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NOTE: This equipmenthasbeentestedand found to comply with the limits for a ClassB digital device, pursuantto Part l5 of the FCC Rules.Theselimits are designed provide reasonable to protectionagainst harmful interference a residentialinstallation.This equipmentgenerates, in usesand can radiateradio frequencyenergyand, if not installedand usedin accordance with the instructions, may causeharmful interference radio communications. to However,thereis no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particularinstallation.If this equipmentdoescauseharmful interference radio or television to reception,which can be determinedby turning the equipmentoff and on, the useris encouraged try to to correctthe interference one or more of the followlng measures: by - Reorientor relocatethe receivingantenna. - Increase separation the betweenthe equipmentand receiver. - Connectthe equipmentinto an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiveris connected. - Consult the dealeror an experienced radio/TV technicianfor help.

FCC WARNING: - Changesor modifications not expressly approved by the party responsiblefor compliarrce could void the user's authority to operate the equipment. - Use a shielded interface cable.

Your new electronictypewt'iterincreaiesyour typing efficiency throughuseof the most advanced features your typewriterare: of technology.Someof the many outstanding . . . . . . . . | 5.0 inch papercapacity printwheel Easy-to-change 100-characterdrop-in max.) l0 line correctionmemory (700 characters Five format memory Pitch selector:lO, 12, 15 and PS (proportionalspacing) l,l-l/2 Line space selector: and2 Full electronictabulationfor up to 30 positions

Paragraphindention o Decimal tabulation . Automatic centering . . . ' Automatic carrier retum Automaticunderlinins Bold typing

Capslock o Micro up/micro down/micro back space . Framing (line drawing) o Optional spell check (dictionaries English,French,and Spanishare available; for

your typewriter s functions,operatingcontrolsand procedures, replacement of and This manualdescribes will and maximizetheettlcientuseof your new its accessories. Thoroughstudyof instructions facilitate electronic typewriter.



RulesFor SafeOpcration PartNamesAnd Functions Key Functions GETTING STARTED Unpacking SettingUp... TurningOnTypewriter.... Inserting/Ejecting Paper Typing Controls Margins Tabs. Corrections TYPING FUNCTIONS Paragraph Indention DecimalTabulation AutomaticCentering Automatic Carrier Return RequiredHyphen And RequiredSpace AutomaticUnderlining KeyboardII (SpecialCharacters) B o l dT y p i n g Capslock MicroUp/NlicroDown/-l\4icroBackSpace Framing(LineDrawing).... Format (Margin And Tab) Memory HOW TO CHANGE ACCESSORIES RibbonCassette CorrectionTape Printwheel SUPPLIES ., ,'. '29 MAINTENANCE RemovingPlaten Cleaning Service ......30 ......31 .......3t .25 ...2j ......28 16 16 18 19 19 20 20 . .21 ........21 .........22 ........22 . 24 6 6 l tj . g . l0 ..... ll l2 I



RulesFor SafeOperation

on Make sureyou areusingthe properpoweras stated the nameplateat the backof the typewriter Neverattemptto repairit yourself lf repair mechanism. is Your typewriter a highly sophisticated authorizedservicecenter. take it to the nearest necessary, becomes This paperclip, nail file, etc.,insidethe typewriter. Neverinsertmetalobjectssuchas a screwdriver, could causedamageto the typewriter and/orelectricalshock. when it is turnedon. Always turn off the typewriter when you Do not leaveyour typewriterunattended have finishedtyping. Be sureto turn off the typewriter when removing platen.

Part Names And Functions


\\----zl//' ) \^\



1. PLATEN KNOB Used to manuallyro{ate the platen. 2. PAPER GUIDE placement Provides consistent of paper.

12. POWER CORD 13. PLATEN (ROLLER) Rolls paperin and out. f4. PAPER BAIL & BAIL ROLLERS Holds paperagainst platen. the 15. RIBBON GUIDE Guidesribbon. 16. PRINT POINT INDICATOR prrntingposition. Indicates 17. PRINTWHEEL 18. LINE LOCATOR (red line) D e n o t e sh eb o t t o mo f t h et y n i n eI i n e t 19. CARD HOLDER Holds paperagainst platen. the 20. GUIDE ROLLER Guidescorrection tape. 21. PRINTWHEEL SET/RELEASE LEVER printuheel Usedfor replacing 22. CORRECTION TAPE

3. PAPER SUPPORT PANEL Supports paper the 4. GLARE SHIELD Blocksout directlight from the typing line. 5. MARGIN SCALE Provides numerical indication printing of posrtron. 6. PAGE END INDICATOR Supptrrts paper.Scaleindicates the remaining paperlengthin inches(for I l-inch-longpaper only). 7. NOISE COVER Buffersthe soundof typing. 8. PAPER RELEASE LEVER paperfor alignment. Releases 9. PAPERBAILLEVER Lifts the paperbail Pull to insertpaper automatically. 10. TOP COVER Opento replace ribbon. correction tapeor printwheel. II. POWER SWITCH

23. RIBBON CASSETTE 24. RIBBON TAKEUP KNOB Usedto takeup any slackin nbbon. 25. PRINT HEAD printuheel. Strikes against

Key Functions

Keyboard with letter-type function keys t ao .,9

' [-,ry] [_l n i--l f-] f-_ln I fT--A [ 'n I L]J L_J LJ LJ t ll. lL--,l r-






Keyboardwith symbol-type functionkeys

I. MARGIN RELEASEKEY to the Releases margins typebeyond themor setnewones. 2. LEFT MARGIN KEY the Sets left margin. 3. RIGHT MARGIN KEY the Sets rightmargin. 4. TABSETKEY Sets tabs. 5. TABCLEARKEY tabs. Clears 6. CODEKEY in functions conjunction special Activates keys. withother 7. TABKEY to the Moves canier a tabPosition 8. SHIFT LOCK KEY of the Locks Shiftkeyto typea series capital up The letters. redlampon thekeylights when shift Release lockby thekey is pressed. Shiftkey either pressing 9. SHIFT KEY and letters case of the Enables typing upper left on whichappear theupper corner symbols key. of each IO. REPEAT KEY or typed thelastke1 the Repeats lastcharacter entered. function BAR II. SPACE to one ahead space theright. Movesthecarrier for continuous bar HolddowntheSpace to movement theright.

12. HALF SPACE KEY Moves the carrierone half spaceto the right. 13. RETURN KEY Returnsthe carrierto the left margin on the next line. 14. DECIMAL TAB KEY typed at the Automaticallyalignsall nr.rmbers tab positionby theirdecimalpoints. r5. REVERSE INDEX KEY paperdownwardin 1/2line Retracts ( l / 1 2 i n c h )i n c r e m e n tw i t h o u tm o v i n g s the carrier.Hold the key down to retractthe paper continuously. 16.INDEXKEY i u A d v a n c e p a p e r p w a r d n l / 2 l i n e ( 1 / 1 2i n c h ) s Hold the withoutmoving the carrier. increments the key down to advance papercontinuously. 17. RELOCATION KEY to the Mo,''es carrierone space the right typedon the page of the lastcharacter I8. EXPRESS (BACKSPACE) KET' the Returns canier to the left marginwithouta l i n ef e e d 19. BACKSPACE KEY Moves the carrierone spaceto the left. Hold down the key for continuousmovementto the left 20. CORRECTION KEY Hold down the key Correctscharacters. tbr repeatconection.



Beforeusingyour typewriter, sureto removethe packing be in instructions. materials described the unpacking as


l) Insertthe papersupport panel.

2) Raisethe pageend indicator locatedon the back of the paper supportpanel.Move it to the desiredposition by tilting and pulling it in the desireddirectron.

The scaleon the pageend indicatorindicatesthe amountof spaceremainingin inchesbetweenyour currentpositionand the end of the paper.

3) Positionthe glare shieldto preventdirect light from obscuring the typing line.

" Turning On Typewriter

I ) Plug the appropriate end of the power cord into the typewriter

2) Plug the otherend of the powercord into an outletof the proper voltage/frequency specified the nameplateat the backof as on the tvpewriter.

located the left rearof the at 3) Turn on the powers\.r'itch typewnter Whenthe pou'eris tumedon. a beepsounds and the pou'er-on lamp on the keyboard lightsup. The carrierstopsat the left margln. Be sureto beginoperatir)n afterthe initializesequence is comoleted Note: Make surethe printuheel.ribboncassette correction and tapeare properlyinstalled.

Paper Inserting/Ejecting

Inserting paper panelto the desired I ) Adjust the paperguideon the papersupport placement your paperguideensures of position. consistent The paper.

of 2) Inserta sheet paperbehindthe platenalignedwith the paper euide,

3) Pull the paperbail lever toward you as far as it goes.The paper is automaticallyinsertedand stopsat a position one inch from the top of the page. Note: Pulling the paperbail lever halfway raisesthe paperbail away from the platen. lever the 4) To release and straighten paper,pull the paperrelease toward you. lever and paperbail lever to their 5) Returnthe paperrelease normalposition.

Ejecting paper


the Hold downtheCodekeyandpress "E" key to automatically paper. eJect

Typing Controls

Impression control the This controldetermines printingimpact(how hardthe on printwheelstrikesthe paper).Selectthe properimpact depending ribbon,paper the numberof multiple or the typeof printwheel, the impact. The largest represents heaviest dot copies.

Line spaceselector of determines spacing the lines the This selector 2: l-l12: l: ( s d o u b l e p a c i n g3 l i n e sp e r i n c h ) (,1 spacing linesper inchl one-and-a-half ( s i n g l e p a c i n g6 l i n e sp e ri n c h ) s

Pitch selector pitch. determines character the This selector l0: 12 l5: PS: p P I C A p i t c h ( 1 0c h a r a c t e r se r i n c h ) p p i t c h( t l c h a r a c t e r se ri n c h ) ELITE M I C R Op i t c ht l - 5c h a r a c t ep s ri n c h t re ProportionalSpacing variesaccording the chirracter. pitch FS to spacing i s u s e dw i t h t h eP S o r i n t r v h e eos l y . ln

Note: t Y o u c a nc h a n g eh ep i t c hi n t h e m i d d l eo i t h e l i n e ,


Presetmargins Whcn you I'irstturn on the rypcw,rirer, preset the margins used. are T ' h c s e c t t i n g s r o v r d e o u w i r h r t u n d a r d n ei n c hl e f t a n do n ei n c h s p y o r i g h tr n a r g i n si l r c a c hp i t c hs e l c c t i o n . f Lcl'tMargin I 0 p i t c h( P I C A ) ( l2 prtchELITE) p 1 . 5 i t c h( M I C R O ) P Sp i t c h Right Margin



l5 t2

15 90 il3 90

Thc arcaol'-5spaccs imrncdiarcly belirrethe right marginis called thc h<ltzone.As thc carricrmovcstowardthe cnd of a line and cntersthe hot zone,a becpsounds. This beepwarnsyou that the right marginis approaching.

Setting a new margin



| ) Use the Space or the Backspace to po_sition carrierat bar key the the point whereyou want to seta new margin. To seta marginbeyondeitherof the currentmargins, move the carrierto the currentmargin,pressthe Margin release key, then continue moving thecarrierto thedesired position. 2) Pressthe Left margin key to set the left margln or Pressthe Right margin key to set the right margrn. A beepsounds signalthata new marginhasbeenset.When to you setnew margins, currentmargins automatically are cleared. Note: You cannotsetleft and right marginsthatarelessthanone inch apan.


Typing beyond the margins To type beyondtheright margin,press Margin release when the key the carrierstopsat the right margin,andcontinue typing.

@ (@)

To type beyondthe left margin,press Margin release at the rhe key left margin.Then press Backspace to movethe carrierto the the key positionwhereyou want to starttyping.

Margin back-up The currentmarginsettings maintained memoryby the are in you can use back-up battery evenwhen you turn off the typewriter. the samemarginswhenyou turn on the typewriter nexttirne.



Setting a tab


@(tr) @(tr)


key bar I ) Use the Space or the Backspace to positionthe canier at the point whereyou want to seta tab. to 2) Press Tab setkey. A beepsounds signalthatthe tab has the can be set. beenset.A maximumof 30 tab stops

Clearing a tab the l) Position carrierat the tab you want to clear. 2) Pressthe Tab clear key. A beepsoundsto signalthat the tab has beencleared.

Clearing all tabs the I ) Press Tab clearkey at any position. soundto signalthat all tabs key.Two beeps 2) Press Repeat the havebeencleared.

Using a tab


I ) Pressthe Tab key The carriermovesto the first tab settingto the right of your currentposition. 2) Type the text.

Tab back-up in are The currenttab settings maintained memoryby the back-up batteryeven when you turn off the typewriter.You can usethose nexttime. tabswhenyou turn on the typewriter



Your typewriterhas an automaticcorrectionmemory. It remembers the last700 characters typedwithin the last l0lines and will correct any or all of thosecharacters. Characters typed outsidethe correctionmemory can be correctedeasily using the manual correctlon. Automatic character correction (correcting characters within the correction memory)

position carrier

tsr/^6r.rr r ts6r


I ) Use the Index key or Reverse index key to positionthe print point indicator the line which contains error.The line on the locatof (red line) markedon the card holder shouldbe line up below the line. Do not usethe platenknob for alignment. 2) Use the Backspace Key or Spacebar to positionthe pnnt point indicatoron the character be corrected. to

t l t_J

h cr f \/^aL'ri r6i

3) Pressthe Correctionkey. The character underthe print point indicatorpositionis erased. Hold down the Correctionkey to erasemore characters the to left.




best typewriter

4) Type the correctcharacter(s).


The best typewriterA

5) Pressthe Relocationkey. The print point indicatorretums to one spacebeyondthe last character typed on the page. Note: When you correctthe last character you typed,you do not need to backspace the character. to Simply touch the Conection key and the print point indicatorwill automaticallybackspace and deletethe character.


Automatic word correction (correcting words within the correction memory) indexkey to positionthe print l) Use the lndex key or Reverse point indicator the line which contains word to be the on The line locator(red line) markedon the cardholder corrected. shouldbe line up below the line. Do not usethe platenknob for alignment. 2) Use the Backspace or Space to positionthe print point key bar indicator the lastletterof the word to be corrected. the on or following the word to be corrected space

position carrier

Tha ^^^d i\/n6L,ri rar


the ke1'. An 3) Hold down the Codekey and press Correction intermittent beepsounds.

4) Press Soace the bar The word is erased.






5 ) T v o e t h ec o r r e c * o r d . t


-lno lv. ::*',i':'':A The best i ,! p e H r r i e l

6) Press Rc'location The pnnt point indicatorreturns one the ker'. to space be1'ond Iastcharacter the page the on



Note: You can c'rase partof the uord automaticall) a a) Position print point indicatt'rr the lastletterto be erased the on i n t h eu o r d . b) Hold down theCodekey and prc'ss Correction the key An i ntemrittent beepsounds. c) Type the l'irstlctterto be erasc'd the '*ord. The partof the in word specified erased is

The best


wI rter


Manual correction (correcting characters outside the correction memory) I ) Use the Index key or Reverse index key to position the print point indicator the line which contains error.The line on the locator(red line) markedon the card holder shouldbe line up below the line. Do not usethe platenknob for alignment.

position carrier

The bast Lypewriter

2) Use the Backspace key or Spacebar to positionthe print point indicatoron the character be corrected. to Note: Use the micro up/microdown/micro back spacefor accurate alignment.See"Micro Up/lr4icroDown/Micro Space"in the Typing Functions" chapter.


3) Hold down the Code key and pressthe Correctionkey.

The b^st


4) Pressthe characterto be erased.The characteris erasedand the print point indicatorremainsat that position.


5) Type the conect character(s).

The best





The letter below showsyou someof the sampleusageol'the typing functionson your typewriter.

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"The market will continually grow as lhe expense of hiring ou' home improvements increases. Consumers will be forced to do wharever ,s necessary and this tdct offers d grdnd opportunity to all those involved in this area!" D-l :a r q e l o o k u n d e r t h e f o l l o w i n g a r e a s i n t h e C o m p a n y P r o s p e c l u s *IWord l. L-,.. / i n s e r t e d w h i c h d e s c r i b e s o u r g o a l s l o l r h e c o m i n gy e d r s : I underuntnq F-l 4 T

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-l-his f u n c t i o n r c a t c s t c m p o r a r ye f t m a r g i n o i n d e n t e v e r alli n e s c a l t s s u c ha s a p a r a g r a p h


@[email protected]

l ) P o s i t i o nh c c a r r i c r t t h c p o i n tw h e r cv c l uw a n tt o s e tt h e t a p a r a g r a pih d c n t i o n . n 2 , )H o l d d o w n t h c C o d ck e y a n dp r e s s h e I N D E N T k c y ( L e f t t rnarginkcy.l A bccpsounds and thc currentpositionbecomes thc tcrnprlrary margin lcl't 3.t Typc thc tcxt to be indentcd. 4; To cancclthe paragraph indcnrion, hold down the Codekey and prcssthc Lcli marginkey at any tinte.Two beeps sound.

Decimal Tabulation

This functionalignsnumbers theirdecimalpoint at a tab by position. helpsyou to type statistical easily. It text l) Settab(s)at the decimalpositionfor eachcolumn.


I @

type numberspreceding decimalpoint

2) Pressthe Return key or Expresskey. The carrierreturnsto the left margin.

3) Press Decimaltab key. The carriermovesto the first tab the posrtron.

4) Type the numbers preceding decimalpoint The carrier the movesone space the left for eachnumbertyped.(Nothingrs to printedat this time.) If you make a mistake,pressthe Correctionkey to deleteall text (numbers)typed.The carrierreturnsto the tab position.Then retypethe number.


5) Type the decimalpoint (Comma or Periodkey). The numbers and the decimalpoint are printed,aligning the decimal point at the tab position.Then type the numberfollowing the decimal polnt. Note: withouta decimalpoint or when typing When typingnumbers words,you have 3 optionsto print them out. the a) Press Retum key. The numberis printedand the carrier staysthere. b) Pressthe Tab key. The numberis printed and the carrier to advances the next tab Position. c) Press DecimalTab key. The numberis printedand the the to carrieradvances the next tab.makingit a decimaltab again

the to 6) To adl'ance the nextline. press Returnkey and repeat 3) steps through5). Note: ker the To cancelthe decimaltab function.first press Correction beforethe decimalpoint.The carrier to clearthe text ty'ped Then press Returnke1. the returns the tab position. to



This function centerstext evenly betweenthe left and right margrns.



I ) Hold down the Code key and pressthe AUTO CENTER key. A and the canier automatically advances the center to beepsounds positionbetween left margin(or indentposition)and the the right margin.

2) Type the text to be centered. The canier movesone half spaceto typed. (Nothing is pnnted at this the left for every character time.) If you make a mistake,pressthe Correctionkey to deleteall text typed.The carrierreturnsto the centerposition.Then retypethe text.


betweenthe 3) Pressthe Returnkey. The text is printed,centered margins.The automaticcenteringfunction is cleared.The carrier line. stopsimmediatelyafter the centered Note: To cancelthe automaticcenteringfunction, hold down the Code key and pressthe AUTO CENTER key. Two beepssound. havebeentyped at the centerposition.simpll' If no characters pressthe Returnkey to clear the automaticcenteringfunction.


Automatic Carrier Return

This function automaticallyreturnsthe carrierat the end of each line without pressingthe Returnkey.


l) Hold down the Code key and pressthe AUTO RETURN key. A beepsoundsto signalthat the function has beenactivated. 2) Type text. When the first spaceor hyphenis typed after the immediately carrierentersthe hot zone(the areaof 5 spaces beforethe right margin),the carrierautomaticallyretums to the left margin on the next line. Note: (For the typewriterwith the USA or CanadaFrenchkeyboard) If a hyphenor spaceis not typed in the hot zone,the carrierwill advancepastthe right margin. 3) To cancelthe automaticcarrierreturnfunction, hold down the Code key and pressthe AUTO RETURN key again.Two beeps sound.


RequiredHyphenAnd RequiredSpace

This function is usedto type a hyphenor spacein the hot zonethat will not tngger the automaticcarrierreturn.This is useful to type a by combinationof words that you do not want to separated return. automatlccuurler



Hold down the Code key and pressthe HYPHEN key at the hyphen.A hyphenis pnntedbut positionwhereyou want a required the carrierdoesnot return.

Hold down the Code key and pressthe Spacebar at the position A whereyou want a requiredspace. spaceis madebut the carrier doesnot return.



This functionunderlines individualwords(no spaces) all or characlers automatically. Automatic full underlining

I-u I


ffx I

I ) Hold down the Codekey and press "X X" key. A beep the sounds signalthatthe functionhasbeenactivated. to 2) Type the text to be underlined.All of the characters including spaces will be underlined you type. as 3) To cancelfull underlining,hold down the Code key and press the "X X" key again. Two beeps sound. Automatic word underlining 1) Hold down the Codekey and press "X X" key. A beep the soundsto signalthat the function hasbeenactivated. 2) Type the text to be underlined. characters All exceptspaces will be underlinedas you type. 3) To cancelword underlining,hold down the Code key and press the "X X" key again.Two beepssound.


Keyboard II (SpecialCharacters)

Your typewriterprovidesa secondkeyboardwhich containsspecial characters. Thesespecial(KBII) characters appearon the top right side of the numeric/symbol keys. the Code key and pressthe "KBII" key. A beep ignal the function hasbeenactivated.

2) While holding down the Shift key (or after pressingthe Shift lock key), type the key with the desiredsymbol. 3) To cancelthe secondkeyboard,hold down the Code key and pressthe "KBII" key again.Two beepssound.


Bold Typing

This function makeswords standout from the rest of the text. Use titles, highlight information,etc. this function to emphasize Code key and pressthe BOLD key. A beep rl that the function has beenactivated. will be printed in boldface {ll of the characters the 3) To cancelbold typing,hold down the Codekey and press BOLD key again.Two beepssound.


to and uppercaseletters be typed numbers This functionenables withoutpressing Shift key. the the : Codekey and press CAPS key. A beep al the functionhasbeenactivated. (letter)is printedin character Eachalphabetical are rmbersand svmbols printedas usual. Note: characters a symbol that or alphabetical To type any lower-case left cornerof a key top while usingthe capslock. is on the upper hold down the Shift key and pressthe desiredkey. 3) To cancelthe capslock mode.hold down the Code key and press sound. the CAPS key again.Two beeps


Micro Up/lVlicroDown/lVlicro Back Space

Use this functionto align the pnnt point indicator an ext.ct to positionsuchas a previously typedletteror positionon a pre-printed form. Hold down the Code key and pressthe Index key. Paperwill a d v a n c e/ l 6 l i n e ( l / 9 6 i n c h )e a c ht i m et h i sk e v c o m b i n a t i o in l s pressed.

@[email protected] @[email protected]

Hold down the Code key and pressthe Reverseindex key. Paper willretract l/l6line (l/96 inch)eachrime this key combination is pressed.

Hold down the Code key and pressthe Half spacekey. The print point indicator movesl/120 inch to the left eachtime this key combination pressed. is

Framing(Line Drawing)

This function creates framesby drawing vertical and horizontal lines. Typing vertical line


Hold down the Code key and pressthe "V" key. A short vertical line is printed.The print point indicatordoesnot advance.



To extendthe vertical line downward,hold down the Repeatkey.

Creating frame by drawing vertical and horizontal lines l) First draw the top and bottom horizontallines of the frame. Hold down the Shift key and pressthe Hyphen key, then pressthe Repeatkey to draw a horizontalline. Note: Settingmarginsat the desiredwidth makesit easierto draw horizontallines of the samelength.

2) Move to one line below the upperleft corner. key then pressthe Half spacekey. The print Pressthe Backspace line. point indicator alignswith the left end of the top horizontal


the 3) Hold down the Codekey and press "V" key. A r erticalline is key until it reaches the printed. Then hold down the Repeat line bottomhorizontal

4) Move the print point indicatorio one line belou the upperright corner


t 5 ) H o l d d o w n t h eC o d ek e y a n dp r e s s h e " V " k e 1. A r e n i c a l l i n e i s key until it reaches the printed. Then hold doun the Repeat line bottomhorizontal


Format (Margin And Tab) Memory

This l'unction stores to 5 kindsof formats(marginand tab up s c t t i n g si) t h em c m u r y . n Storing a format I , t S c t t h c d e s i r e d a r g i n s n dt a b s s u s u a l . m a a


2) Hold down the Codckey and press "Y" key. A beepsounds rhe to signalthe functionhasbeenactivated. T<lcancclthis l'unction, hold down the Codekey and press the " Y " k e y a g a i nT w o b c e p s o u n d . . s 3 ) P r c s s n c o l ' t h cn u m b e r e y s :" l " t o " 5 " o k

4) Press Returnkey. A beepsounds the indicating thatthe format hasbeenstored underthe respective number. Note: If a formathasbeenpreviously stored underthe number selected, will be canceled replaced it and with the new format.

Recalling a format


I ) Hold down the Codekey and press "U" key. A beepsounds the to signalthe functionhasbeenactivated. To cancelthis function, hold down theCodekey and press the "U" key again.Two beeps sound.

2) Press key underwhich rhedesired the formatis stored(l to 5).

3) Press Retumkey. A beepsounds the and the formatis recalled. The canier movesto the left marginpositionunderthat format.

Clearing all formats in memory



Hold down the Codekey and press "C" key. Threebeeps the sound and the threeformatsare clearedfrom the memory


Ribbon Cassette

Removing ribbon cassette I ) Turn off the typewriterand open the top cover. arms as 2) Hold the cassette shown and pull up the ribbon cassette Note: throughthe ribbon Checkthe amountof ribbonremaining it window. If you seecoloredtape,replace with a new cassette one. Installing ribbon cassette to 1) Turn the ribbontakeup knob counterclockwise takeup any the installing ribboncassette. slackin the ribbonbefore a When installing new ribbon,wind pastthe leadportionof the cassette.

into 2) Fit the two tabsat the bottomof the ribboncassette the tu o holder. holesof the ribboncassette

so 3) Carefullylower the front of the cassette thatthe ribbonflts ribbonguidesand the cardholder. the between two



N \)

\ ,

until the ribbon marked"A" in the illustration 4) Press positions the snaps into place. cassette

-5) Take up any slackagain o ) Closethe top cover


Ribbon selectsetting Your typewriter can useeithercorrectable carbonor multi-strike ribbons. the ribbonselection accordance Set in with the ribbonyou use.Correctable carbonribbon is selected the lact<1ry for setting. To selectthe multi-strikeribbon, hold down the Code key and press the key to the left of the Right shifi key.

To select,the conectablecarbonribbon, hold down the Code key and pressthe secondkey to the left of the Right shift key. Note: If you usea multi-strikeribbon with selectingthe correctable carbonribbon, printedcharacters will not be clear.


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Removing correction tape l) Open the top cover and removethe ribbon cassette explained as under "Removingribbon cassette". 2) Removethe left hnd right spoolsfrom the spindles. Note: Be surenot to pull the spindlehub when removingthe left spool. 3) Graspboth spoolsand bring them back to straighten tape. the Pull the correctiontapeto take up any slackand lift it out.

Installing correction tape 1) Unwind the correction tape.Hold rherwo spoolswith your fingers. 2) Carefully lower the correctiontapein berweenthe ribbon guides and the card holder. Note: Make surethe coatedside of the correctiontapefacesthe card holder. 3) Fit the full spool of the correctiontapeonro rhe left supply spindle and press spooluntil it snaps the into place. 4) Fit the right spool(theone with the knob) on the right takeup spindle.

5)Tum the right spooltowardyou until the coloredportionof rhe tapedisappears. Note: Check to make surethe correctiontapegoesbehindthe left and right guiderollers. 6) Reposition nbboncassetre closethe top cover. the and



Removing printwheel l) Openthe top coverandremovethe ribboncassette explained as u n d e r" R e m o v i n gi b b o nc a s s e t t e " . r 2) Pull the printwheel set/release levertowardyou. The wholeprint headshiftstowardyou and the printwheel released. is

3) Lightly graspthe top of the printwheel and carefullypull it up. Note: Be carefulnot to bendthe top of the ribbonguides.

lnstalling printwheel

ribbon guide

l ) Lightly grasptheedgeof the printwheel. Carefullylower it in between print headand the ribbonguides, the Note: Make surethat the typefaceside facesthe ribbon guides.

2) Pushthe printwheelset/release lever.The whole print headshifts back and the printwheelsnapsinto place. Pressthe lever againas far as it goesto make surethe printwheel is locked into place. 3) Repositionthe ribbon cassette closethe top cover. and Note: Repositionthe printwheelif thereare any abnormalsoundsor if incorrectcharacters printed. are



Ribbon cassette There are two typesof ribbonsthat can be usedon your typewnter. Correctablecarbon ribbon with the Your typewritercomeswith this ribbon. This ribbon providesexcellentcorection performance to lift-offconection tape.The carbonsurfaceofthe ribbon is transferred the paperas you type, so it is not reusable. Multi-strikefilm ribbon This optional ribbon enablesyou to type more characters a lower cost.This ribbon is not reusable at either. Note: with the When you useother type of ribbon cassette, sureto changethe ribbon selectin accordance be ribbonyou use.See"Ribbonselect setting"in "How to Change Accessories" chapter.

Correction tape There are two typesofcorrection tapesthat can be usedon your typewriter. Lift-off conection tape Your typewriter comeswith this type of conectiontape.This correction tapeis usedonly with conectable carbonribbon. It lifts the carbonfilm ink off of the paper Cover-upcorrectiontape This optionalcorrection tapecoversup the error.This is usedonly'with multi-strike ribbon.

Printwheel with a standard Yourtypewritercomes printwheel. uirh Besides this typesty'le. varietyof printwheels. a is differenttypestyles, available.




The platenon your typewriter removable is makingit easier clean to jammedpaper. or to remove Removingthe platen 1.1 Turn off the typewriter.Open the top cover and move the carrier all the way to the right. 2) Pull openthe paperbail towardyou.

3) Pushdown the platenlock leverwith your right hand.


4) While pushingdown the platenlock lever, grip the platenknob with your left hand and lift it up to removethe left side of the platenfrom the main unit. 5) Pull the platenknob to the left, so you can removethe platen's right shaf,t from the main unir.

Installing the platen l) Open the paperbail then raisethe erasure table and hold it up with your right hand. 2) Repositionthe platenon the cradleand insertthe platen'sright shaftinto the hole on the right side of the cradlein the main unit.

3) Grip the platenknob and push it down until the plaren'sleft shaft locks into place.Be sureto align the groove on the platen'sleft shaft with the platenholder stand. 4) Close the paperbail, then closethe top cover.



Do not attemptto disassemble typewriterto clean rt. the Dust the typewriterlightly, using only a dry clorh. Never use water or solventssuchas thinner,alcohol,etc. to clean your typewriter. Be carefulnot to drop any items(especially pins,paperclips,nail files,etc.)into the typewnrerwhenthe top cover is opened. This could damagethe typewriter.


It is recommended your typewriter serviced leastoncea yearby a qualifiedserrice technician that be at Any malfuncdon caused maintenance by performed anyone by otherthanauthorized ice technician. sen will void the warranty. If the typewriterfails to function or doesnot function properly,check the follorr rng: Is the typewriterpluggedinto a live socket? Is the typewriterswitchedon? Is the printwheelproperly installed? Is the ribbon cassette the correctiontapeproperly installed? or Is the ribbon cassette correctiontapeusedup? or Is the ribbon selectingset in accordance with the ribbon tvpe vou use? If the typewriter still doesnot work properly aftercheckingthe above.contactan aurhorizedser\ lce center.


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