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Books & Multimedia 2008

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Professional Growth



A 1A


The Business Plan

From writing a million-dollar business plan to planning the perfect exit strategy, these MDRT guides are a powerful resource that can help you gain and maintain a competitive edge. With the content of the "MDRT `HOW TO ' Book" divided into six books you can target specific areas of your practice for improvement.

A. The Business Plan ( R 5 5101) USD 35 / MDRT USD 30 B. Human Resources ( R 5 510 2 ) USD 40 / MDRT USD 35 C. Office Efficiency ( R 5 510 3 ) USD 35 / MDRT USD 30 D. Facilities & Equipment ( R 5 510 4 ) USD 55 / MDRT USD 50 E. Financial Management ( R55105 ) USD 30 / MDRT USD 25 F. Business Continuity ( R 5 510 6 ) USD 30 / MDRT USD 25 G. Complete Set ( R 5 510 0 ) USD 205 / MDRT USD 175 H. Complete Set on CD ( R 5 510 C ) USD 115 / MDRT USD 95 2 . T H E M D R T O B j EC T I O N S H A N D B O O k

A 1B


Human Resources

A 1C


Office Efficiency Facilities and Equipment

A 1D


MDRT Sales Idea and Marketing Committee

Navigate objections with MDRT precision. Never take no for an answer. Topics include: "I already have an advisor." "I need to think about it." "I can't afford it."

English ( B 5 517 ) | Spanish ( B 5 516 ) USD 50 / MDRT USD 40 3 . T H E M D R T A N N U I T Y S A l E S M A N UA l


A 1E

Financial Management


This second addition will help you sell annuities with confidence. It provides information on common annuities, a reference section as well as tables and charts that will help producers become knowledgeable with various annuity regulations. ( R 5 519 ) USD 100 / MDRT USD 80

4 . T H E M D R T G U I D E TO TO P O F T H E TA B l E PE R FO R M A N C E Douglas R. Andrew, Julian H. Good, Jr., CLU, ChFC, and Marc A. Silverman, CLU, ChFC

A 1F

Business Continuity

A 2

This powerful book argues that if you wish to establish credibility and create a positive reputation, you need to explode like dynamite when first communicating with a prospective client. The advice of the megasuccessful MDRT members, whose ideas are captured in this guide, may lead you to the ultimate production level ­ Top of the Table ®.

( B731) USD 24.95 / MDRT USD 19.95 Audio Book ( M 6 9 1) USD 29.95 / MDRT USD 24.95

The MDRT Annuity Sales Manual

Second Edition

A 3

A 4

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5 . 52 S E N S AT I O N A l M D R T I D E A S MDRT Sales and Service Committee


12 . STOP S EllING , STA R T M A R k E TIN G Tom Wright A 5

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This sleek edition and powerful book contains the best sales ideas from 20 08 . Its handy pages contain 52 ideas for every week of the year. Icons indicate demographic, classification and topic for easy reference. Take this book with you, because it will take you places. ( B 7 3 5 ) USD 30 / MDRT USD 25

6 . G R E AT S A l E S I D E A S FR O M M D R T MDRT Sales Ideas and Marketing Committee

There is a difference between selling and marketing. Knowing the difference could make a huge difference in your success rate. Written from a financial sales perspective, this effective book stresses the value of planned marketing. ( B70 9 ) USD 19.95

13 . YO U R C l I E N T S FO R l I F E Gary DeMoss and Mitch Anthony

A 12

52 Sensational MDRT Ideas

First strike a meaningful connection, then close the deal. This book is a valuable resource for learning the essence of service that sells.

A 6 ( B 5 5 0 2 ) USD 35 14 . T H E FI N A N C I A l PR O F E S S I O N A l'S S TO RY B O O k Mitch Anthony

A 13

This book contains sales ideas from the world's best financial service professionals.

English ( B72 8 | Chinese ( B73 3 ) | Spanish ( B73 2 ) USD 25 / MDRT USD 20 7. M O R E G R E AT S A l E S I D E A S F R O M M D R T MDRT Sales Ideas and Marketing Committee

Strike an immediate connection with your clients with this collection of more than 20 0 engaging analogies, anecdotes and metaphors, which you can use to help simplify even the most complicated issues.

A 7 ( B 5 5 0 3 ) USD 30 15 . G E T M O R E R E FE R R A l S N OW ! Bill Cates

A 14

This edition of MDRT 's popular sales ideas series has 50 common-sense sales ideas that you can immediately apply. For example: Sales Idea #43 advises you to "take business cards instead of giving them. That way, you control when contact is made."

English ( B72 9 ) | Thai ( B73 4 ) USD 25 / MDRT USD 20 8 . HOW I R AISED MYSElF FROM FAIlURE TO SUCCESS IN SEllING Frank Bettger

Learn the four cornerstones of referrals: relationship building and customer service, creating referral alliances and networks, prospecting, and targeting niche markets. ( B 8 3 6 ) USD 16.95

A 8 16 . E x PEC T I N G R E FE R R A l S Scott Kramnick

14 15

Bettger's insightful book contains examples and guidelines on how to develop the style, spirit and techniques of winning producers. Learn the key word for turning a skeptical prospect into an enthusiastic client.

( B 8 8 6 ) USD 13

Learn about the evolution of the referral process and how you can get your clients to work for you. Expecting Referrals also comes in a compete set. More "Expecting Referrals" on Page 14 . ( B 5 9 8 0 2 ) USD 10 / MDRT USD 9

17. H OW TO M A k E I T B I G I N T H E S E M I N A R B U S I N E S S Paul Karasik

A 16

9. T H E P OW E R TO G E T I N Michael A. Boylan

Gaining access to the "right" audience is one of the largest obstacles financial professionals face. This book details a step-by-step system, the Circle of Leverage®, which should help you navigate bureaucracy and get seen by people who matter. ( B 8 8 3 ) USD 14.95

10 . T H E B R A N D CA l l E D YO U Peter Montoya

A 9

Everything you need to know about organizing, launching and running your own seminars and work-shops. Seminars are an effective sales channel. ( B 5 51) USD 15.95

18 . S EC R E T S O F S U C C E S S F U l I N S U R A N C E S A l E S Jack Kinder and Garry Kinder

A 17

A 18

You have the ability to distinguish yourself from other advisors. Written for financial professionals, "The Brand Called You" is a journey through every stage of personal marketing, from the basics of emotional messaging to using the Internet to attract new prospects. ( B 8 51) USD 12.95

11. I D E N T I T Y B R A N D I N G Robert E. Krumroy

A 10

You'll learn how to build confidence through competence with this revolutionary seven-step plan. ( B 8 42 ) USD 17.95

19. M A R k E T T U N E - U P Guy E. Baker, CLU, MSFS

Baker's book details nine steps to build a high-performance practice. From opening more cases with high-net-worth client, to practice management tips (e.g., hiring staff), this book unlocks the secrets of sales success.

( B 5 4 3 ) USD 25 A 11 2 0 . W H Y PEO Pl E B U Y Guy E. Baker, CLU, MSFS

A 19

Ideally, you want your prospects to notice you above your competitors. This book will help you implement a strategy and help them answer the most important question: Why you? The book has practical ideas to help you dominate your local market. Be distinct, not extinct.

( B 8 9 1) USD 19.95

A 20

This book is a study of the winning sales strategies of Guy E. Baker, CLU , MSFS , a 35 -year MDRT member. ( B 5 4 6 ) USD 25

Million Dollar Round Table: Books & Multimedia 2008 | 1.800.TRY.MDRT |

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2 1. B A k E R 'S D Oz E N Guy E. Baker, CLU, MSFS

2 8 . T H E FI N A N C I A l A Dv I S E R : H OW TO B E A S U C C E S S F U l PR AC T I T I O N E R Ian Green A 21

This easy-to-read book has 13 efficient steps for achieving financial success.

English ( B 8 9 6 ) | Chinese ( B 8 97 ) USD 25 2 2 . S E E T H E PEO Pl E Bruce Etherington, CLU, CH.F.C.

The author details best practices of financial planning and gives useful sales ideas, including tips on improving productivity. All of Green's book profits are donated to financial services charities. ( B 5 5 0 ) USD 21.95

2 9. DA R E TO B E D I FFE R E N T Alessandro Forte

A 28

This timeless book contains powerful, transferable methods for increasing sales production. Learn the author's trademarked prospecting strategy.

English ( B 5 5 0 9 ) | Chinese ( B 5 5 0 8 ) USD 35 2 3 . N O M O R E C O l D CA l l I N G Joanne S. Black A 22

Create business advantage through innovation and unique selling propositions. This book offers a complete guide for those who want to make it to the top. ( B 8 2 8 ) USD 21.99 / MDRT USD 17.99

3 0 . I T CA N O N lY G E T B E T T E R : TO N Y G O R D O N 'S R O U T E TO S A l E S S U C C E S S Tony Gordon

A 29

Implement a breakthrough system that leaves your competition in the dust! Don't worry about cold calling ­ it's inefficient. Black, the leading authority on referral selling, says you can meet your sales projection without picking up the phone. ( B 8 81) USD 13.99

24 . 2 2 k E YS TO S A l E S S U C C E S S James M. Benson, CLU, and Paul Karasik

A 23

Increase your production and improve your sales techniques with these easily transferable selling strategies from an industry superstar. Let MDRT member and former President Tony Gordon help you turn prospects into clients! ( B 57 70 2 ) USD 25


A 30

MDRT 1995 President Robert B. Plybon, CLU , Ch FC , says this is one of the best-written sales books he's ever read. The authors explore a variety of important issues, such as developing client and professional relationships, serving client needs, and developing and implementing effective plans. The book covers 22 keys that should help any financial professional make more money, work less and maximize their potential.

( B 5 57 ) USD 30 2 5 . T H E FE l D M A N M E T H O D Andrew H. Thomson

This start-to-finish guide to business planning will get you ready to implement a customized business plan. ( B 8 3 9 ) USD 29.95


A 31

With a sales volume of more than USD 1 billion ­ that's an average of USD 20 million per year ­ MDRT member Ben Feldman was arguably one of the most successful insurance salesmen of all time. Learn his method in this indispensable guide. ( B 8 4 6 ) USD 22.50

2 6 . SAvAG E O N S E llIN G : S ECR E TS FRO M A N IN SU R A N CE G R E AT John Savage, CLU

Learn how to break out of your current revenue level, develop and use a marketing plan, make technology work for you, and build a business -- rather than just making sales -- with this map to increased productivity and surefire success. ( B 8 3 8 ) USD 26.95

A 25 3 3 . F R O M S E l l I N G TO S E R v I N G Lou Cassara

A 32

The late John Savage (1930 -1993 ) was a 30 -year Qualifying and Life member of MDRT and an insurance industry legend. In this book, Savage details his renowned selling system. He explains the power of customer service and how helping your clients will boost your sales. Also covered are tips on referrals, prospecting and closing. These selling tips are his legacy.

( B 5 9 9 0 5 ) USD 14.95 2 7. H OW TO S E l l YO U R S E l F W I T H O U T S E l l I N G YO U R S O U l Joe Gandolfo, Ph.D., CLU, ChFC


Your clients don't want to be sold, they want to be serviced. How you communicate with your clients accounts for as much as 85 percent of the relationship. This informative book will help you understand the principles and patterns of communication that are essential to creating successful client relationships. ( B 5 4 4 ) USD 25

A 26 3 4 . T H E B R OA D C O N C E P T A PPR OAC H Harold Zlotnik, CLU

A 33

This is one of the best books around for agents who want to develop a strategy to turn casual relationships into long-term clients. Increase your production by becoming a better relationship manager.

( B 2 12 5 ) USD 18.95 3 5 . M IS S ED FOR T U N E 101: A STA R TE R k IT TO B ECO M IN G A M IllIO N A IR E Douglas R. Andrew


32 34

The first salesman in history to sell more than USD 1 billion of life insurance sales in one year. Gandolfo presents powerful strategies and strong spiritual understanding of the sales industry, combined with his incredible motivation and dedication, help ensure success. A must for those who are serious about increasing sales production! ( B 8 47 ) USD 14.95

A 27

A 35

This book is a solid exploration of often-overlooked strategies for creating wealth. ( B 5 5 0 5 ) USD 23.95

Million Dollar Round Table: Books & Multimedia 2008 | 1.800.TRY.MDRT |

4 | 5

3 6 . H OW M U C H I S E N O U G H Diane McCurdy, CFP

4 4 . D I E B R O k E A N D W E A lT H Y Gopala Alampur A 36

McCurdy's national best-seller is a practical approach to identifying saving and spending styles, as well as defining retirement goals.

( B 2 116 ) USD 14.99 37. I N v E S T M E N T A lC H E M Y Guy Baker, CLU, MSFS, and Richard Jensen

An MDRT member explains the often overlooked advantages of life insurance with this easy-to-read guide to demystifying insurance for your clients. Reading this book will help your clients understand the valuable role life insurance plays in financial planning.

( B 6 81) USD 12.95 / MDRT USD 9.95 4 5 . 5 0 WAYS TO B O O S T YO U R lTC I S A l E S Margie Barrie

A 44

This book teaches a valuable lesson about risk ­ and how to manage risk to maximize investment return. ( B719 ) USD 25

A 37 3 8 . E S TAT E Pl A N N I N G TO D I E FO R Sally J. Mulhern, J.D.

This book has 50 useful sales ideas for effective long-term care sales.

( B707 ) USD 24.95 4 6 . I N S I C k N E S S & I N H E A lT H Harley Gordon


A 45

This book is absolutely essential if estate planning is part of your practice. From building better relationships with attorneys to developing the right target market for your service, this insiders' guide will teach you how to excel in estate planning. ( B711) USD 19.95

3 9 . 1, 0 01 AC T I v E A D U lT C O M M U N I T I E S Lisa LaCount

A 38

How to discuss and create a plan for long-term care and the consequences to your family and finances if you don't.

( B 8 9 3 ) USD 19.95 47. THE MD R T G U ID E TO Q UA lIFIE D Pl A N S Stephen Abramson


Sales idea: Use this listing of the best senior communities to target your prospecting by quickly figuring out where the most affluent senior communities are. ( B710 ) USD 15 limited quantities

4 0 . H OW TO Pl A N FO R B A BY B O O M E R S Donald Ray Haas, CLU, ChFC A 39

A 46

MDRT is leading the industry by talking about the presence, importance and impact of the baby boomer market on the financial industry. Long-time MDRT member Donald Ray Haas' book complements MDRT 's commitment to boomer information, covering everything from fact finding to presenting, implementing and monitoring a financial plan for baby boomers.

( B 2 12 6 ) USD 38 41. PA R l AY YO U R I R A I N TO A FA M I lY FO R T U N E Ed Slott

A 40

These books are designed to follow the process from the decision to adopt a qualified retirement plan, including the choice of plan type, through the operation of the plan, compliance issues, distributions, taxation and, eventually, termination. The first volume addresses the more basic topics and the second deals with more advanced and complex issues, allowing users to choose how involved they want to be in the complexities of qualified plans. The use of extensive examples and tables more clearly illustrates many of the more advanced concepts affecting the choice and operation of a qualified retirement plan.

A. volume I ( R 5 52 1) USD 100 / MDRT USD 80 B. volume II ( R 5 52 2 ) USD 100 / MDRT USD 80 C. volume I & II ( R 5 52 3 ) USD 190 / MDRT USD 150

A 47A

A 47B 4 8 . PA S T I S PR O lO G U E Norman G. Levine, CLU, ChFC A 41


The Wall Street Journal believes this book is the best source of IRA advice. Slott's book details a three-step strategy for creating lasting tax-deferred and/or tax-free savings. ( B 5 6 4 ) USD 15

42 . T H E R E T I R E M E N T S Av I N G S T I M E B O M B ... A N D H OW TO D E F U S E I T Ed Slott

This book contains timeless techniques for financial advisors in the 21st century. Use these techniques and reach the pinnacle of success.

( B 5 9 9 3 5 ) USD 38 4 9. T H E N O R M l E v I N E R E A D E R Norman G. Levine, CLU, ChFC


Learn how to protect the hard-earned assets you (or your clients) have built from excessive taxation. ( B 5 6 3 ) USD 16

4 3 . YO U R C O M Pl E T E R E T I R E M E N T Pl A N N I N G R OA D M A P Ed Slott


A 42

Learn from a leader as Norm presents his thoughts on topics, such as teamwork, setting goals, MDRT, mentoring, time management, achieving whole person status and more. ( B 5 9 9 3 3 ) USD 24.95 / MDRT USD 22.95

A 48

A comprehensive action plan for securing your IR A s, 401 (k)s, and other retirement plans for you and your family. ( B 6 5 3 ) USD 25.95

A 43

A 49

Million Dollar Round Table: Books & Multimedia 2008 | 1.800.TRY.MDRT |

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50. HIGH TRUST lE ADERSHIP Bill Bachrach and Norman G. Levine, CLU, ChFC

57. PE R I O D Iz AT I O N Brian P. Moran and Michael Lennington 50 50

Levine and Bachrach are from different generations and different branches of the financial industry, but the root of what they believe is the same: High trust equals high performance. Together they yield practical, expert advice. ( B 5 4 01) USD 27.95

51. T H E P OW E R O F H A B I T ­ H OW TO B EC O M E A R A I N M A k E R Randy Schuster

Periodization is usually associated with athletic training. This quick-read book is a huge lesson on how to implement the same techniques top athletes use to strengthen your sales performance. ( B70 8 ) USD 9.95

5 8 . T H E B E N E FI C I A RY B O O k Martin Kuritz, John S. Sampson and David J. Sanchez

A 57

MDRT member Schuster illustrates several practical strategies you can implement to take your practice to new heights. He uses real-life stories to explain how to bring out your inner "rainmaker." ( B713 ) USD 14.95

52 . B U I l D I N G A B U S I N E S S O N B AC O N A N D EG G S Terry P. O'Halloran, FCII, AIFP; Andy Lopata; Stephen Harvard Davis

A 51

When you present your client with a tool like this, you elevate your service to an experience. This practical, fill-in-the-answers, family information organizer is uniquely designed to record and centralize an entire family's vital information, including the names and contact information of trusted advisors to be called first in times of crises. In addition to bringing heirs and professional advisors together, this bestselling survivor's guide can help generate new business opportunities by identifying planning deficiencies.

( B 814 ) USD 30 limited quantities

58 58

This book must be part of your self-development. The authors have combined to produce a book that shares collective insights into making the most of networking meetings. ( B712 ) USD 25

5 3 . S U C C E S S A N D T I M E M A N AG E M E N T Howard H. Wight

52 52

5 9. TA k E G O O D CA R E O F M Y B A BY Martin Kuritz and James T. Martellaro

Success is about making a difference, not just about making money. Wight helps you decide what's really important in your life and then shows you the 10 key steps to achieve those goals. Making these steps part of your daily routine will change your life. ( B 8 8 8 ) USD 10

5 4 . I N S U R A N C E I N A N U T S H E l l Howard H. Wight

51 53

This helpful organizational book is a thoughtful gift for clients who are expecting children or grandchildren. Fill in the blanks of pages and pages of useful information that you, in turn, provide to caregivers who look after your children. The entire book is made on dry-erase material so you can update as your children develop. A dry-erase pen is included.

( B 815 ) USD 19.95 limited quantities ......................................................................... A 59

This book demystifies life insurance and makes it user-friendly. Wight helps you accurately and easily answer your clients' questions about life insurance. ( B 8 8 9 ) USD 10

A 54 5 5 . T H E A PP O I N T M E N T S C H E D U l E R Gina Pellegrini

Personal Growth

6 0 . 2 0 0 9 P OW E R PH R A S E CA l E N DA R

Pellegrini's dynamic book provides systems, strategies and phone scripts to turn time into money. The book, which is focused on advisors, shows that by mining your existing client base, you can increase referrals, appointments and revenue. There are also tips to get more out of your marketing support staff. ( B 8 87 ) USD 15

A 55 5 6 . S TO RYS E l l I N G FO R F I N A N C I A l A Dv I S O R S Scott West and Mitch Anthony

Purchase your inspirational MDRT calendar early before this popular item is sold out. Each day features motivational phrases submitted by Round Table members. ( M M 6 0 9 ) USD 18 / MDRT USD 15

61. 5 0 l E S S O N S I N 5 0 Y E A R S Garry Kinder

A 60

In an age of online, do-it-yourself investing, people still respond to mentoring, guidance and affirmation. The storyselling techniques revealed in this book will revolutionize the way you sell financial services. ( B 5 5 0 4 ) USD 30

A 56

Kinder dedicated this book to the memory of this mentor and brother, Jack Kinder, Jr. Both great men previously qualified for MDRT and conducted educational sessions at MDRT Annual Meetings. Their sage advice made them legends in the insurance industry. This book continues their tradition of sharing advice in order to make you a better person and producer. ( B 8 8 4 ) USD 14.95

A 61

Million Dollar Round Table: Books & Multimedia 2008 | 1.800.TRY.MDRT |

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6 2 . H Av E YO U B O U G H T T H E T I C k E T ? Carol Holm, CLU, ChFC, and Jerry Borrowman

6 9. C H OICES TH AT C H A NG E lI v ES : 15 WAYS TO FIN D M OR E PU R POS E , M E A N IN G A N D jOY Hal Urban A 62

If you believe you are capable of greater accomplishments, but sometimes let fear hold you back, this book is for you. Learn to brush aside your emotional cobwebs and concentrate on your goals.

( B 5 9 9 4 0 ) USD 16.95 / MDRT USD 14.95 6 3 . T H E G R E AT E S T I N S U R A N C E S TO R I E S E v E R TO l D W. Russell Merck

Urban's book is an easy-to-read guide detailing 15 areas of life in which people can make either positive or negative choices. The areas are humility, patience, empathy, giving, forgiveness, thinking, possibilities, renewal, courage, excellence, mission, scripture, prayer, wisdom and joy. ( B 8 0 4 ) USD 13

70 . F I N A N C I A l PR O S PE R I T Y ­ A N YO N E CA N AC H I E v E Frank Shandor Jr.

A 69

A 70

An easy-to-read compilation of the most intriguing stories from the lives and careers of some of the industry's best-known producers. Use the success secrets and sales ideas of these legends to gain valuable insight into your own business. ( B 819 ) USD 25 / MDRT USD 22

6 4 . B O N vOYAG E ­ T H E N I N E S EC R E T S O F T H E U lT R A - H A PPY Ralph Antolino, Jr.

A 63

This book contains six practical steps and six spiritual steps we can take to become financially prosperous and create peace of mind in our lives. This is also a great book to share with a prospect or client.

(B880) USD 19.95 71. RUNNING AROUND THE WORlD : AN MDRT MEMBER'S jOURNE Y TO BAl ANCE Richard E. Geno, Ph.D., CLU and Brenda Lange



I have to confess that when I was first introduced to the idea of "Running Around the World" it made me tired just to think about it. Now I only wish I had read Richard Geno's book 50 years ago. Richard has breathed life and excitement into running ­ and I was wholly absorbed as he beautifully described the world he has found through his eyes as a runner. This book is a treasure ­ opens up a whole new dimension for bringing balance and meaning into our quest for a balanced life. Rulon E. Rasmussen, CLU MDRT Past President ­ 1976 Richard has written a personal, fast-paced, easy-to-read travelogue that tells one man's story of how to achieve physical and emotional balance in one's life, while discovering the world on a face-to-face basis. Brian H. Ashe, CLU MDRT Past President ­ 2000 A healthy body, mind, business and soul. Richard's new book is an inspiring guide to these aspects of our lives. A must as a route map to balance and fulfillment. Helen A. Jenkins, DipPFS MDRT MCC Divisional Vice President ­ 2003

Running Around the World:

A 71

an MDRT Member's Journey to Balance

Richard E. Geno PhD, CLU Brenda Lange

Do you want take your personal happiness to a higher level? Would you like to increase the happiness of your family, friends and community? This book, written by Top of the Table member Antolino, explains the choice we have between happiness and unhappiness. ( B 8 8 2 ) USD 14.95

6 5 . M D R T I N S PI R AT I O N S vO lU M E T WO

A 64

One man's journey to physical and mental well-being is also a manual on how anyone can become his or her best in mind and body. Whether you run like Richard, or swim or practice yoga, the secret is simple. Do something. Get started and stick with it. Keep a log and watch yourself improve and have fun while getting healthy.

( B 8 6 2 ) USD 19 / MDRT USD 17

A 72

Each page contains thought-provoking, uplifting quotations from Round Table members. ( B 6 87 ) USD 10.95

6 6 . D R E A M S CA N C O M E T R U E Stephen J. Pustai

A 65

72 . PA S S I O N FO R C O M PA S S I O N Norman G. Levine, CLU, ChFC

This is an MDRT member's story of how he realized his dreams. Stephen J. Pustai has provided effective financial security planning services to thousands during his 50 -year career with London Life.

English ( B70 5 ) | Spanish ( B70 6 ) USD 15 6 7. W H O W I l l C RY W H E N YO U D I E ? Robin S. Sharma A 66

Norm Levine is one of the most successful sales people of our time. Norm shares his secrets of developing long-lasting personal relationships as a means of pushing your sales to new heights.

( B 5 9 9 3 4 ) USD 24.95 / MDRT USD 22.95 73 . B U T W H AT I F I l I v E ? Gregory Salsbury, PhD.


A 73

Move beyond a life chasing success to one of deep significance. This easy-to-read, wisdom-rich book details 101 simple solutions to life's most complex problems. ( B 8 01) USD 19.95

6 8 . POS ITI v E WOR DS , POWER FU l R ESU lTS Hal Urban A 67

No one can remove the risk from life or retirement, but you can educate yourself and prepare. Salsbury's insightful book examines the seven challenges creating America's new crisis and what Boomers can do to prepare for the new face of retirement. ( B 2 12 7 ) USD 21.95


A 74A

A 74B

We live in an ocean of words, but rarely acknowledge their power to uplift or put down, to inspire or discourage, or to help or hurt. This book illustrates simple ways to use language to change our lives. ( B 8 0 0 ) USD 13


74 . M D R T- B R A N D E D B O O k l E T S A 74C A 68

Use MDRT-branded booklets as an effective way to educate your clients and distinguish you from advisors who have not achieved MDRT membership. The booklets are sold in packs of 10 and cover the following topics:

A. Business Insurance ( R 2 3 5 ) USD 15 (pack of 10) B. Cash Flow Management ( R 2 3 6 ) USD 15 (pack of 10) C. Succession Planning ( R 2 37 ) USD 15 (pack of 10) D. Estate Planning ( R 2 3 8 ) USD 15 (pack of 10) A 74D

Million Dollar Round Table: Books & Multimedia 2008 | 1.800.TRY.MDRT |

10 | 11

1. S T U DY G R O U P S 101

Continues where the book leaves off, but on audio CD format. Contains two presentations on three CD s.

CD ( M 5 6 6 ) USD 35 / MDRT USD 25 Workbook ( B 5 6 5 ) USD 18 / MDRT USD 15 2 . YO U R E T H I C S M AT T E R ... S E R v I N G C l I E N T S T H E M D R T WAY

A 1

Serving your clients well means serving them right. This four-disc audio set contains presentations that zero in on the importance of good ethical practices as well as how your good actions will generate favorable returns for you. ( M 3 5 9 ) USD 45 / MDRT USD 35

3 . M D R T PR O S PEC T I N G C l A S S I C S

A 2

This five-disc set contains timeless MDRT presentations on prospecting, plus a PDF version of MDRT 's prospecting manual.

( M5513D ) USD 100 / MDRT USD 90 4 . M D R T E D I TO R I A l A Dv I S O RY TA S k FO R C E PR E S E N T S . . . C R I T I CA l I l l N E S S

A 3


This new audio compilation features the best MDRT has to offer on critical illness. A bonus CD -ROM contains an interactive guide to all that MDRT has published on the subject of critical illness.

( M 3 5 6 ) USD 50 / MDRT USD 40 5 . M U R PH Y 'S M I l l I O N D O l l A R S A l E S C O N C E P T S

A 4

This is a powerful point-of-sale tool that will help you easily and effectively illustrate complicated issues to your clients. Because it's designed in PowerPoint, you can customize each presentation, which will make compliance easier for you. ( M 6 8 8 ) USD 75 (CD-ROM)

6 . T H E M D R T C lO S I N G C l I N I C : M I l l I O N - D O l l A R l E S S O N S O N C lO S I N G

A 5

A 6

The MDRT Editorial Taskforce Committee has created a compilation of dynamic presentations on closing, plus an MDRT Special Report on Closing. ( M 5 5 9 13 ) USD 85 / MDRT USD 70

7. S E M I N A R S E l l I N G A 7

Develop a strategy that gets your message to many prospects at once. Four-disc set includes: "Seminar Selling 101: What Works and What Doesn't", " Seminar Selling Power: Trust", "Seminar Selling and Other Sales Collectibles", and Making Millions With Seminar Selling".

( M 3 4 9 ) USD 45 / MDRT USD 35

Million Dollar Round Table: Books & Multimedia 2008 | 1.800.TRY.MDRT |

12 | 13

8 . M D R T C l A S S I C C O l l EC T I B l E S vO lU M E I A N D vO lU M E I I

Classic Collectibles I

Free to Dream Captain Gerald Coffee, USN Tomorrow Is Sunday Anthony Campolo, Ph.D. Is It Worth Dying For? Robert S. Eliot, M.D. Where Will I Find Life's Meaning When Ambition Is No Longer Enough? Layne A. Longfellow, Ph.D.

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MDRT Classic Collectibles I

These dynamic sets include some of the best motivational presentations from the MDRT Annual Meeting Main Platform on CD . Volume I features: Captain Gerald Coffee, USN , Anthony Campolo, Ph.D ., Robert S. Eliot, M.D ., and Layne A. Longfellow, Ph.D . Volume II features: Lou Holtz, Brian Tracy, John R. Powers and Loretta LaRoche. This collection is like nourishment for sales professionals.

A. volume I ( M 8 0 019 ) | B. volume II ( M 8 0 0 2 0 ) USD 45 / MDRT USD 35 9 . E x PEC T I N G R E F E R R A l S : T H E C O M Pl E T E PR O S PEC T I N G k I T Scott Kramnick

8 8A

Priceless motivation and wisdom from MDRT


Product #





on Now CD!

Featuring: Captain Gerald Coffee, USN Anthony Campolo, Ph.D. Layne Longfellow, Ph.D. Robert S. Eliot, M.D.


Classic Collectibles II

Trust, Love and Commitment Lou Holtz Success Is a Journey Brian Tracy Even Sparrows Soar John R. Powers Handling Stress With Humor Loretta LaRoche

MDRT Classic Collectibles II

8 8B

Priceless motivation and wisdom from MDRT

Featuring: Lou Holtz Brian Tracy John R. Powers Loretta LaRoche

on Now CD!


Capture the incredible value of customer prospecting with proven techniques, powerful scripts and master strategies to help your clients work for you! Includes two VHS tapes and a paperback book.

( M 5 9 8 0 4 ) USD 129.99 / MDRT USD 99.99 10 . S A l E S M A S T E R S

Subtotal IL Residents Add 9% Tax A 9 Shipping and Handling (see the chart at the bottom of the previous page) TOTA l C O N TAC T A N D S H I PPI N G I N FO R M AT I O N SS/Control# Name A 10 Company Address City E-mail Phone PAY M E N T AMEX VISA MasterCard Check (payable to Million Dollar Round Table) Expiration Date Fax State Zip

These powerful sets each include one DVD plus 4 additional presentations on audio CD s. Learn from the masters.

A. Dan Sullivan ( M 5 9 9 2 0 D ) | B. Ben Feldman ( M 5 9 9 2 2 D ) C. Tony Gordon ( M 5 9 9 2 5 D ) | D. john Savage, ClU ( M 5 9 9 2 7D ) E. van Mueller, lUTCF ( M 5 9 9 2 8 ) USD 89.99 / MDRT USD 79.99 11. A N N U I T I E S : A R O U N D TA B l E D I S C U S S I O N

Four leaders in the annuity business come together for a candid discussion to share priceless tips on the importance of annuities and how you can use them to build a winning practice. This DVD features: James E. Rogers, Bobb A. Meckenstock, Marc A. Silverman and Michael D. Shumway.

( M 5 514 ) USD 100 / MDRT USD 75 12 . T H E M D R T EQ UAT I O N FO R S U C C E S S


A 11

Credit Card Number Print Name as It Appears on the Card Billing Address if Different from Shipping Address:

Prospecting + Fact Finding + Closing = The MDRT equation for success.

This DVD features producers sharing their secrets of success consisting of prospecting, fact finding and closing techniques. Featured: Ian James Green, Brian D. Heckert, C hFC , Laurie A. Lefa, CLTC , Paul R. Maynor, CFP, CASL , Bryson Milley, BA , CFP and Sandra Saksena

( M 5 52 0 ) USD 100 / MDRT USD 75 13 . M D R T M A R k E T I N G & PR O M OT I O N S : A R O U N D TA B l E D I S C U S S I O N


Prospecting + Fact Finding + Closing =

The MDRT equation for success.

This DVD features producers sharing their secrets of success. Learn the formula for success in prospecting, fact finding and closing.

Features MDRT Experts:

Prospecting + Fact Finding + Closing =

A 12 N A M E FO R I M PR I N T E D I T E M S ( A l lOW 6 ­ 8 W E E kS FO R D E l I v E RY ) : Type or print in this box exactly the way you want your order to be imprinted. Type will be set exactly as it appears below. The membership status for the year indicated on the order form will appear on your plaque or certificate.

Marketing & Promotions:

A Round Table Discussion

Four MDRT experts each explain their unique strategies toward marketing and promoting their businesses in a round table discussion. Features: Jennifer A. Borislow, CLU , Brad Elman, CLU , Marc A. Silverman, CLU , C h FC and Alphonso B. Franco, RHU , RFC

( M 5 515 ) USD 100 / MDRT USD 75

Marketing & Promotions: A Round Table Discussion

Marketing & Promotions: A Round Table Discussion

Learn the million-dollar techniques to marketing and promoting your business.

In this newest edition of the Round Table Discussion series, four MDRT experts each explain their unique strategies toward marketing and promoting their businesses to clients, and creating brand recognition in their target markets. Features MDRT Experts:

A 13


Learn the million-dollar techniques to marketing and promoting your business.

S I G N AT U R E All orders accepted on a pre-paid basis only. Payments accepted in United States currency only. Allow three weeks for delivery inside the United States of America.

Million Dollar Round Table: Books & Multimedia 2008 | 1.800.TRY.MDRT |

To place an order, you can:


Million Dollar Round Table, 325 West Touhy Avenue, Park Ridge, IL 60 0 68-4265 USA




1.80 0.TRY.MDRT or 1.847.692.6378


Use your member ID to log in at and place your order online.

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