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The world's number one resource site for English language teachers

With over 6,500 resources, complete lesson plans, worksheets, audio, video and flashcards, you'll always find what you're looking for on onestopenglish. Your time is precious so onestopenglish is packed with resources to make your life easier. All materials are written and edited by our expert team of teachers and are organised into core subject areas, such as skills, grammar and vocabulary, business and ESP, exams and young learners.


Onestopenglish OnestopCLIL Macmillan English Campus Macmillan Practice Online p4 p5 p6 p7

Your subscription brings you:

· · · · · Access to over 6,500 resources, searchable by age, level and language focus A complete subscription service with resources published every week Weekly news lessons from The Guardian Weekly A huge range of audio material and podcasts, with easy-to-use lesson plans A bank of songs, games, videos and flashcards for children

Whether you teach children, teenagers, adults or business executives, onestopenglish is the only place to come for your English language teaching materials.

At only £32 for a year's subscription, it really is the best value on the web.

Institutional subscriptions available.

Interactive Whiteboard Material p 8 Macmillan Education Macmillan English Macmillan Resource Sites New digital delivery

2009 sees Macmillan delivering new forms of digital content, not only for the classroom with Macmillan Practice Online and our Interactive Whiteboard materials, but through our new eBook website, Bookstore. Bookstore allows you to view online or download some of our most popular books. Resource books, readers, methodology titles and testing materials are all available either as a whole book, or by the chapter. You search the book before you buy it, view the pages and simple buy in a format that suits you!

Visit for more information and to subcribe.

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Search for materials by age, level and language focus using our advanced search

Try before you buy with free sample material in all sections of the site bookstore

Be part of our vibrant teaching community of over 450,000 users by joining the forum or entering one of our competitions


The resource bank for CLIL teachers rs

Who is onestopclil for?


Onestopclil is a new subscription teacher resource site for primary and secondary CLIL teachers who use English as the language of instruction.


What does `CLIL' mean?

CLIL stands for Content and Language Integrated Learning. It refers to teaching subjects such as science, history and geography through a foreign language. This can be by the language teacher using curriculum content or the subject teacher teaching in a foreign langauge. Both methods result in the simultaneous learning of content and language.

What do you get for your subscription to the site?

An exciting range of flexible, ready-made, subject-specific resources for both English language teachers and subject teachers, including: · Worksheets and teacher's notes for science, geography and history lessons · 100+ topic-based worksheets and teachers' notes for young learners · Access to Interactive Worlds ­ a new digital teaching resource which can be used on an Interactive Whiteboard or a computer · Images and diagrams to download from our subject-specific image gallery · Access to the Macmillan School Dictionary online containing key subject vocabulary · Subject-specific wordlists for students with clear definitions · Science Museum, worksheets and animations to use in class · Topic-based webquests and projects · Teaching tips and methodology articles from leading experts to help you teach CLIL effectively

What is available for free on the site?

Our free resources include: · A lesson share area where you can post ideas, resources and lesson plans · A discussion forum where teachers can exchange experiences and debate the issues behind CLIL · CLIL Teacher magazine ­ with regular articles by CLIL teachers, tips, news and CLIL events · Samples of the types of resources that are available for subscribers

How much does it cost to subscribe?

For £30 / 40 a year you get unlimited access to a huge resource bank of creatively designed, subject-specific CLIL resources that is continually growing. Institutional subscriptions are available.

Search for materials by age and subject matter Free CLIL teacher magazine and CLIL community areas

Visit to subscribe. We look forward to welcoming you to our CLIL community.


Macmillan English Campus

Equips teachers, encourages students, enhances learning

Have you seen Macmillan's blended learning solution for students and teachers?


Macmillan English Campus is an online learning environment which combines course management tools with a database of over 4,000 resources. These have been specially designed to help institutions support and enhance English language teaching and extend the boundaries of the classroom.

Key features

Content · 4,000 resources ranging from beginner to advanced level including language and vocabulary exercises, listening and pronunciation practice, web projects and games · Exam practice materials for TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS and Cambridge ESOL Reference Material · Macmillan English Dictionary Online · Over 450 grammar reference units · Methodology database for teachers Monitoring · Automatic markbook allowing students and teachers to track progress Coursebuilding · Coursebuilding tool allowing institutions to create their own specialised courses · 31 courses ready-built to use with your classes

Visit for a full demo and more information.

Weekly updated news items at three levels in association with The Guardian Weekly

Students follow a course set by their teacher

A personalised area for bookmarks, wordlists and weblinks for every student Students can view their marks and check their progress throughout the course

Quality-assured Macmillan content

Macmillan English Campus now also includes:

· Test Compiler containing more than 650 exercises · English for Academic Purposes (EAP) material · Interactive Worlds for young learners, focusing on the natural world · New and updated material for FCE and CAE exams


Macmillan Practice Online

Inspiring learners, enhancing teaching

Macmillan Practice Online (MPO) provides quick and easy online practice for learners of English as a foreign language. Offering general and coursebook-specific courses at different levels, MPO is self-marking and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.


Supplementary online practice has never been easier, more flexible or more affordable. Give your learners the MPO advantage now and watch them grow in confidence as they practise...

Key features

· · · · · · Provides great online learning resources that inspire students and improve results Supports classroom teaching and works alongside your current print resources Gives students instant marks and immediate feedback on their work Allows teachers to spend more time on productive skills in the classroom while students practise online Lets students access comprehensive grammar support and the superb Macmillan English Dictionary Online Is simple to purchase, with no need for investment in systems, software or staff training: with MPO you just log on and go...

So why not give your school the MPO advantage and choose Macmillan Practice Online today?

Visit for a full demo and more information.

Build personalised vocabulary lists

Access your chosen course material

Access the dictionary any time to look up unfamiliar words

Receive instant feedback on your work

Macmillan Practice Online titles available: New Inside Out Beginner 978 0230 72521 8 New Inside Out Elementary 978 0230 72522 5 New Inside Out Pre-intermediate 978 0230 72559 1 Inside Out Pre-intermediate 978 0230 72523 2 Inside Out Intermediate 978 0230 72524 9 Inside Out Upper Intermediate 978 0230 72525 6 Inside Out Advanced 978 0230 72526 3 Inspiration 1 978 0230 72531 7 Inspiration 2 978 0230 72532 4 Inspiration 3 978 0230 72533 1 Inspiration 4 978 0230 72534 8 In Company Elementary 978 0230 72527 0 In Company Pre-intermediate 978 0230 72528 7 In Company Intermediate 978 0230 72529 4 In Company Upper Intermediate 978 0230 72530 0 Expressions 1 978 0230 72553 9 Expressions 2 978 0230 72554 6 Straightforward Pre-intermediate 978 0230 72555 3 Straightforward Intermediate 978 0230 72556 0

Sky High Book 1 Sky High Book 3 Advanced Academic English (American) Advanced Academic English (British) Advanced Academic English with TOEFL (American) Advanced Academic English with IELTS (British) PET Practice Online FCE Practice Online TOEIC Practice Online TOEFL Practice Online CEFR Level A2 (British) CEFR Level B1 (British) CEFR Level B2 (British) CEFR Level C1 (British) CEFR Level C2 (British) CEFR Level A2 (American) CEFR Level B1 (American) CEFR Level B2 (American) CEFR Level C1 (American) CEFR Level C2 (American)

978 0230 72557 7 978 0230 74071 6 978 0230 72560 7 978 0230 74072 3 978 0230 72561 4 978 0230 74062 4 978 0230 74063 1 978 0230 74064 8 978 0230 74065 5 978 0230 74073 0 978 0230 74066 2 978 0230 74067 9 978 0230 74068 6 978 0230 74069 3 978 0230 74070 9 978 0230 74074 7 978 0230 74075 4 978 0230 74076 1 978 0230 74077 8 978 0230 74078 5

Macmillan Practice Online is available for the following Macmillan international courses:

New Inside Out Inside Out Straightforward In Company Inspiration


Interactive Whiteboard Material

New Inside Out Digital

Interactive Whiteboard software - Adult

Beginner, Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate and Upper Intermediate levels available in 2009. Content delivered via DVD-ROM.


New Inside Out Digital has been designed to be completely platform-independent, and can even be used with a simple laptop and projector combination. All of the special tools for interacting with the content are built into the software, not relying on any particular manufacturer's hardware to operate.

Key features

· A digital version of the Student's Book is visible on screen, allowing you to combine traditional book-based learning with the multimedia features of the digital version · All of the audio and video content related to a unit page is instantly accessible by tapping on the relevant icon. No more switching between software applications or hunting around for the correct track on a CD player · The teacher's area provides a powerful presentation tool that allows you to build custom presentations easily, or simply to adapt the provided templates · Easy navigation provides quick and easy access to pages in the Student's Book, to the teacher's area, to printable documents and to help screens · Supplied training material helps you get up to speed quickly with this powerful software

Student's Book pages are visible on screen

Teacher's area allows you to build custom presentations or to adapt templates

Zoom in to content on-screen, by tapping on any pre-defined area of a page, or by drawing a box around a specific area


New Inside Out



Beginner Elementary Pre-intermediate Intermediate Upper Intermediate

978 1405 09947 9 978 1405 09950 9 978 1405 09956 1 978 1405 09969 1 978 0230 00916 5

Interactive Whiteboard Material

Story Magic

Interactive Whiteboard software ­ Primary

Fun, varied and lively story-based Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) software for the primary classroom, that is easy to use for both students and teachers. Four levels, each containing nine units that follow the sequence of topics of the Story Magic course. It can be used equally well as stand-alone material. Each unit contains a song and a story plus four to five motivating activities that bring the stories to life! Assessment material is included for use with the whole class or individuals along with a wide range of techniques for checking and reviewing vocabulary.


Key features

· Platform neutral ­ can be used on Smart, Promethean, Hitachi or any type of IWB and with any operating system (Linux, Windows, Mac etc.) · Focuses mainly on grammar and lexis for students who have had prior experience of English, but is also perfect for use at a slower pace with absolute beginners or with those students who need further opportunities for consolidation or extension · Practical on-screen demonstrations of how to teach with the IWB in the teacher support section

Story Magic IWB CD-ROM Levels 1 and 2 978 0230 72691 8 Levels 3 and 4 978 0230 72692 5

Busy Board

Interactive Whiteboard software ­ Primary

Topic-based Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) materials for the primary classroom that encourage active involvement in the classroom. Containing a large range of activities drawn from language widely taught in primary schools with children from the age of five to 12, Busy Board will capture students' interest and their sense of fun. Ten beautifully illustrated topic areas and entertaining activities improve lexical and content knowledge through interactive games that get the students moving and motivated to learn. The software can be used as stand-alone material or as a complement to any primary coursebook.

Key features

· Platform neutral ­ can be used on Smart, Promethean, Hitachi or any type of IWB and with any operating system (Linux, Windows, Mac etc.) · Most topic areas have the choice of five or more activities · Teacher's information area for each topic lists the type of activity, the vocabulary items covered and a description of the activity to help teachers pick the most appropriate activity to complement their lesson

Busy Board IWB CD-ROM Level 1 978 0230 72985 8 Level 2 978 0230 72986 5 Level 3 978 0230 72987 2 Levels 1-3 Pack 978 0230 72988 9

Interactive Worlds ­ Primary / Secondary

Interactive Worlds are flexible, topic-based learning resources with video, audio and interactive exercises that are ideal for use in the classroom. Specially designed for use on Interactive Whiteboards, the `Worlds' feature integrated tools, such as a pen, a highlighter and a colour palette. The Interactive Worlds available are Animal World, Natural World and Animals and Culture.

Key features

· Cross curricular material suited to a CLIL context · Ideal for students aged 10-14 · Each `World' contains five or six zones providing a variety of content and activities relating to the natural world · Interactive activities cater for different learning styles, including drag and drop exercises and memory games, downloadable worksheets and web projects for follow-up work · Extensive teacher's notes to support on-screen material

Available only as part of onestopclil subscription (see page 5) or as part of Macmillan English Campus (see page 6)


Macmillan Education's new home on the internet will help you find everything you need to know quickly and easily. From information about our latest publications and teacher training events, to advice on how to submit your ideas for courses, should be your first port of call.

About us: browse our extensive catalogue, from local curriculum materials and marketleading ELT courses to Interactive Whiteboard software and online resources


Job opportunities: find out how you could become part of Macmillan's publishing operations all over the world

Macmillan digital: discover Macmillan's range of digital publishing, from Macmillan English Campus to online resources and DVD and CD-ROMs

Macmillan worldwide: learn more about local offers, regional publishing, and Macmillan contacts where you are

Online Dictionary: free access to the Macmillan English Dictionary Online is Macmillan Education's online catalogue and bookshop. This accessible site provides you with detailed information on Macmillan's full range of ELT products in both British and American English. From pre-primary materials and graded readers to adult courses and business English titles, has everything you need to teach English with Macmillan.

Catalogue: comprehensive catalogue displaying international and region-specific publications

Bookshop: secure and easy-to-use bookshop allows you to buy what you need quickly and easily

Worldwide: local events, special offers, regional publishing and local contacts can be found in our comprehensive `Worldwide' directory Authors: get to know the people who write for Macmillan by reading their biographies, watching video clips of talks and downloading their presentations


Resource Sites

Young Learners

Macmillan Education's young learners' portal provides you with all the support you need in your pre-primary and primary classrooms. With interactive games, downloadable resources and project work available across eight microsites, the materials cover all aspects of the curriculum. New for 2009: a website to support the Macmillan English Explorers reading scheme, resources for teachers using Footprints, online material following the English World course and demonstrations of our new digital resources for young learners.



Schools and Readers

Additional resources for classrooms can be found on our websites designed to add extra material to Inspiration, Hot Spot and the Macmillan Readers series. The Inspiration website provides teachers with extra grammar practice at all four levels of the course, and cross-curricular culture lessons. The Macmillan Readers resource site offers materials for both teachers and students. Worksheets and extra exercises accompany many Readers titles, and additional information about academic and creative writing, self-levelling tests, audio worksheets and webquests are available on the students' site. New for 2009: Hot Spot website with downloadable resources, sample units from this new series for `betweenagers', as well as interactive Facebook profiles for the Glooms ­ the family students follow throughout the course.


Adult Courses

Two of Macmillan's popular adult courses are supported by online components. Both Straightforward and Inside Out have interactive websites with a wealth of material for teachers, and each has a regular `e-lesson' service which delivers teaching material straight to your inbox. The newly revamped Inside Out site contains material for both Inside Out and New Inside Out, and is also a valuable resource for teachers using American Inside Out in their classroom. The Straightforward website contains samples from the indispensable `Straightforward Guides' series, as well as monthly lessons to use in your classroom. New for 2009: Inside Out portal which NEW directs teachers straight to the edition of the course they are using, complete with new resources and a new, fresh design. In addition, Straightforward e-lessons are going interactive, as YouTubeTM videos will form an important part of the monthly resources update.


Resource Sites

Business and ESP

Macmillan Business Online contains resources to accompany Macmillan's extensive list of business publishing. Monthly podcasts, PowerPoint presentations and sample business dilemmas showcase The Business, while a bi-monthly email service sends In Company lessons straight to your inbox. Resource sites accompanying Campaign and Aviation also contain additional resources mapped to these specialised courses, including lesson plans and worksheets, audio material and tests.



New for 2009: Aviation English web resources, including downloadable lessons and web guides outlining vital information for teaching English in the aviation industry.


Macmillan's flagship suite of dictionaries and the Macmillan Books for Teachers series are both supported by interactive websites. The Macmillan Dictionaries site offers information about the range of dictionaries, corpus information, useful glossaries, web guides and regular e-lesson services to support learning with both the Macmillan English Dictionary and the Macmillan Essential Dictionary. The Macmillan Books for Teachers website offers practical support to teachers by providing videos of the series' authors giving talks on important subjects, PowerPoint notes from workshops they have given, as well as forthcoming webcast workshops.


New for 2009: Free access to the Macmillan Dictionary Online. In addition, all dictations on are now available on iTunes as podcasts.


According to the International Copyright Act of 1976, the law allows a reader to make a single copy of a part of a book for purposes of private study. It does not allow the copying of entire books or the making of multiple copies of extracts. In some countries it is possible for schools to do a limited amount of photocopying under the terms of a licence issued by a licensing agency such as the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) in the UK. The other circumstance in which photocopying of copyright material is permitted is when the publisher has designated a book or part of a book `photocopiable'. This special permission is always indicated clearly in the book both at the front and on every photocopiable page. Many of the Teacher's Books that accompany Macmillan ELT courses contain such photocopiable material. Under no circumstances may schools photocopy materials for use in self-access centres, unless they have registered with the Copyright Licensing Agency or an associated licensing agency and allow/use photocopying strictly in accordance with their regulations. If a school wishes to have multiple copies of a part of a book in a self-access centre then it must purchase the necessary number of printed books. There is no formal objection to schools physically cutting printed texts into parts and re-assembling them in any way that seems appropriate, providing the books or parts of books are not then resold. It is not, however, a practice we would recommend. In the case of audio recordings, it is permissible for a school to make a copy of an audio cassette or CD, keeping the original as back-up. Only one copy may exist at any one time. A school may copy different parts of an original audio cassette or CD onto several cassettes or CDs, providing that no part of the original exists in more than one copy at any one time. Therefore, if a school wishes to have three copies of one part of an audio cassette or CD, it must have three originals. No copying, single or multiple, of video cassettes or DVDs is permitted.

Environmental Policy

Macmillan materials are printed on environmentally friendly papers. The trees come from sustainable forests where more trees are planted than used, and only biodegradable chemicals are used in the processing.




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