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Bilingualism and Bilingual Education


Language Development and Disorders

Bilingualism and Bilingual Education

Bilingual Education & Bilingualism

Edited by Nancy

H. Hornberger (University of Pennsylvania) and Colin Baker (University of Wales)

Bilingual Education and Bilingualism is an international, multidisciplinary series publishing research on the philosophy, politics, policy, provision and practice of language planning, global English, indigenous and minority language education, multilingualism, multiculturalism, biliteracy, bilingualism and bilingual education. The Series aims to mirror current debates and discussions. New proposals for single-authored, multiple-authored, or edited books in the Series are warmly welcomed, in any of the following categories (or others authors may propose): overview or introductory texts; course readers or general reference texts; focus books on particular multilingual education program types; school-based case studies; national case studies; collected cases with a clear programmatic or conceptual theme; and professional education manuals.

Biliteracy and Globalization English Language Education in India

Viniti Vaish (Centre for Research in Pedagogy

and Practice, Singapore)

English Learners Left Behind Standardized Testing as Language Policy

Kate Menken (City University of New York, Queens)

This book analyzes how the urban disadvantaged in the city of New Delhi learn English using qualitative methods the author discusses the pedagogy, texts and contexts in which biliteracy occurs and links English language teaching and learning in India with the broader social processes of globalization.

This book explores how high-stakes tests mandated by no child left behind have become de facto language policy in US schools, detailing how testing has shaped curriculum and instruction, and the myriad ways that tests are now a defining force in the daily lives of English language learners and the educators who serve them.

Bilingual Education & Bilingualism February 2008 c 168pp Hbk 9781847690333 c £54.95 US$109.95 Can$119.95 Pbk 9781847690326 c £21.95 US$44.95 Can$49.95 Ebk 9781847690340 £54.95 US$109.95 Can$119.95

Bilingual Education & Bilingualism January 2008 c 216pp Hbk 9781853599989 c £49.95 US$99.95 Can$109.95 Pbk 9781853599972 c £19.95 US$39.95 Can$44.95 Ebk 9781853599996 £49.95 US$99.95 Can$109.95

Pathways to Multilingualism Evolving Perspectives on Immersion Education

Edited by Tara Williams Fortune (University of Minnesota) and Diane J. Tedick (University of Minnesota)

Bilingual Education in China Practices, Policies and Concepts

Edited by Anwei

Feng (University of Durham)

In this volume an international roster of scholars offer theoretical perspectives, research reviews and empirical studies on teaching, learning and language development in immersion education. The editors clearly define the term "immersion" and bring together research from three distinct branches, including foreign language ("one-way"), bilingual ("twoway") and indigenous immersion programs. This collection aims to facilitate cross-context dialogue and knowledge exchange.

"This will be a significant sourcebook for all in bilingual education, not only Chinese specialists. It offers new perspectives by juxtaposing different forms of bilingual education and explaining bilingualism in china to readers worldwide."


This volume brings a mixed group of researchers together to discuss issues in bilingual or trilingual education for the majority and minority nationality groups in China and to explore the relationship between the two. Articles range from reports of bilingual or trilingual education projects in remote minority regions to discussions about Chinese-English bilingual education in major economic centres.

Bilingual Education & Bilingualism January 2008 283pp £59.95 US$119.95 Can$129.95 Hbk 9781847690364 Pbk 9781847690357 £24.95 US$49.95 Can$54.95 Ebk 9781847690371 £59.95 US$119.95 Can$129.95


Bilingual Education & Bilingualism June 2007 Hbk 9781853599927 £64.95 US$129.95 Pbk 9781853599910 £29.95 US$59.95 Ebk 9781853599934 £64.95 US$129.95

304pp Can$149.95 Can$69.95 Can$149.95

Bilingualism and Bilingual Education

Foundations of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism 4th Edition

Colin Baker (University of Wales


A Parents' and Teachers' Guide to Bilingualism 3rd Edition

Colin Baker (University of Wales Bangor)

Foundations of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism by Colin Baker, has become a classic in the field and has been updated and released in a fourth edition.The text offers a wealth of information for graduate students and researchers wishing to be kept up-to-date with current topics and controversies in the field. This text continues to be an excellent source for introducing students to the field of bilingualism and bilingual education.This text remains among the best in presenting a wealth of key information in a very accessible format.This text will continue to be the standardbearer on the topics of bilingualism and bilingual education.


Families around the world raising bilingual and multilingual children will sigh a breath of relief to find Colin Baker's third edition of A Parents' And Teachers' Guide to Bilingualism.With its expert answers and easy-to-read format, this book will be a touchstone for families just getting started as well as those needing guidance along the way. As the world changes quickly, Colin Baker has taken the initiative to seek out and answer the most pressing questions and concerns of today's bilingual families including questions on dyslexia, multiliteracies and autism with the same ease and expertise that we have come to expect from him.


The fourth edition of this best-selling book provides a comprehensive introduction to bilingualism and bilingual education. Written as an introductory text from a crossdisciplinary perspective, 19 chapters cover individual and societal issues in minority and majority languages.

Written in a very reader-friendly style, the book is a practical introduction for parents and teachers to bilingualism. Straightforward and realistic answers are given to a comprehensive set of frequently asked questions about bilingualism and bilingual education. Areas covered include family, language, culture, identity, reading, writing, schooling and issues.

Bilingual Education & Bilingualism March 2006 Hbk 9781853598654 £44.95 US$79.95 Pbk 9781853598647 £19.95 US$34.95 Ebk 9781853598661 £44.95 US$79.95

504pp Can$99.95 Can$42.95 Can$99.95

Parents' and Teachers Guides September 2007 Hbk 9781847690012 £29.95 US$49.95 Pbk 9781847690005 £12.95 US$19.95 Ebk 9781847690029 £29.95 US$49.95

240pp Can$59.95 Can$21.95 Can$59.95

Bilingual Education An Introductory Reader

Edited by Ofelia García (Columbia University) and Colin Baker (University of Wales Bangor)

The book contains a comprehensive selection of outstanding and influential articles on bilingual education in the United States and the rest of the world. It is designed for instructors and students, with questions and activities based on each of the nineteen readings for students to engage in active learning.

Bilingual Education & Bilingualism January 2007 312pp Hbk 9781853599088 £44.95 US$84.95 Can$99.95 Pbk 9781853599071 £19.95 US$34.95 Can$39.95

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Bilingualism and Bilingual Education

Language Loyalty, Continuity & Change Joshua A. Fishman's Contributions to International Sociolinguistics

Ofelia García (Columbia University), Rakhmiel Peltz (Drexel University), Harold Schiffman (University of Pennsylvania)

Developing Minority Language Resources The Case of Spanish in California

Guadalupe Valdés (Stanford University), Joshua A. Fishman (New York University), Rebecca Chávez and William Pérez

(Claremont Graduate University)

This short volume provides a comprehensive and synoptic view of Joshua A. Fishman's contributions to international sociolinguistics. The two integrative essays provide readers with the essential understandings of Fishmanian sociolinguistics and his contributions to Yiddish scholarship. The essays serve as a valuable summary and introduction to the sociology of language and the sociology of Yiddish. An up-to-date comprehensive bibliography prepared by Gella Schweid Fishman, as well as Fishman's own concluding sentiments, complement the integrative essays.

This book documents ongoing language shift to English among Latino professionals in California. It then describes current instructional practices used in the teaching of Spanish as an academic subject at the high school and university levels to "heritage" language students who, although educated entirely in English, acquired Spanish at home as a first language. It specifically examines the potential contribution of these instructional practices to the maintenance of Spanish.

Bilingual Education & Bilingualism July 2006 Hbk 9781853599033 £49.95 US$89.95 Pbk 9781853599026 £19.95 US$34.95 Ebk 9781853599040 £49.95 US$89.95

192pp Can$99.95 Can$39.95 Can$99.95

Bilingual Education & Bilingualism July 2006 Hbk 9781853598982 £59.95 US$99.95 Pbk 9781853598975 £24.95 US$44.95 Ebk 9781853598999 £59.95 US$99.95

344pp Can$119.95 Can$49.95 Can$119.95

Language Loyalty, Language Planning and Language Revitalization Recent Writings and Reflections from Joshua A. Fishman

Edited by Nancy H. Hornberger (University of Pennsylvania) and Martin Pütz (University of Koblenz-Landau)

Bilingual Minds Emotional Experience, Expression and Representation

Edited by

Aneta Pavlenko (Temple University)

This collection of Joshua A. Fishman's essays is well organized, providing just the right amount of breadth for an introduction.The organization of the book makes it highly readable, and allows the reader to skip directly to the section that he/she might like.


Learning new languages tends to involve emotions, and for many bi-lingual and multi-lingual people the different languages they speak make different emotional connections for them. though these matters were known about, only recently have deeper understandings have been sought, and found.This fine volume is among the welcome first fruits of research on these issues. It is a timely book that will be welcome to all who are interested in language and its emotional implications.


Joshua Fishman is perhaps best known and loved for his pioneering and enduring work in language loyalty and reversing language shift. This volume brings together a selection of his recent writings on these topics and some of his personal perspectives on the field of sociolinguistics, along with an interview dialogue with the editors in which Fishman reflects on his lifetime's work.

Bilingual Education & Bilingualism July 2006 Hbk 9781853599019 £54.95 US$99.95 Pbk 9781853599002 £21.95 US$39.95

280pp Can$119.95 Can$44.95

Do bi- and multilinguals perceive themselves differently in their respective languages? Do they experience different emotions? How do they express emotions and do they have a favourite language for emotional expression? How are emotion words and concepts represented in the biand multilingual lexicons? This ground-breaking book opens up a new field of study, bilingualism and emotions, and provides intriguing answers to these and many related questions.

Bilingual Education & Bilingualism March 2006 Hbk 9781853598739 £74.95 US$134.95 Pbk 9781853598722 £28.95 US$49.95 Ebk 9781853598746 £74.95 US$134.95

344pp Can$164.95 Can$64.95 Can$164.95


Bilingualism and Bilingual Education

Language, Space and Power A Critical Look at Bilingual Education

Samina Hadi-Tabassum (Dominican University)

Disinventing and Reconstituting Languages

Edited by Sinfree Makoni (Pennsylvania State University) and Alastair Pennycook (University of Technology, Sydney)

Dr. Hadi-Tabassum's critical ethnography of a fifth grade dual language classroom challenges the positivist view of language and culture in education as bounded, essentialized entities. She explores how students utilized resources in music, language arts, and popular culture to make fluid the seemingly clear and definite border between English and Spanish and anglo and latino/a cultures. In these "third spaces" where English and Spanish mixed in politicized and poetic forms, Dr. Hadi-Tabassum offers a vision of contemporary education within hybrid and contingent events.


This book should be essential reading for language theorists and language practitioners alike and will interest a wide readership concerned with linking a socially responsible applied linguistics to a sophisticated discourse on the nature of language.


Language, Space, and Power describes the sociolinguistic and sociocultural life of a Spanish-English dual language classroom in which attention is given to not only the language learning processes at hand but also to how race, ethnicity, and gender dynamics interact within the language acquisition process.

This book questions assumptions about the nature of language. Looking at diverse contexts from sign languages in Indonesia to literacy practices in Brazil, the authors argue that unless we change and reconstitute the ways in which languages are taught and conceptualized, language studies will not be able to improve the social welfare of language users.

Bilingual Education & Bilingualism April 2006 Hbk 9781853598791 £69.95 US$124.95 Pbk 9781853598784 £26.95 US$49.95 Ebk 9781853598807 £69.95 US$124.95

304pp Can$159.95 Can$59.95 Can$159.95

Bilingual education & Bilingualism November 2006 272pp Hbk 9781853599248 £49.95 US$94.95 Can$109.95 Pbk 9781853599231 £19.95 US$37.95 Can$42.95 Ebk 9781853599255 £49.95 US$94.95 Can$109.95

Raising Bilingual-Biliterate Children in Monolingual Cultures

Stephen J. Caldas (University of Louisiana)

Language and Identity in a Dual Immersion School

Kim Potowski (University of Illinois at Chicago)

"This volume offers valuable insights into the inner workings of two-way immersion classrooms and helps us understand why students resist using Spanish. Everyone who cares about bilingualism as a goal of two-way immersion should know about this research."


The study provides excellent insight into a number of factors affecting familial bilingualism and raising children who are bilingual and biliterate. It is commendable that Caldas is willing to share his family's experiences in such detail, as the study is a valuable contribution to the field of bilingualism.


This book describes the experiences of a group of students in Chicago, Illinois, who are attending one of the first Spanish-English dual immersion schools in the United States. The author follows the group during two school years, documenting their Spanish use and proficiency, as well as how their two languages intersect with the ongoing production of their identities.

This book is a longitudinal case study carefully detailing the French/English bilingual and biliterate development of three children in one family beginning with their births and ending in late adolescence. The book focuses most specifically on the children's acquisition of French and English during their early through late adolescence, in both their Louisiana and Québec home environments.

Bilingual Education & Bilingualism 2007 Hbk 9781853599446 £49.95 US$99.95 £19.95 US$39.95 Pbk 9781853599439 Ebk 9781853599453 £49.95 US$99.95

240pp CAN$114.95 CAN$45.95 CAN$114.95

Bilingual Education & Bilingualism April 2006 Hbk 9781853598760 c £54.95 US$109.95 Pbk 9781853598753 c £21.95 US$39.95 Ebk 9781853598777 £54.95 US$109.95

248pp Can$114.95 Can$45.95 Can$114.95


Language Development and Disorders

Communication Disorders Across Languages

Edited by Nicole Müller and Martin J. Ball, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

It is the aim of new series to bring together into book form surveys of existing studies on specific languages other than English, together with new materials for the language(s) in question. There will also be a series of companion volumes dedicated to issues related to the cross-linguistic study of communication disorders. The readership includes practitioners in speech-language pathology; researchers and graduate students in relevant areas; educators and rehabilitation professionals working with the relevant populations; linguists and applied linguists with an interest in crosslinguistic perspectives, or clinical linguistics.

Communication Disorders in Spanish Speakers Theoretical, Research and Clinical Aspects

Edited by José

Research in Logopedics: Speech and Language Therapy in Finland

Edited by Anu

Klippi and Kaisa Launonen

G. Centeno (St John's University), Raquel T. Anderson (Indiana University) and Loraine K. Obler (City University of New York)

This landmark volume celebrates the major achievements in research on communication disorders in Spanish speakers.The evidence-based approach to theoretical and clinical question will appeal to speechlanguage pathologists, cognitive neuropsychologists, applied linguists, educational psychologists and many others. It also sets the standard for future cross-disciplinary and cross-linguistic studies of communication disorders.


This book links theoretical approaches of logopedics to clinical practices of speech and language therapy in Finland and in Finnish language. It provides the readers with interesting examples of and insights into the communication challenges in a language that differs substantially from those used in the majority of published reports in the field of language and communication disorders.

Communication Disorders Across Languages April 2008 c 240pp Hbk 9781847690586 £49.95 US$99.95 CAN$99.95 Pbk 9781847690593 £49.95 US$99.95 CAN$99.95


This volume provides both students and licensed professionals in speech-language pathology much-needed multidisciplinary bases to provide clinical services to Spanish speakers. Researchers and practitioners from SpeechLanguage Pathology, Neurolinguistics, Neuropsychology, Education, and Clinical Psychology provide theoretical and empirical grounds to develop evidence-based clinical procedures for monolingual Spanish and bilingual SpanishEnglish children and adults with communication disorders.

Understanding Deaf Culture In Search of Deafhood

Paddy Ladd (University of Bristol)

Communication Disorders Across Languages July 2007 320pp Hbk 9781853599729 £59.95 US$119.95 CAN$139.95 Pbk 9781853599712 £24.95 US$49.95 CAN$54.95 Ebk 9781853599736 £59.95 US$119.95 CAN$139.95

If you want a book to make you think and reflect on your own assumptions about the Deaf world you will not be disappointed....This is a book that you need to read.


All Ebooks are supplied electronically in Adobe Acrobat format

Within and outside Deaf communities, there is a need for an account of the new concept of Deaf culture, which enables readers to assess its place alongside work on other minority cultures and multilingual discourses. The book aims to assess the concepts of culture and to apply these to Deaf communities. The author illustrates the pitfalls which have been created for those communities by the medical concept of 'deafness' and contrasts this with his new concept of "Deafhood", a process by which every Deaf child, family and adult implicitly explains their existence in the world to themselves and each other.

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Communication Disorders Across Languages 2003 528pp Hbk 9781853595462 £59.95 US$89.95 CAN$119.95 Pbk 9781853595455 £24.95 US$39.95 CAN$49.95 Ebk 9781853595479 £59.95 US$89.95 CAN$119.95

Language Development and Disorders

Child Language and Child Development

General Editor: Li

Wei Birkbeck College, University of London, UK

This book series is a response to the need for a comprehensive and interdisciplinary documentation of up-todate research on child language and child development from a cross-linguistic and cross-cultural perspective. Topics covered include: language development of bilingual and multilingual children, acquisition of languages other than English, child development and disorder in multicultural environments, and education and healthcare for children speaking non-standard English.

A Portrait of the Young in the New Multilingual Spain

Edited by Carmen Pérez-Vidal (Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF)), Maria Juan-Garau (Universita de les Illes Balears (UIB)) and Aurora Bel (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

Childhood Bilingualism Research on Infancy through School Age

Edited by Peggy McCardle (National Institute of Child Health & Human Development) and Erika Hoff (Florida Atlantic University)

This book examines the main issues in bilingual and multilingual language acquisition through children and youngsters growing up in today's multicultural Spain. The studies cover phonetics, grammar and pragmatics, code mixing, parental strategies, bilingual twins, SLI bilingualism, literacy and stay abroad effects.

Child Language and Child Development November 2007 312pp Hbk 9781847690234 £69.95 US$139.95 CAN$154.95 Pbk 9781847690227 £27.95 US$54.95 CAN$59.95 Ebk 9781847690241 £69.95 US$139.95 CAN$154.95

This book contains reports of research on bilingualism in infants and children as well as perspectives from those involved in cross-linguistic research on language development, literacy development in bilingual children, and psycholinguistic research on bilingualism in adults. It offers a fresh multidisciplinary perspective and next steps for research on childhood bilingualism.

Phonological Development and Disorders in Children A Multilingual Perspective

Edited by Zhu Hua (Birkbeck College, University of London) and Barbara Dodd (University of Queensland)

Child Language and Child Development February 2006 184pp Hbk 9781853598708 £49.95 US$89.95 CAN$109.95 Pbk 9781853598692 £19.95 US$36.95 CAN$44.95 Ebk 9781853598715 £49.95 US$89.95 CAN$109.95

Three is a Crowd? Acquiring Portuguese in a Trilingual Environment

Madalena Cruz-Ferreira

This volume brings together a collection of empirical studies on phonological acquisition and disorder of monolingual children speaking different languages (English, German, Putonghua, Cantonese, Maltese, Telugu, Colloquial Egyptian Arabic and Turkish) and bilingual children speaking different language pairs (Spanish-English, Cantonese-English, Mirpuri/Punjabi/Urdu-English, Welsh-English, Arabic-English and Putonghua-Cantonese). The research findings provide much-needed baseline information for clinical assessment and diagnosis as well as valuable evidence concerning theories of language acquisition and the role of the ambient language.

The book describes three siblings' apportioning of linguistic and cultural space among three languages: Portuguese, Swedish and English. Parallel strategies accounting for monolingual and multilingual language management shape a truly illuminating picture of child linguistic competence. Written by a multilingual parent, educator and linguist, this book is for parents, educators and linguists in our predominantly, increasingly multilingual world.

Child Language and Child Development May 2006 496pp Hbk 9781853598890 £49.95 US$89.95 CAN$109.95 Ebk 9781853598906 £49.95 US$89.95 CAN$109.95


Child Language and Child Development January 2006 352pp Hbk 9781853598388 £54.95 US$99.95 CAN$129.95 Ebk 9781853598395 £54.95 US$99.95 CAN$129.95

Phonological Development In Specific Contexts Studies of Chinese-speaking Children

Zhu Hua (Birkbeck College, University of London)

Child Language and Child Development 2002


Hbk 9781853595882 Pbk 9781853595875 Ebk 9781853595899

£69.95 £27.95 £69.95

US$109.95 US$44.95 US$109.95

CAN$119.95 CAN$49.95 CAN$119.95




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