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Learjet 45

Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Aircraft : Panel : Default Learjet 45 Default Learjet 45

Foto: Tommy Desmet

Werner Schott Switzerland [email protected] Page 8

Foto: Giovanni Tessari

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Pre-Start Checklist

Parking Brake Throttle Fuel Flow BATT Master Switch Panel Lights L and R GEN Switches Landing Gear Lever Flaps Spoiler APU Fuel Quantity Engine Instruments Pitot Heat / Anti-Ice Flight controls Elevator Trim Avionics Passenger Signs Check Weather Anti-Ice SET IDLE CUTOFF (Ctrl-Shift-F1) ON ON if required OFF CHECK DOWN UP RETRACTED START / CHECK RUN CHECK CHECK OFF FREE AND CORRECT TAKEOFF SETTING ON ON (Atis, Flight Services) TEST/CHECK

Request Clearance Beacon / Recogn. Lights / Strobe Lights ON Transponder STANDBY

Startup Checklist

Thrust Levers Engine Area Fuel Flow L and R IGN Buttons Left Engine Fuel Flow N1 increasing as N2 incr. Oil Pressure Start Button Repeat for Right Engine Engine Instruments L and R GEN Switches

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Landing Checklist

Autoland Landing Gear Autopilot / Autothrottle Landing Speed After touchdown Spoilers Brakes Available ? CHECK DOWN OFF 135 KIAS Apply Reverse Thrust; at 60 kts: Cancel Reverse Thrust VERIFY EXTENDED AS REQUIRED

Anti-Ice APU


Before Taxi Checklist

Nav Lights Heading Indicator/Altimeters Standby Instruments Radios and Avionics Autopilot Autothrottle F/D NAV/ADF/FMS Yaw Damper Request Taxi Clearance ON SET SET SET FOR DEPARTURE SET and OFF ARMED ON SELECT ON AS REQUIRED

Taxi To Ramp

Flaps Spoilers Landing Lights Speed Transponder Elevator Trim UP RETRACTED OFF Max. 20 knots 1200 / OFF TAKEOFF SETTING

Taxi Checklist

Parking Brake Taxi to assigned runway Brakes Directional Gyro / Turn Coordinator Artificial Horizon RELEASE SPEED Max. 20 knots CHECK during taxi PROPER IND. during turns ERECT during turns

Shutdown Checklist

Parking Brake SET Throttle IDLE Passenger Signs OFF Pitot Heat / Anti-Ice OFF Nav Lights OFF F/D OFF Avionics OFF L and R IGN Buttons OFF Fuel Flow CUTOFF (Ctrl-Shift-F1) L and R GEN Switches OFF Beacon / Recogn. Lights / Strobe Lights OFF APU STOP BATT Master Switch OFF

Before Take-off Checklist

Parking Brake Throttle Elevator Trim Flaps Spoilers Flight Instruments Engine Instruments Takeoff Data (V1, VR, V2) Nav Equipment Landing Lights Pitot Heat Anti-Ice Transponder Request Takeoff Clearance

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Securing Aircraft

Parking Brake Throttle All Switches

Page 6

Verify SET Verify IDLE Verify OFF


Take-off Checklist

Smoothly increase thrust to Takeoff Thrust Brakes V1 = Vr = Pitch V2 = At Positive Climb Rate Landing Gear At 200 KIAS 40% N1 let spool up FULL RELEASE 120 KIAS (descision) 130 KIAS (rotate) 10-15 deg. nose up 140 KIAS (safety speed) Touch Brakes RETRACT RETRACT flaps up

Descent Checklist

Atis/Airport Information Altimeter Radios Anti-Ice Descent Speed

At Transition Altitude (FL180) reset Altimeter to local

CHECK CHECK SET AS REQUIRED to FL240 to FL180 0.73 mach 0.65 mach

to FL120 280 KIAS below 10'000ft 250 KIAS Fuel Quantities and Balance Flaps / Landing Gear Check Weather CHECK CHECK UP (ATIS, Flight Services)

Climb-out Checklist

Throttle Trim for Autopilot/Autothrottle Below 10000' max. speed ATC L and R IGN Buttons Passenger Signs Above 10000' speed Landing Lights AS REQUIRED 250 KIAS / 1800 fpm CHECK and ACTIVATE 250 KIAS AS REQUIRED OFF OFF 280 KIAS OFF

Approach Checklist

Localizer Level Flight : Passenger Signs APU L and R IGN Buttons Avionics + Radios Speed: Establish Landing Lights Auto Spoilers Flaps Speed: Establish Flaps Speed: Establish Landing Gear Turning toward runway: set flaps Final Glideslope Descent : Speed Establish Parking Brake Anti-Ice ON START / CHECK RUN ON SET 200 KIAS ON ARM 8 deg 180 KIAS 20 deg 155 KIAS DOWN FULL DOWN 145 KIAS VERIFY OFF AS REQUIRED

Cruise Checklist (above FL 180)

At Transition Altitude (FL180) set Altimeter to 29,92" (1013mb)

Accelerate to cruise speed

Engine+Instruments Fuel Quantity Radios Autopilot Anti-Ice Lights

Page 4

FL180 0.65 mach FL240 0.73 mach FL280 0.80 mach FL330 0.80 mach CHECK CHECK TUNED and SET CHECK and SET AS REQUIRED AS REQUIRED

(320 KIAS) (322 KIAS) (327 KIAS) (292 KIAS)

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FSX Learjet

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