CARROLL HIGH SCHOOL DANCE TEAM CONTRACT The Dance Team proudly represents Carroll High School as performance groups at boy's and girl's home varsity basketball games and as a competition team at Indiana High School Dance Team Association events. Members of these squads recognize that their actions are scrutinized more closely than those of students not associated with such an activity. Members understand and accept that being a part of this group is both a privilege and a responsibility. I. Purpose of the Dance Team A Promote and uphold school spirit. B. Represent Carroll High School by providing entertainment at sporting events, competitions or any other performances in the community in a positive manner. C. Encourage leadership qualities and develop life-long social skills of team members. D. Provide opportunities to develop and increase self-confidence and selfesteem, promote consistent academic performance. Requirements/Eligibility A. Dance team must take priority over other extracurricular activities (within season), including jobs. B. Team members MUST attend ALL required activities, such as games, practices, performances, competitions, and fundraisers, unless that dancer is ill or has a family emergency. Failure to attend a mandatory event will result in a benching. Two benchings will result in a dismissal. Unless otherwise noted, all events are considered mandatory. C. A benching can take place for the following reasons (but not limited to): i. Not following guidelines listed in the contract ii. Unexcused from event iii. Not in attendance prior to a performance iv. Bad attitude or talking back to Coach Irons v. Poor grades vi. Inappropriate behavior during school or events D. A Team member may only miss a total of 5 events (this includes leaving early, arriving late, family emergency, illness or any other absence as one) throughout the entire dance team season. If you know you will be absent, you must give a 5 day written notice. If a team member misses more than 5 events, reprimands will be decided by the coach. E. The first time a dancer is unexcused (not reaching Coach Irons 5 days prior) from an event or practice they will be given a verbal warning and benching. The second time they are unexcused they will be dismissed from the team. F. In order for dancers to be eligible to perform, they must maintain appropriate grades and credits as outlined by the Carroll High School Handbook. Dancers must receive a "D-" or better in 6 out of 7 classes at the conclusion of each grading period to maintain eligibility. G. Members must maintain good citizenship marks, attendance, and class performance and teacher recommendations during the time on the squad. Problems in any areas may be grounds for benching, removal from the game team, competition squad, etc. H. Being on the dance team one year IN NO WAY GUARANTEES PLACEMENT ON THE SQUAD FOR THE FOLLOWING YEAR. All members must go through the audition/selection process in the spring. In addition to ability, each dance team member's cooperation, effort and attitude will be considered. The squad will be chosen by outside judges hired by the coach and their decisions are FINAL.


-2CARROLL HIGH SCHOOL DANCE TEAM CONTRACT III. Conduct A. By accepting the privilege/honor of being a member of the Carroll Dance Team, a dance team member accepts the fact that her actions are more prominent than those of persons not associated with such an activity. B. Because of this prominence and because members represent Carroll High School, exemplary behavior is mandatory at ALL times, anywhere in the community of CHS and at all functions where dance team members are recognized as representatives of Carroll High School. C. Proper appearance is required at ALL times, with clothing appropriate to the occasion. D. Excessive public displays of affection are never considered appropriate, especially in uniform, at games or in school. Friends, boyfriends, family members, and any other spectators are to sit separate from the dancers at competitions and games. E. Smoking or drug usage (including alcohol) is not allowed at any time. The consequences are explained in the Co and Extra Curricular Code Handbook (immediate dismissal from the team). G. Members must display proper behavior in class, including but not limited to: skipping class, cheating, using or checking cell phones, or being late. H. Poor conduct/behavior under any circumstance may result in warnings, suspension, benching, or removal from the team. Inappropriate behaviors not only reflect on the individual, but can also affect the image of the entire team. Practices A. Members must dress out for all practices unless otherwise notified. Dance clothing and shoes should be appropriate for the activity. If dancers are not dress fully for practice they will receive a benching and will not be able to participate. B. No cell phones are allowed at practice. They should be turned off once practice begins. If calls need to be made in case of emergency, they must be approved by Coach Irons first. C. Summer practices are mandatory unless dancer is out of town or at studio intensives. D. Mandatory after-school practices will be held October through March. Days and Times TBA. E. Mandatory after-school practices will be held on game nights. F. An optional team technique class will be offered on Saturdays through the dance team season. ALL dancers will be strongly encouraged to participate. This will require a minimum fee. G. Additional practices may be scheduled as needed. This will be done with as much notice as possible. H. If a dancer has been absent from school, or left school before 11:00 am, that dancer is unable to participate at practice. If that dancer is able to attend, it is strongly encouraged to come to practice to watch. I. If a dancers is not at school on the day of a performance (game, competition), that dancer is unable to participate in that event. J. Missing a scheduled practice the day before an event will result in the individual not performing for that event and she will also receive a benching for the next scheduled performance. Unless the team member was ill or had an emergency and contacted the coach. The dancer must also be performance ready (which is decided on by coach). K. Missing a part of a practice for a test (including SAT) or other approved academic reason will carry NO penalty, but the member must get approval from the coach prior to the practice and make up what is missed. L. Missing part of practice for another school club or meeting will be allowed if prior written is given 5 days before. It is irresponsible and discourteous to inconvenience the rest of the dance team. M. Members must NOT LEAVE PRACTICE EARLY unless given prior approval (THIS WILL COUNT FOR ONE OF THE FIVE PRACTICES).


-3CARROLL HIGH SCHOOL DANCE TEAM CONTRACT V. Performances A. Game Team: Attendance and participation in performances at boy's and girl's home JV and/or varsity basketball games, any other games specified by the athletic director and the coach are mandatory. Competition Team: All competitions (invitational, regional, and state) are mandatory. All extra choreography sessions and practices for the competition teams are also mandatory. B. Arrive on time with complete and full uniforms and poms (includes shoes, tights, etc. or other stated equipment). This includes hair and make-up before arrival. If dancer doesn't have all uniform pieces, she will not be able to perform for that part of the game. C. Jewelry is not to be worn during performances, unless part of the costume. D. Change out of uniform immediately following performance at games. E. Members will sit as a group, separate from family and friends, at competitions in appropriate uniform or warm up. F. Coach reserves the right to prohibit a member from performing if it appears that she is unable to properly execute the moves or does not uphold team and school expectations. This applies to games, competitions, or any other performances.

VI. Competitions A. The dancers selected for competition will be selected by the coach on the following criteria (not limited to): 1. tryout scores 2. ability level and technical skill level 3. attitude 4. hard work 5. responsibility 6. performance appeal B. Members are required to attend ALL competitions. C. Members must attend all choreography sessions to learn and polish choreography. If a dancer is unable to attend choreography practices, the dancer will not be able to participate in the competitions until choreography is learned and executed appropriately. D. There will be 3 solos, 3 small ensembles, and 3 large ensembles. The selection will be decided by the coach. E. All dancers will arrive and leave with the team on the team bus. If a member is to ride home differently, they will need to have a note giving permission to ride home with parents the week before competition. F. The competition team is a highly technical advanced team. It is strongly recommended that these dancers take technical dance training outside of dance team practices. G. Competition will require extra time, effort, and financial support. H. At competition the coach will dictate planned agenda for all dancers ­ no exceptions. VII. Fundraisers A. All fundraisers are mandatory for ALL members. B. Attendance will be taken at each fundraising event. If the coach feels that the dancer has not done his/her fair share throughout the fundraising event, the dancer will be financially responsible for giving back (an average of what the other teammates raised) to the dance team fund. C. If a member is not able to be at a fundraising event, it is the job of that dancer to find a responsible replacement (parent, sibling, grandparent, etc.)

-4CARROLL HIGH SCHOOL DANCE TEAM CONTRACT VIII. Uniforms and Other Expenses A. Members are responsible for the expense of the team competition costumes, warm up, shoes, tights, performance pants. B. The coach shall make final decision with the approval of the administration on any costume, uniform or other apparel. C. Uniforms are to be kept clean, neat and in good repair at all times, and may only be used for performances (not practices or social events). D. Uniforms/poms ruined, lost or stolen will be replaced by that member at her own expense. If a uniform is damaged and it was not the fault of the dancer, she has 48 hours to report this damage to the coach. E. If a dancer is delinquent in fee payment and has not made arrangements for payment, the dancer will not be allowed to perform until her payment has been made. F. Attending summer dance camp is a required (mandatory) activity as it helps to unite the team and prepare the members for the coming year. Fees are the responsibility of the individual. G. If a dance team member quits or is removed from the squad, she will be expected to return all uniform items within one week. No funds will be reimbursed. H. Trips to competitions will be paid for through squad and individual fundraising.



I/We, the parent(s) of the above-named, have read the Dance Team contract and understand all the requirements and consequences of improper actions. We understand that Miss Irons (coach) has final say in my/our daughter's remaining on the team. We also realize this is a team effort and each member has a specific role and responsibility on this team. We will make every effort to do our share of assisting on behalf of our daughter.



As a member of the Dance Team, I have fully read the contract and understand what is expected of me to remain a member in good standing. I will keep myself knowledgeable and informed of all rules, and realize the consequences of poor behavior or inappropriate actions may be severe. I will do all I can to uphold the honor and tradition of the Dance Team, and respect my team members, my school, and all persons associated with school spirit at all times. Signed:______________________________________________________________________




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