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Holy Trinity Re egion Our L Lady of the Presentation Fraternity, hosted a comm munity wide In nternational D of Peace EducaDay e tion an Prayer Ser nd rvice, in coop peration with Francish cans International and the Un nited Nation in an ns, Ecume enical/Interfa aith and Multicultural Fr ranciscan Peace and Justice celebration for peace a e and nonviolen nce, at the P Presentation M Ministries Center, in Cincin nnati, Ohio, o Friday, Sep on ptember 21, 2 2007, the International Day o World Peac Prayers w read of ce. were in fo our language es: including Spanish, French, g, Germa and English. an, Lady of Mer fraternity in the Holy Trinity rcy y y Our L Region had a succ cessful fund raiser selling "KEEP g r CHRIST in CHRISTMAS" car magnets. The profit was se to Francis ent scan Foundati for the Ho Land. ion oly See th website a www.kcna he at: This m was an excellent m n method to furth St Francis idea of her s' a crech and to eva he angelize JESU birth. US' The R Region continu with plan for the Sep 17-26, ues ns pt 2008, pilgrimage t Assisi and Rome. If you wish to to u join us, contact [email protected] t: @mindspring.c com or Lillian White, SFO 4012 Rylan Drive, Spr n O, nd ringfield, OH 45 5503-1775 St. Marga aret of Corto Region ona n The R Region was b blessed to ha twenty-ei ave ight profession in the pa few mont ns ast ths. Professe were: ed Gail Barber, Coll leen Faini, Helga Fallis Karen s, Haske ell, Maryann Helmgartne Rose Millington, n er, Vicki Sampson, M Margaret Schl lachter, and C Christine i ulata Fraternit in Frederi ty icksburg, Trippi of Immacu VA; Ed Gerhardt, of Our Lad of the Ros dy sary Fraternity in Hampto VA; Ilen Highberge Debra y on, ne er, Martin Tast Mar n, rtin, Suzzane Pardif, and James e Snyde of Companions of S Francis an Clare er, St nd Fraternity in Hiwa asswee, VA; Michael Clin nton and Maura Heedham of Holy F a Family Frate ernity in Manas ssas, VA; Mic chael Clinton and Maura H n Heedham of Ho Family Fr oly raternity in M Manassas, VA Kevin A; Kulesa of St. Eli a izabeth Ann Seton Frate ernity in Emmi itsville; Mar rily Gilson, Susan Supr rock and Brand Justice, of St Joseph C don f Cupertino Frat ternity in Ellicott City, MD; Jean Jomidad, Shirley S Sapp, and Mercy Sponaugle, of Mary O Queen Fr y Our raternity; Gemm Kim, Maria Gibson, Cecilia Pa ma , ark, and Elizab beth Nam, of St Bonaventu Forming Group in ure Fairfax, VA .

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St. S Thomas More Regio on St. Margaret of Cortona Fraternity bo mourns an F oth nd he hn celebrates th passing into eternal life of Joh Anthony Patr ricks, SFO, 84 years youn John was a 8 ng. s professed Fr ranciscan for almost 60 y years. He was originally pr rofessed in St. Anthony Fraternity, in S Chicago, on September 26 1948. In th 1950s, Joh 6, he hn served as Minister of the St. Anthony fraternity f e y for five years and founded the youth min eir nistry. In 198 85, John transfer rred to St. Joseph of Cuper rtino Fraternit ty, in Illinois, w where he serve as Minister and treasure ed r er. Upon movin to Las Vegas, he wa one of th ng V as he original mem mbers of the St. Margar of Corton e ret na fraternity. I addition to his Francis In o scan activitie es, John was ac ctive in all the parishes to which h s he belonged in I Illinois and Nevada. He w also an av N was vid dancer, bowl and golfer John was a World War II ler r. Navy veteran and an eng n, gineer. He was predecease ed by his wife, Marion, an is survive by his so , nd ed on, Edward. On a more joyful note, our fraternity rejoices wi y ith Juanita Aria SFO, Vic Minister, who will b as, ce be celebrating 50 years as a Franciscan in April 2008. F St. Clar Region re "Pick More Daisies" by Lester Bach OFM Cap is h, being reflect ted upon an shared at the fraterni nd ity meetings for Ongoing for rmation by M Monte La Vern na Fraternity in Granite City, Il. , St. E Elizabeth of Hungary R f Region Fr. Richard Trezza, OFM, has asked Alic d ce Aubuchon, S SFO, to help him in his ministry as p Regional Sp piritual Assis stant. He feels that h her certification a a Secular Spiritual Assi as S istant will be of value to him and in tur to the As m rn ssistants in th he Region. The first ende eir eavor will be to arrange f for District work kshops for loc SAs. cal


Microsoft Word - A 1 New spring TAU pages 1 thru 8 Ready

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Microsoft Word - A 1 New spring TAU pages 1 thru 8 Ready