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Tibetan Kung Fu is family style/600-year-old Dragon: This is the syntheses of Kung Fu training handed down from generation to generation of Master Joe's family. This ancient style combines influences from Tibetan, Chinese and Mongolian Kung Fu as well as the Dragon style. Practice with traditional weapons such as stick and double sword additionally help to strengthen different parts of the body. Each weapon has its own nature; when practicing with the double sword, attention to posture and grace is important whilst practicing with the stick calls for focus on coordination. Animal styles such as Dragon, Tiger, Snake, Drunk, Crane The principles soft and quickly- soft and strong, strong and quickly, reserved and advance. Kherliang style such as the traditional family style and another style. The Footwork style is practice on wooden stamps in all four directions and related to the deeper philosophical meaning of the Tibetan Kung Fu, which has its roots in the Taoism and Buddhism. We practice without weapon, stick and double swords. In present times, when practicing Kung Fu we try to develop the following aspects: · Strengthen the body: muscles and tendons, inner organs and nerves system. · Improve coordination and concentration · Correct breathing · Self defense · Self confidence and emotional center minded Every Kung Fu style should be based on the following principles: · Form · Application · Meditation Additional aspects include: soft and strong; soft and quick; strong and quick; advanced and decreased; and claiming the center Courses available: Group lessons Private lessons Kung fu training for beginners & advanced learners. Basic of Tibetan Kung Fu (Beginner):


Level I ­ Basic: Reflexes, Footwork, Arm and Leg techniques.

Advanced of Tibetan Kung Fu:

· ·

Level II: Reflexes, 4 directions, Stick and Double sword. Level III: Weapons: Stick, Double sword, Free fight, 4 directions.

High Level of Tibetan Kung Fu:

· · · ·

Level IV ­ fighting styles Level V ­ Footwork patterns Level VI ­ Power Chi Level VII ­ High Power Chi

Teacher Training Tibetan Kung Fu 300 hours curricula Level I ­ Basic: Reflexes, Footwork, Arm and Leg techniques Kung Fu Training for Beginners & Advanced learners 10 hours modules o o o o o o o o o o o o Regards to the teacher (stand in line) Concentration Breathing exercise 7 Fist forms Footwork ( Horse Step) Front kick Round kick Side kick Tibetan Walk Punch with footwork step, back step with double block Punch with footwork step, turn, back step with round block Tibetan Walk ­ applications - Block punches with Tibetan step - Block round kicks with Tibetan step o directions ­ block, step, punch o directions ­ block, step, punch, sidekick o Dragon style (applications) - Footwork, step forward and backwards - Stepping backwards and blocking ­ straight punches, kicks, mixed attacks o Memorize the exercises, learn how to use the applications o Test over the exercises Teacher decides if the student can proceed to the next level Level II ­ : Reflexes, 4 directions, Stick and Double sword 10 hours modules o 3 ­ direction ­ block, step, punch, double side kicks o 4 direction form o Basic in 4 directions

- Tibetan Walk - 3 ­ direction ­ block, step, punch - 3 ­ direction ­ block, step, punch, double side kicks o Dragon style ( applications) - Step backwards and block? mixed punches - Step backwards and block ? punches and kicks - Dragon stance moving backwards and blocking o Create a fighting scenario ( including back kick ) o Stick ­ basic exercises - 1st form ­ application - 2nd form o Double sword basics -Defense against High attack/Deep attack/ Mixed attack o Applications in 1/2 (4) directions o Breathing exercise (Tan tien) ­ 1st step Qi Gong o Know how to block attacks o Test over the exercises Teacher decides if the student can proceed to the next level Level III ­ Weapons: Stick, Double sword, Free fight, 4 directions 10 hours modules o Kicks in 4 directions o Applications in 4 directions o Dragon style -Free fight against one opponent o Stick - 2nd form and application - 3rd form and application - All forms ­ applications ­ meditation (free fight) o Double sword - Defense against mixed attacks (fighting stance) - Blocks, counter attacks, footwork - Forms ­ applications ­ meditation (free fight) o Leg block techniques o Memorize counter attacks o Breathing exercise ­ 2nd step Qi Gong o Understand how to control your breath o Correct performance and understanding of the techniques o Test over the exercises Teacher decides if the student can proceed to the next level Level IV ­ fighting styles For each style we cover - Form - Application - Meditation o Dragon style o Tiger style o Snake style o Crane style o Eagle style

o o o o o o o

Drunken style Kherliang family style Single sword Short fist power The Saint The Foot power Maa Chi Umoi

Level V ­ Footwork patterns o o o o o o o 3 Footwork 5 Footwork 9 Footwork 12 Footwork 17 Footwork 21 Footwork For each Footwork pattern we cover - Form - Application - Meditation

o Each Footwork will be practiced - Without weapons - With shorts/ long stick - With double swords Teacher Training Tibetan Kung Fu 300 Hours Curricula The program is Kung Fu training curricula by the center. Program students will qualify education of long stays up to actual length of the program. This is a comprehensive program designed for those who wish to become a professional Kung Fu Training covers all form Kung Fu Kherliang Family. Training includes form, Application, Meditation, fighting and weapons. · · · · · · · · · · · Prerequisite and pass examination Level I-III/ 3 months Total of 300 hours of training and practice with master 5 months / 5 days per week / 2 hours per day / Monday-Friday Interim Examination Pass Examination for practice How To Teach Student can make grade level every one to three months (for Belt) After practicing final Examination Certificate of Completion of "Teacher Learning Tibetan Kung Fu" Student must practice yourself 700 hours (1 year/ 2 hours per day) After practicing examination 700 hours Teacher Training Certificate of completion of "Teacher Training Tibetan Kung Fu"

Membership Teacher Training: Students of Kung-Fu Chiang Mai can only succeed, practice and teach in the name of Kherliang's family if they honor the culture of the God Master and the Master. Students must believe the God Master and the Master. They must respect their mothers and fathers and everyone who has ever supported the student in life and practice. All students of Kherliang's family are tested to confirm these rules, who have successfully passed all tests and who honor the culture are fully supported by Kherliang's family. Only these students are authorized to teach in the name of Kherliang's family and the God Master.

The senior of Tibetan Kung Fu: Jurg Rotmann Switzerland, Zurich Vicente Garcia Spain Dietmar Schneider Germany Pasoapchai chaisiri Thailand Thawon Sirisutidacha Thailand Program Teacher Training Tibetan Kung Fu Level: Bryan Clifftion Fernandez U.S.A. Michel Agneray France Scharer Pascal Claude Switzerland Tim Robin England Jan Luijten Netherland Program Teacher Training Tai Chi Chuan Level: Julie L.Hastings U.S.A Bettina Werther Germany Navan Chetty South Africa Stephen Charke Scotland Edward Arnold U.S.A. Program Teacher Training Tibetan Kung fu and Tai Chi 300 hours curricula: Christophe Oudot France Daniela Mauri Italian Benjamin Coulon France Rolf Zachau Germany Lawrance Moore USA Stefanie Bollmann Germany

Branches of Tibetan Kung Fu (Kherliang family style) Tibetan (Dragon) Kung Fu is an old style of Kherliang family. The following branches of Tibetan Kung Fu school are controlled by experience teaches, who themselves learned the original Tibetan Kung Fu at KUNG-FU CHIANGMAI (Kherliang Healing Arts Center). The headquarter hereby guarantee that the listed teaches have the knowledge and experience to teach original Tibetan Kung Fu in their own school.

Tibetan Kung Fu Branch II Switzerland, Zurich Controlled by Jrug Rotmann Honggerstrasse 120, 8037 Zurich, Switzerland Phone 0041 79 216 64 94 Email:[email protected]

Tibetan Kung Fu Branch III Germany Controlled by Michel Agneray Freizeitzentrum-rixbeck Lippstadt Germany Tel. 02941/9785351 Phone 0049-2941-9785351 Email:[email protected] or [email protected] Tibetan Kung Fu Branch IV Netherlands Controlled by Jan Luijten Orthenstraat 304 5211 SX, S'Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands, Email:[email protected]

Tibetan Kung Fu Branch V New Zealand Controlled by Martina Sidler Unit 2/39 Leighton Avenue Waiwhetu Lower Hutt 5010 Email:[email protected]


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