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Adaptable video programs to take your teams to the next level

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Adaptable video programs to take your teams to the next level

Multi Media HRD is India's leading provider of off-the shelf video-based training resources that will motivate and inspire every employee. These videos will: · Energize and engage your staff · Build strong teams and strong leaders · Improve interpersonal skills Invest in your people. Help them reach their highest potential and you'll be rewarded with a culture of positive energy, accountability and optimism.


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A Leader's Guide to Delegating

Includes: Facilitator's Guide, Participant Workbook, PPT Presentation and Delegatee Checklist

Effective delegation accomplishes much more than the task at hand. It also builds trust for future delegations, helps employees develop new skills and reduces managerial stress. This program outlines a solid process for delegating presented in five steps: · Analyze the Task: Determine, in detail, what needs to be done to achieve the goal. This includes setting a deadline. · Choose the Right Delegatee: The right candidate should be highly motivated & possess the needed skills. · Assign the Task: Give clear instructions on desired outcomes, resources available and follow-up steps. · Execute the Task: During the task execution, support the delegatee by informing key employees of the delegatee's task and level of authority. · Conduct Regular Feedback Sessions: Monitor issues so they don't become problems, and give the delegatee opportunities to ask questions.

Flawless Leadership

Developing your front-line leader's execution skills.

Includes: Facilitator's Guide, Participant's Guide, PPT Slides, Handouts and Document Templates.

Designed with the newly appointed manager/ supervisor in mind, Flawless Leadership focuses upon the centrally important skills necessary to any new leader - organizing, communicating with the team, and motivating the team toward mission accomplishment. Developed from the intense mission-oriented environment of military fighter pilots, this exciting lesson teaches the student the combat-proven steps toward mission accomplishment. In the fast-paced, modern world where execution is the critical factor to any organization's competitive advantage, developing your front-line leader's execution skills is imperative. This course will lead the way!

Clarity Imperative, The

How Getting Everyone on the Same Page Makes Your Organization Stand Out

Includes: Leader's Guide, Particiapnt Worksheets

Author and consultant John Jenson uses a variety of inspirational stories to introduce viewers to the importance of "consistent organizational messaging". He shows that when people within an organization share the same understanding of "what we do", "our culture" and "our direction" -- to the point where they can succinctly express these things to others -- they are easily able to walk their talk. Ultimately the organization separates itself from those that are trying to be all things to everybody. Real-world employees from organizations in such diverse industries as food service, real estate, manufacturing, finance and healthcare provide examples of clarity in action.

23 min · $995 · Sp. Price: Rs.14,850.

18 min · $895 · Sp. Price: Rs.14,850.

20 min · $795 · Sp. Price: Rs.13,850.

A FUN & INSPIRATIONAL film from Bob Farrell.


Includes: Individual user DVD with 6 film units and Personal Guide with learning units corresponding to the films.

Designed for leaders at every level ­ from frontline supervisors to CEOs, LeaderFiSH! helps them apply the FiSH philosophy to their own performance.

Farrel is Back! ... and he's giving out more pickles!

Includes: Leader's Guide, Self Study Guide

What Bob Farrell did for customer service in the run away hit "Give 'em the Pickle", he is now doing for leadership. In this fun and exciting film, Bob combines his passion for serving others with powerful leadership stories to create a memorable and motivating message for leaders of all kinds. Just as customers need pickles, those special things you do for them to keep them coming back, your employees need their pickles too. They need and want certain things from you as their leader. If they get those things they will follow you and achieve great things. If they don't, their belief and respect for you as a leader may begin to slip.

Leaders of Character:

Leadership - The West Point Way

Includes: Leader's Guide, PPT Presentation, Participant Workbook, 3 "Booster" Follow-up Emails

Hosted by Ed Ruggero, West Point graduate and author of the books, Duty First: A Year in the Life of West Point and the Making of American Leaders, this program takes us into West Point itself. There we see how, from their first day to their last, cadets learn and apply the leadership principles that will take them to greatness, whether on the battlefield or in the boardroom. We are then taken into some of the foremost organizations, including Procter and Gamble, the FBI, Penguin Publishing, and People's Health Center, where we see West Point graduates, now in private-sector leadership positions, putting their skills to work. Your own leaders, whether seasoned or in-training, will be inspired and will receive the knowledge and tools they need to be effective, character-driven and admired by those they lead.

See Page 21 for details.

57 min · $795

The Leadership/ Management Mix

What makes a good manager? What makes a good leader?

Includes: Facilitator's Guide with Presentation Materials, Self Study Guide with Questionnaire

Is leadership just a fashionable name for management or are the skills of leadership distinctly different? If leadership is different, what's the best mix of management and leadership for your job? In these challenging times getting it right is even more vital.

Key learning points:

Spread ENTHUSIASM: · Create a sense of urgency · Lend them your energy · Make things fun. Inspire CONFIDENCE: · Take fear out of the future · Keep them well informed · Convince people to try. Demonstrate INTEGRITY: · Your team is always watching · What they see is what you'll get · Do the right thing, whatever the cost.

39 min · $995 · Sp. Price: Rs.14,850.

16 min · $895 · Sp. Price: Rs.14,850.

The Leadership/Management Mix helps you gain a better appreciation of what it takes to be more successful as a manager and leader. The realistic video engages you with the issues; the supporting materials, written by experienced trainer Larry Reynolds, help you apply the ideas to your own circumstances. Key Points: · Setting targets · Reviewing progress · Motivating and developing · Articulating a vision · Inspiring commitment · Challenging the status quo

Prices subject to change without notice. VAT/ST + Shipping charges extra.

18 min · £1199 · Sp. Price: Rs.17,250.



Profiles In Mgt.: Leadership

Dr. Warren Bennis with 3 renowned CEOs: Sanford anford Sigolof Ev Harold Williams illiams. Sigoloff, Jane Evans and Harold Williams.

Includes: Leader's Guide

Leadership is the pivotal force behind every organization. The three CEOs discuss their leadership strategies, revealing their four common competencies: · having a Vision · Communicating it · creating an atmosphere of Trust in which to work · possessing a great deal of Self-knowledge.

The Extraordinary Leader:

Going from Good to Great

Includes: Facilitator Guide, Self Study Guide, PowerPoint CD.

Explains five key insights that distinguish a truly extraordinary leader from a good or "average" leader. This program, based on the extensively researched book by Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman, dispels the conventional idea that leaders are born, and stresses the fact that anyone can be a great leader. They concluded that leaders who just move from "good" to "a little bit better" don't make much of a difference. It's not until one becomes a "great" leader that there will be a significant impact.

Leadership and the New Science

Includes: Leader's Guide, Participant Workbook

Is there a simpler way to manage complex organizations in this turbulent business environment where chaos prevails? Dr. Margaret J. Wheatley is sure of it. Her pioneering book, Leadership and the New Science, has been adapted as an inspiring video training program to help viewers see organizational life from a brand new point of view. The New Science -- the science of chaos, evolutionary biology, quantum mechanics and field theory ­ shows how advances made in understanding nature can be applied to managing organizations in today's everchanging world.

23 min · $385 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,450.

Leader, The (Session Starter)

This inspirational video will "open the minds" of your audience and generate creative and thought-provoking discussion on the topic of leadership. As the quotes float by the screen, they'll help inspire, motivate and "warm up" your audience. Perfect meeting opener to make a memorable statement.

Participants will learn:

· That chaos is a necessary force that creates order · How sharing information empowers people and organizes tasks · How developing relationships helps achieve peak performance

5 min · $295 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,250.

Walk Awhile In My Shoes

Includes: Activity-based Leader's Guide

"...we can meet in the middle and walk the rest of the way together..."

This unique video combats the "Us versus Them" polarisation ­ which frequently results from inability to find the "common ground" and affects shop floors as well as management "floors". Sharing the same basic need - to be heard, understood and appreciated - this common thread shows us that Managers and Employees may not be as different as once thought. Understanding and empathy - the cornerstones of trust-based, successful organisational cultures - lead to improved relationship and success.

Learn how to: · Articulate the difference between good leaders and great leaders · Describe and explain the five key insights about leadership · Define the 16 competencies of high performance leaders · Understand the concept of Powerful Combination of Strengths · Explain the difference between weakness and fatal flaws · Apply strengths in workplace situations.

23 min · $895 · Sp. Price: Rs.14,850.

The Leadership Challenge

Includes: Leader's Guide

25 min · $995 · Sp. Price: Rs.14,850.

(2nd Ed)

Once Upon a Leader:

Tales of Legendary Leadership

Includes: Discussion Guide and Activity Book

This highly entertaining and inspiring animated movie offers a refreshing break from the typical examination of leadership and shares a whimsical, yet powerful message on the practices of effective leaders. Through the animation and discussion of popular tales, familiar characters will lead participants on a journey to discover the value of four leadership practices: · Truth and Integrity · Maximize Diversity · Vision and Foresight · Focus on the Goal

"Spell bindingly true, clear, simple, concise & inspiring".

Management experts James Kouzes and Barry Posner demystify the issue of leadership and reveal the five practices common to all successful leaders and examine strategies for developing a potential in your workplace. The video shows real-world case studies of ordinary people who became extraordinary leaders. Prove to your organization that successful leadership is not the secret of a charismatic few. · Modeling the way · Inspiring a shared vision · Challenging the process · Enabling others to act · Encourage the heart

20 min · $730 · Sp. Price: Rs.11,450.

Everyone Can Be A Leader

Includes: Leader's Guide

Designed to help develop leadership skills and teamoriented attitudes in non-managerial employees, this video motivates people to get involved and to seek and accept challenges and responsibility. The video opens at an awards banquet and focuses on the experiences of three groups of non-managerial "real" people who are involved in their work, assume leadership roles and, as a result, make lasting contributions to their organizations.

17 min · $595 · Sp. Price: Rs.9,450.

26 min · $499 · Sp. Price: Rs.9,940.

Love & Profit:

The Art of Caring Leadership

Includes: Leader's Guide, Workbook

During his twenty-eight years as a business leader, James Autry learned and practiced the art of caring leadership on a day to day, person to person basis. In Love and Profit, he shares his insights and offers an inspiring model to live by.

What it Really Takes to be A World Class Company

Includes: Discussion Guide

Clem Sunter, Author and World's Largest Gold Producer, identifies seven attributes and one rule that are key to surviving in and ultimately winning the world class race. Using a wide variety of examples from around the world like he demonstrates the need for the following: · Differentiation · Focus · Thinking Globally · Sensitive Radar System · Retention of Talent · Perpetual Spirit of Innovation · Social and Environmental Responsibility.

15 min · $535 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.

Successful Leadership

Includes: Guide and Workbook.

Identify and improve your six skills of leadership: Identifies six leadership skills and qualities. Interviews with CEOs, middle managers, supervisors and team leaders reveal what makes a good leader. Explore how you can become a successful leader.

Love and Profit combines Autry's homespun storytelling with his thought provoking business poetry. You will find honesty, pain, and passion as he helps you understand what it means to really care about the people you serve. Love and Profit shows the value of creating a caring environment where individuals are given the opportunity to thrive. Key Concepts: · Honesty · Trust · Courage · Special Treatment

Key Points: · Develop trust · Be a motivator · Show competence · Be supportive · Provide direction · Empower others

25 min · $695 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.

23 min · $695 · Sp. Price: Rs.13,250.

14 min · A$495 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.



Front of the Class:

Learning to Lead

Includes: Leader's Manual

Memorable lessons on the qualities of a true leader are brought to life through humorous recollections of a child's best and worst teachers, the moving story of a classroom hero, and flashbacks to everyone's favorite homework excuses. Great leaders know they succeed when their workers succeed and that means being aware of what their workers need from them.

Leader Madness

Includes: Leader's Guide, PP Graphics

Leadership is a powerful substance that can be easily abused. The key to using it wisely lies within each of us. This is the message of the entertaining video program "Leader Madness". The video demonstrates six warning signs of ineffective leadership, showing how seemingly insignificant actions can develop into destructive leadership practices. Each scenario clearly identifies a critical moment of choice when the leader either motivates or alienates a work group. The wrong choices are played out with engaging humour, encouraging each of us to take a fresh look at our own leadership practices.

Five Lessons for Leaders in the 21st Century

Create Shared Vision to Build Bridges to the Future

Joel Barker's LeadershiftTM

Includes: Facilitator's Guide

The concept of leadership is changin g. In this program, Joel Barker explores these shifts. Using bridge building as a metaphor, Joel Barker teaches us that the 21st century leader will build bridges built of hope, ideas, and opportunities. Bridges that help us move from where we are to where we need to be. In his inimitable style, using inspiring locations and vivid stories drawn from the business world, he offers five concepts to improve the performance of leaders at all levels: · Focus on the future · Understand change · Appreciate complex systems and how they work · Adopt your leadership style · Create a shared vision and build bridges to the future.

The answer includes:

· Be First: · Set the Mood · Set the Pace · Set the Standards · Be Fair: · · · Be Firm: · · Don't Play Favourites Share the Credit · Take the Heat State the Facts · Agree on the problem Explore for a solution.

21 min · $795· Sp. Price: Rs.11,950.

Session Starter

· Be Flexible: · Assume the best of people · Make room for good ideas · Admit when you're wrong.

We Are The Ones

Includes: Training Guide, Self-Study Guide, PowerPoint Presentation and Transcript

An inspirational 5-minute program that encourages us to look to ourselves for leadership and positive change, it combines amazing footage of the Southwest with a powerful message that will convince viewers to work together to face the future. We Are The Ones will help any organization come a step closer to recognizing and achieving their goals.

29 min · $895 · Sp. Price: Rs.21,750.

22 min · $895 · Sp. Price: Rs.14,850.


(2nd Ed.)

5 Questions Every Leader Must Ask: Engaging Your Team

to Achieve Any Goal

Includes: Leader's Guide, PPT Presentation, Participant Worksheets Based on the book, Leadership Made Simple, by Ed

Oakley and Doug Krug the program introduces a proven process called "The Framework for LeadershipTM", consisting of 5 questions, which, when asked in a specific order, enable leaders to engage their team in finding and implementing effective solutions. The Framework keeps groups from getting bogged down in the issue itself and the things that aren't working. It focuses them instead on what is working. Possibilities and solutions are generated from there. The net effect is that: · Ideas, answers and solutions are born from the people closest to the work. · Conflicts are resolved and group dynamics are redirected in a positive way. · Employees become critical thinkers and have a sense of buy-in. · Ideas and solutions are successfully implemented. Hosted by Ed Oakley, it shows how real-world organizations have applied the framework to common, yet critical, workplace problems. A follow-up "miniframework" is taught for when the group needs to check in on their progress. Whether your organization is working to institute a change initiative, resolve conflict, raise customer satisfaction, launch a new product or address a specific workplace challenge, your group leaders can use this program to achieve successful results.

What's Trust Got To Do With It?

Includes: Leader's Guide, PPT Presentation

This video tells the story of a team leader who realizes that he cannot lead his team without first gaining their trust. As the story progresses, he puts into practice 5 trust-building behaviours, which help him to regain the trust and active participation of his team. Key Learning Points: · Trust is the foundation of leadership · The way we believe either builds trust or destroys it · The five most important trust-building behaviours are: 1. Be Open and Honest 2. Be Credible 3. Be Humble · Give praise and credit to the people who deserve it. · Trust­building behaviours must be consistent and ongoing 4. Be Competent 5. Be Generous

Key Learning Points:

· Responsibility · Leadership. Vision. Determination · Teamwork. Change. Value · Motivation. Innovation. Inspiration

5 min · $395 · Sp. Price: Rs.7,250.


Includes: Facilitator's and Viewer's Guides

Prof. John Kotter's essential guide to creating dramatic and productive change by developing the natural talents of managers and staff throughout the organization. Kotter helps you focus on your own leadership potential by distinguishing the functions and goals of leadership from those of management. When the differences are clear, you will recognize when each skill set is called for and deploy it effectively. The benefits: alignment, consensus, and enhanced energy.

19 min · $795 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,850.

Managing Me

The key to managing other people is learning how to manage you.

Includes: Leader's Guide, PPT Presentation

As the leader of any group, problems are inevitable. do you react? Do you lead with your gut...or your head? With impulse... or reason? This is the dilemma that the host of "Managing Me" grapples with. Viewers recognize that how you react often has a far greater impact--on morale, on retention, on productivity--than any specific problem ever could. The key to managing other people is learning how to manage you. How you react has a far greater impact than any problem ever could.

Featured Participants include: · PepsiCo · Nat'l Cash Register · ARCO · ConAgra. Six Segments: · Leadership Is Not Management · Setting Direction · Aligning Constituencies · Motivating and Inspiring · How Much Leadership Is Enough? · Creating Sufficient Leadership

27 min · $995 · Sp. Price: Rs.14,850.

64 min · $695 · Sp. Price: Rs.13,950.

16 min · $795 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,850.



Leadership Sins

Includes: Workbook with activities and handouts

Leadership requires awareness, open communication and the ability to empower others. David makes several mistakes managing Anne, and after a feedback session he makes some changes.

Would I Follow Me?

Includes: Leader's Guide with Reproducible Worksheets and Supporting PPT Graphics

The one thing you never get to do as a leader is watch yourself lead. But how a leader is perceived is crucial to the productivity of any group. The video, Would I Follow Me demonstrates one leader's behaviour and the results in two different situations: first as a newly appointed leader, and then five years later after he has learned a few lessons about leadership. Viewers will learn effective leadership behaviours and appreciate the impact those behaviours have on the success of their work group.

Would I Inspire Me?

Includes: Leader's Guide with Reproducible Worksheets and Supporting PPT Graphics

When workers know their work makes a difference productivity rises and so does job satisfaction. Would I Inspire Me? gives viewers practical ways to make work life more meaningful, productive, and rewarding for themselves and their team.

Part 1: The Sins - David doesn't discuss and agree on the way they will work together, doesn't listen and continually interrupts, fails to acknowledge good work, invades personal space, is inflexible about the way things are done, is oblivious to Anne's body language and the impact of his own behaviour. Part 2: Feedback - Anne gives David specific feedback about his behaviour and how it makes it hard for her to work effectively. David acknowledges the feedback and accepts the need to change. Part 3: Empowerment - David discusses career goals with Anne and brings out her motivation. The DVD comprises of 2 versions as under: Version 1: Drama only - 9 minutes. Version 2: With Psychologist Eve Ash commentary - 13 minutes

Key Training Points:

· Communicate why work is important · Acknowledge the contribution of every employee · Support your team · Create opportunities for growth

Key Training Points:

1. A leader's behaviour strongly influences the success of a work group 2. Effective leadership practices including: · Don't dictate; facilitate · Be honest and ethical · Let people do their jobs · Focus on the positive · Use mistakes as opportunities · Be inclusive

16 min · $795 · Sp. Price: Rs.13,450.

Apollo 13: Leadership

Includes: Leader's Guide

With Jim Lovell (commander of Apollo 13) and Jim Belasco (author of Flight of the Buffalo and Teaching the Elephant to Dance). Featuring actual footage from the 1970 Apollo 13 mission, you will learn the leadership, teamwork and crisis management strategies that brought the crew of Apollo 13 down to earth safely against incredible odds. Imagine everyone on your team performing with the same steely-eyed determination displayed by Tom Hanks, portraying Cdr. Jim Lovell in the award-winning major motion picture Apollo 13. Everyone at every level in your organization thinking just as creatively, firing on all cylinders. Everyone focused and prepared. Daily problems are met and overcome. Your most difficult challenges are turned aside, transformed from possible disaster into astonishing success.

22 min · A$495 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.

20 min · $695 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,750.

Would I Work for Me?

Includes: Leader's Guide with Reproducible Worksheets and Supporting PPT Graphics

Observe a supervisor's behaviour in realistic situations ­ first as a newly appointed supervisor, then a more experienced manager who has learned his mistakes. Viewers will learn eight effective management skills that improve motivation, productivity and the bottom line ­ this is essential training for all managers and supervisors.

Leadership Style

Includes: Trainer's Guide

Striking a balanced leadership style, between authoritarian and democratic leadership, is a challenge for all managers. Train your managers to judge the appropriate leadership style for different occasions, by thinking through: · Their natural style of leadership · The effect of the chosen leadership style on their people · The nature and characteristics of the situation. The video introduces managers to the four main categories of leadership style: directive, persuasive, advisory and supportive. This learning is supported by practical activities in the accompanying trainer's guide. Both the video and the guide use the Tannenbaum and Schmidt continuum to illustrate the range of leadership styles available to every manager.

Key Training Points:

· Share information · Get people involved · Listen to people's concern · Take action to show you care · Tell people what they're doing right · Focus on solutions, not problems · Deal with mistakes in private · Use mistakes to help people

20 min · $695 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,750.

33 min · £985 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,950.

Learn how to: · Frame and fashion your Vision and Values · Instill Accountability in all Team members · Build Winning Teams · Stand tall in a Crisis.

Keeping the Good Ones

The message of this training video is simple... Treat your team members as people first and employees second.

30 min · $595 · Sp. Price: Rs.11,950.

A Passion For Excellence

Includes: Viewer's Guide

In this inspiring program, Tom Peters highlights the creative methods and accomplishments of some of the "never-say-die" individuals ­ Stew Leonard, whose customer-centered grocery business helped redirect an industry. Donald Shafer, as innovative mayor of Baltimore, sold potholes to promote city restoration; and Air Force Ret. General Bill Creech, who motivated airmen into being better maintenance and support people through the use of medals, medallions and flags. Go for major improvements, get obsessed with customers. Break rules to achieve innovation. And people are vital in the drive for excellence.

The Leadership Alliance:

New Wave leadership

Includes: Viewer's Guide

Tom Peters visits four unique leaders to show how they inspire their teams: · Pat Carrigan at General Motors · Dennis Littky of a new Hampshire high school · Harley-Davidson's chairman, and · Ralph Stayer, of the Johnsonville Sausage Company. As Peters walks the boardrooms, halls and plant floors, you'll discover techniques and strategies successful leaders use.

Includes: Leader's Guide and Workbook Keeping the Good Ones is

a management and leadership training video that deals with positive employee-manager relationships and employee retention. It will inspire managers and provide them with practical tools which they can use to keep the good people they already have. In the end, keeping the good ones comes down to connecting with each member of your team on a regular basis. The great news is that this doesn't cost the company a dime.

64 min · $895 · Sp. Price: Rs.14,750.

63 min · $895 · Sp. Price: Rs.14,750.

Key Learning Points: · Offer YOURSELF as a person · Offer your TIME with a regular Take 10 Checkin · Offer your APPRECIATION

26 min · $895 · Sp. Price: Rs.14,850.



Recipe for success

How to lead and motivate a team successfully

Includes: Workbook on CD-ROM and User's Guide

Managing people is often the hardest part of a manager's job. Recipe for success is a stimulating case study and role model for how to lead and motivate a team successfully. TV chef Rick Stein opened his seafood restaurant with a passion to cook fish. As the business has grown, Rick has had to develop his skills as a manager. In the programme you will see how Rick and his managers, get the best out of their team. The programme highlights five key management principles: · Lead by example · Set standards · Communicate · Delegate · Support and develop Whilst these management principles may be universal, their application is not. The CDROM workbook which is included with the programme will help you to explore the key ideas in the video and how you can best apply them to your own circumstances.

Tusks or Fangs?

Leadership Styles

To give a perspective on leadership styles leader adership styles required in the 21st century.

Includes: Guide, Workbook

This documentary style video, from the Lessons from the Wild Series, tells the story of the communicative styles of elephants and the competitive styles of lions and how these relate to the behaviour of the herd and the pride, their relationship with their environment, their relationship with other species, and their ability to communicate. It shows organisations how goals can be achieved ethically and how to develop a nurturing team culture that strives for the common good. By communicating effectively and sharing information in the correct way, the team is able to stay together in difficult times.

Includes: Leader's Guide, Participant's Guide and Self-study Guide.

Best-selling author and consultant, Bruce Tulgan, has declared the days of "hands-off" management are over! This riveting new release is a "call to action" for all managers and leaders to fight the undermanagement epidemic and become the boss their employees appreciate and deserve.

Recognize the 7 Myths of Management:

· Empowerment · Fairness · Jerk Boss · Difficult Confrontation · Natural Leader · HR Police · Time

16 min · £999 · Sp. Price: Rs.15,250

Embrace the 4 Habits of a Great Boss!

· Make TIME to talk about the Work · Talk like a COACH · Make ACCOUNTABILITY a Process, not a Slogan · Deal with LOW PERFORMERS. Also included is a Bonus Video - `The Five Common Jerk Boss Scenarios'.

12 min · $395 · Sp. Price: Rs.7,950.

Leadership: An Art of Possibility

Discover a new style of leadership that will give every employee within your organisation the ability to participate in the vision.

Includes: Leader's Guide

Experience the phenomenon of Ben Zander, world-renowned conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, as he expressively teaches a new and improved style of leadership in this exciting video. Ben and his partner Rosamund coach leaders to speak possibility from any position, in any organisation, anywhere in the world. With Ben's new interactive leadership style, your managers and supervisors will learn to keep a possibility alive until every person involved in the project is enrolled and will walk away with the understanding that it takes everyone's participation to make their organisation a success. This new kind of leadership is dynamic, transforming, evolutionary. It is an art that brings out creativity and expression. This kind of leadership increases the resources of an institution immeasurably in terms of energy, flexibility, and speed of response to a fast-paced world. Key messages: · Speak possibility · Recognise the downward spiral and enrol people in the journey to radiating possibility · Lead by making others more powerful (The conductor does not make a sound) · Enroll every voice in the vision · Look for shining eyes · Quiet the voice in the head that says "I can't do it" · Everyone gets an "A" (Give people a possibility to live into, not an expectation to live up to) New DVD bonus content points: · The art of practice · Who am I being? · Possibility is always one sentence away · Vision: the guiding force · Create. 26 mins · $995 · Spl Price:Rs.19,750.

27 min · $895 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,850.


Coaching for Your Future

Package includes: Workbook + 3 Bonus Videos: Behavioural Coaching (4 mins), 21 Behaviour Tips (1-5 mins each) and 8 Coaching Tips (1-2 mins each).

Feedback has many benefits, especially for leaders. It tells you how you are impacting the people around you. In that sense, feedback is much like the arrow on a shopping mall map that says "You Are Here". It tells you where you are but it doesn't tell you where you want to be.

"Feedforward", a new training video hosted by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, is the entire map. It helps you get to where you want to be in your relationships. This simple yet powerful process helps you choose one behaviour to improve, check in regularly with the people who are most affected by your behaviour, and most important, to stick with the changes you've made. FEEDFORWARD Will Help You... · Become a more productive leader and listener · Create the future you want, rather than rehash the mistakes of the past · Improve your life at work...and at home

Attitude: Radiating Possibility!

Learn to transform old attitudes of negativity and doubt to new attitudes of courage and possibility!

Includes: Leader's Guide and Self-study Workbook

Ben Zander, delivers a revolutionary approach for breaking mental barriers that prevent connection with others. Ben teaches all employees, from the frontline to top executives, how to discover a vibrant world of possibility that lies beyond these barriers. In their inimitable way, Ben and his partner Rosamund expressively coach employees, students, teachers, and executives to accelerate their pace of interaction, have courage in the face of fear, and enter the dance.

22 min · $495.

Key Learning Points: · Sit in the front row of your life. Participate! · When you make a mistake say: "How fascinating!" · Quiet the "voice in your head" that says "I can't do it." · Live in radiating possibility. Become a part of the song! · Invent a new game: "I am a contribution." Ask yourself, "how will I contribute today?"

New DVD bonus content points: · Throw a pebble into the pond (get started) · Identify where you stand (and then) lead from the eleventh chair · Stand in the limitless realm of possibility · Expand yourself · Take a risk · Let go 17 mins · $895 · Spl Price:Rs.17,750.

Both videos together: $1495 · Spl. Price: Rs.29,950. 7



World's leading business thinker, motivator, author, live performer

His videos have inspired managers throughout the world and revolutionised their thinking about the way they do business.



How to Win the Great War for Talent

Includes: Reference Guide and PowerPoint Slides

In today's new world of work, talent is your most valuable asset. You have to be able to recognize it, recruit it, and retain it. Tom Peters is a talent fanatic and in this must-have video he presents 10 vital lessons that will turn your company into an energetic, humming, happening talent magnet.


How to Escape the Sameness Trap

Includes: Guide and PowerPoint Slides

Over the years, quality and service have gotten better ­ so much better that consumers often can't tell the difference between competing products. So what can you do to escape this "sameness trap?" Tom Peters presents 5 concrete steps for putting your company ahead of the competition. · Web World: Reap the opportunities - avoid the pitfalls · Women: The Competitive Advantage. Women are coming into their own as never before. Tom shows you how to tap into the unlimited power of women · Boomers and Beyond: Tom details the potency of the aging population and tells you how to seize their imaginations ­ and their market · Design is Everything: Break out of the sameness trap with design. Design is cool, immediate, amazing. It can win you a customer for life ­ in an instant · Brand Power: Know thy self, know thy strengths, and then let the world know thee ­ big time.

"The Little BIG Things" Series with Tom Peters

This is not your average training film, but then Tom Peters is not your average management expert! This is Tom Peters with his in-your-face, thought provoking, call to arms for all businesses to "Get back to basics...or perish!"

This is Tom telling stories and reminding managers and employees to get out from behind their desks and stop the status quo. This Video Series contains short segments of Tom Peters sharing humorous stories, funny antidotes, and inspiring advice on what it takes to survive and succeed in business anytime, but especially in these trying times. The 91 individual clips (2 to 4 mins each) are categorized under 5 different topics, perfect as a meeting opener, closer, or discussion starter.

Key Learning Points include:

· Pursuit of talent is all encompassing ­ become a talent magnet · All talent is not equal ­ recognize the talent you need · Some people are better than other people ­ some people are a lot better · Managing talent is a lifetime job

25 min · $795 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,850.

Everything Is Design!

This Will Change Everything You Thought You Knew About Design

Includes: Leader's Guide and Audio CD

By head butting status-quo ideas about demographics and showing you who really makes purchase decisions in the household, Tom Peters provokes you into rethinking the entire design of your organization--a challenging prospect that could lead to huge rewards! Design Takes Nerve--Nothing takes more courage than breaking down and rebuilding everything you've done. Learn to be bold and take informed chances that could result in huge opportunities. Beautiful Systems Win--Find out how beauty, simplicity, and usability in your products and services are the key to gaining and maintaining lifelong customers. Tell a Story--The plot or story of your products and services is a key to your customers' understanding of your business. Learn how to craft that story into a masterpiece!

Video 1: Excellence ( 52 min.)

Containing 16 video clips on the topic of Excellence - this is one of Tom Peters' favourite words and you will find out why through his insightful observations of the business world and the people who have made it successful. "If not Excellence, what? If not excellence now, when?" - Tom.

50 min · $795. · Sp. Price: Rs.12,850.

Thriving On Chaos

Includes: Leader's Guide & Viewer's Guide

Stability is a thing of the past. Learning to accept change and be flexible is essential. Segment 1: How Answer achieved maximum flexibility and how retail store KG cut order time from 9 weeks to 4 days. Segment 2: This takes Tom Peters to MCI Communications, who took advantage of deregulation to offer a no-frills alternative to AT&T's long-distance service. Segment 3: Print company Quad Graphics ­ see how, by getting the people who run the machines to run the company, quality has become reality.

Video 2: Leadership ( 54 min.)

In these 21 segments, Tom attacks the issues of promotions, employee reviews, communication, teamwork, and setting milestones through his insightful and candid conversations aimed directly at the viewers. Do you want your managers "wandering around"? You do if you want them to MBWA (Managing By Wandering Around) just like Howard Schults, CEO of Starbucks does!

60 min · $995 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,850.

40 min · $495 · Sp. Price: Rs.10,850.

Video 3: Service ( 28 min.)

These 12 clips will help you organizationally attack, dismantle and rebuild how you view the service you provide to your customers. An essential viewing for every employee - from the CEO to front-line cashier.

Speed Is Life: Get Fast or Go Broke The Shape Of the Winner

Includes: Leader's Guide & Viewer's Guide

Tom Peters investigates the new-style winners like · Wal-Mart and · Federal Express, and how they differ from the high-growth companies of the past 50 years. In bringing the "secret strategies" of these companies into the open, Peters discusses the need for innovation and constant improvement driven by the aggressive involvement of all workers.

Includes: Leader's Guide & Participant's Guide

Tom Peters proclaims "competing in time" will be the primary battleground for organizations in the years to come. Visit: · Titeflex · Ingersoll-Rand · CNN · Union Pacific Railroad who have put speed first and boosted their profits and market share:

Video 4: Strategy (61 min.)

These 24 clips will help you step outside of the day-to-day grind and find new possibilities and avenues for your organization, all while bringing the workforce together.

70 min · $895 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,850.

68 min · $495 · Sp. Price: Rs.7,850.

Excellence In the Public Sector

Includes: Discussion Guide

With examples drawn from diverse public sector organizations ­ Tom Peters motivates and inspires staff at all levels how new ways of doing things can be beneficial to everyone involved.

Video 5: You (44 min.)

Tom Peters uses his decades of experience to deliver 18 video segments of things you can start doing TODAY to achieve excellence as a person and ultimately excellence in your organization.

Business and the Environment:

Lean, Clean, and Green

Tom Peters takes you inside companies that have prospered by putting the environment at the top of their agenda. Alerts viewers to its advantages: new marketing opportunities, cost-cutting measures, positive enhancement of public relations.

52 min · $695 · Sp. Price: Rs.10,850.

Includes: Discussion Guide and PPT Presentation Each video: $295 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,250. each Full set of 5 videos: $895 · Sp. Price: Rs.15,750.

47 min · $495 · Sp. Price: Rs.7,850.

Tom Peters on Customr Service See page 52 for details.



with Joel Barker also in Hindi with Joel Barker The NEW Business of Paradigms

Includes: Fieldbook and Tools for Training on CD

When you have a vision that gives meaning to the work you are doing today.

Includes: Facilitator's Guide

How do organizations inspire their employees to be more than observers, to actively create their futures? Answer is vision.

Two videos for the price of one!

Video 1: "The Classic Edition" (26 minutes) is a revised version of the old classic, The Business of Paradigms and it retains the same powerful stories and examples from the original program giving them a current look and feel. Video 2: "The 21st Century Edition" (21 minutes) offers all new examples and stories to illustrate recent paradigm shifts ­ e.g., the MP3 story (Sony), the Frog story, the Michael Dell story, the Cell story, etc. With two new videos on change, your training opportunities are limitless.

Innovation at the Verge

"Innovation at the Verge creates whole new categories of products and services, wonderful opportunities for improvement, and huge competitive advantages. The power of the Verge is in the combination of differences." --Joel A. Barker Includes: PPT Presentation, Training Concepts, Training Stories, Facilitation Guide & Training Notes

Joel Barker has always believed the future is something you create, not something that happens to you. In this bold, new program, Innovation at the Verge, Barker teaches how to create your own future by finding your next innovation. Through stories and examples, you will learn how to combine your ideas with the ideas of others as you meet at the Verge. Topics and areas for training using this video: Creativity: Teach people to create something altogether new ­ Use the program to encourage creativity, dreaming big and pushing people out of their day to day thinking. Risk Taking: This program does not say hunker down and play it safe. Use the program to teach people how to take risks and look far outside of their comfort zone to find new ideas. Leadership: Teach people how to be imaginative leaders ­ Use the program to encourage leaders to see the value of building a diverse team of people with different ways of thinking and solving problems. Communication: The easiest thing to say is "No, that wouldn't work." Use the program to teach how to talk about the value of new ideas and to understand how innovations create new options that didn't exist before. Innovation: We are facing unprecedented demands for new ideas in energy, health care, education, transportation, housing, just to name a few. Use the program to teach people how we need to go exploring in places we usually ignore.

The Power of Vision demonstrates that having a positive vision of the future is the most forceful motivator for change - for success - that individuals, schools, communities, organizations, and nations possess.

Joel Barker shows why a shared vision makes decision making easier and why a vision must be inspiring enough to challenge each member of the vision community to reach beyond their previous limits. Unforgettable and moving, `The Power of Vision' will inspire your organization to think, dream and act together to make a difference in the world.

30 min · $695

Key Points: · Paradigms are common · Paradigms are useful · Don't let your paradigm become the paradigm · Outsiders create new paradigms · Shifting paradigms takes courage · You can choose to change your paradigm

2 Videos · 44 min · $895 · Sp. Price:Rs.24,750

Inverting the Pyramid

Corporate Performance & Employee Commitment Winner of ASTD Trainer's Choice Award.

This dynamic tribute to the space shuttle team reveals how these people accomplished seemingly impossible tasks and provides insights into extremely useful techniques for effective management. John Parker Stewart encourages managers to refocus their attention on the needs of their people and to maximize corporate performance by earning the commitment of their employees and achieve results even beyond their own expectations!

The Balanced Scorecard

Includes: Guide and Workbook

Learn how to improve overall workplace performance by introducing a Balanced Scorecard. Determine key success factors and KPIs for each of four perspectives: · Financial · Customer · Internal business · People, learning and growth

14 min · A$495 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.

47 min · $595 · Sp. Price: Rs.7,450.

3 Inspiring Videos by


18 min · $895 · Sp. Price:Rs.24,750

Dr. Dr. Dewitt Jones, author of

best-selling video "Everyday Creativity"

For the Love of It

Includes: Leader's Guide, Participant Workbook, PowerPoint Presentations on CD and Transcript

"How can you find a way to love what you do? Every day?" asks Dewitt Jones. In this new video he shares with audiences the importance of beginning each day with a full cup. Dewitt discusses how we all have the ability to love what we do through honoring our passion, making a contribution to those around us, and expressing gratitude. When you work for the love of it, you will serve as an inspiration to yourself and to those around you.

Focus Your Vision

Includes: Leader's Guide, Participant Workbook, PowerPoint Presentations on CD and Transcript

How can we find our direction, our purpose? When we combine our energy and passion with our focused visions, we give ourselves direction and power. Dewitt Jones, encourages us to develop our visions and turn them into reality. When we connect with our visions, and in doing so, release our passion; we have a better understanding of who we are, what we stand for, and where we're going. Dream the dream, find that extra-ordinary vision, and keep it in focus. · Keep Your Vision Focused · Stop, Look, and Listen · Hold On To The Best, Let The Rest Fall Away · Trust Your Intuition · It's Not Trespassing To Go Beyond Your Own Boundaries · Make Your Vision Big Enough · Do You Have Juice In Your Camera?

Celebrate What's Right also in Hindi With the World

Includes: Leader's Guide, Participant Workbook, PowerPoint Presentations on CD and Transcript

Do you have a Vision for your organization...? More importantly, do you have one for yourself ? A vision that gets you excited every morning and keeps you open to possibilities? Dewitt asks: Do we choose to see possibilities? Do we really believe they're there? He assures us that we will see it only when we believe it. And when we believe it, we connect with a vision that opens us to possibilities and gives us the courage to soar. During his 21-year career with the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, Dewitt lived the vision of "celebrating what's right with the world." He found that the creative tools he used as a photographer had an even deeper application when applied directly to his personal and professional life.

"You can't wait for it to come to you. You just have to fall in love with what you're doing, right now. " Key Learning Points: · Begin With A Full Cup · Find Guides · Act As If · Express Gratitude · Make A Contribution · Pass It On · Chase The Light

25 min · $795 · Sp. Price: Rs.17,950..

20 min · $795 · Sp. Price: Rs.17,950.

24 min · $ 795 · Sp. Price: Rs.17,950.



Gods of Management

`All Cultures Are Good In The Right Place...'

Includes: Guide

Every organisation has its own culture ­ its own way of doing things. This video version of Charles Handy's most eyeopening book shows how to identify the culture of your organisation and what sort of people you need to make it successful. If you're grappling with change and trying to break the mould, this video will help you to succeed.

The Doughnut Organisation

Includes: Trainer's Guide Based on his best seller - `The Empty Raincoat',

Charles Handy gives us a challenging view of the future for our organisations and ourselves. As power moves away from the centre of the organisation, we all have greater scope for individual freedom and achievement. And with that comes responsibility for our own careers. He suggests three keys to success: · The Sigmoid Curve · The Doughnut Principle · The Chinese Contract. Find out how the ideas behind these metaphors add up to a theory that will give everyone some structure in what may seem a very unstructured environment.

Scenario Thinking:

Pathways to the Future

Includes: Facilitator's Guide

Everyone plans - whether for career goals, budgets, or corporate strategy, we all plan! Focusing on one single course, one "perfect" plan, can be disastrous when the unexpected happens.

Scenario Thinking will help everyone to: · Create multiple new solutions to old problems · Identify what cannot be predicted · Discover barriers to future success · Prepare to respond to change

Through illustrations from business and history, Clem Sunter outlines the three steps to scenario planning: · Analysis of what can or cannot be controlled or changed · Consideration of every possibility, even the seemingly peripheral, that may be crucial to future success · Development of multiple scenarios, avoiding overconfidence in a single plan as the only one.

31 min · £699 · Sp. Price: Rs.11,950.

29 min · £699 · Sp. Price: Rs.11,950.

Managing With Style

Includes: User's Guide, 4 Exercises, 14 Handout Masters Key Points: · Understanding that a range of

management styles exists · Understanding that no one style is right or wrong · How to identify a range of different styles · How to select the most effective style for a given situation · How to apply the selected style effectively. User's guide includes options for a 2-hour self-study programme, a 1-hour coaching session, a full day trainer-lead workshop.

Speed, Simplicity and Self-Confidence

Jack Welch talks with Warren Bennis alks

Includes: Viewer's Handbook

As its iconoclastic and tough-minded CEO, Jack Welch literally revolutionized GE, taking its sales from $25 billion in 1980 to $60.2 billion in 1991. In this programme, Jack Welch talks candidly with Warren Bennis, examining how the elements of speed, simplicity and selfconfidence translate directly into measurable improvements in performance. Encourages application of GE's winning equation for success to transform.

30 min · $795 · Sp. Price: Rs.10,850.

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Management

Includes: Trainer's Guide

Trendy management techniques have come and gone. But the specific approaches presented in this video can work for your managers in all types of situations, and are considered virtually timeless.

15 min · £699 · Sp. Price: Rs.9,850.

The Fifth Discipline:

Organisational Learning Strategies for Success

With Peter Senge. He says: "...there is "...ther there no change without changing individual." individual."

The video provides: · A concise portrait of Dr. Senge's organisa-tional learning principles · The critical components for creating and sustaining a learning organisation · Insightful interviews with Dr. Senge · Stories and examples from pioneering organisations such as Intel, Albany Ladder Company and the Calgary (Canada) Herald.

36 min · $495 · Sp. Price: Rs.9,750.

Project Management

Includes: Leader's Guide and Book

Teaches how to manage a project from the idea stage through implementation. Charting techniques, time and cost estimating, and project monitoring skills are covered thoroughly. Examples range from a huge construction project to a small organization's relocation. Specific forms, charts and case studies are contained in the accompanying book.

Key points: · How to motivate employees to set and accomplish goals · How to reveal the real importance of every job · How to empower employees to make better decisions · How to give meaningful jobperformance feedback · How to plan and execute better employee communication · How to listen, ask questions, and express concern.

25 min · $595 · Sp. Price: Rs.9,750.

Corporate Culture and Performance

Includes: Facilitator's & Viewer's Guides & Diagnostic Questionnaire

In this program, Prof John Kotter delivers a system and the tools that will help you evaluate your organization's culture in its current form, then set it on a highperformance course. Combines Kotter's presentation with in-depth interviews with senior executives who have achieved out-standing performance by creating and nourishing vibrant adaptive cultures. Case studies demonstrate the value of "adaptive" cultures, giving a ground-level view of the relationship between leadership, management and cultural change.

26 min · $295 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.

30 min · $495 · Sp. Price: Rs.9,850.

Organizational Vision, Values and Mission

Includes: Leader's Guide and Book

To succeed, an organization must have a vision for tomorrow, which is clear and attainable, motivating and exciting. Every employee must learn to exhibit leadership and act on opportunities in a way consistent with your organization's mission and values. We see a group of professionals as they discover, clarify and create their organization's vision for the future.

Stanford University

presents `The Executive Briefings'

DVD Programs

Key points: · Clarify your own values in the context of your work group · Learn to create a compelling vision statement for your organization · Understand how to build commitment to the vision

A collection of about 200 videos featuring top leaders from different fields giving inside views and practical advice. For details:

Featured Participants include: · Xerox · ABB · ConAgra · Albertson's Inc. · Delta Consulting Six segments: · Introduction to Corporate Culture · Low-Performance Cultures · Adaptive Cultures · The Process of Cultural Change · Change Agents · Getting Started

26 min · $395 · Sp. Price: Rs.7,950.

Enterprise Media · 68 min · $695 · Sp. Price: Rs.13,950.




Includes: Facilitator's Guide, Handouts, PPT Slides What makes Generation Y different? What

experiences have influenced their attitudes, values, and work styles? What do they need to be successful at work? How can organizations engage and inspire them to maximize their impact and productivity? These questions are becoming increasingly important as the largest generation in history begins entering the workforce and are addressed in the Awesome training video. In the next few years, Gen Y will constitute 38% of all employees. They are smart, adaptable, energetic, skilled and eager to make their mark. At the same time, these young people do things differently and enter the world of employment with the great expectations and a culture that may be unfamiliar to many of us. Part 1 - A New Generation @ Work (10 mins) Presents 24 Gen Y employees from a wide range of occupations who share what makes them tick. Part 2 - Engaging Gen Y (10 mins) Introduces 5 managers who present their views on how to help Millennials succeed.

The Leopard In Your Business

Includes: Guide, Workbook, OHPs.

One of the fastest and most beautiful occupants of wild Africa, the leopard is a focused, independent and opportunistic predator. Look at planning in a fresh new way by comparing the characteristics of the leopard to the principles of · careful planning and faultless execution...clear goals · measurable objectives · protecting your territory · managing resources effectively · playing to strengths and weaknesses · analyzing risks and meeting or exceeding standards.

It's a Way Not a Da

What are your company values

Includes: Leader's Guide, PPT Presentation

In this new video program, you'll learn how one organization anchors its values into the hearts and minds of its employees -- resulting in 98% customer satisfaction and 97% employee retention. The key is three simple strategies that will help you bring your values alive: Proclaim It - When you publicly tell people what you stand for, they expect it of you-and you expect it of yourself. When you tell your story, it helps you live your story. Live It - An effective team consistently lives the values it says it believes in. Your values are a lens that help you see clearly if your actions line up with your intentions. Celebrate It - When we celebrate each other regularly for living our values, it strengthens relationships and reinforces what we are trying to achieve. Key learning benefits: Customers know what to expect from you, increasing accountability and performance. · Teammates know what to expect from each other, increasing trust.· People feel appreciated for their efforts, increasing passion and commitment.· These days, customers are searching for organizations that are not afraid to say what they stand for and deliver it with integrity. It's a Way Not a Day will help you to be one of those organizations.

15 min · $395 · Sp. Price: Rs.7,950

Emotional Intelligence


20 min · $625 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,750.

Includes: Leader's Guide, Workbook with EI Quiz, Discussion Segment Video, PPP on CD

Most of us have been conditioned to believe that work is no place for emotions. But science has proved it's not just your IQ that matters. Emotional intelligence, or EI, is what sets star performers apart. This video provides an excellent overview of EI concept, with commentary from experts including Daniel Goleman and Peter Salovey. Real-life accounts show how companies like Kaiser Permanente, State Street Bank and Nicholas Aluminium tap into collective emotional intelligence to create a more adaptive and responsive workplace. Emotional Intelligence competencies include: · SelfAwareness · Self-Regulation · Self-Motivation · Empathy · Effective Relationships

Encouraging the Heart

Includes: Leader's Guide

Success is about putting our hearts in our business and our business in our hearts. Renowned experts James Kouzes and Barry Posner clearly outline how people perform extraordinarily when genuinely appreciated for their dedication and recognized for their achievements. Real-world scenarios and enlightening interviews reveal the 7 Essentials of Encouraging the Heart: · Set clear standards · Expect the best - your expectations are self-fulfilling · Pay attention · Tell the story - engage employees and get results by relating examples · Personalise recognition · Celebrate together · Set the example

15 min · $695

39 min · $995 · Sp. Price: Rs.14,850

Videos in Hindi

(3rd Ed.)


The Pygmalion Effect

20 min · $895 · Sp. Price: Rs.11,750.

Managing the Power of Expectations

Includes: Leader's Guide, Workbook and PowerPoint Presentation on CD. Expect exceptional performance and you'll get it. Conversely, the opposite is also true.

Using real-life examples, dramatic vignettes and scenes from the classic movie Pygmalion (based on George Bernard Shaw's play), this newly revised program depicts the types of transformations made possible through the power of positive expectations. Viewers will learn about the four specific behavioral and social processes that transmit expectations ­ Climate, Feedback, Input & Output ­ and how to use these factors to create positive change.

The following titles are also available in Hindi version.


It's So Simple

How ordinary people can create an extraordinary company.

Includes: Leader's Guide

Southwest Airlines employees take personal responsibility for the company's overall success. For every ticketing agent who jumps in to make a line shorter, or every pilot who helps baggage handlers load the plane more quickly, lifelong customers are made. When the employees of Southwest talk about freedom, they mean the idea that the company trusts each of them to do a great job. They have the freedom to be themselves, to work hard, and even to own up to­and learn from­their mistakes.

Key Points: · Make it easy for people to do the right thing because they share values and a common mission · Lead effectively by nurturing the leadership that is in all of us · Help people feel safe to be themselves and free to be their best for others.

14 min · $379

Learn how to: · Understand the premises upon which self-fulfilling prophecies and expectations are based · Develop the skills to positively influence coworkers and subordinates · Raise their expectations and belief in their team members' ability to achieve more · Believe in their ability to positively influence and lead others.

And When You Fall.... Art of Communication, The Beyond Impossible Body Language Skills at Work Celebrate What's Right with the World Dealing With the Irate Customer Even Eagles Need A Push Eye of the Beholder Give `em the Pickle! Henry - Man Who Hated Change I Know It When I See It Ideas Into Action Miracle Man, The Power of Attitude, The Power of Vision, The Presentation Skills - From A to Zzzz Succeeding In A Changing World Who Says We Can't Do It?

49 39 48 40 9 52 47 30 53 17 64 19 49 34 9 42 17 47 11

22 min · $995 · Sp. Price: Rs.14,850.


Adversity Quotient

Includes: Leader's Guide "Paul Stoltz has done something remarkable: He synthesizes some of the most important information on how we influence our own future and then offers a profound set of observations that teaches us how to thrive in a fast-changing world." -- Joel Barker Barker

We each face an average of 23 adversities a day ­ and AQ is the precise, measurable, and unconscious pattern of how individuals respond to adversity of all types, from petty annoyances to life-altering strategies. AQ predicts ­ with statistical reliability ­ who will prevail, who'll give up, and who'll crumble in the face of adversity. Through 20 years of research, Paul Stoltz, best selling author on adversity has discovered good news ­ AQ can be substantially and permanently increased! We can improve our ability to deal with adversity. The program offers powerful and practical tools to strengthen AQ. Don't face adversity without it. Video 1: Adversity Quotient (19 min) Video 2: Adversity Quotient @ Work (24 min)


Seminar Video Seminar by Gary Hamel & C.K. Prahalad

Includes: Facilitator's Guide, Participant's Guide, OHPs

Hamel and Prahalad provide access to a powerful system of ideas and methodologies, inviting you to mobilize your entire organization as you move beyond the constraints of traditional thinking ­ emphasizing current resource levels and existing markets ­ into a vast new world where you can realize your "impossible" goals by focusing on your core strengths, or competencies, and by releasing the constraints on corporate imagination. Case studies include: · Eastman Kodak · Motorola · 3M · Eastman Chemical · Colgate-Palmolive

Emotional Intelligence

Hos by Hosted by Dr. Daniel Goleman

In this video, Goleman himself introduces his ground-breaking discoveries on the emotional mind and focuses on emotion as another measure of intelligence, redefining what it means to be "smart." This 70-minute special presents the author's extremely popular material in a most compelling and useful way, offering viewers the knowledge and the tools to improve their emotional reactions.

70 min · $695 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,950.

64 min · $995 · Sp. Price: Rs.15,950.


Includes: Leader's Guide

The `servantleadership' and management model has been hailed globally as the way companies will need to approach these issues in the 21st Century - a model developed by Robert Greenleaf and followed by devotees like Stephen Covey, Peter Senge, Peter Block, and Margaret Wheatley. Besides giving its historical and conceptual overview, the video deals with and illustrates the ten characteristics constituting the philosophy: · Listening · Empathy · Healing · Awareness · Persuasion · Conceptualization · Foresight · Stewardship · Commitment to the Growth of People and · Building Community

Principles of Excellence At Work

3 Case Studies from `Business Chronicle' series

Be L.L. Bean: ust Servic ervice ommitment to Cus Commitment to Customer Service

This once-small hunting supply business founded with a simple philosophy of honesty and courtesy, is today synonymous with customer service where the customer is the king. (24 min)

Each video: $695 · Sp. Price: Rs.11,250 each. · Both videos together: Rs.16,850.

It's A Wonderful Life:

Leading Through Service

Includes: Guide with Exercises

Dr. Margaret Wheatley graphically illustrates astute insights into human behaviour with poignant film clips from the film, It's A Wonderful Life. By recognizing innate positive behaviour in heroes we admire - in this case, the beloved George Bailey - trainees will instantly internalize the fundamental ingredients of Service Leadership and help make your company even more wonderful... and successful! · · · · · Maximise Potential Through Trust and Caring Leadership is More than a title Small Acts of Kindness Make a Big Impact Benefit From Our Natural Impulse to Help Create a Legacy by Being Available to Others

orporat Missions: ate Corporate Missions: Product oducts People Behind The People Behind the Products

Employees are a company's most important asset. You visit three organizations where employee satisfaction is integral to the overall corporate mission. (35 min)

Marke Manufact acturing Edge The Marketing & Manufacturing Edge

Go to Gillette to learn how they regained plummeting market share by focusing on innovation, production, marketing and your company as a whole. (28 min)

3 video-set: 87 min · Rs.5,450.

25 min · $495 · Sp. Price: Rs.8,950.

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Achieving More with Less

Includes: Facilitator's Guide, Workbook, OHPs.

With increased competition forcing its way into all market sectors, we are all being asked to achieve more. With restructuring and downsizing the pressure is well and truly on. This video shows how a number of key principles can be applied to help supervisors and work teams achieve more without spending more. The video is presented in two parts: · Part 1 talks about the seven basic principles needed to make the team work together. · Part 2 goes beyond the basic and shows how to get the most out of your team. A complete training program designed to guide your team through a two to four hour training session.

The Beer Game:

Production Distribution Game

Developed at MIT, USA

The Beer Game was developed to introduce the concepts of System Dynamics and to illustrate the key principle that "structure produces behaviour". Players experience the pressures of playing a role in a complex system and can see long range effects during the course of the game. Each player participates as a member of a team that must meet its customers' demands. The object of the game is to minimize the total cost for your team.

The structured debriefing that follows, illustrates a number of insights about management systems that generalize well beyond inventories. To play and debrief the game takes just over two hours. The debriefing is the most important part of the game. Each game board accommodates up to 8 players (4 pairs) comfortably.

25 min · $795 · Sp. Price: Rs.9,950.

Soaring With the Phoenix

Includes: Leader's Guide for leading Phoenix Workshop

Dr. James Belasco - renowned academic, consultant and author - sees the phoenix as a continually renewing life force and contends that organisations must similarly commit to continual renewal. He profiles three highly successful organizations · Ingram Micro · Sheraton Berkshire and · U.S. Naval Air Depot whose success can be attributed to, in part, four key tenets: · Turn over the responsibility for work to the people who do the work · Give people learning opportunities and facts that enable them to make key decisions. · Reward people for keeping customers always in their line of sight · Leave a legacy that makes a difference.

18 min · AU$495 · Sp. Price: Rs.8,450

30 min · $695 · Sp. Price: Rs.11,250.

Package includes: · 30" X 100" vinyl game board · instructions for leading and debriefing the game · customer order cards, order slips, pencils · 600 plastic game chips · informational DVD showing the game being played at MIT under the direction of Professor John Sterman. Price: Rs.9,000.

Prices subject to change without notice. VAT/ST + Shipping charges extra.



Accountability That Works

Includes: Leader's Guide, Participant Workbook, PowerPoint Presentation on CD.

Let go of the blame game! Make sure your employees take on new projects with enthusiasm, clear direction and a strong sense of ownership. This program outlines a simple process structure - before, during and after ­ that can work for organisations large and small. The "before" phase: taking complete responsibility that it will get done. The "during" phase: empowerment ­ doing whatever is necessary to complete the task. The "after" phase: accountability ­ when the responsible party owns the results, good or bad, and the temptation to place blame on external factors or co-workers is overcome.

Ethics 4 Everyone

Includes: Leader's Guide, Workbook, PowerPoint CD

Narrated by noted ethicist Eric Harvey, co-author of the bestselling "Walk the Talk" book series, these lessons have helped more than 84% of Fortune magazine's "Most Admired Companies" turn values into value-added results. This video teaches viewers: · The Three Rs of ethics: Respect, Responsibility and Results · How to say `no' with tact · How to manage conflicting rights · How to `walk the (ethics) talk'

Ethics: The L.O.G.I.C. of Right

Includes: Leader's Guide, PPT Presentation

Will your employees make the right decision? · An employee receives a gift from a company that your organization is negotiating a contract with. · A fellow worker asked to punch the time card of a colleague who is running late. · Another employee is asked to reveal confidential information for the sake of profit and expediency. What would they do? We all face ethical decisions in the workplace, and in many cases the answer isn't black or white. This program will help your employees make the legal and ethical decision - no matter how difficult. Protect your organization from the cost of unethical behaviour - devastating lawsuits, negative publicity, wasted time, loss of money, and low employee morale. Laws and Regulations · Organizational Codes of Conduct · Getting Perspectives · Investigating Options · Checking Comfort Levels

25 min · $995 · Sp. Price: Rs.14,850.

Who Are They Anyway?

A Tale of Achieveing Success at Work Through Personal Accountability

Includes: Facilitator's Guide with 2 training designs.

This entertaining and enlightening video and the accompanying Facilitator's Guide are designed to help you and your organization make the shift from looking for "them" to blame to realizing that there IS no "them" and beginning to accept personal accountability. Grumbling and complaining provide the soundtrack for the daily drama that gets enacted in businesses large and small. And everyone thinks it's some else's job to do something! Things fall between the cracks; orders don't get processed; deliveries are late; paperwork slows to a crawl; quality suffers; complaints increase but never get addressed; the buck gets passed endlessly and the ultimate losers are the organization and its customers.

22 min · $995 · Sp. Price: Rs.14,850.

22 min · $945 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,950.

The Kingdom Was Lost


Award Winner

Includes: Course Guide, OHPs, Quick Guide Everyone is accountable for their action ­ so accuracy and attention to detail is truly everyone's responsibility.

Sir Stephen Sunbeam is an architect of international renown. But he suffers public shame and professional ignominy when it turns out that his prestigious millennium project is a monumental `pig's ear'. And the whole disaster stems from one tiny error in his original specification. But Sir Stephen isn't the only one to blame. Everyone else in the team, from his PA to the consulting engineer, from the office junior to the subcontractor, is equally guilty.

Our choices today determine who we will be tomorrow.

Moment of Truth (MPC)

Our choices today determine who we will be tomorrow.

Includes: Leader's Guide, Participant Guide and Customizable PowerPoint Presentation

Life doesn't come with a pause button. Ethical dilemmas demand instant clarity. This program addresses this problem head-on by giving employees a practical guide for making better decisions. By focusing in on six different ethical dilemmas, the video demonstrates that no matter where the pressure is coming from - a superior, a coworker, a friend, or even a family member ­ anyone can make good decisions by using these four questions to find clarity in their moment of truth: · Is it the Truth? · Is it Free From Harm? · Is it Fair to All? · Am I Proud to do it?

17 mins · $495 · Sp. Price: Rs.8,450.

Compliance is Just the Beginning

A 2-part Ethics Training Program

Includes: Facilitator's Guide, Handouts, PPT Slides

Video 1: 3 Steps to Ethical Decisions (24 mins), introduces the process. We hear from a former Enron executive as well as six ethics experts who discuss the pressures people can feel that may lead them to make poor decisions. We explore the importance of being aware of our core values as well as the standards of behaviour expected by our organisations and our communities. Most importantly, we learn the three steps we can each take when faced with a tough ethical choice to help us make the best possible decision. Video 2: Ethical Situations to Consider (32 mins), Eight dramatised scenarios represent familiar ethical issues most of us will face at some time. By discussing these situations and applying the Three Steps process in each case, employees gain valuable practice and reinforcement.

20 min · £1199 · Sp. Price: Rs.16,950.

Voices of Truth

This beautiful meeting opener features engaging quotes from philosophers, historians, and worldfamous leaders accompanied by an original score. It's a perfect way to set the mood for your meeting on ethics.

Key Training Points:

· Know what you're deciding · Answer the 4 Questions · When In Doubt, ask someone you trust

22 min · $895 · Sp. Price: Rs.14,850.

4 min · $295 · Sp. Price: Rs.5.250.

LEAKPROOF: 8 Privacy Principles

How to protect customer data

Includes: Leader's Guide, PPT Presentation

200 million data breach incidents have hurt American businesses and eroded consumer confidence. Each incident has cost, on average, a whopping $6.7 million - that's a loss of over $1 billion! Strengthen customer trust, tighten privacy policies and increase your bottom line with this new program which shows your employees how to protect customer data at all times, from collection, specification and usage to storage, security and disposal. Enhance your privacy policies through the following principles: · Collection Limitation · Purpose Specification · Data Quality · Use Limitations · Security Safeguards · Openness · Individual Participation · Accountability.

That's Not My Problem

Taking Responsibility

Denying problems, not working together, or assigning blame is a pretty common occurrence. That's Not My Problem is a fun way to show what can result from people not taking responsibility for situations. The reality emerges when employees avoid taking responsibility for a small "office fire." This avoidance fuels the "fire" until it is completely out of control.

2 videos: 24+32 min · $625 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,750.

Managing For Commitment

Includes: Leader's Guide and Book

Traditional views of commitment and loyalty no longer apply. · Learn the changing value systems of today's employees · Explore the two-way street of mutual commitment · Learn what it takes to build trust among employees · Understand the role of the proactive leader

Program Objectives: · The damage that small "office fires" can do · Take responsibility · Acknowledge problems · Do something

18 min · $845 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,850.

10 min · $395 · Sp. Price: Rs.7,850.

17 min · $295 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.



Character Is Destiny

Making a Habit of Doing the Right Thing

Includes: Trainer's Guide, Workbook, PowerPoint CD

A strong character is vital to the long-term success, the destiny, of every individual and every organization. Most of us know what's right, but do we choose to do what's right? Not always. Join Ethics Professor Russell W. Gough as he explores the core of character in this important training tool and learn: · We are all role models · How to reinforce or develop an empowered workforce · How to create positive, productive routines that become second nature, making success a habit


The Wainwright Story

Includes: Guide, Workbook, CD-ROM with templates of handouts for implementing the Wainwright model

This program is a condensed version of the full-day inplant Wainwright Benchmarking Seminar. It offers insights into the Wainwright business model which helped them win the Malcolm Baldridge Award. Viewers see the systems and measures in action. · They experience a culture built on belief and trust · How to inculcate the desire for change · Gain insights into how to accelerate a company's evolution · Learn key measurements systems that create and sustain trust.


A How-To Approach

Includes: Leader's Guide This cutting-edge 3-part video uses case studies to take you from A to Z of achieving reengineer-ing goals and deliver breakthrough results.

Sincere Trust & Belief in People ­ The Reengineering Roadmap:

Module 1: Preparation

Managers at Grace Logistics Services, Inc., describe their reengineering preparation efforts to redesign a cumbersome and out-dated operations information system." 25 mins

29 min · $595 · Sp. Price: Rs.9,850.


(2nd Ed.)

Module 2: Identification and Vision

Managers of Polaroid. show how they identified critical core processes and developed a vision to improve the responsiveness of their order fulfillment process. 15 mins

17 min · $595 · Sp. Price: 11,250.

What's Trust Got To Do With It?

Includes: Leader's Guide, PPT Presentation

This video tells the story of a team leader who realizes that he cannot lead his team without first gaining their trust. As the story progresses, he puts into practice 5 trust-building behaviours, which help him to regain the trust and active participation of his team. Key Learning Points: · Trust is the foundation of leadership · The way we believe either builds trust or destroys it · The five most important trust-building behaviours are: 1. Be Open and Honest 2. Be Credible 3. Be Humble · Give praise and credit to the people who deserve it. · Trust­building behaviours must be consistent and ongoing 4. Be Competent 5. Be Generous

A.C.T. With IntegrityTM

Includes: Facilitator's Guide, Self Study Workbook, Participant Materials

Discrimination. Theft. Dishonesty. Are your employees prepared to face ethical issues and respond in ways that meet the high standards of your organization and adhere to the letter of the law? They can when they A.C.T.: · Analyze the situation · Consider the consequences · Take appropriate action. With a dozen real-world case studies, this program equips employees to make the right choices in tough situations.

Module 3: Design and Implementation

How AT&T Capital Leasing undertook company-wide reengineering process to streamline its national operations and improve customer service. 25 mins

3 Videos: 65 mins · $995 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,950.

The Goal: The How-To Video

Based on Goldratt's over 2 million copies best selling book "The Goal"

This engaging "how-to" video fosters bottom-line, team-driven commitment through a real-life drama that demystifies buzzwords like "bottlenecks" and "improvement measurements." If you're charged with rallying employees behind the concepts of quality and continuous improvement, this inspiring video will put you well over your goal. If you haven't seen the video you don't know what you're missing! · "The Video is better than the Book!" ­ Goldratt · "Shows how to make changes that will cause reality to approach your goals." ­ Training Media Review

Learning Points: · Communicates clear expectations regarding workplace integrity · Introduces policies and procedures related to ethics and compliances · Illustrates the 12 most common ethical dilemmas in today's workplace

19 min · $795 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,850.

20 min+15 min Disc. Video · $995 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,750.

A Journey Into The Heroic Environment®

Shared Values - The Standard for Heroic Relationships

Includes: Activity-based 100-page Leader's Guide

John is a frustrated assistant plant manager returning home from a job interview by train where he meets Kiplinger, a successful self-made businessman with the wisdom of years and colourful stories to go with it. As the journey begins, Kip explains how job satisfaction is dependent upon work environment and introduces the concept of the Heroic Environment, where people are treated with respect, trust and dignity; contribute more and rise to their potential. To accomplish this he describes the eight principles which include: · Truth and Trust · Unselfish Mentoring · Openness to New Ideas · Risk Taking · Putting Others' Interests First.

Training Activity Packs

Ready-to-use · Reproducible Over 200 titles to choose from!

45 min · $895 · Sp. price: Rs.20,950.

Reengineering the Future

Includes: Leader's Guide

This unique video is the critical first step in educating and motivating your employees about your reengineering effort. It demystifies reengineering by explaining what it is and what it isn't, why it's needed, what the benefits and pitfalls are, and how it differs from other improvement efforts. Dr. Raymond L. Manganelli, a pioneer of BPR, introduces and defines the concept through a dramatic presentation of the "reengineering" of naval artillery techniques by Lt. Williams S. Sims, U.S.Navy.

PMI · 28 min · $730 · Sp. Price: Rs.8,850.

A Culture of Freedom

Includes: Instructor's Guide (on video).

The main programme (17 min) begins and finishes with a dramatized version of a philosophical called a "Prisoners Dilemma." It teaches us how we may meet self-interest far more powerfully through building trust and choosing to co-operate with others. The video is seen as a "How To" guide to creating an organization that is innovative, creative, dynamic customer focused and most importantly, a great place to work. It is followed by a short video (12 min) which explains the concepts and ideas behind the programme.

20 min · $695 · Sp. Price: Rs.7,950.

Available on various topics


For Online Previews visit:

29 min · $495 · Sp. Price Rs.9,850.



If At First...

Includes: Leader's Guide Understand Your Fear And Overcome It ­

· Explores the core of a fear that may have haunted you since childhood ­ and helps you conquer it. · Triggers personal insight ­ to inspire confidence. · Fuels group discussion ­ the kind that shifts attitudes. · Unifies teams ­ stimulating a flow of ideas. · Promotes perseverance ­ transforming potential into performance, and bringing dreams within reach.


with Tony Buzan with Joel Barker The NEW Business of Paradigms

Includes: Fieldbook and Tools for Training on CD

Overcoming the Fear of Failure

Two videos for the price of one!

Video 1: "The Classic Edition" (26 minutes) is a revised version of the old classic, The Business of Paradigms and it retains the same powerful stories and examples from the original program giving them a current look and feel. Video 2: "The 21st Century Edition" (21 minutes) offers all new examples and stories to illustrate recent paradigm shifts ­ e.g., the MP3 story (Sony), the Frog story, the Michael Dell story, the Cell story, etc. With two new videos on change, your training opportunities are limitless.

The Abilene Paradox (2nd Ed)

Group Dynamics - Decision Making

Includes: Leader's Guide , Workbook, and PowerPoint Presentation on CD-ROM

Have you ever gone into a meeting with a clear idea of what your team should do, yet left knowing the group had decided to do the very opposite? Sounds like you took a trip to Abilene. This popular program shows how great individual opinions can fall victim to mismanagement by consensus. Expert Dr. Jerry D. Harvey calls this "The Abilene Paradox," and you can skip the trip if you know how to read the road signs. Learn how to: · Avoid false consensus · Overcome the fear of speaking out · Achieve effective decision-making within a group.

26 min · $495

The Red Movie

(16 min)

Includes: Trainer's Guide Elements of Decision Making

31 min · £799 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,950.

Details on Page 19

`Paradigm Mastery' Series

Bark arker Joel Barker in face-to-face training sessions with people from different industries, offers learning tool for practical application of his concepts in the workplace.

Key Points: · Paradigms are common · Paradigms are useful · Don't let your paradigm become the paradigm · Outsiders create new paradigms · Shifting paradigms takes courage · You can choose to change your paradigm

2 Videos · 44 min · $895 · Sp. Price:Rs.24,750

26 min · $995 · Sp. Price: Rs.14,850.

The Cuban Missile Crisis:

Decision Making & Its Consequences

A Case Study

Includes: Facilitator's Guide with Participant Exercises The Cuban Missile Crisis examines of

the leadership style and processes that lead the Executive Committee not only to a good decision, but the optimal decision when faced with imminent nuclear attack. If the five essential elements of leadership and work processes used during these meetings led to a decision that neutralized the threat of nuclear attack, think of what these elements can do for your organization's decision making teams.

Paradigm Principles

When you understand how to harness the power of change.

with Joel Barker

Includes: Includes: Facilitator's Guide

1. Change & Leadership

(33 min)

This module presents all new information that will help everyone in your organization understand the importance of anticipation, the roles managers, leaders and employees play during change.

2. The Paradigm Effect

(28 min)

You may know that profound change - a paradigm shift - will one day transform the way you do business. The trouble is that new paradigms show up long before they are needed or wanted, and we usually recognize them only when we are in crisis. Joel Barker explains how to determine when the next influential paradigm in your industry is likely to appear and how to find and listen to the people­usually outside your industry­who are challenging your rules.

25 min · $795 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,750.

Learn to recognize when your paradigm is talking · Explore your organization's forest of paradigms · Find out what happens when your old paradigm is replaced.

30 min · $695 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,750.

Paradigm Pioneers

Includes: Facilitator's Guide

with Joel Barker

Problem Solving in Groups

with Mike Robson

Includes: Trainer's Guide with sample session plans covering each stage of the process and OHP's.

Demonstrates the 4 common traps that groups can fall into if they are not properly prepared for the task ahead of them. Film 1: Preparing for Group Working (5 min.) Explores these traps and provides six guidelines for steering well clear of them. Film 2: Problem-Solving Techniques in Action (27 min) Covers the steps your groups need to follow to make the problem-solving process work. The 8-step process provides necessary tools and skills for successful problem solving.

3. The Paradigm Curve

(28 min)

When you know how to find pioneers who are creating tomorrow's rules.

Business used to be like the old West. After the pioneers blazed new trails, settlers behind them would call out, "Is it safe yet?" When the pioneers called back, "Yes!" the settlers followed, benefiting from the pioneers' risk-taking.

Find out where your paradigm is in its life cycle. Discover how your most aggravating problems are the keys to your next paradigm and your future; when to lead change instead of waiting for change to strike.

4. Paradigm Partners

(30 min)

· Discover the vital roles each person in your organization plays in the paradigm life cycle although each views the world through very different eyes · Learn who discovers the new paradigm · Find out the best time to leverage a new paradigm.

5. Paradigm Hunting


In the 21st century, settlers will be the ones at risk. When they ask, "Is it safe?" the pioneers will answer,"Sure­but there's nothing left for you!"

You don't have to create a paradigm shift to be a pioneer. But you can succeed if you know how to spot emerging paradigms, and have the courage and persistence to bring them into practical application.

· Learn how to form a paradigm hunting team · Discover how the impossible can become your next paradigm shift.

32 min · £150 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.

Each video with Guide · $495 · Sp. Price: Rs.9,750 each. Full set of 5 videos: $995 · Sp. Price: Rs.34,750.

30 min · $695 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,750.


Survival Simulations

How can an Australian bushfire ignite your company's performance?


The Journey: Preparing for change

A journey taken on a train illustrates the fact that although we are limited to seeing only a small distance in front of us, which is constantly changing, we need to have made a plan to get to where we are going even though we cannot always see the destination from our current position.

Days Of Change

Includes: Leader's Guide & sample change profile

Through visually stimulating images and a clear structure, the video offers a simple model for analyzing our reaction to change. It guides viewers through the whole emotional, intellectual and behavioral process of coming to terms with change - and take their own "change reading." This video will encourage everyone to take a proactive approach. And deal with change positively.

(Session Starter)

Set in unfamiliar locations or unusual circumstances (such as an earthquake or bushfire), these simulations require team members to work together effectively to deal with the unknown and take participants outside of their organizational roles and areas of expertise to a situation where only their synergistic problem-solving skills will help them to survive. As such, these Simulations highlight general problem-solving processes and skills (rather than problem-specific) content or knowledge.

This inspirational video, using quotations from wellknown historical figures, will enable the trainer to introduce the topic of change and progress to either a `brainstorming' session on change.

6 min · £499 · Sp. Price: Rs.7,650.

The Tiger In Your Business

Includes: Guide, Workbook, OHPs

Watch the story of two captive Tigers, Julie and Raj, who failed to breed in captivity, and were brought to South Africa where they are reintroduced to the wild and gradually learn to stand on their own. Initially, their hunting is misdirected; then, after developing a strategy, they learn the value of waiting, patience, timing, stealth and ambush. We humans are all `tigers in cages' trapped by our beliefs, attitudes and entrenched routines, which prevent us from reaching our potential. We can cling to our old ways and become extinct, or like tigers, we can embrace change, and survive.

3 min · £449 · SP. Price: Rs.5,950.

`The Change Masters' Series

with Rosabeth Moss Kanter

Versatile: The simulations can be used as

an icebreaker at the beginning of a session.

1: Understanding the Theory

Includes: Leader's Guide

Change masters are the people and companies that anticipate change and lead with innovation. This video explains the 7 key characteristics of change masters: · tuning into the environment · kaliedoscope thinking · communicating a clear vision · building coalitions · working through teams · persisting & persevering · making everyone a hero.

Interactive: By starting on equal footing,

participants have the opportunity to fully participate, focus on group processes, and analyze their contributions to the quality of the team's performance.

Easy to Implement:

ader' Guides Leader's Guides provide information needed to design and facilitate a successful program, including the experts' decisions and rationale, scoring instructions, program design options, and tips for discussing the skills and processes that contribute to effective team performance. DVDs enable participants to see the situation setting and the available items, making the simulation more real for them. They also relieve you of the responsibility of having to be the "survival expert" by presenting the expert's rank and rationale to participants.

29 min · $550 · Sp. Price: Rs.9,450.

15 min · $395 · Sp. Price: Rs.7,950

2: Change Master Companies:

Putting Theory Into Action

Includes: Leaders Guide This program presents 3 case studies of companies

that have successfully implemented the methods and practices of change masters. HewlettPackard, Security Pacific Bank, and The Stanley Works. The video explorers the reasons each company had for refocusing business strategies to compete in a changing marketplace.

Path to Change:

Customer Driven Organisation

Thousands of organizations have tried to change. A few have succeeded. What do they know that others don't? What are the steps to take and the pitfalls to avoid? Dr. Gerald Ross shows you how you can effect the organization-wide cultural changes necessary to make the quantum leap from product focus to customer focus, drawing from successfully companies such as Delta, Unisys and DuPont.

Select the Survival Simulation that's Right for You:

To meet all of your team development needs, here are 6 simulations that target specific areas for you to choose from:

42 min · $695 · Sp. Price: Rs.10,750. Both `Change Masters' videos: $1245 · Sp. Price: Rs.17,250.

18 min · $695 · Sp. Price: Rs.9,250.


Each Simulation Kit contains:

· 1 DVD · 5 Observer's Guides · 1 Leader's Guide · 25 Participant Booklets

Identifying Change-ready Barriers

Teaching the Elephant to Dance

Includes: Leader's Guide & Participant's Workbook

Presented by Dr. James A. Belasco, based on his classic best-seller on empowering change, this programme will show how to put an end to organisational stagnation. Join Dr. Belasco as he visits four diverse organizations who have taken the journey with him and emerged successfully... better than the best: · Manufacturing: SONY Electronics · Service: Silver Dollar City Resort · Healthcare: Continental Rehab Hospital · Government: Air National Guard

Sacred Cows Make the Best Burgers

Includes: Facilitator's Guide

Robert Kriegel, a former coach of Olympic athletes and teacher at Stanford Executive Management Institute, applies his unique expertise to the world of business. In today's market, you need people with more courage, more boldness, and more passion working for you. This program teaches how to develop the change-ready work environment that will enable your organization to respond quickly to the exciting challenges and opportunities of the 21st Century. Join Merck, Williams Pipeline, and the other companies that have used this insightful program to round up sacred cows.

Produced in USA · Each Kit: Rs.19,250.

Mastering Revolutionary Change

Includes: Facilitator's Guide and Viewer's Guide Featuring Prof. Noel M. Tichy, University of Michigan & Stratford Sherman, FORTUNE Editor

100 min · $1,900 · Sp. Price: Rs.14,850.

The package presents a complete `Change Management' Workshop. It's modular design allows choice of giving a powerful, step-by-step 2, 4 or 8 hour session.

25 min · $695 · Sp. Price:Rs.7,450.

40 min · $495 · Sp. Price: Rs.9,750.



Taking Charge of Change (Rev.)

Includes: Leader's Guide This new updated version features vignettes in a variety of industries manufacturing, white-collar businesses, healthcare, government and education - providing a realistic look at the types of changes we experience at work, and the steps we can take to help manage our response to those changes. Stunning visual images feature a rookie skydiver making his first solo jump...a powerful metaphor for the leap we take into the unknown each time we experience a change.

Succeeding in a Changing World

Includes: Leader's Guide

also in Hindi

with John P. Kotter

You'll learn: · Strategies for moving through the three stages of change (Endings, the Neutral Zone and Beginnings) · Differentiate between "change" and "transition" · Identify which is more difficult for you · Role of communication in the transition process.

In this award-winning video, bestselling business author and Harvard Business School Professor John Kotter will help you understand change - and succeed in a changing world. Through compelling real-life stories, you will learn how companies like Rockwell Collins, Berkshire Hathaway, and Southwest Airlines have been able to change and succeed. You will also hear how other organizations (Polaroid, and the US Labor Movement) have failed to meet the challenges of change.

Includes: 4 Team Warm-up Exercises and Extended Scenes Leader's Guide, Customizable PowerPoint Presentation, & Reproducible Handouts on CD-ROM

Whether we pursue it, or it is forced upon us, CHANGE can make or break any business. The deciding factor is the attitude of the employees charged with adapting to the challenge of finding new solutions. This fun and highly entertaining video is designed to kickoff any team meeting with a sense of energy and optimistic enthusiasm. Hosted by comedian and author, John Sweeney, and based on his best-selling book, Innovation at the Speed of Laughter, John explores and explodes the most common myths and misconceptions that hamper effective brainstorming and challenges the team to accept the potential of every idea in their search for solutions. John's contagious enthusiasm and eye opening insights combine with an amusing visual style to make this video a must for any meeting where teams are looking to find new solutions for any problem. In addition, John hosts a separate 12 minute video to prepare and inspire leaders for this critical challenge. Whether it is doing more with less or finding the next great new product or service this program will increase your team's ability to generate new ideas in a creatively safe and more productive team environment.

Key Learning Points:

· Understand how change is affecting us and why we need to embrace it · Learn how several organizations implemented change and succeeded · Develop an eight-step process with concrete strategies to help your organization become excited about change Finally, he will outline his eight-step plan of action for leaping boldly forward in a turbulent world: 1. Increase Urgency 3. Get the Vision Right 5. Empower Action 7. Don't Let Up 2. Build the Guiding Team 4. Communicate for Buy-In 6. Create Short-Term Wins 8. Make Change Stick

20 min · $995 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,750.


Embracing Change

(Session Starter)

Inspire people to take charge of their response to change with this mind-opening meeting opener. Consider the following words. · Adapt · Shift · Reorganize · Cancel · Transition · Change.

Do these inspire excitement or dread within your organization?

24 min · $795 · Sp. Price: Rs.14,850.

14 min · $895 · Sp. Price: Rs.13,450.

Using dynamic skydiving footage to create a metaphor between jumping out of an airplane and taking the leap into a new change, this film asks you to consider viewing change as a cycle you must work through, and ultimately as an opportunity versus a threat.

Riding the Wave:

Strategies for Change

Includes: Leader's Guide

Juxtaposing real-life scenarios with breathtaking views of the ocean, this program uses three mini-dramas to show how trying to control the uncontrollable leaves us feeling powerless and overwhelmed. The uncontrollable can also seriously upset workplace productivity by causing conflict, poor communication and closed-mindedness. But as the video teaches, "The first step towards embracing change is recognizing behaviours that upset your progress." Riding the Wave goes on to demonstrate various balancing strategies. Participants will learn to: · Recognize the limitations of a "Security & Control" mindset · Profit from the future by applying a "Learning & Discovery" mindset · Expand the range of situations in which they can effectively function · Regain their sense of confidence in the face of change.

Henry ­

Man Who Hated Change

Includes: Leader's Guide

What if things never changed? What would our world be like? This animated, session starter tells the story of Henry ­ a man who continuously resists change. Because everything Henry hears, sees, and feels carries with it the threat of change, he insists on insulating himself from all these disturbing sensations. And, he succeeds so well that...But to learn what happens, see Henry.

also in Hindi

3 min · $295 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,950

Managing Change

Includes: Leader's Guide and Book

In this action-filled video, Cynthia Scott presents the four distinct stages that organizations encounter during change. Real-world examples are shown based on a new program implemented at IBM. In addition, realistic role plays show a group coping with continuing change in their organization.

10 min · $485 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,950.

Key points: · Understand and manage people throughout the change process · Learn the characteristics of the four stage change process · Develop strategies to move people productively through each phase

21 min · $295 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.

18 min · $695 · Sp. Price: Rs.11,250.

Managing at the Speed of Change

Includes: Facilitator's Manual

with Daryl Conner

Strategies For Change

Includes: Guide and Workbook

Sets out the fundamental steps ­ benchmarking, developing a framework for change, identifying and strengthening partnerships with stakeholders and creating a learning environment.

Change Without Anxiety

Positive techniques for dealing with change.

People often go through restructuring, downsizing, new technologies, new jobs and new responsibilities. Learn five ways to cope with change without anxiety. · How to control your anxiety about change by putting it into perspective · How to positively take control of the situation · How to focus your energies on trying to influence what you can control · How to tolerate uncertainty · How to find a "tolerance mentor" and be open to change.

Based on the best-selling book! Discover why some people thrive on change, while others become dysfunctional and ineffective. A powerful message of hope and help for managing your response to change.

Key points: · Become oriented toward opportunity · Five characteristics of resilient people · Become resilient to change

Key Learning Points: · Benchmark to improve · Develop a blueprint for change · Improve partnerships · Create a learning environment

14 min · A$495 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.

27 min · $795 · Sp. Price: Rs.11,750.

12 min · A$650 · Sp. Price: Rs.8,450.



Father & Son

The most versatile session starter in the world.

In 5 short minutes you can open people's minds to · question old ways of doing things · think outside the square · change perceptions · learn new paradigms. You've probably heard the story about the Father and Son who are on their way to a camping trip in the mountains when there're involved in a terrible car accident. The son is badly injured and airlifted to the hospital. The surgeon rushes into the ER, takes a look at the boy and exclaims, Oh no, I can't operate on this boy, he's my son. How can this be? See the video to find out. If you do know the answer, you'll probably remember the first time you heard this story and how effective it was.

Working Without A Script

Includes: Training activities on DVD & CD, Leader's Guide, Workbook, PPP on CD. Teaches how the basics of improvisation will help your organization communicate better, build stronger teams, and create a positive work environment.

The program emphasizes that good communication starts with a "yes, and" philosophy. "Yes, and" means embracing and building upon new ideas. It fosters open mindedness and empowers people to think on their feet and take risks. Just like an improve troupe, organizations need to know how to work together when the plan doesn't go as planned. Produced by Second City Communications who have facilitated successful business training for over 45 years. Hosted by Keegan-Michael Key, TV personality and Second City alum, along with a talented ensemble cast.


How do you put a giraffe into a refrigerator?

Includes: User's Guide

To encourage everyone to look at challenges from a new perspective.

If meetings and training sessions are an essential part of your organisation, you know the importance of getting off to a good start. If your goal is to get everyone to contribute, this quirky 10 minute programme is the way to achieve it. It will challenge any audience to think right out of the gate ­ and out of the box. Using fun riddles and entertaining animation, everyone's brains will be supercharged before the real business of the session begins. Key Learning Points: · encourages creative thinking · brings the group to attention before a session · applies to all audiences

5 min · $295 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,950.

Jamming - The Art and Discipline

of Managing Creativity

"In the beginner's mind, there are many possibilities. In the expert's mind, there are only a few." ­ Hunryu Suzuki, Zen Teacher Hunryu Teacher

Harvard and Stanford Lecturer John Kao demolishes the myth that creativity cannot be fostered within the corporate environment. Kao links the creative process to jamming in jazz. Just as musicians improvise in a jam session, a group of business people can take an idea, challenge each other's imagination, and produce an entirely new set of possibilities.

11 min · $295 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,250.

14 min · $595 · Sp. Price: 10,950.

Team Creativity

Includes: Leader's Guide, Participant Workbook

The paradox is that creativity is the lifeblood of the organization. It's expected. It's a driver of positive change. Yet tight operating strategies seem at odds with the open free-wheeling environment needed to unleash creative thought. That's why teams must cultivate the skills for nurturing, protecting and expressing creativity as a critical resource. This inspiring drama shows the plight of a team member who doesn't express her ideas because she's afraid of rejection. From her example, viewers will learn how to recognize the "enemies" of creativity and voice new ideas without hesitation. They will also come to see the many ways team productivity is enhanced when a creative culture is present.

"Yes, But..." Defend your ideas

against killers of creativity

"Yes, But..." outlines a humorous, non-confrontational strategy to clear serious road blocks from the path of sound decision making... including blatant creative stagnation and negative attitudes. Key points: · Identify killer phrases · Deal with their root causes · Explore options for giving negative thinkers new perspectives · Act on the strongest options, and listen for affirmative "Yes, and...", "what if..." and "what a great idea" language.

The video shows how three companies employed "Jamming" into their organizations: IDEO, a leading industrial design firm, SENCO, a tool manufacturing plant, and Coca-Cola.

10 min · $395 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.

25 mins · $595 · Sp. Price: Rs.9,750.

Uncover Your Creativity

Includes: Leader's Guide This humorous session starter is a "how to"

icebreaker on creativity and problem solving for individuals and teams. Through a combination of animation and famous film clip classics, featuring Red Skelton, Laurel and Hardy, The Three Stooges, and Tarzan, Discover new ideas, and improve your ability to solve problems. Excellent for overcoming roadblocks to creativity and dispelling the myth that creativity is limited to a talented few.

Academy Award winner

You'll learn how to: · Give themselves permission to be creative · Develop the confidence to propose new ideas · Maintain an environment where creativity is accepted.

20 min · $595 · Sp. Price: Rs.10,450.

Includes: Narration Script and Study Guide

A series of explorations, episodes and comments on creativity by Saul Bass, a master of conceptual design, this film is one of the most highly regarded short films ever produced. Humour, satire and irony are combined with serious questions about the creative process and how it comes into play for different individuals. A fascinating cornucopia of trenchant ideas and important truths, it is stimulating and enjoyable for a very broad spectrum of ages and interests. Organized into eight major sections, the Edifice, Fooling Around, the Process, Judgement, a Parable, Digression, the Search, and the Mark, Why Man Creates is appropriate wherever creative problemsolving is the goal.


How to Stand Out in the Crowd

Innovation isn't an option ­ it's a necessity. And it's contagious ­ nothing ignites a company more than a spirit of innovation. In this short meeting opener, Tom Peters tells you how to spark innovation and become an internal entrepreneur. A powerhouse video that will kick-start any group ­ and fill the room with ideas, passion, and possibility.

6 min · $385 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,950.

A Kick in the Seat of the Pants

Based on the best selling book by ROGER VON OECH. Awards: Golden Slate, ITVA

Includes: Leader's Guide

· Motivate everyone in your company to overcome mental blocks and become more innovative · Challenge employees to go "that extra mile" · Demonstrate a new way to look at old problems

4 min · $395 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,450.

20 min · $495 · Sp. Price: Rs.7,625.

25 min · DVD · Price: Rs.8,750



`Ideas Into Action' Series

Innovative mix of live action and animation An Award Winning Series

Each video: with Trainer's Guide £799 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,950 each.

Anyone can learn to innovate. `Free Radicals' shows you how.

Free Radicals of Innovation

Includes: Bits & Pieces CD-ROM, Leader's Guide, Workbook

This package of 9 video segments (71 min) will help you learn how to use creativity and innovation to find solutions for challenges within organizations, families, and communities:· Innovate or Die · Understanding 6P Innovation · Overcoming Fear and Managing Risk · Preparing Your Mind · Building an Innovation Toolbox · Inventing the Future · Creating a Culture of Innovation · Collaborating by Leveraging Diversity · What's Your Problem? The content can be used as a complete course on innovation, as a platform for presenting key concepts, as a stimulus for expanded thinking or as a system to manage exercise and activities.

Ideas Into Action

Includes: Trainer's Guide

(10 min)

also in Hindi

Look at the ordinary and see... the extraordinary.

· The difference between `dinosaur' and `dolphin' outlook · Why we tend to restrict our thinking to self-imposed limits - and how to think your way beyond those limits · How to improve your problem solving skills by challenging your own assumptions · How to avoid idea assassination · How to assess ideas and solutions in a positive, creative way · How to take the initiative and translate your ideas into action.

Everyday Creativity

Includes: Leader's Guide, Workbook, CD-ROM

Through visually stunning photographs National Geographic photographer Dewitt Jones demonstrates the overriding importance of perspective in approaching challenging situations; that there is more than one right answer to every problem. Jones' search for the next right answer is related to photography, but his upbeat message and the pragmatic approaches he suggests provide all viewers with the motivation and the techniques for creative problem solving.

Sparking Creative, Innovative Ideas

20 minu · $795 · Sp. Price: Rs.17,950.

The Blue Movie

Includes: Trainer's Guide

(12 min)

71 min · $695 · Sp. Price: 13,750


Includes: Leader's Guide This 2-tape series will help you:

· Connect innovation efforts to your company's vision and strategy · Generate and nurture creativity at every level · Assist innovators by helping them set project targets, timetables and standards of performance · Monitor and build the confidence and entrepreneurial spirit of innovators.

with Joel Barker

Provides individuals with the right frame of mind for generating new and remarkable ideas · Creating a frame of mind conducive to innovative thinking · Knowing when to use onetwo- and three-dimensional thinking.

Tactics of Innovation

Includes: Leader's Guide, Workbook, CD-ROM with Handouts, OHPs, PowerPoint Presentation.

Fast moving, entertaining, funny and informative, Tactics of Innovation was created to help organi-zations implement new ideas. It uses stories and examples to show how good ideas are rejected. More importantly, it teaches you what you can do about it. Tactics of Innovation is vital for any organization that wishes to not only discover new opportunists, but bring them into practice.

Empowerment within a framework

Video 1: Inspiring Innovation

opens the doors at G.T.E. Labs and Reebok, Inc. to let the viewers share the insights of successful innovators from the managerial perspective.

The Green Movie

Includes: Guide and Activities

(15 min)

Turn good ideas into effective action with the Four Box Model for Situational Empowerment. · Happen to the world - not let the world happen to you · Understand when and how to apply your initiative and creativity · Hand over responsibility - without losing control · Give your people space to realise their creative potential · Release the dynamism and creativity in your organisation ­ without careening into chaos.

Video 2: Creating Innovations

uses the examples of G.T.E. Labs and Reebok, Inc. to illustrate the key components of the innovation process, from the initial search for innovative solutions to their final implementation and appraisal.

Each video: 25 min · $595 · Sp. Price: Rs. 7,250. · Both videos: Sp. Price: Rs. 11,250.

Key Learning Points: · Why smart people reject good ideas. · When are people willing to accept new ideas? · A five-step strategy to get new ideas accepted!

23 min · $895 · Sp. Price: Rs.21,750

The Deep Dive: One Company's Wealth, Innovation & Diversity

Secret Weapon for Innovation

with Joel Barker

Details on Page 47 How does the process of designing a better product work? To show you , the crew go to the designers at IDEO, one of the most influential product development firms in the world, and give them the toughest problem they could think of. Take something old and familiar - like the shopping cart - and completely redesign it in just five days. The DVD demonstrates IDEO's highly effecive form of brainstorming called the "Deep Dive". An enemy of planning done by a lone genius behind closed doors, this company uses its deep dive technique--a form of focused chaos--to creatively redesign a shopping cart through what it refers to as a process of enlightened trial and error.

Elements of Decision Making

31 min · $895 · Sp. Price: Rs.21,750.

The Red Movie

Includes: Trainer's Guide

(16 min)

Innovation at the Verge

with Joel Barker

Details on Page 9

Set in the Decision Lab, The Red Movie arms individuals with the skills to make good decisions every time · Fire. Guage whether you're spending the right amount of time on your decision · Water. Clarify your goal and criteria · Earth. Check the quality of your information · Air. Detect hidden agendas, negative emotions and other contaminating influences in the decision making process.

18 min · $895 · Sp. Price:Rs.24,750

Tapping Into Your Creativity

Includes: Workshop Guide, handouts, OHP's etc.

AWARD: NY Int'l Film TV Festival ­ Silver.

Shows managers how to draw on their innate creativity to make their job as manager more productive, more rewarding, and more profitable. Creative professionals share the secrets that get them past the blocks, open up their imagination, and unlock their creativity.

Creativity: The Only Way to Fly

Includes: Leader's Guide 8 min · $295 · Spl. Price: Rs.5,250.

22 min · Rs.4,250

30 min · $315 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.




(Rev. Ed.)

Mining Group Gold Five Star Teamwork

Includes: Leader's Guide, PowerPoint Presentation and Handouts

The Four Seasons Restaurant in New York City, is one of the best in the world. Here we see the Four Seasons team in action ­ just a real-life, high performing team delivering excellence day after day, year after year. Just as an example, one of the most important principles of the team is their commitment to each other. They know that unless they take care of each other first they will not be able to provide the level of service required by the pressure-cooker atmosphere of the restaurant. The five principles: · Commitment to Each Other · Commitment to the Mission · Commitment to the Customer · Commitment to Resolving Conflict · Commitment to the Details

Includes: Leader's Guide and Worksheets An international best-seller. Its

powerful use of history to exemplify bad group decisions and their consequences is a thought-provoking look at the complexity of modern decisionmaking throughout our time. Through a re-enactment of the decision-making behind Challenger's ill-fated launch and citing other historic events like Bay of Pig's Invasion, Pearl Harbour and the Cuban Missile Crisis, the video demonstrates the phenomenon of Groupthink at its worst. Viewers learn that groups often experience: · An illusion of invulnerability · A belief in inherent morality · Rationalization · Streotyping of out-groups... · And more...

Includes: Leader's Guide

Go behind the scenes at three major organizations with team effectiveness expert Tom Kayser and learn his tips on getting the most from groups. Viewers will explore how to mine one another's knowledge, experience and creativity, inspiring the highest contributions from every team member.

Viewers will learn to: · Prepare for meetings, establish and achieve desired outcomes · Create a fully participative climate for the exchange of ideas · Deal with disruptive behaviour, confusion and conflict.

22 min · $795 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,750.

22 min · $895 · Sp. Price: Rs.13,750.

17 mins · $725 · Sp. Price: Rs.11,250.

Team Problem-Solving and Decision-Making

Includes: Leader's Guide and Book

An innovative and successful organization relies on teams for greater productivity. To keep teams working smoothly, this program shows how to rationally confront problems and systematically resolve crises. Teams learn how to find a problem's "root cause," and implement real solutions that avoid recurrent problems.

Winner of 4 major Awards

Lessons From Geese

This icebreaker will lift the mood and help you develop commitment to peak performance, both within individuals and throughout teams.

(Session Starter)

Motivating the Team

Includes: Trainer's Guide, OHPs and Quick Guide

Keeping individuals target focused, stimulated and eager to do their best is the challenge facing all managers. Motivation is what makes people tick at work! This video introduces motivation as the SPUR to better performance: · Self determined, that is they are in control of what they do · Purposeful, focused on business objectives · Useful, so that what people do is of value · Rewarding, delivering excitement, security or stimulation.

Key points: · Understand the steps and analytical techniques of problem solving · Improve vital communication skills · Know how to apply the system to real-life problems.

23 min · $395 · Sp. Price: Rs.7,950.

32 min · £1199 · Sp. Price: Rs.16,950.

In just over 3 min it teaches five key lessons about being a team player and winning as a team. Its dramatic footage of Geese flying in formation against the musical background of "Groovin' with Mr Bloe" provides insights into how to excel in and as teams. You can use it as a motivational starter or closer again and again with every group in your organisation.

The Wild Dog In Your Business

Includes: Guide, Workbook, OHPs

Categorized as one of the most successful predator in Africa, the wild Dog works as part of a loyal, focused and efficient team. Their success comes not from strength, but from the loyal support of their multi-skilled teammates.

Team Building:

An Exercise in Leadership

Includes: Leader's Guide and Book

This best-selling, Award winning program will enable you to energize your teams for high performance. Based on real-world examples, it uses a hands-on approach to team building. Topics covered: goal setting, planning, controlling, organizing, motivation, improving communications, building trust and resolving conflict. Key points: · Gain insight into the culture of teamwork · Learn the specific skills that create high performance teams · Avoid the deadly pitfalls that can kill teamwork.

3 min · £225 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,250.

The Baboon In Your Business

Includes: Guide, Workbook, OHPs

How team spirit is built in the wild.

Through a cleverly woven narration and joyful, yet purposeful, antics of the Baboons, we are led to the realization that life is about balance - a time for work, a time for contemplation, a time for helping others and a time to have fun. The message is clear - we must work or we'll starve, but when you know how to relax and enjoy each other's company, you'll attract a good team that will flow with positive energy, creativity, innovation, satisfaction and a sense of joy in whatever is being done.

Key points include: · Share a common purpose · Exhibit loyalty to each other · Take responsibility for work · Be multi-skilled · Nurture and develop young team members · Provide purposeful communication · Co-ordination and discipline; · Celebrating success and sharing rewards.

23 min · $395 · Sp. Price: Rs.7,950.

Team Excellence

with Walter Cronkite alter Cronkit onkite

Award: Gold Camera, U.S. Industrial Film Festival

Includes: Leader's Guide, Trainer's Guide & Viewer's Guide

Walter Cronkite interviews top management in three companies where Team Excellence was pioneered and is practiced everyday: · 3M · CBS Evening News and · Northrop Corp.

15 min · $395 · Sp. Price: Rs.7,950

12 min · $395 · Sp. Price: Rs.7,950

Success Factors for Teams

Includes: Guide and Workbook

Outlines six key factors to increase commitment, accountability and overall performance of teams. Learn how to achieve high performance and make sure teams are successful. · Clarify purpose · Determine the game plan · Clarify roles · Develop ground rules · Communicate and consult · Energize the team

Team of Champions

with John Parker Stewart

Includes: Leader's Guide

Give your employees a credible leadership blueprint for empowerment, team building and quality initiatives. This video shows leaders how to turn a collection of individuals into a team of champions. Presents real-life success stories of ordinary managers who accomplished extraordinary results by implementing these key behaviours.

Program Objectives: · Reveal the key aspects of team culture, teamwork, and team leadership and how they work together to foster company unity · Learn how a positive team culture can build trust, respect, effective communication and equality among employees · Turn company soloists into energetic team players by "profiling" team members: gain commitment through understanding.

14 min · A$495 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.

27 min · $495 · Sp. Price: Rs.7,850.

28 min · $595 · Sp. Price: Rs.7,950.



The Unified Team

Includes: 100-page Workbook & Leader's Guide

Explores the essence of team unity: a group of people focused on the same goal, working in harmony and sharing their success ­ an ideal rather rare. Often teams are plagued instead by conflicting agendas, personality conflicts, and disenchanted members. Real world role plays demonstrate the team leader's role in Promoting, Protecting and Restoring team unity and how he can help members fulfill: · The need to Achieve · The need to Belonging · The need to Contribute.

Teamwork In Crisis:

The Miracle of Flight 232

Includes: Leader's Guide

You are in the cockpit with Capt. Al Haynes when United Airlines flight 232 is crippled at 37,000 feet. Watch the captain and his crew work with air traffic controllers and ground rescue units to beat the odds, bringing the true meaning of teamwork to life.

Twelve Angry Men:

Teams That Don't Quit

Includes: Facilitator's Guide

Using selected clips from the classic movie `Twelve Angry Men' starring Henry Fonda ­ Dr. Margaret Wheatley presents a vivid example of a team fighting its way to success. She demonstrates the parallels between dramatic confrontations we see on the screen and behaviours encountered in the workplace. This program is a dynamic and engaging look ­ through the lens of a classic movie ­ at how to create effective teams.

26 min · $895 · Sp. Price: Rs.13,450.

Team Leadership

Includes: Leader's Guide and Book

Facilitative leadership is the key to helping a group of individuals come together and work effectively as a team to accomplish their goals.

25 min · $795 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,750.

Viewers will learn about: · Preparation - know what you may be up against and prepare for it as a real possibility · Luck - even in the midst of crisis, some things go right. Focusing on this helps keep things working · Cooperation between teams is as crucial as cooperation within teams · Communication - effective protocols and calm, clear listening are key · Execution - moving from planned response to practice of those plans requires all the above factors, and more

Key points: · Discover the key role of facilitative leadership · Techniques to help teams accomplish their goals

Team Player

Fundamentals of empowered, self-managing teams

Includes: Trainer's Guide, OHPs and Quick Guide

Each individual has their own wants, needs and priorities, but needs to set them aside and lay down some teamwork ground rules. They must learn to: · Participate together to resolve problems · Communicate and express opinions · Stick to the subject at hand · Put our personal priorities to one side · Respect one another · Solve problems in a structured way · Consider all the options

28 min · $995 · Sp. Price: Rs.14,850.

All for One

Teamwork the Meerkat Way

The most powerful success factor for any organisation is how well its people work together. But bringing this idea to life for your people can fall flat, sounding like the same tired truisms. This new film blasts through the clichés to demonstrate the power of teamwork as a life-or-death skill set. Beautifully shot by BBC crews in the Kalahari, the film shows how meerkats manage to survive, against all odds, in one of the world's most hostile environments. Meerkats aren't big, fast or venomous (like their predators). But they continue to thrive because they work together better than almost any other species. That's what this film is all about.

27 min · $395 · Sp. Price: Rs.7,950.

Teams That Work

5 Characteristics - successful teams must possess

Includes: Guide and Workbook · How to share the leadership function

with all members of the team · How to learn from team mistakes to improve future performance · How to create an atmosphere of open, honest communication · How to review team direction and how well it is performing roles and functions · How to put the team's needs first

Winner of 2 major Awards

21 min· £1199 · Sp. Price: Rs.16,950.

Working In Harmony

This video draws a parallel between an orchestra and business. An orchestra requires a group of individuals dedicated to their own level of experience, to work together in harmony as they follow a plan; a music score. The same scenario applies to business. This two part program can be used as an opener or closer and looks at various aspects of teamwork.

12 min · A$650 · Sp. Price: Rs.8,450.

We're on the Same Team, Remember? (2nd Ed)

Includes: Bonus Discussion Segments, Leader's Guide, Workbook

Has sales worked with service? Is shipping getting the order right? What about billing? Remind your employees that everyone shares in the company's success or failure - and help them find ways to improve interdepartmental teamwork. This film clearly demonstrates that, to customers, image is often as important as the product or service itself. It is critical that every contact between employee and customer be positive. It's an unforgettable lesson that will inspire renewed dedication to customers, quality and the success of your organization.

All for One both teaches and motivates with its downto-earth demonstration of important teamwork principles. Participants will clearly understand the value of team-oriented behaviours as the following training points are highlighted:

· The power of teamwork · The benefits of interdependence · Synergy · The importance of communication · Accountability · Continuous Improvement

6 min · $295 · Rs.5,250

Hands-On Training Game

16 min · £470 · Sp. Price: Rs.8,950.


by Carmine Consalvo

Complete with 14 wooden blocks and a 148-page manual, which includes 18 detailed activities, facilitator's notes, postactivity commentary and solutions.

Complete Game set: Rs.7,750.

The Magic of `We'

This innovative video programme tells the compelling and true story of how management and employees turned Snapper Lawnmakers around ­ together, to create a $67 million dollar company ­ in one year. A great lesson in: · Leadership · Teamwork · Problem Solving · Lean Manufacturing and · Communication.

19 min · $995 · Sp. Price: Rs.13,750.

Timing: 1 to 4 hours Numbers: 4 to 40 players

Games in 1 pack


8 min · $295 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,250



Communicating in a Team

Includes: Leader's Guide

Using a number of real life team situations to show how three key team communications skills can result in better team functioning. The team communication skills focused on are `Accepting Diversity', `Participating In Meetings' and `Asking For Feedback'.

Team Development and Maintenance

Includes: Leader's Guide

In this video we look at the role of the supervisor in developing and maintaining an effective team. The programme features positive behavioural models within both blue and white collar environments and demonstrates the importance of: · Work allocation skills · Group problem solving · Setting objectives collaboratively · Coaching skills · Self directed teams · Empowering the team to make decision.

Four Weeks In May and T.E.A.M.W.O.R.K.

Includes: Action Guide, Pocket Reminder Cards

The Indianapolis 500 Race is one of the toughest competitions in the world. To succeed, you need to have great drivers, top-notch equipment, a perfectly coordinated team, and great leadership. Any team that does well in this competition is a model of success. Now you can learn from one of these top teams ­ the Rahal/Letterman Team - and put their lessons to work in your organization.

Key Points: · Accepting diversity · Participating in meetings · Asking for feedback

10 min · A$495 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.

20 min · A$495 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.

Workplace Teams

Award: Gold Medal, NY Int'l Film/TV Festival

Includes: Leader's Guide

Shows how team development increased productivity by 31% at Litton's Control Systems Division, and how team building enabled 140 customers service reps and three managers at GE's Customer Service Centre to handle up to 5,000 calls a day. Managers will learn how to: coach, and motivate team members in team building and conflict resolution so they can manage themselves; clarify each member's role and responsibilities; and build trust and open communication to produce results.

Two Award-Winning Training DVDs in one complete training package:

Team Building (People Skills)

Includes: Leader's Guide

Every team needs to be productive, constructive and responsive to change. Discover the five characteristics of all successful teams and what each team member must do to build the team.

Video 1: Four Weeks In May (18 min)

In this introductory DVD, you will see how the team trains, collaborates and perseveres in the face of challenges. In addition, watch Bobby Rahal lead and inspire each member of his team including rookie driver Danica Patrick. See how this team strives every day to achieve top results in the Indy 500.

Key Points: · Determining clear roles and specific objectives · Offering mutual support · Learning from mistakes · Sharing leadership · Being open to communication

12 min · A$495 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.

Video 2: T.E.A.M.W.O.R.K. (40 min)

This DVD has eight separate training modules: Each can be used to address a specific challenge in your organization. They cover: Training, Excellence, Attitude, Motivation, Winning, Organization, Risk & Reward, and Kinship. · Need to challenge your team to achieve higher goals? Try the Winning, Excellence, or Training modules · Facing a challenge? View Risk & Reward · Want to motivate and build unity? Use Kinship, Attitude, or Motivation.

Video 1: Building Successful Teams Building Suc ucc Te

Each Video $595 · Sp. Price: Rs.7,975. Both videos: $975 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,750.

(29 min)

The Vision of Teams

Hos by Hosted by Ann Bancroft

Includes: Leader's Guide with Disk

A compelling, real life story that illustrates how creating a shared vision and coming together as a team can result in accomplishing the extraordinary. Through actual video and photos of the expedition, along with insights from Ann Bancroft herself, this program recounts the first all women expedition to ski 700 miles across Antarctica to the South Pole and you learn what it takes to develop, lead, and participate in a team. This video will energize your organization to go beyond team-building to create a skilled, focused, high-energy team that's ready to achieve.

Video 2: Helping Your Team Succeed (26 min) Your Te Suc ucc

Making Teams Work

Includes: Facilitator's Guide, Handouts, OHPs.

This video takes an exciting team, working together poorly, and shows how the correct procedures can turn a bad team into a great team.

Key Learning Points: · Understand the importance of perspective and perseverance · Celebrate success and motivate your team to higher levels of excellence · Train constantly to achieve success · Balance risks and rewards to reach higher levels · Build team unity and communicate constantly

It focuses on: · The new work environment · Achieving status and respect within the team · Respect difference within the team · `Big Picture' versus `Little Picture'. The specific skills highlighted include: · Hearing others and being heard · Problem solving · Conflict resolution · Change - the willingness to change and accept change.

These points are potrayed mainly in a meeting room environment, and the video is designed to appeal to a great cross section of the working place.

2-videos · $895 · Sp. Price: Rs.14,850.


Building Trust, Teamwork and Communication... with 10,000 Tons of TNT

Includes: Leader's Guide

Our cameras take you behind the scenes to one of the world's most dangerous jobs, imploding a steel framed building. Their goal is to effectively bring the building down into a nice "tidy pile" and you will see that the team at Controlled Demolition, Inc. accomplishes this with an extraordinary level of communication and trust. Whether you are building new products or improving services, you'll be motivated by these colorful, and dynamic team members.

24 min · $625 · Sp. Price: Rs.11,750.

18 min · $495.00 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950

Goals and Goal Setting

Includes: Leader's Guide and Book

Our achievements and accomplishments don't happen accidentally. They are the result of careful planning, thoughtful strategy and faithful execution. This practical program follows a team as they establish their goals. Viewers see the value of a common purpose in improving teamwork and productivity.

Trust Your Team

Includes: Leader's Guide and Participant Workbook

This fast paced dramatic video reveals how delegating effectively and developing a participative management style increase productivity -- not an easy process, but success can be achieved by applying these principles: · Realise need for delegation · Develop an environment of trust · Communicate effectively to build cooperation · Coach, counsel and encourage individuals · Cultivate group creativity · Recognise and reward team success.

Key points: · Discover the difference between goals, missions and objectives · Learn to categorize and prioritize goals · Communicate with others to create achievable goals with measurable results.

15 min · $249 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.

19 min · $395 · Sp. Price: Rs.7,950.

28 min · $595 · Sp. Price: Rs.7,950.



A great value for your money! Includes the film FiSH!


Essential Conversations that Transform Your Organisation

learning FISH! Culture is a step-by-step 10-unit learning progr program that will have a lasting impact on the overall culture of your organization.

FISH! Culture not only inspires people with the idea of FISH!, it's a unit based program that lays-out a process to discuss and experience `The FISH! Philosophy' over the course of several months. It's simply designed so that anyone can lead his or her group through the ten units that make up the program.

This is one program where EVERYONE participates. The power behind FISH! Culture is when people start using words and phrases like Be There, Play, Make Their Day, and Choose Your Attitude in their conversations, they begin to see the possibility of living a more creative, expressive, and rewarding work experience, and when applied with the units, they begin to see and act on new opportunities in their relationships with colleagues, customers, and every person they encounter as they go about their work.


Cultivating a workplace of passion, imagination and playfulness.

Includes: Facilitator's Guide

Seattle's world famous Pike Place Fish is an otherwise ordinary fish market that's extraordinarily successful. The work is hard and the hours are long ­ yet these employees make a personal choice to bring amazing passion, playfulness, commitment and a positive attitude to work every day. Who would think the workings of this fish market could serve as a lesson for organizational success? You will once you've visited Seattle's Pike Place Fish, where employees don't simply fill orders, they fill people ­ with exceptional service and enthusiasm. Learn how to: · Bring energy, passion and a positive attitude to work every day · Be truly connected to their work, colleagues and customers · Create a work environment that works for everyone

`Fish! Culture' Package contains:

· FISH! Culture DVD - Includes the `FiSH!' film and some other videos to be used during your Essential Conversations + added features for the facilitator. · Facilitator's Guide (117 pages): Your conversation-by-conversation guide to bring The FISH! Philosophy into your organisation. FISH! Wisdom for the facilitator on each of the four practices, conversation questions to guide your gathering and a call to action to Experience It! completes each of the 10-units. · Personal Workbook (156 pages): Contains thought-provoking questions, FISH! Wisdom and open space to reflect on the conversations that are occurring. · Audio Companion (50 min): Need more inspiration or fodder for your conversations? Pop in the FISH! Culture audio CD. It's FISH! to Go! Dive deeper into the four practices of FISH!, experience FISH! come to life through stories from our clients.

FISH! Culture will: · Create a more engaged and alive workplace · Increase productivity · Reduce employee turn-over · Encourage imagination and creativity in your workplace · Inspire others to own their choice of attitudes · Build the trust that helps organizations get things done · Infuse a light-hearted and fun-filled spirit.

17 min · $825

Full Package · $999.

Sustaining the vision, for the journey ahead

Includes: Facilitator's Guide

Imagine a culture where all of your employees, not just management, take personal responsibility for regenerating the vision every day. Where workers want to coach each other in a way that will help them live the vision more effectively. With FISH! STICKS, such an environment is not just possible but inevitable! Viewers will learn how to make their company's vision stick, through commitment, "being" the vision, and ongoing coaching skills.


Includes: Individual user DVD with 6 film units and Personal Guide with learning units corresponding to the films.

Designed for leaders at every level ­ from frontline supervisors to CEOs, LeaderFiSH! helps them apply the FiSH philosophy to their own performance. Incorporating wisdom and core values from great leaders including John Gardner (Former US Cabinet Member) and Herb Kelleher (Southwest Airlines). Centered around the LeaderFiSH! Personal Guide and complemented with the DVD, the program offers six learning units of challenging strategies and questions, ideas and exercises to help your leaders honestly assess how they show up as a leader and take action to improve their skills.

LeaderFiSH! will help leaders to: · Embody actions and values they would like to see in their team · Reframe conversations to see situations as opportunities, not obstacles · Remove fear and liberate people to be their best for each other · Build the trust that helps teams get more done and make changes quickly · Expand the "playing" field in a way that unleashes creativity. · 57 min · $795

17 min · $825

Tales Fish! Tales show how organisations that seem to have little in common with the Pike Place Fish Market are creating more energy, joy and effectivenss through the Fish! Philosophy. These short inspiring films answer the question, "What can I throw at work?"


(no guide) 6 min

Vital Signs: Missouri Baptist Medical Center

At Missouri Baptist Medical Center, the staff deals with emotionally difficult situations, the challenges of providing exceptional health care, and the everyday stresses we all feel. But when they introduced FISH! into the environment, they revitalized their work... and their lives! 19 min

6 min

Each video includes Leader's Guide $295 each. Set of all 5: $495.

Peak Experience: Aspen Skiing Co.

A few years ago, Sprint was a different company. Call after call, day after day, the employees of Sprint slugged away in the world of customer service. Today Sprint is living the FISH! Philosophy. In-line skates, disco balls, and renewed commitment have transformed its call centers into places where you can "hear the smiles in the agents' voices," and where productivity and retention jumped 25%!

Among the majestic Rocky Mountains, ski resorts are competing on a level playing field. They all have beautiful scenery, high-speed lifts, and fantastic restaurants. In FISH!, Aspen Skiing Company found a way to set its several resorts and over 3,000 employees apart from the others and are seeing real results such as phenomenal growth, increased employee satisfaction and improved customer service.

Jump Start: Rochester Ford Toyota

A car dealership in Minnesota that had the worst record for sales and customer service in its region. Even worse, the employee satisfaction scores were so low they were almost immeasurable. Good employees were leaving in droves. But when a new owner introduced a new philosophy ­ The FISH! Philosophy ­ everything changed! 13 min

Building Trust: Tile Tech

12 min

Welcome to Tile Tech, a roofing company based in Tacoma, Washington, which became an industry leader by truly living the FISH! Philosophy. The team members at Tile Tech have made the FISH! Philosophy a reality in their office, on job sites and in their hearts. Tile Tech has improved teamwork, service and safety by being present, playful, and committed.






A Risk Worth Taking

Includes: User's Guide, Photocopiable Handouts For the manager:

· How to encourage everyone to feel trusted, so that they contribute more · How to develop a plan of action for creating an empowered environment · How to recognise, accept and minimise the risks involved in empowering people.


Managing Empowerment

Includes: Trainer's Guide with experimental exercises

Explores the consequences of one manager trying to impose a traditional style of leadership on an empowered organisation and undermining the way his people work. Overmanagement prevents your people from making a contribution. We demonstrate how to remove the barriers to empowerment, how to encourage your people to relish the extra responsibility and persuade your managers to stick to doing their own jobs.

Whale Done!TM

The Power of Positive Relationships

Includes: Facilitator Guide, PowerPoint CD

In this inspirational program, Ken Blanchard teaches viewers a technique that actually increases employee effectiveness at work, and it's a technique used by the whale trainers of Sea World! Video 1: The Whale Done! (21 min) teaches how to improve relationships with the Whale Done Approach: Build trust, accentuate the positive, and redirect energy when things get off track. Positive relationships lead to productivity, greater results, and an environment where everyone is genuinely excited about the work they are doing! Video 2: Whale Done! in Action (15 min): How the Whale Done! Approach is applied to real-life business situations. Blanchard emphasizes two key skills that can have an immediate, positive impact in the workplace: how to give redirection when someone makes a mistake and how to give a Whale Done! Response when you catch someone doing something right.

Participant Workbook,

For the team members: · Taking responsibility for decisions affecting your work · Using initiative to solve customer problems · Accepting mistakes as valuable learning experiences. · Working with your boss to identify areas for personal development.

25 min · £395 · Sp. Price: Rs.9,750.

9 min · £395 · Sp. Price: Rs.7,950.

Soaring to Excellence, Learning to Let Team Members Lead

Flight of the Buffalo

with Dr. James Belasco

Includes: Leader's Guide

If you stampede the head buffalo over a cliff ­ the rest of the herd will follow. But geese fly in teams and take turns being leader ­ so each one has to know the common destination. This essential video explores case histories of organizations that soared to excellence after transition to employee leadership: · The team that keeps the US Navy's Blue Angels' F-18's in the air ­ cheaper, faster and better. · Medical suppliers, Owens & Minor, who support UCLA's neonatal intensive care unit. · The Furon Company, a $300 million manufacturer of polymer seals and gaskets, where employees handle a $2 million sale ­ without the help of their managers.

Empowering People

Includes: Leader's Guide

Uncover the secrets of how to get people motivated to take more initiative, be more responsible and reach their full potential. Learn four practical steps: · Empowering yourself · Modelling empowerment to others · Management guarantees · Taking risks

2 Videos · 36 min · $1,295 · Rs.16,450.

14 min · A$495 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.

Fun is Good

Includes: Leader's Guide

Three quarters of HR professionals polled agree that companies who promote fun at work are more effective than those do not. This highly motivational program takes you behind the scenes at Midway Field in Minnesota, where fun is encouraged daily. They see first hand how much fun, when combined with commitment, relates to organizational success and personal satisfaction.


Includes: Leader's Guide and Book

This video showcases teams at Chevron where empowered employees create a dynamic, customercentered organization. Realistic roleplay follows a group of workers learning to focus on the customer and take responsibility for making their own decisions.

31 min · $695 · Sp. Price: Rs.9,750.

19 min · $295 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.

Leadership by Empowerment

Includes: Trainer's Guide

The programme uses an empowerment wheel model based on four leadership behaviours, described as the four Es of empowerment. For each of these behaviours the programme identifies three areas of application, which are all illustrated in the video. You can use these examples to show how to foster and sustain a successful empowerment culture. The four Es are: · How to Enthuse · How to Explain · How to Encourage · How to Energise

Repowered Employees:

A Case Study

Includes: Leader's Guide

Dramatizes the transition of a traditional organization to a more participative one promoting job ownership and responsibility. Explains "repowerment", the power inherent in each person to make decisions, take action and be responsible for the results. Illustrates the resistance "repowerment" creates; and the feelings it reveals; the difficulties encountered where change occurs.

Key concepts: · Discover Your Passion · Bring a Positive Attitude · Show People You Care

13 min · $ 695 · Sp. Price: Rs.10,750.


A video about how to be happy at work.

This fully animated video will surprise viewers with the latest scientific research about happiness... that one of the best ways to achieve it is through caring for others and wanting to help them. A superb session starter for customer service, teamwork or leadership development.

26 min · $595 · Sp. Price: Rs.8,950.

The Empowering Manager

Includes: Course Guide Key Points: Help managers learn that mutual

respect rather than the power to control and command becomes the basis of their authority and to realise that satisfaction and success in their own jobs derives from the development of their team. Successful organisations today are those that encourage involvement and initiative from their people - thereby unleashing their potential. Provides a formula for success represented by the mnemonic POWER - being Participative, Open, Willing to let go, Enabling and Results-driven.

26 min · £875 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,950.

Life Is Good & Work Can Be Too

Includes: Leader's Guide and Participant Guide

24 min · $895 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,850.

7 min · A$385 · Spl Price: Rs.6,250.

For details see page 63

The Baboon In Your Business

How team spirit is built in the wild.

12 min · $495 · Sp. Price: Rs.8,950

For Online Previews visit:

Drama+Triggers: 30 min · £895 · Sp. Price: Rs.13,750.

For details see page 22



Dealing with Difficult People

Includes: Facilitator's Guide

There's no failsafe way to deal with difficult behaviour, but this video offers a four stage approach that can be used in many different situations. It's also a versatile resource to help your people explore their own views and techniques relating to this tricky subject. These videos show how one professional, Phillip Hodson, deals with three different kinds of difficult people: the workaholic who upsets members of her team, the `overcommunicator' who doesn't shut up, and the boss who can't focus on what needs to be done. The first video contains interviews between Phillip and each character. Neither Phillip nor the three individuals in the interviews have a script to work to. This makes the communication real and `rough' around the edges ­ and it makes for compelling viewing. The second video contains extracts from the three interviews, with analysis and commentary by Phillip.

Delegating for Diehards

Includes: Leader's Guide

Delegating is a concept many people find frightening, and with good reason but if it's done effectively, delegating can greatly improve productivity. Through a series of vignettes (including several humorous "fantasy" sequences that depict people's deepest fears about delegating), this video teaches an important lesson. It shows that successful delegation requires trust - on the part of both the delegator and the delegatee - and detailed information sharing from start to finish. You'll learn the six steps to delegation success: · Analyze the task · Select the delegatee · Pass the baton (but not the buck) · Look before you leap (also known as the delegatee's checklist) · Execute the task (but not the delegatee) · Conduct regular feedback sessions

Supervisor Toolkit

A library of 90 video clips (82 min) on following aspects of supervision:

· Hiring and Building Your Team · Planning, Prioritizing, and Delegating Tasks · Coaching and Training · Motivating, Encouraging and Giving Positive Feedback · Building Trust and Showing Respect · Handling Conflict · Performance Appraisals · Discipline and Giving Constructive Feedback. The Leader's Guide provides suggestions for using the clips to draw out specific lessons on supervision.

2 videos: 23+32 mins · £699 · Sp. Price: Rs.9,450.

Effective Delegation

Responsibility, Authority & Accountability

Includes: Trainer's Guide with OHPs

Three managers are expanding a regional sales office into a full operating depot for their company. Together they learn the benefits of good delegation and how to achieve it in four steps: · Clarify responsibilities. · Choose the people. · Communicate what has to be done. · Monitor results, deadlines and standards.

Package includes: · Chaptered DVD with 2 versions of all clips: with introductory narration and without; · CD-ROMs with 2 versions of all clips (for importing into PowerPoint presentations); · Comprehensive electronic Leader's Guide that includes key points, discussion questions and activity suggestions for every clip.

$995 · Sp. Price. Rs.16,450

20 min · $795 · Sp. Price: Rs.11,850.

You Can't Do It All

Includes: Trainer's Guide with Handouts and OHP's This film tackles head-on the five common barriers to delegation and how to overcome them. An ideal film for use with all supervisors and managers who have responsibilities for others' workloads. With the help of a colleague, our supervisor gradually learns how to delegate effectively and your viewers are shown the benefits of getting it right. Connaught Training · 20 min · £795 · Sp. Price: Rs.11,250.

After All You're the Supervisor

Includes: Leader's Guide, PPT Presentation, Participant's Workbook

Being promoted to supervisor makes many people uncomfortable. How does one effectively manage former colleagues and friends? This video depicts the nine components of supervisory effectiveness: 1. Acknowledge Your New Role 2. Plan and Prioritize 3. Be Accessible 4. Encourage Teamwork 5. Communicate Upward and Downward 6. Delegate 7. Discipline Effectively 8. Provide Feedback 9. Model the Way A comprehensive training program for new and seasoned supervisors alike, this video provides an array of tools for use in your training sessions and as follow-up to help keep your training fresh.

22 min · £1199 · Sp. Price: Rs.15,950.

A Great Game on Negotiation

Stonehenge Plus

Druid Constructions Ltd are building Stonehenge. What could be simpler? This revised version of the classic bargaining activity is packed with even more learning. You'll assemble a model of Stonehenge from wood blocks. You have a mix of four types of wood, but you only need one type. Which will you choose? Have you enough? You can buy or swap blocks with other teams or the Facilitator, but your cash is limited. First allocate team roles: Manager, Negotiator, Buyer, Accountant and Surveyor as per your instructions. Then prepare a 'construction cover' to shield your construction from prying eyes and industrial espionage! You have 20 minutes to plan a strategy and hand it to the Facilitator. Then you can negotiate with others, barter pieces and change your plan at will. The winner is decided by a combination of the time taken to build Stonehenge and money left over and, if necessary, ethics! Learning Focus: · Bartering and influencing skills · Planning for negotiations · Encourages a negotiation strategy · Tests ethics and honesty · Assesses teams' ability to work together · Team roles

20 min · $995 · Sp. Price: Rs.14,850.

Mediating Disputes

Includes: Leader's Guide Many people have difficulty effectively handling disputes. This program introduces an easy four-step method to help resolve disputes and provides a real case study for trainees to work through. 25 min · A$495 · Spl. Price: Rs.6,450.

Supervision: Getting the Balance Right

Includes: User's guide, learning summary, handouts

Show your first line managers that you understand how difficult their role is. Get the balance right between being the heavy handed `boss in charge' and the anxious-toplease pushover nobody takes seriously.

The New Supervisor

Includes: Leader's Guide and Book

This program is perfect for those new to supervision. It covers key topics such as attitude, delegation skills, productivity standards, coaching, and leadership skills. Viewers see real-world interviews and learn through numerous real-life supervisory situations.

21 min · $295 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.

Key points: · How to balance the needs of your team with the needs of your organisation. · How to perform your role as a link between your team and your organisation. · How to balance leadership style between over and under controlling.

12 min · £395 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,250.

Boxed Game Set · £395. · Duration: 1 hour+debrief Participants: 12-24 ( four teams of 3-6 per team)



Body Language and Rapport in Interviewing

Includes: Workbook

The body language and tone of interviewers have a big impact on job applicants. Find out the five best ways to build rapport and ensure you put your applicants at ease. Learn about providing encouragement and explaining positively and how to invite and respond well to questions.

Behavioural Interview Triggers

Includes: Workbook

A wide variety of behavioural and situational interview scenarios are provided to enable viewers to critique each one and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the interviewers' approach. There are 18 trigger scenarios grouped for ease of use, accompanied by an excellent set of key learning points and observer questions in the workbook.

New 3rd Edition

More Than A Gut Feeling III

Includes: Trainer's Guide

The "Behavioural Approach to InterviewingTM" expert Dr. Paul C. Green himself introduces this phenomenally effective video. Viewers will learn helpful job-related interviewing techniques practiced by so many hiring staffs all over the world. You can refrain from judging an applicant on gut feeling by: · asking rapportbuilding questions · discussing the job; taking notes and explaining why · asking specific, open-ended questions to get specific answers · allowing for silence if necessary · maintaining control · getting contrary evidence and evaluating. This video applies these techniques to the most common interviewing situations and helps you to refrain from judging the candidate on intuition.

10 min · A$385 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,450.

24 min · A$385 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,450.

Question Types in Interviews

Questions can be powerful when used appropriately.

Includes: Workbook

Find out about the use of open and closed questions and learn how to use situational, behavioural interviewing and probing questions.

Interviewing Panels

Includes: Workbook

Learn more about interview panels and how to prepare for an interview so each panelist is ready to perform well. Find out the essential DOs and DON'Ts for an effective panel interview and the benefits of having varied opinions to make a quality decision. Tips for effective assessment discussions are provided along with a case study (20 minutes) of one panel.

Find out which questions are problematic and should be avoided.

12 min · A$385 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,450.

Office Manager Interview

Includes: Workbook

Simon interviews Ben for the role of Office Manager, and uses a range of traditional, situational and behavioural questions to assess his suitability. Simon probes for specific details and responds to questions from Ben. Simon reviews Ben's performance.

You'll Learn how to: · Plan a logical, structured interview · Build rapport · Evaluate skills objectively · Effectively use silence while interviewing · Uncover past personal and work behaviours · Use examples of past behaviour to predict future behaviour · Make selection decisions based on fact and information, not on a gut feeling

32 min · $895 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,750.

11+20 min · A$385 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,450.

Discipline Interviewing

Includes: Leader's Guide

Disciplining poor performers should be done fairly and with adequate preparation and documentation. Learn the six key elements to ensure a constructive outcome and avoid legal or industrial problems.

22 min · A$385 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,450.

What's the Answer?

How answering questions can be used to persuade and influence

Includes: Trainer's Guide, Handouts, OHP masters

Demonstrates key techniques for participants to use questions as a way of winning support and making a case. Help them handle both neutral and hostile questions and use the ready-made activities in the trainer's guide to practice what's shown in the video.

Pitching Your Business

Learn 20 practical tips when pitching your business with no brochures, AV or previous referral - to someone who does not need or want what you are offering. Whilst this interview is face to face it could also be done by phone. Find out how to turn objections into opportunities.

12 min · A$495 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.

Winning First Impressions

Includes: Leader's Guide

How to have a positive impact whether you are going for a job interview, making a sales call, receiving a visitor at the reception desk or dealing with customers.

6 min · A$275 · Sp. Price: Rs.4,250.

Sell Yourself:

Successful Job Interviewing

Dramatic and humorous reenactments show how to handle most dreaded interveiw questions with ease and elegance. Learn the five parts of an interview and how to deal with weaknesses in your resume, educational background, or work experience.

Learning includes: · how to answer all types of questions to your best advantages · how to `receive, reflect, and respond' · the five ways to re-focus a question to present a positive answer · how to refine a question to avoid any misunderstanding · the three ways to re-direct a question to a third party.

Drama video · 25 min · £875 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,950

10 min · A$495 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.

22 min · Price: Rs.6,250

Common Mistakes People Make in Interviews

Before you even walk through the front door of a company for an interview, you better know a few things: what the business is all about; how to stay cool under pressure; and what your thoughts are about working with people of different race and gender. You'll learn to anticipate what interviewers are looking for so you do not make the common mistakes most job seekers make. Creatively using a wrong way/right way format, it illustrates potential pitfalls in the job interview and help job seekers overcome them.


First Aid 1: Basic Life Support First Aid 2: Outdoor Injuries

First aid is the initial care of a suddenly sick or injured person. Would you know what to do in an emergency? This program details the essential aspects of first aid as required to assist someone in need of help. It focuses on how to respond to an emergency situation, primary and secondary surveys, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and managing major external bleeding. Summer means spending time outdoors enjoying sport and recreational activities. It also means being prepared to manage outdoor emergency situations. Would you know what to do? This program details the basic knowledge required to make a difference and protect life. Focusing on heat related injuries, cold related injuries, near drowning, spinal injuries and venomous bites and stings.

24 min.· A$495 · Sp. Price: Rs. 6,250.

24 min.· A$495 · Sp. Price: Rs. 6,250.

40 min · Rs.6,250.



Do I Know You?

Defining, Discovering, & Deciding Who To Hire Includes: Work Book with Leader's Guide

Like forming any good new relationship, successful hiring decisions are based on a combination of facts and feelings, gathering and analyzing information, and attention to one's own intuition. In other words, interviewing is a process, not an event. From creating the right job description to properly conducting interviews and making successful hiring decisions, this programme offers useful insights and practical skills that teach organizations to ask themselves the single most important question regarding new employees: "Do I Know You?" DEFINE ­ Identify Must Have's and Must Do's: Get to know your new employee before you ever meet them. DISCOVER ­ Conduct Successful Interviews: The good candidates can do, the right one will do. DECIDE ­ Make the Right Choice: The real job of hiring is hiring for the job.


Getting Started: Your First 30 Days

Includes: Leader's Guide and Book

More than a simple "employee orientation" program, this video shows employees how to get off on the right foot in the critical first month on a new job. Topics include attitude, punctuality, appropriate dress, and productivity.

21 min · $295 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,950.

Good Question

Questioning skills for managers

Includes: Guide, Exercises, Handouts and OHPs Key points: · The usefulness and limitations of

different types of questions (open, closed, leading, probing, reflective etc.) · How to use appropriate questions to find out what you need to know · How to construct sequences of effective questions to improve the questioner's understanding · How to use questions to explore other people's thoughts, motivation, actions, capabilities or history. Innovative material in the trainer's guide and the second `trigger' tape enable you to facilitate practice and feedback sessions.

Start Right ... Stay Right:

Orientation Basics

Includes: Leader's Guide, Power Point CD, Book.

Show your new hires the kinds of behaviours you expect from them ­ from basic workplace etiquette to more advanced things like showing appreciation and taking initiative. Divided into 4 sections, the video takes viewers through vignettes demonstrating 24 success behaviours. · You and Your Mindset: Take Responsibility for Yourself, Keep Learning, Be Patient, Be Appreciative, Think Health & Safety, Look Your Best · You and Your Co-Workers: Contribute to the Success of Others, Be a Team Player, Be Considerate of Others, Give & Earn Respect, Quit Whining! · You and Your Supervisor or Manager: Volunteer and Show Initiative, Exceed Expectations; Keep Your Commitments, Ask for Feedback, Keep Your Boss Informed, Focus on the Big 2: Increase Revenue & Decrease Costs · You and the Organization: Put Customers First, Follow the Rules, Work the Hours You're Paid For, Accept and Adapt to Change, Embrace Diversity, Act Like an Owner, Perform with Ethics & Integrity

31 min · £875 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,950.

22 min · $625· Sp. Price:Rs. 12,250.

Interviewing (Management Skills)

Includes: Leader's Guide and Case Study

An interviewer must learn to prepare focused, jobbased questions, let go of personal biases, be mindful of legalities, establish rapport, all the while objectively evaluating candidate's suitability.

Hire for Attitude

Includes: Leader's Guide with Worksheets

Why focus on attitude? Quite simply, Skills can be taught. Attitude cannot. You've probably had the experience of hiring someone who you thought was perfect for the job -- only to find out later that the person could not work within the organization. With fewer people doing more work these days, organizations cannot afford costly hiring mistakes and the resulting turnover. Finding the right person with the right attitude and mind-set is a top priority. This video guides you through the entire hiring process, from planning to interviewing and evaluation.

Interviewing shows a realistic interview. Viewers are challenged to discover what the interviewer does right, and what she does wrong. The on-camera narrator introduces each segment of the interviewing process and recaps the essential guidelines for successful interviewing.

25 min · $795 · Sp. Price: Rs.7,975.

40 min · $649 · Sp. Price: Rs.9,950.

Get the Whole Picture

Includes: Facilitators Guide, PowerPoint CD, Assessment Tools, 14-min Trainer Certification Video Presented by the

renowned specialist Dr. Paul Green A graduate-level class for behaviour-based interviewers to help managers know how to get the specific work examples they need to evaluate and hire the right candidates. · Be more verbally disciplined during interviews · Describe the Five Probing strategies and their associated skills · Apply behavior-based probes in actual interviews · Create probes "on the fly" to get examples · Avoid common "distracters"

Right From Day One

This simple dramatized video encourages new entrants to ask questions, to make friends, and to learn about the organization they work for. Ideal for job starters.

You will learn how to: · Determine what attitudes lead to success in a job or organization · Design questions to reveal those attitudes · Conduct effective interviews · Evaluate candidates placing a priorityon attitude.

15 min· $195 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,250.

20 min · $695 · Sp. Price: Rs.11,250

General Office Skills

Working in an office can require some very specific skills, but how do we get on generally in any office situation? In this excellent program we demonstrate skills such as multi-tasking, using common sense and initiative, the importance of good personal presentation, listening skills and teamwork, to name but a few.

Skilful Selection

Includes: Trainer's Guide

· How to plan and structure a recruitment interview · Why doing your homework means you capture valuable information · When and how to use different types of questions · How to find evidence that a potential candidate fits the job · Why the best predictor of future performance is past performance.

22+14=36 min · $995 · Sp. Price: Rs.13,450.

25 min· A$495 · Price: Rs.6,950

Interviewing (People Skills)

Includes: Leader's Guide

Describes the TELL method of interviewing and uses a number of examples of interviewing. In particular, an accident investigation interview and numerous job interview examples are shown.

Especially relevant to: · recruitment · questioning skills · interpersonal skills · interviewing skills · management development.

Key Points: · Trusting · Energising · Leading to detail · Challenging questions · Looking for clues

For Online Previews visit:

23 min · £985 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,950.

12 min · A$495 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.



Let's T.A.L.K.

Includes: Facilitator's Guide & Reproducible Materials

Teaches managers how to go beyond a form or process and deal with the "people" side of challenging performance appraisal issues.

Reviewing Performance

7 Ways to turn reviews into a positive experience

Includes: Trainer's Guide

Regular performance reviews motivate people, and help develop them to their full potential.

Solving Performance Problems:

The Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)

Includes: Trainer's Guide

Give your managers a tried, tested and memorable process ­ The Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) ­ to deal with the next stage in performance improvement in formal and informal appraisals alike. Your managers will be able to: · Recognise that there is a real performance issue · Articulate clearly and concisely what the problem is · Gain agreement that there is a performance - expectation gap · Identify what needs to be done to improve performance · Manage the steps the staff member will need to take · Monitor and support the staff member in their efforts

Key Points: · Performance appraisals help people get better at what they do · How a real `give and take' can uncover hidden motivations · Ways to encourage top performers to do better · How to overcome objections to 3600 degrees feedback · Why ongoing appraisals reduce difficulties at the annual review · Importance of staying focused on work-related issues.

20 min · $995 · Sp. Price: Rs.11,750.

Learning includes: · Why reviewing performance is important · what to do to get the atmosphere right · what kind of questions to ask to get at the facts · how to help the successful person develop further · how to uncover less obvious reasons for failure · why it's important to view mistakes as learning opportunities · why reviews should be supported, not punitive or threatening · how to get commitment and motivation.

26 min · £875 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,950.

Discussing Performance

Motivate Managers and Team Leaders to make Performance Feedback Discussions a Success.

Includes: Trainer's Manual and Script

Encourage your managers to: · Focus on outcomes · tackle contentious issues · identify training needs and formalize forward planning.

Appraisal Skills

Includes: Trainer's Guide with 3 training options

A perfect introduction for anyone who has not delivered an appraisal before. Covers entire appraisal process from planning and preparation, through conducting the interview itself, to agreeing action.

32 min · £985 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,950.

Solving Performance Problems:

The Diagnostic Interview

Includes: Trainer's Guide

Most people who underperform do not realise that they are under-performing and, what is worse, their manager does not know how to tell them. Using the techniques outlined in this video, you'll be able to demonstrate to your managers how to conduct an effective and successful Diagnostic Interview using the simple PEG procedure: · Problem ­ Tell the person that you have a problem with their performance · Expectation ­ Explain your expectations of their performance & listen to their own expectations

Help them avoid: · Placing more importance on the interview than ongoing communication · Setting up employees to be in competition with each other · Thinking that appraisals are all about wage reviews · Dropping bombshells · Concentrating on trivia and blaming not appraising.

It focuses particularly upon: · The benefits of structuring the interview in a purposeful way. · The skillful use of a range of questions, including open, probing, closed and reflective questions. · The need to agree a clear, concise action ­ one that the employee is committed to following through.

45 min · £395 · Sp. Price: Rs.11,750.

22 min · $645 · Sp. Price:Rs. 11,250.

Surviving the Appraisal Interview

Includes: Leader's Guide

It's all very well training supervisors in the art of appraisal interviews but what about employees? Often they misunderstand the purpose of a performance review and so approach it with trepidation. The appraisal interview is the employee's chance to have a say and this video will teach them how to make the most of it, making the appraisal interview a useful tool for developing their career.

Setting Objectives

Includes: Guide with Handouts & OHPs

Highlight the importance of setting jointly agreed, challenging but achievable objectives which really motivate and develop people for greater achievement. Addresses issues like: · How to find measures for achievement? · How important are deadlines and timescales? · How to balance challenge with attainability? · Why is it essential for the job holder to make key decisions? · How can you incorporate personal and corporate objectives into personal development planning?

· Gap ­ Agree on the gap that exists between what you expect and what they are delivering.

18 min · £985 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,950.

Partners in Performance

Includes: Leader's Guide and Book

Structure performance agreements to reduce ambiguity and set the stage for peak performance. The process of developing, communicating, achieving, and monitoring performance objectives is outlined in this course.

12 min · A$795 · Sp. Price: Rs.8,450.

Videos & CD-ROMs for

20 min · £985 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,950.


On-the-Job Skills Training

You will learn to: · Define targets that set the stage for achievement · Develop S.M.A.R.T. goals · Create job commitment with an easy 4-step process



Effective Performance Appraisals

Includes: Leader's Guide and Book

Leading a performance appraisal can be difficult and depressing, or dynamic and positive. Your attitude, planning and approach will make the difference.

26 min · $395 · Spl Price:Rs.7,950.

Rewarding Performance

To continually improve overall performance, organizations need to recognize the individual, team and organizational achievements. This video sets out steps for achieving high performance by establishing a system of ongoing recognition and reward.

Key points: · Establish a conducive and productive atmosphere · Maintain positive communication about work performance versus expectations · Help employees prepare properly for appraisals

Key Points: · Make a commitment · Choose rewards · Negotiate agreements · Maintain momentum

20 min · $295 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.

14 min · A$495 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.


Performance Appraisal Series

A set of 2 Videos

Includes: Leader's Guide

The Appraisal Interview

Lessons for both parties in the appraisal

Includes: Course Guide, Quick Guide and 8 OHPs.

This new version of the best seller concentrates on the equal responsibility of BOTH appraiser and appraisee to get the best out of the whole process. The video highlights importance of: · · · · · · Preparing in advance · Listening and asking question Concentrate on performance not personality issues Be specific about successes and failures Agree on objectives · Don't impose your ideas Don't be destructive · Follow up any issues Use the past to shape the future.

Award-winning step-by-step guide on how to plan and review Employee Performance.

Includes: Trainer's Guide and Workbook Presented by renowned consultant, Peter Quarry.

A 5-part video Series

Performance appraisal meetings are often dreaded by both the manager and the employee. However, handled correctly, the appraisal meeting can be an invaluable opportunity to learn, grow, and increase motivation -- on both sides of the table.

Video 1 : Care and Candour:

Making Performance Appraisals Work (18 min)

In addition to providing legal protection, appraisals provide an opportunity to strengthen relationships with employees and improve productivity. When managers use care, candor and collaboration during the performance appraisal process, they empower employees with the information they need to achieve success for themselves and the company. Everybody benefits!

1. Performance Management Cycle

Introduction to benefits of performance management This video explains why performance appraisals need to be reinvented to include performance planning up front. The planning and reviewing cycle is called `Performance Management'. It leads to clearer expectations, improved communication and an objective basis for reviewing and developing performance. 11 min

Training points covered include: · How to Prepare for the Meeting · Using Care and Candor when giving Feedback · Separating the Person from the Behavior · Collaborating to set SMART goals · Keeping the PRAISE in the Appraisal

Award Winner

38 min · £1199 · Sp. Price: Rs.18,750.

Video 2: Looking Forward (12 min)

Someone is dreading their performance appraisal at this very moment. Perhaps they haven't properly prepared and are feeling a bit defensive. This video shows that, with advance preparation, a great attitude to listen and share, performance appraisals can be a positive experience. Training points covered include: · How to Prepare for the Meeting · Sharing Feedback with your Supervisor · Separating the Person from the Behaviour · Collaborating to set SMART goals

Managing - Only Just!

Managing performance under pressure

Includes: Trainer's Guide, and Self-study Guide Managing only just! with its positive, practical

messages will appeal to people who know how to be good managers but who also appreciate some down-to-earth advice at a time when mounting pressures can blur priorities. Managers constantly face pressure and change. They have to champion and implement these changes, while stretching themselves and their teams in pursuit of challenging targets. Middle managers in particular find themselves squeezed between the demands from 'on high' and possible resentments and lack of resource below. It can feel as though things are out of control. This video will help managers take that crucial step back in order to take stock. It provides an opportunity to reflect on their own pressures, to assess their strengths and weaknesses in managing a team under pressure, and address their work/life balance.

2. Setting the Overall Goal

Increase productivity by 10% or more through goal setting The first step in the performance planning process is to establish an overall goal for the job. Learn a simple, practical formula for writing a job goal that is meaningful and motivating. 11 min

3. Determining Key Result Areas

Identify a job's essential activities

The second step in performance planning is to identify the major components of the job, called key result areas. This video gives a step by step procedure for writing key result areas that cover both activities completed & results achieved. 12 min

Video 1: 18 mins, Video 2: 12 mins Each video: $945 · Sp. Price: Rs.15,950. Both videos: $1,595 · Sp. Price: Rs.27,950.

Painless Performance Improvement

Includes: Leader's Guide & Workbook

4. Identifying Performance Standards

Create an objective, measurable foundation

The third step in performance planning is to develop specific performance standards for each key result area. See how to identify standards in a collaborative way to increase commitment. Learn easy ways to write quantitative and qualitative standards. 14 min

A training comedy: combines highly entertaining hosts with dramatic and realistic coaching moments.

Real change only happens when the decision to change comes from the person doing the changing. Painless Performance Improvement provides managers with a simple and proven technique to help team members improve their own performance without drama, conflict or pain often associated with performance issues.

Key Points:

· Raising awareness of the links between current actions and their impact, on staff and on the business · Maintaining key management skills during high pressure periods · Recognising the areas which often get neglected under pressure and taking remedial action.

5. Managing Change and

Developing Performance

How to accurately & fairly review employee performance In a performance management system, plans should be flexible and used to help manage change. Plans should also help identify development needs. Most importantly, plans are the basis for accurately and fairly reviewing performance. 13 min

20 min · £1199 · Sp. Price: Rs.17,250

Performance Improvement is painless when you:

· State what you've observed · Wait for a response · Remind them of The Goal · Ask for a specific solution · Agree together on the best solution · Follow-through lets them know you're determined to see them improve.

Targeting for Performance

Setting SMART targets

Includes: Trainer's Guide

Clearly explains how managers and team leaders can set and apply targets for staff to achieve in order to improve their performance. The targets must be Specific, Measureable, Agreed, Realistic and Timed. Managers will also learn how to recognise the motivation that team members get from reaching them.

Each Video: A$650· Sp. Price: Rs.8,450. Full set of 5 videos: A$2585 · Rs.32,250.

23 min · $895 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,750

For extensive range of

Business Games & Simulations

Prices subject to change without notice. VAT/ST + Shipping charges extra.

visit our website at:

37 min · £1199 · Sp. Price: Rs.16,950.



Positive Discipline

Includes: Leader's Guide, Workbook, Power Point CD.

This powerful training program helps your supervisors get beyond the belief that confronting negative performance has to be unpleasant and punitive in nature. It shows them how-- when done right-- performance discussions can actually be a tool for coaching and developing employees. You'll learn how to: · Identify the problem - the gap between the actual & desired behavior · Analyze the problem's severity - determine the impact and consequences of the behaviour if not corrected · Discuss the problem - with the employee, and gain their agreement on a solution · Document the discussion - including the history of the problem and what was said and agreed upon · shift ownership of the problem's resolution to the employee · get the outcome they're looking for without losing employee commitment? · Followup to monitor results - recognize improvements, or take action if the problem hasn't resolved


No Smoke Without Fire

Grievance and discipline handling

Include: Presenter's Guide Key points: · Learn how to distinguish between

grievances and breaches of discipline · Learn a flexible, problem-solving approach to grievances · Learn a firm but equitable approach to discipline. · Receive guidance on setting, communicating and monitoring standards · Receive guidance on how to lead a team · Receive assistance in defining their relationships with one another.

The Eye of the Beholder

How to perceive and understand others

Includes: Leader's Guide The Eye of the Beholder dramatizes twelve hours in

the life of an artist who becomes involved in the murder of a girl. It shows how five people perceive him: one sees him as a "lady's man," another as a "good boy," the third as "insane", another as a "gangster", the fifth as a "murderer". This immortal classic points out that we see what we want to see and hear what we want to hear. It teaches caution in judging others. It is perhaps the greatest video ever made on perception.

26 min · $495 · Spl Price:Rs.9,950.

26 min · £799 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,750.

As Others See Us (Johari Window)

Includes: Leader's Guide

This animated video illustrates why we sometimes have difficulty working with people. It explores why conflicts occur and shows what happens when our self-image differs from the image others have of us. It shows how these conflicts can result in anxiety, defensiveness, and other blocks to effective communication. Uses a simple model, the Johari Window, to help people of all cultures, genders etc., work more effectively with each other.

Handling Difficult People

Includes: Leader's Guide

Dealing with difficult people is one of the most stressful tasks in today's workplace. Shows a number of difficult people and how to deal with them including · the complainer · the know all · the joker · the aggressive type and · the dodger

24 min · $995 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,750.

ACT Fair! Effective Discipline

Includes: Trainer's Guide

Train your managers to carry out discipline ­ before the need for a formal warning. Disciplinary situations can rapidly deteriorate into tribunals. This video shows managers why they should `ACT' and how they should `ACT'. It also shows that `doing nothing' is not an option.

Key Points: · Taking aside · Staying in control · Rewarding what you want · Not taking situations personally · Pushing for commitment

10 min · $485 · Sp. Price: Rs.7,250.

14 min · A$495 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.

Giving Bad News

Includes: Leader's Guide

Describing the three main elements of giving bad news sensitively and effectively, it shows a number of reallife dramas including retrenchments and changed organisational roles as a result of a restructure. The video features David Stratford - Director, Davidson & Axmith, an expert on organisational change.

The Unbiased Mind

Are you biased? Are you prejudiced? Of course you are, and so am I. Bias and prejudice are everyday modes of thinking, and they usually work quite well. Without pre-judgment and bias we could not handle everyday mental tasks. But these thinking habits become dangerous when they replace critical thinking or serve to judge classes of people. Use this video to teach critical thinking skills and help viewers avoid everyday thinking traps such as stereotypes, the "blindness of normality," cause and effect errors, confirmation bias, and our built in "blind spot."

A.C.T. F.A.I.R.: · Agree - agree what the problem is. · Commit ­ ensure that commitment is given to fix it. · Test ­ check that they understand what will happen if they don't fix it.

Then: Follow-up And Inform them of the Results. This drama video illustrates three different informal discipline interviews: · a grumpy accountant who appears to have an attitude problem · a defiant young man who's ignoring the company's safety rules · a hard-pushed mother who's always late for work.

Key Points: · Get to the point · Deal with reactions · Focus on positive

12 min · A$495 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.

23 min · Rs.6,925

18 min · £985 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,950


Extensive Range of Safety Videos in English & Hindi

The Art of Seeing

Challenging Absenteeism

Includes: Trainer's Guide

Designed to help mangers gain confidence in dealing with absenteeism, especially where the employee is not very communicative or the manager feels the situation is particularly sensitive or difficult.

An Extensive Range of Training Videos available in English & Hindi on

It consists of SEVEN different kinds of absence problem: · The doctor's certificate · The menstrual cycle · It is none of your business · It is your fault I'm stressed · It is stress! · Take it as holiday · The union rep

32 min · £1265 · Sp. Price: Rs.13,950

· Safety Awareness · Fire · Electrical · Safety Awareness · Fire · Electrical · Industrial · Chemical · HazMat · Industrial · Chemical · HazMat · Ergonomics · Material Handling · Ergonomics · Material Handling · Personal Protection · Driving · Personal Protection · Driving · Office Safety · etc. · Office Safety · etc.


How can two people see the same event and make completely opposite judgments about it? Do you think we see the world in much the same way as a camera? This video contends that we don't simply record what we see, we create it by the act of perception. · Discover how a frame can completely change the meaning of what it contains - whether that frame be a marriage or a work of art · Learn how we tend to fill-in-the-blanks to create a complete picture when pieces are missing · Learn how our sensory system is also a censoring system · Discover how we "see what we believe" more than we "believe what we see."


30 Details on request

A Telly Award winner

24 min · Rs.6,925


The Gift of Feedback

If another person had a gift that could make you a better teammate, leader, friend or parent, would you ask for it? With feedback expert Marshall Goldsmith's proven five-step process, you'll learn how to summon the courage needed to ask for feedback, why it's so important to thank people for offering feedback (even when you don't agree with it) and how to implement the feedback most likely to help you live effectively in all of your interpersonal roles.

Giving Feedback

Emotional intelligence in action

This package sets the scene for creating a "feedback culture". Learn how to effectively give and receive 3600 feedback

Presented by renowned consultant, Peter Quarry. Giving feedback is something we do day-in dayout, with our teams and with our peers. It may be informal coaching, it may be a formal performance review. We may even give feedback unconsciously through our body language and other `signals' we give out. But however we communicate it, feedback is fundamental to what managers, team leaders and colleagues do. Developing feedback skills through a more emotionally competent approach can make an enormous difference to management skills and abilities. Emotional intelligence is the basis for an effective approach. To be emotionally intelligent at work, consistently, is hard. But it's not something that we're either born with or not. Anyone can develop their behaviour to become more emotionally intelligent. Emotional intelligence does deliver results. Understanding and applying emotional intelligence can provide an important competitive edge. It's one of the key ways in which you can help the people you work with to improve their abilities in giving feedback. · Identifies 'best practice' - approaches they can take when giving feedback to others · Establish relationships to fire-up, support and maintain their learning · Can be used as group training or self study.

Key Learning Benefits: · Develop effective performance evaluations · Create an environment in which dialogue is honest, productive · Become more responsive to customer feedback · Stay ahead of change by asking, listening and learning

1. Giving Feedback: Basic Skills

Demonstrates how to structure the feedback you give to ensure that it is specific, balanced and timely. Aimed at all levels of staff. 14 min

21 min · $495

2. Giving Feedback: Advanced Skills


Coaching for Your Future

with Dr. Marshall Goldsmith Details on Page 7

Provides specific behavioral techniques for dealing with most difficult situations when the person to whom you are giving feedback is not motivated to listen, is uncommitted to action, is angry, shocked, upset or disagrees with you. 22 min

22 min · $495.

3. Receiving Feedback: Basic Skills

Demonstrates skills to empower you to get feedback. Shows how to request it, how to ask probing questions to get more detail & how to make sure you can use the feedback to improve performance. 15 min

The Sid's Story

Positive feedback works much better.

Includes: Leader's Guide

Sid's night shift has the lowest efficiency and highest absenteeism ­ obviously caused by his negative feedback and punishment techniques. Steve, a consultant, eventually convinces Sid to begin practicing positive reinforcement. Soon, Sid's night shift becomes the most productive in the company.

4. Receiving Feedback: Adv. Skills

Discover techniques to use 5 most common difficult situations when the person giving you feedback doesn't say anything useful, criticises you, is long-winded, is vague or makes a personal attack. 14 min

35 min · £1199 · Sp. Price: Rs.18,250.

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Includes: Leader's Guide and Book

All of us, at one time or another, have been in uncomfortable situations because of criticism. Reap the benefits of learning how to give and receive feedback more effectively. Key points: · Explore techniques to increase personal effectiveness · Assess your skills at giving criticism and praise · Learn how to handle feedback from others --valid, unjustified, or vague

Includes: Trainer's Guide & Workbook Each video: A$650 · Sp. Price: Rs.8,450. · Full set of 4 videos: Rs.26,950.

Key Points: · How to establish a positive working climate in which employees know what is expected of them · How to measure performance and give employees feedback · How to increase positive observations · How to give employees the opportunity to be winners

Feedback Techniques

Includes: Trainer's Guide and OHPs

How to use feedback on a daily basis, not just in formal appraisals or performance reviews. Clear illustrations demonstrate feedback skills being used in a constructive and supportive way. Best of all, you can use the suggested activities in the trainer's guide to encourage participants to practise these vital skills for themselves.

22 min · $395 · Sp. Price: Rs.7,950.

Constructive Criticism

Criticism without conflict

Includes: Guide with Activities and OHP Masters.

Short scenarios in the trigger tape combined with suggested activities in the trainer's guide provide time-saving, ready-made materials for group work.

20 min · $745 · Sp. Price: Rs.8,850.

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· Online Preview of over 600 videos · Detailed information on all products · New Releases, Best-sellers · Special Offers... and more

Learning includes: · How to focus on what you see, not what you believe · How to focus on behaviour, not personality · Why you should keep feedback neutral and not make judgements · How to use feedback to inform, not to advise · How to make feedback supportive, not threatening · Why it's important to keep feedback simple · how to receive feedback, as well as how to give it.

Key points: · How to give or accept criticism positively and without stress · How to communicate frankly about other people's behaviours, or the results of those behaviours. · How to view criticism as a problem solving process, rather than as a conflict.

37 min · £875 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,950.

20 min · £985 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,950

For Online Previews visit:



Insights to Better Mentoring

Includes: Facilitator's Guide, PPT Slides, Reproducible Handouts, Program Transcripts

This video presents 4 successful mentors and their mentees in a revealing and insightful exposé of what works best in these complex but essential relationships. We'll explore effective mentoring with the help of a senior executive at Costco Wholesale, the Chief Information Officer at Lockheed Martin Space Systems Co., a Fire Chief and a Superior Court Judge. This diverse and fascinating collection of mentors and their mentees will demonstrate the 4 Pillars of effective mentoring and provide insights that will improve any mentoring relationship in any organization Mentoring comes in a variety of styles, shapes and colours. Some organizations have structured programs that pair mentors and mentees and set out an agenda for them. Others have less formal approaches, facilitating and supporting mentoring relationships but not defining them. Regardless of the way mentoring is structured, there are certain fundamentals that will make these relationships more effective. That is what we seek to explore in Insights to Better Mentoring.


Learning Needs Interview

Includes: Trainer's Guide

An invaluable resource for the HR professional who is being asked by line managers, "How do I develop my people?"

Learning Review Interview

Illustrates the continuous nature of the learning cycle and how the review leads to the discovery of further learning needs.

Learning Includes: · the responsibility managers have for developing their people · what is learning needs analysis? · helping the learner to think through their learning needs for themselves · how to open the interview and create a suitable atmosphere · how to identify skills, attitude and knowledge · importance of keeping a record of what's been agreed.

25 min · £799 · Sp. Price: Rs.11,250.

Learning includes: · Why effective reviews are self-reviews · How to use `indicators of learning' to assess how well the original learning objectives have been met · The six reasons for carrying out a learning review interview · Why the manager needs to act as a `sounding board' for the learner, using listening and questioning skills to help the learner think through their learning experience · How to use learning reviews to trigger new learning needs (and learning plans) · How you can start anywhere in the learning cycle ­ at the `review', `conclude', `do' or `plan' stage in the learning process.

Learning Plan Interview

Includes: Trainer's Guide Learning includes: How

people learn · Understanding different learning styles · How to use L.E.A.R.N to ensure the plan is Limited, Exact, Appropriate, Realistic and focused on Now · What different learning experience are available · How to tailor learning experiences to suit preferred learning styles · How to support people through the parts of the learning cycle that are less comfortable for them.

Drama + Triggers: 29 min · £799 · Sp.Price: Rs.11,250.

Performance Counselling

Includes: Leader's Guide

Focuses on how to conduct a successful counselling session with employees who are not performing to the required standard. In performance counselling the plan is only as good as its execution!

26 min · $625 · Sp. Price: Rs.13,750.


Includes: Leader's Guide and Book

Effective mentoring just doesn't happen. Mentoring is a skill that can be learned. Case studies and actual examples demonstrate positive behaviours that make the mentoring process successful and provide a systematic plan for effective mentoring.

Key points: · The importance of creating the right environment · Establishing the problem in context · Establish a commitment to solution · Ensure effective follow up.

Drama+Triggers ·42 min · £985 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,950.

18 min · A$895 · Sp. Price: Rs.10,450.

Key points: · Understand the needs of a mentee and how to meet those needs · Learn 7 types of mentor assistance · See the gains of mentor/mentee partnership

Presented by renowned consultant, Peter Quarry.

20 min · $395 · Sp. Price: Rs.7,950.

These six videos analyse and demonstrate core coaching skills which can be used by anyone.

Includes: Leader's Guide with each video.

Each video: $650 · Sp. Price: Rs.8,450 each. Full set of 6 videos: $3102 · Sp. Price: Rs.39,950.

4. Coaching to Encourage Flexibility

People need coaching to be flexible and adaptable to all sorts of change. Illustrates common psychological reactions to change and "how to" deal with them, including exploring concerns, "reframing" and the importance of modeling flexibility. 13 min

Productive Counselling

Includes: Leader's Guide

Discover the major trap managers, team leaders and others fall into when counseling. Learn techniques for handling an unmotivated employee or gaining commitment for improved performance.

1. Coaching to Clarify Expectations

People can only perform well at work if they have been told what is expected of them. This video encourages everyone to be clear and specific about their expectations, whether it is to an employee, a fellow team member, or even to a manager. 14 min

5. Coaching to Resolve Conflict

Shows how to mediate a dispute, and how to resolve a conflict you might be directly involved in yourself. The three key skills are to break the conflict spiral, gain co-operation and be creative in identifying a "win/win" solution. 15 min

12 min · $495 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.

2. Coaching to Build Skills

Covers the common mistakes to avoid when coaching a new employee and shows the four steps - explain, demonstrate, practice and feedback - to build all types of skills, even customer care skills. 13 min

Explaining Clearly

Includes: Leader's Guide

Describes the three steps to explaining clearly and uses a number of real life scenarios to illustrate the points. The scenarios include a receptionist explaining directions to a courier, a trainer explaining a task to staff, a salesperson explaining some product benefits to a customer and a manager explaining new quality procedures.

6. Coaching to Develop Motivation

Discover why giving advice does not always help people develop motivation. This video demonstrates a powerful coaching technique for ensuring that people take responsibility for motivating themselves. Gives practical examples of "question style" of coaching, how to ask the right questions, use silence effectively, and push for detail. 11 min

3. Coaching to Enhance Confidence

Shows how first to recognize low confidence, and then build confidence in others. It gives practical examples for challenging the other person's negative perceptions and offering concrete help. 13 min

Key Points: · Getting the attention of the listener · Organising your information · Checking understanding

11 min · A$495 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.



When the Coach is You!

Includes: Leader's Guide

Visit an Accounting Office, Manufacturing Factory and Service Center as workers resist and stumble through the coaching process, finally learning to create positive outcomes through the five steps to effective coaching: You'll learn to: · Understand the value of coaching in the context of meeting team goals · Recognize how any team member may be a coach to another · Implement the five steps to positive coaching for both coach and learner · Recognize potential barriers to coaching and devise strategies for over-coming team · Take a more active role in coaching others.

Dimensions of Coaching

Includes: Facilitator's Guide, Participant Handouts

Most companies rely solely on a manager-driven approach, failing to recognize that willing employees can mentor their peers. And many managers lack the skills to develop their staff. As a result, a company's greatest resource - its employees - remains underutilized and undeveloped. This 90-minute workshop, teaches employees with expertise and availability how to help their coworkers to become productive and effective. Key concepts covered in the workshops include: · adapting your coaching style to the learner's personality and needs · the difference between directive and nondirective, programmatic and circumstantial, specific and holistic coaching styles · and the four-step coaching process ­ a proven, simple approach. After completing the workshop, participants will learn: · How to coach - the use of directive or nondirective approaches · When to coach - creating an ongoing development program or coaching as circumstances warrant · What approach to use - holistic or specific

The Cheetah In Your Business

Includes: Facilitator's Guide, Delegate's Workbook, and OHPs

In nature there are no second chances and the competition is intense. "Survival of the fittest" increasingly applies to those organisations that succeed in today's world. Good coaching is what prepares people, gives them the right experience and raises their performance to a level they could not have achieved on their own In this `Lesson from the Wild' we learn from the mother cheetah as she uses the four basic steps to being a successful coach to pass on her knowledge and skills to her cubs ­ these four critical elements of what we in business call Action Coaching. Key Learning Points: · Self-awareness · Performance improvement · Performance breakthrough · Change

18 min · $795 · Sp. Price: Rs. 11,850.

16 mins · $395 · Sp. Price: Rs.7,950.

Includes: Comprehensive Workbook

Encouraging, correcting and challenging your team is as simple as noticing how your team is performaing and then letting them know you notice. Coacing is the process of letting people know that what they do matters to you. Realistic role-plays cover a variety of topics: · Getting good work repeated · Correcting poor work in a positive way · Dealing with employees poor personal habits and · Tools for turniong a dead-end performance around ­ make this video an everyday guide to using good judgement and caring about each member of your team. How to let them know you matter: · For good work: When you see it, say it · For poor work: Make it private and positive · For a dead-end performer: The 2-minute Challenge

23 min · $695 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,750.

Basic Facilitation

Includes: Facilitator's Guide, PPT Presentation

Learn the skills and techniques you need to immediately increase productivity in all types of meetings and group interactions.

On the Job Coaching:

A 90-minute Workout

Includes: Leader's Guide · Workbook · PPP CD self-study version.

Most people learn most things from onthe-job coaching. With this 90- minute workout, you can run a short course on onthe-job coaching and have a huge impact on the way your people prepare for and conduct their coaching sessions. The programme contains nine short scenes illustrating on-the-job coaching taking place in three different workplace environments: a kitchen, a garage workshop and an office. These short video triggers are designed to prompt discussion around the learning messages. They also show how the principles of good on-the-job coaching apply to all work contexts.

Basic Facilitation is an engaging half-day workshop that teaches facilitators how to run dynamic, effective meetings. Filled with a wealth of invaluable information, the Basic Facilitation video and workbook share practical skills on the meeting process and secrets for increasing productivity and improving group interactions.

So instead of running meetings that meander and fail to interest participants, your facilitators will create effective group interactions that inspire and motivate employees to achieve individual and corporate goals.

21 min · $695 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,250.

Coaching Skills

Includes: Trainer's Guide Learning includes:

· Why managers are ideally placed to coach their people · Why coaching is so important · How to spot ­ and act on ­ every day coaching opportunities · How to brief the person being coached · How to review the coaching experience

25 mins · $895 · Sp. Price: Rs.14,850.

Coaching Skills: Sales Supervisor's Role

Includes: Facilitator's Guide

This Award-winning program teaches five basic skills to conduct a successful coaching session along with timesaving techniques for conducting a performance review: · · · · · Observe and identify a need for improvement Arrange a one-on-one coaching session Mutually identify need for improvement Mutually agree on how to improve performance Follow-up to measure performance

14 min · £985 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,950

The Coach

Award Winner

Helping others achieve is one of the most rewarding aspects of work

Includes: Trainer's Guide, Quick Guide and 5 OHPs

How does your team learn? By their mistakes? At outside courses? From each other? Of course, all these are elements in the process -- but perhaps the most important way is through you, their manager. The `how to do it' is broken down into five practical steps, to form the mnemonic -- STEER: Managers should · Spot opportunities · Tailor training to suit the individual · Explain and demonstrate · Encourage, and · Review progress.

33 min · £985 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,950.

Coaching and Counselling

Includes: Leader's Guide and Book

Presents successful techniques for effectively coaching and counselling employees. Examples show the differences between coaching and counselling and when to use each.

14 min · $495 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,450.

Coaching On the Job

Includes: Leader's Guide

Learning how to pass on one's skills to another isn't easy. Learn the five-step coaching technique to ensure your instructions are clearly explained, understood and learned.

Key points: · Learn how to coach employees to maximum performance · Learn how to recognize skills and improve weaker areas · Discover ways to counsel employees about personal issues that affect their job performance

16 min · A$495 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.

23 min · £1199 · Sp. Price: Rs.16,950.

21 min · $295 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.





Includes: Workbook


Boomerang: The Reciprocity Urge

Bill a successful team leader experiences repeated problems with his team. He feels they do not listen to him & are resistant to change. He complains to a colleague, who bravely challenges him to consider that he may be the cause of the problem and that his behaviour is influencing the behaviour of his team.

Fearless Facilitation:

How to Lead Effective Training How to Lead Effective Meetings

Includes: Facilitator's Guide, Participant's Workbook

Just say "NO" to boring training classes and unproductive meetings. Turn your trainers and meeting leaders into "Fearless Facilitators"! They'll learn how to bring a laser-like focus to every agenda, handle disruptions with ease and condense a week's worth of meetings into a single session. "Fearless Facilitators" expertly foster participation and make any group session more productive.

The Attitude Virus (2nd Ed)

Curing Negativity in the Workplace

Includes: Leader's Guide & Participant Workbook

One negative attitude can infect an entire team and create an epidemic in the workplace. Learn how negativity spreads, killing productivity, motivation and profitability, and find out how to stop it before it starts.

Video 1: How To Lead Effective Training Key Learning Points: · Lead effective training sessions · Explain adult learning principles and their applications · How to best accommodate each primary learning style · Demonstrate fundamental facilitation skills · Strike the right balance between purpose, process, and participation · Exhibit the confidence and competence of a fearless facilitator. Video 2: How To Lead Effective Meetings Key Learning Points: · Lead effective meetings · Prepare meeting attendees to participate effectively · Make optimal use of people's time and talents · Strike the right balance between purpose, process, and participation · Exhibit the confidence and competence of a fearless facilitator.

Boomerang explains the Reciprocity Urge ... the basic drive, in all of us, that compels us to return favours, to reciprocate when someone gives us something. Boomerang gives a compelling message about how to get the most out of people and develop emotional competence.

20 min · $895 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,750.


Your Most Priceless Possession

Includes: Leader's Guide and Book

This video shows the importance of staying positive in today's pressure-filled world. Attitude makes a difference in getting a job or earning a promotion. And it can greatly improve the quality of your personal and business life. Role play illustrates eight techniques to renew your positive attitude.

10 min · A$695 · Sp. Price Rs.8,450.

The Power of Attitude:

It Does Make a Difference

Includes: Audio CD/Book

"Positive attitude. Positive attitude. Positive attitude."...A worn-out anthem? Or is there really power behind a positive attitude? "The Power of Attitude: It Does Make a Difference" shows that there is, and most of (what makes us positive is attributed to our own self-image). This video highlights five steps for developing and projecting a positive attitude in the workplace, and beyond. You'll see how to determine the attitude types of co-workers, how to deal with them, and how to keep the hard work of maintaining your own positive attitude in perspective.

also in Hindi

20 min · $295 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.

Bad ApplesTM

How to Deal with Difficult Attitudes

Includes: Facilitator Guide, Participant Materials, Self-Study Guide

It's sad but true-- one or more "bad apples" can spoil a bunch of your best performers or undermine your organizational culture. This program helps employees to recognize the characteristics of rotten attitudes and sort out the problems they cause. Scenarios and class exercises introduce a proven, five-step process for dealing with difficult personalities in a diverse workforce.

2 Videos · 22 mins each · $995 · Sp. Price: Rs.14,850.

Ten Training Tips

Includes: Trainer's Guide

In his entertaining, and unforgettable style, John Townsend, internationally acclaimed expert on training of trainers, shows us: · The difference between a training course and a present-ation · Starting and finishing with a bang - not a whimper · Structuring your course · Presenting and facilitating · Using visual aids and sound · Appealing to feeling · Turning challenging participants to your advantage.

19 min · Rs.5,950




Learning Point Highlights:

· Teaches employees to recognize the impact of negative attitudes · Outlines a five-step process for eliminating negativity · Demonstrates how to apply the process to difficult vendors and customers

35 min · £599 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,750.

Effective Training Techniques

Includes: Leader Guide, Workbook, Roleplays

Martin Broadwell, veteran trainer gives everything you need to train your new trainers, supervisors and managers. Covers six vital training topics: · Assessing readiness · Involvement techniques · Presentation skills · Managing training time · Setting up the training room · Coping with problem participants.

23 min · $895 · Sp. Price: Rs12,750.

`Tricks for Trainers'

These 60 openers, closers, and energizers will enliven your training sessions and help participants' content retention soar! Each trick is indexed along with suggested content for quick location.

by Dave Arch

The Basics to Improve Your Memory

Includes: Audio CD and Book

Have you ever been in the situation where you were meeting a new client for the first time, you were introduced, and less than two minutes later you had totally forgotten their name? And what made it even worse is that they remembered yours and kept calling you by name! Do you hear joke one minute and can't remember it the next? Do you find that you can't remember an address without writing it down? Let memory expert Madelyn Burley-Allen show you the basics of remembering with her video program.

62 min. · $995 · Sp. Price: Rs.11,975.

Video 1: Tricks To Watch! 35 min

· Teamwork · Quality · Customer Service

Delivering Effective Training

Includes: Manual, OHP Masters & Assessments

The most important part of effective training isn't what trainers put into it, it's what learners take away from it. Help your employees take away the skills and concepts they need to do their jobs with this interactive video.

Video 2: Tricks To Do! Video 3: Tricks To Teach!

40 min

· Negotiation · Goal Setting · Diversity · Risk-taking

33 min

· Time management · Creative problem-solving · Leadership · Motivation

Key points: · Discover the needs of the adult learner. · Follow the three steps of the Training Cycle · Emphasize interactive, two-way communication · Develop creative ways to present information

You'll learn: · Concentration · Observation

· Visualization · Association · Substitution · Classification · Linking · Memory Pegs

108 min · 3 video-set: $199 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,250.

25 min · $395 · Sp. Price: Rs.8,950.

54 min · Rs.5,950.




Seeing Red Cars

How can you get more of what you want?

Includes: Training Guide, Self Study Guide, PPT Presentation, Transcript Seeing Red Cars, encourages audiences to focus on

what they DO want instead of focusing on what they don't! By having a positive attitude and taking action, viewers will be motivated to move in the right direction for themselves and for their organization. Hosted by Laura Goodrich, trainer and consultant, this unique and engaging program helps audiences make better decisions, combat negativity, and create a positive environment.

Yes Lives in the Land of NO

Includes: Training Guide, Handouts, Self Assessment Guide, Transcript

Negativity surrounds us -- in our workplaces, in our communities, even in our families. But sometimes, our pessimistic thinking, apathy, and over-cautiousness can be bigger barriers than everyone else's negativity combined! Understanding the sources of negativity; both our own and others', is essential for people to work together effectively. Yes Lives in the Land of NO will guide participants through their own journeys in the land of NO. This animated program will help viewers deal with negativity faster, more effectively, and with a lot less discouragement and despair. What should you do when you're excited about an idea but met with nothing but negativity? How can you get others to say YES when it seems easier for them to say NO?

Don't Panic!

A Recipe for Success in Times of Stress

Includes: Facilitator's Guide, Handouts, PPT Slides

Panics come in many shapes and sizes. Their common denominator is that they are never helpful. Whether in your work or personal life, to panic is to lose perspective and succumb to fear. This often leads to poor decisions, lost focus, paralysis and a bad outcome. This engaging video brings together nine fascinating people who have plenty of experience successfully navigating stressful situations at work. Their goal? To cook a meal together. Cooking serves as a metaphor for working through a challenge together. After the flames die down, the participants enjoy the meal they've created and share what they've learned from their dialogue. The program examines five key morsels of advice: · Know Yourself · Build Support · Assess Your Situation · Take Action · Learn from Everything

"We often place our focus on what we don't want. And since we get more of what we focus on, what really happens? We create more of what we don't want and don't even realize we're doing it." -- Laura Goodrich

10 min · $595 · Sp. Price: Rs.10,750.

How to Set and Really Achieve Your Goals

Includes: Audio CD andBook

Presented by noted lecturer and trainer Jeff Blackman, divided into segments, this DVD is perfect for group training or may be used for individual instruction.

8 min · $495 · Sp. Price: Rs.9,750.

24 min · $625 · Sp. Price: Rs.12.750.

Stress Out? Out Stress!

Includes: Leader's Guide.

This video recognizes the danger signs and helps us take positive steps to combat and alleviate stress. This informative training program, guides you through a variety of real-life examples of workplace stress, and suggests positive solutions to turn it around and make it work for you.

You'll learn: · Why it's important to set accurate goals · How to set goals so they mean something · The GRASP IT goals achievement system · Why planning is critical to both your business and personal life · The six key elements to change

Getting Motivated

Includes: Workbook

This set of 4 episodes (2 mins each) will help people get motivated and teach them how to create a positive mindset for work and improve their productivity and service attitudes. Find out about the Negative Land of W, the negative mood monster and negative scripts and how they keep you stuck. Learn how to use positive scripts to motivate yourself, achieve goals and be successful. · Episode 1: GETTING UP · Episode 2: GETTING STARTED · Episode 3: GETTING CONTROL · Episode 4: GETTING POSITIVE

35 min · Rs.5,950

26 min · $695 · Sp. Price Rs.8,850.

The Star Thrower Story

Now, one of Joel Barker's most cherished stories, The Star Thrower, is available as a short film!

Taken from his best-selling program, The Power of Vision, Joel Barker's version of the Loren Eiseley classic reminds us that we all have the ability to make a difference. As individuals, we can choose to take action and participate in the world around us. Together, we can shape the future. We all have a gift to give; our challenge is to find it.

With Matt Weinstein

Managing to Have Fun

Positive Effects of Fun in the Workplace

Includes: Leader's Guide with Exercises and OHPs

There is a direct connection between playfulness and productivity. Regular doses of fun can produce dramatic effects in stress management, team-building, customer care, and company loyalty. This three-part series offers countless ways to incorporate a shared sense of passion, electricity, and joy in the workplace.

8 min · A$495 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.

Video 1: The Four Principles of Fun at Work! Video 2: Building a Winning Team! Video 3: Customer Service with a Smile!

Set of 3 videos: 78 min.· $450 · Sp. Price: Rs. 6,250.

6 min · $395

Resilience: A Change For The Better

with Daryl Conner

Includes: Facilitator's Manual

Identifies five key characteristics resilent people have in common and shows how you can cultivate these qualities in yourself and in your organization, how resilent people are positive, focused, flexible, organized, and proactive, using stories and film clips from · Lee Iacocca · Norman Schwarzkopf · Corazon Aquino · Mahatma Gandhi · Nelson Mandela and others.

Empowering Yourself

Includes: Leader's Guide

Don't wait to be empowered, empower yourself! Learn the key mind set changes that will result in more initiative, better problem solving, willingness to learn and develop the confidence to say and do the things that you want.

Managing Stress for Mental Fitness

Includes: Leader's Guide and Book

This program helps you · Recognize the basic ingredients for good mental health · See how others have successfully managed stress · Learn how to apply healthy concepts to your personal life

11 min · A$495 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.

17 min · $595 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,975.

20 min · $295 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,950.



A little bit of stress can be good for you!


The NEW Time Of Your Life

The Fundamentals of Time Management

Includes: Leader's Guide & PowerPoint CD.

"If you are wasting your time, you are wasting your life." ­ Alan Lakein, author of How To Get Control of Your Time & Your Life. In this update of the best-selling video of all time, employees will learn the importance of time in their business and personal lives, and six powerful ways to manage it. Major "how-to" steps featured in the video include: · the importance of listing goals · setting priorities · making a daily "to-do" list · starting with top priorities (not bottom ones) · handling each e-mail or paper only once · dealing with procrastination and asking the question frequently: "What's the best use of my time right now?"

Stress Is A Gift

Includes: Leader's Guide with sample Stress Profiler instrument

While chronic stress can certainly be detrimental, this four-minute program vividly illustrates why nature intended all of us to face adversity from time to time. It takes you inside the Biosphere project, a glasswalled dome in the Arizona desert where scientists monitored dozens of varieties of plants & animals. They discovered that without the stress of occasional winds, sturdy Acacia trees failed to develop the specialized bark necessary to grow strong.

Time To Make Time

Includes: Facilitator's Guide

Time is money and demand for greater produ-ctivity and lower costs puts more pressure on us for effective time management. Time To Make Time shows how to use time effectively by:· Analysing how you currently use your time · Keeping a time log · Using a time management system · Developing daily priorities. This video uses practical examples such as writing things down and assigning certain time for specific tasks, all which go towards helping you organise and define your goals.

4 min · $295 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,250.

Anger At Work

Includes: Leader's Guide

Key points: · Counteract negative self-talk with positive thinking · Look for alternative explanations before you react to irritating situations · Maintain a positive attitude to influence those around you · Avoid catching other people's bad moods; make a choice to remain positive · Recognize what you can and can't control ­ you may not be able to control a situation, but you can control your reaction to it.

22 min · $495.00 · Sp. Price: Rs.8,450.

21 min · $895 · Sp. Price: Rs.10,250.

Time Challenged

Includes: Trainer's Manual, Script etc. on a CD Rom

An entirely new approach to a problem as old as time. Meet Kent ­ Harassed for want of time, as any of us may have been at any time ­ until he recognizes he has a problem, owns it and makes the decision to do something about it. He does this with the assistance of "Timewaster's Anonymous", a motley self-help group of similarly time challenged individuals, and successfully learns what he needs to know to take control of time.

The Time Trap II:

Effective Time Management

Includes: Leader's Guide How to Training Points:

· Use a time log to identify your personal time wasters · Set longrange goals and daily priorities with deadlines · Identify your number-one priority and get it done first · Handle interruptions - telephone calls and visitors · Tactfully say "no" when necessary · Replace personal disorganization with self-discipline · Reserve a daily quiet hour · Limit meeting time · Handle paperwork · Ask others to help.

30 min · $595 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.

Stress Illustrated

Includes: Leader's Guide with Stress Management Profile

How to recognise the symptoms of negative stress and how to develop a personal action plan to become healthier.

26 min · $745 · Sp. Price: Rs. 12,250.

The video discusses: · Identifying the symptoms · Understanding the causes of stress · How to control stress by ­ Personal Development; Relationships with family, friends and co-workers, and our environment · Managing your lifestyle to control stress and increase your energy motivation and self-confidence.

Making Time

Includes: Course Guide, Quick Guide, Resources Disk

This drama based training program gives practical tips to help boost their timeefficiency at work. Illustrates negative effects of poor organisation; how to be more productive by planning your work, prioritising, dealing with interruptions and learning to say `no'.

23 min · $745 · Sp. Price: Rs.9,750.

23 min · $550 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.

Positive Time Skills

Includes: Trainer's Guide

· how to `file the pile' · how to recognise and use personal `prime time' · how to use your diary to 'book' time to do tasks · how to tackle procrastination · what to do in a crisis · how to deal with interruptions.

Getting a Handle on Stress

Includes: Facilitator's Guide, Workbook, OHPs.

The demands placed on us from day to day are increasing. Learning to deal with stress is critical for your success and happiness. Are you aware of the negative health effects associated with prolonged tension and stress? More importantly, are you aware of how to turn them around and thrive on stress by controlling your mind?

Trainer's Guide includes: · pre-course questionnaire · 3 lecture units · 11 practice activities · 5 OHP masters · 5 handout masters · time breakdown chart.

25 min · £345 · Sp. Price: Rs.7,250.

Key Points: get priorities clear and keep them in mind; plan the day and stick to the plan; set realistic deadlines; look ahead to possible problems; deal decisively with interruptions; act assertively; limit phone time; see others as a source of support; do the difficult things first; cut the clutter; complete one task before going onto the next; concentrate on a limited number of tasks and build in thinking time.

Personal Time Management

Includes: Leader's Guide and Book

This fast-moving programme gives practical tips to determine how effectively you use time. The accompanying book contains worksheets, case studies, time logs and charts that provide practical ways to become a better time manager.

Drama+Summary: 28 min · £1199 · Sp. Price: Rs.16,950.

Topics covered include: · How long term stress affects individuals · Ways to stress proof your body · Relaxation exercises · Where does stress come from · Work issues · Making time for you.

Free Bonus: Includes "Heidi Di Santo's Guide to Relaxation" 12-minute video which demonstrates ways for you and your workplace to combat stress.

Where Does the Time Go?

Includes: Leader's Guide Designed especially for frontline supervisors . First,

they'll meet Judy, an office supervisor, who learns to control her "internal time-wasters" ­ the kind she brings on herself by not being organized. Then, Brad, a production supervisor, shows how he handles his "external time-wasters" ­ the calls, personal visits, meetings, and crises.

30 min + 12 min bonus video · A$495.00 · Sp. Price: Rs.8,450

23 min · $295 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.

12 min · $345 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,450.



`Communication in the Workplace' Series

Each video: · A$495 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,950 All 5 videos · A$1,995 · Sp. Price: Rs.20,750.

Communication Breakdown

Keep the engine of communication running smoothly

Includes: Leader's Guide, PPT Presentation

It's a fact that as our means of communications have expanded and diversified, so has our potential for failed communications and misunderstandings. Information is lost, deadlines are missed and relationships are damaged. The impact on morale and productivity can be sudden and dramatic! And the "cures" to these common problems are simpler than you'd imagine. This video provides both the information and inspiration your staff needs to communicate more clearly and effectively. Key Learning Points:· Believing there is one reality · Choosing the wrong method · Responding defensively · Failing to share information · Failing to be direct · Breaching confidentiality · Failing to listen.

1. Nature of Workplace Communication

This informative program is about communicating in the workplace and follows a week in the life of fictional cleaning company `Clean as Krystal'. With manager Barry Walton as your guide, this program covers topics such as: · What is communication? · Barriers to effective communication · Communication at work · Effective workplace communication skills. 27 mins

The Four Styles

Includes: Leader's Guide, Participant's Guide

One problem in the workplace is getting along, and communicating with others. In fact, it's one pf the top reasons people fail to build successful relationships. Research shows that people communicate, think, and behave in entirely differently ways. These tendencies generally fall into four categories called behaviour or communication styles: · Supportives · Emotives · Reflectives · Directives Because people are different, they want and need to be treated differently. This program teaches how to become FLEX-able and introduces you to The Platinum Rule - "Do unto others as THEY want to be done unto". Presented in 3 parts, with pop-quizzes throughout to reinforce the learning: · Part 1 teaches the four behaviour styles and what's included in them. · Part 2 teaches how to identify these styles in others. · Part 3 teaches what is called being FLEX-able able to flex out of your style and into the other person's style.

2. Writing in the Workplace

This engaging program provides viewers with an overview of the purposes and advantages of writing as a medium and the advantages and disadvantages of writing compared with speaking. It covers the following areas: · Defining writing · Advantages and disadvantages of writing · Five steps to writing · Five `whats' to writing · Presentation By focusing on a melodramatic case study of fictional restaurant manager Jason and his staff at Larder Restaurant, the program works through the steps to achieve success in workplace writing. 23 mins

18 min · $945 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,850.

Talk Isn't Cheap!

Poor communication costs money.

Includes: Leader's Guide, PPT Presentation

In this age of empowerment and shared accountability for the bottom line, everyone must take responsibility for communicating clearly. The video demonstrates four practical, effective techniques for improving communication in the workplace: making yourself clear, adding reinforcement, becoming an active listener, and finding hidden messages. The video also dramatically illustrates how expensive a careless communication error can be. Key Learning Points: · Make Yourself Clear · Plan Before You Speak · Add Reinforcement · Listen Actively · Find the Hidden Message

3. Conflict Management

Set in the production office of fictional current affairs program `Sighted', this program provides a dramatic perspective on conflict in workplace communications and explores strategies for dealing with everyday conflict situations. The program deals with the more ordinary communications that go wrong, the personal and workplace costs of these and the possibilities of avoiding such situations and/or dealing constructively with them when they occur. The program examines: · What is conflict? · Role of conflict in the workplace · Conflict spiral · Conflict management strategies · Constructive conflict management. 27 mins

21 min · $995 · Sp. Price: Rs.13,250.

Communication Toolkit

A library of 39 video clips (70 min) on following aspects of communication: · Speaking Clearly · Active Listening · Nonverbal Communication · Conflict & Difficult Conversations · Group Communication · Presentation Skills

The Leader's Guide contains: · Reference Tables that help you select clips by skill (e.g., Listening) or application (e.g., Supervisor-to-Subordinate communication), and provides following information for each clip: · Primary and secondary skills that can be taught using the clip · Suggested training applications · Background information relevant to the clip · Scene description and photo · Suggested Discussion Questions along with possible responses · Activity Suggestions · Key points to draw from the clip · Ideas for following up on training conducted · Suggestions for using the clip in conjunction with other clips in the Toolkit.

4. Negotiation in the Workplace

In everyday life, negotiation is an important communication skill. This program explores the fundamentals and intricacies of the negotiation process through a fictional scenario of a high school teacher attempting to organise a training camp for her basketball team with her travel agent. The program explores the five stages of the negotiation process, including preparation for negotiation, negotiating, bargaining and confirmation. 25 mins

19 min · $695 · Sp. Price: Rs.11,950.

Personality Clash

Includes: Workbook with activities and handouts

Anne and Kim are very different culturally and in their work styles. Kim is annoyed by Anne's attitude, insensitive comments and fashion clothes. Anne, who is new, feels that Kim does not fit in well, and is frustrated by her messy desk and personal hygiene issues. Their relationship is spinning out of control. Anne takes the lead and sets up an open discussion where they give each other feedback, discuss their differences and come to a resolution for an effective working relationship. The video comprises of 2 parts:

5. Customer Service

This program focuses on both internal and external customers and clients using a fictional current affairs show 'On this Day' and its presenter Naomi Henderson as a case study. Insufficient attention to the needs of external customers can result in a loss of sales and profit for an organisation. Loss of sales, jobs and productivity can also be a product of poor internal service. The program looks at the following; · Defining customer service and customers · What makes for better customer service practices · The customer transaction · Sustaining good customer service · Concluding the customer transaction · Dealing with difficult customers 23 mins

Package includes: · Chaptered DVD with 2 versions of all clips: with introductory narration and without; · CD-ROMs with 2 versions of all clips (for importing into PowerPoint presentations); · Comprehensive electronic Leader's Guide that includes key points, discussion questions and activity suggestions for every clip.

Part 1 - Communication Breakdown Part 2 - Feedback and Resolution - 20 Key Learning Points are provided in an alternate version.

70 min · $995 · Sp. Price. Rs.16,850

14 min · A$495 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.



How to Develop Effective Communication Skills

Includes: Audio CD and Book

A systematic, detailed training program that gives you a blueprint for effective communication; a formula for understanding. You will learn the skills needed in order to compete in the worldwide marketplace to make you and your company successful.

Presented by renowned consultant, Peter Quarry. Pe Quarry.

Each video includes: Guide and Workbook Each video: A$650 · Sp. Price: Rs.8,450 each Full set of 4 videos: A$2068 · Sp. Price: Rs.25,950

Murder by Mixed Messages

Internal communication is the key to organizational success.

Includes: Facilitator's Guide, OHPs and handouts

Follows the history of an important project which grinds to a halt when the groups involved fail to communicate effectively. You are taken back over what went wrong and shown the basic errors at the moment at which they occur. As each of these errors is outlined it provides a systematic approach for your people to follow to ensure that they do not make the same mistakes. It outlines the entire process from selecting the information to actively listening and probing, through to expressing commitment and action. Also demonstrates the value of assertive behaviour, encouraging your people to speak up and express their opinions.

You'll learn to: · Build trust so you can communicate openly and freely with others · Remove barriers to positive communication · Communicate nonverbally as well as verbally · Develop better relationships through listening · Deal with conflict in the work place

1. Listening & Understanding

Teaches the five secrets for developing effective listening and understanding: show interest, focus on key issues, summarize and check for understanding, listen for common threads and explore and respond to feeling. · How to avoid five traps that interfere with effective listening and understanding · How to implement five techniques to improve listening and understanding skills · How to ensure communication is fully understood by others · How to respond to the feelings of others · How to avoid sending mixed messages. 16 min

34 min · Rs.5,950

Better Business Communication

Includes: Leader's Guide and Book Key points: · Learn to clarify the purpose of your

communication · Discover how to analyze your audience and structure your message for that audience · Practice tips and techniques for better communication in meetings, memos and presentations.

28 min · £395 · Sp. Price: Rs.9,750.

Complete Communication Kit

22 min · $295 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,950.

2. Overcoming Negative Behaviours

This video teaches practical actions for dealing with resistance, complaints, disruptions, demands and aggression from individuals with whom you must get along in order to get things done. · How to identify five types of negative behavior, and their cause, in others · How to implement practical strategies for overcoming negative behaviors · How to give feedback, uncover hidden needs, reward positive behavior and push for personal commitment · How to minimize the stress levels involved. 18 min

Verbal Communication:

The Power of Words

Includes: Leader's Guide

Visits a newsroom and a hospital where chaos and miscommunication reign, and learn how to spot the trouble signs in your won workplace. Special attention is given to how emotions, cultural differences and gender affect the way people talk to each other. Viewers learn the critical elements of verbal communication - responsible speaking and active listening for immediate application to increase efficiency and productivity.

An Award-winning Total Training Kit

Contains everything needed to develop communication skills. A highly flexible and cost-effective resource to train as many people as you like for years to come. The Course is divided into 12 Training Units.

3. Exercising Personal Power

This video introduces five influencing and persuading skills - position power, knowledge and experience, reward power, penalty power and inspiration power - and the different workplace situations in which to apply them: · How to appreciate the limitations of position power · How to use skills, knowledge, experience, qualifications and expertise to influence others · How to influence people by offering "rewards" · How to use penalty power effectively · How to influence others through inspiration and motivation. 15 min

The Kit Contains: Three Video Programmes:

· The Case Study (30 min). `Signal Failure' examines both informal communication and communication at the corporate level. · The Review of the Case Study (20 min). Analyses the main learning points. · The Incident File (40 min). More than 40 short video clips or triggers which illustrate different problems and ask: "What would you do next?" Two Resource Binders: · Photocopiable masters of all written materials needed for each unit including: · More than 130 OHPs highlighting key training points · Exercises, Case Studies and Role Plays · Projects to apply training in the workplace. · Key Point Summaries and Handouts · A Pre-Course Questionnaire to help assess training needs as precisely as possible. Comprehensive Trainer's Guide and 137 OHPs

22 min · $795 · Sp. Price: Rs.11,250.

Conversations That Work

Includes: Leader's Guide

The video takes you behind the scenes at a fictional company, while on-screen hosts provide colourful commentary on the communication action. It's a "play-by-play" full of proven techniques for problem-solving through effective communication. · Demonstrate the vital elements of strategic communication · Give everyone a practical, flexible model to use in all business conversations · Show how to keep all communications on the right track to produce more positive results.

4. Conveying Information

One of the biggest traps when explaining things is thinking that you are doing it effectively when you actually are not. Often the message that the other person receives is not the same as the message you intended to send. This video teaches the three steps necessary for getting the attention of listeners and conveying information clearly and avoiding misunderstandings, inefficiencies, errors and conflicts. 13 min

29 min · $495 · Sp. Price: Rs.7,950.

Further details available on request.

£1995 · Sp. Price: Rs.74,750.




Communicating effectively with email

Includes: CD-ROM, User's Guide

Email is fast becoming the primary means of communication within and between organisations. Its speed and immediacy give the medium great power. But these very strengths create problems if not used properly. To use email effectively you need both to manage your inbox efficiently, and also to apply the principles of good communication. e.asywriter will help you use email effectively and realise the enormous potential benefits of the medium for yourself, your team and your organisation.

The Write Stuff

Includes: Audio CD/Book

A practical how-to guide to help you become a better writer ­ both professionally and personally.

Produced in India

also in Hindi

The Art of Communication

Lack of proper communication leads a company into a tight spot. Inventories of non-moving products are high, products in demand are in short production. Production blames materials, who blames finance, who blames marketing. When the CEO calls a meeting to assess the situation, the executives present get worked up and again start blaming each other. The CEO decides to meet each person individually and goes over what exactly happened (shown in flashbacks) and discovers that the underlying common factor is bad communication. In the process, we learn what good communication is, how it is effected and how we can all become better communicators. Point by point analysis also covers listening skills and non-verbal factors - body language, tone of voice, emotional charge, etc.

You'll learn: The two unbreakable rules of writing · Techniques needed to make reports, memos, letters, e-mails, and presentations more understandable · How to eliminate writer's block · How to answer many of the tough grammar questions · How to truly reward yourself for completing your writing assignment

39 min · Rs.5,950

"Positive energe getic very humorous "Positive, energetic & very humorous .... this man is magic!" ­ Ernst & Young

e.asywriter is relevant to any individual or organisation using email. Its messages are universal and are independent of any software package.

17 min · £999 · Sp. Price: Rs.15,250.

20 min · Rs.8,450.

Writing for Business Results

Includes: Audio CD and Book

This clear-cut, nonthreatening approach gives you the principles you need to make your writing powerful, interesting and relevant to the reader ­ from memos and email to annual reports.

How to win friends & influence people.

Includes: Leader's Guide

In less than two minutes, customers make a snap decision about the person in front of them. In business as well as life, the failure to build trust and rapport can be insurmountable, while the rewards of a good first impression are almost immeasurable. This motivational programme shows how you can make a genuine connection with those who matter most. Learn how to increase sales, improve working relationships, raise productivity and have more fun at work. It will have a life changing impact on customer relationships and sales success as well as every other personal relationship in everyone's lives.

The Great Communicator

Includes: Team Guide and Trainer's Guide

Good communication is a two-way process ­ you need to put yourself in the other person's shoes. To communicate effectively: · Work out what you want to get across ­ why and to whom · Think about how and when · Really listen ­ test your assumptions · Check that you understand each other · Decide the next move. Winner of 3 Awards

22 min · £1199 · Sp. Price: Rs.14,750.

You'll learn:

· · · · · · Put the "Five C's" of effective writing to work Create a plan for letters, memos and e-mail Keep your messages short and simple Grab your readers with a strong opening line Provide the detail needed to support your writing Apply the Six Principles of The Writer's Edge

Influencing Others

Includes: Leader's Guide

Personal persuasive skills are a more powerful means to get things done than relying on authority and formal power: Learn five influencing styles and the different situations in which to apply them.

25 min · Rs.5,950

Connecting in business is all about: · Choosing the right attitude · Be welcoming, enthusiastic, curious and resourceful · Sending the right signals with your face, body and voice · Get them talking and keep them talking - with a short statement and an open ended question.

Better Business Writing

Includes: Leader's Guide and Book

This practical program, along with its self-study workbook, teaches viewers to write accurate, concise business letters, memos and reports.

17 min · $ 895 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,450.

Communication Skills That Build Winning Relationships

Includes: Book and Audio CD Includes:

You'll get an inside-out look at the two basic categories of communication: Internal - the voice within, and Interpersonal - listening and dealing with others. Each category is explored in detail to help advance your understanding of how to create effective communication.

11 min · A$495 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.

Key points: · Learn how to enhance your basic writing skills · Discover some of the most common mistakes in business writing and how to avoid making them yourself · Use the activities and exercises to practice what you have learned


Body Language

We use words to communicate but, their real meaning is often conveyed by our body language. Body language and voice tone are inextricably linked and each one has an effect on the other. We should be positive in our attitude and try to convey this in our voice tone. Our body language should then follow naturally.

26 min · $295 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.

The Writing Programme

Learn more effective writing

Includes: Presenter's Guide and Workbook

Too many of us have trouble writing clearly. While this video has much that is relevant to short letters and memos, its main focus is on reports, proposals and long letters. All managers, from the first line up to the board, will benefit from it. Based on Prof. ASC Ehrenberg's work, simplicity is the key-note ­ 5 simple rules and one question an immediate measurable improvement in people's writing.

You'll Learn To: · Realize that people communicate for two different reasons · Reverse destructive self-talk and shape yourself-esteem · Use the BE-DO-ACHIEVE-NEWBE cycle to build up internal communication · Guide yourself away from distorted thinking, and generalizing · Channel received feedback into positive actions toward improvement · Become a better retentive listener

12 min · A$395 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,250.

Communicating Without Words

Includes: Leader's Guide

Discover the five main ways in which people communicate non-verbally. Increase your awareness of your own body language and that of others.

20 min · £495 · Sp. Price: Rs.9,650.

22 min · Rs.5,950

12 min · A$495 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.



Body Language Skills at Work Listen!

Includes: Trainer's Guide, Role-plays, Handouts etc.


Award Winner

You're Not Listening

(2nd Ed.)

also in Hindi

The Most Important But Neglected Skill

Includes: Trainer's Guide

Those who listen well, whatever their jobs, are the people who work easily and effectively with others: The manager who does not listen cannot manage. The salesperson who does not listen is failing in his job. If specialists talk and don't listen they cannot begin to do their jobs. The course guide gives you a detailed breakdown including suggested timings, and there is wealth of excercises on different listening skills.

Part 1 (22 min) covers your own body language and Part 2 (18 min) covers how to read & react to the body language of those around you. The video uses realistic drama scenes, where we follow two main characters: Michael, a businessman and Carole, a training manager. You'll learn all about: · Cluster signals · Denial signals · Congruence · Masking · Mirroring · Matching · Pacing and leading

19 min · £499 · Sp. Price: Rs.11,250.

Studies have shown that we listen at only 25% efficiency. If listening is so important, why do we do it so poorly? Many of us fall victim to distractions, tune out if we lose interest, or are more intent on making our own point than in trying to understand the other person. Or we may commit a host of other common listening errors. Fortunately, effective listening is easy and can be improved through practice. In You're Not Listening, a series of vignettes identify poor listening habits and demonstrate how they can be overcome.

Effective Listening

Includes: Leader's Guide

Describes the five common traps to effective listening and the key listening skills needed to avoid these traps. These skills are demonstrated in a number of real life scenarios including a boss and employee communicating on the factory floor, a customer service manager responding to an angry customer on the phone, a dispatch officer responding to a customer, a union delegate interviewing some employees and a personnel manager counselling a member of staff.

40 min· £985 · Sp. Price: Rs.13,950

Body Talk

Includes: Trainer's Guide

How to observe and be aware of others' body language -- including how to check out body language which is incongruent with what people are saying?

Training Points: · How to identify and overcome barriers to listening · How to recognize advantages of good listening and the consequences of not listening · How to master six effective listening skills

19 min · $695 · Sp. Price: Rs8,850.

Listen and Win

Includes: Book and Audio CD

Why are some people better communicators than others? In most cases the mastery of effective listening skills gives the best communicators the desired competitive edge.

Key learning points: · how to be aware of your own body language · recognising effect you have on others by reading their responding body language · how to use body language to transmit the messages you intend · what Body Talk is and is not · congruence and incongruence · mirror, pace and lead · eye contact · handshake.

Key Points: · Avoiding mixed message · Prevention from going down the wrong path · Avoid being misunderstood · Controlling the amount of information absorbed at once · Feeling comfortable

11 min · A$495 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.

Take Time To Listen

Includes: Leader's Guide

If your employees are poor listeners, this video will give them the skills they need to listen and improve communication all around. Help them refine their listening skills to understand the real message being sent. Studies have shown that most people listen at 25% efficiency. Take Time to Listen shows how to use three basic steps to listen at nearly 100% efficiency.

Drama+Triggers: 43 min.· £895 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,950.

Body Language At Work

with Desmond Morris

Includes: Study Guide

Body language is an often overlooked element of communication. In every aspect of our lives it can be used to help us appreciate what other people are really thinking and feeling, as a tool to utilise ourselves in our dealings with others. The core program (21 min) covers the all-important first impression ­ eye contact, gesture, posture; mirroring; body language that contradicts the spoken word; people's sensitivity to their personal space. The three subsequent modules examine how to put messages across to others without distracting, misleading and making unconscious mannerisms: · For managers (15 min) Body language is a vital part of communicating with others in meetings, presentations, interviews. · For sales people (15 min) They must understand their own and the prospect's body language to seal their opportunities. · For the front line (15 min) Dealing with the public means reassuring people under stress.

You'll learn: · The basics of listening · How to tailor your listening skills to various situations · How to give and get good feedback and why it's important · How to identify "communication noise" and get rid of it · Why taking notes helps you become a better listener · How to ask the proper questions and be able to listen and remember the answers · What is important in what a speaker is saying · How to listen to learn, decide and enable!

30 min · Sp. Price: Rs.5,950.

Key Points: · How to utilize three basic rules - Stop, Think, Listen - to improve communications · How to ask questions and get the right message · How to recognize and solve common listening problems

Breakthrough Listening

Includes: Leader's Guide, Exercises, 360 Diagnostic

Listening can be the most important aspect of communication ­ and the most misunderstood. Follow a work team struggling to meet a deadline to discover the factors that affect the way we receive information. Key points: · Understand that listening is always interpretive. · Identify the factors that can affect listening. · Adapt messages to various types of listeners. · See how good listening strategies can improve team performance.

19 min · $695 · Sp. Price: Rs.8,850.

Listening Under Pressure

Includes: Facilitator's Guide, Checklists, Role-Plays

It's important to be a good listener, especially in high-pressure situations. When customers are demanding, employees reacting to other influences and pressure around them, it can be difficult to really listen. Dramatic vignettes show how to: · Avoid distractions · Restate messages in your own words · Ask direct specific questions to clarify understanding · Keep open mind · Evaluate the message not the person.

19 min · $395 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,250.

The Business of Listening

Includes: Leader's Guide and Book

Good listening is essential for success. This program contains interviews with experts and extends practical, positive suggestions to help viewers improve their listening skills.

66 min · £1199 · Spl Price Rs.16,950.

Please see page 39 for more videos on



15 min · $395 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,950.

You learn: · How to Evaluate your listening strengths and weaknesses · How to enhance your listening effectiveness

20 min · $295 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.


Being Assertive (Comm. Intelligence)

Includes: Leader's Guide

Assertiveness is defined as the ability to express yourself openly and honestly without denying the rights of others. This engaging video shares the `how to's of assertive communication and identifies other common communication styles that can cause difficulties in the workplace.



Getting others to see things your way

Includes: Trainer's Guide with OHPs

No matter how important a new plan or idea is to you, there will always be somebody who disagrees. If it's somebody who has to be involved, you need to find a way to work together. Agreed! sets out the process for: · Working towards a win-win result · Concentrating on issues rather than personalities · Finding common ground on which to build a creative solution · Co-operation works better than confrontation.

Getting to Yes: The Video Workshop

Roger Fisher, William Ury and Bruce Patton of Harvard Negotiation Project Harvar Negotiation Project ard Includes: Viewer's Guide.

Demonstrates a pragmatic and systematic approach to implementing interest-based negotiation, a powerful strategy for effectively pursuing your interests while simultaneously building long-term relationships. More than a dozen negotiations based on actual transactions and disputes are used to illustrate how to turn an adversarial or confrontational negotiation process into mutual problem solving. Features top executives, corporate lawyers and professional negotiators, making the scenarios feel incredibly realistic. Providing a running commentary on mistakes that are being made and how to correct them, Fisher, Ury and Patton coach the parties on effective approaches to take.

This video shows: · Importance of good communication · Four communication styles · How being assertive reduces stress, solves problems quickly and increases productivity · Body language and verbal communication skills · How to translate positive feelings into action.

16 min · $645 · Sp. Price: Rs.11,750.

30 min · £1199 · Sp. Price: Rs.16,950.

When I Say No, I Feel Guilty

Face conflicts & take a stand with ease & confidence

It's hard to say no, especially when you're pressured by subordinates or peers to be the decision maker. In this all time leading video, clinical psychologist and author Dr. Manuel Smith shows how to: · Use 7 verbal skills to say exactly what is meant without feeling guilty · Listen to complaints, objections, and criticism without taking it personally · Face conflicts head on and still maintain the upper hand · Use assertiveness to become more effective, both on the job and in their personal lives.

Successful Negotiation

Includes: Leader's Guide and Book

Examples of winning negotiations in both the business and personal arena, from sales to management, are demonstrated. Video vignettes and practical case studies help participants apply useful techniques immediately.

67 min · $995 · Sp. Price: Rs.14,850.

Ploys, Gambits and Dirty Tricks of Negotiation

Includes: Facilitator's Guide

Written and narrated by Wayne Berry, well known author on negotiation skills, the focus of this video is to show you some tips on how to handle some of the most common situations you will handle in negotiations. Tips such as creating win/win situations, being prepared and knowing the intended outcome you are working towards, will help you to become more effective and comfortable with negotiations.

Key points: · Learn the basics of "win-win" negotiations · Discover how to approach negotiations with a positive attitude · Understand six steps to success

24 min · $295 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.

30 min · $495 · Spl Price:Rs.8,550.


Winner of 5 major Awards

Includes: Leader's Guide and Case Study

Whether managers and supervisors negotiate one to one, in groups, for themselves, for their department, or for their organization, good negotiating skills are an absolute necessity. Negotiating depicts a realistic negotiation session as negotiators work to reach the best possible offer and a mutually acceptable agreement. Discover opportunities the on screen players miss and pitfalls they should avoid.

Say What You Want

Assertiveness at work

Includes: Trainer's Guide with OHPs

Explains why many `people problems' can be attributed to behaviour that is inadequately assertive.

18 min · AU$495 · Sp. Price: Rs.8,450

25 min · $495 · Sp. Price: Rs.7,975.

Produced in India

Do We Have A Deal?

Negotiating skills in a Non-Sales environment. Based on the work of Dr. Gavin Kennedy.

Includes: Trainer's Guide, Model Negotiation Simulation & OHP's.

By focusing on Malcolm, a manager representing the company, and Miriam, a supervisor representing the staff, the film demonstrates negotiation strategies and tactics in action, as the two managers attempt to negotiate the logistics of an office move. The film follows them as they make many of the classic errors. Miriam rushes in with unprepared demands while Malcolm refuses to open any discussion, preferring instead to impose his will in order to `win'. After several meetings all they have achieved is a stalemate. At this point Neville, Malcolm's manager steps in and guides the pair through the four key phases of negotiation to a successful win-win conclusion.

The programme presents six core training points illustrated by the experiences of a manager: · Decide what you want · Say it clearly and specifically · How you say it counts · Avoid being manipulated or side-tracked listen · Aim win-win.

The Skills of Assertiveness

How to make assertiveness a productive force in life.

Includes: Facilitator's Guide

The video goes into details of the five skills of Assertiveness: · Saying "No" · Broken Record · Fogging · Negative Assertion, and · Negative Inquiry. It provides insights into the importance of cognitive assertion, and the role of the Basic Human Rights, in enabling people to cultivate the habit of assertive communication

27 min · £1199 · Sp. Price: Rs.17,250.

Being Assertive

Includes: Leader's Guide

(People Skills)

Learn the difference between being aggressive, passive and assertive to minimize stress, get results and feel good about yourself. Discover effective ways to handle an angry customer, an unreasonable manager, a pushy sales person or a bullying workmate.

21 min · Rs.3,950.

17 min · A$495 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.

Assertive Problem Solving

Includes: Leader's Guide, Observer Checklist, Role-Play Exercises

Focuses on the problem solving techniques that identify and resolve difficult situations with customers. Employees will learn to find mutually agreeable solutions without compromising their self-respect or their responsibility to their organization. Motivates your employees to give the kind of customer service that keeps customers coming back. 15 min · $495 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,595.

Developing Positive Assertiveness

Includes: Leader's Guide and Book

· Learn the difference between aggressive, assertive, and passive behaviour · Discover effective words to use and the secrets of body language · Learn how to interpret other people's behaviour

25 min · £495 · Sp. Price: Rs.11,850.

23 min · $395 · Sp. Price: Rs.7,950.



The 5 Communication Secrets

Prod. by Indian Professionals. also in Hindi

That Swept Obama to the Presidency

Includes: Facilitator's Guide, Particiapnt Workbook, PPT Presentation

This breakthrough-training package provides easy, step-by-step lessons illustrated by videos of President Obama's own speeches. Presented by renowned communication expert Richard Greene, the creator of the 5 Secrets, the package is enhanced by multimedia supporting materials and is designed to quickly advance the presentation and public speaking skills of all participants. Employees that have the consistent ability to inspire and unite, to convey a vision of accomplishment and stimulate action in pursuit of a goal, and to articulate the company's mission and future, are invaluable assets in moving your organization forward.

Presentation Skills - A to Z.z.z

"Cleanly and deftly made. Neatly divided into three modules." -- Economic Times

Includes: Trainer's Guide & 3 Content Booklets

A self-contained package that provides step-bystep approach to making an effective presentation and also enables you to conduct a successful workshop.

Presenting to A Group

Includes: Leader's Guide

Public speaking in any sense usually strikes terror in the hearts of most. Learn six practical ways to overcome the main reasons why presentations often fail to inform or motivate.

Module 1:

Planning a Presentation

47 min · $495 · Sp. Price: Rs.9,950.

A presentation is rehearsed on the screen and then 23 min reviewed. Lively discussion adds insight.

Key Points: · The first few moments · Audience involvement · Using visuals · Reading the group · Pushing for action · Maintaining control

14 min · A$495 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.

Module 2:

Visual Aids and You

Greatest Speeches of All Time

of bes speeches from world leader aders 15 of the best speeches from world leaders.

· Winston Churchill · Martin Luther King ("I have a dream") · Roosevelt · John F. Kennedy · Truman · Nixon · Reagan · McArthur · Bob Kenned · Malcolm X.

A well organised slide-lecture making appropriate use of computer generated visual aids. 21 min

Module 3:

At the Presentation

Shows a skilled presenter making a lively presentation on presenting skills ­ using simplest of props, including a flip-chart board. Covers Do's and Dont's, and discusses commonly experienced problems 26 min

3 videos with 4 Guides · Rs. 8,750.

Presentations Without Fear

Includes: Guide and Workbook

How to resolve the five most daunting challenges faced when making presentations, giving them the confidence they need to look and sound more professional and make presentations that both inform and motivate the audience: · How to break the "fear spiral" and keep anxiety levels under control · How to avoid the "talking trap" · How to motivate audiences and involve them in a presentation · How to effectively handle an unplanned interruption · How to deal with a difficult audience member

68 min · Price: Rs.3,950.

Complete Presenter Kit

How to Make Winning Presentations

Includes: Leader's Guide, Audio CD & Book

One of the greatest fears for nearly everyone is the fear of making a speech in front of group of people. With this program you'll develop the skills necessary to make every presentation a success and feel comfortable and in control when giving it.

A$650· Sp. Price: Rs.8,450

You'll learn: · The two key ideas on which to build presentations · How to overcome presentation jitters · Why, how and when to adjust to the audience · How to look, act and feel composed · How to deliver what audiences expect · The secret to action endings · Why it's important to be idea conscious and not self-conscious

An Award-winning self-contained & flexible resource that can be used for courses from 2 hours to 2 days. cour ours int Tr Units: The course is divided into 5 Training Units: · Introduction · Delivery (Body language, use Intr troduction Delivery of voice, eye contact, enthusiasm) · Preparation (Objectives and audience, Preparation epar structure, beginnings and endings, designing visual aids, rehearsing) · Managing the pre ent Putting toge ogether presentation · Putting it all together

The Kit Contains: Two Videos: · Five dramatised episodes: Relating to each Training Unit, they follow the work of a team set up to promote a customer service campaign throughout a group of companies. · The skills files: 14 short video clips focus on specific skills and techniques by contrasting good and bad practice.

A Resource Binder: · Photocopiable masters of all the materials you need: · OHP transparencies · Key Point Summaries and Handouts · Presentation Exercises · A Pre-Course Questionnaire to help assess training needs Comprehensive Trainer's Guide & Quick Guide

Speaking Effectively

to One or One-Thousand

Includes: Leader's Guide

This entertaining film gives viewers the skills so needed for confident communication with audiences of one or one thousand. Host Steve Landesberg, of the Barney Miller TV show, and a team of actors show the most common ways speakers can botch a presentation. Then they show the four main components of effective speaking for an audience of any size: · Mental Effectiveness · Visual Effectiveness · Vocal Effectiveness · Verbal Effectiveness Participants will learn: · What causes publicspeaking fear and how to avoid it · The roles of appearance and body language · How to most effectively communicate your message · Confidencebuilding techniques

(2nd Ed.)

30 min · Rs.5,950

Effective Presentation Skills

Includes: Leader's Guide and Book

Shows how to prepare and deliver an effective speech or report. Proven techniques are presented that help viewers give more confident, enthusiastic and persuasive presentations. Role playing illustrate right and wrong ways to make effective presentations.

24 min · $895 · Sp. Price: Rs.11,750

Key points: · Discover how to organize thoughts and data for maximum impact. · Learn how to deal with anxiety and use body language effectively.

21 min · $395 · Sp. Price: Rs.7,950.

Further details available on request.

£1995 · Sp. Price: Rs.74,750.



Meetings Under Control

A seven-part formula for controlling meetings and making them productive and efficient.

· How to determine when a meeting is necessary · How to set objectives and an agenda for the meeting · How to stay on track by avoiding tangents and distractions · How to use time management skills · How to positively resolve conflict · How to make sure meetings achieve outcomes · How to create a list of action items and assign responsibility


Business Etiquette

Includes: Leader's Guide

Meet Peta, an experienced marketing administrator who has been interviewed for a position at a prestigious museum by its President who finds her perfect for the position. Before accepting the job, Peta wants to spend a day at the museum getting to know the people there. Three dedicated curators agree to give Peta a guided tour of the work environment... but the next day, she declines the position. What went wrong? Our video follows their experiences and gives them a second chance to correct the behaviour that led to Peta's negative answer and meets success.


Includes: Leader's Guide, PPT Presentation

Are your conference calls as productive as you'd like them to be? With the rise of travel costs and shrinking corporate budgets, the common face to face meeting is being quickly replaced by the conference call. Unfortunately, many people have not yet learned the skills it takes to make this type of meeting effective. This entertaining training video uncovers the challenges and virtual rules that both participants and meeting organizers must understand. The INVISIBLE Meeting is sure to make all your conference calls more effective. Learn how to: · Cyber Coordinate · Minimize Noise · Announce · Get Verbal Feedback · Use Clear Language · Be a Team

15 min · A$605 · Sp. Price: Rs.7,450.

Managing Meetings

Includes: Leader's Guide

Discover the CONTROL Technique, a powerful formula to ensure meetings are more productive, satisfying and costeffective, whether they take place formally in the boardroom or on the run.

18 min · A$645 · Sp. Price: Rs.11,750.

Basics of Business Etiquette

Key points: · Why etiquette is important · Proper manners for meeting and greeting others · Spatial arrangements: How close to stand and why · Basic office equipment etiquette · Professional presence (what to wear and not to wear) · The basics of how to act in both business and social situations · How to manage dining dilemmas (which fork, glass and plate belong to YOU?)

18 min · $795 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,250.

Key Points: · Being convinced that the meeting is really necessary · Knowing what it is you want to achieve, what your objectives are · Start on time and finishing on time · Sticking to your pre-planned time allocation for each item on your agenda · Seeing conflict as an opportunity, not a threat · Listing all actions that need to happen · Making sure your meetings achieve outcomes

Effective Meeting Skills

Includes: Leader's Guide and Book Key points: · Learn how to prepare for, carry out and

follow up on an effective meeting · Discover effective leadership and participant roles · Use the comprehensive checklist to ensure meeting success

45 min · AudioCD and book · Rs.5,950.

Manners at Work

Learn: · Making and acknowledging introductions · Proper etiquette up and down the organizational hierarchy · Cubicle courtesy · Shaking hands · Getting along with coworkers · Electronic etiquette: using cell phones, camera phones, pagers, voicemail, and e-mail · Sharing office space and equipment

20 min · $295 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.

15 min · A$495 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.

Meeting Case Study

Includes: Workbook with activities and handouts

See a typical meeting in progress with Sadhana, the team leader and six participants of various ages, nationalities and communication styles. The group discusses quality and delivery issues, team breakfasts and schedules - not always agreeing. They follow an agenda but the group makes it challenging for Sadhana to stay on track. An idea resource with multiple uses: · Analysis of meeting facilitation skills · To practise taking minutes and to create a follow-up action plan · To study group dynamics · To improve on communication and meeting skills for all participants


Paper Plates to Silver Spoons

The Complete Guide to Table Manners

Combining humour with serious instruction, this comprehensive film covers importance of a good posture, how to hold and use utensils, how to be prepared for conversation. Correct way to eat most common foods; (salad, soup, bread, steaks, desserts,etc.). What to do when faced with tricky situations - a drink is spilled or a utensil dropped; a question is asked while mouth is full, & much more!

20 min · Rs.6,250.

Looking Great At Work

Understand the four levels of business casual from baseline casual to executive business casual. Learn the traditional white collar business look and see how to knot a tie. Part two of this very practical video gives advice on hygiene and grooming from tooth brushing and face washing, to bathing and hair care.

18 min · A$385 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,450.

Meetings That Work

Includes: Leader's Guide

How to plan, streamline, conduct, and evaluate meetings. Hold meetings that improve morale and communications... meetings that save time, money, and improve the bottom line.

40 min · Rs.6,250.

Etiquette Hotline: Table Manners

From proper handling of eating utensils to how to manage spaghetti and finger foods. Presented from the students point of view, this amusing program emphasizes avoiding embarrassing mistakes in social and business situations, using a napkin, cutting food, proper posture and grooming, eating soup, checking the bill, and tipping.

18 min · Rs.6,250.

Professional Image

A diverse group of young adults share their experiences in the workforce, giving the viewer a complete look at what works and what doesn't. Led by a host who shares information from our research, tests viewers on their current skills, and introduces each of the program's players. After watching this program, viewers will know how to act and react in any business situation, providing a comfortable, knowledgeable start to any career.

Key points: · Plan your agenda creatively by idea mapping and visualising · Take advantage of chance meetings · Organise the what, who, where and when · Stress the Do''s and weed out the DONT's · Evaluate past meetings to compare them with those held after this program

21 min · $650 · Sp. Price: Rs.8,450.

with Leader's Guide · 23 min · Rs.6,250.

25-min · Rs.6,925



Dealing With Conflict

Includes: Leader's Guide,

Conflict shifts the focus away from work and the basic goals of the team, department and organization, negatively impacting productivity and ultimately, the bottom line. Based on the world-famous Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument, this program offers proven methods for recognizing and resolving conflict by dramatizing three scenarios that highlight the five positions taken by most people during contentious situations: · Avoiding · Accomodating · Competing · Compromising · Collaborating While the skills and insights presented here will enhance management's ability to resolve conflicts, they are for all employees -- enabling everyone to work through conflicts with less dependence on superiors.



Working With You Is Killing Me

Freeing Yourself from Emotional Traps at Work

Includes: Leader's Guide, PPT Presentation, Participant Workbook

This powerful video teaches employees and managers how to tame a toxic coworker by setting boundaries. It brilliantly portrays how employees on any career path and at any level of an organization can be undone by a problem co-worker. The amount of time spent worrying, avoiding, raging and obsessing over toxic employees can affect performance on the job and peace at home. With authors Katherine Crowley and Kathi Elster as hosts, this program provides the antidote, showing exactly how to take responsibility for addressing the problem and put a stop to it all. It shows employees how to "unhook" from difficult situations in four simple ways: Physically, Mentally, Verbally and With a Business Tool (memo, email, log, etc.).

`Doing Business In .....` Series

To succeed in international business, you need proper preparation. Failure to understand the culture of the country will cost you time, money, or worse. These videos help you and your employees be more profitable when working internationally. You'll be welcomed into the offices of top executives and discover the essentials of business culture. Mind your manners: they can open doors - or slam them shut. Gain access to the corridors of power - from financial stock to livestock - and learn what to do if negotiators get angry or just walk out. Find out how to get accurate information by recognizing when you're being told the whole story - and when you're not. Learn new communication skills to read body language and silence, and find out what's really being said.

Each DVD with Instructor's Guide · $595 Sp. Price: Rs.11,250. each.

Doing Business in Argentina

(48 mins)

Participants will learn: · Proven methods for recognizing conflict · The five most valuable methods of conflict resolution · The two basic dimensions of human behaviour in conflict situations · How to take responsibility for conflict and its resolution

Participants will learn to: · examine how their own reactions can enable the situation · internalize a series of proven responses to problem behaviour · reinforce the message if the problem behaviour returns

· Business customs in Argentina? · Fundamentals of Argentina business management? · Why is it better to be authoritarian - rather than egalitarian? · Proper business etiquette in Argentina?

Doing Business in Brazil

(38 mins)

23 min · $995 · Sp. Price: Rs.14,850.

20 min · $895 · Sp. Price: Rs.13,750.

Effective People Skills Series

8 one-hour workshops on Conflict

Wonder what's the number one reason an employee fails at your firm?

Includes: Facilitator's Guide

Covers every conceivable type of conflict that occurs in your workplace, as well as related topics. Most important, it teaches your employees essential skills for resolving conflicts, enhancing collaboration and productivity, and infusing a spirit of teamwork and respect at your company. Each 1-hour workshop features an information-rich participant's workbook and an engaging video that dramatizes a particular type of conflict and models an ideal response. The eight modules can be used individually or together, enabling you to tailor content to the unique needs of your organization. The eight modules are: 1. Determining the Right Response to Conflict 2. Handling Overt Conflict 3. Handling Covert Conflict 4. The Aikido Approach to Conflict 5. Working Collaboratively 6. Listening 7. Asserting 8. Giving and Receiving Feedback

· What culture does Brazil have? · Inappropriate business conservation topics in Brazil? · What are the negotiation and management styles?

Doing Business in Chile

· · · ·

(43 mins)

Conflict Management

Includes: Leader's Guide & Book

Viewers learn how to implement a positive four-step program to resolve conflict constructively. A unique "Managing Differences Inventory" allows participants to identify their conflict management styles. Real-world examples show how to diagnose conflict and then how to plan, prepare and implement an effective action plan.

What's the workplace culture in Chile? What's proper etiquette and greetings? How do I find the right business gift in Chile? What's the appropriate management style in Chile?

Doing Business in Indonesia

· · · ·

(44 mins)

19 min · $295 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.

What's proper protocol and etiquette? What are the culture and values in Indonesia? Indonesian non-verbal communication? What are the keys to success in management?

Managing Conflict

Includes: Leader's Guide A "How To" video which analyses interpersonal conflict

­ what it is, why it can be valuable and why it's important to learn how to manage it. Vignettes illustrate five strategies for managing conflict effectively: The video helps viewers · learn to analyse the conflict · determine their objectives, and · select the most effective strategy to manage it successfully.

Doing Business in Malaysia

· · · ·

(46 mins)

Malaysia introduction and greetings Strategies for Doing Business and negotiation Values, traditions and beliefs Malaysia human resources management

Doing Business in Mexico

(33 mins)

19 min · $625 · Sp. Price: Rs.8,750.

Dealing With Conflict

Includes: Leader's Guide

See practical examples of five different styles of dealing with conflict. Discover your own natural style of handling conflict. Most importantly, learn the essential skills of co-operation and collaboration.

· Differences and norms of the Mexican culture? · Proper Mexican business etiquette in Mexico? · Secret to effective business communication in Mexico? · Differences of American culture v/s Mexican culture? · How do I uncover cultural Mexican masks and get accurate information?

Doing Business in Singapore

· · · ·

(44 mins)

8 Modules (total 50 mins) · $800 · Sp. Price: Rs.13,750.

Cultural taboos and Singapore business etiquette? Strategy for doing business in S'pore with Chinese? Best negotiation techniques? Key to success in business management in S'pore?

Key Points: · Sharing the problem · Uncovering needs · Identifying creative solutions

12 min · A$495 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.

For Online Previews visit:



`Global One' Series

Master the Essentials, from Culture and Communication, to Leadership and Teamwork

In today's global marketplace you can't afford a hit or miss approach to diversity training.

Each DVD with Instructor's Guide · $695 45 min each · Sp. Price: Rs.12,750.

`Global Scenarios' Series -- Training Exercises for International Business

Building the Multicultural Team

Includes: Instr. Guide, Script, Exercise & Roleplays

Takes you on an exciting journey to observe a global team in action. You'll watch a problem-plagued meeting between five managers from Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North America and South America, and discover powerful techniques for working effectively with other cultures.

Cross-Cultural Communication

Includes: Instructor's Guide

A lively, engaging dramatization in which you'll observe a manager floundering as she tries to understand her employees and their culture, as she fails to understand the manager's role in communication and diversity. Her employees only make matters worse by concealing important information, without the proper communication skills for a multicultural organization.

Cross-Cultural Understanding

This program, investigates all the key components of culture and communication, including values and beliefs, social structure, perceptions of time, communication styles, proper etiquette and more.

Key Learning Points: · How to recognize and respect differences in values · How to work effectively with different views of leadership and teamwork · How to deal with different attitudes toward time and deadlines - and how to keep things moving forward · How to communicate effectively with other cultures · How to respect different beliefs and viewpoints · How to show respect for cultural diversity with proper etiquette

Key Learning Points: · understanding the challenges of work in a multicultural team · developing an effective cross-cultural, multicultural leadership plan · how to communicate effectively with other cultures · dealing effectively with differences in values and priorities · discovering how to build effective working relationships · seeing success stories on multicultural teams · understanding that awareness is a "two-way street": all cultures need to adapt · How to bridge differences and create a balanced approach

Key Learning Points: · developing communication skills for a multicultural organization · discovering the importance of body language · finding out why some cultures might withhold important information · how stereotyping can lead to ineffective communication · clarifying the manager role in communication diversity · understanding that awareness is a "two-way street": all cultures need to adapt.

12 min · $595 · Rs.12,750

Cultural Awareness

In this training program, you'll discover what happens when an American manager collides with his Muslim counterpart. Find out how poor communication leads to bad feelings and damaged relationships. This powerful dramatization will help your employees gain the essential skills for avoiding costly cultural conflicts, and for respect and cultural awareness in business places.

14 min · $595 · Rs.12,750

Building the Virtual Team

Includes: Instructor's Guide

You observe a group leader and the problems she faces in virtual team management as she struggles to lead her managers in Asia, India, Africa and Latin America.

Intercultural Communicating

`Intercultural Communication' is a complete training program to help your people avoid misunderstandings and communicate more effectively with other cultures. Key Learning Points: · Why some cultures might avoid giving straight answers · How to understand what's really being said · How to read body language and nonverbal business communication · How to know when `yes' might really mean `no' · What topics might be offensive and disrespectful with other cultures · Why some cultures prefer to avoid touching, eye contact, etc. · How to overcome language barriers and avoid translation disasters

Key Learning Points: · realizing the importance of human relationships in many cultures · discovering how impersonal communication can backfire · learning how to balance high-tech and high-touch · finding out how to deal with language and translation issues · dealing effectively with time zones, response time, etc. · understanding that awareness is a "two-way street": all cultures need to adapt · How to bridge differences and create a balanced approach

18 min · $595 · Rs.12,750

Key Learning Points: · Developing cultural sensitivity and respect · Recognizing differences in values and priorities · Enhancing cross-cultural sensitivity training for all cultures · Increasing your employees' cultural awareness in business places and the work environment · How to bridge differences and create a balanced approach · Improving communication skills · Gaining sensitivity to religion, beliefs, holidays etc. · Understanding that awareness is a "two-way street": all cultures need to adapt

10 min · $595 · Rs.12,750

International Negotiating

To prosper in today's increasingly global business environment, you need to understand cultural influences on selling and negotiating. It's up to you to provide the training necessary for success. This program unveils all the secrets of doing deals effectively with other cultures.

Your Cultural Passport to International Business

Economically speaking, a wealth of new international business opportunities is swiftly creating a world without borders. But from a cultural point of view, many potential barriers still exist. In this timeless program, people who have worked in different cultures offer insights into a variety of customs, including forms of greeting, body language, dining etiquette, and negotiation styles. This practical educational resource can help turn social liabilities into a rapport that profits all concerned.

Talking 9 to 5:

Women and Men in the Workplace

Includes: Leader's Guide

Imagine how difficult work would be if you spoke a different language than your coworkers! Yet this happens every day - because men and women use different communication styles. Linguistics expert Deborah Tannen introduced the idea that men and women sometimes talk as if they inhabit different worlds. Talking 9 to 5 captures real-life work conversations that illustrate her pioneering insights.

Communicating Between Cultures

Some "cultural givens" are so deeply imbedded in thought patterns they lead to communication breakdowns. In this DVD you view and discuss a series of eye opening cross-cultural situations. Observe how "cultural givens" such as "getting right to the point", "saving face," taking turns in conversation, and saying "yes" or "no" complicate inter-cultural communication. Our multi-cultural cast teaches your students practical guidelines for communicating between cultures.

28 min · Rs.6,925.

23 min · Rs.6,250.

Videos on Etiquette - Page 43

Key Learning Benefits: · Utilize everyone's input to generate exceptional ideas · Strengthen diversity through positive, non-blaming approach · Help leaders adapt to variety of communication styles · Retain talented employees who know they are heard, respected.

30 min · $595



Diversity Challenges:

What Would You Do?

Includes: Facilitator's Guide, PPT Presentation

Defining diversity and understanding how to navigate through a diverse workforce are two very different things. It is one thing to understand what diversity is, but it's another to hire and manage the human complexities of a diverse workforce. The program consists of two open-ended scenarios to provide organizations, trainers and employees with a tool to initiate discussion.

Dialogue - Now You're Talking

A 4-part Series

Ethnicity? Race? Gender? Job Function? Having trouble communicating across differences?

Includes: Facilitator's Guide, Handouts, PPT Slides

How should we communicate in a world where differences, job function, culture, gender, age and a myriad of other factors often lead to distrust, mis-understanding and reduced productivity? We can all benefit from learning the tools of dialogue - how to communicate across differences in a way that us both respectful and effective. Dialogue is how you commun-icate when you are having trouble communicating.

Is It Bias?

Making Diversity Work

Includes: Leader's Guide, PPT Presentation Video 1: Is It Bias? (17 mins)

Video 2: Bias Reduction: Taking It to the Next Step (17 min) Video 3: How to Deal with Bias as a Manager (6 min) Dr. Sondra Thiederman's DVD-based training course a product of over 25 years of experience in the workplace diversity field. Bias costs organizations billions in lost productivity. Prejudicial thinking and actions in the workplace result in high turnoverand low morale, not to mention the risk of expensive litigation. Getting rid of bias in the workplace is within our control. It is not a mystery; it's a choice and we each have the power to make, and MUST make that choice. The course is designed to provide: · Skills for identifying bias in oneself and others. · Immediately applicable tools for both reducing biases and controlling their impact on how we treat people who are different from ourselves. · Practical strategies to help managers deal with subtle and unconscious bias in the workplace. · Awareness that we each have the power and the responsibility to spot biases in our thinking and, in turn, to control the inappropriate behaviours that those biased attitudes create.

Vignette 1: The Interview (8 mins) Vignette 2: Do I Have to Work with Him? (8 mins)

16 min · $495 · Sp. Price: Rs.8,950.

1. Communicating in a Diverse World 25 mins

What is dialogue - contrasting debate and dialogue. Initiating Dialogue - how to do it, where to do it. The skills of Dialogue - Suspension (of judgment, decision making and status); Listening (with empathy, for understanding, showing you care); Discovery (uncovering and sharing hidden assumptions in yourself and others). Includes a dramatization of how Dialogue helps us communicate across job functions, helping improve relations between people at different levels within the organization as well as between different departments or areas of expertise.

Includes: Leader's Guide and Employee Handbook

Seven front line employees from a variety of businesses speak directly to their peers as they lay out the issues of Respect, Harassment and Diversity head on in a question and answer format. · When does being in a bad mood equal disrespect? · What happens if your "free speech" offends someone? · What is the rule when it comes to sexual attraction at work? Includes a brief but clear legal definition of harassment and presents two universal policy statements: · Anti-Harassment Policy · Sexual Harassment Policy

17+17+6 mins · $795 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,850.

2. Dialogue for Cultural Understanding

We apply the skills of dialogue outlined in video 1 to challenges faced in culturally diverse work environments. We see a dramatization that demonstrates how dialogue can be used to open communication, uncover hidden assumptions, break down stereotypes and facilitate more productive relationships. 24 mins

Wealth, Innovation & Diversity

Includes: Leader's Guide, Workbook, CD-ROM with Handouts, OHPs, PowerPoint Presentation.

The global community is here. In this video Joel Barker takes us around the world to stress that: "Diversity is directly connected to innovation and innovation to wealth, you cannot gain the benefits of one without enlisting the energy of the other." He draws from history and science, against such backdrops as Machu Picchu's ruins, a farm in Ireland, skyscrapers in Singapore, and the forests and plains of America, shares inspirational stories and contends that your organisation will experience long lasting success only when you hire, promote and encourage people different than yourself.

3. Dialogue Between Genders

18 min · $895 · Spl Price:Rs.12,750

21 mins A dramatized dialogue shows us how the skills we learned in video 1 can be used to overcome misunderstandings, break down gender stereotypes and improve communications between men and women at work.

M.E.E.T on Common Ground

Includes: Facilitator's Guide and Reproducible Materials on CD

Addresses respect and diversity headon by showing how to deal with the real stuff that happens everyday.

24 mins We demonstrate how the skills of dialogue can be used to bridge the personal and professional style differences that exist between employees of different ages. We uncover how divergent personal and world views common to people of different generations can lead to misunderstandings and distrust and how dialogue can help overcome age barriers and build more productive workplace relationships.

4. Dialogue Among Generations

Each video: $625 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,250. Full set of 4 videos: $2,500 · Sp. Price: Rs.36,750.

31 min · $895 · Sp. Price: Rs.21,750.

Key Learning Points: · We all want, need, and deserve to be treated with respect · Building an atmosphere of mutual respect is everyone's responsibility · The four steps to building respect in the work-place (the M.E.E.T. model)

How to Deal with Cultural Diversity In the Workplace

Includes: Book and Audio

We all come from diverse backgrounds. Just because people do things differently doesn't mean they're wrong. This video helps you see the value of these differences in people and learn to put cultural diversity to work to benefit you and your organization. You will learn to: · Communicate effectively with and mentor individuals from different backgrounds · Be sensitive to older employees · Build foundations for teamwork · Resolve conflicts by focusing on the common goal · And more!

Peacock in the Land of Penguins

Includes: Leader's Guide, Workbook, PPP on CD

Perry the peacock is different. He's one colorful peacock in a land of black-andwhite birds. But Perry learns to change an otherwise icy terrain into the land of opportunity for everyone. This timeless delightful animated story teaches how communication, trust and a diverse mix of strengths can: · Foster an enriching environment · Spark creativity · Create a culture of teamwork

22 min · $995 · Sp. Price: Rs.10,450.

Respect (Session Starter)

This meeting opener will inspire your employees to consider their part in creating a respect-filled workplace. Show this with M.E.E.T. On Common Ground, or in any training session on respect and communication.

4 min · $295 · Sp. Price: Rs.3,250.

10 min · $595 · Sp. Price: Rs: 9,450.

30 min · Rs.5,950.



Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts

Includes: Leader's Guide, PowerPoint Presentation Unfortunately, stereotypes are not going away...

With diversity being a hot topic as the global market expands, we think you'll find this poignant and comprehensive diversity video and excellent addition to your training library. Staying silent in the face of demeaning comments, stereotypes or bias allows these attitudes and behaviors to thrive. This undermines our ability to create an inclusive workplace where all employees are welcomed, treated with respect and able to do their best work. Yet, most employees and leaders who want to speak up don't know how. So, we say nothing. That's where the Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts training video comes in. OUCH! Learning Objectives: · Understand the impact of stereotypes and biased statements, even when casually said · Identify the most common reasons people sit silent in the face of bias and stereotypes · Enhance skills for speaking up against stereotypes without blame or guilt


perfect for pers ex ellence The perfect primer for personal excellence

Even Eagles Need A Push

Includes: Leader's Guide Filmed on location around the world, this remarkable video explores the character traits that separate the mundane from the magnificent.

Skillfully mixing compelling visual metaphors with timeless wisdom and personal insights, David McNally shows viewers how to empower themselves and unlease their potential by finding meaning in their work and committing themselves to new levels of achievements and excellence. This process of empowerment, revolves around developing five vital qualities: · Self-appreciation · Vision · Purpose · Commitment and · Contribution.


A short film by Dewitt Jones Includes: Learning Guide, PPT Presentation Join best-selling author Dewitt Jones in Juice, his

new, short film that tells the story of his chance encounter with a five-year old boy and the life-long lesson gained from that experience. This beautiful and sincere program encourages viewers to find their passion, their joy --their juice-- in all that they do. Juice Reminds Us: · Inspiration can come from anywhere, and often comes from the most unexpected places. · Determination and focus come with practice. · Passion gives us the power to fulfill our dreams.

24 min · $795 · Sp. Price: Rs.11,250.

McNally's Sequel to `Even Eagles Need A Push' McNally's Sequel to `Ev Eagle agles Push'

The Eagle's Secret

Includes: Facilitator's Manual with Exercises

Learn to soar like an eagle and "reach the high places" in the new world of work in the new millennium. Using stories, illustrations and stimulating visual metaphors, motivation expert David McNally takes us on a journey of discovery that reveals the Eagle's Secret of high performance.

3 min · $295 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,250.

Who Says We Can't Do It?

Lance Armstrong's Journey

An Unforgettable Motivational Story

Includes: Leader's Guide

Cancer Survivor! Champion! Hero! Leader! - Lance Armstrong is perhaps the most inspirational sports figure on the planet today. His story of overcoming cancer and winning the Tour de France for three consecutive years has inspired millions of people who have watched him on TV or read his best-selling book, "It's Not About the Bike". This truly unique programme is a poignant, human, and compelling presentation that will get people thinking positively about achieving virtually any goal.

also in Hindi

30 min · $695 · Sp. Price:12,750.

Ecosystem in your Business

Celebrating Diversity

Includes: Guide, Workbook

In this program from the Lessons from the Wild Series, the zebra is used as the metaphor to explore the concept of Managing Diversity. The video starts with spectacular footage of the big 5 and then explains the little known behaviours of the Wildebeest, the Dung Beetle, Oxpeckers, Vultures, Hyenas, Hippos and finally the Zebra. It demonstrates how these animals differ in terms of their social interaction, eating habits and the manner in which they protect themselves or how they collaborate to deal with the competition of predators and the challenges of survival on a daily basis.

Key objectives: · Understand surviving vs. thriving · Thrivers take personal responsibility · Thrivers contribute value · Thrivers build trust · Thrivers are forever learning · Thrivers never give up.

22 min · $795 · Sp. Price: Rs.9,450.

Is 'Good' Enough?

Includes: Leader's Guide

Combining dynamic graphics, captivating music, and striking images, this motivational 3-minute meeting opener explores what would happen if 99.9% were the acceptable standard of excellence. The concept of "good enough" is at the heart of all mediocrity. It can be a creeping influence in the workplace as well. Software programs are released with known defects, food products are shipped with acceptable amounts of "foreign matter", toys are manufactured with an eye on profit over safety. Perfect for re-thinking standards on quality, safety and excellence.

20 minute · $795 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,750.

8 min · $395 · Sp. Price: Rs.7,950.

Drop by Drop

Includes: Facilitator's Guide, PowerPoint Presentation

This new diversity program demonstrates how the small slights, subtle discriminations and tiny injustices can add up to big problems in your workplace! These small communications of disrespect, prejudice and inequality aren't overt, but they can be incredibly destructive. A poison in the workplace that isn't delivered in a bucket, but takes its toll drop by drop. CONSIDER: Listen, empathize, and follow the "platinum rule" by treating others as they'd like to be treated. RESPECT: Show regard for all races, religions, cultures and ages and value the talents each person brings to the workplace. LEARN: Be open to information about different cultures, customs and perspectives of your co-workers. Learn to communicate with kindness and clarity.

Getting Motivated

Includes: Workbook

This set of 4 episodes (2 mins each) will help people get motivated and teach them how to create a positive mindset for work and improve their productivity and service attitudes. Find out about the Negative Land of W, the negative mood monster and negative scripts and how they keep you stuck. Learn how to use positive scripts to motivate yourself, achieve goals and be successful. · Episode 1: GETTING UP · Episode 2: GETTING STARTED · Episode 3: GETTING CONTROL · Episode 4: GETTING POSITIVE

3 mins · $295 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,950.

A Session Starter on Quality

On the Brink of Perfection

See page 60 for details.

6 min · A$245 · Sp. Price: Rs.4,950.

Voices of Truth

This beautiful meeting opener features engaging quotes from philosophers, historians, and worldfamous leaders accompanied by an original score. It's a perfect way to set the mood for your meeting on ethics.

19 min · $945 · Sp. Price: Rs.13,750.

8 min · A$495 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.

4 min · $295 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,250.




Includes: Facilitator's Guide

This exciting session starter promotes discussion on a variety of issues like · Teamwork · Goal Setting · Motivation · Communication · Leadership "A very snappy look at a train engine and caboose facing an obstacle and overcoming it. Excellent for showing to a group that you are trying to involve in addressing a problem."

Lessons From Geese

This icebreaker will lift the mood and help you develop commitment to peak performance, both within individuals and throughout teams. In just over 3 minutes it teaches five key lessons about being a team player and winning as a team. Its dramatic footage of Geese flying in formation against the musical background of "Groovin' with Mr Bloe" provides insights into how to excel in and as teams. You can use it as a motivational starter or closer again and again with every group in your organisation.

The Star Thrower Story

Now, one of Joel Barker's most cherished stories, The Star Thrower, is available as a short film!

Taken from his best-selling program, The Power of Vision, Joel Barker's version of the Loren Eiseley classic reminds us that we all have the ability to make a difference. As individuals, we can choose to take action and participate in the world around us. Together, we can shape the future. We all have a gift to give; our challenge is to find it.

5 min · $225 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,950.

6 min · $395

The Chase

Staying Ahead of the Competition

"....It doesn't matter whether you're a lion or a gazelle, when the sun comes up, you'd better be running!" Such is the challenge of every day business staying ahead of the competition. This 4 minute meeting opener uses life and death on the plains of Africa as a dramatic spring board to discussion. Whether you're a large organization, a small company, or somewhere in between, how do you run fast? How do you run well?

3 min · £225 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,250.

The Spirit of Dolphin:

Lessons for the Workplace

Includes: Guide and PowerPoint Slides

The dolphin is an animal of grace and joy. Its core behaviours represent its spirit ­ a spirit to be emulated both at work and home. Let your team learn the five key points of the dolphin spirit: · Constantly learn and mentor · Champion the team · Make the most of diversity · Focus on the future · Seek joy in what you are doing.

The Winning Edge

This powerful and stylish programme is focused on sport that subtly illustrates that the same ingredients to succeed in sport also exist in business. Each of these seven key ingredients · Determination · Initiative · Teamwork · Passion · Strategy · Attitude and · Perseverance can be used individually to introduce or topic with your presentation. Set to a powerful soundtrack, these programmes will motivate your audience to challenge their beliefs and prevail in their goals.

4 min · $295 · Spl Price: Rs.Rs.5,950.

Mind Resources · 10 min · $195 · Rs.5,250.

The Extra Mile

The words we hear daily ­ quality, service, excellence ­ will all be about you and what you do, if only you decide right now to go The Extra Mile. Using exciting examples of human achievement ­ in space, in sport, in the arts and architecture, and in other everyday occupations, the audience is encouraged to see that a little extra effort goes a long way.

4 min · £295 · Spl Price: Rs.6,250.

A Second Chance

"Take a risk. Forget regret. Give yourself a second chance."

Includes: Training Guide, Worksheet, Faith Guide, PDF of the PowerPoint Presentation and Transcript

Everyone deserves a second chance. A real, lifechanging event that's so much more than back to business as usual. Based on the second chance choice Robert Frost made before his first poem, The Road Not Taken, was finally published, this film provides trainers and presenters with a tool to inspire people to take risks and move forward.

Accentuate the Positive

The enchanting animals of SeaWorld will entertain managers and employees alike in this short whimsical program! Enhanced with plenty of personality and memorable music, this program is a perfect prelude or ending to any training session.

5 min · $195 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,250.

3 min · $295 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,950

Beyond Impossible

When a young boy discovers a rusting Model A car in a cornfield, Henry Ford himself appears to espouse his personal philosophy that nothing is impossible if you think outside your self-imposed limitations. An award-winning, video that inspires positive attitudes and encourages expansive thinking.

also in Hindi

4 mins · $395 · Sp. Price: Rs.7,250.


Embracing Change

The Magic of `We'

This innovative video tells the compelling and true story of how management and employees turned Snapper Lawnmakers around ­ together, to create a $67 million dollar company ­ in one year. A great lesson in: · Leadership · Teamwork · Problem Solving · Lean Manufacturing and · Communication.

Inspire people to take charge of their response to change with this mind-opening meeting opener. Consider the following words · Adapt · Shift · Reorganize · Cancel · Transition · Change

Do these inspire excitement or dread within your organization?

9 min · $295 · Spl Price: Rs.5,950.

One Foot in Front of the Other

This inspirational program tells the story of Pat Farmer's ultra-marathon run around Australia. In 195 days Pat ran almost 15,000 kilometres. He smashed 10 ultra-marathon records and broke the world 10,000 km. record by 33 days! Inspired by the faith of his late wife Lisa and accompanied by his two children, Pat set out to commemorate the Centenary of Federation in the best way he knows - one foot in front of the other.

8 min · $295 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,250

Using dynamic skydiving footage to create a metaphor between jumping out of an airplane and taking the leap into a new change, this film asks you to consider viewing change as a cycle you must work through, and ultimately as an opportunity versus a threat.

3 min · $295 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,950

Sound of Service

Inspire your frontline service providers with the words customers love to hear. As a Meeting Opener: Designed to set the stage for customer service training. As a Meeting Closer: Contains skill points trainees can put to use right away.

Motivating Others

Includes: Workshop Guide with OHPs.

Identifies top-rated factors that motivate employees and demonstrates concrete guidelines to help managers elicit superior performance from workers and spur them on to greatness.

7 min · AU$187.00 · Sp. Price: Rs.4,950

5 min · $295 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,950

30 min · $215 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,950.



Dare to Dream People

What is the one thing that unites all human beings on earth?

Includes: Facilitator's Guide and Handouts

This 4-minute video beautifully beautifully illustrates the potential of the universal human traits of kindness, generosity, and respect in the workplace; and it reveals the one thing that unites people on earth. This one thing is the key to success in all our relationships ­ as evidenced by the outpouring of global humanity after the unfortunate tragedies of our new century. It's interesting to observe how the world drops all of its prejudices/differences and rushes to the aid of those in need, regardless of race, religion, country or political differences during times and events such as these. An early 19th century pharmacist buys a tonic formula from a farmer and discovers astounding success can be yours when you follow your dreams. Utilizing a unique story-telling format, viewers are challenged to put muscle behind their dreams.

And When You Fall...

Includes: Video and Discussion Guide

also in Hindi

Learning Points: · Embrace change · Break away from the model · Expand your thinking

7 min · $295 · Spl Price: Rs.5,950.

Power of Words

There is a great difference between hearing "You're irreplaceable" and "You can't do anything right". This short but powerful video gets right to the heart of communication that works, setting the stage for great meetings and training sessions.

Every organization and individual can find a way to apply Olympic champion speedskater Dan Jansen's story to their work and personal lives. In just four minutes, this dramatic video seizes the anguish of adversity, then celebrates the explosive victory that moved the entire world to a standing ovation. After this compelling, thought-provoking meeting opener, you'll never again hear "It can't be done."

4 min · $295 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,950.

4 mins · $375 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,250.


Using high-energy music and film footage from challenging sporting events, Winning will kick-start and motivate every employee to new levels of success. As you see racing, cycling, high jumping, and mountain climbing footage, the metaphor is clear ­ success comes from hard work and dedication. Everyone will be inspired after watching this video.

The Miracle Man

Includes: Leader's Guide

Also in Hindi

Inspiring True Story of Motivation and Courage

This award-winning video is the true story of Morris Goodman, a successful businessman whose early morning flight in his single-engine plane ended in a crash. Doctors gave him little hope of surviving the night. Morris lived, defying all medical odds. With his positive attitude and self-motivation, he pushed himself far beyond limits set by doctors and others.

Participants learn: · Framing comments positively

· Communication and outcomes

3 min · $295 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,950

Who's On First

Abbott and Costello's famous routine - the only comedy routine in the Baseball Hall of Fame - is a wonderful way to begin any session on communication skills, listening, conflict resolution, teamwork, and more!

3 min · $445 · Sp. Price Rs.5,950

The Best

The achievements of men and women in sport stand as a universal symbol of effort above and beyond the call of duty. Featuring some unusual sports, this fast- paced video has proven a world-class motivator. At the end of this six minute video, any audience is going to be more alive, more awake, and more active than it was at the beginning.

30 min · $595 · Spl Price: Rs.10,750.

8 min · $295 · Sp. Price: Rs.4,250.

Session Starter

The Train: Self-Fulfilling Prophesy

Show your employees that their attitudes do make a difference! While some members of your staff may be positive and motivated, others may be negative and counterproductive. The Train helps eliminate negative attitudes. It represents a shocking, true story - within a bizarre twist that illustrates the power of the mind. You can become what you think about!

We Are The Ones

Includes: Training Guide, Self-Study Guide, PowerPoint Presentation and Transcript

An inspirational 5-minute program that encourages us to look to ourselves for leadership and positive change, it combines amazing footage of the Southwest with a powerful message that will convince viewers to work together to face the future. We Are The Ones will help any organization come a step closer to recognizing and achieving their goals.

7 min · $295 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,950.

6 min · $195 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,250.

Father & Son

The most versatile session starter in the world.

In 5 short minutes you can open people's minds to · question old ways of doing things · think outside the square · change perceptions · learn new paradigms. You've probably heard the story about the Father and Son who are on their way to a camping trip in the mountains when there're involved in a terrible car accident. The son is badly injured and airlifted to the hospital. The surgeon rushes into the ER, takes a look at the boy and exclaims, Oh no, I can't operate on this boy, he's my son. How can this be? See the video to find out. If you do know the answer, you'll probably remember the first time you heard this story and how effective it was.

Good Company

A Motivational Meeting Opener

Includes: Celebrity Career Quiz and Leader's Guide Good Company is a fun, hip-hop music video

designed for young employees. It features fifty famous folks at their first jobs, and is an upbeat way to remind employees that no matter where they are in their career, success happens one step at a time. When combined with the Celebrity Career Quiz and the "Traits of Successful People" discussion (included in the Leader's Guide), this 3-minute meeting opener delivers a fun and motivational way to boost employee morale and work ethic. This video reinforces the 3 key Steps to Success: · Set a Clear Goal · Commit to Hard Work · Don't Quit When Others Do

Key Learning Points:

· Responsibility · Leadership. Vision. Determination · Teamwork. Change. Value · Motivation. Innovation. Inspiration

5 min · $395 · Sp. Price: Rs.7,250.

Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs

Includes: Leader's Guide

This video gives an overview of Dr. Abraham Maslow's "Hierarchy of Needs" theory and relates it to today's business environment. Vignettes help illustrate Maslow's theory and demonstrate why understanding people and their needs is critical for working effectively with internal and external customers and team members.

3 min · $295 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,950.

15 min · $585 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,250.

5 min · $295 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,950.



Walk on the Wild Side

Includes: Facilitator's Guide, Workbook, and OHPs

Often we celebrate the world's great entrepreneurs, people like Bill Gates or Richard Branson, but what about people such as Mother Theresa or Nelson Mandela? Surely they are acknowledged with the same respect and accorded with the same label of success? So what characteristics do these extraordinary people possess, what attributes in their make-up enable this success? In this 'Lesson from the Wild' we meet John Varty, a wildlife photographer, who tells us in this unusual story how, from humble beginnings he became one of the world's most successful, most respected, producers of documentaries. He describes what it took to be the first human ever to film leopards mating in the wild. This is a story about passion; perseverance; options; opportunity and success ... something we all want for ourselves! His story will challenge you and your team to assess your own abilities to succeed... in an unforgettable way... with a walk on the wild side. Key Learning Points: · Passion · Tools, knowledge and perseverance · Perspective · Creating opportunity · Success: More than one answer


Motivating at Work

Includes: Leader's Guide and Book

This practical program shows managers simple, proven ways to motivate employees, resulting in increased productivity. Based on research about what employees really want from a job, viewers observe examples of positive motivation and leadership.

Colleagues As Customers

Quality and the internal service chain Includes: Trainer's Guide, Background Theory, Handout Masters, OHP Masters; 4 Activity Masters.

A complete package to help you prepare a plan of action, to run workshops and to follow up on activities to instill a positive attitude towards internal customer care. The drama video uses two case studies from public and private sectors to emphasise that internal customer care is achieved through team work and that even with the best of intentions, an individual working in isolation can cause problems.

17 min · $295 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.


Includes: Leader's Guide

with Dr. Warren Bennis

What do effective leaders do to get their employees motivated? Three eminent CEOs share their motivational techniques with Dr. Bennis and explains how they help develop a sense of commitment, a sense of direction, a sense of growth, and a sense of teamwork.

Drama+Triggers: 36 min · £875 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,950.

16 min · $385 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,950.

But I Don't Have Customers

Includes: Leader's Guide

Teach employees to respect internal customers as if they were paying clients. By asking questions, listening and keeping their word., your employees can create a positive and productive work environment, which will inevitably reflect on your external customers as well. How To Training Points: · How to make coworkers feel like valued customers · How to keep deadlines and make realistic commitments that stick · How to listen, ask questions, and improve relations with internal customers

Race Without A Finish Line

Includes: Leader's Guide

This Award-Winning animated movie based on the famous book by Warren Schmidt shows: today, the companies that not only survive but succeed and prosper are those that embrace the management and organizational principles of TQM, Kaizen, empowerment & participative management.

16 mins · $395 · Sp. Price: Rs.7,950.

I Wish My Manager Would Just...

Starter) Includes: Discussion Guide & Book (Session Starter)

Based on a research over a five year period, employees were asked to finish the statement "I wish my manager would just..." Encourages managers to really think about their own management style and understand how it affects their employees.

Participants will learn: · about dispelling the fear of change · why there is so much turbulence and change in organizations · the importance of continuous improvement · why team work is essential, and more.

21 min · $745 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,750.

10 min · $495 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,795

Managing Internal Customer Service

Includes: Leader's Guide

Sophie, the manager of our fictitious organisation wants to implement a company policy of providing good internal customer service to all fellow employees. She then realises that implementing an internal customer service strategy requires a little more work than passing around some memos and making a few stirring speeches. It involves a proper assessment of needs, establishing and writing service standards and involving everyone in a continuous improvement process.

6 min · $395 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,250.

SHORT VIDEOS for all occasions

Stephen Covey on Leadership

Audiences will embrace Covey's powerful principles of leadership, values and vision ­ his meaningful quotes set against awe ­ inspiring images of nature's beauty ­ wrapped with haunting music.

Short programs with BIG ideas

to jumpstart conversations on critical issues.

Using inspirational quotes and thought-provoking statements - wrapped around music, visual images and graphics, these programs will instruct, inspire, and definitely generate discussion.

17 min · A$595 · Sp. Price: Rs.7,975.

Coaching: It Takes Work Think Like a Customer

Deliver exceptional customer service and always do the right thing.

Internal Customer Service

Includes: Leader's Guide

Defines the concept of customer service and shows how bad internal customer service between departments is bad for the relationship with external customers. The benefits: · Greater efficiency · Improved work environment · Increased service to external customers.

Motivation: Dream it. Walk it. Believe it

Use it when you need your employees to be motivated, inspired and feeling good about themselves.

Problem Solving: What's Your Problem

Learn to address and resolve stressful workplace problems by following the 3 easy steps of A.C.E. Model.

Performance Appraisal

It isn't just a once a year process. Rather, appraisals help employees get better at what they do, provide valuable feedback, and establish goals for the future.

Resolving Conflict

Learn that turning conflict into collaboration is the only way to make sure that everyone wins.

Respect: It Takes Just A Little Respect

Emphasize respecting others in the workplace.

Business Ethics: Integrity At Work

Designed to bring more awareness and discussion to the topic of business ethics within your organization.

15 min · A$595 · Sp. Price: Rs.7,975.

The Hidden Customer

Includes: Leader's Guide & Participant's Workbook

Everybody's somebody's customer--inside or outside the organization. This video helps viewers see the big picture by illustrating how internal customer service impacts the external customer. It illustrates effective customer service between departments and shows problem-solving at work.

Attitude: It's All in How You Look at It

Understanding attitudes and how they impact others.

$295 each · Spl Price: Rs.3,250 each. 4 to 5 min each · Buy any 4 or more and take 25% off

19 min · $595 · Sp. Price: Rs.7,975.



Beyond Words for Healthcare:

A Body Language Guide for Healthcare Professionals

Includes: Comprehensive Leader's Guide

Day after day, your patients are communicating with you through body language ­ and you are communicating back to them through your body language. Recognizing the most common body language cues can help you to understand what a patient may be thinking, but not necessarily saying. More importantly, learning body language cues can help you diagnose patients more accurately. This video will improve your ability to communicate with patients. Key Learning Points: · Understand the key body language cues that communicate proper bedside manners while still maintaining business efficiency · Improve communication between staff and patient · Express yourself in ways that will convey likable qualities to both patients and co-workers · Learn about the importance of facial expressions, hand cues, body positioning, and more


Smile! training video

Includes: Leader's Guide & Participant Worksheets, "If you want to know what I'm about and why my job is the way it is, why I make it that comes from what's inside me" ­ Reggie Wilson, Bus Driver

A Painfully Funny Video It's a Dog's Worldabout Patient Care

Includes: Leader's Guide, PPT Presentation

In just 14 minutes you'll never be able to view patient interactions the same way again! The story follows a man and his dog who go out for a walk and end up needing medical attention - fast. Man goes to his healthcare provider, dog goes to the vet, but one patient ends up with a far better experience. Here's a hint: It's not the man. Turns out a dog's world is actually the nicest place to be if you get hurt.

Reggie Wilson drives a bus. It's a thankless job filled with stress, time pressure and difficult customers. So, why does he love it, and why would busy people actually wait for him to serve them...? Because Reggie makes his customers SMILE! Join Reggie on the #27 and watch as he transforms a dreary bus ride into an experience his customers look forward to. It's a ride you'll never forget! The SMILE! "inside-out model" is all about what's on the inside. As Reggie says, "There are days I don't feel like smiling or putting up the smile sign, but I have to make a choice about where I want to be with my attitude." With the SMILE! training video the viewer will learn how a positive attitude can be the primary factor in every customer service interaction - for the sake of the customer AND, most importantly, for their own quality of life. The SMILE model shows the importance of... · Sincerity · Motivation · Integrity · Laughter · Enthusiasm

It's a Dog's World shows: · The patient experience from the patient's point of view · Easy ways to reassure people at critical points in their medical journey · The importance of respecting the patient's time, feelings and dignity · How an unprofessional manner erodes patient trust · Why follow-through is so important · The fundamentals of patient-centered care

14 min · $695 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,850.

12 min · $595 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,250.

24 min · $695 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,850.


Glad I Could Help

Includes: Leader's Guide

Illustrates to employees how to respond positively in difficult customer service situations. Employees will see the most common internal and external customer service situations, both over the phone and face-to-face. In each situation, employees will learn that by responding with a "glad I could help" attitude, customers will feel positive about the employee, the organization, and the way they have been treated-ultimately creating longterm customer loyalty.

Remember Me? (3rd Ed.)

Includes: Facilitator's Guide

General Hospitable

Keeping Your Patients Satisfied

Includes: Leader's Guide

Comprised of seven mini-episodes, General Hospitable depicts a "day-in-the-life" of a hospital patient beginning with her admission, and continuing on through her discharge. At each stage, viewers first see somewhat lackluster interactions between patient and health professionals, followed by actively caring ones - a juxtaposition that neatly drives home what an enormous difference a shift in focus can mean to patient and staff alike.

"I'll remember you if you remember me" ­ That's the customer's bottom line, and the conclusion of this best-selling video. Updated for the 21st century, this 3rd edition teaches the timeless truths:

· Attitude is everything ­ customers can forgive mistakes but not bad attitudes. · Word of mouth can work against you ­ poorly treated customers spread the word. · Customer loyalty can be fragile ­ customers can simply take their business elsewhere. · Learn what customers want ­ exceeding customer expectation is the key to customer loyalty.

20 min · $595 · Sp. Price: Rs.9,750.

11 min · $795 · Sp. Price: Rs.13,750.

Key Points: · Understand that the number one thing that really matters to customers is how they are treated · Keep your focus on what you can do to solve a customer's problem · Exhibit a "glad I could help" attitude when dealing with customers

Remember Me?

Hospitality Version (3rd Ed.)

"I'll remember you if you remember me."

Includes: Leader's Guide

One of the most popular videos ever made, this program reminds us that some customers don't complain when they are treated badly, they just quietly take their business elsewhere. Memorable training for every customer service provider. The beauty of this program is its simplicity. In just 10 minutes, it reminds the audience what it feels like to be on the receiving end of bad service. This 3rd Edition has also been expanded to include Meeting Opener and Meeting Closer segments that emphasize key points from the training.

How to Connect in Healthcare in 90 Seconds or Less

Includes: Leader's Guide

Gaining the trust of patients, patient family members and co-workers is key to providing exceptional healthcare. This engaging program shows you how to increase patient satisfaction by choosing the right Attitude, sending the right Signals and get them Talking.

· Make sure the customer is left with a positive, memorable impression

21 min · $995 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,250.

Creating the Customer's Dream

Tom Peters hosts this news magazine style program which features his good friend and favourite customer service legend -- Stew Leonard. Learn the behind-the-scenes reasons for Stew Leonard's success from Stew and the people he has empowered to run his successful business. You'll be able to apply many of Stew Leonard's management techniques immediately after viewing this program.

17 min · $ 895 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,450.

16 min · $795 · Sp. Price: Rs.13,750.

59 min · $695 · Sp. Price: Rs.8,850.



Managing For Customer Care

The Manager's Role In Customer Care

Includes: Trainer's Guide, OHP Masters, Case Studies.

This video uniquely illustrates through clear examples and positive role models, the importance of the manager's role in ensuring that their people are motivated and equipped to meet and even ­ exceed customer expectations. This is achieved by · Leading by example · Motivating their people · Empowering their people · Providing information

Managing Difficult Customers 1... 2... 3

Includes: Includes: Leader's Guide

The customer may always be right, but some customers are certainly more difficult to deal with than others: the angry customer; the talkative customer; the demanding customer. Specific techniques are illustrated on how to manage them effectively. Although all of the vignettes take place over the telephone, the techniques presented are also relevant for face-to-face encounters with internal and external customers.

Dealing With the Irate Customer

also in Hindi

Includes: Facilitator's Guide, Participant/Observer Checklists, Role-Plays.

Key points: · Rephrase the customer's statement · State your position · Acknowledge the customer's feelings · Ask questions and listen to answers · Let the customer vent emotions · Have the customer make decisions · Find mutually acceptable solutions.

20 min · $495 · Sp. Price: Rs.7,450.

29 min · £875 · Sp. Price: Rs.11,250.

Customer Satisfaction

Includes: Leader's Guide and Book

Dru Scott, acclaimed author and psychologist, explores the difference between customer service and customer satisfaction. Real-world examples help you learn · practical ways to stay motivated and provide consistent quality customer service · how to keep customers coming back again and again · explore ways to measure customer satisfaction.

15 min · $395 · Sp. Price: Rs.7,950.

Calming Upset Customers

Includes: Leader's Guide and Book

Successful organizations know how to listen to their upset customers (clients, guests, patients, passengers, members or students) and satisfy their concerns.

Measuring Customer Satisfaction

Includes: Leader's Guide and Book

To be competitive you must satisfy your customers, and you will only know how well you are satisfying them if you measure their satisfaction levels.

28 min · $295 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.

Key points: · Learn how to develop a customer service system · What is customer satisfaction; why should you measure it; and how is it measured? · Discover the 10 steps to proactive management

Customer Service Training Series

Key points: · Learn proven methods for calming upset customers or even furious customers · Discover ways to create a better business environment for both employees and customers

20 min · $295 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.

21 min · $295 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,950.

It's Show Time!

Stew Leonard's Dairy was featured in the video `In Search of Excellence' and is featured on FORTUNE® list of the Best Places to Work in recognition of their customer service consistency. We see how they inspire hundreds of team members to show up for work with a positive attitude everyday and focus on creating customer experiences that satisfy and vow!

Oops! Time for Service Recovery

Includes: Leader's Guide & Participant's Workbook

How do you dazzle and delight dissatisfied customers? Why does "responsible freedom" motivate employees? Service breakdowns ­ disappointments and misunderstandings ­ inevitably occur, but don't have to translate into lost customers and lost revenue. Chip Bell and Ron Zemke present their sixstep process to help organizations recover customers after a breakdown by using vignettes to analyze and illustrate the six steps.

It's So Simple

Southwest Airlines: How ordinary people created an extraordinary company.

Includes: Leader's Guide

See Page 9 for details.

14 min · $379

Key Points: · Culture guides · Customers rule · Attitude is everything · Workplace fun works · Accept empowerment

16 min · $795 · Spl Price: Rs.8,450.

A Complaint Is A Gift

Using customer feedback as a strategic tool

Includes: Leader's Guide/Handouts

Using humour and wit, this animated parable illustrates how customer complaints can actually be gifts in disguise, driving home the point: the more you know about your customers, the better you can serve & sell them.

Service Heroes:

Customer Service Turnaround

This program offers real-life examples of service excellence at Baptist Health Care, a hospital which consistently leads a national customer satisfaction database. The lessons apply at all levels in any organization. Your audience will be watching the story of one of the greatest service turnarounds ever.

20 min · $650 · Sp. Price: Rs.9,450.

Moments of Truth

With Jan Carlzon, CEO of SAS, the Scandinavian Airline, who turned a weak air carrier into an astonishing success winning numerous awards for service innovations. Discover how to manage revealing the elusive "moment of truth", which , no matter how brief or seemingly meaningless, makes or breaks the service provider.

10 min · $395 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,250.

Sins of Customer Service

It's important that we project a feeling of competence which will convince the customer they've come to the right place. There are a number of critical errors a service giver can make that will destroy the image of competence. In this video we have broken them down into the following 7 deadly sins: · 1. Apathy · 2. The Brush Off · 3. Coldness · 4. Condescension · 5. Robotic Behaviour · 6. Inflexibility · 7. The Runaround.

Key Points: · Be ready for moments of truth · Always think "customer" · Find a way to make a difference · Teamwork works · Everyone must be involved, everyone! · Be a service hero

16 min · $795 · Spl Price: Rs.8,450.

Six Steps to Greatness:

Customer Service Agenda

Learn the six key steps employed by Baptist Health Care to implement its customer service turnaround strategies and attaining service improvement goals.

55 min · $195 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,250.

What Customers Want ?

Includes: Leader's Guide

Presents six different "customers" each describing the kind of service they expect. The final segment is a vignette illustrating most of the behaviours also. The video stresses telephone behaviour but is applicable to face-to-face situations.

12 min · A$295 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,250.

Key Points: · Create standards: achieve buy-in · Hire and train the standards · Get it done with teams · Recognize service heroes · Accept only winning attitudes· Measure, correct, and train incessantly.

14 min · $795 · Spl Price: Rs.8,450.

21 min · $495 · Sp. Price: Rs.7,575.

Series Price for all 3 videos: Rs. 19,850.



Customer Service To The Rescue!

When Wilfred Jameson's parachute fails to open, he's in trouble. But customer service representative Henry Hawks knows just what to do ­ at least after a funny interaction on the phone. This is the perfect video to celebrate and thank all your employees who deliver great customer service. You'll be falling down laughing as the scene unfolds ­ and as the tension builds.

Taking C.A.R.E. of Business

Includes: Work Book with Leader's Guide

From greeting customers and gracefully managing several at once, to handling dissatisfied customers and keeping a fresh outlook at all times, this video emphasizes personal accountability. Great customer service professionals make a choice: Every day, with every customer, they choose to be: · Connected: Meet customers "where they are." Treat internal and external customers as you'd want to be treated · Attentive: Give all your customers your full attention. Be efficient and clear, but never rush your customers · Responsible: Take ownership, but never take things personally. Let upset customers vent; then apologize, find solutions, thank them and add value · Enthusiastic: Treat each and every customer as if they were your only customer.

What's Your Pickle?

Includes: Leader's Guide

Bob Farrell is back... and he's more entertaining than ever. This time he hits the road in a fun-filled search for the secrets of the "world-class pickle givers". You'll love the stories and truths he discovers! Bob's boundless energy makes it feel like he's there LIVE in your meeting! His contagious enthusiasm will inspire your service providers and help them refine their Pickle-giving skills by presenting four great ways to determin "What's Your Pickle?" · CONNECT with your customers. How would you want to be treated? · ANTICIPATE what they'll need next. How can you be one step ahead? · DELIGHT your customers. How can you exceed their expectations? · INSPIRE yourself and others. Are you willing to do what it takes?

5 min · $295 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,250.

LEAKPROOF: 8 Privacy Principles

How to protect customer data

Includes: Leader's Guide, PPT Presentation

200 million data breach incidents have hurt American businesses and eroded consumer confidence. Each incident has cost, on average, a whopping $6.7 million - that's a loss of over $1 billion! Strengthen customer trust, tighten privacy policies and increase your bottom line with this new program which shows your employees how to protect customer data at all times, from collection, specification and usage to storage, security and disposal. Enhance your privacy policies through the following principles: · Collection Limitation · Purpose Specification · Data Quality · Use Limitations · Security Safeguards · Openness · Individual Participation · Accountability.

23 min · $625 · Sp.Price: Rs.11,750.

Johnny the Bagger:

A True Story of Customer Service

Includes: Facilitator's Guide

This video celebrates the incomparable power of customer service delivered from the heart. Based on the work of noted author and speaker, Barbara Glanz, this inspiring new program features the true story of "Johnny," a young man with Down syndrome who made a positive choice about his personal responsibility to provide from-the-heart service and changed the culture of an entire organization.

17 min · $895 · Sp. Price: Rs.14,850.

Give `em the Pickle!

Includes: Leader's Guide

also in Hindi

With Bob Farrell - The most impassioned customer service guru of his time!

A fun, motivating look at the most important thing we can do in business... Take Care of the Customer. Pickles are those special or extra things you can do to make people happy. The trick is figuring out what your customers want and then making sure they get it. That's the pickle. Great companies and successful employees do four things: · Service · Attitude · Consistency · Teamwork.

18 min · $845 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,850.

Damage Control

Includes: Workbook with activities and handouts

An excellent case study of a major product delivery disaster and a very angry client - all superbly managed by the account manager, who demonstrates exceptional service, communication, problem solving, and leadership skills.

Johnny the Bagger will help motivate your employees to take personal responsibility for creating a positive, memorable experience for internal or external customers; the kind of experience needed to generate customer loyalty, improve employee retention and strengthen team morale. Learning Point Highlights: · Explains why truly extraordinary service must come from the heart (i.e., from person-to-person connections, not business-toperson connections) · Outlines the key mindsets and daily actions that are necessary to deliver exceptional, memorable customer service · Equips participants to add their own "personal signature" to their work to surprise and delight customers

18 min · $895 · Sp. Price: Rs.13,250.

Part 1: The Problem - Anne is furious about the inferior quality of a recent delivery. Tash, the account manager, takes responsibility, listens and apologizes, and commits to solving the problem quickly. Part 2: Resolving the Problem - Tash investigates the problem internally - without blame, and leads the team to implement a quick solution.

Part 3: Updating the Client - Tash keeps the client informed and outlines the full solution, again apologizing.

What's In It For Me?

Motivate Employees From Their Own Perspective

Includes: Facilitator's Guide

The most innovative customer service video training tool to hit the market in years. A groundbreaking 1-hour or 2 1/2-hour workshop,What's In It For Me? looks at customer service from a viewpoint that will truly motivate employees - their own perspective. Simply put, every time a method or tactic is introduced, participants learn how they will personally and professionally benefit by using it. Teaches 3 powerful techniques for handling customers: · The Best Face of the Stone · The Lightning Rod and · Participant Observer. These techniques not only make for satisfied customers, they enhance your employee's job satisfaction and teach them the skills that they need to advance professionally at your company.

17 min · $995 · Sp. Price: Rs.13,450.

Part 4: Ensuring Problem Won't Happen Again Tash debriefs with the team and invites ideas to improve. The DVD comprises of 2 versions as under:

Version 1: Drama only - 7 minutes. Version 2: With 20 Key Learning Points - 7 minutes

Making Customer Service Happen

Managing customer service at every level

Includes: Trainer's Guide and Workbook

Everybody recognises the importance of customer service, particularly at points of customer contact. But for lasting results, service has to be built into the organisation at all levels and in all activities. This video will help your people: · Analyse the ingredients of effective customer service · Understand how every part of the organisation is involved · Implement ideas to improve quality of customer service.

14 min · A$495 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.

20 mins · $695 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,250.

Drama+Summary: 18 min · £895 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,750



So Help Me: Supervisor Edition

Includes: Leader's Guide

So Help Me: Employee Edition

Includes: Leader's Guide What do customers value most in customer service?

Solving their problems. Recent research shows that handling customer problems quickly and correctly will retain or even build customer loyalty. Customers who don't get their problems solved will leave and not return. This video provides solutions to these problems that satisfy everyone: the customer, the organization and the employee.

Frontline Customer Care

Includes: Trainer's Guide and Workbook

It feels good to do that little bit extra for your customers. It makes the working day more enjoyable and increases job satisfaction. This upbeat, short video shows how to enthuse your frontline people to take ownership of the service they provide. Using positive role models in four different customer service situations, you'll be demonstrating that offering good service is rewarding for all parties. The video demonstrates the rewards of delivering excellent customer service. And the accompanying workbook encourages participants to consider what it's like to be a customer in your organisation.

How supervisor aff ors cus ust servic ervice How do supervisors affect customer service?

We all know that frontline service people directly impact customer satisfaction. But we don't often look at how much a supervisor's behaviour influences the service a customer ultimately receives. This video takes a fresh look at customer service by showing the direct connection between a supervisor's behaviour and the way employees treat customers. · Tell people what they're doing right · Help employee find solutions for customers · Focus on people, rather than numbers · Empower people to do their job · Turn mistakes into opportunities for growth.

Learning Points: · Work with policy to solve problem · Take customers directly to what they need · Take the time to really listen · Treat every customer as your only customer · Help customers define their needs.

12 min · £985 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,250

18 min · $695 · Sp. Price: Rs.9,450.

16 min · $695 · Sp. Price: Rs.9,450.

Working on the Front Line

Includes: Leader's Guide

This training programme is all about how front line staff can make a difference. It's not about smiling and politeness as these are simply common-sense. It's about making a contribution to the total quality service process by exercising your ability to think creatively. It encourages your front line workers to: · Recognise `Moments of Truth' · See things from customers' point of view · Seek out customer responses

50 Ways to Keep Your Customers

Includes: Book and Audio

Customer service is the competitive battleground of the new century. Buying decisions are made not only on the quality of the product but on the quality of the customer service. Regardless of your job title, your number one task will always be to attract, satisfy and preserve customers.

It's service as it really is

Customer Talks Back

Designed to motivate your team to rethink the simple needs of customers and apply skills that meet these needs. You can bring real views of real customers into your training session. Customer Talks Back shows normal members of the public talking about customer service, and gives an insight into just what they expect for anyone who serves them. Although it has an obvious retail market connection, this resource can be used to train anyone who may come into contact with customers and is especially useful for those working in call centres.

50 Ways To Keep Your Customers with Dr. Paul Timm provides those hands-on, do-it-now techniques and skills that will keep customers happy and ensure that they keep coming back.

11 min · A$395 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,950.

60 min · Rs.5,950.

The C.A.R.E. Principle

Includes: Leader's Guide and Workbook

Improve customer satisfaction! Set in a variety of retail locations, your employees will learn that Customers Are Really Everything! Key points: · Acknowledge customers immediately · Give customers your full attention · How to handle complaints · Telephone courtesy skills

The 5 Values of Great Customer Service

Value-based approach to serving diverse populations.

Includes: Facilitator's Guide with Handouts

Customer service interactions can be complex under the best of conditions. Add issues of language, race, gender, religion, age or disability into the mix, and we often find otherwise competent employees acting in ways ranging from mildly inappropriate to inexcusably rude. The video opens with a series of 5 dramatizations. Each of these underscores one of the values we will explore. · Show Respect - Every customer is your most important customer · Personalize - Avoid preconceived notions and stereotypes · Pay Attention Assess how customers want to be served and adjust · Show You Care - Present a positive, supportive attitude · Advocate - Stay on your customer's side The program then explores how we can integrate the 5 Values into our daily work. To do this, we introduce the G R E A T acronym which stands for ...

Key training messages: · Acknowledging your customer · Knowing what upsets customers · Knowing your products or services · Giving the customers the right amount of attention

21 min · $495 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,950.

74 min · £599 · Sp. Price: Rs.7,950.

Putting Customers First

Help your whole organization improve customer service with six easy steps:

Includes: Guide and Workbook

· Know your customers · Ask for customer feedback · Create service enthusiasm · Streamline procedures · Personalize service · Ensure satisfaction

That's What I Call Customer Service

Includes: Leader's Guide

Let customers know you care. This motivational video demonstrates that great customer service is more than paying attention and being courteous. You will learn how to turn customers into friends and give that all important extra effort.

14 min · A$495 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,950.

The `Eye of the Customer' Series

These 4 industry-specific short videos reinforce the vital role of customer service.

· Finance · Retail · Insurance · Healthcare

Includes: Leader's Guide

Objectives: · To promote an awareness about the importance of providing good customer service... from the customer's point of view · To motivate employees to have a good attitude about customer expectations and · To treat customers the way they'd like to be treated.

Greet all customers & make them feel comfortable Respect cultural & other personal differences Evaluate how your customers want to be served Adjust your approach to match your customer's needs Thank your customers for their business.

24 min · $625 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,250.

Training points include: · Greet the customer with a friendly attitude and a smile · Courtesy shows the customer that you care · Apologise and empathise if a mistake has been made or a customer is upset · Ask questions to find out what the customer really wants and needs · Offer solutions · Do a little bit extra to turn customers into lifelong business relationships.

15 min · $695 · Sp. Price: Rs.8,750.

Each: 6 min · $225 · Sp. Price: Rs.2,950. each.



It's Personal For the Customer and for You

Rick Stein on customer service

A focus on customer care will pervade everything that a successful organisation does. But however supportive and positive the culture, in the end it's down to the individual relationships that members of staff have with each of their customers. Getting it wrong, even in a small way, has repercussions for the individual and for the organisation. This video looks at how TV chef and successful businessman, Rick Stein and his team demonstrate the skills and attitudes that underpin great customer care whatever an organisation does. There are two additional supporting videos:

2 Great videos that will forever change the way your employees view their customers!

New Version

Includes: Leader's Guide 2 videos for the price of one! Video 1: The Original

version. Video 2: The Hilarious NEW version with · more relevant settings · humourous actors and · new scenes like `The Gulag coffee shop'. Treating customers as guests is as simple as · Welcoming them · Using their names · Taking care of their needs · Thanking them · Inviting them back. And treating a customer in business should be no different. Improving customer service means more than implementing a policy. It means changing behaviour.

Includes: Trainer's Manual, Leader's Guide, Trainer's Evaluation Tool.

Ken Sperling (star of the best-selling video, The Guest) takes off on a routine business trip, and viewers tag along for another ride on his often strange, but always entertaining, flights of imagination. From the baggage line to the hotel lobby, from the bank to the health clinic, viewers encounter some very difficult customers, and some very creative service solutions.

Drama+Roleplays: 39 min · $895 · Sp. Price: Rs.13,850.

It's personal for the organisation too focuses on good practice in leading and managing customers service: It's personal - but don't take it personally! give pointers for dealing with difficult customers

13 min+15 min · $895·Sp. Price: Rs.13,850.

Buy both videos and S AVE 20% AVE

36 min · £1199 · Sp. Price: Rs.18,250.

Mad About Customer Service Customer Service Toolkit

Why Process is more important than the Outcome

Includes: Leader's Guide

Sharyn, Rick and baby Toby have flown half way across the country to attend a wedding the following day. When they arrive at the luggage carousel they have a tired baby and frayed nerves but NO bags i.e., no Toby's favourite toy and no bridesmaid's dress. Michelle is the customer service rep on duty. She's enthusiastic and committed to her job. However when her good intentions are misinterpreted, the situation escalates from bad to worse ­ everything from threats to bad language. As Michelle masters some very valuable skills, she discovers that "how" she handles the situation is just as important as whether she actually solves their problem. She learns: · The Flag, Purpose and Permission technique · The world famous Pumpkin Method for handling abusive language · How to take responsibility and go the extra mile.

Power of Customer Service

Includes: Guide, Audio CD and Book

Using the "three C's" of good customer service - Concern, Communication, and Competence, leading customer service expert Dr. Paul Timm brings to life the skills needed to enrich any customer service relationship. Customer service comes from the inside of an individual. It comes from the desire to provide good service to everyone - whether they are a customer, co-worker, friend or relation.

library of 72 clips (75 min) various A library of 72 video clips (75 min) on various servic ervice aspects of cus ust aspects of customer service.

Finally, an affordable video clip library with enough variety to help you build customer service training courses unique to every type of trainee. You receive multiple video clips in areas like: · Attitude · Communication · Problem Solving · Service Recovery · Supervising a Customer Service Department · Internal Customer Service. Plus you will have a variety of video clips in each of these service categories: face-to-face (including field) & telephone, business-to-business & business-to-consumer, as well as employee-toemployee / internal customer service.

23 min · Rs.5,950.

In customer service, the f irst few seconds and your f irst few words irst few irst few words determine your success or failure.

15 min · $795 · Sp. Price: Rs.11,250.

Each toolkit Includes: · Chaptered DVD with 2 versions of all clips: with introductory narration and without; · CD-ROMs with 2 versions of all clips (for importing into PowerPoint presentations); · Comprehensive electronic Leader's Guide that includes key points, discussion questions and activity suggestions for every clip.

$995 · Sp. Price: Rs.16,450.

Includes: Leader's Guide

When your guest is disappointed... when you can't give him what he wants... when he won't let you help what do you say? This video challenges employees with more than 30 awkward, intimidating customer situations. It then provides realistic, practical answers that they can use. Bonus: Includes the What Do You Say? Card Game for extra fun and learning and an Employee Handbook providing practical answers to over 100 difficult customer service situations, including disruptive guests, diversity challenges, disability issues, etiquette and more.

In the Customer's Shoes

Includes: Course Guide, Quick Guide, 3 OHPs

Most of us already teach our people how to deal with customers. But it's no good going through the process unless they have the right attitude to go with it. This video aims to change attitudes, not to preach or lay down the law. Set in a shop, an airline call centre, a bank, a hospital and on public transport - it's the story of a young man who learns from personal experience how important good customer service is. And how we can all do better.

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22 min · $895 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,750.

Drama+Summary: 18 min · £1199 · Sp. Price: Rs.16,950.


Winning Customer Loyalty:

Includes: Guide, Audio CD and Book

What it means to "give your customer more" when they really don't expect it. Dr. Paul Timm shows you how to set yourself apart from your competitors.


Winning Customer Loyalty:

Includes: Guide, Audio CD and Book

What really alienates customers. It costs five times as much to get a new customer as it does to keep an existing one. Dr. Paul Timm shows you how to build the kind of loyalty that keeps customers coming back.

Exceed Customer Expectations Eliminate Customer Turnoffs

Call Effectiveness and Angry Customers

Includes: Leader's Guide

The good news about receiving a call from any angry customer, is that we have an opportunity to rectify the situation. The angry customers you don't hear from are probably gone for good. In this program we'll show you how to deal with angry customers and increase the effectiveness of your call. Here are just some of the points we have covered: · Managing Customer dissatisfaction · Taking control of the call · Always use the customers name · Have comprehensive product knowledge · Aim at fulfillment of customers needs

You'll learn to: · Identify six categories of customer expectations and how you can pleasantly surprise your customer · Provide E-Plus service (that little bit Extra) · Anticipate customer expectations · Provide on-time service · Understand the need for follow up and how to do it.

You'll learn to: · Know the difference between value turnoffs, systems turnoffs, and people turnoffs · Assess how you are treating your customers · Develop the "little" things to provide great customer service

26 min · Rs.5,950.

28 min · Rs.5,950.


A Passion For Customers

Includes: Viewer's Guide

In this powerful video, Tom Peters gets to the heart of the "excellence message" by taking viewers on location to five leading organizations who gained a competitive edge for themselves by focusing on quality and service: · Federal Express who revolutionalized overnight delivery · The Limited · Worthington Industries · University National Bank & Trust · The Louisville Redbirds who turned a loss making football team into a profitable business.

on Customer Service

22 min · AU$495· Sp. Price: Rs.8,450

In Search of Excellence

Based on the best-selling business book Wat aterman by Tom Peters and Bob Waterman Pe ers Includes: Narration Script

A vivid, behind-thescenes look at America's best-run companies like Disney, Apple, 3M, IBM and McDonalds' where quality & service are a way of life.

Telephone Courtesy & Customer Service

Includes: Manual, OHPs, Handouts, assessment.

Don't let poor phone skills hurt your business reputation.

This positive motivating video teaches the importance of effective telephone techniques and how to correctly identify customer wants and needs. The accompanying book provides practical case studies, skill inventories and excercises on how to manage difficult customers.

4 Major AWARDS

70 min · $895 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,850. Short Cut: 31 min · $495 · Sp. Price: Rs.8,850.

Beyond Close to the Customer

Includes: Leader's Guide and Viewer's Guide

In this valuable programme for customer service training at all levels, Peters delivers twenty key propositions about service. He shows that people's expectations are critical and that quality is more important than tangible benefits. He also deals with the importance of competing in time, customisation, turning adversaries into partners and giving bold guarantees.

It shows: · That excellent customer service is very simple, yet few organizations actually provide it · How creativity can be encouraged without risking anarchy and loss of revenue, using the examples of 3M's Post-It Notes and the Apple Macintosh computer · How to increase people's effectiveness by removing their fear of failure and consistently rewarding their success.

25 min+roleplays 21 min = 46 mins $ 395 · Sp. Price: Rs. 7,950.

Are You With Me?

Includes: Workbook with Leader's Guide · 126pp A superb program on all aspects of telephone use ­ inbound, outbound, customer service, sales, and general office use. With a

wide variety of scenes, this video illustrates its unique, valuable concept: treat the person on the phone as though they were there in the same room with you · Making a call is like making a visit · Taking a call is like receiving a visitor · Putting a caller on hold is like asking a visitor to wait at the door · Transferring a call is like introducing two people · Leaving a message is like making a call or a visit · Taking a message is like receiving someone else's visitor.

80 min · $775 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,850.

Service With Soul

Includes: Facilitator's Guide &`Service With Soul' Game.

Tom Peters presents five case studies examining the "passion" that exemplifies today's customer service success stories: at K. Barchetti Shops, at DeMar Plumbing, at Nypro, at Southwest Airlines, and with the Chicago Police. Illustrating how different today's customer service expectations are from those of a decade ago ­ and what we must do to meet and exceed those expectations ­ Peters identifies the shared characteristics and reinvention strategies that have put a few organizations at the top of their fields.

111 min · $795 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,850.

Serve!: Turn Customer Service into

Unforgettable Customer Experiences

Includes: Guide and PowerPoint Slides

Today's customers are spoiled. But if you can wow them with an unforgettable experience, you'll win unprecedented loyalty. Using simple, universal examples, Tom Peters tells you how to exceed expectations and make customers fall in love with your company.

24 min · $625 · Sp. Price: Rs.11,750.

AWARD: Trainer's Gold, Bronze, Int'l TV Assn.

70 min · $895 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,850. Short Cut: 32 min · $495 · Sp. Price: Rs.8,850.

Use the Telephone the Right Way

Includes: Book & Audio CD

How to apply 14 key callhandling skills that will boost not only your organization's credibility but also bottom line.

5 min · $445 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,450.

Wide range of

Business Games and Simulations



You'll Learn To: · Provide great service, turning phone calls into relationship builders · Handle conflict over the phone through sensitivity · Eenhance caller comfort · Use voice mail etiquette that's efficient · Follow the "two-ring rule" and more!

24 min · Rs.5,950.


Making Every Call Count

Get the very best out of every phone call

Includes: Trainer's Guide with OHPs etc.

Real workplace scenarios, with internal and external calls between colleagues, clients and suppliers, brings out key points in an effective way, so that viewers can improve their skills, and bring difficult situations to effective conclusions. Part 1 (25 min) gives people the skills to: · Understand the key behaviours required to manage an inbound call effectively · Know how to make each stage of an inbound call count · Demonstrate the skills, actions and behaviours needed to make every inbound call a success. Part 2 (19 min) equips people to: · Acquire the skills, actions and behaviours to make a really effective outbound call · Handle difficult calls · Manage distressed or angry calls · Turn bad news into good news effectively, over the phone.

Telephone Skills at Work

Includes: Book & Audio CD

Shows you how to make your telephone your business partner.

Complete Telesales

Training Kit

Mastering the Art of Selling by Phone

From making initial contact and finding out customers' needs through to identifying buying signals, dealing with objections and closing the deal - it's all here in 11 easy-to-follow segments.

You'll learn: · How to "correctly" handle incoming and outgoing calls · The basics of telephone etiquette · How to deal with complaint calls & turn them into successes · How to listen and speak effectively on the telephone

23 min · Rs.5,950.

The Kit Consists of:

11 Video Segments (73 min) ­ showing the ups and downs of a sales team much like your own. Each segment is followed by a review of key points by telesales expert and trainer, Claire Baverstock (ex-Thomson Directories). A comprehensive Trainer's Guide in 11 sections relating to each video segment. Readymade 45 OHPs of the main training points Handout Masters for you to copy for your team. Course Duration: 1 hour to 5 days. The kit contains material to cover every Telesales Training need and enables you to train your people fully, flexibly and cost effectively.

Telephone Skills and You

Includes: Facilitator's Guide

In everyday life we conduct business on the telephone, sometimes it is the first contact the customer makes with your company. It is very easy to fall into some bad telephone habits. In this humourous training program we show you the RIGHT way to give excellent customer service over the telephone. Here are a few of the areas covered: · Answering the telephone promptly · Treating the customer as you would want to be treated · Body language over phone · Transferring calls · Message taking · Placing calls on hold · Going that extra mile to help the customer

44 min · £985 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,950.

Further details available on request.

Positive Telephone Skills

Presenter-based video with cameo illustrations.

Includes: User's Guide with sample role-plays Learning Includes: · how to answer the telephone

professionally · the best way to transfer calls · when to put callers on hold · how to deal positively with requests · how to ask questions to help the caller · how to take messages accurately · how to ask for the sale · how to handle difficult or angry callers · how to take responsibility to ensure the caller's needs are met.

£1995 · Sp. Price: Rs.74,750.

20 min · $525.00 · Sp. Price: Rs.8,450.

Clear As A Bell

Includes: Leader's Guide

Your customers need to hear the smile in your voice. When you communicate on the phone, you're speaking for your organization. · Organize your call · Take clear notes · Speak clearly · Listen · Personalize · Use special words of courtesy.

It's Your Call (Star Thrower)

Remarkable Customer C.A.R.E on the Phone

Includes: Workbook and Leader's Guide

To be a truly great customer service professional, one must choose to be: Connected, Attentive, Responsible, and Enthusiastic. From being an active listener and gracefully guiding phone calls, to handling dissatisfied customers and keeping a fresh outlook call after call, It's Your Call emphasizes personal accountability as it teaches your employees to actively improve their telephone customer service skills.

25 min · £295 · Spl Price:Rs.6,250.

13 min · $595 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,850.

Winning Telephone Tips

Includes: Guide, Audio CD and Book

Have you ever been asked if you wanted to be placed on hold and before you could say, "NO" there you were, on hold? Does voice mail make you long for a human voice?

Take A Minute: The Organized Call

Includes: Leader's Guide

The video presents a simple, 4 step method that every employee can use to prepare and organize each outgoing call. This is a wonderful video for training sessions in customer service, telephone skills, sales training, and time management.

18 min · $395 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,450.

Connected: Meet customers "where they are." Attentive: Give every customer your full attention Responsible: Own the call, never take things

personally, and follow through. Enthusiastic: Treat every customer as if they were your only customer.

Call Center Success

Customer Service Reps must be ready to communicate the voice and spirit of your organization as well as develop the initial influence and relationship with all your customers. Focuses on how the call centre, and the people who are part of it, can become an integral part of any organization's success story. This suite of learning media easily accommodates different learning styles, environments and time requirements.

You'll learn: · Why it's important to place your own telephone calls · How to avoid unnecessary call screening · How to make your voice mail more efficient · Proper telephone etiquette · How to prevent callers from wandering off the topic

27 min · $625 · Sp. Price:Rs. 11,750.

23 min · Rs.5,950.

Telephone Courtesy Pays

Includes: Facilitator's Guide, Participant/ Observer Checklists, Role-Plays.

The person answering the phone is the caller's first contact with your organization. This video teaches the basic techniques essential for increasing employee efficiency, satisfying customers and increasing profits. 27 key skills are covered, including: · Handling multiple calls · Transferring calls · Handling problems · Taking messages · Voice mail

Effective Call Management

Includes: Leader's Guide

How to handle volumes of calls and still give all of them quality service? Effective Call Management illustrates basic and advanced techniques for managing and controlling all types of telephone calls. Presents nine important telephone techniques using humorous vignettes and a "How To" format.

(a) 60-min Group Trg video + 20-min Case Studies video, Leader's Guide, OHP Masters, Crisp Book & Assessment. $395 · Sp. Price: Rs. 8,950. (b) In Interactive CD-ROM format,with Book & Assessment. $249 · Price: Rs. 6,950.

23 min · $395 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,950.

30 min · $495 · Sp. Price: Rs.7,750.



`Just A Call Away' Series

Each Video: 14 min · $595 · Sp. Price: Rs.9,250. Includes: Leader's Guide/ Workbook with each video

The Process of Professional Collections

A complete Training Course that makes it easier than ever to empower collectors with the communication and collection skills they need to be more successful in telephone collections.

Attitude Is Everything

Picking up on Jackson's plight to get to the birth of his first child. A dejected Jackson calls another airline to see if they can help. This is where he encounters Billy. Billy seems like a nice guy, but with only 6 minutes to go till he finishes his shift, the last thing he wants is to deal with a customer who wants him to move heaven and earth. Through Billy we learn how our attitude can profoundly affect the lives of other people. After a few false starts, Jackson does make it to the hospital on time.

Ideal for: · Debt Collectors · Bill Collectors · Collection Agencies and anyone who is looking to increase profit by improving debt recovery.

Provides practical reading instruction and engaging video scenarios that capture collectors' attention ­ making learning more natural and lasting. It reinforces the essentials for top achievement in the demanding world of collections. Whether it's initial training for new collectors or refresher training for experienced people, the program saves valuable training time as it teaches proven telephone collection skills that generate results! Module 1: Developing a telephone voice Module 6: Asking questions with precision - Making the transition to the Module 2: Refining listening skills payment arrangement Module 3: Avoiding communication gaffes Module 7: Handling objections - Closing Module 4: Managing the emotional side the call Module 5: Planning the pre-call opening statement Set of 7 DVDs, Leader's Guide, 3 Participant Workbooks: Rs.60,750 + VAT + Shipping

It's Your Call

In this engaging episode, Lena telephone customer service agent in a busy entertainment booking company, encounters a delightful old man who is completely inexperienced in using their service and isn't really sure what he wants. Our story follows Lena as she learns valuable techniques for maintaining ownership of the call whilst staying friendly, interested and providing excellent customer service.

A set of 12 videos to help Call Centre operators provide outstanding service

Each video: A$ 395 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,250. · Includes: Self-paced Workbook with each video

The Outbound Call

Isaac Jones works in an insurance company call centre. His job is to make appointments for sales representatives to visit potential customers. His first call of the day is a disaster. He is strung along by 9 year old Danielle who has him believing the loss of her guinea pig was really the theft of a million dollar racehorse. However, once Isaac grasps some simple

Meet the Dial Tones

(1 1 min)

Solving Problems


Jamie, Martin and David work in a call centre. They form a band and write a song that strikes a chord with everyone. They soon discover from their team coaches that they have a lot to learn. Emphasises: · Learning · Results · Skills · Improvement· Positive Attitude · Sharing · Feedback

Associates should be resourceful when offering plans or solutions: · Listen to the problem · Express concern or apologise · Commit to helping · Clarify · Summarise and confirm · Provide a solution ASAP · Check satisfaction and offer more

Really Angry Customer

Jackson Smith arrives at the airport anxious to catch a flight so he can join his wife who has just gone in to labour with their first child. You can imagine how happy he is when he discovers all his credit cards have been cancelled because of mix up at the bank that has him filed under "dead". It takes a skilled and experienced agent like McKenzie to keep him calm and solve problem.

Conveying a Professional Image


Handling Upset Customers


This program covers the importance of speaking well, welcoming customers, and using effective protocols for putting people on hold and transferring calls. · Speak Clearly · Avoid jargon and slang · Greet warmly · Ask permission to hold · Respect customers on hold · Explain transfers · Offer more service

One of the toughest challenges is dealing with an upset and emotional customer. Work out what the customer needs and make sure you: · Listen sympathetically · Apologise · Take responsibility now · Plan to help · Gain customer agreement

Managing Anger & Abuse


Building Relationships


When You Can't Say Yes

Practical skills to say 'no' and remainain positive Training Points: · The difference between a hard `no' and a service `no' · Show empathy, active listening skills, get the facts · Clearly state reasons with honest, logical explanations · Avoid unfortunately, sadly and regrettably · However indicates new information · Don't give up easily, use your smarts, lateral thinking · Rack your brain for alternatives and information · A service `no' makes everyone a winner.

Call centre operators are the first and most important point of contact and hence they need to have a positive approach to customers and learn to build rapport and be willing to help.· Be enthusiastic · Take personal responsibility · Show interest · Engage with the customer · Use the customer's name

When customers are angry it is important to: · Listen positively · Reduce anger by apologising · Don't take it personally · Stay calm · Be responsive · Outline the plan to help · Agree on solution. If the customer gets abusive, stick to rules and give warnings before disconnecting.

Controlling Call Time


Communicating Clearly


Skills covered include: · Listen carefully to identify needs · Question to clarify and check · Give information clearly · Explain methodically · Ensure information is understood

Shows how to: · Be patient · Respond and move on · Ask questions or offer help · Summarise · Interrupt politely - use name · Stick to rules

Focusing on Results


Appreciating Human Differences


Understanding Customer Diversity

How to handle customers with a difference

Training Points: · All customers are worthy of your time · Don't speak loudly or be condescending · Speak clearly, using short sentences · Be prepared to repeat yourself without sounding annoyed · Do not allow the customer to lose face · Give instructions in a logical order · Avoid tag questions, complex negative · Avoid jargon, jokes and plays on words.

People come from a wide range of backgrounds with a varying range of needs and abilities. It is essential to accommodate these differences in a natural and professional way. Shows how to: · Speak clearly · Avoid jargon and slang · Slow down if necessary · Use repeats and pauses · Personalise service

It is not enough to have the right manner. We must also focus on results and need to know how we are doing and how to improve our performance · Achieve targets · Get it right first time · Be committed to improvement

Staying Positive


Satisfying Customers


Call centre professionals have to be knowledgeable about their products and services so that they can offer advice and alternatives.

Call centres need their staff to stay positive. This program encourages staff to manage pressure and enjoy the team, and in particular to: · Stay calm · Keep motivated · Maintain professionalism · Contribute to the team



American Tongues

Winner of Peabody Award


`B2B Prospecting' Series

Presented by renowned trainer, Winnie Ary, it is designed to help companies sharpen the selling skills of even their best sales professionals and aggressively expand their business opportunities.

Each video with Handbook · $695 · Spl Price: Rs.8,450. Full Set of 3 videos: Rs.22,750.

Includes: Film Transcript and Study Guide.

· Profiles different linguistic communities · Gives a survey of American linguistic prejudice (regional, social, racial) · Includes opinions and examples of Black English (Ebonics) · Shows how accent in one locale can differ by social class.

Persuade Your Value your customers and yourself Customers to Pay More

Featuring Dr. Ian Brooks - one of New Zealand's best known authors on business culture and the impact on service and sales strategies on enterprise success.

This brand new training programme offers insights into how organisations can practically deal with the predatory nature of competitive and self generated pressure for discounting. The multi-module DVD package offers seven short video presentations that assist you discuss across the organisation how to deal with pricing challenges. Ian Brooks shows you the vital need to think twice about slashing prices, illustrates why price is not the main issue, shows you that you have to create value to sell it, then how to sell value, and finally deals with how frontline folk can handle price objections. The DVD features Ian talking directly with your audience in a masterclass style presentation, reinforced by visual clips and graphics that clearly reinforce each key training point.

"The perfect example of a film that begins with a simple- enough subject and expands it seductively. It is enthralling!" ­ Los Angeles Times Angeles "The best visual presentation I have ever seen about American English" ­ Sec., American Dialect Society 40 min · Rs.10,850.

Determine and Reach Key Decision Makers: Sticking to It (13min)

The first step in the sales cycle is often the most difficult. This video highlights important tips that will help your staff to get past the gatekeeper and make contact with the person who can turn a sales call into a profitable business opportunity. Shows: · Implementing an action plan · Increasing the effectiveness of each sales call · When you can't reach the decision-maker

World Accents & Dialects

by Paul Meier

Each CD demonstrates all the signature sounds of the accent or dialect in word lists, then gives the sounds in practice sentences, finally building up to more difficult practice sentences. Also demonstrates rhythm, intonation, phrasing and tonal placement, giving plenty of practice material. Phonetic features are expressed in the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). Each CD culminates in two audition monologues (one male and one female). · General American · New York · American Southern · Downeast New England · American Deep South · American Southern · Standard British (Perceived Pronunciation) · Cockney · Hampshire · Liverpool · Yorkshire · Welsh · Scottish · Irish · Northern Ireland · French · German · Italian · Spanish · Russian · Indian · Australian · Yiddish · South Africa

Verify the Decision-Maker & Ask for the Business: Develop the Thirst (17min)

Help your sales staff overcome the "resistance mode" often encountered in an initial sales call. This video shows how to determine the needs of a potential client and demonstrate an ability to meet those needs. · What to say once you've made contact · Setting appointments - quality vs. quantity · How to ask for the business

74 min · £999 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,850.

`Complete Selling Skills'

Training Kit

A cost effective way to develop your sales team

This Total Training Kit covers thirteen aspects of the sale process, for products, supplies and services, in a flexible modular format. How it works: The video units show 3 individuals in situations met by sales people everywhere. One sells computers and printers, another financial services whilst the third supplies packaging. The learning points developed from this situations are the route to improved performance for everyone, whatever their level of experience. The written training units, with role plays and discussion exercises, reinforce and amplify the video content.

24 Accents · 12 Audio CDs · 350-page book · Rs. 6,750.

Listening & Addressing Resistance: Prepare for the Obstacles (13min)

In this informative video, your staff will learn how to master their selling skills and overcome the inevitable objections that follow once you've asked for the business. · Addressing resistance and handling objections · Knowing when to listen, ask questions and wait for a response · Importance of open-ended questions

Accent Training

by Dr. David Alan Stern

Learn changes required to effectively create a variety of accents. Not just samples for imitation, but systematic lessons: Lilt, Stress, Resonance, & Pronunciation.

Each accent (60-minute Audio-CD with manual): Rs.1,500. · American Southern · Boston · Chicago · Down East New England · Mid-West Farm & Ranch · New York City · 4 Texas Dialects · Upper Class New England (Kennedy-esque) · West Indian & Black African · British Standard · British North Country · Cockney · Irish · Scottish


Interactive CD-ROMs

By Ann Cook

This 2nd edition reflects ten years' research. All aspects of the American accent are covered in detail -- intonation, liaisons and pronunciation. Through extensive exercises, students learn how to speak with a standard American accent. At the same time, listening comprehension improves dramatically. "Unique...Amazing all the way!" -- Reviewer Review eviewer

TOEIC Pronunciation

Kath Lee athy By Kathy Lee Hans

Joey Award Winner

The Kit Contains:

One Introductory Video (25 min) Two Training Videos (100 min) Divided in 13 Training Units: Each written unit includes its own resources and ready-made 51 OHP transparencies. Module 1: Background Basics: · Routes to success · Selling situations · Why people buy Module 2: Getting Started: · Finding potential customers · Phoning for appointments · Starting the meeting Module 3: Needs and Objections: · Finding out customer needs · Meeting customers needs · Dealing with objections Module 4: Sales & Service-A Winning Combination: · Closing · Looking ahead · Planning & preparation · Account management. Trainer's Guide, Audiotapes & 51 OHPs

in American English (Interactive CD-ROM)

"This course has definitely given me the ability to recognize my pronunciation defects... superb... I would recommend all non-native speakers to undertake this course." Software ­ Sunil Chitnis, Software Engineer, Engineer, 3COM

In use at Fortune 500 companies.

Set of 5 Audio CDs & 210-page book · Rs.2,475.

Pronunciation Power 1

Beginner ESL: Lessons & Exercises · Educational Phonics Games · Dynamic Karaoke Style Sentences · Record & Playback · Translation in 12 Languages

Interactive CD-ROM · $30

101 American English Idioms

Understanding/Speaking English Like an American

104-pp book with 2 Audio-CDs · Rs.1,590.

Bonus: Includes "8-in-1 English Dictionary"

· $155

Pronunciation Power 2

Intermediate / Advanced

Detailed Animated Graphics · New Wave-Form Technology · Interactive Lessons & Exercises · Record & Playback · New S.T.A.I.R. ( Stress, Timing, Articulation, Intonation, Rhythm)

Sound & Style of American English

Dr. David Alan Stern

Audio Course in Accent Reduction

Set of 3 Audio-CDs (5 Hrs), 50-pp Drill Manual · Rs.1,800.

£1995 · Sp. Price: Rs.74,750.

Further details available on request.

Exercises with Manual · $94



Introduction to Selling

Presents fundamental skills a professional salesperson needs to be successful: · Questioning and listening · Features & benefits · Handling objections · Closing Also covers some basic mistakes made by most new salespeople. Be sure to avoid these: · Talking too much · Not listening · Assuming the customer's needs · Talking jargon · Arguing with customers · Talking 'features' not 'benefits' · Failing to ask for the order

Selling Services

Includes: Leader's Guide with Participant Workbook

Teach your employees effective techniques to sell services in today's market! Utilising examples in the finance, insurance and service industries, your employees will learn how to: · Achieve a good first impression · Build trust by creating rapport · Determine your customer's specific wants & needs · Demonstrate the customer's need for your services · Overcome objections & close the service sale.

Making Good Things Happen for Your Customers:


Part I "Changing Attitudes" puts employees in reallife situations they can relate to ­ in which they've been helped by others, showing cross-selling simply means people helping people. Part II "Improving Skills" 7 role-plays show the same employees from Part I now cross-servicing their customers at the bank.

31 min · $550 · Sp. Price: Rs.8,950.

31 min · Rs.7,975.

Pitching Your Business

Learn 20 practical tips when pitching your business with no brochures, AV or previous referral - to someone who does not need or want what you are offering. Whilst this interview is face to face it could also be done by phone. Find out how to turn objections into opportunities.

Communicating With Customers

An Entry Level Guide

Viewers of this lively program see five scenarios of young people relating to customers. They visit a spinning instructor at a health club and Jasmine who waits tables at the club's cafe. They visit Miranda at a beauty salon, and Shannon who works at a bike shop and see how both handle customers who feel they have been "ripped off."

11 min · A$325 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,950.


Closing is one of the most important areas of selling, yet it is quite often the most misunderstood. Closing isn't being able to throw magical phrases at clients in order to turn them around, it's a continuous process that begins at the start of a sale and continues through until you gain an order. In this tape we take a down to earth look at closing and how to recognise both visual and verbal buying signals.

6 min · A$275 · Sp. Price: Rs.4,250.

11 min · A$325 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,950.

Viewers will learn: · The importance of making a connection with customers · The value of listening and taking a real interest in customers · How tone of voice and body language influence job performance · To avoid making negative comments about customers on the job · How to handle mis-communications and phrase helpful responses · A five step process to use with angry customers.

15 min · Rs.6,250.

The S. A. L. E. Series

S-Set the stage A-Analyze needs L-Link to solutions E-Establish commitment

Sell Smarter, not harder with this easy-to-learn S.A.L.E. process.

Coach the S.A.L.E. for Sales Managers

Specifically designed for new sales managers, this program introduces the multiple roles, responsibilities, knowledge and skills required of an effective sales manager. Participants will experience a variety of learning activities, including opportunities to explore and practice skills and strategies related to modeling the S.A.L.E. Process, setting goals and expectations, managing accounts and applying the coaching process.

Support the S.A.L.E. for Service & Support Professionals

Specifically designed for professionals who support sales teams in their organizations, this program introduces a basic S.A.L.E. Process which gives participants a comprehensive approach to supporting the sales process. Learning activities include opportunities to explore and practice skills and strategies for responding to challenging customer support and service situations.

Win the S.A.L.E. for Sales Professionals

Specifically designed for participants who are new to sales or have limited sales experience. Using the S.A.L.E. Process, participants will gain the knowledge to successfully build rapport and manage the sales process.

Learning Highlights: · Model the SalesSmartsTM S.A.L.E. Process · Recognize and respond to the most common sales management challenges · Apply a 4-step coaching process to help sales professionals employ the S.A.L.E. Process

Video 1: · S.A.L.E. One Step at a Time for Sales Managers (33 min) Video 2: S.A.L.E. Putting it all Together for Sales Managers (11 min) Video 3: Coaching for S.A.L.E. Success (12 min)

Learning Highlights: · Explain the elements of each step of the SalesSmartsTM S.A.L.E. Process and how each step builds trust and credibility with prospects and customers · Navigate through a sales call following the said Process · Respond professionally to common customer questions and objections · Identify buying signals and skillfully manage appropriate actions in order to move a sale forward

Video 1: S.A.L.E. One Step at a Time for Sales Professionals (32 min) Video 2: S.A.L.E. Putting it all Together for Sales Professionals (11 min)

Learning Highlights: · Explain how each step of the Process builds trust and credibility with prospects and customers · Resolve customer problems and complaints in a way that maintains customer loyalty · Recognize and respond to new sales opportunities with existing customers

Video 1: · S.A.L.E. One Step at a Time for Service and Support Professionals (32 min) Video 2: S.A.L.E. Putting it all Together for Service and Support Professionals (11 min) Video 3: SALES Supporting the Sales Process (14 min)

of progr ograms includes: Each of the 3 programs includes:

· DVD (of the videos + SmartStart® Sales Truths, Insight Interview with subject matter expert) · Facilitator Guide (multiple agenda options) · Facilitator Resources · Participant Materials · Online Program Resources · Trainer Pack

Price: Std. Int'l Price: $1095 Sp.Price: Rs.12,750 for each program

For Online Previews visit:



The One-to-One Future:

Building Relationships: One Customer At A Time

Includes: Leader's Guide

Don Peppers and Martha Rogers explain the ways smart companies like MCI, Ritz Carlton, Walden Books and United Airlines are using new information and communication technologies to gain an edge over their competitors. Key points: · Increase unit margins, even while selling a higher volume of products to individual customers. · Create collaborative relationships with individual customers · Differentiate your customers, not just your products

Sell!: 25 Essentials on Selling

Includes: Reference Guide and PowerPoint Slides

If you can't sell, you're dead. Yes, selling is essential ­ whether it's your newest consumer product or an idea to increase internal productivity. Tom Peters has a gut-level grasp and passion for the art of selling and in this video he lays out 25 tenets that will teach you how to present, praise, and promote your product. · Sales is critical for everyone · People buy from individuals · Remember to say thank you · Pay attention to people at all levels who can help you succeed · The role of passion in sales

Selling Life Insurance

A Widow's Story

Includes: Leader's Guide and 5 OHPs classic film life insuranc ance The classic film that no life insurance pro can seeing professional can do without seeing

The emotive story of a young family struck by tragedy when Ian, a loving husband and caring father, suddenly dies without leaving enough life insurance and the shattering consequences of family's uncertain future. The film has been used by the majority of Life companies and Brokers with dramatic success. Protection is the foundation on which the industry is based - and this film delivers that message forcefully and boosts your sales team's confidence and keeps morale sky high. Ideal for showing to prospective clients as a direct sales aid.

41 min · $695 · Sp. Price: Rs.11,250.

14 min · $695 · Sp. Price: Rs.8,850.

`Selling Concepts' Series

Covers Face-to-Face as well as Over-the-Phone selling.

Includes: Comprehensive Facilitator's Guide and Workbook for interactive participant use ­ for each part.

Identifying Needs and Opportunities

People buy because of current needs, both perceived and actual. Discover customer needs and opportunities, and develop appropriate approach to · Explain the roles of the buyer and the selling in the sales cycle · Identify words and phrases that indicate customer needs and seller oppor-tunities · Determine ways to guide custo-mers to recognize and reveal needs and opportunities.

Handling and Preventing Objections

Negative responses from potential customers can be turned into sales opportunities ­ when proper steps are taken. Identify the reasons why customers object to a product or service · Demonstrate how to probe for buying criteria at the 3rd level of the sales cycle · Explain strategies for planning for objections during the first levels of the sales cycle · Reveal how "upscaling" or "down-scaling" buyer criteria can affect sales · Demonstrate effective means for overcoming objections.

28 min · £1199 · Sp. Price: Rs.16,950.


Includes: Course Guide, OHPs, Quick Guide

This unique fun story using a Superhero introduces the concept of Relationship Selling -- the extra ingredient based on respect and trust that will make our customers want to by from us. The super-salesman's key to success is the SPEND framework: S ­ Understand the customer's SITUATION P ­ Explore the PROBLEMS E ­ Analyse the EFFECT of these problems N ­ Agree what is NEEDED to solve them D ­ DECIDE with the customer what to do next

16 min · $435 · Rs.7,450.

16 min · $435 · Rs.7,450.

Demonstrating Features and Benefits

Demonstrates how to make the necessary linkage between the customer's needs and the seller's product or service · Define and demonstrate the differences between features and benefits · Reveal statements and phrases to be used in promoting benefits and features · Build on buyer understanding to increase sales success.

Closing Concepts

Shows how to choose and utilize effective closing techniques to finalize sales · Reveal Motorola's 3-Step Process for effective sales closure · Define and demonstrate 8 basic types of closes · Encourage a natural and appropriate closing technique based on each individuals' personal sales style · Define the close as an ongoing process that leads to repeat sales and new business.

34 min · £1199 · Sp.Price: Rs.14,250.

Ask for the Order! (AFTO)

Includes: Leader's Guide

16 min · $435 · Rs.7,450.

16 min · $435 · Rs.7,450.

`Selling Skills' Series

Increase your selling power and profit potential with the selling `secrets' of international power-house, Motorola, Inc.

Includes: Facilitator's Guide and Participant's Guide for each part.

Research has clearly shown that if you don't ASK FOR THE ORDER , your probablity of Closing is less than 20%.

The video includes 11 realistic vignettes in diverse business settings with 43 different actors. With Art Bauer as on-camera expert narrator, you'll see demonstrations of right way/ wrong way closing techniques and easy to remember graphic reinforcements of key learning points. The Training Leader's Guide provides step-by-step roadmaps for either 1.5 hour or 3 hour training sessions.

Listening for Results

This program takes a look at the keys and roadblocks to effective listening and probing techniques. The "OPEN" model of probing, composed of opera-tional questions, problem questions and nail-down questions is also examined.

Competing for the Gold

This entertaining program uses a track meet scenario to provide an overview of competitive selling concepts with emphasis on consultative selling. · Motorola's "Competitive Advantage Checklist" · "Product differentiation" and "competitive positioning" · "Value-added" selling skills and techniques

20 min · $435 · Rs.7,450.

Selling With Style

· Characteristics of assertive and responsive buyers · Identify and define the two human behaviour dimensions used to describe buyer styles · Examine guidelines for identifying and working with four different buyer styles · Discuss how the seller can use flexibility to achieve Total Customer Satisfaction.

22 min · $435 · Rs.7,450.

Negotiating to Win

Four distinct negotiating outcomes ­ Lose/Lose, Lose/ Win, Win/Lose and Win/Win ­ are examined. · Identify buyer tactics and appropriate responses · Recognize evasion tactics and respond appropriately · Demonstrate how to prevent "buyer's remorse"

Key points: · Customers expect you to AFTO · Fear is the main reason salespeople don't AFTO · What is Tough Minded Sellling? · Don't mistake Doubt for Rejection · The 3D approach to Selling - Dedication, Discipline, Determination · To close a sale, ask a Closing Question · Using the Direct Approach to Closing Questions · Using the Indirect Apporoach: Take-it-for Granted, Either/Or, Step by Step, Positive Negative · When should Closing Questions be asked?

28 min · $435 · Rs.7,450.

20 min · $435 · Rs.7,450.

LearnCom · 26 min · $575 · Sp. Price: Rs.9,750.

SAVE 25%

Buy any 4 or more of these 8 Motorola videos & take 25% off !



How Clothing is Sold:

Fashion Merchandising

Explores modern merchandising tactics.

Today the fashion NAME is more important than the fashion itself ­ the garment is secondary. Discover how branding might spell "the end of fashion." Realize that some well-known designers make more money selling licenses than garments. See how tactics once used to sell soap and soup moved into the world of fashion. See an example of "mass customization" that could revolutionize the garment industry. See how merchandising is used to move fashion from "something for wealthy adult women" into a global industry for teens, guys who don't care about fashion, and even infants.


The Store as Persuasion

Have you ever gone to the store to buy toilet paper and batteries but left with a whole shopping cart full of impulse buys? That's merchandising at work. Learn how retailers use science, detailed shopper observation, and applied psychology to sell goods from groceries to trees, from dog bowls to luxury cars.

Internet Shopping in the 21st Century

Featured Guests: · Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO,, Amazon. on.c · David Dyer, President and CEO, Lands' End. Lands'

Filmed at The Wharton School.

Two captains of the new economy tackle the transition from retailing to e-tailing. The man whose company has become the standard bearer for all organizations operating solely in cyberspace, Jeff Bezos, Founder & CEO of meets David Dyer, President & CEO of Lands' End, who through the seamless integration of Internet shopping has become the nation's number one apparel site.

18 min · Rs.6,250

Life Is Good & Work Can Be Too

Includes: Leader's Guide and Participant Guide

A new training program that profiles the apparel company `Life Is Good', which was founded in 1994 by two brothers, Bert and John Jacobs. Today, this company is a leader in their field with thousands of products sold worldwide while remaining committed to the positive, optimistic vision of its founders. The program is divided into four lessons: · Do what you like. Like what you do. · Spread Good Vibes · What would Jake do? · Half Full

In this enjoyable film you: · Learn about traffic control, flow patterns, pric-ing, p-o-p displays, and store layout · Discover why so many sales have strict time limits 24 Hour Sale! One Day Only! · Learn that even the size of shopping carts influences customer behaviour · Learn how merchandisers structure displays to draw customers deeper into the store · Find out what "super-sizing" a fast food meal has in common with selling dog food bowls · Understand why soup is not shelved in alphabetical order · See what baseball's strike zone teaches about self display for maximum profits · Learn about markups and inventory turn · Explore lifestyle merchandising and the "open wallet syndrome" · Discover that the challenge of the internet is not a new threat to merchandisers.

Topics Include: · E-tailing in the 21st Century · Building value from the top · E-tailing tips from the top

60 min · Rs.6,250.

Can You Help Me? II

If your employees haven't experienced it already, the day will come when they will lose a sale. Maybe they didn't know their product as well as they could, they weren't as friendly as they should have been, or perhaps the customer just didn't like their style.

28 min · Rs.6,250

The Right Start

Designed to reduce turnover and slow starts by new associates by teaching supervisors how to do a better job of orientation and training. Get off to "the right start" by: · Preparing new employees for the first day on the job · Setting goals and objectives · Ensuring expectations.

22 min · $550 · Rs.5,975.

24 min · $895 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,850.

Can You Help Me? is a complete retail sales training program that can help reduce those problems and teach your employees valuable tips to increase the number of sales and satisfied customers!

A good relationship between successful salespeople and their customers is built on trust. With this video, you can promote two qualities of trust in your salespeople ­ trust in their own abilities to satisfy a customer's purchasing needs, and trust that results from the customer/salesperson relationship.

Customer Focussed Selling

How to sell higher-ticket merchandise

Includes: Guide, Participant & Observer Checklists Key points:

· Establish initial rapport with a customer · Determine customer needs · Present features and benefits of the merchandise · Overcome Objections · Close a sale by recognising buying signals · Increase sales by selling additional merchandise.

Help Wanted

Hire only the best! Learn effective "how-to" methods for interviewing and selecting the right retail employee. Key points: · Determine job requirements · Develop interview questions that predict future performance · Conduct an effective interview · Evaluate candidate responses.

23 min · $595 · Rs.8,450.

26 min · with Guide & Workbook · $550 · Rs.5,975.

Merchants of Cool

An in-depth examination of the tactics and techniques of the marketing moghuls. The program explores the symbiotic relationship between the media and today's teens, as each looks to the other for their identity. They are the merchants of cool ­ the creators and sellers of popular culture, who have made teenageers the hottest consumer demographic. They even manufacture their desires in the bid to reach their hearts... and wallets. 60 min · Rs.4,500.

No Thanks, Just Looking

Increase sales! This program demonstrates the most effective retail selling techniques as your associates follow the experiences of Cathy at her new job.

16 min · $495 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,975.

Customer Service Selling

Includes: Facilitator's Guide

Teach your sales people selling skills that increase sales and give them more confidence in themselves and your organisation.

Key points: · Importance of product knowledge · Analyze sales for continued growth · Sell substitutes and add-on items · Discover customer wants & needs.

24 min · with Guide & Workbook · $550 · Rs.5,975.

The Power of Suggestion

Use this Award Winner to teach Suggestive Selling Techniques to help your sales associates sell more add-ons and multiples! It goes beyond basic selling skills. Suggestive selling skills build sales volume.

The Persuaders

This programme examines the "persuasion industries" ­ advertising and public relations. To cut through consumers' growing resistance to their pitches, marketers have developed new ways of integrating their messages into the fabric of our lives, using sophisticated market research techniques to better understand consumers and turning to the littleunderstood techniques of public relations to make sure their messages come from sources we trust.

Key points: · Greeting customers effectively · Determining customer needs · Knowing the location of products · Overcoming customer indecision · Recognizing "buying" signals

Key points: · Recognise when to make suggestions · Know what suggestions to make · Advanced suggestive selling techniques.

16 min · $495 · Sp. Price: Rs.5,975.

20 min · with Guide & Workbook · $550 · Rs.5,975.

90 min · Rs.4,500.



The New Retail Supervisor

Includes: Guide and Workbook

Build sales team spirit! Designed for anyone who is responsible for the supervision of retail associates. Follow the careers of three retail supervisors as they discuss their experiences about their new leadership responsibilities and improve profitability. Key points: · Manage and control your time · Motivate associates through improved communication skills · Learn coaching and counselling skills · Discover how to build a strong team.


Featuring John Cleese


Shows how the owner of a small manufacturing business finds himself in a typical predicament: sales are up 50 per cent on the previous year but profits are down.

The Balance Sheet Barrier

Featuring John Cleese

Using the device of contrasting the apparent worldliness of a well-educated company director and the business acumen of the streetwise owner of a small factory, we're shown how the whole process of business finance works. She knows the importance of understanding how money goes round the business and how to track and measure it ­ and she's happy to explain it in everyday language. Having been previously too embarrassed to admit his lack of knowledge, her grateful pupil learns the difference between key documents and the significance of the balance sheet, profit and loss accounts and cash-flow forecasts.

Constructing & controlling budgets

Includes: Discussion Guide, Briefcase Booklet

32 mins · $550 · Rs.5,975.

Take This Job ...and Love It!

An orientation supplement for new retail employees. Designed to introduce new associates to the particular benefits and responsibilities of a position in retail.

His more knowledgeable friend is able to explain that the increase and the extra expenditure it incurred were not previewed in the original budget ­ indeed, the budget appears to have been ignored altogether. He explains where the owner went wrong and why his working goals cannot be separated from financial realities.

Key points: · Appearance and attitude · Responsibility · Skills.

8 min · $395 · Sp. Price: Rs.4,475.

The benefits: ·A straightforward explanation of what a budget is, why it works and how it is put together · Excellent use of graphics to aid understanding · Assumes no prior knowledge

30 min · £699 · Sp. Price: Rs.13,950

Leadership in a Fast-Paced Economy

Changing customers' tastes to stay ahead

Featured Guests: · Donald J. Carty ­ Chairman President and CEO, American Airlines · James Keyes ­ President & CEO, 7-Eleven, Inc.

Joining Jeff Greenfield for this program are two of the country's most dynamic corporate leaders: Don Carty of American Airlines and James Keyes of 7-Eleven. The companies have several important things in common. They are both the biggest players in their fields: airlines and convenience stores. Both companies just celebrated their 75th anniversaries. Both firms are also counting on their abilities to implement new technologies and to react quickly to changing customer tastes to stay ahead of their competitors.

The Control of Working Capital

Featuring John Cleese

Includes: Discussion Guide, Briefcase Booklet

Enables managers to understand the concept of working capital and how they can free it to be used in the business. This humorous video makes the subject easy to understand and proposes ways of avoiding the traps that lie in wait for the unwary manager. We are shown where capital is locked up in a business and how to free it up, and how sales forecasts and regular meetings can help control working capital.

The benefits: · Assumes no prior knowledge of finance · Well-presented and structured video that ensures all managers understand how key financial statements are calculated and what they mean · Imaginative use of graphics to emphasise key points · Financial jargon is avoided in favour of everyday language

30 min · £1299 · Sp. Price: Rs.21,500.

Cost, Profit and Break-even

Striking a balance between resources Featuring John Cleese

Includes: Discussion Guide, Briefcase Booklet The Aim: To enable

managers to control the relationship between cost, price and volume. If the mere mention of fixed and variable costs, break-even points, contribution, depreciation, marginal and total absorption costing brings a glazed look to your eyes, it is likely that you have never seen this witty and brilliantly simple explanation.

The benefits: · Assumes no prior knowledge of finance · Managers are taught to focus more on the performance of the business as a whole and not just day-to-day processes

Topics include: · Serving Time-Pressed Customers · Staying Ahead of Low-Cost Competitors · The CEO as a Catalyst for Change

Video Arts · 26 min · £699 · Sp. Price: Rs.13,950

60 min · Rs.6,250.

Videos in Hindi

The following titles are also available in Hindi version.

Title Page

Happy Customers & Employees:

The Recipe for Success

Featured Guests: · Blake W. Nordstrom, President, Nordstrom, Inc. dstr Nordstrom, Inc · Jim Donald, President & CEO, arbucks Co Company ompan Starbucks Coffee Company.

Filmed at the Univ. of Washington Business School. Meet two CEOs of companies known for bonding with their customers and employees. Blake Nordstrom is carrying on the family tradition of providing exceptional customer service at a large retail store where employees are considered part of the family. Jim Donald makes sure that Starbucks is a comfortable home-away-from-home for customers, and the company takes pride in treating employees as "partners."

60 min · Rs.5,950.

Videos available on

Training Bankers' Training

Write for details

And When You Fall.... Art of Communication, The Beyond Impossible Body Language Skills at Work Celebrate What's Right with the World Dealing With the Irate Customer Even Eagles Need A Push Eye of the Beholder Give `em the Pickle! Henry - Man Who Hated Change I Know It When I See It Ideas Into Action Miracle Man, The Power of Attitude, The Power of Vision, The Presentation Skills - From A to Zzzz Succeeding In A Changing World Who Says We Can't Do It?

49 39 48 40 9 52 47 30 53 17 64 19 49 34 9 42 17 47

The benefits: · It explains how costs are calculated and their effect on the business · Assumes no prior knowledge of finance

23 min · £699 · Sp. Price: Rs.13,950

The Numbers Game

Understanding Financial Accounts

Includes: Course Guide, Participant's Notes, 5 OHPs.

Can you read a Balance Sheet? Or what a Profit & Loss is telling you? Or tell the difference between Cash and Profit? And what about the other managers in your organisation? A complete manager needs to understand all these factors and this video ideally fills the need.

Produced in association with Chartered Accountants Institute of Scotland 45 min · £895 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,750.



`Tools for Quality Improvement'

Includes: Leader's Guide with each video.


Quality Through Systems: Six Sigma

Includes: Viewer's Guide

An indepth look at how Six Sigma translates into reduced cycle time and near zero-defect perfection. Video 1 (28 min): How Motorola meets the challenge of Six Sigma through an innovative mix of companywide internal measurement systems, customer/supplier input, and quality leadership. Video 2 (38 min) helps you evalute your quality processes using Baldrige criteria that helped make Motorola one of the first Award winners.

Becoming the Best

Includes: Guide with Role Plays, Handouts, etc.

Award-winning film, based on the best selling book, designed to bring about a profound change of attitude in your organization and launch your company on the road to achieving total quality. Wilkins' is a company where staff think that everything is going well. But in fact a series of seemingly unconnected errors: rejects, misdirected deliveries, damage from bad packaging, and invoicing errors have infuriated their most important customer and force them to take a long, hard look at the way they work.

1. Team Planning: Relationship Diagram

and Prioritization Matrix

18 min. 12 min.

2. Flow Diagrams 3. Team Planning: Tree Diagram and

Process Decision-Program Chart 15 min. 4. Idea Generation: Affinity Diagram and Cause & Effect Diagram 16 min.

Each video: $495 · Sp. Price: Rs.6,725. Full series of 4 videos: Sp. Price: Rs.21,450.

Gold Apple Award Silver Cindy Award

2 videos: 66 min · $495 · Sp.Price: Rs.9,950.

Quality First

Includes: Leader's Guide; OHP's; Audiotape

Presents Mike Robson's CARE Model, consisting of four essential steps: · Customer/Supplier Chains ­ establish who your customers are · Agree requirements ­ agree with your customers what their requirements are · Right First Time, Right Every Time ­ work out what needs to be done to meet requirements Right First Time, Right Every Time · Evaluate, measure and improve ­ establish ways of evaluating, measuring and improving performance

15 min · £825 · Sp. Price: Rs.9,250.

Kaizen: JIT Technologies

JIT improves quality and reduces costs by employing a minimum of resources. Seven types of MUDA are identified. The next step is to start eliminating MUDA through JIT Technologies. Case study examples at Matsushita and Coretec Company and graphics, explain the three key strategies: Disposal, Orderliness; and Cleanliness and checking. Also explains: Push vs Pull production systems; TAKT Time vs Cycle Time; One-Piece Flow production; Lot Production; Job Shop vs U-Shaped line formation; Manpower utilization on the Line; Multi-process operations; Levelling; Autonomation; Standard Work; Parts Supply, Kanban, 5S, Visual Mgt.

Kaizen: Just In Time Pays

An overview of Masaaki Imai's KAIZEN philosophy. Stresses importance of MUDA (waste) and JIT (lean production) process. Demonstrates management's crucial role. You see how Kaizen practices may easily increase production by 30% or even 100%. Case studies reveal inner workings at US and Japanese companies.

25 min · £295 · Sp. Price: Rs.8,950.

On the Brink of Perfection

An excellent session starter with off beat humour while it underscores the message "near enough is not good enough!" The video poses the question "What level of quality is acceptable? Should we settle for 90%, 95% or even 99% quality?" The video examines this concept closely, then goes on to address what sort of chaotic results we could expect if telephone companies, car manufacturers, bridge builders, architects etc only achieved 99% quality.

36 min · $495 · Sp. Price: Rs.8,950.

42 min · $495 · Sp. Price: Rs.8,950.

Supply Chain Management

Defines the new partnership characteristics and goals found within a thriving manufacturing supply chain. Case Studies at · Hewlett Packard, · Saturn, and · Case IH shwo what to expect from the effort required to manage a successful supply chain.

Quality: The Big Picture

Includes: Leader's Guide

Through narration, vignettes, charts, and graphics, the video delivers a short overview of the total quality process. It describes the three main characteristics of a quality organization and illustrates a crossfunctional team diagnosing the root cause of a problem using a fish-bone diagram.

31 min · Rs.12,950.

6 min · A$245 · Sp. Price: Rs.4,950.

See Page 12 for videos on Re-engineering

Lean Manufacturing

This video provides an indepth examination of how an automotive supplier uses lean manufacturing principles to create a truly worldclass manufacturing environment. Lean concepts explored include: · Benefits of a pull production control system · how visual management is used to spot problems · why encouraging a strong team-based culture is important · the importance of supplier confidence.

17 min · $625 · Sp. Price: Rs.7,450.

I Know It When I See It

Includes: Leader's Guide


Also in Hindi

· Quality is an awareness and an attitude · Personal responsibility for delivering quality and customer satisfaction · Customers "Know it when they see it"

`Roadmap for Change' Series

Featuring Dr. W. Edwards Deming

18 min· $495 · Rs.7,950.

1. The Deming Approach

Deming's 14-point philosophy. Commitment to change begins with top management's total dedication. As quality improves, productivity automatically increases. 85% of all quality problems originate within the system itself, not with the workers.

The Force of Value

Includes: Leader's Guide

· Link internal value-creating activities to your customers' expectations · Identify what's needed to become a value-creating organization · Establish a common understanding and language of value · Master the critical value-creating activities of process and purpose · Use force of value to better focus and energize your change efforts

13 min · Rs.7,850.

2. The Deming Legacy

Case history showing ways in which multi-disciplined teams solve production problems, and how Deming's statistical methods not only solve immediate problems but also assure ongoing improvement.

Simultaneous Engineering

Learn how Simultaneous Engineering (SE) dramatically shortened the development time of a new personal pager at Motorola and how Delco Remy developed their successful flattop battery using simultaneous engineering. Also, see how SE was integrated into all division design and development programs at the Cadillac Motor Division of GM.

22 min · $745 · Sp. Price: Rs.9,950.

3. Commitment to Quality

This case study of Zytec Corporation gives a behind-the-scenes look at company's effort to put Deming's 14 principles into practice.

Time: The Next Dimension of Quality

Includes: Leader's Guide Learn how to perform a Value-Added Flow Analysis

(VAFA) using three simple criteria to identify valueadded time and eliminate value-less time.

· Silver Award, Houston Int'l Film Festival

Each video with Guide · 30 min · $595 · Sp. Price: Rs.8,225. Full set of 3 videos: $1725 · Sp. Price: Rs.19,750.

45 min · $160 · Spl Price:Rs.7,680.

18 min · $745 · Sp. Price: Rs.9,950.



Pg 42 5 54 68 54 59 15 59 48 13 12 30 14 12 12 12 25 41 68 21 59 59 49 36 6 29 28 56 39 30 61 41 34 50 7 34 11 59 Title

5 Communication Secrets, The 5 Questions Every Leader Must Ask 5 Values of Great Customer Service 10 Top Customer Service Games 50 Ways to Keep Your Customers 101 American English Idioms Abilene Paradox, The Accent Training (Dr. Stern) - 14 accents - each Accentuate the Positive Accountability That Works Achieving More with Less ACT Fair! Effective Discipline ACT With IntegrityTM Adversity Quotient Adversity Quotient At Work Adversity Quotient Series (2 videos) After All You're the Supervisor Agreed! AirLift! All for One American Accent Training American Tongues And When You Fall... Anger At Work Apollo 13: Leadership Appraisal Interview, The Appraisal Skills Are You With Me? Art of Communication, The As Others See Us Ask for the Order (AFTO) Assertive Problem Solving Attitude Virus, The Attitude: It's All in How You Look At It Attitude: Radiating Possibility Attitude: Your Most Priceless Possession Awesome `B2B Prospecting' Series (3 videos) 1. Determine & Reach Key Decision Makers 2. Verify the Decision-Maker... 3. Listening & Addressing Resistance Baboon In Your Business, The Bad Apples: How To Deal with Bad Attitudes Balance Sheet Barrier Balanced Scorecard, The Basic Facilitation Basics of Business Etiquette Basics to Improve Your Memory, The Becoming the Best Beer Game, The Behavioural Interview Triggers Being Assertive Being Assertive (People Skills) Best, The Better Business Communication Better Business Writing Beyond Close to the Customer Beyond Impossible Beyond Words for Healthcare Blue Movie, The Body Language Body Language and Rapport in Interviewing Body Language At Work Body Language Skills at Work Body Talk Boomerang: The Reciprocity Urge Breakthrough Listening Budgeting Building the Multicultural Team Building the Virtual Team Business and Environment: Lean, Clean, Green Business Ethics: Integrity At Work


9,950 14,850 12,250 19,950 5,950 1,590 14,850 1,500 5,950 14,750 8,450 12,950 12,750 11,250 11,250 16,850 14,850 16,950 £350 8,950 2,475 10,850 5,950 6,950 11,950 18,750 11,750 11,750 8,450 7,250 9,750 5,595 12,750 3,250 17,750 6,950 12,750 22,750 8,450 8,450 8,450 7,950 12,750 21,500 6,950 12,250 5,950 5,950 9,250 9,000 5,450 11,750 6,950 5,250 5,950 6,950 12,850 5,950 12,850 12,950 6,250 5,450 16,950 13,950 12,950 8,450 6,250 13,950 12,750 12,750 7,850 3,250

20 34 63 9 33 43 34 64 12 26 41 41 49 38 39 56 48 51 19 39 26 40 40 40 34 40 63 45 45 8 50

Pg Title 43 Business Etiquette 40 Business of Listening, The 9,13 Business of Paradigms, The NEW 50 But I Don't Have Customers 54 C.A.R.E. Principle, The 57 Call Center Success 56 Call Effectiveness and Angry Customers 52 Calming Upset Customers 62 Can You Help Me? II 9 Celebrate What's Right With the World 30 Challenging Absenteeism 17 Change and Innovation Through Brainstorming 16 Change Masters Series (2 videos) 1. Understanding the Theory 2. Putting the Theory Into Action 17 Change Without Anxiety 14 Character Is Destiny 48 Chase, The: Staying Ahead of the Competition 33 Cheetah in Your Business, The 3 Clarity Imperative, The 57 Clear As A Bell 60 Closing 60 Coach the S.A.L.E. for Sales Managers 33 Coach, The 33 Coaching and Counselling 33 Coaching on the Job 33 Coaching Skills 33 Coaching Skills: Sales Supervisor's Role 50 Coaching: It Takes Work 50 Colleagues As Customers 26 Common Mistakes People Make in Interviews 45 Communicating Between Cultures 37 Communication Breakdown 22 Communicating in a Team 60 Communicating with Customers 39 Communicating Without Words 38 Communication Essential Series (4 videos) 1. Listening & Understanding 2. Overcoming Negative Behaviours 3. Exercising Personal Power 4. Conveying Information 37 Communication in the Workplace Series (5 videos) 1. Nature of Workplace Communication 2. Writing in the Workplace 3. Conflict Management 4. Negotiation in the Workplace 5. Customer Service 39 Comm. Skills That Build Winning Relationships 37 Communication Toolkit 12 Competitiveness 52 Complaint is A Gift, A 38 Complete Communication Kit 42 Complete Presenter Kit 59 Complete Selling Skills Training Kit 57 Complete Telesales Training Kit 13 Compliance is Just the Beginning 44 Conflict Management 31 Constructive Criticism 63 Control of Working Capital, The 38 Conversations That Work 10 Corporate Culture and Performance 63 Cost, Profit and Break-Even 51 Creating the Customer's Dream 19 Creativity: The Only Way to Fly 45 Cross-Cultural Understanding 45 Cross-Cultural Communication 60 Cross-Servicing 15 Cuban Missile Crisis, The 45 Cultural Awareness 14 Culture of Freedom, A 62 Customer Focused Selling 52 Customer Satisfaction


11,750 6,950 24,750 12,750 5,950 6,950 8,450 6,950 8,450 17,950 13,950 13,450 17,250 9,450 10,750 8,450 11,250 5,950 7,950 13,850 6,850 5,950 12,750 16,950 6,950 6,950 12,950 6,450 3,250 12,950 6,250 6,250 12,850 6,950 6,250 6,950 25,950 8,450 8,450 8,450 8,450 20,750 5,950 5,950 5,950 5,950 5,950 5,950 16,850 15,950 6,250 74,750 74,750 74,750 74,750 12,750 6,950 12,950 13,950 7,950 13,950 13,950 8,850 5,250 12,750 12,750 7,975 12,750 12,750 9,850 5,975 6,950

Pg 62 53 55 54 53 49 16 44 44 25 52 19 25 34 64


Customer Service Selling Customer Service to the Rescue Customer Service Toolkit Customer Talks Back Damage Control Dare to Dream Days of Change Dealing with Conflict Dealing with Conflict (CRM) Dealing with Difficult People Dealing with the Irate Customer Deep Dive, The Delegating for Diehards Delivering Effective Training Deming's Roadmap for Change Series (3 videos) 1. The Deming Approach 2. The Deming Legacy 3. Commitment to Quality Developing Positive Assertiveness Diagnostic Interview, The Dialogue ­ Now You're Talking (Set of 4 videos) Each individual video Difficult Guest, The Dimensions of Coaching Discipline Interviewing Discussing Performance Diversity Challenge: What Would You Do? Do I Know You? Do We Have A Deal? `Doing Business in.....' Series (7 videos) 1. Doing Business in Argentina 2. Doing Business in Brazil 3. Doing Business in Chile 4. Doing Business in Indonesia 5. Doing Business in Malaysia 6. Doing Business in Mexico 7. Doing Business in Singapore Don't Panic! Doughnut Organisation, The Drop by Drop e.asywriter Eagle's Secret, The Ecosystem in Your Business Effective Call Management Effective Delegation Effective Listening Effective Meeting Skills Effective People Skills Series Effective Performance Appraisals Effective Presentation Skills Effective Training Techniques Eliminate Customer Turnoffs Emotional Intelligence Emotional Intelligence (CRM) Empowering Manager, The Empowering People Empowering Yourself Empowerment Empowerment: A Risk Worth Taking Encouraging the Heart Ethics 4 Everyone Ethics: The L.O.G.I.C. of Right Etiquette Hotline: Table Manners Even Eagles Need A Push Everyday Creativity Everyone Can Be A Leader Everything Is Design! Everything You Always Wanted To... Management Exceed Customer Expectations Excellence In the Public Sector Explaining Clearly Extra Mile, The


5,975 5,250 16,450 7,950 6,950 5,950 7,650 6,950 13,750 9,450 7,950 4,250 11,850 8,950 19,750 8,225 8,225 8,225 7,950 12,950 36,750 12,250 13,850 12,750 6,950 11,250 8,950 12,250 11,850 11,250 11,250 11,250 11,250 11,250 11,250 11,250 12,750 11,950 13,750 15,250 9,450 7,950 7,750 15,950 6,950 6,950 13,750 6,950 7,950 11,975 5,950 12,950 14,750 13,750 6,950 6,950 6,950 7,950 11,750 14,750 12,950 6,250 11,250 17,950 6,950 10,850 9,750 5,950 10,850 6,950 5,250

41 28 46 55 33 26 28 46 27 41 44

35 10 47 39 47 47 57 25 40 43 44 28 42 34 56 12 11 24 24 35 24 24 11 13 13 43 47 19 4 8 10 56 8 32 48



Pg 4 30 54 18 7 34 31 10 31 Title

Extraordinary Leader, The Eye Of The Beholder, The Eye of the Customer Series (each) Father & Son Feedforward Fearless Facilitation Feedback Techniques Fifth Discipline, The Feedback Solutions Series 1. Giving Feedback: Basic Skills 2. Giving Feedback: Advanced Skills 3. Receiving Feedback: Basic Skills 4. Receiving Feedback: Advanced Skills First Aid 1: Basic Life Support First Aid 2: Outdoor Injuries Fish! Fish! Culture Fish! Sticks Fish Tales: (5 videos) 1. Peak Experience 2. Sprint 3. Building Trust 4. Vital Signs 5. Jump Start Five Star Teamwork Flawless Leadership Flight of the Buffalo Focus Your Vision For the Love of It Force of Value, The Four Styles, The Four Weeks In May and T.E.A.M.W.O.R.K. Free Radicals of Innovation Front of the Class: Learning to Lead Frontline Customer Care Fun is Good General Office Skills Get the Whole Picture Getting a Handle On Stress Getting Motivated Getting Started: Your First 30 Days Getting to Yes: The Video Workshop Gift of Feedback, The Giraffe Give `em the Pickle! Giving and Receiving Feedback Giving Bad News Giving Feedback: Emotional Intelligence in Action Glad I Could Help General Hospitable: Keeping Your Patients Satisfied Goal, The: The How-To Video Goals and Goal Setting Gods of Management Good Company Good Question Grand Canyon Adventures Package Great Communicator, The Greatest Speeches of All Time Green Movie, The Groupthink (Rev. Ed.) Guest, The Handling Difficult People Happy Customers and Employees Help Wanted Henry ­ Man Who Hated Change Hidden Customer , The Hire for Attitude Hotlines Series (12 videos) 1. Meet the Dial Tones 2. Conveying A Professional Image 3. Building Relationships 4. Communicating Clearly


14,850 9,950 2,950 5,950 $495 14,850 12,950 9,850 26,950 8,450 8,450 8,450 8,450 6,250 6,250 $825 $999 $825 $495 $295 $295 $295 $295 $295 11,250 14,850 9,750 17,950 17,950 9,950 13,250 14,850 13,750 14,850 12,250 10,750 6,950 13,450 8,450 6,950 5,950 14,850 $495 6,250 13,250 7,950 6,950 18,250 12,250 9,750 20,950 7,950 11,950 5,950 12,950 $499.95 14,750 3,950 12,950 13,750 13,850 6,950 5,950 5,975 5,950 7,975 11,250 5,250 5,250 5,250 5,250

26 26 23 23 23 23

20 3 24 9 9 64 37 22 19 5 54 24 27 27 36 35 27 41 31 18 53 31 30 31 51 51 14 22 10 49 27 68 39 42 19 20 55 30 63 62 17 50 27 58

Pg Title 5. Appreciating Human Differences 6. Satisfying Customers 7. Solving Problems 8. Handling Upset Customers 9. Managing Anger and Abuse 10. Controlling Call Time 11. Focusing on Results 12. Staying Positive 68 Houston, We Have A Problem 62 How Clothing is Sold: Fashion Merchandising 39 How To Connect In Business in 90 Seconds... 51 How To Connect In Healthcare in 90 Seconds... 46 How to Deal with Cultural Diversity... 38 How to Develop Effective Communication Skills 42 How to Make Winning Presentations 35 How to Set and Really Achieve Your Goals 64 I Know It When I See It 50 I Wish My Manager Would Just... 19 Ideas Into Action 15 If At First.... Overcoming the Fear of Failure 22 Implode! 56 In Search of Excellence 55 In the Customer's Shoes 46 In This Together 39 Influencing Others 18 Innovate!: How to Stand Out in the Crowd 9,19 Innovation at the Verge 19 Innovation Series (2 videos) 1. Inspiring Innovation 2. Creating Innovations 32 Insights to Better Mentoring 45 Intercultural Communicating 50 Internal Customer Service 45 International Negotiating 62 Internet Shopping in the 21st Century 26 Interview Panels 27 Interviewing (Management Skills) 27 Interviewing (People Skills) 60 Introduction to Selling 9 Inverting the Pyramid 43 Invisible Meeting, the 47 Is `Good' Enough? 46 Is It Bias? 51 It's A Dogs World 11 It's A New Way 55 It's Personal ­ For the Customer and For You 52 It's Show Time! 11 It's So Simple 57 It's Your Call (Star Thrower) 12 It's A Wonderful Life 7 It's Okay to be the Boss 18 Jamming - Art & Discipline of Mg. Creativity 5 Joel Barker's LeadershiftTM 53 Johnny The Bagger 14 Journey Into the Heroic Environment, A 16 Journey, The: Preparing for change 47 Juice 17 Jump! Embracing Change 58 Just A Call Away Series (6 videos) 1. Attitude Is Everything 2. It's Your Call 3. Outbound Call, The 4. Really Angry Customer 5. When You Can't Say Yes 6. Understanding Customer Diversity 64 Kaizen: JIT Technologies 64 Kaizen: Just In Time Pays 24 Kangaroo 6 Keeping the Good Ones 18 Kick in the Seat of the Pants, A 13 Kingdom Was Lost, The 5 Leader Madness


5,250 5,250 5,250 5,250 5,250 5,250 5,250 5,250 £395 6,250 12,450 12,450 5,950 5,950 5,950 5,950 7,950 5,250 12,950 $495 6,950 12,850 16,950 12,750 6,950 6,450 24,750 11,250 7,250 7,250 13,750 12,750 7,975 12,750 6,250 5,450 7,975 6,950 5,950 7,475 12,250 5,950 12,850 12,850 $695 18,250 8,450 $379 11,750 9,950 12,850 9,750 21,750 13,450 8,850 5,950 6,250 5,950 9,250 9,250 9,250 9,250 9,250 9,250 8,950 8,950 6,250 14,850 7,625 16,950 11,950

Pg Title 4 Leader, The 3 Leader's Guide to Delegating, A 3 Leaders of Character: Leadership the West... 23 LeaderFiSH! 5 Leadership 6 Leadership Alliance, the 4 Leadership and the New Science 24 Leadership by Empowerment 4 Leadership Challenge, The 63 Leadership in a Fast-Paced Economy 3 Leadership / Management Mix, The 3 Leadership Pickles, the 6 Leadership Sins 6 Leadership Style 7 Leadership: An Art of Possibility 5,14 Leadership: What's Trust Got To Do With It? 13 LEAKPROOF: 8 Privacy Principles.... 64 Lean Manufacturing 32 Learning Needs Interview, The 32 Learning Plan Interview, The 32 Learning Review Interview, The 11 Leopard In Your Business, The 20 Lessons From Geese 28 Let's T.A.L.K. 62 Life is Good and Work Can Be Too 40 Listen and Win 40 Listen! 40 Listening Under Pressure 8 Little BIG Things with Tom Peters Series (5 videos) 1. Excellence 2. Leadership 3. Service 4. Strategy 5. You 48 Locomotion 43 Looking Great At Work 4 Love & Profit: The Art of Caring Leadership 5 Managing Me 46 M.E.E.T on Common Ground 55 Mad About Customer Service 21 Magic of `We', The 53 Making Customer Service Happen 57 Making Every Call Count 22 Making Teams Work 36 Making Time 17 Managing at the Speed of Change 17 Managing Change 44 Managing Conflict 52 Managing Difficult Customers 1... 2... 3 24 Managing Empowerment 13 Managing For Commitment 52 Managing For Customer Care 50 Managing Internal Customer Service 43 Managing Meetings 29 Managing ­ Only Just 35 Managing Stress for Mental Fitness 35 Managing to Have Fun 10 Managing With Style 43 Manners at Work 49 Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs 16 Mastering Revolutionary Change 52 Measuring Customer Satisfaction 25 Mediating Disputes 43 Meeting Case Study 43 Meetings That Work 43 Meetings Under Control 32 Mentoring 62 Merchandising: The Store as Persuasion 62 Merchants of Cool 20 Mining Group Gold 49 Miracle Man, The 13 Moment of Truth (MPC)


5,250 14,850 14,850 $795 13,950 14,750 14,850 12,950 9,940 6,250 17,250 14,850 6,950 12,950 19,750 12,850 12,850 7,850 11,250 12,950 11,250 7,950 6,250 11,750 12,850 5,950 11,250 5,950 15,750 5,250 5,250 5,250 5,250 5,250 5,950 6,250 6,950 12,850 10,450 11,250 6,250 12,750 12,950 6,950 16,950 11,750 6,950 8,750 7,450 9,750 6,950 11,250 7,975 6,950 17,250 5,950 6,250 9,850 6,250 6,250 14,850 5,950 6,450 5,450 8,450 7,450 7,950 6,250 4,500 12,750 10,750 14,850



Pg 52 26 50 48 20 50 50 38 41 63 25 36 30 62 63 26 64 4 48 61 33 52 10 47 29 43 15 Title

Moments of Truth More Than A Gut Feeling III Motivating at Work Motivating Others Motivating the Team Motivation Motivation: Dream It, Walk It, Believe It Murder by Mixed Messages Negotiating New Retail Supervisor, The New Supervisor, The New Time Of Your Life, The No Smoke Without Fire No Thanks, Just Looking Numbers Game, The Office Manager Interview On the Brink of Perfection Once Upon a Leader One Foot in Front of the Other One To One Future, The On-The-Job Coaching Oops! Time for Service Recovery Organizational Vision, Values and Mission Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts Painless Performance Improvement Paper Plates to Silver Spoons Paradigm Mastery Series (5 videos) 1. Change & Leadership 2. Paradigm Effect, The 3. Paradigm Curve, The 4. Paradigm Partners 5. Paradigm Hunting Paradigm Pioneers Paradigm Principles Partners in Performance Passion For Customers, A (70 min) Passion For Customers, A (31 min) Passion For Excellence, A Path to Change: Customer Driven Organization Peacock in the Land of Penguins People Perception: The Art of Seeing Performance Appraisal Performance Appraisal Series (2 videos) 1. Care & Candour: Making Perf Appriasals Work 2. Looking Forward Performance Counselling Performance Excellence Series (6 videos) 1. Coaching to Clarify Expectations 2. Coaching to Build Skills 3. Coaching to Enhance Confidence 4. Coaching to Encourage Flexibility 5. Coaching to Resolve Conflict 6. Coaching to Develop Motivation Performance Improvement Plan, The (PIP) Personal Time Management Personality Clash Persuade Your Customers to Pay More Persuaders, The Pitching Your Business Ploys, Gambits and Dirty Tricks of Negotiation Positive Discipline Positive Telephone Skills Positive Time Skills Power of Attitude, The Power of Customer Service Power of Suggestion, The Power of Vision, The Power of Words Practical Coach, The Presentation Skills - A to Z.z.z Presentations Without Fear


5,250 12,750 6,950 5,950 16,950 5,950 3,250 9,750 7,975 5,975 6,950 10,250 12,750 5,975 12,750 5,450 4,950 9,450 4,950 11,250 12,950 9,450 7,950 12,750 12,750 6,250 34,750 9,750 9,750 9,750 9,750 9,750 12,750 12,750 7,950 12,850 8,850 14,750 9,250 9,450 6,250 6,925 3,250 27950 15,950 15,950 10,450 39,950 8,450 8,450 8,450 8,450 8,450 8,450 12,950 6,950 6,950 12,850 4,500 4,250 8,450 12,750 6,250 7,250 5,950 5,950 5,975 $695 5,950 14,850 8,750 8,450

15 15 28 56 6 16 46 49 30 50 29

32 32

28 36 37 59 62 26 41 30 57 36 34 55 62 9 49 33 42 42

Pg Title Rs. 42 Presenting to A Group 6,950 12 Principles of Excellence at Work Series (3 videos) 5,450 1. L.L. Bean: Commitment to Customer Service 2. Corporate Missions: People Behind the Products 3. Marketing & Manufacturing Edge, The 15 Problem Solving in Groups 6,950 50 Problem Solving: What's Your Problem 3,250 58 Process of Professional Collections, The 60,750 32 Productive Counselling 6,950 43 Professional Image 6,925 4 Profiles In Management.: Leadership 6,450 10 Project Management 6,950 59 Pronunciation Power 1 $155 59 Pronunciation Power 2 $94 54 Putting Customers First 6,950 11 Pygmalion Effect, The 14,850 64 Quality First 8,950 64 Quality Through Systems: Six Sigma 9,950 64 Quality: The Big Picture 7,450 26 Question Types in Interviews 5,450 50 Race Without A Finish Line 6,795 7 Recipe for Success 15,250 19 Red Movie, The 12,950 14 Reengineering Roadmap: A How-To Approach 12,950 14 Reengineering the Future 7,950 29 Reinventing Appraisals' Series (5 videos) 32,250 1. Performance Management Cycle 8,450 2. Setting the Overall Goal 8,450 3. Determining Key Result Areas 8,450 4. Identifying Performance Standards 8,450 5. Managing Change & Developing Performance 8,450 51 Remember Me? (3rd Ed.) 13,750 51 Remember Me? - Hospitality Version (3rd Ed.) 13,750 24 Repowered Employees: A Case Study 8,950 35 Resilience: A Change For The Better 6,975 50 Resolving Conflict 3,250 46 Respect (Session Starter) 3,250 50 Respect: It Takes Just A Little Respect 3,250 28 Reviewing Performance 12,950 28 Rewarding Performance 6,950 17 Riding the Wave: Strategies for Change 11,250 27 Right From Day One 5,250 62 Right Start, The 5,975 16 Sacred Cows Make the Best Burgers 7,450 41 Say What You Want 17,250 10 Scenario Thinking: Pathways to the Future 10,850 48 Second Chance, A 7,250 35 Seeing Red Cars 10,750 26 Sell Yourself: Successful Job Interviewing 6,250 61 Sell!: 25 Essentials on Selling 8,850 61 Selling Concepts Series (4 videos) 1. Identifying Needs & Opportunities 7,450 2. Demonstrating Features & Benefits 7,450 3. Handling & Preventing Objections 7,450 4. Closing Concepts 7,450 61 Selling Skills Series (4 videos) 1. Listening for Results 7,450 2. Selling with Style 7,450 3. Competing for the Gold 7,450 4. Negotiating to Win 7,450 60 Selling Services 8,950 12 Servant-Leadership 8,950 56 Serve! 5,450 52 Service Heroes: Customer Service Turnaround 8,450 56 Service With Soul (62 min) 12,850 Service With Soul (32 min) 8,850 28 Setting Objectives 12,950 8 Shape Of the Winner, The 7,850 31 Sid's Story, The 8,850 64 Simultaneous Engineering 7,680 14 Sincere Trust & Belief in People 9,850 52 Sins of Customer Service 6,250

Pg 52 27 41 51 54 54 12 59 48 42 8 10 48 35 27 50 25 17 36 36 35 17 20 4 41 61 25 25 64 60 16 28 19 37 57 63 40 53 17 8 45 19 29 16 21 22 20 18 22 20 21 20 21 20 21 21 56 57 57 57 34 54 13 50 8 16 36 36 36 64 59 64


Six Steps to Greatness: Customer Service... Skilful Selection Skills of Assertiveness, The Smile! Training Video So Help Me: Employee Edition So Help Me: Supervisor Edition Soaring With the Phoenix Sound and Style of American English Sound of Service Speaking Effectively to One or One-Thousand Speed Is Life: Get Fast or Go Broke Speed, Simplicity and Self-Confidence Spirit of Dolphin, The Star Thrower Story, The Start Right... Stay Right: Orientation Basics Stephen Covey on Leadership Stonehenge Plus Strategies For Change Stress Illustrated Stress Is A Gift Stress Out? Out Stress! Succeeding in A Changing World Success Factors For Teams Successful Leadership Successful Negotiation Supersalesman Supervision: Getting the Balance Right Supervisor Toolkit Supply Chain Management Support the S.A.L.E. for Service & Support... Survival Simulations (6 simulations) - each Surviving the Appraisal Interview Tactics of Innovation Talk Isn't Cheap Take A Minute: The Organized Call Take This Job ...and Love It! Take Time To Listen Taking C.A.R.E. of Business Taking Charge of Change (Rev.) Talent! How to Win the Great War for Talent Talking 9 to 5: Women & Men in the Workplace Tapping Into Your Creativity Targeting for Performance Teaching the Elephant to Dance Team Building Blocks Team Building (People Skills) Team Building: An Exercise in Leadership Team Creativity Team Development and Maintenance Team Excellence Team Leadership Team of Champions Team Player Team Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Teams That Work Teamwork In Crisis: Miracle of Flight 232 Telephone Courtesy & Customer Service Telephone Courtesy Pays Telephone Skills and You Telephone Skills at Work Ten Training Tips That's What I Call Customer Service That's Not My Problem Think Like A Customer Thriving On Chaos Tiger In Your Business, The Time Challenged Time To Make Time Time Trap II, The: Effective Time Management Time: The Next Dimension of Quality TOEIC Pronunciation in American English Tools for Quality Improvement Series (4 videos)


8,450 12,950 3,950 12,250 9,450 9,450 11,250 1,800 5,950 11,750 12,850 9,750 6,250 $395 9,950 3,250 £395 6,950 6,950 5,250 8,850 14,850 6,950 6,950 6,950 14,250 6,250 16,450 12,950 12,750 19,250 8,450 21,750 11,950 5,450 4,475 8,850 11,750 12,750 12,850 $595 6,950 16,950 9,750 7,750 6,950 7,950 10,450 6,950 7,850 7,950 7,950 16,950 7,950 8,450 14,850 7,950 5,950 8,450 5,950 12,750 8,750 7,850 3,250 12,850 7,950 12,250 8,450 9,750 9,950 $30 21,450



Pg Title 64 Tools for Quality Improvement Series (4 videos) 1. Team Planning: Relationship Diagram... 2. Flow Diagrams 3. Team Planning: Tree Diagram... 4. Idea Generation 49 Train, The: Self-Fulfilling Prophesy 8 Trapped!: How to Escape the Sameness Trap 68 Training Games Compendium 68 Training Games for Trainers 34 Tricks for Trainers 22 Trust Your Team 7 Tusks or Fangs 21 Twelve Angry Men: Teams That Don't Quit 30 Unbiased Mind, The 18 Uncover Your Creativity 21 Unified Team, The 56 Use the Telephone the Right Way 38 Verbal Communication: The Power of Words 22 Vision of Teams, The 13 Voices of Truth 4 Walk Awhile In My Shoes 50 Walk on the Wild Side 5 We Are the Ones 21 We're on the Same Team, Remember? 46 Wealth, Innovation & Diversity 24 Whale Done! 52 What Customers Want ? 55 What Do You Say? 4 What it Really Takes to be A World Class Co. 53 What's in it For Me? 26 What's the Answer? 53 What's Your Pickle? 41 When I Say No, I Feel Guilty 33 When the Coach is You! 36 Where Does the Time Go? 13 Who Are They Anyway? 47 Who Says We Can't Do It? 49 Who's On First 18 Why Man Creates 61 Widow's Story, A (2nd Ed.) 20 Wild Dog In Your Business, The 60 Win the S.A.L.E. for Sales Professionals 49 Winning 48 Winning Edge, The 26 Winning First Impressions 57 Winning Telephone Tips 21 Working In Harmony 54 Working on the Front Line 44 Working with You is Killing Me 18 Working Without A Script 22 Workplace Teams Series (2 videos) 1. Building Successful Teams 2. Helping Your Team Succeed 59 World Accents and Dialects 6 Would I Follow Me? 6 Would I Inspire Me? 6 Would I Work for Me? 39 Write Stuff, The 39 Writing for Business Results 39 Writing Programme, The 18 Yes, But... 35 Yes Lives in the Land of NO 25 You Can't Do It All 40 You're Not Listening (2nd Ed.) 45 Your Cultural Passport to International Business Rs.

21,450 6,725 6,725 6,725 6,725 5,950 12,850 19,950 12,250 6,250 7,950 7,950 12,750 6,925 5,950 13,450 5,950 11,250 11,750 5,250 11,450 7,950 7,250 13,750 21,750 16,450 7,575 12,750 13,250 12,250 12,950 14,850 8,550 11,850 5,450 8,450 12,750 4,250 8,750 16,950 7,950 12,750 5,950 5,250 6,950 5,950 5,250 5,950 14,850 10,950 12,750 7,975 7,975 6,750 12,750 13,450 12,750 5,950 5,950 9,650 6,950 9,750 11,250 8,850 6,925

Training Activity Packs and Toolkits

Resources, Tools and Ideas for Busy Trainers · Ready-to-use · Reproducible Over 200 titles to choose from!

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10 Top Customer Service Games

Games are memorable, competitive, action packed and fun and these10 games not only deliver these feelings but will also provide key messages and learning's about providing consistently great service for all customers. 10 Complete Games ­ all materials are included for up to 12 players for each game ·Game Cards · Dice· Wheel Spinner · Counters · Players' and Facilitator's Instructions. There are Timings and Applications Grids, and Suggestions for using the games from `mini' sessions to a 2-day course. 1: Skills Bingo 2: Pieces of the Picture 3: Stick or Twist? 4: Matchmaker Game 5: Steeplechase 6: Perfect Fit 7: Service Sort 8: Question Time 9: Tell Tale 10: In a Spin Help your people learn more effectively through play - and enjoy themselves at the same time! - using the 135 games in Training Games for Trainers. Here are pages and pages of confidence-boosting and enjoyable games which will energise, stimulate and enliven any training session. You'll engage your participants' whole brains and bodies in learning, ensuring better storage, greater retention and easier recall. Each game can be used on its own or incorporated into an existing training session. With a quick-reference Theme Finder at the beginning of the manual, you'll be able to see, at a glance, how each game can be used. There's also a handy Timings Grid which details the approximate duration of each game. Some last for a few minutes; others last for over an hour.

Training Games Compendium Training Games for Trainers

Fun, engaging and proven to work games that will have your training sessions buzzing with energy, enthusiasm and long-lasting learning. These eight complete games (with 21 variations!) are ready to go ­ all the materials are here for you to run the game ­ playing cards, blindfolds, stepping stones, game cards, pens, delegate handout's and trainers guides. You could use one of these games in practically any management soft skill course you run, from negotiation to telephone skills, from leadership to business process. Everything you need to run the course is right here, just take the game you want out of the handy carry case and away you and your delegates go! 1. Text me 2. It's not what you say 3. Psycho babel 4. Matters of estate 5. I stay, you go... 6. Finger minefield 7. Stepping stones 8. Industrial espionage

Fenman · Boxed Game Set · £289 · Sp. Price: Rs.12,250.

Fenman · Boxed Game Set · £497 · Sp. Price: Rs.19,950

Fenman · Boxed Game Set · £497 · Sp. Price: Rs.19,950

AirLift! Grand Canyon Adventures

Nine realistic adventure simulations! Set in America's most popular scenic wonder!

Take participants on an unforgettable learning adventue in the Grand Canyon.

These stimulating group activities provide an adventurous backdrop for enthusiastic participant involvement and memorable skill building. Designed for active Learning in: · Creativity & Problem Solving · Collaboration · Teamwork · Leadership · Conflict Resolution · Consultation 1. Overboard in the Roaring River: Action Plan A Traditional Consensus Decision-making Exercise 2. Lava Falls: Determining the Essentials 3. Up Deer Creek Without a Boatman: What Info is Necessary to Determine the Problem 4. Stranded in Grand Canyon: A Creative Problem-Solving Adventure 5. Incident of Elves Chasm: Action Plan Consensus and Consultation 6. Incident at Elves Chasm: Priority Setting Consensus and Consultation 7. Hiking Out of Lava Falls A Creative Problem-Solving Adventure 8. Up Deer Creek without a Boatman Collaboration 9. Overboard in the Roaring River Confluence of Crisis and Management Inspiring video gets participants involved: Start your session with The River Song, 18-minute video which sets the scene for the simultions. It is an alloriginal, breathtaking video tour of the sites within the Grand Canyon where the simulations take place. It will motivate and focus participants on the activities, and ensure high-impact learning.

Houston, We Have A Problem

As teams of lunar astronauts you address the logistics of collecting rock samples, erecting a laser beacon and planting a flag. With limited amounts of oxygen and water, between-team cooperation is the only viable solution and the sooner all teams accept this the better! Just when it looks like you're on top of it all you'll need to re-group to deal with an emergency communication from Mission Control, Houston. A malfunction in the essential carbon dioxide filter needs a quick fix. With the materials available, can you do it? Will it work? Will you get back to Earth? Great exercise to develop competent teams and engender an environment of cooperation. Participants will learn: · to recognise when there is a need for help and a need to help others · to clarify problems and set clear team objectives · to develop problem-solving strategies · to keep everyone informed, to listen carefully and communicate clearly with others · to give information freely in a spirit of enlightened group-interest · to keep calm under pressure.

AirLift! is all about coordinating a series of minip ro b l e m s in order to achieve the overall objective.

A remote, disaster-struck area needs your urgent help. You arrange an airdrop of emergency supplies - tents, blankets, food, medicines (represented by coloured blocks) to eight separate villages. Fuel is limited so what's the most economic route? Eight crates are constructed, packed with supplies specific to each village and labelled. Next is to load the crates into the cargo hold. It's jam-packed but everything goes in, just! Let's hope you planned it so that the first crate dropped matches the village below. There's no spare fuel for re-routing the flight! Having solved all aspects of this tough problem, teams fill in their pilot's log detailing their route. They can then demonstrate that each and every village gets the right set of supplies. All possible routes are clearly listed in the Trainer's notes (or you can use the optional software). Participants will learn: · to define the problem facing them · to split the overall job into sub-problems and delegate appropriately · to coordinate all aspects of the task towards a clear objective · to maximise use of resources · to use teamwork skills to maximise overall performance

Boxed Game Set · £395. · Duration: 70 mins+debrief Participants: 12-24 (four teams of 3-6 per team)

Boxed Game Set · £350. · Duration: 1 hour+debrief Participants: 3-24 (upto four teams of 3-6 per team)

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