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A1'AKT.ME.VI> ANU I'LAls. V K K N K IU.l>l,.h\ 1VU U i n i u r l l n t'nil'i n)iii|> tb« rat* for ·dvprtUoj; ID tie Want Oolumun of ulo Ijitrtlv -H& No ISili St. !he SUNDAY JOU1»AL e!oo«-. or Uio DAILY K I K ^ l N VT1ON" V I . H A M v I I L t ' i . . . " u. HO ' S(. lOl'H.N'AL and EVtJ^IMO N E W H I u rombliMtlon, KUlt H K N T -- 4 rviMJi u p p i r flnt. n c n b nnATlh,ll.s. S i t l \ l n . Vorboiin. IVtimlii. tVumim. la 1 rt'Ut a word for «ach Inwrtlon'.oo adTenlncnKiit slH'rt lti«id<-. 11 lit r«uBcui\blv. P «me . . . Mi.i|HtiMi;uii. .-'wei't A I » - « « « M I niut l'u!i»> )· A K M K»a <.ltr inv»U(»«»« mad* wttboul KX?i>t"<l (at Inn man y> ceum Uie ant Iturnlou. or I'l'K 8A1.K - · I K . t u l l i u l (>-.t t " t m c t OH 1' drUy; lowul Intern; and optlonml p«ypl.xiin. -*v t l o t i n , l o t n r l i w " . !> i>l>.'in ivnil lOceut* encb subwqurut Iniirrtton. i t t l o i t . V. IV. l l f l r l i U . I V t l t ,(<· \ l i - » . riio I b v rint Tftut Co.. >lt IlKNT--Apart unit, 2 mourn and b»tl>, t A u l ! t U » « ' ' i - llH 1 durt'ti; I'mmm 7 r < tlOM'ti, nu'nt*. \\'o do not make chanic lr>« than 5 miK and, Hiatlouury i c f r l K i ' i a t o r . I-HIIIJC. nnd dUap- J.X-J ,il«o I'Mui flu IVony Moulin. C C. Caiiii>- |'1r«t S'Ht'l H « i i k tln-rofore ID computing the tint of ao ad. n« Uie prarln* b<.-d: t^i.oU. U 4 ' M l.-S'Oy I i p -J7'.4 \ l i u __ orv pfflb* odd cents 111 or 2 cent", und count It S ceuts It .S \ f t or 4 ceoU. Tb<- rate, therefort-. for a » »«t »<L oflO FOK KENT--MoJern clx ro-jin (iitnlM »l; SAl.K -- Hut !H'3H st i>i k a Foi S.U<« V loom words 01 Iras up lo » words would be asfollows: 1.1'Si Al'iuii t '-ook oil Soudi n t h l n n » f » i n h«u»ii. \\ith born, within w«lkln«r dlftiu JL- ijou K. .1. K'iclg«-. 1 ' O i i ' In t \ » i \ iU'U.11, K a u roin J u n e 10th to tiupt. 10t!i I'liotic HS K itrrt't iiiul I ' r e n d i l v k J'.ru«. 1C!4 K DAYS \Vi; S K M j typewriters, J 1 0 010 am! up. A<U1u l-'OK RENT--4 room Rpivrtmo"'-. modfiu exIIIK mm. hliiert, ca«h itu'ci' '*. UIYH.I drnkn. I'UI cept hlut: ck-ctrlc llKht Nice condltlun fcate*. flecuk- fftn»- All roliulil l l k u u<-w. t,OKr--t!oM UL ki't. Kinder plenno call > ou cn'\ i r t i l l y u p i ' i * * Kit.* TV i H - w i U i M a icpulicd. 1'emiis Tj p m r l t u r r-.IOU7. H v w i u i l . (ind luoatlon: H3. 103i> S^ propel t}. o l i e . t h l t d u i t l ' i t l Ci>.. 1031 N »tn-ot. _ _ STHA\r:i>- Snmll 1'iiy mare from 17tb and .'lll.UH IliyUlte. Joltll 1^ IK't room modern apartment IIS; 2-room. modern apartment. »10: 1- l-tli st H-.'IO; south r u i r.'<r,o4 l.'l>K tfM.K--Lumber, J I G to ?:: ix-r 1.000; om modern apaittnent, $7.50. Sahn-uiv ·null, .',0v. doors J l : lulu. 5J l.uoo. paint. roo M Sts. J. O. Grousel, Tor Hftlc--ClwM 1 In modern home, on f u l l J l . i U sulloii. rubber i-ooliiie. Jl -·«. klndllne. blocK, 15th lot. u lU I l n i f h jimi floors. S \ e : > l u i K e loom*. f 2 load, plllillt'llltt U»d l l . i l d n u i r . Tlvster 15 [Hi a t t i c , ho* \ \ a t e i lieai, i n n I'li.Hemtn'. \ \ l > < i k l l l K I't SlllviiBO Co. 16 ,,. WAVT12M--Modern f u r n l l i H e d apartment for 1"OR RKN'T--Newly llnlshcii n p u i t;m e o t .v itn17 . . . . ... CII'IIKO. (.I'liH-nt i H h e , ,t bloi UK «<nn)\ l'\>i; ·< VI.K--Alfiilfii hu>. 1'lionn J. ''. Sr«i»\iniin«>i. < IOMM In. riilt K"410. furnish, d. wHll located. li-'U >- - l - - : 0 > <:un of I j t h . rut une ! ! K U I . . onl.s 18 cui.t. 3Jd nnd ijuiniioi. 1 -:137, or cull FOli KKNT--Attractive 5 room flat._ ItOO.MS. 0 J!--M6o Jolsn S. Itieit. -1- So. on J. A. Gordo-l. 30th und K. 19 leeplng porch. 1415 B St. Phone H WANT13D-- llv rrllnid middle aijrd cov.plo t w i t h o u t ohlldroti. well furnHned IIOMIKIu 1 bl'i:ciAL bath room rug snlo. Llr.voln RUB KOK KENT--& room modern flat. -'t> 1-X'R tfAl.i. --Kxtia line snap, brand n o w . t'pinis ttHvjni. w i t h t ' h r l H t l n n [Moti-^tiint, r . u t n o . 3273 U. ' All Irregular day Insertions to be COOmad C reoiu. oak I ulshcd bungalow. 3 bed street. B-1001. u-iti- f u n n l \ . In plrii^ant l o i f i l l t v . term? tretInsertion. '., Iiundr b^th. S) M KK nuis! hu l I'H'.on i b l « « A d ( t r « ? ^ y«'*» J n u n i u l . FOR KENT--D roomo and bdtli, all modem lootii^, l u l l lut. L ' u i n u iurdiourd*. } >. loso to tU-o- A(.T1 PKXT AND H E A L T H I VS. tric cur A M ' l i m s K t f . I'lSK. 1.'. m t-u l l t h . U,!So7. apartment, heat, hot and cold w a t e r and line IlKht?. l.ull-.-ln oiu t l K a y t . must bo **oUl, W l l . l , I'AV gwid P I ! I « for nlr.. room and Janitor" serv'lce furnished. Closn lu. rent J£")i) ajid s-hool. M uri-i-a Another 5 loom, IF \ O T want to But help of n«\ kind iu:tit CARD OF THANKS. ''oivid for inv \%ifo und tluoy-jeor-old <_,i".h. haliUKO reasonable. Commercial Invettment Lo. ouk linisliod thi' lielp want ad oolumiis cf riir, Joumal l>o> In pronto t u m l l y : nlii> my meals whan modi i n bungulo". f u l l loi, AHL' \jr^f***'*-*--«· *- »i.«.*u'_i. -- ·- · - -- B-1212. \VIII I'" l-i Lincoln SKturdny. Juno 10 JJ.iioO: t i i i t i K . star Henl l>t.uo Co. H-oJt.5. !\)H SALB---200 load* bhuk d i r t . 26th <uid In cere gratitude to our friends mid nelvhunil M.uit plan' iln-ii AddrenB '.'.'·< Journal. X strei-ts. Trrsivr Merc, i .>. bora for their many kindnesses, sympathy FOK KENT--Suite of two uud thre» i .Toll t>ALE--Niftiest new. C room bungairont .rooms, unfurnished, for light house; and assiatance during death and burial of low, ouk rlmsh. lirtiplace uaul Kaiago, WHITE K.ifflr com. buahul. 7r,r. cane, 75c, JVANTIgJCOJBUY^ |^ ·-outheast. on pa\ln>;. p r k d 5 ^ , - J O . oosy our oeloved wife itnd mother: alto to the kteping. loung'a Hardware. 1907 p. liL'd Top. 70c: Bcintch 1V< d. 100 Ibs, V v " "7jlTV"'i1ltt>lBEUTY. K & L. of S., the Haielock business men, FOR RENT-1643 E St.. all modern terms. FolBom IJio-t. Co. U-120i'. S1.76. IMotkla. B-1720. 9-0 f. ANTED room the news boys and many others from Linupper flat, laundry, sleeping porch, yard, l-'Oll SAJL.E--By ownei, seven room, new, FOU SALE--3 acics iik't> a l f n l t n for tlie \\ modern T < > H U V --A nli-o fl\e or «lx paved home. ivi-11 located on coln and Havelock. for their beautiful floral 17th street car line. Morning & Ledwlth, modern liorno, southeast. oaU finish. >«a»oii, 11. C. Wittmann. no No. 10th Mn-et. b» explicit. Addrvti* box 3J4, Illcktributes ami to those friends w h o Kindly B-1010 or B-3990. French doors, sleeping poicli. pantry and cave the use of their nutos. lor their servi lobets. built-in cupboards, full cvmvi.ted FOK SALE--Old mahogany b»ol.rt»e, two III ill. NYb ices. J. A. Young, Eddie Young. H. J. BPSIXESS 1'KOrfiRTY. buri..'ius. boding table, dining tablu luudu M\I->TOCK. l>a!>ument, t'arasje. >aid all sodded, ehrubToung, Mrs. J A. Luax and family and other b e t j , flower:-. pu\ Ing paid, 5J.350. A rare In Isli, ultl corner cupbomd. and Windsor MK. Ben MIlK-r w i l l be at Hudson's I.lverr relatives. ., clinlr. Also snnitar}* couch, oak dlulnir Hani. 1027 Q St.. Saturday. June 10 >mryain Phone F 2 9 5 3 ^ tablu. Verms Murtiii bed, mid W n n t o horiti, :> to 10 years old. l.-,">0 to 1'Oli 6ALE--Six room liouso. all modern. table, llbuiry No. 13th. BKOWNELL BUILDING. ANNOUNCEMENTS. nngH. 3J1 4 1.300. Rood chunks, muli-!-. 1.030 to 1,300. 5 two sleeping porches, beautiful loi atlon, OFl'ICKS--Single 01 suites: rentals reasonTAKE the Vopostein treatment for tuber- able, building just reconstructed Call bargain pnte. deal dliect w i t h owner and l-'Olt SALE--6 Llttlo Jap U H i K l1l r y ) cultl- to 10 >enrs old. Will pay highest market culosis, designed for treatment of this di.'- room 304, or phone B-4249. \utors, 2 Dutch Uncle (Mulnn ) cultiva- pi Ice. wiv>, commission, 1629 So. 20th. Phone JB6591. ease, In this climate; competent corps of 2 i.ultl\.itor; 1 4 MISCKLLANEOUS. .. _,,,! -- in charge. Room 205 Browncn L E A V I N O CITV---Must sell 7 room bun- tors; 1pushrow lister corn I K C I push rakti. ph>s!cians i~ ..!.««»» xv heel rake, 1 WANTED--A i otK-o second hanil typewriter. galow, half block from car line, one bloclc Trey tor \Viecklnar Co. 2 \ \ K l n i l c So llth office s-afe. r l e c t i l o fan; must be cheap fiom IH.V, high BUhooL C. E. Kolk. owner, FOR KENT--Store room, corner llth and 021 So 21s,t. PEONV bloums, fine ones, pustj) ild 50c per for spot cash. Telephone Immediately. MeRoberts, L-4199 7 ilOitll. D T. Gantt. Crete, ."s'eli. X Sts. E. J. Burkett. First I\atl. Bank SALE--A modern duplex house, of --Seven passjenger touring car, Bids. Telephone B-1545. seien rooms each. 1705 and 1707 C: also COMPLETE war Atlas for 10 c-enta. Send \\'ANTi:Di-To buy old carpflta and "Is. cvlinder, 50 h. p.. Continental engine: Lincoln KUB Factory. B-108S. for one today before tho supply Is wxand garage at car" in" perfect condition; run about four FOR RENT--The salesroomOverland for mo a six-room hous,o on same lot, piice leason- bausted. Contains general and detailed 1333 P street, occupied by ;--We ha\e procured several months' thousand miles: extra rim and tire. Address veara will ba for rent June 1st. Excellent nble. Call l'-^!)27 or F-297S. inups oi the warring nations. \ o u can folsupply of la^s for wlpors. Save your 967 Journal location for automobile agency. F. D. Eager, FOU SALE--JSight-room modtrn house, full low the lighting with one uf these. Send 10 rtvgs and wntch this column for our ad lot. close in, south, nne location for apart- cents to The Stato Journal. Lincoln, Neb. SALE--One 2 ton Reo truclc; nearly which will bo reinstated when wo ar« m e n t ; price $1,500. new. Phone B-677G ror Sale: New live-room, strictly modern FOR SALE--One horizontal return tubular ivjuiy. to purchase. Stato Jounml Co. FDR KENT--Store room at 138 So. 13th. FOR SALE--1915 StudcBaker 4 cylinder. s> ^ood basement, very reasonable reut. Se- bungalow, exceptionally well built, rented boiler, 66-in. dlam., 15-fu long, having 66 SECOJfU-UAXD GOODS. passenger touring car. electric lights curity Investment Co.. 14S So. 13th. for JJ5.50: price 53,100. · 3V4 In. tubes, shell seams aro butted, dou- WANTED-- TO BUY--A xecond-hand Tor Sale: Garaga to be moved, price J100. ble Btrapped and triple rhetcd. Wa can starter, recently overhauled, good cond.tion w txgon cover or tent. Unl Phono 511-^V. C W P-VRKS. 1-tS So. llth. BSS07. car can be seen at Motor Inn; owner will FOK KENT--2 ofilce rooms in this building. furnish boiler only, have no grates or front. J15. Security luiestmeut Co.. US So. 1-th J1.50 J6.00 for secondbe m town Thursday afternoon; make offer; FOR SALE--Now. oak finished bungalow. 5 This boiler cou be Inspected at our factory. WE pay clothes.to131 No.per suitL-7492. hand 12th. demonstrate. St., rooms; small payment; terms to suit. Stato Journal Co. WANTED--Good aocond hand safe, inside FUR SALE--5 passenger Buick. electric F2053. dimensions about S0x38 Inches. P. B. hunts, starter, new horn and all modern FOR KENT--1-4 section of upland hav, 6 FOR SALE--Two lots, close In. cheap. Kacor. B-443S. miles from Lincoln. L.-4219. er, u fpmeut: tires practically new; price S4oO a ifatft, Security Investment __--_148 So. 13th. .^~ \\"ANTED--Inside position, 20 years' bankCo., 3 ini quick sale F-2S10. TO RENT at once. 80 acres fine alfalfa. * ins?- business; anxious to do mi} thine: 40 10 acre tracts or more if desired. Can FOK. SALE--Just finished ideal home, largo >ears old; reference anybody. M'rlte WindREPAIR shop. Starters, ignition, magneto · · field, "· tent FOR SALE--Barred Rock baby chicks; put up on the halves in ·the - · · orwill · - · · » ' jiving room, f i r e p l a c e , s u n patloi, French sor hotel, room 237. and carburetor troubles. Motor Inn. strong range stock. L-9612. for cash; one crop or the season; 1 mile doors, bookcases, oak finish downstairs, and M- C. B. Gregorj. Prop. NE\T tolorcd lady wishes position as cook toilet, full bath up; 3 large bed rooms. Lot FOR SALE--Rhode Island rockerel or trade CARBON removed, special process, satis- ·west, of penitentiary. Phone B-63o.. C. il. us show this and laundresB. B-3979. Phone owner FC053. Branson, owner. for two nettlntr hens Call B-1491. faction "Jaranteed. Motor Inn. UtQ and FOR SALE--Five room bungalow at a sac- "\VANTED--Teacher would llkn to be u com- FOK SALE--Baby chicks. lOc each, and HOUSES. panion and helpmate for children during rifice; terms B--497. . FOR RENT--4 room neat cottaee, vacant mothers. Theodore Schwartz, one block siy time. Three, nve and seven summer months; will go out of town or stay LI\ CRY June 10, 1-3S B; rental $13. Jour. B. FOK SALE--Bv owner, almost new 7 room in the city. Address 966 Journal, north of Lincoln brick works. jars. Motor Inc. B-4347. Reed, B-24G5. 212 So. 13th. house with bath and 3 lots, all fenced, FOR SALE--1915, 6-passenger Mitchell car all kinds of fruit Irees ajid grapea, barn WANTED--Job, country town, by two extra FOR SALE--Rhode Island cockerel, or trade for two setting hens. Call B1491. tor 'ale at n. bargain, in flrst-class condi- FOR RENT--Eight room furnished home. and chicken houses; cotne out and see a nne jjood cooks: meat and pastry; vsry neat, Southeast Lincoln. B66 Journal. tion E. E Henkle, SOD Q St. - . place at a big bargain, 4341 il St. Take Address 965 Journal. SILKO chick feed la the perfect feed tor day. FOR SALE--Close in, 8 room modern resi- Cemetery car to end of linu walk east to PAINTING and papcrlinjiglng, first class your little chlclum*. Sold by almost all H WJ3 your car washed clean, night or dence, $4,500; 6 room residence. $SOO; 5 44th. then two blocks south. Price Si.SaO. -work only. Phono F-1274. grocers lu Lincoln. F. B. Ryon«. wholes»le Jlotoi Inn. 246 So. 11. J3-4247. room residence, $1,300. G. A. Hagensick, FOR SiLE--Brand new B room bungalow, ANY magneto recharged, our own machme; 931 O. WANTED--Position by experienced lady flour and feed. finished in oak. fine southeast location; fook: also position wanted by second girl. satisfaction guaranteed. Motor Inn. WANTED--An otter for lot, 172 Ridgeview. absolutely modern; price {2.900; $100 down, Address 963 Journal. tr?E!~> FORD cars bought and sold. 321 So. $>S a month. ilcConncll. Day & Night Alexander. B-3741. CLEHK wantB position; experienced ia llth. Phons L-4S79. Kealrj- Co.. B-1546. procery, clothing and furnishings. 961 room nouse, three KOIt SALE--New 1916 Ford touros car FOR SALE--Se^en 100xl03-ft., llth andfull FOK SALE--1623 C street, at about value Journal. lots "52S E St.: i' bodies Including top and ·windshield, reof lot. Phone ofttce. B191S 5ti - '«13C room cottage and double cement nmicl from can, sold for commercial pur- block Youse, all this corner ripe for apartWANTED -- Position by experienced book- x. - . . . . - . . . - . . · - - . . House and Lot, T"SIS A. G. Hebb Auto Co., 12th and Q keeper, bookkeeping or elTical work. St. mod- TOR SALE--By owner. 9 rooms, modern, close in, on 17th street. references furnished. Call F-r.061. 3 fcts.. Lincoln, N»b. CiOCAGO GRAIN. 3,500 -will buy; easy terms. Room 425 Lit1'OR S\.L,E--Buick speedster. Repainted *nd c e . . « ffET.p WANTED. tle, Bldg. Tires and engine in tine- condition, Bov»y s Nat! fvili Pay" commission to real estate [Furnished by Elliott Lowe & Co.. 003 Flrit FOK S\I«£--Choice ^modern lot in Northeast ENTS. Garage, 111 So. llth. __^_ National Bank Bids.) Lincoln, near line Is here,: CHICAGO, 111.. June 2. FOR RENT--Thoroughly modern,^ 8 room 3256 Holdrege. Uni. farm. . E. A. Burnett, AGENTS--Beet season for ournew catalogue -MOTURCrCIJES. i\rite today for proposition: B-1011.. * house, near llth and B. B-21aa. FOR SALE--1915 Reading Standard motorOpen. High. Low. Close.' 7 cvc-le used onlv aO days; would exchange FOR RENT--Modern _house at llth and F; FOR SALE---Three lots," 75 feet front, dif- free. Anderson Sales Co., Brule, Neb. - - Wheat. ferent krnd of trees and currant, bushes, THE Federal Insurance Co.. up-to-date ac- July for" light car aad pay difference. 419 Funke 10.-H-106 108% summer rate. L-4S47. cident and · health policy. For agency Sept..."..., B-1SJ6 or L-57SS. 2355 No. 31st. ,' -' - .-'* . 107 S-^ 107H- 106H 106-Jtf FOR RENT--Two 3 room .-oMages, electric FOR SALE^--By r. owner, ^ jnst vv-rite completed Blaor." Ira -E. Atkinson, Secy, Willdnaoii Corn. lights, gas. close in.,---- FUone 4-.a^d-«. --^ : modern o-rdom, oalc tlnlshacl, modern" 70H 7014 70^-*. 71^ July* BUSINESS CAEDS. FESL4LE. FOR RENT--All modern 6 room house; a.1- . bunsajow. bui i t in cupboards, laundry, fjr. 69%-70 70 »i Sept Goss, 114"So.. « . · - B6318. ~ - . . - · 12tte n e - i « ' na cc, bath, electric lights, full >ot. Jloso to \VANTED--Chambermaid and Innch Oato. Lincoln Brass Foundry, 229 sSO. 9th. L-5295. ter boy or girl. 230 Xo. 7th St. 39^, 331 ·tO 45 July REXT A HOUSE, CALL UF paved street, car line and schools. Cau't bo Brass, bronze, copper, aluminum castings. WHEN beat; sacrifice, $2.650; terms. .Uui>t sell. WANTED--A girl for general housework Sept.. 38«t,-*i 38Z 950 Journal. rork. CHXKOPKAGTOKS. rood good Tvaires. 1622 Locust St. Phom 20.63 21.29 20.50 21.20 July F-317!t. CKAJ3TREE & GALLAMOKE, chiropractors. FOR RENT--Furnished,_ strictly modern, . 20.55 21.00 20.55 2 0 . 9 0 Examination free. 'B-1371. 1505 Q St. ;rlu. Tula Laundry Co. 1514 O Sept eight room house, 221 < P St- Call .msi-. Lard. street. BUDCDEB. 12.27 12.25 12.37 12.25 CONTRACTOR July FOK RENT-- Large house , H o rorf . 12.49 1Z.8& 12.*» 13.80 WAKTED--Office fflrl for 2 ex- Sept. LINCOLN SAFE DEPOSIT CO. BTILDIXG. repairing- and remodeling sperooms. This is in good sout side resiperience necessary. Call at room SI 6 Rib*. cialty^ "W. E. B. Blasdel. Phone F-1S78. dence location; modem and in splendid con12.20 12.42 12.20 13.40 RE,ixi ESTATE DEFT. B1006 Funke BIdg. July dftwn- BOT-1 hit water heat; best of plumb. , . FEATHER REN'OVATESG. . 13.27-30 12.52 12.27 13.52 tag and lighting e?uipment; rent reasonWANTED--Waitress for Institution. Pheme Sept EEXX7VATING by steam. 2024 O St. Auto able. Telephone B4529. _ A FINE comer property, southCollege 174. _ east; location, corner 21st and WashB-16T4. St. Louis. FOR KENT--2601 R St., 6 room cottage, ·WANTED--Girls, a fine proposition for sumington," house 7 rooms, all modern. ST. LOUIS. Mo., June i FARM PAEEB. mer months. Western General Soles Co., No. modern except heat, good shade. « -TM~ Owner is buildins in California andHard wheat ... FA.Rjl PAPER--TTp-to-date, practical, dlf·will sell ai= a. sacrifice. See jnc about 138 No. lith. No. Hard wheat -- VT--Nlftv 3 and 4 room flats, partferemt, filled with valuable information for Hard wheat -- WANTEI>r-Neat girl able to" do plain cook- No. y rnoL; fl"e oag:;«ni.h . n e w l y decothe fA-mpCj.. the ,<JalrSB}SiiT. -the -stocfeaian Corn "ing. to assist with housework. ' Mrs. Rich- No. the '"aSrdiier, tKe" poultryman, tiia woaiea rated; close in; only $12 and $14. B-25... ardson, 3Sth and South. Tei. B O X 235. No. Corn ........ -- . foIUs End children. A family. paper. '10 FOR RENT--July 1, modem 10 room house. 7014 No. : Corn ·weekstEbr 10 cents- Independent Farmer. 1426 E- B-3945. WANTED--Lady to keep house for middle No. White com 73 aged widower; ono that likes children and No. FOR RENTES room hause, all modern. White corn , 72& cares more for home than wages; good ref- No. CUT FLOWERS. · · Yellow corn ......... , v . .73 at S420 F. Inquire 50* No. Utb. AUCTION e.rences, 2126 So. Sth St. Enslow Flora! Co., 135- 'Sor 12th. SALE OF LAND. No. Yellow corn ..... --...:..72% ~ TTOR RENT--Seven room house, 17th and Lincoln, Lancaster county, Nebraska. 4014184215 WANTED--Woman to do washing and No." White oata ...i Vtae stieets? See H. Wlggenjost, court Thursday, June S, 1916, at 2:30 p. m. No. White oats .... cleaning. Apply 1135 R street. house, --^-- The following described lands, belonging 9 No. Rye of good Kje 9, FOR KENT--1244 K and 435 So. 13th. all to tho estate of the late Isaac R- Branson WANTED--Two experienced girls -Call at No. modern In first class condition. M- H- ·n-ill be -»old at auction to the highest bid- -reference >at Paris - Confectionery. «-.-PILES, FISTfiTLA CURED. der. Sale will be held on the premises, 1C24 O St. Kansas City. * starting at 2:30 p. m. sharp. DR. E. B_ TARRY cures piles! fistula and Chnsty, · 123 Xo. llth St. ., " "KANSAS CITT, Mo., June . other rectal diseases without surgical ope- FOR aENT--Housekeeping rooms, one or- DESCRIPTION 'OF"~L"AND TO "BE" SOLD. WANTED--A young girl to assist -wltrr 100S.104 Hard wheat ... ration. Cure guaranteed and no money paid" housework or an experienced girl. 1300 E two, southeast front, large nicely furNorth half or the southeast quarter of [email protected] until cured. " Write for book on rectal dis- nished, modem, with kitchenette Hard wheat ... - section 10, town 3, range 6. Containing SO 84SI96 Hard wheat ... eas«>s with -testimonials. able Keferences-required. -Phono acres. "WANTED--Competent, reliable maid,-older No. ~T)B- E. K TERRYCorn .' Southeast quarter of the southeast quarFOR RENT--5 room house at. 1003'Rose, J14. ter of section 10, town 9, range 6. Contain- · "girl preferred. 1810 Pepper A"ve. Phone No. .Corn " Bee Bida-i Omaha. -..-..:... F2066 White corn :~ No. FOR RENT--6 room cottage, newly, papered ing- 40 acres. . _ " " _-' Wh!i6 corn'. These two tracts adjoin and form \Z\T WANTED--T^roman between 3B and 50; cigar No. and painted Inside; modern ·e*TMJ> ^ beat; ^ acres. This tract is located three and one- "check stand; evening hours: references, re-" No, . ;ood barn. 1741 Prospect St.- Phona. Yellow "corn .' half miles south of O street on First street, aaired first aa's^-er. Address 860 Journal. No. ' PASICJKAGE. FOR KENT--Strictly modm Apes*;-' six Lincoln, Lancaster county, Nebraska36B36 Oats i. competent gen- No IUST I7RE for cows or young .cattle. Tame rooms and bath.; located-342 I«orUi joth TBRilS--One-half cash, balance secured WANTED--At once Tel. B-2460. gfrl for Rich- No. Oats grass, shade, water. SSth and Tan Dora. street. Call B-1776 or L.-S23S. '- · . eral housework. Mrs. · by mortgage with ,* per cent interest per No. Whire. oats .,...... " B O X 173-J. annum, to b« paid on or before March 1, ard Ferguson. 1700 E St. No. wlil'c osus KENT SPJOIEK COTTAGE. 1317, at the First National Bank. Lincoln. LA.CE curtains laundered with care. '2125 No. TV-VNTED--Some stock to pasture or milk ca Whit-.- oats 'cows on shares: extra good care. L-4922. 3IADELIXE ISLAXD--For rent nicely fur- Nebraska. L. St. B-476B. Mrs. L. Plkgsley. - Tins land is now rented for J600 cash tent Hogs closed fairly active and steady to a nished- B6I03. PLASTEBESGL<ee per year. This rent money will so to tte WANTED--A girl to work fn factory. shade higher today. Estimated receipts fot FOK KENT--Ten room,- modern hotte«. «lx purchaser. PATOHIXG PLASTER call B-2745. Broom Co. tomorrow were 17.000. Top for hogs. 8.40. blocks south of O street: reasonable rent This is some ol the best farm land in .WANTED -- Competent jfirl for general Cattle closed weak to lOc lower, -With the : 1'ATEXTS. to richt p-uty. Apply B-1774. Lancaster county, close to Lincoln on good -house 'work. Good wages. 1421 E. WILLARD EDDY, solicitor In C. S. patent top ior o;utle .it 511.10. FOR RENT--2 new S room strictly modern road. It is new land, more than half of of i ice'. Gjty Nat'l Bank. Omaha. Sheep eloped lOc lower, with the top, »».-0: MALE. houses, 2201- E and 104.4 South' 22d. Good it never plowed. It is sold to close the esBUG MAKTXG--CL"EA>TSGcar service. Choice location: 2 blocks from tate oi Isaac K, Branson. l*ou wll! never WANTED--Distributers at once. Brown lambP, $10.75. PHONE or write for Illustrated folder, of high schooL H. C. Wittmann; ,- 1*0 *«o. have a. better opportunity to buy a good Bros, 120 No. IStli St. -TOUAVS UVB STOCK farm at -what it is worth. rugs made from old carpets, rugs cleaned. lOti St. n _ ^ Title perfect, warranty deed. Up-to-date TVANTED--Boy to deliver groceries. Apply Lincoln- Rus Factory. Lincoln. Neb. ·J. 5L Immenhaugcn. 711 No. 1-itli. ROOMS. A · abstract ready Tor examination. . . ' ULncola. SECO>"D-IMCSD GOODS. 1 Isaac R- Branson estate, by the helrsr housekeeping CQuotuticms'lurnlshea By tho Lincoln VfK BUT second-hand suits, overcoats, FOR ' REXT--Suite - -light private, modern, Charles M. Branson, Zebulon S. Branson. WANTED^--A country printer at "once: wi rooms, excellent location, s. Company.) . jor phone Cortland NBWSJ S. C. Wilson;* ishoes. suitcases, trunks. L-S431. Emily B. Carter. jSarcllna B. -Brown. 503 So. llth. B-1835. Cortland, Neb. - -._._, "· , . AVE PAY for old cloth'es, colored, *t to *S, FOR RENT--Verv convenient and comfort- ' HOMESTEADS. , , , Jblue ?3 to t~.5Q. L-9211. Labovltz. W ANTED--A good man to drive- t*&nV on Front J9.00 to SB.20. according to weight and able room, well furnished in all modern, duality. close in house, for one or Iwo gentlemen: ColvlHo Indian' reservation. Washington, 'grading; good wag?s. J. and R- Malone. S STEEL nBE ESCAPES. CattI*. 130S L St- B-4529. open for settlement. Drawing July 27. About B1S28. i Built to comply with state and city laws: price 512 .......... lt.OOOt.5l p^-.ccs right, S. A. Dowilns. 101" Q: L7639. FOR RENT--Cool rooms for sleeping or 500.000 acres;" fruit, farm and dairy lands. Man for general office work, who Choice corn fed steers, Choice com fed heifer* ......... J7.7S8*-S* Complete sectional map and description, has had some e-;r«rlcnce" id mechanical housekeeping- L-4727, 1436 S. - STOVJS A>D FVKNACE BEPAIKS. postpaid SI. Soldiers, sailors (or their drawing. Addrc«a 962 Journal. COKRECT part for your stove or furnace: FOR RENT--Rooms for light housekeeping, j wjdo^s) of the civil or Spanish wars, may HOTEL also cleaning or repairing- Hall's. 1517 O man. oipertenced In, modern. 1727 Garfleld. | register bv agent. Write us for blank forms. WANTED---Toun? Photo work: right man can start today. " > ' modern, B-1S36. F01- PENT--Large furnished front room; -which we" will furnish free. Smith *e Mc- Kru..-- "hoto Supplv. 1236 O. rates rrasonaMc. European lunch room. VETERESART SCHOOLS. privat? entrance: with bath-_ No otherj Crea. room 185 Eaglo Bids.. Spokane. -Wash. Scp- roomers." 1134 K- Phone L7S63. S. F. VETEI1IXAKT .college begins \V · -· -j.--2 vounc men to wait on table WINDSOR HOTEL--Permanent or transient FCR SALE--Bargains In Sherman. Buffalo tt-mbcr 11. Catalog free C. Keane. r board nt SSI No. 13th Low Ttilf*. Dutch Mill cafe. and Custer counties. Wntc First Nat'l ·iSls Market St. San Francisco. FOR RENT--Large living room and bed- bank. LitchSeld. Neb. -M-n to secure slcnaturos to pe- DEL.AVAN HOTEL--$1 a day. with bath. roonf ensuite: well furnished: flrst floor; WAR MAPSqootl money. CftH at 709 First 15th b"tK«;cn N and O. Cafe. 143!f O St. SCBCKBAN IT IS HAIiD to keep to touch with Europe's modern. 1436 M. Bank Bigg- Phono B-3S33. ZtfNDEI.L HOTEL--Center of things active. Nat 1 ·aar without one of The State Journal's PENT--3 -unfurnished rooms, modem, 13th .ind M streets. W \NTED--Men to i-arry A-1 line of stock: 3 ACRE TRACTAilassos. Complete and detail maps of the close In. L4033. 331 So. 12th. This is - ~ood f-rrltcr».- Western · General Sales THE CAl'lTAL HOTEL--European., rates Well lO"ated -for subd4v]dinr. countries ^)f the world with special maps SSc to SI- Restaurant. Icnch count«r. of -nan-inc nations. Send 10 cents to Stale FOP PENT--i unfurnished newly ri'-corat-.-d tjjc Horn place between 31st and ;2d. Ran- CoT, 13S No. 12"th. rooms 'all modem,- J1S.M) per month. In- dolph and J streets.- InqolMf oa premises, Lincoln. A N T E ^ man of qul«t habits, cnn have quire 11-iS T "street. Plion" L50*:. room and board for n. f»w hours' work ~OV RENT--Furnished rooms for slccplnc j yoR SALE--Improved 13 acres, all modem, each day. 1«0 G St. 1'honr L-S^27. or" Hzht housekeeping. 127 So. 12th. L407-.! ^u cquij,pcd -or dairying and hogs. ·Dally. TL'aJ>r «*«*t Sunday, work at «<xlo. ffluntaJn. ~~"~ " for hlfrb class proposition la South Amer- FOB RENT--A furnished room. »2 1-er week. mosliv ail in alfalfa: situated at 53d and IV ANTE L--- tioy H.irl"} rtruc or capable perVine." Look this over. Make me an oRtr. °°|Lcai <-s Tut»d»y», Thandays, F ican unlimited 142S R St. son. I>o rot answer unless jou Must sell- No reasonable offer refused. ·vr\NTED--51"" lu v.i.-k rn pavlnc work. Saturday^__, FOK KENT--Z modem furnished rooms, at B O M 63-J. 3!0»-. A.3<Ir.?ss ?$< Journal. Arrirw ]7"th and S*-<!I- MH-I <'u:isTruelion Co. a; l:SOam J FOR ^M.E^--Well located r>nkcry doia^ FARMS. VVT your nprl"-a'i-n -n nnn- for n Journal * b'.*!!!*-^?- oTrncr ^-^vin^ to-wn. prict: J1.200. 3.-Oil RENT--Lar and" News roct": - ·> «T'l'li-atlon« ta1<en *-.<*.-,-, -,,1.^ ~.A Ti people preferred, llts a=S D. KOI! SALE--»OO-acre improved «ock farm. ov«r the Ph"!-. ''-" ^ she Clrc-Jatiou C. W. Pr.rsc. 14% Sv. 3lib. BJ-07. Loup valley. Neb., good sol), well grassed. 1?OU LENT--JJ---t location la rity for : «r " A I'-ir^aln for cafb. Radcll&e, !--< 1C St., barber shop: rent cheap. Phone ?n HEJCT--Modern, lisht hocseke«-P =c and Neb. ·>cpin= rooms. vlB No- '«"*- B-A7J7 Klyr Tin Asalanc.; l:lapm| I YOK S.Vl.E--350 acre Lancaster countj FOR SALE C'K v TliAPE--Compete -o FOR RENT-- F-arnishid rooms fcr rf-'ptag fairn"' Jl«.0«y: T.ill" co ^'» consider residence as via for raady Xltc .cn. inclodiac so<Ja f aad light hoiisek~«.pinc. <23 No. l^tn. <r--! ?arroe-it. --l"«c in "10 acrc«, J3.000. G. lair.. I''*' cream taMe* nhd cfc?iir5, j 3 .l ·v. 5:i O. FOR KENT--M«J»ir fi=-r::shed rooms. *· utensils for niaking caadlt^. etc. *, 2-Uiain. 4:i7ntn A FC'K SAL_ -- farm ol 3*0 acrea !n Paw-·jairt i r « o ',· St. V.-P- ph&Tlc . nee coantv. Nebraska. Also an all modern Local ---- «, «:Z»j>m,3<i:3li»:n ·or re«ide=c* ! Lincolr. Neb. at owafr'a pric*. i (Call or -r.rr.e o-ancr. :>!. R. Pool. S20J Starr icy Local. .·jll.'juami l:Z8ia

I ' l ' l t .- V I , I . ' - < > n k · i n ! > l n < t. ' h« n U H r< - I . \ ' i m l U n i l t - i MH*


M<i I. M l


1 ' A K M IKIUIII nt S P-l i>-«il. optlntml p»vminis. niuiu'X on htnul. \\ooil»»t*i I t n i l h i i». ' I I K i < Inn ilk liUn k. to Li uti on I m p j u t t d r»*U nU'litt . n«*N p!**n. lovr In.

United States Department of Agriculture Weather Bureau


Observations taken at 7 a. m. Air procure reduced to sea level and lines rawn through points of equal |>ro»uro. Arrows fly with the wind. O clear; * firtly cloudy; · cloudy; ® rain; © snow; ® report missing.

7s U San L'ipgo .... 64 i^ Tht> uri'ii of lilKli ;ir<''<-'nH« linw mo> « il f r o m ^ 70 Sun FriincleKO . 7H 54 tlio nortlioiisU'rn jxn-tloii of tht^ Lake r.-irlon 7^ 50 Santfi Fo ..... "I 4! to tlio > x t H M n i - i K ' i t l n - n « t . 'i' romintilcd l>v G'd .luni-tlon ti^ 50 Sault Ste. M. . 70 IS fair wt'nthoi 1 iJn'i-n BHV ... GU 14 Sault Stc. M. . 70 4S Hie cxtrii'.i\) K i i > i i i i nr'Mi Un^ nun IM! fioiii GO 40 Seattle . ..... GC :>'> >'.insourl t o HinitliiMii Ml. 'lila:. in. It luia SC 40iSli»rldan ..... GO ~S CHUHcd lain K p m ' i M l y iti tin* Hiiitt"* from th»* Hr 1,-na. i!4 4 l.Shrt-report . . . S? S* Stlaslantpi>t r i \ i > r t u ivow York iuut t l i f m i d - 1 1 in i, u 52 7G's!oux City ... 8G 4S dle AtlitJitlc i titii«t 70 t4J.Spnkane ..... 70 1J The urea of lilKli PI'CBSUIO ro\*'rs th»> wHt0111 Htatos toihxj. ao. ompanU il 1>> fnfr. < oul Ix.ins.ii City . 70 Siifivirt Currt-nt . G: 40 5G u4,TRmpa ......... 7< \\enther. Thl9 nli-ii \\I11 m o v r e.iKt\\urd and Konkulc GO Tatoosh ..... 56 4S cause I:ilr \vL-utrit-r in this v i r i n t t y tonti:ht K n o % \ i l l e 60 32|Tolodo ....... C2 3S uid Thursd.iy. n i t h no d^cidrtl ch.uii;e Lnitdi't ..... 74 CS L t n i i i v l U o . .. 4S . . Tonopali tcmpeniture. ....... 98 . ... 71 4ClTucson H. 1 . II. L, L l i u o l n .. <i2|Vttlciitln» - .... 64 40 . 04 41 l.lulf Hoik . Abilene 72 .-.GKVuslilnpton . . 76 as '12 7 H Los AiiKClou . Aivmrlllo . 71 :.2lNtni orlx'au* ..... 50 4 4 City ... .. 40IN«w Y o i k .. Loulsvlll" . . 70 St-i-VVilllaton . 7S fil -\I» luphi^ ... 7 2 (,oj\v"imiemucca . . 7 4 t t Bismarck . G2 .IJiWIntlipeg ..... 66 »4 Boise 70 SO'Nortli 1'Iattc' . . C.4 3< .MIli'K Cltv . .. BO . . jltilluwBtone P . 51 30 . 7fi 10 M m i i i jpojin . 74 36 Vuma ....... 102 .. 3uftalo 68 siijumiih.i. . ."..'. . 6S r.O 53 6S| KG .14 1'eotla . . . . . GO .")4 Montgomery . . . . 56 Xorniul ninmtoloKlcnl Ilnta for this .Date Charleston . .. 50 ao.-l'hovlllx . ..'. .100 6t. at Lincoln. . .. ·»·! Clilca^o 58 BOMMerr* Corpus ChrlstI 90 80 I'lttsburph . . G8 CS Xonmil mean temp^raturo ..... ...... ,. 70 Davenport . . 58 54 Poeatcllo . . . ( i t 40 V o r m a i maximum temperature ... ....... 7!' . . . TSirortland. Ore . 71 54 N c r n m l minimum temperature ,.- ....... 5fc Ulo .......... !'" Denver . ... . 61 !2Trln.-e Albert . 5G 12 IllKln'^t rn'oided tempcraturo .......... 4t> . 6r, r.O.l'ui-lilo . till 4S Lowest ic^ordi'd tctiiperaturo Det Molnen . 70 53|KnU<li;h . .... "li 64 X«irinal proclplttttlon, inches ... ..... ..0.15 City Dubutjue . . . 64 COjltaiiki City . . . 5S 42 Total prci-ipitatlon since June 1 ..... 0.0!> Juluth . . . . , 5'l 40 Hoaeburjt . .. . SO 44 Total precipitation since Jan. 1 ....... S . O i i ' ....................... *:5S a, m. . 90 53 Sun li't'S Duraniro . . ........................ 7:5S p. ni. . 60 3tii.St. Louis ... . 72 5CSun Bets Bdrnonton. . G. A. LOVELA^D. 84 «8 rit. 1'nul £1 Pafio Motoorologlst. .' 01 50 Eureka. 5S 4llSnlt Lake Short fed heifers Good to choice cowa Fair to Rood Common to fair cows Bulls J6.7507.89 $6.75©7.2S J5.50«iG.50 H. 0005.50 J6.75S8.78


j The Markets


TO CHOOSE MAX TO TAKE PJLA.CK OF THK LATE ELLIOTT LO'WE. Good to choice Teal calTes, 150 to 301 pounds ....................... J9.0oe>10.0( Qood to cholc* veal calTM, 300 to 359 pounds ....................... H.OO&10.00 J. lloid Green Hn» Issued a. Call to '. Good to choice Teal calves, 200 to 35U the ncpnblicann From pound* ....................... J7.50S5.04 Chicago. Union Stock Yards. CHICAGO, June 7. --HOGS. -- RocclptB. 26,000; market, dull and lOc lower; mixed nnd butchers, JS. SOS'S. 35: sood heavy. 59.10 CHICAGO, June 7. -- (Special) -- JV; ro-ifrli heavy. ?8.80iS'S.93; light, JS.60 CATTLM -- Receipts, 17.090: market, -weak to lOc lower: beeves, 57.90^31.10; cows and heifers, J3.7BSJ9.50; stackers nnd feeder*. J6.00ffl8.S5; Teians. »S.50i|9.40, calves, J8.Z5 S11.75. SHEEP--Receipts, 15,000: market, weak to lOc lower; native, J7.004|>S.16; western. J7.209S.20; Iambi, J7.50W10.00; western, J8.00310.15. _ KansM' City. KANSAS CITY, Kas.. Juna 7. -- CATTLE-- Receipts, 7,000; market, steady: steors, 57.00 (Sll.OO: cows and heifers. Jo.uOSj 10.00; stockcrs and feeders, [email protected]: calves, SC.50«> 11.00. HOGS--Receipt*. 13.080. market, lOc lower: bulk, [email protected]: heavy. [email protected]; medium. [email protected]».20; light. J8.IOSi9.05. SHEEP -- Receipts. 6,000; market, steady to weak: lambs. J9.50©11.25: owes, J6.75®7.75; wethers ana yearlings, J5.004f9.00. South St. SOUTH ST. JOSEPH. -Mo.. June 7.--CATTLE --Receipts. 1,800; market, steady; Natives 19 00(&ilO. 90; Texas and westerns, J8.00 ®10.75; cows mid heifers. [email protected]; bulls and stags, J5.50(8f9.00; veala, 57. 00 '4> 10 50; yearllnss and calves. J6.00g-8.50: stockers and feeders. [email protected] HOG-S--Receipts. 6,600; market. 5c lower; lieht and ll^ht mixed. J8.85i39.15; medium and heavy. J9.0009.25; pigs, JS.0068.30; bulk sales. fS.90ig ».15. SHEEP--Receipts, 2,000: market, strong: lambs, [email protected]; yearlings, J8.00&S.50: wethers. 51.2o'gS.OO; ewes, J6.75SiJ7.50; spring lambs, 410.00eil.00. Ea»"t St. Lools. EAST ST. LOUIS. 111., -June 7. --CATTLE-- Receipts. 3.600: market, steady; Texans. remlpts 1.000: yearlhiB steers and helfors, JS50S10.35; cows. *5.50®S.SO: ttockem and feeders J5.50ISS.50: calves. [email protected] 25; Texas steer?. J5.50g9.65; cows and heifers, JS-OOSS-OO. HOGS--Receipts,' 5,500; market, steady; mUed and but..-hers. 18-95® 9.35; KOOd ._ to heavy [email protected] 10; rouRh. J8.7508.90: Itsht. J9.0533-30; bulk, J9.0099.35; pigs, J7.50®

9.20: Pigs. JB.7508.20.





Reid Green, chairman of the Lancaster county central committee, today issued a call for a meeting of the full committee Saturday, June 24, at 1:30 p. m. at the Savoy hotel. The committee will at that time take action concernin trie vacancy on the legislative ticket caused by the death of Elliott Lowe. It is expected that the committee will nominate a candidate rather than wait for the convention in July. A number of candidates' names have been proposed, chief among them being George Anderson of Havelock, postmaster for four years, and holding the highest place on the ticket outside of the nominees. The call issued by Mr. Green follows: A meeting of the Laricaster county republican central committee Is hereby, called for Saturday, June 24. 1911C, at1:30 p. m. at the Savoy hoteL .This meeting- is called for .the purpose" of arranging for the call of the county convention to be held In July, also the matter of the.vacancy on the legislative ticket will/be discussed and if desired' by the committee, the 'vacancy wfll "be filled bv the selection of a candidate- It is* urged that all commJtteeroen be-present. No proxy will be accepted unless held by a republican voter from the absent committeeman's precinct. A majority of all votes cast will be necessary for election. Any other matters that may properlv come before the committee will be actea upon. J. REED GREEX. Chairmroi Lancaster County Republican. Central Committee.

"silEEP--Receipts. 1.500: market sheep: GOVEKKOE HONOBS ELAG BAY lambs 15c to 23c lower; sheared ewes, J5.50 gS.OO; lambs, sheared, [email protected],25. He *«iy« Native Born and Adopted Citizen* Are Patriotic. Chicato Batter Market. ' CHICAGO. Juno 7. --BUTTER --Creameo' Governor J. H.-Horehead's flag-day extras 28%@2Sc; extra first*, [email protected]; flrjts. 275i©28c: seconds. 3«uffi27c. proclamation pays tribute to the paEGGS--Ordinaries. 18>i«i!20c; flrsts. 20% @ triotism of United States .citizens,

. Young ·whether native born or cyjzens by CHEEPE--Twins. Americas. lf»[email protected] adoption. He says the flag has- been LIVE rOtTLTKY--Fowls, ISc; ducks, )Sc; baptised In the blood of men from algccae, i:g!3c.

UOCA1, MARKET. The followinB pr!ce« were paid to th» producer today: (Quotations by C. Ifozer.) POULTRY. Sprins chlcker* (Itl6) 30=

Old Cocks Jc Oeeie. Ib J"6 "The 14th day of June o£ each y*ar ha* Turkeys. Ib. JJ* and celebrated Old Toms *|° come to bo recounted Duckf. Ib. .._......... *·* throughout the nation as Ji«5 day . fitaca .....--..··----...............---.··* "We haic no occasion in the year -when patriotism ca nbettcr b< expressed than on BCTTEK AND EGGS. Country butter, Ib 23c that day. The American people ortj patriotic .l«c at all times; thJ love of country if characteristic of all our cltliecs. -whether nati-x* bom or by adoption. This has been maniOnloas. bu. l fested in Jlme ot war as well as peace, on a Potatoej. bu. thousand battle fields. the> have vied -sTun OHAIN. o.ich other In defense ot the flap and Our **jorious HajiKcr ij-w* ?*ccn bnpys^d in tilt* /Quotations ny H. O. Barber & Son.) blo-xl of ra-n from almost ciery coun:r->- onKo. : Hard -wh«*U bu. * 2 Hafd wheat, bu. »Sc dcr Uif Starr. It h«« be-n borne aloft by No. 1 Hard -wheat, bu. 8«c thi- hands of those f.-ho have come to u* Cora *;c from all nation*, and there is nothtej: that r»-mo-.(.» and contentions afl Xo. 3 White oats ^0= oulckly as dl!t«rciice* our fiay. I *ai spesuta rhot ^t (QaotAtloiu by Lincoln Feed * Fuel Co.) 11.s m" scenrrjil terms, there day b« thoso Ni 1 Pralrlo Hay U.SO to ».5» ·who t.i^- no «cntini^-:t. -*ho?e souls arc so No. 2 Pralr!» Hay JJ-SJ d"«d. that ths> to tbeHu-clves have never Xo. i Airaif* %-:-*J;2-?! »ai(3 'It is my otvn. o- my adopted land No. J Alfalfa ...«7.SOQ«.»i But u-ir p-.op!«, « a rule, love'.rw li'r" ·«-" d*^cll In the en^oyiaent v. The Rlclit Amount. jjj1!,' ^ nr ' r if> r YK <" oar foref»then<. Oar 2&S ,J-rv.;..,. -v,c tjT^l, that thl» !s a soveiaJonea--But I don't ^kno^ jc.-t .-5^.3." f ,f tiic 7>eopl^. for tbc prople. and ^0-' irroch insurance to get?

most every country under the stars and that but fe-w citizens cannot say It is my own, or my adopted land." The governor asys that June 14'be observed as flag day and that the .public schools in particular set apart a por-' tion of the day to explain to pupils the meaning of the day. r

ness *a -.81


WAVn.T "-.N-JI- "-""'·"= yo-aria rn'"r s.?. M-, ; 7 -', · ' ' 4'H -- j_ - _ -- * - ····· _ ··" ....--. "' " 1. ._ _ t-as1- 1 i-Tr" 'or:' J)BSintS» men prcfjrrwS. *sa Jo=r-i £.'i f-""'55-.h S'. rhop ' · orl. 3^ .TVANTKT'- V '· . ^. A-dr«fi« *22 Jour- i r.aL r «TOCK. | i^rr"" n *"*<·' rooms. rr«» EMe.dX-'i: SAT.K---K'ftv O"ad '.'. hon>r* arj o>-.,-^s K KENT-- ^·»C'rr: ",o- ecntl--· a- rr.i V-irr SM.IC E'X'J thf*" and T ,i-,^ .. 1 in and N «·· .

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.'.u · - ·'h'- r*.«i«in*.i<:n ^f hf-"tnit3*)? ard brii CONVENTION CHEERING. l:o CHICAGO. June 7---The republi- l ^ ^ , « i - r - - 'cf*- 1 ^' 1 r1**--! rT.T'r. 7 . Jf^hr 1 31 can convention of 1880 was the first |,.,-^,«.lv r'-qixF. t^it 0*1 Th'. 15fh i-t AV o. in whlcti a woman spectator was "used" to force a demonstration by brandishing a flag and shouting a candidate** name. The same ruse j , . ^ t , " * ! " ^ ' ' "1C ·"-' It * 1"· 't"'" 1^ ^t i f. infti !,-!-- ··i'» has been used in practically every 1. r*-! c, . ',-, i, r,' -.ii.i'uj«-··'i-"T 'fl- : ·ti« ·«*·".'·- 'f >,. , -.. u U convention of both parties since. History reccrd* that the 1880 I ^jr.-K ·-.·- *"' "·''·_ I7v,;;"r"t *£ *"· ,\1'.-° republican convention chctred : Slaine's naive thirty-five minutes I'-" .'' '''"' "'-''"V 1,/^ f'^"l^'l,'^ : s and Grant's thirty rr<nut»s. This '·'*' ?· ' ·· '.i 'r ':','^ ",'.. -~l ";-? 'e was the first "!org distance" ch-ermg record. ' , . ., ,.]V, , ;, s r - r i ,-m --1-- J- .'..Demonstrations in conventions since that time have frequently conj'i ? 'f. <-nc»aTiTii: Atfi.f .loiirtia] To tinued for forty-five and fifty minutc*.. and -ndeec). m IMS at the democratic convention Brys-.'f. sdhercnts cheered and snplaudsd the 1 LINCOLN PRODUCE CO Nebraska" 'o- r r a - l y sn hsur and 9 half

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