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Fred is a water resources engineer who looks forward to WireTap every Tuesday.

Debbi is a project manager who tunes in to Weekday regularly.

Dee is a retiree who plans his adventures while listening to Travel with Rick Steves.

Wendy is a creative director who listens to KUOW's The Conversation during her lunch breaks.

Todd is a web developer who enjoys The Splendid Table and This American Life on the weekends.

Andy is a kickboxing coach who tests his word skills every week when listening to Says You!

Lynn is a small business owner who is crazy about The Vinyl Café.

Shuo is a designer who loves listening to the diverse topics covered on Speakers' Forum.


Julia is a mom who plans her Saturdays around The Swing Years and Beyond. Diane is a PR expert whose Saturday mornings always include Car Talk. Erica is a teacher who listens to Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!



The global economic downturn and its impact on our lives and communities dominated the news this year. Hundreds of hours of local, regional, national and international economic features were aired on KUOW. Some of the most comprehensive reporting was heard on Marketplace morning and evening reports, and on Planet Money, a new collaboration between This American Life and NPR News. Public radio is known for in-depth, fact-based news and its coverage of the crisis attracted many new listeners. At a time when news and information seekers are increasingly fragmented, the KUOW audience continues to grow. The economic disruption affected KUOW as well. The stock market's steepest decline took place during the fall pledge drive. Thanks to you, however, both fall and spring drive goals were met. Many donors increased their contribution over prior years and commented that KUOW's service was more valuable than ever. Listener support was at an all-time high in fiscal year 2009. However, underwriting support, from businesses and non-profit organizations, was down and may take some time to recover. KUOW entered fiscal year 2010 with a solid financial footing. We anticipate no reduction of the broadcast and online program services you count on. The fate of professional journalism is of considerable interest as many newspapers reduce newsroom staff and provide content on digital delivery channels. Although not a new topic of discussion, it was spurred locally by the closure of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer (P .I.). Some opinion leaders cite non-profit public radio news as a model for all professional journalism. KUOW, KPLU and KCTS Channel 9, together with former P .I. journalists and other interested parties, are exploring possible collaborations designed to sustain local news. While committed to the long-term viability of broadcast radio, National Public Radio is investing considerable resources in new digital platforms as a strategy to deliver more public service to more Americans. NPR's Website, has become a new national newspaper. The digital expansion is championed by new leadership at NPR. President Vivian Schiller and Vice President Kinsey Wilson came to public radio from the New York Times and USA Today respectively. From all of us at KUOW, many thanks for your ongoing support of professional journalism!

Wayne C. Roth KUOW Puget Sound Public Radio President and CEO


Frank Woodruff Chair Allan Steinman Vice Chair Judith Endejan Secretary Jon Eastlake Treasurer Norm Arkans--Ex officio Katharine Barrett Christine Deavel Nelson Dong Stephanie Ellis-Smith Joan Enticknap Arif Gursel Chris Higashi Linda Kennedy Dennis Kenny Maryfrances Lignana Jennifer O'Connor Scott Poepping Susan Ward Potts Wayne Roth--Ex officio Veronica Smith David Valdez Thank you to our friends Lee Daneker, Robert Flennaugh II, Alden Garrett, Steven Gilbert, Jany Jacob, and Pauline Reiter (Past President) who concluded their service as KUOW Puget Sound Public Radio board members in 2008.

KUOW serves as a strong, reliable resource for news and is one of the most listened to stations in the Puget Sound region. Despite the economic climate over the past year we continued to invest in many additional services: adding reporter positions, locally debuting Public Insight Journalism, upgrading the KUOW archives and more. All of this was made possible through the support of our listeners. We appreciate the generosity of our local community, especially during a year of unique financial challenges. At KUOW, annual contributions from listeners and underwriting support from local businesses and non-profits have always been our two largest sources of revenue. In the past many listeners have expressed an interest in providing a more permanent form of sustained support to the station. In order to provide a vehicle for gifts of this sort, KUOW recently established an endowment fund--designed to provide support for the station in perpetuity--that can accept either lifetime gifts or bequests. For someone interested in making a transformational gift to the station, it may also be possible to establish a named endowment tailored to the desires of the donor. As endowment assets grow, they will enhance KUOW's ability to produce the type of programs our listeners so greatly value. Increasing access to KUOW's services remains a priority, and the station is employing a variety of methods to provide more public radio to more people. KUOW's second service, which we call KUOW2, offers an additional 24 hours of news and information each day--shows such as Fresh Air and Talk of the Nation, as well as a wide range of programming from around the world. If you have a high definition (HD RadioTM) radio, you can listen to KUOW2 at 94.9 FM. You can also hear KUOW2 as an audio stream at HD radio broadcasts a digital signal of near-CD quality. And unlike satellite radio, HD radio is available without a monthly subscription fee. When HD service debuted a little more than five years ago, consumers were slow to embrace the technology. This was due as much to a lack of awareness as to the high cost of HD radios. Today, there are more than 100 HD radio receivers to choose from and portable players are available for less than fifty dollars. HD radios are standard on a number of imported cars, and they are optional equipment on many domestic automobiles. You can find more information about HD radio at as well as at Thank you for listening to and supporting KUOW. Because of you, the station remains on a solid foundation. We look forward to serving you in 2010 and beyond. Frank Woodruff KUOW Puget Sound Public Radio Board Chair



KUOW produces over 30 hours of local programming each week. KUOW producers and hosts spend their day looking for show ideas, conducting background research and booking guests. Sources for show topics include articles, pitches from media representatives and plenty of research conducted by phone and email. With live programs like Weekday and The Conversation, producers can work right up until air time booking a guest or confirming facts.


WEEKDAY Senior Host: Steve Scher Talk Show Producers: Katy Sewall and Sage Van Wing

Weekday is KUOW's daily signature public affairs program; a program where every topic is on the table. Monday through Friday, Weekday engages the curious and encourages an understanding of local and national issues. Weekday's coverage of the political arenas--local, regional and national--and interviews with leaders such as presidential candidates Senators Barack Obama and John McCain* prompted listeners to ask and act. Weekday also brought the variety and complexity of the world to our region with continued coverage and discussion of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and by revealing the issues facing veterans returning home. Interviews with regular and returning guests King County Executive Ron Sims, Governor Chris Gregoire and Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels enabled listeners to develop their opinions on policies, and helped shape how they participated in the political process. Last year, Weekday provided in-depth, ongoing coverage of the local and national political campaigns, the economic crisis, the healthcare debate and green technology.

THE CONVERSATION Senior Host: Ross Reynolds Talk Show Producer: David Hyde Producer: Jenny Asarnow

The Conversation, KUOW's daily call-in talk show, continued to provide listeners with a forum for lively public debate and thoughtful discourse. This year the program moved to a magazine format which gave listeners a wider coverage of a greater number of issues and events. In-depth political coverage focused on the presidential race between Senators John McCain and Barack Obama, and featured interviews with candidates including Dave Reichert and Darcy Burner in the battle for the 8th Congressional District. Philosopher Peter Singer and other guests spoke about solving poverty. New York University media guru Jay Rosen, On the Media's Bob Garfield, Wired magazine's Chris Anderson and other guests spoke about the future of the news business following the demise of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.


Managing Editor: Megan Sukys Producers: Elizabeth Austen, Dave Beck, Jeremy Richards, Sarah Waller, Jeannie Yandel

"KUOW provides about 90 percent of my political and cultural information including music, art, theater and events. KUOW allows me to make informed voting decisions and to discuss candidates and issues. We are all so busy with our commitments, yet listening to KUOW through the day enables me to stay in touch and informed about Seattle, King County and the world. Instead of TV, I look forward to Wiretap, This American Life and LA Theater Works for entertainment. Thank you all!" --Peter

KUOW Presents is a continuation of the local radio innovation that began with the forerunner to this program, Sound Focus. This past year, producers reached into communities throughout the Northwest to find stories that reflect the diversity, creativity and passion of this region. As a result listeners heard chronicles that were surprising, engaging and enduring. Stories introduced listeners to the primal athleticism of the urban sport called Parkour and a WWII veteran who had recently returned a kamikaze flag to Japan. Listeners traveled to the one-square-inch of silence in the Hoh Rain Forest and then to the deep recesses of Seattle's Municipal Archives where a single slip of paper changed lives. Regular interviews with music, art, poetry, entertainment, food and literary commentators kept listeners in touch with a multitude of enriching local experiences. Portions of KUOW Presents are archived at

SPEAKERS' FORUM Producer: Sara Lerner

The Puget Sound region is a favorite destination for prominent academic, literary and political figures. KUOW's Speakers' Forum broadcasts lectures and discussions recorded throughout the region from these luminaries. This year speakers included astrophysicist and popular NOVA scienceNOW host, Neil deGrasse Tyson and journalist and scholar Michael Pollan. Author and frequent public radio contributor David Sedaris shared his struggles to quit smoking while living in Tokyo, and New York Times columnist and Nobel laureate Paul Krugman spoke of his views on the state of the economy. Julia Child Award winner Betty Fussell told the story of beef cattle in the U.S. from the days of early settlers and cow towns to the industrial feedlots and wood­paneled steakhouses of today. Speakers' Forum programs are archived at

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KUOW reporters bring you local and regional news reports daily, and special features throughout the year. You'll also hear stories from KUOW reporters on national programs, including Morning Edition and Marketplace. A typical day for a KUOW reporter includes reading articles and checking wire services before attending a morning editorial meeting. Reporters then spend the day conducting interviews and writing their stories. In addition to daily stories, KUOW reporters work on feature stories, which can take several days or weeks to complete.


Featuring popular music of the 1920s to the 1950s, The Swing Years and Beyond is KUOW's longest running program and an audience favorite. For over 44 years listeners have spent their Saturday nights listening to familiar favorites and discovering lesser known gems from a mix of jazz, swing, show tunes and blues. This year, The Swing Years featured a special interview "Swing Baby, Swing: Norma Miller. Miller, who grew " up in the streets of Harlem in the 1930s, spoke about her life as a dancer, choreographer, comedienne, author and songwriter. In a regular monthly segment on Sound Focus and KUOW Presents, Wilde provided the unknown history behind commonly known songs in Sounds Familiar. Playlists can be found at



News Director: Guy Nelson Senior Editor: Jim Gates

KUOW's newsroom continued to distinguish itself in the quality and depth of its news and feature reporting--covering the most important local and national stories affecting our region. Reporters Ruby de Luna, Phyllis Fletcher, Liz Jones, Amy Radil, John Ryan, Marcie Sillman and Deborah Wang, and announcer/reporters Jamala Henderson, Patricia Murphy and Derek Wang spend each day researching, conducting interviews, writing and producing their reports. Last year's reports included: "Where Do Republicans Go from Here?" a look at the future of the Republican party in Washington State; , "Undocumented Workers" their movement to Vancouver, Canada; "School Closures" , , children share their apprehensions of leaving their schools; and "Minority Mortgages, " a look at how some in these groups have fared in a downturn market. In addition to daily reporting, KUOW news staff also work on feature stories and series which can take several days or weeks to complete. Last year, features included: "Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Turning the Page" a review of the 146 year history of the , paper and the people behind the institution; "Sweet Earth: Lessons from the Land" a , look at the growing movement to eat locally; and "The State of Execution" a three-part , series examining the death penalty in Washington State.


In FY09, the Northwest News Network (N3) entered into its fifth year and continued to be a model of collaboration and producer of award-winning** news reports. N3 is supported financially by KUOW and eight other public broadcast organizations operating a total of 61 stations throughout Idaho, Oregon and Washington. Coverage throughout the Northwest is provided by N3's statehouse bureaus in Olympia, WA, and Salem, OR, news bureaus in the Tri-Cities and Coeur d' Alene, ID, and a roving correspondent. As a public radio cooperative, N3 not only provides stations with content, but allows partner stations to share their work within the region. This year, editors Cathy Duchamp and Colin Fogarty; and correspondents Tom Banse, Austin Jenkins, Anna King, Chris Lehman and Doug Nadvornick produced a significant number of news reports and features from the regional front, allowing partner stations to focus on events and activities within their local communities. This year reports from N3 bureaus provided expanded public service to over 1.4 million*** listeners each week.

"Listening to KUOW makes me smart. least makes me feel smart...and that's a good thing! Thank you KUOW!" --Anita

THE PUBLIC INSIGHT NETWORK Public Insight Journalism Analyst: Carolyn Adolph

We've often heard about the increasing role the public is playing in journalism today. This year KUOW began a partnership with Minnesota Public Radio to bring their Public Insight Network (PIN) to our region. The PIN is a network of people--individuals who have experience and expertise that can add insight and substance to KUOW's news and program coverage. In this first year, over 700 people from all walks of life, from every part of the region, and from many fields of expertise joined the PIN to share their knowledge. By connecting KUOW reporters and producers with PIN members, KUOW is able to find fresh insights and perspectives, discover new stories that have not been reported and find people who can help tell the stories we are following. PIN information is online at

* 1999 McCain interview and 2006 Obama interview were rebroadcasted in August 2008. ** See "2008­2009 Awards" section of this report. *** Arbitron Sp, F '08.

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The Puget Sound Region: In depth and in focus. The KUOW Program Venture Fund (PVF) provides special support for staff and independent producers to develop new programming focused on the Puget Sound region. The PVF accepts project proposals from producers and reporters three times per year. Since its inception the PVF has funded over 20 projects which have been feature reports, documentaries or short audio pieces. The KUOW Program Venture Fund was initiated in 2003 by a key gift from Paul and Laurie Ahern, long-time friends to KUOW.


An important KUOW goal is to expand public service through listener growth, significant local programming and the use of multiple channels. KUOW continues to invest in providing more quality public radio programming to more listeners in our region in a multitude of ways.



KUOW's second service, KUOW2 is a compliment to programming heard on KUOW 94.9 FM, and continued to provide expanded program options for greater Tacoma, the South Sound, HD RadioTM and online listeners. National favorites such as The Diane Rehm Show, Talk of the Nation and Science Friday broadcast live and allowed listeners in the Puget Sound region to participate in national discussions on issues of the day. KUOW2's schedule of comprehensive international news provided insight and a diversity of viewpoints on events happening throughout the world such as conflicts in Africa and the Middle East and the global recession and recovery efforts. International politics and human interest stories helped expand an understanding of people and their cultures. Nearly all of KUOW2's international programming is exclusive to listeners in the region such as: News from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Asia Pacific (Radio Australia) and World Radio Network (reports from broadcasters in Russia, The Czech Republic, Korea, Romania, Africa, Sweden, the Netherlands and China). KUOW2 is heard at KUOW 94.9 HD as HD Channel 2 and online as a live stream at Listeners in Tacoma and the South Sound can hear KUOW2 at 91.7 FM.


Weekday High is KUOW's summer high school internship program. Since its inception in 2004, over 30 students have spent a part of their summer in the KUOW studios learning the fundamentals of public radio. In the 2008 session, six high school students participated in hands-on workshops for interviewing, recording, voicing and editing. Interns produced their own radio stories based on the theme of the 2008 session: activism. The culmination of their work was the podcasts they hosted and produced which were aired on Weekday and were highlighted on An audio archive of the work done by Weekday High interns can be found at:

KUOW.ORG + KUOW2.ORG Director, Online Services: Jenna Montgomery Web Producers: Morgen Nilsson and Carmen Santos

In FY09, averaged 159,660 unique visits and 322,750 page views each month, and over 2,500 news stories and programs were added to KUOW's rich online audio archives. Multi-media support was provided for news specials such as Old Masters, Our Time: Teens and Politics, and Seattle Post­Intelligencer: Turning the Page. Two new innovative tools were launched: the Public Insight Network (PIN) and the Public Radio Player. The PIN invites individuals in the community to share their expertise for reporter research. The Public Radio Player is an application that streams KUOW and lists its schedule on the iPhone and iPod touchTM mobile devices. Newly revamped RSS feeds promote shows ahead of broadcast and enable users to subscribe to feeds via email. and KUOW's second service provide online streaming of 94.9 FM and 91.7 FM broadcasts, archived audio, podcasts, program information and schedule, and online pledging. Continued support in FY09 from the Otto Haas Charitable Trust enabled KUOW to enrich the content and program support of

In FY09, KUOW invested approximately one third of the organization's annual programming budget into acquiring high quality public radio programming from national and international producers and distributors. KUOW continued to be the exclusive provider of the majority of national and international public radio programs available to listeners in our region. On KUOW 94.9 FM, over 30 hours of locally produced content was coupled with a variety of acquired programming to provide thousands of hours of news, information and cultural programming to the Puget Sound region. This programming also provided KUOW listeners with special coverage of important events such as the 2008 national elections, the continuing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the global economic crisis and the national housing market collapse. KUOW continued its affiliation with National Public Radio (NPR), producer of two KUOW anchor programs, Morning Edition and All Things Considered, as well as popular weekend programs, Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! and Car Talk. Distributor Public Radio International (PRI) contributed to the schedule with To the Point, The World and This American Life, as did American Public Media (APM) with Marketplace and A Prairie Home Companion. Additionally, KUOW featured programming and news broadcasts from the renowned British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).


"Just like my coffee in the morning, KUOW is something I need to start the day off right. Thanks for the continued great programming and coverage of issues that matter. Cheers." --George


Spot News: 2nd Place, Sara Lerner, KUOW

"No More Lemon Bars for Voters, marked the end of the in-person voting experience " in Washington State.



News Documentary: 1st Place, Liz Jones, KUOW

"A Village Away from Home, traced the migration trend from the Mexican sierra to " Seattle's fast-paced suburbs. This series was funded through the KUOW Program Venture Fund.

News Series: 1st Place, Patricia Murphy, KUOW

"The State of Execution, examined the death penalty in Washington State. "


General News: 1st Place, Austin Jenkins, N3

"In Washington, Mentally Ill Children Face Long Wait"

Feature News: 3rd Place, Tom Banse, N3

"Vet Finds New Mission Painting Portraits of the Fallen"

Sports: 1st Place, Chris Lehman, N3

"Families Host Minor League Players"

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KUOW is fortunate to broadcast in one of the most active public radio listening regions in the country: Seattle, the Puget Sound region and Western Washington. In FY09, KUOW served an average of 373,000 listeners* each week. These listeners averaged 7 hours* .6 of listening per week and accounted for the station's more than 2.8 million total weekly listener hours* last year. KUOW maintained a market share of 5.8%* of the regional radio audience, ranking second among local stations in the Seattle Metro market*. KUOW's consistently high rankings in the Seattle Metro Market is a reflection of KUOW's relationship with the community it serves and the station's commitment to providing quality public radio programming.

REVENUE Total direct support to KUOW for fiscal year 2009 (FY09) was $10,049,871*.

Individual Support: Revenue from individuals in support of KUOW's broadcast service in FY09 totaled $5,051,523. Individual support is the single largest source of revenue to the station's operating budget. Business Support: The business community and non-profit organizations continued their generous support of KUOW programming this year, with contributions totaling $3,941,669* in underwriting support. Institutional Support: The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) and the University of Washington provided $732,448 in operating support. Other Support: Additional support for KUOW comes from grant awards from foundations and corporate giving programs, as well as facility rentals and investment interest. In FY09, support to KUOW from these entities totaled $324,231.



Individual Support . . . . . . . . . . . .$5,051,523 Business Support . . . . . . . . . . . . 2,952,540 Institutional Support . . . . . . . . . . . . 732,448 Other Support . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 324,231 TOTAL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $9,060,742

EXPENSES Total direct operating expenses were $9,060,742**.

Program-related expenditures totaled $6,403,891 or 71% of all direct expenses in FY09 and continues to be the largest single expenditure KUOW makes each year. Fundraising and administrative expenses remained consistent with FY08 at 21% or $1,965,898, and $690,953 or 8% respectively.



Programming and Related Services . . .$6,403,891 Fundraising . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1,965,898 General and Administration . . . . . . . . 690,953 TOTAL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $9,060,742

* Source: Arbitron© SuFa08 and Wi09, Listeners 12+ M-Su 6A-12M,TSA.) ** Excludes indirect and in-kind.


KUOW is proud to support nonprofit organizations and events in our broadcast region. We sponsor events that reflect the mission of KUOW's programming and events we believe our listeners would enjoy. For more information about sponsored events, please visit

In fiscal year 2009, KUOW proudly provided media-sponsorships to 142 community events, festivals, exhibitions, dance, music, performances, lectures, forums and other gatherings. Seventy five non-profit organizations from throughout the Puget Sound region were represented. A KUOW media-sponsorship provided these organizations the opportunity to highlight their activities to KUOW listeners. Sponsorships included on-air announcements, a presence on the "In the Community" page on and mentions in printed materials. A key component of KUOW's mission is to expose our community to diverse, thought-provoking ideas, people and experiences. Providing these sponsorships to a wide assortment of cultural, artistic and community events is just one of the ways KUOW endeavors to satisfy its mission.

A Contemporary Theatre's Central Heating Lab AJC Seattle Jewish Film Festival Arts Corps ArtsWest Auburn Symphony Orchestra Ballet Northwest Bellevue Arts Museum Bellevue Chamber Chorus Book-It Repertory Theatre Broadway Center for the Performing Arts Bumbershoot Burien Arts Association Burien LittleTheatre Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture Camlann Medieval Association CD Forum Center for Wooden Boats Chamber Dance Company Chinese Arts and Music Association CityClub Copper Canyon Press Cornish College of the Arts EMP | SFM Henry Art Gallery Indigenous Studies Foundation/The Honor Foundation IslandWood Jack Straw Productions Kirkland Performance Center Mayor's Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs Museum of History & Industry National Geographic Live! Benaroya Hall Nature Consortium Nordic Heritage Museum Northwest Film Forum Northwest Folklife Festival Northwest Girlchoir On the Boards Pacific Science Center Peace Action of Washington Education Phinney Neighborhood Association Port Townsend Film Institute Renton Civic Theatre Richard Hugo House Seattle Art Museum Seattle Arts & Lectures Seattle Center Festal 2009 Seattle Children's Theatre Seattle Gilbert & Sullivan Society Seattle International Film Festival Seattle Opera Seattle Public Theatre Seattle Repertory Theatre Seattle Shakespeare Company Seattle Symphony Seattle Tilth Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestras SEEDArts SIFF Cinema Tacoma Philharmonic The Talented Youth Three Dollar Bill Cinema Town Hall Seattle UW World Series Washington Center for the Book at Seattle Public Library Washington State History Museum Wing Luke Asian Museum Wing-It Productions World Affairs Council


"I love NPR! I work at home and listen all day long, sometimes. Thank you for the great reporting, on international, national, and local issues. We are happy to support such a great service!" --Amy

Federal Way Symphony Frye Art Museum Giant Magnet Graduate School of the UW GreenStage Harlequin Productions

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KUOW PUGET SOUND PUBLIC RADIO is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization and is listener-supported. KUOW provides local, national and international news and information programming to listeners throughout the Puget Sound region. KUOW-FM is licensed to the University of Washington.


Because of your support, KUOW has served the Puget Sound for 57 years.

KuoW ContrIButorS FY09

IndIvIdual Support

We gratefully acknowledge the following listeners for their generous support of KUOW public radio.

*Denotes KUOW Puget Sound Public Radio Board Member


a Anonymous (14) David and Sheila Aas Don and Jane Abel Carol Achtmeyer Peter Ackroyd and Joan Alworth Richard Adamson William and Janette Adamucci Paul and Laurie Ahern Khaja and Asma Ahmed Ed and Charlotte Alkire Ellsworth and Nancy Alvord Katharyn Alvord Gerlich Dane Anderson Brian Arbogast and Valerie Tarico Samia Ashraf and Lewis Davidson Robert and Patricia Atkinson Merritt and John Atwood Jay Aydelotte Rosa Ayer Tammy Ayyoub B Lawrence and Mary Ann Bailey Gordon and Jason Baker Richard and Randi Baldwin Connie and Steve Ballmer Gail Bankovich and Eric Barkan Darlene Barr and Anne Croghan Peter and Jane Barrett Phillip and Tiia-Mai Barrett Aloise Bates and Mark Early Ward Beattie and Keeman Wong Allison Beezer and Mary Kudla John and Charlotte Behnke Brian Berkowitz and Laurel Johnson Richard and Thelma Berner Carol and Brian Bershad Jeanne Berwick and James Degel Joann and Carl Bianco Dick and Susan Birkenbuel Fraser and Deirdre Black Wendy Blight and Tara Barber Jabez Blumenthal and Julie Edsforth Dee Boersma Janet Boguch and Kelby Fletcher Paul and Debbi Brainerd Jonathan and Bobbe Bridge James Bromley and Joan Hsiao Stephanie and Rick Brooks Clarence Brown Caroline and David Browne Jay and Diana Broze Marilyn and William Bumpas Tim Burner and Camille Gearhart Pamela Burns McCabe Frank Buxton and Cynthia Sears C Christopher Capossela Trina and Christian Carlson

Toni Carmichael, FarWorks, Inc. Paul and Senmi Carter Robert Casey Frank and Denise Catalano Brian and Nancy Cedar James and Janet Chalupnik Sanjoy and Suparna Chatterji Elise Beth Chayet Martin and Linda Cheever Claus Christensen and Annette Wilson Gary and Grace Christophersen Cathe Clapp and Denis Keyes Margaret Clapp Joseph Clark and Asuman Kiyak Robin Lee Clarke Therese Coad and Christopher Pence Theodore and Patricia Collins Sherie and David Coons David and Linda Cornfield David Cosman and Sarah Soutter Fred Cox Catherine Crawford Curtis Creamer Simon Crosby Judy Curley Pete and Pat Curran Lois Curtis d James Davie Leann Dawson and Arthur Fleming Mark and Christina Dawson Jean De Fond Ralph and Karen Derrickson Brian Dewey and Eileen Brown Joseph and Ellen Dial Idalice Dickinson Nancy Dorn Fred Drennan and Teresa Massagli Matt Dressler and Mary Ellen Cunningham Michael Dryfoos and Ilga Jansons Vasiliki Dwyer E Carolyn and Chris Eagan Amanda Ebbert Kris Edwards Jennifer Ellestad Janey Elliott Barbara and John Ellis Stephanie Ellis-Smith* and Douglas Smith Mark and Meredith England-Markun Anne Ensminger Joan Enticknap* Douglas Erickson Lowell and Nancy Ericsson F Laurie Fan Darlene Feikema Bradley Feilberg Stephen and Kathy Feldman Sara and Andrew Fenzl Carol Finn Bill Fleckenstein Jack and Beth Fleming David Frazzini and Piedad Martinez Paul and Penelope Fredlund Beth Frey Deborah and David Friend Ed Fries

Karen Fries and Richard Tait Robert Fries and Debra Dahlen Ken and Teresa Frost G Michale Gabriel Laura and Grant Gardner Alden Garrett and Charlie Eriksen Gretchen Garth Bill Gates Sr. and Mimi Gardner Gates Julie Gerrard Benjamin Gibbard Deborah Giles and Charles Simrell Dagmar Glier and Dagmar Movasagi Maryanne Godfrey and Christopher Noell Shannon and Bill Gordon Robert and Kathleen Greco Daniel Greenawalt Marcia Greenberg Gerald and Lyn Grinstein H Duncan and Birgit Haas Lucy Hadac Charles and Lenore Hale Steven and Jeannie Hale Linda Hall and Charles Grant M. Elizabeth Halloran Spencer Hamlin Lenore Hanauer Kristi Hannigan and Robert Hood James and Diana Hanson Susan Harmon and Richie Meyer Larry Harris and Betty Azar Andrea Harrison Kristina Hart and William Harder Mary Beth Hasselquist Stephen and Sarah Hauschka Eric Hawley and Gwen Lowery Elizabeth Hebert Richard and Betty Hedreen Linda Hedstrom and Richard Steffel Lucy Helm Fred Herzberg and Jeanne Large Steven and Sandra Hill David Hiscock Suzanne Hittman Patti and Stuart Hobbs Jonathan Hoekstra and Jennifer Steele Carol and Tom Hogan Kathy and Michael Holmgren Mark Houtchens and Pat Hackett Linda Hume John and Barbara Huston J Mari Jalbing and James Robart Jeffrey James Keith and Carol James Gretchen and Erik Jansen Mark and Laura Jennings Gregory Johnson and Tanya Bednarski Lewis and Sonia Johnson Linda and Ted Johnson Mark and Jeanne Johnson Don Jones Production William Jones and Maria Jones Staaf K Diane Kallas Raj Kapur and Jennifer Fangman

Helen Karl M.D. Betty Keisler Randall and Laura Kern Tim Kerr and Cynthia Wells Martin King Roger and Norma King Mike Kittross Stephen and Eileen Knoff Johannes Koch and Debra Somberg Alan and Marian Kohn Martha Kongsgaard and Peter Goldman Mark Konings and Paige Chernow Michael and Cheryl Kopp David and Frances Korten Kari Koszdin and Leo Pallanck Nicholas and Jan Kovach Anne Krook l Matthew Lambert Bruce and Emily Langworthy Christopher and Alida Latham James Leslie and Jeanne Tweten Victoria Leslie Mark Lewington Bill Lewis Steven Lewis and Kathy Leppig Henry Li Andrea, Jacob, Julia and Jamie Lieberman Maryfrances Lignana* Kristin Likus and Jonathan Gross Greg Lindstrom Daniel Ling and Lee Obrzut Annie Livingston Alexandra Loeb and Ethan Meginnes Judith Lonnquist and Judy Zeigler Matthew and Gretchen Loschen Nicholas Lovejoy Robert Lundeen Helen Luts M Doris Maca Barry and Lynda MacKichan Margo MacVicar-Whelan Steven and Mary Magnuson Shirley Makela and Brent McElroy Barbara Maly Dave Mankoff and Jean Cho Casey and Jim Margard Bill and Holly Marklyn Christina Marra and Paul Silver Elizabeth Martin David Matthews and Ashley Harper Martha Maurer Lester McCloskey Kathleen McCoy and Philip Vogelzang Stuart McLean Colleen and William Meachan Robin Mendelson Lisa Mennet and Gabe Newell Jerry and Lyla Meyer David Middaugh and Mary Rae Bruns Julie and Kyle Miller Kevin and Michelle Miller

Peter Miller and Jean Johnson Donald and Pamela Mitchell Eric and Kim Moen Nancy Monelli and Roy Mock Steven and Kathryn Morse John and Harriett Morton Lynn and Steve Mowe Barbara Mullally Charles and Susan Mullen Elena Mullin and Howard Carson Janet Murphy Peter and Tamara Musser Neal and Amanda Myerson n Christopher Nelson Karen Nelson Philip Nelson Donna and James Nichols Bart Nijssen and Mary Catlin Douglas and Nancy Norberg Greg and Jill Norling David Notkin and Cathy Tuttle Leo Novakoski o Dorothy Oberto Jennifer O'Connor* Thomas and Kristin Ogren John and Kathryn Olsen Vance O'Neill Rebecca and Leonard Oorthuys Heidi Orde and Scott Stender Glenn Osako and Susan Baumgaertel Linda and Barry Owen p Constance Parsons and Sanford Pitler Janet and Bill Pauli Travis Penn and John Wicher Ronald Pessner, Jr. Jim Peterson Barbara Petty Mary Pigott Daniel Pirone Eric Polzin and Trudy Rolla Nicolas Pottier Bill and Susan Potts* Rosalyn Powell Christopher Pratley Karen Prell Thomas Pressly William and Delia Purdy John Purvis Qr Wesley Quigley Ellen Ratajak Sarah Read Pauline and Jack Reiter Carrie Rhodes Steven and Fredrica Rice Paul Rich and Karen Nakagawa Sherry Richardson and James Montague Madge Rieke Kate Riordan James and Jo Ann Roberts Joanne Roberts Kathleen and Chris Robertson Valerie and David Robinson Charles and Janice Rohrmann Stuart and Lee Rolfe Charles Rosen Stanley and Michele Rosen

Wayne Roth* and Kathleen Alcala Abbe Rubin Gregory Rubin Linda Ruiz Elizabeth Ryll and Richard Stead S John Sahr and Eliza Sutton Cathy Sarkowsky Nancy Schultz Susan Schulman and Jack Schenker Charitable Trust Stephen and Julie Ann Scofield Morgan and Anne Seeley Grace Seidel and Ken Harer Ashvini Sharma Theresa Shea Haeryung Shin and Andrew Von Nordenflycht Robert Short and Emer Dooley Rob and Cindy Shurtleff Kirsten Simonitsch and Dave Kemp Donald Sirkin Jennifer Slack Karen Sloss Brian and Laurel Smith Dorothy and Burton Smith Warren and Nancy Smith George and Cherry Snelling Helen Sommers Elsie Sorgenfrei Ricarda Spee Harold and Gertrude Stack Pat Stainbrook Kirk and Janie Starr Allan Steinman* and Diane Sigel-Steinman Robert Steinway Rick and Anne Steves Rich and Sharon Stewart Jerry and Lucy Stimmel Bob Story and Ethel McCroskey Story George Stout Bernee and Mark Strom Candice Strudel John Strunk Paul Sturm and Flora Ling Jeffrey Sutherland Julie, Spencer and Cooper Sutter Virginia Sybert M.D. t Patricia Tall-Takacs and Gary Takacs Margaret Taylor David and Nancy Thacher Christopher Thrasher and Karina O'Malley Carol Thomas and Mark Wilbert Mortimer and Joan Thomas Polly and Jason Thompson Patricia Thorpe JoAnne Tompkins and Jon Schorr Alejandro and Leslie Torres Tricia and Steve Trainer John and Anne Trench v Jim Van Der Heyden and Yvonne Rodriguez Eleanor Vandenheuval Aleeta Vanpetten and Jerome Mueller

Leonard and Julie Vaughn David and Joyce Veterane Erik Viafore and Julie Keeler W Betty Wagner Maggie and Douglas Walker James and Mary Wallace Todd and Ruth Warren Kathy Washienko and Mike Mathieu Paul Watts and Misty Weaver Susan Watts Cynthia Wayburn Bruce and Leslie Weertman Alan Weiner and Nancy Maizels Adam Weissman Howard P. and Milagros Welt Michael Westley and Patricia Stern Alan and Julia White Frank White Marjorie Whiting Laura Wideburg and Asmus Freytag Monna Wier Robert and Mary Ann Wiley Bruce Williams Chris and Deb Williams Genevieve Williams Joshua Williams and Lakshmi Muirhead April Williamson Lucinda Wilson and Lee Acton Anne and Ken Winkes Cathy Wissink and Kevin Phaup Howard and Barbara Wollner Timothy and Susan Wood Zelma Wood Rebecca Woodhouse Sarah and Lola Woods Martha Wyckoff and Jerry Tone YZ Judith Yeakel Nancy York Vinette Zabriskie Jason Zander Shari Zanetti Terrence Lee Zehrer Rebecca Zerngast

Derek Arndt John and Sherrie Arndt Janis Augustin and Carl Menconi B Diane S. Baer Lydia Bagwell Ryan Bahrey Robert and Sally Baird Harold P. Baldwin Paul and Donna Balle Andrea Barbier Mary Kay Barbi and Linda Jordan Richard Barbieri and Lyn Tangen Joe Barer and Karyn Barer Claire Barnett and Marjorie Mazie Jillian Barron Jane W. Barry Kelly and John Barry Mary Barstad Bruce and Nannette Bassett Deborah and John Batjer Nicole K. Bavo Emery Bayley Paulette Beach Andrew Begun David and Mary Beiseigel Joanna and David Beitel Edward O. and Pamela Belcher Mel E. Belding Carmen and Aaron Bemiller Julie Bennett Eric R. and Luann Berman Christopher M. Bernards Ann R. Berry Rachel Bianchi and Tim Hatley Dylan J. Bigelow Erika and John Bigelow Jason Bilanko Carolyn Bjerke Shelley L. Bjornstad Luther F. Black Peter Bladin and Donna Lou M. Wayne and Anne Blair Don and Shawna Bliss Richard A. Blum Sandra Bohling Loui and E. Jay Bond Margaret W. Bone Jeff Boutel J. Ray and Priscilla Bowen Stephen Boyd David E. and Debra K. Boyle Paul and Kate Bradley Terri Ann Brame and Dean Brame Eileen M. Brennan Heartie Anne Brewer Thomas and Virginia Brewer Theresa Britschgi Jerrold A. Brockmann Jacquelyn K. Brolsma Anne Browne Maureen O. Brown Tom Brubaker Jeffery Brunson Fred and Jane Buckner Leo Butzel and Robbie Reaber C Joan Caine and Andre Kahr Thomas Callahan

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a Anonymous (8) Robert Y. Ackerman James C. Adams Marian Alexander and David Netboy Rosalie Alhadeff Janet E. Allison Sookme Almquist Jean Amick Aparna Ananth Arthur E. Anderson Carl Anderson Roger H. Anderson Judith Andress-Philip Paul W. Andrews Beth Andrus and Mark L. Fleming Jim R. Angerer and Mona E. Yurk Susan and David Anstine Seth Armstrong

William Calvin and Katharine Graubard Verna Cameron Carol J. Campbell Corinne A. Campbell Kelly J. Campbell Michael Campbell Sandy Canepa-Swan Allison Capen and Mark Iverson Edward S. Carmick Ann M. Carnie Rebecca M. Carr Nancy Chapman Heidi Charleson Robert and Patricia Charlson Lloyd Chase Eric and Linda Chauvin, Blackpool Studio Ann Cheng Jennifer Chermoshnyok Michael D. and Gretchen Chesley Jeffrey Chrisope and Rachel Robinson Robert Christensen Terry and Doris Christian Vernita Christianson Elaine L. Chuang George A. Chuckrow Jason Chukas Andrew Clapham Rebecca and Gary Clark Robert and Amanda Clark Sterling and Sandra Clarren Jane Commet Catherine Conolly and Rodney L. Brown Colin M. and Johanna Coolbaugh Robert and Ernestine Coombs Jeff Coopersmith David Coors Roann Corbisier Candyce B. Cottier Anthony Cox Glenna and Tony Cox Terry H. Coyne Geoffrey S. Cram Caroline and William Crenshaw Linda Croft Tom and Suellen Cunningham Melanie Curtice and Jill Mehner d Christopher and Stephanie Daley-Watson Kristen S. Daniels Johannes H. and Martha Dankers Steve and Jeanette Dassel Tatiana D. Davidson David R. and Jane Davis Henrietta and Aubrey Davis Jeffery and Barbara Davis Jennifer Davis Tom Davis Patricia Dawson Leigh Dean Christine Deavel* and John W. Marshall Robert T. Degavre Paul and Jean Degroot Elizabeth Deleeuw Jeremy P. Deleon and Amy L. Weir

Thomas Delrue Jody Deming Dennis and Deborah Deyoung Christopher Dietz Suzanne Dilanzo Jerrold Mark Dion A. Corinne Dixon Yancy H. Dominick Beau L. Donaho Catherine M. Donaldson Nelson G. Dong* and Diane Wong Paul V. Donlan Joanne Donohue Philip T. Doughten and Kenneth C. La Jonathan and Paula Drachman Judy T. Drake Richard and Martha Draves Sascha Dublin and Mikael Kvart Julie K. Duckworth Grace Dumenil Bruce C. Duncan Diana Dundore Ruth S. Dunlop George J. Dunn, Jr. Phillip Dunn Mary Dunnam E Karin E. Ebert James T. Eckman Daniel Ederer and Takayo Minakami George O. Edwards Sally S. Edwards Mark H. Tracey Eisenberg William and Anita Elder Charles Eliot Jane C. Ellis Sandra and Earl Emerson Edith and Klaus Engel Candace and Loren Engrav John Ephron and Joan Olson Daniel Eshner Landon Estep Bob Evans and Stephen Davis Dale and Sharon Evans F John J. Farbarik Jim Farrish Jane Fellner Paul and Lyn Fenton Ellen L. Ferguson Andre Feriante Sharon A. Feucht Melanie Field and Vinaya Chepuri Matthew Fingerhut Bif Fink Molly L. Fischer and Paul A. Flyer Stanley W. Fitzpatrick Timothy Fitzpatrick Rose and James Flaherty Brett Flegg Beverly and Paul Fletcher Robert L. and Betty Fletcher Ruth M. Flucke Peggy Fogliano Anne and Jack Fontaine Charles Forge John L. Foy Esme Freedman

Eleanor Freeman Kristen French and Nick Radovich Helen and Paul Frenzen Kirsten and Rick Friedman Mari Friend Bryan D. Fullerton Gary and Melissa Fulton G Diana Gale and Jerry Hillis Ulrich and Ethel Ganz Gwenn A. Garden Jacqueline S. Gardner Allison Garr Loris H. Garratt Charles D. Garrett Philip L. Garrett Todd Garvin and Dianne Garvin Carolyn B. Gaylord Mary E. and Fred D. Gentry Alberta George Harry and Deborah George Gabrielle and Olivia Gerhard Genevra Gerhart Catherine J. Gibson Michael P. and Sara Giesler Mark J. Gilbert Steven G. Gilbert and Janice Camp Kenneth Gladden Noah Glassberg Stephen and Kathleen Gleaves Laurie Gogic Peggy L. Golberg Hellmut and Marcy Golde James and Louise Gordon Laura Gordon Stone Gossard Laura Kennedy Gould Stephen A. Grace Scott D. Graczyk Dean Granholm Anne Green Michael R. Green Thomas Green Frank Greer and Stephanie Solien Ken Gresset Bob and Barbara Griffith Richard Gross Terry and Barbara Grove H Linda B. Haas Richard and K. Diane Haelsig Joseph and Lisa Hagar Patricia A. Haggerty Carroll Haining Cecilia A. Hall Kathy J. Hall Lance Halley Sydney Hammerquist Tim Hannon and Jennifer Weber Bjorn and Suzanne Hansen Sig T. Hansen, M.D. Lawrence and Hylton Hard Benson and Pamela Harer Denise and J W Harris Robert S. Harrison Ann M. Hart Tobias and Jennifer Hartmann Peter and Diana Hartwell Linda J. Hartzell and Mark C. Perry Neil and S. Ann Hawkins Mark C. Hayes

Elizabeth Hazard Russ Heaton and Doyle's Public House Jennifer Heger Daniel Heitner Marjorie K. Hemphill Nancy M. Henderson Jennifer and Tim Hendrickson William V. Henningsgaard James Herndon Michael and Julia Herschensohn Iris A. Herzfeld Michael J. Herzfeld Dale E. Hicklin and Jean Moran James Higham David Higley and Shannon Loftis Charles Hill and Betty Lane Linda Hill Michael P. Hilty Kathleen Hinson, Lt.Col.Ret. Paul and Donna Hoffman Joanne Holbrook Elise M. Holschuh Wayne E. Holt Robert & Phyllis Holzworth Leroy E. and Valerie Hood Ruth and Bill Hood Linda Hopfinger Alexander I. Hopmannand and Kat Korab Mary P. Horan Don and Lynda Horowitz Krista Horstman Mary Horvitz Linda Hume Thomas R. Hundley Jan and Max Hunt I Phoebe Ingraham Danny L. Inman Bob and Patti Ireton Barbara A. Isenhour J Shari M. Jackson Ken Jacobsen Katrin Jaenicke and Harald Schwarz Jim Jamieson Joseph R. Jenkins David and Becky Johnson David L. Johnson Donald R. and Dona Johnson George T. Johnson Glenda L. Johnson and David Knoyle Kaaren Johnson Sara Jane Johnson Joshua Jorgensen Diana and James Judson Eric Juvet K Marsha K. Kabakov Michael V. Kale Roger Kammerer Gregory Kaneida Harold Kaplan and Caroline Bombar-Kaplan David and Gail Karges Mervin Kayser Eleanor A. Keasey Matthew C. Keifer Carol Kelley Linda A. Kent and James M. Corson

Margaret Kerrigan and Jon Conte Pamela and Gregory Keyes Jerry King and Sue Eastman Mary-Claire King Richard and Kathleen Kirkendall Jack and Mary Ann Kirkham Paul Klingler Jeff J. Knoll Beatrice S. Knudsen Kari Knutson-Bradac Ruth Koutsky Glen R. Kriekenbeck and Quentin King Rhonda Kristoff Kenneth Krohn Curtis Kruse Pranish Kumar Karl Kuntz and Ann Rushing Donald S. Kunze Jin Y. Kwon l John F. Lambirth Steven Landau Fenton Lane Suzanne and Jeff Lane Norman Langseth Leander Lauffer and Patricia Oquendo David Lawrence and Carla Tachau Lawrence Kristen Lawson Lyn M. Lee Randy M. Lee and Mari Hoten Lee John Lefor and Karen Lund Martha Leigh and Joseph Brady Monica Leigh Flora M. and Albert Leisenring Tom Lennon and Patricia Keegan Marc A. Lentini Conway and Carolyn Leovy Debbie Leung Nancy Lewars and Mike Lewars Douglas L. Lewis Libby Lewis and David Traugott Edward Liebow and Erin Younger Greg and Corina Linden Terry and Shirley Lindquist John Lindstrom Jaisri R. Lingappa Mr. and Mrs. Brian Linnell Joe and Lauren Linscheid James E. Litsinger Eric Liu and Jena Cane Evan L. Loeffler Shelley M. Logan and Andrew Moriarty Sheila A. Lukehart Phillip and Bernadine Lund Laura E. Lundgren Teresa Lutterman Andrew Lyle M Susan R. Mackay Michael and Wilawan Macleod Amalia Magaret L. Kathleen Mahan David Mahowald and Romy Domingo Jonathan A. and Leigh Manheim

Carl Manley Angela Mansfield and Garret Veley Ellen and Jon Markman Kat Marriner and Willie Weir William G. Marsh Dan Martin Richard W. Mathes Nancy A. Matlock David Maymudes and Emily Anthony Patricia C. McCall Michelle A. McCarthy Nathan and Laurie McCoy Richard B. McCune Lillian C. McDermott Jason and Saira McDonald Jeffrey J. and Karen M. McHenry Scott T and Shelley A McIntyre Lisa M. McKeirnan Laurie I. McMillan Ruth McNally Lisa A. McPeak Donald and Sandra McVay Alan and Bonnie Mearns Libby Meren Cindy A. Micleu John Midgley Linda Mihalov and Ron Hanlon Annie F. Miksch Barbara A. Miller Matthew Miller Roger and Edith Miller Tim Miller Gregg Miskelly Kathleen Mitchell and Scott Landis Paul Mitchell Won Moc Donald K. Mooers Terry Moore and Cornelia Moore Doug Morgan Barbara G. Morgridge Laura and Loren Mork Jean M. Morris Christian M. Moulin Mike E. Mowat and Janet Runbeck James and Susan Muhm Mary Lou Mulflur Donna K. Murphy Sharon Murphy n Marcia and Jerald Nagae Michael Narayan Lorraine Nay Dorothy Neville Marcia Newlands Roger and Kulli Newton Dean and Carla Nichols Connie Niva Theresa Nix and Lucas Van Ginneken Ed Noble Craig A. Norsen Barbara A. Nuckley o James O'Brien Gillian OConnell Paul Ohnemus Vernon and Martha Olsen, Shifty Sailors Tom and Carol Olson

Timothy E. Onders Leann Onishi Rosemary J. Orr Laura and Peter Orser Jeanne B. Ostrander Henry Outzen and Lori Morgan Dan and Gloria Overgaard Robert Owen and Ruth Emerson Kristopher J. Owens p Helen K. and Douglas S. Paauw Alison Paisley Ralph and Marlys Palumbo Vasileios Papadimos Rohinee Paranjpye Susan Parazzoli Dave and Katherine Parish Ann Parker-Way and Paul Way Upshur Parks Susan Payne and Benjamin Porter John V. Pearson Russell and Lois Ann Pearson Gloria B. Peck Cairn Pedersen Liza A. Perpuse Mina Person Allan F. Persyn Hans H. Peters Diana Peterson and Jospeh Limacher Matthew Peterson Mitch and Jennifer Peterson Joseph R. Phelan Hugh and Joan Phillips David Phinney Dana Pigott Judy Pigott James Pinkerton Ronite and Colin Plank Donald Poggi and Shirley Poggi Donald D. Pogoloff Joshua and Kate Pollock Laurie Porter Jennifer J. Pratt Julie and Chris Prentice Terry Price Kirk and Judy Prindle Margaret B. Provenzano Rona R. Pryor Kyle L. Putnam Q Tim Quagliaroli and Sheri Hill Bernice and Warren Quinn Dana and Nancy Quitslund r W. Foster and Lemoine Radford Douglass A. and Katherine Raff Candace H. and Robert R. Rankin Steve Raymond and Krisztina Kurunszi Tom and Sally Reeve Pat Reh and Tom Slattery Jay M. and Jane Reich Robert P. Reichel Nick and Libby Reid James Reinmiller Katherine and Scott Renschler Bryan Reynolds Peter and Linda Rhines Margaret Richardson

Peter Richardson Jonathan and Christina Ridgeway Alyson P. Rieke Anthony and Julie Riely-Gibbons Laura D. Rivendell Rachel and David Robert Matthew Roberts M.L. Robertson Tom and Christine Robertson John Rochford and Nick Utzinger Christopher and Heidi Rogers George Rolfe and Lois Duncan Kelly D. Ronan Josepha Rood and Doug Rybacki Dale A. Roper Dilys Rosales Nicole and Joe Ross Nick, Lynn, George and Lizzy Rossouw Steve Rovig Cyrus Rubin and Grace Rubin Randy Rumley Daveda Russell Ken and Dina Russell Madalyn and Samir Rustagi Patricia R. Ryan S Hilke Saber Elliot M. Sacks Dana A. Samples Sara Sandford Pakka and Sarah Sappington Ingrid Sarapuu and Michael Anderson Susan and Helmut Sassenfeld Carla D. Saulter Leslie A. Savage Christine M. Sayers Jennevieve Schlemmer and Trevor Redfern Corey Schlosser-Hall Arthur A. Schmidt Wes Schreiber Christopher and Aleta Schuelke Gary R. Schuldt Susan Schulman Sarah Schuyler Laligam Sekhar Brian Selby Keith D. and Lynnette Senzel Suzanne Shafer Barbara Shane and Michael Cox Dennis W. Shaw and Julie E. Howe David B. Shema Alan and Susan Sherbrooke G.E. and L.M. Shultz Seth L. Siegal Marya J. Silvernale Richard Simkins Alex A. Simons John E. Sims and Patricia Espedal Jack Singer and Tia Higano Charles P. Sitkin Murali Sivarajan Paula and John Skartland Don Slack Allen and Sara Smith Brad Smith and Kathy Surace-Smith

Curtis D. Smith Michael Smith Veronica Smith* and Natalie Hamrick Zachary Smith Donald and Lilyan Snow Daniel R. Snyder Turgan Somer Janice J. Sorensen Richard Sorensen Mike and Diane Soules Steve and Cindy Spence Ray and Lael Spencer Jay D. Sprenger Elaine T. Springer Randy and Sandra Spurlock Ben Steele and Melinda Iwen Elsa B. Steele Heidi J. Steen Daniel Steinberg Patricia A. Stensel Judy H. Sterry Jeremy J. Steward Babette T. Stewart Tom Sthay Sean Stitham and Jean Mahan Jennifer Stitzel Sara E. Stoppels Richard M. Strickland Pamela D. Stromberg Werner Stuetzle David Stutz and Beth Glosten Maggie I. Sullivan Susan and Patrick Sullivan Greg Sundberg and Syd Phillips Veronica Sutherland Ellyn W. Swanson Mark C. Swatzell Marietta A. Szubski t Darren S. Tanner Henry and Linda Tanz Gael and Robert Tarleton Mary E. Tate-Phillips and Gary Phillips Laurel A. Taylor and Evan Stoner Connie Templeton Sallie R. Teutsch Cynthia Tewes Richard M. Thayer Jeff and Melissa Thirloway Elizabeth Thomas and Ronald L. Roseman Eleanor Thompson Benjamin Tibbals and Jennifer Benner Robert J. Tindall Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Titcomb Jane Tobin and Robert Harrington John and Joan Tornow William and Ruth True Sarah Truitt Christina J. Tucker Patricia Tylliaa uv Winifred and Keith Unterschut David Valdez* Doris Van Alen Venkatesh Veeraraghavan Mike Veitenhans and Mary Lee Newman Theresa Verwey

Kathy Veterane and Robert Bates Michelle L. Vician W Don and Mary Wacker Robert and Julie Wagner Robert and Lisa Wahbe Catherine Walker and David Fuqua Marcia B. Walker Wendy Wallace Susan J. S. Walters Dean Walund Eugene Wan Jennifer C. Wang Donald R. Warren Jeff Wasierski Carol Watson Heidi Rose Watters Edward L. and Cynthia K. Weber Justin and Dorothy Weber Mary Ellen and Jim Weber Tom Weeks and Deb Oyer Michael C. Weidemann Emily C. Weiler and Andrew Jackson Harriet Weiss Joel and Nancy Wessenberg Judith A. Whetzel Amber Whiple and Steve Kaiser Gregory White Mary and Ron White Barbara B. Whorton Michelle L. Wilkinson Tonia Willekes Ethel Williams Janet and Fred Williams Susan and Brian Williams Sherry Willis CiCi Wilson Faithy M. Wilson Gail F. Wilson and William R. Patterson Kathleen B. Wilson and Randy Sibley Nancy Winder and Larry Howard Mike and Nancy Windus Fredrik and Sue Winsnes Joseph G. Winston Dawn Winters and Peter Grimm Marlene and Thomas Wissler Charlotte Wollheim Frank Woodruff* and Jan Agosti Barbara Schuchart Wright and Charles Bagley Wright, III Jill A. Wright Jenny and Scott Wyatt Y Mayumi Yagi and Peter Baum Meredith R. Yasui Neva J. Yorkston Edward Young and Candis Litsey Elton T. Young Jim and Leslie Young Rhonda Younker Z Jan Zemplenyi, M.D. Christian and Joyce Zobel Ellen and Robi Zocher Lucy and Thomas Zuccotti

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Blink Interactive Bob Byers Volvo Brentwood College School Broadway Across America Broadway Center for the Peforming Arts Buena Vista Burke Museum Bush School, The Cascadia Center / Discovery Institute Cedar Grove Composting Center for Spiritural Living Centrum CFA Society of Seattle Chestnut Hill Academy Chimpanzee Human Communications Institute Chow Foods City of Everett City of Seattle Department of Planning and Development City University of Seattle Clam Cannery Project Clearpath International Climate Solutions Collings Foundation Comcast Community Transit Congruent Conner Remodeling & Design Cornell University, The Johnson School Cornish College of the Arts Country Village Cowan, Miller & Lederman Crisis Clinic Custom Pure Dairy Farmers of Washington Daisywagen Davis Wright Tremaine LLP Discovery Channel DK Publishing Dorsey & Whitney LLP Doug Fox Travel Dunn Lumber Co. Dynamy Earth Justice Eastside Arts Coalition Eastside Preparatory School Ecohaus, Inc. Edible Seattle Edmonds Community College Elizabeth Holmes Travel Elliott Bay Book Company Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University EMS Marine Coatings and Service Epiphany School Epson Evergreen Healthcare Evergreen School, The Evergreen State College Experience Music Project | Science Fiction Museum Facèré Jewelry Art Gallery Far East Handicrafts FareStart Fat City German Car Fear of Flying Clinic Fenwick & West LLP Festival Network Field's End Annual Writers Conference

Fireworks Galleries First Church of Christ Scientist, Gig Harbor First Church of Christ Scientist, Seattle First Tech Credit Union Fischer Plumbing Floating Bridge Press Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart Forum on Science Ethics and Policy Foster Pepper PLLC Fox TV Fran's Chocolates Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Freiheit & Ho Architects, Inc. PS Friends of the Cedar River Watershed Gage Academy of Art Gavi Fund Gilbert and Sullivan Society Global Impact Global Washington Gold Class Cinemas Good Belly Gordon Tilden Thomas & Cordell LLP Grameen Foundation Greater University Chamber of Commerce Group Health Cooperative Harbour Pointe Financial Advisors Harper Hayes PLLC High Road Automotive Highline Medical Center Homestreet Bank Honda of Seattle Hopelink Houghton Mifflin Hyperion Books IBS Treatment Center In Harmony Inhabit, LLC InSpa Intention Media International American University International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 77 International Relief and Development Intiman Theatre Company Izilla Toys Jorve Corporation K & L Gates KCTS Keeney's Office Plus Kenmore Air Key Consulting Inc. KeyBank Kimberly-Clark King County Housing Repair King County Library System King County Water & Land / Envirostars Kirkland Performance Center La Tienda Folk Art Gallery Lakeside School Lane Powell PC Law Offices of Richard D. Seward Leadership Institute of Seattle LeMaster Daniels PLLC

Lending Club Levy von Beck & Associates PS Listening Mothers Live Nation Northwest Macha Monkey Productions Madison Market Marler Clark Martinelli's Massage Sanctuary McKinstry Foundation Mercer Publishing Mercy Corps Merriman Methow Valley Lodging Association Michael Gross Microsoft Mikkelborg Broz Wells & Fryer PLLC Milliman Minor & James Medical Miramax Mountaineers Books Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust Mrs. Cooks Municipal League of King County Museum of Flight National Multiple Sclerosis Society Native Root Designs Nature Conservancy NDTV New Space Entertainment Nickel Bros Nordic Heritage Museum Nordstrom Norsk Remodeling North Olympic Land Trust Northwest Associated Arts Northwest Environmental Education Council Northwest Fine Woodworking Northwest Hospital Northwest Yacht Brokers / Boats Afloat NuMark Office Interiors Oberlin Conservatory of Music Olympia Lacey Tumwater Visitors and Convention Bureau Olympic Peninsula BirdFest One Reel OneAmerica Overlake Hospital Medical Center Overlake School Pacific Medical Research Department Pacific Northwest Association of Private Schools Pacific Northwest Ballet Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Pacific Northwest Writers Association Pacific Science Center Pauline PCC Natural Markets Peoples Bank Peterson Sullivan, PLLC Physicians for a National Health Program, WA Chapter Pike Place Market

Plant Amnesty Polyclinic Port of Everett Port of Seattle Pratt Fine Arts Center PRC Providence Everett Medical Center Program on Climate Change Prosthetics Outreach Foundation Provail Pt. Townsend Main Street Puget Sound Association of Legal Administrators Puget Sound Blood Center Puget Sound Energy Puget Sound Energy Green Power Program Puget Sound Osteoporosis Center Ragen & Associates Random House Rath Law Ravenna Third Place Books Ray's Catering Redwood Palms Pictures REI Rejuvenation Riddell Williams PS RiverCity Blue Grass Festival Robert Half International Rosario Resort Ryan, Swanson & Cleveland PLLC Sage and Stone San Juan Islands Visitors Bureau Sasquatch Books Scheer & Zehnder LLP Schnitzer West School of Teaching ESL Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt Seaport Air Seattle Academy of Arts & Sciences Seattle Aquarium Seattle Art Museum Seattle Biomedical Research Institute Seattle Boat Show Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Seattle Center Seattle Chamber Music Festival Seattle Children's Seattle Children's Theatre Seattle Choral Company Seattle Condominium Review Seattle Counselors Association Seattle Divorce Services Seattle First Baptist Church Seattle First United Methodist Church Seattle Foundation, The Seattle Goodwill Seattle International Children's Festival Seattle Neighborhood Farmers Markets Seattle Opera Seattle Pacific University Seattle Peace Chorus Seattle Polish Film Festival Seattle Print Fair Seattle PUD Seattle Repretory Theatre

Seattle Sustain / Sage Environ Seattle Symphony Seattle Theatre Group Seattle Tilth Seattle University Albers School of Business Seattle University Center for Leadership Seattle University College of Arts & Sciences Seattle University College of Education Seattle University School of Theology & Ministry Seward Park Reforesting Project Shoreline Community College Signature Landscape Simon & Schuster Simply Seattle Sleeping Lady SME Electrical Contractors Snohomish County Airport / Paine Field Snohomish County PUD / B&R Soaring Heart Futon Sound Transit St. Thomas School Sterling Savings Bank Stevens Pass Ski Area Stewardship Partners Stoel Rives Story Island Entertainment Subaru America Sunseed Farm Suzy Boguss Concerts Swedish Swenson Say Faget Tacoma Philharmonic Ten Thousand Villages The Funeral Site Therapy Third Church of Christ, Scientist Third Place Books TMR Associates LLC Top Ten Toys Travel Montana Travel Oregon Tree House Yoga Tree Solutions, Inc True West LLC UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business UMO Ensemble University Book Store UPS Stores Upwest Arts US Bank US Federal Housing Administration UW Arts UW Autism Center UW Bothell UW College of Education UW Dance Program UW Department of Comparative Religion UW Educational Outreach UW Evans School Public Affairs UW Extended Degree Program UW Foster School of Business UW Medicine, Harborview UW Mini Medical School UW World Series-- Meany Hall Uwajimaya

Valley Medical Center Via Radiology Victoria Clipper Walker's Renton Subaru Ward's Cove Washington Credit Union League Washington Dental Service Foundation Washington Energy Services Washington Home Care Quality Authority Washington Public Campaigns Washington State Association for Justice Washington State Department of Agriculture Washington State Department of Energy Washington State Department of Information Services Washington State Department of Revenue Washington State Potato Commission Washington State University Washington Women In Trades Watchguard Waterbrook Wines West Coast Live Westside School Whatcom Artists Studio Tour Whitefish Mountain Resort Wide World Books & Maps Wildland Adventures Wing Luke Asian Museum Wintergrass Wolf Camp Wolf Haven Women's Therapy Referral Service Woodland Park Zoo Woods and Associates Working Assets Yakima Valley Development Association YWCA Z' Tejas

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