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JPPS-Bialik Mission

JPPS-Bialik is a Jewish school, founded and based on a pluralistic vision of Jewish continuity. JPPS/Bialik is committed to academic excellence. Our school aims to create a model learning environment where individuals can gain confidence to become productive people within the Quebec, Canadian, and global communities. Our students develop a strong Jewish identity by studying Yiddish, Hebrew, and Jewish history and by experiencing Jewish culture and traditions. The creation of the State of Israel is one of the seminal events in Jewish history. Recognizing the significance of the State and its national institutions, we seek to instil in our students an attachment to the State of Israel and its people as well as a sense of responsibility for their welfare. Our school's goal is to graduate committed Jewish young adults who are prepared to meet the challenges and responsibilities of their future endeavours.

JPPS-Bialik Board of Directors Bercovitch, Mimi M. Berkowicz, Daniella Blumer, Naomi (President, Bialik) Campbell, Gail (President) Chisling, Beth Cohen, Arnold (Chair, Executive) Copnick, Ian Creme, Neil Dalfen, Sandy Surkis Dlusy, Deena Elbaz, Andrea Elbaz, Edmond Eliashiv, Hannah Firestone, Dana Goldwax, Michael Greenwald, Ian (Treasurer, Chair of Finance) Itzkowitz, Selina (Co-chair of Education) Katz, Amy (Co-chair of Education) Knobovitch, Marc (Vice-president, Co-chair Traffic & Safety) Libman, Max Libman, Michael (Chair of Health) Malus, Jamie (Vice-president, Executive) Matas, Adina Miller, Mark Naimer, Joanna (Chair of Public Relations) Officer, Laura Orenstein, Leslie Pardo, Harriet Rosenhek, Henry (Chair of Investment) Rubin, Marc Saks, Mia Savelson, Michael Shachter, Linda (Chair of By-laws) Silver, Esther (Chair of Financial Aid) Turner, Daniel (Vice-president of Executive, Chair of House) Weiner, Julie Wisenthal, Elaine Milech Young, Brian Zoltak, Larry Zucker, Randy JPPS-Bialik Board of Trustees Backler, Lewis Bettman, Battia Braverman, Emmanuel Brinberg, Liz (Co-chair of Fundraising) Brotman, Mac Cohen, Lucy Cohen, Shelley Cooperstone, Estelle Costom, Bruce Craimer, Harry Eklove, Charles Frankel, Merle (Executive Director Emeritus) Gonshor, Shirley Grossman, Bernard Hecht, Thomas Hyams, Rachel Janco, Dan Kingstone, Daniel Kobernick, Eli Lifson, Elliott Malus, Norman Meltzer, Ben Moss, Anne (Principal Emeritus) Nadel, Mona Newpol, Matt (Past President, JPPS-Bialik) Pepper, Hershel Pinker, Roz Polacheck, Sol Raby, Jacob Rashkovan, Freda Rudner, Lawrence Sebastien, Shirley Shtull, Bebe Shuster, Marcia Stern, Bernie Stern, Joseph Sternthal, Stanley Tessler, Isadore Wilchesky, Nachum (Director of Education Emeritus) Yudkovitch, Joy Zuckerman, Bella Bialik Board of Directors Alexander, Blatt Lisa Behar, Kaden Bick, Rochelle (Chair of Education) Blumer, Naomi (President) Byer, Karen (Vice-president) Campbell, Gail (President, JPPS-Bialik) Chisling, Beth Cohen, Joyce Cohen, Shelley (Past President) Cohen, Donna Cola, Randi Creme, Neil Czuzoj-Shulman, Ronni Dabby, Yolande Eliesen, Liane Eliesen, Michael (Vice-president at Large) Fuchs, Fred (Treasurer) Gerstein, Anat Ghetler, Bonnie Glickman, Richard Golt, Benita Held, Howard Howard, Dorothy Z. Ishayek, Norma Kucer, Steven Levine, Sally Lewis, Anne Little, Susan Monk, Cheryl (Secretary) Nashen, Jeff Newpol, Matt Raicek-Mayers, Debra Reider, Jon Reinish, Sharon Rubin, Andra Rubin, Richard (Chair of Safety & Sec.) Saks, Sari Sasson, Murielle Sayegh, Albert Schwartz-Croll, Sharron Schwartz-Malinoff, Carole Sepasi, Brigitte Shrier, Sharon Shulman, Mitch (Vice-president at Large) Sigler, Renee Pearl Spatzner, Mark Spivack, Sylvie Wisenthal-Milech, Elaine

Table of Contents

Message from the President of JPPS-Bialik ..................................................2 Message from Bialik's Principal and Educational Director .........................3 Message from JPPS's Principal and Educational Director ..........................4 Message from the Director of the JPPS Children's Centre.........................5 Finance Committee Report ..............................................................................6 Statement of Operations for the Year Ended June 30, 2007..........7 Investment Committee Report ........................................................................8 Financial Aid Committee Report.....................................................................9 Advancement Report Fundraising Committees Report .......................................................10 Bialik Expansion Campaign Cabinet ................................................10 Annual Giving Campaign ................................................................... Bringing Concert Home ..................................................................... Named Major Gifts .............................................................................2 Alumni Relations..................................................................................4 Contributions in 2006­2007 ..............................................................4 Donor Recognition Individuals/Foundations/Schools Support .....................................6 Corporate Donors ...............................................................................22 Alumni Donors ....................................................................................24 Jeff Moness--A True Story ...............................................................25 Access for All to State-of-the-Art Facilities .................................................26

Message from the President of JPPS-Bialik

"The future looks bright in so many ways for JPPS and Bialik."

Our year ended just as the Bialik expansion went into high gear. There wasn't a moment to lose, as we had committed to an extra class of students coming into Secondary I. As a result, a new floor will be added to the front of Bialik, a new state-of-the-art science lab on another floor, and the cafeteria renovated and enlarged. And that is just Phase I. Phase II will consist of an additional gymnasium and performing arts stage accessed through a new entrance to Mettarlin Hall. It is quite a success story, as our differentiated learning and other specialized programs, such as LEAP, have attracted nearrecord numbers of students. sometimes even on Broadway. They attribute their confidence and self-esteem to their participation in Bialik's drama productions. We continue to have our students perform at the top academically, especially in math. In fact, both JPPS and Bialik came in first overall in Quebec in this year's Canadian National Mathematics League. Athletically, this year has been a banner year, with our touch football, hockey, and basketball teams capturing medals. Bialik also won the GMAA Award for most sportsmanlike school. Well-rounded we are! While Bialik has just begun to be transformed, JPPS has been undergoing a facelift in the hallways, in the gym lobby, and in the library over the course of this past year, all being ready for our students' return this fall. This is even more important than ever, as 2007­2008 is welcoming back a full pre-K program with free extended day care and this in addition to a JPPS Children's Centre filled to capacity. The future looks bright in so many ways for JPPS and Bialik.

Our students' achievements at JPPS and Bialik, both academically and athletically, in the arts and the sciences as well as in the extracurricular realms, speak to their well-rounded interests and passion for learning and embracing new technology in the process. Laptops, whiteboards, and SMART Boards have become commonplace. There is no going back! More than ever before, we owe it to today's students to equip them properly to ensure that they excel each in their Gail Fayerman Campbell JPPS '72 own way. President, JPPS-Bialik For those of you fortunate enough to have attended Concert's musical revue, I think you will agree that our students excel in many areas,


Message from Bialik's Principal and Educational Director

"The year was highlighted by growth and renewal in the academic, cocurricular and extracurricular domains."

NEW AT BIALIK COBA Web Portal: Bialik inaugurated the use of web-based access to students' academic reports (formerly known as report cards). Beginning with the April 2007 reporting period, parents and students were able to access their reports on line. Quebec Education Plan (QEP) and Competency Reports: We have completed the first cycle of implementation of the Quebec Education Plan. Students in Secondary I and II received a hybrid The 2006-2007 school year was, yet again, a report consisting of both numerical grades and rewarding and successful one. The year was competency grades. These reports were the result highlighted by growth and renewal in the of two years of work by a committee consisting academic, cocurricular and extracurricular of teachers and administrators. domains. Our Secondary I and II mathematics teams came in first in Quebec in the Canadian Advanced Placement History Program (AP): Mathematics League, and our athletics teams In a continuing effort to provide students with a brought home a plethora of medals. variety of academic choices, Bialik implemented its first Advanced Placement course, AP Professional collaboration among teachers was History. at an all-time high, with the students reaping the benefits from creative and innovative learning Elaine Wisenthal Milech situations. Students excelled in their academic Principal and Educational Director, programs, participated enthusiastically in an Bialik High School ever-growing extracurricular program and initiated and successfully implemented a number of fundraising campaigns. Collaboration continued with all constituents of the Bialik community. This included a very successful learning year with the Education Committee, successful projects with the Home and School and ongoing discussion and plans for our exciting building renovation and expansion which continue at this time. 3

Message from JPPS's Principal and Educational Director

"We also have the greatest student body. They are inquisitive, enthusiastic and creative."

The 2006-2007 school year was very rewarding. We have a wonderful group of teachers and teaching specialists working at JPPS. They are a dedicated and caring group of educators. Our students excel in all areas. They work independently, as well as in teams, solve problems and construct new knowledge. They experience success and we, along with their parents, share in their pride and achievements.

We thank the Presidents of Home and School and all members of the executive, as well as the parent volunteers, for their dedication, support and continuing efforts in helping us make JPPS We also have the such an outstanding school. The Home and greatest student School body is an integral part of our success at body. They are inquisitive, enthusiastic and JPPS, and their work is greatly appreciated by all. creative. We instill Jewish values and traditions We could not have accomplished many exciting that enable them to connect to the world with enrichment programs without their help. understanding and sensitivity and a strong passion for learning. Adina Matas Principal and Educational Director, Our students are actively involved in a multitude JPPS of projects. Some events of note this year: · Our Grade 6 students, along with 462 other schools from across Canada, participated in the Canadian National Mathematics League contest. Our students placed first in Quebec and sixth in all of Canada. JPPS won four awards this year at the Youth Entrepreneurial Challenge, where we submitted nine projects. Two projects won first place and one project received an honourable mention. JPPS also won the top prize, a special award for best quality of projects. The continuous integration of technology continued to be seamlessly integrated into teaching on a daily basis by using FirstClass, the laptops in Grades 4, 5, 6, and SMART Boards in Grades 5 and 6. 4



Message from the Director of the JPPS Children's Centre

"It always amazes me how quickly the children adapt to the three languages."

School opening went very smoothly for the eighth year in a row. We are very fortunate that our staff look forward to each new school year with excitement and enthusiasm. This year we had more children than usual to accommodate in our pre-K, so we added Annie Ezerzer to our staff full time. It always amazes me how quickly the children adapt to the three languages. Right from the first day they are introduced to French and Hebrew along with English, and almost immediately they share both songs and vocabulary with their parents. We were fortunate that the holidays were late in the month and partially on the weekends, so any separation issues passed very quickly. We are blessed with a super staff, who put their hearts and souls into each and every day. We couldn't do all that we do without them. Thank you. help other children. They also learned about all of the master artists and painted in similar styles, including lying on their backs painting papers taped under tables so that they could experience the same feeling as Michelangelo did when he painted the Sistine Chapel. The results were really fit for an exhibition, and after enjoying some wine and cheese and touring the gallery, the parents purchased their children's art. We were fortunate to have Mackie's grandmother ,who also happens to be an artist, paint for us, and we auctioned off her painting as well. Together with many generous donations from parents, we were able to raise $6500 over the two evenings. Our plan is to make this an annual project. A special thank-you goes to our Board of Directors, a small group of parents who volunteer their time to offer great ideas, act as a sounding board, and to help solve day-to-day issues. A special thank-you also to the JPPS head office, especially Laurence Fhima, who keeps us connected to JPPS and works to remind everyone that we are an important part of the system.

Time passes very quickly, and now we are in 2007, starting another year. Welcome to you all. We are looking forward to an even better year to Both the children and staff spent a lot of time come. in October and November working on the Art Vernisage to raise funds for the Mack Belson Randy Zucker Foundation, a fund set up to honour the memory Director CPE of one of our students, Mackenzie Belson. As Mackie had just passed away a few months before in an unfortunate accident, this was very emotional for us, so keeping busy was helpful. We took the opportunity to teach the children about fundraising, and how this effort would 5

Finance Committee Report

"While Advancement expenditures increased, donations increased even more significantly."

The fiscal year 2006­2007 ended with a decrease in the operating fund balance of approximately $30,000 and an accumulated operating fund balance surplus of $83,000. While we did not meet our enrolment projections overall, we had more students enrolled at Bialik and fewer at JPPS, resulting in net higher income in the way of tuition fees. Due to Federation CJA's new formula for the allocation of funds for tuition assistance, or financial aid, JPPS-Bialik received approximately $100,000 less than in 2005­2006. While advancement expenditures increased, donations increased even more significantly. Included in the capital expenditures is approximately $300,000 of capital improvements at both JPPS and Bialik. Lastly, approximately $350,000 was spent on professional fees and permits in order to undertake the expansion of Bialik. The entire amount has been capitalized to Capital Assets. On a personal note, I would like to thank all the members of the Finance Committee: Arthur Blumer, Carrie Bogante, Neil Creme, Fred Fuchs, Suzanne Grant, Etan Jagermann and Ina Spoon for the invaluable input. Their various points of view only served to enhance the recommendations provided. Our work could not have been carried out without the able assistance of our professionals: Betina Shadowitz, Adina Matas and Elaine Wisenthal-Milech. It was a pleasure working with them, and I hope to have a continuing positive association. Ian Greenwald Treasurer


Jewish People's Schools & Peretz Schools Inc. Statement of Operations for the Year Ended June 30, 2007

REVENUES Student Tuition and Fees Provincial Government Grants C.P.E. Federation CJA Shloime Wiseman Foundation Income Donations* Investment Income Endowment Income Other Income Total Revenues EXPENDITURES Instruction - Academic Student Support Services Educational Resources Paper & Office Machine Contracts Computers Computers - Bialik Laptops Professional Development Mettarlin Projects General Administration Advancement Maintenance of facilities and capital expenditures Total Expenditures Increase (Decrease) in Operating Fund Balance

JUNE 2007 ACTUAL 7,170,658 3,660,899 111,978 258,868 126,260 346,415 176,769 148,334 141,253 12,141,434 8,021,391 81,065 396,568 101,879 187,120 368,233 492,866 26,725 843,853 302,498 1,349,057 12,171,255 (29,821)

JUNE 2006 ACTUAL 7,075,989 3,602,673 119,400 473,899 127,543 158,774 115,858 150,139 179,353 12,003,628 7,773,119 81,381 418,647 100,333 158,432 321,366 466,96 34,710 815,385 241,000 1,101,873 11,513,207 490,421

Note: Over $440,000 was raised this year of which over $43,000 was directed to our endowments not shown here. In addition, over $45,000 were donations-in-kind such as audiovisual equipment and goods for the JPPS bazaar. 7

Investment Committee Report

". . . a responsibility to ensure that these legacies from our forefathers remain intact and grow through both sound investment decisions and donations."

JPPS-Bialik's Investment Committee oversees capital funds of approximately $9 million. This includes the Shloime Wiseman Fund with its own independent board, the Mettarlin Fund, the sale of Wavell Building Fund and the scholarship and endowment funds. Some of these funds are designated such as the Wiseman and Scholarship Funds, while others can be leveraged or borrowed against as the needs arise. There is, however, a responsibility to ensure that these legacies from our forefathers remain intact and grow through both sound investment decisions and donations. equities and have grown by 4.4% as at July 31, 2007. It should be noted that all these results are net of the managers' fees. In addition, the US dollar has fallen in relation to the Canadian dollar from $1.1227 as at October 31, 2006 to $1.0654 as at June 30, 2007. This has had a significant impact on our results depending on how much each manager has decided to invest in US $ securities. However, since our organization spends virtually all its money in Canadian funds, the managers have been told that the measurement of their This has been a year of significant change in the success must be done on the basis of Canadian management of our investment portfolios. We funds. decided to replace one of the managers and to separate fixed income from equity investments. Overall, we have maintained the original Until last fall, our Mettarlin and Scholarship investment philosophy of 30-40% of our funds Funds (approximately $3.7M) were managed by in equity investments and 60-70% in fixed income Magna Vista (Robert Bard) while the Shloime securities. There is no plan to change that policy. Wiseman Fund (approximately $3.M) was managed by Montrusco Bolton (Sam Luft). On January 31, 2007, the Committee agreed In addition, the school's administration had to "bridge-finance" Bialik's expansion project approximately $.85M on hand resulting from the (Phase I). In July 2007, funds totaling $1M were sale of the Wavell building as well as accumulated withdrawn from the managers in a manner that endowment gifts. As a result of the changes, will maintain the existing equity/fixed income on October 27, 2006, the Jewish Community ratio. More funds will be withdrawn as the need Foundation has been given the responsibility to arises. These funds will be repaid through a manage $5,500,000 which has been invested in its combination of fundraising and revenues from pool of conservative fixed income securities. As increased enrolment. at June 30, 2007, the fund stands at $5,482,703, a I would like to thank Mitch Halickman and Dan loss of 0.31%. Sterlin for their participation as well as their On October 1, 2006, the funds under Magna Vista's important input and sound advice. They have management were reduced to approximately both decided to resign from the committee to $2.M, but their instructions were altered to allow devote their time to other ventures. Michael up to 100% in equity investments. The results Savelson has joined the committee. I would also have been very good. The funds grew by 11% like to thank Ian Greenwald for representing in the eleven months to August 31, 2007. On the schools' executive at our meetings and for October 16, 2006, $1,000,000 was transferred to bringing us up to date on the school's activities. RBC Dominion Securities and is being managed by Mike Woloz. The funds are invested totally in Henry Rosenhek Chair 8

Financial Aid Committee Report

"It is with satisfaction that the committee feels that the school is able to assist

those families in need."

Offering financial aid or tuition assistance is vital to JPPS-Bialik. It ensures that JPPS-Bialik remains as inclusive and accessible to a diverse student population as possible, as it has in the past in spite of rising costs, and that no student is denied a Jewish education or is obliged to leave due to financial hardship, affirming JPPS-Bialik's pluralistic vision of Jewish continuity. Flexible Tuition Assistance Allocated: ................................................. $84,32 Number of Families Receiving Flexible Tuition Assistance: ............................................... 20

Number of Students Receiving Flexible Tuition All requests for assistance for the 2007-2008 Assistance: ............................................... 30 academic year were reviewed carefully showing sensitivity to particular circumstances and issues, and always respecting the confidentiality of the Thanks to the generosity of many donors over family. I thank the committee members for their many years, annual revenue from the endowed hard work and dedication to the process. "scholarship" funds generate a large portion of the annual allocation of financial aid, with the Although there are particular situations that may annual raffle contributing significantly, as well as necessitate a change during the school year, the Federation CJA. following represents the state of financial aid as of June 30, 2007: I would like to thank Betina Shadowitz, Director of Finance, for all her hard work in ensuring that Total Financial Aid Allocated: .............$486,450 the dossiers were prepared prior to coming to the committee, as well as her ongoing efforts behind Number of Families the scenes. There is a tremendous feeling of Receiving Financial Aid: ....................... satisfaction on the part of committee members knowing that they are assisting families in their Number of Students pursuit of a Jewish education for their children. Receiving Financial Aid: .......................39 Esther Silver, MSW Our Flexible Tuition Program is in its second Chair year. This program was designed to attract middle income families, who do not strictly meet the requirements for financial aid but who do require assistance in order to have their children continue at JPPS-Bialik. Included in the above totals, assistance from the Flexible Tuition Program is as follows:


Advancement Report

"Following the decision to accept all qualified applicants to Bialik for the fall of 2007, expanding Bialik became an urgent priority."

Fundraising Committees Report This very active group included representatives from both JPPS and Bialik Home & School, and over the course of the year have taken steps to ensure that their voice is heard loud and clear in terms of their fundraising efforts, including the very successful JPPS Bazaar. We are very proud of having had a Gift Acceptance & Fundraising Guidelines Policy approved by the board at the meeting of May 10th. This is an important accomplishment and will serve the school well in the long term, especially in the context of the Bialik Expansion Campaign. The committees also worked on a sharing formula to ensure that Bialik received designated monies from fundraising in accordance with the Solomon Schechter Agreement. We saw changes in the monthly reporting of monies in thanks to the acquisition of a new fund management software, Raiser's Edge, which will better support our fundraising initiatives on the long term. Together with the alumni net directory, the necessary tools are in place to reconnect with an important constituency, the alumni, and to communicate with them as well as with parents on a monthly basis through an e-newsletter and to offer online giving, both through the alumni net directory. Liz Brinberg, Dana Firestone JPPS-Bialik Fundraising Committee Co-chairs Michael Eliesen Bialik Fundraising Committee Chair Bialik Expansion Campaign Cabinet Following the decision to accept all qualified applicants to Bialik for the fall of 2007, expanding Bialik became an urgent priority. As a result, by the end of the calendar year, we will see additional classrooms and an art studio on a new fourth floor, an enlarged and renovated cafeteria and a new state-of-the-art science lab. This construction phase will be followed by a second one that will see an addition of a gymnasium and performing arts facilities, the latter contingent upon fundraising which prompted the establishment of the Bialik Expansion Campaign Cabinet. Together the project is expected to cost $6.5 million. JPPS-Bialik is in the fortunate position of being able to leverage capital from its endowment funds, such as the Mettarlin Fund, and the additional students will bring additional revenues that ultimately made the decision very easy to go ahead with Phase I. The Bialik Expansion Campaign Cabinet, made up of: Lisa (Blatt) '81 and James Alexander, Naomi Blumer, Shelley Cohen, Richard Rubin, Sara and Irwin Tauben and Daniel Turner, oversaw the preparation of the Case for Support, which enumerated the naming opportunities for lead gifts. Donor prospects have been identified and researched. A special board meeting was called on June 26th at which time it was agreed that we can offer the naming of the school and campuses for different price points, should the opportunity arise. Our goal during this quiet phase of the campaign is to secure $1.7 million of a $3.5 million target by January 2008 so as to allow the school to comfortably move ahead


Advancement Report

". . . the annual giving campaign is an important source of funding for the operating of JPPS-Bialik on a year-to-year basis . . ."

with Phase II without interruption and at significant cost savings. In addition to a number of pledges already received to date, we were successful in securing an interest-free loan, from the Avi Chai Foundation, and have already received some very significant donations in kind in the way of construction materials. We are also pleased to report that we are collaborating with Federation on this campaign, something that happens rarely. Michael Eliesen and Matt Newpol Bialik Expansion Campaign Cabinet Co-chairs Annual Giving Campaign In spite of its getting off to a slow start, the JPPS-Bialik 2006-2007 Annual Giving Campaign did generate almost $130,000, and the majority of donations have consisted of unrestricted gifts. Many donors take this opportunity to give in recognition or celebration of an event such as a bar mitzvah, or bat mitzvah or in memory of a loved one. The office is well set up to send cards in donors' names. Re-launched after a lapse of many years, the annual giving campaign is an important source of funding for the operating of JPPS-Bialik on a year-to-year basis, making possible a continuous program of enhancements to the benefit of our children. Bringing Concert Home: Concert's 50th While continuing the Concert tradition of providing an enriching cultural experience, Concert, which, this year, also comprised Raffle and Auction, featured a musical revue brimming with the remarkable talent of past and present students from both JPPS and Bialik. Offered over two nights, May 14 and 15, Concert's 50th was a smashing success on many levels. Between the two nights, more than 500 guests attended. Close to 70 performers brought Concert home to back-to-back full houses. Along with songs from everyone's favourite musicals, audiences were treated to an exclusive world premiere: offBroadway veterans and Bialik alumni Lisa Rubin and Elan Kunin performed a song from Kunin's upcoming musical Houdini, which will feature in the inaugural year of the new Segal Centre for the Performing Arts at the Saidye. This year's Raffle was held during May 14th's Preview Performance, and over $40,000 was raised for financial aid. We are grateful to raffle co-chairs, Michael Eliesen and Michael Savelson, for their tireless ticket selling efforts.

The Gala Dinner Theatre evening on May 15th was also the scene for wild bidding wars--guests were quick to snap up the offered lots, raising We are also proud that our costs were kept very over $30,000 in a matter of minutes. Auction low by having the letterhead for the annual giv- Co-chairs Harvey Brinberg and Brian Young ing campaign designed in-house by JPPS-Bialik managed to bring the auction together with the Advancement Officer, Mitali Das, and printed help of some key players including Mark Helthanks to a donation from Albert Sales, a loyal ler, Bram Naimer and Cheryl Hart. They were amazing, and Ross Paperman deserves a round supplier to the school. of applause for his outstanding work as our aucLisa Slawner '85 and Larry Zoltak '76 tioneer. Co-chairs

Advancement Report

"We thank everyone who participated in Concert's 50th in one way or another . . ."

Special Award recipient and award-winning film producer Ina Fichman--also a Bialik alumna-- took the opportunity to announce a new award: The Lillian Fichman Award for Training in the Arts. The award was named in honour of her late grandmother and has been established to offer financial assistance for a Bialik senior student to be able to pursue an internship or training in the arts or media. Named Major Gifts A number of named major gifts were secured this year, including from David Wihl (see inside back cover) and Jeff Moness (see p. 25 ). Each brings about important changes or enhancements and leaves a tangible legacy.

Berl and Reva (Rivke) Pofelis We received a generous planned gift from the Karen and Jeff Moness '84, Concert's principal Estate of Reva Pofelis in memory of Berl and event sponsors, took this opportunity to inaugur- Reva (Rivke) Pofelis As per their wishes, this doate their own named bursary. Jeff attended JPPS- nation was to be used to establish a fund to assist Bialik, along with his sister and brother, thanks in the education of our staff in Jewish or Hebto anonymous donors, and he remains grateful raic Studies. to JPPS-Bialik. Sydney Shapiro Memorial Bursaries We also extend special thanks to all our sponsors Merle Wolofsky, former Execuand advertisers, who made the program book tive Director of JPPS-Bialik alone generate an unprecedented net profit. from 1975 to 2001 and a valued member of the JPPS-Bialik More than $100,000 was raised; in fact, when all Board, has been instrumental in invoices are paid, we expect closer to $125,000. setting up what will be known In general, Concert's proceeds are for the enas the Sydney Shapiro Memorhancement of JPPS-Bialik programs and facili- ial Bursaries. She formally signed the agreement, ties, whereas the proceeds from the raffle are which had been previously signed by Sydney directed to financial aid We thank everyone who Shapiro's brother, Leonard, and son, Ronnie, at participated in Concert's 50th in one way or an- the board meeting on June 14, 2007. other for helping to ensure that JPPS-Bialik remains as inclusive as possible and that no Jewish The purpose of the Sydney Shapiro Memorial child is denied a Jewish education for financial Bursaries is to offer on an annual basis approxireasons. This is more important than ever be- mately five Flexible Tuition Program bursaries, beginning in 2007-2008, to JPPS or Hebrew cause of rising tuition costs. Foundation graduates entering Bialik, whose families do not meet the current financial aid reBeth Fineberg-Chisling '79 and Rob Gold '84 quirements, but do require assistance in the form Concert 2007 Co-chairs of a reduction in fees in order for their child or children to attend Bialik. Should there not be 2

Advancement Report

". . . Anne Moss was way ahead of her time . . . ."

enough applicants from either of these schools, any other student applying to Bialik may be considered. These are renewable bursaries valued at approximately $2,000 each that will continue until graduation, or leaving, as long as a demonstrable financial need is met. Ina Fichman '79 As announced at Concert this year, Ina Fichman, from the Class of 1979, has set up an award fund to offer financial assistance for a Bialik Secondary IV or V student in order that he/she be able to pursue an internship or training in the arts or media. This will be endowed award fund, and at the current distribution rate of 4% would provide approximately $500. The award will be named after her grandmother and recognized as the Lillian Fichman Award for Training in the Arts. Anne Moss, Z''L As a JPPS teacher and then principal from 963 to 985, Anne Moss was way ahead of her time; she experimented with and put into practice diverse educational theories. Activities concerning multiculturalism, saving the Earth, and freedom were all part of programs happening in the school at the time, and Anne always wanted them integrated with Judaism. She was motivated by passion for a broad, worldly education that would open up children's minds to the world around them. She encouraged them to think to 3 the future and took every opportunity to show the boundless love and appreciation she had for what was special about each child. In Anne Moss's name, funds are being raised to automate the old card catalogue system at the JPPS library. List of Contributors to the Anne Moss Fund During 2006­2007

Laura Alper Rose Alper Teresa Alper Bernard Clarke Investments Ltd. Louis Bernstein Battia Bettman Lily Blander Walter Bloom Immanuel Braverman Rita Briansky Diane Brooks Stephen Brott Leo Chaikof Solly Chaikofsky Edward Charles Shelley Cohen Faigie Coodin Dina Dahan Edmond Elbaz Ruth Eliasoph Abe & Ruth Feigelson Foundation Anne Freed Nira Freidman Bryna Gartenberg Goldie Goldberg Abe Gonshor Jack Gottheil Victor Guindi Harry Gulkin Miriam Herszkopf Arnold Issenman Irving Itman Nathan Kalichman Pola Kirshner Lawrence Kleiman Edward Klein David Kobernick Hyman Koch Ingrid Kon Sam Levy Library JPPS Chaia Libstug Roberta B. Linden Joseph Lipes Rafael Manacas Molly Markman Clara Mayers Sam Meland Ruth Michalofsky Eli Moscovitz Archie Moss Cathy Moss Moss Productions Inc. Norman Nerenberg Harriet Pardo Norman Penner Joan Peritz Abraham Pinchuk Amy Pinchuk Diane Pinchuk Joshua Pinchuk Roz Pinker Eric Rose Ronald Rose Saul Rose Sheila Rose Karen T. Rosenstein Jack Rosenthall Esther Rotenberg Jay S. Sederoff Bess Shockett Elsie Shriar Ruth Shugar Harriet Slimovitch Norman Speevak Sylvia Stipelman Goldie Warshawsky Mark Wasserman Nachum Wilchesky George Wiseman Merle Wolofsky Brenda Woods Harold Yalovsky Ronith Ziegler Lillian Zigler

Advancement Report

"Our alumni net directory has grown to over 600 registered alumni."

Barry Kirsh Z"L Barry Kirsh, beloved former teacher at Bialik High School, passed away this year. In his name, funds are being raised in order to establish an eponymous award for English or drama. Eli Godel Z''L Eli Godel, who passed away this year, was an educator, an actor and a human being par excellence. He will be greatly missed by the students, staff and all those whose lives he touched. Funds are being raised in his name for the Bialik Expansion Campaign, and as a result, his photograph will be on permanent display in the newly renovated and expanded cafeteria. JPPS Class of 2007 Leaves a Parting Gift In the course of raising money for their yearbook, the JPPS Class of 2007 raised additional monies, and as a result, one of the SMART Boards to be installed for this next fall will carry a plaque with the following inscription: "This SMART Board has been donated by the JPPS Graduation Committee and the Class of 2007." Alumni Relations Our alumni net directory has grown to over 600 registered alumni. We look forward to that many more in the coming year. Elizabeth H. Kennell Director of Advancement 4

Contributions in 2006­2007

Contributions were made to the following named endowed funds, awards, bursaries, and scholarships

Adele, David, Adam and Ana Rose Balinksky Scholarship Michael and Liane Eliesen Scholarship Benjie Esar Scholarship The Fliker Family Scholarship Eli Godel Fund Jamile Khatoun Gourgi Memorial Scholarship Martha Greenwald Memorial Fund Harry and Alice Hennemann Fund The Rae & Jacob Lang Memorial Scholarship Harvey Mann Memorial Scholarship Pearl and Joe Maritzer Scholarship Moness Bursary Fund Anne Moss Memorial Fund Louis Ruthen Memorial Fund Harry Schneider Scholarship Lori Stein Memorial Fund The Mort Taffert Memorial Scholarship for the Arts

A full listing of named annual scholarships and funds is printed annually in the Concert Program Book.

Advancement Report

2006­2007 Contributions

Contributions to JPPS-Bialik were directed to:

Endowed Awards, Bursaries, and Scholarships .........................................$38,207.93 Annual Financial Aid .....................................................................................$44,254.00 Named Special Gifts ......................................................................................$62,786.37 Specified School Programs .............................................................................$9,976.00 Libraries ...........................................................................................................$4,36.58 Unrestricted Giving .....................................................................................$279,800.06 Total ............................................................................................ $449,385.94


Donor Recognition

We express our gratitude to the contributors listed below for helping to facilitate JPPSBialik's role in nurturing Jewish identity, culture and continuity while pursuing cutting-edge competitiveness marked by academic rigour and excellence.

Ronald Farber Mitchell and Marni Goldstein Jeffrey `84 and Karen Moness Howard and Gloria Richman Michael Schwartz


Individuals/Foundations/Schools Support

Richard Stern `87 and Marnie Zigman Harold and Kathryn Stotland Daniel and Laurie Turner Weloga Foundation · Lori Polachek `8 Steven White David Wihl `8 Edith Lando Charitable Foundation Ronald Leibovitch and Dr. Alita Leibovitch Michael and Sally Levine Cliff MacGregor Howard Monk and Cheryl Hart Monk `72 Archie Moss Cathy Moss Bram Naimer and Joanna Yufe Naimer `9 Laurence and Bonnie Paperman Barry Rashkovan `79 Jill Reitman Douglas Reznick `8 Eric Rose Ronald Rose Saul Rose Linda Schachter `8 Stuart Shiveck `84 and Alana-Susan Soiferman Dr. Mark and Wendy Spatzner Rubin Steinberg Sandor and Robin Steinberg Irwin and Sara Tauben Brian Young and Jacqueline Schloss-Young Alan and Deborah Zuckerman

Heather Adelson `81 Bialik Home and School Association Goldenberg Family Foundation · Allan JPPS `56 and Remia Goldenberg JPPS-Bialik Board of Governors Estate of Reva Pofelis Sochaczevski Family Fund · Mr. and Mrs. Amos Sochaczevski · Mr. Michael Sochaczevski

Sharon Azrieli Toufic Ballas and Joy Struzer Warren Chisling and Beth Fineberg Chisling `79 Stanley and Helen Cons Didi Cohen `81 Neil and Susan Creme Dan and Terry Elituv Mitch Garber `81 Lori Garfinkle Geoffrey Gelber `81 Robert `84 and Wendy Gold Dr. Herbert Greenwald and Dr. Sheila Greenwald JPPS Graduating Grade 6 (Class of 2007) Uri Laxer `8 and Judy Zucker Laxer `8 David and Dr. Barbara Pearl Fred and Joy Pellat Gerry Plewa Jeff and Sari Sacks Michael and Frederica Savelson Andrew and Robin Schwartz Alvin Segal Family Foundation

James Alexander and Lisa Blatt Alexander `81 Richard Azoulay and Elizabeth Flam Azoulay Allan Battah Charles Benedek `89 Frances Venetsky Berger JPPS `69 Richard and Naomi Blumer Harvey and Elizabeth Ann Brinberg Michael Campbell and Gail Fayerman Campbell JPPS `72 Dr. Edward Charles Shelley Cohen JPPS `69 Jack and Brenda Cola Philip and Randi Cola Dym Family Foundation · Frieda Dym · Jack and Maureen Dym Georges Elbaz and Andrea Dalys Michael and Liane Eliesen Gertrude and Joseph Eliesen Memorial Fund Marilyn Fichman Aviyam Friedman `81 Gail Gold Fred `81 and Benita Golt Jonathan and Joanne Gurman Jack and Pascale Hasen Danny & Edna Janco and Gilit Janco Samson `82 Johnny and Felicia Karls Jason Katz and Amy Brownstein Lawrence Klein and Dr. Janet Shinder Henry and Rosalind Klumak Marc and Lisa Knobovitch Michael and Joy Korenberg Stephen `77 and Rona Kucer

Anonymous Paul Azeff Carl and Enid Backman Joseph and Susan Balinsky Menaham and Mia Barsheshat Dr. Natan and Kaden Behar Sam and Betsy Berliner Arthur and Corinne Blumer Korin D. Bobrow Solly Chaikofsky Arnold Cohen `82 and Marnie Mitnick Cohen JPPS `72 Maxwell Cummings Family Foundation Fred and Tina Dubrovsky


Donor Recognition

Individuals/Foundations/Schools Support

Gregory Etingin `81 Abe & Ruth Feigelson Foundation David `81 and Franceen Gold Robert and Orly Gold Howard and Ina Goldberg Dr. Leonard and Janet Goldberg Mark Golfman `81 and Ina Spoon Ian `81 and Shelley Greenwald Mr. and Mrs. George Grostern Abe and Marcia Gurman Mitchell and Abby Halickman Stacey Jackson Jewish Community of Greater Stowe Harvey and Alta Levenson Dr. Michael Libman and Dr. Susan Kahn Joseph Lipes Bennett and Susan Little Jamie `8 and Rona Malus Ronald and Debra Mayers John Mendelson JPPS '77 and Miriam Bercovitch `82 Francine Neudorf Erik Orszak Paul Prosterman `8 Freda and Ernest Rashkovan JPPS `49 Family Jon and Ellen Reider Sheila Rose Richard and Deborah Rubin Paul Singh Jeff and Janet Solomon Julius and Sylvie Spivack Bernie Stern JPPS `58 Mr. H. Stupp Maurice Tietolman Joe and Mirta Tuwaig Allan and Bonnie Weber Mr. and Mrs. Allan Wiener Elaine Wisenthal-Milech Rose Alper Philip and Alissa Anzarut Doug Baum `8 Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Bercovitch Kim Bercovitz `8 Harvey and Brenda Blatt Richard and Julie Blatt Michael and Wendy Caplan Nissen Chackowicz and Dr. Deborah Cohen Aidit Cohen `81 Larry and Edna Cohen Louis Cola Ian and Connie Copnick Harry Craimer Samuel Dalfen `83 and Sandy Surkis Dr. Howard Dawang `78 and Dr. Vivian Loo Marty Dorfman and Cindy Pellatt Richard and Elaine Dubrovsky Dr. David and Brigitte Eidelman David Eiley `81 Stanley and Sharon Eiley Corey and Karen Eisenberg Dana Firestone Jonathan Frankel `8 Howard Freedman Aviyam and Cynthia Friedman Fred and Debra Fuchs Juan J. Galo Brian Gans Richard and Joy Glickman Goldie Goldberg Lou Goldberger Leo & Shirley Goldfarb Foundation Janie Goldstein `81 Florence Golt Abe and Shirley Gonshor David Goodman `81 Jeffrey Gossack and Lori Astroff Mischa and Thelma Granik Harry Gulkin Esther Hadida Harry and Nina Hart Nina Heft `8 Riva Heft `8 Howard Held and Naomi Ashkenazy Orna E. Hilberger Stephen and Dorothy Howard Edward and Marilyn Iny Sidney Itzkowitz Nathan Kalichman Garry Kallos and Diane Dupuis-Kallos Saul and Sandra Kazaz Elizabeth H. Kennell Eric Kirshner `81 Dr. Lawrence Kleiman and Nira Friedman `76 Sandra Knobovitch Sheryl Labow Marty and Paula Levitt Leonard `8 and Shelley Lewkowict Dr. and Mrs. Israel Libman Dr. Paul and Hali Lieberman Sam Lieblein Shelley D. Lippman `8 Steven and Glenda Lubotta Sam and Linda Mahler Doris Mann Mendel Marasow Joseph and Pearl Maritzer Dr. Meeda Mashal Dorothy Melnik `8 Warren and Andrea Merling Judith Mestel Sheldon and Florence Miller Matt and Debby Newpol Gary and Leslie Ornstein Avery and Evelyne Palevsky Gary Pencer `82 Norman Penner Abraham and Phyllis Pinchuk Joanne Pomerantz `8 Stephen and Wendy Rapps David Rashkovan Mitchell and Robbin Rosen Glen Rotchin `81 Marc and Andra Rubin Dr. Natalie Rubin `82 Cheryl Rutenberg Ann Ruthen Warren Saks and Mia Gaventa Saks `76 David and Mona Saltzman

Sylvan and Margaret Adams Barry and Heidi Adler Gary and Lois Alexander Laura Alper


Donor Recognition

Individuals/Foundations/Schools Support

Brahm Schatia `8 Michael E. Schrier `81 Carole Schwartz Jeffrey Sedereff Joel and Susan Segal Stephen Segal Dr. Edmond and Yael Shahin Laurie Shapiro `8 Robert and Karen Shustack Daniel and Renee Sigler Jeffrey Silver `8 Dr. Jonathan `84 and Alda Singerman Avrum Soicher `81 Harold Staviss and Aviva Reinitz Staviss Judy Stein Daniel Steinberg Elana Swartzman `81 Dr. Ester Taca-Silbermann `81 Angela Tietolman Paul Tietolman Jacques Tobianah and Judy Sarkadi-Tobianah Dr. Theodore and Lisa Wein Gregory Weitzman and Lisa Slawner `85 Warren and Gayle Werbitt Merle Wolofsky Mordy and Susan Zelikovic Dr. Jack Zeltzer Karen Zinman Dr. and Mrs. Herb Borsuk Alexander Botwinik `81 Immanuel and Shirley Braverman Arthur and Lila Bronstein Harvey and Ellen Buksbaum Bruce Burnett Gary and Karen Byer Robert Tarasofsky `84 Tom Caplan Janice Carroll Andrew Certler Elie and Carole Cohen Jeffrey Cohen `81 Josh and Donna Cohen Joyce Cohn Mitchell Cohen Philip Cohen Saul and Miriam Cohen Stanley Cohen Franka Cola Dr. Allan Coopersmith Shelley Copoloff Ellen Cytrenbaum `81 Joseph and Yolande Dabby Janet Dalys Mitchell and Lianne Deckelbaum François Demers Mr. and Mrs. Avrum I. Drazin Steven Dubrofsky Steven and Michelle Eisenberg Marc and Lori-Ann Elman Sheila Esar Marnie Fagelbaum Dr. David Farber Robin Farber Sandra Farber Robert Fattal `8 Maurice Fefer Barbara Feldman Mark and Marcie Fergenbaum Kenneth and Shelley Finkel Dr. and Mrs. William Finkelstein Darren Firestone Lawrence Firestone Cynthia Fish `02 Dr. and Mrs. Rowan Fish David and Ruth Flicker Anne Freed Wendy Freeman `8 Frank and Cheryl Fried Barbara Frumkin Marcia Gans Dr. Mark and Suzanne Gans Michael Gaon Leon and Eileen Garfinkle Johanne Gaudreau Clarence and Mona Gelber Jeff and Anat Gerstein Allan Ghetler and Bonnie Meisels Jay and Terri Gilletz Marla Glassman Steven and Alyssa Glazer Allan Goldberg Dr. Howard `79 and Wendy Goldstein Dr. and Mrs. David Goltzman Stephen Goodman David and Randee Gottlieb Suzanne Grant Earl Green Sheila Greenberg `81 Howard Greenspoon Jeffrey and Natalie Grostern Abie and Renee Grunspan Robert and Ingrid Gurman Steve `84 and Debbie Gurman Jill Gutherz Joseph and Tamara Haberman Judy Hagshi Janice Heff Mark Heller and Cindy Rabinovitch Clifford and Sharon Herer Cheryl Hirsh `81 Michael Hollinger `8 Arnold Isaacson Arnold and Betty Issenman Robert Itzkovitz Etan and Marla Jagermann Dr. Amnon Kahn David and Ruth Kaplan Richard Kastner Steven and Nancy Katkin Andrew Katz and Stacey Katz Steven Kert Marc Kimmel Pola Kirshner Andy and Jackie Kirstein Bart and Bonnie Kitner Hyman and Ida Koch

Michael and Alonna Balter Wendy Baran Judy Baron Leslie Beck Faygie Bercovitch Irwin and Cynthia Bercovitch Reva Bercovitch Lawrence S. Bergman, MNA (Soutien Action Bénévole Program) Bernard Clarke Neil and Elaine Bernstein Michael and Rochelle Bick Bill Bliss Dr. Walter and Erica Bloom Dr. Bock


Donor Recognition

Individuals/Foundations/Schools Support

Dr. Jeffrey and Elizabeth Kolovsky Dr. Paul Korne Oleg Krichevsky Robin Kugelmass Shirley Kushner Cecil and Reva Labow Gary and Jody Lackstein Perry and Yetta Lande Lazar Lapidus Alma Leibovitch John Leroux Shari Lester Seymour Levine Todd Levine Norman Levy Ronald and Marian Levy Sam Levy C. Ralph and Angela Lipper Harvey and Yvonne Lithwick Michael and Bluma Litvack Mitchell and Randi Litwin Allen Majnemer `77 and Heidi Gossack Majnemer `79 Phillip Margles Aviva Marovitz `81 Michael and Liana Martow Victor and Edna Mashaal Benjamin and Shirley Meltzer Sylvia Messer Steven and Karen Miller Sam and Nicki Mitnick Terry Minzberg John and Sheryl Moncarz Ron and Bobbi Moss Jeffrey and Cheryl Nashen Howard Nemeroff Michael Neuman and Janet Vangroff Lisette Noodelman Dorothy Notkin Niall O'Kelly Sheryl Ornstein Aram Oulousian Mark Palefsky Seymour Pearl Francine Pell `82 Amy Pinchuk `77 Diane Pinchuk Joshua and Cynthia Pinchuk Harry and Roz Pinker David and Pascale Pisarevsky George Pollack Dr. David and Maureen Rabin Dr. Richard Rapoport Jerrold Rappaport Mark and Sharon Reinish Sandra Reinish Marc Richer Eric Rodier Dr. Harry Rosen Sheryl Rosen Stanley and Adele Rosen Brahm and Robin Rosenberg Darren and Natalie Rosenthal Yves Rouillard Moïse and Paula Saban Steven Salpeter Thelma Savelson Edward Schachter Fran Schachter Mel and Barbara Schloss Mark Schneiderman Douglas and Robin Schwartz Daniel Schwartzberg `8 Samuel and Louise Segal David and Shirley Shapiro Shlomo and Tova Shimon Irwin Shlafman Felicia Shulman `8 Brahm Shuster Marcia Shuster Stephanie Siegal Barrie Siegel David Sigler Steven and Jodi Silver Rochelle Lerner Silverman `8 Steven Singer Susan A. Grossman Small `96 Dr. Mark and Sharon Smilovitch Karen Smolik `8 R. Stephen and Sandra Soule Norman Speevak Shimon Spitzer Boris Stein Dr. Andrew and Mandy Steinberg Barry Steinberg Janice Steinberg Karen Steinberg Sylvia Stipelman Harold and Sandra Stupp Jairo Sukster annd Selina Itzkowitz Morris and Robin Szwimer Dr. Michael and Dawn Tanzer Charlene Tissenbaum `81 Andrew Trager and Alyson Applebaum Andrea Tremblay Laurence Turner Goldie Warshawsky Jeffrey and Karen Waxman Felicia Weinstein `8 Francine Weinstein `82 Nachum and Bernice Wilchesky Lorne Wiseman Arthur and Rose Wolf Diane G. Wolf Dr. Brenda Woods Harold Yalovsky Anna Zalcman Jeffrey Zemel `8 Jack Zucker Moishe and Randy Zucker Sam Zucker

Albert Allard Teresa Alper Eric Amar `84 Deena Apel Illana Assouline Gary and Melanie Azimov Paula Baker Mr. and Mrs. David Balinsky Lydia Barzel Arielle Benzekri Jeffrey and Susan Bercovitch Judith Bercuvitz Jason H. Berger Louis and Lily Bernstein Nat and Janice Bernstein Battia Bettman Bernie and Shirley Biberkraut Lisa Bidner Isaac and Myran Blaichman Shirley Blaichman


Donor Recognition

Individuals/Foundations/Schools Support

Lily Blander Susie Blanshay Angi Bloom Neil and Betty Bloom Peggy Blumer Rita Briansky David Brook Diane Brooks Stephen and Rita Brott Marline Brownstein Irwin Bruck and Marcy Pollock Bruck `76 Issie and Eileen Burbela Dr. Irving and Carol Burstein Nathan Butters Corinne Capdevielle Jack Caplan Jen Vineberg `99 Dr. Leo and Bayla Chaikof Matt Chaimberg & Family Michael and Bev Chaimberg Andre Dallaire and Denise Champoux Dallaire Dr. Daniel Cohen and Bonnie Roiter Cohen `85 Michael and Ilana Cohen Orit Sarah Cohen Faigie Coodin JPPS `52 Lewis Cooper Robert and Giovanna Cooperman Mr. and Mrs. Criticos Florence Cytrynbaum Dr. Mitch and Ronni Czuzoj-Shulman Dina Dahan Seth Dalphen Stephane and Ellen Demers Suzy Dunkelman Judy Eastman Dr. Harley and Joanne Eisman Edmond and Suzanne Elbaz Acher and Yael Elfassy Judah and Sharon Eliahoo Ruth Eliasoph Arielle Elmonzino Barbara Engel Sam Engelberg David and Heather Epstein Malka Ettinger JPPS `46 Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fainsilber Sam and Maria Feigenbaum David and Heather Felsky Marvin and Deborah Fenster Revia Fenster Brenda Finkel Naomi Finkelstein Elizabeth Flamenbaum Samuel and Paula Fogel Gerald Frank Judith Friedenstein Dr. Gad and Poua-Pamela Friedman Nitai Friedman `77 Ode Garfinkle Bryna Gartenberg Sheila Geffin Witt JPPS `53 Beverly Glassman James Goill Michael and Wendy Goldwax Lorne and Janie Goloff Nelly Golombek Barry and Ondine Goodz Neil Gordon and Dr. Aida Gordon Renee Gordon Dr. Mervyn and Rena Gornitsky Warren and Pamela Gornitsky Jack and Hadassa Gottheil Janet Gould Irwin and Debra Green Vinda Gross Abraham and Zelda Grossman Barry and Lynda Grossman Etty Grosz Reva Grover Pauline Grunberg `81 Wendy Guay Yuriy and Tatyana Gudymenko Victor and Rita Guindi Deborah Halpern Nahum and Regina Halpern Zev and Miriam Hasid Irving and Shirley Haznof Alice Hererman David Hershon and Sandy Cohen Miriam Herszkopf Eric and Cindy Hoffman Sam Hops and Roslyn Spears Wiener Betty Ifergan Norma Ishayek Rouben Ishayek Fabienne Ifergan Irving and Rose Itman Denny Josepovici and Ronit Ziegler Stephen and Suzanne Karr Mitchel and Ronna Katz-Zeitlin Danny and Judith Kaufer Hirut Kedebe Gerald and Frances Kessner Bunny Kirsch Joyce Kitty Edward Klein Leonard and Helaine Kliger Dr. David Kobernick Lynn Kofman Eli and Sandy Kogut Felix and Sylvia Kohn Ingrid Kon Dr. Joel and Lydia Korman Ronnie and Judi Kornbluth Elaine Kotler Rhona Kramer Beverly Kramer-Magil Harvey JPPS `57 and Joyce Kreisman Peter and Janice Kreisman Lorne and Bonnie Kronish Mrs. M. Krymalowski Terri Kugelmass Shirley Fay Kushner Shane and Cindy Landsman Maurice and Elisabeth Lasry Suzane Laxer Reena Lazar `8 David and Heidi Lazarus Ruth Lazarus Brian and Francine Leibgott Bruce `77 and Iris Leibner Joyce Lenoff Allan Levin Mark `85 and Candice Levine Robert and Rhonda Levine David Lewkowict `86 Dr. Howard and Helen Libenson Michael Libman and Melissa R. Margles Chaia Libstug Richard `82 and Tamara Liebmann Joseph and Orna Lilien Dr. Roberta B. Linden Ralph Lipper


Donor Recognition

Oria Lissak Sam and Angela Litman Larry and Lydia Long Morley and Rachela Lonn David and Josianne Lupovich Marsha Lustigman Jonathan and Lori Maldoff Deborah Malin Rafael and Bonnie Manacas Rita Manaster Suzanne Mann Nelly Marciano Molly Markman Eta Markowicz Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Markuze Michael and Barbara Martin Ted and Elaine Matthews Clara Mayers Sam and Anne Meland Debra Michael Ruth Michalofsky Gary Miller and Susan Quig Mr. and Mrs. Gary Mintz Moise and Sandra Moghrabi Eli and Norma Moscovitz Iris Mouyal Sylvia Murawnik Meyer and Inna Nahon Glenn and Judy Nashen Lee Naymark Lisa Needleman Norman and Arona Nerenberg Mildred Niren Ralph and Claire Noodleman Deborah Novack Dr. William and Vita Novick Shirley Nozetz Andy and Lyne Nulman Morris and Barbara Oksenberg Élie Oliel and Tova Preszow Stephanie Orleans Mrs. Susan Palevsky JPPS `44 Karen Pancer Harriet Pardo Brian Parker and Lori Esar Gita Pearl Morthy Pearl Robert and Judy Pell Mark Penny and Perla Muyal

Individuals/Foundations/Schools Support

Joan Peritz Mr. and Mrs. Polisuk Robert `82 and Sandie Presser Irving and Evelyn Rabinovitch Rhoda Rappaport Maxine Ratner Sheila Remy Leonie Richler Lorne and Karen Richter Lorraine Rill Darren Rosen Robin Rosen Karen T. Rosenstein Zelda Rosenthal Jack Rosenthall Esther Rotenberg Lynn Roth Stewart and Audrey Rubin Marvin Rusk Joanne Saint-Martin Lisa Saltzman David and Rhodie Salzman Bonnie Sandler Trifon and Julie Saros Albert and Joyce-Florence Sayegh Saul and Stephanie Schipper Shirley Schneider Stephen and Gloria Schneider Erle Schneidman Dr. Erle and Shelley Schneidman Howard and Peggy Schwartz Murray and Suzanne Schwartz Jay S. Sederoff Dr. Ernie and Marcy Seidman Mehrzad Sepasi and Brigitte Fefer Marvin and Marla Shahin Barry and Monica Shapiro Sondra Sherman Barry and Phyllis Shernofsky Bess Shockett Elsie Shriar Ruth Shugar Ian and Vicki Shulman Herbert Siblin Harriet Slimovitch Dr. Peter and Rona Small Sarah Small Arlene Smilovitch Steven and Selina Smith

Tanya Shayna Smith Yehuda Sochaczevski and Andrea Fitleberg Pauline Sohmer Paul Starr and Judy Suissa Starr Cheryl Stein David and Joan Stein Rosemary Steinberg Dan and Reesa Sterlin Cory Sterling Brian and Mona Strasser Ernest and Magdy Strauss Jairo Sukster and Selina Itzkowitz Sean Taffert `85 and Dr. Heather Fox `86 Reza and Liora Tehrani Naomi Tencer JPPS `64 Joan Thomas Robert and Shari Titleman Richard and Lizette Ullman Janette Valmont Jeremy Victor Mark and Paula Wasserman Phil and Brenda Weinberger Jonathan and Carrie Wise Rhoda Wise George Wiseman Greta Wiseman John and Connie Wiseman Linda Yoffe Issie and Joyce Yudkovitch Sara Zameck Ronith Ziegler Lillian Zigler Lawrence `76 and Janet Zoltak 251 to 500 times 101 to 250 times 51 to 100 times 26 to 50 times 6 to 10 times 11 to 25 times Up to 5 times


Donor Recognition

Corporate Donors (in alpha order)

Abbey Neckwear Ltd. Abra Electronics Active Tech Electronics Adorable Junior Garments Inc. AGF Management Limited AIC Limited Albert Sales Almar Ltd. Almo-Dante Mfg. Co. Alzintex Ltd. Amenagement Le Village APF Marketing Architecte Georges Elbaz Artcraft Lighting Assurances Michel Brosseau Ltee Autobus Uncle Harry Inc. B & B Decor Inc. Ballin Inc Bauman Freedman Belgo Lux Inc. Bell Pascal Financial Services Bernard Clarke Investments Ltd. Neil Bernstein Birkgesco Inc. Bonder Bookstore Inc. Borden Ladner Gervais Boys Will Be Boys Brandes Investment Partners & Co Britalia Inc. Brown's Shoe Shops Inc. Buzzerk International Cabrelli Handbags Caldwell Provisions Calego International Inc. Calko (Canada) Inc. Can-Jan Inc Canaccord Capital Corporation Canpro Investments Ltd. Cansew Inc. Cantar Trading Caplan Duval 2000 Central Park Lodges Centsible Packaging Inc. Chapter One Sportswear Chelemer Société CI Investments Inc Coba - La Societe De Programmation Commonwealth Home Fashions Consortia Constructal Hardware Inc. Dr. Allan Coopersmith Copitrak Corporation Immobiliere Côte SaintLuc Crofton Moore Crops Inc. D.L. Turner Consultants D.O.D. Transport Danar Renovations Danvin Inc. Davidson Realty Consultants De Grandpre Chait Delmar International Inc. Delsan Devine Schachter Polak Avocats Diamond Taxi Diamond Trust Dorel Industries Inc. Doris Hosiery Mills Ltd. Double J Fashion Group Inc. Dubord & Rainville Inc. Dynamic Funds Ell Jay Collection Elpro International Inc Emballages C & C Emballages ISA Packaging EMG Media Inc. Empire Clothng Exposition ERA Display Co. Ltd. Fidelity Investments Dr. William A. Finkelstein Fishman Flanz Meland Paquin LLP Fleurco Products Inc. Franklin Templeton Investments Corp Fressers G. Mitchell Inc. Galerie Au Chocolat Inc. Gamut Insurance Agency Getracan Inc. Globe Metal Recycling Service Inc. Golden Market Management Inc. Golteez Novelties Inc. Green Glazer Nadler Danino Groupe Financier TD Groupe Remer/Storage Leaseholds Guaranteed Industries Handbags Two Inc. Hardt Equipment Heating and Air Conditioning Co. Ltd. Heenan Blaikie & Associates Inc. High Point Camp Inc. Hilberger Orna Intimode Canada Inc. Irhold Inc. J W Plumbing & Heating Inc. J-corp J. Schreter Inc. J. Slawner Ltd. Jet-setter Kader Epstein King Canada Inc. King David Residence Klumak Merton Roter Schwartz Kwartz XXI International Imports Inc. L. Berson & Son Monuments La Cie Canada Tire Inc. La Senza Lawrence Clemen Photography Lazar Service Center LC Refrigeration Inc. Leithman & Glazer Les Aliments Esposito Ltee Les services MGS Enr. Liberty Sites Lisak Trading Ltd. Lou Goldberg Jeweller Inc Louben Mackenzie Financial Corporation Magna Vista Marcos Associates Martin Industries (1990) Inc. Maxwell & Stefan International Inc. Mecanergie Inc. Metalware Corp. Metromec Inc. Milk n' Honey Modextil Inc. Moss Productions Inc. Multibag Imports Inc. Mutual Printing Natwal Metal


Donor Recognition

Nelmar Security Packaging Systems Inc. Neuco New Victoria Fish NTD Apparel Inc. Omnitrans Customs Brokers Inc. Orenstein & Associates P&B Transport Paladin Palm Beach Surgical Associates Paperman & Sons Inc. PBL Photography Inc. Pearl Productions Perreault Wolman Grzywacz & Co. Phillips Friedman Kotler Quincaillerie Constructal Hardware Inc. R.E.A.L. Bagel (Q.M.) Inc. Raffi Centre De Service RBC Banque Royal du Canada Rebox Corp. Reffini Refrico Ltee. Reitman's (Canada) Limited Rodcor Products RSM Richter Management Ltd. S.C. & CO Inc. Samuelsohn Limited Schlesinger Newman Goldman Schwartz Levitsky Feldman Scotia Bank Serigraphie Hitex Inc. Servicorp Seymour Alper Inc. SF Marketing Inc. Shapiro & Wolfe Spiegel Sohmer, Barristers & Solicitors SRT Maintenance Standard Life Stein Jacobs Krolik Stokes TCBY Yogourt TD Commercial Banking TD Waterhouse - The Levine/Barrette Group TD Waterhouse Private Investment Council Telio & Cie. Terpac Plastics Thermal-lube Inc. Tidan Inc.

Tom Caplan, Psychotherapist Tommy Hilfiger Top Marks Transtate Logistics Inc Triglobal Capital Management Union Electric Utex Fashion Group Veranda Ville de Cote St. Luc Voyage Garth Allen Marksted Travel Inc Westcoast Connection Travel Camp Inc. Y Country Camp

As with all new initiatives, such as this published annual report, mistakes can be made. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this donor list, we offer our apologies if we have made any errors or omissions and ask that you notify the Advancement Office so that a correction can be made. Please let us know if you should also be listed as an alum.


Donor Recognition

Alumni Donors

Class Of `72 Cheryl Hart Monk Class Of `76 Marcy Pollock Bruck Mia P. Gaventa Saks Lawrence M. Zoltak Class Of `77 Irwin Bercovitch Nitai Friedman Stephen Kucer Bruce Leibner Allen Majnemer Amy Pinchuk Dan Sterlin Class Of `78 Howard Dawang Class Of `79 Beth Fineberg Chisling Howard Goldstein Barry Rashkovan Class Of `81 Heather Adelson Lisa Blatt Alexander Doug Baum Kim Bercovitz Alexander Botwinik Didi Cohen Aidit Cohen Jeffrey Cohen Ellen Cytrenbaum David Eiley Gregory Etingin Robert Fattal Jonathan Frankel Wendy Freeman Aviyam Friedman Mitch Garber Geoffrey Gelber David Gold Janie Goldstein Mark W. Golfman Frederic Golt David Goodman Sheila Greenberg Ian Greenwald Pauline Grunberg Nina Heft Riva Heft Cheryl Hirsh Michael Hollinger Eric Kirshner Uri Laxer Judy Zucker Laxer Reena Lazar Leonard Lewkowict Shelley D. Lippman Jamie Philip Malus Aviva Marovitz Dorothy Melnik Lori Polachek Joanne Pomerantz Paul Prosterman Douglas Reznick Glen Rotchin Linda Schachter Brahm Schatia Michael E. Schrier Daniel Schwartzberg Laurie Kfouri Shapiro Felicia Shulman Jeffrey Silver Rochelle Lerner Silverman Karen Smolik Avrum Soicher Elana Swartzman Ester Taca-Silbermann Charlene Tissenbaum Felicia Weinstein David Wihl Jeffrey Zemel Class Of `82 Miriam B. Bercovitch Arnold Cohen Donna Mendelson Cohen Richard J. Liebmann Francine Pell Gary Pencer Robert I. Presser Natalie Rubin Galit Janco Samson Francine Weinstein Class Of `83 Samuel S. Dalfen Class Of `84 Eric Amar Robert A. Gold Jonathan Goodman Steven Gurman Jeffrey Moness Stuart Shiveck Jonathan Singerman Robert Tarasofsky Class Of `85 Bonnie B. Roiter Cohen Mark Levine Lisa M. Slawner Sean Taffert Lee Wise Class Of `86 David Lewkowict Class Of `87 Richard Stern Class Of `89 Charles Benedek Class Of `96 Susan A. Grossman Small Class Of `99 Jennifer Vineberg Class Of `02 Cynthia Fish Great strides have been made this year regarding the JPPS-Bialik Alumni, including facilitating the Class of 1981's 25th anniversary class reunion. Reconnecting with our graduates is an Advancement Office priority, and thanks to Mel Cederbaum JPPS '65, a computer consultant now living in Toronto, who provided alumni data collected a few years back, our 2007­2008 Annual Report will even give the Class of 1981 a run for its money!


Donor Recognition

"Not bad for a kid from the wrong side of town--but from the right school!"

Jeff Moness '84, Concert's Principal Event Sponsor--A True Story Jeff Moness didn't have it easy as a youngster ,growing up with his parents and brother and sister in the wrong side of town. Still, his parents pursued a JPPS-Bialik education for all three children! They wanted them to have the education they weren't able to themselves complete. This, they valued. Fortunately for Jeff and his siblings, the Moness family encountered Merle Frankel Wolofsky, Executive Director of JPPS-Bialik until 2001. She was able to convince the Board to maintain the long-standing tradition of not only accepting families like Jeff 's but also seeing that they had the assistance to carry them through to high school graduation. His determination to overcome his background drove his success.

It should come as no surprise then that, when approached by cochair and classmate Rob Gold to be the principal sponsor for this year's 50th anniversary of Concert, Jeff Jeff 's story is not unique. There are many and Karen wasted families who do not have the financial means no time in accepting, since part of Concert is or wherewithal to send their children to day Raffle, the proceeds from which go directly to school. financial aid. Thank you, Jeff, on behalf of each and every current recipient of financial aid. You Jeff claims he was not a serious student at are truly making a difference. JPPS-Bialik, however, he tried charming his way through class, which wasn't always successful. Just in case you are wondering, Jeff and Karen Over time, he gained confidence in himself are running the Canadian Paper Connection Inc. and enjoyed great friendships, which he still has which they founded. Based in Toronto, it is a today. global distributor and trader of pulp and paper products in over 45 countries. Not bad for a kid Today, Jeff lives in Toronto with his wife, from the wrong side of town--but from the Karen, whom he adores, and their two beautiful right school! children; his son is eight, and his daughter, ten. He is able to pay the annual tuition for his two Note: Jeff wants to express his heart-felt gratitude children to attend a JPPS-like school in Toronto. to Merle Frankel Wolofsky, who believed in the He is justifiably proud and attributes his success school's ideals and in the families it attracted and both to the poverty that he came from and his thus helped make his story worth telling. JPPS-Bialik education. Jeff is convinced today that had he had even some of the trappings of the middle-class, including a car in the driveway, he would never have the lifestyle he now enjoys. 25

Access for All to State-of-the-Art Facilities

"Having and maintaining up-to-date facilities and technology at our schools is critical for our students' education and their future success."

Like all independent schools, JPPS-Bialik continually strives to offer its students an excellent education in state-of-the-art facilities while keeping tuition costs at a reasonable level. We are also committed to our founders' philosophy that no Jewish child who wants an education in our schools should ever be turned away for financial reasons. It's all about our heritage and our community, our pride in our past and our confidence in our future. focus is always on the students. Donors are given appropriate recognition including on plaques, in annual reports, and in Concert's program book. Gifts may also be made in honour of a friend, colleague, teacher, or in memory of a loved one who has passed away. Named funds established for scholarships, bursaries or awards are endowed with only a portion of the growth used in order to ensure the present value of the capital in the future. Bursaries and scholarships provide important financial aid to help offset tuition costs for those students who might otherwise not be able to attend JPPSBialik.. While the intentions of all past naming agreements will be honoured, from now on, a minimum of $10,000 is required to endow a prize or award and $25,000 for a named bursary.

Naming opportunities are also available for facilities such as the newly refurbished JPPS gymnasium and reception area ($250,000). The spaces Having and maintaining up-to-date facilities and serve multiple purposes, including physical edutechnology at our schools is critical for our stu- cation, drama, extracurricular activities, holiday dents' education and their future success. A well- celebrations, and a meeting place for the Home rounded education includes not only academics, & School Association, Town Hall, and staff-- but also music, art, theatre, and athletics. A well- and the list goes on. equipped library/media centre is essential. Technology, such as SMART Boards and laptops, engages the students and helps them reach their full potential. We are dedicated to offering this and more to our students. A number of named special gift opportunities are made available for specific projects that serve to enhance the educational experience of our students at JPPS-Bialik. Whether it involves facility enhancements, investments in Increased competition from other Jewish elescholarships, bursaries or awards, or technologic- mentary day schools makes attracting families al upgrades to keep JPPS-Bialik up to speed, the 26

Access for All to State-of-the-Art Facilities

" . . . it is critical that we consider some important upgrades to the public face of JPPS . . . ."

a real challenge; therefore, it is critical that we consider some important upgrades to the public face of JPPS, which, at present, in no way reflects the quality of the education offered inside. For a relatively modest investment, $250,000, not only will the JPPS façade be enhanced, but also the asphalt replaced in part by a soft play surface and the security system and fencing upgraded. JPPS's choir may be small, but it is wonderful. Exposing students at a young age to the world of music, including instruments they may never have touched, will build a strong foundation for the pursuit of music at Bialik, where annual drama productions and YaYa performances compete with those at the Saidye. With a modest $35,000 investment at JPPS and $50,000 at Bialik, students will be equipped for a small band, including very costly percussion instruments at Bialik.

A number of SMART Boards have already been installed and named thanks to the hard work of the 2004-2005 Bialik Fundraising Committee, the Class of 1995, and the Class of 1981, as well as the graduating JPPS Class of 2007! To equip all JPPS and Bialik classrooms with SMART Boards, about 35 more will be required, and they are available for naming for the cost of a SMART At Bialik, three mobile laptop carts carrying 20 Board, $6,000. laptops each are dedicated to serve Bialik's Junior High, that is, 250 students, in Grades 7 and A measured introduction to using the laptop be- 9. By Grade 9, each student will have his/her gins at the earliest levels. A continual program of own. Naming opportunities for the three laptop renewal, and therefore, the purchase of replace- carts will be made available for $30,000 each, and ment laptops, is planned, which for 20 laptops names will remain on the cart for at least three can cost upwards of $40,000. Nevertheless, a to five years. naming opportunity of a laptop locker at JPPS will be made available for $20,000, and the name Equipped across the system with new whitewill remain there for at least three to five years. boards, desks, and chairs, a number of our class27

Capturing the computer screen on a whitesurfaced board, SMART Boards respond to the touch of a finger as well as to digital ink markers. And, any notes written on the boards can be saved for later use. Combining the simplicity of a whiteboard with the power of a computer, they are fast becoming an indispensable tool for teachers to engage students in the classroom. For students, it literally means "learning at their fingertips." Interactivity is taking on a whole new meaning!

Access for All to State-of-the-Art Facilities

rooms at both JPPS and Bialik are just waiting for a patron! In fact, once adopted, we will make the classroom truly state-of-the-art with the addition of a SMART Board and an LCD projector. Memorializing a loved one or a former teacher is within reach, at $100,000. There are more modest ways to commemorate a loved one who has passed away, or to pay tribute to a special person by purchasing a tile above the staircase to the gymnasium lobby at JPPS! As in the past, each JPPS tile is available at a cost of $1,800, or half a tile for $1,000. This is a tangible way to carry on the legacy of a loved one and also a significant source of support for JPPS.

dents going astray) cries for investment in a team bus for Bialik. It makes cents! After all, you see other smaller independent school buses proudly carrying the schools' names, and often more than not, the donor's name. This opportunity, which offers significant visibility in the Montreal area for both Bialik and the donor, is available for $100,000. It may come as no surprise to you to learn that Bialik students have a reputation for excelling academically, being on the honour roll and being accepted into the most prestigious of universities and colleges. One of the key reasons for their success is access to a well-equipped library, but also one equipped with comfortable, quiet desks or carrels. The Bialik librarian dreams of the day when she will have a full complement of 5 new carrels at Bialik, affixed with donors' names, for $1,000 each. And for a relatively modest investment of $50,000, Bialik's library will be updated to reflect the increase in on-line resources, starting with OPAC (the library's on-line catalogue) and adding state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, including LCD projectors and CD/DVD players, and camera equipment, including video and digital. For more information, contact: Elizabeth H. Kennell, Director of Advancement at Elizabeth. [email protected] or call 514-731-2944, ext. 220.

Bialik athletes who compete in the GMAA (Greater Montreal Athletic Association) circuit have demonstrated that they are worthy of our support. The basketball teams won six medals among them last year. A bus with a capacity to get a team to an outside game and hold their equipment is essential. The constant outlay of money for taxis (not to mention the risk of stu28

David Wihl '81

Following his class reunion, David Wihl challenged his classmates to contribute $3,000, half of the cost of a SMART Board, as a gift from the Class of 1981 in celebration of their 25th anniversary. The same day he sent out the challenge via e-mail, one of the first responses (within eight minutes!) was from his classmate, Mitch Garber, who matched the contribution. Then, another of his classmates, Heather Adelson, responded by donating an entire SMART Board. By the end of the week, more than $42,000 (or at least seven SMART Boards) had been raised! David also made the point that our suggestion to the Class of 1981, that they may want to purchase a SMART Board as a class gift, was pretty low key. In the United States, the appeal would have been far more aggressive! He cited as an example his own children's Jewish Day School outside of Boston where the parents are expected to contribute to the enhancement of the school's facilities and programs from the moment they enter the doors. Happily, the Canadian way prevailed, and so did the Class of 1981. As a result, both Bialik and JPPS received a number of SMART Boards each, identified as gifts from the Class of 1981 in celebration of their 25th anniversary, including one donated in memory of their classmate, the late Michael Wainberg. David made the point that when his dad died in Grade 8, finances were pretty dire, and he would not have been able to continue to go to Bialik, had it not been for the generosity of others at the time. As a result, David went a step further and established a bursary in memory of his parents Rae and Rainer Wihl. Today, David enjoys much success as the CEO of a software company, SoftArtisans, and most importantly as a proud father of two daughters, one aged 10 and the other 9 months and a son, aged 9. In his own words, "I feel very privileged to start to help by this small token."

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