1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Speech Recognition using ARM7 LPC 2148 based access control Digital Image Processing based Color Sorting Pick and Place Arm using ARM7 Processor ARM LPC2148 Processor Based Irrigation control LAN based industrial safeguard alert system using ARM LPC2148 ARM LPC2148 Processor based Station Recognition System Spy Assisting Robot Vehicle with Video using ARM LPC2148 Processor Area Sweeping Robot based on ARM LPC2148 Processor Fire Fighting Assisting Robot using ARM LPC2148 Processor ARM LPC2148 Processor based GSM SMS sending

10 ARM LPC2148 Processor based RF remote Device Switching 11 RF data receiving based on ARM LPC2148 Processor 12 RF based Remote Controlling using ARM LPC2148 Processor 13 ARM LPC2148 Processor based RF remote code lock 14 ARM LPC2148 Processor based remote bank locker system 15 ARM LPC2148 Processor based Remote controlled pick and place robotic arm 16 ARM LPC2148 Processor based Fully functional Robotic vehicle with pick arm 17 3 axis Binocular positioning with wireless video surveillance system using ARM LPC2148 Processor 18 Teleremote switching of Devices using ARM LPC2148 Processor 19 ARM7 LPC2148 Processor based vending machine 20 ARM7 LPC2148 Processor based flood intimation system 21 ARM7 LPC2148 Processor based Green House Control system 22 ARM7 LPC 2148 Processor based Industrial monitor and control 23 ARM7 LPC 2148 Processor based Advance car protection 24 ARM7 LPC 2148 Processor based Industrial Fault detection and announciator 25 ARM7 LPC 2148 Processor based Cell Phone Controlled Two Axis robotics with AI 26 ARM7 LPC 2148 Processor based Cell Phone Controlled Three Axis robotics with AI 27 ARM7 LPC 2148 Processor based Voice controlled Electric Wheel Chair 28 ARM7 LPC 2148 Processor based Mobile phone controlled alive human detector using robotics 29 ARM7 LPC 2148 Processor based Voice Activated Multipurpose robotic arm 30 ARM7 LPC 2148 Processor based Voice Activated Multipurpose robots 31 ARM7 LPC 2148 Processor based Home appliances control using voice Dictation 32 ARM7 LPC 2148 Processor based Microcontroller based Surveillance robot. 33 ARM7 LPC 2148 Processor based RF Remote control Cargo Lifting Robot 34 ARM7 LPC 2148 Processor based Voice activated door control systems 35 ARM7 LPC 2148 Processor based Voice command system for home appliance control 36 ARM7 LPC 2148 Processor based Remote Vacuum Cleaner Robot with wireless video 37 ARM7 LPC 2148 Processor based Cell phone operated Land Rover 38 ARM7 LPC 2148 Processor based Cell Phone operated Vacuum Cleaner Robot with wireless video 39 ARM7 LPC 2148 Processor based Cell Phone operated Swiping Robot with wireless video 40 ARM7 LPC 2148 Processor based Robotic Arm Operates On Mobile Network 41 Digital Image Processing based Color sorting Conveyor using ARM7 Processor

42 Industrial Temperature Monitoring and controlling using ARM 7 TDMI LPC2148 processor 43 Intelligent LPG / Smoke Detector with wireless alarm using ARM 7 TDMI LPC2148 processor 44 Wireless RF based Industrial appliances control system using ARM 7 TDMI LPC2148 processor 45 ARM7 LPC 2148 Processor based Cell phone operated Land Rover with wireless video 46 ARM7 LPC 2148 Processor based 5 axis robotic arm with wireless remote control 47 Power plant transformer protection system using ARM7 LPC2148 processor 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 Ethernet protocol based Industrial safeguard alert system using at89c55wd Microcontroller based Ignition control based on alcohol Design of Landslide warning System using GSM warning -IEEE2011 Design and Implement DSP based speech Recognition system Street light control system using GSM for 2 street light Street light control system using GSM for 2 street light with fault status on mobile VLSI based remote vehicle identification Feasibility Study of a wearable Carbon Monoxide Warning System For Construction/Mine WorkersIEEE2011 SCADA for electrical substation monitor and control Real Time Automation Of Agricultural Environment for Modernization Of Indian Agricultural SystemIEEE2010 Ambulance monitoring for critical health using GSM and GPS with panic button Luxury transport bus tracking with advance GSM and GPS technology RF ID based toll plaza for express highway traffic Land mine indicator and detector using GSM and GPS Intelligent walking stick for the blind GSM based automatic LPG gas booking using load cell Flex sensor operated wheel chair with voice Wireless Blind person navigation using RF High Speed Checker on Highway using Sensor and Camera Pick and place Arm with model for color sorting in Industry Remote guided automatic combat gun vehicle with wireless camera Wireless video and remote control surveillance system for industry, army and farmers. Microcontroller based wireless notice board for Industry/Institutes Microcontroller based solar tracker with GSM and PC Interface for data logging Home Automation and Security For Mobile Device (IEEE 2011) Automatic Distance Measurement and braking in vehicle using Microcontroller Microcontroller Data logger using GSM The Intelligent Embedded Control Warning System For Car Reversing (IEEE 2011) Finger Print recognition based access control system using microcontroller Speech recognized automation control system using microcontroller and PC Online Solar power Generation based on capacitor bank Self path finding and video analyzing robot Image Capturing based Secured Home GSM based street light control with feedback GSM based patient monitoring system

36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77

Vehicle location information system based on GPS and GSM Hovercraft Automation with wireless remote SMS based DC motor speed control system Wireless Remote Swiping Robot with wireless video Staircase climbing robot with remote control Electronic Menu card system for Hotel Transport truck tracking with fuel tank security using GSM and GPS technology Grape Drying System using Microcontroller and VB panel on PC Wireless Moisture Control using Microcontroller for irrigation using moisture sensor. Multichannel temp monitor and control using LPC An intelligent Mobile Robot navigation technique using Rf ID Technology(IEEE SEP2008) Remote Sensing and control of an irrigation system using distributed wireless sensor network(IEEE JUL 2008) DSP based Function generator Automatic GSM based electricity bill calculating system REMOTOUCH: A System For Remote Touch Experience (IEEE SEP 2010) Z source inverter for utility management Microcontroller based Maximum solar power extraction RF ID based Passport system using Microcontroller RF ID based Human Identification and Location on PC 8 channel data logger and control with serial data on PC 3 Phase Induction motor Starter by IR remote control Wireless control of Green house monitor GSM mobile based Green house monitor and control RF based remote control system Automatic Toll naka System Reverse braking system for vehicle(without vehicle model) A Remote measurement and control system for Green house based on GSM(IEEE JUL 2007) GPS-GSM integration for enhancing public transportation management services (IEEE 2010) A Mobile GPRS-sensors array for air pollution monitoring (IEEE OCT 2010) HANDTALK: Assistive technology for the blind(IEEE JUL 2008) GUARDIANANGEL: An RF ID based Indoor guidance and monitoring system(IEEE 2010) Air leak detector in Industry Digital fuel indicator for vehicle using microcontroller GSM based Vehicle Security System PLC based water treatment plant RF remote control based robot for metal detection GSM And GPS Interface For Human Tracking System RF based Attendance System Microcontroller based DC motor speed control Automatic Energy saving with human presence using microcontroller GSM based Automation in Cold Storage Plant Cell Phone based Automatic control of pump with audio feedback

78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99

American Sign Language based Hand Gesture Recognition & Performance Accident Avoidance System on highway RF remote based Binocular Positioning system with wireless Video. GSM based door security system without billing. Wireless Binocular positioning system using PIC16F877 DIP using MATLAB based Pick and place Robotic arm GSM based Four wheeler security with feedback message GSM based Car security with wireless remote control Smart Home Automation using Speech Recognition using PC and microcontroller Solar UPS with solar panel Binocular Positioning System with Solar Panel Optimised Microcontroller based Grape Drying System Automatic pollution detection and monitoring system using carbon sensors Automatic pollution detection and wireless alert system using carbon sensors VLSI based Traffic Management System VLSI based speaker identification VLSI based super shop electricity saving VLSI based Industrial fault detection and annunciation Microcontroller and PC based Postal Franking system Automatic taxi trip sensing and indication system through GSM Drunken Driver Avoidance system Drunken Driver Avoidance System with Alarm using PIC16F877

100 Finger Print identification based Voting machine 101 Touch Screen Based remote controlled robot with wireless video 102 Motion based Device Switching 103 Angle Measurement and display system with RS232 104 GSM based Bus Inquiry System 105 Multiple Automatic Fault detection and protection of Transformer 106 Color discriminating system for packing Industry using microcontroller(without model) 107 Express Way Management System(auto toll tax, pollution detect, speed measure) 108 Solar Vehicle with Remote Control 109 Advanced Sensors Controlled Bank Security System with camera 110 Wireless Paging System 111 Microcontroller based Area Measuring Robot 112 GSM based Accident tracker system using Microcontroller 113 GSM based Notice Board System for messaging 114 Autobot robot using RF remote with wireless video, metal detector and laser gun. 115 Telephone operated Remote control using PIC16F877 116 Speech Recognition for Door Security using AT89c52 and Speech ICHM2007 117 Speech Recognition for bank locker Security using AT89c52 and Speech ICHM2007 118 Speech Recognition based pick and place arm for Industry using AT89c51 and Speech ICHM2007 119 Full function Seed sowing robot.

120 GPS/GSM for Public Transport management Enhancing 121 Thread measurement & cutting system thread/rope Industry 122 Intelligent Fire detection and extinguishing robot 123 Cell phone operated Land Rover 124 Speed checker for Highways using ultrasonic waves 125 Single Phasing preventer for three phase motor protection 126 Automatic drunken driver avoidance system for automobile and passenger safety 127 Wireless Microcontroller based patient care monitoring and information system(temp) 128 Involuntary toll gate system for vehicle traffic management 129 In motion dynamic wireless truck weight measurement for toll booths. 130 GSM based Induction motor on/off control system 131 Microcontroller based super shop electricity saving 132 Wireless Industrial Security Robot with Motion Detection (PIR SENSOR) System 133 Walking Robot FOR IMPAIRED PROPLES (MUSCLE WEAKNESS) 134 GSM Based alive human detection in war fields 135 GPS and GSM based alive human detection 136 Coin box operated petrol pump 137 Advance GSM based vehicle theft identification system 138 Microcontroller based object sorting device with LCD counter 139 Design and implementation of elevator controller 140 Involuntary RF ID based station name display with voice attention system for train 141 Microcontroller based electrical appliances controlling system using cell phone 142 Microcontroller based unaided guided vehicle(UGV) 143 Automatic power meter reading system using GSM network (IEEE2007) 144 GSM mobile phone based Automobile security system(IEEE2000) Design and Implementation of a wireless remote data acquisition system for mobile 145 application(IEEE2005) 146 Design and development of voice/Tele operated intelligent mobile robot(IEEE1997) 147 Wireless Message sending using Mobile/landline 148 Robot system for Fire fighting in Tunnels(IEEE2005) 149 Wireless communication based tire pressure monitoring system(IEEE2007) 150 Designing wireless interfaces for patient monitoring system (IEEE2005) 151 GSM based Automatic irrigation water controlling system 152 SMS based electricity billing system 153 Coin box based water filling system 154 Microcontroller based talking keypad for blind people 155 RFID based license checking system 156 Gas leakage detection and auto dialing. 157 SMS based Home appliance controlling system 158 SMS based DC motor speed controlling system 159 Mine Detection vehicle for Defense using GSM 160 GPS and GSM Based I-Security system 161 AI based Autonomous Robot with Obstacle Avoidance, Drive Wheel Synchronization

162 Wall Follower Robot with the Help of Multiple Artificial Eyes 163 Patient monitoring with RF communication. 164 Microcontroller based Heart rate meter. 165 GSM based Energy Metering Project 166 Teleremote Switching of Devices using mobile Phone 167 Blind People class room identification system using RFID with voice feedback. 168 Microcontroller based pick and place arm using PC and CPP(Two Steeper motor) 169 Menu voice listing with remote display. 170 Universal robot with wireless temp reading probe 171 Electricity monitoring system using RF for Institute/govt office for power saving 172 Hi-tech car with remote camera for the police. 173 GSM based RF ID Intelligent Courier parcel tracking automation 174 Metro train real implementation of automated rail management system 175 A robot system for fire fighting in tunnels (IEEE 2005) 176 Auto Geo positioning and SMS alert on road traffic density 177 SMS based automatic two wheeler locking system 178 Design and development of Tele operated intelligent mobile robot (IEEE 1997) 179 Voice controlled pick and place robotic arm 180 Fabrication of voice controlled robot 181 SMS controlled video analyzing robot 182 GPS and GSM based Real time Human Health monitor with alarm 183 Intelligent Fire fighting robot 184 Remote controlled bomb detecting robot 185 PC based wireless pick and place robot 186 Artificial intelligent based automatic path finding cum video analyzing robot 187 Unaided guided Vehicle(UGV) 188 Cell phone operated video analyzing robot 189 Fully automated track guided vehicle(ATGV) 190 Staircase climbing robot with wireless video 191 Fully Automated guided Vehicle(FUGV) with video analysis facility 192 Sensor operated path finding robot 193 Intelligent way searching pick and place robot 194 Automatic Lawn mover Robot with wireless remote using RF 195 Automatic Lawn mover Robot with mobile phone remote 196 Pick and place robot with remote control 197 Yarn detector and braking controlling system 198 Coin box operated automatic wheel air filling system 199 Construction of Centralized Control station for Irrigation 200 Microcontroller based Digital Programmable precision Power supply 201 GSM modem based communication and device switching. 202 GPS Based fleet Management System 203 Wireless DAM water level control shutter on/off with emergency alert

204 Intelligent Security System for industrial Surveillance with GSM & Auto Dialer 205 GSM Based Remote monitoring system for Electronic Energy meters 206 Finger Print based Biomedical security system 207 Distance Measuring using IR Technology 208 RF Based Wireless Encryption And Decryption Message Transfer System for Military Applications 209 Remote Monitoring and control using Mobile phones 210 Wireless Accident indication Via Vibration sensors Using RF Technology 211 Wireless Accident indication Via Vibration sensors Using GSM Technology 212 GPS & GSM based remote Accident indication System with location indication 213 Advanced Automatic Vehicle Crash Notification using GSM Technology 214 Advanced GSM based Theft Vehicle notification System 215 GSM based advanced industrial automation controller system 216 A Control Design for Vehicle Speed using Wireless Communication Technology 217 Automatic Vehicle Register System for Highways on Toll plazas 218 Home/Industrial Automation using GSM With Voice Feedback. 219 Control of substation equipments through mobile phone 220 Intelligent Vehicle accessing system using RFID cards 221 Campus management system using RFID Cards 222 Distant Vehicle identifying and Automatic Entry System using Acative RFID 223 RFID based Automation Airline baggage Systems 224 RFID Card Reader with Access Control System 225 RF ID Card Reader with Time and Attendance System 226 RF ID Enable Voter Identification Card 227 Finger Print Authenticated, Access Control & Automated Door Opening System 228 Finger print identification Equipment Control System on Industries 229 Fingerprint based Complete car security system 230 Fingerprint recognized Passport Verification 231 Multi Zone Fire Alarming Control panel with Zone Location 232 Voice activated door control systems 233 Voice command system for home appliance control 234 Voice controlled Hospital bed control for handicapped patient 235 Secured Postal Data Communication using RFID 236 Industrial Security system with Sensor data acquisition and Wireless transmission 237 Industrial Safety Measures System with Sensors with Voice Indication 238 Vehicle Accessing using IR remote Authentication 239 Self Guided Pedestrian Crossing Robot for Blinds and Elderly Personals (WALKING STICK 240 Land Mine Detectors with Automatic indication Robot using GSM 241 Home appliances control using voice Dictation 242 Industrial Safety Measures System with Sensors and Web Cam 243 Bed Side Patient Monitoring System with Automatic SMS system using GSM Technology 244 Battery Voltage and Current Monitoring for 4 Batteries 245 Two Axis Stepper Controller / Driver with Opto-Isolation

246 Multi Axis Stepper Controller / Driver with Opto-isolation 247 Conveyor for grade selector and diverter applications 248 Automatic Color Sensing Robot 249 Automatic Color Sensing Robot with digital image processing 250 Self Guided Advanced Robotic Wheel Chair for Emergency patient Transportation for preset locations 251 IVRS Based Control of Three Axis Robot With Voice Feed back 252 Voice Activated Multipurpose robots 253 Voice Activated Multipurpose robotic arm 254 Embedded Micro controller based Nomad Robots for exploration Application 255 Embedded Micro controller based Robots for weather forecasting 256 Mobile phone controlled alive human detector using robotics 257 Cell Phone Controlled Two Axis robotics with AI 258 Cell Phone Controlled Three Axis robotics with AI 259 Voice controlled Electric Wheel Chair for handicapped patient 260 Length counter using Embedded system 261 Multi Channel Voltage Scanner with SCADA 262 PC Based Programmable Temperature Controller for Furnaces 263 PC Based Programmable Temperature Controller for Cement Plant. 264 Pollution Tester For Vehicles with CO Analyzer 265 Implementation of Vehicle Collision Avoidance System Using Fuzzy Logic 266 Ultrasonic based Distance Monitoring and Fuzzy based Collision Avoidance 267 Embedded Microcontroller Based Motor Protection System 268 GSM based advanced traffic signal failure indication system 269 GSM and GPS based advanced traffic signal failure indication system 270 Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System using GSM 271 RF ID based Alive human Detection 272 Industry application of AC motor control techniques for Speed Variation Application 273 Three Phase Induction Motor Safety Implementation 274 Color Sorting mechanism on Conveyer for Industrial application 275 Color Recognizing pick and place arm with wireless remote controlled robot vehicle 276 Cell Phone Controlled Solar Vehicle 277 Wireless Controlled Robotic vacuum cleaner 278 Street light control system using GSM for 2 street light with feedback on mobile 279 Bus Identification System using RF for Blind 280 Cell Phone Based Voting System 281 Mobile Phone controlled Door Latch Opener with Security Dialup 282 Power Grid control through PC 283 Telephone Controlled switching with voice 284 Gas Turbine Compartment temperature Control 285 Automatic Maintenance reminder for Diesel engine 286 Wireless Security System for industrial application 287 At89c51 based code lock with security dial up

288 Power House monitoring with RF control 289 At 89c51 based DC motor speed control using RF 290 At 89c51 based Dc motor speed control through switches 291 IR controlled Buggie/Robot Vehicle 292 Real time Process monitoring and control using mobile Phone 293 8 Channel Radio Frequency control Board (8 Relays) 294 Microcontroller-based two-axis solar tracking system(IEEE 2010) 295 development of remote waste gas monitor system(IEEE 2010) 296 Neuro fuzzy temperature controller(IEEE AUG 2007) On-line auto switching of consumers connections for improved performance of a distribution 297 feeder(IEEE sep 2009) 298 current situation of digitalized ship navigation system for safety (IEEE 2008) 299 LPG leakages detection with valve shutdown 300 Highway Speed Sensing with automatic breaking system 301 Automatic Lift Controller using microcontroller 302 SMS controlled Relay Board 303 Ignition and door lock control using finger Print Sensor 304 Dam water Level monitor with voice alert from flood 305 Microcontroller Based Stepper Motor Controller with Variable Speed & Direction 306 Microcontroller Based Talking Machine 307 Microcontroller based wireless Device Control 308 Microcontroller based Autonomous Security Guard Robot 309 Microcontroller based Object Following Robot 310 Microcontroller based Light Tracing Robot 311 RF Remote control Cargo Lifting Robot 312 Microcontroller based Surveillance robot. 313 Microcontroller based Bomb Disposal Robot. 314 Microcontroller based Automatic Lawnmower Robot. 315 Automatic wheelchair for handicap people 316 Automatic wheelchair for handicap people with wireless warning 317 Interactive Voice feedback Robot 318 Solar operated Robot vehicle 319 Robotic Arm Operates On Mobile Network 320 Robotic Radar System 321 Wireless RF Object Counter for Industry 322 Wireless Home Security System 323 Wireless Home Security with Digital Code Lock 324 Home Security System 325 Home Security with Digital Code Lock 326 Wireless Home Security with Voice message 327 Wireless RF Code Lock for Car/Door 328 Wireless RF Heart Beat Counter 329 Wireless Water level Indicator cum Controller

330 Wireless RF Time Operated Electrical Device 331 Wireless RF remote Switch Board 332 Wireless RF Industrial Fault Monitoring Device 333 Solar Electric Fencing System 334 Wireless RF based road sign indicator for driver assistance 335 Cell Phone Controlled AI 5 Axis Robot 336 SMS based Grid Management System 337 Multichannel Monitoring system with Wireless alert 338 IR Remote Based Home Automation 339 Microcontroller Based Phase sequence indicator and controlling System 340 GPS & GSM based Vehicle Accident information System with location indication 341 Library Automation using Bar Code Reader 342 GSM based advanced transformer load sharing system using Micro Controller 343 Hand Talk for Deaf and Dumb People using Flex Sensors 344 Cell Phone Operated Vacuum cleaner Robot with wireless Video 345 Cell Phone Operated Swiping Robot with wireless Video 346 Boarding School Students Monitoring Systems (E-ID) Using RF ID - 2009 347 Lawn mover Robot with RF wireless remote and video 348 Mobile Phone operated Lawn mover Robot with wireless video 349 IVRS system for Industrial Automation control 350 GSM Based SMS Driven Automatic Display Toolkit for College Notice board 351 Robotic Arm on Four Wheel Vehicle Robot with Remote Control 352 Laser based Communication link for audio and b/w video 353 Industrial Furnace monitoring system 354 SMS controlled Solar Vehicle 355 Library management system using RF ID 356 SCADA based waste water treatment plant 357 GPS and GSM based Soldier tracking system 358 SCADA for Ac motor Control 359 AI based Solar Vehicle 360 GPS and GSM based Train Collision Avoidance System 361 Advance collision avoidance solar car 362 Underwater Submarine Robot 363 GSM based pollution detection and SMS system using sensors 364 Embedded based telephone operated SCADA 365 Zigbee wireless relay control and power monitoring system 366 Motion based wireless video capturing for wild life 367 Wireless electrical appliance control using IR communication 368 GSM based Multiple Transformer fault detect and Inform 369 Remote Motor Speed Control using Cell Phones 370 GPS Based traffic Monitoring system 371 Traffic Monitoring system using GSM

372 Remote Sophisticated code lock. 373 Microcontroller Based Interactive Green House Automation System 374 Traffic light and street light controller 375 Embedded auto street light control with LDR ADC interfacing using 89c51 376 PC based data acquisition and logging system(89s52 +Vb) 377 Automatic Vending Machine 378 Finger print based bank locker system 379 Bedside Hospital Monitoring System 380 Poultry Farm Automation 381 Power distribution system monitoring and control using GSM modem 382 Remote Medicare system with auto dialer 383 Binocular positioning System with web camera. 384 Automated Multistoried Car Parking System 385 Swiping Robot with Remote Control 386 Automated Color Mixing using Microcontroller and PC. 387 Magnetic Path Guided Vehicle. 388 Remote LCD Projector 389 Fire fighting robot with belt wheel and water tank 390 Wireless Moisture control System. 391 Metro rail Automation using RF ID 392 Smart Card Locker System 393 RF ID Based Attendance System 394 Digital Voice Recorder. 395 Barcode based multiplex automation 396 RF ID based multiplex ticket automation 397 Frame Grabber Project. 398 Microcontroller based IR Tracing Robot. 399 RF ID Based Railway Crossing Automation. 400 RF Based Flight data and Location System 401 Animation Front end for Graphical Display 402 Audio Following Robot 403 Voice Recognition System 404 Video Transmission through Supply Lines. 405 Ultrasonic Distance Meter 406 Height meter using Ultrasonic waves 407 Barcode based employee attendance system 408 Prototype Transponder Design. 409 Display Scheme for Indian Languages using Microcontroller with Graphic LCD. 410 3 Channel remote data logger system 411 RF ID Based Station Recognition System for old railway technology upgrade 412 GSM Based Automatic Irrigation Water Controller System 413 Remote Controlled Water Splash Robot For Gardening

414 Robot With Search And Rescue Feature For An Accident Area Or Natural Disaster Area 415 Fabrication of Automatic Vehicle Over speed controlling system for School Zone 416 Remote controlled paint spraying Robot 417 Advanced Human Detecting And Self-Guided Robotic Waiter For Hotels 418 Most Advanced Land Rover With Wireless Remote Control Using PC with Matlab With Camera 419 Fabrication of Wire Controlled Pick and Place Moving Robot 420 Rescue Robot For Military Purpose With Voice Annunciation Using PIR Sensor And Metal Detection 421 Binocular Positioning System using wired connections for 3 axis 422 PC Based GPS Tracking System. 423 Coin Based Mobile Phone Charger 424 Coin Based Bus Conductor 425 Student Number Display With Voice Announcement System 426 Finger print based Lift operating system 427 Aero plane (Flight) Data Recorder and Transmitter System using ASK. 428 Duplex Laser Based Communication System For Voice Communication 429 Tele answering And Recording System 430 Real Time Clock Based Controlling System. 431 X-Y Axis Profiler Drilling system. 432 PC based X-Y axis Profiler system 433 Bank Token Number Display(LCD) with Speech 434 PC based Bank Token Number Display(LCD) with Speech 435 Microcontroller based Telescope Controller system 436 PC based Telescope Controller system 437 Programmable Medication Scheduler for Patient. 438 Electricity Board Distribution transformer failure indication using GPS GSM 439 Self Powered Data Logger 440 Real Time Clock Based Irrigation Controlling System. 441 RF based Remote Vehicle Identification and Logger System. 442 Solar Based UPS 350 VA 443 Automation Of Toll Gate and Vehicle Tracking(IEEE 2008) 444 Secured communication between two remote station 445 IR based remote stepper motor control(Microcontroller) 446 Model Predictive Control of PH in Pharmaceutical Process(IEEE APR 2009) 447 Protection of Power Transformer using Microcontroller based relay(IEEE 2002) 448 Sound Following Robot 449 Magnetic Track Following Robot 450 Distance Measuring Robot 451 Army Robotic Vehicle. 452 Spy Robot with Remote control and Wireless Video 453 Firefighting Robot Vehicle 454 Self path Tracking vehicle 455 Solar Powered Vehicle.

456 2 Channel Irrigation Controller with RTC Clock 457 Advanced Protection System for Home/Industry 458 Wireless Glow for remote control 459 RF ID based animal location tracking and identification system 460 RF ID based Ration card automation 461 RFID based Pilgrim Identification System 462 GPS GSM based Aircraft Collision Detection & Avoidance 463 GPS GSM based midwater boat Collision Avoidance 464 Microcontroller based Stepper motor speed controlling system using cell phone. 465 Security breach information for unauthorized entry based on mobile technique. 466 Industrial Furnace temperature monitoring system using Mobile Phone. 467 SMS based Automatic two wheeler locking system 468 GSM based bank security system with auto dialer 469 SMS based patient monitoring system 470 SMS based Automatic weather report receiving system 471 Microcontroller Based Billing System with Printing Facility for Canteen 472 PC based Direct Digital Synthesis of Waveform using AVR 473 PC based Bio metrics voting machine 474 Auto control of 3 phase induction motor 475 RF Based Attendance System 476 RFID Based Security System 477 Secured Wireless Data Communication 478 SMS Based Device Switching 479 Telephone Controller Remote System 480 Remote control of Industrial Machines based on GSM technology 481 RF ID based automatic security gate open and closing system 482 Time Operated Electrical Appliance Controlling System 483 Remote Sophisticated Code Lock 484 Tele remote Switching System using Micro controller 485 Wind Mill power generation System 486 Wireless Drip Irrigation controlling system 487 PWM DC motor drive 488 PC based solar tracking system 489 Microcontroller based Seed Storage system 490 Microcontroller based Water Management system 491 Micro controller based Solar energy meter 492 Windmill Fan angle control using sensors 493 Real time irrigation controller 494 Micro controller based Green house controller 495 Micro controller based Onion Drying system 496 Micro controller based High Profile Grape drying system 497 Micro controller based Rickshaw fare meter

498 Electronic energy metering with FM connectivity and protection system. 499 Microcontroller based energy metering system 500 Micro controller based traffic density controller 501 PC based Robot Vehicle 502 PC based weather monitoring system 503 Micro controller based weather monitoring system 504 PC based home Automation System using VB. 505 PC based weighing system 506 5 channel petrochemical plant monitoring and controlling system 507 Parametric Monitoring and control for four wheelers. 508 PC based Hotel power management system. 509 Industrial Constant Temperature water bath unit. 510 Micro controller based Water pouch packing controller. 511 Stand alone scrolling display using microcontroller. 512 Micro controller Auto ranging LCD capacitance meter. 513 Micro controller based Ultrasonic Distance measurement 514 Device control through PCs parallel port using VB or C 515 Ozone Generator 516 Micro controller based Device switching using password. 517 Micro controller based Night light saving system 518 5 Channel temperature scanner system with LCD display 519 Serially connected Robotic Arm 520 Video analyzing remote controlled area cleaning robot 521 SMS controlled moving robot 522 Industrial temp analyzing robot 523 Wire controlled pick and place robot 524 Digital password car parking system for apartments 525 Microcontroller based Multi-channel Fire Alarm System. 526 Microcontroller based Automated Guided Vehicle(AGV) 527 Microcontroller based Incubator 528 Telephone Answering and Home appliance control system through cell phone 529 Automated Moisture and light control system for Garden. 530 Microcontroller based Moving Message Display. 531 Microcontroller based Voice controlled Machines. 532 Microcontroller based conveyor automation for mango packing industry. 533 Microcontroller based Automatic Dehumidification system 534 Telephone operated robot 535 Voice controlled material handling robot 536 SMS based automatic vehicle accident information system 537 Automatic alcohol sensing robot 538 Automatic fire sensing robot 539 Automatic visitor guided robot

540 Heart beat monitoring system 541 Micro controller based heart beat meter. 542 Micro controller based security access system. 543 RS232 Four axis stepper motor controller with micro controller using PC. 544 Micro controller based Real time Clock. 545 Three phase digital panel meter. 546 Token Number Display with Voice 547 Industrial closed loop Control System 548 Laser based Communication link 549 Micro controller based Water level Pump Controller 550 Programmable (microcontroller) 8 channels Temperature Scanner. 551 Electronic voting machine. 552 Differential Protection Control System. 553 Laser based text data communication 554 Mini Robocar with RF remote 555 Barcode based access control mechanism 556 Zigbee communication for road sign indicator 557 Shortest path navigator for the blind using RF ID Technology 558 LVDT interface to microcontroller 559 Sterlization Process using PLC 560 Angular speed measurement (RPM Meter) 561 Force Measurement using strain gauge with micro controller. 562 PID controller using micro controller. 563 A Simple multitasking System. 564 Automatic mains failure Solution 565 Industrial temperature controller using Intelligent temp Sensor. 566 Micro controller Programmer 567 Automatic College Bell system 568 Automatic Plant Irrigation 569 Automatic Room Light Controller with visitor Counter 570 Bio Medical Monitoring System 571 Logic gate simulator using Microcontroller. 572 IV RS for Collage Automation 573 PC Based Data Logger 574 PC Based GPS for location tracking 575 Prepaid Energy Meter 576 Event Reminding System 577 Remote Control via Internet 578 IR based speed measurement system 579 Micro controller based Power management system. 580 Auto stabilizer using toroidal transformer 581 Ultrasonic Lamp Brightness Controller

582 PC based data acquisition system. 583 Smoke density Meter. 584 Electronic school Bell System 585 Automatic PWM Inverter 586 Traffic Controller using Microcontroller 587 Two Line Intercom using Microcontroller 588 Voice Interactive System for Collage Automation 589 Sine Wave Inverter 590 Real time clock with calendar 591 Micro controller based Servo Stabilizer 592 Micro controller based real time clock. 593 Microcontroller based Event Counter 594 Microcontroller based Object Counter 595 Lift controller for car parking using finger Print Sensor 596 VLSI based Vending machine for offices 597 VLSI based Industrial/home security system 598 VLSI based Industrial monitor and control using Telephone 599 VLSI based Stepper motor control 600 VLSI Human activity controller 601 VLSI based Wireless robotic control 602 VLSI based Wireless device switching control 603 VLSI based Railway crossing gate control 604 PC based Robotic arm control 605 PC based Green House control 606 PC based Pick and place robotic arm 607 PC based Water management for Farm and garden 608 PC based Conveyor belt control 609 PC based Whether monitor system Note: we will develop the project based on concept by the students.



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