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Ballistic Missile Defense Overview For The 6th Annual Small Business Innovation Research And Small Business Technology Transfer Industry Day

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29 JUL 10 LTG Patrick J. O'Reilly, USA Director Missile Defense Agency

Approved for Public Release 10-MDA-5654 (16 JUL 10)

ncr-113205 / 072810

Ballistic Missile Defense Review Policy Priorities

­ Guidance From The President, Published February 2010 ­ · The United States will continue to defend the homeland against the threat of limited ballistic missile attack · The United States will defend against regional missile threats to United States forces, while protecting allies and partners and enabling them to defend themselves · Before new capabilities are deployed, they must undergo testing that enables assessment under realistic operational conditions · The commitment to new capabilities must be fiscally sustainable over the long term · United States ballistic missile defense capabilities must be flexible enough to adapt as threats change · The United States will seek to lead expanded international efforts for missile defense

Approved for Public Release 10-MDA-5654 (16 JUL 10) ncr-113205 / 072810


Layered Ballistic Missile Defense 2010

0-10 ICBMs > 5,500 km Ground-based Interceptor (1526) Early Warning Radar Upgraded Early Warning Radar Upgraded Early Warning Radar Upgraded Early Warning Radar

C2BMC Ft. Greely

Sea-based X-band Radar

Shemya, Alaska

Thule, Greenland

Beale Air Force Base Ground-based Interceptor (34) Vandenberg Air Force Base

Aegis Ships (1921)

IRBMs /MRBMs 1,000-5,500 km

THAAD Fire Units (12) Hundreds of THAAD Interceptors (025) United Kingdom


SM-3 Interceptors (3561)

Thousands of SRBMs < 1,000 km

Aegis Ashore


Shariki, Japan Israel

Patriot Fire Units (4452) PAC-3 Interceptors (727791)

SM-2 Interceptors (72)

SRBM = Short Range Ballistic Missiles MRBM = Medium Range Ballistic Missiles IRBM = Intermediate Range Ballistic Missiles ICBM= Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles

· THAAD provides rapid worldwide response against SRBMs and MRBMs · Aegis provides mobile and semipermanent response against SRBMs, MRBMs and IRBMs · Ground-based missile defense provides permanent defense of homeland against limited ICBM attack

Approved for Public Release 10-MDA-5654 (16 JUL 10) ncr-113205 / 072810


Capability Deliveries

FY 2010 FY 2011 FY 2012 FY 2013 FY 2014 FY 2015 FY 2016 FY 2017 FY 2018 FY 2019 FY 2020 FY 2021

2012 PAA Phase 1

- Command & Control System v6.4: Improving BMDS correlation; BMDS planning and limited peer-to-peer engagement coordination - Forward-Based Radar - Aegis Ships on Station (current-generation SM-3 Block IA)

2015 PAA Phase 2

- Improved Command & Control System v8.2 - Expanded BMDS interface with Friends and Allies, integrated BMDS OPIR Architecture data - Aegis BMD and THAAD launch on BMDS system track - Forward-Based Radar - Aegis Ships on Station (SM-3 Block IB) with increased acquisition and improved Kinetic Warhead discrimination capabilities - Aegis Ashore (SM-3 Block IB)

2018 PAA Phase 3

- Improved Command & Control System v8.4: Regional peer-to-peer weapon system engagement coordination (Aegis/THAAD/Patriot); consequence management for PA debris mitigation; Generation 3 advanced C2BMC - Improved Forward-Based Radar - Aegis Ships on Station (SM3 Block IIA) Aegis Ashore (SM-3 Block IIA) with increased missile velocity at burnout and intercept range - UAVs with Airborne Infrared - Space-based tracking system

2020 PAA Phase 4

- Improved ForwardBased Radar - Aegis Ashore (SM-3 Block IIB) with increase in speed, maneuverability and range to intercept missiles early in flight including ICBMs

Capability Delivery (CD)-04

Approved for Public Release 10-MDA-5654 (16 JUL 10)

Capability Delivery (CD)-06

Capability Delivery (CD)-07

Capability Delivery (CD)-08

ncr-113205 / 072810


Small Business Utilization In MDA

FY09 30.2%* of MDA acquisition dollars flow to small businesses · 6.8%* ($377M) of MDA acquisition dollars are awarded as prime contracts to small businesses · Represents an increase of .8%($33M) awarded to SB's as prime contracts from FY08. · 23.4%* ( $1.3B) of MDA acquisition dollars are awarded to small businesses as subcontractors through all tiers

· Note: FY 09 was the first year DoD utilized the Electronic Subcontracting Reporting System (eSRS) and collected SB subcontracting data below the 1st tier of subcontracting. Any FY 08 subcontracting data for MDA below the 1st tier of subcontracting was estimated.

MDA Total Acquisition Dollars*

Large Prime Systems Contracts (Boeing, LM, Raytheon, NG)

SB Prime Contracts 6.8% *


30.2%* ($1.7B)

*Based on FY 09 FPDS-NG and eSRS reporting

Approved for Public Release 10-MDA-5654 (16 JUL 10) ncr-113205 / 072810 ms-112575 / 063009


Small Business And Advanced Technology Exploration

· Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs - Fourth largest program in DoD - 127 SBIR Phase I awards, 93 Phase II awards in FY10 - $102M SBIR/STTR funding in FY10 · Early Intercept Strategy

Hit Assessment

Interceptor fly out time (miniaturization) Track

Assured Communications Acquire Detect Battle Management

Fire Control

Approved for Public Release 10-MDA-5654 (16 JUL 10)

ncr-113205 / 072810


Working With MDA

· Start with the end in mind ­ a more capable and affordable BMDS - Command, Control, Battle Management and Communications (C2BMC) - Directed Energy - Innovative Concepts & Special Focus Projects - Interceptor Technology - Manufacturing, Producibility & Field Sustainability - Modeling & Simulation - Radar Technology - Space Technology · Contact the MDA Office of Small Business Programs to assist you in marketing your products or services within the Agency or to our large business partners · Address topic and solicitation requirements: (

Approved for Public Release 10-MDA-5654 (16 JUL 10) ncr-113205 / 072810


MDA's Career Development Program

· MDA's Career Development Program (MDCDP) actively participates in SBIR/STTR program - MDCDP is a highly competitive 2-year internship to develop future leaders for missile defense - MDCDPs work with senior engineers and managers to ­ Identify and champion BMDS applications for new technologies ­ Develop topics ­ Evaluate proposals ­ Liaison and manage SBIR/STTR projects ­ Transition analysis and assistance - MDCDPs can not assist in writing proposals - For MDCDP information go to: (

Approved for Public Release 10-MDA-5654 (16 JUL 10)

ncr-113205 / 072810


MDA SBIR Success Stories

· Problem: Need lightweight rigid structure for accuracy and flight performance - Solution: Composite flange for Improved structural performance of Exo-atmospheric Kill Vehicle ­ Developed by Vanguard Composites ­ Successfully transitioned to Raytheon/General Dynamics and the EKV Program on interceptors at Ft. Greely and Vandenberg AFB · Problem: Need portable, wide-bandwidth, sat-communications - Solution: Rapidly deployable antenna for remote communications ­ Developed by GATR Technologies ­ Supported five MDA flight tests ­ Used after Katrina and in Haiti to provide satellite communications · Problem: Identified deficiencies in the modeling of low thrust DACS/ACM plume signatures - Solution: Low-thrust plume signature modeling for Aegis, THAAD and GMD ­ Developed by Spectral Sciences and Physical Science, Inc. ­ Chemistry packages incorporated into MDA's high altitude plume flowfield code used by Aegis BMD

Approved for Public Release 10-MDA-5654 (16 JUL 10) ncr-113205 / 072810

AFT Flange


Approved for Public Release 10-MDA-5654 (16 JUL 10)

ncr-113205 / 072810



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