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Dear Future Hostess,

Thank you for scheduling your Pampering Session on _______________ at _______________! I'm really excited about sharing Mary Kay with you and your friends, and about helping YOU EARN FREE PRODUCT and surprise gifts! In this letter you will find tips on earning the most free product and gifts, as well as an outside order form for those ladies who can't make it to the pampering session, but would like to purchase a few things. I will be sending out your invitations for you, but may I suggest that you place a quick phone call to the ladies you would like to invite, just to let them know to look for the invitation in the mail. Since we both have busy schedules, I know that keeping the date and time we have chosen is a priority for both of us! I've reserved this time in my business for you, so you can count on me to be there. Looking forward to seeing you,

Independent Beauty Consultant

For being a Hostess and sharing your pampering session with at least three other adult will receive $75 in product for just $35 (That's $40 Free!!) And Yes, by sharing with six adult friends, you can EARN DOUBLE VALUE--that is $150 in product for only $70!! WOW!!

EARN FREE PRODUCT from Your Pampering Session:

Surprise Gifts can be Yours for:

· · · ·

Calling me within 2 days with names, phone numbers, and addresses of up to 13 guests earns a Free Gift! Holding your class on the originally scheduled date and time earns another Free Gift! 2 Bookings from class earns another Free Gift! $300 in total retail sales earns another Free Gift! (Including outside orders.)

To Keep in Mind:

· · ·

Remember to get names, addresses, and phone numbers to me within 2 days to earn a great gift, and to help me be prepared for your class. I like to arrive 20-30 minutes early to talk with you and set up. Refreshments are optional, and best served at the end of the class. The class will run more smoothly without children.

How to Invite Your Guests:

I will be sending the invitations out for you, so you don't have to worry about them! Most of my hostesses have found it helpful to give their guests a quick call to let them know that they will be receiving my invitations in the mail. Feel free to let your guests know that they will be helping you to earn FREE PRODUCT and surprise gifts! Also, please do let your guests know that they will feel no obligation to purchase products, just to feel pampered!


Name Address Phone Items Amount Payment

Mary Kay Facts

· Every year since 1993, Mary Kay Inc. has been the best-selling

brand of facial skin care and color cosmetics in the United States! · Mary Kay Inc. does not conduct animal testing for its products and is a PETA pledge member. · Fortune magazine has included Mary Kay Inc. in all three of its "100 Best Companies to work for in America" lists. Mary Kay was also listed as one of the "10 Best Companies for Women to Work For" in America! · The Wall Street Journal reports that there are more women with Mary Kay earning $50,000 and $100,000 a year than any other company in the United States. _________________________________________ Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant _____________________________________ Phone


Hostess Letter

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