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Kewill Customs is designed to provide the innovative technology you need to operate your US brokerage business more efficiently, profitably, and competitively. From the time you assign a file number - to the final notice of liquidation, the system helps you control, track, and focus on all of the pertinent details of customs clearance. Kewill Customs offers comprehensive shipment tracing, exception reporting, document handling, ABI, and automatic invoicing capabilities, as well as several optional modules that extend the system to include technologies such as customer connectivity, document imaging, email and EDI.

Integrated Automated and Dynamic

Customs Brokerage is no longer about preparing documents and rating entries. It is about goods moving at lightening speed because customers can no longer wait for merchandise to sit on docks or in hangers. It's about knowing where merchandise is and exactly when it will be delivered. Kewill Customs provides the advanced technology you need to meet these challenges head on. It enables you to process entries faster, move goods more quickly, and expand the range of services you offer while helping you maximize your company's efficiency and profitability. Available with a state-of-the-art Windows-based graphical user interface (GUI), Kewill Customs makes it easier and faster than ever to process shipments. All information is keyed in only once and defaulted throughout the system. The system enables you to build extensive default information into user defined libraries, reducing data entry requirements and errors while dramatically improving user productivity. To process a shipment, an operator simply decides which functions to complete and is only prompted through the necessary screens. All data entry is validated at the end of each screen so operators can make the necessary corrections before advancing to the next screen. The system's built-in intelligence helps ensure full compliance with Custom's requirements. An extensive on-line data validations program ensures the accuracy of data sent to Customs, further reducing the time required to process a file. A unique combination of Customer Profile System, Classification Assistance Tool and EDI capabilities enable you to just about completely automate the process of preparing entries. Beyond the system's core capabilities are a number of options like customer access to current information on shipment status that help you deliver a higher level of customer service. Features such as Import Forwarding consolidation and border entry enable you to more easily expand into new service areas, or handle these areas more efficiently if they are already part of your service offering. It all adds up to a system that provides the comprehensive technology you need to successfully automate, control, and manage just about every aspect of your business. With Kewill Customs, you'll gain the competitive advantage you need to prosper in today's business environment.

SYSTEM HIGHLIGHTS: AII / RLF ­ Automated Invoice Interface (AII) / Remote Location Filing (RLF) provides the capability for approved ABI participants to electronically file AII invoice data to the US Customs Service Data Center. Invoice data is either entered by users through a series of screens or uploaded from data received electronically. Users are prompted to input the required information. Lookups provide both accuracy and formatting validations for nearly 20 fields. When the user has entered all required information, the AII transaction is formatted through the AII ABI Queue Update screen. The AII transactions are sent to Customs using the standard Kewill Customs ABI transmission process. The results from Customs may be printed by selecting the AII ABI Transaction Report. RLF provides the capability for approved ABI participants to electronically file an entry from a location other than where the goods will arrive or be examined. Auto AII - The primary purpose for automating AII is to clear the entry and prepare the invoice documentation to send it electronically to Customs. These are simultaneous actions. You must indicate to the system at the time you are performing the Entry Summary, that you also want to transmit commercial invoices for remote location clearance. While processing the Entry Summary, use codes to indicate to Customs that this is both a clearance and an AII transaction. Once you enter the codes, the A.I.I. screens appear at appropriate times during processing. If the data passes validations without any problems, the invoice data will be sent automatically. Operational Billing - The billing function automatically calculates standard charges, shipment costs and duties, eliminating the need to re-enter data for billing purposes. The Billing module allows you to cut on-demand checks, which are reflected on the final invoice. At the same time, this integration ensures that all invoices are prepared in a timely manner with the highest level of accuracy. Using the charge profile feature, the system is able to utilize standard defaults to automatically prepare invoices and calculate charges base on an extensive library of algorithms. Any advance payments for A/P or A/R are automatically taken into account when preparing an invoice. 9802 Processing ­ Working in conjunction with the Classification Assistance Tool (CAT), this module provides tremendous efficiency in the storage and repetitive use of value statement information. The module offers ease of entry, editing and copying of value statement data, eliminating the errors and labor associated with re-keying. Duty on added value is quickly derived when item/style number and quantity data is entered and automatically linked to the stored value statement details. Automated In-Bond (QP/WP) ­ Provides additional control over in-bond cargo transport business by allowing ABI filers to create paperless in-bond records in Customs' database via electronic data interchange transaction sets, QP and WP, as well as protects against penalties from unresolved in-bonds and provides electronic record retention. QP is the application that creates the records. WP allows the ABI filer to electronically report the arrival and export of in-bond cargo. Bond Validation - Increase and refine the validation of bonds and maintain a historical bond data file by building and storing a list of valid combinations of entry types, bond types and activity codes, and/or entry types. Several reports and inquires are available to help better manage the general issue of bonds, their use and their expiration and renewal. Quick Entry - A single-step data-entry for two-step (certification on CR and subsequent submission of Entry Summary) Customs filing on Northern or Southern border Entries. The module greatly enhances productivity and speed by eliminating redundant data entry, intelligently prompting for only required data fields, interfacing with and leveraging on CI detail received via EDI, incorporating Participating Government Agency (PGA) requirements, automatically sending BCS and Entry Summary messages to Customs upon successful completion and validation and automatically preparing invoices for duty / tax / fees / brokerage. Classification Assistance Tool / Parts Database - The Classification Assistance Tool (CAT) allows you to maintain database of part numbers cross referenced to classification information for specific customers. This feature dramatically increases compliance and reduces the time required to process a shipment by entering a part number at the line item level and having the system default HTSUSA number and all other related information (including Participating Government Agencies or PGA) for the line level detail. Templates ­ Reduce repetitive data entry by utilizing templates. Create templates individually or from an existing entry. The user can save an entry as a template under a name. Example: Watch Entries. When the user wants to use the template they start the entry from the template Watch Entries and it will populate whatever is in the template into the new entry. There is an additional full file copy feature that will copy an entire file into a new file created. Electronic Protest ­ Provides an efficient means of both filing and managing protests, amendments and appeals. Utilizing ABI communications, this module assists in creating accurate and error-free filings while it stores and displays status information returned from Customs for quick and easy access to current status and a full chronology of the protest.

Locate Shipments Instantly with Powerful Query Capabilities ­ The user can trace a shipment within Kewill Customs by any one or a combination of these methods · · · · file number · entry number · port of entry · country of origin · country of export customer · supplier · consignee · entry type · mot · master bill · it number container · customer ref number · export date · arrival date · release date payment due date

BIRD - The BIRD (Broker Interface Requirements Document) module is used to transmit CF7501 Entry Summary data between brokers. The BIRD contains proprietary NCBFAA record definitions for use transmitting the 7501 data and status records. Using the BIRD allows you to improve customer service while greatly reducing opportunities for data-entry errors. Fax / e-Mail Interface - Allows you to fax or email import documents from Kewill Customs. Forms such as delivery orders, 3461's, 7501's and billing invoices can be predetermined to be sent to specific parties within shipment processing. The selection screen will automatically show the contact information of the people who are scheduled to receive the document(s). Alternatively, the user can manually enter another recipient's information. Any form that can be printed within Kewill Customs can be sent. NAFTA Duty Deferral - This module accommodates Warehouse, FTZ and TIB entries (type 8) in the calculation of duty waiver or reduction for goods imported into the US and subsequently exported to Canada or Mexico. This module optionally utilizes the Classification Assistance Tool (CAT) for efficiency and provides numerous validations in order to maximize accuracy. Productivity Reports - Allow management to analyze user performance. The information is tracked at cargo release and entry summary levels and includes the number of shipments entered, average time spent on a shipment, average lines entered per shipment and more. Sophisticated Tracing System - Tracing provides instantaneous on-line information on the movement of cargo and all details associated with a shipment. Management reports highlight shipment exceptions so they can be addressed before they become problems, enabling

pre-defined levels of service to be met. The system also provides a "snapshot" of all accounting information for better management of credit and collections. · Extensive query capabilities · Extensive reporting capabilities with flexible parameters · Historical and auxiliary databases with reincarnate feature · Batch and bar code updates for multiple dates · Setups for predetermined levels of service by division, entry type, mode of transport and customer Container Tracing - Captures detailed container information from the Bill of Lading and the Commercial Invoice that can then be accessed through the Kewill Customs system. It allows for additional data entry within shipment processing via supplementary screens and popup windows. Data captured includes notes, dates, and pickup number. Power Of Attorney - This feature is used to track and list the powers of attorney (POA) authorization granted. During Shipment Processing, the POA Validation checks to see that each import shipment for a customer is covered and within the limitations the customer has set. On-screen warnings flash when a shipment does not meet the POA limitations for the port or entry type. Flexible Reporting ­ Kewill Customs comes complete with a wide variety of standard reports. In addition, using the reporting tool of choice, such as MSAccess or Crystal Reports, non-technical users can access the information in the Kewill Customs database and interactively explore report data to quickly and easily develop custom reports as required or respond to an shippers specific request for information.

**ADD-ON MODULE HIGHLIGHTS: **Dashboard ­ Enhance, empower and increase the efficiency of your business operations with real-time monitoring of all shipments in process. Dashboard provides real-time visibility to the varied and complex data within Kewill Customs to help management effectively monitor the status of work in process and reallocate the workload as necessary, to improve overall operational performance, ensure workflow and service levels are met, and customer satisfaction is secured. digital image format. In combination you have a complete documentation set for your shipment. An image icon is displayed on the screen of the Kewill Customs applications and the Internet Tracking interface only when one or more electronic documents have been associated with a transaction. The display of electronic documents is initiated within the associated transaction by selecting the image icon. When multiple electronic documents exist, the desired document can be selected from a display list of associated documents. Once displayed on-screen, the document can then be printed or saved to disk. **Reconciliation Entry ­ Allows the broker to file entries with certain undeterminable information such as value (assists, royalties, etc.), 9802 value, classifications and NAFTA eligibility. The entry summaries are `flagged' providing Customs with a `notice of intent' to file a reconciliation entry. The reconciliation is due within 12 months of the earliest entry import date for NAFTA reconciliations, or within 15 months of the earliest entry summary date for all others. When the reconciliation is filed, the payment of additional duties, taxes, fees and interest is made. The reconciliation entry is processed, verified and then liquidate. Reconciliation Entry consists of three phases: **Internet Tracking - Provides a convenient and powerful competitive tool to brokers. Internet Tracking offers the broker's customer access to shipment status via the established link of the internet. This module delivers up to the minute shipment details and status to the importer via a number of user definable screens containing: dates, duties, commercial invoice, notes, billing and more. Access to transactions is gained via entering any one of a number of pieces of information: part #, P.O. #, MBL, HBL, Container# and Commercial Invoice# as well as via date ranges. **Event Alert System - Increases service levels and cuts costs dramatically. Using dates as triggers, the system tracks specified shipments and automatically sends fax, email or document alert messages to your customers and/or trading partners when specified conditions occur. With Event, the entire process of identifying critical shipment dates and creating appropriate alert messages can be handled with little time and effort by non-technical personnel, and ensures service levels are met without human intervention. **Document Imaging - Manages digital images of filerelated documents and provides automated naming, indexing, storage and retrieval of these electronic documents for viewing by staff, as well as users of the Kewill Customs Internet Tracking module. Documents can be internally-generated ("Internal") ­ those generated using Kewill Customs ­ or external ("Source") documents sent to you by your clients in fax, email attachment, paper, and · Phase 1 ­ Manual Flagging of Entry Summaries · Phase 2 ­ Automated Flagging of the Entry Summaries · Phase 3 ­ Reconciliation Entry **Hands-Free Processing ­ Provides the infrastructure tools needed to maximize control of the import process by optimizing electronic data feeds from Importers or Shippers. New shipment files are created automatically within Kewill Customs, instantly reducing (and potentially eliminating) manual Entry processing and errors - yielding productivity increases of 50% or more - while delivering instant visibility of new shipments, managing exceptions, streamlining your business operations and expediting US CBP clearance. **Border Processing - Processes border transactions quickly and easily. The system handles Line Release, BCS, CF3461, CF7512's and 7501s. Temporary customers may be added at any time to let overnight staff process shipments without delay. C-4 ability, NAFTA, summary billing, as well as Lumber Permits are just a few of the standard features that help maximize efficiency.

**CAT Parts Upload - Automatically load parts lists provided by a manufacturer or importer into the Kewill Customs Classification Assistance Tool (CAT). Each partner that will be providing such parts/classification information may have a unique file definition created through the maintenance. The update program then loads the data into the Classification Assistance Tool via this mapping. **Duty Drawback Interface ­ Kewill has partnered with a third party provider with a state of the art drawback management system fully automating the drawback process. The interface module allows Kewill Customs users to output line item entry data to the third party system, and then upload status & results back into Kewill Customs. **NILS Reporting - The National Importer's Liquidation module allows an importer, or a trading partner, to designate your company as the recipient of all liquidation results regardless of the original entry filer. This permits centralized collection of the NILS information along with the standard Friday liquidation notices. This module also generates individual reports for each of the NILS importers on file. **NCAP / FAST - Offers a "Manifest Processing" screen through which the carrier can enter manifest, crew, conveyance and shipment data with the aid of defaults and a manifest copy function. Completed data is passed via EDI to Customs which returns accept/reject notification. Trucks present bar-coded manifest identifiers at the border and Customs issues Arrival, Release, Exam Request and accept/reject notices, status, dates and notes which all are automatically added into the Brokers operations database. Upon receipt of Release Notice, the module will automatically calculate duties, fees and taxes, perform data-validations and then automatically send an EDI entry summary to Customs.

**Import Forwarding - The integrated Kewill Forwarding system helps you control, keep track of, and focus on the details that assure the successful and profitable handling of breakbulk deconsolidations. Since it can be fully integrated with Kewill Customs, data flows between the two modules eliminating redundant data entry. The system tracks and allocates revenues as well as automatically calculates profit sharing splits. Shipment tracing makes it possible to track each house bill of a shipment, instantly obtaining information on status. The system is even able to track shipments split between containers or between carriers. **Accounting ­ The integrated Accounting system Incorporates A/P, A/R, and G/L capabilities. Since it can be fully integrated with Kewill Customs, data flows between the two modules eliminating redundant data entry. Charge data is entered as shipments are processed then uploaded into the accounting modules to ensure that all revenues and costs are tracked and billed. As shipments are processed, duties, fees, freight amounts, and other charges are calculated by the system to automatically generate billing detail. The Accounting module provides timely financial information and reports to operations and accounting personnel, while establishing a secure, stable environment for handling and storing accounting data. · Summary Billing - The A/R Summary Billing feature lets you produce a single customer invoice for multiple files on a pre-selected frequency. This is particularly useful for customers with a high volume of shipments, and those who prefer not to be billed separately for each shipment. For your convenience, a set of standard A/R Summary Billing reports are included for routine printing. These standard reports include · Preliminary Summary Billing (SBP) · Summary Bill Adjusted (SBA) · Summary Bill Final (SBF) · Credit Checking Capabilities - When a customer surpasses the credit limit established for them, the system notifies the user and a password must be supplied to continue processing the shipment. In addition, a validation will be written to the file documenting that the credit was overridden and the validation will display the credit limit amount and the A/R amount.

MAJOR FEATURES · Easy to use graphical user interface incorporating intuitive icons, look-up and search options, drop down menus, tabs, radio buttons, shipment menu with tree navigation, etc. · 2 screens to complete an entry shipment · Northern and Southern Border processing · Dashboard Monitoring · More than 7000 data validations and edits you can double-click brings you to line item(s) to be corrected · AII/RLF · Auto AII · Electronic Protest · BIRD · Extensive Parts Database · Parts Upload · Automatic EDI Upload · Hands Free Processing · Automated In-Bond ­ QP and WP · ABI queries available during shipment data entry · On-line links to Tariff Book, Customs Rulings and FDA Product Code Builder · Intelligent prompts identify data entry requirements & directs user to error correction · Participating Government Agency Reporting, such as FDA and Prior Notice, FCC, DOT, and FWS · Extensive productivity tools such as templates, defaults, and continuous flow of information throughout the system · ABI Daily and Periodic Monthly Statements · Shipment notes reference user/date timestamps · Integrated Import Forwarding system · Integrated Accounting system · Automatic invoicing · Summary Billing · ACH statements with automatic A/P update, exception reports, and authorization · ACH Credit Authorization · Automatic payment due date calculation and ABI updates · Automatic release date calculation based on updates from USC. · Ability to search/find a shipment file by a wide variety of search criterion, including date range, supplier, consignee, port, country of origin or export, entry type, MOT, etc. · Ability to search history of Manufacturer ID & Tariffs used by Importer · Internet Tracking with document access, reporting capabilities, and data download option · Access/scroll to all invoice lines from a single screen · Reports and Forms can be output to Excel, PDF, Text file, or simply Print Preview · Disk, screen, fax, and printer output · Immediate and batch printing · On-line help · Pop-up for code lookups · Input of partial code values will show all potential matches · User level security and menu definition · Simple tree navigation and access through tabs

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