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Dr. R. Hart, Dr. D. P. Williams Buro Happold Ltd Camden Mill, Lower Bristol Road Bath BA2 3DQ United Kingdom. Tel: 01225 320600 Email: [email protected] Email : [email protected]


Buro Happold has a wealth of experience in the engineering of iconic buildings throughout the world. The role that engineering simulation plays in providing a fully defined solution to our clients is one that takes many forms, and a growing aspect of this role is the simulation of blast loading on building structures. The commercial value of providing guidance to design teams on all areas of safety and security in large projects is becoming ever clearer, especially where such guidance can be made available at the early stages of a project. This paper will describe the analysis and engineering simulation work conducted on two specific structural engineering projects. The focus will be on the use of ANSYS AUTODYN software to simulate a range of blast scenarios, both internal and external to the buildings in question. The process of threat definition will be described briefly before a more detailed explanation is given of the advanced use of AUTODYN to simulate a blast scenario. In particular, the fully-coupled nature of the modelling will be emphasized, where an Euler-Lagrangian solver is used to model the behaviour of the air and the solid structure together in the same model. Results will be presented for both building projects followed by a summary detailing how these results were used to the benefit of each project, both in terms of design development and in terms of commercial value.



Figure 1: ANSYS AUTODYN results showing the structural response of an enclosed atrium with glass façade caused by a person-borne explosive device.

Figure 2: ANSYS AUTODYN results showing the build up of pressure on an external steel door caused by a motorcycle-borne explosive device.


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Microsoft Word - 073_Williams
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