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Myofascial Release Centre

About the Seminars

Welcome to the Myofascial Release Centre study guide.

The Myofascial Release Centre has for many years taught to Australians it' s unique combination of Myofascial and Craniosacral techniques based on the teachings of Master Practitioners -- John Barnes of the Myofascial Release Centre, Sedona, USA and Hugh Milne of the Milne Institute, Big Sur, USA

Myofascial Release and Cranio Sacral seminars ( MFR/CST ) are designed to give you hands on experience. The Seminars listed in this guide build upon one another providing a logical, step-by-step comprehensive approach for the evaluation and treatment of pain and dysfunction.

The effectiveness of Myofascial Release and Craniosacral Therapy will bring you a new dimension to therapeutic practice, with an impact and degree of acceptance unprecedented in the history of health care.

Using this State-of-the-Art approach you will learn to evaluate and treat the following:-

· Acute/Chronic Pain · Headaches · Tinnitus · Pelvic Problems · Cervical Pain · Restriction of Motion · Recurring Injuries

· Back Pain and Dysfunction · Neurological Patients · Pediatric Problems · Dyslexia · Birth & Abuse Trauma · Sports Medicine · And much more!

You will receive a Diploma in Myofascial Release and Craniosacral Therapy upon completion of all seminars and assignments in this series.

Myofascial Release Centre

Seminars Outline


No single technique approach to Cranio sacral work or Myofascial release is sufficient for all needs. MFR/CST training at the centre incorporates skills and insights from several sources and applies them to address a broad spectrum of specific concerns. The contributions of John Barnes, Randolph Stone, John Upledger and Hugh Milne are acknowledged and explored. Training seminars focus on different ways of working with membrane, neurological and fluid components of the cranial sacral system and their interaction with the other systems of the body and involve working directly with structural dynamics, injuries and unresolved traumas, emotional habits and environmental factors. The MFR/ CST Program is designed synergistically as a complete body of material for working with the whole body and a person. The program is a multi-dimensional learning process which incorporates training seminars, dynamic support classes, hands-on personal sessions, outside reading and learning projects.

The Energetic Body & Fascia - Seminar 1

COURSE LENGTH · 4 Day Seminar PRE - REQUISITE · Massage or related Tactile Therapy e.g. Shiatsu, Acupressure, Kinesiology, etc Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Doctors and Physiotherapists, etc. also qualify. Graduates of this seminar are immediately able to produce positive, structural changes in their patients with acute and chronic pain and dysfunction. These whole-body techniques will add on important dimensions to your existing skills and practice, greatly enhancing your therapeutic effectiveness. THEORY · Theory of Myofascial Release & Cranio-Sacral Therapy · Anatomy of fascia and related structures · Whole body inter-relationship connection · Why Myofascial Release and Cranio-Sacral work together as complementary modalities.

Myofascial Release Centre

About the Seminars

The Energetic Body & Fascia - Seminar I ( continued)

TECHNIQUES · Evaluation procedures · Lower extremity problems · Upper extremity problems · Cervical spine · Sacral float, lumbar-pelvic problems · Dural tube mobility, anatomy and boundaries · Atlas and axis occipital condyle release · Anterior and posterior thoracic areas

· Transverse facial planes ( Thoracic Inlet, Diaphragm & Pelvic )

Unwinding The Fascia - Seminar II


This section is designed to enhance your skill level and sensitivity to address your clients emotional and physical releases. Persistent pain and or structural function may be perpetuated by holding or bracing patterns in the body. You will learn how unresolved emotional issues or mental concepts may impede the clients. · CST still point discussion and practice will be explored · Unwinding as an energetic therapy will be discussed · The concepts of energy cysts / archaic wounds will be explored Myofascial unwinding is a very effective modality facilitation technique used to:· Decrease pain · Increase range of motion · Increase your proprioceptive awareness · Increase the functional mobility of the neuro / Myofascial / osseous system · Eliminate subconscious ` h olding or bracing pain patterns '

Myofascial Release Centre

About the Seminars

The Jaw and Neck - Seminar III COURSE LENGTH · Five Day Seminar PRE-REQUISITE · MFR / CST I

Myofascial Release III may be taken before Myofascial II

Myofascial / Cranial advanced techniques takes you on an exploration deep into the body enabling you to discover sources of pain and dysfunction. Learn important, newly developed procedures for the extremities, thoracic, cervical, hyoid, inter-oral and facial regions. Learn specific techniques for working with and balancing the Temporomandibular Joint, which will in turn lead to a balancing of the pelvis and the whole body. Cranial work for the face, mouth and sphenoid will be explored. Specific cranial work for sinus, headache and cranial trauma will be demonstrated. At the conclusion of the seminar you will be able to perform a treatment cranial protocol which is the foundation for future Myofascial / Cranial work. Structural Integration - Seminar IV COURSE LENGTH · 6 Day Seminar PRE - REQUISITE · MFR / CST III

The seminar focuses on two major regions of anatomy; the sacrum-pelvis and cervical-thoracic area. The greater majority of clients seen by a Myofascial Release / Cranio-Sacral Therapist have problems relating to these areas, such as lumbar pain, neck pain, whiplash, TMJ, etc. The intensive will teach you, in a logical progression, a series of effective techniques for evaluating and treating these regions. The use of the osseous structures of the body for fascial release will be learnt building on foundational techniques and protocols demonstrated during Myofascial I and III.

Myofascial Release Centre

About the Seminars

Cranio Sacral - Seminar V COURSE LENGTH · 5 Day Seminar PRE-REQUISITE · M FR / CST III or equivalent

This seminar studies the structures of the cranial system and will improve your visualisation and understanding of the cranial system by relating technique to structure. The course will include, cranial and dural anatomy, hands on study techniques, wet lab review and a pre-course study booklet. Cranio Sacral - Seminar VI COURSE LENGTH · 5 Day Seminar PRE-REQUISITE · M FR / CST IV and Cranio Sacral V

This seminar expands on CST techniques which have been taught so far in the seminar series. Many more conditions treated by CST will be discussed. devoted to CST. · Sinus problems · Structural release protocols · Headache protocols · Temporal techniques · Parietal techniques Cranio Sacral - Seminar VII COURSE LENGTH · 5 Day seminar PRE-REQUISITE · Cranio Sacral VI More difficult and · Maxilla techniques · The zygomae techniques · The ethmoid techniques · The frontal techniques · Mandible techniques This seminar is totally

This seminar is entirely devoted to Cranial Sacral Therapy protocols.

unusual techniques such as jaw unwinding will be demonstrated. This is an extensive and in depth seminar leading to the conclusion of the seminar series in Myofascial Release/ Craniosacral Therapy.

Myofascial Release Centre

Questions and Answers

Q. A. I am only interested in Craniosacral Therapy, why should I do Myofascial Release? Please refer to our section on Practitioner Information. Connective tissue work is part of the trainings in cransiosacral therapy. This work has often been overlooked by many trainers, but is now being included because of it ' s major impact and influence on the craniosacral system. Even Dr. Stone, Polarity Therapist and Osteopath, was a connective tissue expert who had similar approaches to today ' s Myofascial Release Therapy. He combined Fascial Therapy and Energy techniques in his treatments to great effect. Please note: we teach the John Barnes method of Myofascial Release which is different from others and is synergistic to Craniosacral Therapy Q. A. How much craniosacral therapy is taught in the seminars and is it to a high level? Approximately half the total course is devoted to cranial techniques. These are taught to an advanced level as the tutor has learned from a variety of practitioners and has completed advanced trainings. The best of techniques are demonstrated bringing to you the latest in craniosacral trainings. We acknowledge the contribution and influence

made to CST by Milne, Stone, Upledger, and Barnes. Q. A. Can I practice the techniques on clients after just completing seminar one? Yes all techniques can be utilized in one's practice immediately. However we suggest at least completing seminars I to IV to give a good grounding in this work, and VII for advanced levels of competency. Polarity I can be undertaken without any pre-requisites and can be utilised immediately to clinical applications. Further trainings are mentioned later in this guide. Q. A. Where do I go for further information on these subjects? Go to our links site and download as much information as you would like. If you have our book list then purchase the texts recommended and that will give you a lot to go on. Further details of books and other information is given in our seminars. With each seminar a complete set of notes are given out with some loose giveaways

Myofascial Release Centre


Polarity I Healing the Human Energy System Pre-requisites: None

Polarity Therapy is becoming the defining model for energy medicine because it offers the most comprehensive and specific model of the Human Energy System. Polarity Therapy describes in detail the various patterns and features of the human energy field, and provides valuable therapeutic approaches to each dimension of the human experience. This subject is suitable for all therapists who wish to incorporate energy medicine, yet with immediate application · Theory on Human Energy System · Energy Dynamics and General Balancing · Chakra Balancing · Spine & Nervous System Techniques Polarity II & II Advancing The Energy Field Pre-requisite: Polarity I

Many concepts and philosophies of Polarity are detailed with practical protocols that can be applied to clinical practice. · Energetic Evaluation and Integration · Five Universal Energy Patterns · The Pentamiurus Pattern · Chakra System Expanded · Oval Body Cavities · Pranic Energy · Three Primary sets of Geometic Relationships · Polarity Zones · Geometries of Involution, Evolution, Symmetry & Balance · Five Pointed Star & Six Pointed Star · Balancing of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic System · Spinal Balancing and the Lovett Brothers Upon completion of all levels a Diploma of Polarity Therapy will be issued.

Myofascial Release Centre

Diploma Details

Advanced Diploma of Musculoskeletal Therapy ( C raniosacral Therapy Specialisatio ) This advanced Diploma has been created for those who wish to further develop their career as a Cranial Therapist by undertaking extra studies that will allow you to treat many conditions by providing a wide range of treatment options. Massage, HLT50302, which is a government accredited qualification. After completion of Diploma of Remedial Massage ( HLT50302) , the following subjects will also need to be completed. Myofascial/CST I Myofascial/CST II Myofascial/CST III Myofascial/CST IV Cranio Sacral V Cranio Sacral VI Cranio Sacral VII Polarity I Polarity II Polarity III Qi-Gong or Energetic Touch Health Care Practice Management Myofascial Release Dynamic Stretching Musculoskeletal Supervised Clinic The Advanced Diploma will be issued by the Natural Health Academy of Australia registration no. N4891 For further information please contact: Peter Farnsworth ND Telephone: ( 0 8 ) 8231 4933 or 1 800 101 105 Email: [email protected] The pre-requisite to this Diploma is the completion of the Diploma of Remedial

Note: All enrollees are required to graduate to the latest curriculum.

Myofascial Release Centre

Tutor Profile

Patricia Farnsworth, through the Myofascial Release Centre is responsible for bringing the John Barnes Method of Myofascial Release to Australian Body Workers nationally. This dynamic therapy has been popularised in the USA by John Barnes PT, a recognised authority in Myofascial Release Therapy. Patricia is one of the most qualified practitioners in Australia having visited the USA to extensively study with John Barnes. She has worked alongside John and his staff at clinics in Paoli, Pennsylvania and Sedona, Arizona. Having experienced Craniosacral Therapy with John Barnes she further studied this modality in great detail with the Upledger Institute in Florida and the Milne Institute of Big Sur, California. It is through her experience with master practitioner John Barnes that has led her to the philosophy that craniosacral therapy is best combined with Myofascial Release for superior results as recent scientific information has confirmed. Patricia runs a busy clinic in Adelaide, where she practices Myofascial Release and Cranio-Sacral Therapy exclusively on her clients. Patricia has lectured in Myofascial Release Therapy at seminars facilitated by the Manipulative Physiotherapists Association and as guest lecturer to the School of Physiotherapy in Adelaide. Patricia looks forward to sharing her extensive knowledge with you on the latest in Myofascial Release and Craniosacral Therapy techniques.

Myofascial Release Centre

Practitioner Information

Connective tissue structures include fascia, ligaments, tendons, membranes, and bones. Connective tissue is composed of hollow collagen tubes and other fibres intermeshed in matrices and sheets. These are held within a fluidic ground substance that has varying qualities dependent on the nature of the particular connective tissue. The ground substance is a viscous fluid that also surrounds all of the tissues and cells of the body. Thus, we are basically fluidic beings. The organisation of connective tissue is basically energetic in nature. Recent research shows that the fluids within collagen fibres are connected by hydrogen bonds that create a unified and cohesive fluid field. Collagen fibre itself is made up of triple helix tripeptides. The peptides are wound around each other in a helical manner. There is clear evidence that the fluid within the collagen fibres, forms coherent molecular bonds with these peptides. The fluid-cellular matrix that results forms a unified and ordered field throughout the body. Collagen fibre and its ordered fluid field have been likened to liquid crystal.

The fibres assemble into coherent sheets that form an open, liquid crystalline fluid-tissue meshwork throughout the body. This meshwork has been found to be a unified whole. There is also evidence that the fluid-tissue matrix is a field of rapid communication, much faster than the nervous system, and that this occurs within a coherent, quantum-level bioelectric field of action. Communication throughout this field is organised as a whole in coherent quantum wave forms, perhaps at near the speed of light. All of this has huge implications for the healing arts, no matter what framework or modality. In craniosacral biodynamics we consciously work with this unified bioelectric, fluid, and cellular matrix. This one of the strengths of our work...... Franklyn Sills

Myofascial Release Centre

Practitioner Information

If one narrowly focuses only on the cranio sacral structures and nervous system and pays no attention to things like structural or fascial constrictions outside of the dural tube ( covering fascial of the spinal cord) then these imbalances and restrictions will pull on the dural sleeves ( wrapping nerves off the spine ) like powerful anchors overwhelming and restricting the cranio sacral system over and over again.


distortions, and a






biomechanical or


reduced Thus







fascia has a major impact on the cranial system influencing cranial tides, fluid movements and bioelectric conductivity. This has considerable ramifications when dealing with the elite athlete looking for optimum performance, or the client who is looking for answers to painful chronic long term conditions. Thus, fascia has a major impact on the cranial system influencing cranial tides, fluid movements and bioelectric conductivity. One may look at fascial and cranial work as being yin / yang. The cranio sacral system as being a tiny delicate system embedded in a larger fascial system - both are mutually dependent on each other for balance of the whole. Thus if one system is effected then this will disturb the other. We consider Myofascial release an important part of practitioner training and

fundamental to the successful application of Cranio Sacral Therapy.... Pat Farnsworth

Myofascial Release Centre

Course Costs

COURSE COSTS - ADELAIDE ( Course costs are subject to increase without notice ) · · · · · · · · · MFR / CST I MFR / CST II MFR / CST III MFR / CST IV Craniosacral V Craniosacral VI Craniosacral VII Polarity I Polarity II & III $ 480.00 4 Days $ 300.00 3 Days $ 600.00 5 Days $ 700.00 6 Days $ 650.00 5 Days $ 600.00 5 Days $ 600.00 5 Days $ 200.00 2 Days Contact us for details

Book List

The Endless Web

Fascial Anatomy & Physical Reality - R. Louis Schultz and Rosemary Feotos

Cranial Therapy and the Energetic Body

Change Your Practice, Change Your Life - Roger Gilchrist

The Heart of Listening Volume I & II

Origins, Destination Points, Unfoldments - Hugh Milne

Cranial Osteopathy

Principles and Practice - Torsten Liem

Taking Control of TMJ

Your Total Wellness Program for Recovering From Temporomandibula Joint Pain, Whiplash, Fibromyalgia and Related Disorders - Dr. Robert O. Uppgaard

The Polarity Process

Energy as a Healing Art - Franklyn Sills SUPPORT MATERIALS

Head and Neck Anatomy

Myofascial Release Centre · Tel: (08) 8231 4933 Fax: (08) 8410 1044 Free Call 1800 101 105 · Email: [email protected]



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