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Nabors Canada is part of Nabors Industries Ltd. a group of companies that owns and operates nearly 600 land drilling rigs and 970 land workover/well-servicing rigs worldwide. Offshore, we operate 37 platforms, 13 jack-ups, and three barge rigs in domestic and international markets. In addition, Nabors manufactures top drives and drilling instrumentation systems, and provides comprehensive oilfield hauling, engineering, civil construction, logistics/facilities maintenance, and project management services. We participate in most of the significant oil, gas and geothermal markets in the world.

At Nabors Canada, our team of more than 3,500 dedicated and skilled individuals is our greatest competitive advantage, and the primary reason Nabors has one of the highest safety ratings in the industry. We operate 86 drilling rigs, 154 well service rigs and 21 swab rigs. Our people are also our best resource, and that is why safety is the most important part of our business. Returning them home safely is our primary concern at Nabors Canada. Nabors has established and maintains a culture of safety, which is evident in the company's innovative safety initiatives, comprehensive training programs, and industry leading results. From our selection process to our commitment to training and development, our entire human resource strategy is

At Nabors Canada, our people are our primary competitive advantage.

built around creating the safest and most qualified workforce in the industry. Nabors also takes its corporate, social, cultural and environmental responsibilities very seriously. We take a proactive approach to working with people in different countries. As a company that employs people from diverse cultural backgrounds, we work hard to build relationships based on mutual respect and understanding. In addition, environmental stewardship in Canada and around the world is a primary concern for everyone at Nabors Canada, and is reflected in all areas of our business.


Nabors actively recruits, trains, and employs First Nations individuals. We have worked very closely with several bands in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and in the Northwest Territories. Our objective is to maximize the social and economic benefits for Aboriginal peoples, including business participation, training and employment arising out of oil and

gas activities on traditional lands, while protecting their rights and the environment. In Canada, we have approximately 25 percent Aboriginal peoples employed on our drilling and service rigs. Nabors Canada has entered into partnership agreements with First Nations groups such as Shehtah Drilling Limited for service and drilling rigs. Nabors is committed to protecting people and the environment. Safety is essential to the way we do business and fundamental in our lives.

We are very proactive in working with different cultures and protecting the environment.

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Head Office Operating Centres Field Offices

Fort St. John Grande Prairie Drayton Valley Sylvan Lake Calgary Brooks Slave Lake Nisku Leduc Lloydminster



Nabors Drilling has been in the contract drilling business in Canada since 1952, and in that time we have become an industry leader in drilling deep sour gas wells and pad drilling. Through strategic purchases, as well as new construction, Nabors boasts the most upto-date fleet of rigs ranging from hybrid coil tubing/top drive rigs, to Programmable AC Electric (PACETM) triples and "fit for purpose" pad rigs. We market drilling rigs across Canada with depth capabilities ranging from 1,000 to 7,000 metres. Furthermore, Nabors Drilling maintains an inventory of items not commonly carried by most drilling contractors.

Nabors Drilling has 86 drilling rigs including ten state-of-the-art Programmable AC Electric (PACETM) rigs, and has several other rigs under construction that will be deployed in 2009. Our two heli-portable PACETM rigs are moved using a Russian Mi-26 helicopter capable of lifting 44,000 lb (20,000 kg). Nabors Drilling in Canada also operates nine coiled tubing rigs, with depth capabilities of 1,500 to 1,800 metres, and several more are scheduled for completion by 2010. These rigs will allow us to more aggressively participate in the shallow gas market and the Athabasca Oil Sands. While most of these will be deployed in Western Canada's Sedimentary Basin, they will also be used in the eastern provinces and northern territories.

RCCD Drilling

Nabors offers Reverse Circulating Centre Discharge (RCCD) drilling technology to reduce costs and water usage, and improve the well performance of shallow gas wells.

This technology reduces or eliminates wellbore formation damage caused by the conventional drilling process, and has applications in shallow gas, coalbed methane, shale gas and other tight, water sensitive formations.


Nabors is adapting this technology for use with our state-of-the-art hybrid coil tubing/ top drive drilling rigs. These quick moving, PACETM rigs are ideally suited to take advantage of the RCCD technology.

(20,000 kg) means that conventional drilling equipment can be flown to the well site. Drilling performance is not compromised by having to use specially designed light equipment to meet conventional helicopter load restrictions. With Nabors ever-growing fleet of moving system rigs, pad drilling is more efficient and safer than ever before. Nabors has four styles of moving systems to allow drilling on any pad configuration ­ the table top system, single piece sub umbilical system, swing-up sub umbilical system, and our innovative "fit for purpose" walking system, which can move the entire rig at a rate of one metre every two-and-ahalf minutes. This style of moving system has a tight footprint, which allows the rig to move around the entire pad and turn on its own axis.

all incidents are preventable are the keys to achieving an even greater number of injury free worksites. We uphold safety as our most important core value. To be successful and accomplish our "Mission to Zero" we follow a well-developed safety program based on our Ten Simple Values. Nabors has developed a comprehensive training program as part of our commitment to protecting people and the environment. Safety is essential to the way we do business and fundamental in our lives.

Through strategic purchases as well as new construction, Nabors boasts the most up-to-date fleet of rigs.

Heli-Drill Systems

Nabors fleet of heli-portable drilling rigs combines the efficiencies of our PACETM rig technology with a modular design to meet arctic requirements. The Nabors Heli-drill Systems allow year round drilling at traditionally winteronly locations, as well as access to environmentally sensitive locations where road construction is problematic. The systems are configured to use the Mi-26 super heavy lift helicopter, the largest commercial helicopter in the world. Its massive lifting capacity of 44,000 lb


At Nabors Drilling, we continue to make Health, Safety and Environmental Protection a priority. Individual and collective responsibility, and believing that

Nabors Drilling continues to lead the industry in safety performance and has received the Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors Leadership award in nine of the past 11 years.

Nabors Drilling (NDL) vs. CAO DC

8.00 7.00 6.00 5.00 4.00 3.00 2.00 1.00 0.00 2005 2006 2007 2008

TRIF 9.23 TRIF 6.25


TRIF 9.56

TRIF 7.57


TRIF 7.16

TRIF 7.25

TRIF 5.59

TRIF 3.98

TRIF 3.47

TRIF 2.66




Nabors is the leading provider of technologically advanced service rigs and related equipment in the Canadian well servicing industry. We presently operate a fleet of 154 modernized service rigs that are capable of working on any oil or gas well at depths to 7,600 metres. Nabors is equipped and operates in all areas and conditions in Canada including the Canadian Arctic. We have our own fully certified manufacturing plant with design and engineering services capable of meeting our customer's project specific requirements for rigs and equipment.

We are the world leader in new technology and have designed and built the first AC driven computer controlled service rig in the world. All of our newbuild and re-manufactured equipment is purpose built for depth capacity and transport weight. Unitized electronic engine and transmission combinations are a standard retrofit package for all rigs, which means less fuel consumption, reduced exhaust emissions and minimal down time when repairs are necessary. Nabors has several research and development initiatives under way that will bring a new level of safety and efficiency to the well servicing industry. customized self improvement training for all crew positions and at all management levels. We are committed to the betterment of the well servicing industry; we share statistics with operators and competitors and actively participate in the Service Rig Division of the Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors (CAODC). We work closely with our customers to provide the right equipment and personnel for every job with detailed procedures for all tasks.

Nabors is committed to protecting people and the environment. To ensure that all Nabors' rigs perform at the top of the industry in safety and efficiency, our Mission to Zero message ("0" Technology and Research Initiative Fund) is continually delivered to our employees in person by senior management. Nabors provides


Nabors is equipped and operates in all areas and conditions in Canada including the Canadian Arctic.

The Nabors fleet of service rigs consists of the following: · · · · · · · · Four slant rigs (one with 25,000 lb pull down capability) 78 free standing mobile singles 37 skid doubles Two free standing skid doubles fully enclosed for work in the Arctic 20 mobile doubles class III BOP equipped Seven free standing mobile doubles class III BOP equipped Five heavy double workover rigs One heavy double workover rig fully enclosed for work in the Arctic and can be equipped with a top drive · 18 swab rigs (seven slant conventional rigs, ten rigs capable of travelling on roads) · 75 percent bans and six prairie schooners specifically designed for shallow gas and coal bed methane (CBM) swabbing.

We are the world leader in new technology and have designed and built the first AC driven computer controlled service rig in the world.

NPS TRIF vs Industry TRIF

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 2005 2006 2007 Industry TRIF 2008 Nabors TRIF 2009

3.70 3.56 3.97 2.82 4.31 7.67 6.07 8.4 8.25




Academy Services is the manufacturing division of Nabors Canada. We specialize in the engineering, design and fabrication of all components of drilling rigs, as well as the electrical systems and programming of rig controls. Nabors developed Programmable AC Electric (PACETM) rigs equipped with proprietary technology that shortens the drilling cycle. Applied to both coil tubing and conventional drilling rigs, this feature allows operators to drill more efficiently and move more rapidly.

Our rigs have an advanced control centre that allows the driller to view all facets of the drilling operation. The instrumentation is within arm's reach, including the auto-drill touch screen and the driller console monitoring system. AC technology promotes improved motor and fuel efficiency, and results in fewer emissions, enhanced power distribution and less electrical noise. This causes greater control of torque and rate of penetration, which results in faster, better holes. Academy Services' extensive product line includes the commander line of Drawworks, as well as highly specialized walking rigs for pad drilling, heli-rigs for flyins to remote locations, and hybrid coiled tubing/jointed pipe rigs. PACETM pairs Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) on key equipment on the rig with the Pro-Logic Controller (PLC) giving the driller unprecedented seamless control over all rig systems. This provides fail-safe diagnostics as all data monitoring is integrated with equipment control through PLC technology. leader in innovation and expertise. This revolutionary technology was first introduced in Nabors' Rig 69, Canada's first AC drilling rig, followed shortly by Rig 83, the first "all AC" coil tubing rig.


Developing the PACETM control and drive system in 2001 brought international recognition to Academy Services as a

We specialize in the engineering, design and fabrication of all components of Drilling Rigs.

All PLC communication can be monitored through a satellite connection, thus providing remote troubleshooting capability, significantly reducing downtime. These advances in technology have created a safer working environment for rig workers and have led to shorter drill cycles and rig moves. Academy Services also manufactures specialized "Smart Iron" packages to refit older systems to the new PACETM technology. Their self-contained control centres consist of a rig control centre (Doghouse) and a VFD drive house. Academy Services also manufactures Top Drive Support Units (TDSU) for fitting older rigs with AC top drives.



To complete the integrity of its operations and services, Academy Services is committed to Total Quality Management Academy Services has provided Smart Iron packages to drill ships and offshore platform, jack-up, and barge rigs around the world resulting in outstanding performance advantages to the rigs' capabilities. and has developed and implemented a world class Quality Management System ­ the API Specification Q1. In addition, Academy Services is certified to API 4F, 8C and 16D for the design, manufacture and repair of masts, substructures, travelling blocks, wire line anchors and accumulators. We will be adding recertification and rebuilding of BOP components in 2009. surrounding multiple rig-up pads. This arrangement allows tight control of project management and rapid response to the unique demands and challenges of rig construction. Combining engineering, procurement, fabrication, installation and commissioning infrastructure in one facility provides Academy Services an edge for flexible manufacturing.


Academy Services' office and manufacturing complex was designed specifically for rig construction with a full compliment of on-site services strategically

Our advances in technology have created a safer working environment for rig workers and have led to shorter drill cycles and rig moves.


Abandonrite AcademyServices

Abandonrite is Nabors' environmental, abandonment and reclamation services group. We offer complete, efficient and cost-effective assessment services for well site and pipeline abandonment, lease reclamation, and liability. We also assess aspects of the end-of-life closure for wells, facilities and their associated surface leases. We believe environmental stewardship is a team responsibility and we recognize the importance of operating in an environmentally sensitive way.

At Abandonrite, we pride ourselves on using a consultative and inclusive approach with our customers. Where you may encounter unforeseen challenges, you can trust our focused expertise ­ we'll "take it out of your hands" and leave you with no surprises. In your absence, we use dependable methods to maintain your regulatory compliance.

Abandonrite maintains a highly qualified professional staff that can sign off on required environmental and regulatory approvals and procedures as needed. We take safety as a serious and important part of how we conduct our business. Abandonrite is able to look after the details related to regulatory approvals, line crossings and road use agreements and each one of our employees is well versed in ground disturbance. Abandonrite has a 20 year track record of providing safe and cost effective solutions to industry.

We believe environmental stewardship is a team responsibility.

Summary of Services Well and Downhole

· Turn key well abandonments · Well file research and review · Abandonment programming · Suspension programming · Regulatory consultation and applications · Vent flow and gas migration repairs · Leaking well re-entries and repair · Wellhead cut and caps · Liability and suspended well database

Facility and Pipeline

· Facility decommissioning · Facility demolition · Equipment removal and resale · Hot and cold tap services · Pipeline removal and abandonment · Pipeline deadleg/riser removal · Boneyard cleanups · Underground storage tank removal · Large facility liability assessments

Reclamation / Remediation

· Phase I environmental assessments · Phase II environmental assessments · Phase III regulatory closures · Environmental liability assessments · Licensee Liability Ratings (LLR) · Contaminant remediation · Ground water monitoring programs · Surface reclamation · Vegetation management · Detailed soil and vegetation assessments · Reclamation certificate applications · Waste tracking


BlueSky AcademyServices

Nabors Blue Sky Ltd. is the world leader in providing aircraft deployed services to the remote oil and gas industry. We have put together a team of highly experienced professionals to provide solutions and leadership to meet the challenges associated with both traditional and remote oil and gas operations. Our focus is to maximize production through well life-cycle management on behalf of our clients. Remote Operations

We go into the remote areas of the world with our innovative and technologically advanced services without leaving a footprint. Our services were developed to reduce the traditional amount of manpower deployed to control a large geographicproducing area while maintaining maximum throughput at the plant. By using helicopter transport over traditional methods (such as a quad or track vehicles), we require fewer resources and can cover larger areas in the same time frame. We provide solutions to clients for entering inaccessible areas through the innovative services and products we possess today, and through those we will create for tomorrow.

Conventional Contract Operations

The scale of our involvement can be tailored to fit any situation, from simple intervention at the well site, to managing an entire field concept through development and on to production. We will also provide services at any site, including those requiring access by helicopter. Our goal is to provide a full scope of services and skill sets, and develop relationships with our clients in order to help them achieve their long-term vision.

Our focus is to maximize production through well life cycle management on behalf of the client.


CortekDrilling AcademyServices

Cortek Drilling is a specialized environmental contracting company dedicated to providing high-quality sub-surface water, gas and soil sample extractions to engineering firms, consulting firms, and oil and gas producers throughout western Canada. We integrate cutting edge technology, superior service and drilling expertise to complete your site characterization and remediation requirements.

Cortek Drilling has assembled a fleet of high performance, extremely mobile direct push/auger units to cost effectively collect the data necessary to characterize a site. Our rigs provide the flexibility necessary to respond to our clients' needs, large or small, at any site. Cortek's technologically advanced equipment, along with the experience of our drillers, assists our clients in completing their site characterizations accurately and efficiently.

We work with engineering firms, consulting firms, and oil and gas producers throughout western Canada to extract high-quality, sub-surface water, gas and soil samples.


RigwatchTM AcademyServices

RigwatchTM Instrumentation rents and services drilling instrumentation systems. The RigwatchTM system is a comprehensive rig monitoring system, composed of: an Electronic Drilling Recorder drilling data acquisition system, a Pressure Volume Temperature fluids monitoring system, a DrillSmartTM automated driller, a satellite communication system, and in-line and ambient gas safety systems. Your Data is the unique one-stop internet portal that allows you real-time access to complete operational reports on all of your well site activities. can be accessed via the internet from any destination and features fully customizable and configurable Drilling Strip Charts and Live Data Displays, which can be saved as user defaults for future access. It provides you with the ability to configure any plot, x/y graphs, drilling logs, geological logs, time/depth, and survey profiles as needed. Finally, allows each user to quickly review real-time data, search through archives, and quickly create, customize, print and save your own reports. who can be dispatched to support rigs all across Canada. Remote Directional Drilling

- A live

directional drilling functionality includes all directional data with real-time Rosebud and a 3D interactive wellbore trajectory screen which displays planned versus actual surveys and allows for visualization of directional drilling progress in real time. The captured information is transmitted via the RigwatchTM satellite communication system to the portal with the included option of an interfaced VoIP and chat function that assures real-time communication with the rig. KBox SuiteTM

- As an upgrade solution

Rigwatch allows well site personnel to have immediate access to data delivered via satellite to key decision makers.

RigwatchTM integrates and displays any relevant third party information, including directional drilling, Measurement While Drilling (MWD), Under Balanced Drilling (UBD), and cementing data.

Dependability and Custom ER Service



for the older generation rigs, RigwatchTM combines Pro-Logic Control (PLC) reliability with a centralized data collection and monitoring centre. DrillSmartTM Autodriller

Instrumentation's 24/7

worldwide support centre provides customers with immediate access to technical personnel. All RigwatchTM systems can be remotely monitored and administered from this centre for online troubleshooting by way of remote diagnostics. RigwatchTM Instrumentation also has full time 24/7 service technicians

- Rigwatch

allows for the precise control of rate of penetration, weight on bit and delta pressure while drilling. Drilling Efficiency

- Rigwatch can

calculate and implement customized, advanced engineering calculations that optimize rate of penetration including: Mechanical Specific Energy (MSE), Stick Slip Alert (SSA), and Drilling Efficiency (DE). Alerts

- Rigwatch will automatically alert

key personnel when any predetermined parameters or conditions are reached, or limits are exceeded. Alerts can be customized by individual users. This sophisticated alarm system can be used to anticipate problems, or schedule maintenance and other planned events.


Phone: 403.263.6777

Fax: 403.237.8001

Toll Free: 1.800.386.1830

2800, 500 - 4th Avenue SW Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2P 2V6


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