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Request For Information (RFI)/ Sources Sought Solicitation (SSS) Basic Overview: What you need to know NOW!


To manage the acquisition process in the federal government marketplace, procurement managers are required to complete market surveys. The research from federal market surveys is used to: Gain knowledge of interested companies Become aware of technical capabilities and/or qualifications of companies who can support the requirement's as prime contractors. The market research prepared by contracting officers is executed in a Request For Information (RFI)/Sources Sought Solicitation (SSS) announcement.

RFI/SSS Overview

RFI/SSS Policy Statement & Purpose

Establish specific instructions to guarantee your small business has compliant, timely, accurate and successful submission to the federal government in response to RFI/SSS. Purpose: To identify quality RFI/SSS announcements To ensure that your response will result in a high quality and compliant submission Demonstrate that your business is the best choice with the ability to successfully perform the requirements set forth in RFI/SSS announcements

RFI/SSS Overview

Who Is Responsible?

It is every staff member's responsibility to be aware of requests for information (RFI) and sources sought solicitations (SSS). Every staff member should have an interest in growing their division. The key to the promise land of "growth" is advance information and an early pursuit of key opportunities. Many RFI/SSS opportunities can be found at, specific websites and agency websites, here is a list of a few places to research RFI/SSS: Federal Business Opportunities ( Input ( HERBB ( PIXS ASFI (

RFI/SSS Overview

Sample RFI/SSS Process

RFI/SSS process includes:

Once a RFI/SSS is identified; complete the RFI/SSS nomination form. When the nomination form is submitted, an automatic email will be sent to notify the RFI/SSS manager. The RFI/SSS manager will evaluate the opportunity with operations division vice presidents and the CEO, who will decide if your company will respond. A response team will be selected, if it is decided to respond to the opportunity. The response team will draft the response for the RFI/SSS, the draft response will undergo quality reviews to confirm that the response meets opportunity requirements. The final response is sent to production for packaging and delivery. RFI/SSS Overview

Required Documentation

Nomination Form Proposed Schedule (calendar, charts, etc.) Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Sample Nomination Form

All RFI/SSS announcements identified as a high interest to your company should be evaluated. Any staff member can complete a nomination form The nomination form must be evaluated and approved in order to initiate a response to the RFI/SSS announcement. Each nomination form must be approved by the chief executive officer, the Operations Division vice president, and the Business Growth manager

RFI/SSS Overview

Sample RFI/SSS Production Schedule

Schedules are created by the RFI/SSS manager according to the date the RFI/SSS response is due. The production schedule is revised by the specific operations division vice president and the solutions development manager during the RFI/SSS kickoff meeting. The purpose of the schedule is to: Assign responsibility Create a plan for performing the anticipated work Specify the order and allotted time for each component

RFI/SSS Overview

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

The MOU verifies with teaming companies that an agreement has been entered. It confirms that your business and the teaming company will be partners in responding to the RFI/SSS announcement. If you proceed to submit a proposal then a formal Teaming Agreement will be executed by both companies.

RFI/SSS Overview


Request For Information (RFI) Sources Sought Solicitation (SSS)

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Request For Information (RFI) Sources Sought Solicitation (SSS)