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MECHANICAL COMMERCIAL REVIEW CHECKLIST PERMIT: _______________________ ______ Mechanical Contractor on permit ______ Energy calculations / signed by, owner / agent ______ Gas Contractor on permit 103.1.2 FBC Energy Code

______ Energy calculations sealed by architect / engineer 103.2, 400.3 AB Check Wall, Floor, and Ceiling Insulation to match plans FBC Energy Code (Except farm bldgs.,1&2 family dwellings, bldg cost < $25,000.00) ______ Manual N cooling load calculation 407.1.ABCD.1 Bldg. sq.ft. Per plans, equipment size per energy calcs FBC Energy Code Except when sign, sealed summary sheet provided with plans ______ Duct layout, type duct, duct insulation, Installation details, supports, turning vanes ______ Duct Sizes, Grille sizes, CFM's supplied / returned ______ Condensing unit / Air handler locations keyed to each other ______ Installation details for air handlers and RTU units ______ Permanent ladder and approved means of access for RTU mounted on buildings exceeding 16' height ______ RTU Anchoring detail ______ Attic Installation prohibited Commercial only ______ Condensate disposal ______ Fire damper location, type and detail ______ Grease Hood details ______ Exhaust Systems ______ Duct Detector, remote enunciator locations excess 2000 cfm's ______ Minimum required outdoor ventilation air ______ Attic / Crawl Space ventilation ______ Gas Plan, Type Gas, Appliance BTU's, Type pipe and developed length ______ Combustion Air FBC Mech FBC Mech FBC Mech 306.3, 306.4, 306.5 FBC Mech 306.5 FBC Mech 301.13 FBC Mech 410.1.ABCD.3.5.1 FBC Energy Code 307.2.1 FBC Mech 607.1 FBC Mech 506 ­ 507 FBC Mech 502.3 FBC Mech 606.2 FBC Mech 403.3 FBC Mech 404.1 FBC Mech

______Ventilation Air

R-1313 03/05


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Microsoft Word - Plan Review Checklist - Commercial Mechanical.doc