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Smart ERP Solutions, Inc. Response to RFP 2977-10 for Oracle/PeopleSoft Enterprise Systems Consulting and Related Services

February 26th, 2010 Doris Wong, Chief Executive Officer

Email: Address: Phone: Fax:

[email protected] 6140 Stoneridge Mall Rd Suite 385 (925) 699-0832 408-521-0918

1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY.......................................................................................... 3 2. PROPOSAL REQUIREMENTS (RESPONSE TO SECTION 4 OF RFP) ................. 6 3. ANSWERS TO RFP QUESTIONNAIRE (RESPONSE TO SECTION 7 OF RFP) .... 9

DESCRIPTION OF FIRM/PERSONNEL .............................................................................................................................. 9 PAST EXPERIENCE ....................................................................................................................................................... 10 PRODUCTS OR SERVICES AVAILABLE .......................................................................................................................... 10

4. PRICING SCHEDULE (RESPONSE TO SECTION 8 OF RFP) ............................. 13

CONSULTING SERVICES PRICING DETAILS: ................................................................................................................. 13 PRODUCT PRICING DETAILS: ....................................................................................................................................... 13 ANNUAL SUPPORT AND MAINTENANCE FEE IS CALCULATED AS 20% OF LIST PRICE ................................................ 13 COST ESTIMATE: .......................................................................................................................................................... 13 INVOICE SCHEDULE: ..................................................................................................................................................... 14


SMART ERP APPROACH:.............................................................................................................................................. 15 SMART DOCS FRAMEWORK: ........................................................................................................................................ 15 SMART W ORKFLOW FRAMEWORK: .............................................................................................................................. 16 IMPLEMENTATION MODEL: ............................................................................................................................................ 17 SMARTADVANTAGE METHODOLOGY: ........................................................................................................................... 18

6. SIGNATURE PAGE (RESPONSE TO SECTION 9 OF RFP) ................................. 19 7. BIDDER'S STATEMENT (RESPONSE TO ATTACHMENT B OF RFP) ................ 20

BIDDER'S STATEMENT: ................................................................................................................................................. 20 BIDDER REFERENCES ........................................................................................................................................... 21 ADDITIONAL BUSINESS INFORMATION ............................................................................................................. 22


NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT ........................................................................................................................ 24

EXHIBIT A - RESUMES ............................................................................................... 25 EXHIBIT B ­ FINANCIAL INFORMATION ................................................................... 29 EXHIBIT C ­ ORGANIZATIONAL CHART ................................................................... 30

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1. Executive Summary

26th February 2010 Maricopa County Community College District 2411 West 14th Street Tempe, Arizona 85281-6941 Subject: Response to RFP 2977-10 for Oracle/PeopleSoft Enterprise Systems Consulting and Related Services Dear Sir / Madam, Smart ERP Solutions, Inc. is pleased to submit this proposal in response to the Maricopa County Community College District (henceforth referred to as "MCCCD") ­ RFP 2977-10 for Oracle/PeopleSoft Enterprise Systems Consulting and Related Services. In order to insure we have addressed each of MCCCD's requirements, we have included each of the sections in our proposal response. Smart ERP Solutions, Inc. is proposing to offer MCCCD unparalleled PeopleSoft expertise, Higher Education experience and best practices. Our team of Solution Architects and Consultants will provide MCCCD with the highest level of quality resources available. Our team has extensive experience in not only Higher Education/Public Sector, but also as former Architects, Analysts and Executives of the PeopleSoft product line. Our team, comprised of almost 100% former Oracle / PeopleSoft employees, has demonstrated expertise in PeopleSoft technologies, best practice processes, functionality, and quality analysis. In every project where we have provided our solutions and services, we have succeeded in delivering our services on schedule, and within the project budget. SmartERP has an unparalleled, demonstrated track record of 100% success with every single project, and we pride ourselves in finding innovative ways to save our clients money, shorten timelines, reduce risks, and lower total cost of ownership by avoiding costly customizations. SmartERP has a unique approach compared to traditional consulting firms. Rather than assigning everexpanding teams of consultants towards projects, SmartERP takes a solutions-based approach towards PeopleSoft projects, upgrades and new implementations by applying pre-built, proven solutions to address areas that are common to any PeopleSoft project. As demonstrated in the table below, this results in incredible efficiencies and is a key differentiator when comparing SmartERP to traditional consulting firms. In several client scenarios, these solutions have helped our customers save as much as 80% compared to customizing the standard product.

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SmartERP versus Traditional Consulting Firms Common SmartERP's Traditional Area Solution Consulting Frameworks Firm Row Level Security

CONFIGURATION (Smart SecurityTM, Smart LoaderTM)






Smart SecurityTM secures any field on any page, avoiding costly, difficult-tomaintain customizations. Smart LoaderTM provides for bulk load of user security profiles. Smart WorkflowTM provides complex automated workflow with enhanced features such as common in-box, attachments and ad-hoc approvers while avoiding costly, difficult-to-maintain customizations. Smart Solutions provide for simplified easy-to-use transactions while avoiding costly, difficult-to-maintain customizations. Smart DocsTM provides for simplified easy-to-use transactions while avoiding costly, difficult-to-maintain customizations. Smart Solutions enhance productivity by simplifying ChartField entry and reducing input data errors, while avoiding costly, difficult-to-maintain customizations. ERP GadgetTM enables a host of application enhancements including collaboration. Smart DocsTM provides for tailoring transactions with client-unique functionality while avoiding costly, difficult-to-maintain customizations. ERP GadgetTM enables a host of application enhancements including facilitating the adoption/integration of new technologies. Smart Solutions greatly simplify the use of PeopleSoft thereby reducing the Training needs as well as scope.

Business Process Streamlining

CONFIGURATION (Smart WorkFlowTM, Smart DocsTM, Smart Lifecycle ViewerTM, ERP GadgetTM) CONFIGURATION (Smart DocsTM)

http://www.smarterp. com/WebinarTailor.php








Client-unique Enhancement Technology Adoption







Compliance: 1099 Procurement Card Reporting Supplier Diversity Reporting Technical/Functional Consulting Services

CONFIGURATION (Smart 1099TM, Smart Diversity ReportingTM)


Smart 1099TM automates the entire 1099 P-Card reporting process including managing vendors/merchants. Smart Diversity ReportingTM automates supplier diversity expenditure reporting.



SmartERP staff participated in the original development of PeopleSoft Financials 8.x/9.x applications. This background coupled with our Smart Solutions uniquely positions SmartERP to deliver incredible value to clients.

* For more information on these Smart Solutions please see the Solutions Brochure. Also, visit our webinars page at and our Solution Previews at for information on accelerating PeopleSoft projects with Smart Solutions.

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In addition, SmartERP will insure MCCCD's goals and objectives are effectively met and exceeded. Based on your requirements as outlined in the request for proposal, we are offering the following PeopleSoft solutions and services to MCCCD: · Unparalleled Client Services including: o SmartERP Executive Sponsor Doris Wong to oversee and provide strategic guidance to PeopleSoft projects at no cost to MCCCD o Unparalleled track record of 100% success on every project in delivering on schedule and within budget as measured by our customers o An experienced team of solution architects with significant experience in PeopleSoft implementations / upgrades, Fit/Gaps, PeopleSoft software development and significant Higher Education experience o Team comprised of almost 100% former PeopleSoft developers, architects and analysts. o Strong relationships with Oracle including the ability to have direct access to Oracle development · Delivery of project requirements including: o Project Strategy, Plan and Charter o Review of the existing business requirements and PeopleSoft configuration. o Facilitation and leadership of the Fit/Gap sessions utilizing best practices. o Fit/Gap documentation. · Unmatched Capabilities o Experienced in delivering best business practices for PeopleSoft applications and software development o Experienced PeopleSoft development team members o PeopleSoft Development team members to provide technical support throughout the project We look forward to the potential opportunity to work with MCCCD on your PeopleSoft initiatives. My Best Regards,

Doris Wong Chief Executive Officer SmartERP Authorized Representative [email protected] (925) 699-0832 (cell) | 408-521-0918 (fax) 6140 Stoneridge Mall Rd, Suite 385 Pleasanton, CA 94588

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2. Proposal Requirements (Response to Section 4 of RFP)

This section of the proposal addresses RFP Section 4 Proposal Requirements. Specific written responses or confirmations are provided as identified in the RFP. SmartERP meets the RFP Section 4 Proposal Requirements as follows. 2.1 MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS 2.1.1 Be licensed in the State of Arizona, if duties requested require such licensure. It is understood SmartERP duties offered MCCCD in this proposal do not require such licensure. Should such licensure be required of SmartERP, in to provide duties offered in this proposal, then SmartERP will not hesitate to obtain the required State of Arizona licensure. 2.1.2 Offer fees that are reasonable and consistent with fees charged to other public entity clients in Maricopa MCCCD, Arizona. SmartERP can confirm that fees offered in this proposal are consistent with fees charged to other public entity clients in Maricopa MCCCD, Arizona, as Smart currently has no public entity clients in Maricopa MCCCD, Arizona. 2.1.3 Must acknowledge or confirm that all parts of this RFP have been read and that the Proposal submitted is in accordance therewith. SmartERP hereby confirms that all parts of the RFP have been read and that the proposal submitted is accordance with the RFP. 2.1.4 Must submit all answers to the respondent questionnaire. All answers must be in the order in which the questions are asked. SmartERP confirms that all respondent questionnaire answers are provided in this proposal, in the order in which the questions are asked. 2.1.5 Must submit a completed, signed pricing schedule. Schedule must be signed by an authorized company official on behalf of the firm. SmartERP hereby confirms that as part of Section 4 of this proposal a completed, signed pricing schedule has been submitted, signed by an authorized SmartERP official. 2.1.6 Must submit a completed Bidder's Statement. SmartERP hereby confirms that as part of Section 7 of this proposal a completed Bidder's Statement has been provided. 2.2 SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS 2.2.1. The Proposer must provide three (3) client references. Include company name, contact name, address, updated telephone number, description of the service(s) provided, number of proposer employees involved, number of client employees involved, timeframe of engagement, and current status of the project. If the proposer was employed by another organization at the time the service provided to the client, it must be clearly stated. SmartERP hereby confirms that as part of Section 7 of this proposal the requisite client reference information is provided. 2.2.2. Each Proposer must provide MCCCD with a list of all higher education institutions who have utilized their services for implementation of Oracle/PeopleSoft applications or related services. If Proposer is providing third party related services such as testing, data warehousing, reporting, directory integration or related programming support, please respond to RFP in the context of these services.

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SmartERP higher education institution clients include: Bowling Green State University, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Emory University, Northwestern University, University of California San Francisco, University of Nebraska, University of Pretoria, Wesleyan University. 2.2.3. Each Proposer must provide MCCCD with a list of all clients who now have Oracle/PeopleSoft Campus Solutions, Oracle/PeopleSoft HCM, Oracle eBusiness Suite Financials, ERP Portal applications, in production as a result of using the Proposer's services. SmartERP higher education institution clients that are in production as a result of SmartERP services include: Bowling Green State University, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Emory University, Northwestern University, University of California San Francisco, Wesleyan University. 2.2.4. Each Proposer must provide the name of the specific services lead who will be assigned to coordinate the MCCCD project(s). Cathleen Valdesere will be the SmartERP services lead. 2.2.5. Each Proposer shall provide a representative list of resumes for people who could be assigned to the MCCCD based on the categories described in RFP section 5.1. 2.2.6. MCCCD reserves the right to refuse any subcontractor the vendor offers. All resumes, work histories, etc. will be provided to MCCCD for any suggested subcontractor the same as required for any vendor. See Exhibit A for a representative list of resumes for people who could be assigned to MCCCD. 2.2.7 Each Proposer must submit copies of the Proposer's latest annual report, latest audited quarterly report, latest 10K statement, Dunn and Bradstreet ratings, and any other evidence of the Proposer's financial status. If the company is a subsidiary of another company/corporation, audited financial statements for the parent organization must be provided. See Exhibit B for SmartERP financial information. 2.2.8 Each Proposer must submit the organizational chart of the company and an organizational chart of parent, subsidiary, or subcontracting companies outlining relationships between entities. See Exhibit C for a SmartERP organizational chart. 2.2.9 Each Proposer must state whether proposer, or any predecessor entity of which proposer was a part or which is now a part of proposer by merger, acquisition, or otherwise, or any officer, agent, or employee of any of the foregoing, has, to the best of the proposer's knowledge, information, or belief: Ever been the subject of any criminal investigation, prosecution, or conviction for any alleged act or omission related to the activities of said business or within the scope of their responsibilities as an officer, agent, or employee of any of the foregoing; or SmartERP affirms SmartERP has not been involved in any of the above. Ever terminated said entity's contracts or had its contracts terminated prior to the completion or normal expiration of the term thereof; or SmartERP affirms SmartERP has not been involved in any of the above. Sued or been sued for breach of contract, misrepresentation, fraud, or any form of infringement (e.g. copyright, trade secret, patent, etc.). If so, provide full details as to any such incident. SmartERP affirms SmartERP has not been involved in any of the above. 2.2.10 The vendor will be expected to sign and observe all pertinent and standard MCCCD security, data access, and non-disclosure statements as may be appropriate regarding employee data, student data, financial data, or system software, which may become accessible to the vendor. Page 7

SmartERP affirms this requirement agrees to sign all pertinent statements. 2.2.11 MCCCD encourages free and open competition. Whenever possible, specifications, proposal invitations and conditions are designed to accomplish this objective, consistent with the necessity to satisfy MCCCD's needs and the accomplishment of a sound economical operation. The Proposer's signature on this proposal guarantees that the prices offered have been established without collusion with other eligible Proposers and without effort to preclude MCCCD from obtaining the lowest possible competitive price. The award will be made to the responsible offeror whose proposal is determined to be most advantageous to MCCCD based on the evaluation factors set forth in Section 3 of this Request for Proposal. SmartERP affirms this requirement. 2.2.12 MCCCD reserves the right to negotiate with any and all vendors on all aspects of this RFP. SmartERP affirms this requirement agrees to sign all pertinent statements.

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3. Answers to RFP Questionnaire (Response to Section 7 of RFP)

Description of Firm/Personnel

Smart ERP Solutions was founded by former Oracle/PeopleSoft employees and is a cutting edge, PeopleSoft services and solutions provider with a consistent track record of success, not only in upgrade and implementation services, but also in providing flexible, configurable solutions to complex business problems. To highlight this experience, our CEO Doris Wong has over 25 years of technical, product development and business experience in the enterprise software industry. Prior to joining Smart ERP, Doris served as Oracle's Group Vice President and General Manager responsible for the entire PeopleSoft product line, which included Human Capital Management, Financial Management, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Performance Management, and PeopleTools. Doris is a 15-year veteran in working with PeopleSoft/Oracle products and customers, and was responsible for the strategic direction and product development of the PeopleSoft product line, including the strategy and content of the 9.1 release. Doris Wong will serve as the Executive Sponsor of this project at no additional cost to MCCCD. SmartERP possesses solid domain and technical ability and boasts offerings ranging from Implementations, Professional Services, Support, Project Management and solutions that help our clients improve productivity and enhance their various business processes. In this proposal, we will provide substantial evidence of why we believe that our solutions and services will result in a unique and competitive value proposition to MCCCD: · People. Our team is comprised of Executives, Strategists, Developers, Analysts, Quality Assurance, and Support experts who worked many years at Oracle and PeopleSoft. Our resources have demonstrated expertise in PeopleSoft technologies, processes, functionality, and quality analysis. Many of our consultants who will be assisting MCCCD worked at PeopleSoft on the development of the 9.0 upgrade scripts and the strategy and content of the 9.1 release. Get your PeopleSoft system upgraded by the people who built these applications! Methodology. We have a proven track record of providing leadership, facilitation, and design of business processes. We have helped numerous clients analyze, design, and improve their business processes. Our approach is to facilitate, rather than dictate, all processes. We have a proven methodology that draws on the strengths of SmartERP consultants and our clients to form an effective team and a cost effective solution. Executive Oversight. SmartERP Executives bring unique advantages to our clients and their mission critical projects. As part of our commitment to ensuring our clients' success, SmartERP assigns an Executive Sponsor to each and every client. Our Executives will take complete responsibility for delivering 100% success for MCCCD and we provide this service at no cost to you. Our Executive Sponsor, Doris Wong, will work directly with the MCCCD's executives and will participate during any Executive Steering Committee meetings in order to provide insight and strategies for the project based on experience in providing oversight for Public Sector entities from both a business and technical perspective. Results. The strongest differentiator between SmartERP and our competition is the quality of our professionals and our ability to consistently meet or exceed the project objectives through efficient delivery of innovative solutions. And you don't have to take our word for it, listen to what our clients have to say. We implemented PeopleSoft 9.0 at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut, within a twelve month schedule and within budget. Ed Below, the Director of Administrative Applications at Wesleyan had the following to say in reference to our add-on solutions for PeopleSoft: "The new system is providing tremendous benefits to the university and the add-ons provided by SmartERP accelerated our project and introduced important new functionality into the standard PeopleSoft application. The go-live went very smoothly. We couldn't be more pleased with the new system so far and SmartERP has been great to work with throughout the project".




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SmartERP helps many organizations utilize best practices to eliminate manual paper processes and roll out enterprise wide workflow and process automation. For example, Cincinnati Children's Hospital chose SmartERP to implement workflow to enhance and automate workflow approvals for their PeopleSoft eProcurement, Vouchers and Custom Check Request. SmartERP implemented enterprise-wide workflow, encompassing the entire expenditure life cycle on schedule and within budget. Alan French, the Executive Director of Finance had the following to say regarding our workflow methodology and approach: "Smart Workflow is an invaluable, user friendly, addition to our PeopleSoft. SmartERP personnel are intelligent, efficient and truly stand by their product" Past Experience

SmartERP possesses solid domain and technical ability and boasts offerings ranging from Implementations, Professional Services, Support, Project Management and solutions that help our clients improve productivity and enhance their various business processes. SmartERP have assembled a team of A-players with the skill and experience to lead this project to a successful and timely completion. SmartERP intend to use its own team of full-time W2 Solutions Architects and Consultants to deliver the services described within this proposal.

The following table outlines each team members experience level. Team member Project Role PeopleSoft Education/ Experience Certification Doris Wong Executive Sponsor ­ 15 Years BS CEO -Smart ERP Cathleen Project Lead 9 Years BS Valdesere Cheryl Business Analyst 16 years Rockwell Ramesh Senior Architect 12 Years BS Panchagnula Rajesh Business Analyst 10 Years BS Koppanathi Sreeni Technical Architect 10 years MS Muniswamy SmartERP has led numerous PeopleSoft Process streamlining projects for Higher Education and Public Sector organizations. Specifically, SmartERP has led similar projects the State of Delaware, Northwestern University, Wesleyan University, Emory University and Cincinnatti Childrens Hospital. In these engagements SmartERP not only provided a holistic assessment of the current business practices, policies, technical controls and standards that are in place, but also provided consulting services and solutions to address our documented recommendations.

Products or Services Available

Smart ERP Solutions is comprised of some of the best former PeopleSoft Architects, Analysts, Developers and industry specialists. SmartERP is dedicated to providing innovative solutions for our clients, designed to enhance applications with functionality well beyond the delivered capabilities. We are passionate about extending the functionality in PeopleSoft applications with our innovative add-on solutions that avoid the typical burden of messy and difficult-to-maintain customizations. Our model is very unique in that we utilize our vast development expertise to address difficult application issues for our clients by deploying proven solutions using our unique bolt-on design. This makes our solutions very repeatable, easy to implement and easy on your budget.

Key Differentiator-Our SmartAdvantage

Rather than assigning teams of consultants to projects we apply our pre-built, proven solutions to efficiently address those efforts common to any PeopleSoft project thus saving time, reducing costs, minimizing risks and lowering total cost of ownership by avoiding costly difficult-to-maintain customizations.

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SmartERP Approach:

· · · · · · · · Enhance and Extend Standard PeopleSoft Functionality to Meet Business Needs 3Cs : Common, Critical, Complementary Repeatable, Pre-Packaged, Highly-Configurable and Innovative Solutions Release Independence Customer-Driven Requirements Architected and Designed as Add-On Solutions Lower Total Cost of Ownership Minimal to No Customizations and Minimal Upgrade Impact

SmartERP Business Value: · SmartERP Solutions Offer Lower Costs Compared to Traditional Solutions · Designed and Developed with Customer Requirements and Feedback · Configurable and Streamlined to Meet Your Specific Business Requirements · Quick and Short Implementation Times · Solves Business Needs on Your Current PeopleSoft Release · Applicable to All Applications: Financials, HCM, Campus Solutions, SCM, CRM, EPM · Proven and High-Quality Solutions and Services SmartERP Products:

Products for PeopleSoft Applications

Smart Security Smart Docs


Smart SecurityTM secures any field on any page, avoiding costly, difficult-to-maintain customizations. Smart LoaderTM provides for bulk load of user security profiles. There are many PeopleSoft pages that are extremely cumbersome for the everyday user, thus making training and decentralizing simple processes very difficult. Most organizations only require minimal information and several of the fields that are required by PeopleSoft aren't necessarily applicable to the organization. Smart Docs gives you the ability to choose what fields and actions your organization would like to expose on the page. This framework is highly configurable and, without customization, populates all of the delivered tables in the case that you may have "power users" who need additional information on that transaction. Thus reducing the training effort and allowing the ability to decentralize processes that will make your organization more efficient and effective! Smart WorkflowTM provides complex automated workflow with enhanced features such as common in-box, attachments and ad-hoc approvers while avoiding costly, difficult-tomaintain customizations. Smart Workflow empowers the individual business user to define and alter routing rules when their business requirements change. This replaces the inefficient process of requesting IT support in order to configure workflow capabilities to address immediate needs. Key Features of Smart Workflow include: · Common approval framework for all PeopleSoft applications. · Configurable common approval inbox, which replaces the standard PeopleSoft work list · Common approver setup with user friendly Approver Wizard · Routings and approvals can be by amount and/or field values and can have multiple levels and stages · Approval rules and approver setup is both wizard-based and designed to be used by the business user rather than IT personnel · Supports parallel and sequential approval paths, and workflow attachments · Allows ad hoc approvers and reviewers to be easily inserted into the approval cycle · Graphical display showing the status of the document at all approval stages · Electronic/digitized signatures for invoice approvals and other areas · Flexible report for an administrator to review the various approver setups · Designed with minimal customization impact and minimal upgrade impact · Works with all PeopleSoft applications and PeopleTools releases

Smart Workflow

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Products for PeopleSoft Applications

Smart Lifecycle Viewer


The Smart Lifecycle Viewer solution graphically shows the status of any PeopleSoft document (students, new hires, requisitions, POs, etc.), as well as all related supporting documents, via an intuitive, easy-to-use interface with intelligent drilldown or drill-up capabilities built in. Smart Lifecycle Viewer uses the latest PeopleSoft technology to present users with graphically rich icons that show the current status of PeopleSoft documents, as well as quick links to any related supporting documents, increasing everyone's productivity by reducing clicks. The Viewer can be used with any PeopleSoft 8.x release that is on PeopleTools 8.48 or greater and is highly configurable to fit any organization's requirements. PeopleSoft Chart of Accounts (COA) consists of several different ChartField values of varying lengths. PeopleSoft provides various quick entry features like Speed Types, Speed Charts, Distribution Codes, Account/Combination Codes, Item Types etc. to enable easy and quick entry of these ChartField values. The restriction of these quick entry features is that they are limited to certain areas of the Financials and are not applied consistently across the system. Currently only employees can enter expense reports in PeopleSoft financials. Several Universities have identified a need for students to be able to enter their expense reports directly into the system without implementing the Expenses Module. Student information, such as bank and addresses, is available in the Student Financial system. Creating a User ID for each student as an employee to access the financial system is cumbersome and creates unnecessary maintenance. In addition, data security would be a concern along with the training of the students. Smart Student Expense Entry is an innovative add-on solution that enables each customer to configure their PeopleSoft Student Expense Entry to meet their unique needs. Include only the fields you require, where they are required, tailor the overall process and pages to meet your exacting needs. With the Smart Student Expense Entry we have simplified the page, created extensive functionality, incorporated workflow and row level security, all without having the expense module implemented. This creates a streamlined uniformed approach for data collection from Students. Capabilities: Features that make Smart Student Expense Entry exceptional include enhanced capabilities such as: · No need to have the Expenses Module · Enter expense reports without creating a user id · Data collection from SA system · Save as draft · Copy to/from templates to streamline expense entry · Row level security based on any field on the expense entry · Attachments that follow the expense entry · Robust workflow with multi-level approvals, attachments, ad hoc approvers · Collaboration with threaded comments · Configurable expense entry printing · Lifecycle view of where each expense entry is in the business process · Context sensitive configurable help

Smart Keys

Smart Student Expense Entry

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4. Pricing Schedule (Response to Section 8 of RFP)

Our estimated costs are based on our understanding of the desired solutions and services described in your Request for Proposal. It is our intent to provide you a high value proposal for your requirements and work with you to minimize costs and within your established budget for this project.

The following charts represent SmartERP's pricing schedule: Consulting Services Pricing Details: Type of Service Project Manager Functional Resource Technical/ Programming resource Database Resource Tuning Resource End User Training resource Hourly Rate 150 + Hours $205 $185 $185 $185 $185 $185 Hourly Rate 450 + Hours $205 $185 $185 $185 $185 $185 Hourly Rate 1,000 + Hours $205 $185 $185 $185 $185 $185

Travel and Expense: Prices quoted for services are inclusive of Travel and Expenses. Product Pricing Details: Product

List Price per Instance License only $90,000 $90,000


Discounted Price Production Instance License only $70,000 $70,000


Smart Workflow Smart Docs

Annual Support and Maintenance: Annual Support and Maintenance fee is calculated as 20% of List Price .

Cost Estimate:

As per Section 5.1.5 of the RFP, MCCCD may need electronic forms development tools and automated/streamlined workflow products. Our Smart Docs and Smart Workflow frameworks are add-on PeopleSoft based solutions and can be used to tailor, streamline, and automate any PeopleSoft processes and workflow needs to meet your business requirements. Please see section 5 for more details on these solutions. SmartERP offers significant discounts in licensing and support fees to MCCCD. We also estimate that 20 weeks of consulting services is required to provide training to MCCCD's resources on how to implement and support these solutions as well as develop, test and document extensions to the PeopleSoft applications. Our details of a total cost estimate are given in the table below. Some of the benefits of our solutions and services include: · Add-on solutions for Smart Docs and Smart Workflow to allow extension of your PeopleSoft applications while maintaining a lower total cost of ownership in regards to maintenance and upgrades. · Smart Docs framework allows for tailoring PeopleSoft applications to meet your business needs. · Robust Workflow Approval capabilities in Smart Workflow ­ allows for consistent Workflow approval application to be applied to any HCM or Campus Solution applications · Allows for training on Smart Docs and Workflow so your IT staff can implement, rather than using Smart ERP services for implementation. · Hybrid solution and services proposal allows SmartERP consulting services to help with getting the MCCCD IT team up-to-speed with real hands-on development of your PeopleSoft initiatives with these frameworks, as well as meet aggressive project objectives. Page 13

· ·

Our Support and Maintenance allows for a compatible version of Smart Docs and Smart Workflow for Release 9.1/PeopleTools 8.50 when MCCCD upgrades to PeopleTools 8.50 and Release 9.1. Smart ERP will provide support to work with MCCCD IT to insure the Smart Solutions can be upgraded successfully to a new PeopleSoft releases.


License Cost of Smart Docs Framework for HCM 2-year Support and Maintenance Cost of Smart Docs Framework

Number Of Hours


Standard / List Price $


Proposal Price $



· Includes unlimited use license in PeopleSoft Campus Solutions (production database fee waived ­ List Price $90K) · Total Saving ($90K + $20K)=$110K · Standard maintenance and support cost is typically 20% of List Price. However, for MCCCD, the cost is calculated based on the sale price. · Fees waived for both HCM and Campus Solutions and require that the Smart Docs software be identical in both environments · Saving- $18K/year * 2 years = $36K per production database · Total Savings ($36K * 2) = $72K · Includes unlimited use license in PeopleSoft Campus Solutions (production database fee waived ­ List Price $90K) · Total Saving ($90K + $20K)=$110K · Standard maintenance and support cost is typically 20% of List Price. However, for MCCCD the cost is calculated based on the sale price. · Fees waived for both HCM and Campus Solutions and require that the Smart Docs software be identical in both environments · Saving- $18K/year * 2 years = $36K per production database · Total Savings ($36K * 2) = $72K · Services will be delivered under sections given in 5.1.1 ­ 5.1.9 in "Scope of Work" section. · Total Saving of $364,000




License Cost of Smart WorkFlow Framework for HCM 2-year Support and Maintenance Cost of Smart Workflow Framework







*Consulting Services

800 hours (20 weeks)





Consulting Services during the 20 weeks will be utilized as follows: · Conduct/lead requirements gathering for any applications extensions requiring Smart Docs and Smart Workflow · Maintain on-site presence during the implementation period. · Provide training on how to use Smart Docs and Smart Workflow frameworks and development methodology for MCCCD IT staff · Jointly Design, Develop and Implement application extensions with MCCCD's IT staff based on MCCCD requirements. This strategy will allow for MCCCD's IT staff to receive hands-on training while contributing to true deliverables required by MCCCD. · · · · ·


Resolve issues identified during various test cycles Provide necessary support during deployment phase

Invoice Schedule:

For licensing cost of Smart Docs and Smart Workflow, SmartERP will invoice on contract signing. For consulting services, SmartERP will invoice MCCCD on a monthly basis for hours utilized. MCCCD will pay SmartERP within 30 days of receipt of invoice. Page 14

5. Tailoring PeopleSoft to Meet Your Business Requirements with Smart Docs and Smart Workflow:

Smart ERP approach:

By using the Smart Docs and Smart Workflow frameworks, MCCCD will be able to implement PeopleSoft application changes, including the creation of any type of electronic forms that will provide simplification of data entry, automation of business processes, and extension of the PeopleSoft functionality to meet MCCCD's business requirements. These solutions will assist in making your organization more effective and productive, as well as enrich the end user's experience. These solutions are delivered as add-on solutions that seamlessly integrate to your PeopleSoft application, thus allowing you to tailor and automate your applications to MCCCD's business requirements. In addition, our add-on architect and design minimizes customizations and allows for a lower total cost of ownership, especially as it pertains to maintenance and upgrades. Smart Docs Framework: The Smart Docs framework enhances standard PeopleSoft business processes, tailoring them to meet your specific needs, and giving your users the most efficient and easy-to-understand PeopleSoft experience possible. With Smart Docs, you can control which fields are displayed and where they are displayed; insert additional business logic; and enhance many other properties of a page with minimal impact to the standard PeopleSoft code line. Smart Docs makes enhancing any standard PeopleSoft business process incredibly easy. To tailor business processes to meet your needs, whether to make them simpler or to add additional functionality, Smart Docs makes such enhancements through simple configurations, not complicated customizations. Key features: · Simplified and streamlined Data Entry pages · Extend Functionality to Meet Complex Requirements · Uses CI to Retain Standard PeopleSoft Functionality and Delivered Business Logic · Populates Delivered PeopleSoft Tables · Allows Additional Data Elements Without Change to Standard PeopleSoft Data Model · Seamlessly Integrates with Smart Workflow, Smart Security, Smart Lifecycle Viewer and other Smart Solutions. · Configurable Pages for Any Business Process! · Collaboration Between Users within the Context of a Transaction · Attachment Functionality Available on All Pages · Draft & Template Capabilities · Collaboration during data entry · High ownership experience · Leverages current application infrastructure · Fast, cost-effective, high-quality solutions and implementations · Proven and reliable solutions minimize business risks · Achieves enhanced, efficient and productive business processes. · Minimal Upgrade and Maintenance impact

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Smart Workflow Framework:

PeopleSoft applications provide various workflow features that vary by module. The AWE engine provides capabilities for creating, running, and managing approval processes within PeopleSoft. But the delivered process may not satisfy all the approval needs to effectively manage their day-to-day tasks and also features vary by modules. We are experts in extending the Approval Workflow Engine framework to all PeopleSoft documents. This will empower individual business user to define and alter routing rules when their business requirements change. The efficiencies of automated electronic approvals were applied with a common in-box across numerous modules. This not only speeds up and automates approvals but also increases accountability and strengthens financial controls. Key Features · Common Capabilities for your Enterprise · User Defined Routing Rules and wizard based rules setup · Route by any Field Value or tree nodes · Common Approver/Reviewer Setup Page 16

· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·

Approvers and Reviewers Setup in Same Fashion Assign by any Field Value or tree nodes Common approval Inbox for ALL transactions Configurable Searches ­ NO Worklist Mass Approval Capability All Information Needed for Approval in One Place Manual or Automatic Submission Preview Capability Ability to Enter Ad-hoc even Prior to First Step Rerouting Templates Choose Data Elements that Require Rerouting for Workflow Allow Approver to Change Certain Values Without Rerouting Defer Combo Edits Until Desired Approval Step Automatically Skip Step if no Approvers Found Email Approvals Adhoc approvers, Proxy Approver feature (e.g., vacation, leave of absence) Attachments

Implementation Model: A project team can be assembled to design, configure, develop and test various business functions as required by MCCCD.. This team will be comprised of resources from SmartERP and MCCCD. SmartERP and MCCCD can assign individuals to each role prior to the start of the project as illustrated in the.proposed model below.

Project Management Model Role Personnel

Key Responsibilities

MCCCD Leader (MCCCD ) Project Leadership


· · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·

Point of contact for SmartERP Project Leader Co-own the day-to-day management and execution of tasks Ensure participation from appropriate users / SMEs to provide input Assist in driving issues to resolution Communicate status to sponsors and team Execution of tasks defined Co-own the day-to-day management and execution Responsible for tracking program scope, milestone, risks, and issues Responsible for the development, quality and delivery of all deliverables Assure knowledge transfer to MCCCD via one-on-one interaction and training Facilitate project checkpoint Responsible for developing the data verification and acceptance methods Define procedures for handling test case failures, issue identification and resolution Overall project communication during testing activities Review and approve project deliverables in conjunction with the SmartERP Quality Assurance resource Provides general assistance to MCCCD, as needed Reviews and approves project deliverables in conjunction with MCCCD Quality Assurance resource. Provide business representation for specific functional areas that are impacted Serve as liaisons between the user organization and the Project Team

SmartERP Project Leader (SmartERP)

Quality Assurance Resource (MCCCD)

Project Team

Quality Assurance Resource (SmartERP) Functional Resources /SMEs (MCCCD/SmartERP) Technical Consultants (SmartERP) Technical Developer (MCCCD)

· ·

· ·

· · ·

Configure and develop application code changes to the necessary and appropriate systems based on approved designs Co-develop and implement with MCCC staff. Performs technical tasks under the direction from SmartERP

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SmartAdvantage Methodology: Our SmartAdvantage Methodology below demonstrates the typical activities that are required to implement our Smart Solutions.

Page 18

6. Signature Page (Response to Section 9 of RFP)

Pursuant to Arizona Revised Statutes 35-391.06 & 35.393.06, proposer certifies that it does not have a scrutinized business operation in either Sudan or Iran.

SIGNATURE __________


PRINTED NAME ________Doris Wong_______________________________ TITLE ______________________C.E.O_______________________________ COMPANY __Smart ERP Solutions, Inc._______________________________ ADDRESS _6140 Stoneridge Mall, Rd, Suite #385_______________ CITY, STATE, ZIP ____Pleasanton, California, 94588__________________ TELEPHONE ____925 699 0832____________________________________ FAX NUMBER (408) 521 0918_____________________________________ E-MAIL [email protected]______________________________________ Is your firm a: ( ) Corporation* ( ) Partnership ( ) Individual ( ) Joint Venture * If a corporation, answer the following: (a) Where incorporated:___California___________________________________ (b) Date incorporated: _April 26th, 2005._________________________________ (c) Have your Articles ever been suspended or revoked? ( ) Yes () No If yes, when, for what reason, and when were they reinstated: Has your firm or its parent or subsidiaries ever been debarred or suspended from providing any goods or services to the Federal Government or other public entities? No If yes, when, for what reason, and when were they reinstated:

Page 19

7. Bidder's Statement (Response to Attachment B of RFP)

Bidder's Statement: Interested Bidders are asked to review and provide, as completely and accurately as possible, a written response on each applicable section below: TYPE OF BUSINESS ORGANIZATION Please check the appropriate box(es). The Bidder represents that it operates as: ______ A CORPORATION incorporated under the laws of the State of_California______ ______ An INDIVIDUAL ______ A PARTNERSHIP ______ A NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION ______ A JOINT VENTURE Federal Employer Identification Number: 41-2174926 PARENT COMPANY and IDENTIFYING DATA A "parent" company, for the purposes of this provision, is one that owns or controls the activities and basic business policies of the Bidder. To own the Bidding company means that the "parent" company must own more than 50 percent of the voting rights in that company. A company may control a Bidder as a "parent" even though not meeting the requirements for such ownership if the "parent" company is able to formulate, determine or veto basic policy decisions of the Bidder through the use of dominant minority voting rights, use of proxy voting or otherwise. The Bidder: Smart ERP Solutions, Inc ______ IS _____ IS NOT owned or controlled by a "parent" company.

If the Bidder IS owned or controlled by a "parent" company, Bidder shall provide thename, address, phone and fax numbers, and Federal I.D. No. of the company.

Page 20

BIDDER REFERENCES Private Business Contracts 1. Company Name: ____ Wesleyan University ___________________________ Address: Phone #: 237 High Street, Middletown, CT 06459_______________________________ (860) 685-2855 Email: _ [email protected]_________________

Contact Person: _____Ed Below___________________________________________________ Contract Period: From: _____July, 2008____________ To: ________June 2009______________ Describe Services: SmartERP implemented PeopleSoft Financials 9.0 along with Smart Solutions to tailor PeopleSoft to fit specific needs of Wesleyan, while avoiding cumbersome and expensive customizations. SmartERP brought Wesleyan live on PeopleSoft Financials 9.0 in a short twelve month schedule, within budget, and with a host of additional functionality to meet their goals. Our Smart Docs solution was applied to the standard PeopleSoft business processes to streamline and tailor them to precisely fit Wesleyan's requirements. Complicated multi-page, multi-tab transactions were simplified to single pages. Smart Docs were created for on-line journal entry, budget journals, accounts payable vouchers, travel expenses, deposit transmittals, grants proposals, purchasing requisitions. Smart Workflow, Smart Security and Smart Keys solutions were also implemented and integrated with the Smart Docs transactions.

2. Company Name: __Northwestern University _______________________________________

Address: Phone #: _1800 Sherman Avenue, Suite 200, Evanston, IL 60204____________ _847.467.1577 Email#: [email protected]____________

Contact Person: __ Jason Schober_______________________________________________ Contract Period: From: _____November, 2008_____ Describe Services: Self-Service Journal Entry/Budget Transfer · · · · · · Journal creation, edit, budget Check, and workflow submission distributed to department users. Needed the ability to identify and search for the different types of journal (Internal Transfer, Correction, etc.). Enabled Row Level Security on Actuals and Budget Ledgers. Needed the ability to restrict the entry of certain type of journal entries to specific users. 90-Day Rule applied to journals entered through Northwestern portal, which forces users to supply additional justification information when corrections are being done to journals dated 90 days ago. Deployed easy to use portlets and simplified screens on existing PeopleSoft Portal, for a user community of over 3000 participants. To: _____August, 2009________________

Page 21

Enhanced Row Level Security Northwestern had specific security requirements, which called for enhanced security in PeopleSoft 8.9 Financials, beyond the row level security delivered in standard product. These row level security requirements were met by implementing SmartERP's Smart Security suite. · Provided flexible and configurable options to restrict data security by Department/Program/Project; · Limited security by `User'; · Allowed Context Based Security for all General Ledger and Grants related pages; · Extended security capabilities to a reporting solution, Cognos; and · Automatically created various security and authorization values as new users are added or deleted in the system. Enhanced Workflow Currently, PeopleSoft applications provide various workflow features that vary by module, do not have a consistent look and feel, and do not satisfy all the needs of PeopleSoft users to effectively manage their day to day tasks. Northwestern has identified the gaps that exist in the PeopleSoft standard workflow solutions and wanted a solution that would facilitate: · Setting up of Workflow Routing rules for all transactions in one place; · Setting up all the approvers in one place; · Eliminating standard work lists and bringing a more flexible, highly configurable Approval Common Inbox to approve all transactions from a single place; · Ability to reassign workflow; · Ability for the subordinate reassignment if the document is not acted upon in a timely fashion; · In the case of multiple approvers, the final approver will be able to make the journal available for posting with minimum key strokes; · Need `line level' routing on journals. If more than one department is used then each department's approval rules must be followed; · Need the ability to have differing workflow routings based on dollar amounts; · Departmental Amount Approval will always be required for transactions greater than or equal to $500.00; and · For transactions charging to multiple departments, the approval must be able to take multiple paths. In this scenario, all approvers within the path must approve, before the transaction can be fully approved in the Department stage. 3. Company Name: ___ Emory University Address: Phone #: 1599, Clifton Road, Atlanta, GA___________________________ __404/727-7674 _______ Email: [email protected]______________

Contact Person: Tom Vincent__________________________________________________ Contract Period: From: ____July, 2008_______ to: _____September, 2009_________________ Describe Services: Emory has over 6000 campus wide Grants users. Following are the requirements to streamline the Grants process. o o o o o Need to simplify the complexity of navigating your Grants business process. Need to add some additional Grants business logic/functionality, but hate customization. Need more contemporary, flexible and intuitive user interface. Need to accomplish all the above without increasing your total cost of ownership. Need to accomplish complex workflow routing rules.

These complex requirements were easily met using Smart Docs and SmartWorkflow products. Proposal Express (EPEX) on delivered Proposal Entry page in the Grants Module was crated to simplify the proposal entry process. Smart Workflow utilized to streamline the approval process and assure compliance as well as Emory business requirements. Additional functionality built in to both without customization to delivered PeopleSoft. Emory is live on this solution since September, 2009.


Page 22

Standard Business Hours

1. Days of week available for services: Monday - Friday 2. Business hours of operation: 8 am PST ­ 8 pm PST 3. On-call/Emergency service hours: 8 pm PST ­ 8 am PST Monday ­ Friday; Also, Saturdays and Sundays, 8 am PST ­ 8 pm PST Phone Number(s): (925) 271 5695 Web Address: FAX Number: (408) 521 0918

General Information

4. Business License Number: 070869 ­ City of Pleasanton, CA 5. Number of years in business under current name: 5 years 6. Number of offices in the State of Arizona: 0

7. Business Classification (check applicable category) Minority Owned Business (MBE) __________ ____________ Woman Owned Business (WBE) _________________________ Does your firm hold this certification from any other agencies or companies? No: Yes:

With Whom? California Public Utilities Commission

8. Name and address of office assigned to handle the MCCCD account: Smart ERP Solutions, Inc. 6140 Stoneridge Mall Rd, #385 Pleasanton, CA-94588 9. Account Manager Information: Name: Kirk Chan Phone: (925) 271 0200 10. Contractors License Number(s): TYPE NUMBER

11. Do you ever sub-contract any of your services? NO YES If YES, which services?

Page 23

8. MCCCD STUDENT SYSTEM NDA (Response to Attachment C of RFP)



Doris Wong_____________________ Name 02/26/2010______________________ Date C.E.O__________________________ Job Title Smart ERP Solutions, Inc____________ Company Name I, ____Doris Wong_______________________________________, agree that when given access to the Maricopa County Community College District Student Information System (SIS) database or file, I will not reveal or attempt to reveal any individually identifiable information furnished, acquired, retrieved, or assembled by me in connection with the SIS database for any purpose; I will not disclose to the public or otherwise, information from which a student's records could be identified; I will not permit any other person to use a SIS account or password; I will not attempt to identify individual students in the SIS database by joining that data with other data available to me; I will ensure that information extracted from the SIS database is safeguarded and stored in a location and medium not accessible to anyone else but a MCCCD authorized person; I will report any loss or breach of security to the MCCCD Purchasing Office (Attn: Ren Carlson / 480-7318519) immediately; I have read and agree to be bound by the Non-Disclosure Agreement between Maricopa County Community College District and my Company.

______________________________________Feb 26, 2010______ Signature / Date Smart ERP Solutions, Inc___________________________________ Company Name

Page 24

Exhibit A - Resumes

Resumes of people who might be assigned to MCCCD are included below. Doris Wong, Executive Sponsor ­ SmartERP Doris Wong has over 25 years of technical, product development and business experience in the enterprise software industry. Prior to joining SmartERP, she served as Oracle's Group Vice President and General Manager responsible for the entire PeopleSoft product line, which included Human Capital Management, Financial Management, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Performance Management, as well as PeopleTools. A 15-year veteran working with PeopleSoft/Oracle products and customers, Doris was responsible for the strategic direction and product development of the PeopleSoft product line, working with customers, partners, analysts, sales and services. Prior to PeopleSoft/Oracle, Doris spent 12 years working with ASK Computers, Inc., managing product development across all of their business applications and product lines. In addition to her product development and management experience, Doris brings with her a commitment and passion for bringing high quality innovative solutions and satisfaction to customers. Doris will play an Executive sponsor role for this initiative. She will take complete responsibility for delivering 100% success for MCCCD and we provide this service at no cost to you. Doris Wong, will work directly with the MCCCD's executives and will participate during any Executive Steering Committee meetings in order to provide insight and strategies for the project based on experience in providing Cheryl Rockwell ­ Business Analyst Background Over 24 years of management experience and expertise in all facets of Human Resources, Payroll/Payroll Tax, Benefits, eModules, HRIS and Consulting. Skills: · · · · · · PeopleSoft Certified Lead consulting roles with extensive functional knowledge with Human Resources, Position Management, Payroll, Base Benefits, Benefits Administration, eModules and Self Service HR system implementations & upgrades PeopleSoft HRMS versions 6.0, 7.0, 7.5, 8.0, 8.3, 8.8, 8.9 and 9.0 Industry experience includes Healthcare, HigerEd, Security, Public Sector, Transportation and Private Sector organizations Previous industry roles as Director of Human Resources and Manager of Employee Benefits

Cathleen T. Valdesere - Project Lead Summary Diversified professional with the ability to complete large ERP system implementation and upgrades, in a timely and cost efficient manner; recognized for distinguished service for facilitating and motivating team members to meet and exceed timelines and goals and nominated for "Outstanding Project of the Year" for financials upgrade. Skills: · · · · Proven leadership skills as an agent for positive change and a hands on leader providing strategic architecture and development solutions, developed over 18 years in progressively challenging mandates. Strong Project Management experience in implementing PeopleSoft applications and Smart ERP bolton solutions leveraging SmartAdvantage Implementation Methodology. Core expertise in delivering large complex development and support projects providing highest quality analysis, functional design, and support of business critical solutions. Proven track record in delivering sound systems solutions for business opportunities & users productivity. Worked closely with all stakeholders to ensure that IT is adequately supporting and being supported by each group within the company.

· · · · ·

Expertise in PeopleSoft Applications and Business Intelligence, implementation analysis, design, and development in business areas of Finance, Order Fulfillment/Management, and Human Resources. Several years of Global Experience in managing Development/Support teams located across the globe in a 24x7 environment. Responsible for communication and coordination of programs, projects, and enhancements through the multi-functional teams. Developed and championed IT Processes and Procedures to meet the evolving needs of the organization in planning, organizing, leading, and controlling all aspects. Responsible for budgeting and resource planning for IT Organization. Most projects were implemented within the budget and on time.

Rajesh Koppanathi ­ HCM/Fin Techno Functional Consultant Background: Rajesh has 16 years of experience in the software industry and 10 years of PeopleSoft experience. Rajesh worked for PeopleSoft (GSC) for 9 years as a Technical Lead and supported customers. He maintained the GSC lab environment for many years. Rajesh is a Subject Matter Expert in core HRMS, Payroll, Time and Labor, Project Costing, Grants, Contracts. After leaving Oracle | PeopleSoft, Rajesh worked for Cherry Road Consulting and later joined SmartERP as a Technical Lead. Rajesh was involved recently in two successful Public Sector PeopleSoft HRMS upgrade projects and one new Higher Education implementation of PeopleSoft Financials 9. Relevant Experience: · 16 years of overall experience and 10 years of PeopleSoft experience. · Worked for PeopleSoft Global Support Center (GSC) for 9 years. · During GSC tenure, supported PeopleSoft upgrades and implementations during Go-Live. · Lead Analyst role in City of Sacramento PeopleSoft 9 upgrade project. · Functional Consultant at ACTransit PeopleSoft HR upgrade project. · Technical / Integration Specialist role in Wesleyan PeopleSoft 9 implementation. · Received many Customer Service Excellence awards while in the GSC. Dinesh Babu - HCM Techno Functional Consultant Mr. Dinesh has over thirteen years of Human Resources and Benefits Administration experience. Mr. Dinesh has ten years of comprehensive hands-on experience with PeopleSoft HCM products from all aspects of design and implementation. Mr. Dinesh is proficient with using the following modules:HRMS (Absence Management, Payroll, Payroll Interface, Benefits, Benefits Administration Time & Labor, and Employee Selfservice (ESS). He has been a key player in implementing PeopleSoft HCM, and has taken the key role on many implementing HR, Absence Management, Base Benefits and Benefit Administration. Dinesh is detailed oriented and ensures testing is performed accurately as set forth in the testing scenarios. He has provided functional support to end-users. Relevant Experience: · Extensively involved in troubleshooting and fixing problems at development, system testing and post-production stages for various HRMS modules. · Extensive experience in the areas of Design, Gap-analysis, Development, Implementation and Unit Testing. · Customized workflow in Absence Management Self Service to use ANF customized routing · Implemented custom security model on delivered Absence Management Self Service. · Configured Vacation ,Sick, Float, Jury, Bereavement and Emergency leave types · Implemented City Sick Rules for San Francisco and Delaware for part time staff get city ordinance leave. · Loaded details of employee manager and address through an automated excel load by developing new Component Interface and PeopleCode. · Added a GSA schedule flag at the contract line level and the invoice print also needs to show what products have been sold as part of the GSA schedule by rebuilding Field, Record, and Page. · Removed unnecessary links in Employee Self Service.

Page 26

Ramesh Panchagnula ­ Technical Architect Background: Mr. Panchagnula has over 16 years of Software development experience and over 12 years of PeopleSoft Financials experience. Currently he is Chief Architect at Smart ERP Solutions, leading the design and development of bolt-on solutions for PeopleSoft customers. Prior to this, Ramesh was an Architect on the PeopleSoft Financials Development Team at Oracle and PeopleSoft. He worked for PeopleSoft for more than 9 years in different roles (Lead Support Analyst in the Global Support Center, Senior Support Developer, Principal Application Engineer, and Architect for the Financials Development Team). Ramesh designed and developed many core features in the Procure-to-Pay process. Mr. Panchagnula has a Masters in Computer Science from California State University. He received many performance awards at PeopleSoft. Skills: · Solid knowledge of architecture, design, and development standards of PeopleSoft applications. · Expertise in data conversion, developing interfaces, customizations, and extensions using different technologies. · Experience in facilitating system review, data analysis and situation assessment. · Strong PeopleSoft Financial development experience in designing, developing and implementing technical solutions. · Knowledgeable in Accounts Payables, Accounts Receivables, Purchasing, eSettlements, General Ledger, and Projects. · Well versed in technologies such as BPEL, XML Publisher, Fusion Middleware, and PeopleTools. Relevant Experience: · Designed and developed 8 financial bolt-on Solutions for PeopleSoft customers. · Successfully completed Financials Stabilization Project at Hewitt Associates. · Facilitated system review, data analysis, and situation assessment. · Developed technical design documents for Account Payable and eSettlement Products for 8.4, 8.9 and 9.0 releases of PeopleSoft. · Resolved complex customer production issues. · Designed and developed new functionality in Financials. (Matching, Posting, Supplier Registration, XML Invoices, India Localization, On-Demand Processing etc, for Accounts Payable/eSettlements 8.4, 8.9,9.0). Sreeni Muniswamy ­ Technical Architect Background: Sreeni has over 18 years of experience in the entire software development life cycle of large-scale financials, telecommunications and e-commerce business applications, with architectures from server-centric, client server to n-tier web based systems using PeopleTools and J2EE technologies. Sreeni developed and implemented different web applications in different industries. Currently he is working as a Lead Architect at Smart ERP Solutions to design and coordinate the development of bolt-on solutions for PeopleSoft customers. Prior to this Sreeni worked as a Lead Developer on the Enterprise Services Automation (ESA) Development Team at Oracle | PeopleSoft Corporation. He worked for PeopleSoft for 5 years. Skills: · Areas of expertise include management of project scope/deliverables; system design, development/coding, testing, business process analysis; and documentation. · Strong PeopleSoft Financials/ESA development experience in designing and developing technical solutions. · Knowledgeable in Fusion Middleware Architecture. · Proficient in Object Oriented Analysis and Object Oriented Design using UML. Relevant Experience: · Designed and developed bolt-on Solutions for PeopleSoft customers. · Designed, developed and implemented XML invoice functionality at Hewitt Associates. Page 27

· · · · ·

Involved in the design, development and maintenance of different releases of PeopleSoft ESA products Designed and implemented Object Framework using People Tools Technology for supporting MVC Architectures. Designed and implemented components with web pages and business logic for operating expenses and FASB. Designed and Implemented Integration for CAFM using SOAP and Integration Broker for Messaging with CAFM System. Closely worked with Financials Development Team to develop the integration between the Financials and ESA products.

Page 28

Exhibit B ­ Financial Information

Financial information for Smart ERP Solutions, Inc. is provided below.

Exhibit C ­ Organizational Chart

A SmartERP organizational chart is provided below. SmartERP will communicate to MCCCD any organizational changes that will impact the services offered in this proposal.


Smart ERP

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