PART 1 - GENERAL RELATED DOCUMENTS: The General Conditions, Supplementary Conditions and applicable portions of Division 1 ofithe Specifications are a part of this Section, which shall consist of all labor, equipment and materials necessary to complete all residential equipment work indicated on the drawings and herein specified. Work Under Other Sections: Roughing-in and connection to utility services - Divisions 15 and 16. QUALITY ASSURANCE: Submit manufacturer catalogs and data sheets for approval and color selection. PART 2 - PRODUCTS MANUFACTURER: 58 MicroFridge Model Frost Free. PART 3 - PRODUCTS LAUNDRY 1 Washer -- Speed Queen (model SC35VNV) 1 Dryer -- Speed Queen (model SC5OCGMT) 2 Dryers -- Whirlpool (model LER58-48G) 4 Dryers -- Whirlpool (model LER5848-E) 5 Washers -- Whirlpool (model LSR5233E) BREAK ROOM 1 Refrigerator Whirlpool Model ET18P100 WELLNESS CENTERS 2 Refrigerators Whirlpool Model ELO5CCXDW


KITCHEN Item Qty Description 1 1 Stainless Steel Fabrication Tarpon Stainless Fabricators 1 ea. s/s double overshelf 12" x 120" with heat lamps mounted, 1 ea. 15" x 120" s/s plate cabinet, 1 ea. 80" x 48" s/s worktable with knotch out 2 EZFW-48X EZ-Insert Overhead Food Warmer, pyrex heat tube, single heater rod housing, stainless st const., 1100 watts, 48" long 1 E-4-CBSS Serving Counter, Hot Food, Electric, w/four 12" x 20" hot food wells, 60" L, 38" H, stationary, open rear w/bottom shelf, s/s top, interior liner & 10" wood carving shelf, s/s exterior base 1 TSSU-48-18M Refrigerated Counter, Sandwich Top, two-section, with doors, stainless top, 1 10-pan and 1 8-pan opening, stainless steel exterior, aluminum interior, with rear-mounted self-contained refrig system, 1/3 horsepower compressor 2 1 Refrigerator, Merchandiser True Food Service Model No. GDM-47 Refrigerator, Merchandiser, TwoSection, Self-Contained Refrig system, vinyl exterior, aluminum interior, standard depth, wide sliding glass doors, with interior fluorescent lighting; Y2 horsepower compressor 1 Warranty --1 year parts, 80-day labor 1 Walnut vinyl exterior 3 1 Ice Maker, Cube Style Hoshizald Model No. KM-800MAE Ice Maker, Cube-Style, air-cooled, selfcontained condenser, approximately 760 lb capacity/24 hrs, stainless steel finish, crescent cube style 1 B-700SD Bin, Ice, w/top-hinged front-opening door, approx. 550-lb ice storage capacity, for top-mounted ice maker, stainless steel exterior 1 Top Kit-14C Top Kit 1 9326.12 Twin Coarse Water Filter 4 1 Reconditioned S/S Prep Belt Work Table with 2 compartment sink and faucet 5 1 Refrigerator, Reach-In Victory Model No. RAA-1D-R7 Refrigerator, Reach-in, One-Section, Remote Refrig System, aluminum Exterior and interior, s/s front & doors, standard depth cabinet, full-height doors, with exterior dial-type thermometer, no compressor, remote model 6 2 Hand Sink Metal Masters Model No. HAS-10-F Hand Sink, wall model, 14'/2" x 18 'A", with 6 'A" backsplash, all stainless steel construction, with splash mount gooseneck faucet, deep-drawn seamless design-positive drain, NSF approved 7 1 Dishwasher, Door Type Hobart Model No. AM14-84 Dishwasher, Door Type, convertible high/low temperature sanitizing, straight-thru design, approximately 52 racks/hour capacity, all stainless steel finish, 200/80/3, electric heat and 10 KW booster, less racks

1 SDTLR-95-16/304 Dishtable, Soiled, with Landing Shelf, straight design right-to-left, 8" backsplash, galvanized steel open frame pipe base, with stainless steel crossrails, 96" long, 16/304 stainless steel 1 CDTL-60-16/304 Dishtable, Clean, straight design, right-to-left, 8" backsplash, galvanized steel open frame pipe base, with side crossrails, 60" long, 16/304 stainless steel 1 B-0133 Pre-Rinse Unit, 8" center wall mounted faucet, V2" IPS female accentric flanged inlets, 34" high, 15" overhand, 18" riser, B-0107 spray valve, B-0044-H flexible S/S hose 805383 Double rack shelf, for dishtables 1 301830 Scrap basket 1 301124 Rack slides, for dishtables 8 1 Reconditioned Slicer, Food Hobart Model No. 1612E Slicer, Food, angle feed, manual, 12" diameter knife, cast aluminum base, gear-driven blade assembly 9 16 Shelving, Wire Metro Model No. 1848NK2 Shelving, Wire, 18" wide, 48" long, Metroseal II (dark green epoxy) finish 16 74PK2 Post, Metroseal II, 74 5/8" high, for use with or without stem casters 8 1850BR Shelving, Wire, 18" wide, 60" long, zinc-coated finish 3 1848BR Shelving, Wire, 18" wide, 48" long, zinc-coated finish 12 74P Post, Chrome finish 74" 12 1872NC Shelving, Wire, 18" wide, 72" long, chrome-plated finish 4 1848NC Shelving, Wire, 18" wide, 48" long, chrome-platedlinish 4 1836NC Shelving, Wire, 18" wide, 36" long, chrome-plated finish 20 74P Post, chrome finish, 74 5/8" high 10 1 Food Processor Robot Coupe USA, Inc. Model R301U Food Processor, commercial, with stainless steel bowl with handle, continuous feed kit & 2 plates, 3 'A qt. bowl capacity, 120V, 60HZ, 8.2 amps, single phase, Y2 HP motor, 1725 RPM, 17" x 16" x 22 '/4" 11 Range, 36" Restaurant, Gas Vulcan Hart Model No. 36L Range, 36" Restaurant, Gas, 8-20,000 BTU open burners with cast iron top grates, 35,000 BTU standard oven, painted sides, stainless steel front, single deck high shelf and 6" legs,3/4" rear gas wiregulator 12 Natural gas Vulcan Hart Model No. GCO4D Oven, Convection, Gas, 40,000 BTU, single-deck, standard depth, solid state controls, 1/3 HP two speed fan, spark ignition, stainless steel front w/glass doors, painted sides, top, back and 25" legs, 34" gas w/regulator NOTE: OR EQUAL 1 Natural gas 13 1 Fryer, Gas Vulcan, Hart Model No. EF3-6 Fryer, Gas, 90,000 BTU, 35-40 lb. fat capacity, millivolt thermostatic controls, mild steel fry tank, painted front, sides and 6" legs, twin baskets, 1/2" gas w/regulator 14 1 Steamer, Convection Countertop Vulcan Hart Model No. VSX9000 Steamer, Convection Countertop, 7.5 KW, one compartment, three 12" x 20" x 2 Y2" pans per compartment, manual mechanical timer, auto fill, low water cut-off, high limit & boiler blowdown, delimer port

1 T'd year extended warranty (net) 1 T2430B Work Table, stainless steel top, 24" wide top, without splash, 30" long, w/fixed undershelf, galv steel frame & shelf, 16 gauge, type 430 stainless steel top and two (2) drawers 1 Kleensteam Water Purification System 15 1 Reconditioned Griddle, Counter Unit, Gas Vulcan Hart Model No. MGG36 Griddle,.36" Counter Unit, Gas, 63,000 BTU, 'A" polished steel griddle plate, 120V electric thermostat, stainless steel exterior linisk 4" legs, '/2" gas w/regulator NOTE: OR EQUAL TO INCLUDE. STAND 1 Natural gas 16 Exhaust Hood By Others 17 1 Combination Cooler/Freezer Artie Industries, Inc.. 8' x 14'6" x 7'8" SEE SPECIFICATIONS PROVIDED 1 Walk-In Installation to include erection, start up, permit installers standard 90 day warranty 18 1 Reconditioned Sink, Three Compartment Metal Masters Model No. 414-24-3-24 Sink, Three Compartment, stainless steel, w/left & right-hand drainboards, 24" front-to-back x 24" wide sink compartment, 14" deep, with 8" high splash, galvanized open frame base w/side crossrails, 18/304 S/S bowl, 18/430 S/S drainboard with two (2) drawers 19 1 Beverage Counter Henderson & Son Millwork Plywood/Laminate with drop-in stainless hand sink and faucet 20 1 Warming Drawer, Free Standing APW Wyott Model No. WD-2 Wanning·Drawer, Free Standing, Countertop, two drawers, holds one 12" x 20" x 6" pan per drawer, s/s construction with fiberglass insulation, thermostatic controls NOTE: WILL PROVIDE RECONDITIONED IF GOOD QUALITY IS AVAILABLE 23 1 Cabinet, Mobile Heated Epco Model No. BCA-UL11 Cabinet, Mobile Heated, non-insulated, angle supports for 18'x 25 or 12 x 20 pans, adjustable at 1 '/2" intervals, aluminum exterior and interior 24 1 Toaster, Electric Conveyor Type APW Wyott Model No. AT-10 ' Toaster, Electric Conveyor Type, vertical conveyor, countertop design, adjustable range toaster, variable speed, approx. 290 slices/hoUr capacity, all stainless steel construction 208v, 1 phase 25 1 Reconditioned Mixer, Food Hobart Model No. A200 Mixer, Food, 20 qt. capacity without bowl 1 Hood Type II 30" x 30" x 18" deep stainless steel hood with 800 CFM by Ventmatic (dishwasher) 1 Hood ECOCWEB.P 15' x 54" x 2' deep stainless steel hood with 3900 CFM by Ventmatic PART 5 - PRODUCTS DEMENTIA WING

26 1 Refrigerator, Reach-In True Food Service Model No. T-23 Refrigerator, Reach-In, One-Section, SelfContained Refrig System, aluminum exterior and interior, s/s front & doors, shallow depth cabinet, narrow full-height doors, with exterior dial-type thermometer, 1/3 hp compressor, casters 1 Warranty -1 year parts, 90-day labor

27 1 Serving Counter, Hot Food, Electric Volirath Model No. 38004 ServeWell Hot Food Table, 4 Well, S/S-300 series, ind. controlled THERMOSET no-drip wells, elements-inside mount, eqp'd w/drains, incl: plate shelf, cut/brd, peg legs, 120V, 1920W, 16A, 60-3/4" x 32" x 34", shpd KD, NSF-Certified, UL listed, USA made 28 1 Dishwasher, Undercounter Hobart Model No. LX3OH Dishwasher, Undercounter, high temperature w/built-in booster, approx 30 racks per hour capacity, fully enclosed cabinet base. 29 2 Microwaves Whirlpool Model MT5111XDQ-G PART 6 - EXECUTION INSTALLATION: In accord with manufacturer's published recommendations. END OF SECTION 11450 Arbor Oaks at Lakeland Hills



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