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Cross Reference Chart

Alliance Part No.

ABP/N10G-FF104 ABP/N10G-FF105 ABP/N10G-FF105D


33107 33109 33405


BF948, BF948B BF948D BF5801, BF957 BF957B BF1212, BF1282 BF957D BF876, BF876B BF877, BF877B BF985, BF991 BF970, BF973 BF7531, BF992 BF888 BF584, BF584B BF7557, BF7557B BF7558 BF7766 BF976, BF976B BF7689, BF788 BF900, BF983 BF988, BF993 BF888 BF577, BF979 BF593 BF786 BF7689, BF788 BF900, BF983 BF988, BF993 BF362 BF1173 BF7608 BF7602 BF581, BF5810 BF5810B, BF5815 BF5816, BF581B BF7612, BF7640 BF580, BF5800 BF5800B, BF580B BF581, BF5810 BF5810B, BF5815 BF5816, BF581B BF7612, BF7640 BF614 BF588, BF7629 BF1224 BF7587 BF7633 BF7632, BF7634 BF7632, BF7634


FFP170104, FFP550104 P169093, P550104 FFP170105, FFP550105 FFP550106, P169090 P550105, P550106 FFP170212, FFP558000 FFP558020, P170212 P550691, P558000 P558020 EFF9441, FFP170218 FFP550218, P550218 FFP170219, FFP550219 P550219 FFP170054, FFP553854 P553854 FFP170440, FFP557440 P169096, P550239 P551178, P557440 FFP170093, FFP553693 P553693 FFP170603, FFP552603 FFP553855, P552603 P553855 EFF9092, EFF9092S FFP170823, FFP555823 P555823 P550684 #N/A EFF9440, FFP170431 FFP550431, P550431 FFP550440, FFP553004 P550272, P550440 P553004, P554620 FFP170603, FFP552603 FFP553855, P552603 P553855 FFP170627, FFP555627 FFP558050, P555627 FFP170928, FFP550928 P169095, P550928 FFP170811, FFP550811 P550811 FFP550440, FFP553004 P550272, P550440 P553004, P554620 P550238 P550974 P555095 #N/A FFP170916, FFP550916 P169091, P550916 P556916 FFP170915, FFP550915 P550915, P556915 FFP170916, FFP550916 P169091, P550916 P556916 P551712 P551318 P550455 P551311 P551313 P551315 P551315


P1101A P1101 P3528A PCS5059 PCS5059M PCS5062 PS3712 P1110 P1109 #N/A FK3883 P1104 P7402 P1131 P1108 P1121 P3376 P1103A P7357 #N/A P3431 P4102 P4102A P7513 P1108 P1121 P1112 P1118 P3595 P3767 P4102 P4102A P7513 P3380 #N/A P6503 P4139PL P8263 P1147G P3823 PS8479 P1146G P1147G P3823 PS8479 P3375 P8191 #N/A P8335 P8334 P8264 P8451 P8264 P8451


FF104, FF5137 FF105 FF105D, FF1212 FS1212, FS1282 FF171 FF172 FF184, FF5017 FF5076 FF185, FF5157 FF204 FF182, FF209 FF5019, FF5067 FF211 FF105C, FF213 FF2200 FF222 FF231, FF5018 FF5046, FF5052 FF5074, FF5167 FF5494 FF182, FF209 FF5019, FF5067 FF5020 FF5021 FF5035 FF231, FF5018 FF5046, FF5052 FF5074, FF5167 FF5494 FF5078 FF5079, FF5098 FF5095 FF4136, FF5108 FF206, FF5206 FF5227 FF207, FF5207 FF206, FF5206 FF5227 FF5264 FF5269 FF5301 "FF5308, FF5319" FF5320 FF5321, FF5324 FF5321, FF5324


LFP1101F LFF5, LFF8012 LFF5D, LFF8000 LFF8011, LFF8020 LFP218F LFP219F LFF4294, LFP3692F LFF5780, LFP440F LFP3693F FP603, LFF3530 LFF4293, LFP925F LFF5823, LFP5823 LFF5002 #N/A LFP431F FP585F, FP586F G6353, LFF3521 FP603, LFF3530 LFF4293, LFP925F FP251F LFP928F LFP811F FP585F, FP586F G6353, LFF3521 #N/A L3523F LFF3806 LFF4136 LFF3291, LFP816F LFP816FN LFP815F, LFP815FN LFF3291, LFP816F LFP816FN LFF5823B LFF3349 LFF1224 LFF2749 LFF3347 #N/A #N/A

ABP/N10G-FF171 ABP/N10G-FF172 ABP/N10G-FF184 ABP/N10G-FF185 ABP/N10G-FF204 ABP/N10G-FF209 ABP/N10G-FF211 ABP/N10G-FF213 ABP/N10G-FF2200 ABP/N10G-FF222 ABP/N10G-FF5018

33218 33219 33367 33352 33368 33336 33384 33115 33711 33216 33358

ABP/N10G-FF5019 ABP/N10G-FF5020 ABP/N10G-FF5021 ABP/N10G-FF5035 ABP/N10G-FF5052

33336 33341 33122 33811 33358

ABP/N10G-FF5078 ABP/N10G-FF5079 ABP/N10G-FF5095 ABP/N10G-FF5108 ABP/N10G-FF5206

33338 33270 33195 33398 33120

ABP/N10G-FF5207 ABP/N10G-FF5227

33118 33120

ABP/N10G-FF5264 ABP/N10G-FF5269 ABP/N10G-FF5301 ABP/N10G-FF5319 ABP/N10G-FF5320 ABP/N10G-FF5321 ABP/N10G-FF5324

33374 33403 33404 33674 33528 33626 33626

parts numbers continued on back

continued from front

Alliance Part No.





PF7548, PF7620 PF7621, PF7680 PF7744 BF7656 BF7657 PF7698 BF1259 BF1258 BF1272SP PF7748 BF1264SP BF1274SP BF1274SPS BF1277SP BF1277SPS PF316 PF590, PF59010 PF59030, PF590E BF1212, BF1282 BF957D BF1221, BF1226 BF1261, BF1269 BF1276, BF586 BF586D, BF587D BF7591D, BF7772 BF1280, BF787 #N/A PF7578, PF7678 BF1213, BF5813


P176160, P550414 P550463, P550969


C8017 CS7772A CS8744 P8049 P8050 CS8629 PS8048 PS8047 PS8689 #N/A PS8688


FF5278, FF5314 FF5315, FF5369 FF5369W, FS1005 FS1016, FS1029 FS19536, FS19558 FF5381 FF5382 FF5418 FS1000 FS1001 FS1022 FS1029W FS1007


L3578F, L3578FN

ABP/N10G-FF5381 ABP/N10G-FF5382 ABP/N10G-FF5418 ABP/N10G-FS1000 ABP/N10G-FS1001 ABP/N10G-FS1022 ABP/N10G-FS1029W ABP/N10G-FS1040

33588 33587 33518 33406 33407 33422 33651XE 33423

P554470 P554471 P550437 P551000 P551001 #N/A #N/A P551040

LFF4470 LFF4471 L5788F LFF1000 LFF1001 LFF1022 #N/A LFF1007

ABP/N10G-FS1201 ABP/N10G-FS1206 ABP/N10G-FS1212 ABP/N10G-FS1251

33401 33210 33405 33472

P550316 P552020 P558000, P558020 P550248, P550587 P550588, P550688 P551039 P550439 P553375 P550966 FFP558010, P558010

CS7711 CS3504 PCS5059 P1145A

FS1201 FS1206 FF105D, FF1212 FF215, FF5047 FF5060

LFF1201 L2020F LFF5D FP587F

ABP/N10G-FS1280 ABP/N10G-FS1281 ABP/N10G-FS1298 ABP/N10G-FS19513

33357 33217 33517 33418

ABP/N10G-FS19547 ABP/N10G-FS19548 ABP/N10G-FS19579 ABP/N10G-FS19591 ABP/N10G-FS19624 ABP/N10G-FS19738

33232 33611 33585 33780 33651XE

#N/A BF1345SP PF7654 BF1260, BF1265 PF7748 #N/A

P550729 #N/A P550430, P780135 P551745, P551746 #N/A #N/A

#N/A PS6554 CS7715 PCS1144 PCS5060 PCS5060G PS6830 #N/A #N/A CS8941 PS8450 PS9263 #N/A #N/A

FF5038 FS1278 FS1298 FS1213

LFF3357 LFF5824 L3580F LFF8010

FS1291 FF1041SP FS1261 FS19590, FS19591 FS1029W, FS19613 FS19624 #N/A

LFF3579 #N/A L1261F LFF7415 #N/A #N/A

Ask for great parts, Ask for great value, Ask for Alliance.

FLC/PSM-M-394. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Copyright 2005, Freightliner LLC. All rights reserved. Freightliner is a DaimlerChrysler company.


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