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Daily Warm-Ups



Literature Circles

Using Student Interaction to Improve Reading Comprehension Grades 3­6 (80 pages) This resource provides stepby-step directions for teacher preparation, sample daily schedules, daily task questions, lessons with coordinating reproducibles, teacher and student assessment ideas with reproducible evaluation forms, and synopses of recommended books by grade level.

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Grades 1-6 (176 pages each) Quick, easy, effective activities support standards and help students improve skills they need for success in testing. Both nonfiction and fiction reading passages are followed by questions that are based on Bloom's Taxonomy to allow for higher level thinking skills.

MR #043047 MR #043048 MR #043049 MR #043050 MR #043051 MR #043052 MR #048389

Book Buddy Bags

Protect Your Classroom Library Send books home with students and get them back in good condition. · 10" x 12½" · 6 bags per package.

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Grade 1 $22.95 Grade 2 $22.95 Grade 3 $22.95 Grade 4 $22.95 Grade 5 $22.95 Grade 6 $22.95 COMPLETE SET (6 books) $132.95

How To Teach Reading

Nonfiction Reading Comprehension

Informational Reading Grades 1-4 (144 pages each) Motivate students with interesting, practical reading lessons. Each unit (over 40 per book) introduces an example of environmental print (sighn, poster, package, directions, map, schedule, etc.) along with a story and five questons htat help develop skills in comprehension, vocabulary, critical thinking, and testing.

MR #048652 MR #048653 MR #048654 MR #048655 Grades 1-2 Grades 2-3 Grade 3 Grade 4

When You're Not A Reading Teacher By Dr. Sharon H. Faber Revised Edition (176 pages) Using current research on learning styles and methods, this revision of a top seller will help teachers choose and use thinking and reading strategies that enable students to comprehend the content as well as read NEW N IO individual words. Learn how EDIT to model your own thinking processes as you read for content and process the information after you read to help your students do the same. This book is a must for any teacher who has struggling readers.

MR #043000 How To Teach Reading $22.95

Reading Comprehension Graphic Organizers

Using Graphic Organizers to Teach Literal, Inferential, and Critical Comprehension Grades 1­6 (96 pages each) This resource features a step-bystep process in which students use graphic organizers to apply comprehension strategies to a variety of genres including: · fantasy · biographies · folktales · nonfiction

MR #037460 Grades 1-3 MR #037486 Grades 4-6

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Coaching Struggling Readers

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Literature Circles

Sight Word Poetry

Grades K-2 (48 pages) Enticing rhymes and predictable patterns ensure successful reading experiences for beginning and struggling readers. All 37 poems are composed primarily of words from the Dolch and Fry lists.

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Getting Sidelined Readers Off the Bench and Back in the Game Grades 3­5 (112 pages) Specific lessons are presented to target three key skill areas--phonemic awareness, phonics, and decoding; vocabulary development; and comprehension and critical thinking. Activities include a warm-up to reinforce background skills, a game plan featuring the target skill.

A Step-by-Step Approach to Implementing Reading Discussion Groups Grades 6­8 (112 pages) Students meet in small groups modeled after book clubs to share ideas, ask questions, clarify ambiguities, and evaluate selfselected literature. Includes recommended reading, background information for the teacher, rules, procedures, time lines, evaluation criteria, and student worksheets.

MR #037636 Literature Circles

MR #037484 Coaching Struggling Readers $18.95


A Poem In My Pocket

Fearless Phonics

Develop Reading Fluency Using Poetry

Grades 2-4 (144 pages) Use poetry to motivate students and reinforce comprehension, critical thinking, and vocabulary. The activities are easy to implement and can be used to supplement any reading program. The poems are offered in the author's original version and the cloze form.

MR #034833 $19.95

Grades JK-1 (112 pages each) Poetry + pocket charts = lively literacy lessons! Each A Poem in My Pocket book features five original seasonal poems. For each poem, the book provides an illustrated poem page, word and picture cards for use in pocket charts as well as developmentally-appropriate literacy activities and mini books.

MR #037216 Fall MR #037217 Winter MR #037218 Spring

Unlock the Mysteries of Phonics All Grades (72 pages) Teaches children the basics of phonics and reading skills. Covers short and long vowels, consonant blends, silent consonants, diphthongs, basic sight words, rhyming word families, prefixes, suffixes, roots, and syllables.

MR #037365 $16.95 $17.95 $17.95 $17.95

Advantage Reading

Best Buy Bargain Books

Truly a best buy! Reproducible activity pages can be used individually or as part of a unit. Use for reinforcement activities or as homework. Answer pages are included. 125+ pp.

Magic School Bus®

Literature Units Looking for facts, diagrams, glossaries, ready-to-use lessons, and hands-on activities to teach some serious science in an atmosphere of fun? Use this resource book to supplement your Magic School Bus rides!

MR #015479 MR #010509 MR #020511 MR #015480 MR #015481 MR #015482 MR #017112 MR #017140


Inside the Earth Inside the Human Body Electric Field Trip On the Ocean Floor Lost in the Solar System At the Waterworks Inside a Hurricane Inside a Beehive

$11.95 $11.95 $11.95 $11.95 $11.95 $11.95 $11.95 $11.95

Grades K­6 Students answer questions, complete sentences, and sequence stories that focus on topics such as famous people and dinosaurs. The K­1 book has children cut, color, trace, and paste their way to learning beginning reading skills.

MR #014452 MR #014453 MR #014454 MR #014455 MR #014456 Grades K-1 Grades 1-2 Grades 2-3 Grades 3-4 Grades 4-6

High Interest Activities for Home and School! Grades K-8 (112 pages each) Each workbook is divided into 5 units with reading selections in each unit that all center around a common theme. Each unit focuses on phonemic awareness (grades K-2 only), structural word analysis, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension.

MR #037303 MR #037304 MR #037305 MR #037306 MR #037307 MR #037308 MR #037309 MR #037310 MR #037311 Kindergarten Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8

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Diagnostic Reading Assessment Creating Readers with Poetry

This Informal Reading Inventory will help you determine your student's word recognition skills, comprehension strategies, rates of comprehension, and general reading behavior. The Test provides word lists, oral and silent reading selections, and comprehension questions for reading levels 1-10. Based on the Fry Readability Formula. Individual Record Booklets sold separately (1 per student required). Examiner's Kit includes: Examiner's Manual, Student Word Lists, Reading Selections, Summary Pad and one Examiner's Record Booklet Nile Stanley The message in Creating Readers with Poetry is simple and strong: Poetry helps children learn to read! In this innovative resource, Nile Stanley offers you teaching techniques that transform reading from a two-dimensional world of boredom and frustration into a three-dimensional world of voice, movement, and artistic expression. He shows you how poetry supports the teaching of reading and allows students to relax and blossom. His mini-lessons and engaging activity poems provide standards-based reading instruction that also build community, confidence, and enthusiasm. Includes a CD of sung and spoken poetry performed by noted children's poets and students to use as instructional models.

MR #037177 Creating Readers with Poetry $30.95

Language Literacy Lessons

MR #012729 Examiner's Kit $75.95 MR #020851 Record Booklet Class Pack (10) $98.95 $10.95 MR #012730 Additional Record Booklet

Readers' Theatre

By Judy Truesdell Mecca Middle Grades (128 pages) Help students become fluent, expressive readers with this new Readers' Theatre. Eight scripts challenge students to convey emotion, humor, plot, and characterization using only their voices and their faces. The scripts offer varying levels of reading (and interpretation) challenges. Each script is a valuable resource for language arts and reading teachers, drama coaches, after-school programs, and community youth groups.

MR #045000 Readers' Theatre

By Imogene Forte Elementary & Intermediate Grades (80 pages each) The purpose of this series is to help intermediate and elementary students achieve the literacy milestone through reinforcement of key language skills. The imaginative activities have been designed to enable student practice of essential literacy skills. In each book, students will find intriguing situations to write about, interesting characters to read about, and captivating illustrations to inspire thoughtful student responses. As a bonus, National Language Arts Standards are correlated to each activity on an easy-to-read-and-use matrix. ELEMENTARY

MR #025796 Reading MR #025797 Words & Vocabulary MR #025798 Writing

$13.95 $13.95 $13.95 $13.95 $13.95 $13.95


MR #025799 Reading MR #025800 Words & Vocabulary MR #025801 Writing

Flip for Comprehension


Reading Survival Skills Reading Step by Step

Methodical Development of Decoding and Comprehension Skills Grade Level K-3 · Remedial Level 4-6 Comprehensive and expertly paced instruction are systematically used to develop auditory discrimination, auditory motor, visual motor, and auditory memory skills. Appealing illustrations and large print are combined with dramatization, dialogue, music and sound effects. Self-directing, self-correcting lessons enable independent and small group learning. Each unit includes 12 comprehensive lessons, six audio CD's, a 128page reproducible activity book, teacher's guide, answer keys, and CDROM of student activity pages in PDF format all contained in a sturdy vinyl binder. 36 lessons and 18 CDs in the complete program. Unit 1: Readiness Strengthens the foundation for reading Teaches: left-to-right progression; visual discrimination of letters, symbols, and two-and three-letter words, categorizing words; associating meaning with recognition; words with opposite meanings; and beginning use of context clues. Unit 2: Letter Sounds Letter sounds and decoding reinforcement Includes: consonants in initial position; discriminating consonant sounds using rhyming words; discriminating initial, medial, and final consonant sounds; consonant blends; consonant diagraphs and diphthongs; and long and short vowel sounds. Unit 3: Comprehension Beginning Comprehension Covers: identifying unknown words using pictures and context clues; locating the main idea; categorizing phrases; sequencing; new word meanings; recognizing details in a story; building imagery, generalizing from given facts; recognizing cause and effect; drawing conclusions; recognizing story structure; and grasping implied ideas.

MR #035015 MR #035016 MR #035017 MR #035018 Unit 1: Readiness Unit 2: Letter Sounds Unit 3: Comprehension COMPLETE SET (3 units) $164.95 $164.95 $164.95 $449.95

For The Middle Grades By Imogene Forte Grades 5-8 (80 pages) This practical resource is filled with reproducible exercises to improve language skills and reading proficiency; integrate reading, writing, thinking and speaking skills; link reading to real-life experiences; and encourage efficient work habits. Exercises are correlated to specific skills.

MR #009073 Reading Survival Skills


Emily Cayuso You'll flip for this complete collection of readyto-use comprehension activities that can be done before, during, or after class reading. Use the freestanding, table-top book design as a stand-alone literacy center to foster both shared and independent reading and writing. All 55 activities are tailored to fit either expository or narrative texts, ensuring that your specific instructional needs are met. From distinguishing the difference between fact and opinion, to discovering connections between the reader and the text, Emily Cayuso has developed a comprehensive and self-contained approach to reading comprehension instruction that guarantees student success!

MR #043751 Flip for Comprehension $35.95

Romeo and Juliet Curriculum Guide

By Laura Maravilla Grades 7-9 (96 pages) This student-friendly study of Romeo and Juliet relates Shakespearean themes to the present, keeping students' interest and increasing their capacity to learn. This ready-to-use guide has been implemented successfully in the author's own middle grade classroom. Each lesson includes creative, content-based activities, vocabulary, and discussion questions.

MR #023983 R&J Curriculum Guide

Building Literature Circles



Book of Reading and Language Arts

For The Middle Grades By Forte, Frank · MacKenzie Grades 4-7 (240 pages) Both teacher-directed lessons and independent student activities are included for each area of the middle grades language arts curriculum: vocabulary, grammar and usage, reading, writing, study skills, and a section of "terrific teacher timesavers."

MR #008983 $24.95

Grades 3-9 (102 pages) Building Literature Circles is a comprehensive book, with general information as well as an in-depth look at actual classroom experiences and teacher-tested suggestions. Section One discusses the "What, Who, When, Where, Why and How" of Literature Circles. General information about planning, training, getting started, managing the Literature Circle classroom, evaluation and grading is presented in this section of the book. Section Two reveals the anatomy of the Buck-Aydelott Model for a Literature Circle. It discusses details about its operation, management, discipline, and evaluation. The authors offer strategies for organizing and conducting Literature Circles. Section Three provides end-of-book group project ideas, independent book extension ideas and reader response exercises that are generic in nature and can be used with any books chosen for Literature Circles. Section Four contains reproducibles for evaluations and reflections, roles, record keeping, graphic organizers and patterns. Section Five offers a booklist.

MR #037725 Building LIterature Circles PHONE: 1-877-414-6463 FAX: (519) 895-0331






Succeeding in Reading

Nancy Dean · Candace Harper Program Leader's Guide In Succeeding in Reading, a complete cross-age tutoring program developed by Nancy Dean and Candace Harper, older buddies teach younger buddies the fundamentals of the reading process. By participating, both tutees and tutors will show gains in reading comprehension and vocabulary, but tutors also will gain in other ways, demonstrating increases in confidence, self-esteem, and leadership. Start implementing Succeeding in Reading with the Program Leader's Guide. It shows you how to plan, set up, and mange the program in many different settings. It includes a Resource CD with · tutoring forms · training videos for tutors · a PowerPoint presentation for introducing the program to others

MR #043848 Program Leader's Guide $25.95

Constructing Meaning

Through Kid-Friendly Comprehension Strategy Instruction Nancy Boyles Good readers think about reading while they are reading. But how does a teacher teach students to apply comprehension strategies as they read? By applying the explicit teaching model to comprehension strategy instruction, Dr. Nancy Boyles offers teachers an easy, effective, and innovative approach to improve students' reading comprehension. Using her book- rich with models, teacher-talk, and real-life examples- teachers learn how to explicitly teach students to apply comprehension strategies competently while they read. With Dr. Boyles' detailed lesson plans and templates, teachers can embed comprehension strategy instruction into guided, shared, and independent reading for both literacy and content-area instruction. Constructing Meaning shows teachers:

Tree House

Reading Program

Succeeding in Reading allows program leaders to choose from two tutoring models to meet their instructional needs. After evaluating the needs of the tutees your tutors will be working with, you will choose either the Buddy Coaching Guide or the Buddy Reading Guide. Buddy Coaching Guide Choose the Buddy Coaching Guide (96 pages) if your tutors will be working with tutees who can already read. This guide teaches the tutor how to coach newly literate partners (grade levels 1-2) in fluency and comprehension. The Buddy Coaching Guide also includes a lessson that shows tutors how to work with older readers (grade levels 3-6).

Teachers can reproduce classroom-ready visual supports from the book or customize them from the included CD.

MR #037191 Constructing Meaning

· A kid-friendly way to introduce and model a blended repertoire of comprehension strategies concurrently, so students practice strategies as readers actually use them: flexibly and as an integrated whole while reading. · How to refine students' comprehension of fiction and informational text during shared, guided, and independent reading with focused lessons in specific strategy applications. · How to monitor students' progress in reading comprehension and comprehension strategy use through follow-up activities, rubrics with discrete assessment criteria, and questions that make kids think.

Grades 2-6 Student Workbooks by Joanna Lawson edited by Jack Booth and Patrick Lashmar · reading selections offer a balance of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry · use the selections for guided, shared, and independent reading · students respond to a wide range of short answer and multiple choice questions · assessment guides with rubrics and sample answers available Photocopying of any part of these books is prohibited. Assessment Guides and Answer Keys by Lin Hart · Edited by Patrick Lashmar · provide numerous reading rubrics specific to each lesson and genre based on four categories and four levels of achievement · provide sample answers to all the reading lessons in the workbooks · help teachers understand the levels of achievement and rubrics · provide record sheets to track individual student achievement · suggest creative and practical extension activities · provide all the reading assessment tools you will ever need in one practical, convenient book Student Workbooks

MR #037062 MR #037063 MR #037064 MR #037065 MR #037066 MR #042302 MR #042303 MR #037067 MR #037068 MR #037069 MR #037070 MR #037071 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6


Ballads and Other Narrative Poems

by Patrick Lashmar and Bill Moore Grades 7-8 This 110 page guide offers comprehensive reproducible activities and poetry text for 20 best-loved ballads. Includes a wide variety of activities: literature response, oral language, small group investigation, and writer's workshop. Ballads include: Casey at the Bat, Lochinvar, Sir Patrick Spens, Nova Scotia, Barbara Allen, and many More!

MR #043851 Buddy Coaching Guide $15.95 MR #043852 Buddy Coaching Guide (5 pack) $57.95

$4.99 $4.99 $4.99 $4.99 $4.99 $4.99 $4.99

Assessment Guides and Answer Keys

MR #043849 Buddy Reading Guide $15.95 MR #043850 Buddy Reading Guide (5 pack) $57.95

Buddy Reading Guide Choose the Buddy Reading Guide (72 pages) if your tutors will be working with tutees who can't read yet. The Buddy Reading Guide shows tutors the skills needed for teaching the pleasures and skills of reading to non-literate partners. It also includes the ELL Buddy Reading Lesson, in which emerging English readers work closely with a patient and knowledgeable peer, who can also be an ELL student.

$34.99 $34.99 $34.99 $34.99 $34.99

MR #037093 Ballads & Other Narrative Poems $49.99

Tree House

Lyric and Other Shorter Poems

by Patrick Lashmar and Bill Moore Grades 7-8 This 142 page guide offers comprehensive reproducible activities and poetry text for more than 100 best-loved poems. Poems include: The Man He Killed, Richard Cory, In Victis, Indian Summer, A Narrow Fellow in the Grass, and 100 more! Poets include: Tennyson, Emerson, Hardy, Carman, Campbell, Lampman, Kipling, and many more.

Ontario Reading

Student Books by Joanna Lawson edited by Patrick Lashmar and Jack Booth Grades 2-6 Presents a balance of literary, informational and graphic units. · every NEW Ontario reading expectation taught and tracked FULL R · use the selections for guided, U COLO shared, and independent reading · teach all the NEW Ontario reading expectations · students respond to a wide range of short answer and multiple choice "EQAO like" questions · reading selections offer a balance of literary, informational, and graphical text Student Books

MR #048450 MR #048451 MR #048452 MR #048453 MR #048454 Grade 2 (not available until 2008) Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 (not available until 2008) Grade 6 $4.99 $4.99 $4.99 $4.99 $4.99

Shakespeare Shorts

Performing Arts & Readers Theater! BE LER SEL Grades 2-6 (80 pages) These adapted plays, each between 5 and 25 minutes long, will instill a love of Shakespeare and boost literacy skills! Included are 2 Holiday concert scripts, a program for easy staging, costumes, and a Shakespeare Festival or reading-only performances. Character roles are written at easy, moderate and challenging reading levels. Reading comprehension and writing activities, and teacher and student self-assessment rubrics also provided. Performing Arts Series:

MR #042266 Grades 2-4 MR #042267 Grades 4-6 MR #042268 Grades 2-4 MR #042269 Grades 4-6


MR #037095 Lyric and Other Shorter Poems


Reading with Music

$13.99 $13.99 $13.99 $13.99

Readers' Theater Series

Second Edition by Nancy Polette Grades 4-7 (book & CD) Short selections from original and classic literature chosen for reading aloud to music. Humorous original poems are contrasted with excerpts from Andersen, Poe, Twain and a host of other writers to span a variety of moods from reflective to scary. This set contains Reading with Music Book plus Music CD of mood music to use with poetry and prose.

MR #046787 Reading with Music


MR #048943 MR #048944 MR #048945 MR #048946 MR #048947

Teaching and Assessment Guides (not available to order until 2008)

Grade 2 (not available until 2008) Grade 3 (not available until 2008) Grade 4 (not available until 2008) Grade 5 (not available until 2008) Grade 6 (not available until 2008)

$34.99 $34.99 $34.99 $34.99 $34.99


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Concert Reading

Expanded Second Edition by Nancy Polette Grades K-3 (book & CD) Turn students on to reading through the use of rhythm and mood music! Poetry can be used also in choral reading and as patterns for writing. This set contains everything needed for beginning concert reading with primary students. Concert Reading Book plus Music CD of rhythms to use with poetry and prose.

MR #046779 Concert Reading

Just for Boys


Reading Comprehension Motivate the Boys to Read! Grades 3-8 (96 pages) These outstanding collections of original short stories, articles, interviews, biographie, and more is sure to capture - and hold TO the interest of all male students. TEN WRIT INCIAL S V The subject matter, characters, PRO DARD STAN and graphics have been carefully chosen to relate to boys, lives, and real world applications address students, emotional development. The exercises incorporate effective, research-based reading comprehension strategies.

MR #045908 Grades 3-6 MR #048171 Grades 6-8 $16.99 $16.99

Reading With Robert Munsch

SELL Grades 1-3 (70 pages) Robert Munsch is a well known Canadian Author. His stories appeal to children of all ages. This unit will develop the literacy strategies necessary to obtain meaning from print, read to find new information about a topic deriving it from print and pictures and develop the student's ability to think and write creatively. 25 Individualized Reading Cards included. Answer Key.


MR #017226 Reading With Robert Munsch $12.99

Primary Science Readers' Theatre

by Sharon Solomon Elementary Grades 11 original scripts link science to language arts. Students learn about habitats, nutrition, space, health, dinosaurs, the food chain, energy, life cycles, light and color, water, and matter. Pre-reading activities and postreading activities integrate writing, art, music, and games.

Reading With Eric Carle

Eric Wilson Mysteries

MR #037792 Primary Science Readers' Theatre $18.95

Improvisation and Theatre Games with Children's Literature

by nancy Polette Grades 3-8 An invitation "to play improv" and do what kids already like to do--pretend! No "scripting" produces success at their attempts at improv. Literature topics include Plot, change of Mood, Literary Elements, Setting, Character, and Dialog. The activities allow students to use productive and critical thinking skills, develop skills in reading fluency, improve comprehension skills. 40+ activities.

Generic Activities for Any Wilson Novel Grades 5-7 (79 pages) Young readers love novels filled with mystery, suspense and adventure. Your students will enjoy studying mystery writing through the novels written by Eric Wilson, one of Canada's well known authors of Canadian Literature for young readers. Contains 43 generic activities that can be used with any of the novels in the series; detailed novel summaries; a word search, a crossword puzzle; activities for language, grammar, mapping, research and creative writing. Answer Key,

MR #019005 Eric Wilson Mysteries

Grades 1-3 (70 pages) Individualized reading activities for 21 stories, 20 reproducible creative activities, teacher evaluation sheet, student activity tracking sheet, list of skills, author biography and answer key. Strives to identify and describe elements of stories, make inference, judgements and predictions and develop students' ability to think and write creatively.

MR #020989 Reading With Eric Carle



Reading With Kenneth Oppel

Improve Reading Strategies Grades 4-6 (96 pages) Kenneth Oppel is one of Canada's most well-known fantasy writers for children. Author study covers his trilogy, Silverwing, Sunwing, and Firewing. Develop strategies for extended reading comprehension, reasoning and critical thinking skills, creative writing and conventions.

Using Novels on the

Canadian North

MR #037727 Improvisation and Theatre Games $15.95

Reading Logs

A Guided Literature Study Grades 7-8 (30 pages) Students complete skill exercises, their number and type, determined by their ability level. Suggested novels are Far North by Will Hobbs; Yukon Journey by Frank McLaughlin; Lost in the Barrens and Never Cry Wolf by Farley Mowat, Kidnapped in the Yukon by Lucy Berton plus five more.

MR #019034 Canadian North

MR #031011 Reading With Kenneth Oppel $16.99

The Home and School Connection Grades K-1 (80 pages) Create a school-home connection for your students that will really boost literacy skills. This book gives you the tools needed to create a reading log in the classroom as well as at home, providing your students with an opportunity to develop strong reading skills. Parents can also get involved with the provided assessments and instructions included in this workbook. At home learning influences kids' success at school, so encourage after school reading with this handy resource.

MR #048172 Grades K-1 MR #048173 Grades 2-3


Reading With Canadian Authors

$13.99 $13.99

Grades 1-3 (96 pages) Take this opportunity to discover the wideranging assortment of literature available from Canadian authors. Some of these will be known while others will be a new experience. The ideas and activities are designed to be used with fiction and non fiction alike in an individualized reading program or with a group. This resource will also lend itself to teaching ESL. 46 titles reviewed.

Reading With... Author Series

MR #027217 Reading With Canadian Authors $16.99

Literature Response Forms

Grades 1-6 (80 pages) These must-have resources are designed to boost students comprehension of all types of literature, and engage a wide range of reading abilities. Each book includes 60 or more skillsbased work sheets, a comprehensive teacher guide, and teacher and student assessment rubrics. These forms are designed for independent study, which can free up valuable classroom time!

MR #034525 Grades 1-3 MR #034526 Grades 4-6


Read & Discover

$13.99 $13.99

Individualized Reading Program Grades 2-6 · Reading Level 1-3 Reading activities are identified as "A" for Primary and "B" for Junior. This is essential when dealing with a wide variety of abilities. This program runs successfully for special education and mainstream classes. R.A.D. is an individualized reading program that will enable your students to develop independent work habits while learning and strengthening language arts skills. Contains 40 Primary Activity Cards and 30 Junior Activity Cards. Plus Tracking Sheets. 102 pp.

MR #013531 Read & Discover

Stories to Teach Reading Fluency & Literacy Strategies Grades 1-4 (80-104 pages ) Kids love reading about Arthur, Curious George, Eric Carle, and Mercer Mayer. Here is a resource to help your students develop the literacy strategies necessary to derive meaning from print and illustrations, read to find new information about a topic, and think and write creatively, using these favourite children's stories as a springboard. Story summaries and reproducible work sheets for the author's books, teacher suggestions, a resource list, student tracking sheet and answer key make each resource easy to use.

MR #019006 MR #020990 MR #013524 MR #019004 MR #019013 MR #013535 MR #013536 MR #019010 MR #017237 MR #019008 MR #020993 Arnold Lobel Arthur Beatrix Potter Beatrix Potter: Bio Curious George Franklin Mercer Mayer Phoebe Gilman Kids at Baily E.S. Magic School Bus Magic Treehouse Gr. 2-3 Gr. 1-3 Gr. 2-4 Gr. 2-4 Gr. 2-4 Gr. 1-3 Gr. 1-2 Gr. 1-3 Gr. 2-4 Gr. 1-3 Gr. 1-3 $16.99 $16.99 $15.99 $15.99 $15.99 $16.99 $13.99 $12.99 $16.99 $15.99 $15.99




PHONE: 1-877-414-6463 (TOLL FREE) FAX: (519) 895-0331


Novel Ideas

Activities range in complexity SELLE according to Blooms Taxonomy! Grades 4-6 (80 pages) Creative activities for interacting with any novel or storybook, your students have read. Activities promote effective reading, writing, listening, speaking and thinking skills and may be used for individual or group work. 10 Graphic Organizers and 55 activities.

MR #013580 Novel Ideas


Reading Response Forms

Lots of Skill-Based Activities! Grades 1-6 (55-72 pages each) Even when students are reading different books, each one will be developing strategies in identifying the main idea & locating supporting details, word study, sequencing & summarizing events, character analysis, creative thinking, and synthesis & evaluation. Written to meet the needs of a range of reading abilities and interests.

MR #019007 Grades 1-3 MR #020992 Grades 4-6


Finding Your Feet With Fiction


Individualized Reading with Learning Centres

$13.99 $13.99

Reading and Understanding Fiction Grades 5-8 This resource helps students feel comfortable ("find their feet") about their reading, understanding and enjoyment of fiction. Sections include setting, character, plots and events, genre, and book reviewing. The purposeful, kid-friendly activities aim to help readers engage with the text in a range of ways, including appreciating what the main character might be thinking, relating an event to a personal experience or thinking about the type of genre they prefer.

MR #048699 Finding Your Feet with Fiction $13.95

Grades 1-6 (74 pages each) Over 60 activities in each book divided into four Learning Centers for: · Comprehension · Phonics · Word Study · Creative Centre activities can be used with any genre of literature and are designed for students to progress at their own rate of learning.

MR #013507 Grade 1 MR #013506 Grades 2-3 MR #013505 Grades 4-6


$13.99 $13.99 $13.99

Improve Reading Skills & Student's Knowledge of Current Events Grades 5-8 (78 pages) The daily newspaper is the window to the world. Through newspapers we learn about events all around the world, and those in our backyard as well. Share this enlightening medium with your class. 105 Activities.

MR #013528 Newspapers

Critical Thinking


Readings in Nonfiction Grades 5-12 (160 pages each) Help students become better readers! · Supports strategies for discovering cause-effect relationships, rules of rational thinking, and more · Analyzes writers' assumptions and helps students develop important thinking skills · Builds reading comprehension and test-taking skills

MR #045732 Middle School MR #045749 High School

Focus on Reading Comprehension

Barbara Doherty · Charlotte Jaffe Grades 4-8 (112 pages) Motivating activities focus on a variety of crucial reading skills, and can be used with students of varying abilities. Most include an enrichment Challenge Activity to help differentiate lessons. Use the activities to introduce or extend students' reading skills and to deepen their comprehension. They are also great preparation for standardized tests. Sections include: · Sequencing · Using Context Clues · Comparing and Contrasting · Identifying Cause and Effect · Main Idea and Supporting Details · Predicting Outcomes and Making Inferences · Interpreting and Evaluating Information

Succeeding With Lit Circles

MR #031547 Focus on Reading Comprehension $20.95

Barbara T. Doherty · Charlotte S. Jaffe Grades 3-8 (96 pages) Succeeding with Lit Circles provides an easy-to-follow, step by-step format that will help you create effective literature circles in your classroom. Lit Circles combine a skills mini-lesson, independent or small-group reading, writing, book discussions, and concluding activities that are share by the whole class. Highlights include... · Book Selection · Grouping and Social Skills · Questioning Techniques · Lit-Circle Roles · Role-Playing: Aesop's Fables · Pre-Reading Ideas · Project and Mini-Lesson Ideas · Lit-Logs · Assessment · Bibliographies Gr. 3­4, 5­6, 7­8

MR #031548 Succeeding With Lit Circles

$30.95 $30.95

Daily Skill-Builders Reading Grades 3-6 (180 pages each) · Addresses reading comprehension, reading elements, and reading skills · Presents unique selections to pique student interest and encourage further reading · Motivates students to find enjoyment in all types of reading resources

MR #030744 Grades 3-4 MR #030749 Grades 4-5 MR #030755 Grades 5-6

$30.95 $30.95 $30.95


Cooperative Learning

Reading Activities

Jeanne Stone Grades K-8 (186 pages) Reading comes alive through exhilarating cooperative learning. includes all new step-by-step, literature-based reading activities for each of two dozen cooperative learning structures. You and your students will love these fun, successful reading activities. Includes reproducible blackline masters and tons of great ideas.

MR #012982 Reading Activities

150 Great Books

Real Life Reading Cards


Synopses, Quizzes, and Tests for Independent Reading Grades 7-9 (472 pages) · Minimizes the time spent preparing and evaluating independent reading assignments · Organizes ready-to-use materials for novels, plays, biographies, and nonfiction works · Appeals to a wide range of interests and abilities Note: The original literary works are not included

MR #008172 150 Great Books

Second Edition Grades 6-9 · Reading Level 2 (150 pages) Help readers develop essential reading skills! · Presents high-interest/lowreadability short stories in a convenient card format · Strengthens language skills essential for independent reading · Reinforces vocabulary and comprehension with follow-up worksheets

MR #011554 Real Life Reading Cards


Teaching with 50 Great Short Stories


Vocabulary, Comprehension, and Writing Activities Grades 10-12 (192 pages) · Supports your short story program with quality literary selections · Enhances the curriculum with vocabulary and writing activities and quizzes · Features teaching materials, including suggested approaches, an index of social themes, and answers

MR #008406 Teaching 50 Great Short Stories $30.95 130 SHOEMAKER STREET KITCHENER, ONTARIO N2E 3G4

Essential Everyday Reading

63 414-64 1-877S MIND URCE RESO


Grades 9-12 · Reading Level 7 (152 pages) Help students master the reading skills necessary for independent living! · Covers home, automotive, banking and finance, public life, consumerism, food, and much more · Builds confidence in dealing with real-life situations

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MR #011521 Essential Everyday Reading





Mother Goose Readers Theatre for Beginning Readers More Readers Theatre for Beginning Readers Around the World through Holidays

Cross Curricular Readers Theatre Written and Illustrated by Carol Peterson Here are scripts for 12 plays adaptable for any of the reading or performance methods of readers theatre presentation. Each play introduces students to a specific world culture by looking at holidays celebrated in that culture. The structure of the book introduces holidays chronologically throughout a calendar year--one play per month. 248 pp. By Anthony D. Fredericks (192 pages) Written for children reading at first and second grade levels, this early readers theatre book appeals to teachers and librarians working on building fluency skills in their beginning readers. An added feature of this book is its focus on Mother Goose rhymes. An introductory chapter discusses the educational value of using readers theatre with young readers and ELL students, staging, presentation, and instructional follow up suggestions. Reading levels are based on accepted readability formulas. Several of the scripts feature simultaneous Spanish translations--a real plus for ELL programs--and activities for phonemic awareness are provided throughout.

MR #048036 Mother Goose Readers Theatre $32.95

By Suzanne I. Barchers · Charla R. Pfeffinger More Readers Theatre for Beginning Readers contains 30 all­new scripts organized into three sections with ten scripts each for grades one, two, and three as analyzed by the Flesch Kincaid readability formula. As with Readers Theatre for Beginning Readers, each script includes suggestions for props, presentation, and the like. For the first section, more choral and/or group responses is included, with particular emphasis on rhyme and repetition. 152 pp.

MR #048035 More Readers Theatre...


MR #048023 Around the World through Holidays $32.95

Wings of Fancy

Getting Ready to Read with Readers Theatre

By Suzanne I. Barchers · Charla R. Pfeffinger Getting Ready to Read with Readers Theatre contains 50, reproducible scripts to entice the preschool and kindergarten group into beginning to read. These patterned scripts based on nursery rhymes, poetry, and other fun things to read are grouped into traditional preschool and kindergarten curricular groupings. Kids will learn to read by hearing and repeating and seeing the patterns. The authors include information about props, staging, and how to introduce the concept of reading together to these very young children. 160 pp.

MR #048028 Getting Ready to Read... $32.95

Using Readers Theatre to Study Fantasy Genre By Joan Garner Grades 4-8 (256 pages) Featuring scripts for well-known classical fantasy stories, as well as more current entries into the genre, Wings of Fancy addresses subgenres such as: Fairies and Enchanted Creatures and Fantastic Beasts and Talking Animals. Each script offers a summary of the story with background information on the author and story, plus suggested further readings. Staging and presentation directions are included, as is a glossary of new and unfamiliar terms. Unlike most other books of this type, lesson plans and project ideas are included for each story.

MR #048080 Wings of Fancy $38.95

Born Storytellers

Readers Theatre Celebrates the Lives and Literature of Classic Authors By Ann N. Black (144 pages) Students in grades 6-12 assume the roles of authors of classic literature and characters from their books, as well as of storytellers who react to the subject matter and clarify the times. Excerpted and paraphrased passages from the books provide the flavor of the featured works. In contrast to Classic Readers Theatre for Young Adults (Barchers and Kroll), this collection focuses on the lives of the authors.

MR #048025 Born Storytellers $38.95

How and Why Stories for Readers Theatre

Fifty Fabulous Fables

All Year Long!

Funny Readers Theatre for Life's Special Times By Diana R. Jenkins (150 pages) This book of contemporary, humorous readers theatre plays deals with the problems middle-school students face. Such problems as poor losers, taking revenge, teasing, sibling rivalry, and jealousy are addressed. Teachers will find these plays a fun way to work on building reading fluency with middle-school readers as well as interesting discussion starters. The plays are themed to fit special times of year such as the beginning of school, holidays (Halloween, St. Patrick's Day, Thanksgiving etc.), and spring vacation. Each chapter includes: the readers theatre script featuring at least eight roles (boys and girls), plot summary, props, costume and presentation ideas.

MR #048467 All Year Long!

Beginning Readers Theatre By Suzanne I. Barchers (137 pages) Involve young children in reading and learning with these charming readers theatre scripts based on traditional fables from around the world. Adapted to beginning reading levels, each of these reproducible scripts has been evaluated with the Flesch-Kincaid Readability Scale and is grouped into a section for first, second, third, or fourth grade reading levels. Children will enjoy participating in Barchers' renditions of well-loved stories. Educators will appreciate the guidelines and tips for presentation, props, and delivery. The book also includes a fable unit with the history, elements of fables, themes, activity ideas, and suggestions for evaluation. A bibliography of further resources concludes the book.

MR #016004 Fifty Fabulous Fables $30.95

By Judy Wolfman (192 pages) How did the bee get his bumble? How do birds get their feathers? Why is the bluebird blue? Curious first through fifth graders want to know how and why things happen! Judy Wolfman has created 40 Readers Theatre scripts based on imaginative and creative porquoi stories that stem from multicultural folktales as well as Native American Indian legends that attempt to give the answers to these how and why questions. An introduction explains what Readers Theatre is, where, and when it may be used, and suggestions for using it. The 40 scripts are short, with appropriate vocabulary and sentence structure for young readers.

MR #035049 How and Why Stories...


Just Deal With It!


Multicultural Folktales

Nonfiction Readers Theatre for Beginning Readers

By Anthony D. Fredericks (220 pages) Teachers and librarians are continually looking for an interesting, fun way to input content knowledge to build background information that will help push up student expository reading scores. Nonfiction readers theatre is one way to accomplish this. Professor Fredericks offers 30 short, nonfiction readers theatre plays for the young reader (grades 1-3) on topics ranging from earth and natural science to community helpers, holidays, and government.

MR #048039 Nonfiction Readers Theatre... $32.95

By Suzanne I. Barchers (188 pages) Introduce your students to other countries and cultures through the traditional folk and fairy tales in these engaging readers theatre scripts. Representing more than 30 countries and regions, the 40 reproducible scripts are accompanied by presentation suggestions and recommendations for props and delivery. Each has been assessed for readability using the Flesch-Kincaid Readability Scale and is grouped for grades one through five. Valuable as supplements to multicultural units, these scripts actively involve students in the subject, and they promote oral reading and presentation skills.

MR #021230 Multicultural Folktales $33.95

By Diana R. Jenkins (256 pages) A collection of humorous plays with real-life settings and contemporary characters, Just Deal with It!, includes readers theatre scripts that poke gentle fun at annoying traits, school-based dilemmas, or the embarrassing moments that are part of growing up. With resolutions that emphasize creative solutions, good humor, or cleverness, these readers theatre scripts work to improve language arts skills such as listening, reading, speaking, and writing. Theatre in the classroom also encourages appreciation of storytelling and develops understanding of basic concepts like plot, character development, and story line.

MR #035051 Just Deal With It




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From the Page to the Stage

The Educator's Complete Guide to Readers Theatre By Shirlee Sloyer (268 pages) Readers theatre is a powerful tool for building language skills and involving young readers with literature. Educator and seasoned readers-theatre coach Shirlee Sloyer provides teachers and librarians with nuts-andbolts guidelines for integrating readers theatre into the classroom and library. Detailed instructions for every step guide readers through the process of setting up and conducting a successful program that is based on NCTE and IRA standards.

MR #029795 From the Page to the Stage

Simply Shakespeare


Sea Songs

Readers Theatre from the South Pacific James W. Barnes (192 pages) Allow students to experience the richness of Polynesian culture as well as the challenge of dramatic reading with this Readers Theatre resource. During his years of living and teaching in Oamaru, New Zealand, James Barnes became intimately involved in the Maori culture. Through extensive research of the mythology of Polynesia, Barnes succeeded in collecting stories passed on by ancient storytellers. His variation of these 26 stories and folktales is included, along with readers theatre interpretation and suggested presentation.

MR #035053 Sea Songs $37.95

Readers Theatre for Young People Edited by Jennifer L. Kroll "This excellent resource book is for any literature teacher from middle school to high school... These adaptations assure no student is left behind in understanding the importance of Shakespeare." --VOYA, February 2004 This unique collection of 13 scripts from Weekly Reader's Read magazine features age-appropriate play adaptations from some of Shakespeare's greatest and best-known works. Magnificently preserving the flavor of Shakespeare's writings, the language has been modernized so that young readers can easily grasp and appreciate the characters and the plot. Each script is accompanied by a summary, presentation suggestions, and a character list.

MR #029796 Simply Shakespeare

Classic Readers Theatre for Young Adults



By Suzanne I. Barchers · Jennifer L. Kroll Grades 6-12 (243 pages) Enliven your literature and drama programs with these terrific Readers Theatre scripts! Featuring 16 original scripts that have been adapted from classic works of English literature, this book is perfect for use with young adults and ESL students. The scripts are easy to read and bring out the spirit and essence of each literary work. Each script comes with an introduction, background information, presentation suggestions, prop recommendations, and an overview of the characters. Your students will thoroughly enjoy themselves as they learn about the subject area and improve their vocal and presentation skills. You will be pleased to support your school's English literature or language arts curriculum in a lively, unconventional fashion! 243 pp.

MR #029723 Classic Reaters Theatre


Spoofing and Proofing the Classics

Character Counts!

Promoting Character Education through Readers Theatre By Charla R. Pfeffinger Grades 2-5 (192 pages) This collection provides teachers and librarians with Readers Theatre scripts to promote and reinforce character education. Each original script presents a wide variety of dilemmas and situations, often drawn from true events, and includes suggestions for presentation and props. Student interpretation enables the audience to fully understand the content of the script through the use of characterization, setting, and movement by the readers. Readers Theatre scripts are grouped by grade level and age-appropriate theme. Themes include important topics such as respect, cheating, compassion, conflict resolution, survival, sportsmanship, honesty, and leadership.

MR #035055 Character Counts $35.95

Literature-Based Activities to Develop Critical Reading Skills and Grammatical Knowledge By Keith Polette · Nancy Polette Using "shaggy dog" stories based on classic literature, the Polettes address common spelling and grammatical errors and the ways in which children can be taught to read critically to recognize them. Stories such as Rapunzel, Alice, The Hare and the Tortoise, and King Arthur, purposely embedded with common errors, have been pretested in teacher workshops given by Nancy Polette and in Dr. Keith Polette's classes at the University of Texas, El Paso. Teachers found them specific enough to be used directly in the writing instructional curriculum and fun for students to read and try to figure out. Each full-page reproducible story (there are over 45) and its corrected counterpart focus on common errors (incorrect use of quotation marks, end marks, capitalization, apostrophes, semicolons, run on sentences, homophones, verb usage, etc.). An appendix offers answer explanations, rules to be learned and taught, and more.

MR #048075 Spoofing and Proofing the Classics $32.95

Frantic Frogs and Other Frankly Fractured Folktales for Readers Theatre


By Anthony D. Fredericks Grades 4-8 (144 pages) Have you heard "Don't Kiss Sleeping Beauty, She's Got Really Bad Breath" or "The Ugly Duckling Sues His Parents for Bad Genes"? This resource offers more than 20 reproducible satirical scripts for rip-roaring dramatics. Fredericks's side-splitting send-ups and wacky folktales and fairy tales are guaranteed to bring snickers, chuckles, and belly laughs into the classroom and get everyone involved. The book also contains guidelines and tips for using readers theatre in the classroom. It's a great icebreaker that everyone will enjoy!

MR #002187 Frantic Frogs


Silly Salamanders and Other Slightly Stupid Stuff for Readers Theatre

Story Fest

Judge for Yourself

Famous American Trials for Readers Theatre By Suzanne I. Barchers (176 pages) Ten readers theatre scripts based on some of the most famous, sensational trials in U.S. history provide a fascinating glimpse into our past and our justice system. These compelling dramas are based on actual trial proceedings, and have been adapted to the interest and reading level of students in upper elementary and middle school. Details of the crime have been incorporated into the trial format allowing the story to unfold through the eyes of the jury. The verdict is detailed in a separate section, allowing students to decide what the outcome should be. These scripts are wonderful tools for enhancing history, social studies, civics, humanities, or the English program. They sharpen critical thinking skills through the deliberation process; help build and refine reading, oral presentation, and performance skills

MR #035050 Judge for Yourself $35.95 130 SHOEMAKER STREET KITCHENER, ONTARIO N2E 3G4

Crafting Story Theater Scripts By Dianne de Las Casas Grades 2-6 (88 pages) Contains 25 story theater scripts appropriate for Grades 2 through 6. The scripts are designed to accommodate wholeclassroom participation. The book also includes a description of the process for working with students to create a school Story Fest.

MR #048076 Story Fest

By Anthony D. Fredericks BEST R E Grades 3-8 (159 pages) SELL Fill your library or classroom with giggles and laughter with these uproarious readers theater scripts from popular author Tony Fredericks. The more than two dozen reproducible scripts are based on fractured fairy tales and twisted legends. Guaranteed to re-energize the language arts and writing curricula, this collection will educate and entertain. The book also includes helpful guidelines and an abundance of tips and ideas for using readers theater to extend learning.

MR #029725 Silly Salamanders



Story Road to Literacy

Tadpole Tales and Other Totally Terrific Treats for Readers Theatre

By Anthony D. Fredericks Grades 1-4 (160 pages) Energize your language arts program with these wild and wacky adaptations of Mother Goose rhymes and traditional fairy tales that will fill your classroom with laughter and learning! Featuring more than 25 reproducible scripts, it also offers numerous practical guidelines for using readers theatre in the classroom, this book is a perfect resource for your reading program.

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By Rita Roth Grades K-12 (196 pages) This book will be particularly of use to ESL teachers and classroom teachers with ESL students. Contains a collection of original stories collected from oral tellings of immigrant students. Provides tuseful teaching strategies, bibliographies of folktales and more. Because of the primary sources and the story collections, librarians, both school and public, will find this book a must for working with ESL students.

MR #048888 Story Road to Literacy





Teaching Phonics for Balanced Reading Reading First and Beyond

Second Edition Edmund V. Starrett A comprehensive, easy-to-use guide with invaluable resources for planning phonics instruction. This reference book presents the content and ideas of phonics instruction in an accessible format that appeals to both new and experienced teachers. Coverage of each topic begins with a broad general overview and then offers specific, practical tips and strategies. Thorough and in-depth, this beneficial guide: · Discusses specific principles of phonics in teacherfriendly terms · Presents and explains the most useful phonics rules and generalizations · Provides practical guidance for sequencing phonics instruction · Includes informal assessments and checklists · Offers a generous collection of instructional strategies and activities Teaching Phonics for Balanced Reading offers all teachers a comprehensive guide for planning phonics instruction that helps students become better readers and better learners! 2007, 208 pages, 8.5" x 11"

MR #044782 Teaching Phonics for Bal... $43.95

Comprehension Strategies for Your K-6 Literacy Classroom

Thinking Before, During, and After Reading Divonna M. Stebick · Joy M. Dain Enhance your thinking about teaching with these research-based comprehension strategies! In reader-friendly terms, Comprehension Strategies for Your K­6 Literacy Classroom illustrates how teachers can effectively use six critical comprehension strategies to enhance student understanding: activating schema, questioning, visualizing, inferring, determining important ideas, and synthesizing. Divonna M. Stebick and Joy M. Dain present a "before," "during," and "after" instructional framework that provides the three elements necessary for strategic comprehension learning to take place--explicit instruction through teacher modeling, guided practice, and independent application. Combining theory with classroom research, this helpful resource offers step-by-step direction. 2007, 176 pages, 7" x 10"

MR #044793 Comprehension Strategies

The Complete Guide for Teachers and Literacy Coaches Cathy Collins Block · Susan E. Israel Enhance your repertoire of literacy instructional strategies! Reading proficiency is the most fundamental learning skill, critical to students' success. Renowned educators and authors Cathy BEST R E Collins Block and Susan Israel SELL present an indispensable guide that will give teachers and literacy coaches crystal clear understanding of the evidenced-based instructional practices required by Reading First Legislation, along with the tools to incorporate them. The authors further expand the support for enriched classroom practice through evidence and practical how-to advice for additional domains that show proven benefits for students, including writing, metacognition and oral language. Through their explanations, teaching directions, and sample lessons, this resource bridges the gap between key research and daily reading classroom teaching. It also summarizes the educator-relevant provisions and requirements of Reading First and the No Child Left Behind federal programs. Each chapter includes: · Short classroom-relevant research summaries for teachers · What teachers need to know about phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency · Lesson plans addressing each literacy domain · Components to assess learning · Strategies to differentiate for special learners, ELL, and advanced readers Reading First and Beyond is packed with enriching ideas for all educators that will enhance their list of literacy instructional strategies, helping them achieve high levels of reading proficiency from all students. 2005, 224 pages, 8.5" 11", 2nd printing

MR #038251 Reading First and Beyond $43.95

Improving Comprehension Skills for Test Day--and Beyond Kristin Noelle Wolfgang Empower your students to skillfully analyze and respond in writing to any comprehension question! Helping students comprehend what they read is a challenging goal, but even more daunting is teaching students to answer comprehension questions in writing. Based on the author's interactions with her students, this innovative text presents a five-step method that has proven not only to help students improve their literacy skills for standardized tests but also, and more important, to help them respond to what they read in your classroom and beyond. This resource presents a process that requires only two 30-minute sessions per week and can be used across content areas and grade levels. Using the built-in scaffolding, students quickly learn how to dismantle even the most challenging comprehension questions and respond to them in clear, sophisticated paragraphs. Numerous rubrics are included, empowering students to: · Analyze and respond effectively in writing to comprehension questions · Develop and enhance critical vocabulary skills · Learn to assess their own work · Recognize what constitutes powerful writing Enhance your students' ability and confidence to skillfully analyze and respond in writing to any comprehension question! 2006, 312 pages, 7" x 10"

MR #042927 102 Reading Response Lessons $46.95

102 Reading Response Lessons

Learning Communities Guide to Improving Reading Instruction

How the Brain Learns to Read


Quotes to Inspire Great Reading Teachers

A Reflective Tool for Advancing Students' Literacy Cathy Collins Block · Susan E. Israel These quotes will inspire reflection on your teaching and provide tools to inspire your students, too! Teachers will find a year's worth of thought-provoking quotations by thinkers from in and out of education, from across centuries and cultures. Tied to themes of best teaching practice and reading domains, including goal setting, comprehension, vocabulary building, assessment, and collaboration, these quotes give you a daily way to deepen your reflection and critical thinking. The book also shows how to use the quotes in the classroom to directly foster improvement of your students' literacy, metacognitive skills, and goal setting, and at the same time introduce them to some of the greatest names in history and literature. Don't miss this great opportunity to enrich your teaching practices as well as your students' literacy! 2006, 200 pages, 8.5" x 11"

MR #042924 Quotes to Inspire Great... $40.95

David A. Sousa Use the power of neuroscience to develop better readers in your class! What must the brain learn in order to read effectively? What has research revealed about phonics and whole language approaches to reading instruction? Arm yourself with the most current neuroscientific information available and start your students down a lifelong path as successful readers. How the Brain Learns to Read presents what scientists have uncovered about how children develop spoken language and use spoken language abilities when learning to read. Best-selling author David Sousa explores source material on brain research and provides scores of practical reading strategies for the K-12 classroom. Complete with relevant brain diagrams and informative tables, this exciting new book examines critical concepts including: · Understanding language acquisition and its relationship to reading · Incorporating modern research findings in your classroom · Recognizing and overcoming reading problems, including early intervention programs · Content area reading with strategies to improve vocabulary and comprehension · Developing a successful reading program that encourages teachers to be researchers Reading is essential for success in our society. With this guide to cutting-edge reading research, you'll find the keys to unlocking reading success in your students! 2005, 256 pages, 8.5" x 11", 3rd printing

MR #038145 How the Brain Learns to Read $46.95


Valerie Hastings Gregory · Jan Rozzelle-Nikas Create professional learning communities to improve reading instruction and students' performance! After observing over 300 classrooms, authors Valerie Hastings Gregory and M. Jan Rozzelle provide the perfect framework, knowledge, and tools necessary to help create a community of literacy coaches, leaders, and teachers to improve reading across schools. Demonstrating the critical link between adult learning and student learning that makes professional learning communities our best hope for improving reading and comprehension for today's students, this rich developmental resource provides solid information, powerful research findings, specific, pragmatic and proven strategies that teachers can apply immediately in the classroom. The Learning Communities Guide to Improving Reading Instruction will help educators identify and apply new approaches, improve and add to their instructional repertoire, and ultimately benefit their students' reading performance so no child or teacher is "left behind." 2005, 176 pages, 8.5" x 11"

MR #038252 Learning Communities Guide...$36.95

Building the Reading Brain, PreK-3

Patricia Wolfe · Pamela Ann Nevills Research indicates that a student's future academic success can be predicted by his or her reading level at the end of third grade. Patricia Wolfe and Pamela Nevills bring insight and assistance to preschool educators, parents and care providers, kindergarten and primary grade teachers for this essential process. They explain the development of the young brain, the acquisition of language as preparation for reading, and the nurturing and instruction process from birth to age eight. 2004, 200 pages, 7" x 10", 3rd printing

MR #038260 Building the Reading Brain PHONE: 1-877-414-6463 FAX: (519) 895-0331






Literacy Matters

Strategies Every Teacher Can Use Second Edition Robin J. Fogarty The versatile and practical handbook to promote students' literacy and learning! Scores of children across the country do not read with comprehension, and literacy has become a national priority. In Literacy Matters, internationally recognized author, educational NEW N IO coach, and consultant Robin EDIT Fogarty defines and reviews 15 practical literacy approaches that teachers can use across all content areas and grade levels to help students develop essential literacy skills. This userfriendly resource provides strategies for immediate implementation with an overview of the research and best practices associated with each strategy. With an easy-to-use menu that enables teachers to select the specific strategies they want to use to boost content-area literacy and comprehension, this valuable guide explores proven instructional methods such as · Teaching metacognitive student thinking · Creating literature circles · Involving parents and community · Tapping into prior knowledge · Using technology to impact literacy acquisition Put these strategies to use in your classroom, and watch as your students improve their reading and comprehension, and apply these tools for success across content areas and in their lives! 2007, 104 pages, 7" x 10"

MR #044784 Literacy Matters $28.95

Practical Guide to Classroom Literacy Assessment

Collaborative Literacy

Using Gifted Strategies to Enrich Learning for Every Student Susan E. Israel · Dorothy A. Sisk · Cathy Collins Block Use these gifted and higher level thinking strategies for all students! Developed for reading educators, this rich resource incorporates higher level thinking and reading strategies that promote academic achievement for both gifted learners and struggling students. Susan E. Israel, Dorothy A. Sisk, and Cathy Collins Block, recognized leaders in the fields of reading and literacy, provide teachers with tools to create collaborative literacy classrooms where students can generate ideas independently, discuss them, and then develop new concepts within a group environment. Collaboration boosts critical thinking skills and helps develop and enrich reading, writing, speaking, and thinking experiences not just for gifted readers, but for all learners! You'll gain important insights on: · Understanding how collaborative literacy affects gifted students and your entire classroom · Building collaborative literacy using specific resources such as adaptable lessons and activities · Creating an enriched collaborative literacy environment for all students · Involving parents in collaborative literacy learning · Stimulating creativity to increase critical thinking and develop richer comprehension Develop higher level thinking and reading strategies to help your students become independent researchers, writers, and readers! 2007, 256 pages, 8.5" x 11"

MR #044389 Collaborative Literacy

Diane M. Barone · Joan M. Taylor Use assessment to meet the strengths and needs of students and enhance learning! Whether it is standardized test data, student journals, or informal classroom question and answer, assessments provide invaluable, ongoing diagnostic information for making key instructional decisions. In this engaging and comprehensive resource, Diane Barone and Joan Taylor demonstrate practical ways for embedding test preparation into teaching by integrating assessments and instruction to boost learning. The authors provide testing content and procedures developed for inservice and preservice teachers, administrators, and coaches to help all students, including those who have previously failed. With rich classroom examples, dialogues, scenarios, checklists, and student work samples, this book illustrates multiple assessment formats with expert how-to and when-to guidelines for literacy, writing, listening, and speaking. In language that speaks straight to educators, this handy, indispensable guide discusses: · Real cases and conversations that demonstrate actual assessment strategies in classrooms · Specific applications for math and science literacy · Preparation and grading for high-stakes testing · Practical help for portfolios · Rubric construction tips · The importance of oral and written literacy Using The Practical Guide to Classroom Literacy Assessment, educators can measure students' abilities to navigate content and apply what they learn, and effectively support their academic success on standardized and formative assessments. 2007, 192 pages, 8.5" x 11"

MR #044399 The Pracitcal Guide to Class... $40.95

Differentiated Instructional Strategies for Reading in the Content Areas

Carolyn Chapman · Rita S. King Every teacher can be a reading teacher with this user-friendly guide! Chapman and King have done it again! This straightforward, easy-to-use handbook gives teachers creative yet substantial ideas and methods for infusing phonics, word analysis, BEST R vocabulary development, and E comprehension strategies into SELL subject-area instruction. As in the original Differentiated Instructional Strategies for Writing in the Content Areas, Differentiated Instructional Strategies for Reading in the Content Areas uses the same eclectic blend of differentiated instruction, multiple intelligences, scaffolding, constructivism, and co-op learning methods and activities. Each chapter includes samples, suggestions, and lists that you can quickly apply to your own classroom: · Creating a Climate for Reading--lure the unchallenged reader, excite the gifted reader, personalize the classroom, and evaluate the environment · Knowing the Reader--assess each student's reading ability · Models of Reading--shared reading, four block, language experience, and more · Vocabulary--strategies, visuals, context clues, and more · The Art of Decoding--the Phonics Dozen, syllable sense, and more · Comprehension--improve it before, during, and after reading · Pulling It Together--giving your students the gift of a lifetime love of reading This book will help you link reading in meaningful ways to the vocabularies of math, science, social studies, vocational studies, music, health and physical education, so all your students can improve learning and classroom achievement! 2003, 224 pages, 7" x 10", 5th printing

MR #038168 Differentiated Instructional... $40.95

What Successful Literacy Teachers Do


70 Research-Based Strategies for Teachers, Reading Coaches, and Instructional Planners Neal A. Glasgow · Thomas S. C. (Sylvester Charles) Farrell A wealth of research-based literacy strategies in one easy-to-use, convenient format! To help teachers fulfill the diverse and individual challenges of providing comprehensive literacy instruction, What Successful Literacy Teachers Do offers a variety of research-based suggestions and proven teaching methods. Linking six decades of reading research to classroom practice, this book presents 70 instructional strategies ready for immediate classroom use. The authors, drawing on their own experience as teachers, mentors, and teacher educators, offer a rich resource for bringing differentiated approaches into every literacy classroom. The easy-to-browse table of contents covers: · Phonics, phonemics, and decoding · Vocabulary, spelling, and word study · Fluency and comprehension · Assessment, instructional materials, and technology · Special topics, including English Language Learners, family literacy, and more Translating state-of-the-art research into practitioner strategies, this resource is ideal for teachers, reading coaches, mentors, teacher educators, and instructional planners. 2007, 184 pages, 7" x 10"

MR #045958 What Successful Literacy... $34.95

Literacy Projects for Student-Centered Classrooms

Tips and Lessons to Engage Students Karrell Hickman Promote engaging and energizing learning experiences with a studentcentered approach to literacy. Lessons come alive, students participate with keen interest, and productive learning experiences occur when teachers use authentic student-centered strategies in their reading and language arts classrooms and give students a real voice in their academic growth. In this unique resource, Karrell Hickman presents creative ways to make literacy instruction exciting and relevant, and outlines techniques for inspiring student motivation, exploration, and teamwork. In addition to four fully developed long-term research projects that encourage student-centered learning while meeting NCTE and IRA standards, this practical text also offers: · Guidelines for using the student-centered approach with readings and assignments · Strategies for guiding students in effective project development, rubric scoring, self-monitoring, and self-evaluation · Time management strategies and resource lists for each project · Student samples and Quick Tip sections Eliminate the guesswork and let this user-friendly resource expertly guide you and your students on a rich journey of collaborative learning. 2007, 168 pages, 7" x 10"

MR #045963 Literacy Projects for... $34.95


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7 Strategies of Highly Effective Readers

Using Cognitive Research to Boost K-8 Achievement Elaine K. McEwan When students learn to read strategically, they read to learn! How do some students extract complex information from advanced reading materials while others struggle to find the meaning of even simple passages? What characteristics do strategic readers exhibit that others don't possess? Unlocking the cognitive strategies of exceptional readers means finding ways to teach evEST ery student to read strategically, B LLER SE and help them be successfull in the classroom and beyond. This essential reading instruction teaching tool offers hard evidence to show how effective readers use specific strategies to extract and comprehend information. Seven Strategies of Highly Effective Readers melds scientific research with hands-on experience to offer a comprehensive look at reading instruction. Instructors will discover that they can use the seven strategies no matter what their teaching style, and students will discover how to read to learn. McEwan has developed easily reproducible tools geared toward helping teachers get the most out of their readers: · Teacher Think-Alouds to facilitate modeling the seven strategies for your students · Templates to speed planning time · Activities to encourage use of the seven strategies · Forms, posters, props, and prompts to assist both students and teachers While theories come and go, research has shown that using these seven strategies will prove successful in the classroom-and beyond. 2004, 224 pages, 8.5" x 11", 3rd printing

MR #038254 Seven Strategies of Highly... $43.95

Designing and Using Rubrics for Reading and Language Arts, K-6

Second Edition Joan F. Groeber Enhance literacy instruction using a proven assessment tool--rubrics! Literacy consultant Joan Groeber provides educators with a teacherfriendly, step-by-step guide for creating and using rubrics to assess a wide range of literacy skills. Groeber's approach helps ensure that students gain a clear understanding of teacher expectations and assume a greater responsibility for their own learning. Offering an overview of rubrics as instructional tools, with methods and strategies for developing them, the revised edition includes: · Expanded guidelines for creating rubrics · More than 40 time-saving, preconstructed model rubrics covering key literacy skills · New rubrics that reflect the expanding field of literacy education, including information literacy and technology use Using this comprehensive resource, teachers can design rubrics to meet their specific classroom needs, giving students the opportunity to identify and achieve high levels of performance. 2007, 208 pages, 8.5" x 11"

MR #044401 Designing and Using Rubrics...$43.95

40 Ways to Support Struggling Readers in Content Classrooms, Grades 6-12

60 Strategies for Improving Reading Comprehension in Grades K-8

Reading for Academic Success

Powerful Strategies for Struggling, Average, and Advanced Readers, Grades 7-12 BEST R Richard W. Strong · Harvey F. Silver · E SELL Matthew J. Perini · Gregory M. Tuculescu Empower your students with A+ reading skills and watch achievement soar! Students' mastery of subject matter rests heavily upon their ability to read proficiently. Likewise, a teacher's capacity to cover all the material in a course and cultivate successful learners depends largely on the students' reading skills--as these skills are inextricably linked to problem solving, critical thinking, writing, researching, organizing ideas, reasoning, and creativity. Through specific examples, real-life scenarios, diagrams, and detailed guidelines, this book vividly conveys the most fundamental and effective means to boost student learning and teacher performance. The wealth of easyto-use strategies and the authors' warm and encouraging tone further enhance the easy integration of the valuable information provided. Key features include: · Exploration of the seven core reading challenges--and corresponding strategies for success · Tips for tailoring each strategy to distinct disciplines, from Science and Mathematics to English and Social Studies · "Strategies for Struggling Readers" section in each chapter that highlights ways to meet the needs of students with learning disabilities and other special needs · Practical applications that implement and reinforce research findings, including the five common characteristics of successful readers Expressly designed for the secondary teacher, the downto-earth approach and proven methods outlined can have a significant and far-reaching positive impact in any school--turning even average or below-average students into high-achieving, thoughtful readers. 2002, 200 pages, 8.5" x 11", 4th printing

Kathleen Feeney Jonson Based on the recommendations of the National Reading Panel Report, 60 Strategies for Improving Reading Comprehension in Grades K-8 provides teachers with a ready-to-use toolkit of tried-and-true learning strategies designed to actively engage students in cognitive processes, including predicting, visualizing, making inferences, monitoring, synthesizing, and summarizing. Developed as specific instructional procedures with clearly delineated steps for implementation, these entertaining activities are effective in all types of classrooms. Literary expert Kathleen Feeney Jonson has created an exciting resource to help educators teach the most difficult piece of the reading process: comprehension. Offering a rare combination of fun and function, these strategies are sure to get students to listen, laugh, and most important, to learn. 2006, 240 pages, 8.5" x 11"

MR #041866 60 Strategies for Improving... $43.95

Elaine K. McEwan Help for students who are overwhelmed, feel confused, can't remember, lack language skills, or just don't get it. In today's era of accountability, teachers are expected to help all secondary students understand complex concepts and ideas and demonstrate proficiency on high-stakes tests. To promote success for struggling readers in all content areas, expert educator Elaine K. McEwan offers 40 user-friendly and easy-to-implement strategies in an invaluable text that includes three tables of contents (traditional, topical, and problem-solving) formatted for quick and easy reference. Each of the 40 research-based and classroom-tested techniques features: · An intriguing quotation or definition to grab your attention · A brief description of the method and suggestions for implementation · Recommended resources to gain a more in-depth understanding of the method · Research citations to demonstrate the power of the method to get results Offering cross-references and advance organizers throughout, this book provides the specific yet comprehensive information you need to support all students with reading difficulties. 2007, 208 pages, 7" x 10"

MR #045938 40 Ways to Support Struggling... $38.95


Teach Them ALL to Read

Improving Reading Skills Across the Content Areas

MR #038253 Reading for Academic Success $40.95

Ready-to-Use Activities and Assessments for Grades 6-12 Rebecca J. Rozmiarek A must-have, must-read resource for every teacher in all subject areas! In this practical and user-friendly book, literacy specialist Rebecca Rozmiarek shares more than 100 classroom-tested reading activities that will benefit all students, including gifted, special education, and ELL students. Incorporating years of success in helping struggling secondary students become expert readers, she provides both a jargon-free overview of critical research and activities that every teacher can use to improve reading comprehension and content retention. Student examples and sample modifications show teachers how reading activities can be used in content areas ranging from math and science to social studies and English, and more. Learn how to use double-entry journals, text coding, bookmarking, and questioning strategies to help students become more proficient readers. Based on IRA and NCTE standards, these activities foster independence, self-reflection, and motivation in all students. 2006, 184 pages, 8.5" x 11"

MR #041865 Improving Reading Skills... $40.95

Catching the Kids Who Fall Through the Cracks Elaine K. McEwan Reach even the most reticent and challenged readers in your classrooms! In this insightful and practical new book, noted educator and reading authority Elaine K. McEwan offers teachers at all levels the understanding and motivation they need to teach children to read--especially those students who need help the most. Administrators at site and district levels will find invaluable data on creating a reading culture that leads to marked improvements in achievement scores. Teach Them ALL to Read provides educators with the most current reading research about how students learn, regardless of age or grade, and helps educators understand that learning to read is only the first step. Students must also develop fluency, acquire cognitive strategies, and continue to "read-a-lot" to enrich knowledge and comprehension. Important features include: · Step-by-step information on developing an action plan · Graphic organizers throughout · Brief sidebars that prompt reader reflection · Glossary of technical terms · Comprehensive list of phonetics readers · Checklist of "Fifty Strategies to Build a Reading Culture" · Easy-to-read samples, forms, and templates No student has to fall through the literacy cracks, and Elaine McEwan shows how practitioners can keep it from happening in their schools. 2002, 225 pages, 8.5" x 11", 4th printing

MR #038262 Teach Them ALL to Read




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