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New Practical Chinese Reader

Beijing Language and Culture University Press

Organized by the National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (NOCFL), the New Practical Chinese Reader is the most widely used text for studying Chinese. Each text features sixty lessons, which include vocabulary (in Chinese characters, pinyin and English), grammar exercises and drills. These textbooks have been widely used by students in North America, Australia & Europe. Text is in simplified Chinese, but index also includes the traditional characters for each new word.

Textbook Workbook Textbook CD Workbook CD Textbook+DVD T. Manual Textbook Workbook Textbook CD Workbook CD T. Manual Volume 1 CL771T-8 $19.95 CL771W-8 $11.95 CL771CDT-8 $29.95 CL771CDW-8 $16.95 CL771TDVD-8 $29.95 CL771TM-8 $14.95 Volume CL773T-8 CL773W-8 CL773CDT-8 CL773CDW-8 CL773TM-8 3 $21.95 $12.95 $29.95 $21.95 $14.95 Volume 2 CL772T-8 $21.95 CL772W-8 $12.95 CL772CDT-8 $29.95 CL772CDW-8 $16.95 CL772TDVD-8 $29.95 CL772TM-8 $14.95 Volume 4 CL774T-8 $26.95 CL774W-8 $14.95 CL774CDT-8 $34.95 CL774CDW-8 $19.95 CL774TM-8 $14.95

Integrated Chinese for AP Chinese

One of the most popular college level textbook series, Integrated Chinese helps you understand how the Chinese language works grammatically, and how to use Chinese in real life. Materials within Integrated Chinese are divided into sections of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Uses authentic materials written for native Chinese speakers, such as newspaper clippings, signs, and tickets. Topics relate to students' immediate environment and focus on practical competencies such as seeing the doctor, making an appointment, etc. Notes on grammar, language use and Chinese culture are found throughout the textbooks. Character workbooks teach students to write characters in their correct stroke order. The Level 2 Character Workbook also features an English-Chinese glossary of all vocabulary in Levels 1 & 2, a Chinese character index of all characters in Levels 1 & 2, and the example sentences in simplified form. Each level is designed to cover a year of study in a rigorous college program, but can be adapted for other programs working at

a slower pace. Level 1 covers approximately 38 words per lesson with a total of 23 lessons; Level 2 covers approximately 58 words per lesson with 20 lessons. Each CD includes the narratives, dialogs, and vocabulary for both textbook and the workbooks. Dialogs and narratives are read at slow, medium, and fast speeds, and students can easily switch from one track to the next. Audio CDs contain both textbook and workbook audio material.

Text Book Workbook Character WB Audio CD Workbook DVD CD-ROM Text Book Workbook Character WB Audio CD Level 1 Part 1 CT100-8 $28.95 CT101-8 $19.95 CT102-8 $19.95 CT104-8 $44.95 CT103-8 $25.00 CT105-8 $34.95 Level 1 CT112-8 CT113-8 CT114-8 CT115-8 Part 2 $34.95 $20.95 $21.95 $44.95 Level 2 CT125-8 $49.95 CT126-8 $29.95 CT127-8 $28.95 CT128-8 $74.95

Happy Beijing: Practical Chinese Conversation by Chen Hongyu

Learn conversational Chinese using Happy Beijing. In 15 minutes per day, you will learn 5 sentences. It contains 600 commonly used words and expressions and 200 key sentences, and 40 situational conversations on the most important aspects of everyday life. It also includes additional commonly used words and expressions and guides to traveling around Beijing as supplementary materials. English, S. Chinese and pinyin. 6-hour DVD (including explanations and exercises) is also great for self-learners. CL850-8 Happy Beijing HC (2Books+3DVDs+4CDs) $89.95

Classical Chinese Poems

Tang and Song Poems

translated by Yuanchong Xu

The Tang and Song dynasties are considered to be one of the high points in Chinese cultural development. These two books contain a selection of great Tang and Song era poems. An excellent resource for students seeking to understand Chinese culture. Simplified Chinese characters with pinyin and English translation. 376pp. 5.5" x 8.25". Ages 12+. CB360-8 Three-Character Canon English/S. Chinese $14.95 CB361-8 300 Tang Poems English/S. Chinese $24.95 CB362-8 300 Song Lyrics English/S.Chinese $22.95

A Complete Handbook of Spoken Chinese

Essential pocket guide for work, study or travel. More than 600 practical sentences are organized by topics. and accompanied by MP3 CD to listen while practicing. In addition to practical sample sentences, the book offers rich background information and culture knowledge. ©2007, 233pp. 4.25" x 5.75". Ages 10+. CB355-8 Handbook PB with CD $12.95

300 Tang Poems by Innes Herdan.

The Tang Period in Chinese history, was the golden age of poetry. This book contains 300 entirely new translations and black & white illustrations in the Chinese style. Written in traditional Chinese characters with English translation. 2000. 6.5" x 8.5" 829pp. Ages 12+. English/Chinese CLY64-8 300 Tang Poems PB $29.99


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What Character is That? : An easy-access

dictionary of 5000 Chinese Character

A Chinese Dictionary for English speakers. Characters are looked up using the English word of the radical of a character instead of the number of strokes or the pronunciation of the character. This dictionary teaches how to identify the radical and also provides its etymology to help with memorization. A must for every Chinese language learners. Simplified and traditional characters and Pinyin. 5" x 8", 512 pp. Ages 12+. CB605-8 What Character is That? PB $15.95

Fun with Chinese Characters

Now you can have fun with Chinese characters! Every page contains all the essential information you need to learn to recognize a character: its origin, its definition, development of one character with example of usage. Creative and humorous cartoons illustrate the origins to today's ideographs. Features simplified and traditional characters with pinyin pronunciation guides. The first volume contains an in-depth introduction on the genesis of the characters. The third volume contains index of all 480 characters and their location. 6.5" x 7", Ages 8 & up. CB131-8 Volume 1 PB (192 pp) $14.95 CB132-8 Volume 2 PB (160 pp) $14.95 CB133-8 Volume 3 PB (152 pp) $14.95 CB131S-8 Set of 3 Volumes PB $44.85 $ 35.85 (Save $9)

Understanding Chinese Characters

The mystery of Chinese writing is unveiled through the historical pictograph for each character to help you memorize Chinese characters. Features Mandarin and Cantonese pronunciation, ancestral pictograph, traditional Chinese character, definition, with cross references to the Chinatown photo section. 288 characters incudes 41 found in Chinese restaurant menu. 5" x 8", 128 pp. Ages 10+. CB606-8 Understanding Chinese Characters $21.95

Reading & Writing Chinese: A Guide to the Chinese Writing System

The student's 1,020 characters, an official 2,000 characters with 2,500 combinations, standard Hanyu Pinyin romanization, traditional and simplified Chinese with radicals and stroke order. 335pp, 5.5" x 9", Ages 12+. CL700-8 Traditional Chinese PB $22.95 CL699-8 Simplified Chinese PB $22.95

Magical Chinese Characters

This is a systematic approach to teach 308 character building blocks, 2,000 characters and much more words and phrases. Great as a supplementary classroom use as well as self-study. Each book comes with a CD. ©2004~2006 PB 96~106pp. 8.5" x 11". CD-ROM contains 21 lessons with three characters each. It can be used stand alone.

Magical Chinese Characters CB275-8 Vol. 1 PB+CD CB276-8 Vol. 2 PB+CD CB278-8 Vol. 3 PB+CD CB279-8 Vol. 4 PB+CD CB277-8 CD-ROM $19.95 $19.95 $20.95 $20.95 $20.95

250 Essential Chinese Characters for Everyday Use Philip Yungkin Lee

Each character is presented in both its simplified and traditional form, along with notes on pronunciation and meaning. Includes: Configuration and stroke order, grid of practice squares, alphabetical index of compounds. ©2004, 352pp. 8.5" x 11". Age 8+. CL780-8 PB Volume 1 $22.95 CL781-8 PB Volume 2 $22.95

Exercise Books PB (7.3" x 10.25") CL291-8 Writing Exercise Book (32pp) $3.95 CL291S-8 Set of 10 Books (32pp) $35.00 CL291HS Set of 100 Books $295.00 CL292-8 Writing Building Block (64pp) $8.95

2000 Chinese Characters M.Q.XU

Highly useful reference for the 2000 most commonly-encountered simplified Chinese characters and their original (traditional) forms. A highly useful reference for the student or scholar. Provides additional indices in Pinyin, Zhuyin, radical and stroke order. 5.5" x 8". 120 pp. Ages 10 & up. CB254-8 2000 Chinese Characters PB $9.95


Playing Cards (2.25" x 3.25") G4418-8 Magical Characters G4419-8 Daily Chinese Dialogues G4416-8 Radicals G4417-8 Sounding Characters

$9.95 $9.95 $9.95 $9.95

Long is a Dragon

- Chinese Writing for Children

A beautiful, artistic approach to Chinese writing requiring no prior knowledge of Chinese. A fun way of learning about the origins of Chinese and how to recognize, write and pronounce words. Written in English, with Chinese Writing. 8.5" x 11". 30 pp. Ages 8+. CB115-8 Long is a Dragon HC $17.95


My Mini Radical Dictionary CB270-8 PB $5.99

5 Wall Charts of Chinese Characters Building Blocks (16.5" x 29") CB259-8 $24.95

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Chinese for Youth Wei-ling Wu

A Basic Mandarin Chinese language program designed for students in a regular school, after school or weekend program, summer students, and self-study at home. Focuses on communicative skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing Chinese. Level 1 takes beginners without any background or with some oral background. Uses Grades 6~12 rhymes, illustrations, cultural topics, conversational exercises, and activities to reinforce language learning. Specify traditional or simplified Chinese characters with pinyin. PB. 8.5" x 11". Ages 8~16.

Simplified Textbook Workbook T. Manual/A. Key Character Book CD for Textbook CD for Workbook Simp. Volume 1 CL530-8 $24.95 CL532-8 $12.40 CL534-8 $24.95 CL535-8 $16.20 CL526-8 $29.95 CL527-8 $12.00 Simp. Volume 2 CL540-8 $24.95 CL542-8 $9.95 CL517-8 $6.25 CL543-8 $16.20 CL528-8 $12.00 CL529-8 $12.00 Trad. Volume 2 CL510-8 $24.95 CL512-8 $9.95 CL516-8 $16.95 CL518-8 $6.25 $19.90 Simp. Volume 3 CL550-8 $24.95 CL551-8 $7.95 CL553-8 $6.25 CL552-8 $9.95 CL524-8 $12.00 CL525-8 $12.00 Trad. Volume 3 CL520-8 $24.95 CL521-8 $7.95 CL522-8 $9.95 CL523-8 $6.25

Traditional Trad. Volume 1 Textbook CL500-8 $24.95 Workbook CL502-8 $12.40 Character Book CL506-8 $16.20 T. Manual/A. Key CL508-8 $24.95 CLYFC-8 Flashcards (2 boxes)

Chinese Made Easy By Ma Yamin

Chinese Made Easy is designed to teach Chinese as a second or foreign Language. It is designed for young students preparing to take the SAT II or AP-Chinese examinations or for those students who are starting to learn Chinese on their own. After completing this series, learners will acquire a vocabulary of approxiGrades 6~12 mately 1,700 Chinese characters and several thousand phrases. This course features task-based learning coupled with a focus on form and function. Textbooks are in full color and include both simplified and traditional Chinese characters in the vocabulary lists. Workbook Teachers book Textbook/CD $21.95 $12.95 Vol 1 CB401-8 PB & CD $29.95 CB402-8 CB403-8 Vol 2 CB406-8 PB & 2 CDs $31.95 CB407-8 CB408-8 Vol 3 CB410-8 PB & 2 CDs $31.95 CB411-8 CB412-8 Vol 4 CB415-8 PB & 2 CDs $29.95 CB416-8 CB417-8 Vol 5 CB420-8 PB & 2 CDs $29.95 CB421-8 CB422-8

Chinese Character Flash Cards

200 cards contain pinyin and samples of words using the character on the back. In traditional characters with Pinyin. Ages 8+. CLYFC-8 2 Boxes of Flash Cards $19.90

Eazy Chinese for Learning Chinese

Da Shiping - Beijing Language and Culture University

This series is developed by teachers from China and the United States for teenagers to learn Chinese as a foreign language. This series focuses on communicative functions with emphasis on repetition of the vocabulary and progresGrades 5~12 sive sequencing of the language structures. Using rhyming text, this unique approach will allow students to read texts aloud and memorize them easily. Simplified Chinese, pinyin & English. Ages 10+.

CD-ROM: Min. requirement, Pentium II, Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP, 64MB RAM, 100MB free space, Sound card.

Chinese Made Easy Wall Charts

24 vivid and colorful wall charts teach and reinforce vocabulary for the textbook. Simplified Chinese, pinyin and English. 17" x 22".

CB442-8 24 Wall Charts $99.95

Rhythmic Chants for Learning Spoken Chinese CB255-8 Vol. 1 PB+CD $24.95 CB256-8 Vol. 2 PB+CD $25.95 CB273-8 CD-ROM $23.95

Ni Hao 1, 2, 3 & 4

Grades 9~12

CB280-8 16.5" x 29" $34.95

Simplified Volume 1 Text+CD CL200 $42.99 Workbook CL201 $22.99 T. Manual CL202 $70.99 Traditional Volume 1 Trad.Textbk CL405 $35.99 Trad. Wk CL406 $16.95 CD(2) CL205 $62.99

Volume 2 CL210 $47.99 CL211 $25.99 CL212 $69.99 Volume 2 CL407 $31.95 CL408 $21.95 CL218 $84.99

Volume 3 CL214 $38.95 CL215 $21.95 CL216 $72.99 Volume 3 CL409 $34.99 CL410 $27.99 CL219 $84.99

Volume 4 CL221 $62.99 CL222 $30.99 CL226 $78.99 Volume 4 CL411 $37.99 CL412 $25.99 CL224 $88.99

Chinese Crosswords

Improve vocabulary and comprehension with Chinese Crosswords! The clues are given in English while the answers must be completed using Chinese characters. ©2007, 186pp, 7.5" x 7.75". For intermediate to advanced learners. CY236-8 Chinese Crossword PB $16.95


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The best selling high school textbook series is now available with CD. It is suitable for use from junior high school students through high school classes. Available in both simplified and traditional characters with pinyin and Zhuyin Fuhao chart. Teacher's Manual for Volume II & III includes reproducible masters, games, etc.

12 Wall Charts on China Each chart highlights facts about Chinese language, people, geography, history and landmarks such as the Great Wall.


Learn Chinese with Me

Learn Chinese with Me is a series designed for high school students of 15 to 18 years old whose native language is English. It guides the students from beginner to low-intermediate level. The topics in this series of textbooks have been carefully selected to meet the high school students' interests and are arranged in accordance with the rules of learning a second language. The series is composed of four volumes each of which contains Student's Book, Teacher's Book, Workbooks, and phonetic and listening materials. S. Chinese, Pinyin and English.

Student's Book Workbook Teacher Manual Student's Book Workbook Teacher Manual Volume 1 CL740S $22.95 CL740W $18.95 CL740T $19.95 Volume 3 CL742S $23.95 CL742W $18.95 CL742T $19.95 Volume 2 CL741S $23.95 CL741W $18.95 CL741T $19.95 Volume 4 CL743S $23.95 CL743W $18.95 CL743T $19.95

Standard Chinese

Designed especially for non-Chinese speaking children, these are an excellent resource for teaching Chinese. The student will, at the end of the series, have learned about 2000 common characters, mastered pinyin, and have achieved elementary knowledge of reading and writing characters. The lessons are welldesigned, with many full-color pictures to help younger learners along. Ages 6+. Simplified Chinese, Pinyin & English PB. Teacher Manual is written in Chinese only.

Level 1 Textbook Workbook A Workbook B T. Manual Level 2 Textbook Workbook A Workbook B T. Manual Volume 1 CL561-8 CL561A-8 CL561B-8 CL581-8 Volume 1 CL564-8 N/A CL564B-8 CL584-8 Volume 2 CL562-8 CL562A-8 CL562B-8 CL582-8 Volume 2 CL565-8 CL565A-8 CL565B-8 CL585-8

Grades 1~6 Volume 3 CL563-8 $14.95 CL563A-8 $8.00 CL563B-8 $8.00 CL583-8 $4.95 Volume 3 CL566-8 $14.95 CL566A-8 $8.00 CL566B-8 $8.00 CL586-8 $4.95

Chinese For Grade 1~6

Chinese Paradise

Chinese Paradise is intended for children of 6~16 years old in English speaking countries who are learning Chinese as beginners. It has three levels, each of which consists of: Student's Book A & B. Books are accompanied with CD. The Cards of Words Ages 6~16 and Expressions feature 57 brightly illustrated pictures with Chinese & pinyin. English is printed on the back.

Chinese Made Easy for Kids

By Ma Yamin

The primary goal of this series is to introduce to beginners, particularly primary school students, a solid foundation for learning Chinese as a second/foreign language. This series is designed to emphasize the development of communication skills in listening and speaking. With one daily lesson, motivated student could complete one Grades 1~5 book within one academic year and move onto Chinese Made Easy. Topics include Greetings classroom language, personal introductions, numbers and dates, countries and languages, occupations and work places, daily routines, school subjects and facilities, parts of the body and illness, articles in the house, house and rooms, animals, and etc. Materials include 4 color textbooks (Books 1 to 4), each supplemented by a CD and workbook.

Vol 1 Vol 2 Vol 3 Vol 4 Price each Textbook/CD CB431-8 CB432-8 CB433-8 CB434-8 $19.95 Workbook CB435-8 CB436-8 CB437-8 CB438-8 $12.95

Student's Book A+CD Student's Book B Workbook A+CD Workbook B T. Manual Word Cards

Volume 1 CB486 $11.95 CB487 $9.95 CB495 $8.95 CB496 $7.95 CB517 $19.95 CB481 $22.95

Volume 2 CB489 $11.95 CB490 $9.95 CB510 $10.95 CB511 $8.95 CB518 $19.95 CB482 $22.95

Volume 3 CB492 $12.95 CB493 $10.95 CB513 $12.95 CB514 $10.95 CB519 $19.95 CB483 $22.95

Kuaile Hanyu (Happy Chinese)

Kuaile Hanyu is intended for Middle School Students, ages 11-16 in English speaking countries who are learning Chinese. This emphasizes direct immersion. It has three levels and six books with S. Chinese & pinyin and English. Each level contains 24 lessons. 118 pages. ©2003

Volume 1 CL450-8 CL451-8 CL452-8 CL453-8 CL454-8 Volume 2 CL455-8 CL456-8 CL457-8 CL458-8 CL459-8 Volume 3 CL460-8 CL461-8 CL462-8 CL463-8 CL464-8


Chinese Made Easy for Kids Flashcards

Each flashcard is associated with a lesson in the book. Simplified Chinese, pinyin and English. Each set has 135 word cards and 39 picture cards. 174 pp. 8" x 12" $49.95 each.

CB439-8 Flashcard Vol 1 HC CB441-8 Flashcard Vol 2 HC

Student's Book Teacher Book CD ROM Flash Cards Audio CDs

$16.95 $22.95 $19.95 $14.95 $9.95


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Fun and Easy Chinese Book & CD for children

Designed to guide beginner students reading skills in Chinese characters. A few key characters are introduced with pictures and then expanded into a story. Written in traditional characters with Pinyin, Bopomofo, and English. 7.5" x 6.75". 19 pp. CY138-8 Eight Book Set & CD $54.95


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Sing `n Learn Chinese

Learn Mandarin Chinese through children's songs! Developed by language, music and child education specialists, lyrics build basic vocabulary for greetings, family, numbers, colors, body parts, weather and animals. Includes vocabulary list and instructional notes. In traditional and simplified characters, pinyin and English translation. 32pp, 8.5" x 11" All ages. Chinese/English CL602-8 Book & CD $15.95

Chinese Culture for Children Series

by Marisa lin Fang & Helen Ma Jung

Learn all about Chinese Culture. Written in simple sentences both in English and Chinese (Pinyin & characters). This book can be used by Chinese learners as well as those curious about Chinese culture. The book is organized in three parts: 1) authentic photos that are self-explanatory; 2) coloring sheets that provide our young readers with great entertainment; and 3) a set of activities to assess our readers' knowledge of Chinese culture. Available also with audio CD. PB 116pp. 8.3" x 11" Ages 5+.

Student's Book Audio CD Set of Book/CD Volume 1 CL722-8 $14.95 CL723-8 $18.95 CL724-8 $24.95 Volume 2 CL725-8 $15.95 CL726-8 $14.95 CL724-8 $24.95

Monkey King Chinese (Preschool)

Designed specially for English-speaking children, Monkey King Chinese Pre-School edition is full of games and activities. It consists of 12 lessons in two volumes with a total vocabulary of 73 words. All the Chinese characters are presented as romanized pinyin and all the 5 exercises accompanying each lesson are composed of games popular with children such as mazes, paper cutting, connect the dots, coloring etc. An audio CD contains all 12 lessons and songs. 6.3" x 7.3" 49pp. per book, Ages 2~6 Wordbook: 4.7" x 4.8" 36 pp. Ages 2~6. Pinyin & English.

Preschool Edition Text Books A(CD)+B CL282-8 $19.95 Word Card A & B CL285-8 $15.95 Complete Set CL286-8 $29.99

Laugh Your Way Through Mandarin Series for Children

This special series for American students has been developed by a teacher and has been classroom-tested at the Singapore American School. The series has also received rave reviews in China. Simplified Chinese, Pinyin & English translation is on the back. CL791-8 Laugh Your Way Through Mandarin Set $49.95

(The Long Haired Cat, Big Apple Reader & Let's Sing Mandarin set)

Ages 3~8

Monkey King Chinese

Created specially for English speaking children Grades 1~3. It is divided into 3 levels with 2 volumes in each. Each level is designed for one grade. Each volume is composed of 6 lessons, 3 children's songs, 3 nursery rhymes, 2 pages of Grades 1~3 stickers and 1 audio CD. Each lesson has 6-7 new words. Covers 34~48 new words per book and features numerous classroom games, interactive lessons and illustrations.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Text Book A + B(CD) CL290-8 $24.95 CL294-8 $24.95 CL297-8 $24.95 Word Cards Vol. 1 CL287-8 $19.95 Vol. 2 CL288-8 $19.95 Vol. 3 CL289-8 $19.95

The Long Haired Cat

Designed to teach pinyin and the importance of tones. PB, 40 pp, 8.25" x 11.75" CL792-8 Long Haired Cat $4.95

Big Apple Reader Series

Designed to teach young English speaking children to learn simple Chinese phrases and sentence patterns through simple stories. Each book contains 8 lessons. 4-color illustrations, PB, 28pp. 8.25" x 11.75". CL793-8 Three Book Set $19.95

My First Chinese Words Let's Sing Mandarin Series

Let's Sing Mandarin promotes learning Mandarin through original and familiar songs. Each book features 16 songs and comes with a CD. 40 pp. 8.25" x 11.75" CL794-8 Book & CD 1 $14.95 CL795-8 Book & CD 2 $14.95 CL796-8 Book & CD 3 $14.95 CL796S-8 Set of 3 Book & CD $39.99

Ages 3~12


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Teaches over 150 words covering 22 topics from a child's world, like family, friends, food, animals, home, school and more. Specially designed for non-native children. In simplified Chinese with pinyin. 8 pp per paperback book, 36 books per set with Audio CD. Ages 3~10. S. Chinese/English T3642-8 36-Book & CD $49.95


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Chinese Flash Cards & Bingo

Each of seven level has 100 commonly used Chinese characters on flash cards. On one side is a simplified character with pinyin and on the other a sentence utilizing the character. Comes with S. Chinese/English sentence guide. 100 Cards per box. 3" x 6". Ages 6+.

Follow Jade! Learn Chinese DVD & CD

Learning Mandarin Chinese has never been so much fun and easy. Jade teaches using her proven bilingual, interactive language teaching method. Sing and laugh with children in a Chinese kindergarten. Children will learn over one hundred words and phrases. Approx. 30 min. each. Ages 2~6. DVD includes menu/All region NTSC.

Bingo is a fun learning game for small groups or the whole class. Help learners remember S. Chinese characters. Bingo Level 1 and Flash Cards Level 1 can be used in conjunction. 32 cards/set 100 calling cards and markers. Now make your own with blank cards and games.

Flash Basic Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Blank Card s($8.99) CB321-8 CB322-8 CB324-8 CB326-8 CB329-8 CB330-8 CB331-8 CB320-8 Bingo ($12.99) CB333-8 CB332-8 CB334-8 CB336-8 CB337-8 CB339-8 CB340-8 CB343-8 Set of 2 ($19.95) CB333S-8 CB332S-8 CB334S-8 CB336S-8 CB337S-8 CB339S-8 CB340S-8 CB343S-8

DVD $19.95 CD $9.99 DVD & CD $24.95

Kindergarten V1130-8 V1192-8 V1194-8

Market V1131-8 V1193-8 V1195-8

Set of 2 V1132S-8 $35.98 V1193S-8 $19.98 V1195S-8 $49.90

Families of China DVD

Spend a day with 9 year-olds Zhu Kun and Yu Qinbo. Zhu Kun lives in a village in southeastern China, while Yu Qinbo lives nearby in the city of Ningbo . Get up in the morning with them, go with them to their schools, have dinner with their family and see how their parents make their living and what their surroundings are like. 30 minutes. Closed captioning available V1452-8 Families of China DVD $29.95

Kingka - Learn Chinese Characters through Games

There are 54 2" x 2" Chinese characters cards each with English and pinyin in the back and six boards with nine pictures on one side and the corresponding nine characters on the back. There are three games of increasing difficulty, from simple character matching, to matching pictures to characters, and tic-tac-toe. Ages 4~9. Includes Chinese Pronunciation CD. G2525-8 Kingka $29.99 S. Chinese

BookBox DVD Chinese/English

Using scientifically tested SLS (same language subtitling), children will be able to improve their listening comprehension, reading skills in Chinese through fun enchanting holiday stories and stories from around the world. As you see Chinese text, native speaker reads the story just like karaoke. Each DVD features 5 stories. Approx. 30 min. ©2007 English/S. Chinese audio and subtitles

Stories from Around the World 1. The First Well 2. The Boo in the Shoe 3. The Whispering Palms 4. The Little Pianist 5. Elephant goes to the City Enchanting Christmas Stories 1. The First Christmas 2. The Elves and the Shoemaker 3. Tucket the Bucket 4. The Greatest Treasure 5. Santa's Christmas SAME LANGUAGE SUBTITLING (SLS) SLS will improve second language skills. Stories from Around the World Enchanting Christmas Stories Home Use $14.95 PPR $24.95 BB35H-8 BB35P-8 BB06H-8 BB06P-8

Chinese/English Flash Cards

Large, easy-to-read cards with playful pictures help Chinese learners. Set 1: animals, fruits, vegetables, sports, transportation, and weather. Set 2: foods, colors, daily life, jobs, feelings, and illnesses. English, T. Chinese and pronunciation guides for English, Zhuyin & pinyin romanization. 56 cards in each box. 4" x 6". All ages.

FC101-8 Chinese/English Flash Cards 1 $13.95 FC102-8 Chinese/English Flash Cards 2 $13.95 FC100-8 Set of 1 & 2 Flash Cards $25.95


Fun with English/Chinese Playing Card Dictionary

Playing `Go Fish'? With the Playing Card Dictionary, you can create a fun learning experience with playing cards that are also colorful flash cards. Topics are -Animals 1 & 2, People, Plants and Objects. Each card contains the English and T. Chinese with pinyin & Zhuyin. Ages 5+. English/T. Chinese CLFCS-8 Playing Flash Card Sets $20.00


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Chinese for Children DVD as seen on


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Watch, Listen & Learn

Grades 4~8, Ages 8~13

Finally, a language course for children that goes beyond the simple greetings, colors and numbers. Originally produced by CCTV in China for English-speaking children, After School Chinese will help children of all ages become proficient in conversational Mandarin Chinese while also learning about Chinese culture.

The host, Donald Holder, an American teacher living in China, encourages and engages the viewers to understand the contexts as they "explore the wonderful world of Chinese." With the After School Chinese Language Course, children learn to speak conversational Chinese by watching, listening and repeating how Chinese children speak in authentic settings and real-life situations. Children will begin speaking Chinese with the very first lesson! Start your lessons after school and you and your children will begin speaking Chinese!

Level 1 1. Greetings 2. Countries 3. Goodbye 4. Where are you going? 5. Thank you 6. Directions 7. How much is it? 8. Days of the Week Level 2 1. May I help? 2. I am sorry. 3. Time 4. At McDonald's 5. Borrowing 6. Transportation 7. Telephone 8. Picnic Level 3 1. Swimming 2. Shopping 3. What do you want to be? 4. Farewell 5. Weather 6. Birthday Party 7. Sports 8. Clean Up Level 4 1. Moon Festival 2. Colors 3. Going to the Doctor 4. Lucky Money 5. Computer 6. Writing Letters 7. Post Office 8. Musical Instruments

Each level comes with 8 DVD Lessons, 2 Audio CD, a student book in simplified Chinese characters, romanized pinyin & English translation and a user Guide.

Excellent as supplemental to any textbook in use.

Classroom packages (Specify Level) ASC207-8 Textbooks $19.95 ASC208-8 Book+2CDs $29.95 ASC209-8 10 books $149.95 ASC208S-8 10bks+20CD $249.95 Level 1 ASC201 (8 DVD, 2CD, 1 Book, Guide, 1 Case) $199.95 Level 2 ASC202 (8 DVD, 2CD, 1 Book, Guide, 1 Case) $199.95 Level 3 ASC203 (8 DVD, 2CD, 1 Book, Guide, 1 Case) $199.95 Level 4 ASC204 (8 DVD, 2CD, 1 Book, Guide, 1 Case) $199.95 Level 1&2 ASC215 (16 DVD, 4CD, 2 Books, 1 Case) $299.95 Level 3&4 ASC216 (16 DVD, 4CD, 2 Books, 1 Case) $299.95 Set of 4 ASC204S (32 DVD, 8 CD, 4 Books, 2 Cases) $799.80 $550.00

Special Instructor Edition: Chinese for Children

Great for upper Elementary and Junior High School age children to practice listening comprehension and dialogues to speak Mandarin Chinese. DVD Contains 56 Scenes of situational dialogues from 32 Lessons: Levels 1 through 4. For complete package. Also includes PDF of complete dialogues in S. Chinese, pinyin and English with additional vocabulary. Chinese ASCT210-8 DVD (56 Situational dialogues) $99.95

Children love to watch, listen, color, play, and sing-along to the Professor's lively, colorful animated characters, happy vocabulary-building songs, and funny language immersion games. Sing and Learn comes with Color & Learn Activity Book, full color picture book with lyrics and translations, a CD and a guide. Watch & Learn DVD contains two DVD (one in English and one in target language), a complete script with English translations. Grades K~8. Great for high school too. $29.95 each. Watch & Learn DVD ($29.95 ) Sing & Learn Professor Toto Multi-Media Language Education Kit $199.95 $29.95 DVD Part1 DVD Part2 V1617-8 Prof. Toto Spanish Kit (4 DVD, 2 CD, 2 booklets, 1 Reference Guide) V1620-8 V1618-8 V1619-8

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Professor Toto Chinese



CHINESE SOFTWARE IQ Chinese multi-media courseware & digital tools

IQ Chinese is designed for todays Chinese learners, motivating learners with Multimedia and multi-sensory learning environment

IQChinese Pinyin:Utilizing native teacher' pronunciation, it teaches to how to pronounce correctly. IQChinese Go: Ten lessons of 12 new words, chosen by frequency of use means you will learn 120 new words. When you reach a level of 500 words, you will have a solid base in Chinese for everyday situations, whether listening, speaking, reading, or typing. Contains Reading Assistance, Exercises, Practices, Vocabulary Charts and Assessment. IQChinese Run 2.0: Learn Pinyin either with bopomofo or with romanized alphabet, and the instructions of accelerated typing mode learning. It will help you build the strong foundation of Pinyin and get familiar with learning Chinese via computer. Comes with built in dictionary and type to speech techniques. You can apply 'block readying' function' to hear the sound and understand the meaning of the any Chinese words. IQChinese Quiz: Assessment tool for measuring progress, it comes with tools for measuring students proficiency and pinpoint the areas to work on. You can choose questions from built-in 500 words question database or add your favorite reading subject - news and magazine articles, into the question database for practicing. Both listening and word recognition abilities can be taken care. Build the strong foundation and be prepared for the AP test. A must for instructors. IQChinese Reader: Enhances reading ability with text to speech capability. 1. General Reading: Create theme-based reading and build personal electronic libraries. 2. Speed Reading: Use "point-and-translate" function to quickly understand an article; functions such as "voice-over" and "pinyin annotation" further improve understanding through listening and visual aid. 3. Vocabulary Analysis: With our specially developed system, IQChinese Reader can analyze vocabularies as a summary. 4. Customized Content: Save important vocabularies into individual personalized dictionary; also conveniently convert articles into MP3 audio files and improve learners' Chinese listening skills on the go! · Systematic · Theme-based · Supports ACTFL Standards · Both Traditional & Simplified characters. ·Features "Chant" rhythm makes learning more interesting and interactive · Assessment tools track progress · Various and useful supplementary teaching resources · "Type to Learn" method · Text to MP3 CL800-8 CL801-8 CL802-8 CL803-8 CL804-8 CL805-8 CL806-8 CL807-8 CL808-8 CL809-8 CL810-8 CL811-8 IQChinese Run IQChinese Quiz IQChinese Reader IQChinese Pinyin IQChinese GO 100 IQChinese GO 200 IQChinese GO 300 IQChinese GO 400 IQChinese GO 500 IQChinese GO 600 IQChinese GO 700 IQChinese GO 800 $60.00 $100.00 $100.00 $60.00 $60.00 $60.00 $60.00 $60.00 $60.00 $60.00 $60.00 $60.00

Adding interactivity enhances language learning experiences for students. The network version of the Eurotalk's Talk Now! & World Talk programs allows teachers to access the program from any computer within a network and monitor students' progress real time. It is also great for assessment. For example, Talk Now! Quiz can be used for classes to compete real time, with central scoreboard and suitable for large scale projections. The updated version features a larger screen, easier navigation and updated graphics.

EuroTalk: Network version

up to 5 $150 up to 10 $295 up to 20 $395 up to 100 Users* $595

*Users mean concurrent users of any language of Talk Now! & World Talk. Specify languages & level when ordering.

Talk Now! Learn to Speak CD-ROM Beginner Level

World Talk

Intermediate Level


One of the most used language software in the world, Talk Now! uses games and quizzes as a basis for making the learning process fun and relaxing. Topics include: phrases, first words, food, shopping, countries, colors, telling time, numbers & human body parts. You can compare your pronunciation, test your knowledge, monitor your progress and print your own picture dictionary for a handy reference. Ages 10+. WIN/MAC CD-ROM $29.95 each MM626-8 Cantonese $29.95 MM647-8 Chinese $29.95

World Talk builds on the fundamentals of Talk Now!, taking you to the next linguistic level with more intermediate activities, added dictation, and a recording section ­ topics covered include the calendar, building sentences, asking directions, and using numbers. With the unique recording feature, you can compare your pronunciation to that of native speakers. By mimicking the actors, you'll reap the rewards of language learning the fast EuroTalk way! On-screen help is available in many languages. WIN/MAC CD-ROM MM684-8 Chinese $35.00 MM674-8 Cantonese $35.00


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Pocket English-Chinese-English Dictionary

Extensively revised new edition with over 26,000 words and phrases, including scientific terms. Features simplified Chinese characters with some traditional characters and thousands of examples. Includes guide to the most commonly used radicals and an additional key to the pronunciation of Chinese. 5" x 7.5". 1376 pp. CLY2-8 PB $17.95

Chinese Word Book With CD

Learn Chinese word quickly and easily. This can be also used to teach English as the book is formatted bilingually. It features 200-400 beautifully illustrated basic words, a pronunciation guide and glossaries. The thematic categories include family, home, school, the body, clothing, food, opposites, numbers, nature and time. 8.5" x 11". 106 pp. All ages. Romanized in, Mandarin traditional & simplified

characters, Pinyin & English.

CB501-8 PB+CD $19.95

A Practical English-Chinese Pronouncing Dictionary (Cantonese & Mandarin)

Both Mandarin & Cantonese romanization and pronunciation along with the Chinese characters are provided. More than 15,000 words are included along with tone, sound indications & list of radicals. 601pp, 4.5" x 7", Ages 16 +. ML206-8 PB $19.95


Bus Adventures

A great Chinese reading book features five stories about five buses: Dongdong, Xixi, Nannan, Beibei and Zhongzhong. S. Chinese, pinyin and English. ©2007 8.25" x 7.3" 51pp. Ages 8+. CB430-8 $9.95 English/Chinese

My Mini Chinese Dictionary

600 most frequently used words in daily life are organized into 20 categories. All the words have pinyin, English explanation and stroke-tracing exercises. English and pinyin indices. 8.5" x 11.25", 100pp. Ages 4 & up. CL443-8 My Mini Chinese Dictionary $14.95 Simplified Chinese, pinyin and English

Chinese Baby Pumpkin's Picture Book for Reading

The simplicity of sentences make these books perfect beginning readers for Chinese language students and bilingual students. Great for studying Chinese. ©2007 6.25" x 6.25" 14 pp. Board Book Ages 2+. $6.95 each. English CL620-8 One Day in Nannan's Life (Time) pinyin CL621-8 The Colorful Grove (Colors) S. Chinese CL622-8 Laughing and Crying (Antonyms) CL623-8 The Amusement Park of Numbers (Numbers) CL624-8 Little Elephant's Loud Fart (Onomatopoetic Words) CL625-8 The Square and Round Castle (Shapes) CL626-8 Happy Journey (Transportation) CL627-8 Happy Birthday (Daily Necessities) CL628-8 Set of 8 Book for Learning $55.60 $45.00

Star Children's Picture Dictionary

Featuring 1,000 beautifully illustrated pictures, with S. Chinese, pinyin and English. It features 13 themes that describe animals, food, furniture, the human body, shapes, colors, measurements, occupations, places, buildings, plants, sports, games, the weather & more. 8.5" x 11.25", HC 100pp. Ages 4+. ST4063-8 English/S. Chinese/Pinyin $19.95

Milet Picture Dictionary

The Milet Picture Dictionary is a vibrant and original picture dictionary for young children -- an educational and visual treat. It features beautiful, painterly artwork -- something completely new in a picture dictionary -- so the child's creativity will be stimulated while they learn words. Objects are set in their contexts and are clearly identified, and selected objects are featured separately for emphasis and word practice. All key subjects are covered, including: home, school, food, colors, shapes, plants, animals, clothing, sports, music and others. The dictionary comes in English and an extensive, exciting range of bilingual editions. 2003, 48pp, 10.30" x 8.46", Ages 8~12. EE114-8 T. Chinese/English HC $14.95 each.

Bilingual Readers

Original stories with positive themes - friendship, sharing and working together. Great for studying Chinese. ©2006, 352pp. 7.2" x 8.2". Age 4+. Simplified Chinese, pinyin and English. CE181-8 Little Bear Learns Skills $6.95 CE182-8 The Monkey and the Elephant $6.95 CE183-8 Little Rooster Learns Crow $6.95 CE184-8 The Monkeys Fish Out the Moon $6.95 CE185-8 Greedy Puppy $6.95 CE186-8 Set of 5 Bilingual Readers $25.95


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Lady White Snake

In this popular Chinese tale, a snake takes on a human form and falls in love. Lavishly illustrated as befits a favorite of Chinese opera. CB124-8 Chinese/Eng $16.95

Seven Magic Brothers

Seven super-powered brothers are the center of this compelling, thought-provoking tale. Their unity gives them strength to triumph and illustrates the strength of brotherhood and loyalty. Ages 4~9. 8.75" x 12.25" 32 pp. CB124-8 Chinese/Eng HC $16.95

Adventures of the Monkey King

Monkey King is the most loved character in Asia. The Making of Monkey King (Vol. 1) is about the creation of the Monkey King and his first adventure. The new Monkey King Wreaks Havoc in Heaven (Vol. 2) is the most famous of them all!

CB299-8 Volume 1 $16.95 CB298-8 Volume 2 $16.95 CB310-8 Volume 3 $16.95

The Ballad of Mulan

An ancient tale full of spirit, honor and bravery. Mulan, China's legendary female warrior, disguises herself as a man and takes the place of her ailing father. CB300-8 Chinese $16.95

The Mouse Bride

"Are you the strongest in the world?" the mouse leader asks the Sun, the Cloud, the Wind and the Wall as he searches for the mightiest husband for his daughter. The husband he eventually chooses provides the perfect surprise ending. Ages 4~9. 8.75" x 12.25" 32 pp. CB129-8 Chinese/Eng HC $16.95

Story of the Chinese Zodiac

A delightful and humorous version of the legend. Learn how the animals of the Chinese zodiac were chosen in this humorous version of the legend. Paper cut-out illustrations appear to leap from the pages. Ages 4~9. 8.75" x 12.25" 32 pp. CB126-8 Chinese/Eng HC $16.95

Chinese Legends - Bilingual

These Chinese classic plays told in story format in bilingual English and simplified Chinese make a good introduction to the magnificent Chinese drama. PB. Ages 14 & up. Simplified Chinese and English - Bilingual CBY171-8 The Legend of White Snake 286pp $13.95 CBY172-8 The Moonlight Pavilion 262pp $14.95 CBY173-8 The Peach Blossom Fan 252pp $12.95 CBY174-8 The Peony Pavilion 242pp $12.95 CBY175-8 The Palace of Eternal Youth 234pp $11.95 CBY176-8 The Story of the Lute 296pp $13.95 CBY177-8 The Story of the Western Bower 242pp $11.95 CBY178-8 Zhao the Orphan 272pp $14.95 CBY179-8 Set of 8 Chinese Classical Stories $102.99

2001. 1600-1878 pp. 4.5" x 7", Ages 12+. English

Chinese Classics

CY290-8 CY291-8 CY298-8 CY299-8 Outlaws of the Marsh 4 vol. PB The Three Kingdoms 4 vol. PB A Dream of Red Mansion 4 vol. PB Journey to the West 4 vol. PB $39.95 $39.95 $39.95 $39.95

Shaolin: Legends of Zen and Kung Fu

Shaolin is a 1,500-year-old Zen Buddhist temple with monks who can perform incredible kung fu stunts. How are these monks able to achieve such amazing feats? Why do Buddhist monks learn martial arts? Read and view the 3-D animation DVD 2006, 32pp, 8.5" x 11". Ages 9~12. CY215-8 Shaolin HC+DVD $26.95


Cloud Weaver: Ancient Chinese Legends Rena Krasno/Yeng-Fong Chiang

Includes 23 of the most popular and timeless stories reflecting Chinese traditions and virtues, history and literature. Beautiful illustrations are from the co-authors rare poster collection of the 1920s and 1930s. ©2003, 96pp, 8.5" x 11" Ages 10+. CY272-8 LB $22.95


The Moon Lady

Parents' Choice Award Nai-nai tells her granddaughters of when she met the Moon Lady who grants secret wishes. This tale leads to an important discovery: the best wishes are those you make come true yourself. 8.5" x 11.5". 32pp. Ages 6+. CE131P-8 Moon Lady PB $6.99

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Confucius: The Golden Rule

Born in China in a time of chaos, 551 B.C., Confucius became a famous philosopher. "The Analects" collects his teachings on education and government, the equality of man, and the right way and purpose of living - ideas that eventually spread to the West and influenced the great thinkers of the Enlightenment. ©2002. 8" x 10". 48pp, Age 8~12. CY172-8 HC $15.95


Maples in the Mist Minfong Ho

The Tang dynasty poems from over a thousand years ago are so evocative, and the book so exquisitely illustrated, that this book will be a keepsake. 30pp. 10"x 11". Ages 4+. CY92-8 HC $16.95 English/S. Chinese

Shen of the Sea -- Newbery Medal

A series of Chinese stories for children that captures the true nature of the Chinese. The wonderful tales will charm you. The rich customs and wisdom of the Chinese are remarkably braided into these award-winning stories. 5.5" x 8.5". 221 pp. Ages 8 & up. CE132-8 Shen of the Sea HC $16.99

Beyond the Great Mountains: A Visual Poem About China

Gorgeous paper-collage illustrations, highlighted with Chinese characters convey the many facets of China to form a poetic picture of the land's grace, depth, and majesty. A lovely tribute to the grace and depth of China. 36pp. 10" x10" Ages 4+. Highly recommended

CY109-8 HC $17.95 English/Chinese

Favorite Chinese Children's Stories

Nineteen timeless authentic stories from China and Tibet provides special insights into Chinese culture. Twelve color and over 80 b&w illustrations. 7.5" x 8.75". 120 pp. Ages 8+.

EC102-8 Favorite Stories 1 HC $16.95 CY302-8 Favorite Stories 2 HC $16.95 CY302S-8 Set of 1 & 2 HC $26.95

Yeh-Hsien Bilingual -Dawn Casey

Befriended by a magical fish, Yehhsien is granted her dearest wish - to go to the village festival where she loses a slipper... 2007. 11" x 9", 32 pp. Ages 4~8.

M1285-8 M1277-8 Chinese PB $16.95 S. Chinese PB $16.95

Zen Shorts

Caldecott Honor


Masterpieces of Chinese Music

These traditional Chinese instrumental music album series depicts its classic essence beyond description. MU411-8 Folksongs $15.95 MU412-8 Traditional Music $15.95 MU413-8 Masterpieces Set $29.99

Stillwater, a giant Panda, lives up the hills from three children. Stillwater tells them the most amazing stories! Beautifully illustrated. 2005. 11" x 10". 40 pp. Ages 4~8. CY70-8 Zen Short HC $16.95 CY70S-8 Zen Short HC +Doll $25.95

Panda Doll G2510-8 $10.00

Nature: Panda DVD

See the world's favorite bears - in the wild and in captivity! Program 1: China has named the giant Panda a national treasure, and this intimate and charming close-up shows you why. Program 2: In bringing up the Panda baby, San Diego zoo raises hopes and fears for the future of all endangered species. 2003 release. Ages 8+. AV535-8 DVD $19.99

Happy Songs for Chinese Festivals

A collection of happy songs for Chinese Festivals. Vol.1 includes songs for New Year's Day, Spring Festival, Grand Opening, awarding & Moon Festival. Vol. 2 includes songs for birthday, wedding & Christmas. MU228-8 Happy Song I CD $9.95 MU229-8 Happy Song II CD $9.95 MU230-8 Set of 2 CD $18.90

Little Panda Hua Mei

by Joanne Ryder

A must-have for lovers of Pandas and baby animals. We follow little Panda's life from his birth to one year old. 1998.11.5" x 9". 30 pp. Ages 3+. AK670-8 HC $16.95

Playing in the Rain: Chinese Folk Songs

The silvery voices of the choir boys of Beijing sing cherished songs of various ethnic groups in China. Includes such songs as "Picking Tea Leaves," and "Little Dragon Boat" for your enjoyment. ©1998. MU160D-8 Playing in Rain CD $15.95


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The Emperor's Silent Army

Learn about Emperor Qin Shihuang and the excavation of 7,500 terracotta soldiers buried with him with stunning photographs. 9.3" x 9.8". 48 pp. Ages 9~12.

CY208H-8 HC $17.99

Adventures of the Treasure Fleet

Here is the incredible story of seven epic voyages undertaken by the Chinese 600 years ago, led by the larger-than-life commander, Admiral Zheng He. In this beautifully illustrated book, the story of Zheng He and his voyages is written in a very readable style and in some detail for youngsters aged nine years and older. 2006, 32pp, 9" x 12". Ages 9~12. CY137 $19.95

The Great Voyages of Zheng He

The great Chinese explorer, Zheng He, led seven expeditions to India, Africa and Middle East between 1405-1433. Learn about the role he played in having the first zoo in China. 32pp. 8.5" x 11" Ages 10+. CB312-8 HC $16.95 English/Chinese

China: The Culture, The Land, The People

A great resource to learn about China. Each volume is full of facts and stories about the culture, land, and people including the climate and history. In simple, concise text with outstanding color photos. Great for the classroom and libraries. Glossary and index included. 9" x 11". 32 pp. Ages 8~12. LB $25.20 $21.95 each PB $7.95 each Culture Land People China Set of three K2587P-8 K2585P-8 K2586P-8 K2587PS-8 PB $23.85 K2587H-8 K2585H-8 K2586H-8 K2587HS-8 LB $65.85

A Musical Journey: From the Great Wall of China to the Water Towns of Jiangnan Liow Kah Joon

A Musical Journey takes you on a whirlwind adventure across 12 regions of China. It brings together fun facts, vibrant illustrations and refreshing music to provide an understanding of China's multicultural land, people and way of life. 8.5" x 11", Ages 8 & up. CY239 HC+CD $24.95

Colors of China

Learn how to say colors in Chinese and more about its culture. Each color is represented with a vivid photograph along with a lesson in geography and culture. Written in simplified character, pinyin for pronunciation and English. 22pp, 5" x 5" boardbook. CY250-8 Boardbook $9.99 English/S. Chinese/pinyin

Wonders of China & S. Korea DVD

Students will gain a unique understanding and appreciation of China's rich and diverse history and features fantastic architectural monuments. ©2005 DVD 38 min~64 min. English & Spanish track. T. Guide. CC Grades 7 & up. V1762-8 China & South Korea DVD $29.95

Authentic Recipes Series: China Made in China: Ideas and

Inventions from Ancient China

Provides an overview of China's 4000 years of history and examines her many scientific achievements and their interplay with cultural and historical forces. 8" x 10". 48 pp. Ages 9~13. AP420 Made in China HC $19.95 The Authentic Recipes series gathers cooking instructions from the top kitchens of these Asian countries, presenting an exciting range of regional dishes, traditional yet adapted to the modern era. You will be surprised that these are just $12.95 each. ©2004, 112 pp, 8.5" x 11". K3581-8 China HC $12.95


China: A Century of Revolution As seen on PBS Things Chinese

Du Feibao and Du Bai

Introduces over 200 things Chinese in 10 major categories including Relics, Folk Arts, Architecture, Everyday Objects, Medicine and Entertainment. 270pp, 5" x 8", Ages 12+. CL738 PB $19.95 Never-before-seen footage allows you to witness some of the most dramatic events that took place in China including the Northern expedition of Chiang Kai-Shek, the Long March, and the "Gang of Four" trial. The three-part series covers the 1911 Revolution to World War II, the Communist Victory to the death of Mao, and the reform period to 2007. 3 videos. Approx. 120 min. each. ©1997. English/Chinese CV100D-8 DVD Set $39.99


ff Pic



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Happy Chinese New Year Garland (72" x 5.75") MK4385-8 $5.50 MK4385S-8 Set of 6 $29.99

The Dancing Dragon (China)

A luminous fold-out book which celebrates the Chinese New Year festival. Watch a neighborhood prepare for the street festival. It's time to hang the paper lanterns, bake cakes, and tie up the firecrackers. Then watch as the parade starts with a dancing dragon that spans across the pages, whirling and twirling to the beat of the music. Ages 3~10. EC232-8 Dancing Dragon PB $6.95

MK4380-8 $14.99 10" long Paper Dragon

MK4378-8 $6.99 4" diameter six paper lantern set

Chinese Feasts and Festivals Party/Class Pack

G4706-8 $24.95 10 ft Dragon + 12 lantern Set

Chinese New Year Activity Book

A 32-page activity book and its activity kits are all you need for a Chinese New Year's unit or party. Make a parade dragon and a paper lantern for the Lunar New Year. Allin-one Ages 8+. CY144-8 Book only $7.95 CY146-8 Set of 8 Books $49.95

The rich culinary tradition of China is largely inspired by a calendar year filled with a generous round of joyous occasions ­ festivals, reunions, weddings and anniversaries ­ for eating, drinking and making merry, and for paying homage to the gods and ancestors. Food, fittingly, is a combination of flavors and symbols (wealth, happiness, luck, prosperity), a spiritual celebration and an earthly pleasure. 9" x 12". 144pp. Ages 8+. CB450-8 Chinese Feasts and Festivals HC $24.95

Legends of Ten Chinese Traditional Festivals Lucky Money Envelopes!

Meant to give good luck, these Lucky Money envelopes were traditionally given on New Year's Day. Also make great birthday party favors. 2.75 x 4.5. Assortment of designs. ML700-8 10 Red Envelopes $2.50 ML700S-8 40 Red Envelopes $5.00 This is a picture-story book about ten Chinese traditional festivals: the Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Dragon Head Festival, Clear and Bright Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Double Seventh Night, Mid-Autumn Festival, Double Ninth Day, Laba Festival and Kitchen God Day. Through vivid and interesting stories and 100 color illustrations, readers can get a glimpse of the folk customs of the Chinese people. 2002, 54pp, 5" x 8". All ages. CY288-8 PB $9.95 Chinese/English

Holidays for Chinese DVD

Explores the customs, symbols, rituals, and folklore underlying Chinese New Year. Traditional music, illustrated folktales, animation, and arts & crafts are woven together ar a pace and visual style that appeals to a younger audience. Closed captioned. Grades K-4. 30 min. each. Ages 8+. AV371-8 Chinese New Year DVD $24.95

Gongs and Drums of Celebration

A collection of 12 of the most popular celebration tunes of China and Taiwan. Create the magical feelings of the lion dance, the dragon dance, and the Lantern Festival with these songs. MU110D-8 Gongs & Drum CD $15.95

Moonbeams, Dumplings and Dragon Boats: A Treasury of Chinese Holiday Tales, Activities & Recipes

Nina Simonds/Leslie Swartz/The Children's Museum, Boston/Meilo So

Presents the history, tales and activities for celebrating five Chinese festivals - Chinese New Year, the Lantern Festival, Qing Ming, the Dragon Boat Festival, and the Moon Festival. 2002. 80 pp. 9 x 11.25, Ages 4-8. CY228-8 HC $20.00

Authentic Chinese Gong

12" & 6" wide hand hammered gongs produce excellent sound. Both 15 inches wide with stand. Great for gifts, decoration & Chinese New Year parties.

MK176-8 12 " Gong $59.99 MK177-8 6" Gong $24.99 15

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Asian Dice

The numbers are written in Chinese characters ( Japanese Kanji). G4493-8 Set of 2 $1.99 G4493S-8 Set of 10 $8.99

1 2 3 4 5 6

Chinese Calligraphy

ACY20-8 Inkslab $8.50 (3" x 5.5")

Medium 4 lbs. Tail 52" Ships end of 12/2007 Head 13" x 14" x 15"

ACY21-8 Inkstick $9.00 (4.5" x 1") makes ink.

Classroom sets for Beginners

ACY24-8 Traditional Set

(Inkslab, Inkstick, 1 small beginner brush) $19.99

ACY27-8 Ready-to-Use Set

(4.6 oz. Bottled ink/2 small beginner brushes) $9.99

ACY36-8 Classroom Set

(8 Beginner brushes/a 4.6 oz. Bottled ink) $29.00

Best selling Costume Ships end of 12/2007 GDP8R-5 Medium Costume $64.95

Our high quality brushes are carefully hand crafted with 12 step preparation with natural bristle on bamboo handle. Ages 8 +.

ACY22S-8 Small Brush 8" $7.95 $9.95

Chinese Dragon Craft

ACY22M-8 Medium Brush 9.5"

Precut and scored. Just fold, glue and decorate to make this fancy paper dragon. Make miniature Chinese dragon heads! Ages 8 +.

R4218-8 12 Chinese Dragons $9.99

Calligraphy Practice Rice Papers

Designed to help you balance your characters for beginners, these special paper is lined with 15 lined boxes per page. 100 sheets each. AC415-8 100 sheets 10" x 15" $11.95 AC416-8 100 sheets 15" x 19" $11.95

Practice Rice Papers for painting

Made in China

No Mess Magic Practice Paper

ACY38-8 50 sheets (blank) 14.5" x 20" $4.00

Rice Paper Pads - Made in Japan

Perfect for calligraphy and painting!

ACY35-8 Large Pads 12" x 18" (50 sheets) $14.00 ACY28-8 Regular Pads 9" x 12" (48 sheets) $ 7.00

ACY35-8 $14.00

Magic Reusable Paper

Practice writing with brush and water, after the paper dries the characters disappear and the paper is ready to use again. Each packet comes with 8 sheets. Can be used hundreds of times. Use only clean water on a firm surface. 10" x 15" Ages 7 and up. ACY40-8 Magic reusable papers (8 Sheets) $3.00 ACY40S-8 Magic reusable papers (80 Sheets) $25.00 ACY37S-8 Student Brush $2.99

Rice Paper Roll

Paint or draw your own design on this 8" x 20' roll of authentic Hosho paper. You can cut the paper to the desired length. AC405-8 $7.95


ACY28-8 $7.00

Ready-to-use Bottled Ink Magic Reusable Board

Practice writing with brush and water, after it dries the characters disappear and the board is ready to use again. 8" x 10" ACY30-8 Magic Board $19.95 ACY37S-8 Student Brush $2.99

This permanent liquid Sumi ink is made from high-quality vegetable oil soot. Economical, convenient and time-saving, it eliminates the need for grinding.

ACY23-8 $4.00

AC413-8 $6.95

AC411-8 Chinese Painting Colors $9.95


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