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MOSER [may include unrelated families]

New Albany Daily Ledger Standard 01-16-1875 p4c1 Harryman


New Albany Daily Ledger Standard 09-18-1875 p4c1 MARION MOSER/Mattie E. Utz New Albany Tribune Daily Ledger Standard 08-23-1876 p4c2 A Queer Accident. Charlie Moser, a young son of Mr. M. Moser, got a watermelon seed in his windpipe, or more properly speaking, trachea, this morning, which nearly resulted in the death of the child. Violent coughing sat in, and his throat swelled to twice its usual size. Drs. Clapp and Sloan were called and succeeded in alleviating the pain, and preventing immediate danger. This afternoon the boy was feeling well enough to be about, but as the seed has not been removed further, trouble is apprehended.

New Albany Tribune Daily Ledger Standard 12-20-1876 p4c3 OBITUARY. MICHAEL MOSER. The death of Mr. Michael Moser, which was anticipated for some days, took place this morning at 5 o'clock. Mr. M. had been suffering from Bright's Disease for a period of two years, and had applied all the means that science and the best medical critics could suggest, with temporary relief, the disease, apparently, continuing its work of destruction until nature succumbed. For some weeks he had been almost constantly confined to his bed without hope of recovery. Mr. Moser was a native of Legelhurst, county of Kork, Baden, Germany, where he was born on the 3 rd day of May, 1831. He emigrated to the United States when quite young, settling in New Albany in 1850, where he has since resided, engaged in business for the most of the time as a merchant tailor. Shortly after arriving in this city (in 1854), he was united in marriage to Miss Caroline Kraft, one of the most highly esteemed young German ladies of the city. The result of this union is a family of seven interesting children. During his residence in New Albany, Mr. Moser has been an active member of society, taking great interest in all the enterprises which had for their object the advancement of the material interests of the home of his adoption. In social circles, he was recognized as a genial and whole-souled man, gathering about him a host of warm-hearted friends, in whose society he frequently mingled, his highest pleasure seeming to be that of promoting the happiness of those by whom he was surrounded. In his family relations, Mr. Moser was a kind husband and tender father, and their regard for him was more that of worship than usual in family ties. They will miss his fatherly ears and wise counsels in the life that is before them. The family, however, will have the kindliest sympathies of a large circle of warm and open-hearted friends in their great bereavement. Mr. Moser was a member of Humboldt Lodge and Pierce Encampment of the I.O.O.F., as well as Steuben Grove of the Order of Druids, in all the benevolent designs of which he took a leading part, illustrating in his life the teachings he had received at their altars. In business circles he was recognized as an upright and conscientious man, honorable in all his dealings. In a word, Michael Moser fully verified the aphorism, "That an honest man is the noblest work of God."

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The funeral will take place from the residence of the family, on Pearl street, tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock, the ceremonies being conducted under the auspices of the Odd Fellows and Druids. [d: 12-20-1876] Fairview Cemetery, Vol. II, p. 67 Moser, Michael; 6851; born Germany; 46 yr 7 mo; Dec 21, 1876; P4 R24 Lot 19; (M. Mosier); Brights Disase; Dr. Kuls [d: 12-20-1876]

Public Press 12-27-1882 p7c6

Louisa Moser/John Lindeman

New Albany Daily Ledger 04-03-1884 p4c2 Local Gatherings. Mr. George Moser has made many improvements in the buildings at his Eighth Street tannery. He will soon commence an elegant two-story residence on the large lot immediately south of the tannery, which will be finished very handsomely.

New Albany Ledger 06-16-1886 p4c4 Personals. Josephine Buche have received marriage license.

Mr. George Mosier and Miss

New Albany Ledger 06-17-1886 p4c3 Personals. Mr. George Moser and Miss Josephine Buche were united in marriage on the evening of the 16th at the parlors of the parsonage of St. Mary's Catholic Church, The Rev. Father Dieckmann pronouncing the ceremony. After the marriage a delightful reception was given Mr. and Mrs. Moser at the residence of the bride's parents on Vincennes street. The bride received many elegant presents. [m: 0616-1886]

New Albany Daily Ledger 06-09-1887 p4c4 Moser, a daughter. [son?? George Jr.!?] New Albany Evening Tribune 08-03-1889 p4c5 New Albany Daily Ledger 06-10-1892 p5c2 of John, Alma, Emma??]

Personals. Born, to the wife of Mr. George


JOHN /Margaret Moser (divorce) [parents

New Albany Daily Ledger 08-13-1892 p5c2 Local Gatherings. Messrs. John Buche and George Moser returned to-day from Straw's mill, where they caught twenty-eight fish and three large turtles.

New Albany Daily Ledger 08-29-1892 p5c4 DIED. MOSER ­ Otto F., infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Moser, aged 18 months, August 28th, 1892. Funeral from St. Mary's Catholic Church, Tuesday, August 30th, at 3 p.m.

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Fairview Cemetery, Vol. IV, p. 53 MOSER, Otto F.; #10597; bur 13 [30?] Aug 1892 in P11 R1 Lot 12; moved 26 Oct 1914 to St. Mary's Cemetery; Cholera infantum; Dr. C. P. Cook

New Albany Daily Ledger 10-28-1892 p5c1


New Albany Daily Ledger 11-18-1893 p5c3 PERSONALS. George Moser and Peter Allis spent Friday hunting in the Bald Knob neighborhood but report poor luck. Miss Allie Jackson, East Market street, entertained a number of her friends last night, it being her 19 th birthday. New Albany Daily Ledger 12-24-1894 p5c3 New Albany Daily Ledger 07-10-1897 p5c3 ???? s/o George Moser [birth of Karl] Charles Moser/Lorena Merkel

New Albany Evening Tribune 11-09-1898 p4c2

New Albany Daily Ledger 02-26-1900 p4c1 Local Gatherings. Frederick Buche, an old resident and highly esteemed citizen of this city, died Sunday night at his home at 215 Galt street. Death resulted from hernia, from which he had been a sufferer for a long time. On Saturday he submitted to an operation, but on account of his advanced age it failed to bring relief. He was seventy-five years of age. Besides his aged wife, he leaves three children, John and Henry Buche and Mrs. George Moser. [d: 02-25-1900] New Albany Daily Ledger 11-05-1900 p4c4 EMMA MOSER/Charles Melcher

New Albany Daily Ledger 02-24-1902 p4c4 CHARLES MOSER/Marry Hanka ??? New Albany Weekly Tribune 02-28-1902 p5c1 John Moser [d: Columbia City, IN]

New Albany Evening Tribune 02-25-1904 p4c4 STABLES BURNED. Three Destroyed by Fire Last Night. A fire, which [is it ]thought was started by incendiaries, destroyed the stables of Jacob Hauswald and John Gadient on Eleventh, near Shelby street, about 9 o'clock last night and badly damaged the stable of George Moser & Company, tanners. The loss was about $600, partially insured. The blaze originated in Hauswald's stable, spread to Gadient's building and ignited the Moser stable across the alley. The fire department responded to an alarm from box 17 and confined the fire to the three structures. Several horses were confined in the Moser stable and some difficulty was experienced in getting them out of the building. Mr. Hauswald states there had been no lantern or light of any kind in his stable and for that reason it is thought the fire was the work of incendiaries. The fire department did exceptionally good work last night as the blaze was in a dangerous locality and for some time it was feared the fire might be communicated to the main tannery building. Mr. George Moser, president of the company, stated today that the firemen were entitled to great credit for their work last night.

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New Albany Evening Tribune 03-31-1904 and New Albany Weekly Tribune 04-01-1904 The will of Carrie A. Moser was probated today. She gives her estate to her children, John Wesley Moser, Alma R. and Emma Moser. She names her brother, Charles Dierking, as executor of the estate and guardian of the children. The will was made March 19, 1904, and is witnessed by Carrie Knipe and Jacob Green. New Albany Evening Tribune 11-30-1904 p4c2 Alma, Emma Moser JOHN MOSER ­ Guardian of John,

New Albany Ledger 05-02-1905 GEORGE MOSER & CO New Albany Weekly Ledger 06-24-1908 p2c5 At Ripe Old Age. Mrs. Anna Buche, Estimable Woman, Passes Peacefully Away. WAS GREATLY LOVED AND ESTEEMED. Mrs. Anna Buche, widow of Frederick Buche, and old resident of the city, and a highly esteemed woman, died at 1:30 o'clock this morning at the home of her daughter, Mrs. George Moser, 711 East Elm street. Her death was due to a complication of diseases superinduced by old age. Six years ago Mrs. Buche received a stroke of paralysis, which marked the beginning of her failing health and recurring attacks from time to time hastened her decline. Mrs. Buche was eighty-two years of age and was a native of Germany. She came to New Albany in 1850 and was married here in 1852 to Frederick Buche whose death occurred eight years ago. Her surviving children are John and Henry Buche and Mrs. George Moser, all of whom live in this city. For more than half a century Mrs. Buche was a member of St. Mary's Catholic church and in her younger days was active in church and charity work. Possessed of a kind and loving disposition and embued with an abiding faith in the creeds of her church, she was a power for good in the congregation and a blessing to the community in which she lived. Ever ready to assist a neighbor or friend in time of need or distress, or to encourage by words of cheer and kindness a downcast heart, Mrs. Buche during more than a half century that she lived in New Albany had endeared herself to a wide circle of friends and acquaintances who with tender sympathy have maintained an interest in her declining years. With patience and Christian fortitude she endured her long suffering and when the summons came she passed peacefully away. While the loss to the church and community is her eternal gain, there are many hearts that are saddened by her departure. [d: 06-241908] Public Press 01-30-1912 p8c2 JOHN F. MOSER

Public Press 05-28-1912 p5c3 MATRIMONIAL MATTERS. George Moser Jr. to Emma Louisa Kannapel will be married next Tuesday morning by the Rev. Father Seiberts. New Albany Weekly Ledger 06-12-1912 p6c6 MOSER-KANNAPEL. Beautiful Wedding at St. Mary's Church This Morning. Although the hour was very early, St. Mary's church was well filled with a congregation Monday, June 4, who had come to attend the wedding of Miss Emma Kannapel and Mr. George Moser, both well known and popular young people of the city. The ceremony was performed by Rev. William Seibert, rector of the church. The building was beautifully decorated with palms, ferns and tropical plants. The music was

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furnished by a selected quartet composed of Mrs. Harry Kannapel, Mrs. Adelaide Moritz, Mr. Louis Stein and Mr. Peter Korn, assisted by Prof. Charles Retzler, who rendered several violin solos. The ushers were Mr. Julius Moser and Mr. Henry M. Kannapel. The bride was attired in a gown of crepe de chine over white satin with pearl ornaments and looked most charming. After the wedding ceremony a brief reception was held at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Kannapel, Oak and Thirteenth streets, where a luncheon was also served. After the luncheon the bridal couple left for a honeymoon trip in the East. When they return they will occupy their handsome new bungalow at 1915 Ekin avenue. The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. George Moser Sr. and manager of the Indiana Leather Company. (m: 06-04-1912)

New Albany Weekly Ledger 01-14-1914 p8c2 and Public Press 01-14-1914 p5c4 MOSER ??? New Albany Daily Ledger 06-22-1914 TANNERY FIRE


New Albany Weekly Ledger 06-24-1914 p5c5 BIG FIRE. Big Tannery Feeds Flames on Sunday Morning. Fifty Thousand Dollars Destroyed. Owner Overcome by Heat. Foreman Falls and Is Injured. One of the most expansive fires in the city broke out in the tannery of George Moser & Co., East Eighth street, Sunday morning, it is believed through spontaneous combustion. It began in the center of a bark shed, where it was discovered by the watchman, Henry Jones, at about 4 a.m. A good deal of time, it seems, was lost before the alarm was turned in and it was some time before the fire department arrived. From the shed in the rear of the place the fire spread to some stables across the alley. A two-story dwelling on the tannery property, occupied by Ira Salkeld, and the stables in the rear of Wm. Julius, florist, 808 East Eleventh street, were practically destroyed and the florist stock suffered. The property destroyed included two large vat houses, three large bark sheds, a onestory brick boiler and machinery room, a one-story brick bark mill in addition to half a dozen small outbuildings and sheds, including the tannery stables. The burned section covers more than an acre of ground. The entire Fire Department was called out. After extinguishing the blaze in the row of stables the work of the entire department was turned to saving the main building of the tannery. Protection by steel fire shutters at the windows helped to save the structure, but the firemen performed good work in keeping the flames away from the big building. While assisting in closing the fire shutters on the main buildings, John Schearer, superintendent of the tannery fell from a ladder and was seriously injured. AT first he did not believe he was badly hurt and continued to work half an hour or so, but became ill and was removed to his home on East Eighth street, where he was attended by Dr. R. K. Brown. Charles Moser, a member of the company, who lives at Ekin avenue and Thomas street, was prostrated by the heat of the fire and was removed to the home of his mother, Mrs. Caroline Moser, 722 East Eighth street. He is able to be up again.

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Chief Strack received blisters on his feet by stepping into a vat of chemicals and Joseph Featheringill, assistant fire chief, blistered his hands by coming into contact with chemicals. During the fire a dozen drums of chemicals exploded from time to time. The loss is supposed to be $50,000 and insurance upon this is $35,000. Much of the insurance is on the main building and this is but slightly damaged. Mr. Julius, it is estimated, loses $500 in his buildings and stock. Firemen were on guard all day Sunday to prevent the flames, smouldering in the tanbark and ruins, from again starting. The fire was under control by 9 a.m., which was exceedingly good work considering the start it had and the inflammable material. New Albany Tribune 07-15-1914 p4c3 Personals. Mr. George Moser is much better and is regaining his strength after a serious illness which attacked him. New Albany Tribune 07-20-1914 p4c3 and New Albany Weekly Ledger 07-22-1914 p8c2 DEATHS. George Moser, Prominent Citizen Passes Away Suddenly. George Moser died at his home, 711 East Elm street, Saturday night at 10 o'clock. While Mr. Moser had been ill for two months from Bright's disease his death was unexpected. He had seemed better on Saturday than at any time for two weeks. A short time after his wife gave him some medicine his daughter Miss Anna Moser went to her father's room and found him lying on a couch dead. It is believed that a sudden attack of heart disease was the direct cause of death. Mr. Moser was 65 years old and was born in Legelhuft, Grandduchy of Baden, Germany, but came to this country and city at the age of 10 years and began his career as a tanner in the old Barth tannery. His life history is one that stands out as an example to young men. Industrious, studious and without bad habits, he saved his money and obtained his start in business by buying an almost wrecked tannery [East Eighth street] from the Lockwood heirs of Salem. At the time of his death he was president of the New Albany Trust Company, having occupied that position since its foundation ten years ago; director in the Second National Bank for twenty years; director in the Floyd County Bank for two years; president of the George Moser Company and the Indiana Leather Company and for six years one of the trustees of the city school. In all his responsible positions he acquitted himself with credit and especially was he devoted to the education of the children and to the schools. In every manner in which he could promote the interests of the community he lent his head and his hand and was one of the most valuable men in the community, always preserving a simplicity that endeared him to those with whom he came in contact. He was an attendant of St. Mary's Catholic church and whence his funeral will be conducted by Rev. William Seibertz, Wednesday morning 9 o'clock. He was also a member of the Elks. He is survived by his widow, three sons and a daughter, George, Julius and Carl Moser, and Miss Anna Moser. [d: 07-19-1914]

New Albany Ledger 11-28-1914 p2c5 see below New Albany Weekly Ledger 12-02-1914 p8c2 Personals. Born to Mr. and Mrs. George Moser, Jr., an eight pound girl at the McKamey home for women. This is the first

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grandchild in the Moser family and the first girl baby born in the McKamey home. There having been ten boys born before this baby girl.

New Albany Weekly Ledger 06-24-1915 p5c5

Fire ­ George Moser Tannery, 8th Street

New Albany Daily Ledger 06-21-1916 p4c4 MOSER ­ TIGHE. Morning Marriage at St. Mary's Catholic Church. St. Mary's Catholic church was filled with friends and relatives of Miss Anna Moser and Charles Tighe, Wednesday morning, June 21, to witness the marriage of these two popular young people. Miss Moser is the daughter of Mrs. George Moser, 711 Elm street, and is widely known here. The groom, Mr. Tighe, is a rising attorney of Indianapolis, but was born and reared in this city, and is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tighe, 1211 Oak street. The wedding took place at 10 o'clock, Rev. William F. Seibertz, rector of St. Mary's Catholic church, celebrating the ceremony. The bridal couple, attended by Misses Lula May Kraft and Mary Gohmann, as bridesmaids and Julius Moser and Herman Vernia as groomsmen, entered the church and advanced to the altar, while Miss Tillie Bueche sang Rosewig's Ave Maria, with violin obligato by Prof. Weiner, of Louisville. Gounod's Mass was sung by the choir, with Mesdames Harry Kannapel and Louis Stein as soloists. After the wedding the bridal couple repaired to the residence of the bride's mother and a luncheon and a reception were enjoyed. A bridal trip will be taken to New York before Mr. and Mrs. Tighe return to Indianapolis, their future home. [m: 06-21-1916] New Albany Daily Ledger 08-03-1916 p4c2 on an auto trip to New York. Personals. Julius and Carl Moser are going

New Albany Daily Ledger 08-03-1916 p4c2 Personals. Mrs. Charles P. Tighe, of Indianapolis, is visiting her mother, Mrs. George Moser, East Elm street. New Albany Daily Ledger 02-24-1920 p2c1 Personals. Carl Moser, who has been seriously ill of double pneumonia at the home of his mother, Mrs. George Moser, 711 East Elm street, is improving slowly. New Albany Daily Ledger 04-16-1920 p1c1 Young Wife Dies. Mrs. Caroline Moser, 722 East Eighth street, this morning received from her son, A. G. Moser, of Little Rock, Ark., a telegram announcing the death of his wife, Mrs. Ita Moser. Mrs. Moser left today for Little Rock to attend the funeral. New Albany Daily Ledger 04-26-1921 p4c5 WEDDINGS TO BE. (From the April "Unity") Mr. and Mrs. John J. Morgan announce the engagement of their daughter, Irma, to Mr. Julius Moser. The wedding will take place in June. [m: 06-1921] New Albany Daily Weekly Ledger 06-21-1922 p4c5 Mrs. George Moser and son, Mr. Karl Moser and daughter, Mrs. Charles P. Tighe, Indianapolis, and niece Miss Iola Moser, will leave early in July for New York, from where they will sail July 8 on the Majestic for Europe. They will return some time in September.

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New Albany Daily Weekly Ledger 07-12-1922 p1c5 HAPPY GRANDPAW. John J. Morgan the tailor, breezed into the office the other day with his wife, a broad smile and the air of a millionaire. Fact is John has been neglecting his business shamefully for the last several days, all because he is grandpap. It might be fittingly said that his daughter, Mrs. J. C. Moser has presented Mr. Moser and Grandpa John with a fine girl baby, born at St. Edward's Hospital and named Mariam Joell. It must be great to be a grandfather! New Albany Daily Weekly Ledger 04-08-1923 p7c4 Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Moser announce the engagement of their daughter, Miss Iola Catherine Moser, to T. Alvin Corcoran. The wedding will take place at an early date. New Albany Weekly Ledger 04-27-1925 p1c6 from a short trip to West Baden. New Albany Weekly Ledger 06-26-1925 p5c2 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Moser have returned

Karl Moser/Margaret Marguet

New Albany Weekly Ledger 07-10-1925 p7c6 Mr. and Mrs. Karl Moser have returned from their wedding trip which included visits to Cleveland, Buffalo, Niagara Falls, New York and an ocean trip to Norfolk. They are residing at 917 East Elm street. [m: 06-26-1925?] Fairview Cemetery, Vol. VII, p. 98 MOSER, Caroline; 18985; 91 yrs; bur 30 Nov 1925; P4 R24 Lot 19 G2; (M. Mosier); Chro. Nephritis; S. C. Alexander; Geo. A. Kraft New Albany Tribune 05-01-1926 p1c4 SEARCH FOR LOCAL MAN CONTINUES. No trace had been found up to press time today of George Moser, 38 years old, member of the George Moser Leather Company, of this city, who wandered away Thursday night from the Battle Creek (Mich.) sanitarium where he is under treatment. The police of the several towns in the vicinity of the sanitarium have joined in a search for the local man. Mr. Moser has been at the institution for several weeks for treatment. New Albany Tribune 05-03-1926 p1c1 and p4c5 FUNERAL FOR GEORGE MOSER WILL BE CONDUCTEDTUESDAY MORNING; BODY IS FOUND IN BATTLE CREEK. Takes Life In Cottage Near Sanatorium Where He Was Under Treatment ­ Was Member of George Moser Leather Company. Funeral services for George Moser, Jr., well known local leather manufacturer, who was found dead in Battle Creek, Mich., Saturday night, will be held at 9 o'clock Tuesday morning at St. Mary's Catholic church. Burial will be in St. Mary's cemetery, Charlestown Boulevard. The body arrived over the Monon Monday morning and was taken to his home on Silver Hills. The discovery of his body in a sanatorium cottage followed a 2 days' search for him, after he had eluded a nurse at the hospital. He had strangled himself. The discovery was made by two men who, passing the empty house, noticed an odor. The police were notified and an Investigation was made. Mr. Moser's body was found suspended from a bedpost in an untenanted room in a house blocks away from the sanatorium. The search which was begun immediately after he was missing from the institution was engaged in by police officers and attaches of the sanatorium. Persons living in the cottage had used the room to house transients and as the previous occupant had left early in the week had not entered the room until police called their attention to it.

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Mr. Moser had wrapped a towel about his neck, climbed a tall bedpost and, after fastening the other end of the towel to the top of the bedpost, allowed his body to drop, his feet cleared the floor. Mrs. Moser, who had been summoned to Battle Creek, arrived there Sunday at noon, unaware of the fate of her husband. Harry N. Kannapell, a brother of Mrs. Moser, arrived Friday at Battle Creek, and believing there was little chance of finding Mr. Moser there, had gone to Grand Rapids. Mr. Moser was taken to the sanatorium at Battle Creek six weeks ago when a nervous condition with which he had been suffering for more than a year became grave. His condition had been regarded as serious for eight months. Prior to his being taken to Battle Creek, he was removed to a sanatorium at Rome City, from where he received treatment for several weeks. When he failed to show improvement he was taken to the Michigan Institution. A native of this city, M. Moser received his early education and training here. He attended parochial and public schools here, graduating from the New Albany High School in 1906. He began his business career by becoming connected with the leather manufacturing firm of his father, George Moser, Sr., who organized the company. He began his business life at the bottom, with a small unimportant position, and rose through his own efforts to the executive position he held at the time. Ill health forced him from active work. The firm is known as the George Moser Leather Company. Associated with Mr. Moser in the business were his two brothers, Julius and Karl Moser, and his uncle, Charles Moser. When news reached New Albany of the disappearance of Mr. Moser, Julius Moser left immediately for Battle Creek. He arrived there Saturday. Mr. Moser, who was 38 years old, lived in Silver Hills, a short distance from the city. Until he was stricken with ill health, Mr. Moser was a prominent figure in Catholic activities in this city. He was a member of St. Mary's Catholic church, New Albany Council, Knights of Columbus, and the Catholic Community Center. Also, he was a member of the New Albany Country Club, and the New Albany Chamber of Commerce. For a number of years Mr. Moser was a director in the Floyd County Bank. Besides his two brothers, Mr. Moser is survived by a daughter, Florence Moser, 12 years old, and a sister, Mrs. Charles Tighe, of New Albany. He is also survived by his mother, Mrs. George Moser, Sr., of this city. [d: 05-01-1926] New Albany Weekly Ledger 05-07-1926 p12c6 MOSER BODY ARRIVES. The body of George Moser, whose death occurred at Battle Creek, Mich., where he had been under treatment in a sanitarium for six weeks, arrived at 7 o'clock Monday morning over the Monon Railroad. It was taken to his home on Silver Hills. The funeral was held Tuesday at St. Mary's Catholic church and burial in St. Mary's Cemetery. Mr. Moser had been missing from the sanitarium for two days when his body was found Saturday night suspended from a towel in a vacant cottage near the sanitarium. It was stated by attending physicians that he had been despondent. Mr. Moser was 38 years old and was a native of this city. He was the oldest son of the late George Moser, Sr., founder of the Moser Leather Company, an extensive leather manufacturing concern at Silver street and the Pennsylvania Railroad, and had been connected with the concern from boyhood. Besides his widow, Mrs. Emma Moser, he is survived by a daughter, Miss Florence Moser. He also is survived by his mother, Mrs. George Moser, Sr., two brothers, Julius and Karl Moser, with whom he was associated in

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business, and a sister, Mrs. Charles Tighe, all of this city. Mr. Moser was a member of St. Mary's Catholic Church, New Albany Council Knights of Columbus, and the Catholic Community Center. He also was a member of the New Albany Country Club. [d: 05-011926] New Albany Tribune 03-09-1931 p4c3 SOCIETY and Personals. Birthday Dinner Given in Honor of Mrs. George Moser, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Tighe, entertained with a dinner Sunday at their home on DePauw Ave., in honor of Mrs. Tighe's mother, Mrs. George Moser Sr., in celebration of her birthday anniversary. Others present included Messrs. and Mesdames Karl Moser, Julius Moser, Mrs. George Moser, Jr., Misses Louise Kannapel, Florence Moser and Miriam Moser. New Albany Weekly Ledger 07-10-1931 p1c5 and New Albany Weekly Ledger 07-17-1931 p9c5 obit for Forrest Hanger, who drowned in Ohio River; Venita Moser was saved along with Mrs. Bruce Fox, and her cousin, William Hess New Albany Weekly Ledger 09-23-1932 p4c4 Mrs. George Moser and daughter, Miss Florence, Silver Hills, who spent the summer abroad, have returned. Miss Moser left last week for Terre Haute, Ind., to attend St. Mary's-of-the-Woods. New Albany Weekly Ledger 01-13-1933 p8c5 son of T. A. Corcoran, Sr. Fairview Cemetery, Vol. VIII, p. 109 MOSER, CARL F.; 20869; 77 yrs; res Floyd Co., IN; d 23 Feb 1933; bur 25 Feb 1933; P13 R1 Lot 21 G1&2; (Johnetta Moser); Artero sclerosis; P. H. Schoen; Elmer H. Dieckman ** Funeral services for Carl F. Moser, 78 years old, who died early Thursday morning at his home on the Charlestown Road, northeast of New Albany, following an illness of six months, will be held at 2:30 o'clock Saturday afternoon at the home. Burial will be in Fairview Cemetery. Mr. Moser is survived by his wife, Mrs. Johnetta Moser, and a brother, William Moser, of Larach Baden, Germany. He was a member of St. Mark's Evangelical Church. [d: 02-23-1933] New Albany Weekly Ledger 07-07-1933 p3c1 Personals. Mr. and Mrs. Julius Moser and daughter, Miss Miriam Moser, returned Thursday from a week's stay in Chicago. New Albany Tribune 12-15-1933 p1c7 JULIUS MOSER ­ President of Federal Bank 05-31-1934* [see St. Edward Hospital Records] Donald Moser (Adopted) John Joseph Edward, b. 05-29-1934, illegitimate; parents unknown New Albany Tribune 01-21-1935 p2c7 RUTH MOSER/Dr. William Weaver New Albany Tribune 07-21-1936 p1c6 and p3c8 DEATH COMES TO MRS. GEORGE MOSER. Widow of Founder of Leather Company Succumbs At Age of 71 Following Brief Illness ­ Rites Planned For Thursday. Mrs. Josephine T. Moser, 71, widow of George Moser, Sr., founder of the George Moser Leather Company and one of the city's leading industrialists for many years, died at 4 o'clock Monday afternoon in the residence, 711 East Elm street,

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following a brief illness. She had been ailing lately, but her condition did not become grave until a few days ago. Mrs. Moser, a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Fred Buche, was a native of New Albany and always resided here. She enjoyed a wide circle of friends. Surviving are two sons, Julius C. Moser, president of the Union National Bank, and Karl F. Moser, both of whom are successors to their father in the leather business; one daughter, Mrs. Charles P. Tighe, New Albany; three grandchildren; and a brother, Henry Buche, of New Albany. Mrs. Moser was a lifelong member of St. Mary's Catholic church. Funeral services will be held at 9 o'clock Thursday morning in the church. Burial will take place in the church cemetery, Charlestown boulevard. [d: 07-20-1936] New Albany Tribune 05-15-1937 p1c6 KARL MOSER BUYS KNIGHT RESIDENCE. Southern Indiana's Finest Home To Be Occupied Shortly By Local Couple ­ Structure Represents Original Investment of More Than $100,000. The finest home in southern Indiana, formerly the residence of Col. and Mrs. E. Vernon Knight, is soon to be occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Karl F. Moser, according to an announcement Saturday that the latter had purchased the sightly Silver Hills property from Mrs. Knight. The rambling English-type stone house at the head of the Main Street Hill road, which was said to have represented an investment of more than $100,000 when it was built less than ten years ago, has been unoccupied since the Knights left it more than three years ago to make their home in Navco, Ala. Surrounded by several acres of beautifully landscaped garden, Greystone Gables, as it was named by the Knights, has been an outstanding showplace in this part of the state, commanding a striking view of the cities of New Albany and Louisville with the Ohio river in between. The Mosers, who now live at 917 East Elm street, expect to move to their new home as son as minor repairs and decorations can be done and the new furnishings acquired. New Albany Tribune 08-21-1937 p3c2 Mr. and Mrs. Moser Entertain With House Warming. Mr. and Mrs. Karl Moser entertained with a house warming Wednesday night at their home on Silver Hills. Mr. and Mrs. Moser, who formerly resided at East Tenth and Elm streets, recently moved into the E. V. Knight home on Silver Hills which they purchased.

New Albany Tribune 09-04-1937 p3c6 DAILY RECORD. Marriage License. William Arthur Sullivan, 28, sales instructor, Yonkers, NY, to Florence Louise Moser, 23, Silver Hills. New Albany Tribune 10-04-1937 p3c6 FLORENCE MOSER/William Arthur Sullivan

New Albany Tribune 08-22-1938 p3c6 Personals. Mr. and Mrs. T. Alvin Corcoran and children Charles and T. A. Jr., and Mrs. Corcoran's sister, Mrs. Adrian Shrader, left today for a motor trip to the Dunes National Park in Northern Indiana and Turkey Run. New Albany Tribune 02-06-1939 p5c5 Mr. and Mrs. T. Alvin Corcoran and sons, who have been the guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Moser and daughter, Mrs. Adrian I. Shrader, who are vacationing at Fort Myers, Fla., have returned to their home on Ekin avenue.

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New Albany Tribune 04-18-1940 p11c4 Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Moser and daughter, Mrs. Adrian Shrader, who spent the winter at Fort Myers, Fla., will return to their home, 1843 Ekin Ave., next Wednesday. New Albany Tribune 08-08-1942 p3c5 Personals. Mr. and Mrs. William A. Sullivan and children, Nancy, Billy and Carolyn, of Mt. Vernon, N.Y., are the guests of Mrs. Sullivan's mother, Mrs. George Moser, Silver Hills. New Albany Tribune 02-08-1944 p2c6 Shrader-Buche Wedding Solemnized. Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Moser announce the marriage of their daughter, Mrs. Evelyn Shrader to Frank H. Buche. The wedding was solemnized at nine o'clock this morning in St. Mary's Catholic Church. Monsignor William A. Jochim officiated. Mrs. T. Alvin Corcoran, sister of the bride, and Mr. John Buche, brother of the groom, were the attendants. A wedding breakfast was served following the ceremony and Mr. and Mrs. Corcoran were entertained with a reception at their home on Ekin avenue, for a number of relatives and friends of the couple. [m: 0208-1944] New Albany Tribune 10-09-1944 p1c2 Death Removes Two Prominent Local Citizens...Charles E. Moser, 70, president of the George Moser Leather Co., died Monday at 4:20 a.m. at his home at 1843 Ekin. A native of New Albany, he had been associated since his youth with the leather company, which was established and named for his uncle. He lost his father through death when he was a boy. Moser was a member of the Knights of Columbus, the B.P.O.Elks, and the New Albany Country Club. Surviving him are his wife, Mrs. Lorena F. Moser; daughters, Mrs. T. Alvin Corcoran, Mrs. Frank Buche and Mrs. Howard E. Day; and three grandsons, all of New Albany; one brother, John M. Moser; two sisters, Miss Matilda Moser and Mrs. Charles Melcher, Birmingham, Ala. The remains are at the residence. Services will be held at 9 a.m. Wednesday at St. Mary's Church, of which he was a member, followed by burial in the church cemetery. [d: 10-09-1944] New Albany Tribune 10-10-1944 p1c2 Lodge Will Hold Memorial Tonight For Charles E. Moser.....Pallbearers...will be Henry Loesch, Martin Herter, Philip Goodyear, Christopher Reising, Charles Tighe and Harry Kannapel. [d: 10-09-1944] New Albany Ledger 01-26-1945 p3c1 Miriam Jule Moser/James M. Thornton

New Albany Tribune 02-15-1945 p2c3 Schultz-Corcoran Wedding. Mr. and Mrs. William Schultz, 1244 Vincennes Street, announce the marriage of their daughter, Wilma Louise [Schultz] to Cpl. Charles Moser Corcoran, son of Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Corcoran, 1915 Ekin Avenue, which took place at the chapel of the Gulfport Field Post by the Rev. Father Blomstrom on February 9 at 7:30 o'clock. The bride, who was given in marriage by her father, was dressed in a lime green costume suit by Stroock, with brown accessories and a white orchid corsage. Mrs. W. L. Schultz and T. A. Corcoran were the attendants. A wedding dinner was held at the Broadwater Beach Hotel following the ceremony. The couple will reside at 1613 Thornton, Gulfport, where Cpl. Corcoran is stationed. The bride is a graduate of Penn Hall Girl's College, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, and Cpl. Corcoran attended Notre Dame University before joining the Air Corps. [m: 02-09-1945]

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New Albany Tribune 02-22-1945 p1c1 Several Named Beneficiaries In Will of Mrs. Moser. The will of Mrs. Lorena M. Moser, widow of Charles E. Moser, former president of George Moser Leather Company, was filed in Floyd Circuit Court Wednesday afternoon. Bequeathing $1,000 each to Charles Moser Corcoran, Thomas Alvin Corcoran, Jr., and David H. Corcoran, grandchildren; and Frank Merkel, a brother; the residue of the estate was divided evenly between her three daughters, Mrs. Iola C. Corcoran, Mrs. Evelyn A. Buche, and Venita E. Day, all of New Albany. Made October 26, 1944, the will was witnessed by Robert Kelso and Annie Edlin. [d: 02-16-1945] New Albany Tribune 07-03-1948 p1 pt2 c2 GEO/AUGUST MOSER [Mallory] nephew

New Albany Tribune 01-06-1950 p1c3 DEATH SUMMONS CHARLES P. TIGHE, N. A. ATTORNEY. Charles P. Tighe, 63, prominent in legal and business affairs of New Albany for many years, died Friday at 6 a.m. in Norton infirmary in Louisville after an illness of several months. His home was at 1801 DePauw and he maintained a law office in the First Federal Savings & Loan building at the corner of Spring and Bank. Mr. Tighe was born in New Albany and attended Holy Trinity grade school and New Albany senior high school. He was a participant in high school sports and was football captain at Indiana university, where he was graduated from the school of law. Before and during World War I he was a special agent for the department of justice in Indianapolis. He served Floyd county as its representative in the state legislature, was attorney for the Home Owners Loan Corporation and for the First Federal Savings & Loan, which he helped to organize. Mr. Tighe was a member of St. Mary's Catholic Church, of the Floyd County Bar Association, and Indiana State Bar Association. He leaves the widow, Mrs. Anna Moser Tighe; a son, Ted DeAubrey Tighe; and a brother, Edward J. Tighe, president of the First Federal Savings & Loan Association. The body is at the Kraft funeral home until the funeral which will be Monday at 9 a.m. at St. Mary's church, with burial in the church cemetery. [d: 01-05-1950] New Albany Tribune 01-07-1950 Two Groups Conduct Tighe Memorials. A memorial service for Charles P. Tighe, New Albany attorney, who died Friday, will be held by members of New Albany Council, Knights of Columbus, at 7 o'clock tonight at the Kraft funeral home. Mr. Tighe died at the Norton Memorial Infirmary. The Floyd County Bar Association of which Mr. Tighe was an active member, held a memorial service Friday afternoon at the court house. A committee of the association drew up resolutions expressing the profound sense of loss felt by the attorneys and the other citizens of New Albany. Funeral services will e at 9 a.m. Monday at St. Mary's church, with burial in the church cemetery. Pall bearers will be Mayor C. Pralle Erni, Robert Thorn, Joseph McDaniels, Frank Morgan, Edward F. O'Brien, New Albany; and Dr. Harry N. Ritter, Louisville. New Albany Tribune 02-01-1952 p1c4 Leather Company Official, Karl F. Moser, Succumbs. A heart attack Thursday evening resulted in the death of Karl F. Moser, 54, vice-president of the George Moser Leather Company, one of New Albany's oldest industries. He had been at his office during the day, apparently in normal health, but was seized by the fatal attack about 7:30 p.m. at his Silver Hills home. Active in civic affairs, Mr. Moser is a former chairman of the Red Cross Chapter and former president of the New

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Albany Country Club. He had been associated with the Moser Company, founded by his father, George Moser, for 35 years. A graduate of New Albany high school, he attended the University of Notre Dame. He was a member of St. Mary's Church and of the New Albany council, Knights of Columbus. He leaves the wife, Mrs. Margaret Marguet Moser; a son, Donald Moser; a brother, Julius Moser, president of the leather company; and a sister, Mrs. Charles P. Tighe, all of New Albany. The body is at the residence and final rites will be held Monday at 9 a.m. in St. Mary's Church, with burial in the church cemetery. The Knights of Columbus will meet at the residence Sunday at 7:30 p.m. for Rosary devotions. [d: 01-311952] New Albany Tribune 02-15-1952 p13c5 and 02-29-1952 p15c6 New Albany Tribune 03-29-1952 p11c5 New Albany Tribune 05-13-1952 p3c3 Company CHARLES B. MOSER Julius Moser ­ President George Moser Leather estate of KARL MOSER

New Albany Tribune 07-05-1952 p10c2 and p16c7 Julius Moser (photo) 9th hole New Albany Tribune 01-09-1955 p6c2 (photo) Thomas/Carolyn Corcoran New Albany Tribune 10-17-1955 p2c5 Deaths. Mrs. Nettie Moser, widow of Charles Moser, died at 2 p.m. Tuesday, in her home, 1822 Culbertson. A native of Germany, Mrs. Moser would have been 91 years old Thursday. She was a member of St. Mark's Church. Surviving are several nieces and nephews. Funeral services will be at 1:30 p.m. Friday in Dieckmann Funeral Home, with burial in Fairview Cemetery. [d: 10-16-1956] New Albany Tribune 01-05-1956 p1c1 Frank H. Buche, NA Industrialist, Fatally Stricken. Frank H. Buche, 66, retired vice president of the Gohmann-Kahler Co., died suddenly at his residence, 1843 Ekin Ave., at 6 a.m. today. Buche was a member of St. Mary's Catholic Church, Bonnie Sloan Post of the American Legion and the New Albany Council of the Knights of Columbus. He was a master sergeant in the Army during World War I. Surviving are his wife, Evelyn; a son, Paul F. Buche, of New Albany; a brother, Dr. Fred Buche, of Richmond, Ind., and a sister, Mrs. Edward F. O'Brien, of New Albany. The body is at the Kraft Funeral Home. Funeral services will be at 9 a.m. Saturday at St. Mary's Catholic Church. Burial will be in St. Mary's Cemetery. [d: 01-05-1956] New Albany Tribune 08-05-1956 p8c1 (photo) and 09-16-1956 p6 (photo) JOSEPH MOSER/ Mary Joyce Motley [m: 08-25-1956] DONALD

New Albany Tribune 07-27-1958 p11c5 Miss Mathilda Moser, 33, died Friday after an illness at a nursing home, 708 Vincennes. She was a native of New Albany and lived at 702 East 8th. She was a member of St. Mary's Catholic Church and of the Philomena Society. Nieces and a nephew survive. The body is at the Kraft Funeral Home. Services will be held Monday at 9 a.m. in St. Mary's Church, with burial in Fairview Cemetery. [d: 07-25-1958]

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New Albany Tribune 03-16-1959 p2c8 Charles Melcher, 88, a former New Albany resident, died at his home in Birmingham, Ala. He was the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Melcher, former stone cutters. The father and the son helped to build the Salem court house. His wife, Emma Moser Melcher, died in 1949. Survivors include a son, Joseph, Birmingham; two daughters, Sister Monica, formerly Cleo Melcher located in St. Louis with the Sisters of Charity, and Mrs. Louise Duke, Washington; three grandchildren; a sister, Mrs. Louise Melcher Pfeffer, New Albany; several nieces and nephews. Funeral services will be held Wednesday in Birmingham. New Albany Tribune 04-06-1959 p3c2 In The Service. TAKES PART IN INSPECTION. GERMANY ­ Army Pfc. James P. Corcoran, son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Corcoran, 1927 E. Spring St., recently participated in the annual command inspection of the 11 th Armored Cavalry Regiment conducted by the VH Corps headquarters in Germany. The command inspection, which included a personal inspection of each soldier and his equipment as well as all of the unit's weapons and vehicles, was conducted to assure the constant readiness of the regiment to perform its mission as part of the NATO shield of defense in Europe. New Albany Tribune 06-17-1959 p2c2 Senior. Gets Look At Future. THE TEEN TRIBUNE. David Corcoran ­ OLP

New Albany Tribune 01-07-1960 p2c2 and 01-08-1960 p8c2 David Moser, two-month-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Moser, died at the family home in Altawood at 6 a.m. today. Death was unexpected. Surviving with the parents are a brother, Donald Moser, Jr., a sister, Margaret Lucille Moser; the paternal grandmother, Mrs. Margaret Moser, New Albany, and the [paternal] grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Motley, Louisville, The body will be at the Kraft Funeral Home after 6 p.m. today. Funeral services will be conducted at 2 p.m. Friday at St. Mary's Cemetery. Burial also at St. Mary's. [d: 01-07-1960] New Albany Tribune 04-26-1964 p10c1 [Photo Caption: SITE OF AUCTION ­ The Mary Koehler property, one-time Moser mansion on Highway 150 north of Green Valley Road, was scene yesterday of furnishings auction. This home is expected to be site of a new shopping center to be built on 21 acres of ground comprising Koehler estate. Tribune photo shows buyers carrying out some items.] New Albany Tribune 12-13-1964 p10c1 and 12-14-1964 p7c1 Mrs. Irma T. Moser, 66, 2501 Glenwood Park, died unexpectedly at 4:30 p.m. Saturday at her home. A native of New Albany, she was the former Irma Morgan, daughter of the late John J. and Elizabeth Tighe Morgan. Mrs. Moser was a member of St. Mary's Catholic Church. Surviving are the widower, Julius C. Moser; a daughter, Mrs. James M. Thornton, New Albany; two grandchildren, and five sisters, Mrs. Mary Duitz, Mrs. Elizabeth Stewart, Mrs. Jean LaCaillade and Mrs. Ethel Hargrave, all of New Albany; and Mrs. Harry Peters, Louisville. The body will be at the residence after 6 p.m. Sunday. Funeral will be at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday at St. Mary's Catholic Church with burial in the church cemetery. [d: 12-12-1964] Louisville Times 06-22-1965 (photo) Koehler Home In New Albany Comes Down. Workmen this week began razing the big home on the 20-acre Koehler estate in New

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Albany, preparing the site for a proposed $2.5 million shopping center. The house, built about 35 years ago by Julius Moser, was bought in 1946 by David Koehler. The home was sold last year to Young Industries of Louisville, developers of Youngstown Shopping Center in Jeffersonville. Plans for the New Albany center call for 35 stores and parking spaces for 1,350 automobiles. Entrances to the center will be on Green Valley Road and State Street. New Albany Tribune 01-22-1968 p8c3 Death Notices. BUCHE, MRS. EVELYN A., age 64, died at 5:00 A.M. Sunday at her residence, 1843 Ekin avenue. She was the widow of Frank H. Buche and the former Evelyn Moser. She was a native of New Albany, a member of St. Mary's Church, Third Order of St. Francis, Psi [Alta] Pi and Psi Iota Xi. Surviving are one son, Paul F. Buche, New Albany; and two sisters, Mrs. T. A. Corcoran, New Albany, and Mrs. H. E. Day, Princeton, Ky. The body will be at the Kraft Funeral Home after 6:0 P.M. Monday. Funeral services will be at 9:00 A.M. Wednesday from St. Mary's Catholic Church. Burial will be in the church cemetery. The Third Order of St. Francis will hold a rosary service at 7:30 P.M. Tuesday at the funeral home. [d: 01-21-1968] New Albany Tribune 08-08-1968 p5c1 (photo) HERBERT-BUCHE. Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Herbert of Louisville, Ky., announce the engagement of their daughter, Ellen Claire Herbert, to Paul Francis Buche, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Frank Buche of New Albany. Miss Herbert attended Ursuline College. Buche attended Bellarmine College and the University of Detroit. The wedding has been set for August 23, at St. Williams Church in Louisville. [m: 08-23-1968] New Albany Tribune 12-10-1968 p5c3 (photo) ANNOUNCE ENGAGEMENT. Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Dorgay of 108 McConnell Drive announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Paula Nell Dorgay, to David H. Corcoran, son of Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Corcoran, 1915 Ekin Avenue. Miss Dorgay is a 1968 graduate of Catherine Spalding College and is a student at the University of Kentucky where she is also employed. Corcoran, a graduate of St. Louis University, is a doctoral candidate at the University of Kentucky and is assistant professor of history and political science at Nazareth College. The wedding will be December 11 at 11 a.m. in Our Lady of Perpetual Help church in New Albany. [m: 12-111968] New Albany Tribune 02-04-1970 p14c1 JOYCE MOSER

New Albany Tribune 03-27-1973 p8c4 and 03-28-1973 p12c3 Death Notices. CORCORAN, Mrs. T. Alvin, age 72, died at 2:30 a.m. Tuesday at Floyd Memorial Hospital. She resided at 1915 Ekin Avenue and was the former Iola Moser. She was a native of New Albany and was a member of St. Mary's Catholic Church and the Altar Society of the church. She was also a member of the alumni of Sacred Heart Academy. Surviving are three sons, Charles M. Corcoran of New Albany; T. A. Corcoran of Bonne Terre, Missouri, and David Corcoran of Hillsboro, W.Va.; sister, Mrs. Howard Day of Princeton, Ky; nine grandchildren; one great-grandchildren. Friends may call at the Kraft Funeral Home after 6:00 p.m. tonight. The funeral will be at 10 a.m. Thursday at St. Mary's Catholic Church. Burial will be in the church cemetery. The Rosary will be said at 9 p.m. today at the Kraft Funeral Home. [d: 03-27-1973]

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New Albany Tribune 09-26-1975 p2c7 and p10c5 Deaths. CORCORAN, Mr. T. Alvin, 77, died 5:45 p.m. Thursday at the Floyd Memorial Hospital. Mr. Corcoran resided at 1915 Ekin Avenue and retired in 1964 as Director of Purchasing for the Courier Journal and Louisville Times. He was a member and past president of the National Association of Purchasing Agents, Kentucky-Indiana Association of Purchasing Agents and the recipient of the J. Shipment Gold [Metal] in 1956. He was a member of St. Mary's Church, New Albany Council Knights of Columbus; Army veteran of World War I; New Albany Calumet Club and past chairman of the Floyd County Cancer Society. He is survived by three sons, T. A. Corcoran, Charles M. Corcoran, both of New Albany; and David H. Corcoran, of Hillsboro, West Va.; ten grandchildren; two great-grandchildren; one brother, Rev. Thomas Corcoran, Chester, Ill.; one sister, Miss M. Elizabeth Corcoran, New Albany. Visitation will be at 10 a.m. Monday at St. Mary's Catholic church. Burial will be in the church cemetery. Prayer services will be at 7:30 p.m. Sunday at the Kraft Funeral Home. [d: 09-25-1975] New Albany Tribune 11-30-1975 p8c5 REV. J. THOMAS CORCORAN (Chester, IL) DR. DAVID CORCORAN ­ Dissertation on

New Albany Tribune 02-12-1978 p14 (photo) Sherman Minton

New Albany Tribune 02-22-1979 p15 and 02-26-1979 p12c2 Mrs. Venita Moser Day, age 70, died Friday at her home in Princeton, KY. The widow of Howard E. Day, parents were Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Moser, both deceased and of New Albany. She was a graduate of St. Mary's grade school and New Albany High School. Two sisters preceded her in death, Mrs. Evelyn Moser Buche and Mrs. Iola Moser Corcoran. Surviving are four nephews, Charles M. Corcoran of New Albany; T. A. Corcoran of Grants, New Mexico; David Howard Corcoran of Mullins, West Virginia; and Paul E. Buche of New Albany. [d: 02-22-1979] New Albany Tribune 02-02-1982 p3c4 Wilma J./Charles Corcoran (div) New Albany Tribune 08-29-1982 p7c3 KARL S. MOSER/Jennifer M. Spencer New Albany Tribune 09-12-1982 p5c2 Mrs. Emma L. Kannapell Moser, 94, of Cincinnati, Ohio, died there Friday at her residence. She was a native of New Albany. She was the widow of the late George J. Moser. Survivors include a daughter, Mrs. William Sullivan of Cincinnati, Ohio; six grandchildren; eight great-grandchildren. Funeral services will be held at 11 a.m. Tuesday at St. Mary's Catholic church in New Albany, with burial in the church cemetery. There will be no visitation. [d: 09-10-1982] New Albany Tribune 07-10-1983 p6c3 DONALD MOSER JR/Joy L. Herthel Mar. Lic. New Albany Tribune 07-18-1983 p2c3 MARGARET MARGUET MOSER New Albany Tribune 01-10-1986 p5c6 Charles Moser Corcoran, 61, died Tuesday at his home in Mauckport. He was a native and former resident of New Albany. He was a retired mechanical engineer with Allison Division of General Motors. Survivors include a son, Bill

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Corcoran of Louisville; four daughters, Connie Dorgay of Sellersburg, Diane Barthold of Underwood, Cindy Bertrand of Floyd Knobs and Patty Byrne of New Albany; two brothers, David of West Virginia and T. A. Corcoran, and eight grandchildren. The funeral and burial will be private. Visitation will be from noon to 2 p.m. Saturday at Kraft Funeral Home. [d: 01-07-1986] New Albany Tribune 06-17-1987 p9c1 (photo) Graduate Speaks At College Commencement DR. DAVID CORCORAN ­ Providence

New Albany Tribune 02-22-1989 p7c3 (photo) DONALD MOSER, JR./Kim Stone New Albany Tribune 01-06-1991 p2Cc1 New Albany Tribune 01-06-1993 (photo) KARL S. MOSER/Tina Sumner


New Albany Tribune 08-15-1994 p1c2 (photo) Father/Daughter Team 09-1994 K. MOSER (b: 10-19-1950)

New Albany Tribune 04-04-1995 p1c1 and p1c3 Graystone Grables 404 Highland Avenue ­ Don Moser 09-05-1996 JAMES M. THORNTON

and 04-09-1995 p1Ac5 (photo)

New Albany Tribune 03-30-1997 p3c1 MOSER LEATHER CO. (PAST) New Albany Tribune 03-21-1999 p3Ac3 ROBERT J. MOSER

New Albany Tribune 04-27-1999 MOSER/KRANZ New Albany Tribune 09-27-1999 p3Ac2 STEPHEN C. MOSER New Albany Tribune 03-07-2003 p3Ac2 RUTH PATRICK MOSER

New Albany Tribune 11-22-2008 Wilma Corcoran Hibberd, 84; of Clarksville. Funeral services for Wilma Corcoran Hibberd, 84, of Clarksville, will be at 11 a.m. Monday, Nov. 24, at Kraft Funeral Chapel, Charlestown Road, in New Albany, with burial in St. Peter's Cemetery, near Elizabeth. She died Friday, Nov. 21, 2008, at Westminster Retirement Village, Clarksville. She retired from teaching after many years in New Albany and Louisville. She was a member of Grace Lutheran Church in New Albany, was active in AA for more than 30 years and was a longtime volunteer at Turning Point in Jeffersonville. Survivors include her husband, Walter Hibberd; children, Connie Dorgay, of Sellersburg, Bill Corcoran, of Cleveland, Patty Byrne, of New Albany, Diane Barthold, of Underwood, and Cindy Corcoran, of New Albany; 11 grandchildren; and 11 great-grandchildren. Visitation at the funeral home will be from 4 to 8 p.m. Sunday. The family requests expressions of

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sympathy take the form of contributions to the American Heart Association. 2008]

[d: 11-24-

New Albany Tribune 03-27-2009 Kathryn `Jo' Moser, formerly of New Albany. Celebration of Life service for Kathryn "Jo" Moser, formerly of New Albany, will be from 6 to 9 p.m. Monday, March 30, at the New Albany Club House, 1702 Graybrook Lane, New Albany. She died Friday, March 20, 2009, from complications of Colitis at her home in Winter Haven, Fla., with her husband, Donald J. Moser, Sr., and members of her family present. She had been hospitalized in August of 2008 and returned home March 3. She was born Dec. 9, 1942, to Marvin and Dolley Hampton. She graduated from New Albany High School and from General Hospital School of Nursing in Louisville. Jo and Don were married in New Albany, on Dec. 7, 1971. They retired to Florida in 1998, where she was very active in the Four Lakes Ladies Golf Association and other community activities. Survivors include her husband, Don; sons, Don, Jr. and wife, Kim, Karl and wife, Teresa, Jamie Gilbert, and Brad Moser and (Natalie Lowe); daughters, Margaret Vance, Lisa Moser, Julia Fifer and husband, Jef; grandchildren, Jason, Ashley, and Caitie, Kathryn, Ashley, Karl, Jr., Matt and Kate, Starla, Holly, Jennifer, Megan, and Zoe, and Sara Jo; great-grandchildren, Connor and Cooper, and Isabelle and Mason. In lieu of flowers, the family requests that expressions of sympathy take the form of contributions to the local Humane Society or Cornerstone Hospice.


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1870 FLOYD CO. CENSUS: Michael Moser 39 merchant tailor Baden, Caroline 36 Baden, Louis 13 IN, Louisa M. 11 IN, John 5 IN, August 3 IN 1870 FLOYD CO. CENSUS: George Moser 21 tanner Baden [boarding with Nicholas Sauer, bar keeper] 1880 FLOYD CO. CENSUS: George Moser 27 tanner Ger Ger Ger [boarding at 233 Eighth St? Charles and Rudolph Buchardt, tanners, also boarding there] 1880 FLOYD CO. CENSUS: Charles Moser 25 works in glass works Baden Baden Baden [boarding at Franklin House] 1880 FLOYD CO. CENSUS: Louis Moser 23 [census taker has Louis as head of household with Caroline his wife; Louis is the son of Caroline] tailor ­ store IN Ger Ger; Caroline 45, Louisa 20, John 14, August 13, Emma 9, Charlie 7, Tilda 4 [76 Pearl St.] 1900 FLOYD CO. CENSUS: George Moser 49 b. 02-1851 Ger Ger Ger, immig 1867, m10 yrs, proprietor of tannery; Josephine 34 b.02-1866 IN Ger Ger, 5ch/4 liv; George 12 b.061887 IN; Annie11 b. 11-1888 IN; Julius 6 b.06-1893 IN; Carl 2 b.07-1897 IN; servant, Sara L. Worth, 20, b. 12-1879 [711 E. Elm] 1910 FLOYD CO. CENSUS: George J. Moser 60 m 23 yrs, proprietor tannery Ger Ger Ger immig 1857; Josephine 41 5ch/4 liv; George J. Jr. 22, Anna R. 21, Julius C. 16, Carl F. 12 [711 Elm] 1910 FLOYD CO. CENSUS: Charles E. Moser 35 m12 yrs, mgr tannery; Lorena 32 3ch/3 liv; Iola C. 9, Evelyn 6, Venita E. 2 [821 11 th St.] 1920 FLOYD CO. CENSUS: Caroline Moser 85 wid immig 1846; daughter Louisa Young 60 wid; son John Moser 55 unm tanner; Tillie G. 43 unm [722 E. 8 th St.] 1920 FLOYD CO. CENSUS: Josephine Moser 54 wid; Julius 26 tanner; Carl 22 bookkeeper ­ tannery [711 E. Elm] 1920 FLOYD CO. CENSUS: Charles E. Moser 45 tanner, Lorena F. 43, Iola C. 19, Evelyn A. 16, Venita E. 11 [1843 Ekin Ave.] 1920 FLOYD CO. CENSUS: George J. Moser 32 mfr ­ leather, Emma L. 31, Florence L. 5 [1915 Ekin Ave.] 1870 FLOYD CO. CENSUS: Martha 1 IN Michael Moser 26 laborer Bavaria, Amelia 24 IN, John 3 IN,

1860 FLOYD CO. (Georgetown) CENSUS: John Moser 40 farmer IN, Elizabeth 45, Elizabeth 20, Pheba 19 insane, Susan 16, John 15, Joseph 14, William 11, George 10, Mary 8 1860 FLOYD CO. (Georgetown) CENSUS: William Moser 10 IN [living with Paul and Elizabeth Cook, daughter Sophia [is this same William Moser that appears on above census with John Moser family???] 1870 FLOYD CO. (Georgetown) CENSUS: John Mosier 53 farmer IN, Mary 58 TN, Mary E. 18, Phoebe 28 idiot, Elizabeth Carpenter 7

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1860 FLOYD CO. CENSUS: Henry Moser 37 (black) KY porter?, Bell 30 (mulatto) TN 1880 FLOYD CO. (Greenville) CENSUS: Christian 59 hotel proprietor IN IN IN, Sophronia 46 IN Va Va; John S. 21 laborer, William 19 barber, Emma B. 16, Charles M. 14, David P. 13, Hattie M. 11, Martha V. 9, Florence 7 1900 FLOYD CO. CENSUS: Carl F. Moser 45 b. 03-1855 Ger Ger Ger, immig 1880 iron moulder, m.15yrs; Johanna 34 b. 10-1865 Ger Ger Ger immig1867 1ch/1 liv; Carl F. 13 b. 07-1886 IN [319 W. 6th] SWISS MOSERS (Moser Knob) 1900 FLOYD CO. (Lafayette Twnshp.) CENSUS: John Moser 45 b.1855 Sw Sw Sw immig1881 m6yrs farmer; Carrie 35 b.1864 IN IN Ger 2ch/2liv; Arnold 19 b.07-1880 Sw Sw Sw immig1881; John 3 IN; Anna 1 b. 06-1898 IN; brother, Godfried 38 b.04-1862 unm [Rootsweb: Arnold L. Moser Jr. b. 03-29-1921 FC, d. 01-07-1984 FC, m. 01-21-1945 FC] 1910 FLOYD CO.(Lafayette Twnshp.) CENSUS: John Moser 54 wid Sw Sw Sw immig 1856; John 13, Alma 11, Anna 7 1920 FLOYD CO. CENSUS: John W. Moser 24 machinist, Bertha L. 24 [1426 Vincennes]

1910 FLOYD CO. (Lafayette Twnshp.) CENSUS: Frederick (indexed Frank) Moser 35 Sw Sw Sw farmer immig 1894; Wife? 26 KY Sw OH; brother, Edward 31 unm farmer Sw Sw Sw immig 1894 1920 FLOYD CO. CENSUS: Fredrick Moser 44 Sw Sw Sw immig 1884 dairy farm, Palenia 36, Edward F. 9, Fredricka R. 7, Robert E. 4-1/2 [Moser Knob Rd] 1920 FLOYD CO. CENSUS: Edward Moser 40 Sw Sw Sw immig 1884 dairy farm, Cordelia 35, Richard J. 4, Stanley E. 3, Martha J. 1 [Moser Knob Rd.] 1910 FLOYD CO. CENSUS: William J. Moser 30 m0yrs IN IN IN teamster-hardware co.; Fannie 29 IN IN IN [316 Shelby St.]

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OTHER MOSER FAMILY?? New Albany Daily Ledger 12-09-1915 p4c3 and Public Press 12-14-1915 p4c4 and New Albany Weekly Ledger 12-15-1915 p2c3 DEATH. Takes Old and Young Away from Their Tasks. After a protracted illness Carl Moser, aged 29 years, son of Carl Moser, Sr., died at the home of his parents on the Charlestown road, last night. The young man had been a clerk in the Louisville Cumberland Telephone Company offices. He was a member of the Evangelical church and was a fine young man. He was unmarried. [d: 12-08-1915] Fairview Cemetery, Vol. VI, p. 80 MOSER, Carl F., Jr.; 16235; 29 yrs.; bur 11 Dec 1915; P13 R1 Lot 21 G3; Johannet Moser; Hemorrhage TB; Dr. C. P. Cook; Frank A. Kraft Fairview Cemetery, Vol. VIII, p. 109 MOSER, CARL F.; 20869; 77 yrs; res Floyd Co., IN; d 23 Feb 1933; bur 25 Feb 1933; P13 R1 Lot 21 G1&2; (Johnetta Moser); Artero sclerosis; P. H. Schoen; Elmer H. Dieckman ** Funeral services for Carl F. Moser, 78 years old, who died early Thursday morning at his home on the Charlestown Road, northeast of New Albany, following an illness of six months, will be held at 2:30 o'clock Saturday afternoon at the home. Burial will be in Fairview Cemetery. Mr. Moser is survived by his wife, Mrs. Johnetta Moser, and a brother, William Moser, of Larach Baden, Germany. He was a member of St. Mark's Evangelical Church. [d: 02-23-1933]

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