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The 100 / 45 days YI JIN JING exercise ­ China's forgotten hard gong-fu method for extreme rejuvenation, happiness, immunity to disease and regaining the physical and sexual strength of your youth (heavy duty version with extras): .1. 100 (or 45) days NO SEX .2. 100 (or 45) days NO ALCOHOL .3. 100 (or 45) day 4 to 5 meals a day .4. 100 (or 45) days YIN JIN JING gong-fu 5 to 7 times a day .5. AMAZING MIRACULOUS RESULTS!



(the rare shaolin hard gong-fu version, Changhai 1930, by master Jin Yi Ming)

When you Google on "Yi Jin Jing", the method for strengthening muscles and tendons you get a whole different set of exercises like the set in the frame above. The version presented here is probably one of the most quick and effective training methods ever developed in order not only to strengthen your muscles and tendons but also for rigorously and rejuvenating, strengthening your body and energy field and to restore your sexual energy to the level of a twenty year old (even when you've past 40). The body is very quick restored with lost Jing-Qi (physical-sexual energy) and the Qi is led into the body through the arms and as I suspect, evaluating the feeling one gets while doing the practice, also sucked out of the Earth through the feet. The method is very simple, does not ask a lot of time. Just regularity and daily discipline. In this HAGAZUSSA-


SPECIAL the Yi Jin Jing is combined with a set of free squats and 4 special acupressure points to accelerate the rejuvenation and Jing-Qi restore process as will be explained below. There is a simple extra way to check whether Yi Jin Jing does the job it has to do for you. Try the pressure point routine on page 4 daily simultaneously with your Yi Jin Jing routine. Feel on day one how the flesh of you feet and wrists feels at day on. Keep doing the pressure point routine and notice that on day four your body, your feet and wrists feel much stronger, more solid and notice that you can press less deep than before. AS if your body was a plant that had sucked water after a long period of drought. The Polynesian term for Ying Qi of orgon or Od is "mana". But mana means also "water". The deterioration of your body from a pure physiological-energetic point of view is nothing but the loss of Jin-Qi that is not restored. That's why we wrinkle and get shorter.

Before you start a good advice! (disclaimer, don't skip)

Personally I'm convinced that the Yi Jin Jing version presented here deserves a place in the gallery of honor of extreme effective gong-fu and qi-gong exercises. However, every person has a different physique and constitution and can react different to the same program. I regard Dr. Lin as one of the worlds foremost authorities on lateral questions concerning the field we are dealing with here. So before you start exercising (at your own risk = disclaimer), please read the very interesting extracts I put at the end of this newsletter about de pro and cons and things you should know about the building up of Jing Qi and abstaining from ejaculation for a longer period. Most healthy young and middle aged men find it quite hard to abstain from sexual activity for more than a week. The Yi Jin Jing scheme is a job that takes 100 or 45 days. (I would recommend the 45 version if you don't want to end up like Eddy Murphy in the Nutty Professor during the time he transformed his obese body into ...this super over testosterone Eddy Murphy. Use your head, feeling and intuition and when it does not feel comfortable just quit. For your relief: even a week routine or just living normal and doing the exercise daily also improves your health and you can leave the sexual abstinence aspect to the martial art die hards. You can also safely do routines of 10 days, have sex and start again the next day. With this scheme you can get rid of extreme fatigue or flu like symptoms many men suffer from these days after ejaculation. And if that is not enough you will get very strong Popeye arms without spinach between your teeth!

Some practical tips before you start

1. Master Jin Yi Ming mentions abstinence from alcohol. But try also to reduce your daily coffee

intake to just one cup a day!! For some people including myself this is just as difficult as abstaining from sex or alcohol, but it is a must. No fluid exhausts the adrenal gland so much as coffee and the fact the millions of coffee addicts drink coffee as water every day is a major cause of chronic fatigue and a lot more complaints. 2. I love it to combine the Yi Jin Jing with free squats. I do a set of 50 squats every morning before breakfast. Don't overdo physical exercises because this will cost you the Jing-Qi you want to build up and store. Don't use the wall squat practiced in Chineng Qi-Gong. It sucks because it can damage you knees and there is no point at all in doing a squat before a wall. The effects of free squatting are exactly the same and the chance of injury is much less. Squatting rejuvenates the legs and buttocks as nothing else can and stimulates positive Yang energy and growth hormone production. In Chinese energy science it is taken for a fact that old age symptoms start with the legs. Getting old is via the legs related to our sexual habits and kidneys ­ explained on page 12. 3. My experience is that the exercise (and stopping with too much coffee) stimulates your appetite. I gained 3 kilograms in weight in just two weeks. When you are skinny this is great. When you are already obese, this could be a problem. 4. To promote Qi circulation in the body I always use four acupressure points that keep all 13 main meridians in the body open and (K-1) relief the kidney meridian from accumulating stress and remains of negative emotions. The points are given in the illustrations below:


What you do is that you simply press on them with your thumb for a second, than let go and press again in sets of 20 for Hegu, Neiguan and Zusanli (for both hands, wrists and legs). For the first kidney point Yougkuan you use sets of 50. Do it just before you go to sleep or when you get up and go to bed. Don't press too hard, but press firm. It should not hurt after a few days of daily routine. Additional a tip if you're main goal with this exercise is regaining sexual strength, youthfulness and joy. When you are using wireless devises (modem, WLAN, e-reader, Ipad etc. or carry a mobile phone in your pocket; just delete this pdf because nothing will safe you or help you if you expose your body and energy field to something worse than the shit we got and get from Fukushima. Your chance on cancer (and the rest) is 1:1 with sustainable Wi-Fi exposure. According to Dr. Magda Havas and many other authorities one of the four most dangerous radiation forms available (in the current fusion of trendy shit and artificial created addictions with depopulation strategies). However since Hagazussa Journal is a wicca-ezine and wicca's care for nature, natural and their sacred bodies I suppose you already now this fact and stay away from rapid aging syndrome sources.


YI JIN JING, Changhai 1930 version: the routine

Ok, lets get started. This routine of 12 sets in a row is for 45 days (or 100). The whole set of 12 exercises is repeated 5 or 7 times a day. No day may be skipped! Position 1 of 12 Face east. Stand upright (you keep this position all 12 stages and you don't move your feet). Observe the position in of the guy in the picture. Your stretched hands are positioned parallel to the ground and have their fingertips slightly pointed upwards. Keep your arms and body still, fingers clenched together and start counting to 49 and with every count you raise your fingertips a little bit more up and you lower your palms a little bit more down. Yet it is more a stretching of the hand as if you were sucking up Qi from the earth with your hands. When you have reached 49 you don't stop or rest but continue fluent and immediately with position 2. Position 2 of 12 Without changing position you clench all fingers into fist except for your thumbs. They point inwards to your hip. Now count again till 49 and with every count you clench your fists and you try to raise the tips of your thumbs a bit higher. Your fists remain at their place. I have found it no objection but more comfortable and functional tot very slightly open and close the fists while clenching. This prevents premature muscle pains or cramps and we should avoid them because when your arm muscles get sore and overworked they cannot absorb Qi. So the golden rule for this exercise and the nine "clechy" ones that follow is that you try to find the balance between clenching with increased force and preventing qi blockage in your arms by not clenching so hard you cannot use your arms for the next set that day or next day.


Position 3 of 12 Without changing position or inserting a small pause you continue with position 3. Your thumbs are now moved in your fists and you keep them in your fist until position 12. Start counting to 49 and with every count you clench your fists. Keep your arms straight and relaxed.

Position 4 of 12 Continue the clenching in position 4 and count to 49. Cleching fists stronger with every count.


Position 5 of 12 Without stopping continue the clenching in position 5 and count to 49. Clenching fists stronger with every count.

Position 6 of 12 Same story: Without stopping continue the clenching in position 6 and count to 49. Cleching fists stronger with every count. Fists must be at a distance of 1 CHI from each other (33 cm / 1.094 ft). AT the same time you clench, you move your elbows slightly backwards ­ more with an internal kick than a visible one.


Position 7 of 12 Without stopping continue the clenching in position 7 and count to 49. Cleching fists stronger with every count. Shift the body weight to your heels and curve your toes a bit for extra grip. Clench your fists with force and slightly raise them a bit. Try not to fall backwards.

Position 8 of 12 Continue with a new count to 49, fists about 16 ­ 2- cm / 7-8 inch apart, with forward stretched arms.


Position 9 of 12 Continue a new 49 count with bend elbows, fists pointing at your nose and palms turned inside. Distance to the nose about 7 ­ 10 cm or 2.6 ­ 3.9 inch.

Position 10 of 12 The clenching continues. now with every count you slightly raise your fists a bit up and move your elbows a bit forward.


Position 11 of 12 We are almost there. Clench 49 times with the top of your hands at about 7 ­ 10 cm or 2.6 ­ 3.9 inch distance in front of your navel.

Position 12 of 12 Lower your arms along your body. Now that the clenching is finished relax and take 3 deep breaths with the lower part of your stomach. Now raise your stretched arms upwards and at the same time raise your feet in tiptoe position and hold and lower down while imagining that you lift an incredible weight. (Image you lift a barbell or concrete block with elephants sitting on it or whatever). After you have repeated this 3 times, relax your arm muscles by raising them 3 times upwards and shake each leg a few times, starting with your left leg. Than walk a few steps and relax.



(And after a day or four you start mailing this pdf to your friends because it's working already.)



Extracts from kung-fu forum

[ forum participant daodejing] Ejaculation causes significant amounts of son's of essence (jing) to leave the body. This drains kidney yang qi, and in order to resupply the kidneys, they draw up energy from the secondary vessels in the legs (yinqiao mai, yangqiao mai, yinwei mai, and yangwei mai) to replenish the kidneys. This is why you get weak in the legs after excessive sexual activity. That happens immediatly. What happens over a bit of time is that jing is spent to replenish the qi in said vessels. This can impair energy work because many forms of qigong focus on the principle of Three Flowers Reach the Top, which means that the three treasures (jing qi and shen) reach the top of the body to nourish the brain (Baihui, Du 20). This is done by first refraining from sexual activity to build up alot of jing in the body. The jing is led upwards to the Huang Ting (an area in the abdomen between the navel and the xiphoid process) where it is converted into qi. The qi is then led up the Chong Mai (the thrusting vessel, essentially the spinal cord) directly into the brain. Once there the qi is refined into shen. There is one more step to this process which is to turn the shen into emptiness and crush the emptiness. By the time you get around to that you're at the final stages of enlightenment training. But to get back to the topic, this process requires ALOT of qi. Which means you have to conserve ALOT of jing. Which means you normally abstain for more than 100 days. Usually a few years all tolled. The reason athletes refrain is the weakening of the legs which results from depleted kidney yang. When your refrain you have much more qi to work with.

Extracts from the same forum quoting Dr. Lin ( Lin answers on questions of a 20 year old male who wants to know how to combine his sex life with jing qi accumulation needed for better performance as a martial artist. Note that the remarks Dr. Lin makes on the function of ejaculation shed a different light on the orthodox refrain methods used in martial arts and also suggest certain dangers over overdoing the job. His website is highly recommended for everyone interested in relations biochemical processes and qigong / kung fu techniques in relation tot health and sexuality.

1. Can jing overloaded n result in wet dreams? Yes! for young men. The brain in response to excessive jing (testosterone or sperm, one word two meanings) will signal a hard erection via spinal cords (sacral) S2-S4 during a deep sleep, that produces the stress (strain) signals to feed the interneuron switches in Spinal Cord T10L2 from the sexual nerves in the prostate. There are two mechanisms to trigger orgasmic ejaculation - one is the direct refelxion of the sympathetic sexual (orgasmic) nerves in 12

response to the stress reaction in the prostate due to a hard penile erection, and another is from the brain which, after receiving a stress signal from the prostate via T10-L2, sends a sequence of action potential via the interneuron switches and sympathetic sexual nerves to the prostate's ejaculation controller. 2. what causes wet dreams? How to stop it? Excessive testosterone or sperm will alert the brain to release the internal pressure in the prostate and testicles. Biological action of mimic testosterone or artificial growth hormones (red meat!) on the prostate, pornography, and sexual-associated vision/hearing/physical stimulation will increase wet dreams. Reducing testosterone level in the prostate area will kill wet dream. On the other hand, a weak parasympathetic nervous function in the prostate, which can not help secure (tighten) the prostate ejaculation valve, will result in semen leakage or wet dream too ( how about urinary leakage and wet bed!). How to prevent wet dream from happening? you can reduce it but can not stop it. Powering the parasympathetic nervous function and reducing the sympathetic nervous function in the prostate will naturally reduce wet dream frequency. Eat more nuts, seeds, beans, fruit vegetables and fruits; cut down red meat and cheese consumption; have more exercises and circulate your Chi in your microcosmic orbit - recycle your sexual energy back to your brain. You are normal to have wet dreams 2 or 3 times a week at this age of 20 if you have never masturbated. But, you can reduce it by burning out more testosterone. In fact, if you don't have wet dream and have never masturbated to release yourself, you should worry about your testicular function. For a health young man, you can ejaculate 2 or 3 times to prevent your brain's testosterone negative feedback controller from locking up, unless you are very weak. I think you are OK! 3. Does jing capacity effect chi in martial art or chi gong? Yes, It affects the syntheses of acetylcholine (Yin Chi) and dopamine (Yang Chi) in the brain. Martial art or Chi Gong (ChiKong) requires both Yin and Yang chi to act and react. If you don't have sufficient Yin, you can not circulate your chi in your acupuncture channels. All the nervous systems, sensory or motor, sympathetic or parasympathetic, requires acetylcholine. That is why Yin Chi is the mother of all Chi. When dopamine is converted to norepinephrine and epinephrine ( both forms the Wei Chi the defense Chi), your body becomes alert, ready to react. When Jing is too high, it generate too much stress in the pelvic area, unless you can burn it into bioelectric power to charge the local parasympathetic nerves and circulate the bioelectricity (the Chi in the acupuncture network.) back to the brain via the spine and Governing Vessel. This jing-chi translation can be done by a sequence of expanding action on the parasympathetic and sensory nerves in the bladder and tail bone, which share the same interneurons in S2-S4. Don't contract the prostate muscle which will produce excessive DHT from the testosterone burning, resulting in overstimulation of the prostate for ejaculation. Contraction of the prostate (PC) muscle will trigger the sympathetic/sensory nervous circuits in T10-L2, leading to orgasm. This is why women can achieve orgasm easier with the sexual chikong contraction of their PC muscle during sex. Please read and . Note that contraction of the muscle will cause testosterone to burn into bioelectric energy and DHT, both will promote the local sensory and motor nervous function. It is good for women since it increases the vaginal sexual response (orgasm!), not good for men since it promotes the prostate sexual response (ejaculation!). If you want to prolong your intercourse without 13

ejaculation or re-circulate your sexual energy, you can only use the ligaments and muscles around the bladder and tail bone to burn testosterone into the bioelectric power to charge the parasympathetic/sensory nervous circuits in S2-S4. This trick of Jing-Chi translation is the basic principle of my sexual chikong breathing as described in Many readers, after mastering this trick, can make love for longer than a hour without ejaculation. and more examples in This is why Sexual ChiKong Intercourse is a most powerful lovemaking technique for men and women's multiple orgasms. 4. is there a method to develop both jing & chi? Jing-Chi translation can be done in two ways - one is in the brain to help acetylcholine and dopamine syntheses (requiring DHEA and testosterone; DHEA - the Kidney Yin; testosterone - the Kidney Yang); the other is in the pelvic area, as described in the Item 3. Since the pelvic cavity, particularly around the prostate, traps a high level of testosterone due to the high density of testosterone receptors in the local tissues. If you don't translate it to Chi, it will promote libido and ejaculation. If you can not convert it all, you have to ejaculate to release the pelvic congestion and to unlock the brain's testosterone negative feedback controller. That is why optimal ejaculation can promote testosterone/sperm production, and then increase your Jing and Chi immediately. Foods and dietary supplements which contain brain's chemicals and hormone-building substances, are essential for develop Jing and Chi. This is why the old Taoists developed herbal formulas and recipes for Chinese Emperors and nobles who "owned" more than 10 wives and had sex very night with wives. These formulas have modified generation by generation, as the Chinese herbal medicines. Our PeniSOS and ViaGrowth products have been formulated based up these old Chinese formulas for the Chinese Emperors/Empresses. They can help old emperors last longer and ejaculate more without experiencing sexual exhaustion. Image that a 60-year old emperor had to have sex with 2-5 20-year old ladies in one night. They must have some ways to help the old emperor hold erection for 1 or 2 hours without ejaculation. Yes, once you master my sexual chikong breathing and the principle of sexual orgasm, you can last for 2 hours without ejaculation. The tricks are, (1) don't let your urethra be over stimulated, and (2) power your penis to an extreme size to create a high penile blood pressure to block the urethral nerve communication between the glans penis and prostate. Once the old emperor cold hold his ejaculation back and his erection up, then he made his younger partner come again and again, so that he could extract her sexual energy from her Epicenter (the female prostate) to his tail bone (the first acupuncture point of the Governing Vessel) via his glans penis (parasympathetic/sensory nerves via S2-S4) with his sexual chikong (Microcosmic) Chi circulation. Practicing the Microcosmic Chi Circulation with my 3-point excitation love position during sex can make women come in a very short time while men can experience multiple orgasms without ejaculation. When I have my wife orgasm with this love position while I am practicing the Microcosmic Chi Orbiting, I feel a sequence of burning sensation waves traveling along my spine from my tail bone to my brain. After sex (even with ejaculation), I become fully awake. This is why we like to make love in the morning every day when testosterone is very high. Every morning, we want to burn the testosterone in our sex organs (my penis, her clitoris and 14

G-spot/urethral spongy tissues) to charge our Yin and Yang Chi, and keep our love tools polishing with the super hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone) produced by the testosterone burning, so that I can keep our natural penile/clitoral/G-spot enlargement working. We both take our ViaGrowth-IV and drink our Fibra + Ginseng tea daily to retain high levels of acetylcholine, dopamine, serotonin, DHEA and testosterone with a well-balanced estrogen. Sex let us recharge our body and retain our Chi levels like 20-year young people. This is the most important result of our Jing-Chi translation practice via sexual intercourse and orgasm. Our another discovery is the natural penile/clitoral/G-spot enlargement which can be done by burning sufficient testosterone in the local tissues when the penile erection and Gspot/Clitoral engorgement become extremely hard. The spongy tissues in the penis, clitoris and g-spot will become more and more erectile and inflatable. Women can not achieve orgasm without burning testosterone in the clitoris or urethral spongy tissues (G-spot and Epicenter). This is why clitoral orgasm makes the clitoris become too sensitive to touch ( the resting potential - the Chi, in the clitoral sensory nerves become overcharged by burning too testosterone in the tiny clitoral shaft and glans!). Our third discovery is that women practice our Sexual Chikong Intercourse can narrow down her vaginal size and produce a powerful suction force on the penis during sex. After more than 26-year lovemaking and having two daughters, my wife vagina is tighter than that in her 20s. 5 . will there be any effect if i do not ejaculate for a year? Your testosterone negative feedback controller will be locked up and downregulated. That is, the lockup threshold becomes too low to have your testicular function worked properly. Your body will have a high level of Wei Chi (extreme Yang), too stressful, not good for social life, due to a long-term accumulation of Yang and a long-term depletion of orgasmic hormone Oxytocin - the emotional and social hormone. In addition, The semen in the seminal vesicles is like a pond of dead water. If you have never ejaculated for a week, your semen become very yellowish and very thickly creamy and particulate. If you have retained the semen for a long term, said several years, like Buddhism Monks, the particulate semen (containing minerals) may form a lot of solid pearls (I call them the seminal stones), like kidney stones. This is why Buddhism monks can leave certain number of pearls after cremating. The seminal stones are fire-resistant. Buddhism uses the seminal stones to symbolize the degree of how a monk resists sexual temptation. Statistically, the average life span of monks is shorter than that of married men who enjoy sex. Well, the Chinese history said "The Yellow Emperor around 2600 B.C. had more than thousand young wives and lived up to 160 years." (I like this: Love longer Live Longer!) The Taoists have considered he was the founder of the Chinese nation and Taoism. The Chinese sexual bible called "Suu Nui Ching - the Plain Girl" was written according to his conversation with his three female sexual advisors and two medical doctors. You may wonder why Taoists have considered sex can prolong life and health. Suu Nui Ching advises men how to use intercourse to cure health misalignments for both sexes, and how to extract sexual energy from young women to prolong male life. I like that ideas, but unfortunately, I have only one old wife. Generally, men after middle age may dry up the seminal vesicles if they don't eat enough sexual nutrients. Then, the reproduction/sexual function will naturally diminish. Of course, no more semen is available for ejaculation. A lot of men ejaculate nothing or blood if they are forced to ejaculate. Furthermore, a lot of men start to experience the prostate disorder after midlife. One of the prostate disorder results from a lack of the prostate flushing (ejaculation). So, an optimal ejaculation is essential for health and sexual function.


More Dr. Lin (on orgasm & immune system) Orgasm induces immune challenge in 2 ways: direct and indirect. The direct one is to respond to the foreign substances bringing to the contact organs including the mouth and sex organs. The indirect one is a neuro-immune response to the orgasm induced norepinephrine release from the hypothalamus and adrenal glands, leading to the elevation of Immunoglobulin (antibodies ). Chronic over-masturbation, over-ejaculation or excessive orgasm generally exhausts dopamine, cholinergic/vagal(acetylcholine), serotonin and GABA nervous control with excessive hypothalamic and adrenal dopamine-norepinephrine conversion for constant sympathetic nervous fight or/and flight, excessive norepinephrine-induced informatory hormone prostaglandin E2 production over your body cells from the head down to the toes, excessive norepinephrine-induced Immunoglobulin (antibodies such as IgA, IgD, IgE, IgG and IgM) elevation for neuroimmune weakness and disorders, constant elevation of the pituitary prolactin release for autoimmune disorders, and constant constriction and inflammation of your arterial and heart smooth muscles. The problem is: Chronic elevation of the stress hormone norepinephrine and its induced immune suppression will collapse the immune system. There are several symptoms associated with excessive norepinephrineinduced Immunoglobulin elevation and excessive immune-suppression prostaglandin E2 for neuroimmune weakness and disorders. For sexual induced asthma, sneezing, allergy and sinus, we will have to deal with the excessive norepinephrine induced IgE which triggers excessive release of both histamine and prostaglandin E2. The antibody IgE, which is found in the lungs, skin, and mucous membranes, is responsible for activation of mast cells to release histamine, and for triggering cytokines like interleukin4 (IL-4) and interleukin-13 (IL-13) and other inflammatory mediators to release inflammatory hormone and immune-suppressor prostaglandin E2. Thus, overshooting of IgE causes allergy, sneezing and hypersensitivity. Elevation of the stress neurohomrone norepinephrine will generally trigger the elevation of IgE for allergy, sneezing and hypersensitivity, and activates enzyme Cyclooxygenase-2 (also known as COX-2) to oxidize arachidonic acid into prostaglandin E2. Excessive psychological or physical stress, excessive sex, over-exposure to sunlight or intensive heat, air pollution, or pollen can overshoot IgE for allergy, sinus, headaches and other inflammatory diseases. IgM is found in blood and lymp fluid in response to an infection. It promotes other immune system cells to destroy intruders. However, Excessive elevation of IgM indicates ectodermal dysplasia and immunodeficiency, or humoral immune defect. IgG is found in the body fluid, very important in fighting against bacterial and viral infections. Norepinephrine is not supposed to increase IgG antibodies. IgA is found in the areas of the body, that exposed to foreign substances. Those areas include the nose, breathing passages, digestive tract, ears, eyes, and vagina. IgA antibodies protect the body surfaces against outside foreign substances. Sexual intimacy may elevate IgA in response to the secretion from the mouth, vagina, uterus and cervix and other sexual aid substances for men, and to the secretion of mouth, the ejaculation fluid and sexual aid substances for women. It is supposed to be an immune challenge. Chronic over-stimulation of the immune system with excessive stress neurohormone 16

norepinephrine and its induced immune suppressor prostaglandin E2 will breakdown the immune adaptive ability and collapse the the adaptive immune system, leading to immune disorders. Thus, if your norepinephrine and prostaglandin E2 are not overshooting, immune stimulation with norepinephrine will improve the adaptive immune system to combat pathogens, the alternative term "infectious agents" or the common name "germs." The other immune complements of the innate immune system, known as the complement system which is not adaptable and won't change overtime in an individual's lifetime, can be recruited and brought into action by the adaptive immune system. The complement system is a biochemical cascade that clears pathogens by attacking the surface of foreign cells. It contains over 20 different proteins, circulating in the blood and bathing the tissues in an inactive form. In response to the recognition of foreign cells, the proteins become sequentially activated, working in a cascade in which the binding of one protein will promote the binding of the next protein in the cascade. It is the major humoral component of the innate immune response. The complement cascade is a double-edged sword. While protecting against the invasion of foreign cells, the complement system has the potential to be extremely damaging to host tissues via its induced inflammation and phagocytosis. A long-term stimulation of the complement system may lead to many diseases associated with an immune component, such as Barraquer-Simons Syndrome, asthma, lupus erythematosus, glomerulonephritis, vasculitis (inflammatory destruction of blood vessels including both arteries and veins)), kidney basement membrane diseases, nephritis (kidney inflammation), hemolysis (rupture of red blood cells), arthritis, autoimmune heart disease, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel disease, ischemia-reperfusion injuries, and autoimmune disorders, and to the diseases of the central nervous system such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's diseases, parkinsonism, and other neurodegenerative conditions. ..///

The end



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