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A compilation of records by Charles M. Thatcher in the late 1880s

The Middleborough Public Library Middleborough, Massachusetts 1995

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introduction, and list of cemeteries from the original book. The full book, including alphabetical lists of names found within the cemeteries, may be purchased from: The Middleborough Public Library 102 North Main Street, Middleborough, MA 508-946-2470 [email protected]



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Please note that this online document provides only the preface, list of illustrations and table of contents of the book. The full book may be purchased from Middleborough Public Library, or examined at the Library.

PREFACE When I arrived as the new Library Director ten years ago, the "Cemetery Recordsll consisted of the original sheafs of white legal size handwritten manuscript kept in a white box in the vault in Patrons of the Library wishing to consult this treasure my office. were given the original to sift through for its valuable genealogical information. A copy was soon made for the public and the original stored in an acid-free container. Soon after, Mr. William Sullwold, publisher of the Middleboro Histories and other unique publications, suggested to me that it would be a good idea for the "Cemetery Records" to be published by the Library. Janet Griffith, the library genealogist at the time, heartily agreed. So now, many years later, it is time for that "good idea" to become a reality. After two years of hard work and expertise given by the dedicated "Cemetery Records Committee, this unique and useful genealogical resource is now available in very readable form to everyone. Marjorie Library L. Judd Director

iX INTRODUCTION "Old Cemeteries of Southeastern Massachusetts" is 214 cemeteries located in 15 a record of the burials in towns of Plymouth and Bristol Counties, Massachusetts, with over 16,000 listings. up to the mid-19th century, The source of this material is the handwritten manuscript in the late 1800's. Mr. compiled by Charles M. Thatcher an amateur historian and genealogist, was the Thatcher, librarian at the Middleborough Public Library in 1833-1884; he also compiled the so-called "'Thatcher Papers", the genealogies of prominent Middleborough families, and both of these compilations have been valuable sources of information for those wishing to research their family had help in gathering these records histories. Mr. Thatcher but for the most part the manuscript is in his own crabbed, The cemetery sometimes hard to decipher handwriting. manuscripts have been available only to those who visit the Middleborough Library in person, however, and are not With this in generally known outside of the local area. mind and knowing that many persons across the country have their roots in southeastern Massachusetts, it was decided to publish the cemetery records in book form, thus making them readily accessible to people everywhere through their local libraries or historical associations. The format of the records in this book is exactly the same as the format used by Mr. Thatcher and his handwritten text is faithfully reproduced verbatim, the few exceptions to this rule being for the sake of clarity. In the original manuscript the surnames were arranged alphabetically in each cemetery; the rare deviations have been corrected by the editors. Spelling of some surnames not unusual in the eighteenth were found to be inconsistent, and have been left as they were. Where the century, manuscript was illegible the editors referred to the towns' vital records for confirmation of the identity of the person in question. In many cases several names were inscribed on a single stone and were so indicated by Mr. Thatcher by the use of brackets with an explanatory notation; in the book such names are indicated by the use of an asterisk after each name. The reader will discover that in some cases Mr. Thatcher's figures' just don't add up. For instance, one mother aged 75' gave birth to a daughter; in another case a daughter is older than her mother, and had a in still another instance a 10 year old father daughter by his 5 year old wife. Since it is not within the scope of this work to colrrect Mr. Thatcher's notations we let these obviously questionable figures stand. There is also some confusion in the use of the words "his" and "hers", one being used where the other is appropiate, but we let this oversight stand as written arld the tolerant reader will not be led astray when it occurs. We cite these anomalies for the giudance of the researcher and not as criticism of Mr. Thatcher, for his percentage of error is exceeding low. Each Chapter of the book is made up of a single town with its cemeteries listed in the order found in the original manuscript. For the most part, the names of the cemeteries are the same as the names by which they are



known today and much factual information is included that is not to be found in the towns' vital records, such as the cause and place of death, family relationships, etc. The women in this book are either housewives and mothers or spinsters living with relatives; the men are farmers, seafarers and craftsmen with a small elite of the clergy, lawyers and medical men. All lived in the tight little theocracy that was rapidly expanding to become the United States and as we comb through the vital records herein a sense of thetimes emerges -- families losing several children in the space of a week as some childhood disease sweeps them away; young men, sometimes captains of their ships, being lost at sea in far places; a large proportion of young wives dying in childbirth. It is our hope that all who have recourse to these records will profit as much from them as have the editors in their intimate association with them. George March, M. Barden 1995 Jr.

Xi THE CEMETERIES ACUSHNET: Cemetery at Lund's Corner by Congregational the church on the right LONG PLAIN - beyond beyond the church on the left hand street; 3 BERKLEY: Cemetery house. near Myricks on land owned by Mr. Haskins and back of his

page 1

Church. hand side of the side of the street.

5 BRIDGEWATER: Trinity Church Cemetery - north Old cemetery by Unitarian Church; Cemetery near Alden's bridge side of Main St.; Scotland cemetery; Alden or Vernon Street cemetery on Vernon St.; on Titicut St.; Japan cemetery near Jennings Conanttown cemetery on Conant St.; cemetery; Bensontown cemetery on Curve St.; Brook; Mt. Prospect from Nippenicket; Smallpox cemetery Cemetery on Pine St. 3/4 mile Smallpox burials Rufus Wood; on Conant St. near house of the late (unknown). Old cemetery (near the Town House); Probable EAST BIRDGEWATER: Whitman unmarked graves in the Old Cemetery; Thayer cemetery; Hudson tomb on south side of Plymouth cemetery, west of Canada; ELMWOOD cemetery. road; 37 BROCKTON: Old cemetery fair grounds; St. cemetery. CARVER: Cemetery cemetery; at Marshall's Corner, Melrose cemetery; 42 at Carver center; Union cemetery, Cemetery at EAST CARVER; SOUTH CARVER. 54 DUXBURY: Old cemetery First Church Old cemetery; Old cemetery at Unitarian Church; Cemetery (boulder) -- many sites without Cemetery in re'ar of Orthodox at Crooked Lane. Site of at ASHDOD; stones; SOUTH DUXBURY: Church; NORTH DUXBURY: NORTH CARVER COWESET: Old cemetery Pleasant St. cemetery; west of Mulberry

66 FREETOWN: Pierce & Morton cemetery near pipe line R.R. 3/4 mile from Lakeville line; Richmond cemetery between Myricks and Assonet; Cemetery at Braley's station east of R.R.; White cemetery in Freetown on Long Pond about 2 miles from East Freetown; EAST FREETOWN: Pittsley Cemetery between cemetery, between E. Freetown and Bell schoolhouse; Assonet and E. Freetown; Cemetery at E. Freetown; Braley cemetery, between E. Freetown and Rochester; Spooner family cemetery, rear station and village; of schoolhouse between E. Freetown Ashley family cemetery, rear of schoolhouse between E. Freetown station and village.

Xii 69 HALIFAX: Cemetery cemetery HANOVER: Old on Thompson on Wood st. St.; Cemetery 75 cemetery at Hanover center; a3 HANSON: Cemetery Cemetery station in field KINGSTON: at Fern Hill; Hobart cemetery, near E. Bridgewater line; in Hanson near Pembroke line, l/2 mile from Monponset down R.R. tracks in woods. SOUTH HANSON: Monroe cemetery between R.R. and Main St. 87 Old cemetery









LAKEVILLE: Briggs cemetery, 1 mile from Myricks on Howland Road; Pierce and Allen cemetery, close to Berkeley l/2 mile from Myricks station; Cemetery in woods near Howland station; Grave at edge of Cedar Swamp, l/4 mile back of Canedy school; Grave on edge of Cranberry Pond, Betty's Neck; Grave on island at mouth of river; Cemetery on hill back of Cudworth house; Hill cemetery, near Thompson' PRECINCT; Cemetery on hill back of Elbridge Cushman's; Cemetery near Town House; Mullain McCully cemetery, near Mullain Hill; Hill cemetery; Cemetery at head of "Race-course" road, near Canedy's Corner; Cemetery on so-called "Race-course' road, in bushes way back from road; Graves in field on opposite side of "Race-course' road; Silas Pickens cemetery near Elder's Pond; Zattu Pickens cemetery on hill back from road; Cemetery near Haskins neighborhood; A dozen or more graves with rough stones and markers on land near house of John E. Stuanton near Lakeview, Long Pond, near Freetown line -- supposed to be the old Reynolds family burying place; Douglas yard, consisting of about half a dozen unmarked graves except these four -- located way back from Mullain Hill Road west of Stephen Hinds' house; Hafford cemetery in Winslow neighborhood, County on land owned by Mrs. Washburn; Road, Cemetery in Winslow neighborhood on County Road, known as Brooman Square; Cemetery near Canedy's Corner on County Road; Cemetery on New Bedford Road near Long Pond Rd.; Cemetery on New Bedford Road near Quittacus Pond; Enoch Davis cemetery, on County Road between Parris Hill and Canedy's Corner; Staples cemetery in field nearly opposite Mr. James P. Pierce's house on Myricks Road; Indian cemetery on east bank of Little Quittacus Pond; Parris Hill cemetery; Pond cemetery; Cemetery between McFall Hill and Mullain Hill; Graves on Betty's Neck; Cemetery at NORTH LAKEVILLE.


MARION: Cemetery at south end of village; Cemetery at Corner, north side of road; Cemetery at church south side of road; Cemetery on the back road; Neck.

church at Handy's at Handy's Corner, Cemetery at Little

Xiii I 14 MARSHFIELD: Cemetery Cemetery at Sea View; Cemetery at Two Mile on Union St.; Webster Cemetery at Marshfield center; at Skunk Church, PLAINVILLE; Old cemetery on Burial Hill; Webster yard in Webster cemetery; Old cemetery by Cemetery at MARSHFIELD HILLS;; SOUTH MARSHFIELD: First Congregational Church; Old cemetery opposite First Congregational Church. il 29 MATTAPOISETT: Cemetery Cemetery on Fairhaven Road; Cemetery at Mattapoisett TINKHAMTOWN; Cemetery at Quaker church. Road;


in field; village;

Cemetery Cemetery

at on Marion



Nemasket Hill Cemetery; Hill cemetery the Green; Grave on White's Central Cemetery; Poorhouse cemetery; Hill; Cemetery on Taunton St. near Lakeville line; Cemetery at corner of Wood and Grove Sts.; Cemetery on Center St. in rear of Sarah Dennis White's; Yard on Taunton St. between Center and Cross Neck Cemetery near Pocksha Pond. sts.; EDDYVILLE: Smallpox cemetery. FALL BROOK: Cemetery on Tispaquin St.; Gammons cemetery on Sachem St. NORTH MIDDLEBOROUGH: No. Middleborough cemetery; Wm. Swift cemetery; Swift cemetery on Clay St.; Drake cemetery; Vernon St. cemetery. PURCHADE: Cemetery at Purchade [Alden Cemetery]. ROCK VILLAGE: Cemetery east of Church; West of church; south of church. ROCKY MEADOW: Grave on Wall st. SOUTH MIDDLEBOROUGH: So. Middleborough cemetery; Graves back of Nathan Cushing's, 3 m. beyond So. Middleborough. THOMASTOWN: Thomastown cemetery. WAPPANUCKET: Cemetery on south side of Vaughan St.; on north side of street. WARRENTOWN: Warrentown cemetery.


NORWELL: Cemetery at Norwell church; SOUTH NORWELL: Cemetery at PEMBROKE: Cemetery Cemetery Cemetery Magolin

Small cemetery Church Hill.






at BRYANTVILLE; Cemetery on High St. at WEST DUXBURY: at Pembroke center; NORTH PEMBROKE: Briggs cemetery; at Friends' meeting house; First Magolin cemetery; Second cemetery.


PLYMOUTH: Douglas cemetery at Long Pond; Cemetery between Halfway and Long Pond; Cemetery on east side of Long Pond; Cemetery at ELLISVILLE: Cemetery at DARBY, near Carver line; Oak Grove; Cemetery near RUSSELL'S MILLS; Cemetery at CHILTONVILLE: MANOMET church; Cemetery near Wareham and Bourne line; Cemetery on Bourne and Plymouth road; Cemetery at CEDARVILLE; Indian cemetery at

Xiv Cedarville; PLYMPTON: Cemetery church; Shaw cemetery; King 200 near Kingston Cemetery in line; rear of Cemetery church.



on Plympton



RAYNHAM: Hall King cemetery, South St.; Raynham center; Town cemetery, Shaw cemetery Shaw cemetery on Locust St.; cemetery on Pine St.; on South St.; Cemetery on hill covered with scrub oaks, about l/4 Cemetery on South St. near East mile south of end of Maple Ave.; Cemetery in field a mile through the woods, south Taunton line; Britton and Dean cemetery; NORTH RAYNHAM: Hall end of Maple Ave. Wilbur cemetery, Shaw cemetery, Main St.; cemetery, Center st.; Britton cemetery, Britton St.; SOUTH RAYNHAM: near Easton line; Williams cemetery, west of So. Raynham Field in back of schoolhouse; Robinson cemetery, near church. church; King cemetery on Hill st.;


ROCHESTER: Old cemetery; PIERCEVILLE: Church Cemetery; Cemetery at corner of Rochester Road. NORTH ROCHESTER: Ashley cemetery, near Freetown line; Sherman cemetery at LONG PLAIN; Union Church cemetery; m. south of Rochester Four Old parish cemetery in oak woods l/2 Corners; No. Rochester cemetery, formerly Lakeville; Cemetery l/2 mile from road near Chas. Gerrish's house.


SCITUATE: Judge Cushing cemetery, between Little Bridge and Greenbush; Cemetery GREENBUSH: Hatch cemetery, near Greenbush icehouse; of Greenbush depot. SCITUATE CENTER: Cemetery at Congregational Church; Old cemetery opposite schoolhouse near Union bridge; Cemetery on lane near Union Church. NORTH SCITUATE: Groveland Cemetery. Old cemetery. SCITUATE HARBOR: Union cemetery;



TA JNTON: Old cemetery on Middleborough Ave. near Taunton Green; Cemetery on Taunton St. near King's Cemetery on Staples St. between Furnace; Precinct and East Taunton; Cemetery Cemetery at RICHMONDTOWN; at corner of Caswell and Staples Sts.; EAST TAUNTON: Pine Hill; Cemetery opposite engine house; Padelford cemetery between King's Furnace and E. Taunton; Cemetery l/2 mile from King's Furnace toward Precinct.



on estate of Seth Tobey; EAST WAREHAM: Agawam Neck.


on Long




LIST Frontispiece Grave Entrance of ..... Samuel to the and Page from OF ILLUSTRATIONS Thatcher's Edson, West compilations Bridgewater Middleborough ........ ........ ........ V

4 135

Suesanah Hill



Example of gravestone Middleborough Unrecorded grave (rubbing) Unrecorded grave (rubbing)

carving; (rubbing)

Alden Cemetery, North . . . . . . . . . ..*..................


in the woods; Rock Village, Middleborough . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..*.................. on the old Tinkiham property; Middleborough . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..O."





on the




Middleborough. Rubbing by Janet L. Griffith


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Old Cemeteries of Southeastern Massachusetts

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