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T he Presbyterian

Worship Time Changes September 14 to 10:00 a.m. Summer remains 9:30 a.m.

ummertime always marks a transition of sorts to a more laid-back restorative time, a time of storing up energy for the harvest of fall. We go on vacation, celebrate our national and personal heritage with the 4th of July and fam-


July & August Worship Schedule

July 6 ­ A Generous Life

Elder Jerry Kruse preaching.

September 7­ Who Am I?

New Parish Associate preaching on Rom. 13:8-14, Matthew 18:15-20

People are needed at 8:30 AM to help set up chairs for the Tent Service on August 17.

July 13 ­ Tending the Garden of Our Heart

Pastor Keith preaching on Matt 13:1-9; 18-23

July 20 ­ Life Amidst the Weeds

Pastor Keith preaching on Matt. 13:24-30, 36-43

July 27 ­ Hymn Sing & A Song in My Heart

Pastor Keith preaching on Rom. 8:26-39

Celebrating the Apostle Paul in August

St. Paul was born a Roman citizen in Tarsus, in what is now Turkey, at the start of the Christian era, sometime between A.D. 7 and 10, according to church historians--June 29, 2008-June 28, 2009 is being celebrated as the 2000 year of Paul's birth. After his conversion on the road to Damascus, Paul became one of the church's foremost evangelizers, first among Jews, then among Gentiles. He died by beheading in Rome in 67 A.D. by the order of Emperor Nero. In his lifetime, Paul was busy for God. He was one of the most imaginative, eloquent and passionate Christian writers, Paul was imprisoned, shipwrecked, beaten, flogged, stoned, banished and finally martyred for his faith.

August 3 ­ Paul: Apostle of the Heart

Commissioning of VBS Team; Pastor Keith preaching on Romans 9:1-5

August 10 ­ Paul: Journey of Discovery

Pastor Keith preaching

August 17 ­ Paul: Resurrection Strength

Pastor Keith preaching on 1Cor. 15

August 24 ­ Paul: A Thorn in the Side

Pastor Keith preaching an interactive sermon

August 31 ­ The Rev. Tony Viola, Guest Preacher

ily reunions. The days are long and warm and typically less structured. I look forward to celebrating family ties in Marquette, Michigan and Culver, Indiana, as well as my first wedding anniversary. Do take time this summer to celebrate family and traditions. I pray that it will be equally restorative for you. I just returned from three days of travel to attend the national conference for Alpha Ministries in Wheaton, IL. We conducted Alpha Groups here in 2001 and 2002, reacquainting ourselves with the foundations of the Christian faith and to begin practicing how to reach out to people who do not attend church or know about Jesus Christ. It sparked some new efforts and energy, but we found that we were not reaching beyond ourselves. Sometimes, timing matters. Alpha has been growing and spreading. As more and more people choose a path of agnosticism and indifference, I discover that denominational rivalries (even antagonisms) are lessoning. Our common cause to equip the church to share the Good News in Word and deed (see Matthew 10) is our true keystone. To pray with Lutherans, Catholics, Vineyard Fellowship, Baptists and Presbyterians, was uplifting and hopeful. To pray with friends in ministry was precious. It is a blessing to lead a staff that shares this vision, respectfully listens to one another, and desires to deepen our experience and knowledge of the triune God. To this end we had a very productive staff retreat last week to pray and plan worship from Epiphany to Christmas to Advent and back into September. These ideas and plans will be shared with the Worship Committee, Session and published in August. They are directed at building on our reformed worship structure with a clearer pattern, calendar, and intent. Many thanks to Claire Derks, Terry Farmer, Gerry Stockinger, Aaron Tan, and Bryan Zaros to new and ancient

insights and cooperation. An Ad-hoc group to interview candidates for a part-time "Parish Associate" to aide with education, visitation and administration is being formed. The goal is to have him/her start during VBS in early August. So far there are two external and one internal candidate. Please be in prayer about this. "Bless the Lord, oh my soul, and all that is within me bless His holy name. Bless the Lord, oh my soul, and forget not all His benefits." See you in Church, Pastor Keith

Emergency Contact During Staff Vacations

The following people are available to you for pastoral assistance during Pastor Keith's vacation Wed. July 2-Wed. July 9: - Deacon Chair Jim Curran 646-7235 (mobile) - Clerk of Session Jennie Day 973-9776 - Westminster AA Pastor Cathi King 306-3585 (mobile) The office will be closed July 4-9 as Gerry Stockinger is on vacation July 4-18th. The office will be open: - Thursday, July 10 from 10-4 pm - Friday, July 11 9-4 pm, - Tue-Thursday, July 15-17, Noon-4 pm, - Friday, July 18, 9-2 pm.


Prayer of the Month

Please pray for the work of Blessings International ­ Medicine for missions in developing nations.

Medicines from Blessings International were one of the first shipments of aid allowed into Myanmar (Burma). After the destruction of Cyclone "Nargis". 78,000 people died, 56,000 are missing and 2.5 million are homeless. The Myanmar government has resisted the efforts of foreign countries to aid the cyclone victims, but Blessings International has been allowed to send three shipments of medicines to local Christian groups for the disaster victims, and more are planned. Dr. and Mrs. Harder traveled to Myanmar in March 2008 and were able to see first hand the great need of the people, and the great good their medicines and dental supplies were accomplishing through our Christian medical partners there. Our church supports this organization and as well as our financial support, Blessings International needs our prayers! In the next weeks, please pray earnestly that God will open the paths for the medical supplies to reach these devastated people. Only He can do it! Mission Team

Happy Birthday!


2 Atwood McAndrew Jr. 4 Kathryn Bohms 6 Wayne Renaud 7 Sophia Wheelock, Karen Karoub 10 Alex Pendergrass 12 Courtney Rowley 16 Esther Minzey, Debbie Bevins Richard Bohms Jr. 18 Kevin Maynard 21 Gwen Work 22 Richard Robb, James Krohl 24 Megan Boone 25 Doug Brice, Kathleen Rowley 27 Laurel Ehrenberg 30 Becky Selter, Joyce Manor Katherine Karoub 31 Larry Grover


Jack Williams June 5, 2008 Mahlon "Bud" R. Ellis, Jr. June 12, 2008


1 Bertha Erickson 2 Rory McShane 4 Marian Peebles, Amelia Rowley 5 Frances Evans 7 Jill Burton 8 Alison Fillmore 9 Gigi Gooding 12 Thomas Rumford 13 Corbett O'Meara 14 Fran Doe, Mark Spencer 16 Bertha Speer, Kimberly Maynard-Rice 17 Phillip Stockinger 18 Gerald Kruse 22 George Eaton 27 Lindsay Dickie 28 Rozena Baltzell, Maryella Lanning, Cheryl Benham, Ralph Bengry 29 Jill Schulz, Michael Miller 30 Scott Selter 31 Duane Ellis, Lindsay Timbs


Kathryn Rose Whited April 18, 2008 Daughter of Chris and Susanne Whited Granddaughter of Gary and Sari Oosta Great-granddaughter of Kathryn Howard Benjamin Seo June 3, 2008 Son of Paula and Young Seo

New Members

On June 22, 2008, the following new members were welcomed Julie Brown Billy Kruse Reno Olivero Julie Walters

Campus Ministry Update

From Elder Brandon Spencer, who attended a national college ministry conference in Seattle May 18-21 with member Eric Pritchard: "I found the Ascent Conference to be a refreshing thing. When we got there, we found that it was not what we were expecting, as it was more of a gathering of established college groups having fellowship. However, it was good to see those groups in action, and really get a clearer idea of what a college ministry is and can be. From the seminars I attended I gained a great deal of insight on personal issues, such as, faith aversions: doubts and struggles, and how to embrace those in a way that can further faith. I found it useful in my life, and I see everything I gained as useful in starting a college ministry. I returned from the conference renewed in self, and with renewed conviction towards starting our own college ministry. I am excited about what we can do and where we go with this." The campus ministry team of Brandon, Eric, Stu Work and Wade Tornquist have formulated a plan of action based upon what was learned at the conference. For now Brandon and Eric will continue their efforts to create a small group of committed students during 20082009. Once this group is established, an intern could be hired in 2009-2010 to facilitate the groups effort to create a significant and meaningful campus ministry affiliated with our church. A grant application will be submitted to the Presbytery for funds for a retreat and assistance.

Congratulations to our Graduating Seniors

Andrew Gooding Hayley Pendergrass Kyle Selter Reid Tornquist

Know Anyone Needing Prayer or Visitation?

The Deacons and pastoral staff make home visits and regularly pray for those on our church prayer list. Sometimes, however, a member or friend is in the hospital or rehabilitation and we do not always get notice of this. If you or your loved one faces hospitalization or in-patient rehab, please let the church office know so that we may visit

Prayer Requests

Turning to prayer doesn't mean that you have exhausted all help. It is our way to show concern and to invite God to be a part of our concern. Please remember these people in your prayers: Diane Andrews (Larry Grover's sister-in-law), Carol Baltzell, Janie Barnabei (Prudence's daughter-in-law), Vance and Homa Bodary, Betty and Doug Brice, Connie Brouwer (Karen Walker's mother) Suzanne Buck, Catherine Clark (Karen DeNike's mother), Juanita Doe, Val Duva (daughter of Warren and Sophia Wheelock), Lois Earnest, Lt. Patrick Franklin (Abbie SchmidtFranklin's husband), Edward Grubaugh (Karen DeNike's son), Martha Harvey (Linda Perkins' sister), Mason Heyl (nephew of Debbie Heyl-Clegg), Lula Kromis, Desmonde Kubiak, Marilynn McAndrew, Lois McDonnell, Michael Miller, David Minzey, Fran and Bruce Nelson, June Norton, John Papineau (grandson of Jack and Esther Minzey), Shari Tripp (Karen DeNike's sister-in-law), Sophia Wheelock, Cliff and Jean Woodside If you have prayer requests, please call Gerry at the church office (482-1525). Call again when the situation or person has improved and may be removed from the list.

Glorify God · Grow in Faith · Go in Serivce · Generate a Christian Community

Glorify God · Grow in Faith · Go in Serivce · Generate a Christian Community


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