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Best of Blues Guitar


333 Book

by Mike Ihde. Multiple Levels. Ever wished you could learn practically every lead style, cool tricks, great sounding licks that you'll actually use, all the chord scale rules, all the chords you'd ever need and much, much more in one book? Well, wish no more! Berklee faculty member Mike Ihde has put all this and more into his latest publication.

Book+DVD (9780615208589) $34.95 ISBN 13: 9780615208589

by Fred Sokolow. Beginning-Intermediate. A must for any contemporary blues guitarists. Contains 12 great "down home" blues solos, each inspired by an original blues guitar giant like Blind Lemon Jefferson on Robert Johnson. Each solo contain comments about the styles and trademark lick of the blues legends.

Book (94138) $9.95 ISBN 13: 9780871662811

Bottleneck Blues Guitar

taught by Stefan Grossman. Beginning-Intermediate. As part of Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop Audio Series this comprehensive and thorough collection of fingerpicking guitar lessons contains invaluable tips and instruction implemented throughout the arrangements in this book. The three audio CDs give 3 full hours of note-by-note, phrase-by-phrase instruction. Lesson One: Open G tuning, bottleneck/slide techniques, open D tuning, licks in open tunings.

Book/CD Set (20493BCD) $24.95 ISBN 13: 9780786670987

Bob Brozman In Concert

by Bob Brozman. Intermediate. Bob Brozman is one of those rare artists whose exceptional wit, music, energy and depth of knowledge combine powerfully to create an unforgettable, truly live concert. A master of blues, slide, hot jazz, Hawaiian and Caribbean guitar styles, Bob has a fast-paced, wide-ranging show that keeps audiences worldwide on the edge of their seats laughing, marveling and participating in his infectious rhythms. His mainstay is the novel mixing of American and world music styles in completely new ways, as his slide guitar explores the musical frontiers between the first and third worlds.

DVD (13047DVD) $24.95 UPC: 011671304793

Bluegrass and Country Blues Guitar

by David Essig. Intermediate-Advanced. A study of David Essig's many styles of roots guitar for the intermediate/advanced guitarist. In this intimate lesson with David Essig, while learning 4 songs, you will learn about the following: bluegrass style flatpicking and walking bass lines, Lester Flatt chord voicings, open G tuning and open D tuning, david's slide guitar, DADGAD tuning basic chords and more, roll patterns, travis picking with thumbpick and fingers, single string (bass) thumping, and much more!

DVD (DEDVD01) $29.95 UPC: 306196040999

Americana Acoustic Guitar Styles

by Mark Stuart. Beginning-Intermediate. Americana Acoustic Guitar is a great lesson for the guitarist who wants to spice up his/her playing with some new idea on backing themselves or other singers. Mark Stuart is master at this style of playing and is known Internationally as one of the great sidemen. He's a good teacher, too!

DVD (MSDVD02) $29.95 UPC: 306196080490

Bottleneck Blues Guitar

taught by Stefan Grossman. Intermediate. This 82 minute DVD is a MUST for anyone interested in bottleneck blues guitar. It is a complete survey of country blues bottleneck styles and techniques featuring rare footage of Son House, Fred McDowell, Mance Lipscomb and Bukka White. Left-hand playing techniques are discussed as well as choice of bottleneck/slide.

DVD (GW902DVD) $29.95 UPC: 796279093156

Emmanuel Labor

by Tommy Emmanuel. Advanced. Emmanuel Labor provides a personal, one-on-one setting in which not only music aficionados can enjoy performances of some of Tommy's bestloved tunes, but also offers guitar players instruction by one of the world's best. Tommy Emmanuel, fingerstyle master and performer, shares his personal insight and technique to sixteen tunes. Pieces shown include cuts from his albums Only, Endless Road and The Mystery.

DVD (21726DVD) $34.95 UPC: 796279108874

Anyone Can Play Bottleneck Blues Guitar

taught by James Van Nuys. Beginning. This course is designed for the beginning slide guitar player but will also help an intermediate player develop bottleneck technique. You will learn standard and alternate tunings, reading slide tablature, basic left- and right-hand technique, and classic bottleneck blues riffs.

DVD (95441DVD) $14.95 UPC: 796279084499

Blues Classics for Acoustic Guitar

by Steven Zdenek Eckels. Multiple Levels. A sparkling collection of 12 classic American blues songs arranged for solo fingerstyle guitar. All arrangements are in notation and tablature and convey the exciting yet earthy moods found in this popular genre. Audio is available as a FREE download.

Book (95273) $12.95 ISBN 13: 9780786602544

Bottleneck Slide Guitar

taught by Fred Sokolow. Beginning-Intermediate. Nothing sounds as bluesy as a slide guitar, and this DVD shows how it's done on electric and acoustic, as a soloist or with a group. Using classic blues tunes Little Red Rooster; Sittin' on Top of the World; Reconsider Baby; The Sky Is Crying; Farther On Up The Road; and One Way Out, Fred Sokolow shows you how to play and improvise slide in the styles of some of the greatest bluesman: Muddy Waters, Elmore James, Mississippi Fred McDowell, and Duane Allman. Fred offers instruction in: 1)Solos, backup licks, turnarounds and fills in three tunings - open G, open D and standard.

DVD (GW409DVD) $29.95 UPC: 796279092814

Fingerstyle & Slide Guitar in Open Tunings

taught by John Fahey. Intermediate. John Fahey was a pioneer in composing and arranging guitar solos in open tunings. In this lesson series for the intermediate guitarist, John teaches a wide variety of techniques, musical textures and styles. The book includes the notation and tablature for the lessons plus 3 compact discs featuring phrase-by-phrase instruction.

Book/CD Set (99801BCD) $24.95 ISBN 13: 9780786662074

Blues Guitar Ballads & Songs of the Songbook by Jerry Silverman. Civil War for Guitar Beginning-Intermediate.

by Jerry Silverman. Beginning-Intermediate. This comprehensive and historically significant collection captures the hope and tragedy of the Civil War era with period photographs and lithographs. Includes guitar/vocal and guitar solo arrangements of 38 favorite songs of the period. Songs are classified by subject matter: The Union, the Confederacy, Lincoln, universal sentiments, soldier's songs, battles, Negro spirituals & abolitionist songs, the lighter side, and post-bellum.

Book (96292) $19.95 ISBN 13: 9780786624546

This is a great resource for the guitarist interested in blues. Jerry Silverman has picked out 31 all time favorite blues classics. Each songs is presented in two ways: First with the melody line, lyrics and chords and with a written fingerpicking accompaniment part; secondly as a fingerpicking blues guitar solo in notation and tablature.

Book (95064) $19.95 ISBN 13: 9780786600359

Bottleneck/Slide Guitar

by Fred Sokolow. Beginning-Intermediate. As part of Stefan Grossman's innovative Guitar Workshop Audio Series, this comprehensive lesson contains invaluable tips and notes for playing bottleneck/slide guitar. Lesson One presents open G and A tunings while Lesson Two contains D and E tunings. Lesson Three winds up the progressions and solos in standard tuning.

Book/CD Set (98513BCD) $24.95 ISBN 13: 9780786650224

Fingerstyle Blues with Rick Fines

by Rick Fines. In this 75 minute lesson, Rick Starts with his 'thumb driven' style of fingerstyle blues and slowly builds, adding new licks and techniques throughout the lesson. Rick's teaching is clear and concise and allows the student to begin playing from start of the lesson and to grow as a player in a methodical, fun process.

DVD (RFDVD01) $29.95 UPC: 306196080391


Amos Garrett Stringbending: A Master Class

taught by Amos Garrett. Intermediate-Advanced. Since Maria Muldaur's hit song "Midnight at the Oasis" Amos Garrett has been acknowledged as the most innovative stringbending guitarist in the world. Amos walks you through his version of "Sleepwalk" illustrating his unique approach to the guitar. You'll never look at your guitar in the same light after the ultimate Amos Garrett lesson.

DVD (AGDVD01) $29.95 UPC: 306196060690

Guitar Playing Hawaiian Style

by Ozzie Kotani with Dennis Ladd. Beginning. Written by a master of Hawaiian slack-key guitar, this text teaches the history, tunings, and other techniques found in slack-key guitar music. Because of the altered tunings in slack-key guitar music, all of the examples and exercises in this text have been written in tab only. Topics discussed are: right and left hand technique, alternating bass, slides, pull-offs, hammering, harmonics, and other slack-key related topics.

Book/CD Set (99263BCD) $24.95 ISBN 13: 9780786658930

Hindustani Slide Indian Classical Guitar

by Debashish Bhattacharya. Multiple Levels. North India's classical music, often called Hindustani in distinction from Southern India's Karnatak classical music, is one of the world's richest musical traditions. Its highly developed system of melody (raga) and rhythm (tala) provides a framework for breathtaking improvisatory flights in the hands of such masters as sitarist Ravi Shankar and sarodist Ali Akbar Khan.

DVD (13031DVD) $24.95 UPC: 011671303192

Lap-Style Slide In C Tuning With Steve Dawson

taught by Steve Dawson. Intermediate. Let Steve introduce you to his amazing world of Lap Style Slide Guitar in C tuning (CGCGCD) in this easily accessible lesson for the intermediate slide player. "Steve has evolved into a musical chameleon, whether appearing with his group Zubot and Dawson, the avant-folk quartet The Great Uncles of the Revolution or blues legend Jim Byrnes, and now, he proves he's a great teacher too!" In this lesson, Steve focuses on his specialized style of playing lap-style slide in open C tuning.

DVD (SDDVD01) $29.95 UPC: 306196060492


Getting Into Slide Guitar

by Steve Dawson. Beginning-Intermediate. Getting into Slide Guitar covers slide for acoustic or electric guitar and focuses on open-G tuning. The book explains the concepts of technique, basic theory, improvising, harmonic and melodic concepts and provides many essential examples. Most of the context for the book is blues-based, but the ideas and examples are applicable to all styles.

Book/CD Set (20200BCD) $19.95 ISBN 13: 9780786668014

A Guitarist's Treasury of Songs

by Jerry Silverman. Beginning-Intermediate. This huge collection of traditional and folk tunes includes song catergories such as love songs, songs of the sea, fun songs, train songs, sentimental songs, and songs based on historic events. Written in simple leadsheet format with complete lyrics and chord symbols, this collection is perfect for gatherings around the campfire or as a general sourcebook. Author/compiler Jerry Silverman contributes program notes for the more obscure tunes in this exhaustive anthology of American song.

Book (95489) $39.95 ISBN 13: 9780786605552

Ledward Kaapana & Bob Brozman in Concert

by Ledward Kaapana and Bob Brozman. This concert video includes Hawaiian slack key guitar (ki ho'alu) master Ledward Kaapana performing solo on many instruments (including: 6-string, autoharp and ukulele), Led is then joined by National Steel guitar king Bob Brozman. Together the two perform songs ranging from Hawaiian standards to slack key favorites. Led's full-bodied fingerpicking covers the melody and rhythm while Bob's amazing slide work (he plays a National, Koa wood Weissenborn acoustic steel and ukulele), provides the textural accents and coloration his instrument has traditionally provided in Hawaiian music.

DVD (13074DVD) $24.95 UPC: 796279094665

Learn to Play Bottleneck Guitar

by Fred Sokolow. Beginning. A popular and easy to understand book which teaches and explores the many aspects of bottleneck/slide guitar techniques developed nearly a century ago and made famous through the recordings of legendary blues greats like Robert Johnson, Mississippi Fred McDowell and Muddy Waters. Much of the book is dedicated to teaching you how to use these assorted techniques to make original improvised solos. You will learn to play bottleneck guitar in open D tuning, open E tuning, open A tuning, and standard tuning.

Book/CD Set (94571BCD) $19.95 ISBN 13: 9780786627462

Guitar Lesson with David Bromberg

taught by David Bromberg. Intermediate. In this intimate DVD lesson, David presents some of his most popular arrangements. They vary from the folk blues Delia to the popular gospel song Just A Closer Walk with Thee to Bob Dylan's It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry to Jerry Jeff Walker's Mr. Bojangles (featuring David's famous guitar solo).

DVD (GW992DVD) $29.95 UPC: 796279109031

Hawaiian Lap Style Slide Guitar with Steve Dawson

by Steve Dawson. Intermediate. Let Steve introduce to you his style of contemporary Hawaiian slide guitar. Learn 3 complete songs while also learning the basics of Hawaiian style slide in this easy to understand lesson for the intermediate player. In this lesson, Steve focuses on teaching Hawaiian lap style techniques in G tuning.

DVD (SDDVD02) $29.95 UPC: 306196070392

Ki Ho' Alu That's Slack Key Guitar

by Susan Friedman. Featuring: Raymond Kane; Sonny Chillingworth; Ledward Kaapana; Leonard Kwan; Haunani Apoliona; Diana Aki; and George Kahamoku, Jr. This compelling look at Hawaiian slack-key guitar unveils a cultural richness that is uniquely Hawaiian. The story is told not by a narrator but by the artists telling their stories in their own words so that the spirit and feeling of the Hawaiian people emerge.

DVD (13039DVD) $24.95 ISBN 13: 9781884691942

Learn to Play Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar

by Mark Nelson and Keola Beamer. Beginning-Intermediate. Hawaiian slack key guitar (Ki Ho'alu) is one of the world's great acoustic guitar traditions. This tradition includes virtuoso guitar pieces, but the majority of songs played slack key are classic Hawaiian melodies either played as instrumentals or as accompaniment to vocals with instrumental breaks between the verses. The term "slack key" does not refer to a type of guitar, but rather to any guitar played in the slack key style, that is, in alternate tunings with "slacked" strings and fingerstyle technique.

Book/CD Set (96695BCD) $24.95 ISBN 13: 9780786641093

The Guitar of Blind Willie McTell

taught by Ernie Hawkins. Beginning. Blind Willie McTell, a legendary musical genius, recorded from 1927, when he established his reputation with the transcendent Statesboro Blues all the way into the 1950's. McTell is known for his unique swift clean fingerpicking style on his old Stella 12-string guitar. This was perfectly suited for his blues, rags and haunting vocals.

DVD (GW805DVD) $29.95 UPC: 796279092999

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Legends of Bottleneck Blues Guitar

featuring Son House, Fred McDowell, Mance Lipscomb, Johnny Shines, Furry Lewis, and Jesse Fuller. This video presents rare and historical recordings from 1965 to 1970 of some of the greatest exponents of bottleneck blues technique. Black bottleneck guitar styles were probably initially inspired by lap-style Hawaiian slide guitar which enjoyed immense popularity shortly after its inception in the mid-1890s. By 1903, it was already in vogue in Mississippi (and probably elsewhere) according to testimony from W. C. Handy, Gus Cannon, and others.

DVD (13002DVD) $24.95 ISBN 13: 9781579409586

Slide Guitar In Standard Tuning

taught by Sam Hurrie. Intermediate. Here's some of what you will learn: damping techniques, pentatonic licks for slide guitar, right hand techniques, movable slide patterns played around basic bar chord shapes, mixing rhythm and lead playing for slide guitar, turnarounds, famous opentuning licks moved to standard tuning, country blues licks, slow blues, and lots of fun, jamming licks!

DVD (SHDVD01) $29.95 UPC: 306196040197

Travis Picking Hillbilly Fingerstyle Guitar

taught by Paul Pigat. Intermediate-Advanced. Let Paul Pigat (aka Cousin Harley) take you on a fun, easily accessible lesson through the techniques of Hillbilly Fingerstyle incorporating the styles of Merle Travis, Chet Atkins, Scotty Moore and Lenny Breau. This lesson is for the intermediate/advanced player. Paul Pigat is not only a great player but man, what a fantastic instructor!

DVD (PPDVD02) $29.95 UPC: 306196060799

World of Slide Guitar

by Bob Brozman & Debashish Bhattacharya & Mike Auldridge & Martin Simpson. Intermediate. This DVD reveals a world of sounds - American, Hawaiian, Indian, English - vibrant with emotional nuances conjured by featured artists from a cold piece of steel. The 14 superb performances here demonstrate the slide guitar artistry of Bob Brozman, Debashish Bhattacharya, Mike Auldridge, Martin Simpson, and John Fahey.

DVD (13061DVD) $24.95 ISBN 13: 9781579409906

Slide Guitar Wall Chart

by Fred Sokolow. Beginning. Fullsize wall chart featuring D and G tunings for the Resonator guitar. Each tuning shows chords, scales, and popular licks. Recommended listening is also listed on the chart.

Wall Chart (20166) $8.95 ISBN 13: 9780786667123

Mel Bay's Modern Fingerstyle Guitar Method, Grade 1

by Steve Eckels. Beginning. The Modern Fingerstyle Method gets the student up and playing within the first few pages, it was designed for the absolute beginner with absolutely no experience whatsoever. Students are directed toward reading lines, not notes. Steve Eckels introduces the tools necessary to construct fingerstyle guitar solos.

Book/CD Set (21496BCD) $14.95 ISBN 13: 9780786677580

Ultimate Guitar Techniques: Rock Slide Guitar

by Danny Gill. Intermediate-Advanced. This superb DVD takes an in-depth look at the art of slide guitar from the rockers point of view. Along with licks, scale patterns, open tunings and chord shapes, Danny will guide you through many of the techniques shared by the greats including vibrato, intonation, muting and phrasing. Each idea is played in context with a backing track and then demonstrated slowly with full explanations on the scales and techniques used.

DVD (RDR0133) $19.95 ISBN 13: 5060088821428

You Can Teach Yourself Folk Singing Guitar

by Jerry Silverman. Beginning. An authoritative yet easy-tounderstand method that teaches various strum patterns and song accompaniment styles.

Book (94718) $12.95 ISBN 13: 9781562224233

Stompin' at the SavoyWorld of Slide Guitar Volume 2

by Bob Brozman & Vishwa Mohan Bhatt & Martin Simpson Intermediate. The world of slide guitar offers a vast myriad of styles, techniques and music. The music presented in this video ranges from jazz standards to Indian ragas; from mournful blues to rock standards; from bluegrass to Hawaiian slack key. Five master slide guitarists are presented in this second collection: Bod Brozman, Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Martin Simpson, Mike Auldridge and Martin Simpson.

DVD (13069DVD) $24.95 UPC: 011671306995

Novelty Instrumentals of Rev. Gary Davis

taught by Ernie Hawkins. Intermediate-Advanced. In this lesson Ernie Hawkins teaches three Rev. Davis arrangements that will challenge your fingers. Rev. Gary Davis's tour de force in concert was his "Soldiers March."

DVD (GW984DVD) $29.95 UPC: 796279105521

Understanding Slide Guitar With Doug Cox

taught by Doug Cox. Beginning-Intermediate. Understanding Slide Guitar is the perfect introduction to bottleneck guitar playing for the beginner to intermediate guitar player. Taught in open E tuning, this lesson is long on detailed instruction with utmost clarity giving a basic foundation for further study. The focus of this tape is not on repertoire but rather on how to approach slide guitar from a jammers point of view.

DVD (DCDVD01) $29.95 UPC: 306196040494

Slide Guitar for the Rock Guitarist

by Fred Sokolow. Beginning-Intermediate. This book contains the scales, licks and techniques the lead guitarist needs to play electric slide in any key. Presents many options including several approaches to soloing in four open tunings as well as standard tuning. Sample songs illustrate how to play in the styles of today's slide masters.

Book/CD Set (96186BCD) $14.95 ISBN 13: 9780786623136




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