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The Neighbourhood Newspaper for T. Nagar & Mambalam Vol. 17, No. 17 849th Issue : September 17 - 23, 2011 FREE


3 buildings sealed for violations


By Our Staff Reporter

Sept. 10 for building rule Corporation officials sealed violations and unauthorized three buildings in T. Nagar on Continued on page 8

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September 17 - 23, 2011


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September 17 - 23, 2011


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Navarathri concerts in Kali Bari from Wednesday

By Our Staff Reporter

Dance programs and music concerts will form part of Navarathri celebrations in Madras Kali Bari, 12, Umapathy Street Extension, West Mambalam from Sept. 21. The following are details: Sept. 21: 5 p.m: Keyboard concert by students of Sivan Academy; 6 p.m: C. S. Malathi (vocal); 7.30 p.m: Jayalakshmi Sekar (vocal). Sept. 22: 5 p.m: S. Bhat (vocal); 6 p.m; Lalitha Bharathi (vocal); Sheela Sundar (vocal). Sept. 23: 5 p.m: Bharathanatyam by Pavithra Muralidhar and Sheetal; 7.30 p.m: Naveen Nambudiri (vocal). Sept. 24: 5 p.m: Bharathanatyam by students of Jaya Vigna Vinayaga Dance Natyalaya; 6 p.m: Balakrishnan & Srividya Kannan (vocal); 7.30 p.m: Bengali music concert by Mahalaya. Sept. 25: 5 p.m: Vikram Raghavan (vocal); 6 p.m: Eswar Balaji (vocal): 7.30 p.m: Devotional music concert by Usha Balaji. Sept. 28: 5 p.m: Bharathanatyam by S. Varsha: 6 p.m: Vidyabharathi (vocal); 7.30 p.m: N. Muthumeenakshi (vocal) Sept. 29: 5 p.m: Bharathanatyam by B. Amruthavarshini and R. Nesika; 6 p.m: B. Hariharan (keyboard); 7 p.m: N. Sashidaran (vocal) Sept. 30: 5 p.m: Vidhya Raghavan (vocal); 6 p.m: Aarthi Govindharajan (vocal); 7.30 p.m: P. V. Parameshwaran (vocal). Oct. 1: 5 p.m: Veena duet by Rao's Music Circle; 6 p.m: Aparna Kumar (vocal); 7.30 p.m: Seethalakhmi Ravi (vocal). Oct. 3: B. Mrinalini (vocal); 6 p.m: B. Aishwarya (vocal); 7.30 p.m: Bharathanatyam by Surayanarayamurthy's dance group. All are welcome. More details can be had in phone 2483 7170.

Concrete mixer abandoned on road

Discourses in Ganapathi Temple from Monday

By Our Staff Reporter

Bhama Krishnan will give discourses from11 a.m to 1 p.m from Sept. 19 to 23 in Sarva Priya Mahaganapathi Temple (junction of Moorthy Street, West Mambalam and 7th Avenue, Ashok Nagar). The following are the topics: Sept. 19: Lakshmi and Ayyappa avathaaram. Sept. 20: Vamana avathaaram. Sept. 21: Ambarisha charithram. Sept. 22: Rama avathaaram. Sept. 23: Parasurama avathaaram. All are welcome. Bhama conducts free Narayaneeyam classes for working women from 3.30 p.m to 4.30 p.m on Saturday and Sunday in Karumari Amman Temple, 4, 12th Avenue, Ashok Nagar. She can be contacted in phone 97909 44800.

Donate blood once in 3 months

By Our Staff Reporter

This concrete mixer has been lying abandoned on Mooparappan Street, T. Nagar for several months.

YMCA members bag medals in gymnastics meet

Sundarakanda Paarayanam tomorrow

By Our Staff Reporter

There will be Sundarakanda Paarayanam at 6.30 a.m on Sunday, Sept.18 in Sri Ram Samaj, Ayodhya Mandapam, 47, Arya Gowda Road, West Mambalam. All are welcome. More details can be had in phone 2489 3077.

Members of YMCA (Nandanam) won several prizes in the State-level gymnastics meet conducted by Tamilnadu Aesthetic Group Gymnastics Association recently. G. Kannan trained the students. The following are the prize winners: Under-8 boys category: T. E. Sanjay (Gold), Jeffery (Silver).

Under-10 girls: N. Sneha (gold). Under-10 Boys: Sivashankar (Gold), R. Ravi Ram (Silver). Under-12 Boys: R. Vignesh (gold), K. Viknesh (silver), Kathiresan (bronze). Under-14 boys: J. Rahul Prashanth (gold), Jeril Babu (Silver). Under-17 boys: R. Bushan (gold).

Matrimonial meet for hearing impaired

By Our Staff Reporter

The Silence Brotherhood (10/54, Maitri Apartments, 2nd floor, Jubilee Road, West Mambalam) has organized free matrimonial meet exclusively for hearing impaired persons from 9 a.m to 5 p.m on Sunday, Sept. 18 in Little Flower Higher Secondary School for Blind & Deaf, 127, G. N. Chetty Road, T. Nagar. More details can be had in phone 6519 9651.

57 attend blood donation camp

`Spiritual doubt clearing meet' tomorrow

By Our Staff Reporter

Vaithika Sri (448, TTK Road, Alwarpet) will conduct its monthly `Spiritual doubt clearing meeting' from 3 p.m to 5 p.m on Sunday, Sept. 18 in Ayodhya Mandapam, Arya Gowda Road, West Mambalam. All are welcome.

By Our Staff Reporter

57 persons attended the blood donation camp organized by Rotary Club of Chennai K. K. Nagar in Public Health Center, Lake View Road, West Mambalam on Sept.12. 27 units of blood were collected, according to Dr. V. Balambal (President).

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September 17 - 23, 2011


Contests during college cultural program

in the various competitions gram organized by Shri Nagar on Sept. 16. They inWomen students from more conducted during `Shreyas 11', Shankarlal Sundarbai Shasun cluded T-shirt painting, tattoothan 30 colleges participated the inter-college cultural pro- Jain College for Women, T. ing and cultural events.

By Our Staff Reporter

ISKCON program in Mambalam on Saturdays

By Our Staff Reporter

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), Injambakkam, conducts `Bakthi Vriksha' programs from 7 p.m to 9 p.m on Saturdays at 28, South K. R. Koil Street, West Mambalam. The program includes bhajans, congregational chanting and Bhagwad Gita classes. More details can be had in phone 2371 3606 or from Ranga Krishna Das (2474 4900, 98400 27800). All are welcome.

Medical University award for Microbiology Professor

By Our Staff Reporter

Dr. G. Jayalakshmi Padmanabhan (resident of 77/78, Manoharan Street, T. Nagar and Professor of Microbiology, Madras Medical College) was presented `Best Teacher Award' by Dr. MGR Medical University on Sept. 5. She won 3 merit certificates when she did her MBBS course and topped the post-graduate diploma course on tuberculosis and chest diseases. She has taught in Government colleges for more than 20 years. Dr. Jayalakshmi has published articles and research under Dr. MGR Medical University and is herself pursuing Ph.D in Leptospirosis. Dr. Jayalakshmi trained in Molecular Diagnosis in AIIMS, New Delhi. She has prepared question papers for undergraduate and post-graduate examinations. She has been an examiner for MBBS, BDS, B.Pharm. and B.Sc Nursing. Dr. Jayalakshmi has given expert opinion on 15,000 samples received in the Microbiology Laboratory of Madras Medical College. She can be contacted in phone 98840 56257.

papers, and presented more than 30 papers in conferences. She has attended international conferences. She is a recognized guide for Ph.D students in Microbiology

`Vazhaipoo alangaaram' for Hanuman

`Annamacharya aradhana' on Tuesday

Sri Annamacharya Vamseekula Sankeerthana Seva Trust, West Mambalam has organized `Sri Annamacharya aradhana' from 2 p.m to 6.30 p.m on Tuesday, Sept. 20 in Sri Kasi Viswanathar Temple, Kuppaiah Street, West Mambalam. There will be Lakshmi & Lalitha astothrams, Vishnu Sahasranaama paarayanam, and Annamacharya's Navarathanamala goshti ganam. J. Sankaran will give a talk on `Bakthiyin bhavangal'. There will be music concerts by students of Annamacharya Balaganabrindham and bharathanatyam performan-ce by By Our Staff Reporter There was 108 `Vazhaipoo alangaaram' for Lord Hanuman in Sanjeevini Peetam (16/45, Annapoorani. All are welcome. B.R.P. 1st Street, West Mambalam) on Sept. 12 on the occasion of Sri Hanuman Janma More details can be had in nakshathra pooja. phones 93847 31651.

Pigeons at play

Pigeons splashing in rain water stagnating in the playground of Sri Shankarlal Sundarbai Shasun Jain College for Women, Madley Road, T. Nagar recently.

Child Helpline 1098

September 17 - 23, 2011


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Prasad made a mark with `Grihapravesam' (1947, Telugu) in which he played the lead role too. He also completed the historic film `Palnati Yuddham'(1947, Telugu) when its producer, the rebel Telugu filmmaker Gudavalli Ramabramham, passed away while the film was in progress. Critics acclaimed both films and hailed Prasad as a man to be watched and destined to go places in movies. And he did... `Drohi' (1948, Telugu) witnessed Prasad moving up the ladder. It highlighted the differences between the haves and the have-nots. A memorable sequence of the slum-dwellers rising in revolt and marching in protest seeking revenge against the exploiting rich attracted considerable attention in many quarters. A stirring background song rendered by a popular singer of that era, M. S. Rama Rao, `Padhandi raa...padhandi raa...' (Come on, let's go...) added punch and power to the sequence. The theme, screen story, powerful narration by Prasad, good acting and melodious music created a sensation all over the Telugu-speaking districts of the Madras Presidency. In certain quarters, the film was branded as Communist propaganda! Obviously engendered by certain vested interests of the Telugu film industry, `Drohi' was subjected to recensoring because of its alleged political inflammable content which was something new in that period of time, the late 1940s, when the country had just become free. Indeed there were even questions on the film in the Madras Legislative Assembly, again a rare happening those days. However, `Drohi' emerged unscathed and turned out to be a big hit and also critically praised. With the thumping success of `Drohi', Prasad had arrived as a top filmmaker of Madras. In 1949, he directed `Mana Desam', again a film with a social content which created history in a manner. In a minor role as police inspector was introduced a handsome young man destined to create history not only in movies but also in the Indian political world: N. T. Rama Rao! Prasad soared skywards with many hits not only in Telugu and Tamil but also in Hindi, and soon he became a force in the Indian motion picture world. He gave breaks to many of his assistants like Tatineni Prakasha Rao who later emerged as successful filmmakers. His list of films is long but mention should be made of some like `Sahukaru' (1950, Telugu), `Samsaaram' (1950, Telugu), `Pelli Chesi Choodu' (1952, Telugu, 'Kalyanam Panni Paar', Tamil), `Manohara' (1954, Tamil), ` Sharada' (1957, Hindi), `Mangayar Thilakam' (1955, Tamil), `Jeene Ka Rah' (1969, Hindi), and `Bidaai' (1974, Hindi). During a career spanning over forty years, Prasad received several awards, prizes and encomiums from many quarters. The most prestigious of them all was the Dada Saheb Phalke Award, the highest ever given by the Central Government in Delhi for meritorious services to India cinema. After a glorious career spanning forty years, Prasad passed away in 1994. `Missiamma', which led to the Hindi version `Miss Mary', was inspired by a classic Bengali comedy `Manmoyee Girls' School' (1935) which, in turn, was based on one of the most famous Bengali plays written by Rabindranath Maitra. A rich man starts a school for girls and would employ only married couples as teachers. Two teachers, male and female, both single, pretend to be a married couple to get the jobs and then the fun starts! This interesting storyline has been filmed in more than one language with success. Vasan purchased the rights for filming 'Missiamma' in Hindi from Nagi Reddi but, as he did not take it up for production for many reasons, Meiyappan acquired the rights from Vasan and produced it as `Miss Mary'. It had Gemini Ganesh (he had played the hero in the Tamil version), Jamuna and Meenakumari as heroine. (To be continued)

Vendors on road margin evicted

Corporation workers evicted a number of vendors occupying the road margin on Theagaraya Road, T. Nagar on Sept. 16. The seized articles were taken away in a lorry. A parrot owned by one of the vendors seen taking refuge under a makeshift stool.

CME program on `Paediatric Ophthalmology' tomorrow

By Our Staff Reporter

Radhatri Nethralaya (12, Hindi Prachara Sabha Street, T. Nagar) has organized a `Continuing medical education' program on `Paediatric Ophthalmology' at 9.15 a.m on Sunday, Sept.18 in GRT Grand Convention Center, 120, Thyagaraya Road, T. Nagar as part of its 3rd anniversary celebrations. Dr. P. Vijayalakshmi (Chief Paediatric Ophthalmologist, Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai) will be the chief guest. The following is the program: 10 a.m: `Eye problems in infancy ­ A neonatologist's perspective' by Dr. R. Shanmughasundaram (Chief Neonatologist, Mehta Hospital). 10.30 a.m: `Approach to Strabismus, amblyopia and visual impairment in children' by Dr. P. Vijayalakshmi. 11 a.m: `Cogenital cataract ­ Principles of practice and management' by Dr. R. Praveen Krishna (Medical Director & Consultant, Dhatri unit of Paediatric Ophthalmology, Radhatri Nethralaya). 11.30 a.m: `Retinopathy of prematurity - facing the storm!' by Dr. Vasumathy Vedantham ((Medical Director & Consultant, Dhatri unit of Paediatric Ophthalmology, Radhatri Nethralaya). All paediatricians welcome.

Free guidance offered to start gardens

By Our Staff Reporter

T. Vijayalakshmi (Priya Nursery, 9/191, Lake View Road, West Mambalam) offers free guidance for developing and maintaining gardens and roof gardens. She told Mambalam Times that her nursery, which she started 10 years ago, has about 1 lakh plants. She can be contacted in phones 93811 88874 and 99520 50431.

Sai bhajans on 3 days a week

By Our Staff Reporter

Sri Sathya Sai Samiti, T. Nagar conducts Sai bhajans every week in the following venues in T. Nagar: Sai Keshav Hall, 157, G. N. Chetty Road (near Panagal Park, Vijaya Bank building): Saturdays, 5.10 p.m. Ayurvedhaasramam, 155, G. N. Chetty Road (near Panagal Park), Mondays, 6 p.m. 50/38, Motilal Street (opposite Ranganathan Street), Wednesdays, 6 p.m. All are welcome. More details can be had from D. Srinivasa Rao (98400 50875) or C. Ramamurthy (94440 54819).

Your window to the entire neighbourhood of T. Nagar & Mambalam?

Mambalam Times!

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September 17 - 23, 2011


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By M. A. SADANAND Rajiv's ghost haunts the legal stables of our country that has millions of learned and not so learned who have doubts about the wisdom of pushing the killers off the precipice where, after a 20-year stretch in jail, they now stand on the brink of eternity, thanks to Pratibha's cruelty in refusing Mercy, that marks her as the toughest President ever in Bharat. Amma J's legal eagles seemed to have thrown up their arms and told her that the trio awaiting the Indian rope trick in Vellore could not be saved by her after Pratibha's advisers have ordered the ropes. Fortunately, the People's Union for Civil Liberties, comprising untrumpeted legal minds who have time to read and discuss LAW in the raw, found that Amma has the right to prevent the gross miscarriage of justice by requesting the plea for mercy by the trio to be reconsidered as provided under Sections 54 of Indian Penal Code and 433 of the Criminal Procedure Code which enable the State to consider fresh petitions for commutation of death sentence to any other punishment under the IPC. The High Court's Division Bench must have discovered on its own that human rights in the abstract is not on call on the day when the Bench was moved to throw the rope into the rubbish heap but that the Constitution and the I.P.C and the Cr.P.C. have humane provisions that can prevent law being laughed at when, for one offence, two punishments are imposed, namely a 20-year free labour followed by death. No crime provides for double punishment for a single offence. Article 20 of the Constitution should be understood as en embargo against snailing for 20 years and then asking the hangman "Come on , bring the rope". That would be one life sentence plus death sentence. The Division Bench saved, at least temporarily, not merely the killer trio, but also the law of the land and justice. Let this episode be the harbinger of the total abolition of the troglodite practice of tit for tat and an example of using law to humanise errant ones. Any fool can kill!


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SADHANA Coaching Centre (Estd. 1979), Guntur Subbiah School T. Nagar. Classes for std. 9, 10, +1, +2 (all boards & subjects), Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Business Maths, Accountancy, Computer Science, English & French. Personal attention & test (every Sunday). Ph: 94440 59108, 98400 52853, 98943 00399, 2434 0873.


Full Page :Rs. 35,000 Half Page :Rs. 18,000 Ear Panel on Page 1 Rs. 1500 Per Column cm Rs. 180 First Page : Rs. 230 Last Page : Rs. 200

Half Page :Rs. 15,000 Per Column Centimeter: Rs. 150 Classified Display: Rs. 150 per cm Third Page: Rs. 180

7/3, Madley Road, T. Nagar.

Ph: 2434 9236, 2431 3937, 2435 6475

[email protected]

Accountant P. Muralidharan

September 17 - 23, 2011



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Rain water pool in dry temple tank

Classified Advertisements under the heads Accommodation Required, Old Age Home, Marriage Hall, Mini Hall,Real Estate (Buying & Selling) and Rental will be published on this page. The charges are Rs. 300 upto 35 words; Bold Rs. 450. Ashok Nagar- K.K. Nagar and Mambalam-T.Nagar Editions: Rs. 400 (upto 35 words); Bold Rs. 600; Display: Rs. 220 per col. centimeter. Each advertisement of Real Estate and Rental must relate to only one house / flat. Advertisement will be received upto 1.00 p.m on Friday.


T. NAGAR, near Panagal Park, Pinjala Subramaniam Road, spacious hall, A/c bedroom, attached bath, sitout, 2 persons can share, brokers excuse, Bank / IT employees only. Ph: 2434 5209, 9445615209.


T. NAGAR, New No. 52, Moosa Street, near Chakra Vinayagar Temple, guest house, daily rent basis for small functions, rent Rs. 4000 daily. WEST MAMBALAM, Jubilee Road, 2 Ph:9840064225. bedroom flat, 1050 sq.ft, 2nd floor, 14 years old, no brokers. Ph: 93400 15800. MINI HALL WEST MAMBALAM, Railway Station Road, BALAGRAHA A/c Mini hall, 6/31, Veerasamy WESTMAMBALAM,No.20/35,GandhiStreet, Street (next to SRM Nightingale School), West in main location, 300 sq.ft shop for sale with bath new building, 2 bedroom, hall, kitchen, 2 bathroom, attached. Ph: 99626 41469, 89396 86379. Mambalam, for conducting small functions. Ph: nd 2 floor, rent Rs. 9500 or lease Rs. 7 lakhs, no car 9444918484,24893884. parking, no lift, 2-wheeler parking inside. Ph: 98412 T. NAGAR, Sri Malola Mini Hall, New No. 46262,32997679. 174, Habibullah Road, near Kodambakkam ASHOK NAGAR, 8th Avenue, Railway Station, available for small functions, Manthope Colony, 2 bedroom, nonA/c.Ph:28143406,9283112153,9543703073. WEST MAMBALAM, Mahadevan Street (State Bank Building) 2 Halls ­ Kamakshi Mini Hall A/c (100 guests), Kamakshi Hall A/c (200 guests) Newly opened. Ph: 4351 2233, 4351 2556, 9940454545,9445054545.

HIG Flat, 800 sq.ft, Brahmins only, no brokers. Ph: 2489 1119, 99620 25007.

By Our Staff Reporter

The Kothandaramar Koil tank behind Kittu Park on Ellaiamman Koil Street, West Mambalam had gone dry but a pool of water is stagnating after the recent rains and has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Passersby are using the tank as a public convenience.


SRI Vidya Old Age Home Trust, West Mambalam. We care for aged citizens (both men and women). Healthy, hygienic food and clean accommodation will be provided with motherly care. Contact: B. Vijayalakshmi, Ph: 95660 28520, 24740886.


WANTED1200­1800sq.ft,landwithorwithout house in West Mambalam. Ph: 98844 49570.

T. NAGAR, Mannar Street, 500 sq.ft, 1st floor, rent Rs. 6500, small Brahmin family only, occupation6­8monthsonly,brokersexcuse,week WEST MAMBALAM, K. R. Koil Street, days after 6 p.m or Sunday only. Ph: 94446 72808. Sankara Madam, deluxe, 1180 sq.ft, spacious 2 WEST MAMBALAM, Lake View Road, 2 bedroom, hall, kitchen, dining, 3rd floor, lift, st common car park, 18 years old, granite flooring, bedroom, hall, kitchen, 650 sq.ft, 1 floor flat, rent price Rs. 45 lakhs (negotiable). Contact: Rs. 12K (negotiable), vegetarians only, open car parking, brokers excuse. Ph: 94458 55642. Gentleman G. Velmurugan Ph: 98406 05716. WEST MAMBALAM, Papathiammal Street, 2 RENTAL T. NAGAR, Porur Somasundaram Street, 3 bedroom, kitchen, ground floor, 2-wheeler parking, bedroom, hall, kitchen, 1280 sq.ft, 1st floor flat, rent Rs. 5000, Brahmins only, no brokers. Ph: closed lofts, almirah, immediate occupation, only 9840766964. small family (maximum 2+2), brokers please K. K. NAGAR, 9th Sector, very near PSBB excuse, do not attempt to disturb, call between 10 School, independent house, 1st floor, rent Rs. 14K, a.m and 2 p.m / 4 p.m and 6 p.m only. Ph: 2834 open car park, no brokers, vegetarians only. Ph: 3824. 9629004592. WEST CIT NAGAR, 1st Cross Street, near WEST MAMBALAM, Arya Gowda Road, near Nandhi Statue, bus stand, 1 bedroom, hall, kitchen, Ayodhya Mandapam, about 100 sq.ft, office room, balcony, bath attached, apartment, rent Rs. 6200, nd advance 4 months, car park, family or bachelors 2 floor. Contact: A. Rajagopal, Ph: 97892 98307. WEST MAMBALAM, Old No. 15/9, New No. also. Ph: 2433 3477, 98411 93685. 37/9,RajeshwariApartments,JubileeRoad,double bedroom, 2nd floor, open car parking, no brokers. Ph: 94444 67228, 98404 03386. WEST MAMBALAM, Jaishankar Street, opposite Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, single bedroom flat, 2nd floor, open space, 2-wheeler parking, only Brahmin family, brokers excuse. Ph: 2474 7136, 9176079918. ASHOK NAGAR, 7th Avenue, off Ammyeeye Hospital, 3 bedroom, 1300 sq.ft, 2nd floor, covered car park, no lift, rent Rs. 18000 (negotiable). Ph: ASHOK NAGAR, Alacrity, 7th Avenue, 3 9884759260,9884781912. bedroom, 1700 sq.ft, 3rd floor, lift, open car park, T. NAGAR, Murugesan Street, near new GRT ready for occupation from 1st October, inspection Showroom,PanagalPark,independentnewhouse, on 17th September, 10 a.m to 1 p.m, rent Rs. 30K 3rd floor, suitable for Bachelors / commercial (negotiable), vegetarians only, Brahmins purpose. Ph: 97908 64980. preferred, brokers excuse. Ph: 98400 58370.

WEST CIT NAGAR, Gandhi Street (Kaveri 41 st Street, 1600 sq.ft, for WEST MAMBALAM, Ellaiamman Koil Street, Nagar), near Alpha Matriculation School, double st commercial purpose, 2 years bedroom, 750 sq.ft, 1 floor, only vegetarians, close to railway station and bus terminus, 2 brokers excuse. Ph: 99404 89737. only. Ph: 98413 28044, 94444 bedroom, hall, kitchen, 750 sq.ft, 1st floor, 20 years 89287. WEST MAMBALAM, Jubilee Road, 2 old, with shared open car parking, contact bedroom, 750 sq.ft, 2nd floor, no lift, only 6 flats, 2weekends only. Ph: 95000 40687. T. NAGAR, Giriappa Road, adjacent to GRT wheeler parking, brokers excuse, Brahmins only. Grand Days Hotel, 2 bedroom flat, 605 sq.ft, 2nd Ph: 98418 30743, 93805 16388. floor, no lift, rent Rs. 12000 p.m, advance Rs. 1 lakh, brokers excuse. Ph: 98842 44087.


ASHOK NAGAR, 6th Avenue,

(98411 76386), P. Sundaram Sevas (50, Dharga Road, Rajaji (98417 26695) or D. Gopinath Nagar, Pallavaram) is sending (94442 09751). volunteers for week-long service to pilgrims in Tirumala starting on Sundays and ending on Saturdays. Men and women who are physically fit and are willing to stay in Tirumala for a week are welcome to offer their services for 6 hours everyday. The work will be of supervisory nature. Accommodation, lunch and dinner will be provided free of cost. They can have special darshan of Lord Venkateswara. Travelling expense and the cost of breakfast must be borne by the volunteers. Those interested can contact Nalini Ravikumar (18/43, Jubilee Road, West Mambalam) in 99621 53644, L. S. V. Mahadevan

Calling volunteers for free service in Tirumala

By Our Staff Reporter

Hanuman idol brought from Ayodhya

By Our Staff Reporter

A 3 ½-ft tall wooden idol of Lord Hanuman brought from Ayodhya will be kept for darshan daily from 8 a.m to 10 a.m and 6 p.m to 8 p.m from Sunday, Sept.18 in Pandian Hall, Station Road, West Mambalam. Devotees can perform poojas and contribute items for pooja. All are welcome. More details can be had in phones 98415 02313 and 99627 03990.


Please help us to serve you better!

WEST MAMBALAM, No. 3/1, Hanumar Koil Street, near railway station & bus terminus, 900 sq.ft, 1st floor, Brahmins / vegetarians only, bachelors (upto 4) can be accommodated, rent Rs. 15000, 2-wheeler parking only. Ph: 78456 19422,7871713087,7845618869. WEST MAMBALAM, Lake View Road, 2 WEST MAMBALAM, Pushpavathy Ammal bedroom, hall, kitchen, 821 sq.ft, ground floor, rent Street, 2 bedroom, 815 sq.ft, 1st floor, 2-wheeler Rs. 15000, brokers excuse, vegetarians only. Ph: parking only, 6 years old, brokers excuse. Contact: 9444170019. M.T. Krishnan, Ph: 98402 22504. RANGARAJAPURAM, Nagarjuna Nagar 1st Street, near 5 lights, 2 bedroom, hall, kitchen, 675 sq.ft, ground floor, rent Rs. 12500, advance 10 months,brokersexcuse,Brahminsonly.Ph:95512 55525,9551255505. WESTMAMBALAM,No.67/30,BarodaStreet, 2 bedroom, 3 balcony, 1 hall, kitchen, pooja room, 1100 sq.ft, rent Rs. 15000, 2-wheeler parking, Brahmins only. Ph: 2483 8318, 75984 21727. WEST MAMBALAM, No. 6/5, Rohini Apartments, Satyapuri Street, near Duraisamy Subway, 2 bedroom, hall, kitchen, 1 big balcony, 1000 sq.ft, 1st floor, 3-phase, 2-wheerler parking, rent Rs. 15000, vegetarians/non-vegetarians, brokers excuse. Ph: 4551 2048, 97908 47529. WEST MAMBALAM, Kurunji Apartments WEST MAMBALAM, Babu Rajendra Prasad (Navins), No. 20/29, Thambiah Road Extension, double bedroom, marble flooring, 1st floor, lift, car Street, near Madley Subway, 2 bedroom, 700 sq.ft,3rd floor,lift,newlyrenovated.Contact:Asokan, parking, immediate occupation, brokers excuse, vegetarians only. Ph: 2483 2580, 94440 33274. Ph:9444916819.

Mambalam Times is being delivered free at every doorstep in this neighbourhood week after week. If our delivery boy skips your house or flat in any week, please call 2434 9236 between 10.30 a.m and 5 p.m on week days to enable us to take effective and immediate remedial action.

Free Veda classes during weekends

By Our Staff Reporter

Free Veda classes are being conducted from 6.30 a.m to 7.30 a.m on Saturdays and Sundays in Krishna Gana Sabha, Maharajapuram Santhanam Salai, T. Nagar. More details can be had in phone 98843 05676.

Women Helpline 1091

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September 17 - 23, 2011


Vehicles grab space below new overbridge

on Sept. 7, is being used to park The space beneath the ove- vehicles including lorries. rbridge connecting Bazullah The stone to mark the inauRoad and Rangarajapuram, guration was installed on which was inaugurated by Sept.16. Chief Minister J. Jayalithaa Residents of Anandhan

By Our Staff Reporter

Street told Mambalam Times that following appeals by them, the Deputy Commissioner had taken steps to fix reflectors on the overbridge to caution motorists during night.

3 buildings sealed for violations

Mythili's vocal concert this evening

By Our Staff Reporter

Under the auspices of Sri Sadguru Gana Nilayam (G-1, Janakam Apartments, 180, Lake View Road, West Mambalam), K. Mythili will present a vocal concert at 6.30 p.m on Saturday, Sept. 17 in SMR Matriculation School, Jothi Ramalingam Street, West Mambalam. She will be accompanied by Chitoor V. Krishna Subramanyam (violin), Kalakad K. Ramakrishnan (mridangam) and Kandadevi N. Venkatesh (ghatam). All are welcome. More details can be had in phone 98408 70446.

41,000 copies of this edition are delivered FREE every Saturday!

On Venkatanarayana Road

Discourses on `Saisath Saritha'

By Our Staff Reporter

Under the auspices of Sri Shirdi Sai Meditation Mandir (6, Sarojini Street, T. Nagar) there are discourses on `Sri Saisath Saritha' at 6.30 p.m on Sundays in its premises. T. Thiruvalluvan (Founder) told Mambalam Times that mass spiritual healing is conducted at 7.30 p.m on Thursdays and Sundays. All are welcome. More details can be had in phones 2643 2323, 4212 5118 and 94444 53777.

Free Veda classes on Sundays

On Dhandapani Street Continued from page 1 An official said that initially

notices were issued to stop the work and restore them to the sanctioned plans. Then another set of notices threatening `lock and seal' were issued giving a month's time to fall in line. When nothing was done they were Sri Sai Seva Chakra (15, Bharathi Street, West Mambalam) conducts free Veda classes from 6.30 a.m to 7.30 a.m on Sundays in Sri Krishna Gana Sabha, Maharajapuram Santhanam Salai, T. Nagar. Veda classes are conducted from 3.30 p.m to 4.30 p.m on Sundays in Sai Seva Chakra's premises. All are welcome. More details can be had in phone 2489 2890.

construction. They were accompanied by policemen. The buildings that were sealed are at 2nd Floor, Door No. 3, Thyagaraya Road, 22, Venkatanarayana Road and 5, Dhandapani Street. The last two buildings are under construction.

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