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Worksheet 13

Countable and uncountable nouns

1 Complete the table with the words from the box. apple banana bread cake cheese egg fruit meat pasta rice sandwich sausage tea tomato vegetable water Countable Uncountable 3 Circle the correct sentence. 1 Is there any milk? a) Yes, there is. b) Yes, there are. 2 3 4 5 2 Complete the sentences with the words from the box. some is are a 6 7 a) Would you like a water? b) Would you like some water? a) There isn't any bananas. b) There aren't any bananas. a) Can I have some rice? b) Can I have some rices? Are there any apples? a) No, there isn't. b) No, there aren't. a) Would you like a sandwich? b) Would you like some sandwich? a) I don't want any breads. b) I don't want any bread.



1 2 3 4

__________________ there any milk? __________________ there any apples?


Would you like __________________ banana? Would you like __________________ tea?

Circle the odd word out. 1 bread ­ milk ­ apple 2 tea ­ carrot ­ cake 3 banana ­ fruit ­ orange 4 sandwich ­ meat ­ bread 5 rice ­ cheese ­ egg 6 vegetable ­ pasta ­ sausage

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