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How to register your Windows computer on the Monash Residential network To register your Windows computer on the MRS network, you will need a computer that already has internet access, or a mobile phone with internet. First you will need to find your computer's unique Physical Address. On WinXP, open the start menu and click run. Type cmd and press enter. On Vista/Windows 7, just type cmd in the start menu box and press enter. When the black box appears, type the command: getmac /v /fo list Then press enter

We need to find Local Area Connection, and locate your Physical Address. Write down your 12 character Physical Address without dashes, eg. 0000F078C70C

Open an Internet browser on another computer/phone, and go to and log in with your Monash username. In the Ethernet address box next to your usernamewiredself.mrs, type in your Ethernet address, and click on Register. "Registration successful" should appear. Now you will have to wait approximately 20 minutes, then open Safari, and login to the Internet with your Monash username. After this, all other applications can use the internet, eg. Online games, MSN Messenger and Skype.

Other things you may need to know: If your wiredself.mrs registration is missing, contact the residential office on ext. 26236, and have your student ID ready, so that they can enable your Internet. You will need to log in to the Internet every time you don't use the Internet for 6 hours; the system will log you out automatically You will need to follow this entire registration process again if you bring a different computer to MRS. To set up your computer to use the wireless Internet at the main campus, use the following link and select your operating system for step by step instructions: To set up your computer to watch free live TV streams, download VLC Media Player from: To configure VLC Open VLC, go to Tools, Preferences, Show Settings (All) (bottom left corner) Click the + next to Playlist, then click Services Discovery, and tick the SAP Announcements box and click Save. Close and open VLC, then go to View , Playlist. Click SAP Announcements. All of the channels under the +MonashTV are free to view, just double click to open. Make sure your phone and your computer are connected properly! Cable from the wall plugs into the SW port on the phone. PC port on phone connects to your computer's network port.


Microsoft Word - Windows network registration.docx

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Microsoft Word - Windows network registration.docx