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This special Pesach issue is compiled from reliable and knowledgeable sources, both in the Detroit area and across the country. Because the most accurate information becomes available only shortly before Pesach, we have waited until this time in order to present a more complete and up to date list. New information has been identified with a symbol. (This symbol is omitted in Part IV.) We want to thank our members / sponsors for their warm support throughout the year, and we wish them and all our readers a Chag Kosher V'someyach. (If you have not yet sent in your annual donation, please mail it to PESACH KOSHERGRAM, P Box 4104, Southfield, Michigan 48037-4104. Thank you!) .O. Individuals who wish to receive e-mail notifications of updates should send an e-mail request to [email protected]


G"S$T ISYN March 2003


Consumers are cautioned not to take for granted that a product is Kosher for Pesach just because it is in the Passover section of their store or because a "Kosher for Passover" sign is posted. This cannot be emphasized enough! Each year there are numerous instances, even in Jewish stores, of non-Pesach products mistakenly being mixed in with Pesach products, usually because their labels are almost identical. This occurs frequently with Telma soup mixes and cubes, Osem, Gefen, Haddar, Manischewitz, Empire and Aaron's Best brands of products, Gefilte Fish products, gravy mixes, Manischewitz wines, etc., all of which have both Pesach and non-Pesach versions of the same products with almost identical labels. Each year we hear about instances where non-Pesach matzoh meal, cheeses, margarine, butter cream cheese and pre-packaged deli meats were inadvertently mixed in with the Kosher for Pesach items. Storekeepers, likewise, should not take for granted that everything received in their Pesach shipment, even from a Jewish distributor, is indeed Pesach certified; non-Pesach products are frequently inadvertently mixed in. There have also been several instances where the outsides of cases were marked Kosher for Pesach, but the products inside were not. Each individual label must always be checked checked. MATZOH EGG and GRAPE MATZOH - Matzoh made with fruit juice or eggs, which includes "Kosher for Passover" Egg Matzohs, Egg Matzoh Crackers, White Grape Matzoh, White Grape Bite-Size Matzoh Crackers, Passover Tam Tam Crackers and Passover Tiny Tams, may not be eaten on Pesach, according to Ashkenazic practice, except by the sick or elderly who cannot eat regular matzoh. Most brands now state this restriction clearly in English on the package. Please note that even the sick and elderly cannot fulfill the obligation to eat matzoh at the Seder with these types of matzohs (see Part II - Foods for the Seder). KITNIYOS KITNIYOS (legumes) such as corn, beans and rice may not be eaten by Ashkenazim on Pesach. Sefardim who use these products must ascertain that they contain no additives (such as vitamins) and carefully check them BEFORE PESACH for extraneous matter. KITNIYOS DERIVA KITNIYOS DERIVATIVES - Those who follow the prevalent custom of not using any derivatives of kitniyos (legumes) on Pesach, such as corn oil, corn syrup, dextrose, soybean oil and lecithin, should be aware that some products with Kosher for Pesach certifications do contain one or more of these ingredients. This applies especially to imported candies and chocolates. A careful check of the ingredients should be made. (Lecithin is sometimes listed just as "emulsifier", and corn syrup as "glucose".) OAT MATZOH (Hand and machine shmura) is available in many cities under the supervision of the Manchester Beis Din. Locally Oat Matzoh is OAT MATZOH available at One Stop Market. For more info call Rabbi Yaakov Miller (732-364-7113) or go to on the internet. SPELT MATZOH SPELT MATZOH (Hand shmura) is now available under supervision of Rabbi Yisroel Gruber (Phone 845-352-7331, Fax 845-426-3372). QUINOA grain (available in health food stores) is a non-chometz, non-kitniyos grain that may be used on Pesach according to many authorities. Quinoa should be purchased in closed packages and must be throughouly checked for extraneous matter such as wheat kernels or other grains BEFORE PESACH. VEGETABLES FROZEN VEGETABLES require special Pesach certification because many frozen vegetable plants process pasta, macaroni, breaded vegetables, etc. on the same equipment as plain vegetables. This year, the following retail and institutional brands are available with Pesach certification: B-TAM -{P, BODEK - <P, EDEN - with {P, GARDEN PURE - <P, GOLDEN FLOW - KAJ-P, MEITAV FARMS - <P. Please note: In previous years we have found bags (such as Oriental Blend) with erroneous Pesach supervision. Consumers are advised to check each package of frozen vegetables to ensure that it does not contain kitniyos. VEGETABLES PEELED OR SHREDDED VEGETABLES & FRUIT - Peeled potatoes, peeled carrots (including baby carrots), peeled apples, shredded lettuce or cabbage, etc. are often treated with antioxidants to keep them looking fresh. We have found that many of these antioxidants, in particular the nonsulfite types, contain ingredients that may not be Kosher for Pesach, such as dextrose, citric acid, ascorbic acid and others. One type also contains lactose, a dairy ingredient. The produce company should be contacted to determine the antioxidant used and its Kashrus status. PREPACK ACKAGED VEGETABLES PRE-WASHED PACKAGED FRESH VEGETABLES require Pesach approval due to the citric acid that may be used in the washing process. The following brands are approved for Pesach: BODEK - <P, DOLE - with {P, FRESH EXPRESS - only with ^P. SALAD TIME > is not recommended because of the citric acid (which may contain chometz) that is used in the washing process. Please note that DOLE VERY-VEGGIE SALAD contains Snow Peas (which are kitniyos) and is not approved for Pesach even when bearing a {. MARSHMALLOWS - Most marshmallows on the market, even those labeled "Kosher", contain GELATIN made from non-Kosher animal sources MARSHMALLOWS and are not recommended for Pesach nor for year-round use. -- LIEBER'S marshmallows and ELYON marshmallows, in four varieties, contain Kosher gelatin and are Kosher for Pesach only when bearing <P. (Elyon marshmallows sold year-round with a plain < are not Kosher for Pesach.) SODA SODA POP - National brands of soda pop are bottled for Pesach in various cities under different supervisions, and often bear only a generic type of marking (such as KP) that does not identify the supervising organization. Consumers should consult their local Kashrus authority to verify the reliability of the soda pop in their area. Please note that reliable Pesach sodas do not contain corn syrup, even though they may bear the standard ingredient statement listing corn syrup. WINE - One should not assume that wine is Kosher for Pesach without a reliable Kosher for Passover marking. APPLE JUICE requires supervision for Pesach. EGGS should be purchased before Pesach as the chicken feed may contain chometz. The custom is not to eat eggs laid during Pesach. VITAMINS may contain chometz and should not be used without reliable Pesach supervision. VITAMINS THROAT LOZENGES THROAT LOZENGES may contain chometz and should not be used without reliable Pesach supervision. TAPIOCA itself is not chometz. However a chometz starch may have been added to it. Accordingly it should not be used for Pesach. "PLAY "PLAY-DOH" - is chometz. PET FOOD - Most commercial pet food contains actual chometz (wheat, barley, starch, etc.) and may not be used on Pesach. Non-chometz substitutes should be used. Pet food listing both milk and beef ingredients should not be used the entire year.

AFTER BUYING CHOMETZ AFTER PESACH - Chometz should not be bought for several weeks after Pesach from a Jewish store that sold chometz products during Pesach. This is so even if the store displays a certificate that its chometz was sold to a non-Jew before Pesach, because, according to Halacha, the pre-Pesach sale is not valid for new chometz shipments received by the store during Pesach. Consult your Rav for a list of stores in your area where chometz may be bought immediately after Pesach. The following is a partial list of Detroit area stores that are Jewish owned and sell chometz products during Pesach; therefore, chometz may NOT be purchased from them immediately after Pesach: Hiller's Food Emporium, Shopping Center, Big Lots. The following is a partial list of Detroit area stores that are not Jewish owned or controlled, and chometz may, therefore, be purchased from them immediately after Pesach: Farmer Jack, Kroger, Meijer, Sam's Club Warehouse, Save-a-Lot at 9 Mile and Woodward, CVS Pharmacy, Rite-Aid, F & M, Kmart, Target, Wal-Mart. Jewish businesses that are under supervision of the Vaad Horabonim properly sell their chometz before Pesach and do not receive chometz shipments during Pesach; therefore, chometz may be purchased from them immediately after Pesach. Please be advised that despite the Sale of Chometz letters or certificates posted at SHOPPING CENTER / HILLER'S FOOD EMPORIUM stores, one should not buy chometz from them immediately after Pesach, since new chometz shipments arrive during Pesach. DISPOSABLE PRODUCTS such as paper plates and cups contain starch. Paper towels and napkins may contain starch. The first three and last two sheets of paper towels in particular usually contain a starch-based glue. Regarding the use of these items in direct contact with hot or wet food during Pesach, consult your Rav. This year the following items are available with special Pesach supervision: CHINET ^P, FLAG PAPER TOWELS (CRC), FLAG HAND NAPKINS (CRC). BIODEGRADABLE PACKING "PEANUTS" may contain wheat starch and are not recommended for Pesach use. BIODEGRADABLE PACKING VEGETABLE HYDROLIZED VEGETABLE PROTEIN may contain chometz. CHARCOAL BRIQUETS contain approximately 5% starch as a binding agent. It has been found that some companies are using wheat starch. In addition, some companies use recycled charcoal that has been used in distilleries to filter whiskey. We therefore suggest that one consult a Rav before using charcoal briquets on Pesach to barbecue food. COMBAT RAT COMBAT ROACH CONTROL SYSTEM, BLACK FLAG ROACH ENDER and d-CON MOUSE & RAT BAITS contain a chometz bait (which is nontoxic to humans) and should be put away and sold with the chometz. RAID ANT & ROACH TRAPS contain a non-chometz bait and may be used on Pesach. All insecticide sprays may be used. BALLOONS BALLOONS - One should not blow up balloons by mouth on Pesach, due to the powder coating on the inside which may contain chometz. TRANSPARENT TABLECL ABLECLOTHS TRANSPARENT PRINTED VINYL TABLECLOTHS made in Taiwan have a white powder coating (that can be detected by rubbing one's finger along the surface) which may be chometz. GLOVES RUBBER GLOVES that contain a powdered starch coating on the inside of the glove should not be used for Pesach. Playtex and Rubbermaid brands of household gloves (not disposable) do not contain any starch. ELASTICS BANDS, ORTHODONTIC ELASTICS / RUBBER BANDS used with braces, are coated with corn starch and should be rinsed well under cold water before using on Pesach. Orthodontic wax may be used on Pesach without special certification. A new container is recommended where the old container may have come in contact with chometz. INDUSTRIAL INGREDIENTS - The following ingredients may be derived from chometz, especially in foreign countries, and should only be used from sources that have been approved for Pesach: CITRIC ACID, POTASSIUM CITRATE, SODIUM CITRATE, GLACIAL ACETIC ACID, POTASSIUM SORBATE and SORBIC ACID.


MATZOH MATZOH - In order to fulfill the commandment of eating matzoh at the Pesach Seder, it is preferrable to use "Matzoh Shmura." In the Detroit area, one can purchase "Matzoh Shmura" from Borensteins, Esther's Judaica, One-Stop Market and Spitzers. Individuals who are allergic to wheat should contact their Rav concerning the use of Oat or Spelt Matzoh. MARROR - In order to fulfill the commandment of eating marror (bitter herbs) at the Seder, one must use a raw vegetable such as Romaine Lettuce, Belgian Endives or fresh horseradish. Commercially prepared bottled horseradish may not be used to fulfill this obligation. WINE - Consumers should note that there are many types of wine (for example Manischewitz "Cherry") that are not made from grapes and therefore, as noted in Hebrew on the label, the proper blessing for these wines is "Shehakol" and not "Borei Pri Hagafen." One should consult his Rav concerning the permissibility of using these types of wines for the "four cups" at the seder. For information about the quantities of matzoh, marror and wine that must be consumed, please consult your Rav. MANISCHEWITZ PASSOVER TAM TAM CRACKERS in three varieties <P and MANISCHEWITZ TINY TAMS <P, are actually made from egg PAS ASSOVER TAM TAM CRACKERS, TAMS matzoh as stated on the box, and, therefore, are not permitted for most people to eat on Pesach (see EGG MATZOH - Part I). MANISCHEWITZ MATZO CRACKERS, STREITS MATZO CRACKERS, STREITS ORGANIC CRACKERS and STREITS TEA CRACKERS are made from regular matzo and may be used. CHOCOLATE OPPENHEIMER CHOCOLATE CHIPS and other OPPENHEIMER Chocolate Covered Candies have been found on local store shelves bearing a plain ^ with the words Kosher for Passover written on the packaging. According to the ^ these products have not been certified by the ^ since 1998. Packages on store shelves either bear an unauthorized ^ or are old product. ENSURE WITH FIBER (Vanilla and Chocolate)contains chometz and should not be used for Pesach. Other varieties of Ensure do not contain chometz but do contain kitniyos. One should consult his Rav about using this product for medicinal purposes. PITTED TART TRADER JOE'S DRIED PITTED TART MONTMORENCY CHERRIES bears an unauthorized <P and is not certified as kosher by the <. TRADER JOE'S DRIED BING CHERRIES are certified for Pesach when bearing <P. ADDY RAY'S BARS, STRAWBERRY DADDY RAY'S FIG BARS, APPLE BARS & STRAWBERRY BARS bear an unauthorized <P. This product is not Kosher for Pesach but is certified by the < for year-round use. BABY BABY CARROTS - sold in stores may be treated with antioxidants and are not recommended for Pesach. TOOTHPASTE FRESH & GO TOOTHBRUSH WITH TOOTHPASTE bears and unauthorized <P. ELITE PRODUCTS are reliably certified by the < for Pesach ONLY when bearing < - Kosher for Passover on the label. Other Elite Products are not recommended. PAINTS ROSS PAINTS ELMER'S FINGER PAINTS and ROS S FINGER PAINTS contain wheat starch and should not be used during Pesach. PECAN PIECES and MIDGET PECANS require reliable Kosher for Pesach certification. POULTRY MEAT EMPIRE POULTRY PRODUCTS and AARON'S BEST MEAT PRODUCTS - In general, all plain, raw Empire poultry and Aaron's Best meats that have no added ingredients and are not prepared (i.e. not fried, cooked, roasted, smoked, coated, breaded or in sauce) are Kosher for Pesach without any special label. However, EMPIRE TURKEY BURGERS are not Kosher for Pesach. Empire and Aaron's Best pre-prepared and deli products are Kosher for Pesach, ONLY when bearing special Pesach labeling.. We have found that stores often mistakenly place the non-Pesach types of Empire products in the "Passover" section of the freezer; both store personnel and consumers should carefully check each label. RICE DREAM may contain chometz and should not be used on Pesach. MUSTARD MUSTARD ROKEACH HONEY MUSTARD - <P and ROKEACH DIJON MUSTARD - <P are artificially flavored and do not contain real mustard. (Mustard seed is considered kitniyos.) JOYV YVA JOYVA PRODUCTS certified by Dr. David Sheinkopf are not recommended for Pesach, even when bearing a } as they contain kitniyos. LACTAID LACTAID in both caplets and drops forms, contains a lactase enzyme that should be considered chometz. (Consult your Rav regarding the permissibility of adding the drops to milk before Pesach, or of buying LACTAID milk [not Cholov Yisroel] before Pesach.) BEANO drops and tablets should be considered chometz. BABY BABY BABY MAGIC BABY POWDER may contain chometz. MANISCHEWITZ WINES - Only those bearing an < and "Kosher for Passover", or <P, are Kosher for Pesach. The same varieties come in both Pesach and non-Pesach types, which are often mixed up on store shelves. Consumers should carefully check each label.


IV. FOLLOWING MAY KOSHER CERTIFICATION TION, IV. THE FOLLOWING PRODUCTS MAY BE USED FOR PESACH WITHOUT SPECIAL KOSHER FOR PESACH CERTIFICATION except where noted otherwise. (A new box, can or jar should be used where an old one may have come into contact with chometz.) This is a partial list, for only; Pesach 5763 / 2003 only the omission of any specific brand or product does not necessarily imply that it contains chometz or that it is not permissible for use on Pesach. - This information applies only to products manufactured in the U.S. Products manufactured in other countries, including Canada, even with the same brand names, may have different formulations. -- Most of the medications, cosmetics and toiletries listed are not under supervision, and their listings here, based on information from the manufacturer, pertain only to their lack of chometz, not to the general Kashrus of their ingredients. Many of the medications contain kitniyos, which is permissible when taken for medicinal purposes. -- (We thank Rabbi Gershon Bess of Los Angeles for the extensive information in his "Passover Guide to Cosmetics & Medications", which is available from Kollel Bais Avrohom Los Angeles, 223 South Formosa Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90036; (323) 933-7193.) ALUMINUM ALUMINUM FOIL AMMONIA ANALGESICS: Advil (Adult, Children's [Tabs, Suspension, Jr. Strength], Infant Drops, Bayer (Aspirin, Children's Aspirin, Regimen Aspirin), Bufferin, ANALGESICS: Excedrin, Motrin, Tylenol (Arthritis Pain Extended Relief Captlets, Regular Strength Tablets, Soft-Chews Chewables [Children's], with Codeine [Tablets, Capsules, Elixir], Women's Menstrual Relief Caplets, Extra Strength [Adult Liquid Pain Reliever, Caplets, Gelcaps, Geltabs, Tablets], Extra Strength PM [Caplets, Gelcaps, Geltabs]), Tempra (Drops, Tablets & Quicklets). ADWE ASPIRIN and NON-ASPIRIN PAIN RELIEVER [like Tylenol] regular & extra strength, chewable & liquid for children, caplets and infant drops are under KAJ supervision, and in addition to being free of chometz, contain no kitniyos and no animal derivatives. ANTACIDS: ANTACIDS: Di-Gel tablets (kitniyos), Mylanta (kitniyos), Mylicon Drops, Pebcid, Phazyme Gas Relief (gel capsules, infant drops [kosher], liquid)(Phazyme Chewable Gas Relief TABLETS contain chometz), Rolaids. ADWE MINT-FLAVORED ANTACID TABLETS [like Rolaids], ADWE HEARTBURN RELIEF CHERRY FLAVORED [like Tums] and ADWE KO-LANTA [like Mylanta] are under KAJ supervision, and in addition to being free of chometz, contains no kitniyos and no animal derivatives. ANTI-DIARRHEALS: Imodium advanced chewable tablets & caplets, Imodium Anti-Diarrheal caplets & liquid, Kaopectate liquid (Regular, Peppermint & Children's) Kaopectate caplets, Lomotil liquid & tablets, Pepto-Bismol (all forms) ANTI-FUNGALS and POWDERS: All talcum powder, Desitin (Ointment & Baby Powder), Dr. Scholl's (Odor Destroyers Deodorant Spray, Original Foot Powder, Super Absorbent Powder & Super Deodorant Powder) - (Dr. Scholl's SOAP AND SOAK contains chometz), Lotrimin AF (cream, ultra cream, powder & solution, spray liquid, spray powder, & spray deodorant power), Tinactin (cream, powder, liquid, pump & wipes). ANTI-NAUSEA: Dramamine (chewable [kitniyos], tablets, or children's liquid). ANTI-NAUSEA USEA: BABY BABY CARE: FORMULA (liquid & powder): Babylac (Cholov Yisroel), Enfamil, Isomil, Prosobee, Similac. All contain kitniyos and should be : prepared and served with separate dishes & utensils. BABY OIL: Baby Magic Baby Oil and any baby oil listing only mineral oil and fragrance. BABY OINTMENTS: A & D - only regular, not medicated; Balmex, Desitin, petroleum jelly. BABY POWDER: Johnson's, and any plain talcum powder listing only talc & fragrance. (Hands should be washed in a non-Pesach sink before coming in contact with Pesach foods or utensils.) Please note: BABY MAGIC BABY POWDER may contain chometz and should be sold or disposed of before Pesach. ADWE BABY POWDER under KAJ supervision is also available. BABY SOAPS & SHAMPOO: Johnson's (Baby Bath, Baby Shampoo [Original & Lavender], Baby Wash), Baby Magic (Bath with Aloe, Shampoo) BABY WIPES: Any brand that states "ALCOHOL FREE". SODA BICARBONATE SODA BAKING SODA / BICARBONATE OF SODA BLEACH ANALGESICS: CHILDREN'S ANALGESIC S: see ANALGESICS above. (Pure): COCOA (Pure): Hershey's, Nestle Peters (Please note: Drink mixes such as Nestle's Quik are not Kosher for Pesach without reliable Pesach certification. Nestle's Nesquik with <P is available this year.) (Regular, Freeze COFFEE (Regular, Instant, Freeze Dried & Decaffeinated): Many brands with reliable Pesach certification are available including: Gefen <P, Lieber's with Pesach marking, and the following brands only with ^P on the label: Maxwell House, Maxim, Sanka & Yuban. (Please note: POSTUM beverage contains CHOMETZ.) CONTACT SOLUTIONS CONTACT LENS SOLUTIONS - any without alcohol DECONGESTANT COUGH & DECONGESTANT MEDICINES: Benadryl (caplets, cream, gelcaps, liquid, spray, stick, tabs, ultratabs), Dristan, Drixoral, Sudafed (all forms), Triaminic Nite Light, Tylenol (Conc. Drops, Conc. Drops Plus Cold-Infants, Conc. Drops Plus Cold Cough-Infancts, Max Strength Allergy Sinus [Nighttime, Daytime], Max Strength Flu [Day Non-Drowsy Gelcaps, Nighttime Gelcaps, Nighttime Liquid, Sinus Day (Non-drowsy), Sinus Nighttime Caplets], Multi-Symptom Cold [Day (non-drowsy), Severe Congestion], Plus Allergy ­ Childrens, Plus Cold [Children's Chewable, Children's Suspension], Plus Cold & Cough Suspension [Children's], Plus Flu Suspension [Children's], Plus Sinus Suspension [Children's], Severe Allergy Caplets, Sore Throat Liquid, Multi-Symptom Cold [caplets & tablets]). ADWE-TUSSIN Cough Medicine (contains kitniyos) and ADWE ALLERGY RELIEF [like Benadryl] are under KAJ supervision, and in addition to being free of chometz, contains no animal derivatives. DENTURE ADHESIVE & CLEANER: Confident, Cushion Grip, Efferdent (Cleanser, Effergrip Cream, Plus), Fixodent (Cream, Powder), Kleenite Cleansers, Polident (cleaner, powder & tablets), Poli-Grip Adhesive cream, Sensodyne Sealant, Super Poli-Grip (cream & powder), Wernet's Adhesive (cream & powder). DENTAL FLOS OSS: DENTAL FLOSS: Any unflavored. DEODORANT: DEODORANT: Almay, Boss, Dry Idea, Hi & Dri Stick, Hugo, Lady Speed Stick, Old Spice, Right Guard, Secret, Soft & Dri, Sure Part DISPOSABLE PRODUCTS (see Part II): The following do not contain any starch - styrofoam and pure plastic plates & cups, coffee filters. DRIED FRUIT: Dried fruit generally requires reliable Pesach supervision. Safari (with a plain <) may also be used. FRUIT:

SHAKLEE - The following SHAKLEE products contain chometz and may not be used on Pesach: FIBER PLAN DAILY MIX, FIBER PLAN DAILY CRUNCH, VITA-E 100 IU CHEWABLE PLUS SELENIUM TABLETS, VITA-E400 IU CHEWABLE PLUS SELENIUM TABLETS, B-COMPLEX, HERB-LAX TABLETS, IRON PLUS C COMPLEX, AND ZINC COMPLEX. The following SHAKLEE nutritional products should not be used on Pesach (One who is ill and requires these products on Pesach should consult their Rav): ALFALFA COMPLEX, CHEWABLE CAL MAG PLUS, CHEWABLE VITA C, ENERGIZING SOY PROTEIN (Cocoa, Vanilla), GARLIC COMPLEX, INSTANT PROTEIN SOY MIX, MEAL SHAKES (Bavarian Cocoa, French Vanilla), PHYSIQUE, FIBER PLAN (Chewable Tables - Orange Flavor, Dietary Supplement, Tables - Swallowable), FITNESS DRINK MIX (Strawberry Flavor), PERFORMANCE (Lemon-Lime, Orange) SUSTAINED RELEASE VITA-C 500 mg TABLETS, SLIM PLAN DRINK MIX (Cocoa, Vanilla), SLIM PLAN GOLD (Chocolate, Vanilla). The following SHAKLEE personal care products are free of chometz and may be used on Pesach: ENFUSELLE (ONLY C&E REPAIR PM and HAND AND BODY LOTION -- Other Enfuselle products may contain chometz and should not be used), CLASSICS (Conditioning Formula Mascara, Matte Eyeshadow, Powder Blush, Pressed Powder, Translucent Face Powder). Shaklee BIODEGREAT DRAIN BUILD UP REMOVER contains chometz and should not be used on Pesach. Shaklee BASIC-G Highly Concentrated Germicide, BASIC H Concentrate Organic Cleaner, BASIC-I Industrial Strength Cleaner and ATEASE Heavy Duty Scouring Cleanser are certified as Kosher for Pesach by the {. Other Shaklee products may contain kitniyos or chometz and we have not been able to verify their status. Consumers should not use Shaklee products on Pesach without verifying their permissibility. MELALEUCA - The following MELALEUCA products are free of chometz and may be used on Pesach: Personal Care: PAIN-A-TRATE CREAM and LOTION, RENEW SPA & BATH, T36-C5 MELALEUCA OIL, T40-C3 LELALEUCA OIL, TRIPLE ANTIBIOTIC OINTMENT, ZAP-IT FACIAL WASH. Home Care: LEMON BRITE DISHWASHING LIQUID, MELAMAGIC INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH CLEANER, PRE-SPOT PLUS STAIN REMOVER, SUPER CONCENTRATE DIAMOND BRITE GEL, TUB `N TILE BATHROOM CLEANER. BABY BABY FOODS - Powdered rice cereals and baby food without special Pesach supervision should not be used as they may be produced on chometz equipment. The following brands of Kosher for Passover baby food are available this year: BEECH-NUT - only with <P - 39 varieties of fruits and vegetables. GEFEN - <P - Three meat (glatt) varieties (Vegetable Beef, Vegetable Turkey and Sweet Potato & Chicken), plus six fruit & vegetable varieties. HEALTHY TIMES - <P - six varieties of fruits and vegetables

DRY MILK: Dry milk requires reliable Pesach supervision. Ko-Sure - {P (Cholov Yisroel) is available. Part EGGS (see Part I): Eggs should be purchased before Pesach. SHADOW, LINER, MASCARA, MAKE-UP FACE POWDER, BLUSH, -UP, EYE SHADOW, EYE LINER, MASCARA, MAKE-UP, FACE POWDER, BLUSH, NAIL POLISH & REMOVER - with no wheat, oats, barley or steropro (sterilized oat flour), amino peptide complex, avena sativa, beta glucan, hordeum vulgare extract, phytospphingosine extract, prolamine, or triticum vulgare listed in the ingredients, are permissible (on Chol Hamoed). (raw, FROZEN FISH FILLETS (raw, not breaded, with no added ingredients): Freshwater, Ungar's FRUIT: FROZEN FRUIT: Plain frozen unsweetened fruit, with no added ingredients. GLUE: GLUE: Elmer's, Krazy Glue, Ross (However, Elmer's Washable Paste may contain chometz). HAIRSPRAY HAIRSPRAY: Elan, Revlon Clear Pump PEROXIDE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE ICE (in bags): Any from plain water. ISOPROPYL ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL LAXATIVES: LAXATIVES: Fleet (Baby Lax, Enemas, Laxative Tablets, Medicated Wipes, Natural Vegetable Senna, Oral Mineral Oil, Pain Relief Pads, Sof-Lax, or Suppositories), Metamucil (Capsules, Original Texture Orange Flavor [kitniyos, Original Texture Regular Flavor [no kitniyos], Powder Smooth Sugar Free, Smooth Texture Orange [no kitniyos])(METAMUCIL WAFERS contain chometz), Peri-Colace (Capsules, Syrup), Senokot (tablets, Xtra tablets) (SENEKOT SYRUP, SENEKOT CHILDREN'S SYRUP and SENEKOT GRANULES contain chometz). ADWE STOOL SOFTENER [like Colace] is under KAJ supervision, and in addition to being free of chometz, contain no kitniyos and no animal derivatives. LEMON JUICE, LIME JUICE: ReaLemon lemon juice reconstituted. ReaLime lime juice reconstituted. LIPSTICK (unflavored): The following contain no chometz - Almay - One Coat Lip Creams, Lipgloss and Lipstick, CoverGirl - Continuous Color Lipstick, Lip Pencils, Lipslicks, Marathon Lipstick; Mary Kay - Lip Protector, Satin Lip Mask, Satin Lips Blam, Signature Lip Gloss, Signature Lip Stick; Revlon - Colorstay Lipcolor, Lip Chromes, Lip Laminizer, Moisture Stay Lipcolor, Outrageous Lipcolor, Super Frost Lipstick, Super Lustrous Lipstick, Ultimate II (Pure Radiance Lip Bronzer, Couture Lipcolour, Matte Plus Lipchrome, Never Wetter Lipcolor, Super Luscious Lip Liner). (L'OREAL and MAYBELLINE lipsticks may contain chometz and should not be used). ADWE lipstick is under KAJ supervision, and in addition to being free of chometz, contains no animal derived ingredients. LOTIONS: Keri, Lubriderm, Neutrogena, Noxema (Please note: VASELINE INTENSIVE CARE LOTION DRY SKIN FORMULA contains chometz). MINERAL OIL MOUTH CARE: Blistex (Clear Advance, Complete Moisture, Fruit Smoothies, Herbal Answer Lip Balm*, Lip Balm*, Lip Medex, Lip Ointment, Lip Revitalizer*, Lip Tone*, Silk & Shine & Ultra Lip Balm*), Kank-a, Orajel (Gel, Liquid, Mouth-Aid-Gel, Liquid, Multi-Action Cold Sore, Ultra Mouth Sore Medicine), Chapstick (Cold Sore Therapy, Flava Craze SPF 15, Lip Balm, LipSations Lip Moisturizer [Glitter, Gloss], Overnight Lip Treatment, Petroleum, Sun Zone) * = Kosher MOUTHWASH: MOUTHWASH: Betadine, Listerine, Plax, Polident, Scope, Signal and Tom's of Maine contain no chometz. ADWE Astringent and New Mint (like Scope) mouthwash is under KAJ supervision, and in addition to being free of chometz, contains no animal derived ingredients. Please note: FLUORIGARD, GLISTER, PREVIDENT and VIADENT MOUTHRINSES may contain chometz. NUTS: Commercially packaged raw uncolored nuts (unroasted) with no additives & not listing "BHA in corn oil" or BHT; bleached or unbleached, shelled or unshelled. (PECAN PIECES and MIDGET PECANS require reliable Kosher for Pesach certification.) OLIVE OIL: Pompeian brand "Extra Virgin", with { symbol; Colavita and Filippo Berio brands of "Extra Virgin" olive oil with <. ORANGE AND GRAPEFRUIT JUICE: LIQUID - Tropicana with ^P. FROZEN - Tropicana and any other brand of 100% pure frozen concentrated unsweetened orange or grapefruit juice with no added ingredients. OVEN CLEANER: Dow, Easy-Off, Fantastik, Shaklee At-Ease Heavy Duty Scouring Cleaner PAPER: PARCHMENT PAPER: P.R. Productions -{, Pure - { PERFUME, COLOGNE: Bill Blass, Carrington, Chanel Fragrances, Charlie Fragrances, Ciara, Enjoli, Jontue, Revlon, Ultima II. COLOGNE: PINEAPPLE: Canned pineapple requires reliable Pesach certification. Several brands are available. PLASTIC WRAP & BAGS RAISINS (when bearing @): Del Monte Natural and Golden), Dole (Natural and Golden), Safari (Raisins and Dried Fruit) GLOVES Part RUBBER GLOVES (see Part I): Playtex and Rubbermaid brands of household gloves (not disposable) do not contain any starch. SALT SALT: Any non-iodized < brand not listing dextrose, maltodextrin or polysorbate in the ingredients, such as Morton non-iodized. SALT SALT SUBSTITUTE: Salt substitute requires reliable Pesach supervision. Freeda Free-Salt - <P (does not contain Kitniyos) is available. PADS: SCOURING PADS: Chore Boy, O-Cel-O Sponges, Scotch Brite, Scrunge and plain Steel Wool. SHAMPOO & CONDITIONERS: Baby Magic Baby Shampoo, Flex, Head & Shoulders, Johnson's Baby Shampoo (Original & Lavender), Johnson's Baby Wash, Neutrogena, Pantene, Pert, Vidal Sassoon. SILVER SILVER POLISH: Hagerty, Rokeach, Starco, Tarnishield, Weiman, Weiman Royal Sterling DISHWASHING SOAPS, DISHWASHING DETERGENTS, CLEANSERS: POWDERS: Any powder with an <. DISHWASHING LIQUIDS: Ajax, Dawn, Ivory, Joy & Palmolive. AUTOMATIC DISHWASHING LIQUID: Palmolive. LIQUID CLEANSERS Bon Ami, Fantastik, Glass Plus, Soft Scrub (Liquid Gel w/Bleach, CLEANSERS: SOAP: w/Lemon, Fresh Scent w/bleach). BAR SOAP Dial, Coast, Irish Spring, Old Spice, Palmolive, Safeguard and Zest contain no chometz. LIQUID SOAP: Dial, Ivory, Murphy's Oil Soap, Palmolive, Softsoap (Note: Dial ALOE MOISTURIZER BODY WASH and DIAL ULTRA MOISTURIZER BODY WASH w/VITAMIN E contain chometz). SOAP PADS: O-Cel-O, Scotch-Brite SODA SODA POP requires reliable certification for Pesach. Reliably certified sodas in the Detroit area include 2 liter bottles of Pepsi-Cola with a cRc-P03 on the cap, Faygo Unflavored Sparkling Water with KP on the cap, 2 liter Coca-Cola with ""OU-P" on the cap, and Mayim Chayim and Be'er Mayim brands of soda pop with special Pesach marking on the cap or label. (Please note that reliable Pesach certified soda pops do not actually contain corn syrup, even though they may bear the standard ingredient statement listing corn syrup.) SPICES: All spices require reliable Pesach certification. Several brands are available. SPRAY STARCH: SPRAY STARCH: Niagra, Linit. SUGAR: America's Choice & Pioneer White Granulated Sugar; Domino sugars - with ^P; NOT Confectioners Powdered Sugar. (NOTE: Big Chief and several other brands of Confectioners Powdered Sugar contain wheat starch and should be sold with the chometz. Check the ingredients.) -GLICK'S Confectioners Sugar is available with KAJ Pesach certification. SUGAR SUBSTITUTE: Sugar Substitutes requires reliable Pesach supervision. The following are available: POWDERS: Gefen Sweet `N Low <P; only with <P SWEETIE (with Pesach certification of the Beth Din Zedek of Jerusalem). (Note: "EQUAL" and "NUTRASWEET SPOONFUL" sweeteners are not Kosher for Pesach.) TEA: TEA: INSTANT - Nestea 100% Tea - regular and decaffeinated (unflavored, unsweetened). TEABAGS (only plain, unflavored): America's Choice regular (not decaffeinated); Lipton - (regular and decaffeinated); Swee-Touch-Nee - Oriental Blend & "97-1/2% Caffeine Free" (but NOT "decaffeinated"). Other Teabags with reliable Pesach certification are available. HERBAL TEA BAGS: Need reliable Pesach supervision. Several brands are available. TOOTHPASTE: TOOTHPASTE: The following contain no chometz - Aim (gel), Aqua Fresh, Close-Up Gel, Colgate, Crest, Fresh N Bright, Gilette Oral-B Ages & Stage, Gleem, Homeodent, Listerine Essential Care, Mentadent, Orajel Sensitive, Pepsodent, Prevident, Promise, Sensodyne, Tom's of Maine, Ultrabrite, Viadent. ADWE toothpastes (anti-tarter, tooth gel, sensitive teeth toothpaste, Oral-Gel [like Orajel]and Tooth Wash & Gum Cleaner liquid [for Shabbos and Yom Tov use])are under KAJ supervision, and in addition to being free of chometz, contain no animal derived ingredients. WATER (bottled): Any fresh, bottled, unflavored spring water. PAPER: WAX PAPER: Does not require special Pesach certification. For baking, Cut-Rite may be used. WINE: Wine requires reliable Pesach certification.

For questions regarding products or medicines not listed here, please contact your Rav or call and leave a message on the Merkaz Kashrus Hotline at (248) 968-3057. To be added to the KosherGram mailing list or if you have a change of address, please write the Merkaz at P.O. Box 4104, Southfield, Michigan 48037-4104 or send e-mail to "[email protected]". © 2003 MERKAZ, INC. Please do not reprint without permission.


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2003 Pesach Koshergram - Electronic.p65