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Message froM the dean

Zane Robinson Wolf, Ph.D., R.N., FAAN Dean and Professor

The students, faculty, and staff of the Nursing Programs of the School of Nursing and Health Sciences appreciate and are enjoying the offices, classrooms, and meeting spaces of St. Benilde Tower on La Salle's West Campus. The building connects to Main Campus by a covered blue bridge over Wister Street; an atrium will welcome everyone into a lounge on the first floor of St. Benilde. Nursing Programs are located on first, third, and fourth floors of the Tower. Nutrition Programs are found on the third floor and Speech-Language Hearing Science Programs, second floor. We hope that in the near future space will be gained for the Nutrition Program's Food Laboratory and Center for Nutrition Policy and Community Programs, for the move of the La Salle Neighborhood Nursing Cen-

ter to West Campus, and for new degree programs. We are working on proposals for Doctor of Nursing Practice and Master of Public Health degrees. La Salle's School of Nursing and Health Sciences welcomed many freshman and transfer students this fall. Our enrollment has increased dramatically over the last several years. One reason is the gradual yet impressive increase in part-time and fulltime students attending the Undergraduate Nursing Program. Graduate Nursing has increased enrollment and the Nutrition and Speech-Language-Hearing Science programs have as well. I attribute our success to Mary Dorr, Assistant Dean, and the directors, staff, and faculty of all of our programs and to many colleagues across the University. Apart from the challenges that expanded enrollment brings, the faculty have nonetheless increased their scholarly, professional, and clinical activities. They continue to achieve recognition in publications and presentations. They are active members of professional organizations. Their basic commitment is to our students' education. Several are writing books, including James Mancinelli, Joan Frizzell, Evelyn Klein, and Patti Zuzelo. Others are conducting research and participating in local, state-wide, and national professional organizations. Every

day they work to bring out the best talents of our students.

A graduate of Graduate Nursing's adult nurse practitioner track, Maureen Ann Frye, MSN, C.S., CRNP, CEN, COHN-S, Director of the Center for Patient Safety and Health Care Quality, exemplifies our graduates' excellence. Maureen works at Abington Memorial Hospital, where she carries out patient safety and quality initiatives across health-care providers. Along with other La Salle graduates from all programs, Maureen is devoted to assisting all at the hospital achieve the safest, highest quality care. When I see Maureen's commitment to patient care, I know daily that all that we do has the highest purpose.



U n d e r g r a d Uat e n U r s i n g p r o g r a M

Barbara Hoerst, Ph.D., R.N. Director, Undergraduate Nursing Program

The fall 2008 semester is under way, with students and faculty settling into our new classrooms, offices, and lab spaces in St. Benilde Tower. Across the three programs, we have more than 500 students currently enrolled in courses in the nursing major. In addition, we have another 500 students working to meet their course prerequisites. Many of these pre-nursing-major students are spending their days with us as the science departments have temporarily relocated in St. Benilde Tower until the completion of the new Holroyd Science Center. Remember when we thought K Lot was so big there would be plenty of parking for all of us! While the large numbers of students have presented some challenges, we are excited to welcome so many well-qualified and motivated students into the nursing major. This year, we formalized our welcome to our new first-semester nursing major students by holding a Professional Nursing Ceremony. Dean Zane Robinson Wolf led the ceremony. The Dean presented a brief history of nursing and discussed the origins of nursing at La Salle. Junior-level faculty members and I joined with Dean Wolf as she asked the students to begin their formal nursing education with a commitment to safe, ethical, and caring principles. Each student was given a Nightingale lamp pin. The Nursing Learning Resource Center has been an especially busy place these past few weeks. Junior nursing students in the day and evening programs have been practicing newly learned assessment skills and basic nursing procedural skills on mannequins and on each other. Senior nursing students have also spent time in the lab using case studies and simulation exercises to demonstrate safe nursing practice with various tubings used in health-care treatments (e.g., intravenous tubings and nasogastric feeding tubes). The faculty has worked tirelessly to provide real-life patient-care scenarios to students so they are able to practice necessary hands-on and criticalthinking skills in the safety of the lab environment. Finally, we are very proud of the wonderful accomplishments of our current students and our recent graduates. We hear good news from the graduates themselves as well as their employers. Several patients and family members have called to share how impressed they were with the care they received from La Salle nursing students. It is such a gratifying feeling to know that La Salle nursing students and graduate nurses are representing the Nursing Program in such positive ways, and that they are recognized as competent and caring professional nurses.

C o n t i n U i n g e d U C at i o n a n d s C h o o l n U r s e C e rt i f i C at e p r o g r a M s

We have been providing some interesting continuing education programs for nurses since our approval by the Pennsylvania State Nurses Association in October 2007. Remember, all nurses will need to obtain continuing education hours to maintain and renew their licenses. Watch for e-mails and announcements of upcoming programs. Also, please e-mail Meryle Gurmankin at [email protected] with any suggestions or requests for programs. The School Nurse Certificate

Meryle Gurmankin, MSN, R.N.

Program continues to grow. Please contact me if you think you may be interested in this exciting nursing program.

cUrrent UPcOMing PrOgraMS

January 13, 2009 March 20, 2009 Test Construction Workshop Reawakening the Heart of Nursing




Janice M. Beitz, Ph.D., R.N., C.S., CNOR, CWOCN--WOCNEP Co-Director

chance to visit with several of her former faculty members, such as Robert Strayer and Gerry Altmiller. The visiting students represented all clinical practice sites, including home care, critical care, emergency room, neonatal/pediatrics, and medical-surgical areas. Ivy Razmus is a doctoral student at the University of Kansas, where she is interested in researching wound and skin care issues in neonates. The on-site group is going to have a digital picture taken, too, so the distance learning students can see what their commuting regional colleagues look like. Through all of our activities, we have been wonderfully supported by the secretary, Valerie Bradley. We thank her for her expertise, patience, and never-ending good humor in supporting the faculty and students of the WOCNEP.

The new academic year has been accompanied by much activity in the La Salle University Wound, Ostomy, Continence Nursing Education Program (WOCNEP). For the last year, Joanne Catanzaro and I have been preparing the reaccreditation self-study for our WOCN visitors. The La Salle WOCNEP has been accredited since its inception in 1998. Can you believe it? We have been educating and graduating expert WOC nurses for 10 years. Our site visit occurred on Friday, Sept. 12, 2008. Two members of the WOCN Society Accreditation Committee, Jody Scardillo and Deborah Gray, of New York and Tennessee, respectively, were our visitors. They verified that what we said about ourselves was correct, and they met with graduates and students. I am pleased to say that our review went excellently and the visitors were complementary about our program. We will receive a written report in several weeks. One of the wonderful things we realized in preparing the self-study was the excellent scholarship of our graduates. In the past five years, 10 graduates have published scholarly articles in refereed journals. We applaud their initiative and join in their celebrations. Immediately after the site visit, the online WOCNEP class of 2008/2009 visited Philadelphia for its clinical immersion. We took a picture, which accompanies this article. The 11 students and their hometowns are representative of the whole country: Laura Berry (Salem, N.H.), Michelle Best (Cheyney, Wash.), Janet Hulse (Campbell Hall, N.Y.), Carolee Johnson (Bel Air, Md.), Tsitsi McLure (Montgomery Village, Md.), Fabiola Muh (Laurel, Md.), Bernadette Melido (Yonkers, N.Y.), Mabel Niebling (Concord, N.H.), Ivy Razmus (Jenks, Okla.), Wanda Wiercioch (Tojunga, Calif.), and Kristin Zoller (Abingdon, Md.). Bernadette Melido is a La Salle BSN alumna from several years ago, so she had the

(Standing, from left) Carolee Johnson, Kristin Zoller, Michelle Best, Mabel Niebling, Ivy Razmus, Janet Hulse, Lauren Berry, Fabiola Muh, Bernadette Melido, and Janice Beitz. (Seated, from left) Tsitsi McLure and Wanda Wiercioch.

S i g M a t H e ta ta U , K a P Pa d e Lta c H a P t e r i n d U c t i O n ( M a r c H 1 4 , 2 0 0 8 )

gradUate StUdentS

Kaia Christiansen Joan Finno Nicole Krupa Susan G. LaSalle Shannon K. Ross Anne Louise Goodman Laura Jean Guerrini Shaheim Harris Rachel Ann Hensey Lorraine D. Hicks Jennifer F. Hobson Lauren Hoffman Erin Elizabeth Holtan Catherine Olukemi Ibirongbe Jaclyn Issel Carey-Beth James Carol D. Johnson Elizabeth A. Johnson Anitha Rachel Jones Kelly Ann Joyce Colleen Elizabeth Kane Carly Ann Kazarnowicz Heidi Michelle Kreamer Magdalena Krysa Veronica Ewuraaba Kweku Maria-Elana B. Lanahan Barbara J. Lawrence Barbara Ann Layton Valerie A. Lorenzini Marissa Lynn MacIntosh Christine Marriott Amanda Nicole Martin Katharine Maria Martinucci Michelle S. Matthews-Wild Melissa Ann Matyjasik Cassandra Denise McIntosh Maryann Magdelene McKenzie Esa M. Mora Mamta Jashbhai Patel Bevelry Jean Planter Andrea Diane Rink-Elliott Claire Therese Riordan Natalie Manette Rittenhouse DaVeda J. Robinson-Graham Kerri E. Rome Theresa A. Rose Aubrey Alyssa Schofield Jessie R. Schol Paige Amy Schurr Elizabeth A. Sees Darline I. Solages June B. Sterling Meghan Shea Sulock Stacy Taragna Summer Teel Charles Theisen III Nitchelle Allison Timothy Joan H. Toohey Denise Marie Veale Veronica Wathome Linda M. Watt Jennifer Lynn Weiss Pamela Lea Weldon

UndergradUate StUdentS

Christine Armstrong Erin Leigh Barnes Shelsy Michelle Bastedo Teri Anne Baumgarten Erin Blair Tierra Bogertey Marc A. Bowers Barbara Ann Bretz Jessica Marie Callahan Jennifer Jane Cash Bincy Chacko Allison Marie Claypoole Ann M. Coughlan Carolyn Czop Mary Frances Del Rossi Lynn Ann DePalma Micah S. Douglass Jennifer Jacqueline Edwards Jon Joseph Esposito Rebecca L. Farrell Erin K. Fitzpatrick Timothy Patrick Flint Meghan M. Gaffney Gertrudis Garcia Ali Christine Garrow Jennifer Teresa Gaynor Julia S. Goble



neighborhood nUrsing Center

Ana Maria Murias Catanzaro, Ph.D., R.N. Director and Independence Foundation Chair

The La Salle Neighborhood Nursing Center (LSNNC) continues its tradition of serving the Philadelphia community through health promotion and disease prevention initiatives. Current ongoing initiatives include the Health Intervention Program (HIP) for Families, the Child Care Health Consultant Project, The Philadelphia Park Racetrack Health Promotion Project, the Community Based Abstinence Education Program, and our new partnership with the Community Enrichment Fitness Network. The Health Intervention Program (HIP) for Families was recently re-funded by the Division of Maternal Child and Family Health of the Philadelphia Department of Public Health to provide in-home community-based care management services to children with special needs and their families. We welcome our new AmeriCorps volunteer, Hilary Holland Pauli, who will be joining the HIP team this year. The other HIP team members are Sharon Starr, R.N., BSN, Vanessa Smith-Doughty, R.N., MSN, Sonya Ferrer, MSW, and Arnette Gonzales, Community Health Outreach Worker. Maryellen Madden, R.N., BSN, continues serving child-care centers throughout the five-county area as a health consultant. Graduate student and faculty member Barbara Grosshauser, R.N., BSN, is completing her public health nursing practicum while working with Maryellen and the child-care centers. Maryellen Madden and Sharon Starr presented on Child Care Health Consulting at this Year's American Public Health Association (APHA) annual meeting. The Child Care Consultant Project is funded by the Caring People Alliance/Southeast Regional Key. Our work at the Philadelphia Racetrack is ongoing and fruitful. This year, we are providing health promotion services to the backstretch workers two days a week with the help of our trilingual graduate student, Raphael Bochent, R.N., BSN, and graduate student Betty de

Blois Rickett, R.N., BSN. Our work at Philadelphia Park is funded by the Pennsylvania Thoroughbred Horsemen's Association. Last year we received a grant from the Administration for Children and Families of the Department Health and Human Services to provide abstinence education to youth between the ages of 12 and 18. Cass Vitale, R.N., M.S., coordinates the Community Based Abstinence Education Program with assistance from Geneva Jones, Community Health Outreach Worker, and Roberta Price, adult health ambassador. Several undergraduate and high school students serve as health ambassadors (peer educators) to bring the program to schools, recreation centers, after-school programs, family shelters, and faith-based organizations in Philadelphia. Last, but certainly not least, we were approached in the spring by a community-based nonprofit organization that was interested in partnering with us to provide health promotion in the African American community and conduct community-based participatory research. The Community Enrichment Fitness Network (CEFN) along with faculty and graduate nursing students in the public health track have been offering the Connecting Body Soul and Spirit program since June in various churches in Philadelphia. The eight-week program consists of 45-minute nutrition education sessions followed by 45-minute sessions of Gospel line dancing, all of which is enhanced by an atmosphere of spirituality. Graduate students Pat Westerfer, R.N., BSN, and Pat Slayton-Atkins, R.N., BSN, are working with Joan Frizzell, Ph.D., R.N., and Ana Maria Catanzaro, Ph.D., R.N., to conduct the program and research. Preliminary results show that participants are losing weight, lowering their blood sugar and cholesterol, and lowering their blood pressure. The interfaith program will continue to be offered in area churches. The faculty and graduate students are currently exploring funding possibilities for this program so that we will be able to expand it.

g U at e M a L a t r i P 2 0 0 8 -- 2 n d t O U r

Undergraduate and graduate students from the School of Nursing and Health Sciences along with nursing faculty traveled to Guatemala over Spring Break to participate in a service-learning experience. Undergraduate public health students and graduate nurse practitioner students spent the week in Guatemala, providing necessary healthcare services to the people of San Lucas Toliman. Students provided care in primary care clinics in the surrounding villages in addition to health education for women and children in the community. Students and faculty saw first-hand the challenges faced by members of the local community in obtaining care and in coping with the day-to-day struggles imposed by poverty. The faculty and students were joined by Sister Suzanne Neisser of the BUSCA program and Brother Patrick Duffy, F.S.C., who accompanied SONHS travelers to provide translation. Undergraduate Students: Trudy Garcia, Holly Crawford, Kate Martinucci, Jennifer Weiss, Jennifer Cash, Andrea Jackson, and Jenneh Bockari Graduate Students: Claudia Lentz, Ann Heller, Kaia Christiansen, David Agosto, and Nicole Krupa Faculty Chaperones: Ana Maria Catanzaro, Mary Wilby, and Sister Suzanne Neisser (Director, BUSCA program, School of Arts and Sciences); Dr. Sonia Barbosa Ruiz (Cesar Ruiz's wife) provided dental care.



nUtrition prograM

Jule Anne Henstenburg, M.S., R.D., CSP, LDN Director, Nutrition Program

in Rome. In addition to her academics, Carly lived Lasallian values by organizing the service projects for the La Salle Student Nutrition Club (LEAN), including raising awareness and money for hunger issues and helping provide meals to those Philadelphians who are food insecure. Our warmest congratulations go to Carly for her achievements! The Nutrition Program hosted its third distinguished lectureship in April 2007, which was also co-sponsored by

2008 graduates (from left) Tara Bevivino, Lori Clements, Carly Roop, and John Rickards.

the Delaware Valley Chapter of the Society for Nutrition Education (DVCSNE). A talk entitled "Functional Foods: Using Common Foods for Disease Prevention and Treatment" was presented by Jeffrey Harris, DrPH, MPH, R.D., LDN. Royer Smith, Executive Chef with La Salle University Food Services, created an outstanding menu of functional food dishes to pair with the event. Senior Coordinated Program students also presented posters that highlighted projects conducted at internship sites. Approximately 80 faculty, students, preceptors, and nutrition alumni attended the event, supporting the La Salle Nutrition Programs' continued success. The 2008-09 Coordinated Program students attended the national Food and Nutrition Conference and Exhibition (FNCE) of the American Dietetic Association, held in Philadelphia. Nutrition faculty presented posters about programming initiatives such as the Urban Health focus of the Coordinated Program (Jule Anne Henstenburg, Director, and Eileen Chopnick, adjunct professor), La Salle's Didactic Program's Farm to Plate focus and La Salle University Food Services meal themes (Susan Adams, assistant professor, Libby Mills, adjunct professor, and Royer Smith, Executive Chef), and Case Study

Liz Emery presents her poster at FNCE. Coordinated Program students presenting posters at the Distinguished Lectureship (from left): Melissa Ip, Lori Clements, Christine Long, Danielle Schopf, and Carly Roop.

La Salle's Nutrition Programs, the Coordinated Program in Dietetics and the Didactic Program in Nutrition, had a very successful year with many happenings. Seven students received their Bachelor of Science in Nutrition. Carly Roop trained with preceptor Debra DeMille, M.S., R.D., LDN, at the Joan Karnell Cancer Center at Pennsylvania Hospital and is now employed as a registered dietitian there. Other 2007 Coordinated Program graduates are employed as dietitians throughout the Philadelphia region. Danielle Schopf is employed in the Intensive Care and Trauma Units at Crozer Chester Medical Center, and Lori Clements, after spending the summer with a Canyon Ranch Eating Disorders Program, is now employed at the Renfrew Center of Philadelphia. Class of 2008 graduates of La Salle's Didactic Program in Nutrition have also entered the field of nutrition and health in a variety of positions around the Philadelphia region. Tara Bevivino is working as a nutrition educator for the Food Trust, and Victoria Ivins-Voce is employed as a dietary supervisor for Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. John Rickards is working with La Salle Athletics while continuing on for a master's degree in education at La Salle. Carly Roop was the 2007 academic award winner for the Nutrition Program. Carly completed her senior year within our Coordinated Program as a nutrition intern at Bryn Mawr College, Penn State Philadelphia Outreach Center, Abington Memorial Hospital, Joan Karnell Cancer Center at Pennsylvania Hospital, and the Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger. During her sophomore year, Carly spent a semester abroad at the American University

Academic award winner Carly Roop, R.D., and Jule Anne Henstenburg, Nutrition Program Director.

for Use of the Nutrition Care Process and Diagnoses (Liz Emery, assistant professor). La Salle University Coordinated Program students also attended the Philadelphia Area Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition's Annual Fall Symposium, "Diabetes Treatment in Adults and Children," which was hosted by La Salle's Nutrition Program.



nUtrition prograM

Jule Anne Henstenburg, M.S., R.D., CSP, LDN Director, Nutrition Program

The Nutrition Programs Student Organization, La Salle Explorers Advocating Nutrition (LEAN), had an active year under the guidance of faculty member Susan Adams. They raised money for food insecurity by participating in the Greater Philadelphia Coalition against Hunger Walk and provided meals to homebound elderly through the Aid for Friends organization in Philadelphia. LEAN is a growing organization that has many more service projects planned for helping hungry Philadelphians in the coming year.

Nutrition Program students, faculty, and friends at the Philadelphia Hunger Walk on April 12, 2008

speeCh-langUage-hearing sCienCe

Barbara J. Amster, Ph.D., CCC-SLP Director, Speech-Language-Hearing Science Programs

Barbara Amster, Ph.D. (right), and other SLP People-to-People Cultural Ambassadors at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Greetings! It's been another great year for the SLHS Programs. For the second year in a row, our M.S. graduates have achieved a 100 percent pass rate on the NESPA, the national exam that SLPs throughout the country must pass in order to become certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). This is an awesome accomplishment, as the national pass rate on this test is 75 percent. We are very proud that 10 of our present undergraduate and graduate students will be presenting at ASHA along with our faculty. We are also very proud that one of our alums, Phillip Hernandez, received his doctoral degree. Please read about this

achievement in the alumni section of the Explorer (Page 18). In March, we moved to our beautiful new quarters in St. Benilde Tower on West Campus. Come visit and see our new facilities. Personally, I was delighted to serve as a cultural ambassador for the People-to-People Speech-Language Pathology Delegation to South Africa this summer, where we learned how South Africans cope with many challenges in the education of speech-language pathologists as well as in caring for individuals with communication disorders in a country with 11 official languages!

In September, we hosted our reaccreditation site visit by the Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology (CAA). At this writing, we are waiting for the report, but during the exit interview they noted the excellent quality of our faculty and graduate program. We have all been very active presenting at professional conferences and publishing in peer-reviewed journals.



stUdent e xClUsives

nUrSing PrOgraMS

that are not available in the United States. Dr. Cruz gave Professor Emery a tour and explained the benefits of having such innovative technologies. She also explained that the population of Northern Italy has fewer obesity-related comorbidities than are generally seen in the United States. These two factors make nutrition-related problems such as hyperkalemia and hyperphosphatemia during dialysis, slightly easier to manage compared to the U.S. However, San Bortolo is a 700bed hospital and they have two dietitians, neither of whom are solely dedicated to the dialysis center. Moreover, access to dietitians in the pre-dialysis stage, where nutrition intervention can delay dialysis, is extremely limited. Dr. Cruz would like help making a culturally sensitive survival guide/booklet related to a Northern Italian renal diet for the pre-dialysis patients of San Bortolo Hospital. Therefore, I am going to work under the guidance of Professor Emery in researching the foods and diet of Northern Italy. I will also have to fully understand the physiology and pathophysiology of chronic renal failure. After this, I will compose a booklet including the above elements in detail in a patient-friendly format.

(From left) Anne McGrorty, Marita Green Lind, and Frances Kinder.

Marita Green Lind, M.D., received an honorary degree from La Salle University this fall. She is a pediatrician who has devoted her career to providing children who experienced abuse and neglect the best possible medical care. Lind practices at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey CARES (Child Abuse Research Education and Service) Institute. Lind spoke to La Salle senior nursing students about the program, devoted to helping children recover from abuse, neglect, and violence. She exemplified her commitment to compassionate care and shared her knowledge of assessment indicators of abuse. She warned students to never allow a child whom they suspected of being abused to leave their presence until further evidence and support could be obtained.

Beth Valentino, senior nursing student, was commended by Thomas J. Nestel III, Chief of Police of the Township of Upper Moreland, for responding to an accident involving a pedestrian man who was hit by a truck while exiting a drive-through restaurant. The pedestrian suffered a life-threatening head injury and injuries to his legs. Valentino witnessed the event and rendered aid. Her actions "were extremely helpful to the victim before the ambulance arrived," according to Nestel. Valentino's "...exemplary behavior and willingness

Beth Valentino

Kristin Heigold Semester for Project: 2008 Honors Project Essay Major: Nursing; Minor: Nutrition Project Director: Elizabeth Emery, M.S., R.D., CNSD, LDN Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a public health problem all over the world. Diet is a key component of care for CKD patients, but nutrition counseling is often not available until patients reach end-stage renal disease and begin dialysis. This is unfortunate, since studies have shown that dietary intervention prior to end-stage renal disease can slow the progression of kidney failure and preserve kidney function. Professor Emery recently visited San Bortolo Hospital in Vicenza, Italy. During her visit, Professor Emery met with Dinna Cruz, a Yale-trained nephrologist now practicing in Italy. The dialysis center at San Bortolo Hospital is a prominent and well-respected facility that practices advanced renal replacement therapies, including some technologies

Kristin Heigold

to take the time to help care for the injured man was extremely helpful. ... I am sure she will be a great asset to the nursing profession," Nestel wrote. Valentino was thanked by the Upper Moreland Police Department and Second Alarmers Rescue Squad. She is interested in working in an emergency unit.



g r a d Uat e n U r s i n g p r o g r a M

Greetings from the Graduate Nursing, R.N. to BSN, and R.N. to BSN to MSN programs. I am new to La Salle as of July 2008 and am enjoying getting to know the University com-

Kathleen Czekanski, Ph.D., R.N., CNE Director, Graduate Nursing, R.N. to BSN, and R.N. to BSN to MSN Programs

munity, including all of the wonderful faculty, staff, and students. I came from Thomas Jefferson University School of Nursing, where I

Kathleen Czekanski

was a faculty member for 12 years. As part of my role, I also worked with Jefferson's Center accelerated format of courses on Wednesdays, 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. We are also working on developing a totally online R.N. to BSN program to begin in August 2009 for potential students who may be interested in that format. This will also follow a cohort model with an entry point each August. In the graduate program, we were able to award more than $160,000 in grants this fall to our students through the generous funding of the Pennsylvania Higher Education Foundation and the Nursing Division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The first group of students in the new Clinical Nurse Leader Track will begin their clinical courses in the spring of 2009. Twenty students are graduating from La Salle and the Anesthesia Program at the Frank J. Tornetta School of Anesthesia in January. I am looking forward to the upcoming year and meeting and hearing from our students and alumni. Please share your successes with us!

for Applied Research on Aging and Health as the Nursing Interventionist on several funded studies with caregivers of persons with dementia. My research interests are in the area of dementia caregiving and end-of-life care. For the fall, we welcomed 83 new graduate students and 27 new R.N. to BSN students. A cohort of R.N. to BSN students began their studies at Pennsylvania Hospital as well as our new daytime cohort at the Bucks County Center. The daytime program was developed to meet the needs of students who are interested in the

2 0 0 8 O U t S ta n d i n g n U r S i n g a L U M n i a W a r d

Rita A. Seeger Jablonski, Ph.D., MSN '92, CRNP is a certified nurse practitioner with a special interest in the nursing care of elders. She is currently a faculty member at the Pennsylvania State University. Jablonski earned her BSN from Holy Family College, her MSN from La Salle University in 1992, a Post-Master's Certificate in Adult Primary Care Nurse Practitioner from the University of Pennsylvania, and a Certificate in Aging Studies from Virginia Commonwealth University. Jablonski began her research career at La Salle. Her thesis title at La Salle was "The Lived Experience of Mechanical Ventilation." She earned her Ph.D. from the University of Virginia. Her dissertation title was "Making the Decision to Transfer an Elder from the Nursing Home to the Emergency Department: The Experience of Key Decision Makers." Jablonski's clinical practice includes staff nurse positions in emergency, post-anesthesia care,

Dean Zane Robinson Wolf (left) and Rita A. Seeger Jablonski, Ph.D., MSN, CRNP.

practitioner for senior citizens. Jablonski won a National Research Service Award for her dissertation research. Other grant awards followed: · Improving Oral Care by Nursing Assistants, · Measuring the Oral Health of Nursing Home Elders, and · Building Academic Geriatric Nursing Scholarship from the John A. Hartford Foundation. Rita serves on many professional and community boards and panels and is a peer reviewer for several journals. Her publications are many, including articles in Journal of Gerontological Research, Geriatric Nursing, Journal of Nursing Scholarship, and Biological Research for Nursing, abstracts, books, book chapters, proceedings, and posters. Jablonski has many other accomplishments, chief of which is her devotion to patients. Members of the La Salle nursing community are proud of her; she is an inspiration.

and surgical intensive care units, and supervisor positions prior to her practice as an adult nurse



Public HealtH NursiNg

Emergency preparedness does not happen by accident. It takes planning, coordination, practice, evaluation, and hundreds of volunteers. On June 7, 2008, more than 60 La Salle nursing students and nine faculty members joined staff members from various federal, state, and county public health and emergency preparedness agencies and 200 community volunteers to simulate the distribution of antibiotics to 1,000 heads of households in the case of an anthrax attack. "Being part of this drill while taking the public health nursing class is just perfect timing," said Jacqueline Ioli (first row, far left), theory instructor of the summer 2008 Public Health Nursing class. Prepared and organized by the Bucks County Department of Health and funded (and evaluated) by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this drill marked the third time La Salle nursing students were able to participate in a county-wide emergency preparedness exercise. "Working with the Bucks County Department of Health continues to be a pleasure and everyone benefits," said Lia van Rijswijk (first row, far right), clinical instructor and nursing program liaison for Bucks County. "Students provide a valuable community service and learn about the role of government agencies in disaster situations and what it takes to conduct a real emergency drill. Experiencing first-hand that there will be many unexpected events when a disaster strikes can be challenging, but the professionalism and community spirit of our students always prevails."

e xplorer neWs nUrSing Pinning and recOgnitiOn cereMOny

S i g M a t H e ta ta U i n t e r n at i O n a L M e d i a a W a r d W i n n e r d i a n e W i e L a n d

Diane Wieland, Ph.D., R.N., C.S., was the Sigma Theta Tau International Media Award recipient for Public-Other Media Award (Electronic, Photography, Art, etc) for her work on Internet Addiction. Her article, "Computer Addiction: Implications for Nursing Psychotherapy Practice," appeared in Perspectives in Psychiatric Care, October-December 2005. Blackwell Publishing vetted the article to the general media, and, consequently, Wieland was interviewed by editors of newspapers, radio, and television stations nationwide and in several foreign countries. This award was given at Sigma Theta Tau International's 39th Biennial Convention Tribute Awards on Nov. 5, 2007, in Baltimore, Md. This was one out of 21 awards recognized at this event. Rear Adm. Steven K. Galson, M.D., MPH, Surgeon General (Acting). and Rear Adm. Carol A. Romano, Ph.D., R.N., FAAN, Chief Nurse Officer, Public Health Service and the Chief of Staff (Acting) for the Office of Surgeon General, met with participants in the American College of Nurse Practitioner's 2008 Advanced Public Policy Institute for Health Professionals on March 13, 2008.

(From left) Patricia Kappas-Larson, MPH, APRN-BC, National Conference of Gerontological Nurse Practitioners; Ann Sheehan, M.A., CRNP, National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners; Helene Lohman, OTD, OTR/L, American Occupational Therapy Association; Rear Adm. Carol Romano; Rear Adm. Steven Galson; Thad Wilson, Ph.D., APRN-BC, American College of Nurse Practitioners; Diane Wieland, Ph.D., CNS, APRN-BC, American Psychiatric Nurses Association.

recent publications of diane Wieland inlude:

Wieland, D., Altmiller, G., Ehrmann, G., Dorr, M., and Wolf, Z. (2006). Clinical transition of baccalaureate nursing students during preceptored, pregraduation practicums. Nursing Education Perspectives, 28(6), 315-321. Miller, M., and Wieland, D. (2008). Beyond a field trips: A cultural excursion. Nurse Educator, 33(4).



Message froM the dean

f a C U lt y U p d at e s

Paul R. Brazina, M.B.A., C.P.A.

nUrSing PrOgraMS FacULty gerry (ehrmann) altmiller, ed.d., MSn, r.n., aPrn

Altmiller, G. (2008) Incivility in nursing education: Student perspectives, published dissertation. Widener University. Wieland, D., Altmiller, G., Dorr, M., and Wolf, Z. R. (2007) Clinical transition of baccalaure- Altmiller ate nursing students during preceptored, pregraduation practicums. Nursing Education Perspectives, 28(6), 315-321.

NLN Education Summit: The Power of Diversity in Nursing Education, September 2008 in San Antonio, Texas. Presented: A Secondary Analysis of Survey Results of a Nursing Initiative to Attract, Recruit, and Retain Nurses (by D.M. Breckenridge cited in Tomey and Alligood (2006) Nursing Theorists and Their Work) with updates related to Magnet Designation, invited to present at the Pennsylvania Coalition of Educational Advancement, Harrisburg, Pa., April 2008. Presented: Research Approach in Nursing (RAIN): An Evidence-based Professional Practice Model, July 2007 for the Sigma Theta Tau 18th International Nursing Research Congress focusing on Evidence-based Practice in Vienna, Austria. Presented: A Career Ladder Outreach Program: Sustained with Collaborative Partnerships, November 2007, for the 39th Sigma Theta Tau Biennial Convention in the Nursing Education Outreach session in Baltimore, Md.

ana Maria Murias catanzaro, Ph.d., r.n.

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Sigma Theta Tau members and School of Nursing and Health Sciences graduates Andrea Schapire, Wallena Gould, and Vanessa Smith-Doughty also attended Career Day. (Picture: Frizzell Girls High) Andrea Schapire, MSN, BSN (`00), RN, Joan Frizzell, Ph.D., CRNP, Wallena Gould, MSN, RN, CRNA (`05), Vanessa Smith-Doughty, MSN, BSN (`03), RN

Frizzell, J. P. (2008) Hypercholesterolemia in an elderly woman: Risks and management. PADONA Journal, 21(1), 14-19.

Mary Lou gies, MSn, r.n.

Doctoral Candidate, Nova Southeastern University, Doctorate Higher Education Leadership Program

Kathleen czekanski, Ph.d., r.n., cne

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earl goldberg, ed.d, r.n, aPrn, b.c.

"Pharmacology and the Elderly" presented to Rutgers University, Graduate School of Social Work, Geriatric Certificate, June 2007.

Janice Beitz (left) and Ana Maria Catanzaro

Meryle gurmankin, MSn, r.n., cSn

Doctoral candidate, Ph.D. in Holistic Nutrition program at Clayton College of Natural Health.

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barbara J. Hoerst, Ph.d., r.n.

Research consultant and Chairperson of Nursing, Research Council for St. Mary Medial Center (SMMC), Langhorne, Pa.

Shelley Johnson, MSn, r.n.

Johnson, S. (2007). Cultural update: Elderly African American Males--A vulnerable population. PADONA Journal. Doctoral Student, Phoenix University.

Joan Parker Frizzell Ph.d., crnP, anP, b.c.

City Council Citation for 20 years of mentoring through the Annual Career Day Program. Members of Sigma Theta Tau, the School of Nursing and Health Sciences' nursing sorority, recently participated in Career Day at the Philadelphia High School for Girls. Sigma Theta Tau adviser and Girls' High alumnus Joan Frizzell, Ph.D., said the event was helpful to high school students facing the big question of "What do I want to be when I grow up?" "When I meet with students, I talk to them about the various opportunities that I have had as a nurse. I discuss the kind of work that nurses do," Frizzell said. "I also incorporate a hands-on aspect since I bring a stethoscope and other equipment so students can see up close the tools we use in health-care professions." This marked the 20th year Girls' High held its career day. Frizzell has been involved with the program since its inception. She said it has had great impact on the future of high school students rapidly approaching their future. "I often receive e-mails from students after the event," Frizzell said.

denise Kavanagh, MSn, r.n.

Member, Occupational Advisory Board, Health Occupations, Central Montco Technical High School.

catherine Kenney, MSn, r.n.

Catechist at St. Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Church, Springfield, Pa.

Patricia bicknell, MSn, r.n., aPrn, b.c., ed.d.

Quality and Safety in Nursing Education Grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: Participated on three-member team to infuse quality and safety concepts into the nursing curriculum. P. Bicknell, G. Altmiller, and Z. Wolf. Fellow, Independence Blue Cross Scholarship Grant for Doctoral Education; September 2006, January 2007, September 2007, January 2008. Dissertation: Nurses' Perceptions of Patient-Centered Care: A Mixed Methods Analysis of Factors Influencing Effective Implementation of Patient-Centered Care.

Frances dianna-Kinder, rnc, MSn, cPnP

Doctoral Student, Widener University.

Margaret Lowenthal, MSn, r.n., ccrn, crnP

Lowenthal, M. (2007). Act 169: Implications for health care practitioners. Pennsylvania Nurse.

dolores Matecki, r.n., MSn, cen

Doctoral Candidate, Nova Southeastern University.

diane M. breckenridge, Ph.d., r.n.

Keywords for Evidence-based Teaching Practice accepted for Workshop Presentation from submitted abstract by Breckenridge, Bower, Kinser, Miko for the

Shantia Mccoy, r.n., MSn, crnP

Pre-doctoral Education Bridges to the Ph.D. Program, University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing.

012 12


f a C U lt y U p d at e s

anne Mcgrorty, MSn, r.n., cPnP

McGrorty, A., and Ellis, K., Unfolding case study, Acutely ill child.

PrOFeSSiOnaL StaFF, nUrSing agnes Morrison, ed.d., r.n., Simulation coordinator

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modified cognitive-behavioral treatment approach. Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy, 36, 35-40. Amster, B.J., Invited presentation to 2007 Special Interest Division 4 Leadership/Clinical Conference, Problem-Based Learning in Fluency and Stuttering, June, Minneapolis, Minn.

Jennifer brindisi Sipe, MSn, r.n., crnP

Doctoral student, University of the Sciences of Philadelphia.

evelyn r. Klein, Ph.d., ccc-SLP

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Janet e. Smith, MSn, Mba, r.n.

Presented inservice on Withdrawal of Life-Support in the ICU to clinical staff at Tranquility Hospice; inservice on Caring for the Caregiver to Home Health Aides at Visiting Nurse and Homemaker Services of Southern New Jersey; inservice on Dementia to Home Health Aides at Visiting Nurse and Homemaker Services of Southern New Jersey.

Karen a. rossi, MSn, r.n., acnS-bc, r.n.-bSn and r.n.-MSn coordinator

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robert M. Strayer, MSn, r.n., ccrn

Factors Influencing Pharmacology Knowledge Acquisition in Traditional versus Non-traditional Baccalaureate Nursing Students--manuscript submitted for completion of Temple University doctoral research apprenticeship.

adJUnct FacULty MeMberS, nUrSing Lia van rijswijk, r.n., MSn, cWcn

Received recertification as a WOC nurse. More than 13,000 health-care professionals watched a recent Voluntary Hospital Association broadcast with Lia van Rijswijk, R.N., MSN, CWCN, and Courtney H. Lyder, N.D., GNP, FAAN, discussing the impact of Medicare Policy changes on Pressure Ulcer Documentation and Care. Van Rijswijk, L., (2008). "Editor's opinion: First, do no harm." Ostomy/Wound Management, 54(3), 6-8.

diane terrell, MSn, r.n.

Presented: Anticipatory Aggression and Management of the Psychiatric Children's Unit. Friends Hospital, Philadelphia, Pa.

Mary Wilby, MSn, r.n., crnP, anP-bc

Doctoral Candidate, The Union Institute and University.

Zane robinson Wolf, Ph.d., r.n., Faan

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nUtritiOn PrOgraM FacULty Susan e. adams, M.S., r.d., Ldn

Posters: "Farm to Plate at La Salle University--Lessons Learned." Primary author of poster presented at the Food and Nutrition Expo and Conference of the American Dietetic Association; secondary author of the Urban Health Poster--"Value Added Education: Urban Health Emphasis of an Undergraduate Coordinated Program," presented at the Food and Nutrition Expo and Conference of the American Dietetic Association.

Klein, E.R., Shipon-Blum, E., Cohen, S., Petrucci, E., and Keates, A. (November 2008). Assessing speechlanguage skills in children with selective mutism. Poster session presented at annual meeting of the American Speech, Language, and Hearing Association, Chicago, Ill. Pape, K., Sharp, L., Celano, C., and Klein, E.R. (November 2008). Becoming a speech-language pathologist: Levels of stress associated with program models. Poster

elizabeth a. emery, M.S., r.d., cnSd, Ldn

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indePendence bLUe crOSS dOctOraL F a c U Lt y F e L L O W S 2006­2009

geralyn altmiller Patricia bicknell Mary Lou gies Shelley Johnson Frances Kinder Margaret Lowenthal dolores Matecki

Patti rager Zuzelo, ed.d., MSn, r.n., acnS-bc

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SPeecH-LangUage-Hearing Science PrOgraM FacULty barbara J. amster, Ph.d., ccc-SLP

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Mary ellen Miller dana Olive Jennifer Sipe robert Strayer Mary Wilby



f a C U lt y U p d at e s

session presented at annual meeting of the American Speech, Language, and Hearing Association, Chicago, Ill. Petrucci, E., Keates, A., and Klein, E. (April 2008). Assessing Speech and Language in Children with Selective Mutism. Poster presented at the La Salle Research Symposium.

t H a i n U r S e e d U c at O r S v i S i t La SaLLe

nurse educators visit La Salle nursing Programs and neighborhood nursing center Two nurse educators, Waraporn Wanchaitanawong (Jips) and Waraporn Yottavee (Catty), arrived at La Salle University on Friday, Sept. 26, 2008. Both faculty members are directors at separate colleges in the same college system in northern Thailand. One is at Barommarajchonnanee College of Nursing in Chiangmai and the other in Uttaradit. Their initial American contact was Messiah College in Grantham, Pa.; they participate in an exchange program with the Messiah College Department of Nursing. The visitors met with Dean Zane Wolf, Kathy Czekanski, Ph.D., Ana Catanzaro, Ph.D., and Rosemary Elliott. They also toured the Nursing Center and Nursing Learning Resource Laboratories. Both encouraged an exchange program with La Salle nursing and welcomed visits to Thailand.

Jennifer Kleinow, Ph.d., ccc-SLP

Kleinow, J. (2007). Syntax, stress, and speech motor control. Perspectives on Fluency and Fluency Disorders, 17, 25-26. Presented paper: 15th Annual Fluency and Fluency Disorders Leadership Conference (June 2008) Anthony, S., and Kleinow, J. (In Press). Narrative language ability under noisy conditions in children with typical auditory processing skills. Current Issues in Communication Science and Disorders. Carr, R., Connelly, C., and Kleinow, J. (November 2008). Social-emotional effects on speech motor control. Poster session to be presented at annual meeting of the American Speech, Language, and Hearing Association, Chicago, Ill. Hammen, V., Kleinow, J., and Tellis, C. M. (November 2008). Successful scholarship in teaching-intensive universities: Life in the trenches. Paper to be presented at the annual meeting of the American Speech, Language, and Hearing Association (ASHA), Chicago, Ill. Kleinow, J. (June 2008). Life on the (motor) learning curve: Applications of motor learning to stuttering. Paper presented at the meeting of the American Speech, Language, and Hearing Association Special Interest Division 4 Leadership/Clinical Conference, Phoenix, Ariz. McCarroll, L., and Kleinow, J. (November 2008). A meta-analysis: Linguistic variables affecting stuttering. Poster session to be presented at annual meeting of the American Speech, Language, and Hearing Association, Chicago, Ill. Wilson, K., de Leon, C., and Kleinow, J. (Novermber 2008). The effects of stress on oral-motor control in adults who stutter. Poster session to be presented at annual meeting of the American Speech, Language, and Hearing Association, Chicago, Ill.

Joan Luckhurst, Ph.d., ccc-SLP

Luckhurst, J. (2008). Professional Preparedness for provision of auditory oral programs to children with hearing loss: Results of a survey. ASHA Division 7 Perspectives on Aural Rehabilitation and Its Instrumentation, 14(2). January 2008: Teacher/Clinician as Researcher. Workshop presented to Professional Preparation in Cochlear Implants Program at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

cesar ruiz, SLP.d, ccc-SLP

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(From left) Waraporn Wanchaitanawong (Jips), Dean Zane Robinson Wolf, and Waraporn Yottavee (Catty).

Guss, J., Berman, M., Ruiz, C., Weinstein, G., and Mirza, N. (2008) Collagen injection augmentation of the arytenoid after Supraccriocid Partial Laryngectomy. Abstract. Laryngological Eastern Section Program, (p. 141). Philadelphia, Pa., January. Ruiz, C., and Bergin, C. (November 2007). Training pattern of speech language pathologists performing nasolaryngoscopy, a national trend. Poster presented at the annual meeting of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Boston, Mass. Ruiz, C. (November 2008). Supervision of speech-language pathology student clinicians via telepractice: A pilot study. Poster session presented at annual meeting of the American Speech, Language, and Hearing Association, Chicago, Ill.

PrOFeSSiOnaL StaFF, SPeecH-LangUageHearing Science James M. Mancinelli, M.S., ccc-SLP, clinical coordinator/Supervisor

Klein, E.R., and Mancinelli, J. (Contracted textbook publication date 2009). A functional casebook on acquired language disorders. San Diego, Calif.: Plural Publishing. Palovcak, M., and Mancinelli, J. (2007). Diagnostic and therapeutic methods in the management of dysphagia in the ALS population: Issues in efficacy for the out-patient setting. NeuroRehabilitation, 22(6), 417-23 PMID: 18198426 [PubMed--in process]

Speech-Language-Hearing Science labs



M e s s a g e a n 'o Ml i s te d e a n de fr s th

FaLL 2007

day StUdentS Senior class

Alvernaz, Linzy Angelitis, Julia Noel Bogertey, Tierra Bradley, Keara Kathleen Caronia, Nicole Janice Carr, Regina Cash, Jennifer Jane Celano, Christina Lynn Davis, Rachel M. Deangelo, Terrance R. DeLeon, Chiara Mae Dirscherl, Danielle Marie Dykes, Katie Marie Galanowsky, Danielle Gloria Gilgen, Kristen Nicole Heigold, Kristin Erika Hoffman, Lauren Holtan, Erin Hunt, Mackenzie Lee Kane, Colleen Elizabeth Keates, Ashley Amy Kubala, Jaclyn Diane Little, Veronica Oluwakemi Long, Christine Marriott, Christine Martinucci, Katharine Maria McCarroll, Liane Taylor McGrain, Elizabeth, Anne Miller, Angela Nicole Mills, Elesha Lynn

Mockus, Diana Lynn Musitano, Natalia Pittre, Lauren Ashley Purack, Margaret Mary Riley, Janie Lynn Rittenhouse, Natalie Roop, Carly Manon Schlottfeld, Jessica M Schofield, Aubrey Alyssa Schopf, Danielle Marie Sharp, Lindsay Michelle Shultz, Katelyn Leigh Siazon, Alyssa Sue Smith, Dennis Bartholomew Underwood, Ashley Danielle Veale, Denise M. Weckesser, Stephanie Elizabeth Wilson, Kimberly Renee Witkowski, Deidre D. Yeager, Patricia A.

Kauffman, Diana Rose Koscil, Megan Lynn Kuhls, Kate Ann Massa, Christopher Quinn Mullane, Kelly Erin Nickerson, Stephanie Jessica Nugent, Megan Marie O'Bomsawin, Alyssa Christine Orfao, Mary Eva Parrott, Kelly Christina Pompeo, Melissa N. Reis, Deborah Mary Rippman, Kristie Lynn Smith, Dallas Ashley Sottile, Cara Christie Steeves, Stephanie Ann Zarnawski, Josh Andrew

Sophomore class

Junior class

Becker, Michael E. Curcio, Kelli E. Davidson, Casey Lynn Dollard, Caitlin Marie Dormer, Patricia Regina Esbensen, Jaime Lee Fuhs, Ashley Elizabeth Gallo, Larisa Glemser, Alexis Lori Golding, Kristina Maria Jones, Tammi Lynn

Anderson, Ashley Rose Bink, Brian Michael Calabria, Danielle Theresa Cappuccio, Desiree Carroll, Jessica Lynn Ciampi, Courtney Alexis Cianci, Ashley Nicole Conner, Chelsea Marie Conners, Caitlin Marie Copare, Sara Ward Dazet, Kaitlyn Barbra Dobbs, Maureen Ann Donnelly, Sinead Eileen Ferry, Keelan Kate Elizabeth

Fierras, Kellilyn Rose Guzman, Vanessa Hall, Samantha Marie Haubrich, Jacqueline Sarah Hensey, Justine Marie Keenan, Elizabeth Anne Lechner, Colleen Margaret Lyall, Joan Fallon McMullen, Lauren Ashley McNichol, Colleen Regina McPeake, Lauren Ashley Owens, Ashley Perfetti, Dana Pesce, Nicole Elizabeth Petrucci, Emma Augusta Quinn, Andrew Philip Rennie, Meghan Joanne Renzi, Rebecca Germaine Rivera, Dianna Marie Silot, Darlene Tancredi, Melissa Ann Taylor, Jessica Brittani Toal, Erin Truitt, Angela Marie Tucker, Zakia O'Neal Valerio, Alessandra Viger, Margaret Verconica Volpe, Mary Elizabeth

evening StUdentS Senior class

Armstrong, Christine

Baumgarten, Teri Anne Blair, Erin Brown, Ayana E. Caban, Madeline Callahan, Jessica Marie Cipriano, Marie Elena Claypoole, Allison Marie Cohill, Heather Marie Czop, Carolyn Decker, Brian M. Del Rossi-Bishop, Mary F. Dixon, Donna Jean Douglass, Micah S. Fitzpatrick, Erin K. Ford, Jacqueline Frey, Karri Ann Fulton, Lynn A. Gaffney, Meghan M. Gallagher, Cathy E. Garra, Lisa Goble, Julia S. Harkins, Stephanie C. Hobson, Jennifer F. Issel, Jaclyn James, Carey-Beth Johnson, Carol D. Jones, Anitha Rachel Kazarnowicz, Carly Ann Knight, Gina M. Kreamer, Heidi Michelle Krysa, Magdalena Lanahan, Maria-Elana B. Large, Kristin Alysee Linette, Elizabeth Marie Lombardo, Christopher Michael

Lorenzini, Valerie A. Martell, Cheryl A. Maurio, Joann M. Meyers, Kelly P. Mungai, Margaret W. O'Brien, Kathleen Ann Ortiz, Elizabeth Patel, Mamta Jashbhai Phillipps, Gail M. Ramsden, Denise Elaine Robinson, DaVeda J. Rose, Theresa A. Rossman, Marlene G. Ryan, Theresa Salfi, Salvatore F. Schol, Jessie R. Sees, Elizabeth A. Siegfried, Jill Diane Smith-Brown, Sharon R. Sterling, June B. Sulock, Meghan Shea Taragna, Stacy Teel, Summer Travis, Kelly Ann

Junior class

Dougherty, Kathleen Ann Dupree, Phillis Beatrice Pearson, Kamilah A. Porter, Deloris Ramirez, Clara Schultz, Marylou Scollon, Karen Warrington, Sarah Vanessa

SPring 2008 day StUdentS Senior class

Alvernaz, Linzy Angelitis, Julia Noel Armstrong, Neva Darlene Baughan, Eileen M. Bogertey, Tierra Bradley, Keara Kathleen Caronia, Nicole Janice Carr, Regina Cash, Jennifer Jane Celano, Christina Lynn Connelly, Christina Marie Davis, Rachel M. Deangelo, Terrance R. DeLeon, Chiara Mae Dirscherl, Danielle Marie Dykes, Katie Marie Galanowsky, Danielle Gloria Gallo, Larisa Gerban, Nadia Gilgen, Kristen Nicole Golding, Kristina Marie Heigold, Kristin Erika Hoffman, Lauren Howard, Julia S. Hunt, Loraine B. Hunt, Mackenzie Lee Jones, Tammi Lynn Keates, Ashley Amy Koscil, Megan Lynn Kubala, Jacyln Diane Kuhls, Kate Ann Little, Veronica Oluwakemi Long, Christine Martinucci, Katharine Maria Massa, Christopher Quinn McCarroll, Liane Taylor McCarthy, Moira Elaine Mills, Elesha Lynn Mockus, Diana Lynn Musitano, Natalia

Orfao, Mary Eva Pape, Katherine Arena Parrott, Kelly Christina Pittre, Lauren Ashley Proctor, Jennifer Reis, Deborah Mary Riley, Janie Lynn Rittenhouse, Natalie Roop, Carly Manon Schlottfeld, Jessica M. Schofield, Aubrey Alyssa Schopf, Danielle Marie Sharp, Lindsay Michelle Shultz, Katelyn Leigh Smith, Dennis Bartholomew Tkach, Natalya Underwood, Ashley Danielle Veale, Denise M. Weckesser, Stephanie Elizabeth Witkowski, Deidre D. Yeager, Lindsay Michelle Yeager, Patricia A. Zarnawski, Josh Andrew

Junior class

Anderson, Ashley Rose Becker, Michael E. Branson, Sarah Michelle Bulmer, Sarah Elizabeth Calabria, Danielle Theresa Cappucccio, Desiree Carroll, Jessica Lynn Ciampi, Courtney Alexis Cianci, Ashley Nicole Conner, Chelsea Marie Conners, Caitlin Marie Copare, Sara Ward Dazet, Kaitlyn Barbra Dobbs, Maureen Ann Dollard, Caitlin Marie Donnelly, Sinead Eileen Dormer, Patricia Regina Esbensen, Jaime Lee

Fierras, Kellilyn Rose Fuhs, Ashley Elizabeth Glemser, Alexis Lori Guzman, Vanessa Hall, Samantha Marie Hang, Lina Thi Haubrich, Jacqueline Sarah Hensey, Justine Marie Keenan, Elizabeth Anne Lechner, Colleen Margaret Ledford, Clarissa Joyce Lyall, Joan Fallon McPeake, Lauren Ashley Mullane, Kelly Erin Nickerson, Stephanie Jessica Nugent, Megan Marie Olukotun, Michael Kolade Owens, Ashley Perfetti, Dana Pesce, Nicole Elizabeth Petrucci, Emma Augusta Pompeo, Melissa N. Quinn, Andrew Phillip Rennie, Meghan Joanne Renzi, Rebecca Germaine Rippman, Kristie Lynn Rivera, Dianna Marie Sedberry, Brittany Ann Smith, Dallas Ashley Steeves, Stephanie Ann Tancredi, Melissa Ann Toal, Erin Truitt, Angela Marie Tucker, Zakia O'Neal Valerio, Alessandra Viger, Margaret Verconica Volpe, Mary Elizabeth

Sophomore class

Awkard, Danielle Elissa Badalamenti, Vanessa Francesca Bertini, Jamie A. Best, Kellee Nicole

Burns, Lauren Nicole Detweiler, Erin Lynn Dohler, Ashley Lynn Dombrowski, Marissa L. Ferry, Keelan Kate Elizabeth Gerard, Kristen Marie Gilbert, Samantha Taylor Gorter, Stacey Kimball Hennessy, Allison Nicole Indelicato, Giana Kelly, Hannah Lillian Klesmer, Jessica Koch, Brittny Jean Kosinski, Lisa Marie Krolikowski, Allison Kubala, Kristina Mary Lalli, Adriana Victoria Lamorte, Brenna Diane Lehman, Erica Marie Mai, Jennifer McHugh, Sarah Elizabeth McKenna, Brittany Marie Myers, Sherri A. Nescio, Santina Marie Olszak, Erin Maureen Plumley, Gabriela Lynn Pryor, Shoshanna Grace Rauchut, Colleen Marie Rodriguez, Zulemy Lee Sacchetti, Veronica Schoenberger, Brandee Anne Shepherd, Ali Simpson, Kelly Elizabeth Steele, Samantha Banks Taylor, Lillian Marie Test, Dominika Thomas, Lolita J. Toto, Catherine Elizabeth Wolpert, Katharine Margaret Zagacki, Monica Anne

evening StUdentS Senior class

Armstrong, Christine Bangali, Susan Sia Baumgarten, Teri Anne Blair, Erin Brown, Ayana E. Caban, Madeline Callahan, Jessica Marie Cavacini, Michael Cohill, Heather Marie Czop, Carolyn Del Rossi-Bishop, Mary F. DePalma, Lynn Ann Dixon, Donna Jean Dones, Zulma Dufresne, Chasia Fitzpatrick, Erin K. Ford, Jacqueline Ford, Melissa Ann Frey, Karri Ann Gaffney, Meghan M. Gallagher, Cathy E. Goble, Julia S. Harkins, Stephanie C. Hobson, Jennifer F. Issel, Jaclyn Jackson, Lillie M. James, Carey-Beth Johnson, Carol D. Jones, Anitha Rachel Kazamowicz, Carly Ann Knight, Gina M. Koba, Patricia A. Kreamer, Heidi Michelle Krysa, Magdalena Lanahan, Maria-Elana B. Large, Kristin Alysse Laven, Jennifer Linette, Elizabeth Marie Lombardo, Christopher Michael Matthews, Barbara A. Maurio, Joann M.

Merenda, Stephanie Meyers, Kelly P. Mungai, Margaret W. O'Brien, Kathleen Ann Ogunleye, MojisolaAdetut S. Patel, Mata Jashbhai Phillipps, Gail M. Porter, Deloris Priest, Jamie Lynne Ramsden, Denise Elaine Ream Matteo, Christine Robinson, DaVeda J. Rose, Theresa A. Rossman, Marlene G. Salfi, Salvatore F. Schol, Jessie R. Sees, Elizabeth A. Shabazz, Ameera Rajeeya Siegfried, Jill Diane Smith Tyree Darnell Stein, Julie B. Sterling, June B. Sulock, Meghan Shea Taragna, Stacy Teel, Summer Travis, Kelly Ann Warrington, Sarah Vanessa Watt, Linda M. Yates, Kelly Jo Zaremski, Dawn, Michele

Junior class

Carrion, Sheileemarie Dupree, Phillis Beatrice Fernandez, Maria Magdalena Ramirez, Clara Rennie, Joanne M. Schultz, Marylou Scollon, Karen Williams, Nanette



alUMni bUlletins

Shonta collins, bSn, r.n., '08

Shonta Collins, BSN, R.N., '08, has spent years traveling around the world. But no trip affected her as much as the one she just took to Senegal. Collins belongs to a group called Explorers Sans Frontiers (ESF), a nonprofit organization that strives to bring together communities throughout the world. ESF recently sponsored a trip to Senegal, a poverty-stricken nation located in West Africa. There, Collins received a first-hand look at the struggles of a country missing any form of health-care infrastructure. "Some people have resources. They can receive treatment and be happy," Collins said. "But most of the people are suffering, dying, not getting any sort of preventive care, and are forced to pay for medical services when they don't have any money whatsoever." On her trip, Collins saw people whose health-care needs went unmet. While visiting a hospital, Collins witnessed crowded waiting rooms with many sick patients sitting and lying on the floor. And, for almost every illness, due to the lack of proper medications, physicians prescribed glucose for treatment. In the towns and villages Collins visited, preventive care was non-existent. So Collins and the other members of ESF decided to give what they could to Senegal's destitute rural population. They screened people for diabetes and high blood pressure. They gave lessons on how to treat various illnesses before hospitalization was required. And they also brought supplies paid for out of their own pocket. "At times, it was completely heartbreaking," Collins said. However, while suffering through gripping poverty, the Senegalese are known for their hospitality and willingness to share. And throughout her trip, Collins was left touched by the constant giving from people who had little to give. Collins said one of her favorite memories from the trip came when she visited a grammar school. There, she was treated to a fashion show where students showed off their traditional clothes. While the school lacked items such as working computers, Collins said what the school lacked didn't deter its pupils from learning. "They have desire, they're smart, and they speak several languages," Collins said. Collins said the overwhelming generosity and high spirits of Senegal's residents completely overwhelmed her. "I met some of the nicest, most warm people in the world. They're proud to open their doors and to offer to share even with the little bit they have." The School of Nursing and Health Sciences stresses that its students are part of the greater world and that as members of the medical community, it is a responsibility to help grow and foster relationships with people around the globe. "What we do impacts the world and what the world does impacts us," Collins said.

(From left) Dr. Frank from St. Jean Catholic Hospital, Shonta Collins, Lara Lechtenberg, Christina Marie Spino (2008 pre-med/biology graduate), Chiara De Leon (2008 speech-language-hearing science graduate, current grad student), and Tri Huynh (2009 pre-med/biology major).

nUrSing PrOgraMS

Mary Margaret Hale, rnc, MSn, Srn, ScM, is the author of a book, On Uganda's Terms: A Journal of an American Nurse Midwife Working Under Idi Amin's Regime. Maureen L. gay, bSn, r.n., graduated with an MSN from the Division of Nursing and Allied Health at Wilmington University. emily Levitt-gopie, bSn, r.n., graduated with an MSN from the Division of Nursing and Allied Health at Wilmington University. Susan Mcnally, r.n., MSn '99, is currently the laboratory manager at the Community College of Baltimore County. She is also teaching at the community college in Carroll County in the CNA program and the nurse refresher course. Patricia a. Miller, bSn, MSn, M.a., received the 2008 John J. Rooney Award for Excellence in Research.

nUtritiOn PrOgraMS

rachel Kramer, `05, is pursuing her Ph.D. in nutrition at Penn State University and is a Research Assistant for Dr. Barbara Rolls, who studies how to improve eating behavior related to obesity and chronic disease. Stacey Matthews, `06, has taken a new position as a registered dietitian at Hahnemann University Hospital, where she will be working with high-risk pregnant mothers. trish carney, `07, received a research assistantship at Drexel University and is a graduate student for a master's in human nutrition there. bradee Skelly, `07, is pursuing a master's in health education at Arcadia University. carly roop, `08, has started her own business called "The Cupcake Lady." See her offerings at

Nutrition Program alumni Kelly Cochlin and Rachel Kramer enjoy the Distinguished Lectureship.



alUMni bUlletins

Lori Heyduk, MSn, r.n., bSn `82

together in a dormitory and worked as adult resident advisers, supervising student behavior and needs. Heyduk asked if she could have a kitchenette in their suite, and the school constructed one for her. A few years later, she would enroll in the R.N.-BSN program. "La Salle has a welcoming environment. It's a real warm environment. As an adult stuLori Heyduk

When walking into St. Joseph's Manor, a 296-bed nursing home adjacent to Holy Redeemer Hospital in Huntingdon Park, Pa., the first sounds heard come from a man behind a piano in the lounge, leading a sing-a-long of Broadway hits. The facility feels like a condominium complex, where its residents have personally decorated rooms and take part in a host of activities while surrounded by both their friends and their caregivers. It's a place that emphasizes both "nursing" and "home." Part of the credit of St. Joseph's atmosphere goes to Lori Heyduk, the facility's director of nursing, as well as a graduate of La Salle's firstever R.N.-BSN class in 1982. "The program taught us that nurses could lead the way in health care," Heyduk said. Under Heyduk's leadership, St. Joseph's has become one of the region's best nursing-care facilities, a place where the needs and wants of its residents come first. "I tell our staff all the time that we are working in their home," Heyduk said. "I want our patients to feel like we're delivering our care to where they live." Detailed care has gone into shaping what St. Joseph's Manor has become. Residents have their own individual rooms that they can decorate however they want--even bringing in their home furniture as long as it fits inside. Each floor has its own activities center where residents can participate in sing-a-longs and knitting classes or converse with their friends. St. Joseph's Manor has a crafts room for art projects and a greenhouse for people interested in gardening. In addition, the facility hosts a chapel for religious services--everything from Sunday Mass to funeral services for its residents who pass away. "Our residents live together and form bonds with each other. Also, our staff workers become close with them as well. When they pass away, having a service here allows their friends here to say goodbye when they may not have had a chance to do so," Heyduk said. This matches well with the greater mission of St. Joseph's Manor, which was formed in 1934 by the Sisters of the Holy Redeemer, whose roots lie in providing health care for those in need. "We put a great importance on our wellness perspective," Heyduk said. "We want our residents to be physically active, spiritually active, and socially active." St. Joseph's Manor gives its residents a sense of independence over their lives. The administrators and staff allow them to have autonomy over the decisions they make while still serving their various needs. Heyduk said La Salle also provided that kind of respect for her. Her husband is also an alumnus. When they were first married, they lived

dent, I felt really respected and appreciated," Heyduk said.

"They always appreciated our schedules. And our professors were also role models because they were also women who had families and worked." Heyduk also said the program helped develop other skills that have helped her professionally. "The program opened my eyes to the bigger world," she said. "They helped expand my thinking about nursing concepts. They helped me develop my critical thinking skills. It was a real enriching experience." Heyduk also said one of her classes in the R.N.-BSN program was on the cutting edge of nursing education. She enrolled in a class about stress management, which now seems commonplace. However, at the time, the topic was not really one discussed in the health-care community. Heyduk said she brought the classroom lessons to the hospital and, at first, ran into a brick wall trying to implement these concepts. "It wasn't really accepted in the medical community at the time. I worked with one doctor who did not approve of what I was trying to do. But then, a few years later, he read some research on the topic and soon agreed it was very important," Heyduk said. The skills--everything from abstract thinking to real-life lessons--she learned at La Salle have helped her work at St. Joseph's Manor. And her work at St. Joseph's Manor has helped improve the lives of the facility's residents. "The program made us think critically about the broader issues of where nursing fit into the world," Heyduk said. "It also left us with an expectation that we could be leaders in the health-care world."



alUMni bUlletins

SPeecH-LangUage-Hearing Science PrOgraMS

role as Supervisor of Speech and Language Services. In this position, I coordinate the speech-language pathologists' programming, assessing, and training on various communication modalities and develop communication protocols and procedures for both assessment and therapy. I also teach students with autism functional communication strategies to replace challenging behaviors and serve as a liaison for SLPs, directors, behavior consultants, and teachers. My experiences at La Salle prepared me for this exciting career in speech-language pathology and filled me with enthusiasm for improving the lives of individuals with autism through evidence-based, data-driven practice. Currently I am pursuing certification to become a board-certified behavior analyst at Rutgers University. My experiences at La Salle allowed me to explore the field and find my specialty, autism. I continue along my career path to further develop my interests and specialization. Through practice, training, and coursework, I continue to grow as a professional. Currently, I am excited to be offered the opportunity to work with Evelyn Klein, Ph.D., associate professor in the SLHS Program, to develop and co-teach a graduate elective in the SLHS Program on autism spectrum disorders, which will be offered summer 2009. It is especially gratifying because she was my teacher and now we are colleagues. It is because of La Salle's dedicated faculty that I now hope to inspire and educate future speech-language pathologists.

Michele Lefebvre

The Speech-Language-Hearing Science (SLHS) Program is proud to congratulate our first alumnus to receive a doctoral degree. Phillip A. Hernandez, Ed.D., M.S., CCC-SLP/L, 2003 La Salle M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology graduate, earned a Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.) in Special Education Leadership from Arcadia University in May 2008,

Phillip Hernandez

after successfully defending his dissertation, titled "School-Based Speech-Language Pathologists' Reflections on their Diagnostic

Practices with Latino Students." Evelyn Klein, Ph.D., CCC-SLP/L, associate professor, served on Hernandez's dissertation committee. As a bilingual (English/Spanish) speech-language pathologist, Hernandez works as an independent contractor with the INVO Healthcare Associates Inc. and Bi-lingual Therapy Solutions Inc. and as a teacher of the speech-language impaired at the School District of Philadelphia, where he provides diagnostic and therapeutic services to the Latino population in Philadelphia. He has worked in various educational and medical settings with a wide variety of clients, ranging from preschoolers to geriatric patients. Hernandez's specialty and primary research interests are in the areas of assessment and treatment of culturally and linguistically diverse individuals with communication disorders and the language skills of children from low-income backgrounds. Hernandez has been noted in the Manchester Who's Who Among Executives and Professionals in Speech and Language Healthcare and Human Wellness, Outstanding Young Men of America, Kappa Delta Pi International Honors Society in Education, and Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges for his academic excellence, contribution to the field of speech-language pathology, and service to the Hispanic community.

Michele Lefebvre, M.S. '05, ccc-SLP

in MeMOriaM

Sharon C. Davis, age 55, died on Feb. 5, 2008. She was a BSN student at La Salle University and resided in Northeast Philadelphia. She was the beloved daughter of Nancy Davis Schruby (Stokes) and loving sister of Jan, Dana, Vincent, Guye, and Tonya. She is also survived by three nieces and two nephews, aunts, uncles, and many friends. Thomas F. Reilly, father-in-law of Christine Reilly (staff) and grandfather of Caitlin Reilly, '06. Beatrice J. Gorham, mother of Andrea Gorham-Ray (student) John T. McGuigan, father of Rebecca McGuigan (student) The father of Kia Williams (student) Grandmother of Jody Austin (graduate student) Frank Laino, father of Donna Laino, MSN, R.N.

I was among the first cohort of five-year students to earn my master's in speech-language pathology from La Salle University. We called ourselves "Amster's Hamsters" because we were the first to experience everything about this new and innovative program. We learned so much and developed a commitment for the field of speech-language pathology. From my earliest undergraduate class, I developed a passion for the field, especially for working with children who are diagnosed as having autism spectrum disorders. Upon earning my Certificate of Clinical Competence, I was offered a position at Douglas Developmental Disabilities Center (DDDC), which utilizes Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to treat children with autism. ABA systematically applies behavioral principals to improve significant social behaviors. I enjoyed my first two years as a speech-language pathologist at DDDC, where I created and implemented programs designed to improve the individual's communication. I was promoted to my current

Thank you to all who contributed to this issue of the Nursing and Health Sciences Explorer, including Gregg Gethard, '99, M.A. '06, and Alexsandra Hawes, '02.

Featured on the cover (from left): Jennifer Cash, Jenneh Bockari, Holly Crawford, Trudy Garcia, Jennifer Weiss, Andrea Jackson, and Kate Martinucci.



e xplorer neWs SWeetHeart aWard

Christine Reilly, Undergraduate Secretary Christine is always willing to go above and beyond to get the job done. She is respectful and considerate and does not hesitate to help everyone with whom she comes in contact. The Sweetheart Award recognizes a member of the University community who has contributed to the excellence of the School of Nursing and Health Sciences. His or her commitment, creativity, and professionalism characterize the Sweetheart. The Sweetheart Award is given annually, appropriately on Valentine's Day. Nominations (from faculty and staff) are given to the Sweetheart Committee. A majority vote determines who the next "Sweetheart" will be. During the last few weeks of January, a gift is ordered for the Sweetheart honoree. The gift must always symbolize a heart. Occasionally, the gift can be engraved depending on the type. A 20-slot plaque is on display in the School of Nursing and Health Sciences to showcase past and current Sweetheart honorees. Past Sweethearts 1999--Katherine K. Kinsey 2000--Valerie S. Bradley 2001--Mary T. Dorr 2002--Tonisha Whitfield 2003--Dyani Rodriquez 2004--Kristin Resch 2004--Mary Lou Gies 2005--Dolores Matecki 2005--Br. Ed Koronkiewicz, F.S.C. 2006--Mary Ellen Miller 2006--Ami Patel 2007--George Gesmundo 2008--Christine Reilly


Michael P. Ballezzi of the Pennsylvania Thoroughbred Horsemen's Association Inc. donated $5,180.58 to the School of Nursing and Health Sciences for the support of our public health nursing activities at the Philadelphia Racetrack. Joseph A. Frick, President, Independence Blue Cross, provided scholarship monies for the IBC Nurse Scholars Grant, Pennsylvania Higher Education Foundation's Nursing Education Grant, IBC Supplemental Graduate Nursing Education Grant. Michael H. Hershock, President and CEO, and Elinor Z. Taylor, Chairman of the Board, of Pennsylvania Higher Education Foundation granted scholarship money for the Independence Blue Cross Supplemental Graduate Nurse Education Grant Robert A. Kennedy Jr. from Kennedy Culvert and Supply Company donated $1,500 to the School of Nursing and Health Sciences children's health-care camp. Stephen R. and Sharon Starr, MSN, for Sigma Theta Tau International, Kappa Delta Chapter, donated $2,801.45 to the School of Nursing and Health Sciences for speakers and promotional events. Other donations appear in the La Salle Magazine, Fall 2008 issue.

neWS abOUt yOU!

The La Salle University School of Nursing and Health Sciences wants to hear from you. Please complete this form and send it to: La Salle University, School of Nursing and Health Sciences, 1900 W. Olney Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19141-1199.

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ScHOOL OF nUrSing and HeaLtH ScienceS

1900 West Olney Avenue Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19141-1199 USA


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