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Promotion valid until 30 June 2012. For TreatsPoints Enquiry, please call 1300 88 6688. For Product & Mail Order Enquiry, please call 03-7710 8103.

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For the Platinum

ifestlye L


· 32GB · WiFi · 3G · Comes with HCF Cherry Blossom iPad Cover TreatsPoints: 552,000 (DC0024P) HotDeals: 276,000 + RM1,380 (HDC0024P)

iPad 2

230 x 12mths

1 2


6 4 5

1 Medklinn Asens Indoor

Air Sterilizer

TreatsPoints: 99,800 (DC0033P) HotDeals: 49,900 + RM250 (HDC0033P) Mail Order: RM499

2 Philips Immersive Sound Home

TreatsPoints: 160,000 (DC0023P) HotDeals: 80,000 + RM400 (HDC0023P)


Theatre HTS3541 · Blu-ray

3 GARDENA 3.6v (Li)

127 x 6mths (WM) 147 x 6mths (EM)

Accu Edging Shear 8801 TreatsPoints: 98,000 (DC0034P) HotDeals: 49,000 + RM245 (HDC0034P) Mail Order: RM490

4 HTC Radar

TreatsPoints: 256,000 (DC0026P) HotDeals: 128,000 + RM640 (HDC0026P)



TreatsPoints: 399,000 (DC0025P) HotDeals: 199,500 + RM998 (HDC0025P)


6 Timex

® Ironman ® Road Trainer TM Digital Heart Rate Monitor T5K212

· Water resistance to 100m TreatsPoints: 126,000 (DC0027P) HotDeals: 63,000 + RM315 (HDC0027P)


110 x 12mths

175 x 12mths

115 x 6mths

Lebensstil Kollektion Kitchen Machine

LadyShip Essense Extractor Lebensstil Kollektion Bread Maker

LKSM 5501C · 1200w · 5.5 litres · Anti-splash guard · Up to 6 mixers speed controls TreatsPoints: 220,000 (DC0035P) HotDeals: 110,000 + RM550 (HDC0035P)


91.67 x 12mths

LKBM 2101S · 600W · 750g - 900g loaf sizes TreatsPoints: 96,000 (DC0036P) HotDeals: 48,000 + RM240 (HDC0036P) Mail Order: RM480

TreatsPoints: 129,600 (DC0040P) HotDeals: 64,800 + RM324 (HDC0040P)


108 x 6mths

Buffalo 5L Pressure Cooker

TreatsPoints: 135,600 (DC0038P) HotDeals: 67,800 + RM339 (HDC0038P)


Buffalo 40cm Enco Wok

113 x 6mths

TreatsPoints: 99,600 (DC0039P) HotDeals: 49,800 + RM249 (HDC0039P) Mail Order: RM498

Zebra 11pcs Cookware Set Advance · With glass lid TreatsPoints: 139,800 (DC0037P) HotDeals: 69,900 + RM350 (HDC0037P)


116.50 x 6mths

Xbox 360 Slim 4GB Kinect Bundle

TreatsPoints: 248,000 (DC0030P) HotDeals: 124,000 + RM620 (HDC0030P)


107.50 x 12mths

Sony PSP 3006 TreatsPoints: 135,600 (DC0031P) HotDeals: 67,800 + RM339 (HDC0031P)


116.50 x 6mths

Nintendo 3DS

TreatsPoints: 136,000 (DC0032P) HotDeals: 68,000 + RM340 (HDC0032P)


Sony PlayStation 3 320GB TreatsPoints: 213,000 (DC0029P) HotDeals: 106,500 + RM533 (HDC0029P)


116.50 x 6mths

91.50 x 12mths

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How To Redeem OnLine 1. Log on to or click TreatsPoints at 2. Roll over 'Browse Redemption Catalogue' of main page 3. Choose 'Platinum Privileges' (Note: Only Principal Cardholders are allowed to redeem) 4. Select the desired item 5. Click the tab to Redeem with full or partial points 6. Complete the Cardholder details 7. Submit redemption form via Online


Complete the form below and a) Fax to us : 03-7710 6103 b) Mail to us : DCR Marketing Sdn. Bhd. C-3-33A & C-3-33, 3rd Floor, Blok Camilia, 10 Boulevard, Lebuhraya SPRINT, PJU6A, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan. c) E-mail to us : [email protected] Cardmember Name: Delivery Address: Postcode: Tel. (office): Email: VISA or MasterCard No.: Type of Payment (tick ): Single Purchase (min. RM100) Expiry Date: 0% Installment of 6 Mths. (min. RM500) Quantity (home): (mobile): New NRIC No.:


0% Installment of 12 Mths. (min. RM1,000) All prices are inclusive of delivery charges. Unit Price (RM) Total (RM)

Yes, I would like to purchase the following item(s): Product Description 1 2 3

Grand Total (RM) Please allow 21 working days for delivery upon obtaining payment approval. All items are free nationwide delivery. Note: Cardmember's signature here serves as acceptance of the DCR Marketing Sdn Bhd's terms and conditions of sales, Maybankard's MasterCard/Visa cards agreement & all other terms stipulated on Payment must be made with Maybankard Credit Card only. Any return of goods or cancellation of services by Cardmember to DCR Marketing shall be subjected to the term for returns of goods. I hereby agree and confirmed on the purchase(s) made above. I also agree that my purchase will be treated on a first come first serve basis. Signature: Date: 6. The Bank reserves the right to terminate the Cardmember's EzyPay facility without prior notice to the Cardmember and without assigning any reason thereof. 7. No delivery will be made to P.O.Box addresses as well as addresses outside Malaysia. 8. Cardmember's signature on the Direct Debit Authorisation ("DDA") serves as acceptance by the Cardmember of the Merchant's terms and conditions of sale, the conditions herein, and the bank's Visa/MasterCard Agreement. The Bank reserves the right to reject applications without giving reasons thereof. 9. These Conditions are in addition to the Bank's Visa/MasterCard Agreement, which regulates the provision of credit card facility by the Bank to the Cardmember. In the event of inconsistency between these Conditions and said Agreement, these Terms and Conditions shall prevail in so far as they apply to the EzyPay. 10. The 3x TreatsPoints is inclusive of 1x base point and 2x bonus points and not applicable to Maybankard World Cardmembers. AJL 931909


1. This programme is open to Maybankard MasterCard and Visa Credit Cardmembers. 2. Promotion is valid from now until 30 June 2012 or while stock last whichever is earlier. 3. The products and/or services offered herein are supplied by the respective Merchant. The Bank is only providing means of payment for these goods and/or services via the usage of Card. 4. Any return of goods and/or cancellation of services by Cardmember to the Merchant shall be subjected to the terms for return of goods. 5. The Bank will not be liable for any inadequate, defective or damaged goods or be responsible for any dispute between the Cardmember and the Merchant and the Bank is authorized to continue to debit the instalment to the Cardmember's account regardless of any such dispute.

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