessories . . . . 16,18 Needle Sharpener . . . . . . . . . . . 32 Needle Threaders . . . . . . . 17,18 Olfa Cutters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60 Omnigrid Rulers . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60 Omnigrip . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .49 ORVUS® Quilt Soap . . . . . . . . . .52 Paper Foundations . . . . . . . . . . .33 Patterns . . 13,15, 23, 24, 47, 48 Pattern Box . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Pattern Paper . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Pencil Sharpener .. . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Photo Transfer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .56 Pins & Accessories . . . . . . . 17, 39 Pin Cushion . . . . . . . . . . 17, 38, 40 Pocket Curve Template. . . . . . . . 3 Point Turner. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Posture Pleaser.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Power Sewing DVD's . . . . . . . . 23 Pressing Supplies. 28 ­ 30,40, 41 QSnap . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58 Quick Bias . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54 Quilt In A Day . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 59 Quilter's DVD's . . . . . . . . . . . . 45,46 Quilter's FabricCalc . . . . . . . . . . 31 Quilter's Preview Paper . . . . . .32 Quilters Basting Gun . . . . . . . . . 57 Quilters Gloves . . . . . . . . . . . .40,49 QuiltFuse . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .57 Quilting Paper . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .33 Quitlers' Pencil Tin . . . . . . . . . . .32 Retayne. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52 Ricky Tims. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1,46 Roll Line Tape . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9 Ron Colllins . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .23 Rotary Mats . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 Roving. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41 Safety Pins. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 Sandpaper Dots. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56 Sandra Betzina DVD's . . . . . . . .23 Scissors. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8,25,50 Seam Ripper. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2,3,7 Seams Great . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6 Serger Supplies. . . . . . . . 26 ­ 27 Setting Triangle . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58 Sewing Edge . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .37 Simflex/Expandable Gauge . . .3

Skill Builders Machine Quilting ..34 Slash Cutter. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58 Snag Repair Tool . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Snaps & Tool. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Solvron . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Soy Cotton Batting . . . . . . . . . . .34 Space Tape . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Square in a Square . . . . . . . . . . . 55 Stack n WhackTM . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51 Stay Tape . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Steam-A-Seam. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52 Stencil Transfer Pad . . . . . . . . . .57 Stipples Made Easy. . . . . . . . . . . 57 Storage. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41, 61 Straight Tape. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Stuffing Tool . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2 Sulky® Stabilizers. . . . . . . . .. . . 22 Supreme Slider . . . . . . . . . . . . . .31 Synthrapol . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52 Tailor Board . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 Tape . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5 Tape Measure . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14 Teflon Pressing Sheet . . . . 28,30 Template Plastic. . . . . . . . .. . . . . 33 Templates . . . . . . . . . 42, 44, 47,48 Thimbles . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41, 53 Thread Heaven . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55 Thread . . 20, 21, 26 ­ 27,35 - 36 Thread Stand. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 ThreadSecure . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32 Thread Storage . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Timtex . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15 Tracing Paper. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Tracing Wheels . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Trolley Needle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Tweezers. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Uber Light . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 Ultimate Point Trimmer. . . . . 58 V95. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Wigan. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15 Wonder Tape . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Yardstick Compass . . . . . . . . . . . 52

Pat Sloan's I Can't Believe I'm Quilting Beyond the Basics Ready to take your quilting skills to the next level? Pat Sloan is the perfect guide in this book designed for quilters who have mastered the basics and are ready to explore new techniques. The popular teacher introduces you to her easy methods for making flying geese, speed quiltmaking process with chain piecing, and the secrets to perfect curved piecing. Experience the fun of paper piecing, give your quilt a different look by setting blocks on point and much more! Each technique is presented in lesson form with a quick to finish companion project. #LSA4430 $11.95

Quilter's Happy Hour 11 Quilts with Cocktail Recipes By Lori Buhler Every hour is happy hour when you're quilting! Here's a toast to a fast and fun technique for easy curved piecing, plus a tasty cocktail recipe to pair with each quilt you make. Choose from 11 colourful quilts, each inspired by a delicious happy hour drink. Use machine stitched appliqué to create complex looking curved designs in a snap. Simply sew curved shapes onto interfacing and then turn the shapes right side out and stitch into place for perfectly curved edges every time. #TPP867 $24.95

Machine Quilting Basics & Beyond: The Complete Stepby-Step Visual Guide A complete step-by-step visual guide from teacher and master machine quilter Lynn Witzenburg that takes quilters through the basic steps of quilting on a home sewing machine. #LN11216 $27.95 We understand that not everyone is comfortable with Online Ordering. Please feel free to browse our site and call in your order. 1.800.811.6611

Beautiful Blooms Quilts and Cushions to Appliqué By Susan Taylor Propst Inspired by the gorgeous gardens that dot the British landscape, this American quilter has turned images of genteel scenery into stunning quilts and pillows. The featured patterns in this book include appliquéd blooms in 10 wall quilts with 10 coordinating cushions ranging from 16" to 20" square, all in a variety of creative colour combinations from English roses, Irish shamrocks, Welsh daffodils and more. Instructions for hand and fusible web appliqué and helpful tips for choosing a colour palette are also covered. #TPP872 $27.95



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