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BTL No-Needle MesotherapyTM (NNM) offers an alternative to classic Mesotherapy. Avoiding needles, it allows active substances to penetrate into the tissue in a non-invasive way by using laser and electrical waveforms. Currently, NNM covers two groups of clinical application areas: 1. Body applications for anti-cellulite treatments. 2. Facial rejuvenation for anti-wrinkle treatments. NNM utilizes specific therapy phases ­ dual wavelength laser stimulation, transport of active substances, muscle and lymphatic stimulation combined with a permeation enhanced active gel.

BTL: +420 220517012 or visit

Asclepion Asclepion Laser Technologies presents its latest innovation: a dual wavelength system ­ the TattooStar Y with 532 and 1064 nm. Made in Germany, this new system enables physicians to treat various pigmented disorders and even red tattoos in a most effective and safe way. An incorporated microlens array generates the most homogeneous laser beams bringing effective fluences down to minimal levels. We keep up with the latest technology for more flexibility.

GFMesstechnik The optical three-dimensional (3D) in vivo skin measuring system, PRIMOS compact, is offering fast, contact free and highly precise acquisition and evaluation of skin surface profiles for investigation and documentation of skin microstructure and wrinkles as well as their changes as a result of product application or skin treatment. The measuring technology is based on digital stripe light projection. Different available measuring fields allow optimal adaptation to the requirements of daily use in the cosmetic industry and dermatology.

Asclepion: +49 3641 77 00 100 or visit

GFMesstechnik: +49 3328 316760 or visit

GPT Glendale LASER-Aid and LED-Aid are two new additions to Glendale's range of professional eye shields for your clients. LASER-Aid is designed to protect your client from laser radiation during facial procedures. LED-Aid is designed especially for LED and laser therapy applications. They are simple and quick to use, disposable, latex free, hypoallergenic and EN 207 certified. LASER-Aid and LED-Aid enable full access to the temples, eyebrows and nose bridge. This results in a more efficient treatment time.

UltraShape The Contour I system is the only clinically proven, non-invasive, focused ultrasound solution for body contouring. The UltraShapeTM patented technology delivers controlled focused ultrasound, designed to target and disrupt adipose tissue, leaving surrounding structures such as skin, blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue intact. The computerized tracking and guidance system permits smooth, uniform body contouring results. Thousands of satisfied patients around the world have enjoyed measurable results. The Contour I is currently being marketed in over 40 countries.

UltraShape: +972 4 9099200 or visit

SharpLight SharpLight's Beamax and Formax products are part of its latest novel technologies. The Formax has proven to be an all around solution, based on the innovative Dynamic Pulse Control (DPC) forming technology, a proprietary of SharpLight Technologies. Main product benefits are: control on the pulse forms, for more accurate results, safety and cost-efficiency. All products developed by SharpLight are based on the extensive clinical experience and professional knowledge of American Laser Clinics, SharpLight's parent company.

GPT Glendale: +49 6131 9066498 or visit

SharpLight: +972 3 96 1 19 69 or visit


TavTech The JetPeel ­ multifunction skin rejuvenation system is a revolutionary device designed to treat a variety of skin conditions. The system uses a specially designed handpiece to create a supersonic two-phase jet consisting of micro droplets of saline solution and gas (either air or oxygen). The supersonic stream accelerates the droplets' velocity to up to 200 m/sec. When the very small, fast-moving droplets from the jet stream strike the skin, the kinetic energy of the droplets peel off the outer layers of the skin. JetPeel can be used on any skin surface of the body and face, the pilose part of the head and on the hands and feet. Canfield RBXTM technology from Canfield provides extraordinary new detection, visualization and analysis of subsurface melanin (brown) and vascular (red) conditions. Canfield's proprietary RBX color space processing separates red and brown skin components, enabling precision treatment planning and dynamic patient consultations for laser therapies, photorejuvenation, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, cosmeceuticals and acne treatment. RBX technology is incorporated in VISIA Complexion Analysis, OMNIA Facial Imaging System, and VISIA-CR for clinical research. RBX image processing is also included in Mirror Imaging Software. Canfield Imaging Systems: +1 800 815 4330 or visit

TavTech: +972 3 5360515 or visit

ThermaMedic ThermaLipoTM is a technological breakthrough based on bipolar radiofrequency selective thermo induction using unique automatic multi frequency and low impedance (AMFLI) technology. Fat lysis is achieved by effectively breaking down adipocytes without causing damage to surrounding tissues, nerves or vessels. Results are predictable. Circumference and volume of the treated area is reduced in a virtually painless treatment. ThermaLipo is one of the safest technologies available. It works on the localized fat zones and helps to recontour the body to its natural shape. ThermaMedic: +44 84 51 08 06 13 or visit

Quantel Quantel Medical introduces the Exelo2, a new ablative system for fractional resurfacing, combining the use of a pulsed CO2 laser and cold air. Microscopic zones of vaporization and coagulation are generated by the 250 µm spot size resulting in 500 µm deep microthermal injuries with the subsequent healing response inducing neocollagenesis. Treatment density can be adjusted depending on the skin's condition. Treatment is quick and safe (no anesthesia required), with minimal downtime and an improvement is typically seen after the first treatment. Available in 2007. Quantel Medical: +33 (0) 4 73 745 745 or visit

SeSDERMA SeSDERMA laboratories introduces Factor G growth, an anti-aging facial lotion with plant growth factors that regulates the cellular activity and normalizes intercellular communication. Kinetin: At high strength (0.5%), prevents senescence (aging) of leaves in plants and delays the destruction of human skin fibroblasts. Stimulates production of collagen and elastin. Also, an anti-oxidant, protecting the skin from environmentally induced free radicals. Improves the skin barrier function. Pelvetia canaliculata extract (brown sea kelp): DHEA-like (youth hormone) properties; reduces fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating proteoglycans synthesis. Improves microcirculation around the eyes, reducing dark circles and eye pads. Gibberelic acid: Accelerates skin regeneration and stimulates fibroblasts. SeSDERMA: +34 96 1412058 or visit

Milesman Approved and certified by the international scientific community as some of the best results offered. Effectively absorbed by the hair melanin. Excellent results, even in tan and dark skin. Sufficient energy to destroy hair without damaging the surrounding tissues. No consumables. Minimal patient discomfort. Three shots per second, even in high fluences. Allows treatment of large areas in a small amount of time. High technology with a lower cost than other, similar diode equipment. Greater flexibility in critical room temperature levels of the treatment lounge, without loss of performance. Low maintenance costs and low risk of breakdowns.

Milesman: +34 902 02 03 07 or visit


Reliant Reliant Technologies, Inc. is the innovative company behind the Fraxel® platform of lasers to treat skin imperfections such as melasma, acne scars and surgical scars. Fraxel lasers are also widely used to remove sun spots and age spots, smooth wrinkles around the eyes and improve skin tone and texture. Precise optical technology developed by Reliant engineers makes the Fraxel laser safe and effective in treating all skin types and all regions of the body with minimal risk of side effects and little patient downtime.

Reliant: +1 888 437 2935 or visit

Fotona XP MAX is one of the fastest, most powerful and safest aesthetic laser systems in the world. Versa and Accelera modes are specifically developed to target large skin structures and small light structures. Supports the largest effective manual spot sizes, up to 20 mm. Its unique scanner covers an unprecedented 65 x 65 mm scan area, with repetition rates of up to 75 Hz. Choose 3 mm, 6 mm or 9 mm scanner spot sizes, with varying overlap and scan patterns. The ultimate in hair removal, vascular treatments and wrinkle reduction.

Inolase Ltd. Inolase Ltd. presents its new Pneumatic Skin Flattening (PSF) technology. Pneumatic skin flattening is an innovative technology which eliminates pain in aesthetic treatments even with the highest energy lasers and IPLs. Analgesic creams are not necessary. PSF is adaptable to any laser or IPL system. It enhances the efficiency of the treatment beam and increases skin protection, reducing post treatment erythema, without changing treatment protocols.

Fotona: +386 1 50 09 126 or visit

Inolase Ltd.: +972 9 865 6750 or visit

Cynosure Cynosure introduces AffirmTM, the first microthermal rejuvenation system, with exclusive mid-infrared Combined Apex PulseSM (CAP) laser technology. Affirm stimulates collagen remodeling and production with precise thermal manipulation of the epidermal and dermal tissue and rejuvenates skin by treating wrinkles, pigmentation, veins and rosacea. CAP technology makes treatment easier, faster and more effective than competing protocols. The use of messy gels or lotions is not required, thereby increasing patient throughput. When combined with the SmartCoolTM air cooling system, the treatment is virtually painless. A Xenon Pulsed Light (XPL) module can be added at any time. Cynosure: +1 800 886 2966 or visit Syneron eMax ­ powered by elosTM ­ is the first and only medical aesthetic technology to combine bi-polar radiofrequency (RF) and light energies. Producing superior results, this uniquely versatile system boasts multiple applications in one system. With the combined energy of elos ­ using high powered diode laser and RF on one side of the system and broad spectrum light with RF on the other ­ the eMax gives you the highest levels of safety and efficacy available from a non-invasive, multi-application system. Syneron: +49 89 642 4810 or visit

Photo Therapeutics Ltd. The Omnilux LED system offers single platform technology with the versatility of multiple treatment heads that are wavelength specific for the treatment of acne, photorejuvenation, photodynamic therapy and wound healing. Omnilux systems are based on a matrix of LEDs, ensuring that the right dose is always delivered to the tissue, the right wavelength is always used to successfully activate the target cells and the right intensity is always used to prevent inefficient tissue response.

Photo Therapeutics Ltd.: +44 1827 252 830 or visit


Danish Dermatologic Development (DDD) Ellipse Flex PPT offers hair removal, wrinkle reduction, photorejuvenation, treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions and inflammatory acne. It uses simple treatment parameters while built-in dual mode filtering and Square Pulse Technology maximize efficacy and safety. Flex PPT works in three modes: Normal -- using clinically proven pulse settings; Expert -- allowing experienced users to optimize pulse trains and pulse definition mode -- to create and save new pulse types, pushing the boundaries of intense pulsed light treatment.

Danish Dermatologic Development: +45 4576 8808 or visit

Lutronic Corporation (formerly Max Engineering Ltd.) Spectra VRM II is a powerful new Q-switched Nd:YAG laser with four wavelengths (1064, 532, 585, 650 nm) and two pulse durations (Q-switched and quasi-long pulse). With a top-hat beam profile, short pulse duration and high peak power, this laser system produces excellent results for multi-colored tattoos and pigmented lesions. This unique system is designed for aesthetic treatments such as non-ablative rejuvenation, acne and pore size reduction. Spectra VRM II is U.S. FDA approved and being exported to 37 countries.

Q-Med Entering the second decade of clinical excellence ­ and moving forward. RESTYLANE is the world's most widely used dermal filler. It has been safely used since 1996 in more than four million treatments all over the world. RESTYLANE restores youthful volume, offering continuous correction over time. RESTYLANE offers an extensive product range to fulfill your patients' needs. It gives you a tissue-tailored solution for treating facial lines, wrinkles, folds, contours and lips. Clinical trials show the duration of effect lasts considerably longer than other non-permanent aesthetic treatments.

Lutronic Corporation: +82 31 908 3440 or visit or

Q-Med: +46 18 474 90 00 or visit

Sciton Sciton, Inc. develops and manufactures modular, upgradable, devices for aesthetic medicine. ProfileTM high-performance laser system, includes up to five laser and light modules and it is available in over 30 different configurations. Ideal for skin peels, high-speed hair reduction, photorejuvenation, vascular and pigmented lesions, acne, wrinkles, MicroLaserPeel and a lot more. Profile delivers fast, safe and effective results for all patients and skin types.

General Project MedSculpt is a modern technology that treats cellulite and localized fat. It produces an elastomeric microprocessored mobilization of tissue with the assistance of ultrasound waves. The innovative hypoallergenic, elastomeric membrane allows the atraumatic mobilization of the cutaneous and subcutaneous tissue, thus obtaining an improvement of lymphatic, arterial and venous circulation and reduction of subcutaneous fat with lipolithic and lipoclastic action. The result is a smoother, younger and more toned skin and a visible reduction in the circumference of treated areas. General Project: +39 0571 675076 or visit

Sciton: +1 650 493 9155 or visit

Cutera Introducing the Solera Platform, a high-powered, versatile system offering practitioners the most popular and fastestgrowing aesthetic services. Solera comes to you in two unique configurations, the Solera Opus and Solera Titan. The compact and affordable Solera Opus delivers the technological breakthrough of Programmable Wavelength Spectra for hair removal and next generation intelligent pulsed light for skin rejuvenation. The Solera Titan introduces the first tailored infrared light source for skin tightening.

Cutera Europe: +41 (0) 43 233 73 73 or visit


Mentor Prevelle is Mentor's new hyaluronic acid (HA) filler. Its low reaction profile and fully hydrated formulation make it ideal for accurate and gentle same day treatments. It is ideal for use in combination with toxin procedures. Prevelle complements Puragen to provide facial correction for the whole face. Ask your Mentor representative about this patient-friendly new dermal filler. Mentor: +1 800 525 0245 or visit

Before Tx

After Tx

Lumenis The latest advancement in the treatment of aging skin, ActiveFXTM is a fractional laser procedure performed in a single treatment with minimal patient downtime. Treatment results in a reduction of wrinkles, immediate skin tightening and improvement in skin tone and texture. During an ActiveFX treatment, only a portion of the skin's surface is treated by the laser, with small bridges of skin left untouched. This technique promotes faster healing and enables patients to return to their normal lifestyle sooner.

Candela Presenting the next generation of pulsed dye laser technology. The new Vbeam 595 nm pulsed dye laser has always been the gold standard in the treatment of vascular lesions, as well as in the treatment of acne, psoriasis and wrinkles. Now, with the new platform, the Vbeam offers outstanding results in the treatment of pigmented lesions. There are three different versions offered to physicians: Aesthetica, Platinum and Perfecta covering every practice's needs.

Lumenis: +49 (0) 6103 8335 0 or visit

Candela: +34 91 656 8563 or visit

Mattioli Ultrapeel® has been representing the most effective microdermabrasion for more than ten years with unsurpassed results. Introducing the new Ultrapeel Transderm® Meso® System for the transdermal delivery of ionic drugs. The medical operator can transdermally deliver either small or large sized molecules into the body with no side effects -- Needles free Mesotherapy, as the alternative to injections. ColBar Aesthetics EVOLENCETM, a dermal filler that restores shape to facial wrinkles, is an injectable gel requiring no pre-tests in advance to injection. EVOLENCE sets new standards in natural biodegradable fillers with effects lasting at least 12 months. EVOLENCE is approved for sale in Europe through CE mark, as well as in Canada and Israel. The EVOLENCE product line is being extended with additional products to provide physicians with flexibility in treating lines and wrinkles, adding lip fullness, facial contours and correcting deep folds. The first of these extensions, EVOLENCE Breeze, is already approved for sale in Europe through CE mark and in Canada.

Mattioli: +39 055 221603 or visit

Deka Thanks to the experience acquired over the years and ongoing research for innovative technology, Deka is now launching Synchro HP, the only platform in the world to offer three different laser sources in one product, as well as nine U-shaped pulsed light (U-PL) handpieces with amazing avant-garde features. No other equivalent systems are capable of supplying such a complete and versatile instrument for the modern medical center.

Deka: +39 055 88 74 942 or visit

ColBar Aesthetics: +1 310 410 5945 or visit


HOYA ConBio Europe Offering four different wavelengths, the MedLite® C6 Qswitched frequency doubled Nd:YAG laser revolutionizes the way physicians think about aesthetic laser procedures. It is known throughout the world for its excellent performance of multiple applications including tattoo removal, epidermal and dermal pigmented lesion removal, non-ablative skin resurfacing, laser assisted hair removal, acne scar reduction and vascular lesion removal. Our medical lasers offer the versatility, effectiveness, reliability and rapid return on investment necessary to compete in today's medical practice. HOYA ConBio Europe: + (33) 1 64 86 55 22 or visit Radiancy Inc. Mistral is Radiancy's latest Light Heat Energy (LHE), multi-application system for hair removal, skin photorejuvenation, acne clearance and psoriasis care. This unique tabletop system introduces a user-friendly computer based smart system that streamlines patient treatments. An XL spot size for hair removal (18 cm2) makes it the fastest in the industry.

Grupo Body Esthetic Laboratories The TMT (Transcutaneous Mesodermic Therapy) system is based on electrophoroporation and electrophoresis technologies. It provides a new method for substances to penetrate the skin, which is non-invasive, rapid, safe and highly effective. The TMT system presents five advanced medical cosmetic treatments: anti-cellulite treatment, localized anti-cellulite treatment, anti-stretch mark treatment, anti-flaccidity treatment, anti-aging skin treatment and post-solar treatment.

Grupo Body Esthetic Laboratories: +34 902 26 20 31 or visit

Radiancy: +1 845 398 1647 or visit

Palomar The Palomar LuxIR FractionalTM Infrared handpiece sends infrared light deep into the dermis, for pain relief and collagen remodeling. Remodeled collagen can smooth out fine wrinkles and tighten sagging skin. The LuxIR uses unique fractional technology to deliver light as an array of small, regularly spaced beams, creating a lattice of treated areas surrounded by untreated areas. This is a much safer treatment method because the treated areas do not cause bulk damage to the surrounding tissue, and the untreated surrounding tissue provides a quicker collagen remodeling process and faster healing time. The LuxIR is an attachment for Palomar StarLuxTM pulsed light and laser system. Palomar: +1 800 725 6627 or visit

Alma Lasers The Harmony multi-application system is an expandable platform for laser and pulsed light treatments combining nine technologies into one compact unit: 1. Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT) ­ light-based technology for skin rejuvenation, vascular/pigmented lesions, hair removal and acne. 2. Near-infrared ­ skin tightening. 3. Pulsed UVB ­ restoration of pigment and psoriasis. 4. Long pulsed Nd:YAG ­ treatment of facial wrinkles, as well as deeper and reticular leg veins. 5. Q-switched Nd:YAG ­ treatment of tattoos and dermal pigmented lesions. 6. FD Q-switched ­ tattoo removal. 7. 1320 Nd:YAG ­ wrinkle and acne scar treatment. 8. 2940 nm Er:YAG ­ laser peel and resurfacing. 9. Pixel 2940 ­ fractional ablative skin rejuvenation. Alma Lasers: +972 4 627 5357 or visit

Cynosure Cynergy with MultiPlex combines the two optimal wavelengths ­ a high powered pulsed dye laser and a 1064 nm long pulse Nd:YAG in one unit for treating a complete range of vascular conditions, unwanted hair and sun damaged skin. The MultiPlex option enables sequential emission of the pulsed dye laser and the Nd:YAG laser, separated by a customizable time delay between wavelength types for maximum results.

Cynosure: +1 800 886 2966 or visit


Deka SmartLipo is the newest Deka product for the treatment of fat. Thanks to a high peak Nd:YAG laser source and a particular laser effect, called Laserlipolisi®, SmartLipo acts gently and without thermal effect on the fatty cells which are transformed into an oily liquid. Other important effects of SmartLipo are the contemporary haemostasis of the blood vessels (eliminates bleeding), and the beneficial stimulation of the deeper dermis which retracts the skin with a real skin tightening process (eliminates flabby skin). SmartLipo is the real system for lipo-sculpturing.

CoolTouch The new CoolTouch CT3PLUSTM 1320 nm laser system features the CoolTouch gold standard CT3 laser system plus a new painless CoolBreezeTM skin tightening treatment mode. The CT3PLUS features the 1320 nm wavelength to penetrate upper to deep dermal tissue, thermal feedback for a CoolBreeze treatment and pre-, mid- and post-cryogen cooling for patient comfort and safety. The CT3PLUS laser is the ideal nonablative treatment for acne, acne scars and wrinkle reduction with no patient downtime.

Deka: +39 055 88 74 942 or visit:

Danish Dermatologic Development (DDD) DDD offers one of the market's brightest light-based wrinkle reduction treatments. Combining Ellipse I2PL technology with our breakthrough Photo Spray (a photosensitizer), the treatment delivers visible improvements in as little as one month. The Intense Photo Spray offers: liposomes for easier and more effective skin penetration, and a photosensitizer with a low concentration for increased safety. Ellipse I2PL offers: low energy, which causes no pain or side effects, and dual mode filtering, which excludes harmful wavelengths.

CoolTouch: +1 877 858 2665 or visit

Danish Dermatologic Development: +45 4576 8808 or visit



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