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The following information has been obtained from records which are open to public inspection during normal business hours. While every precaution to maintain accuracy is observed, the records themselves should be consulted before any action is taken pursuant to information contained herein. These are only charges that were made against the following named persons and are not the final depositions of the person. The Rankin County News publication assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions.

RANKIN COUNTY JAIL DOCKET Helen Larose Bailey, w/f, 22, domestic violence Stephen Douglas Barker, w/m, 41, grand larceny Michael Shannon Bates, w/m, 37, DUI: first offense Jason Earl Berry, b/m, 30, failure to appear Matthew Lynn Bethany, w/m, 25, driving while license suspended/revoked, controlled substance/violation Shawn Dustin Bratcher, w/m, 20, burglary - vehicle, train, boat or building other than dwelling Helewee Mikayla Brown, b/f, 26, court order Joshua David Brown, w/m, 24, false pretenses 2x Joshua David Brown, w/m, 24, issuance of fugitive warrant Linton Kieron Brown, b/m, 19, failure to appear 2x Robert E. Brown, w/m, 50, DUI: first offense Hilda Sue Burchfield, w/f, 44, DUI: first offense, careless driving Murphy Cornikus Burnett, b/m, 32, failure to appear Paul Stanley Burrage Jr., b/m, 27, DUI: first offense, possession of marijuana (less than an ounce) Robert Christopher Bush, w/m, 28, DUI: first offense Ashley Danielle Cantrell, w/f, 19, burglary - vehicle, train, boat or building other than dwelling Joseph Andrew Carter, w/m, 23, general ordinance Lauren Renee Cauthen, w/f, 31, drunkenness or profanity in public place, simple assault, disorderly conduct Arturo Cerda, w/m, 34, money laundering Emanuel Christon, b/m, 26, grand larceny Robert Esso Cittadino, w/m, 26, grand larceny Gary Coulter, w/m, 40, DUI: first offense Powell Glen Craft, w/m, 44, controlled substance - violations Michael A. Crick, w/m, 37, DUI: second offense, driving while license suspended/revoked, general ordinance Robin Evam Daniels, w/m, 48, administrative probation/parole Bradford Alan Davis, w/m, 31, felonious abuse and/or battery of a child, controlled substance - violations, possession alcohol in dry county, domestic violence Randilyn Murphy Davis, w/f, 51, DUI: first offense Brian Jacob Delorme, w/m, 28, grand larceny Misty Dilmore, w/f, 32, possession paraphernalia, controlled substance violations Charles David Dobbins Jr., w/m, 47, domestic violence, resisting/obstructing arrest, simple assault, disorderly conduct Teresa Ann Dubaz, w/f, 55, DUI: first offense, driving while license suspended/revoked, failure to use vehicle lights/lamps Justin Edward Dunn, w/m, 18, DUI: first offense, reckless driving, failure to use seatbelt, distance between vehicles improperly maintained Ricky Lee Dunn, w/m, 21, DUI: first offense, driving while license suspended/revoked, reckless driving, failure to yield to right-of-way sign(al), failure to use seatbelt, general ordinance Charlene Renee Elliot, w/f, 28, public intoxication Jason Mitchell Evans, w/m, 25, general ordinance John S. Ferguson, w/m, 42, malicious mischief Leslie Anne Fischer, w/f, 23, simple assault Terry Wayne Foster Jr., w/m, 24, possession of marijuana (less than an ounce), controlled substance - violations 2x Billy Ray Frazier III, w/m, 22, conspiracy Marty Wade Fuller, w/m, 38, contempt of court, failure to appear William Michael Gallagher, w/m, 41, driving without a license/expired drivers license, disorderly conduct Mark Wade Giamportone, w/m, 39, DUI: first offense Kristen Laci Gibson, w/f, 36, contempt of court Benjamin James Groce, w/m, 30, possession of marijuana (less than an ounce), possession paraphernalia Jill Ethleen Hall, w/f, 23, misdemeanor shoplifting Randal W. Henry, w/m, 39, failure to pay fine

Adrian Bernard Hilliard, b/m, 44, contempt of court, failure to pay fine, embezzlement Purvis Larell Howell, b/m, 35, failure to pay fine Adrian M. Jackson, b/m, 28, contempt of court Jamie D. Jenkins, b/m, 23, receiving stolen property Jason Brock Jenkins, w/m, 33, grand larceny Stephen Darryl Jenkins, w/m, 27, domestic violence William Sam Johnston III, w/m, 32, possession of a controlled substance III, IV or V Dexter Leon Jules, b/m, 36, DUI: first offense, improper/expired vehicle inspection sticker Van Robinson Kersh Jr., w/m, 43, DUI: second offense Sabrina Hermine Lee, w/f, 25, DUI: first offense, careless driving Talanda Renee Limbo, b/f, 32, issuance of fugitive warrant Charles Shawn Lucroy, w/m, 36, DUI: second offense Terry Levelle Magee Jr., w/m, 44, murder, capital kidnapping David Eugene Mangum, w/m, 22, domestic violence Eumeka Keiyona Martin, b/f, 30, contempt of court (municipal), driving without a license/expired drivers license, no proof of insurance Nichole Amy May, w/f, 37, DUI: first offense Kenith Lance McKinley, w/m, 24, contempt of court Christopher Lawrence McLain, b/m, 27, controlled substance/violation Dennis Terrell McLaurin, b/m, 31, burglary - dwelling Justin Maurice Miller, b/m, 29, administrative probation/parole Jodi E. Mitchell, w/f, 38, DUI: first offense, careless driving Tony L. Morgan, b/m, 36, DUI: first offense, traveling in excess of posted speed limit, driving without a license/ expired drivers license Charles Ray Morris, b/m 26, conspiracy George William Moulder, w/m, 53, false pretenses Willie Lee Newell, b/m, 48, DUI: first offense, driving while license suspended/revoked, possession of marijuana (less than an ounce), stalking Dolen Claudie Odom Jr., w/m, 37, contempt of court Juan Patishtan, u/m, 34, DUI: second offense, no proof of insurance, driving without a license/expired drivers license Cynthia Burton Patrick, b/f, 48, fleeing pursuit marked police car, simple assault, no vehicle tag, disorderly conduct Arlandis Devorn Powell, b/m, 34, driving while license suspended/revoked Robert William Presley, w/m, 21, simple assault Robert A. Pugh, w/m, 30, DUI: second offense Andrew M. Quinn, w/m, 28, leaving scene of accident involving only vehicular, DUI: first offense, possession paraphernalia Tari Antwaun Rasberry, b/m, 33, driving while license suspended/revoked, receiving stolen property Billy James Reynolds, b/m, 22, controlled substance - violations Charles Ethel Rhodes, w/m, 48, DUI: third/subsequent offense Eddie Louis Rideout, b/m, 46, possession of marijuana (less than an ounce) Daniel Lewis Rippy, b/m, 24, accessory before the fact, grand larceny Joda F. Sanford, w/m, 38, contempt of court Janice Laverne Scott, b/f, 49, felony shoplifting Michael Daniel Shader, w/m, 27, courtesy hold Dixie Lou Shurden, w/f, 57, possession paraphernalia, controlled substance violations Johnnie Otis Slater, b/m, 57, disobedience of traffic signal/control device, improper passing of vehicle in same direction Jonathon Mitchell Smith, w/m, 31, court order Laura Snell, w/f, 24, false pretenses JP Stapleton, b/m, 49, DUI: first offense, no proof of insurance Zachary Grant Statum, w/m, 21, controlled substance/prescription: acquired by fraud Jessica S. Stewart, w/f, 21, DUI: first offense, careless driving Gregory Maurice Stiff, b/m, 39, DUI: first offense, driving without a license/expired drivers license, failure to use seatbelt

Richard Degnlo-Trent Stiff, b/m, 40, failure to appear Christina Sullivan, w/f, 46, conspiracy, unlawful officer to furnish weapon/ contraband, sale possession or use of controlled substance correctional facility Jamie Ladell Sullivan, w/m, 34, embezzlement Gilbert Sykes IV, b/m, 32, contempt of court Joseph Donavon Tharpe, b/m, 24, receiving stolen property Jerron Sidney Thomas, b/m, 25, DUI: first offense, speeding Michael Edward Thomas, b/m, 21, trespassing Richard I. Thomas, b/m, 22, controlled substance - violations Undre Thompson, b/m, 20, careless driving, driving without a license/ expired drivers license, general ordinance, DUI: first offense, failure to appear Christopher Lionel Tillery, b/m, 27, conspiracy, unlawful officer to furnish weapon/contraband, sale possession or use of controlled substance correctional facility Iris Tramain Todd, w/f, 43, embezzlement Jermall A. Townsend, b/m, 21, controlled substance - violations Willie Andrew Trigg, b/m, 34, contempt of court Tammy M. Trogdon, w/f, 51, courtesy hold Alex K. Turlington, w/m, 22, possession paraphernalia Norvell L. Watts, b/m, 30, driving while license suspended/revoked, possession marijuana - over 1 ounce, under 1 kilo, improper vehicle equipment Andrew Nicholas Webb, w/m, 22, controlled substance - violations, contempt in municipal court Wallace Wayne Whatley, w/m, 55, controlled substance: sale/distribute/manufacture/possess w/intent, controlled substance - violations, possession of weapon by convicted felon Sarah M. Williams, w/f, 35, driving while license suspended/revoked, no proof of insurance, traveling in excess of maximum speed (65/70) Jessica Nicole Wright, w/f, 21, embezzlement RANKIN COUNTY CHANCERY COURT William David Hardin vs Shelly Rideout Hardin; divorce Shauna A. Johnson vs Dedrick Johnson; divorce Leslie Ann Staples vs Robert Scott Staples; divorce Bettina Jackson vs James S. Jackson II; commitment/d & a Amanda L. Ketcham and Kevin G. Ketcham; divorce/joint Megan Marie Shores vs John Nathan Shores; divorce Mitzi R. Nelson vs Michael C. Nelson; commitment/d & a Mike Crawford vs Kenny Bradley; commitment/d & a Gregory Kyle Bullock and Brittany Lee Bullock; divorce/joint Dawna Norris vs Kelly Lee Norris; divorce Christopher L. Harris and Caitlin Cheyenne Harris; divorce/joint Christina D. Page vs Johnny Michael Page; divorce Heather Nelson vs Jeffrey Nelson; divorce Ernestine Breazeale Barnes; estate Ervin Taylor vs Lashanda Walker Taylor; tro Lorena Luna vs Terry Luna; tro Suella Brack Soto vs David Ronald Soto; divorce Crystal Gayle Lord vs Matthew Clayton Lord; divorce George Edward Barnes Sr.; estate Lacey Nicole Morrison Hobkirk and Robert Christopher Hobkirk; divorce/ joint Henry Jones vs Virginia Jones; divorce Tina Bruister vs John E. Phillips; commitment Dallas Linton Sr. and Lois Ann Linton; divorce/joint Tracye Celeste Bland Clair vs Keith Channing Clair; divorce/joint Diana J. Thomson Rine and Nathan Jay Rine; divorce/joint Barry Ray Walton vs Daphne Deshea Walton; divorce Casidee Lieana Westbrook; guardianship Malinda C. Lewis vs Kandis Elexis Lewis; commitment/mental Shirley J. Evans vs Tammy Lofton; commitment/mental Cassandra Lee Kestner Hall and Nicholas Ryan Hall; divorce/joint Brian Eugene Maske and Rachel Henson Maske; divorce/joint Milton S. Young vs Roy Lynn Mitchell; commitment/mental Cynthia Jo Russell and Charles Russell; divorce/joint Margaret B. Offenhiser; estate Jane Kelly Howard; name change Angela M. Davis and Brian G. Davis; divorce/joint Donna Rader and Joseph Rader; divorce/joint Augustin Shiloh Hernandez vs Cindy Burkes Hernandez; divorce Wendy Morris vs Daniel Morris; divorce Tavit Abbott and Nell Abbott; divorce/ joint Bobbie A. White vs Larry M. Herrington; commitment/mental Brandi Bennett Evans vs Steven Drew Evans; divorce Wendy Bell; guardianship Myrtle Irby vs Transamerica Occidental Life, Transamerica Insurance and, Paul Revere Life Insurance Co., Paul Revere Variable Annuity, and Estate of Henry Irby deceased; other Successor to U.S. Bank N vs R V K Enterprises Inc. and Kiran Patel, an individual; injunction RANKIN COUNTY CIRCUIT COURT Neva Rome Schexnayder vs Northrop Grumman Ship Systems Carolyn Leslie Knight vs Phillip Bruce Knight Jereamie M. Cook vs MS Highway Safety Patrol James L. McClain Jr. vs A.W. Chesterton, Inc. RANKIN COUNTY COUNTY COURT Central MS Credit Corp. vs Raymond King Central MS Credit Corp. vs Angela Luke Central MS Credit Corp. vs Kenzy West Central MS Credit Corp. vs Richard Lyons Central MS Credit Corp. vs Lawanda Noble Hi Teck Fire Sprinklers Inc. vs Belk Construction Corporation Service Printers Inc. vs True Exposures Publishing Inc. Midland Funding LLC vs Tracy Ainsworth Farmers Insurance Exchange vs Christopher Hodges International Portfolio Inc. vs Ronnie

W. Wilburn Harvest Credit Management VII vs Alice S. Milner International Portfolio Inc. vs Michael Wallace Midland Funding LLC vs Brenda Norwood State Farm Bank vs Ginger L. Byrd Midland Funding LLC vs Denise Thornton Greystone Equipment Finance vs Trio Medi Spa LLC HSBC Bank Nevada NA vs Linda F. Lester HSBC Bank Nevada NA vs Patricia S. Capps Healthcare Financial Services vs Tiara T. Hodgens Michael Jackson vs J & J Auto Brokers Inc. Omega Credit Inc. vs John A. Gatlin EMC Insurance Companies vs Chris Taylor Gibson Ford Motor Credit Company LLC vs David Little Ford Motor Credit Company LLC vs Wesley Logan Roundup LTD vs Regina Moore Trustmark National Bank vs Latorey K. Fortune Bobby Brown vs Ed Cheshire City of Flowood vs Flowood Town Center LLC The Stone Source Inc. vs John L. Jones d/b/a Jefcoat Fence Co. Inc. vs Howell & Howell Construction Jefcoat Fence Co. Inc. vs Matthew Scott Christian Jefcoat Fence Co. Inc. vs Jorge A. Ayala, individually d/b/a Jefcoat Fence Co. Inc. vs Patrick K. Kelly Jefcoat Fence Co. Inc. vs Kenneth L. Simmons, individually d/b/a State of Mississippi Ex Rel vs One (1) Dodge Pickup Allco Inc. vs Ann Robertson Thomas Penn vs Mississippi State Highway Patrol MARRIAGE APPLICATIONS Philip Keith Bell and Tess Nashawn Collins Brandon Jerrod Barnes and Monique Michelle Hines Michael Anthony Macaluso and Elizabeth Ashley Burns Mitchell Terry Renfroe and Rhonda Bell Jennings Anthony Jamaal Anderson and Melanie Rachel Giambalvo Gregory Scott Lowry and Christian Faith Hudson Brian Christopher Jones and Tessica Cherie Thompson Aaron Blaine Williams and Christi Lynn Westbrook Marcus Wade Devereaux and Heather Michelle Dale BRANDON POLICE DOCKET Wright, Jimmy D., b/m, 32, contempt of court x3 May, Nicole A., w/f, 37, DUI-1st Owens, Leon Derrick, b/m, 22, DWLS, no insurance Brown, Joshua D., w/m, 24, uttering forgery Bethany, Matthew C., w/m, 25, DWLS, possession of controlled substance Kennedy, Joshua Marlon, w/m, 24, DWLS, improper equipment Smith, Matthew J., w/m, 30, DWLS, DUI-2nd, speeding 82/70 Tubbs, Hugh A., w/m, 30, DWLS, speeding, no insurance, no seatbelt Osborne, Christopher L., b/m, 26, sexual battery Jackson, Willie D., b/m, 47, contempt of court PEARL ARREST DOCKET Marty W. Fuller, 38, w/m, contempt of court Juan Patishton, 34, h/m, no insurance, no driver license, dui David A. Linzinyer, 44, w/m, dui, improper equipment Jennifer Lewison, 33, w/f, contempt of court warrant Randi Evon Nocan, 27, w/f, contempt of court Frankie Deonn, 29, b/f, contempt of court James M. Drew, 47, w/m, simple assault Alexis Morazon, 46, h/m, violation of traffic ordinances Antonio T. Everett, 26, b/m, dui, improper equipment, driving with license suspended Oscar G. Jimenez, 23, h/m, dui, careless driving, no driver license, no insurance Chris Gatlin, 25, b/m, motor vehicle liability, driving with license warrants James Rector, 22, w/m, contempt of court Armando M. Rodriguez, 22, h/m, dui, no driver license, no insurance, improper lane usage Gregory Ryan Puckett, 20, w/m, dui, improper equipment Billie Marie Smith, 38, w/f, domestic assault, disorderly conduct Christian Hawkins, 19, w/f, domestic assault Charles Hawkins, 47, w/m, domestic assault Amanda L. Fisher, 27, w/f, shoplifting Bryan Owens, 30, w/m, seat belt violation, driving with license suspended, motor vehicle liability, prescription fraud Brittany Brown, 21, b/f, contempt of court

Valerie L. Bryant, 29, w/f, warrant Steven Sessions, 28, w/m, public drunk Toccana K. Watts, 28, b/f, driving with license suspended FLOWOOD POLICE DOCKET Beech, Dillon Kandall, w/m, 20, shoplifting under $500 Frentzel, Deana D., w/f, 24, no insurance, no tag Ngai, Fai Kam, w/m, 30, careless driving, DUI-1st Tingle, Deven Keith, w/m, 19, possession of paraphernalia Wright, Jessica N., w/f, 21, embezzlement over $500 Cauthren, Lauren Renee, w/f, 21, public drunk, simple assault, disobeying a police officer Martin, Eumeka Delyona, b/f, 31, no driver's license, contempt of court x2 Pollard, Crystal, Denise, w/f, 24, no insurance, Powers, James A., w/m, 33, seatbelt violation Thomas, Edward Michael, b/m, 32, trespassing Wallace, Joseph Michael, w/m, 19, possession of marijuana in motor vehicle, contributing to the delinquency of a minor x2 Webb, Jordan Nicole, w/f, 19, shoplifting under $500 Cooper, Ryan Christopher, b/m, 33, possession of paraphernalia Gaterman, Breanna D., w/f, 19, shoplifting under $500 McLain, Christopher L., b/m, 27, possession of schedule I CS Patrick, Cynthia Burton, b/f, 47, disobeying a police officer, expired tag, fleeing or eluding law enforcement, simple assault Speaks, Thomas Edward, w/m, 51, wanted person Bowie, Juwan Lamar, b/m, 27, disobeying a police officer Cork, Joe Levon, b/m, 44, possession of paraphernalia Hudson, Yolanda Denise, b/f 44, DWLS, expired tag Tarr, Michael Andrew, DWLS, no insurance, improper equipment Velasco, Juan Alonzo, H/m, 19, leaving the scene of an accident Castro, Frank Escobar, H/m, 39, sale of schedule II CS, conspiracy to commit felony Gains, Martha Alice, w/f, 43, shoplifting under $500 Gatlin, Kristopher D., b/m, 25, possession of paraphernalia, possession of schedule III CS Greenwood, Shamyra D., b/f, 19, seatbelt violation, no driver's license Nicholson, Angela Garriga, w/f, 39, sale of schedule II CS, conspiracy to commit felony Noiasco, Jose Miguel Torres, H/m, 41, conspiracy to commit felony Washington, Jeffery Dean, b/m, 41, DUI-1st RICHLAND ARREST DOCKET Undre Thompson, 25, b/m, careless driving, no driver license, open container, dui, and failure to appear John S. Ferguson, 42, w/m, malicious mischief

FLORENCE POLICE DOCKET Teresa A. Dubaz w/f/51 DUI other substance (1st), Driving while license suspended, Driving without headlights Paul L. Davis Jr. w/m/ 31 Driving while license suspended (FTA), Careless driving, Open container Thomas C. Brannum w/f/38 Driving while license suspended, No insurance William T. Weathersby w/m/22 Warrant, Driving while license suspended, No seatbelt PELAHATCHIE POLICE DOCKET Wesley, Brunson, w/m, 26, ran stop sign Harris, Gwendolyn, b/f, 50, expired tag, no proof of insurance Johnson, Jason, w/m, 33, seatbelt violation, child restraint violation Johnson, Georgia, w/f, 21, expired tag Roberson, Sarah, w/f, 24, disregard for traffic device Wilson, Tabtha, w/f, 21, improper equipment Vargas, Orlando, O/m, 20, no proof of insurance Traxler, William, 28, no proof of insurance, careless driving, improper equipment Goss, William, w/m, 27, expired driver's license Battle, Neeva, b/f, 21, no driver's license Massey, Gary, w/m, 38, seatbelt violation Davis, William Q., w/m, 20, disregard for traffic device Ormoad, Vanessa, b/f, 33, DWLS Ward, Jeremy F., b/m, 20, careless driving, possession of paraphernalia, possession of alcohol, public drunk Moore, Gina, w/f, 43, public drunk, parking in handicap zone, open container

FIRST PLACE IN READING - Zachery Lee Irby, third grader at Pisgah Elementary, is shown holding his first place ribbon for participating in the school reading fair. Zachery's reading fair board advanced on to the county where he placed second. Zachery is the son of Paul and Lynn Irby of Morton.

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