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Cattle Feeding


September 2006

NEW `Siloking' vertical mixers

Extends Taarup's feeder bedder range

Kverneland - the World's leading farm machinery Group - have announced a major expansion to the Taarup range of cattle feeding and bedding machinery. "Here at Kverneland Group Ireland we're very pleased to inform our customers about a major new initiative within Taarup to introduce the `Siloking' range of vertical auger type mixer-feeders" says Sales Director Sean Finegan. "We have now introduced a comprehensive selection of single and twin auger wagons - including models with hydraulic cross conveyors. Your Kverneland dealer will have already seen these highly efficient machines in action at our trade launch day. If any of our readers are considering investing in a new mixer-feeder - or straw bedding machine - for the coming season, we, or our dealers will be happy to provide more details on these exciting new products. A demo fleet is already operating should you want to see one in action." "The Group investment in the expanded range stems from the rapid transformation of dairy and beef cattle farming and the associated need for more versatile feeding and

bedding machinery - where efficiency, economy and speed of operation are essential requirements for improving net margins. The versatility and simplicity of the vertical auger has projected these machines to market leadership right across Europe - including Ireland. The Group has consequently formed a close association with the Meyer company - a German manufacturer of vertical mixerfeeders - who are market leader in their domestic market. Meyer have provided an exclusive range of Taarup branded vertical auger mixers which form the perfect partnership with Taarup's existing range. Customers can expect the usual Kverneland high standard of know-how and effective support on these new products as the structure and resources for this new initiative are already in place."

Taarup's extended feeder range

Taarup 852 Tractor mounted straw bale shredderblower - now available with 2-speed gearbox silage feeding option. The 852 can carry 2 round bales or one large rectangular bale. Taarup 853 and 856 Multi-purpose trailed shredder-blowers with a high turbine speed for straw and a low speed for silage placement. Capacity up to 3 round bales of straw, hay or silage. Taarup 600-2 series Trailed, twin horizontal auger mixerfeeders with 6 to 18 cubic metre capacity Taarup Siloking Compact models Vertical single auger mixer-feeders to suit the smaller herd - available in 8, 10 and 12 cubic metre capacities. Compact dimensions provide better access to confined spaces. Taarup Siloking Premium models Vertical single auger machines built for intensive use in larger herds - available in 12, 14 and 16 cubic metre capacities, the premium models can also include a hydraulic cross conveyor. Taarup Siloking DUO models Vertical auger mixer-feeders with two or three augers providing carrying capacities from 14 to 40 cubic metres sufficient to feed up to 250 cattle per mixing.

- a range of cattle feeding and straw bedding machinery to suit every requirement.

Lots more inside

Here's why `Silokin

Most farmers in the know will confirm that a move from a paddle type mixer-feeder to a vertical auger machine provides:

A much faster mix A more consistent mix

The ability to efficiently chop silage bales and wagon silage

Siloking delivers all this - and more. Here's why these brilliant mixer-feeders are No. in their domestic German market: 1

Unique TURBO Auger

cuts mixing time and provides a more even discharge

may be loaded at the start of the mixing process. The tub radius is formed from multiple folding which further enhances the mixing process. The auger is also noticeably more effective in the evenness of delivery. Each auger can be fitted with up to 9 long rearward swept cutting knives for chopping baled straw and silage. It's called a TURBO auger because it uses fewer revolutions to provide the right mix. An additional `wing' with scraper is fitted opposite the leading edge of the main auger flight. Both the leading edge of the auger and the scraping wing are made from hard wearing st52 steel and are very effective in picking-up all material from the ultrathick flat base plate. This means that concentrates

3/4 inch st52

special steel tub base plate

elevate all material for a very effective mixing action. The 16cu.m Premium model has a 1in thick base plate.

This wearing surface has ample thickness to provide a very long life. The flat surface enables the hardened leading edge of the auger to cleanly

Superior Drive

with heavy-duty planetary gearbox with helical bevel gear drive

The well-proven transmission components - auger connection, planetary gearbox, 2speed gearbox (12cu.m models upwards) and connection shaft drive lines - has a long track record for efficiency and

reliability. Users can be sure that `Siloking's' are built to Kverneland's high quality standard and supported with an equally high back-up standard.

Wide Choice

of discharge options

Front or rear discharge is available on most models with the option of a conveyor to deliver feed over a barrier. Premium models include a front mounted hydraulic variable speed cross conveyor which can deliver feed to either side. Elevators are also available for the cross conveyor.

Call Kverneland on: 056 7751597 and find out more about the Taarup

gs' are No. 1

Taarup's 612-2 Series

twin horizontal auger mixer-feeders remain a firm favourite

Heavy-duty `Premium'

models built for continual use

Supplied standard with hydraulic cross conveyors which deliver to either side, the `Premium' models also include 2-speed lever change gearbox, 4-point weighing system, aluminium steps and viewing platform - isolated from the weighing system - and an extra heavy-duty chassis.

There are many Taarup twin horizontal auger mixer-feeders working in Ireland. Users appreciate their relatively low height and long bodies - easy to load with pit silage from a wide grab. Three sizes are offered in Ireland - with 12,14 and 16 cu.m capacity. The 12m model is the best seller. What makes Taarup different from the rest is the exclusive use of `Ultraglide' HDPE plastic and Corten alloy steel plate. Ultraglide is a low friction, high load bearing material impervious to the acid content in silage. It also has very low friction qualities providing a low power requirement. Corten is a copper impregnated alloy steel plate with an oxidised surface that dramatically reduces corrosion. Corten is used in the lower section of the mixing body bonded with a quarter inch of Ultraglide - providing a greatly extended life and helping to maintain a high residual value.

Accurate loading control of feed rations

`Siloking's' are fitted with a highly accurate weighing system as standard. Multiple weigh bars located between the hopper and the separate chassis provide accurate control of even small quantities during the loading process. The swivelling display box is located at the front of the feeder and the numerals are clearly visible to the loader driver. A fully programmable control box is optionally available.

The auger drive shafts rotate in maintenance free `Ultraglide' high-load bearings.

The black panels are `Ultraglide' HDPE plastic sheets bonded to the Corten steel body.

The twin horizontal augers are contra rotating and have split direction flites - providing both front to rear and side-to-side mixing action. The Ultraglide coating speeds up the gentle mixing action - with no mashing. 140 small circular cutting knives working in conjunction with a centrally mounted serrated counterknife effectively reduces any long material. The knives can be partially rotated several times to expose a new cutting edge.

Siloking range and the benefits of the Taarup feeding system

The recently introduced Taarup 850 Series turbine type bedder-feeders now lead the Irish market

Here's a summary of what the new specification provides:

Improved bale shredding system

The design of the belt-driven shredding and cutting drum is unique to Taarup. The wide diameter drum has seven knife-holder rings each fitted with either 2 or 4 knives depending on the degree of cutting action required. The rings are set at an angle to provide more cutting opportunities. Shredding teeth between the rings are also set at an angle to reduce the power requirement. The knives inter react with seven vertical comb type shear bars to improve the cutting effect. The combination of knives and teeth effectively remove an even layer of silage or straw from round or large rectangular bales - feeding it into the turbine.

Linkage mounted or trailed models all available with 2- speed gearbox for multi-use applications

A two-speed lever change gearbox is available on all models. At the high speed setting, straw is blown by the turbine paddles through the chute. At low speed, silage is neatly directed into troughs or against/over feed barriers. This feature makes the 850 series a truly multi-use machine.

5ft diameter flywheel

Choose the correct angle

Choose the throw length

310 degree twin-flap swivelling chute blows straw into every corner - up to 19m

The linkage mounted model and the larger trailed models are available with a hydraulic powered 310 degree rotating chute - enabling the operator to direct straw into otherwise unreachable corners. The electrically controlled end flap controls the length of throw.

5ft diameter 6-paddle flywheel delivers an even stream of straw or silage

The flywheel operates as a high or low speed conveyor with the open design making it virtually blockage free. The specially contoured housing enables material to smoothly enter the delivery chute - providing a very even feed.

856 trailed models carries 3 big bales or 6cu.m of pit silage

The top of the range 856 has a deeper body for extra capacity. A Heavy-duty transmission and stronger floor drive are utilised to handle the heavier weights. Bales can be loaded via the hydraulic tail gate - or with a front loader. Twin shredding drums increase the delivery rate - breaking down two rectangular bales simultaneously.


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T Call Kverneland on: 056 7751597 and find out more


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