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$27,679,100 Yuan Dynasty (14th c.) Blue and White Jar $20,086,024 Canaletto (1697-1768) "The Bucintoro at the Molo on Ascension Day" $12,616,000 Andy Warhol "Portrait of Elizabeth Taylor" Acrylic 40"x40" $3,824,000 Andrew Wyeth "Battle Ensign Southern Island, Maine, 1987" Tempera $2,760,000 Martin Johnson Heade (1819-1904) "Sunny Day on the Marsh Newburyport" Oil 1871-5 $2,312,000 Julius Le Blanc "Yachting in the Mediterranean" Oil $2,144,000 Sanford Robinson Gifford "Fire Island Beach, 1877" Oil $1,949,635 Ludwig von Beethoven Original Manuscript "Grosse Fugue in B-flat Major" $1,808,500 Chippendale High Chest 1755-65, 94" h $1,584,000 Edward Hopper "Squam Light" Oil $1,052,000 Frederic Church (1816-1900) "Highlands of the Hudson River" 1866 $1,000,000 John Lennon's Handwritten Lyrics for "All You Need is Love" $996,000 $879,500 $825,000 Babe Ruth Red Sox/N.Y. Yankee Sale Contract Patek Philippe 2499 Wristwatch Fitz Henry Lane (1806-1866) "View off Thatcher's Island ­ Bark Eastern Star" Oil 24" x 36" John Haley Bellamy (18361914) Carved Engraving with "God is our Refuge and Strength" Banner 48" L Norman Rockwell "The Song of Bernadette" Movie Painting Oil 58" x 28" Richard Avedon Beatles Photos Set of 4 HMS Victory Captain Thomas Hardy Gold Battle of Trafalgar Medal Harry Winston Platinum and 11.66 carat Diamond Ring Patriotic Presentation Sword Charles Tyler Capt. HMS Tonnant, Oct. 21, 1805 Cadillac Roadster, 1930 John Stobart "Portland, the Bark Halcyon" Oil Scrimshawed Sperm Whale Tooth, 19th c. with Whaling Scene and Federal Period House 8" L Gibson Solid Body Les Paul style Guitar Buffalo Nickel 1916 $259,000 Northwest Coast Indian Tsimshian Cedar Mask 19th c. $240,000 Montague Dawson (1895-1973) "Decks Awash in the Teeth of a Gale" Oil $240,000 Ship's Figurehead of Woman in Purple from Brig Martha 1850-60 54" $216,000 Babe Ruth Signed 1920 Game Bat $207,225 U.S. Constitution First Printing 1787 $204,000 Indian Birchbark Canoe Model with Two Figures $201,250 William Glackens "Rockport, MA, 1936" Oil $198,000 Edward Moran (1829-1901) "A Packet Ship Backing Sails in Boston" Oil $195,500 Gus Wilson Preening Black Duck Decoy $192,000 SS Normandie Grand Salon Mural Panel pair $186,867 Mozart Letter $180,000 James E. Buttersworth "Clipper Ship Westward Ho" Oil 29"x36" $170,000 Scrimshawed Sperm Whale Tooth Whaleship Pacific, Edward Burdett (1805-33) 4 ¾" $168,000 Model of Armed English Cutter c.1800 39" L $166,600 Steven Dews "Battle of Trafalgar" Oil 40" x 66" $161,000 Marvel Comics #1, 1939 $150,000 Robert Salmon (1775-1845) "A Ship in four Positions in the Clyde" Oil $144,000 Anthony Thieme "Evening Light on the Suwannee River" Oil $138,000 JFK Rolex Watch Given by Marilyn Monroe $136,500 Thomas Luny (1759-1837) "The Bombardment of Algiers" Oil 48" x 72 ½" $127,000 Tiffany Hydrangea Stained Glass Lamp $126,000 Jack Gray (1927-1981) "Canadian Schooner Bluenose at Sea" Oil $115,500 Napoleon's Bicorn Hat $115,000 Nantucket Basket $114,000 William Bradford (1827-1892) "Transatlantic Packet Ships off a Northern Headland" Oil 24"x36" $105,000 Duke of Wellington's Sword 8 ¾" $103,500 Ogden Pleissner "Shooting Turkeys" Watercolor $102,000 Barry Bonds 70th Homerun Baseball $102,000 James e. Buttersworth "Vigilant vs. Valkyrie II 1885 America's Cup" Oil 9 ½" x 12" $88,000 William Yorke (1847-1892) att. "Clippership Ocean Herald" Oil $86,250 Smith and Wesson No. 3 Revolver $87,750 Gen. George Custer Letter $86,250 Alfred Bricher "New England Shoreline" Oil $85,187 Case of 1989 Romanee Conti Wine $78,000 Walt Whitman Leaves of Grass First Edition $75,000 Tim Thompson "Departure from Sandy Hook" Oil 36" x 48" $74,750 Ralph Cahoon "Still Life Therom" $74,400 James E. Buttersworth (18171894) "Squadron of Yachts Passing the Hook" Oil $73,500 Gold and Enamel Small Royal Naval Sword Ship Arethusa 1802 $72,000 George M. W. Atkinson (18021884) "Three Masted Ships in Harbor" Oil 34" x 52" $71,500 Montague Dawson "The Beautiful Spindrift" Oil $63,000 J. Stephen Dews "Britannia Trouncing Santanita in Torbay" Oil 40" x 60" $62,500 Napoleonic P.O.W. Bone Model 70 gun ship 11" L $62,374 Wayne Gretzky Rookie Card $63,000 Sailor's Woolwork of American Ship Approaching Lighthouse c.1840 $60,725 Alfred Thompson Bricher Newport Coastal Scene Oil 18" x 39" $60,000 Abraham Jacob Bogdanove Monhegan Island Scene Oil $60,000 James W. Carmichael (18001868) Shipping Whitby Harbor, 1856 Oil 30" x 42" $60,000 Lloyd McCaffery "Schooner Yacht America" Scratch-built Ship Model ¾"=1' 39" L $60,000 1969 Kentucky Derby Cup $58,000 Antonio Jacobsen (1850-1927) "Steamer Concho on East River, 1895" Oil 22" x 36" $55,000 Mickey and Minnie Mouse on Motorcycle Toy $52,580 Walter Trost Richards "View off the Rhode Island Coast" Watercolor $52,115 Roman First Century Legionnaires Helmet $52,000 William Bygrave 19th c. "American Bark Glenwood Leaving Messina, Italy" Oil 21" x 32" $50,400 Nelson's Silver Snuff Box $50,000 Clifford Ashley (1881-1947) "Stove Boat" Oil 30" x 20" $49,500 Albert Pinkham Ryder "The Smugglers Retreat" Oil $48,000 John James Audubon Jer Falcon Lithograph, Havell $48,000 Letter Written on Titanic Stationery, 1912 $47,000 Sunqua Panorama of Hong Near Canton, 1832 Watercolor $45,410 Haley Lever "Mackerel Fishing Boats" Oil $45,000 Don Demers "Off to the Banks" Oil 24" x 36" $44,000 Louis Dodd "Canton, 1845" Oil 32" x 54" $44,650 RMS Titanic 3rd Class Menu $43,125 Thompson Submachine Gun, 1921 $42,550 Copper Grasshopper Weathervane 17" x 41" $42,000 Charles Lindbergh's Variable Pitch Propeller $40,100 King Edward VII Royal Scepter $39,547 William Henry Harrison 1840 Campaign Jug $38,837 Johnny Carson's "Tonight Show" Desk $37,800 Lt. Robert Strickland Thomas (1787-1853) "HMS Prince Leaving Portsmouth and Royal Navy Brig and HMS Victory" Pair 18" x 27" each $36,883 Titanic Deck Chair $35,850 Adam West's Batman Costume $35,750 Conrad Freitag "Barkentine Lizzie Merry" Oil $37,375 Superman Comics Ann Ashcan DC 1939 $35,055 Lock of Napoleon's Hair $35,000 French Prisoner of War Model HMS Prince of Wales 26" L $34,741 Full Suit of Armor, 1580 $33,640 Buffalo Bill Cody Wild West Show Poster $33,500 Antonio Jacobsen (1850-1921) "Bark Onaway with Pilot Boat New York 1916" Oil 16" x 28" $33,000 J.J. Audubon "Common American Swan" Hand-colored Engraving Havell 1838 $33,000 John Hancock's Vest $32,000 Leica 1A Luxus Camera 1929 $31,900 Stephen Etnier (1903-1984) "Drying Sails" Oil 11" x 24" $30,800 Red Buddy L Toy Tugboat $30,000 Joseph Henry Sharp "Windward Koko Head, Honolulu" Oil 20"x24" $29,400 Circle of John Thomas Serres (1750-1825) "Man-o-War Passing in the Channel" Oil 30" x 57 ½" $29,000 Frederick Mulhaupt (1871-1938) "Moving Ice, Gloucester Harbor" Oil 8" x 10" $28,800 James Francis Danby (18161875) ``Evening on the Thames'' Oil 30'' x 40'' $28,680 Jane Peterson "Boats in Gloucester Harbor" Oil 18" x 24" $28,080 Madonna's "Blonde Ambition" Bustier $27,500 Stanley Meltzoff "Double Header Against a Reef" Oil 26" x 36" $27,300 Joseph Heard (1799-1859) "Bark Emilia Heading into Liverpool" Oil 23" x 35" $27,300 Miles and Samuel Walters "Brigs Mariote and Margaret in the Mersey, 1829" Oil 27" x 47" $27,188 U Boat Twin Anti-aircraft Gun $27,000 Popeye the Sailor with Mechanical Rowboat $26,352 3 Abstract paintings by Congo the Chimpanzee (1954-1964) $26,325 Ebbets Field Turnstile $26,290 Mauritz F.H. De Hass ``Along the Coast'' $25,300 John Whorf "Fleet at Gloucester" Oil $25,000 Elisha Taylor Baker (1827-1890) "Seawanhaka yacht Club Tender" Oil 12" x 22" $22,321 George Washington Signed $158.82 Bank Check $21,600 Henry Scott (1911-1966) "Full Rigger Lake Superior Ahead of Rival" Oil 24" x 36" $21,600 William Nagel Scale Model of Fishing Schooner Rhodora 25" $21,450 Cigar Store Indian "Princess" $21,000 HMS Temeraraire Mess Tankard $21,000 Napoleonic French POW 80-gun Royal Navy 3rd rate Model 25" L $20,700 Whale ivory Pie Crimper 19th c. $20,400 Thomas Buttersworth (1768-1842) "British Men of War Running Before a Storm" Oil 17" x 20" $20,315 Bob Dylan "Free Wheelin'" LP Record $20,000 Antonio Jacobsen "Sail/Steam Yacht Blake, 1899" Oil 22" x 36" $20,000 Frank Vining Smith (1879-1967) "Sunlit Sea" Oil 26" x 40" $20,000 Russ Kramer "The Tacking Duel" Oil $20,000 Otto Mulhlenfeld (1871-1907) "Baltimore Tug Dauntless" Oil 24" x 34" $19,800 Keith Reynolds "The Boat People, Hong Kong" Acrylic 21" x 41" $19,800 Pair of 19th c. English Library Globes 15" diameter $18,500 Anthony Blake "Schooner Atlantic" Oil 18" x 24" $18,500 Winston Churchill The Second World War 6 Volumes $18,480 George Webster "A 74-gun Running Past Gibraltar" Oil 25" x 30" $18,400 Anthony Thieme "View of Rockport Harbor" Oil $18,400 Emile Gruppe "Mending the Nets" Oil $18,000 Narwhal Tusks from Donald McMillan $17,600 Mark Twain Signed Photograph $17,500 Veeder Ice Cream Scoop $17,688 Signed Marlon Brando Photograph $17,500 Christopher Blossom "Reaching for Monhegan" Oil 16" x 20" $17,220 Napoleon's Campaign Bed $17,000 Lai Fong (1870-1900) "Four Masted Barque Wanderer" Oil 24" x 34" $16,450 Titanic Driftwood Frame $16,100 Claude Hugard "Steamer Golden Gate on Fire" Oil 24" x 39" $16,100 John Haley Bellamy Carved Eagle With "Don't Give Up the Ship" $16,000 William R. Davis "Fishing at Daybreak" Oil 16" x 22" $15,750 Thomas Buttersworth (17681842) HMS Victory Pair Oil 14" x 17" $15,600 Robert Salmon (1775-1845) "Trading Brig Aground off Tynemouth" Oil 9 ¼" x 8" $15,500 Geoff Hunt "Coming Aboard HMS Duke William" Oil 18 ¾" x 20 ½" $15,120 William Coates "The Schooners Guard and Snow Chase off Elsinore Castle, 1829" Oil $14,700 Brass Speaking Trumpet from HMS Victory $14,700 Builder's Model of Turret Deck Steamer Countess Warwick, 1906 70 ½" $14,000 Willie Pierce Stubbs (1842-1909) "Schooner James Rothwell" Oil 22" x 36" $13,800 Emile Gruppe "Summer Morning Gloucester" Oil $13,800 Silas Hawkins Engraved Power Horn, 1776 $13,800 Lewis Carroll Alice's Adventures in Wonderland First Edition $13,650 Nicholas Matthew Condy (18181851) "74-gun Meeting in Plymouth Sound" Oil 11 ½" x 15 ¾" $13,000 Antonio Jacobsen (1850-1921) "SS Bermuda 1887" Oil 22" x 36" $13,000 Sailor's Valentine 19th c. 10" $12,600 Flintlock Sea Service Musket 1714-15 $12,000 Collected Voyages of Capt. James Cook, 8 Volumes 1785 $12,000 Scale Model of Charles W. Morgan by Crewmember c.1890 32" L $12,000 William Callcott Knell "Fishing Boats off a Dutch Coast, 1865" Oil 12" x 22" $11,500 Photograph of Orville Wright's Kitty Hawk Take Off $11,275 Civil War Springfield Musket $10,575 Humphrey Bogart "Casablanca" Trench Coat $10,500 Carved Narwhal Tusk Cane 47" $4,800 $4,700 $4,700 $4,200 $4,200 $4,200 $3,900 $3,780 $9,400 $9,000 $8,700 $8,500 $10,450 Hires Root Beer Sign 6" x 8" $9,975 $9,500 $9,500 $9,450 William Pierce Stubbs Azariah Sears Ship Portrait Oil Paul Garnett "Battle of Valcour Island" Oil 24" x 36" William G. Muller "Cunard Liner Auriana" Oil 18" x 24" Charles Edward Dixon (18721932) "Three-masted Schooner Being Towed" 1896 Watercolor 33" x 20" Gordon Grant "View of Cornwall Fishing Village, 1940" Builder's Half Model of Tugboat Orion 1905 Monkey and Coconut Mechanical Bank Thomas Willis (1850-1912) Steam Ferry Frank and Helen McAvoy 1910 Oil and Silk Thread 20"x36" Scale Model of Steam Yacht Corsair 56" Maltese Falcon Movie Poster George Howell Gay (1858-1931) "Seascape with Waves on Rocks" Watercolor 17" x 27" Anton Otto Fisher (1882-1962) "Submarine Emerging From the Deep" Oil 24" x 36" Clement Drew (1806-1889) "Ship Passing Minot's Ledge Light" Oil 20" x 30" Half Hull Model of American Schooner yacht 47 ¾" Model of 18th c. Ships Longboat 19 ½" L Thomas Luny (1759-1837) "Riding Out the Gale off Ness" Oil 12 ½" x 16 ½" Flick Ford "Tarpon" Watercolor 44" Playboy Magazine 1963 Marilyn Monroe Cover Lake Champlain Scrimshawed Signal Horn, 19th c. Display Model of Gold Cup Racer Baby Bootlegger 45" "Jack" Spurling (1870-1933) "Paddle Steamer Crested Eagle Running Down the Thames" 1927 Watercolor 14" x 20" Confederate Soldiers Blanket Felt Top Hat Worn on "I Love Lucy" "Star Trek" Pistol Phaser Set Prop T.S. Negus & Co. Stick Barometer, 1865 U.S. Lifesaving Service Bronze Cannon Willem Eerland "SS Statendam Arriving in New York" Oil 16"x20" Jim Griffiths "Bark Port Jackson" Gouache 12" x 19" A. DeSimone "Royal Yacht Squadron Branwen in Neapolitan Waters" 1909 Watercolor 16" x 24" $650 $546 $525 $500 $84 $3,764 Manny Ramirez Red Sox Game Jersey $3,500 Anton Otto Fisher "Sailors on a Raft" Oil 27" x 32" $3,450 Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat First Edition $3,360 Tourist Lounge Leather Seat from RMS Elizabeth, 1938 $3,200 Ian Marshall "HMS Raleigh Passing Through the Gaillard Cut" Watercolor 14" x 21" $3,150 Royal Navy Ship Sailor's Woolwork Picture, 19th c. $3,120 Silver Plate Wine Cooler from the SS United States $2,940 William Lionel Wyllie (1851-1931) "Battle of Trafalgar" Etching 5 ¾" x 15 ½" $2,938 Katherine Hepburn Passport $2,880 C.E. Bolles "Yacht Columbia" Gelatin Silver Print Photo 20"x17" $2,875 Civil War Drum $2,730 Log Book for East Indiaman General Harris, 1816-18 $2,644 Marilyn Monroe Evening Gown $2,500 Ship's Telegraph Brass/Bronze 46" $2,475 William Henry Howe (1846-1929) Dutch Marine Scene Oil $2,310 Mid 19th c. Sailor Scrimshaw Whale's Tooth HMS Figgard 1847 With Damaged Tip $2,310 Ticket to Lord Nelson's Funeral, January 9, 1800 $2,100 19th c. Glass Ship's Decanter $1,926 Cunard Line Advertising Poster $1,800 Currier and Ives Clippership Sweepstakes Lithograph 21" x 27" $1,700 I Want You for the Navy Poster 1917 $1,250 Ebony, Ivory, Brass Quadrant with case 19 ½" $1,322 Pair Sailor's Rope Beckets 19th c. $1,050 Ships Bell From HMS Anson, 1937 $1,020 Morris Rosenfeld "Racing in Long Island Sound" Albumen print 11" x 14" $700 $700 Foot Operated Ship's Bellows Fog Horn Sail Boats in Gathering Storm Radtke Laukner and Co. Lithograph 1891 12" x 21" Ship's Chronometer Thomas Mercer, England, Mahogany Box Royal Naval Bicorn Hat and Epaulettes George VI Naval Officer's Dirk Ship's Bell Bronze 13"h Advertising Poster for Queen Mary 22 ½" x 35"

$8,400 $8,225 $7,200



$7,000 $6,720 $6,720


$6,500 $6,065 $5,750 $5,400 $5,040


$464,000 $435,400

$402,250 $313,600

$280,000 $275,000 $270,000

$268,000 $264,500



Upcoming Marine Art Exhibitions and Events Around the Globe

ALEC SLOTH: Sleeping by the Mississippi 20 large-scale, dream-like photographs documenting the strange life along the Mississippi River from Minnesota to Venice, Louisiana Des Moine Art Center Downtown Des Moine, IA · 515-277-4405 Through April 21 AMERICAN IMPRESSIONISM: An Arcadian Vision, Paintings from the Akron Art Museum 35 works from the turn-of-the-20th century by William Merritt Chase, Childe Hassam, George Inness, John Twachtmann, Julian Aden Weir and others. Taft Museum of Art Cincinnati, OH · 313-241-0343 Through March 12 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MARINE ARTISTS Northeast group exhibition. Cold Spring Whaling Museum Cold Spring, NY · 631-367-3418 April 1 ­ May 15 AMERICAN SPLENDOR: Hudson River School Masterworks from the Permanent Collection Niagara Falls, Hudson River, Yosemite Valley are among the natural wonders that inspired works by Thomas Cole, Frederic Church, Albert Bierstadt, Sanford Gifford, John Kensett and others. Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art Hartford, CT · 860-278-2670 June 2 ­ December 31 AMERICAN WATERCOLORS AND PASTELS FROM THE FOGG ART MUSEUM A rare collection of the finest pastels and watercolors by John Singer Sargent, Winslow Homer, J.A.M. Whistler, Edward Hopper and others. Fogg Art Museum Harvard University Museums Cambridge, MA · 617-495-9400 April 8 ­ June 25 AMERICANA GALLERY WALK & RECEPTION Pre-auction discussion of American furniture and decorative arts. Skinner Boston, MA · 617-350-5400 February 17 AMERICANS IN PARIS The works of James McNeil Whistler, John Singer Sargent, Mary Cassatt and others explore the American artist's attraction to Paris. The National Gallery London, ENGLAND 020-7747-2885 · February 22 ­ May 21 ANDREW WYETH: Memory and Magic A retrospective of seven decades, surveying the artist's lifetime achievements. High Museum of Art Atlanta, GA · 404-733-4400 Through February 26 Philadelphia Museum of Art Philadelphia, PA · 215-763-8100 March 25 ­ July 16 ANDREW WYETH: Selections JAMES WYETH: Portrait of an Artist N.C. WYETH: Artist and Illustrator Farnsworth Art Museum Rockland, ME · 207-596-6457 May 15 ­ October 15 ANNUAL CONVENTION OF THE NAUTICAL RESEARCH GUILD Keynote speaker master shipmodeler and miniaturist Lloyd McCaffrey. Maritime Museum of San Diego San Diego, CA October 12 ­ 15 ANTARCTIC VIEWS BY HURLEY AND POINTING Vivid photographs capture the beauty and hardship of Antarctica during the Scott and Shackleton expeditions. Australian National Maritime Museum Sydney, AUSTRALIA 61-02-9298-377 · Through April ANTWERP ­ AMERICA: The Red Star Line and the Paintings of Eugeen Van Mieghem, 1870-1935 Paintings and drawings document port life and the history of the emigrants who shipped aboard the Red Star Line from Antwerp to the East River Piers. Schermerhorn Row South Street Seaport Museum New York, NY · 212-748-8690 April ­ October ARTISTS AT CONTINENT'S END: The Monterey Peninsula Art Colony, 1875-1907 Major exhibit of works depicting the unique coastal beauty of the Monterey area by the group of artists who settled there between 1875 and 1907. Crocker Art Museum Sacramento, CA · 917-264-1179 February 17 ­ May 21 THE ART OF THE BOAT: Photography from the Rosenfeld Collection 40 platinum palladium photographic prints capturing the true spirit of the maritime experience from the largest collection of maritime photographs. Mystic Seaport Museum Mystic, CT · 860-572-0711 Through October ARTS OF THE SAILOR Life at sea revealed through paintings, engravings, carvings, embroidery and rope work by 19th century seamen. The Whaling Museum Cold Spring Harbor, NY · 631-3673418 Through August THE AUSTRALIAN SOCIETY OF MARINE ARTISTS National Exhibition Mosman Art Gallery Mosman, NSW, AUSTRALIA

61-2-9978-4042 Through January 28 BLACK HANDS BLUE SEA: The Maritime Heritage of African Americans Art, artifacts and documents survey the struggle and contributions of black mariners in building and defending American democracy. Mystic Seaport Museum Mystic, CT · 860-572-0711 Through March 2007 BOAT LOADS OF BEN FRANKLIN Celebrating the tercentenary birthday of Ben Franklin. Independence Seaport Museum Philadelphia, PA · 215-925-5439 Through 2006 THE BOAT STOPS HERE Artifacts and more than 30 historical photographs evoke the early 1900s along the Chesapeake when steamboats connected remote, rural villages to the greater Chesapeake area. Chesepeake Bay Maritime Museum St. Michael's, MD · 410-745-2916 Through March 5 CADELL DRY-DOCK: 100 Years Harborside Celebrating 100 years of Staten Island's premier marine company through photographs, historic documents and models. The Nobel Maritime Collection Staten Island, NY · 718-447-5490 Through early 2006 THE COAST EXPOSED Photography by National Trust and Magnum Photos highlight the beauty and environmental challenges of the British coastline and human interaction with it. National Maritime Museum Greenwich, ENGLAND 44-0-20-8858-4422 · Through February 12

Mark Myers The Long Chase, Lord Admiral Nelson Hunting the French Fleet Under the Command of Admiral Villeneuve in the West Indies, June 1805 11½" x 21½" Watercolor $5,000

CONSTABLE Impressions of Land, Sea and Sky 100 paintings, drawings and sketches explore the definitive work of John Constable (1776-1837) one England's foremost artists. National Gallery of Australia Canberra, AUSTRALIA 61-2-6240-6502 · March 3 ­ June 12 CRABBING IN THE BERING SEA Photographs from the F/V Rollo 2003-2005 Large format color photographs by Corey Arnold, a fisherman/photographer capture the risk, adventure and beauty of king crab fishing in the Bering Sea. Nordic Heritage Museum Seattle, WA · 206-789-5707 Through February 5 CULTURAL REFLECTIONS: Inuit Art from the Collection of the Dennos Museum Center Contemporary prints, drawings, and sculpture reflect on the life and land in Nunavat, the newest territory in the Canadian Arctic. Rockwell Museum of Western Art Corning, NY · 607-974-2333 Through May 29

DECOYS AND MORE: Comtemporary Artists Take Their Cues from Traditional Decoy Carving Works of art by invited artists inspired by the traditional decoy alongside decoys from the permanent collection. The Noyes Museum of Art Oceanville, NJ · 609-652-8848 May 6 ­ August 6 DON DEMERS ­ MASTER MARINE PAINTER New paintings of yachting scenes, schooners and seascapes by one of the masters of the new generation of marine painters. J. Russell Jinishian Gallery 1657 Post Road Fairfield, CT · 203-259-8753 May 20 ­ June 3 Meet the Artist Saturday May 20, 5-7pm EASTERN SHORE'S WORKING ARTISTS FORUM Juried art exhibition Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum St. Michael's, MD · 410-745-2916 June 23 ­ 25 ECHOES IN THE ICE Art and artifacts from artist Rik Van Glintenkamp's Antarctic exploration. Newport Harbor Nautical Museum Newport Beach, CA · 949-673-7863 Through February 26 THE END OF THE WATERFRONT The Hudson River Piers, Circa 1970 24 large format photographs by Shelley Seccombe documenting the recreational, cultural and commercial uses of the Hudson River piers during the 1970s. Schermerhorn Gallery South Street Seaport Museum New York, NY · 212-748-8690 January ­ October

FAREWELL TO THE FULTON FISH MARKET & ELLERY THOMPSON: Artist, Author, & Dragger Boat Fisherman 30 nautical paintings and drawings, plus writings, photographs and handdrawn maps celebrate the life of Ellery Thompson (1899-1986), captain of the dragger-boat Eleanor, and the Fulton Fish Market where he brought his catch. Schermerhorn Row South Street Seaport Museum New York, NY · 212-748-8690 Spring ­ Fall 2006 FRENCH IMPRESSIONISM AND BOSTON: Masterworks from the Museum of Fine Arts 12 paintings by Claude Monet are among the 53 masterpieces by Renoir, Degas, Corot, Manet and John Singer Sargent, including many seascapes and water scenes. Norton Museum of Art West Palm Beach, FL · 516-8325192 Through March 5 GAINSBOROUGH TO TURNER: British Watercolors from the Spooner Collection 80 works painted between 1750 and 1850 by Thomas Gainsborough, Paul Sandby, J.R. and Alexander Cozens, John Constable, John Sell Cotman, J.M.W. Turner and others depicting landscapes, seascapes and figurative images. Somerset House London, ENGLAND Through February 12 GIRODET: Romantic Rebel 100 paintings and works on paper depicting Napoleon's military triumphs, famous portraits and more by Anne-Louis Girodet (1767-1824), prized and rebellious student of Jacques-Louis David. Art Institute of Chicago

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Ed Parker

Long Island Commuter Boat RAGTIME, 1928

Oil on Panel 12" x 30" $6,500

Andre Harvey Racing to the Sea Bronze 4¾" x 11" x 25½" Edition of 60 $18,000



Chicago, IL · 312-443-3600 February 11 ­ April 30 Metropolitan Museum of Art New York, NY · 212-535-7710 May 24 ­ August 27 Musée des Beaux Arts de Monrtéal Montreal, Quebec, Canada 800-899-6873 · October 12 ­ January 21, 2007 HIROSHI SUGIMOTO: History of History Dioramas and seascape series photographs by Japan's leading artist, juxtaposed against prehistoric to medieval artwork and artifacts from the artist's own collection explore the relationship between past and present. Japan Society Gallery New York, NY · 212-832-1155 Through February 19 Sackler Gallery Smithsonian Institution Washington, D.C. · 202-633-4880 April 1 ­ July 30 THE HUDSON RIVER SCHOOL AT THE NEW YORK HISTORICAL SOCIETY: Nature and the American Vision Over 100 paintings from the Society's collection of Hudson River paintings in celebration of the bicentennial of the New York Historical Society. New York Historical Society New York, NY · 212-873-3400 Through February 25, 2007 ITTUKIAGATTA "How it Amazes" Over 91 Inuit sculptures from the TD Bank collection, representing the early years of the development of Inuit art. The Edmonton Art Gallery Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA 780-422-6223 · edmontonartgallery. com Through February 26 JOHN MECRAY Artist talk and presentatio. Connecticut River Museum Essex, CT · 860-767-8269 February 12 JON SCHUELER: THE SOUND OF SLEAT Oils paintings explore an American abstract expressionist's fascination with local scenes and the drama of the skies over a remote Scottish fishing village on Sleat Sound. National Gallery of Scotland Edinburgh, SCOTLAND 44-0-131-623-7126 Through March 5

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SHIPS OF THE SEA MARITIME MUSEUM 18th and 19th century ship models, paintings and maritime antiques. Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum Savannah, GA · 912-232-1511 Ongoing SI WATERFRONT PRINT EXHIBITION Works by over a dozen artists reveal the ever changing scene and nature of the Staten Island waterfront. The Noble Maritime Collection Staten Island, NY · 718-447-5490 Opens March 18 SILK ROAD TO CLIPPER SHIP TRADE, Changing Markets and East Asian Ceramics Explores the important role of foreign trade on informing new techniques and styles in Chinese, Japanese and Korean ceramics. University of Michigan Museum of Art Ann Arbor, MI · 734-764-0395 Through February 12 SOMETHING WAITS BENEATH IT: Early Works by Andrew Wyeth, 1939-1969 32 rarely seen tempura and watercolor paintings of coastal Maine and eastern Pennsylvania by a young Andrew Wyeth. Delaware Art Museum Wilmington, DE · 302-571-9590 March 29 ­ July 16

A STORIED LENS: The Photographic World of Norman Fortier 75 of the most outstanding blackand-white photographs of the Fortier Collection, focusing on yachting, coastlines, landscapes, boat building and fishing fleets from the years 1946-1974 New Bedford Whaling Museum New Bedford, MA · 508-997-0046 Through Spring TREASURES FROM OLANA: Landscapes, by Frederic Edwin Church (1826-1900) 18 masterpieces selected from the 250-acre estate of the artist, which now is itself a National Historical Landmark. National Academy Museum New York, NY · 212-369-4880 February 9 ­ April 30 Portland Museum of Art Portland, ME May 20 ­ September 10 Huntington Library San Marino, CA · 626-405-2100 October ­ December THE VAN BLARENBERGHES Painters and Miniaturists Prints and drawings of seascapes and battle scenes during the 18th century by the Van Blarenberghe brothers. Louvre Museum Paris, FRANCE 33-01-40-20-84-97 / 212-367-2649 Through April 24

VAN RYPER: A WORLD OF SHIPS IN MINATURE Der Scutt Ocean Liner collection of prized models of great ships South Street Seaport Museum New York, NY · 212-748-8600 Ongoing VIKINGS Carvings, replicas, other artifacts and treasures reveal the storied history of the Vikings as warriors, navigators, explorers, traders and artists. Australian National Maritime Museum Sydney, AUSTRALIA Through June 18 VISIONS OF AMERICA 200 years of American masterpieces New Britain Museum of American Art New Britain, CT · 860-229-0257 April 9 ­ August 27 WILLIAM A. COULTER (1849-1938) A Master's Brush With the Sea The first retrospective exhibition of the work of the premier West Coast maritime artist who also chronicled the great San Francisco earthquake and fire. The opening coincides with the 100th anniversary of the great earthquake.

San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park San Francisco, CA · 415-561-7000 April 18 ­ October 31 WINSLOW HOMER IN THE NATIONAL GALLERY More than 50 oils, watercolors, drawings and prints span the artist's career. National Gallery of Art Washington, DC · 202-737-4215 Through February 20 THE YACHTING PHOTOGRAPHY OF WILLARD B. JACKSON Over 50 photographs taken at Marblehead, MA capture the beauty of all types of sailing vessels. Peabody Essex Museum Salem, MA · 978-745-9500 May 20 ­ November19 YIN AND YANG Elements of Chinese Gardens Photographs by Marta Morse focus on rocks, plants and water, the three elements of the gardens of Beijing, Shanghai and Hongzhou. Hudson Museum The University of Maine Orono, ME · 207-581-1901 Through June 25

William G. Muller The Upper Hudson River Steamboat M. MARTIN of the Newburgh Albany Line Paddles Northbound Passing the Saugerties Lighthouse at Dusk in 1875

Oil on Canvas 16" x 20" $8,800

KARA WALKER AT THE MET: After the Deluge Post-Hurricane Katrina examination of the impact of waterborne disasters on black Americans explored through American paintings from the Museum's collection juxtaposed with paper cutout silhouettes. Metropolitan Museum of Art New York, NY · 212-535-7710 March 21 ­ July 30 MARINE AND FISHING ART By the leading artists from America, Europe and New Zealand. Paintings, sculpture, ship models and scrimshaw by Anthony Blake, Christopher Blossom, Don Demers, Flick Ford, James Girffiths, Ian Marshall, Victor Mays, John Mecray, Stanley Meltzoff, Leonard Mizerek, James Prosek, Keith Reynolds, Arthur Shilstone, John Stobart, Robert Weiss and others. J. Russell Jinishian Gallery 1657 Post Road, Fairfield, CT 203-259-8753 Ongoing MARITIME MODEL EXPO Radio-controlled models powered by steam, battery and wind, and a display of highly detailed static models. Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum St.Michael's, MD · 410-745-2916 May 20 ­ 21 MARITIME PAINTINGS AT SOUTH STREET SEAPORT MUSEUM The best maritime paintings in the museum's collection featuring works by James E. Buttersworth, Antonio Jacobsen, Duncan MacFarlane and

other noted 19th century artists. Schmerhorn Row Gallery South Street Seaport Museum New York, NY · 212-748-8735 Ongoing A MUCH RECORDED WAR: The Russo-Japanese War in History and Imagery Japanese woodblock prints, photographs and postcards chronicle the first major military conflict in the modern age. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Boston, MA · Through March 28 NANTUCKET WHALING MUSEUM Newly renovated and expanded in commemoration of its 75 anniversary. Exhibitions include paintings and scrimshaw from the collection of the Nantucket Historical Association, sailors' valentines, the complete skeleton of sperm whale, a fully rigged whaleboat and more. Nantucket Whaling Museum Nantucket, MA · 508-228-1894 Ongoing PAINTING SUMMER IN NEW ENGLAND Paintings spanning the years from 1860 to present depicting summertime New England's mountains, villages, seascapes and city life by Winslow Homer, Childe Hassam John Singer Sargent, Andrew Wyeth, Frank Benson, Stuart Davis, Edward Hopper and others. Peabody Essex Museum Salem, MA · 978-745-9500 April 22 ­ September 4

REFLECTIONS ON THE WATER 45 nautical photographs of America's Cup action, historical vessels, adventure and travel by noted photographer Bob Grieser. The Maritime Museum of San Diego San Diego, CA · 619-234-9153 Through April 3 THE RENOIR RETURNS: A Celebration of Masterworks at the Phillips Collection 60 of the museums major works are on view in celebration of the return of Pierre-Auguste Renoir's "Luncheon of the Boating Party" The Phillip's Collection Washington, D.C. · 202-387-2151 April 15 ­ July 30 SALT MOUNTAIN Invitational exhibition of contemporary works of art from various media explore the role of the Atlantic Salt Company at the New York Harbor waterfront. The Noble Maritime Collection Staten Island, NY · 718-447-5490 Opens March 18 2ND INTERNATIONAL MARITIME ART EXHIBITON AND FESTIVAL Exhibit, auction, contests and gala sponsored by the Galveston Historical Foundation. Texas Seaport Museum Galveston, TX · 409-765-7834 February 3 ­ 5


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Lloyd McCaffery U.S.S. CONSTITUTION 1798 Scale 8'=1" 5½"h x 6"d x 25"l Completely cutaway port side, fitted with her starboard battery and original Hercules figurehead. Apple, Boxwood and Holly. $48,000 This model shows many construction details for the first time. For example, how her diagonal riders (braces) were fitted: butted against the keelson below and the berth deck beams above to prevent the hull from "hogging".

Marine Art Quarterly

1657 Post Road Fairfield, CT 06824 e-mail: [email protected]




The progress of a painting

Most collectors only get to see a work of art once the artist has completed it. Here is a rare look a painting in various stages as Don Demers brings his concept to the canvas and arranges its composition, coloration, lighting and atmosphere for the greatest effect. This painting and 20 others will be on view during "Marine Masterworks by Don Demers", a one­man exhibition of the artist's most recent marine paintings to be held at the J. Russell Jinishian Gallery from May 20-June 3, 2006. For more information and to preview the exhibition call 203-259-8753 or visit

14 15

Don Demers VESTA HENRIETTA End of Day One -- The Great Transatlantic Race, 1866 FLEETWING

Oil on Canvas 34" x 60" $80,000

Yorkers were following the race closely via news from passing ships, and the wagering was reported to be fierce.

followed by FLEETWING at 1:00am and the ill fated VESTA, whose local English pilot (one Edward Webb by name) had taken them in the wrong direction, allowing FLEETWING to pass her nearly in sight of the finish. Although today's trans-ocean racing is still considered a relatively new sport, it was simply unheard of in the 19th century. And yet, at a dinner held at the Union Club in New York City on October 26, 1866 three well-known yachtsmen entered into a lively discussion that resulted in the very first Trans-Atlantic Challenge. The contenders: Pierre Lorillard's shallow draft center boarder VESTA, George and Franklin Osgood's keel boat FLEETWING and another keel boat HENRIETTA owned by New York Herald founder James Gordon Bennett but sailed regularly by his son who was at dinner that night. The vessels The racing was serious. At the helm of HENRIETTA was Samuel "Bully" Samuels, the most feared schooner captains of the sea era. FLEETWING lost nine men overboard during a mid-ocean storm; six of them perished. Remarkably, after 3,000 miles of intense sailing all three yachts finished within hours of each other. On December 26 at 3:46pm HENRIETTA was the first to pass the Needles, A hearty celebration followed, and the stage had been set for the round-the-world races over a century later. Demers' extraordinary painting transports us hundreds of miles to sea to experience the majesty of these three great vessels underway as if we were sailing alongside them.

were all two masted schooners measuring approximately 105 feet on deck. It was a winner take all --$30,000 plus bragging rights. On the morning of December 16, 1866 starting gun was sounded and the vessels weighed anchor (the starting method of the period) in the New York Narrows off Sandy Hook. Next stop ­ Cowes, the Isle of Wight, England. At the end of the first day the vessels had logged nearly 300 miles and were still insight of each other as Demers' evocative painting depicts. By day two FLEETWING had a twenty-mile lead on HENRIETTA and a forty-mile lead on Vesta. New

visitors each week. For more information contact Friends of the 18th century Royal Navy will be pleased to note the publication of the prints based on the paintings of Geoffrey Huband who paints the book covers for Alexander Kent's Bolitho series; "Form Line of Battle,", "Avenger," "To Glory we Steer," "Super War," "A Passage to Mutiny," and "With all Dispatch." They've been published as prints 14 ½" x 20" in a limited edition of 300 each for $125. They're available through McBooks Press Inc. in Ithaca, New York at 888-266-5711 or While the two Geoffs, Huband and Hunt, have both become known for their paintings for the covers of the Alexander Kent novels and Patrick O'Brian novels respectively, many people don't know that it was another Englishman, Paul Wright whose paintings were used on the covers of the first and earliest editions of both of these writers books. In fact, Paul was recently commissioned by leading New Zealand maritime writer Joan Druett's publisher St. Martin's Press to complete paintings for her two newest novels, A Watery Grave and Shark Island. Joan said of Paul's paintings, "They're great. It was terrific to find an artist who understood what he was picturing." Many people also know that Joan's husband Ron is a respected marine artist in his own right. English born, but America's adopted maritime son, John Stobart announced last fall the publication of his three new prints; one of Portland, Maine featuring "The bark Halcyon Towing out Past the Custom's House" an edition of 550, 18" x 27" for

$500; "Sunset View of Thames River in London, 1895" an edition of 350, 14" x 20" for $400; and "A View of Venice from the Academia Bridge" an edition of 350, 12" x 16" for $350. (To order call 203-243-4260) John continues to travel and paint actively. We got a nice note from Dr. Jack McDonough in Cincinnati a long time friend and collector of John's paintings, who said that John stayed with Barbara and him during a recent visit for a show in Cincinnati. Jack reports that the original painting of Portland sold during that show for $275,000. During his stay John was describing one of his new paintings of San Francisco during the gold rush days. He made Jack a little 2" x 2" sketch of it on a post-it note. A similar size drawing as a remarque on a print would add $1,000 to the value of the print, so that post-it note is something to save and frame. John's also working on another view of his famous night scene of Maiden Lane in New York City. Many members of the Royal Society of Marine Artists are also members of the Wapping Group. They paint regularly along the shores of the Thames River. Their work is featured in a new publication on the group. (see our book page for more details) They'll be holding an exhibition of their paintings between 12th and 18th of February at the east gallery on the Mall in London. RSMA member Rowena White is joining the Everest Max Expedition which will take six months to travel from the lowest point on earth, the Dead Sea, to the highest point, the top of Mt. Everest. Traveling by bicycle and on foot Rowena will be

along as official artist, documenting the trip. Now that's a hearty artist. The kind of documentation that Rowena White is doing has been at the very heart of marine art since its very beginning in the 17th century in Holland and later in England where Dutch artists the Van de Velde father and son team were in fact hired by King George to document battles with the Dutch. Van de Velde, the elder made literally thousands of drawings of ships engaged in battles, which in addition to being fascinating drawings are also our only actual record of what many of those vessels looked like. Today Rear Admiral Boissier, Director General of Naval Bases in England has invited members of the Royal Society to actively visit the bases at Portsmouth, Plymouth and Faslane because he is "interested in insuring the present day daily life of the bases are recorded by artists." Well, it's official. The answer to that question that's been keeping everyone awake all night has been finally been answered by the BBC in London. They ran a contest to determine the "Most Popular Painting in Britain" on the daily "Today" radio show. While contenders include Vincent Van Gogh's "Sunflowers" and John Constable's "Hay Wain," the winner far and away garnering 27% of the vote was, yes, you guessed it, a marine painting, believe it or not, J.M.W. Turner's "The Fighting Temeraire Towed to Her Last Berth to be Broken Up, 1838". That puts a new twist on reality TV, but it would be an interesting question to see what the most popular painting is in the United States. Something with Elvis in it, I would guess.

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David Thimgan (1955 - 2003)

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Schooner SACRAMENTO in the Siuslaw River

Oil on Canvas 12" x 21" $12,500

Forbes Family Collection, and the Eastern Yacht Club in Marblehead, Massachusetts where he is particularly impressed by their model of the schooner yacht Fortuna, designed by naval architect and painter A. Cary Smith. The model is built by Gustof Grahn, who describes himself on the plaque on the model as, "maker of every part." The care and feeding of ship models constructed mostly of wood and other organic materials is an on-going process. Between the damage that sunlight can do to a model, whether it's in a case or not, the physical jostling of elbows or cats if it's not in a case, the simple disintegration over time, or changes in humidity causing swelling and shrinking mean that models need a little extra care, like placing a small glass of water in the case with it or near it during the dry winter months; or making certain that they don't sit in the direct sunlight day after day for a prolonged period of time. Getting a model repaired if it suffers damage is a trickier issue. Although most regions of the country have ship modeler clubs, which you can search out through your local library or chamber of commerce, another source would be the Nautical Research Guild's own Web site which is Connecticut ship modeler Bill Oakley's model of the S.S. Emden and the U.S.S. Nashville were recently on display at the J. Russell Jinishian Gallery in Fairfield, Connecticut as a part of an exhibition of 50 watercolor paintings by Ian Marshall, focusing on the history of a special class of naval ships known as cruisers. Built at the beginning of the Civil War, they were smaller than battleships, quick and maneuverable, and used mostly to hunt down and strike merchant vessels. Bill's model of the Emden measured 55" and took him over 10 years to complete. It includes such detail as using 200 number 80 fly hooks, each drilled in to hold the ring hoops on the stacks of the Emden. Bill's model

of the Emden is available for $42,000. Some people would say that's the price of a new car. But others would say, if you buy a car that took ten years to build, you'd pay an awful lot more than that. Plus his model gets great miles to the gallon! The cruiser paintings by Ian Marshall were accompanied by Ian's detailed description of each. The watercolors were completed over the last three years and are scheduled with the text to be published sometime in the next year, as Ian's sixth book. The opening was attended by long-time fans of Ian's work, and can still be viewed in its entirety at Ian's terrific watercolors bring between $3,200 and $3,800, depending on their size. Ian's painting of the Chelyuskin is featured on the cover of a new book on the story of the incredible tragedy and rescue of the Chelyuskin by Ron Davies, curator at the Air and Space Museum of the Smithsonian Institute, with Yuri Salnikov and contains paintings and drawings by Mike Machat. It tells the story of the Soviet ship Chelyuskin in the summer of 1933, which was endeavoring to find a sea route to the Far East through the Arctic Ocean and Bering Strait. It was frozen in the ice in sight of open water and pushed back two hundred miles to the desolate Siberian Chukotka Peninsula where the ship was crushed and sunk. Miraculously all 104 scientists and crew under their leader Otto Schmidt were dramatically rescued by a combination of Soviet and American pilots. Davies tells the full story of the rescues and the men who were involved, who were acclaimed as the first Soviet heroes and celebrated on a series of Russian postage stamps released in 1935, and again in 1984. (See our book page for more details) As many people know, Ian and other artists who engage in such thorough, first-hand historic

research become themselves international authorities on their subject matter. Ian recently traveled to London to attend the Naval Historian's Conference at the University of London. He said he had time to visit the National Maritime Museum, which of course was celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar with all their Trafalgar paintings on display, along with a fully animated three-dimensional mock up of the battle itself. The entire year, known as "Sea Britain", and particularly October 21, the anniversary of the actual battle, was a huge event in Britain, and for the marine artists in England. However, it was an American, Paul Garnett, whose painting of the H.M.S. Victory was used for the official invitation for the dinner, celebrating the bi-centennial anniversary of the battle, which was held aboard the H.M.S. Warrior in Portsmouth, England. If you were in England at that time you may have also visited the annual exhibition of members of the Royal Society of Marine Artists held on the Pall Mall each year. This year it was opened by Sir Jonathan Band KCB, Commanderin-Chief of the British Fleet, shortly to be appointed the First Sea Lord. President Geoff Hunt reported that while 2004's exhibition set a new sales record, 2005 sales were up 33% over 2004. That's certainly a good sign. Awards at the exhibition were given to Richard Price, who received the Charles Pierce Award in memory of the first president of the Society. The St. Comfort Mill Watercolor Award went to Trevor Chamberlain. The Conway Press Maritime Preservation Sail Award to Mark Myers. They also elected a new full member, Peter Martin Swann, and two associate members, Bruce Mulcahy and Keith Noble. Geoff tells us also that an exhibition of Society members work will be held in Cardiff at St. David's Hall from Saturday February 26 to Sunday March 26. The Hall attracts some ten thousand

Stanley Meltzoff

Tarpon at Carvel Rock, St. Thomas

Oil on Panel 32" x 48" $38,500





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