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You have been placed in an External Rotation Ultrasling (shoulder abduction sling). It is intended to immobilize and support your arm in a position so your shoulder is rotated with your arm away from your body. The brace consists of a sling, a harness and an abduction pillow to support your arm and shoulder in the desired position. Putting the brace on: 1. The pillow should be placed against your body with the half round contour against your side. The pillow should be centered on the side of your body so your shoulder is not too far forward or too far back. 2. Your elbow should be back as far as possible in the sling. 3. A plastic buckle attaches in the front of the pillow and should be snug around your waist. 4. The shoulder strap attaches to the opposite shoulder and the pad should be positioned over the opposite shoulder for comfort. 5. The white line on the top of the pillow should be parallel to your body ­ this will insure that your shoulder is positioned out as it should be. 6. There is a thumb loop at the end of the sling that prevents your arm from slipping forward out of the sling. Use it only if comfortable.

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