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Early Release Days


Desere C

Editor in Chief



Lindsay L


Volume 8 Issue 1 September 2009

West Rowan High School

Senior Superlatives

Eyes: Mary Allison H and Corey M; Best Car: Avery K and Chase A; Most Likely to Work at West: Alanna B and Tim P. Most Likely to be Famous: Ashleigh A and Tommie E; Most Talented: Micah C and John L; Best Dressed: Laquasia P and Garrett W; Most Unforgettable: Marc P; Friendliest: Alicia T and Chris S; Most Changed: Darshanna P and Mark B. At future high school reunions, be sure to pay attention to the classmate you voted as senior superlatives. Did the "Most Likely to Succeed" really go on and be successful? And take special notice of how the guy with the best hair looks when he has begun to bald.

The Rowan-Salisbury school system has designated four days out of the 2009-2010 school year as "special release" days where students will be released two hours and thirty minutes early so that teachers can attend professional development sessions. When asked what exactly these development sessions were, science teacher Gayla Bucher stated that they were basically training meetings that would instruct teachers on how to apply the latest and best techniques for teaching students. According to Lydia Richmond, an English teacher at West, the idea of these sessions is to set aside time for teachers to collaborate and exchange ideas about different things. Dr. Jamie Durant, principal, confirmed this statement. He also added that teachers have to get so many hours in these types of sessions in order to maintain their teaching license. Because teacher workdays are usually used as a time to catch up on things such as grading, the special release days will give teachers the opportunity to develop and earn the credits needed to renew their teaching license. The two hours and thirty minutes subtracted from the special release days will undeniably be beneficial to teachers. "We're desperate for teachers to find time to do some of the things they need to do," stated RowanSalisbury school system's superintendent, Dr. Judy Grissom, in an article in the Salisbury Post last year. Durant claimed that the only logical time to hold the development training sessions is during normal school hours. If they were held after school, he stated, the meetings would interfere with the teachers' personal time such as after school coaching, part-time jobs, and family obligations. Seeing how the students in the Rowan-Salisbury school system already exceed the 1,000 school hours mandated by the state, the hours missed during special release days will not affect the required hours students are to attend school. Bucher looks forward to the special release days. She thinks the development sessions teachers will attend on these days will be effective, and she can't wait to see what the teachers will be doing. Bucher also said that she likes the fact that the development sessions will not be taking away from the normal teacher work days. Durant looks forward to the special release days as well and claims that they will "provide staff development opportunities that will help teachers to be successful in the classroom." He hopes to have eight special release days incorporated into the school calendar for next year. Z

It is finally that time of the year -- the time when it is decided who's who in high school. Most have known these people throughout their time at West, and some even since elementary school. Now, after weeks of waiting, the official results are in at last! These people will now go down in West Rowan history. They were all nominated by their peers for their distinct characteristics whether it is their sweet personality or their sparkling white smile. The senior class has voted and the winners of senior superlatives are Most Athletic: Sabrina S and Kevin P; Best All Around: Natalie B and Jon C; Most Likely to Succeed: Xiomara V and Luke M; Most Spirited: Katie C and Noah K. Biggest Flirt: Dara R and Coleman P; Class Clown: Sadie C and Shane D; Best Smile: Drew M and Dillon K; Best Hair: Brittany S and Travis C; Best


They're watching you


Sadie C

Copy Editor

1 News

With a brand new year comes brand new equipment. This year we're all lucky to say that West Rowan High School has upgraded with a remodeled football stadium, roof tops, refurbished gym floors and an addition of sturdy railings, Promethean boards in selected classes, and the oh-sobeautiful new Mac computers in every classroom. One thing you may have noticed throughout the campus, both inside and outside, are the plethora of cameras everywhere! This new technology was provided by the Rowan-Salisbury school system with the budget left over from last year and was part of the Safe School's grant. The approximate cost of the 74 cameras was $80,000. The school has also added three main hubs, located in the 100, 400, and 500 building, where the camera equipment will be

stored. All of the recordings will be recorded and saved on a hard-drive and networked so that there is internet access for viewing of all the cameras at home. Do not get too excited though, only certain people including Jamie Durant and Lana Sterling have the password to view the cameras from their home settings. Senior Ashleigh A explained, "I see those cameras everywhere! It was kind of creepy at first but I can see now how they will be beneficial toward the student body, as well as the staff around here." The primary reason for the cameras is to act as a deterrent vandalism on the school campus and parking lot and assist in disciplinary problems/ situations as well. When asked about the main reason for purchasing the cameras for students here at West, Durant stated, "The goal of the 74 cameras that have been placed throughout the campus is to provide students with a safe learning environment and the installment of those cameras will greatly improvement that." Z September 2009


What do you look forward to this school year? -"Being an upperclassman"

Maggie D, Junior

SGA results

Executive officers: President-Olivia M Vice President-Daniel H 2nd Vice President-Leslie P Treasurer-Sadie C Secretary-Maggie D Reporter-Kierra P Senior class officers: President- Katie C Vice President- Coleman P Secretary- Mary Allison H Treasurer- Matt M Reporter- Desere' C Junior class officers: President- Madison O Vice President- Ayana A Secretary- Nekevia R Treasurer- Ashlynn P Reporter- Allison P Sophomore class officers: President- Allison B Vice President- Molly C Secretary- Spencer Nance Treasurer- Mary Tyler M Reporter- Leigh Beth L Freshman class officers: President- Alex M Vice President- Sara H Secretary- Crystal R Treasurer- Kristen K Reporter- Chelsea H

West gets digital

online courses offer more options


Sadie C

Copy Editor

With the stresses of classes, club meetings, sports, and any other extracurricular activities, online classes seem to be the answer to just about every high school students' problems these days. From the flexibility and convenience reasons to having no choice whatsoever because of class scheduling issues, these online courses have been "sky-rocketing" more than ever this year. There is no doubt that the online classes are a new thing to everyone here at West Rowan High School, including both the students and the administration. When asked about this, Media Specialist Pat Murtaugh explains, "This is really a learning experience for all of us ­ Central Office, administration here at West, the guidance counselors, and the data entry person, Cathy Misenheimer." The primary reasons that these online classes are so popular this year is mainly because of the availability with the upper level classes that these vendors offer, certain scheduling problems, and overcrowding in classes here at West itself. The three online vendors/providers this year are iSchool (sponsored by UNC-Greensboro), Learn and Earn (similar to the Huskins program at RCCC), and NCVPS (North Carolina Virtual Public School). This is Wests' first year with this combination of vendors.

Of the three, NCVPS has expanded the most because of the broad offerings. With classes from dance to AP physics, students are offered just about any course they desire. Although NCVPS has expanded the most this year, all of the other vendors have expanded a great amount as well and will continue to grow as the school years come. Murtaugh stated, "The only disadvantage with NCVPS is that they don't close registration for courses until August 31st; therefore, students aren't getting their textbooks until two weeks into the class because the school system will not order them until they are for sure who's enrolled in the course for good." Even though these online courses are convenient for students, some might argue and say that they don't get that student-teacher interaction that they've been use to since they started going to school. That would be the only down-fall of taking online classes. Senior Luke M exclaimed, "The online courses are fast-paced and hard to concentrate on with all the other distractions available, but they give a lot of variety with AP courses." Senior Jacqueline G also added, "Online classes are different, and you really have to keep up with all the homework. The hardest part about the classes is that you can't go directly to your teacher; you can only communicate through email which can be very slow."

So many changes:

changes in the West Rowan cafeteria


Emily R


West Rowan High School has undergone many outdoor improvements since winning the 3A state championship; now, the inside of the school is getting a revamp as well. One major change is the rearrangement of the cafeteria lines. While the pizza line stays the same, the "diner" line, with the chicken tenders and daily meals, has been switched with last year's chicken sandwich line. Also, instead of having the tea filling stations out in the way of the trash can, they can now be found inside the food line, beside the ice dispenser.

Wondering where the tater-tots are? No longer are these found at the end of the pizza line. The only place where tater-tots are available now is the chicken sandwich line. Can't find the subs and wraps? These are only available on certain days in the concession stand. Along with the new renovations, the drinks have been downsized as well as the tea cups. But with downsizing comes upgrading; SoBe Life Water is now found next to your favorite Gatorade flavors. So, all together, the changes involved in the cafeteria range from the big changes, like the arrangement of lines, to the little changes like downsizing drinks. Cafeteria worker Barbara Bost said, when asked about the changes, "I think it's a big improvement." So why not stop by, grab a sub and some tater-tots, and see the changes for yourself? Z



Ravon A Tommie E Clint F Lindsay L Nicole L Emily R


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Kaitlin H Kierra P Rebecca W

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In compliance with federal law, the Rowan-Salisbury School System administers all educational programs, employment activities and admissions without discrimination because of race, religion, national or ethnic origin, color, age, military service, disability, or gender, except where exemption is appropriate and allowed by law.

The policy of Zephyr is to provide the students of West Rowan High School with a public forum for student expression. The staff editorial reflects the views of the majority of the staff. Signed editorials reflect the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily represent those of the staff. Zephyr welcomes and encourages other students, teachers, parents, and community members to express their opinions in the form of a signed letter to the editor. The editorial staff reserves the right to edit all letters for length, as well as for fairness and accuracy. Zephyr is published by the Journalism/Newspaper class and is funded through ad sales by staff members. Each student at West Rowan High School can take a free copy of each issue at lunches.

Advisor Lydia Richmond



September 2009


What is your favorite school improvement? The cameras, so my friends can't do bad things. Adnan P, Senior

Cafeteria Changes


Ricky M

Sports/Tech Editor

Once again the lunch lines at West Rowan have succeeded at confusing and frustrating students. All the commotion is being caused by more line changes. Just when students were getting used to the changes from last year, more changes in the cafeteria setup have been made. Where there were once chicken sandwiches, there is now the "dinner" line, which serves chicken tenders, other entrees, and sides. The line that used to be the regular meal line is now chicken sandwiches, tater tots, and corn for some odd reason. So basically, these two lines switched places. The "gourmet" pizza line is the only line that remains in its original position, only there are no more tater tot cartons to compliment the first class meal that is the West Rowan gourmet line. There is corn in this line, as well, so it has become apparent that the food services at West have had a corn overload and must give corn with everything. The line that used to serve cheaper gourmet food(a cross between the gourmet line and the dinner line, aka,

the "tweener" line) now serves cold subs and wraps. Some West students may be asking their peers, "If the changes are causing so much confusion, why make the changes?" There have also been changes to the merchandise offered in the cafeteria. Instead of selling 16 oz. Gatorades for $1.25, students are forced to pay $1.00 for an 8 oz. Gatorade. "I don't think saving 25 cents for half the size is worth it," said Junior Joel B on the matter, "I need my Gatorade!" Now available in the cafeteria is Sobe Life Water for $1.25, which sounds good at first, but once the first sip is taken, this hypothesis is quickly proven wrong. "It tastes like a bad medicine," said Senior Clint F, "the taste is really hard to get out of your mouth." If the West Rowan cafeteria wants to avoid future criticism and angry students, I suggest they get a setup that works and stick with it. Z

Foul play?



Editor in Chief

Have something to say? Bring it to room 502 during lunch!

In response to this unexpected uproar, the White House agreed to release the speech on Monday so that parents would receive a heads up on what would be presented to their kids on Tuesday. Some school systems decided not to air the speech at all due to complaints from parents. Others provided alternative activities for students whose parents did not want their children to participate in the lesson plans that followed the speech. Personally, I was very shock at the Nation's response to their president wanting to address their children as they go back to school. He's the president of the United States. If he wants to address the students of this country, he has the right to. I guess people didn't like the fact that after hearing the speech students were asked to write letters to themselves about how they could help the president and to discuss what the president wanted them to do. I don't see a problem with Obama attempting to get kids involved, encouraging them to make a difference, and trying to make them feel apart of the country. To be honest, I doubt that the content of the speech was what parents had a problem with. The problem was that their kids were being subjected to ideas that were not their own; therefore, they felt threatened by the fact that they would not be present with their child to influence their thoughts. For some reason, people are afraid of change and because Obama has campaigned for change he is the essence of their fear. Z

On Tuesday, September 8 , 2009, a "back to school" address was given by President Barak Obama to the students of America and aired live on national television. Its purpose was to encourage students to do their best during this school year, stay in school, and to respect themselves and their teachers. What was meant to be a harmless address turned into a controversial issue that had many parents across the nation screaming "foul play;" but why? Some parents felt that Obama was over extending his presidential powers into the states' domain by mixing politics with education. And then there were those who felt like the speech was an attempt at "political indoctrination" that would be forced upon the ears of their precious children. Keep in mind that all these accusations were aimed at Obama's speech before it was even given.


Move freshmen!


Emily R


School cheeseburgers


Clint F


I like cheeseburgers. Well, most of them. You might even go as far as calling me a cheeseburger-lover, but that'd be weird. When I walked through the lunch line for the first time this school year, I had high expectations, because I quite enjoyed the burgers I consumed in my 3 previous years of high school. But when it was my turn to order, I saw a terrible sight. I opened my mouth to say "cheeseburger, please," but no sound came out. As I was about to speak, I saw the burgers sitting in a literal bucket of grease, which was pretty gross to behold. I gave it a shot, though, and ordered the burger. When I sat down to eat, I was optimistic. I didn't want to go into it with a bad attitude. When I stuck it in my mouth, though, I couldn't help but feel a huge wave of disappointment, because it was, in fact, the worst burger I

Zero may be the amount of homework you had, or the amount you didn't do. It may be the balance on your lunch account. For the freshmen, it's their average walking pace. You know we love you freshmen, right? But seriously, you need to move! I don't mean to another school or another state; I have ever tasted. It tasted strangely like the terrible mystery mean you need to walk faster. I'm standing at the front meat that is Vienna sausage. door to the 200 building, a.k.a. freshman headquarters, Now, I understand that it is a school lunch and you can and I'm just standing there; however, there are people only expect so much. But the burgers were quite good last in this school who don't have time to stand watching year, so I just wonder, what happened? Z some PDA, or public display of affection, in the middle of the doorway. Now, there are some people who would just plow through this mess and get to their class. I am not one of those people. I try to show some courtesy to everybody. If everyone at least attempted to be courteous, things would move more smoothly. I'm sure once the little freshmen get this in there heads, things will change. Things might even change before this piece is published. But until then, please don't wait others wait on you and your BF to stop your smoochfest. Z

GROSS! Hamburgers at West High have reached an all-time low according to Clint




September 2009

Remembering 50 y

West's football stadium has come a long way with the addition of a track, visitor side stands, and greener grass.

In its first few years, West Rowan's students were excited to attend classes.


Many c the cour sonry cl area an areas.


Even in the `70s, there were those who slacked off. Apparently, being sent out in the hall way meant nap time for some.


Falcon football never looked so good.

The falcon bell ha been repainted, bu has stayed the sam years and will con for generations to

September 2009




years of

changes have been made to rtyard; thanks to the malasses, we now have a seating nd sectioned off landscape


The predecessors of today's West Rowan cheerleaders remind us of the times when stunts were as easy as 1,2,3.


West has always had school spirit, and as we remember the 50th anniversary of West, we commend those who came before us and made West what it is today.

as recently ut the sound me over the ntinue to ring o come.




Falcon Pride

September 2009


Who was your favorite VMA perfor mer? - "Taylor Swift" -

Summer Music Review

Wilco: The Album



Sara W

Kristen M, Freshman

"Do You Have What it Takes?"

Business Manager


Clint F


Throughout the years of popular music, there have been quite a few bands that spent their entire career on the verge of mainstream success, but never quite broke through. Thus far, Wilco has been one of the those bands, and, as they proved again with their self-titled seventh album release this summer, undeservedly so. Wilco, led by singer/guitarist Jeff Tweedy, has been around since 1994 and was originally pigeonholed as Alternative Country-Rock, but little country is palpable past their first 2 albums. Despite being signed to a major label since their first album, Wilco hasn't received much commercial recognition outside of critical acclaim. In fact, the moment they are perhaps best known for occurred in 2001 when they refused to change the content of their fourth album to make it more "commercially viable." Wilco's 2009 release Wilco(The Album) is, if not their best work, their most well-crafted. It is easily their most straightforward pop-rock album, which means it serves as a great introduction to the band. The lead single "You Never Know" is somewhat derivative power-pop(it jacks a disingenuous Tom Petty riff for the intro, and the chorus is quite similar to George Harrison's "My Sweet Lord."), but it is one of the best pop songs heard recently. Guitar aficionados will appreciate Nels Cline's work on this album; his playing is extremely unique, while remaining melodic. There is an extremely laid-back, breezy feelipng to this album. Even the only "dark" song on the album, "Bull Black Nova," is immediately followed by the almost sicklysweet "You and I(which features the iPod commercial star, Feist)," so any feelings of melancholy are immediately eliminated. Wilco(The Album) is a great album, bearing similarities to the pop/rock of the `60's and `70's while still sounding fresh and unique. It is recommended to anyone with a somewhat open mind regarding music.Z

Fame is back! After almost 30 years, the original 1980 film has been remade and is out on the big screen, with new actors and awesome new moves. The movie takes place in the Big Apple at New York City High School of Performing Arts where a bright group of students are striving to achieve their dreams of making it big. Actors, artists, dancers, and singers will compete against the students within their very talented school to see who will eventually carry on their career. They have to balance their future careers with the rest of the normal aspects of life: regular school work, family, friends, and relationships. Only the ones who apply themselves will succeed, and even then, they still have to hope that will be enough.

Many new faces are popping up in this movie, and the actors hope that it will get their name heard. Kherington Payne, one of the star dancers of the movie, was on the hit reality TV show, So You Think You Can Dance, in 2008 and is now debuting in a huge production. One face some might be familiar with is Kay Panabaker, a long time Disney Star who is now hitting it big. Debbie Allen, a well known choreographer and dance instructor, will be playing the principal of the school. With lots of new faces on the screen, they should start showing up more often with how great this movie will be. If you like any of the arts, this movie is sure to be a hit for you. And if you're not an artist, this movie can still interest you and maybe end up being one of your favorites. So make sure to check out Fame in a theatre near you. Will you achieve FAME? Z

Fall Fashionistas a few tips for the fall


Kierra P

Senior Reporter

Visit West Rowan Online

Now that we are doing away with the sweltering summer and coming into fashionable fall, it's time to talk about the autumn trends. Fall is the most fantastic fashionable season there is because the best wardrobes, accessories, purses, and boots come out during Autumn. In fall, it's not too hot, nor too cold, but it's just right for those capris and little tink boots with a cute little dress for the girls. As for the guys, it's time to bring out those plaid scarves, checkered or plaid flannels, and your trendy D.C., O'neil, Hollister, or American Eagle jackets and snow boots.

Ladies and gentlemen it's a known fact that after Labor Day no white apparel is to be worn. However, I believe people should wear what they want, when they want, and how they want. I also believe that the quote, "Dare to be different," definitely applies to fashion. If you want to wear white pants or sneakers after Labor Day, WEAR THEM!! Be trendy, be comfortable, wear what makes you, and wear what's comfortable to you. At the beginning of school, when everyone came back, I saw lots of colorful skinny jeans, bright graphic tees, and a lot of checkered and plaid shirts. That of course is the new trend in fashion. Now that Autumn is here, I can't wait to see the new gear our falcons will be rockin'! Z



Go Falcons!



If you were given $1 million, what would you do? Buy a Ferrari

Jonah K, Freshman

Fall Sports Preview


Rebecca W

Senior Reporter

This year's fall sports are off to a great start. Every team has put forth a lot of effort to represent West Rowan High School. Here is an overview of each sport. As of September 10, our junior varsity football team has won all of their three games. Sophomore Andrew Garrison had only one word to say about this, "Undefeated." Sophomore Mack F said, "We're trying to be as successful as varsity is." Speaking of varsity, after playing some very tough games, they have come out on top for every one of them. Junior Ethan W quoted Rocky Balboa by saying, "It's not about how hard you hit, but about how hard you get hit and keep moving forward." The varsity volleyball team is doing a great job so far. Coach Deanna Hrutkay, said, "This team has amazing talent and

great potential. When they are on, they can defeat anyone." Senior Ashley D backed her up by adding, "We're able to pick everything up and come back and win, and even if we're down, we never stay down. We're able to play as a team." The junior varsity girls are putting forth valiant effort. The girl's tennis team has become very focused. Junior MaryBeth S says, "We really are doing a good job, they just get the last point on us and that's why they win. My senior year, we'll be amazing!"

The new courts are helping everyone get more practice time and the tam is very happy about this because West Rowan is hosting the NPC conference tournament this year. The soccer team is doing a wonderful job this season. They have worked together as a team and put forth great effort. Sophomore Joe M said, "We're not the best, but if we come together, then we'll be better." You can score by watching those Flacons work hard! Both the boys and girls cross-country teams have done some serious running these past few months and are getting some good times. Junior Leslie P is the only returning runner this year, but all the new comers are

improving. The caches are doing a wonderful job. Keep up the good work, guys! WR has a very encouraging marching band this year to pump up crowds at the football games, and with the winning records, they have a lot to live up to. Junior Joel B said, "It's the biggest drum line we've had in years, and we really jelled as a group." All of these teams are having a great season and is worth watching. Do not forget to go out there and support your Falcons! Z

Good Luck Fall Sports Athletes!


Ricky M

Sports/Tech Editor


Sarah T-Tennis What is your favorite movie? Step-Up Alicia TVolley ball What is your favorite movie? Good Burger Austin WCross Country What are your plans after high school? UNCW What is your favorite type of music to listen to? Hip-Hop Who is your biggest hero? My dad

Rodney C- Football Who is your celebrity dreamdate? Beyonce Who is your biggest hero? Timmy Pangburn If you could have any super power, what would it be?Super Speed

If you could have any super power, Who is your celebrity dreamdate? what would it be?Ability to read Kobe Bryant minds What is your favorite restaurant? Cook Out What is your favorite kind of music to listen to? R&B

Nick G-Soccer What are your plans after high school? Either NC State or UNCW Who is your celebrity dreamdate? Kate Beckinsale Who is your biggest hero? My brothers

Katie K-Golf What is your favorite movie? The Wizard of Oz If you could have any super power, what would it be? Ability to fly What is your favorite kind of music to listen to? Rock

Ashleigh ACheerleading What is your favorite movie? The Hangover Who is your celebrity dreamdate? Travis Cordial If you could have any super power, what would it be? Invisibility

Jerry G-Band What is your favorite restaraunt? Applebee's Who is your celebrity dreamdate? Dolly Madison What is your favorite music to listen to? Rap and Heavy Metal






What is your favorite season of the year? "Deer season because you get to shoot deer."

Carson H, Junior


Nicole L


New Faces at West

Brittany Chester, Science

What is it like to work as the same place as your husband? It's nice because we can carpool, and to know he's right in the next building if I need him. What do you enjoy doing outside of the classroom? Running and working on the dairy farm If you could have any job in the world, what would it be? I love to teach, so this is the job I want. Now, I wouldn't mind being a professor in ornithology either. What schools have you attended? Good ole' West Rowan and Catawba College

Greg Ball, Administration

What is your position here at West Rowan? Assistant principal What do you enjoy doing outside of school? I like to work on motorcycles. What is your favorite restaurant? Vinnie's Raw Bar Have you taught at any other schools besides West Rowan? West Rowan High School is actually my 6th school.

Laura Fry, Guidance

What made you decide to become a teacher? To help young people plan their future and achieve their goals How long have you been a teacher? I have been a school counselor for 16 years, since August 1993 What do you enjoy doing outside of school? Spending time with my daughter and my husband. What is your favorite restaurant? The Cheesecake Factory and Denny's.

Dr. Frances Sheperd, Science

What is your favorite thing about West? I enjoy the students, campus and fellow workers. How long have you been a teacher? 37 years What made you decide to become a teacher? Wanting to share my gained wisdom with others If you could have any job in the world, what would it be? Cancer research

Pam Nottingham, FACS

What is your position here at West Rowan? FACS teacher of Foods I and II and Teen Living If you could have any job in the world, what would it be? A mattress tester How long have you been a teacher? 10 years What made you decide to become a teacher? I love helping students reach full potential ­ "watching the light come on"

A.J. Alexander, Guidance

What is your favorite restuarant? My favorite restaurant is my mom's kitchen. What is your favorite thing about West? I enjoy working with students, parents, staff and the community. What is your position here at West? I am currently serving as a school counselor If you could have any job in the world, what would it be? I would still be in some field of public service.






1 Tennis vs.Salisbury JV & V Volleyball @ Carson JV football vs. West Iredell


2 V football @ West Iredell 3



OCTOBER S p i r i t

5 6 7

Twin Day

Celebrity Day

Salad Dressing Day

Tennis vs. North Iredell XC @ East Rowan Soccer @ South Rowan

Soccer @ North Iredell

JV & V volleyball @ Statesville

W e e k

Nerd Day

JV football @ Carson Volleyball vs. East Rowan **Homecoming** V football vs. Carson 16 V football vs. Statesville JV football @ Statesville 22 JV football vs. East Rowan 23 V football vs. East Rowan 29 Early release day 30 Teacher Workday




Blue and White Day



12 Soccer vs. West Iredell


14 15 Tennis NPC Conference Tournament Volleyball vs. North Iredell


19 Volleyball NPC Conference Soccer @ Tournament

20 Volleyball NPC Conference Tournament

21 Volleyball NPC Conference Tournament Boys & Girls XC @ East Rowan Soccer vs. East Rowan 28 Soccer vs. West Iredell




27 Protected teacher workday


Remembering 50 years of Falcon Pride! 8 Features

September 2009



8 pages

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