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Owasco Playground opened last MoOeever, Iklp Baraa and Mike Mike Catalfano, Pam and Louis Monday amid hot weather and I Diane and Maureen Gagan and Sawran, Mark Smith, Woody McWASHLN'GTO.V <\P\ An asMaurillo, Jim Bryant and Sammy t h V J l ? u U ° f °l!!.1uH^ ,.««! t h « ' t n ' n « ^ and a female astrommifi I Marge Orman. Oee. Orace Fedele, Mark Wittwer Masseo. n While some children useo m e .,, ^. ....... , .... Those playing horseshoes were Colella. and Danny Bargan. Also popular will participate in a study of the Wt have been quite buay at the . J tf itr* o " * ? 1 L T J ^ ' . &hTi r tc0 m p* with the boys have been eheckeri Neil Ferry, Jimmy Calimeri, Gary * Thursday we took the entire swings, slide, see-saws and mon- sun (Wiring a total eclipse .July '.< t n wh0 e fo e -' » playground these last three weeks t^ i s w e k :* Jto w i ,u !" L ? £ h playground to the Children's Thea- key bars, others were shmMl streaking across Canada by jet breaking in our equipment. ^ ^ M k e v J °h«>y/Tirn- and chess. Our future chess Morfei and Johnny McNabb. Playing on the teeter-totters tre presentation which was held at from the hot sun by our new plane in the wake of the moon's my, Terry, Greg. Jeanni, Carol, champions include Billy Wlldner, Tetherball has been one of the Because of thr July 4 holiday. Kevin Vaoscoy, Jim Hutchinson were Vivian, John, Debby and Central High. shelter. Shelley and Ritchie. shadow. · favoritea with both the younger next week's garbage pickup will Karen Mlnker, Btevie Durso, Dean Friday we had a pizza party with Playing klckball were John, and older children. Klckball alio Those who have been helping the and John Simmoads. A spokesman for the National be: Wednesday the Auburn Chil- and Addle Roberta and Judy Pat and Paul jColelU, Yora and Jlru and Mary Jane Donovan has ben played, and the boys and directors are Steve Conboy, Glenn Aenjnaulics ami Space Admin.sThursday's pickup will be David Marino, Butch Amarando, Margaret and Brian Leech, Putty glris have been practicing with the Fletcher, Marty Quinn, Allan Zen- dren's Theatre came and present- Volnak. Sailing boats in the pool were Bonnie Meyers, J i m and John Molloy, Sandra Viunzlo. Hot> V.-ation said that in addition to the made on Friday and Friday's ed "The Merry Pranks of Tyll." ter and Jerry Geherln. Softball. We're looking forward to their Michael Chalanlck. Mlohael and Clampl, John Bertonica and BUI IMne, Kathy Drlscoll, Jimmy and astronaut, as yet unpicke I. and will be made on Saturday. Sue Corning Ricky Ganey, Richie Boies. Debthe astronomer, Dr. Jocelyn II. David Rice and Kim HUK1I»-S. next presentation "Plnocchlo" on Anthony Feneck. Mary Ktauella and David Lteono. _ _ ble and Karen Twomey, Laurinda Monday we had a 8caven^»r Gill, two researchers froin the August 16. Interested observers were BobCarol Gttter McCrall, Jimmy Waters, Kevin hunt. .Marlhn Croser, Sandy. Ames Research Center at Moffett Mrs. Arthur Roberts Signed up for the girls' softball by Berganstock, Mickey, Lonna Wright, Kathy and Theresa ArmMary Ann and Debbie DtFabio. Field, Calif., will be aboard. teams are Klkl Impaglia, Orace and Billy Oliver, Christine and Of Aurora Dits strong, Kitty Shaeffer and Tlkkl Cindy and Debbie Leyburn, Jackir Fedele, Ann Impaglia, Beth Amy Springer, Diane Acker, Patty Games such as "Hide end Go Waiters have spent many hours rp^l W M k began with a trip to Mason and Debbie .^roka wer*' O'Connor, Beth Dsledsle, 8ue Fox, and David Riley, Phillip Vella and Mrs. Klizabeth Stoner Roberta. building castles in the - - . . -- . . . ,,,?*£*, *TM ' R TM r t l J ^ r ' ' Zlll Ann Marie Colella, Debby 8tevens, Jimmy Salva. The advent of a solar eclipse on 76. wife of Arthur Roberts of Owasco Lake. Swimming were, 'amonjr the first to report back. - , - - --r -- sandbox. Susie, Johnny and Karen Taylor, ! Bill Franczek and Steve Tine July 20 has led medical agencies Aurora, died last night at TompCed Those who went swimming at, P ^ - The* e parUcipating were ^hh B U I s d # u Betsy Richards, Jimmy, David, Patty and Bobby ] competed In high and broad and individuals to caution the peo- k m s e Unlc S ^ " E t ? 1, y\ Tuw»ay were i g TM * * 2 J ' ^ J f i M E l S ' M J £ **»«» Trama, Kathy Woodlock. lth Pie against looking at the eclipse after ^ ^ n L l ! ^ * 1 ' *°*' Napoll, Terry and Margy Kahl,; Jumps Jiy^^r ^J^ 1 * ***!,"^*,*"^ ^ 1 ^»t?l^^ 1s?u1t^^^S^*{Sf.Mi^K?i-^wK"' A»i«« JUndall, Wendy BllU, Patty * a long illness. l 1 Participating in softball were I.Mtu the naked -.r,, with TKZ, ,, « i , ^ eye Peter and Debby Dundon, Mike Wright, Mary Alice Kelsey, Susie * · V. C*TM Miskell, Susie WllConnor Am* Levek She was a native of Pennsyld B Donley. Jennifer and Carolyn Hal- "on. Steve Sluty, Alan Wilson.; ^ ,, ^ * B e r ! 2 J o w n e OaT!£ The children Monday partici- Herrling, Reb and Jim Baler, Jim Donovan, Michael Locastro,' The National Society for the Pre- vania and had lived in New York sey. Theresa. Adrienne and Ann, F w w Miskell and Bob Paaik. Icio 8 U . McOin^Vnd B " Cuddy. pated In a drawing contest. Jerry Stefanek, Steve und Danny Bill Franczek, Joe Albert!, Mike vention of Blindness has stated that c,TtT,TMnVJ«r. Sh» was a memzek, Alberti, Marie McConnell, Kathy Rourke.l Tuesday several girls picked Making up the boys' baseball Brenda Johnson, Marie Logue. Oower, Joanne Hlekey and Larry Portello Denis Mryglot, Bob there is no safe method or looking r*teJ"I?",yAf17TMu " the Brethren # -"Debbie Reed, Marilyn Oliver, Ber-, strawberries. They were Frannie t e a m i a r 6 j e r r y Lawford, Gary Patti Owens, Dave Connors, Sandy and Linda Saphara. n f*1^01 £ _ . ° , Pine, Brian Lesch. David Molloy; directly into the eclipse without in King" Ferry. eclips nadine Voorhees, Andrea Tonzi,! Lombardo, Martha Sluty, Carol Oauthler, Beanie Newcomb Dave Rossman, RaJph Connors. Mary The girls' Softball team was and Kim Hughes. Some of the' risking incurable burns of £ ' , Surviving, besides her husband, Claudia White, Rusty Lane, Kathy Miskell, R o b e r t a Perkins and Simmonda, Jim Hutchinson, Bill Ellen Wander, Nancy Coughlin, organized and practice begun by j Rirls were Jeanne Albertl, Mar- j retina from infra-red rays. are two daughters, Mrs. , McGrail, and Nancy Sweeting. Chrlsste Kubarek. Tuesday the Foster, Chuck McOee, Wayne Mary Martin and Mike CBulilvan Sherry King, Patty Napoll, Debbie , llyn Croser. 1'atrice Locastro Pat I ^ J o h n w F e r r e e executive ^w-rna'n ofTddlow^llle'and Helen Mrs Some pictures were colored by boys played Softball, including Tom Freltag and Tom Donovan. Cramer. Debbie Dundon, Karin : NMlkie, Debbie Sroka. Sharon d i r e c t o r o f m e N S P B s a i d t h a t } ^ ^ S s t S l o ^ t b i c a V took part. Ricky Ganey, Patty Sweeney, Mary Prystal, Johnny Lombardo, Jackie : Football enthusiasts are Carl 6 K [ Tuesday, the hard ball team 'a T aS n Alice Kelsey, Gerald Everson, Ed- Kulls, Joey Marek. Bill Sidor. Mike Petroslno, Hoppy 8alzer, Steve held its first practice session. S I S I n d T r £ v K a n \ ^ . u v V ^ M a ^ v n ^ T b b i e ^ n d vision damage from the sun results i^n^r^h^F^ die White, Terry Ganey, Randy | Kulis, _ Steve Sluty, Ronnie Gamba Wood, Tim Bergan, Bill Phalen, Those trying for the team were Margy and Terry Kahl. I atty " u s . Mary i*yncn, neDDie and w hen the eye focuses the mfra-red ,,r-,nHrhiln>en- two trreat-erandBonnle Johns, Brown, Patty" Lynch, and Danny i and - **- -·· · Mike Kubarek. Mike McOee and Yankey Vanscoy. Bill Connors, Bob Connors, Tom Hickey and Vicky Johns, Joanne Cindy Leyburn and Dorie Lynch. r a y s on the retina, as when a mag- S e n Klng. Bonnie two brotheST Chester Legglt. Waters. ) Many participated In the scavThe boys also have been pracHardball players were Larry nifvlntr ola«« U fnrn«<»d on a ni«»r«> £ . . " , · . . . . Droiners, v-neswr Donofrio, Joe Donofrio, Tom Anne, Betsy and Dong Basketball players are Dave enger hunt Wednesday morning. Church, John Carnicelli, Mike ticing for their baseball games. Jackson. Steve Pine. Mil Holl- "f D a S e f £ ' m a i [ e lt*bura^ & P l C C C Mockk of Windber Pa., and Dorsey f J £ resulting £ ! L « M e « . « r M o ° °LCa of Ch/rJW° Ganey, Tom Blair, Dave Boles,' The partners who came in first Participating were Dave and Jim man. Doug Bower. Peter Nervina, i ° The ^ S « TM , damage is a scar 'sisters. Mrs. Nelhe Daley^^^ Ocean Hickey and Mike Gllle: Mike Lynch, Dick Pearce, Torn' Allie J anas, Jim and Paul Camp-1 place were Mike Kubarek and Late in the afternoon, a talent Napoll, Jimmy Johns, Don Ryan, Stadniuk and Larry and chuck ^ i c h c a u s e s a d e f e £ °f v l s l o n b * Beach Park. Fla.. and Mrs. Minnie bel, Jim Fedor, John DeMaso,! Peter Miskell. Second were Marshow was held. Those who took Dave -Durnlak. Peter Dundon. Hemans. ^iS^tUlJM^^Mr n ,Rfe S a V I^]ee'^;§aAUlV' ^^ r^^ A safety patrol was formed on part were Bonnie Warden, Mary Reb Baler, Jerry Stefanek, Tom i Wednesday we roasted hot dogs S r rV e e s ra Dave Fox and Clod Smith. i tha Sluty and Jean Kanlschak, and Ie ^ ec # ^P"^,, re r fTL l over the grills of Bob Pine a n d : ' I Services will be at 2 p.m. MonWednesday the Auburn Chil- third were Katie Luplen and Mike opening day. On patrol are Tony Ellen Wader, Maureen Mallory Ryan and Peter Scucces and Lenny Gasparro, Dave Lam- and Joanne Chollette. Dr. Ferree suggests a few aim-, day in the Church of the Brethren dren's Theater visited our play- DiMatteo Coloring for arts and crafts Brlan Lesch. phere, Dave WUd and Keith McThursday the Children's The-' Pie procedures in observing the in King Ferry with Rev. Gerald ground. were Pam Terry, Eddie Stefaned, Casey Park's swimming pool was Two car loads of boys went*to Debbie Parker ( Walizer, pastor of the church, offilled in the afternoon. Those who. Laurin. Enjoying the awing and Owasco Lake for a swim. Jeff and Chuckle Taylor, Margy Kahl, Jim ater presented "The Merry Pranks ecUps*. chute Monday were Bob Fedigan, Dave provided the transportation Baler, Patty Napoll, Johnny Tay- of Tyll." One method is to watch It on i ficiating and Rev. L. C. Robie a*> cooled off were Sally, Helen and Bridget Abbott, Chris Peacock, television. siting. Joey Lupien, Carol Miskell, Mike Phil Longo, Oirla and Ford P o w - ! a n d i U P ervlslon. Those who went lor, Bobby Napoll, Robla King, Another is to make a simple pro-! Burial will be in West Genoa DiMatteo, Gloria Sroka, Jean Car- lere, n Patty ,Murphy, t Mary Cowmey, w e r e C a r i Abate, Tom Del Favero, Mike Herrling, Terry and Ronny Edith Gillooley, and Cindy Grant Ru h are picking up after the "litter jector from two pieces of white j Cemetery. SF P 2B ' J ? . 5 v e ~ . a n d Mike Oille, Bob Connors and Mike Walawender. Blistering sun, blue skies andi dinale, Judy, Libby and Peter Vincent !De 5 f · Tomasso, Chris Chay- Drysklle, Bill Qreen, Butch La bugs" this week. cardboard. By punching a small | t o n Friends may c a l l a t the ShakelBarbara Genov« Komarisky, Barbara Guslak and ka, Kenny and Pat Allen and Verbright-eyed youngsters provided hole in one piece the eclipse can Funeral Home from 3 to 5 p.m. Point, Joe Ssakalaski and Jack the setting for the opening of S t Alan Dunchak. onica Walter. be focused on the other and and 7 to 9 p.m. tomorrow, Olannone. Wednesday afternoon many parFrancis playground. Girls swiming at the Woman's Elected Eagles Head brought to any size. The same can Wednesday t h e Children's Chariot Vtrsttvate Getting to know each other was ticipated in a co-ed Softball game. Union Tuesday were Mary Cowbe done with one piece of card-Theatre put on their perform our project for Monday. A game of Taking part were Johnny Lom- mely Patty Murphy, Betty Scollan, ONEONTA, N.Y. (AP)--Herbert board and a pair of binoculars or : a n c e . After the show, our annual Dits After Ittntss $295 bardo, Tom Prystal. Carol Prystal, Wonderball was played by MiOld, a contractor from Elmont a telescope. Nancy Clowaci, Ann Karen Pafc L e m o n i c e Party waa held on the t chelle and Mary Beth Flore, Linda Kathy Prystal. Jacke Kulis. Joey ella, Donna and Linda Lamphere, $385 Uf trvtml «f ·«* Charles Verstreate, 56, of 39 Per- and Mrs. Marie Crowley of El- Serious defects also will result Adams, Helen Lamb, Nina Ascen- Marek, Bill Sidor, Steve Kubarek, Ann Marie and Patty McHale, playground. ·og£bl« chars-**. T**7 rine St. died last evening at Au- mdra are the new heads of the if the eclipse is looked at through , $475 Jeffrey Ianlri zi, Michael Moore and Mario La I Mike Kulis. Steve Sluty. Ronnie Donna Pinckney, Marian Walter t*el*4* · · » ·taster* burn Memorial Hospital after a New York State unit of the Fra- binoculars or a telescope without < Moscola. Dirt was raised on the I Gamba, Mike Kubarek, Joe Kee- and Denise Kacherik. ternal Order of Eagles and its $550 **rrie*~ aa« · ·brief illness. the paper, Dr. Ferree states. I baseball field as Paul Maneri, sler. Alan Wilson, Steve Kessler, auxiliary. Boys playing Softball were Ed Convenient Terme $595 Mr. Verstreate was born In ClifSmoked glass, sunglasses or exKatie Luplen, Diane Walawender, Pines, Frank Cammllleri, Peter Philip and Dan Bushallow, Michael Old, who succeeds Robert Watts ton Springs, the son of the late film are °TM e ' Easily Arranged We have been setting up our proand Joseph Lonerfido, Larry and Jean Kanlschak, Martha Sluty, Kuzemyn, John Malek, Dave and $669 of LockporV and Mrs. Crowley, posed photographic " i r ^ % a r e other £ZZJ:TM?*rZvmc. b ec ip Jim Bunnell, Allen Lepak, Gary Anne Bishop and Jeannette Brown. Bruce Hester, Robert Taylor and gram for the week. On Tuesday, 13 Peter and Emma Ternos Ver- who s u c c e e d s Mrs. Veronica m££** ,°* ° ^ * " L ? ? w i ! l $690 Thursday several of the girls Mark Splnelli. girls went on a swiming trip to streate, and had resided in Auburn Rouse of Glens Falls, were electManeri, Mike Guarino and Ralph The eclipse will cover the North for 20 years. LeGrett began practice for future went swimming at the Woman's $710 ed president of their respective Tony GaocJardl Owasco Lake, they were Muriel, Alaska to Maine with a line covAmerican Continent in partial from Union. Friday afternoon the ChilMildred and Rita Daniels, Karen He was an employe of Samuel organizations Friday night. competition. $780 ering of the continental U.S. Johnson, Patty and Wanda Ja- Schwartz k Sons metal processing About 1.500 members of the On Tuesday with the arrival of dren's Theatre came to Casey to present a play. cobs, Valarie Brown, Hester and firm. Mr. Verstreate was a veter- Eagles and its auxiliary are atour equipment, the youngsters t l B. Only Ockenden's still sells OckRobbie Shine, Barbara Hanks and an of World War 2 and was a tending the three-day 57th annual Chris, Loo and Both busied themselves with other op enden Milk. Adv. Neighborhood House children Francis, Patty and Connie Bright member of Cayuga Post 1975, Vet- meeting, which ends today. sports. Klckball was played by have been busy at many activities. On Wednesday the children saw erans of Foreign Wars. He was a Robert Valerlo. Anthony Tabone, Klckball players are Jerry and Jo- the play "The Merry Pranks of communicant of Holy Family Anthony Ciulla, Paul Maneri, 0 anne Drabicki, Cindy and Denise EMPLOYE HONORED Frank and Joe LaMoscola, Carmen Directors were greeted Monday Leader, Craig Hall, and "Bingo" Tyll, mat had been presented by Church. the Auburn Children's Theatre. Valerino, Gary Maneri, Phyllis by an enthusiastic and energetic Surviving are a daughter, Miss Mrs. Anna M. Wicks of RD 1, Blowers. The boys and girls are organiz- Charlene Verstreate; his mother, Netti, Linda Adams and Francis: group of children. Jacks fans were Chris Mastro- ing their baseball teams. The Mrs. Emma Ternos Verstreate of Cayuga, was one of 22 employes Emmi. Volcanoes, castles, roads, All the swings and slide* have ietro, Jimmy Hawley, Tommy honored for superior performance 253-8541 103 Grant Av«. and other examples of the young ! been kept in constant use this week >agnesl, Holley Van Horn, andnames of the players will be an- Rochester; a sister, Mrs. Mary at the Seneca Army Depot, Romunounced next week. Dennison of Cortland; four broth- lus. architects' creativity appeared in by Pam Telvok, Linda Gare, Susan Paula and Patrick Toomey. Josttne Copes ers, Patrolman Frank Verstreate the sandbox as Mary Beth Flore, Wright, Eileen Sutton, Willie SutBuilding castles in the sandbox of the Geneva Police Department; Sheril Burke, Kevin Quigley, Leon- ton, Helen Sutton, Nancy Coleman, were John, Claire, Mary and David L. Peter Verstreate of Auburn; 10:30 a.m. Burial will be in St. ard Bianco, Helen Lamb and Susan Dickie Quimby. Dennis Quimby, Rusln, Debby and Jean Miliman, H a r o l d Verstreate of Clifton Joseph's Cemetery. Welti worked diligently. Louise Sutton. Eddie Becky, Mike Shelley Van Horn, and Marty Clean up, registration, and get- Springs and Louis Verstreate of Friends may call at the funeral Wednesday a volleyball game Warren and Marie Humphry. Toomey. ting acquainted with the new di- Rochester; several nieces and home from 7 to 9 p.m. today and was held in the morning with MiSoftball was played by Jill HutClosing Saturday 12 Nooa Some of the children have been from 3 to 5 and 7 to 9 p.m. tochael Szakasld. Paul Maneri, Rob- son, Linda Gare, Phyllis Gare, practicing for the checkers tourna- rectors took up most of the open- nephews. Services will be at 10 a.m. Mon- morrow. ert Valerio, Jackie and Phyllis Bonnie France, Linda Mosher, ment. They are Tommy Hawley, ing day. Tuesday morning the During July and August Military rites will be conducted Netti, and Rosanne Luziani par- Carole Snow, Marilyn Wright, Su- David Trinca, Deby and Linda Big- children were entertained by the day at the Farrell Funeral Home and In Holy Family Church at by Cayuga Post 1975, VFW. ticipating. san Wright, Cathy Mosher, Linda ness, Jimmv Dagnesi, and Jimmy Children's Little Theater group. We want to thank them for comPhilip Bushallow, Jim and Frank Redmond, Peggy Coleman, Babe Hawley. flaO0OOOPOOn«<lBftOOOOOO0O0000000000000030O000000Q003Qa000000B003000000Q000DaQQBfl0000000a0SStSlSSS_ Wetti, Lucas Manuel, Michael Shea and Pam Green. Those who participated in game ing to our playground, and preGuarino, Stanley Wawro and David Participating in basketball and time were David and Aileen Ra- senting such a splendid perform-j" DelFavero played basketball. volleyball were "Mo" DeChick, buano, Patti Kustyn, Kim, Cheryl, ance. Later in the day the girls pracThe schedule for Thursday and Eddie DeChick, George France, and Christa Hall, and Nancy Hawticed for the baseball games. Those Friday includes cleanup, crafts Byron France, Mike Warren. Si- ley. mon Humphry, Marilyn Wright, and various sports. Other activities were crafts, practicing were Linda and Sandy Smolak, Mary Lou Caruana, Linda Linda Mosher, Virginia Wilson, whiffle ball, and basketball. Soger, Jackie and Joaale Lepak, Lorraine Wolniak, Jackie Jerry Brook, Harold Brook and Patricia geaaett Tripicano, Patty Chalanick, Bev John O'Shea. Bell, Nancy Reynolds, Kathy KimLittle children have been playball, Ellie Musso. Becky Lepak, First we would like to welcome ing at jacks, checkers and coloring Chris Fallat and Dot Bell. Pictures, including Linda ' Gare, three new directors to our playThose who helped clean up were ,, ,, Boys that have been busy prac-' · ground, Mary Fogarty, Joan Kan- 'am Telvock, Bonnie T'rlnce, Joey and Jim Alongi, Mike and ticing baseball are Bob Tessoni. Mike Warren, Willie Humphry, ally and Patsy Arpino. ~ TM « r " B ^ S . " _ , C . " TM rk*i. n «> I Susan Wrieht Cathv **Mosher' Jackie Leonard, Jimmy Woodman, ! Joe Caruana. Ray and Skip, Bill 6 1 J ^ R o d T e r i ' j o e ana « K U U a"r" " M dTf l L « » , * T 7S 5 ' : LocMtro J ^ ^Je b . L 2 S T iS£^ ^ J o h n ^ J t a ? ? f * £ v Mickey Chalanick, Al jane a e rangers, O m ^ n . dBrian S i B i Eileen B K L< Kin ulww a CunSutton, Dennis Quimfey, i M S £ ? V 1hM w r e m a n y chu. G i a n n f l T O ' D a v e K u n c i o ** K e n Kinsella. Bobbie Nodzo and Cun-1 Eileen Sutton. Marie Humphry. ^Sutton, were many ningham, Joan Orman. Brian Mike Willie auuon, .Dennis ..QuimfeY, | jjonday there ^ K « V Th«v » chil- Bel." ningham, Bobbie Nodzo and Mike wiiue m a n e numpnry, y^ri-,r«,, *K· · · ^S^ihm^Sab^T^wer? « «*· v" *.»* , ^ * * Letcher played in the sand box. Hester Humphry and Nancy Cole- ren in the sandbox. They were: y 0 Tetherball is being played by i man onald Robbins, Joey Locastro, K-II T :. c m ia-*_.. B H J . J , . . I . L *K- I«L.« .anmmin. TK-«, »«i V? riora, .x»ary^ woooman, jaary ana Lep a j C| Margie Reynolds, Cathy leHZ ^ W *ffy B i l d " - b a c k - * J S lak ,f VfT1^ P S ¥ Tom DeboiT, Mark!Siracusa, Linda ?££' $e r TM £ g 3 ? ^ Jeff Freddy Fletcher, Tommy Gagan, eluded T Linda Mosher. Cathy Mosh- Knloht nankv Gilfllian Albert and i a r D y « ^ «*a l-epak and Jetl Scott Walker. Anne Marl, S . t h « . ! , r . U n d . WeUtoeton Su,an W r i * . ^ ^ ^ S S r f f i o ^ E * S ; *"££.m t h m i u a tavB h a d Anne Diehl, Terry Maloney, Bobby Mari^m Wright and · » " · . « ; * « a I * * « 1 Itajr Z - U S r t S J J f f t l l ^ i T A J S S Jackson, Nicky Gumas, Jim, Tom, Bruce, Susan and Liz Lattimore. a > * y the children aL?*ftfh ^ S Our champion for the week was w a'!^S!JT"i^! y Eddie ^ ! « "» ^ g W e S d ag j u . J g j j j , partci- tgjS'^S^S ^ .handl-.h d a t ^ Eddj, ^ ^ O ^ B * X-Ray Diehl. Byron France "Whoa" -- was the cry of the Maryanne MUler Shaw, Mary ZawitkowsW, Mike cyliak. Ann Collins boys and girls who went horseback and Jackie Leonard, Shelia Woodriding Wednesday morning. They man, Teresa Emmi, John, Jim and were Mary Kinsella, Sharon Metro, Jerry Locastro and Lori Nardella. DEPOSITS ON OR BEFORE Jeff Cole, Margaret and Patty NaKick-ball players were Jimmv Making up the clean-up comtion, Joan u r m a n and Diane owyie. Orman ana u i a n e Boyle The " " " " V "* \^uiujr CUJU t/axl s drawings of Cindy and DaStanley Zawitkowsld m, Joan «»--».-s -·* \"~ - · " - - » ' " ~ ~ V n n ^ m i n stnnl»»v Zawitkowsld, " Swimming Wednesday at the mittee are Wendy § Bills. Mary Ann I TM d m a na^ j ^ ^ r ^ ^ ^ m ' vid Catalano, Tim Clifiord, Cindy Woman's Union were: Nancy and Bergan. SueMcGinnu Tom Navar- j Mike ^ , ^ ^ ^ ^ g ^ J i m aSi Searing. BiU Donnelly, Ricky DeJoAnne Mohan, Debbie Nodzo, Pat-, ro. Donna Watts, Grace Fedele. J ^ n " ^ " ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ TM Mayo, and Tim Guinnip were disty. Jeanni and Mary Kinsella, \ Debbie Blaisdall. Debbie; Bergmn. ^ ^ ^ j o n ^ r i a ^ D a S y P^yed Monday on our bulletin Vicky Bitner, Pam Walker, Patty ; Daniel Kimak, Kiki Impaglia.! TM a m a n , uonn ooraa « w ^ ^ , b o e p d EARN DIVIDENDS FROM Hutchings, Patty and Peggy Back- Patty Connor, Mark Smith, Danny CThose playing horseshoes were' Older girls who participated in us, Anne Diehl, Edith Aubin, Kar- Bergan. Joe Collela. Ronnie Bern- John Borza, Danny Siracusa, Jim- *°p\>*n S*TM<* w**\]^ Hayden, en Logue. Jeri Bingo, Kathy Bur- stein, and Bruce Bernstein. Bulle- m y and Bill Woodman, Craig Lewis Chns Te^dc, K a u ^ Maloney.Linger, Kathy Cole. Nancy Graszko, tin board directors are Wendy da Motfet, Debbie Zinc, Melissa and many others. Sherry Cottet, Elaine Gunger, Lynn . Bills and Mary Ann Bergan. Bishop, and Karen Tezyk. , Beverly Soboraki and Chris Doyle, Barbara Lane,! Some of those who made sand Friday afternoon the Auburn Sharon Matro, Betsy Bilderback, I castles are Dennis and Mark Children's Theatre presented "The _J Merry Pranks of Tyll." .« Basketball players were Bob J 3V4°o Regular DfvMood Helping dean the playground Hayderi, Mike Bishop, Bob Hudwere Ann Wade, 8haron Sroka, g o n t ufa Jerry Guiney. Baseball plus V4% Extra Pat GuerretU, Saron Pollard and players were Tom Jones, Lou Al Finizio. | Chandler, Moe Clapp. Lee Vatter. Dividend Now You Can Enjoy Some of the girls went to the Rug, Darrow, Bob Hayden, Joe Woman's Union for swimming Tlmerson, Tommy Ryan, Ed Shanfor money on deposit for HOME MADE QQ< lessons. Attending were Patty and nahan, Kevin Daily, and Dicky ;4 con»* quarters prior g*j. to dividend period. Sandy Bazarnik, Theresa Wilkin- Bums, son, Pam Gray, Beverly and Bandy, Billy aad Nancy Debby Feneck and Debby Church. ' Vanilla, and ChoooUte Flavors We also had a sidewalk art Forgt* H M Chips for H M Pkafc?1 contest on Monday. Certificates Step of Mottlo St. Dairy Store for went to Billy Chalanick, Bobby Those who helped in the summer ' * Blaisdel, Dennis Acker, Sharon cleaning were Tommy Marino, JerA COMPUTE U N I OP SCHUUt'S and Nancy Sroka. Nancy and ry DeBenedetto, Jimmy and John Danny Berganstock. Mary Ann Cimpi, John Bertonica and Anthony CHIPS, FRILLS, POTATO STICKS, aod Mosry OtWn Hladun and Trfrlna Roberts. |Faiola. Swimming at the lake Tuesday Our playground received two were: Billy Reynolds. Tlmmy new sand boxes. Those participat- · Wilkinson. Douglas Riley. Bobby ing were Louis Mauilio. Butch ^ Keep a Supply on Hand of OUR REGULAR EXTRA RICH and Jimmy Pratt. Bobby Blaisdel Amarando. Paul Colella, Peter and and Jimmy Calimeri. We would Michael DeBenedetto, David and a like to thank the Auburn Child- Michael Catalfano. Joey Chayka. dren's Theatre for their fine pree- Mark Gauthier, Eddie Feek, John entation of "The Merry Pranks Tanous. James Bryant, Cathy and of Tyll" ,Carl King. Beth and Ted Smith. Tuesday afternoon tound Mary Chris and Debbie Maurillo, Ron Beth Bashta, Joey and Laurie Campbell, and Carmen and Joanne Carbonaro and Debbie, Sherry, Emilio. , Mickie and Pammy Church at the Playing kick-ball were Mark coloring table. j Gauthier. Butch Amarando, Pat Our pool opened on Wednee- and Paul Colella. Bonnie Meyers, 20 M a t * St AL 2-2o09 day. Helping on the clean-up com- John and Rick Bertonica. Larry J ~ J ^*-- AUIUtN, M W T 0 I I E -- OPEN » A.M- TO 10 P.M. -- 1 mittee were Terry «arr, Billy and and Jimmy Miskell. Tom Marino. 3 --"----^"^ i_ EVERY DAY INCLUDING SrXDAYS and HOLTOAYg i Mike Huaak, Bert Ouerrette, Don Bill and David Usano, David and ' <Try*-411H i i f r r * " * ^ " " · · *flfl» » » » » ffia » a-ft-fl-s a i a a *-gvs aft6 LflTtVi I I X t a r m r f f A l MAI I I I I i e : w LT. I I I J J J ^ I T T r n r t l

Auburn Playgrounds Begin 1963 Season


Owasco Playfield Observers in Jet Plane Has Full Week

To View July 20 Eclipse

Holiday fo Change Garbage Pickup

Casey Park


Melone Village

West High

St Francis

These Prices




Central High







Wall St

·feawf tsr aa. s! ^


r Humphry


°* ^t atf^^W: ^^ 8^^°£n


Herman Ave.


JULY 15th JULY 1st



Hot Weather Specials -- Vi


James St

Open d New Savings Account--or Add to Your Present Account--




Home Made Ice Cream

l/ 2 oal. p k 99 e a I** 35c MAniE ST. DAIRY STORE





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