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BUSINESS EDUCATION / ICT LEARNING 13 students in Yr 10 Foundation Business and Yr 11 Accounting and BOM participated in the 3 day Ecoman Business Simulation Program. Yr 12 BCT and BOM students had guest speakers from Commerce Queensland speak to them regarding the Work Choices Legislation. 39 students in Yr 10 students have extended their learning through participation in combined Yr10/11 subjects eg. Certificates in Information Technology, Certificates in Multimedia and Certificates in Business. 90 students in Yr 12 will graduate with units of competency and Certificates in VET subjects such as BCT, ITS, Certificates in Business, Certificates in IT and Certificates in Mulitimedia. 4 students in Yr 12 are participating in the QUT Start Program in the areas of Business, Accounting and Justice. Students participated in Work Placement Student Program through Certificates in Multimedia, Certificates in Information Technology, and Certificates in Business ­ excellent feedback was received regarding students skills. School based police officer visited Legal Studies classes. Students in Certificate III in Children Services participated in Work Placement. Second year students in Certificate III in Children Services complete Senior First Aide with St Johns Ambulance. Second year students in Certificate III in Children Services have gone across to the Junior school and helped students in Yr 1-3 develop their reading skills. Department of Child Safety came out and spoke to Certificate III in Children Services students. SIDS and KIDS QLD came out and spoke to Certificate III in Children Services students. School nurse has visited the Certificate III in Children Services students several times to discuss various topics. FINANCE & ASSETS Airconditioning was replaced in E10. New chairs were purchased for E12 computer room. Dataprojectors were ceiling mounted in E16 and E24. WORKFORCE Carmen Byrne, Daniela Chandler, Carol Hoareau all attended an inservice on the ICT Pedagocial Licence in Term 1. Wendy Dilley attended the ICT Pedagocial Licence inservice for 2 day in Term 1. Carmen Byrne attended a 2 day workshop on Game Making in Term 2. Carol Hoareau attended an information session on the new Legal Studies Pathways Project in Term 2. Daniela Chandler attended the QSA Business Organisation and Management assessment writing workshop in Term 2. Wendy Dilley and Sue Bollerman attended the QUT annual teachers and industry luncheon in Term 3. Daniela Chandler and Rachael Jackson attended a QSA workshop on the new Business Services Training Package. Rachael Jackson attended the Business Communication and Technology State Paniel Meeting in Term 3. Rachael Jackson, Daniela Chandler, Carol Hoareau and Wendy Dilley attended the Ecoman Business Simulation Program in Term 3. Wendy Dilley and Carol Hoareau attended the Accounting Pathways evening at the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Term 3. All staff attended inservice on MOE etc. Daniela Chandler, Cathy Beasley, Carol Hoareau and Wendy Dilley participated in Yr 10 Set Plan Interviews. Continued links with Australian Electoral Commission as our Industry Representative for Certificates in Business. Continued Links with Coretech as our Industry Representative for Certificates in Information Technology and Multimedia. Clare Reid attended regional moderation at Kenmore State High and state moderation for Certificate III in Children Services in Cairns in Term 3. ENGLISH LEARNING Student enrichment through subject related activities/groups o organised classroom visits by - Paul Sherman (actor, director, poet): Year 12 - Kim Sweetman (journalist): Year 10 - Ross Clarke (poet): Year 7 - Simon Groth (writer): Year 12 - Simon Higgins (writer): Year 7 - Ann Vitale (educator, administrator and aid worker): Year 10 o worked in the area of curriculum development with education consultant Ray McGuire (KG student work published in ETAQ publication Words'Worth) o supported English strand of City Cluster High Achievers - run by Dr Lenore Ferguson and Sue Luus in consultation with the English Department - organised creative writing workshop with Ross Clarke (poet). New programs o participated in trial / pilot for new Authority Senior English subject English for ESL Learners o continued significant Middle School English curriculum development in Years 9 and 9. WORKFORCE English teachers ran KG Writers Group edited collections of student work for the following publications o KG Writers: 2007 and 2008 (creative writers from within the college) assisted in conducting SET Plan interviews. FINANCE & ASSETS Quality teaching and learning environment supported through the acquisition of resources o class sets of - novels for Year 9 - poetry anthologies for Middle School - novels for Year 10 and Year 11 - gift from Toowong Library, from One Book, One Brisbane project o variety of a-v resources (eg Australian documentaries for Year 11). INFORMATION & KNOWLEDGE English teachers undertook professional development o ETAQ State Conference and ETAQ seminars (6 staff attended ETAQ Literary Breakfast in October) o ICT Certificates (three staff ) o English Communication SAS Moderation meeting in Term 2 o English for ESL Learners Conference in Term 4 served in various roles on external subject related committees o English Teachers Association of Queensland (ETAQ) Management and In-service Committee. EXCELLENCE AVIATION 5 students enrolled this year. Partnership with Griffith University and Royal Queensland Aero Club continues to flourish. Qualified physics and maths teacher employed to supervise and tutor students at Archerfield. Three students have achieved outstanding results: Matt Pullman has passed the Pre-Solo exam, First Solo, Area Solo exam, Area Solo and all BAK modules leading to the achievement of General Flight Progress Test. Isaiah Cassady has passed the Pre-Solo exam, First Solo, Area Solo exam and Area Solo. Mathew Anderson has passed the Pre-Solo exam. Program was reviewed this year with a fresh team of instructors. Students are enjoying new program as achievements indicate. GOLF / SOCCER / TENNIS


LEARNING Senior Girls tennis competed in State Team Challenge (Rockhampton). Tennis Senior boys and girls Metropolitan Champions. Yr 10 Tennis boys Metropolitan runners up. Tennis Excellence attended tournaments in Toowoomba and Pittsworth. Year 10 boys football Metropolitan Champions. Year 8 boys football Metropolitan runners up. State Age Tennis runner up in Rockhampton, Honzi Harrison. Viraat Badhwar, 3rd Gary Player Tournament and led first round of World Junior Championships. Girls football won 3 rounds of intercollegiate championships. Senior Boys participated in Red Lion Cup Football Competition. Year 10 Excellence students working to complete Certificate II in Sports Officiating. 3 students Metropolitan North Golf Representatives. 2 Football students National and State Representatives. 21 Football students represented Metropolitan North. WORKFORCE Bruce O'Neill invited and played Indooroopilly Pro Am. Ian Milligan Football Brisbane U/14 coach. Karen Perkins/Bruce O'Neill Metropolitan Golf Managers. Ian Milligan Metropolitan North U/15 and Open Boys Football Coach. Bruce O'Neill/Ian Milligan First aid updated. All Sports Excellence staff attended MOE professional development. FINANCE & ASSETS 5 Tennis Courts re-surfaced. Oval upgrade commenced. Bus shed upgraded. Equipment and resources purchased to ensure the delivery of quality programs. INFORMATION & TECHNOLOGY Computer Analysis of Golf Swing. Nutrition and Sports Psychology using a variety of IT strategies. Computer timing for speed and agility tests. Video Analysis of tennis strokes. QUEENSLAND DANCE SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE LEARNING Year 10, 11 and 12 students attend Queensland Ballet performances in March, A Midsummer Night's Dream, in August International Gala, in December Swan Lake. Also Expressions Dance Theatre in August On Thin Ice. Students perform at the launch of the Smart Moves promotion at Ironside State School in February. Students perform at the opening of Skilled Park Robina Stadium in the presence of the Premier. Year 11 and 12 students perform in the Creative Generation-State School on Stage performances at the Concert Hall at QPAC. Year 12 students perform at the launch of the Department of Sport and Recreation Find your 30, Be Active, Eat well. Students perform at the launch of the B150 Celebration program in the Queen St Mall. Students perform on the popular TV program The Shak. Students perform at the Annual Showcase Awards for Education Queensland, Training and the Arts. All 11 and 12 students participated in a work-shop with dancers from Expressions Dance Theatre. Folkloric specialist teacher Dianna Laska-Moore came from Canberra to set a Moldavian dance for the year 12 for the Graduation Performances. All 10, 11 & 12 students perform in the annual Graduation Performance at the Conservatorium Theatre South Bank. Two schools matinees and two evening shows. WORKFORCE Angus Lugsdin attended various dance specific lectures/demonstrations at the annual Cecchetti Ballet Conference in Melbourne in July. A Lugsdin attended the Jerome Robbins program presented by The Australian Ballet in Sydney in June. A Lugsdin attended Boys Day at The Australian Ballet with all QDSE male students participating. A Lugsdin attended First Aid & CPR training in July. FINANCE & ASSETS Replacement of tarkett dance floor in J Block. QDSE Friends purchase new piano for Studio 2 in J Block.

Patricia MacDonald Foundation sponsors QDSE Performance Ensemble. INFORMATION & KNOWLEDGE A variety of IT processes employed in the production of music editing and reproduction for performances. HEALTH & PHYSICAL EDUCATION LEARNING Yr 11 Physical Education students visit QUT Human Movements Dept for physiological testing. Snr Recreation students participate in Term 1 in the Tackling Life Program conducted by the ARL. Yr 8 HPE students participate in AFL's School Program in Term 1. Snr Recreation students participate in AFL's coaching program in Term 3. Yr 6- 10 HPE students participate in the Gatorade Program in Term 2. Qld Firebirds visit classes in Term 3. School Nurse visits all Yr 9 HPE classes in Term 3. Drug Arm lecture to Snr Recreation classes in Term 1. Gifted & Talented students identified in HPE classes. Rikki Kerr Yr 12 Phys Ed student selected for QUT Start Program in HM. Semester 5 & 6 Unit Outlines written for Snr Recreation. WORKFORCE Bob Allen attended Healthy Futures Conference in Term 1. Heather Brooker attended Recreation SAS Moderation meeting in Term 2. Heather Brooker attended QCAR inservice in Term 2. All HPE staff attend Warm Up Techniques Inservice in Term 1. Yr 6/7 class teachers attended Year of Physical Activity Conference in Term 2. Mike Neild attended Health Education Conference conducted by Qld Health in Term 4. Mike Neild selected in Australian Frisbee Team for world championships in Canada. All HPE staff attended inservice on MOE etc. Jamie Smyth ­ Melbourne Tigers Water Polo Team Rep in National League. Rob Amos organized Yr 11 ski trip. Doug Meikle shared Sportsmaster role with Jamie Smyth. FINANCE & ASSETS Purchase of games & sport equipment, print and media resources to support teaching and learning. 4 new cycle ergometers in fitness room. Data projectors in all HPE classrooms. INFORMATION & KNOWLEDGE It integrated into curriculum in all year levels. Variety of IT strategies used in classrooms. New dartfish video analysis software integrated into Snr curriculum. ICT SERVICES Preparation for and migration to DETA Managed Operating Environment during April school holidays, including: o Audit of existing ICT infrastructure to identify additional hardware and network infrastructure needs. o Consultation about and development of new data structure under MOE and user permissions. o Purchase and installation of new MOE servers (2 PC and 1 Apple) and switches with MOE configuration. o Purchase and set-up of approximately 100 new workstations (including 25 Apples) with DETA MOE image and KGSC software. o Reimaging of approximately 500 existing workstations with MOE image and KGSC software. Use of Information Management Service (IMS) Service Centre by staff to log ICT related issues; KGSC ICT support team obtain details of jobs from Service Centre web system, take action to resolve jobs, then close jobs. Increasing connectivity across the College, including wireless network access, to support DETA Computers for Teachers project. DETA Computers for Teachers project: o Allocation of 16 Macbooks to teachers (primarily Performing and Visual Arts faculties). o Preparation for arrival of 128 PC laptops to be allocated to Executive, HODs and teachers in late November/early December. OneSchool web-based management system "live" and "training" environments configured Semester 2 2008; training provided to


Executive, HODs and teachers during Term 3 and 4; Semester 2 reports to be prepared using OneSchool; further training and full implementation of OneSchool from the beginning of 2009 school year. Refreshing ICTs ­ installation of 12 ceiling mounted data projectors in classrooms and labs and installation of new and replacement air conditioning units in computer labs. National Computer Fund Project application submitted. o KGSC is eligible for 281 additional computers for Years 9-12 to increase ratio to 2 students per computer. o includes installation of ceiling mounted data projectors in classrooms and computer labs to enhance integration of ICTs. Variety of professional development activities facilitated, supported and/or funded eg. o Smart Classroom Professional Development Framework workshops for all teachers on January Student Free Day; 10 teachers participated in regional or online workshops aimed at ICT Pedagogical Licence. o Beyond Chalk workshops including podcasting and movie making using Apple computers. o Share IT at Ferny Grove SHS. o Interactive Whiteboards and tablets/pads. Resource Centre: o Celebrated Bookweek, including book talks, activities, celebration party with prizes, selection of books. o Participation in annual Online Literature Festival with Year 9 students o Implementation of new Year 8 RAR program. o Participation in regional Readers Cup (Year 7 and 8). o Attended variety of professional development activities eg. Copyright updates; Digital storytelling. INTERNATIONAL / ESL Increased numbers of applications to study at KGSC received from students from overseas. This year there are 120 international fee-paying students across the college. This is phenomenal growth since we started the program in 2001 with 5 students. 60 of our present students are living in Homestay arrangements. Hun Woo PARK an International student who arrived at KGSC in March 2006 was elected College Captain for 2008. KGSC as part of Brisbane North International Schools Alliance was awarded a 2008 Queensland Education and Training International Award for Outstanding International Student Support. Over 30 KGSC Teachers attended a two day ESL Conference to learn about Bandscales, an ESL assessment and reporting tool as well as Teaching Emphases for English proficiency Levels (TEEPL), a database of teaching strategies. 3 ESL (Hong Ying Sun, Izabela Skorka and Kay MacNamara) presented at the annual International Students' Advisors network of Australia conference in Adelaide on forming intercultural friendships. Kay McNamara presented at a number of state conferences on teaching strategies for students with English as a second language. LANGUAGES / SOCIAL SCIENCES GERMAN 6 week exchange visit by students from Poelchau-Oberschule, Berlin + 2 teachers. 3 visiting assistant teachers, Andreas, Claudia & Raphaela, from Stuttgart & Heidelberg Universities for 9 months. QUT Practising Teacher Stacey Krüger returns to KGSC German for her last Prac. Emma Kidman, Ryan Gentner and Amber Brooker chosen to go to Germany on a 6 week SAGSE Exchange trip in 2007-8 Christmas holidays. Return visit by host sisters in winter 2008. Moses See (Yr 11) & Romy Rutherford (Yr 10) chosen to go with the SAGSE 2008-9 group at Christmas for 6 weeks' exchange. UQ Taste of German Day German restaurant visit in March for students, parents, QACI students & past students. German cooking Classes successfully held end of Term 3. Languages breakfast held with Japanese & Italian students. Frau Mains chosen to lead ELTF group of teachers for 4th year. The group will go to Germany for 3 weeks where they will attend a language school and make a cultural bus tour. JAPANESE

Several demonstrations of Japanese cooking & tasting. Combined Japanese, German & Italian breakfast. Mask making combines Japanese & Italian students. ITALIAN Anna Kidman won the StudItalia prize. Victoria Brombey, Gabby Collins & Tiamber Daly won 2nd prize in the "song" category at "Dante Day". Students attend & participate in Dante Day at Griffith University. Junior School celebration of Carnevale. Year 9 penpal exchange with a school in Nettuno, near Rome. Cooking demonstrations & tasting- Year 9 canneloni, Year 8 antipasto & pizza. Years 6 & 7 morning tea. Presentation of "Sinbad and the Enchanted Horse" bilingual puppet show at KGSC. ANCIENT HISTORY & ITALIAN Organisation of a combined Department Trip to Italy & Greece for 1.1.2009 to 22.1.2009. GEOGRAPHY Completion of Work Programme to meet the needs of the new syllabus for Years 11 & 12 for the start of 2009. PHILOSOPHY & REASON Sem 1 guest speaker, Bruce Mitchell, on Aesthetics. Sem 2 guest speakers representing religion ­ a Hindu Priest (Pandit), a Representative from the Women's Islamic Union, and a Reverend from the Buddhist Temple at Rochdale. Continuing development of links with QUT Education. MATHEMATICS Introduction of Smart Boards into classrooms saw teachers implementing the use of ICTs into the delivery of lessons. Queensland Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Framework Grant was awarded to implement the Queensland Common Assessment Task Trial in Year 9 Mathematics. This saw all Year 9 students designing parachutes and analysing their results. The first annual National Test for Numeracy was held in May. A Foundation Mathematics C course was created for Year 10 students wishing to study Mathematics C in Years 11 and 12. The painting of rooms and the replacement of blackboards with whiteboards. Essential Learnings were implemented into the Middle School Mathematics Programs. Updating Senior Mathematics A/B/C to reflect changes to Syllabus documents. The development of a new philosophy in the Mathematics Department that centres on enriched learning and deep understanding of Mathematical concepts. MIDDLE SCHOOL LEARNING All subject areas identified and implemented QCARF's Essential Learnings and Ways of Working into their work program. Middle school students participated in the University of NSW Science, Maths and English competitions (ICAS). There were excellent results with 7 students awarded a High Distinction, 85 students awarded a Distinction and 189 students awarded a credit. Our year 8 and 9 academic achievers classes participated in the Australasian Problem Solving Mathematical Olympiads (APSMO). Year 8 students enjoyed a 3 day camp at YMCA Camp Warrawee and the year 6 and 7 students spent 3 days at Camp Mudjimba. Year 8/9 girls participated in a `Girls solving it for themselves' Day. Excursions were enjoyed by many middle school students: Year 6 and 6/7C visited the police museum, Yr 7A/B organised 3 excursions as part of their Travel Itineraries Unit, and Year 9 students celebrated their last year of middle school with a day at Australia Zoo (term 2) and Dreamworld (term 4). All our year 7 and 9 students sat the National Assessment Program for literacy and numeracy (NAPLAN). Both are year 7 and year 9 results were above the state mean in all areas. All year 9 students participated in the QCATS mathematics trial. Some of our year 7 students participated in Channel 9 science program `Labrats'. Links with QUT and electronics were established for our Yr9A class.


Many middle school students participated in the STEM convention. Some of year 6/7 students along with students from our cluster schools participated in the High Achievers program. WORKFORCE Yr6/7 teachers participated in the Year of Physical Activity Conference. Liz Toth was selected to be a member of the QCAT moderation panel and developed the trail assessment task for all year 9 mathematics. Sue Luus joined us to support our teachers in catering for our Gifted and Talented classes. Teacher aides are highly valued in the middle school: John Kwon and Annette Roberts continued support for our ESL students and Susan Weate provided literacy and numeracy support for our year 6/7 students. Cathy Seto-Payne completed a Language and Literacy course. John Thornberry and Cathy Seto-Payne attended the QCARF 2 day conference. Keith Walker and Joe DiLegge attended `how to make maths engaging' PD. Gail Crossley, Carole Kamholtz and Cathy Seto-Payne attended a PD on Anxiety. Many middle school teachers attended a 2 day ESL bandscale training. Many middle school teacher attended a science conference at QUT. FINANCE & ASSETS Purchased and installed 4 ceiling mounted data projectors. Purchased 7 interactive learning tablets for teachers. INFORMATION & KNOWLEDGE ITC integrated into all curriculum areas. Year 7 teachers created class PODcasts. Teachers incorporating interactive learning tablets in their classroom. Gail Crossley-Craven and Heather Robinson are completing an online course on teaching students with disability. PERFORMING ARTS INTELLECTUAL RIGOUR 12 Year 12 students were awarded VHA for Music and 4 Year 12 students awarded VHA for Music Extension. 9 Year 12 students were awarded VHA for Drama. 5 Year 12 students were awarded VHA for Dance. MULTIPLE PATHWAYS & PARTNERSHIPS Numerous students participating in Queensland Music School of Excellence program at Conservatorium of Music. Numerous Performing Arts students successfully completing QUT Creative Arts Start Program. Links with QUT strengthened and expanded with students and staff participating in and contributing to: o Continued Involvement in pre-service teacher program. o QUT First Year Performance students presented "Dags" to Year 11 Extension Drama students in auditorium for feedback and reflection as a youth audience. o Year 11 and 12 students participated in a variety of workshops with QUT lecturers. o Drama staff guest lecturing Drama education undergraduates on programs, tasks, units and assessment practises. Numerous KGSC students were selected as Featured artists, dancers and choir members for Creative Generations: State Schools on Stage as part of State Education Week. Over 80 students performed. Numerous KGSC students were asked to perform at Showcase Awards and other government functions. 2 KGSC singers made the top 100 in Australian Idol on Network 10. LEARNING & EVENTS "Alice in Wonderland" ­ Year 12 Accelerated Drama students performed a physical adaptation of Lewis Carroll's classic surrealist children's tale to KGSC Junior School students (Year 5) Year 11 Extension Drama production "Reality Dreams". Open day performances and assembly items throughout the year. Dr Seuss ­ Year 12 Drama students transformed Dr Seuss picture books into surrealist children's theatre performances and presented them to KGSC Junior School students. Primary Schools Tour ­ Year 11 and 12 Extension Drama students toured local primary schools with workshop performances based on the concept of fractured fairy tales and were workshop facilitators leading and teaching those primary students fundamental drama skills. Night of Dance 2008 "So You Think You Can Dance" was a success with students from years 8-12 showcasing teacher and student

choreographed dance works and assessment items from our classrooms this year. Dance Troupe performed at numerous events and eisteddfods throughout this year. Music students had the opportunity to participate in a week long "Moving Opera" workshop, which allowed students to work with professional directors and Queensland Opera performers. Lunchtime student guitar mentoring programs ­ allowed skilled student musicians to teach others their skills on guitar. A range of music concerts throughout the year showcased the depth of talent at KGSC and their musicianship. KGSC Choir has been rehearsing at lunch times and building up its numbers into the future for more public performances. Implementation of new Senior Drama and Music Extension Syllabus and Work Programs. Essential Learnings implemented across Middle School Performing Arts. "Back to the 80's" school musical performed over 3 nights. Students from whole college involved. Almost 100 students part of the cultural and community building experience from dancers, to singers, to actors, to musicians to technicians. Big success. WORKFORCE Sean Lubbers welcomed into Drama Faculty. Lauren Van Krimpen welcomed back into Drama Faculty. Rebecca Gibson welcomed back into Dance/Music Faculty. Ian Sweeney permanent member of Drama/Performing Arts faculty. Cassandra Launchbury welcomed into Dance Faculty to replace Angela Mahoney on Maternity Leave. Sean Lubbers Acting HOD Performing Arts Angelique Strawbridge Acting Associate Principal and Acting Deputy Principal during the year. David Spink welcomed during Term 4 in Drama Faculty. Sean Lubbers State Panelist for QSA (Senior Drama). Ann Grant District Panelist for QSA (Senior Dance). Sean Lubbers and Angelique Strawbridge guest lecturers at QUT. Sean Lubbers presented at Drama Queensland State Conference in Assessment and Standards for QSA. Lauren Van Krimpen attended lectures at QUT in Contemporary Performance. All staff members of Subject Professional Associations. FINANCE, ASSETS & INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Visual Arts have upgraded their Mac Computers and as a consequence ICT's have donated 8 Macs to Music. Laptops for teachers Program ­ staff have implemented and signed for their laptop and are all in use. Screen and projector added to other Drama Studio without one. Purchase of Additional Musical Instruments, textbooks and equipment. Digital Camera replaced for documenting Performing Arts events. Drama Studio walls painted black. Ian Sweeney completed ICT Pedagogical License. Sean Lubbers completing Purchasing Training. Staff attending Mac professional development and doing online courses. SENIOR SCHOOL 74% of our OP eligible Year 12 students achieved an OP 1-15, compared with a State-wide average of 68%, based upon data from all private and public schools. 92% of students obtained a C or better on the 2007 QCS Test the state pass rate was 83%. Our College Captain Sophie Hill won the Queensland Smart Woman Smart State Award. Anna Kidman won one of the six the Studitalia Awards in the state and Young Scientist Award for her project on Toxicity Detection of Pollutants in Freshwater at a recent STEM investigative Forum. Our vision to develop strong and meaningful connections with QUT, Griffith University and other tertiary institutions are developing superbly. There are over 40 QUT Start students who are likely to gain automatic entry for 2009 after completing 2 QUT subjects this year and 5 of our Year 12s have already been granted automatic entry to Griffith University. In particular the QUT partnerships which result in direct entry to QUT when successfully completed. o Engineering Technology students at KGSC now have the opportunity of completing a QUT engineering unit while studying this authority


subject. On completion of the KGSC Engineering course students will have two QUT Engineering units to their credit and course credit for QSA subject Engineering Technology. o Philosophy and Education Studies begins in 2009 this is a partnership between KGSC and QUT education. Students at the end of the course will have completed two QUT units and the QSA Philosophy and Reason subject. Queensland Certificate of Education information is communicated widely to all students, parents and teachers and an extremely comprehensive, high quality system is put in place to facilitate the tracking of student data which contributes to the gaining of this certificate. Year 10 and 11 students are also monitoring their own QCE data in a structure lesson process. Three Year Senior program is progressing effectively with excellent results from senior students. Senior Education and Training Plans: Over 250 Year 10 students all completed Career Education lessons, worksheets, Three Year Senior Plans and SET Plans and all completed SET Plan Interviews with their parents/guardians ­ exceptional feedback regarding preparation, enthusiasm and engagement from whole community. 40 QUT Start and Griffith University students ­ outstanding results (sixth subject is university subject). The second year of Year 12 Accelerated Mathematics A, Drama and Dance students completed their courses at the end of semester 1. 24 Year 11 and 12 students complete Certificate 111 in Early Childhood Studies. Science Fair ­ once again outstanding expo of scientific investigation. Engineering subjects increasing in numbers and reputation. Mathematics competition results outstanding. English teachers are key educators in professional development and their work programs are shared throughout Australia as models of academic excellence. Thanks to the leadership of Ms Kempe and Sports Excellence Coordinator, Mr Ian Milligan, our Soccer, Golf and Tennis Schools of Excellence are now completing accredited Recreation and Sports Certificate courses to augment their skills. The partnership between KGSC and Queensland Ballet to continues to be strong and once again the Queensland Dance School of Excellence graduation night was a success. Extremely wide range of incredibly high quality Visual Art exhibitions and Performing Arts events. 58 students currently undertaking traineeships, this has increased from 2007. Exceptional calibre of staff who demonstrate an inherent belief in the worth of every student and their potential to improve ­ evidenced by outstanding 2008 Senior Awards Night Highlights. KGSC Values are shared with the whole school community. A program of weekly discussion activities to make these values explicit and a core part of the fabric of our KG culture. 50 Year 6-12 staff members trained in SET Plan Interview procedures. 12 Year 10 teachers trained in SET Plan and Career Education. Outstanding Support Services team. 12 teachers trained in QCST preparation and marking. Staff, Senior Leaders and senior students are trained in Youth Empowerment with Seniors leading workshops with all Year 8 classes and on Year 11 camp. Teachers' Behaviour Management Kit produced and implemented by all staff. Year 10-12 year level coordinators manage: Buddy system, Year 12 Breakfast, Year 10 Maroon Outdoor Education Centre Camp, Year 11 Leadership Camp, Year 11 semi-formal, Leadership selection Process of 60 Year 12 leaders, lunch time sporting competitions, Year 12 Graduation Ceremony, morale and attendance. Student Representative Council coordinator manages SRC Leadership Conference, Senior Dance, Year 8 and Year 11 Youth empowerment, World Teachers Day, many fund raising activities. Thanks to Mr Rhule, Senior SRC Coordinator. Mary Daly - Exceptional Senior School teacher aide manages all of Senior Awards Night administrative organization. SCIENCE WORKFORCE

Science teachers participated in a variety of programs for introduction of new syllabi ­ 2005 /2009 Curriculum ­ Physics / Biology / Chemistry, Motor Sports Launch, Wine making, Aluminium, Soil Testing. 10 science staff attended CONASTA, THE NATIONAL SCIENCE TEACHERS CONFERENCE. Peter Healy tutoring QUT 1st year physics students. Sayyad Yunus teaches/ lectures in ENB101 at KG to our year 11 Engineering Technology students MEGS Manufacturing and Engineering Gateway Schools MOU with G James. Queensland Biotechnology Education network and QIMR. BRIC: A partnership with Diamantina Institute. Brain Institute at the University of Queensland. Scientist in schools program Celia Canning worked with QUT's scientist Madeline Schultz on thin layer chromatography. AWARD & ACHIEVEMENTS SOPHIE HILL, Winner Smart Women Smart State Awards For her research ANNA KIDMAN: Winner Young Scientists Award For outstanding Investigation. MONICA NARULA was placed fourth in the State in the Brain Bee challenge run by The Queensland Brain Institute at UQ. LEARNING Engineering Technology: Year 11 students begin ENB 101after KG entered unique partnership with QUT Faculty of Built Environment and Engineering that provides students with access to expertise of that faculty .Students will gain credit for both the subject at school AND at University. STEM and NATURAL RESOURCE SCIENCES: Kelvin Grove belongs to a cluster of schools engaged in a partnership with Department of Natural Resource Sciences. Teachers have access to professional development through various inservice opportunities. Senior and middle school students attended a science forum where practising scientists provided them with information about current innovations in science. Department of Natural Resource Sciences , Bright Minds Investigative forums Science and engineering challenge for year ten 11th Annual science Fair 8 Students completing QUT Start program in Science and Engineering Year 8 Academic Achievers class with accelerated curriculum One of only 3 Queensland schools to participate in Year 9 electronics project in collaboration with QUT and other engineering universities and other schools across Australia. Federal government funding. Implementation of data loggers into classroom use. Scientist in schools program year 11 chemistry works with QUT's scientist Madeline Schultz on thin layer chromatography Senior students were also involved in the Brain Bee challenge run by The Queensland Brain Institute at UQ. Year eleven students are currently working on a new contextual physics work program using data loggers and a variety of probes such as photoelectric gates, videocapture software and accelerometers as they complete their individual projects. SCIENCE TRIVIA CHALLENGE: This year saw the start of what is to be an annual trivia event in science Student's learning was enhanced by visits of specialists in Science :QUT Faculty of Built Environment and Engineering FINANCE & ASSETS Purchase of new Engineering Technology, chemistry and physics textbooks for new work programs, Year ten textbooks Interactive whiteboard for F10 New LCD TV for use as DVD player and data projector for software. Tablet and data projectors Circuit wizard and Biozone software Gel electrophoresis and a variety of other chemicals and disposables etc used by a science faculty TECHNOLOGY & DESIGN Technology & Design faculty has formed quality links with industry and university that have provided teachers and students with the opportunity to learn from work experience placement, in-service, classroom instruction, visits to industry and university resources. - QUT Faculty of Built Environment and Engineering - G James Glass and Aluminium Pty Ltd


- Manufacturing Engineering Gateway School - Manufacturing Skills Queensland - Wine Tourism and Hospitality industry MEGS ­ Manufacturing Engineering Gateway School - 12 schools throughout Queensland are apart of the MEGS project. This initiative is designed to form quality partnerships between the manufacturing industry and schools. The MEGS project provides: - Opportunities for students to gain experience in the manufacturing industry. - Industry visits for students and teachers. - Professional development for teachers. - School based traineeships and cadetships. Memorandum of Understanding with QUT Faculty of Built Environment and Engineering. This partnership has helped develop the subject Electronics. This subject is an ideal opportunity for students to gain entry to Engineering at QUT. This partnership allows 4th year QUT students in electrical engineering to mentor and team teach classes at Kelvin Grove State College. Catering Venture projects have allowed students to prepare, cook and deliver meals for staff. These skills reflect methods within the hospitality industry. Furthermore the catering ventures have raised in excess of $1000. These funds have gone to purchasing new equipment in kitchens for catering students. The Faculty received $75000 through the `Investing in our schools' grant. The new teaching and storage area is utilised by 132 students completing the subject Manufacturing ­ Engineering and Furnishing Studies Developmental funds has allowed the faculty to upgrade our computer Aided Drafting software to the latest version in AutoCAD 2008 - $3000 Professional development was completed by faculty staff in the following areas: - AutoCAD 2008 - Inventor - Revit Architecture 2008 - Electronics at Queensland University of Technology - Robotics introduction at QUT - Electrical engineering Students completing Yr 12 senior graphics have achieved the highest exit level of achievement results in the past 10 years. 8 ­ VHA, 8 ­ HA and 6-SA VISUAL ART / MEDIA / DESIGN CURRICULUM FOCUS 2008 Fashion Studio Media Studies Design Studies New Senior Art Program for the 2007 syllabus EVENTS 2008 Stradbroke Island Art Camp, Year 11. Art Club 08. Artist Residencies 2008, Kate Geck and Vivian Hogg, Ralda Roma, Megan Cope, Terry Summers, Jonathon Baxter. City Cluster Art Excellence Workshops. Art Staff professional development/exchange Melbourne, April 2008. Visit, Bridget Shaw, Art HOD Wellington Girls College. Warhol and Picasso at GOMA. Neo Gothic at University of Queensland Art Gallery. Year 10 City Limits excursion. [email protected] exhibition QUT. Pushplay, Inaugural media Showcase event, QUT. Living City 2008: Kemp Park, Fortitude Valley. Graduating Art Exhibition. Middle School Art Exhibition. ART AWARDS & ACHIEVEMENTS State Finalists, Big Square Eye Film program: Georgia Grainger, Bronwyn Julius,Year 12. Gabby Trickey Awards, Visual Art: Gabrielle Wilton, Stephanie Natoli Living City 2008: Jade Watt, Eleni Ali, Year 11. State Awards, Creative Generations, Excellence in Art and Design: Leah Musch, Angus Waller, Year 12. Wearable Art awards 2008, Stephanie Natoli, Cassie Cignoli, Morgan Higgins, Sheridan Vigers, Natasha McKenzie, Julie Pongthai, Grace Eather, Callum Campbell, Jenyfer Florentina, Gabrielle Wilton.

Shortlisted, State Awards Creative Generations, Excellence in Art and Design: Paris Norton, Cydney Holm, Year 12. Queensland Youth Art Merit Awards: Stephanie Natoli, Year 11, Madeleine Richardt, Aindreeya Alcova, Year 8. Guest students, Queensland College of Art: Gabrielle Wilton, Chloe Streader, Xani Kennedy, Emma Reinmuth, Sandra Delon, Year 12. State finalist, Education Queensland Showcase Awards, Community and Industry Partnerships, Living City program. PARTNERS & LINKS QCA/Griffith, Guest program BCC City Planning and Verge Urban Landscape Kelvin Grove Urban Village, QUT CIP, Hornery Institute (Social Planning) Queensland Academy for Creative Industries Queensland Art Teachers' Association Young Filmmakers Queensland PROFESSIONAL & COMMUNITY NETWORKS Assessment workshops for graduate students, art education at QUT Convening QATA events, 2007 Management of QATA professional; development program, newsletters and workshops, 2007 Attendance, Trail to Chillagoe QATA/PAEA Conference and Workshops, Chillagoe, April 2008 Attendance, International Society for Education in Art, 32 World Congress, Osaka Japan, August 2008 VET LEARNING Currently 12 students undertaking school based apprenticeships in Carpentry, Plumbing, Automotive Mechanic, Commercial Cookery, Hairdressing and Jewellery. 58 students currently undertaking traineeships in a range of Certificate II and III courses including: Fitness, Community Recreation, Hospitality Operations, Live Production, Business Administration, Assistant Animal Attendant, IT, Hospitality, Automotive Mechanical, Engineering Production, Retail Operations and Hairdressing. Of these, 19 students have already completed or are expecting to complete their traineeships in 2008. 20 students undertook VET subjects at various institutions off-campus. These included: - Cert III in Beauty - 3 students completed and 2 students continuing - Cert II Carpentry - 1 student continuing - Cert II Electrical Engineer - 1 student completed - Cert II Bicycle Mechanic - 1 student continuing - Cert II in Screen - 2 students completed - Cert II in Applied Fashion - 2 students continuing - Cert II Hospitality - 2 students completed - Cert I General Construction - 2 students completed - Short Bar Course - 2 students completed - Diploma Beauty - 1 student completed - Cert IV Fitness - 1 student completed 27 students participated in structured work placement as part of their VET subjects in Information Technology, Multi Media and Children's Services. 66 students participated in work experience throughout the year. 24 students obtained Construction Blue Card through HIA and Eastcoast Apprenticeships. 21 students obtained Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate through Training Direct Australia. Futures Day ­ Year 10s able to select from a wide range of speakers including construction, retail, health, fitness, business and hospitality. 2nd April ­ Guest speaker Cherie Thompson MEGT (Australian Apprenticeship Centre) on Senior Assembly. WORKFORCE 27th March, 8th May ­ attended workshop ­ Work Readiness/Work Education. 14th April ­ Industry Tour ­ G James Glass, Eagle Farm. 2nd May, 30th July ­ BNIT/MSIT TAFE information days. 23rd May ­ Attended Career and Employment Expo. 11th August - Attended Careers Advisers Seminar, Bardon. 18th August - Visited Life Skills Day with students undertaking traineeship with Pass Australia. FINANCE & ASSETS Purchased Pathways 9 computer program ­ a student placement and management program.



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