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June 2003


Volume XV

Number 10

Graduates: "Get in the Game...Be True to Your Ideals"

you hold of yourself." its holding companies including Equitable University President Joseph M. Life, Alliance Capital Management and McShane, S.J., reflected on the Sanford C. Bernstein. Gospel of John as he discussed the Mr. Condron has served as a University search for and discovery of truth. trustee for two terms and as Vice Chair of the Speaking to the graduates, Fr. Board of Trustees, and currently chairs the McShane said, "Your Scranton President's Business Council of the University. careers were played out Sister Mary Rose McGeady, against the backdrop of a member of the Daughters of "...the Lord has yet the terrorism of more light and more Charity of St. Vincent de Paul, September Eleventh, war was named President and truth to break forth in Iraq, corporate scanChief Executive Officer of out of your lives." Covenant House in 1990. dals and economic uncertainty. This context Covenant House International, University President has added an unusual an agency dedicated to the care Joseph M. McShane, S.J. note of urgency to your and rehabilitation of homeless search for truth. It has children in 15 U.S. cities and also directed your search ­ or your five other countries, has served close to two million children since its inception. The University conferred 930 bachelor's degrees, 230 master's degrees and two searches ­ for truth." "Through it all, you learned ­ to Mrs. Montrone is President of The associate's degrees at its one hundred and third commencement ceremony. borrow a bit from John L'Heureux ­ Penates Foundation, a private, charitable that there is no hunger like the taste of For 1,142 women and men, the "pur"I was in South Africa the day of the organization supporting the arts, education truth," said Fr. McShane. "You have also suit of wisdom, integrity and truth" refer- first-ever, all-races election," he said. "I and community services that are based in learned that Jesus was right: the truth will Hampton, N.H. In 1995, President Clinton enced in the University's mission statewatched lines of voters stretching from set you free ­ free to explore and to disment culminated on 25 May when they one horizon to another. It looked like a appointed Mrs. Montrone to the President's cover." received their bachelor's, master's and scene from the Bible. Waiting in one was Advisory Committee on the Arts. She was a During the Commencement ceremony, associate's degrees during the one huna young South African white woman. She Founding Director and later President of the Mr. Matthews received an honorary dred and third commencement ceremony. said: `This is the day I've waited for my Board of Directors of Seacoast Hospice, Before they left the ceremony at First whole life.' I will never forget the way she degree, as did Christopher M. "Kip" which earned national recognition when it Condron '70, Sister Mary Rose McGeady, was selected as a distinguished service orgaUnion Arena at Casey Plaza, they were said that word: her whole life." D.C., and Sandra Montrone. given parting words of wisdom about the Mr. Matthews concluded his remarks nization by the United Nations. As President and Chief E xecutive Jesuit ideals of truth and integrity. with the following: "...get in the game, be The full text of remarks made by Mr. Commencement speaker Christopher J. quick to ask for help, but most important, Officer of AXA Financial, Inc., Mr. Matthews and Fr. McShane are available Matthews, host of MSNBC's "Hardball" be true to your ideals ­ and everyone for- Condron heads up one of the world's pre- on the Web at mier financial services organizations, with and NBC's "The Chris Matthews Show," gets this big one ­ starting with the ideal offered advice about "... how to fight for your best values, find your way in this world, pursue your dream, follow up on the very best hunch you ever had about Three members of the University's Class of 2003 have been yourself." awarded Fulbright Fellowships, and another graduate has Mr. Matthews, a best-selling author, is been awarded an Austrian Government Teaching well known for reporting and writing Assistantship, which is administered through the Austrian about major political events, including Fulbright Commission. the fall of the Berlin Wall and the first Jennifer Bradley, who completed her MBA this year, all-races election in South Africa. He and Nicole Sublette, who majored in psychology and carreflected on these experiences during his ried a minor in art history, have won Fulbright Teaching remarks to the Class of 2003. Assistantships to South Korea, where they will teach English as a second language while each researching different aspects of Korean art. Elliott Gougeon, who majored in German and carried a minor in French, will spend the year in Germany on a O'Hara Awards Presented at Alumni Reunion Weekend. . . . pg. 3 Fulbright/Padagogischer Austauschdienst Teaching Assistantship in English. He will research the German response Congratulations to the to increased school violence during his Fulbright year. Class of 2003. . . . . . . . . . . pgs. 5-7 Kate Christiansen, who majored in international studies Fulbright Advisor Susan Trussler, Ph.D., and University and carried a minor in German, has been awarded an President Joseph M. McShane, S.J., congratulated 2003 Dean's List . . . . . . . . . . . . Pgs. 7 - 9 Austrian Government Teaching Assistantship in English to Fellowship Recipients at a reception in their honor. From left: Sports. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . pg. 10 Austria. Dr. Trussler, Kate Christiansen `03, Jennifer Bradley `03, Elliott (continued on page 2) Gougeon `03, Nicole Sublette `03 and Fr. McShane. Campus Calendar . . . . . . . . . pg. 11

Four Graduates Receive Prestigious Fellowships

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The Scranton Record, June 2003

Ally Program to Begin this Fall

The University has announced a ne w program to care for gay, lesbian and bisexual students within the context of its Jesuit and Catholic mission. The program, called the Ally Program, is founded in the Catholic moral teaching that entails care for all regardless of sexual orientation and defends homosexuals against any form of prejudice, violence and abuse. The Ally Program is not an advocacy group, nor is it a gay, lesbian and bisexual student club. According to Vincent Carilli, Ph.D., Vice President for Student Affairs, who designed the Ally Program along with John Shea, S.J., Vice President for University Ministries, the program addresses the church's stand against hate crimes, bigotry, or discrimination against homosexuals. The program complies with the moral position of the church on homosexuality and homosexual sexual activity. Dr. Carilli and Fr. Shea designed the Ally Program after an extensive research initiative. Their research included a review of existing programs at other Jesuit universities in the United States and input from members of the University's community. The program was announced to the University's community through a 5 May memorandum by University President Joseph M. McShane, S.J. The memorandum states that the Ally Program, which will begin in the fall of 2003, intends to "promote an environment where all individuals are welcomed into and supported by the campus community regardless of sexuality; to provide a supportive network of trained community members who can assist students when issues of intolerance arise based upon sexual orientation; and to provide the University community with a resource to which it can turn when an issue of intolerance arises." In the explanation of the program, the University quoted from the 1976 National Conference of Catholic Bishops, entitled To Live is Christ, stating "homosexuals, like everyone else, should not suffer prejudice against their basic human rights. They have a right to respect, friendship, and justice. They should have an active role in the Christian community." The University refrained from initiating a gay, lesbian and bisexual club because of the belief that human sexuality is a private matter. Clubs were considered public and external in nature, and therefore not recommended for addressing this issue. The Ally Program will provide a supportive environment through individually trained members of the University's community, which will allow gay, lesbian and bisexuals students to speak freely and safely about their concerns. In addition, the program will provide an official venue to help to eliminate acts of intolerance against these students within the University's community.

Board Room Named in Honor of PNC Bank

The University has named the board room in the Executive Center of Brennan Hall in honor of PNC Bank to recognize a significant grant from the PNC Foundation for the construction of Brennan Hall and to acknowledge the support PNC has consistently provided to the University. The announcement was made at the May President's Breakfast. PNC Bank is the corporate sponsor of the breakfast lecture series that brings together members of the civic and business community to hear guest speakers address topics of regional, national and international interest. Standing in front of the PNC Bank Board Room are, from left, Frank J. McDonnell, Esq., Chairman of the Board of Trustees, University President Joseph M. McShane, S.J. and Peter J. Danchak, President of PNC Bank Northeast Pennsylvania.





Four Graduates Receive Prestigious Fellowships

"Fulbrights are widely regarded as the U.S. Government's premier scholarship program for overseas graduate study and research," said Susan Trussler, Ph.D., Fulbright Advisor and Associate Professor of Economics/Finance. "We are pleased to continue The University of Scranton's remarkable tradition of achieving Fulbright Fellowships." Over the last 32 years, 111 University of Scranton students have received grants in the competitions administered by the Institute of International Education (Fulbright) and International Rotary. Students from approximately 500 colleges and universities nationwide submit applications each year for Fulbright fellowships, which were established in 1946 by Congress "to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and people of other countries." It is named after the late J. William Fulbright, the U.S. Senator who sponsored the program. Jennifer Bradley Ms. Bradley received her MBA degree with concentrations in international business and operations management from the University, where she was a graduate research assistant in the University's Kania School of Management. An active volunteer in the Wilkes-Barre area Triathlon for the past four years, she also serves as a dormitory resident counselor at King's College. Ms. Bradley is a magna cum laude graduate of Muhlenberg College, where she earned a bachelor's degree in communication and the Susan J. Hallamay Award for Excellence in Journalism in 1997. She remains active with the college as an Alumni Admissions Ambassador. When she returns from Korea, she plans to pursue a career in the field of teaching English as a second language. Nicole Sublette A charcoal artist and photographer, Ms. Sublette's career plans concentrate on art. When she returns from Korea, she intends to pursue a doctoral degree in art history and to someday teach art history at the college level. Ms. Sublette co-authored two research posters that were presented at the American Psychology Society Conference and at the Society for Neuroscience Conference in 2002. She participated with J. Timothy Cannon, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, in the University's faculty/student research program and the faculty/student teaching mentorship program. A dean's list student and a Dean's Scholarship recipient, Ms. Sublette received the University's Academic Excellence Award for psychology. Elliott Gougeon A dean's list student and a Dean's

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Scholarship recipient at The University of Scranton, Mr. Gougeon spent his junior year studying abroad at the Rheinische Freidrich-Wilhelms-Univeristat, Bonn, Germany. A passionate student of language, he has studied Latin, French, Swedish, Polish, Spanish and Romanian in addition to German. He received the University's Professor Joseph G. Brunner Award for Excellence in Foreign Languages. Mr. Gougeon volunteered with the Foreign Language Department's Immersion Day, participated in German film night and Kaffeeklatch, an informal German discussion group. He was also a tutor for the University's after-school tutoring program. Kate Christiansen This fall, Ms. Christiansen will teach English to middle and high school students in Steyr, Austria. She hopes someday to have a career that will involve international education and allow her to travel. A dean's list student, Ms. Christiansen received the Excellence in International Studies award from The University of Scranton. She was a DJ for the University's radio station, WUSR, and a volunteer at the Scranton Boys and Girls Club. She studied abroad during her junior year at the University of Innsbruck, Austria. She has studied Latin, German and French.

The Scranton Record, June 2003

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O'Hara Awards Presented at Alumni Reunion Weekend

The University presented Frank J. O'Hara Awards to seven people during Alumni Reunion Weekend, 6-8 June. O'Hara Awards recognize alumni and others who have achieved distinction in their professions or personal endeavors. The Frank J. O'Hara Awards are named for the late administrator who served the University for 53 years. It is the highest honor bestowed jointly by The University of Scranton and its 35,000-member Alumni Society. John E. (Jack) Brennan '68, Old Tappan, N.J., received the award for management. Mr. Brennan is Vice Chairman of the Board of Southern Union Co., the fourth-largest natural gas distribution company in the United States. He was also President, Treasurer and Director of Activated Communications, Inc., a broad-based communications firm with headquarters in New York City. In addition, Mr. Brennan was President and Chief Executive Officer of Paging Dimensions, Inc., a license-paging operator in Orange, Calif. He previously held senior executive positions with Metro Mobile CTS, Inc., Metro Mobile Communications, Inc., (of which he was a co-founder), Motorola Communications and Electronics, and Lin Broadcasting. Brennan Hall, dedicated in 2000, is named after Mr. Brennan in recognition of his lifelong commitment to the University . Paul M. Borick, Ph.D., '47 , Goose Creek, S.C., received the award for science and technology. Dr. Borick worked for 37 years in the pharmaceutical and medical surgical industries, where he was instrumental in the introduction of many new medical and drug products, including AdvilTM, ExcedrinTM and anti-micro bids used as chemical sterilizing agents in hospitals. He worked in managerial positions for Bristol-Myers, Ethicon of Johnson and Johnson, and Wyeth Laboratories and as Director of Research and Development for Parke-Davis. Dr. Borick pioneered in the development of new sterilization techniques, including new chemical and irradiation ways of killing microbes. He is considered an international authority in disinfection and sterilization and is still called upon for consultation services in these areas. Deborah J. Gougeon, Ph.D., '73, Moscow, received the award for education. Dr. Gougeon is completing her twentyfourth year at The University of Scranton, currently as an Associate Professor of Business Statistics and Quantitative Methods in the Kania School of Management. She has served on several committees at the University, including the Faculty Development Board and the University Senate. She is the founder of and, for 21 years has been the Faculty Moderator of Omega Beta Sigma, the Women's Business Honor Society at the University. In the community, she has served as Education Director for the American Association of University Women, Board Member for the Northeast Pennsylvania Women's Philharmonic League and School Board Member at St. Ann's Basilica School. Lawrence J. H oward, M.D., '68 , Clarks Summit, received the award for University service. Dr. Howard is the second of three generations of University of Scranton graduates. He served with the Third Marine Division overseas, returning to Quantico Naval Hospital where he was the Chairman of the Family Practice Department. Since returning to Scranton in 1975, he has been actively involved in family medicine. He has served on various local hospital committees and has been a board member of the Heritage Alliance, a multi-specialty, physician-led organization. Dr. Howard has dedicated years of service as the physician to the Jesuit Community. In 1995, an Ignatian Scholarship was named in his honor. Jane Oppenheim , Scranton, received the award for community service. Mrs. Oppenheim has devoted much of her life to the betterment of education, the improvement of social conditions of the poor, and strengthening of volunteerism in Scranton. She is Vice Chair of the Board of Regents of The University of Scranton, President of Family Services of Lackawanna County, President of the Voluntary Action Center and a Board member of Community Medical Center. Mrs. Oppenheim also serves on boards and committees for organizations including SCOLA (Literacy Council), Keystone College and the Scranton Lackawanna Human Development Agency. She is devoted to the cause of Reform Judaism locally, nationally and worldwide, and is presently on the Board of Trustees of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations and of the World Union for Progressive Judaism.

Frank J. O'Hara Awards were presented in recognition of alumni and others who have achieved distinction in their professions or personal endeavors. Seated, from left: Paul M. Borick, Ph.D., '47, Jane Oppenheim and John E. (Jack) Brennan '68. Standing, from left: Patrick Howard, Esq., `98 accepting on behalf of his father Lawrence J. Howard, M.D., '68, Joseph J. Kadow, Esq. ,'78, Joseph F. Lydon, Sr., M.D., '43, Robert P. Zelno, '66, G'77, Director of Alumni Relations, and University President Joseph M. McShane, S.J. Missing from photo is Deborah J. Gougeon. Ph.D., '73. Joseph F. Lydon, Sr., M.D., '43 , Rocky River, Ohio, received the award for medicine. Dr. Lydon's career in medicine spans decades of service in the public and private sectors, and in the U.S. military. He trained and served with the Special Operations section of the Central Intelligence Agency. He subsequently reentered the U.S. Army and served in combat as a Battalion and later Regimental Surgeon with an Infantry Unit. He was awarded a Bronze Star Medal and Combat Medical Badge. Following his service in the military, he was a practicing surgeon on the staffs of several hospitals, including the Cleveland Clinic, Lakewood Hospital and Fairview General Hospitals, also serving as Director of Education at the latter two institutions. He has been a Diplomat for the American Board of Surgery. Joseph J. Kado w, Esq., '78 , Tampa, Fla., received the award for law. Mr. Kadow is Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Outback Steakhouse, Inc., (OSI), a New York Stock Exchange company with annual revenues of more than $2.5 billion. Mr. Kadow is OSI's chief legal officer and has been counsel to OSI since it was founded in 1988. He is one of the principal architects of OSI's Managing Partner Program, which is regarded as the restaurant industr y's premier compensation/ownership program for general managers. Mr. Kadow also directs OSI's government relations, is Chairman of OSI's Political Action Committee and is Chairman of OSI's Crisis Communication Committee.

2003 Graduate Receives Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship

Michael Venn '03 has received focusing on the new legal order one of only 43 Jack Kent Cooke within the European Union. Graduate Scholarships awarded He will receive the scholarship in the nation. for all six years. The award will The graduate scholarships will provide funding for tuition, provide up to $50,000 annually room and board, fees, and to the elite group of graduating books. seniors for up to six years of "It's been my dream to study graduate or professional studies. in England," said Mr. Venn. "I Michael Venn am amazed that I was awarded Individual scholars may receive as much as $300,000 over a six-year the scholarship. I didn't think that I had period. much of a chance competing with such a Mr. Venn will pursue an MPhil degree select group of students. But I had a lot of in European Studies at the University of support from professors, friends and the Cambridge in the United Kingdom. After entire University community." he completes his master's degree, he will The 43 Kent Cooke Scholarship recipipursue his doctorate in European Studies, ents were selected from a pool of 842 applicants. A group of 12 independent academic representatives including college deans, professors, and admissions officers from across the country assisted the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation in the selection process. Mr. Venn is one of eight of the 43 scholars who have previously received Jack Kent Cooke Undergraduate Scholarships. The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation is a private, independent foundation established by the late Jack Kent Cooke to help young people of exceptional promise reach their full potential through education. The Foundation has become one of the nation's most prominent and generous scholarship providers.

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The Scranton Record, June 2003

The University Honors Local Nurses Graduating Students Honor Faculty with Teaching Awards

The Class of 2003 has honored two faculty members with teaching awards. David Black, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy at The University of Scranton, has been presented the Edward Gannon, S.J., Award for Teaching. The annual award, David Black, established in 1978 by Ph.D. the University's chapter of Alpha Sigma Nu, the national honor society for students in Jesuit colleges and universities, recognizes outstanding teaching among faculty. Dr. Black was voted by the University's Alpha Sigma Nu honor society as this year's recipient. The award was presented at the Alpha Sigma Nu brunch on 4 May. "It is gratifying to receive this award from such a special group of students," said Dr. Black. "There are many fine teachers at the University, and so it is especially kind of the students to think of me." Dr. Black joined the University in 1984 as Assistant Professor of Philosophy. He was named Associate Professor of Philosophy in 1986 and was promoted to Professor in 1994. Prior to joining the University, Dr. Black served as an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Kentucky. William V. Rowe, Ph.D., Chair of the Philosophy Department and Professor of Philosophy, has been selected Teacher of the Year. The Teacher of the Year Award, instituted in 1996 by the academic support committee of the University's Faculty Senate, honors a faculty member who maintains high standards of academic excellence and fairness and who, through enthusiasm and dedication, inspires interest in a given field of education. "Thomas Aquinas defined teaching as `passing on to others things that have been seen.' It has been my experience that the world wants to reveal its mysteries to someone prepared to pass them on to students," said Dr. Rowe. "For me the classroom is a place where William clarity happens and the Rowe, Ph.D. heart of it all is sharing this experience with students who will listen. I have been blessed with many listening students." Dr. Rowe joined the University in 1990 as Associate Professor of Philosophy. He was named Professor and Chair of the Philosophy Department in 1995. He serves as Codirector of the Center for Ethics Studies at the University and is a former faculty moderator of Phi Sigma Tau, the National Philosophy Honor Society. Prior to joining the University, Dr. Rowe was Senior Member in History of Philosophy at the Institute for Christian Studies in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at The King's University College in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Scranton resident Benvinda Notz, R.N., was honored on 6 May at Mountain View Care Center with the University's Making a Difference Award, given each year during National Nurses Week, 6-12 May. Ms. Notz was recognized for demonstrating clinical excellence and dedication to patient care and clinical practice. Shown at the 6 May event are, from left: Deborah Zielinski, Nursing Lab Director at the University; Sharon Hudacek, Ed.D., R.N., C.S., Associate Professor of Nursing at the University; Ms. Notz; Maryann Rubino, R.N., M.S., Director of Nursing and Resident Care Services at Mountain View; Cara Reed, R.N., Nurse Manager at Mountain View; Bill Kammerer, Administrator, Mountain View.

Joseph T. Durkin, S.J., H'92 · 1903 - 2003

Rev. Joseph T. Durkin, S.J., H'92, one of the original group of 19 Jesuits to arrive at The University of Scranton in 1942, died 31 May 2003 at Georgetown University Hospital. Fr. Durkin celebrated his 100th birthday on 17 May, and would have marked his 70th anniversary of ordination into the Society of Jesus in June. Fr. Durkin taught at The University of Scranton until 1944, when he joined Georgetown University, serving as Professor of History until 1972. Even after his retirement, he continued to advise students and give tutorials until 1994. He is credited as having a significant GOLD MEDALLION RECIPIENTS

Rebecca S. Beal College of Arts & Sciences Professor, English Joseph P. Carra Purchasing Warehouseman/Buildi ng Superintendent Joseph W. Connolly College of Arts & Sciences Professor, Physics/Electrical Engineering Lisa M. Cornell Systems and Software Resources Project/Support Team Leader James E. Fenwick Physical Plant Carpenter Grace Gisolfi Public Relations Secretary Lucia M. Granito Treasurer's Office Assistant to Comptroller Edmund M. Kosmahl Panuska College of Professional Studies Professor, Physical Therapy Gary E. Mattingly Panuska College of Professional Studies Professor, Physical Therapy Constance F. McDonnell Career Services Assistant Director Regina G. Mira Weinberg Memorial Library, Serials Clerk David P. Newcomb ARAMARK Food Service Supervisor Michael J. Owens Physical Plant, Grounds Supervisor James R. Sidbury College of Arts & Sciences Associate Professor Computing Sciences

role in establishing Georgetown's program in American Studies. He was named honorary chaplain of Georgetown's ROTC program in recognition of his work with the program. In addition to his service at Georgetown, Fr. Durkin formed a ministry with Arlington County jail inmates and visited Alzheimer's disease patients in nursing homes. He was the author of more than two dozen books and was working on two other books up to the time of his death. Fr. Durkin received an Honorary Degree from The University of Scranton in 1992.

Robert A. Spalletta College of Arts & Sciences Associate Professor Physics/Electrical Engineering

The University Honors Employees with 10 and 20 Years of Service

At an awards dinner held 16 May, 20 employees were inducted into the Order of Pro Deo et Universitate, which recognizes 20 years of service to the University. The University also presented 10-year service awards to 28 employees. Following are the names of employees who were honored for their dedicated service.


Employees with 20 years of service were recognized at an awards dinner on 16 May.

Mary Kay Aston Kathryn S. Boock Brenda M. Brewer Mary Clare A. Brill Gerald F. Stanek Mary Jane K. DiMattio Physical Plant Inventory Control & Sandra M. Fells Material Coordinator Rosemary A. Ferrise Elaine Gayman Diana L. Trygar Marie A. George Public Safety Margaret F. Hynosky Assistant Director of Roxanne T. Johnson Public Safety for Barbara J. Kalteski Environmental Health Daniel S. Kuzdro & Safety Richard A. Larsen Robyn Lawrence Sandra M. Walsh Jerome McDermott Physical Plant Donna M. NarsavageSecretary Heald Stephen E. WhittakerBarry W. Nicholas Timothy J. O'Connor College of Arts & John J. Ogden III Sciences Peter C. Olden Professor, English Maureen M. Pitts Marlene E. Dianne M. Posegate Yuskiewicz Rosemarie Pryle Residence Hall Joseph C. Sadauckas Maintenance Kathleen T. Santarelli Custodian Susan M. Shoemaker Nabil A. Tamimi

The Scranton Record, June 2003

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C O N G R AT U L AT I O N S T O T H E C L A S S O F 2 0 0 3


Alvin M. Abadilla Alan J. Abi Zeid Stephanie E. Abraham Richard C. Achua Christine M. Adams Jessica B. Agnello Jason Aiello Mary E. Aileo Saliena E. Alaimo Theresa Alberts Christine M. Allegra Michael J. Aloia Melissa A. Altamura Marie-Therese S. Alvir Antonietta Amelio Saverio D. Amendola Sheetal Amin James J. Anderson Sara C. Antognoli Michael Appleton Bryan W. Archibald Talia Argondezzi Brian R. Armstrong John J. Armstrong Jennifer Arnone Richard J. Arrigo Christina M. Arrow Michael A. Astino Timothy J. Astleford Daniel R. Atieh Michael Aulisio William L. Ayers Bridget M. Aylmer Tara J. Babe John Baber Pooneh Bagher Jason E. Baker Nicholas T. Bakken Ernalyn M. Baldo Christine M. Baran Theresa J. Barlow Matthew G. Barnes Kristen E. Barrett Michael J. Bartholomew Jeremy E. Basedow Laura J. Bassolino Tiffany L. Bator Christina A. Battista Jane Bauer Elizabeth H. Baumbach Kevin S. Beach Kyle Beasley Nicholas T. Becker Allison L. Bednarski Daniel P. Behl Christopher M. Behr Timothy R. Behrmann Claire Belford Mark A. Belis Mark R. Bell Constantine G. Benas Kathleen M. Bender Robert F. Benson Nicole L. Bernarsky John E. Bertoldi Jennifer M. Beuttenmuller Kelly A. Bevilaqua Francis A. Biancardi Kristina L. Bird David N. Biss Meghan J. Blair Scott L. Blakiewicz Christina M. Blick Kim Bochicchio Thomas J. Bogusch Maureen A. Bole Keely M. Boles Gina K. Bonaventure Nathan Boock Danielle M. Boorady James E. Booth Christopher J. Bores Kristin A. Borghoff Christina A. Bosco Ana L. Bounds Ryan T. Boylan James J. Boyle Patrick M. Boyle Erin M. Boyle Megan Bracey Cara A. Bracey Robyn L. Bracher Kathleen A. Bradford Nicholas J. Bratka John M. Brault Kate Brennan Neil T. Brennan Elizabeth A. Brennan James T. Brennan Suzanne E. Britt Erin L. Brodie Kerin M. Brown Kristina A. Brown Kimberly Brown Lisa M. Brown Michael R. Brychta Karen J. Buhler Laura E. Bulley Joseph E. Burchett Brooke Burden Robin A. Burdick Daniel M. Burke Sean T. Burke Jennifer Burkhardt Megan E. Burns Michael S. Burns Tariem A. Burroughs Darren N. Buseman Eileen R. Butler Thomas M. Byrne Nicholas J. Cacciola Anthony J. Calvario Roy A. Cambria Catherine M. Camp Dana Campanella Christopher M. Cannavo Joseph Caporusso Beverly Caputo Melissa A. Carlo Derek M. Carlson Thomas D. Carroll Leslie J. Carter Mary Colleen Casey Amy L. Casillo Aimee M. Casper Kimberly A. Cassidy Peter J. Castagna Stephanie Catala John M. Cavey Alison Celaya Steven F. Cerelli Margaret M. Cereola Amy E. Cerep Christina M. Cervone Rebecca J. Chapman Jamie M. Cherry Trista L. Cherry Jeannie Cho Kate M. Christiansen Christopher M. Cice Allison M. Clark Brian J. Clarke Kevin E. Clearkin Edmond G. Cleveland Thomas J. Coates Lori L. Cogorno Keith D. Coleman William L. Coleman Jennifer A. Collins Leslie S. Colombo Thomas J. Conlon Timothy E. Connolly Christopher L. Constable Douglas R. Conti Jennifer L. Conway James V. Cooper Susan A. Corcoran Joseph P. Corradino Steven T. Coughlin Jason T. Cougle Timothy J. Counihan Jessica L. Crabb Diana L. Criscillo Matthew R. Dietrick Jennifer L. Dietterick Tiffany Dittenhoefer Holly S. Doenges Kevin T. Dolan Mary B. Donati Patrick G. Donnelly Sean P. Donohue Jill A. Donovan Eileen M. Dontonville Courtney M. Dool Kathleen M. Dooley Andrew P. Doran Natalie M. Dorazio Adrian A. Dormans Sonya Ferraguti Cara-Jean Ferraro Joanne C. Ferrise Luisa R. Fieno Nicole M. Finamore Ellen E. Findlay Ian J. Fine Shaun J. Fine Samantha J. Firlein Kristen Fisher Erin K. Fitzgerald Amy L. Fitzgibbons Elizabeth A. Fitzpatrick Danielle S. Flatley James D. Fleming Lindsey A. Glucksnis Jonathan M. Goldwasser Matthew T. Gordon Elliott E. Gougeon Rosemary T. Gownley Marc C. Graci Samantha Gray Susan E. Graziano Joyce Ellen Grecco Donald J. Gribben Thomas M. Griglock Peter M. Groch Charles Grove Courtney M. Grundmayer Dana R. Grzenda Deno S. Gualtieri Alyssa R. Gurnari Rebekah J. Guss Wendy M. Hafner Lisa S. Hagen Philip A. Hagopian Sara L. Hahl Jill C. Hamnett Melissa S. Hamson Sara T. Hanna Kyle S. Harbin Brent C. Harlow Kathleen M. Harrigan Cody L. Harris Adrien A. Hartley Jeffrey C. Hartley Jenna M. Hartman Matthew D. Hartzell Kyle M. Hatler Matthew T. Hedgecock Kerri-Ann Heffernan Erik M. Helbing Jason C. Helik Rachel Henry Timothy F. Herbert Julie A. Herron Brian P. Higgens Liesbet A. Higham Caitlin F. Hnis Rana M. Hoch Peter G. Hocking Thomas M. Hodgdon Kristen E. Hoffman Heinz E. Hoffmann Mary B. Hoffner Adrienne M. Holstein Georgia T. Homsany Matthew G. Honeyman Dorothy A. Hopkins Justus M. Howley Megan E. Hudak Colleen A. Hughes Terence J. Hughes Lauren S. Hunter Jennifer L. Huvar Michelle A. Huza Christopher M. Indrieri Lucie M. Iuzzolino Shilpa Jadhav Jennifer A. Jamieson Jennifer Janezic Julianne Jayson Joshua M. Jenkins Stephen K. Jennison Kimo Jepsen Kristen M. Johannessen Courtney L. Johnson Jennifer M. Johnson Carrie A. Johnston Jeffrey B. Jones Heather E. Jones Jillian K. Joseph Audrey Josephite Sameer S. Joshi Kelly A. Joyce Michael F. Jurkiewicz Anju Kaduvettoor Cynthia A. Kanavy Michael J. Kane Jeffrey M. Kane William M. Kariuki William J. Kayal Stephen T. Kazmierczak Leslie A. Kearns Robyn L. Keeney Laura E. Kehoe Meghan A. Kelly Briege M. Kelly Kimberly A. Kennedy Ryan P. Kennedy Christina Kennedy Joseph P. Kennedy Jillian V. Kenney Meghan Kenny Alexandra Kenworthy Colleen E. Kerns Jonathan P. Kertesz Sean M. Kiley Jennifer Killian Sabrina R. King Elijah King Andrew W. Kinney Marissa E. Kintner Justin A. Kissinger Scott J. Klampfer Judy L. KleemanDoherty Jessica Klonoski Damon N. Knauss Lorie N. Knueven Frank E. Koehl Ryan M. Kohler Abby L. Kordek Scott H. Kossbiel Nicole S. Kosteczko Jennifer M. Kovaleski Cindy R. Kraft Patricia L. Kraker Jennifer E. Kraljic Jason A. Krouse Erin M. Kubina Denise M. Kubovic Valerie A. Kuna Nicole Kunzmann RoseMary E. Kurpiewski Anton A. Kushlan Beth M. Kwiecinski Jillian Kwolek Melissa T. Lacina Kristina M. LaManna Timothy R. Lamanno Maria C. Landis Elizabeth A. Lane Nicole R. Lane Michael R. Lanzi Michael A. Lanzilotta Alicia M. Lavelle Michael T. Lavelle Bridget A. Lavelle Brian F. Lawler Kelly M. Lawn Veasna Lay Lauren M. Layman Christopher W. Lazor Hai C. Le Bridget M. Lee

The University honored high-achieving undergraduate students during Class Night, held in the Houlihan-McLean Center.

Tiffany D. Crispell Michael J. Crivello Jennifer A. Crockett Ryan J. Crowley John D. Crowley Elissa M. Cugino Kisha L. Culver Erin N. Cumbo Matthew M. Cunningham Kathleen M. Currie Melissa R. Curtis Michael F. Cybularz Jana E. Czyzyk Steven R. D'Ambola Elizabeth S. Dailey Michael J. Dalla Valle Kelly B. Dalto Timothy M. Daly Louis J. Damato Detra L. Damskov Desiree A. Danei Emad H. Daniel Elizabeth C. Danowski Michael F. Dantuono Shannon E. Darlington Robert W. Davis Athena DeBenedetto Marianna DeBenedictis Timothy P. DeJulio Nora N. Delaney Lauren J. deLaRosa Kristine D. DeLeon Philip M. DeMola Jared A. Denisco Mary E. Dennis John P. Dennis Jennifer A. Denofa Saralyn J. DePhillips Stefanie M. DePietro Jason C. Derenick Steven M. DeRiancho Sarah J. DeRollo Christopher M. DeRose Christine E. Desimone Charles Devereaux Danielle M. Devine Marie DiDario Gregory J. Dougherty Brian C. Doyle Angela M. Drace Elizabeth A. Dragone Kristen L. Dragwa Michael F. Draney Ryan M. Duck Megan C. Duffy Allison M. Duffy Ryan W. Duffy Colleen A. Duffy Dillon M. Dunning Erin L. Dunstan Amanda A. Durkan Mary J. Durkin Ava M. Dutko Brendan S. Dwyer Robert F. Dyer Kirsten M. Echelmeier Sean R. Egan George S. El Bayadi Kathryn M. Elkins Derek J. Elphick Nicholas W. Emma Doris Engisch Dario J. Englot Heidi Y. Enright Jason C. Enslin Lisa A. Ercolino Julia Erdman Kristin M. Errico Bryan Esposito Melissa A. Esposito Jared B. Every Erin M. Ewald John J. Faherty Christopher P. Falzett Gabriel L. Fanelle Mary T. Farley Daniel J. Farrell Justin M. Farrell Jessica M. Farrell Shannon E. Farrell Frank J. Fasano Catherine A. Fawls Ingi R. Fenger John P. Ferguson Michelle S. Fernandes Heather M. Fogarty Lois K. Foley Michael V. Fonseca Christine A. Fontaine Benjamin Ford Andrew P. Forestieri Todd J. Forno Katie Foster John P. Franceski Stacy J. Frankenbush Stephanie R. Franko Theresa A. Franz Owen J. Frazier Edwardina N. Frederick Alisa L. French Jennifer Fretts Jacquelyn L. Frisina Katherine E. Fromtling Lauren M. Fuchsel Natali Fusillo Elizabeth L. Galanti Stephanie T. Galea Ann Marie P. Gallagher Marybeth Gallagher Katie A. Gallagher Leilani A. Garcia Joanna E. Garibaldi Tara L. Garner Joseph R. Garofalo Whitney E. Garrett Carlos D. Garrido Thomas J. Garrity Bridget A. Garrity Kristen M. Gatto Mary E. Gavern Anne Marie Gendusa Brian Germano Francis A. Giambattista Sarah E. Gibbs Rebecca J. Gibson Michele L. Gilchrist Megan E. Gillan Julie C. Gillard Jennifer R. Gillespie Susan L. Gilmartin Shaun H. Gilmore Lara C. Glavan Edward J. Gliniecki

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The Scranton Record, June 2003

C O N G R AT U L AT I O N S T O T H E C L A S S O F 2 0 0 3

Colleen Leeman Jaclyn A. Lennon Mary E. Lent Louis J. Leva Gabrielle L. Lewis Cindy Lewis-Kessler Lauren D. LiCalzi Jessica Lichodolik Thomas A. Licisyn Matthew F. Liegey Jacqueline A. Lillis Thomas Lin Juliana R. Link Theresa A. Lio Johnathan M. Lo Shannon K. Loberg Adam J. Loedel Daniel W. Loftus Helen D. Logan Francis A. Lombardo Jennifer R. Long Stephanie A. Longo Tara L. Loonie Tara L. Loscombe Moira A. Loughman Aron G. Lukacs Anthony J. Lumbis Kevin P. Lunny Jennifer W. Luyster Robert J. Lynch Sara E. Lynch Michelle Lynch Deirdre K. Lynn Michelle R. Lynott John O. Lyons Jessica L. Mack Jennifer Mackin Christine M. Maggi Rev. Sterry D. Mahaffey Jr. Dennis J. Mahoney Cintia V. Maisterrena Melissa M. Mancini Robert M. Mancini Siobhan M. Mangan James L. Manganiello Melissa Manginello Lauren M. Manser Rebecca R. Marascalco Sarah E. Martin Scott D. Martin Robyn K. Mason David A. Mastro Ryan P. Mastroeni Michelle L. Matejicka Dana Matkevich Brigid M. Matrai David P. Mattingly Robert J. Mauro Thomas J. Mauro Bridget T. May Melanie A. Mazzei Kenneth M. McCarthy Kate A. McClintock Kristen McColligan James T. McCullough Lauren E. McDermott Meghan F. McDonald John E. McElhenny Robert F. McEntee Patrick J. McGinley Joseph G. McGraw Patrick J. McHale Jill C. McHugh Benjamin R. McKeeby Katie R. McLaughlin James J. McLaughlin Helen M. McLenigan Lauren T. McMullin Bridget A. McMynne Erin C. McNally Maureen A. Mead James A. Meehan Patricia Meli Richard N. Melucci Theresa M. Meredick Robert P. Meuser Danielle M. Mezzino Erin Michalisin Zachary J. Miknis Erica A. Mila Karen E. Milano Marisa N. Milazzo Daniel M. Miles Erin R. Miley Timothy F. Miller Lauren A. Miller Catherine A. Mirra Jessica L. Mistretta Laura K. Mitchell Michael J. Modeski Daniel P. Mohrman Rebecca E. Moir Georgia A. Mollenshott Kristin N. Mongello George D. Montana Shannon E. Moore Ryan T. Moore Todd M. Moore Carrie T. Moran Kyle Morano Nicole M. Moretti Bradley C. Morgan Patricia Moses-Freeman Elizabeth Moss Katie E. Moyer William A. Mugno Geraldine D. Mulcahy Lori Ann T. Mulder Jeremy K. Mullen Leigh N. Muraca Brian D. Muratore Christine R. Murawski Tracey A. Muroski Michelle L. Murphy Jeanne M. Murphy Michelle Murphy Michelle Z. Murphy Sean P. Murray Sherry Murray Melissa Mushow Michael A. Nardelli Patrick G. Nasser Jillian Navorouski Denise C. Nazarenko Pamela Newman Ryan J. Neylan John T. Nguyen Nicole Nicholas Morgan D. Nichols Courtney M. Nielsen Kevin J. Noone Jennifer E. Noto Melyssa C. Nunnari Meghan L. O'Brien Daniel P. O'Brien Kelly A. O'Brien Brendan J. O'Connell Kelly M. O'Connor Danielle M. O'Connor Evan M. O'Donnell Edward J. O'Donnell Carla L. O'Hanlan Daniel J. O'Hara Beverly J. O'Hora Michael J. O'Hora Eileen L. O'Mahoney Molly O'Malley Mark A. O'Malley Megan O'Neill Amy R. O'Rourke John S. Oles Charles E. Oleski Annmarie E. Olsen Opalyn M. Ortega Laura E. Ortiz Erica L. Osuchowski Carolyn A. Otis Angelina A. Palella David M. Palladino Christopher R. Panna Michael T. Panzarella John E. Pardue Natalya M. Parente Eileen T. Parise Samantha Parisi Melissa J. Parker Katy M. Parker Laura A. Parkton David J. Pastorini Karen B. Patten Adam R. Paul Carolyn M. Pearson Jorden M. Pedersen Lisa A. Pellegrino Jeffrey Pellis Erin L. Pepsin Andrew P. Perhac Janet Perry Allen F. Perry Patricia M. Perry Mark J. Persiani Nicole K. Petrin Laura A. Petro Lenore M. Petta Scott E. Pfalzgraf Barbara L. Phillips Mark J. Phillips Tammy D. Phillips Michele Picciallo Joseph R. Pierce Jennifer L. Pilc Vicky K. Pilitsis Timothy J. Pippet Richard J. Plishka Erik G. Polan Christopher J. Poli Kristopher J. Pondo Damico J. Ponzio Alison A. Poponiak Alison M. Porpora Thomas A. Porrovecchio Ryan J. Potts Kimberly Pregnar Rance P. Prescott Jessica H. Probst Michael J. Pucci Karen M. Purcell Brian J. Pusateri Katie P. Quinlan Erin L. Quinn Julie A. Quinn Carey J. Quinton Andrew H. Quirk Leah H. Rabiega Noelle N. Rahle Alison M. Rangel Tera L. Ravina Robert G. Raymer Philip L. Raymond Matthew J. Reichlen Dennis E. Reidy Terence G. Reilly Patricia C. Reina Krista M. Reis Stephen R. Remick Kara L. Renner Alexander J. Reynolds Mary Lou A. Richardson Debra S. Ritter Jasmin Rivera Kristin R. Rizzi Angelo J. Rizzo Gregory V. Robinson Patrick F. Rocchio Megan G. Rochford Kathleen M. Rodgers Elizabeth M. Roethke Alexis I. Roettger Colleen E. Rogers Thomas P. Rogers Louis Romano Matthew Rooney Jeffrey M. Rosa Giacomo N. Rosati Susan Rosler Jonathan D. Roslund Meagan M. Ross Heather M. Rosso Scott D. Rothman James V. Rudolph Gina M. Ruggierio Lisa M. Rule Andrew J. Ruppe Andrew W. Rusin Anne Marie Russo Jessica Rutkauskas Allison L. Ruzbarsky Meaghan O. Ryan Keith A. Rygiel Frank J. Salfi Mary R. Sammon Kenneth T. Sandrowicz Angelo J. Sanguedolce Steven K. Sans Nicholas M. Santarsiero Nicole M. Santulli Carrie A. Sasso Katherine Sasso Lauren M. Sattazahn Laurel A. Saville Kathleen Scanlan Danielle M. Scarfo Ann E. Scarp Renee E. Schaefer Jonathan P. Schiller Lacy J. Schott Joseph M. Schroeder Maureen A. Schulte Shaun Schwartztrauber Kristin E. Schwarz Melissa S. Scott Laura J. Scully Lindsay A. Sczechowicz Alaina M. Seifert Jeanne C. Sergio John-Peter Sforza Colleen M. Shanahan Elizabeth M. Shannon Kathleen K. Shannon Timothy W. Shea Erin E. Sheehan John E. Sheerin Jennifer M. Shen Joseph P. Sheridan Laureen H. Sheypuk John O. Shively Alexes D. Sholes Katherine A. Sidden Kathryn A. Sieminski Megan Silvius Jennifer A. Simansky Matthew R. Simberg Ryan D. Simone Marc C. Simpson Aimee M. Skelly Julanne G. Skinner William B. Skotleski James J. Smith Bryant J. Smith Jaime L. Sneyers Lauren R. Sobuta Jennifer L. Soldan Anthony Sollicito Heather Spaeth Jerry Spiegel Donald M. Spinelli Melissa St.Ledger Tara L. Stampf Suanne Stanco Matthew J. Stefanelli Ingrid C. Stein Kristin M. Stempa Sandra M. Stepkovitch Melissa M. Stevans Nicola R. Stewart Kathleen M. Stiles Joseph E. Stofega Daniel D. Stofko Jennifer L. Stone Robert C. Stott Samantha L. Strockis Patrick Strout Nicole A. Sublette Ryan M. Surace Michael C. Susko Laura L. Swarts Erin D. Sweeney Stephanie M. Sweigart Bryan Swiatocha Daniel J. Swimm Jaime L. Sylvester Corey E. Tabit Binny Talati Lauren B. Tantillo Marisa Tardugno Kelly Ann Tate Natasha Tavahen Sarah J. Taylor Matthew W. Telesh Stephanie Tessing John K. Thielke Noreen A. Thomas Kristin A. Tiberio Henrietha Titus Brenda Tobin Michael A. Todd Tammy E. Tomasak Debbie L. Tomasetti Devon L. Tomasovich Kellie M. Tomlinson Meghan Trichilo Michael R. Trottini Lisa M. Trubia Kattiya E. Urbanski Erik M. Vagner Alyssa C. Vail Melissa A. Vaillancourt David S. Valenti Sara A. Van Winkle Deanna Vanderwell Adam C. VanVolkenburg Allison M. VanWey Jillian M. Varley Jillian M. Vassallo Rae Marie J. Venarucci Christopher R. Vengrow Michael B. Venn Jaclyn N. Venner Anthony M. Vigliotta Maria Nicole A. Villafuerte Brianne M. Voulo Craig Wagner Matthew R. Walker Megan A. Walsh Michael T. Walsh Sarah A. Walsh Wesley T. Walthour Ruth M. Wanamaker Jason C. Wasilewski Kimberly A. Wasley Jennifer L. Wasylyk Laura A. Waters Elizabeth Watson James C. Weaver Michael P. Webster Kristy M. Weidow James G. Weinert Regina A. Welch Amy Welsh Michael F. Westfall Charles B. Whinney Andrew F. Whitbeck Sheila M. Wiegand Barbara J. Wiley Jill C. Williams Mary Williamson Kathleen M. Wills Eric R. Wirkus Amy L. Wisdo Thomas J. Witiak Alexis S. Yachechak Jonathan T. Yazinski Steven J. Zablocki Julius P. Zamcho Laura J. Zawislak Marissa S. Zefran Thomas J. Zegler Matthew A. Zehner Joann C. Zielinski Jacob Zielinski Kristin E. Zimmermann Elizabeth A. Ziogas Frank Ziskowski Lisa Zora Janice Zygmunt Jesse M. Zyskowski Lisa M. Boyer Jessica D. Boyko Kimberly A. Bradford Jennifer E. Bradley Melinda B. Brink Lenora J. Broda Kelly M. Bronson Tanya T. Bryndzia Xinxing Cai Tracy M. Capalongo Charles S. Carroll Christine M. Catalano Donna Cerminaro Lori A. Charnogursky Vijaya Ravi S. Chemuturi Pen-Yuan Cheng Beverly M. Chmiel Amy E. Cook Kara M. Cortazzo Marissa Costanzo Jaclyn M. Crocitto Samantha L. Crotty Dominic S. Cuchara Ann E. Cummings Alison M. D'Alimonte Parikshit V. Dalal Dorothy M. Darlington Gemma P. Davis Lorraine M. DeNichilo Frank G. DiPaolo Jill A. Ditchkus Lauren Dowd Holly M. Driscoll Jean M. Dunback Mary E. Durkin Dina M. Fanizza Wei-Chi Feng John C. Fetterman Lora L. Figley Darrell R. Frederick Jacquelyn A. Gaidula Kerry A. Gallant Teri Anne Gavin Shanna M. Gillespie Keisha B. Green Albert A. Guari Scott A. Haberli Mary A. Harding Laura K. Harmanos Eva L. Harris Brooks S. Hasting Adam C. Hawk Donald Healey Leah K. Helfrich Alison M. Hightower Lori A. Hofsass Mary Lou Hoover Divis Troy A. Horn Michelle L. Hull Jennifer L. Hunara Ambreen Imtiaz Anne D. Infinito David W. Iversen


Cory S. Adams Jessica B. Adams Yong-Il Ahn Tofiq H. Al-Dosary Caren C. Al-Raddahi Sunil Anamandla Peter A. Anania Taima A. Arsiwala Adrienne H. Ashworth Kelly J. Atkinson Minal P. Baxi Bobbi J. Bellows Katina S. Benio Angela M. Berardelli Matthew R. Bernard Kyle M. Bernhard Derik A. Bernhardt Karen Bianchi James P. Blaum Mark S. Bogansky Husain A. Bootwala Kathryn L. Boyd

Frank J. McDonnell, Esq., Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Joseph M. McShane, S.J., University President, congratulate honorary degree recipients. From left: Mr. McDonnell, Sr. Mary Rose McGeady, D.C., Christopher Matthews, Christopher M. "Kip" Condron, Sandra Montrone and Fr. McShane.

The Scranton Record, June 2003

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C O N G R AT U L AT I O N S T O T H E C L A S S O F 2 0 0 3

Tapan D. Jani Karen J. Janiszewski Christopher D. Johns Glynnis M. Jones Sandra M. Kase Jennifer M. Kasper Jennifer M. Keifer Lori L. Kelley Marie K. Kelly Jane E. Kilduff Mary E. Kisner John Mary Kiweewa Paula M. Kokinda Diane Kondratick Michael J. Kowalski Ruth E. Kulesza Lorraine A. Kuzma Johnson Chris G. Langan Karen M. Larkin Megan M. Laverty Erin C. Leach Heather L. Madden Joseph Madison Erin M. Maguire Mark J. Malczynski Kristine L. Mallas Dee-Ann Martell Margarita Martinez Eva A. Matuszak Amy M. Maybock Kelly M. McAndrew Kristy A. McCann Kelly A. McCarthy Kathleen A. McGrail Kathleen R. McKillip Tara L. McNulty Elizabeth L. McSweyn Suzanne M. Mengel Thomas M. Mineo Debra Minzola Kimberly Morgan Geraldine Morreale Sarah A. Morris Miriam D. Moskovits Bridget B. Moylan Mae J. Murawski Katherine L. Murman Leyla Nabiyeva Melanie Natoli Rebecca S. Neiley Christine M. Nemshick Libby Nonnemacher Alison E. Norcia Kerry B. O'Boyle Colleen R. O'Donnell Ryan T. O'Malley Edmund J. O'Neill Linda J. O'Rourke MaryAnn Olszewski Sung-Hwan Park Jessica J. Pasquini Margi P. Patel Devon E. Pedersen Dawn L. Peechatka Susan Piccotti Jennine M. Price Megan A. Purcell Kari M. Purvis April C. Quinn Retta A. Radin Faithe N. Rassias Robert P. Razvillas Jennifer A. Rebar Jeffrey Reichl Christie L. Relyea Christina M. Riordan Carol J. Ritter Sonyun Rizzo Aileen M. Roginski Ana M. Rojas Laura A. Romanello Adrianna Rondinella Alyssa Rosentel Patrick J. Scanlon Laurie C. Scheetz Gretchen E. Schleifer Brian Schmidt Laura D. Schmidt Michael J. Sgroi Kyle J. McGee Karen A. McGuigan Kathryn M. McKenna Michelle M. McLaren Peggy Merck August Metz Faith A. Miller Kenneth M. Monks Daniel A. Nelson Brianna L. Noll Daniel A. Noto Lawrence J. O'Brien Jill M. Oliver Scott A. Peslak Kristin Pitoniak AmyLynn A. Pizzano Julee C. Plastow Ryan T. Pohlig Kristin N. Reitano Katherine Robinson Elizabeth Rogers Bryan H. Roy-Smith Jessica B. Rupp Peter Secola Paurush Shah Sarah M. Shirer Matthew J. Slivinski Neil P. Sloan Courtney M. Southard Sonya S. Standefer Kathryn G. Stroh Marie E. Sullivan Stacy Surman Christine A. Sutherland Theresa A. Szczepanski Erica M. Szymanski Ashley L. Tanis Tanya M. Tompkins Rachel E. Trappler Nathaniel J. Underland Lauren S. Wade Eileen A. Webster Matthew R. Yasiejko Kathleen M. Yoder Christopher J. Zellers Brian J. Zywicki Juniors Brenda F. Aldine Diedra Amendola Leslie A. Anglero Darlene M. Banta Lindsay A. Bernstein Nivedita B. Bijlani Christopher J. Cappello Christopher J. Christiana Ian E. Conklin Mary Ann E. Cosgrove Brook K. Coyer Abbien Crowley Nicole Cwalinski Jennifer A. Dammer Mario A. DelRosso Jaclyn A. DiBrienza FNU Shaishiv Jennifer L. Shannon Brent A. Sharp Donna L. Shuta Charles J. Simalchik David W. Sincavage Robert Skibinski Scott A. Skursky Mithun H. Soni Heather L. Sparks Nicole C. Staretz Marykate R. Stich Candice L. Taylor Sarah Tolerico Dexel M. Tolliver Tara A. Trauger Niraj C. Trivedi Rachel D. Trommelen Christopher R. Dougherty Amy E. Dwyer Leah N. Eggars Maria J. Ferzola Natalie D. Finkelstein Timothy R. Gabrielli Christine N. Gaffigan Sarah Garry Jillian F. Giliberto Daniel J. Golasa Nadia L. Gougeon Jessica Grizzanti Christen M. Gruebel Amy A. Hagerty Justin M. Hamor Terri A. Harchar James P. Healy Marissa A. Hibbard Allison E. Hoffman Cristina R. Hohmann Sudharshini Jeyakumar Jennifer E. Juice Peter M. Kashinsky Edward J. Kausmeyer Kristen E. Kempf Johnson Keoonela Stephanie A. Klassner Matthew Knowlan Jennifer L. Kocher Christopher S. Konopka Gery Kozlansky Cheryl A. Lawson Gene N. Lee Jessica L. Lewis Han Li Michael J. Longaro Jaclyn Lyons Michael W. Mandel Kristina F. Mardjokic Rebecca L. Martin Daniel T. Marvin Erin K. Mellody Rachael E. Miller Elizabeth P. Monahan Joseph J. Mosley Erik J. Novak Sarah A. Olsavsky Angela F. Ostrowski Christina A. Parlapiano Matthew T. Parodi Kathleen A. Pierangeli Arthur Posocco Marisa N. Reuber Melissa A. Reynolds Patrick J. Riffle Kristin A. Riley Jeffrey S. Romanecz Adam T. Ropelewski Shannon Santoro Lindsey M. Schneider Heather A. Seiple Carolyn Smart Megan C. Smith Christopher J. Uter Michelle K. Vagner Christabel M. Valladares Jared J. Varaly Loriann Vennick Jason M. Walker John F. Walsh Marcia S. Walsh Jonathan Warner Ashley L. Waters Jessica A. Westcott Elizabeth C. Williams Leanne E. Williams Sandra L. Winters Laurie A. Wyckoff Kanji Yoshida Laura R. Zevan Denise S. Zuvic Paul J. Solga Christine E. Stanik Carrie E. Stemrich Matthew T. Stolz Jennifer M. Swenski Megan E. Szivos William Taylor Katie A. Terrana Jennifer L. Toth Barbara D. Tumelty Thomas P. Umile Amanda A. Valvano Sara B. Visintainer Anthony J. Wagner Robert G. Wagner Kevin D. Wetter Allison J. Wieman Laura G. Williams Seniors Jessica B. Agnello Saliena E. Alaimo Saverio D. Amendola Sheetal Amin Talia Argondezzi Richard J. Arrigo Pooneh Bagher James W. Bailey Melanie A. Baker Laura J. Bassolino Tiffany L. Bator Rachel M. Bennett Francis A. Biancardi Meghan J. Blair Rachel A. Bognet Nathan Boock Christina A. Bosco James J. Boyle Ronald L. Brace Kate Brennan Erin L. Brodie Kimberly Brown Meghan A. Calpin Melissa A. Carlo Leslie J. Carter Peter J. Castagna Alison Celaya Jeannie Cho Kevin E. Clearkin Lori L. Cogorno William L. Coleman Susan A. Corcoran Christopher J. Corey Amy Cravath Jennifer A. Crockett Kisha L. Culver Kathleen M. Currie John P. Dennis Saralyn J. DePhillips Jason C. Derenick Christopher M. DeRose Tiffany Dittenhoefer Mary F. Donohue Natalie M. Dorazio

The University has announced the Dean's List, which recognizes students for academic excellence during the spring 2003 semester. In order to be named to the Dean's List, a student must have a grade point average of 3.5 or better with a minimum number of credit hours. The list includes students from the University's four undergraduate colleges: the Panuska College of Professional Studies, the College of Arts and Sciences, the Kania School of Management and Dexter Hanley College.

Students Named to Dean's List


Freshmen Bijan R. Ahmadzadeh Faraz S. Alam Jennifer E. Applegate Gregory V. Aughenbaugh Melissa M. Badenhop Kirsten R. Biemer Stephanie R. Brenne Jennifer L. Brierley Sarah P. Brilmyer Jenna A. Brown Rebecca M. Brown Lauren L. Brusco Bradley R. Burke Lauren E. Burke William F. Burke Christina M. Byron Jillian R. Camarote Jennifer C. Carroll William P. Casale Amanda M. Celii Cari D. Cinamella Drew G. Clancy Stephen J. Clark Stephanie L. Cooper Erin P. Creaghe Thomas R. Damiano Travis C. Dayon Sol T. DeJesus Chelsea M. DiDonato Laura V. Dishaw Jennifer R. Doles John W. Doyle Diana E. Drogalis Sarah K. Drygas Caitlin Dyer Courtney G. Esposito Christopher A. Fahs Richard G. Fankhanel Brittany D. Finch Kathleen J. Fleming Stephen M. Fredmonski Sarah L. Frey Kristy A. Frick

Rachel A. Fried Kimberly L. Fugok Matthew B. Gautier Meaghan J. Gay Katie L. German Jennifer L. Giordano Steven Glaser Meghan M. Glynn Elizabeth A. Gondela Neil Harrington Colin R. Hendsey Michael P. Hill Cindy M. Hodakoski Sarah A. Hodge Richard Huang Zachary C. Huard Thomas J. Iacovoni Michael J. Jenkins Bethany L. Jones Kathleen R. Judge Eric J. Kemmerer Paul Klebon Richele A. Kolcun Daniel P. Kottke Elizabeth A. Krebs Mallory L. Laboy Eric Ledesma Kelly A. Lewandowski Kimberly R. Lieber Alicia M. Marsiglia Kathleen Martin Danielle N. Masek Kelli L. Masewicz Amanda R. Massaro Kimberly L. McManus Erin E. Miller Christopher M. Minello Julie A. Morley Danielle N. Mourar Cheryl B. Mrazik Jill M. Murrin Richard A. Nicholas Carolyn C. Novak Duane J. Nowakowski Sarah E. Nowik Seth Opeil Eric F. Ostrowsky

Jaime L. Palumbo Neil Patel Jessica M. Phillippy Meghan E. Piatak Andrew O. Prempeh Michael Quartuccio Anna R. Quinlivan Vanessa S. Recio John F. Reutemann Tricia M. Ross Laura B. Salomon Ronald J. Schmid Michael J. Schmitt Jose A. Sepulveda Jason A. Shrive Sarah M. Sitoski Allison M. Smith Olivia M. Spalletta Patrick J. Sparrow Kathleen A. Spring Dayna B. Steele Gina M. Stefanelli Eric W. Stolten Meghan Stott Kirsten M. Suchy Erica R. Swatko Christopher J. Szewczyk Renee Szumski Eric S. Tallman Joseph C. Ulichny Elizabeth L. Valdegas Brenda R. Washeleski Megan E. Yanoshak Chad J. Zack Susan E. Zengel Sophomores Elizabeth M. Ali Nicole M. Aloise Brian Alvaro Duane S. Armitage Katrina M. Banfe Matthew D. Bell Agatha K. Berger Mark W. Beyer Jeffrey E. Bollinger Edward B. Britton

Gillisa A. Buchanan Caitlin Burns Matthew D. Butler Christina M. Calce John A. Canjar Lauren A. Carroll John P. Castellano Salvatore J. Cherra Himedes V. Chicas Tucker W. Coates Patrick H. Coffey James J. Costanzo Nicholas A. Costanzo Christina A. Cozzi M. Vincent Cruciani Salvador I. DeCelles Teresa L. DeLaurentis Amy E. Denes Dena M. DiNardo Elizabeth M. Dobrowolski Kristin M. Doyle Kimberly S. Evalenko Tiffany M. Fazio Pollyanna M. Fino Ariele Garofalo Tara A. Gemmel Tina Marie George Ryan J. Getts Jillian R. Giresi David A. Grizzanti Kevin D. Hauck Jeremy Hendricks Monica M. Herald Matthew B. Hoch Eileen M. Hoffner John G. Horneff Megan M. Hosey Thomas J. Hromisin David P. Juice Jonathan P. Kelly Thomas M. Lawlor Kevin Lewis Jill R. Life Patricia A. Loftus Alexis L. Martin Cathleen E. Matrai

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Seniors Diane M. Baldi Christine M. Beck Mark R. Bell Scott L. Blakiewicz Kim Bochicchio Sarah B. Buckley Anthony J. Calvario Nicole L. Cataudella James V. Cooper Detra L. Damskov Kristen L. Dragwa Heidi Y. Enright Lois K. Foley Mary E. Gavern Charles Grove Brian J. Hamilton Ann E. Hollenbeck Catherine M. Holleran Terence J. Hughes Judy L. Kleeman-Doherty Larissa Klepadlo Cindy Lewis-Kessler Ralph Loitfelder Gregory Loughney Thomas Lystash S.D. Mahaffey Myriah B. Mancini Georgia A. Mollenshott Michael A. Nardelli Peggy T. Proctor Mary Lou A. Richardson Julienne J. Rushin Marsha Scripkunas Corinna R. Seaton-Choy Rick P. Sember Kathleen K. Shannon Kathryn A. Sieminski Char-Anne L. Silvestri Julanne G. Skinner Alita M. Soulsby Patrick B. Sporing Joseph F. Sroka Cynthia Stone Nicole M. Suchter Brenda Tobin Roseanne M. Tunis Deanna Vanderwell Barbara J. Wiley George A. Zevan Keith D. Zona Stephanie M. Tulaney Amber L. Vargo Lindsay A. Walker Tyler C. Walling Nicole A. Wenze Sophomores Laurie A. Arnone Kevin R. Ays Ryan-Peter T. Benedicto Keith P. Brady Curtis W. Butcher Michael Chai S. David Curry Geoffrey M. Dodge Alex T. Douglass Matthew J. Duardo Thomas A. Frey Brian T. Gardner David Genevich Gregory K. Hagopian Joshua T. Hessmiller Melissa Honeywell Cristina Ionescu Kerri A. Kornobis Brandon A. Lytle Elizabeth Mahon Serina M. Marshaleck Amanda M. Matos Anne L. McGreevy Marc A. Mezzacca Katharine M. Moore Patrice R. Muller David C. Nihen Thomas B. Noonan Thomas J. Pirog Rebecca L. Ryman Brian A. Skrip Maksim Smotritsky Kristin G. Sosik Michael R. Stanton Jennifer A. Swarts Juniors Anthony Balzano Leslie A. Boyle Michael A. Byrnes Robert C. Chace Brandon Chivinski Erica J. Compton William M. Courtright Robert G. D'Ambrosio Laura Davidson Hal T. Drugac Philip Dzwonczyk Kevin T. Farrell Beth Grafstrom John F. Hernandez Maureen A. Hill Matthew T. Horejs Albert Kwasnik Timothy B. Laffey Kimberly A. Lombardi Jennifer A. Lukus Jude R. McDonough Michelle M. Miller Richard J. Mulligan Colleen E. Murphy Sharon F. Nyamboli Bonnie Patten Thomas J. Phillips Robert J. Sidoti Emily C. Thorp Richard S. Verde Stephanie Wise Seniors Jason Aiello Colleen G. Aiken Jennifer Arnone Michael Aulisio John E. Barlow Michael J. Bartholomew Lauren M. Bernard Mary A. Bertels Thomas J. Boychuk Shannon M. Boyle

The Scranton Record, June 2003

Cara A. Bracey Megan Bracey Thomas J. Braun Sheila Broadhead Ellen C. Buggy Sean T. Burke Michael S. Burns Amanda Call Matthew J. Clements Christopher L. Constable Matthew R. Dietrick Andrew P. Doran Terrence J. Dotzler Gregory J. Dougherty Katie M. Dougherty Colleen A. Duffy Mary J. Durkin Erin M. Ewald Gabriel L. Fanelle Frank J. Fasano Michael V. Fonseca Stephanie T. Galea Thomas J. Garrity Alyssa R. Gurnari Philip A. Hagopian Kyle M. Hatler Brian P. Higgens Stacy M. Kearney Jennifer Killian Meredith C. Krill Nicole Kunzmann Hiu L. Lee Man C. Lee Adam J. Loedel Daniel W. Loftus Helen D. Logan Stephen M. Luchko Anthony J. Lumbis Christine M. Maggi Michelle L. Matejicka Robert F. McEntee Erica A. Mila Christopher J. Muller Leigh N. Muraca Brian D. Muratore Megan O'Neill Natalya M. Parente Lisa A. Pellegrino Mark J. Phillips Timothy J. Pippet Thomas F. Pirone Brian J. Pusateri Jennifer A. Quinones Tera L. Ravina Kara L. Renner Matthew C. Ross Bryant J. Smith Heather Spaeth Kathleen M. Stiles Lindsay E. Sullivan Ryan M. Surace Eric M. Triplett Jason C. Wasilewski Sheila M. Wiegand Megan P. Diamond Kristin L. Donohue Melissa R. Doyen Nancy M. Duda Kristen M. Dziuba Diana M. Elwell Theresa M. Evans John P. Ficucello Erica A. Fischer Colleen D. Fitzgerald Rachel M. Galati Alyssa M. Garnich Janet Garofalo Christopher P. Gaughan Andrew J. Genovese Caitlin E. Gluck Tracy A. Grieboski Laura E. Haushalter Sarah H. Hayes Jessica Hoefer Michelle A. Jones Mary Jo A. Kelly Erica L. Kish Michelle M. Kline Kyriake Kontogiannis Bridget M. Lally Kirsten L. Ludvigsen Jessica E. Mancini Rita M. Mancini Amy E. Martin Emily M. McGeehan Justine M. McGuire Meggan A. McKenna Mary E. McNamara Tricia A. Mesaris Lauren N. Miller Diana L. Murray Megan K. Olsen Cynthia M. Olsheski Christina M. Orokos Christine E. Pusateri Alexandra M. Riggio Nora J. Roberti Danielle M. Rodier Amber L. Rugletic Gregory J. Russick John A. Santoro Alicia M. Savarese Lauren P. Scanlon Mary K. Sheehan Lori E. Sledziewski Lindsay A. Sleeper Christina M. Smith Amy M. Smurkowski Jonathan Tapia Pamela N. Wahl Andrew D. Wally Lindsey M. Watkins Patricia M. Webb Kim T. Weisbruch Katie M. Wentzell Sarah E. Werther Andrea C. Youngs Sophomores Claudia Aguasvivas Brie A. Batkiewicz Melissa B. Behr Jennifer S. Benter Caitlin Boyle Melissa Brajczewski Trishia Byrne Jami M. Cadden Carrie E. Caldwell Jacqueline Carrigg Christina E. Cupo Renae L. Dalrymple Caitlin M. Dalton Melissa A. Damski Ida C. DeLiberis Kelly A. Deutsch Elizabeth K. DiLuzio Angela M. DiNapoli Adrienne M. Fallon Lauren C. Farrell Jacquelyn Fox Lauren M. Gobbo

Brendan Lally, S.J., Rector of the Jesuit Community at The University of Scranton, delivered the homily at the Baccalaureate Mass.

Shalissa M. Dougherty Robert F. Dyer George S. El Bayadi Lisa A. Ercolino Luisa R. Fieno David J. Fine John F. Flynn Andrew P. Forestieri Stephanie R. Franko Katherine E. Fromtling Lauren M. Fuchsel Natali Fusillo Joseph R. Garofalo Carlos D. Garrido Thomas A. Garubba Megan M. Garvin Brian Germano Anthony D. Giancatarino Christina Giannetti Shaun H. Gilmore Ethan M. Giordano Edward J. Gliniecki Edward W. Glowienka Stephen J. Grable Thomas M. Griglock Deno S. Gualtieri Rebekah J. Guss Kerri-Ann Heffernan Rachel Henry Julie A. Herron Caitlin F. Hnis Peter G. Hocking Lucie M. Iuzzolino Julianne Jayson Whitney M. Johnson Thomas W. Jordan Kimberly A. Kennedy Sean M. Kiley Marissa E. Kintner Justin A. Kissinger Damon N. Knauss Frank E. Koehl Nicole S. Kosteczko Anne E. Kozul Cindy R. Kraft Patricia L. Kraker Timothy P. Krause Seth M. LaJeunesse Timothy R. Lamanno Elizabeth A. Lane Thomas A. Licisyn Kelly M. Lister Stephanie A. Longo Tara L. Loscombe Lisa A. Malys Rebecca R. Marascalco Marisa C. Marino Jennifer J. Marsala Gregory P. Marx Dana Matkevich Thomas J. Mauro Bridget T. May Michael Mazzei Meredith A. McWilliams Maureen A. Mead Alexander E. Mickiewicz Daniel M. Miles Jennifer L. Miller Rebecca E. Moir Geraldine D. Mulcahy John J. Murphy Michelle Murphy Michelle L. Murphy Meghan L. O'Brien Kelly M. O'Connor Evan M. O'Donnell Marissa A. Oller Daniel Orozco Carolyn A. Otis Jonathan Ozovek Angelina A. Palella Bharathi U. Patimalla Andrew P. Perhac Janet Perry Benjamin H. Persett Scott E. Pfalzgraf Rachel E. Pike Jennifer L. Pilc Erica Rafter Jasmin Rivera Kathleen M. Rodgers Alexis I. Roettger Susan Rosler Jonathan D. Roslund Carolyn A. Rowe Gina M. Ruggierio Jessica Rutkauskas Mary R. Sammon Renee E. Schaefer Donna P. Schank Joseph M. Schroeder Maureen A. Schulte Melissa S. Scott Theodore P. Settas John E. Sheerin Jennifer M. Shen Laureen H. Sheypuk Sara J. Shoener Joshua J. Siglin Jennifer A. Simansky Teresa R. Slider James J. Smith Ronald A. Spalletta Ingrid C. Stein Sandra M. Stepkovitch Melissa M. Stevans Nicole A. Sublette Erin D. Sweeney William P. Taroli Stephanie Tessing Stephen M. Tizzoni Michael A. Todd Tammy E. Tomasak Mark A. Tomaszewski Michael R. Trottini Erik M. Vagner Jillian M. Vassallo Michael B. Venn Nicole C. Vlachos James C. Weaver Jill C. Williams Mary Williamson Thomas J. Witiak Jonathan T. Yazinski Stephanie A. Yazinski Kelli M. Young Thomas J. Zegler Kristin E. Zimmermann Jesse M. Zyskowski


Freshmen Michael G. Beurket Kimberly A. Cadugan Amanda J. Coetzer Patricia M. Delaney William P. Fehringer Diane M. Jachimowicz Gregory W. Kelly Patrick J. Lahey Christin N. Price Shelby L. Price Ann M. Reed Timothy D. Sechler John W. Shannon Catherine A. Sheridan Daniel P. Swartz Brandon Yeager Sophomores David Albertson Jeffrey M. Belak Dong Cai Laura C. Carroll Mary N. Kapelanovich Misako Kobayashi Eugene V. Kohut LeAnne Moran Roseann M. Morgan Chaya L. Rosenberg Ellen T. St.~ Ledger Jude T. Stambone Tina C. Vogler Juniors Kristen A. Barradale Kathleen M. CaddenBaldassari Joseph J. Cimakasky Tara Cleary Charlene M. Collins Jennifer L. Cours Diane M. Demko Ann Marie P. Gallagher Michael D. Hannah Judith A. Hicks Dawn M. Lavelle Sharon L. Londo Anita M. Markowitz Mark R. Maxfield Howard J. McGlone Gina Monks Stephen B. Pendrak Jeanne E. Quinn Helen A. Reedy Shannon M. Spak Nurys M. Zepherin


Freshmen Nicholas A. Alfier Lauren M. Beatty Ryan P. Champagne Yim K. Cheng Gina M. Ciollo Richard N. Conti Anthony F. DeMola Meredith R. DePalma Jessica L. Devito Melissa M. Didio Casey J. Finneran Donna M. Fortunato Stephen M. Fromhold Shawnna M. Giumento Wesley D. Gougeon Meghan A. Haring Meaghann C. Hayes Peter K. Janson Robert H. Jones Jennifer L. Malloy Colleen McEntee Marisa A. Miller Daniel L. Navins Meghan E. O'Rourke Ashley L. O'Shea Hannah M. Phillips Ronald A. Reiprich Shawn M. Seiden John A. Sheehan John M. Shipman Nicholas N. Susko


Freshmen Allison M. Ahl Casey L. Aiello Gracemarie Alfano Kevin L. Askew Stephanie R. Baran Caitlyn M. Beasley Pamela A. Benecke Aimee K. Boldosser Lauren E. Botto Maeghen A. Bradley Gail M. Brady Julia C. Braunstein Lisa Carpenito Renee Cerrati William A. Cicale Susan E. Coyle Jason A. Del Piano

The Scranton Record, June 2003

Danielle L. Graziano Scott C. Griggs Thomas A. Hansen Kristy E. Hare Catherine Hass Lindsey H. Hayde Alexandra Immediate Stephanie Iveson Jessica L. Jaecks Andrea S. Jiorle John Karam Julie L. Kashuba Jennifer L. Keavey Lauren E. Keiser Worhach Lisa J. Kelly Kelly A. Klingman Kevin P. Kloss Heather M. Koehl Marita Kouch Rachel M. Kunz Aaron K. Landon William A. Listanski Marja N. Litwin Jeremy M. Lo Marisa A. Long Shaniqua M. Long Megan R. Lucas Casper P. Magacs Erin C. Magee Lauren J. Mahoney Julie Martino Devon C. Maxwell Meghan M. McIntyre Joseph W. Mele Cristin A. Miller Kathryn E. Miller Daniel Modrow John Z. Monahan Alison M. Morgan Kelly A. Mullin Angela L. Naro Mary M. O'Connor Elizabeth A. O'Neill Megan E. O'Neill J. Quentin Ochs Alicia G. Oertner Brandon T. Parlopiano Brian A. Peterkin Anthony J. Primerano Lauren M. Purdue Kristin D. Reil Sarah J. Roberti Christina M. Rush Jennifer J. Santarelli James F. Schalk John F. Schalk Rosamaria Schillaci Holly L. Schovitz Joshua J. Shepard Katherine V. Sporre Erin S. Sweeney Sarah Torquato Nina L. Tufano Valerie A. Venturo Kelly A. Vicchiariello Lauren E. Voltz Dawn M. Wagner Rachael R. Whalen Karla Zeisloft Patricia M. Zeuner Kathryn M. Ziarko Juniors Alexia Antoniades Kara M. Armstrong Rebecca L. Arnold Kathryn M. Barnes Rachel L. Becker Lori Bentler Matthew V. Berry Shaun M. Bewick Melissa E. Bowman Robin A. Boynosky Linette J. Browning Amy L. Buntz Kathryn E. Burg Samantha K. Burkhardt Elizabeth J. Campbell Tia R. Carl Megan R. Collins Michael R. Conrad Vanessa M. Cortes Victoria M. Crocco Sandra DeBarros Marta K. DeLong Michael P. Desch Meredith L. Diehl Michele M. DiNoia Bernadette A. Duffy Ashlee A. Dunstan Duncan S. Eckhardt Kathryn M. Flood Jessica M. Fronduti Elizabeth A. Garnett Melanie Good Brian F. Graham Tracy A. Granozio Andrea C. Griffith Laura J. Hammond Kelly A. Hartnett Jessica M. Herness Elizabeth A. Hooton Laurie D. Horne Lauren K. Johnson Rebecca J. Johnson Glenda M. Konzman Jennifer M. Kreider Melissa H. Ksenak Bonnie L. Kulick Mary Colleen Lavelle Thomas C. Lavelle Maria J. Lazipone Christopher B. Leib Erin M. Lewis Maria K. Lieberman Kellie M. Logan Sean J. LoVallo Amy L. Martino Matthew P. Martyniuk Crystal N. Mayfield Kimberly J. McCormick Beth Anne McCulloch Kerry McGarvey Michelle B. McGowan Erin L. McTiernan Adina Merlino Lisa Merlino Lauren Mirro Melissa E. Morreale Kelly Neenan Sara N. Pfeiffenberger Sasha L. Price Jessica M. Ranson Linda V. Riccobono Amanda L. Roberson Jillian M. Rolland Rachel A. Romano Jennifer J. Rugletic Amy L. Sadler Janette M. Scardillo Lauren Smith Louise Smith Michael D. Soltus Paula K. Stark Patricia A. Suttmiller Amie M. Talarico Alicia Tanacredi Tiffany N. Thompson Maria Tomcykoski Sandra D. VanBlarcom Erin Vogel Jennifer L. Wills Meghan A. Wolfe Seniors Melissa A. Altamura Mary R. Angelucci Sara C. Antognoli Nicole A. Archer Colleen M. Armstrong Julia A. Azeff Erin E. Bates Elizabeth H. Baumbach Kevin S. Beach Allison L. Bednarski Keri-Ann Bennett Christina M. Blick Maureen A. Bole Keely M. Boles Danielle M. Boorady Christopher J. Bores Kristin A. Borghoff Brandi M. Boruta Elizabeth A. Brennan Karen J. Buhler Joseph E. Burchett Megan E. Burns Eileen R. Butler Catherine M. Camp Dana Campanella Daniel J. Carroll Thomas D. Carroll Erin Cassidy Linda J. Cavazzini Renee J. Chanin Jamie M. Cherr y Allison M. Clark Angela Clause Edmond G. Cleveland Kaitlyn M. Cogan Jennifer A. Collins Elizabeth Q. Cooney Jessica L. Crabb Shannon M. Craige Elissa M. Cugino Erin N. Cumbo Kelly B. Dalto Maribeth Day Noelle Demuth Mary E. Dennis Stefanie M. DePietro Sarah J. DeRollo Danielle M. Devine Jennifer L. Dietterick Courtney M. Dool Angela M. Drace Elizabeth A. Dragone Kelly E. Dunn Kirsten M. Echelmeier Sean R. Egan Doris Engisch Jennifer L. Evans Catherine A. Fawls Michelle S. Fernandes Cara-Jean Ferraro Nicole M. Finamore Ellen E. Findlay Samantha J. Firlein Judith A. Flounders Christine A. Fontaine Todd J. Forno Katie Foster Stacy J. Frankenbush Christine M. Frawley Edwardina N. Frederick Jennifer Fretts Jacquelyn L. Frisina Elizabeth L. Galanti Katie A. Gallagher Marybeth Gallagher Diana M. Galvin Joanna E. Garibaldi Tara L. Garner Whitney E. Garrett Bridget A. Garrity Kelly A. Gaynor Sarah E. Gibbs Jennifer R. Gillespie Lauren E. Grant Jennifer A. Groegler Dana R. Grzenda Wendy M. Hafner Sara L. Hahl Sara T. Hanna Adrien A. Hartley Christine H. Holdwright Adrienne M. Holstein Colleen A. Hughes Lauren S. Hunter Jennifer L. Huvar Michelle A. Huza Krista R. Hylinski Jennifer A. Jamieson Kristin D. Janss Allyson D. Jengo Kristen M. Johannessen Courtney L. Johnson Jennifer M. Johnson Jillian K. Joseph Kathryn E. Juron Anju Kaduvettoor Hilary L. Kane Cara Kasa Lillian R. Kayal Meghan A. Kelly Jillian V. Kenney Jonathan P. Kertesz Natalie J. Knepley Lorie N. Knueven Scott H. Kossbiel Lisa Kraker Jennifer E. Kraljic Denise M. Kubovic Beth M. Kwiecinski Bridget A. Lavelle Katherine A. Lavoie Lauren D. LiCalzi Jessica Lichodolik Theresa A. Lio Shannon K. Loberg Jennifer R. Long Tara L. Loonie Jessica L. Mack Daniel R. Malone Siobhan M. Mangan Mary Beatrice R. Maslar Robyn K. Mason Jessica A. Massaro Ashley L. McCormack Lauren E. McDermott Lauren A. McHale Jill C. McHugh Jessica K. McLane Katie R. McLaughlin Bridget A. McMynne Erin C. McNally Janelle M. Mead Kristin A. Melillo Erin Michalisin Erin R. Miley Jessica L. Mistretta Carrie T. Moran Elizabeth Moss Jeremy K. Mullen Jocelyn Navorouski Kate E. Nelson Pamela Newman Melyssa C. Nunnari Jenna T. Nystrom Danielle M. O'Connor Elizabeth A. O'Connor Eileen L. O'Mahoney Annmarie E. Olsen Laura E. Ortiz Melissa J. Parker Laura A. Parkton Jennifer A. Parry Karen B. Patten Lori A. Paulowskey Erin L. Pepsin Nicole K. Petrin Lenore M. Petta Joseph R. Pierce Jessica H. Probst Jennifer M. Pusateri Katie P. Quinlan

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Carey J. Quinton Leah H. Rabiega Patricia C. Reina Krista M. Reis Jacklyn R. Richards Megan G. Rochford Colleen E. Rogers Thomas P. Rogers Erica L. Romann Meagan M. Ross Heather M. Rosso Scott D. Rothman Lisa M. Rule Melissa A. Rupp Catherine M. Russin Steven K. Sans Kathleen Scanlan Lori K. Schwarz Laura J. Scully Ashley B. Sefecka Jennifer M. Serra Colleen M. Shanahan Marci R. Shaner Timothy W. Shea Erin E. Sheehan Melissa Simrell Lynn A. Sinner Aimee M. Skelly Jennifer L. Soldan Tara L. Stampf Suanne Stanco Matthew J. Stefanelli Jennifer L. Stone Binny Talati Kelly Ann Tate Sarah J. Taylor Kate E. Tellefsen Henrietha Titus Devon L. Tomasovich Kimberly P. Towle Meghan Trichilo Bridget Troxell Jillian M. Varley Sandra Vilarino Kristin F. Visco Jamie L. Wargo Elizabeth Watson Regina A. Welch Amy Welsh Christine A. Wilkinson Kathleen M. Wills Michelle N. Wolfsberger Johnna L. Yurko Laura J. Zawislak Janice Zygmunt

Edward J. Capestany, Ph.D. , Professor Emeritus, Philosophy, published an essay entitled, "The Organic Unity of Faith and Reason in `Fides et Ratio' " in the April 2003 issue of Faith and Reason. John R. Conway, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Biology, has had his review of a book titled Encyclopedia of the Human Body by Richard Walker published in the May/June 2003 issue of Science Books & Films (Vol. 39, No. 3:121-122). He was also informed by Luc Passera of the Laboratoire d'Ethologie at the Universite Paul Sabatier in Toulouse, France, that he will use several of Dr. Conway's photographs and his research on honey ants in a book he is writing on ants. William J. Parente, Ph.D. , Professor, Political Science, delivered a lecture on "Turn-of-the-Century Prejudice and Immigrants in Scranton, 1890-1910" to the 26th Annual Conference on Black History in Pennsylvania Meeting held 2 May at The University of Scranton.

He also gave an address on "Iraq: The Just War Tradition" with Dr. Margaret Hogan on 18 March at King's College, Wilkes-Barre. On 29 April, Dr. Parente gave a lecture for The University of Scranton's International Center with Stephen J. Casey, M.A., Associate Professor, Theology/Religious Studies. The topic was "After Iraq: Who's Next?" Frank X.J. Homer, Ph.D. , Professor of History and Director of the Pre-Law Advisory Program, recently served on a team of external reviewers invited to evaluate the career development and pre-professional programs at Haverford College, along with other reviewers from Franklin & Marshall, Skidmore and Vassar Colleges. Dr. Homer also served as Conference Register for the Annual Meeting of the Northeast Association of Pre-Law Advisors held at Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh from 4-8 June. Eric Plumer, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Theology/Religious Studies, has had his book, Augustine's Commentary on Galatians, published by Oxford University Press. The book makes available in English for the first

time Augustine's commentary on Galatians, which was his only complete, formal Commentary on any book of the Bible. Dr. Plumer's book also provides a comprehensive introduction and extensive notes. The translation is accompanied by the Latin text. Karen Brady, Lecturer, Occupational Therapy, has been chosen to participate in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education's 2003 Summer Academy for the Advancement of Teaching. The Summer Academy is designed to expose faculty to a variety of teaching strategies and the theory supporting them, and to prepare and motivate participants to serve as advocates for strengthening teaching and learning at their institutions. The Summer Academy is scheduled for 20-25 July at Millersville University of Pennsylvania. Harry R. Dammer, Ph.D ., Associate Professor, Sociology and Criminal Justice, has been appointed as a member of the Joint State Government Commission's Advisory Committee on Geriatric and Seriously Ill Inmates. The advisory committee assists the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of

Pennsylvania, Joint State Government Commission's Legislative Task Force on Geriatric and Seriously Ill Inmates. Thomas E. Baker , Associate Professor, and Loreen Wolfer, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Sociology/Criminal Justice, have received confirmation that their article entitled, "The Crime Triangle: Alcohol, Drug Use, and Vandalism," has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Police Practice and Research, 2003 (Vol. 4, No. 1: 47-61). This article was published on the basis of a Department of Justice Grant which involved community-oriented policing. Prof. Baker served as the consultant and Dr. Wolfer, the evaluator. NEW STAFF The following are full-time staff hired at the University in April and May 2003. Lynn Rasalla, Secretary, Physical Therapy Department Robert Kennedy , Instructional Technology Service Coordinator, Office of Instructional Technologies

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Conference (ECAC) Southern Division (2001, 2002), first-team all-Metro Region by the IWLCA/US Lacrosse (2001, 2002, 2003) and second-team Verizon District II all-Academic (2003). Buseman became the second wrestler in University history to earn all-America honors. He capped off a solid career by placing seventh in the 157-pound weight class at the 2003 NCAA Division III championships. He qualified for nationals by winning the 157-pound title at the 2003 Middle Atlantic Conference championships, becoming only the third wrestler in Royals history to win an MAC title. He won over 30 matches in a season three times and is Scranton's all-time leader with 125 wins. The Ron Willensky Award was presented to the senior student-athlete who consistently undertakes to understand and improve the human condition. It is presented in honor of the late Ron Willensky, a native of Scranton and a 1963 graduate of the University who was a lifelong fan of the Royals and Lady Royals. Amy O'Rourke, who played four seasons on the women's basketball team and lettered in women's tennis twice, earned the award. She was honored for her contributions as a volunteer in the Cardiac Rehabilitation Department at Mercy Hospital in Scranton; as a member of the Collegiate Volunteers, which involved working with the Big Brother/Big Sister and Helping Hand programs; as a tutor in Spanish and philosophy and for the ACT 101 Program; and for taking part in a seven-week summer volunteer program to work with disadvantaged youth in Mexico City. The first Senior Scholar-Athlete Awards were presented to the senior male and female student-athletes who have maintained a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.5 and excel in their respective sport or sports. The awards were presented to Bridget Lee (West Nyack, N.Y./Albertus Magnus)and Dan Loftus (Doylestown/ Central Bucks West). Lee was honored for her contributions as a member of the women's lacrosse team. She is the second all-time leading scorer in Royals history with 322 total points and was a third-team all-American by Warrior/Inside Lacrosse and second-team all-Metro Region selection by the Intercollegiate Women's Lacrosse Coaches Association (IWLCA)/US Lacrosse this past season. A three-time all-Middle Atlantic Conference (2001, 2002, 2003) and 2002 Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC) Southern Division first-team selection, she has also been named to the Verizon District II all-Academic team (2001, 2002, 2003) and to the Middle Atlantic Conference Academic Honor Roll (2001, 2002, 2003). Her contributions in the classroom are equally as impressive. A Presidential Scholarship Recipient, she has been named to the Dean's List seven times and is a member of three national honor societies and the Special Jesuit Liberal Arts Program. Loftus, a member of the men's basketball team, finished his standout career as the 18th all-time leading scorer in Royals history with 1,288 points. He is also ranked second all-time in 3-point field goals made (187), third in assists (429), and fourth in steals (172) and 3-point field goal percentage (.409). He was a three-time secondteam all-Freedom Conference (2001-2003), two-time Verizon District II all-Academic (2002, 2003) and three-time Middle Atlantic Conference Academic Honor Roll selection (2001, 2002, 2003). The following senior student-athletes were also honored:

The Scranton Record, June 2003

Todd Moore (Valhalla, N.Y./Westlake) Mark Persiani (Hamilton, N.J./Steinert) Women's Basketball +Amy O'Rourke (Newtown/Mt. St. Joseph's) AnneMarie Russo (Brooklyn, N.Y./Bishop Kearney) Women's Swimming +Laura Bassolino (Bayside, N.Y./Townsend Harris) +Jamie Cherry (Mantua, N.J./Clearview Regional) *+Kitty Fromtling (Westfield, N.J./Westfield) *+Tara Garner (Warrington/Central Bucks East) *+Jill Hamnett (Newtown/Council Rock) +Elizabeth Moss (Bellerose, N.Y./Mary Louise Academy) Melyssa Nunnari (Lower Gwynedd/Gwynedd Mercy) Wrestling +Darren Buseman (Mullica Hill, N.J./Kingsway Regional)

By Kevin Southard

Sports Information Director

The University Honors Senior Student-Athletes

The University honored more than 70

student-athletes at the 12th annual Senior Student-Athletes Banquet on 2 May at the John J. Long, S.J., Center. Highlighting the evening's festivities were the presentation of the Father Fitzpatrick, Frank O'Hara, Ron Willensky and Senior Scholar-Athlete awards. The Fitzpatr ick Awards recognize a male and female student-athlete who have demonstrated outstanding leadership, service and special contributions to the University community and to society in general. It is named in honor of the late Father John J. Fitzpatrick, S.J., long-time friend and counselor of Royal student-athletes. The recipients were Maureen Bole (West Chester/Villa Maria Academy) and Bobby Davis (Havertown/S t. Joseph's Prep). In addition to being a four-year letterwinner in field hockey, Bole served as a volunteer for the Head Start Program and Human Services Association, Freshman Retreat leader, vice president of Omega Beta Sigma women's business honor society, and tutor for the ACT 101 Program, and spent ten days in Ecuador during the summer of 2001 as a member of the International Service Program. She is also a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. Davis, a four-year letterman on the baseball team, was involved in many campus activities, which included serving as a resident assistant, president of the Health Professionals Organization and Alpha Epsilon Delta pre-medical honors society, Freshman Retreat leader, American Red Cross volunteer, mathematics and science tutor, and lector and Eucharistic minister. He also served as captain of the baseball team. The Frank O'Hara Awards , named in honor of the late Frank O'Hara, Class of 1925, who had a distinguished career in a variety of roles at the university for more than 50 years, were presented to the outstanding male and female athlete of the senior class. Liz Baumbach (Long Valley, N.J./West Morris Central) of the women's lacrosse team and wrestler Darren Buseman (Mullica Hill, N.J./Kingsway Regional) received the awards. Baumbach concluded her standout career as the Royals' all-time leading scorer with 344 total points. She was named secondteam all-American by Warrior/Inside Lacrosse and third-team all-American by the Intercollegiate Women's Lacrosse Coaches Association (IWLCA)/US Lacrosse. A twotime Middle Atlantic Conference Player of the Year (2002, 2003) and the MAC rookie of the year (2000) selection, she was also first-team all-MAC (2001, 2002, 2003), first-team all-Eastern College Athletic

Fall Sports

Field Hockey *+Meghan Blair (Lake Peekskill, N.Y./Walter Panas) *+Maureen Bole (West Chester/Villa Maria) +Lauren LiCalzi (Garden City, N.Y./Garden City) +Carrie Moran (Glen Head, N.Y./North Shore) *+Jillian Varley (Suffield, Conn./ Longmeadow-Mass.) Men's Cross-Countr y *+Matthew Reichlen (Friendsville /Montrose) +Mike Panzarella (South Plainfield, N.J./ Bishop Ahr) Men's Soccer Jeremy Basedow (Flemington, N.J./Hunterdon Central) Pat Brennan (Williamsport/Bishop Neumann) +Tim Daly (Somerville, N.J./Immaculata) Chris Poli (Blue Bell/Wissahickon) +Mike Pucci (Huntingdon Valley/LaSalle) Volleyball *+Shannon Loberg (Gulph Mills/Upper Merion) Women's Cross-Countr y +Gina Bonaventure (Media/Penncrest) +Courtney Dool (Horsham/HatboroHorsham) *+Ingrid Stein (Tranquility, N.J./Newton) Women' Soccer +Jennifer Fretts (Wallingford, Conn./Lyman Hall) +Jacquelyn Frisina (Smithtown, N.Y./St. Anthony's) +Wendy Hafner (Chalfont/Central Bucks West) +Robyn Mason (Penfield, N.Y./Penfield) Women's Tennis +Erin Michalisin (Melville, N.Y./St. Anthony's)

Spring Sports

Baseball Mike Astino ( Tinton Falls, N.J./Christian Bros. Academy) +Derik Bernhardt (Youngsville, N.Y./Liberty) *+Les Carter (Moscow/North Pocono) +Bobby Davis (Havertown/St. Joseph's Prep) D.J. Laskowski (Lake Ariel/North Pocono) Frank Ziskowski (Archbald/Valley View) Golf *+Sean Burke (Nanuet, N.Y./Cathedral) +Ken Yoder (Kutztown/Kutztown Area) Men's Lacrosse Bryan Archibald (Kearney, N.J./St. Peter's Prep) William Ayers (Croton-on-Hudson, N.Y./John F. Kennedy) +Ryan Crowley (Cicero, N.Y./Christian Bros. Academy) Kyle Eaton (Old Bridge, N.J./Milford Academy-Conn.) Joe Garofalo (Maplewood, N.J./St. Peter's Prep) Kyle Harbin (Wixom, Mich./Novi) Brian Lipski (Philadelphia/LaSalle) Timothy Miller (Glen Cove, N.Y./ Chaminade) George Montana (Huntington, N.Y./St. Anthony's) +Joseph Stofega (Chatham, N.J./Chatham) Softball +Ellen Findlay (Berkeley Heights, N.J./Gov. Livingston) +Nicole Kunzmann (Pearl River, N.Y./Pearl River) +Kim Pregnar (Scranton/West Scranton) *+Mandy Roberts (Middleville, N.J./Kittatinny Regional) Women's Lacrosse *+Liz Baumbach (Long Valley, N.J./West Morris Central) *+Allison Clark (New Hyde Park, N.Y./ Kellenberg Memorial) Kristen Hoffman (Garnerville, N.Y./Albertus Magnus) *+Bridget Lee (West Nyack, N.Y./Albertus Magnus * Merit Award for Academic Excellence & Athletic Achievement (3.5 cumulative grade point average-or-higher) + Middle Atlantic Conference Academic Honor Roll (3.2 cumulative grade point average-orhigher)

Winter Sports

Cheerleading Kim Pregnar (Scranton/West Scranton) Carey Quinton (Philadelphia/St. Hubert's Catholic) Nicola Stewart (Mountainside, N.J./Gov. Livingston) Ice Hockey Rich Arrigo (Staten Island, N.Y./Monsignor Farrell) *Chris DeRose (Levittown, N.Y./Farmingdale) Sean Donohue (S. Brunswick, N.J./St. Joseph's) Phil Hagopian (Phoenixville/Phoenixville) Andy Ruppe (Easton/Notre Dame) Men's Basketball Owen Baillie (Miami, Fla./Gulliver Prep) Derek Elphick (Dingman's Ferry/Delaware Valley) Jeff Kane (Norristown/Kennedy-Kenrick) *+Dan Loftus (Doylestown/Central Bucks West) +James Rudolph (Stewart Manor, N.Y./ Chaminade) Bryant Smith (Philadelphia/Holy Ghost Prep) Men's Swimming

The Scranton Record, June 2003

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6 p.m. 7 p.m. 8 p.m. 8 p.m. Summer Session G Last Day to Drop/50% Tuition Refund Scranton Tomorrow's Summer Solstice Art Walk tours of the historic Scranton Estate. 941-7662 Art Walk Lecture on the stained glass art of Northeast Pennsylvania, Room 228, Brennan Hall. 941-7662 Art Walk twilight tour of the original sculptures on campus. 941-7662 Art Walk reception and tours of The Catlin House by the Lackawanna Historical Society. 941-7662 Summer Session I Last Day to withdraw ("W" Grade) The National Youth Sports Program (NYSP) for students ages 10 to 16. Today through 25 July. 941-7473. New England Alumni Chapter Red Sox Game, Fenway Park, Boston, Mass. 1-800-SCRANTON Summer Session I Undergraduate Final Exams, today and tomorrow University Alumni Travel Program sponsoring an Ireland-Celtic Discovery. 1-800-SCRANTON Summer Session G Last Day to Register for Graduate Comps Summer Session I ends Chesapeake Alumni Chapter Annual Night at the Orioles, Camden Yards, Baltimore, Md. 1-800-SCRANTON Summer Session I University Housing Closes

18 23 24 25 Noon 26 11 a.m. 28 29 Noon

Summer Session II Last Day to Elect Audit Option (Undergrad) Summer Session G Final Exams, today and tomorrow Summer Session G ends Summer Session G, University Housing Closes Scranton Alumni Family Picnic, Chenango Valley State Park N.Y. 1-800-SCRANTON Last Day to Withdraw ("W" Grade) Summer Session G Grades Due


1 2 3 Noon 7 Noon 13 7 p.m. 15

5 p.m. Summer Session II Undergraduate Final Exams, today and tomorrow Summer Session II ends Summer Session II University Housing Closes Summer Session II Final Grades Due Greater Philadelphia Alumni Chapter Business Meeting, 1-800SCRANTON Second Football Alumni Reunion, today and tomorrow. 1-800SCRANTON Greater Philadelphia Alumni Chapter Jersey Shore Event, Avalon, N.J. 1-800-SCRANTON Scranton/Pocono Northeast Alumni Chapter 8th Annual Chapter Golf Classic, Elk View Country Club, Crystal Lake. 1-800-SCRANTON Dexter Hanley College New Student Orientation. 941-7580 Housing Opens for New Students Royal Welcome for New Students, today and tomorrow. 941-6233 Housing Opens for Returning Students Royal Welcome for Continuing Students. 941-6233 Graduate School Orientation. 941-7600 Classes Begin Mass of the Holy Spirit, Byron Complex Last Day to Add Courses


8 a.m 12:30 p.m.

25 7:05 p.m. 27


5:30 p.m.

18 11 a.m. 21 23 24 Noon

29 Noon


2 4 6 7

Noon Noon Summer Session I Final Grades Due Independence Day, Staff Holiday Summer Session II University Housing Opens Summer Orientation I, today and tomorrow, various campus locations. 941-6233 Summer Session II Classes begin

25 28 12:30 p.m. 29

Arts Unite. Students in kindergarten through grade 12 have the opportunity to explore music, dance, creative writing, theatre, storytelling and puppetry during this four-week opportunity, today through 1 August. 941-7580. 9 a.m.- 4 p.m. Time Travelers Program. An opportunity for high-achieving students in grades 6 through 9 to participate in a hands-on thematic curriculum that combines science, math, literature and art, today through 25 July. 941-7580 1 - 5 p.m. The Lady Royals Women's Basketball Camp for girls ages 9 to 16. Today through 11 July. 9417605 8 Summer Session II Last Day to Add Summer Session II Last Day to Request Credit/No Credit Option 9 Summer Session II Last Day 100% Tuition Refund 10 Summer Orientation II, today and tomorrow, various campus locations. 941-6233 Summer Session II Last to Drop/50% Tuition Refund 12 10 a.m. Alumni Board of Governors Quarterly Meeting. 1-800-SCRANTON Summer Session G Comprehensive Exams 14 Summer Orientation III, today and tomorrow, various campus locations. 941-6233 The University of Success, a mentoring program designed to help make the dream of attending college a reality. For 7th and 8th grade students from local school districts, today through 25 July. 941-4286 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Broadcasting Camp, a program for students in 7th and 8th grade interested in pursuing a career associated in television broadcasting, today through 17 July. 941-4286 Noon Greater Philadelphia Alumni Chapter Golf Outing, Blue Bell Country Club, Blue Bell, Pa. 1-800-SCRANTON 16 Summer Session G Last Day to Withdraw ("W" Grade) 17 Summer Orientation IV, today and tomorrow, various campus locations. 941-6233

9 a.m.12:30 p.m.

Calendar items for the September issue of The Scranton Record must be received by August 14, 2003.

Distinguished Author Award Named in Honor of Royden B. Davis, S.J.

impressions with residents of The Friends of the Weinberg northeastern Pennsylvania. The Memorial Library at The annual event also helps the Friends University of Scranton have of the Weinberg Library announced that their annual Endowment Fund, which supports Distinguished Author Award has special gifts for the Weinberg been named in honor of the late Library's collections and services. Rev. Royden B. Davis, S.J. The The late Father Davis, who died in 2002 Royden B. Davis, S.J. Royden B. at the age of 78, served in many Distinguished Author Award will Davis, S.J. roles at the University. He taught recognize and honor Father briefly in the 1950s. In 1991, he Davis's distinguished service and contrireturned to the University to ser ve as recbutions to the Friends of the Harry & tor of the Jesuit Community at Scranton. Jeanette Weinberg Library, including his He was a member of the board of service as its first president. trustees for The University of Scranton The recipient of the 2003 Royden B. and Scranton Preparatory School. Davis, S.J. Distinguished Author Award will At the conclusion of his service as rector in be presented at a dinner on 8 November. The Distinguished Author Award Series 1997, he remained at the University as an Associate Campus Minister and Chaplain of was born out of the Friends of the the Panuska College of Professional Studies. Weinberg Library's interest to recognize In 1997, the University presented and honor the work of fiction and nonFather Davis with the Pedro Arrupe, S.J., fiction authors and to provide an opporAward for Ignatian Mission and tunity for authors to visit Scranton to Ministries. speak about their literary pursuits and

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The Scranton Record, June 2003

Leahy Community Health & Family Center Receives Grant from Verizon Foundation

The Verizon Foundation recently awarded a $15,000 grant to the University to support the technology and closed circuit video capabilities of observation rooms of the Leahy Community Health & Family Center. The center, located in McGurrin Hall on Jefferson Avenue, will provide free health and wellness services to underserved school-aged children with special needs and their families beginning this fall. Standing from left are, Ray Totten, Supervisor for Sales Support for Verizon, Scranton; Joseph Wargo, Senior Staff Consultant, Verizon; Anna Cervanak, Director of External Affairs for Verizon, NE PA; James Pallante, Ed.D., Dean of the Panuska College of Professional Studies; Paul J. Strunk, Vice President for Institutional Advancement; University President Joseph M. McShane, S.J.; and Margaret McNulty, Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations for the University.

21 Students Choose Full-time Volunteer Service After Graduation

Like Ms. Mulcahy, Robert (Bobby) For some students who walked across Davis, '03, likes the idea that he has no the stage at the University's commencecommitments that will hold him back ment, their next step was not the world from giving his all. As part of the Alumni of work, or even continued studies. Service Corps of St. Joseph's Preparatory Instead, these students chose to sacrifice School, Philadelphia, Mr. Davis will join a year or more of their lives in the service four other members of his high school of others. graduating class (one of whom, A.J. Rizzo, Twenty-three University of Scranton is also a Scranton '03 alumni, including 21 grad). Their duties will from the Class of Jesuit Excellence range from teaching and 2003, will serve as Creating and sustaining a spiritual coaching to serving in long-term volunteers community that fosters the education administration and helpwith several organizaof "men and women for others" ing with various extracurtions, including Mercy ricular activities. Corps, Jesuit Volunteer "The fact that I will be able to fully Corps, Educational Partners in Catholic give myself everyday to the students is Schools, and Urban Catholic Teacher what attracted me to this program. I Corps. Their work will take them all over have an opportunity to give my whole the United States; some will travel across self without any excuses. I hope to give the globe to Nepal and Tanzania. my students an idea of what Jesuit educa"I've known for some time that I tion means through my teaching and the wanted to do international service after way I live life." school," says Geraldine Mulcahy, '03, This year's group of volunteers is the who will teach middle school at St. largest group the University has had since Xavier School in Godavahri, Nepal. "The 1995, when 24 graduating seniors volunpast four years have really prepared me teered for long-term projects. Students for ministry to others. It makes sense to are also being placed with a wider variety volunteer now when I do not have other of organizations than ever before. responsibilities holding me down. I'm Since 1986, a total of 286 University of confident that any skills and life experiScranton graduates have chosen full-time ences that I have over the next two years volunteer service over employment. A as a member of Jesuit Volunteers total of 190 Scranton graduates have volInternational will better prepare me in unteered with the Jesuit Volunteer Corp. life and can only be helpful in choosing the right job later."

University's "Official Mule" Makes Debut

A mule isn't usually an animal associHeritage Corridor and State Heritage ated with The University of Scranton ­ or Park, which stretches through five any other college, for that matter. Pennsylvania counties. The idea is modBeginning this month, however, eled after other public exhibits featuring "Swinging on a Star," the University's decorated animals that represent a "official mule," will be on display in region's local heritage. Mules were chosen downtown Scranton, complete with cap to represent northeastern Pennsylvania and gown, class ring and purple legs, and because the animals were once part of the a celestial mural on its flanks to illustrate area's hard-working past. They pulled carthe theme. loads of coal in mines, towed canal boats, The University is sponsoring and worked on local farms. the life-size fiberglass mule as Mules will be on display in The University is part of the "Miles of Mules" pro- sponsoring the public locations throughout the ject. More than 150 mules were corridor until fall 2003, when available for sponsorship and/or life-size fierglass mules not purchased by their mule as part of the sponsors will be available at purchase by area businesses, schools, nonprofit organizations, "Miles of Mules" auction as a fund raiser. individuals and families. The project. "We thought the words of mules, decorated by local artists, the song fit well with the misas well as schools and nonprofits, showcase sion of The University of Scranton, the creative talents, passions and convicwhich was founded in 1888 to provide tions of the artists, in diverse mediums, an opportunity for higher education for including sculpture, paint, mosaic and those in northeastern Pennsylvania," says more. University Manager of Media Relations Inspiration for The University of Stan Zygmunt. Scranton's mule came from the 1944 It took University Senior Designer Academy Award-winning song "Swinging Francene Pisano Liples approximately 30 on a Star" from the motion picture hours to paint the mule using acrylics. "Going My Way." Bing Crosby perAdditionally, a mortarboard had to be conformed the song written by Johnny Burke structed from foam core, a plastic cup and with music by Jimmy Van Heusen. "a lot of plaster," Ms. Pisano Liples said. "Swinging on a Star" uses animal stereo"I think the mules are a wonderful types, including a mule, to promote educaexhibit drawing attention to the artistic tion as a way in which children can achieve side of our area. Their public presence their dreams and aspirations for a better life. adds a sense of color, fun and individual"Miles of Mules" is a public art exhibit ity dotted around town. I'm grateful to that will feature the decorated mules in have the opportunity to contribute to the the Delaware & Lehigh National spirit of the mule project," she said.

The University of Scranton O'Hara Hall Scranton, PA 18510-4628


Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Permit No. 520 Scranton, PA

* * * Dated M a t e r ial Please R u s h* * *









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