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MEI CashFlowSC66 IGT ID024 Netplex New $50 Software

Description: CashFlow SC6602 IGT ID024 Netplex Software For New $50 Dollar Bill Update CashFlow SC6602 IGT ID024 Netplex Bill Acceptors to support the 2004 New $50 Notes. 66NUS130-CD for file on CD 66NUS130-P for file programmed on a One Time Programmable prom (OTP prom). Required for New Jersey $30.00 for each CD or $30 for 1st EPROM or PROM $15.00 for each additional EPROM or PROM on same order


Part #


Includes one of the following: 1) 2) 66NUS130 Programmed on a CD 66NUS130 Programmed on a One Time Programmable Prom (OTP PROM). Required for New Jersey

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Advanced Electronic Systems, Inc

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